Chapter 175


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    When the elections were over and all of the ballots had been counted Cullen counted himself very fortunate indeed. The people had overwhelmingly adopted a constitution for their country that gave them a voice in their government for the first time in history.
    Cullen had been glued to the television as he listened to the newscasters from his homeland interview the man on the street. Every comment that he heard had been positive and the editorials were equally uplifting to the boy. I sat with Cullen many times and watched him quietly cry with his joy.
    The Associated Press reporter that had dogged us had called me asking for a favor. I did owe Gwen Capin, I had referred to her as Rita Skeeter when I first saw her in Biloxi, Mississippi after the rampage wrought by hurricane Katrina in 2005.
    My path had crossed that of this woman many times. I promised her a world wide exclusive interview when our paths crossed in an Indiana truck stop in late June of 2006. I finally granted her a face to face interview with Cullen that was interrupted with the news of the death of José Ortéga. She had handled the interview like a professional while still protecting Cullen in her published story, I knew that I was honor bound to her latest request.
    I thought that I had covered my bases when we appointed Gwen as Cullen's only authorized news source to the world. As press agent, Turner Youngman, released any pictures that the young King approves for publication through her, she has become high in demand by media the world round. I talked to Gwen who told me that she would love me to death were she to be made the sole conduit to the world media for any news of the young King.

    I have never taken my wife on a trip. I sent her to New York City, Paris, and to Rome, but I have never taken her. Our shopping has been limited to the local grocery stores and to the mall. I did take her to see few chick flicks but that is just part of being a good husband, right? I made the girl cry when I told her to pack her bra for a trip to New York City.
    I have never gone anywhere with my biological family. That sounded so good to me, I have a real biological family like real people have. I knew what Roddy would say but I wanted to take RD aside and find out how he really felt. Father and son took a drive for a quiet lunch of his favorite food, Japanese. Okay, I am not into raw fish and Teriyaki is not my forté, I found food to satisfy me but RD found a feast to delight him.
    RD made one final argument that made up my mind for me, "Dad, if Quemela goes then you will have a babysitter for when you and mom go out to be alone." I wasn't about to deny my son his desire but I wanted our trip to be just my wife and sons. Since the prom RD and Pam have been inseparable, I was sure that they did it. I ended up with all of the seats on FI-2 filled.
    Jimmy would be lost without his Culley and Cullen needs Jimmy's shoulder to rest his head on. I knew that Cory would be just as lost without me, and of course I get lonesome without him. I called Betty and told her of my plans and asked her to entertain Beulah for the evening, I don't want hard feelings but this trip was something that I wanted just for myself.
     I asked the girls to prepare a family sit-down dinner so that I could propose my plan to all of them at once. Jimmy and Cullen were our guests for the evening. Turner, Cullen and I were the only ones that knew of the live television interview, but the family would be enthusiastic about the queeing appearing to a world hungry for his sweet image.
    "Rita Skeeter wants a live television interview with Cullen." That put everybody in a jovial mood, they like that name better than they do Gwen. "The interview will be taped in the studios in New York City on Thursday afternoon for a highlight broadcast Friday morning. The full interview will be broadcast after the prime time afternoon newscast the same day.
    "Cullen is demanding of his time in behalf of his people and has secured a million dollars from the network to feed the hungry and impoverished of his nation. With the new constitution they won't be hungry or impoverished for long but they are hungry now and this money is already feeding them." Cullen stood up to take a bow. I wanted to…
    "I have an idea that I want to bounce about the room. I am taking Cullen to New York. I am taking my wife and three sons to New York. Cory, would you and Sagi like to take your son and go to New York with us?" Stupid question but I loved the response I received, at the table and later in bed.
    I nodded at RD, he looked at Quemela and asked her if she would like to go with him to New York so that they could check out some of the clubs. I will club him if he does go near some of those places, teenage children do not need to be around such perversion. RD can attend a party at my house and get all of the perversion his eyes, and ass, can assimilate.
    Roddy was in my lap telling me all of the places that he wanted to see and all of the things that he was going to do. I told him that we would only be there for four days but at ten years of age he knew that he could see and do it all in that amount of time. I held the little rascal and looked him over, he is growing up too fast and he knows more than a boy twice his age should ever know. Roddy did have a birthday coming up very shortly and I still had no idea how to make the big number eleven extra special for him.

    I had eight adults along with Roddy and two babies to fly in an eight passenger airplane. I had done one thing as soon as we returned from France, I had four tiny jump seats attached to the bulkhead between the passenger compartment and the cockpit. They were stacked one over the other to each side of the cockpit door. As the babies grow they can take the lower seats. With two new guys coming on line in September we would need those extra seats.
    The bulkhead had to be completely removed and reworked to be strong enough to hold the boys secure but that was just what I wanted. My babies must travel in total safety. I made Roddy happy when I placed him in the fourth seat of the cockpit. FAA regulations require a fourth crewman on flights in excess of four hours, we did not need a fourth person for our short flight.

    As we entered the hotel I hooked my arm through the crook of Jimmy's arm and pulled him to me. I had told Cullen and Ugitsiha of a surprise that I had for the boy so they kept moving with the family. I dragged Jimmy to the coffee shop, but we were re-directed to a table in the closed section of the main dining room where two men awaited us.
    I introduced Jimmy to engineers from the Boeing plant as the boy stared at me with large round eyes. Roddy ran up to me and passed me a large manila file folder then kissed my cheek before scampering away. I let the two men that I had met before talk with Jimmy as I sat back with a cup of coffee in my hand.
    After about ten minutes the men looked at me and told me that I had a bonafide genius on my hands. I know that, but I was happy that they thought so. Jimmy was asked how he came up with his design for the scooter. He tried to push it off on me, but I quickly corrected that idea. I explained that I had simply said that we needed something along the line of the Segway scooter, but that I wanted an enclosed, all weather, standup vehicle.
    I opened the folder that Roddy had brought down and asked Jim if I could share its contents. The boy blushed, but gave his consent. I constantly remind the boys to document everything so that in the event they have to prove their position on a matter they will have what they need. Jan had brought that lesson home very well when his school teacher had molested him, he had pictures to prove that he was the victim.
    The folder contained wadded up pieces of paper that had been flattened and smoothed out. There were sketches and drawings through each step that the four boys had made as they brain stormed the beginnings of the scooter. I could tell that Jimmy had made all of the early sketches then he had Craig do the final artwork. Turner and Lew drew the exploded views of the mechanisms for the scooter and together the boys put forth an idea that we were able to take directly to a company to have the scooter built.
    Jimmy was asked about his use of a bowtie instead of steering wheel or even a tiller. He told them how he felt that the bowtie would be a more convenient place for the switches for lights and radio equipment. He also told them that the bowtie made it easier to place a deadman switch for safety.
    He had quick answers for his choice of a direct drive motor as opposed to a gearbox. He explained his position on providing a third wheel for steering, in addition to the reversible single wheel rotation. His position on the solar panels and lithium battery array caused the men to look at one another.
    The final result was Jimmy being offered a full scholarship to any engineering school in the world and a guaranteed position with the Boeing companies upon graduation. Jimmy thanked them for their offer and agreed to think it over. The men wanted to know if he was serious about their offer and Jimmy eye talked to me. I nodded my ascent and he looked across the table as he became very serious.
    "Gentlemen, I have a boyfriend that I am totally in love with. Next spring he will turn eighteen and we will make our life plans at that time. We want to marry, but because of who he is that may not be the wisest thing that we can do. My boyfriend is King Cullen Muneday."
    The men's chins banged against the table as their mouths hung open. "You see, money does not motivate me. Daddy has taught me to invest and I have around twenty million dollars, cash, in the bank right now. I would love to learn more and daddy and I have talked about my entering the engineering field as I study at the University of Arizona in Tucson.
    "I don't know where Culley and I can live in peace together. As the King daddy thinks that Culley should get married and have a little prince then we can go off somewhere to live together. Daddy says that we will have to hide our love from the world for now but I don't want to go to work a half a world away and only get to see my queeing on weekends and holiday."
    Both men were speechless. I felt that Jimmy had given them too much information, but we could not take it back. After the color returned to their faces Jimmy was told that he was a brilliant young man and that the Boeing Company had a place for him whenever he was ready. When they left I moved to the opposite side of the table and watched Jimmy. He didn't know which emotion he wanted to allow to come forth. He moved over to sit beside me and I held him for awhile.
    Mary and Dun Edwards were sitting in the hotel's café when I walked in with Roddy at my side for our noon meal. Dun is one amazing looking man, he was a sweet thing in high school and he still has all of his boyish charm and young looks. Dun was a thespian that starred in every play that the school did, and did well in the roles that he played.
    Mary Dunn was a snob of world class snobbery proportions. Her daddy was almost rich, but not rich enough, she was spoiled. She chased me but she could not outrun me, I was not about to slow down for her. Throughout elementary school the girl was relentless. Manny and I thought that she was a big pest and kept our distance. After Manny died Tiny became my partner in crime, he was a terror and he liked to tease the girls, Mary was his favorite.
    Once into junior high school Mary gave up on me and started after Dun. He was beautiful, as well as talented. I always thought that she chose him because of his name, it was similar to her family's last name. Like a child I thought that she considered him Dun Dunn—done done, get it? When I grew up I figured her out, Dun was the heir to a very large family fortune that she wanted to share.
    Dun loved the limelight and was an excellent public speaker. Everyone thought that he should be a lawyer when, as a fourteen year old freshman, he took more honors than anyone in the state for his prowess on debate teams. He went through high school as the debate team star but his star lit up when he walked the stage in one leading role after another.
    Dun's best roles were in the musicals that our school produced twice a year. At the time I thought that no boy had ever been able to sing as well as he. Nobody but Dun and I knew that he really sang at his best when he rode on my pony. That came about as an accident actually. He had been at the school's favorite hang out the night that Slick challenged Aaron James on cock size.
    Two days later I learned the pleasure of well trained vocal chords humming around my pleasure pole before discovering that the boy could sing soprano when he was fucked just right. No one ever learned of Dun's passion for the bottom position, especially not Mary. I continued to give Dun a ride after school then I would take him home. At his wedding I looked into his tear filled eyes and promised him that he knew my phone number and I would always be available to him.
    I was happy for him when I heard that he had been cast in a musical on Broadway but I never learned which one he was in and I never tried to find out. I don't chase anybody. I have more boi butt than I can handle, but I am always there for my friends, if needed.

    "Hi Chris, what are you doing in New York?" Mary asked me, Dun was staring into my eyes.
    "My nephew is to appear on TV Friday so I brought him to town, I also brought my wife and sons to see the sites and do a little shopping.
    "Rodney, this is Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, we went to high school together and Mr. Edwards was in my English and history classes when we went to college." I was having a difficult time reading Dun, he had the look of a trapped animal about him, I thought it best to move on.
    The entrance of RD and Quemela delayed that. RD can be very formal when he feels that there is a need for it. "Father, Pam and I are going to take a walk through Central Park, we wondered if Rod would like to join us."
    "I was just about to feed him, he seems to be wasting away." I rubbed the boy's flat belly, Roddy's bottom lip was turning downwards.
    "We can get hot dogs and junk in the park." Roddy was grinning again. RD is a tease, he knows how to play his little brother, they love each other very much.
    "Well, where is your mother?"
    "She is getting little Cory dressed, again." He is in the midst of a very difficult potty training stage. I would have thought that at fifteen months of age the boy would be stepping up to the toilet on his own, but then I have never had to train my boys to pee. I have other training that I like to do with them.
    "Do you have a length or rope with you, you know that this one will run off."
    "Nuh uhhh, I won't go running nowhere daddy. I'll stay right beside RD, please let me go." I tousled the boy's hair and told him that he would have to bribe me with a kiss. He started for my mouth but remembered where he was and threw his arms around my neck as he slobbered on my cheek.
    "Ewww, boy germs," I said as I used a handkerchief to wipe my face, a little game I play only with him. I swatted his tiny butt and sent the three kids on their way. Pam blew me a kiss and giggled at Roddy as he moved between her and her man.

    "They're fine looking boys, Chris. Is the girl your daughter? How old is RD?" Mary was looking at me strangely.
    "He's sixteen, he will turn seventeen toward the end of August. Pamela is his girlfriend that he could not leave home alone." I knew where this was going and I was going to play it. I could see Dun doing the math in his head so I answered their question before they could ask it.
    "You both remember Sylvia Hamm. RD is our son, her father sent her away when he learned that she was pregnant so only a few kids in school knew of RD's existence. Sylvia died of cancer but the boy is a real joy to me and he dotes on Rodney and little Cory."
    "How old is little Cory?" Mary never lets go.
    "He is fifteen months old, my wife and I are expecting another son in September."
    "We'll never have grand children, our son is a homo-sect-too-all," she veritably spat out with strong emphasis. "If he had a man for a father he might stand a chance." That hurt me and I could see how much it hurt Dunn. I slipped into a chair at their table and looked at them sitting on opposite sides, facing each other.
    "How old is your boy?" I learned that Homer the homo was thirteen and as queer as any fag could be, according to his mother. She has always had a tongue that could cut through solid steel but she was talking about her own progeny.
    "You'll never know the heartache that comes from knowing that your son would rather fuck other boys…" she looked around when she realized the word that she had used. The Waldorf is not a place that one would expect to hear such crass language.
    I let her ramble on for ten minutes. I watched Dun closely, he was near tears as he listened to the venom spew from the mouth of his spouse. At that point I could say or do nothing that would help the situation so I sat and listened. I finally heard her say the most intelligent thing of the day when she said that she wanted to send him to a boarding school so he would not embarrass her.
    I told her that I just happened to know of some very fine boarding schools that would welcome her son. I asked her if she had a choice of countries for the boy to live in. "I don't want to send him into exile, he might grow out of this phase that he is in. I just don't want him around me where my friends can see what a pervert he is.
    "He wears his hair long. He has his father's soft look, almost like a girl. His skin is clear and pale and he has brown eyes that watch every boy that walks by." Sounds just like my kind of kid doesn't it?
    I had read her like a book. "Mary, I own nine schools around the world. I am currently involved with schools in California and Oregon. A school is now being set up in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. All of them are boys only boarding schools with year round classes. I would consider talking to you about your son attending any of the schools. Shall we get together later?"
    She looked at her watch and nodded at me. Dun was still a curious one but I remember that he could never stand up for himself, especially around Mary. I stopped where I was and stood up to face Cullen and Jimmy.
    "What are you doing here?"
    "I'm hungry, uncy and I am tired of room service."
    "So, where's your disguise? Jimmy, you are not to allow him to do this."
    "I tried, I really did but he ran to the elevator and I just barely made it before the doors closed." I looked up to see Cullen's guard detail moving into the café.
    "Please, can I just sit down and eat a meal like a regular person?"
    I had him sit so that we would attract less attention. "Your highness is not a regular person. You know this, we have talked about it for years. When you took that crown you became the property of the world and you no longer have control of your life."
    He played his little puppy routine on me and I picked up his chin and got close to his face. "Do you want to die, Cullen? There are people in the world that want to kill you. They won't care if they hurt or kill anyone near you as long as they can get to you. Do you no longer care?" I knew that would get him, he does care, too much, he just didn't stop to think. Boys run on impulse but with age comes wisdom and wisdom brings about maturity.
    Cory Stevens toddled up to me as the maitre'd led Ugitsiha toward me. I stepped up to the man and asked him to lead Cullen to one of the private booths at the back of the room then turned to kiss my wife before picking up my son.
    I introduced Ugitsiha to the Edwards then she told me that she was feeling tired. She knew that she had to follow Cullen so that she could keep him out of trouble, nobody can do that. I turned to bid farewell to Dun and Mary, they had both recognized Cullen so I had to explain our relationship. Mary was impressed, of course she would be. I told them that I was feeling weak from a low blood sugar and needed to go eat. Before I could rise Dun invited me to see his current play. He was staring in the role of Posner in History Boys, a true favorite of mine.
    The 2006 movie version of History Boys is amongst the wide assortment of movies that we have in our house. The part of Posner in the movie is played by a young actor by the name of Samuel Barnett, who was twenty five years old when he made the movie playing the part of a sixteen year old frustrated homosexual youth. Dun is perfect for the part and I could barely contain my desire to hear him sing again.
    The part of Posner requires a wide selection of songs to be performed; amongst our favorites is Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered, a song sung by the young man to his love interest that is indifferent to his attentions through most of the movie. I promised Dun that I would have the concierge secure tickets for my family.
    I told him that I had one more couple and their baby accompanying me on our trip and I hoped that we could get nine seats together and find a baby sitter to boot. I shook hands with Dun and received a tight squeeze. He wanted something from me, I had to wait for a better time to learn what it was. I nodded my head at Mary then turned to join my wife.
    The concierge came to my table as I had lunch with my family and the King. I told him that I needed tickets, he told me that Dun had provided them and that he had taken steps to confirm a babysitter for us. I wanted to interview her, she would be at my apartment after lunch.
    I called the local FIS office and asked for an officer to sit in my apartment to watch the babysitter watch my baby. Having made so many mistakes with Cullen I have begun to be more careful, a little late maybe but so far he has been safe.
    The concierge slipped me a business card, I palmed it and scanned it when nobody was watching me. It was no secret that needed to be kept from my family, only Mary. Dun gave me his private cell phone number and asked that I call him at two, I would and I did.

    Dun had sent Mary on her way then doubled back to the hotel to await my call, he wanted to talk to me privately. I invited him up, I have mentioned before that I have taken the entire forty third floor of the towers. I have four, fifty four hundred square foot apartments and seven, twenty five hundred square foot three bedroom apartments on that floor. Charley had given me a fifty four hundred, three bedroom apartment in his will and I continued to grow from there as my needs keep getting greater.
    The hotel is known for its class and style, but I have my own tastes. With my rents exceeding three million dollars a year the hotel was gracious enough to forego their usual antique furnishings for my more modest taste in sturdy contemporary surroundings. My boys are careful, but they are boys and I don't want some flimsy legged chair breaking beneath their youthful antics.
    All of this does not mean that the surroundings were any less opulent than other suites and apartments in the hotel. When anyone visits me they are instantly pleased at the gracious splendor of the apartments. Full concierge and room services are provided through a service elevator from the kitchens. Those using that elevator have to ring ahead for entry to my floor. A special key is needed to access the floor, but the doors will not open until the security guards on duty unlock it from my side of the elevator car.
    The guards that are on duty on my floor whenever Cullen is present sit behind a thick sheet of bullet proof glass, but they move around a corner into a percussion dampening chamber until they are certain who will exit the elevator. Andy and I have tried to take every precaution to protect those guards, the last level of protection for Cullen. The walls of the hallway have been reinforced with the new Polymer Kevlar to make it virtually bomb proof. Each of the apartment doors on the floor that lead from the hall are reinforced with the honeycombed polymer-Kevlar armor. I hope and pray that the time will never come that those precautions become necessary.

    I gave Dun a code word for the operator of the main elevator from the lobby. That elevator requires a special keycard to access it then another key needs to be inserted in the spot where a button for my floor would be. Of course elevators in a hotel of quality are not a self operated unit, an operator is on duty around the clock. Upon receiving a code word from a quest the operator has to get the special key from the ever present FI guard at the bell captains desk.
    Whenever a key is inserted for my floor a light flashes at the bell captain's station. A light in the hallway on my floor, and inside my main apartment also flash to warn us of a guest coming up. When the elevator doors opened I took a very sad faced man to my arms and held him tight. Over his shoulder I saw him standing in the elevator car looking exactly as he had in grade school. Dun was afraid of the guards but saw that they were not looking at us as I led him and his son to an open door down the hall from my main apartment. I was very pleased to meet young Homer, he was even sweeter than his mother described to me.

    "Son… Uh, Chris, may I share our secret with Hobby?" I nodded at him, he began again. "Son, this is the man that I have told you about so often. He is the first one that ever loved me and loved me in the way that I have always wanted love. He has a huge dick that is more fun to have up your ass than any dick that you can possibly imagine." I sat back and listened to a father to son confession that I was unsure of.
    "Chris, Hobby knows that I love men, he knows the man that I am in love with. If I can find a place where he can be safe from his mother I plan to get a divorce and live with someone that can make me truly happy." I would have to talk to him about that part, we all too often let our heart lead without thinking about what is real.
    Hobby never took his eyes off of me and I could barely tear mine away from him. He had a major boner, or several pairs of very stiff socks in his pants. Dun looked down at his boy then told him to show me why he was called Hobby horse. The boy did not get what he had in his jeans from any genes that his dad had, he was hung. The boy made the young version of Chrisy look like a boy with a baby dick.
    Four foot seven and seventy three pounds of boy stood with a third leg that came up to his mid-chest. I must have looked hungry because Dun pushed the boy toward me. I opened my mouth and let the boy enter. What I received was no boi cock, I had hold of real balls that hung below his super meat, but they were large and firm. I touched the boy's anus and he spread his legs, he was definitely no virgin as he sucked my finger deep inside himself.
    I touched a firm butt nut and got a flood of juice from a very heated boy that was ready to pop. I worked him over and made him pop but almost needed sideboards around my mouth to keep everything in that he was pumping out. Hot, sweet boi cream that was so thick that I could feel it slide down my throat, and what a marvelous taste.
    "Chris, may I ask you to fuck me now? I need it so bad, I didn't know how bad until I saw you today." I looked at Homer then Dun said, "He usually fucks me when his mother is not around but I want him to watch what you can do for both of us." I pointed him to a bedroom and followed with Homer beside me feeling me up.
    While Dun removed his clothes Homer started in on my pants. The boy knew what he was after and he took it, all of it, right down to my pubic bush, without gagging. I managed to work my shoes off and let my pants fall to the floor as I pulled my shirt over my head. Homer stepped back and licked his lips as he stared at me standing there in nothing but my socks.
    His father was on the bed with his knees held tight against his chest, I waited to see if he was going to ride a Hobby horse or my pony, he wanted me. Dun is soft and sweet with boyish charm and looks but a man's smell. Mind you, it was not a turn off, but his son turned me on more than he did.
    I tolerated men when I was a boy because I never appreciated the youth around me. I was a greedy little bastard that wanted what I could get out of a man, but most of all I wanted to get off. They had the hungry mouth and the eager ass so I used them. It was boys like Dun and the boys in the Blues club that did it for me, I wanted their cocks. I wanted jock cock because it was a badge to me, if I could make a jock sing lullabies to me and write me love poems I had accomplished something. I still have many former jocks that love me, I never did a boy that doesn't love me to this day.
    I wanted to feast on boi butt, I asked Homer to staddle his father's body and lean his head against the headboard so that I could have lunch and a fuck. He loved that and I loved him. I learned that Dun had never done that for his son. I felt that if he was going to molest his own then he should molest him in every way.
    Dun wanted to talk about that. He has only let Homer in him, nothing else. When Homer was eleven he came to his father for a talk. The two have always been close and Homer knew that his father would never turn him away, no matter what he had to say. Homer told his dad that he had been hanging around back stage and had sucked two of the high school students that worked as part time stage hands. Of course Dun was pissed at the kids, but he tried not to show it.
    Dun had told Mary that he and his son had something to talk about and that he would be with the boy until they said all that they needed to say, he spent the entire night. Homer was mixed over what he had done with the other boys. He enjoyed doing it and did it each day for a week before he told his father.
    Dun had learned that Homer was in the restroom jacking off when one of the boys came in to take a piss. He leaned forward so that he could peek out through the crack on the hinge side of the door and saw a dick about the same size as his own on a kid that was five years older than himself. The kid was jacking off in front of the urinal but he was facing the toilet stalls. He walked over to the door and placed his cock against the crack and asked Homer if he ever saw a dick that large, Homer told him that he had one larger than that in his hand.
    No self respecting sixteen year old is going to let a snot nosed kid of eleven smart off like that. He thought he had a way to get off without having to jack off. He pulled himself up and in a smug tone of voice told Homer that if his dick was as big as his own then he would suck it till he shot his load. I have known a few eleven year olds that can cum but that kid didn't know that they existed, he learned very quickly.
    Homer opened the stall door and let the kid inside, one look and the boy was sorry that he opened his mouth. Homer is quick and cunning, he told the boy to sit on the toilet and suck or he would run out of the restroom and tell everybody that he had just been molested. Everyone would believe a small eleven year old over a teenager that is nothing but a walking pile of horny hormones.
    The boy sat down and sucked Homer's cock and swallowed his cum. Homer rubbed his head and told him that he felt really good but he wanted to try it next. The kid couldn't believe his ears but Homer pressed past him and sat down on the toilet then pulled at the boy to turn around for his suck. Homer giggled at me and told me that he loved every second of it and did it two more times before the day's rehearsals were finished.
    The kid had been sucking the other boy and fucking him each day. Homer told him that the other boy was cute and that he would like to watch them fuck. The other boy didn't suck very often but he learned to love sucking Homer while he got his ass fucked.
    The third day Homer let the second boy fuck him while he sucked the first boy. That was the day that he confessed all to his father. Dun wanted to see if any damage had been done to his son's anus and asked Hobby to pull his underwear down and turn around. When the underwear went down Dun sat down, he had no idea that his son was hung so well.
    He inspected the worm sized hole and found it to be a bit swollen and some bruising around the outside but Homer told him that he felt so good inside. He wanted to know if it was wrong to do what he did. Dun stepped over the line and told his son that it was a natural thing for boys to experiment when they were young, Homer wanted to know if he had ever experimented.
    Dun could not get the image of his son's cock out of his mind so he had the boy lay beside him and they talked. As they talked Dun held the massive tool in his hand, when he could take no more he asked Homer to find a ruler, Homer had a pocket tape measure in the drawer next to his bed. Dun laid the tape along the length of the boi phallus and discovered six inches of thick man meat that was already five and a half inches around.
    Dun had not had male company in over two years and he was in lust for his son. He asked if Homer had fucked the other boys he told him no but they told him that they would let him do it and he wanted to but didn't know how. Lust won out over decency and Dun told his son that he would teach him all that he wanted to know, but it would have to be their secret. That began a night time ritual that had gone of for two years.
    Homer fucked the two stage hands then the following year two more boys came to work in their place. Homer bent one over the first night and had the other one on all fours a week later. That had been his routine after school everyday. He would give his dad what he wanted each night before going to sleep and on days when Mary was out of the house he fucked his dad in every place that the man could find to lay down or bend over.

    Life with Mary was worse than it had ever been and Dun was certain that she had someone else in her life. He didn't care. When the current play went into rehearsal Dun fell in love with his co-star, the man that plays the part of Dakin. An eighteen year old boy from Vancouver, Canada went to New York to become rich and famous at the tender age of sixteen.
    Finding only heartache and struggle the boy was ready to pack it in and return home in defeat when he answered an ad for auditions for a stage play of History Boys. The only good thing to come out of that play was Dun and a love that he had always wanted. The play was being performed in a third rate theater off Broadway to very poor reviews. Dun and his young co-star were getting mediocre reviews but that could not keep the play alive. The producers had pulled their backing and the show would close in two more weeks.

    I was laying beside my old friend as his son slid himself down on my cock very slowly, the boy loves it and wants his dad to do him but Dun has been wise to withhold himself from the boy in light of what I was hearing about his wife.
    I asked Dun if the show was seeking a new producer or if they needed funds. He told me that what they needed was a director that could stay sober and find a decent cast, a better theater, and maybe a halfway decent orchestra. He told me that he was tired of New York and wanted to leave, forever. He was going to get a divorce and go to Canada with his boyfriend and get married. Homer told me that it was the best idea that his father ever had, except for the night that he fucked his mother and made him. The boy is quick.
    I asked him what he wanted from me, he wanted to know about my boarding schools and how quickly Homer could start classes. Homer didn't like that part, but he wanted to get away from his mother and was willing to go to school in the middle of a desert if she would not be there. I asked him if he would go to school in a desert town named Tucson.
    Dun looked at me and I told him that I had two schools in Tucson, one for girls and one for boys. The boys' school is a boarding school and has year round classes with no summer break. I told him that we plan week long breaks throughout the year and that we try to send the students on some sort of a trip to enlarge their minds and build their bodies. He looked at me and asked if I did any of their bodies, I told him that eight of my schools were for gay boys and the ninth was for gay girls. Homer stopped bouncing on my dick and stared down at me.
    I would not take Homer without his mother signing the paperwork for him to be a resident student. Dun agreed with that. I sent the pair on their way with high spirits and butts full of my milk. They promised to stay in touch but planned to have Homer in Tucson by the end of the month.

    We took in the play that evening and it was worse than Dun had told me, he turned out a good part and one could almost feel the chemistry when he sang to, or talked about, the Dakin character. In the play Dakin is an indifferent lad that chases the girls but has a crush on one of his male teachers. Dun's love interest turned out a masterful performance but when he hugged Posner toward the end of the play I could feel their love. I truly hope for the best for that couple. I wonder about Mary and if she would let them alone, and what about Homer the homo?

    Quemela said, "That one guy, that friend of yours in the play, he sounds just like Inagei. He is in love with someone that doesn't even know that he exists." I looked at her and asked who her brother was in love with. She blushed as she looked from me to RD. I took a deep breath.
    RD took that breath right out of me, "I know that he exists and he is a great kid but I can't do my future brother-in-law can I?"
    "He wants you, honey. He told me that when we get married he is going to live with us so that he can see you every day."
    "He sees me every day now."
    "But not in his bed. Rand, he needs you. He is struggling, he is young and in love." Pam looked at me and turned her head. I think that I had heard more than either of them wanted me to hear. RD looked at me and blushed then put his arm around Pam and led her out to the patio to look down on Central Park in the dark light of a new moon over Manhattan.

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