Chapter 115


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Wow, I can't believe that we did it. Chrisy and me are on the road and daddy let us take the old Traveler©. We are set for the world to know us. Chrisy is only seventeen and won't be eighteen until September. I am nineteen as of last March so I guess I'm responsible for the little boy's actions. I really like this little boy's actions in the bed, but we can't fuck and drive now can we?
    We are at the beach house at Malibu, California. We spent the whole day naked in the surf just swimming and messing around. Derrick's old boyfriend, Darryl, came over. He stripped off and joined us for a swim as we caught up on what had been happening since the family's trip out to visit that one friend of dad's that ran a shelter for queer boys and girls. I'm glad that we don't have any girls in our house, shit, I got enough pussy trouble with Sarah, but at least I kept my promise to my grandfather and gave him a son.
    Darryl remembered Chrisy and his huge cock, he also remembered that we called Chrisy Mr. Phartzalot, cause the guy had gas all of the time. Thankfully he has passed that stage, but I can remember how he used to curl the nose of a dung beatle.
    Darryl had come to grips with his being gay. I didn't know much about what was going on cause I had gone to Oklahoma when the family came to the beach for Christmas. I like being part of a big family, but sometimes I wish it could just be dad and me. I love that man with every fiber of my being. Chrisy and I have had a long time to just lay together and talk about him. He loves him too, but he can tell how much I am in love with him.
    I mean look at our situations. I was on the run. They arrested my mother for shoplifting and I was hiding out. I was naked in an all night laundromat, what could be more needful than that? Chrisy was thrown out of the car by his mother and her husband onto a cold, lonesome road in the middle of bum fuck Kansas with only the skimpiest of coats on. He was near frozen to death when dad found him.
    We are both just damned lucky to be alive. What most people don't understand is that dad did not rescue us to fuck us. Both of us really fucked him. Sure, he leered at me and I knew that he wanted me. I mean my mother made me suck cock since I was in diapers, well almost, and she made me start letting them fuck me when I was about nine or ten or so. I know the score and…well I wanted dad to want me. I had a hard on that wouldn't quit, but he just gave me the best fucking shower I ever had in my whole life then he put medicine all over me and powdered my bottom like a baby so I could heal. I had this horrible rash all under my arms and between my legs, we call it crotch rot now, but I hurt so bad. Dad looked at me and he had this sad look on his face and I didn't think that he wanted me, but now I know him and he was hurting for me.

    Here, let Chrisy talk awhile.

    Well it's like my bro Cory says, I fucked dad. He found me at the very edge of death and never asked for anything. He fed me hot soup then he took me to town and fed me more food then he bought me warm clothes and never did he ever ask me for sex. I was scared of him at first, but he was just so fucking nice that I would have done anything he asked of me. In fact I did give him my cherry ass. I am a top, but when I saw dad's cock and I already knew that I loved him, well I just spread my legs and took the ride of my life.
    I have always thought of myself as a top, but when dad comes around I just go all gishy inside and I can't wait to have him love me. Most of the boys in the family want me to show them what I can do for them, but I like for a few of them to do me too. Cory is one that I will always lay down for, he is my bud and bro, forever.
    You all know how much I love Timmy, but I can't be with him that often until I turn eighteen in just two more months, then I am so going to fuck that mother raw for a solid week. He won't admit it, but I think that he is in love with me, I know that I am so in love with him, but I guess I will see for sure how he feels on my birthday.

    So okay, what did you say to him, he's curled up in the corner crying. That boy has it bad, I mean real bad. He is so afraid that Timmy doesn't want him. He has an idea that Timmy looks at him as just another fuck, but I don't know what Timmy can do to show his love for the midget. It is not Chrisy's cock that Timmy loves, it is the guy. What is not to love about him? He is drop dead cute, he is courteous and bright. He took honors at his graduation last month and he won three scholarships, one a four year full tuition scholarship. He has been an honors student from the first day of school and he loves to help the other boys with their homework.
    I happen to know that Timmy has bought a unit in dad's new high-rise over the top of the book store downtown. He had ordered Chrisy a brand new bright yellow turbo powered Porsche, fully equipped. The only thing he wants to wait to do is to buy furniture, he told dad and me that he wants Chrisy to pick out the furniture for their home. Timmy can't hardly wait for his boy to come of age. He almost asked Chrisy to stay in New York so that they could be together, but dad told him that he would be useless for love because he would cut Timmy's dick off and sew his butt hole closed. Timmy agreed to let Chrisy stay in Tucson and graduate there. I really think that it will hurt dad when Chrisy moves away. He loves him very much.

    We went to dinner at Gordo's. It is one big teen boy hangout and if ninety percent of those guys aren't gay then I am a neutered elephant. The other ten percent would gladly let anyone go down on them and they would go up in anybody that would spread his cheeks. I know that everyone there was either gay or, what dad calls, a Friend of Fag. We sorta play this game where we try to pick out the FOFs. There were many boys with girls on their arms, but I watched where they were looking and each and everyone was checking packages. These guys are playing the game, but it was plain to see who's bed they wanted to be in. I wouldn't mind having some of them in my bed.
    If dad were here he would go up in them and he would start with the straight acting dudes. I crack up when dad makes a straight boy. They can't wait to get him again and when they come crawling back dad makes them do it all. One time he got this one extra straight boy and made him and me…I better wait, I think that dad may not want me to tell those kind of stories about others until they are part of our lives.
    One of the cutest in the crowd came over and straddled Chrisy's lap then planted a kiss that curled my boy's toes. Those around us were shouting encouragement as the boy began a lap dance that even I would have trouble doing. "Will you fuck me big boy?" he asked Chrisy where everyone could hear him. Chrisy was totally red faced, and that just does not happen, at least I have never seen him blush.
    "Er, umm, Cory, this is, um, well he is the owner's boyfriend, or he was, but I don't know his name. What is your name, you walking bag of sex appeal? Isn't this guy just the best fucking bait for guys like us? I want to do him right here." Chrisy was talking fast so I knew he was trying to get control of himself. I just sat back and watched him.
    "Me llamo Gordito, esse." Chrisy and I cracked up at this little blond boy with his accented Español. He stood up and turned toward me, the head of his cock was a good three inches above his waist band, he was not sagging his pants either. I know my Spanish and gordito literally means little fat man, but this kid was not fat anywhere except in the width of that drooling cock head that made me drool. "There is a special table over in that corner if you want a piece of me. I love your cock and I want some more of it. Your friend can have me too."
    I may be young and hung, but I for sure am not dumb. I get kind of pissed when dad says that, you know, young and hung and full of cum, but I know where he is cumng from, or at least hopes to get cum from. There was no way I was going to fuck this kid in that place and I would cut Chrisy's cock off if he tried it. I don't want to spend the best part of my life in prison for fucking an under aged kid. And I really don't want prison time too far away from my daddy. It would kill him and me.
    Chrisy told me that Gordito was the lover of the owner of this place and that he had come out to the beach house to cook for the family when I was in Oklahoma fucking Sarah at Christmas time in 2005. Chrisy said that the kid took one look at his cock and lay down. His daddy joked with Chris while Chrisy fucked the kid then he wanted a pin so dad did his number on the boy, first eating Chrisy's load out of the boy then plowing him for a good twenty minutes. Chrisy said the boy lay there and cried tears of joy for the longest time after dad pulled out of him. He had dad up in him one more time before dad left with Cullen, but Chrisy fucked him every day. I would like to get a piece of the kid and that cock of his had promise also. We invited Gordo to bring his boy out to the house the next day. He agreed. Chrisy was all grins, we had planned to leave the next morning, but I could see that he was really up to meating this kid, and I had to do a rearrange myself.

    Darryl came over and asked if he could sit down. He is Derrick's old fuck buddy that thinks he is straight, but always wanted Derrick to fuck him, doggy style. He figured that he wasn't queer if he just let Derrick fuck him to satisfy an itch, but if he lay on his back then that would be queer.
    Derrick likes to be fucked hard and fast; Darryl really didn't like toping, he said that it made it seem like he was less of a man to have his cock inside another dude. However, he loved for Derrick to make long, slow, passionate love to him, from behind; he even wanted Derrick to sleep with his cock up inside of him.
    Derrick had told me how he made his old boyfriend work for his favors, but he did enjoy spooning up against the muscled back of his friend. Just holding him close all night as his cock felt the heat deep inside Darryl's body made him feel good all over. I remembered Darryl and Derrick from our summer at the beach in 2005 and I remember Darryl, I fucked him with him on his hands and knees; he asked Chrisy to fuck him a second time that first afternoon, but I don't remember him getting it on with dad.
    "Do you have a golden pole pin, Darryl?"
    "No, I was afraid that it would make me too queer to let that man fuck me like he did Derrick and Joel. Joel moved away now and so I don't have anybody to, you know, do me so that's how I met Justin and well it is just too weird." I could see his face cloud up and I knew there was something more he had to say, but I did not push it.

    We heard cheering from the corner of the room where a crowd had gathered about. I stood up on my chair to see what was going on and I could see a pair of legs on the shoulders of some guy. A kid went running by, "Ya gonna watch? Gordito found him a fucker; he finds guys with huge cocks to fuck him every night. I wish I had me a big cock." The kid might have been thirteen, in another year or two and I giggled as I thought that he should just wait. He was kind of cute, but I am not about to get into that, like I told you I am just passing through California with no plans for an extended stay.
    Chrisy and I decided that we would go back to the beach. We had a plan to leave early the next morning, to drive up along the coast highway. "Can I go with you? I don't got nowhere to sleep no more and I need a friend." Chrisy and I looked at each other and he nodded so we took Darryl out to Traveler© and down to the beach house. As we walked out a kid pulled up in a vintage Chevy ragtop and I drooled. Darryl squeezed in between me and Chrisy; as we passed the car he got in front of us as if he were trying to hide. I looked at the kid getting out of the car, he was pretty cute; he looked to be of legal age, but Darryl seemed to be in a hurry to move so we continued on our way.
    "Want to tell us what that was about?" Chrisy doesn't pull punches, he asks his questions straight out, like his dick is most of the time.
    "That was Justin. Look, I know this might sound weird, but can I sleep with you guys tonight? I mean sleep, I would like to have sex and I need to be fucked the right way. I will suck you if you'll let me, but I don't want to be in bed alone, not tonight."
    I know what he means, I was younger than he when I had those feelings and there have been times when I needed my dad by my side. I am fortunate in that I know where he is and no matter who he is in bed with I can go crawl up beside him and he will love me. I guess Chrisy was thinking of his life because he was holding Darryl as he cried on my boy's shoulder. Darryl needs a friend and I am so going to try to be one to him, whatever it takes.
    I tried to think about the boy I had just seen, Justin? he was cute. Tall, dark, and very cute. He had to have been at least six feet tall and slim, I would guess about one hundred and fifty tops, I only say that much because he had on a tee shirt that was very tight across broad shoulders and cut off just about mid chest showing a magnificent abdominal with a solid six pack, it could have been an eight, but I was moving at a different angle and only got a quick glimpse, just enough to make my pecker pucker, as dad would say.
    His tight jeans showed one hell of a bubble butt, but he has the tiniest waist I have ever seen in a guy that tall. His waist couldn't have been as large as even Donny or Bryan; they wear a boy's size fourteen pants. Chris can get into my pants, anytime, but I am talking about my jeans here pervert. I wear a size twenty eight, but Chris likes the space in a size thirty, he does have special needs for a larger crotch area. Umm, I get hungry thinking of him, I wonder how he is doing without me, I hope he is so horny that he will fly over here and spend the night up in me. I know he won't, he didn't want us to go on this trip because he told me that he would really miss me. But he whispered in my ear as we lay together afterwards and told me that he had to let me go, it is time for me to grow up and find my own direction. I didn't tell him, but I am going to go to school next semester. I just had to travel some and see the world. I want to travel with just him, but then I wouldn't give up one of my brothers for anything in the world.

    Since it is just us here I am going to get something off of my chest. Yeah, Chrisy will read this, but he and I have talked about it and I guess we both sorta feel the same way. Edgar has this stare that just …I don't know, it is not a sex motivated stare, it is more of a stare of superiority. I don't know how he could feel superior to anyone after he allowed his father and his friends to use his ass for four years. He was fourteen, for crying out loud, all he had to do was see the school nurse for a pain in his ass and it would have ended. He liked it and most of us know it. He thinks Greg is his best friend, but Greg and Al laugh about him; Al just plain out does not like him.
    Edgar was kind of like Dickie; that guy scared the shit out of me and I did not want to sleep with him, ever. Okay so he is a bottom, but fuck…When he showed up at the house with his boyfriend I knew where he was coming from. Ted Folley is even older than dad, but even I could see the love that Dickie had for him. None of the guys in the house has ever mentioned being with a black man. We have Asians and Hispanics in the house, but no blacks. I asked dad about that once and he told me that he had talked up two young blacks over the years and they wouldn't put out to him. He said that they seemed to be afraid of him. I think that one look at his cock scared them away.
    I did one black when I was ten and mom had to soak my ass in hot water for days. I was bleeding up inside, but she was afraid to take me to the doctor because the man paid her a lot of money and offered her more to come back sometime. She was all about money, never me. Yeah, I see her when I go back to Oklahoma, but we sit on different sides of the room. I never hug her anymore, she tried to hug me after Sarah and I got married and Sarah got in her face and told her she would take care of any love I needed. Mom told her that she could never take care of me unless she grew a dick and killed dad. Sarah slapped her for me, I would have knocked her out.
    No, the one that scares the shit out of me is Isaac, he just has a mean stare. I have talked to Cas about him because they were lovers once a long time ago. Cas told me that Isaac was really cute and very nice when he was young, but prison and then the torture that he endured had changed him. He told me that he had talked to Isaac and Edgar and they showed him their leathers and other toys. If Chris ever finds out that those two are into bondage and shit he will toss them out on their collective asses, forever.

    Chrisy told me that we had to let Darryl sleep with us, but that he wanted to have me do him first. I told him that I wanted him in me so we decided that Darryl could watch as we fucked each other then he could do whatever and maybe we would do him a little later. Okay, so I like know that he has needs, but I slapped his hand a few times when he tried to beat off while I was loving my little brother with the big fucking widget. I wanted him to wait because I wanted his sauce while I got my ass plowed by the young master of buttfuckinghim. A phrase borrowed from Steve of the Wild Boys at Cullen's big birthday bash in Las Vegas.
    When my turn finally came I turned across the king sized bed and hung my head over the side. Chrisy got up between my legs and shoved his widget up in me. Man, can that little dude fuck, he is truly a master butt fucker and he can go up in me anytime. I often drag him to dad's bed and let the two of them have their way with me all night, of course we both have to take care of Chrisy. He told me one time that he had never taken it up the ass until he met dad and now he can't get enough of the man.
    Chrisy is very particular as to whom he lets up in him. He will do most of the boys in the house on occasion, but he holds out for dad or me. He has one other favorite and that is Cas; he likes them thar thick dicks, padnah. He also likes Jeff, but he has to have me under him sucking away while he sucks me before he will let Jeff do him. He has told me that he gets Jeff in bed with him and dad and they have a go, but Chrisy isn't all that good at sucking large cocks. I don't know about that, he has no problem getting dad down his throat and Jeff is not that much thicker than dad, if at all. I can't tell that he is any thicker and I suck dad's cock at least once a day. Except today and on this trip, I really miss that man. I moved my throat so that Darryl could cum on in. I told him that I wanted a hard fast throat fuck and he obeyed me. I love it when a dude's balls slap across my nose and I can look up at his ass crack while he shoves hard meat deep into my, tight as hell, throat.
    Actually I was quite impressed by the impression Darryl left on my face from his hard pounding; he is a good face fucker and he has some nice equipment to fuck with. He is nowhere near Chrisy or me, but he does have a pretty nice eight inch cock of a butt stretchable size. I knew then that he was going to fuck me, on my back, one on one. But first I wanted to hear his story. I almost wanted to cry, I also wanted to hit someone, and killing also entered my mind. I really wanted to know why he had just throat fucked me when he thought that cock suckers were queer.

    Darryl really didn't know how much he loved Derrick. The two boys had grown up together as next door neighbors and had been potty trained at the same time. They started, like most youngsters, comparing equipment at about five or six years old and by the age of eight Derrick was wanting to suck on his dick. Darryl's mom took him to church three times every week and in his Sunday school class he had learned that it was not right for anybody to see you naked except your mother or father when they bathed you or helped you to get dressed. (I never learned that so you can see me naked anytime, homo.)
    By the age of ten Darryl was indoctrinated by the teaching that for a boy to touch another boy was inherently wrong and that both boys would go to hell. At age twelve he was experiencing his body changes, but he read in the Bible where it said that a man should not sleep with a man as a woman. Derrick and Joel were fucking each other at every opportunity and Darryl would stand lookout for them, most of the time he was looking at them. His ass became his favorite body part as he learned the joy of feeling of it. He wanted to try feeling something in his ass, but he was not going to hell to do it so he polished the end of a broken shovel handle with sand paper then varnished it with several coats of poly-urethane to make it nice and smooth. The varnish helped it to stay slick when he put baby oil on it and pushed it up his ass.
    That was a feeling that he could learn to really love. His little cocklet was still tiny, much smaller than Joel or Derrick, and he had no idea of what awaited him down the line. Derrick had hold of his own three and a half inch boi cock and showed Darryl that he was now able to cum. Darryl looked on with awe, he had no idea that a dick could do that. He hurried to his hiding place, but he had stopped to grab himself a small hand held mirror on the way. He climbed up the unevenly spaced boards that he had nailed between the studs of the exposed wall of the garage many years before and settled in to his little nest, safe from prying eyes.
    He couldn't see what he wanted to see, he needed more light. He was afraid to clean the window that was at the front of the garage and the beam of sunlight shining through was just too filtered out to do him much good. He very carefully lifted the window out of its mount and quickly got his mirror in his hand. He stood so that the full beam of light had him illuminated in all of his glory and moved the mirror about seeking anything that might show him his body was capable of doing what Derrick had done. He was so excited that he almost cried when he found out that he had four hairs just over the top of his dick. He was grown up, and it made him proud.
    Quickly he slipped the window back into place and made sure that it was secure; it would not do to have the window blown out by the fierce winds that often came up the cliffs from the ocean. Once the window was secure he moved back to his nest of old blankets and pillows that he had swiped from the Good Will collection box at the shopping center down the hill from his house. He took his wooden Derrick from its hiding place and silently dreamed that his best friend could actually do to him what he and Joel did to each other.
    Once a liberal dab of oil had been applied to his hungry ass hole and even more slathered over the wooden stick he rolled back with his toes touching the ground above his head. He used the fingers of his left hand to pull at his tight pucker and guided Derrick inside himself. The pain was intense, as always, but he willed himself to relax and was quickly able to begin the movements that made him feel so very good and special like.
    That day was different though. He continued to let his toes touch the floor above his head and he stared at his three inch dick. He had never really paid any attention to his little member except to shake it after he peed. He was cut really tight and never needed to wash it off like Derrick did. Derrick got this head cheese and it smelled really bad. His dad had taken him off one time and he made Darryl watch as he showed the boys how to keep themselves clean. He explained how they could get an infection and I know about that, it happened to me just before I met dad and I always pull my skin back and wash, especially after being up some dude's ass. I don't want a shit infection.
    Sorry, got side tracked there. Darryl liked Derrick's dad; his own dad was a biker and was hardly ever home. Derrick's dad treated him exactly the same as he treated Derrick and he wasn't even kin to the man. He hurt as bad as he knew Derrick hurt when he learned that Mr. Hardwick had been murdered. He never saw Derrick after he gathered his belongings and left with dad and us for Tucson. He misses his old boyfriend and he was telling us just how much he missed him. Derrick does not know that Darryl is in love with him and I don't know if I should tell him.
    Darryl was thinking about how Derrick had slid two fingers and a thumb up and down on his hard dick and he tried it. The feelings of his fingers rubbing over his tiny cock head were so intense that he could not stand it then he thought about the baby oil. He put some oil on his fingers and all over his cock and tried it again. That felt good. He began to move the stick in and out of his butt as he stroked himself and he had more pleasurable feelings move through his tiny twelve year old body than he had ever had in all of his long life.
    Suddenly something inside really changed and he was feeling an almost cramp like sensation. He stopped and the pain went away, but he had such an urge to do it again. He started slowly then began to pound his ass. Using one hand on the stick with his body laid back at the strange angle and also trying to twist himself so that he could continue to play with his cock made the stick hit his prostate, over and over again. He didn't know about prostate and all of that grownup talk, but he knew that somehow whatever was going on was feeling better than a day up the road at the Magic Mountain Amusement Park.
    With the most intense feeling yet his cock just shot a load of cum directly into his open mouth. He had his eyes closed, but he knew that something had happened that had never happened before. He was staring directly at his cock and saw that his little eye hole was staring back at him and it was wide open. He felt that feeling again and a glob of whitish colored cum shot out of that eye and hit him in the mouth again. It was then that he realized that he already had some of it in his mouth and now he had more. He could do nothing, but swallow, it wasn't all that bad, but it was not something that he would want more of. He shut his mouth as five more spasms wracked his already tortured soul, each one accompanied by more of his very own cum. He opened his mouth and caught the last two shots and rolled them around on his tongue before deciding that it really wasn't all that bad, but he was not going to tell anyone.
    His wooden Derrick was a pain in his ass so he slowly removed it. It hurt coming out that time, but what hurt more was when he lowered his legs and saw Derrick sitting cross legged at the opening from the garage below. Derrick had a big grin on his face as he reached over and took the stick away from his friend. He looked it over and smelled of it. He twisted up his nose and Darryl knew that it would have shit on the end of it, it always did. He searched around under his blankets for his roll of toilet paper. He tore off a length and rolled back to wipe his ass. Derrick passed him the stick and took a long length of toilet paper for himself and wiped Darryl's ass for him. Darryl wiped the stick off with a sheepish grin on his face as he prayed that Derrick couldn't see him shooting cum into his own mouth.
    He stretched out as his best friend took up a place next to him. Derrick giggled and pulled off more toilet paper and wiped Darryl's face off. "You got your first cum, eh buddy. You were at a weird angle and got it all over your face. I will have to try that, may I borrow your butt buddy?" Darryl was excited that his best friend wanted to use his stick, but he was not about to tell him that he had named it after him.
    Derrick wasted no time in getting naked and flat on his back. Darryl took his baby oil and slathered the stick so that oil was running down its length. Derrick put oil on his own butt, but he lay on his side to do it. Darryl really wanted to see his buddy's ass hole, as sick as that sounded. He told Derrick that it might make at easier if he would roll back as he had done so he did. Darryl was near tears as he looked at his best friend from a whole new angle. He almost wished he had never learned that to do things with other boys was wrong because he wanted so much to do…what? he didn't know what, but he wanted to anyway.
    "FUCK, that fucking hurts! Shit that is so fucking big! How do you get it in you? That fucking hurts!" Derrick was pushing the stick into his ass very slowly. Darryl grabbed the baby oil and poured oil directly onto Derrick's tortured hole which caused the stick to suddenly slide all of the way in, even deeper than Darryl had ever allowed it to go. Derrick let out a loud scream which caused Darryl to place his hand over his friend's mouth so that no one would hear them.
    Derrick relaxed some and began to slide the stick in and out of himself. Darryl watched in rapt attention as his cock grew harder than he had ever noticed before. His body was making all kinds of new feelings move around in him and he wanted so much to put his dick where his stick was, even more he wanted Derrick to fuck him. "Help me, dude. You do the stick. I think that I can suck my dick while you fuck me with that thing." Darryl was suddenly on alert, had Derrick seen him cum into his own mouth? He didn't say anything, but Darryl was still worried.
    Darryl took the stick and began to slowly fuck it in and out of his neighbor's ass. Derrick wrapped his hands around his own thighs and pulled himself into a ball. He stuck out his tongue and just touched the end of his cock head. Darryl had to shift around to sit at Derrick's head; he ended up in a position where he could reach over Derrick and also see everything that he was doing. Derrick stretched and pulled and after several tries he had his cock in his mouth. (As I think about it that had to be a trick for a little kid with a three inch cock and I tried to picture Rod doing that. I bet that little fag boy can do it and I will take him aside and find out when I get home again.)
    Derrick wanted Darryl to fuck him faster and to play with his balls. Darryl was more than happy to comply. He was having as much fun doing Derrick as he did doing himself, although he did want to cum again, that was real fun. Derrick filled his mouth with cum and relaxed. He begged Darryl to stop fucking him and Darryl started to remove the stick. "No, stop, wait. I want you to leave it there for a minute," Derrick told him. "Here, lay down here so I can see your dick." Darryl did as he was told and he felt Derrick playing with him. Derrick placed his fingers at Darryl's ass and began to prod around and after a few minutes he shoved his fingers up inside.
    Darryl nearly mounted the boy as the fingers raked over his prostate, they were shorter and not as big around, but they felt so much better than the stick because Derrick was wiggling them around and touching his prostate from several different angles. Derrick took Darryl's cock into his mouth and began to fuck his fingers in and out of the boy's pert little ass. "Fuck that stick in me again while you suck my dick." Darryl hardly hesitated. Once he moved himself where he could manipulate the stick he was ready for anything and he sucked his first cock. All too quickly it was over for both boys.
    Each of them lay back and tasted the cum of the other and enjoyed what they had done. Derrick removed the stick from his own ass and smelled of it. It didn't have anything strange or brown on it, but he had taken a dump before he came over. He told Darryl that he would have to shit before he shoved the stick up in himself next time then he did something that set the stage for their relationship for the next four years, he kissed Darryl and held him tight.
    The two boys fell asleep in each other's arms and awakened a half an hour later. Derrick wanted to suck Darryl again so the two went into a simple sixty nine, but Darryl wanted the fingers up his ass again. Derrick agreed if Darryl would do the same for him. After the third cum in a little over an hour both boys moved away, but Darryl asked if he could see what it was like to have Derrick's cock in his ass. Derrick was happy to comply. They had been fucking for about ten or fifteen minutes when Mrs. Hardwick called for Derrick out of their back door. The boys quickly dressed and went their separate ways.
    It was Wednesday and Darryl would be going to prayer meeting with his mother. He opted for a long hot bath for a change and that is where his mother found him when she stepped into the bathroom in search of him. He had fallen asleep and had not heard her calling for him. She told him to get dressed that they were going out for Chinese food before prayer meeting.
    Darryl was feeling very good about himself, his new discovery about his body, and about his time in a whole new situation with Derrick. Nothing could destroy his euphoria, little did he know. A young man that Darryl thought he knew from years past led the meeting that night. He read a lot of the Pauline Epistles that had to do with what is commonly related with homosexual acts. He looked Darryl in the eye many times and seemed to be speaking directly to the boy as he told of how the devil loved to mess with young boys' minds and get them involved in sex when they were too young to understand what a God given gift they had. He told the boy how sex is something created by God to be shared with his wife, after marriage, and any kind of sex before marriage was going to send him right into hell.
    Darryl's mother laughed all of the way home as she told her son that the young man had been a notorious homosexual in a relationship with an older man until he learned the Truth that is Jesus the Christ. She told her young son that she hoped he would learn from the sinner and not take so many years to learn the ways of God, but that he would live the life of a God fearing Christian all of the days that he had on the face of the earth.
    Darryl fell asleep on his knees at the side of his bed that night. He prayed that God would forgive him what he had done and that He would help him to overcome the devil in him so that he would never do those things again. He kept recalling the kiss that he had shared with Derrick, a kiss is only to be shared between a man and a woman. It had been so wrong to have sex and then kiss like a man as woman would do and he was sickened by his actions. He made up his mind that it would never happen again.
    The next day he took his derrick and placed it in the vice on his father's work bench. He took a small saw and cut down the length of the stick, cutting it into two pieces. Derrick walked up to him as he began his next cut, he cut the stick into three to four inch pieces then threw the whole thing away over Derrick's protestations. Darryl explained that he had confessed to God, that what they had done was wrong and would only lead to their own ruin. He told Derrick that they could still be friends, but that they would never again have sex.
    His hardened resolve stuck for a little more than two years then his raging hormones caught up with him and his butt itch got the best of him. He figured that he could get scratched as long as he just bent over or lay on his stomach. That wouldn't be queer and he wouldn't be lying with Derrick. Derrick would be the only one, that he was sure of. Were he to go letting anyone else take care of his need…that would be just too queer. He stuck to his guns until he met dad.
    He was in his last semester of his freshman year and enjoying an afternoon in the surf. There is a sign on the beach that says that section is a nudes only beach and that was all he needed to read. Had he bothered to read more he would have seen that it was also a privately owned beach and posted against trespassers. Being a kid with a chance to go swimming in the ocean naked as a fish he didn't want to read any further.
    During spring break of 2004 he, Derrick, Joel, and Bobby headed for the water. There they met Turner and Tyler and they played naked in the water with the two new boys for a half an hour or so. Turner kept telling them that he knew a man with a ten inch dick that loved to fuck boys. That pissed me off, okay, so that was the weekend that dad had rescued Turner and then helped him find Tyler, but he still should have kept his cock sucking mouth shut and I am so going to put my fist in it that cum hole the next time I see him. Fuck, he could have got dad put in jail before he ever even met me and then where would I be? I was fucking shaking all over. Chrisy wrapped his arms around me and made me tell him what was wrong. Darryl got all scared and said that maybe it wasn't said quite that way and he was sure that Turner didn't say anything wrong, That set me off and I slugged him in the mouth.
    "So what other lies you told? You twist anymore truth, faggot? My dad is my whole fucking world and I am going to marry him as soon as we get rid of our marriages to our wives. I will so kill anyone who hurts my dad and I mean it." Darryl was shaking and crying. I knew that I had him scared so I calmed down. I took him into my arms and we shook and cried together.

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