Chapter 136


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Jimmy called to me, "Dad, come and look at this." He had the computers up checking the latest stock and commodity quotes. "Remember when you said that Durham wheat was due to take off there last spring? I bought 25,000 bushels at $4.20 a bushel and now it is at $12.00 a bushel, I just made us three hundred per cent profit."
    "Where did you get $100,000 to buy that much wheat?" Cal wanted to know.
    "Well," Jimmy looked at me and smiled, "I didn't invest anywhere near that much money. To control 25,000 bushels of wheat I only had to put up $5,000 and hope that dad was right and that it would go up. Of course I knew that it would go up and besides that, dad is almost never wrong about this stuff."
    "So you still had to have $5,000, that's a bunch of money." I was impressed, Cal has a quick mind for figures and he knows the correct questions to ask, I poured a fresh cup of coffee and listened to my young master explain the intricacies of commodity trading.
    "My mother died leaving me thousands of dollars then when my dad was murdered and he had lots of life insurance. Next I sold my house to Christopher's grandmother and dad put all of my money into commodities for me and showed me how to watch for trends and stuff so that I could move my money around to make more money."
    "Wow, how much money do you have?"
    Jimmy punched up his portfolio and zoomed in on his bottom line. "Right now I am controlling twelve million dollars worth of gasoline, fifty million bushels of wheat, one hundred million pounds of coffee. If that sells for ten percent above what I have invested then I will have about two hundred thousand dollars in profit. Currently I have nineteen million dollars in the bank so I guess I am worth about twenty million dollars, or so."
    "Wow, I ain't even got a nickle." I tossed him a dime and told him that we would help him to get rich before he graduated from high school.
    "That would be so cool, so like I can put up $5,000 and buy wheat or something then sell it for more?"
    "It kinda works this way, Cal. You don't want to put a lot of money into anything. Dad won't let us buy a contract for more than a thousand dollars until we have made a few thousand in profits. That way we never gamble anymore than our first thousand and from then on we spend the money we earn from our contracts.
    "Believe it or not, money can be made selling short or long. That means if the price goes down, it is short, and up is long. You decide if, let's stay with wheat, you say that today's price of $12.00 isn't going to last so you put a contract to go short over a period of time. Or you can say that it is going to go long and purchase a contract.
    "One thousand dollars will control five thousand bushels of wheat. Now look here, last April I put this contract for twenty five thousand bushels at $4.20 per bushel. This morning wheat went up to $12.00 a bushel and I sold my option, or cashed out. I actually controlled $105,000 worth of grain and set back to see what would happen over my six month contract. With the price at twelve per today, my hundred and five thousand is worth a cool three hundred thousand dollars. I cashed that out a few minutes ago and put that money in my bank account."
    "You mean that you just put three hundred thousand dollars in the bank. Like you can go spend that now, anywhere? It's real money to buy like cars and CDs and stuff, for real?" Cal was excited. Jimmy gave him a fairly good explanation of the commodity trading business and basically his explanation is correct. A person that wants to get into trading needs to take a long time to learn the intricacies of the business or they can loose their shirts. Before Cal ever makes a buy of his own we will work with him and train him, throughly.
    "Jimmy, open the family accounts please. Do two things for me, babes, I would like for you to put in a ten thousand dollar call for RUG—gasoline—in the name of Calvin Eastman. Then set up a sell order for gasoline from the family general account for Monday."
    "How much you want to sell, dad?"
    "Oh, I don't know, I feel something," I looked at the screen, Jimmy was tracing the graph that I designed, and he maintains, as he explained it to Cal. I don't know how much the boy was really understanding, but he was paying attention. "Make it three, okay?"
    Jim started typing at his keyboard when Cal screamed out, "Hey man, that's three million dollars…"
    "That's what dad said. Sometime Monday the computers in New York will pick up this order and we will sell three million dollars worth of gasoline at whatever the price is then."
    Cal sat down on the floor, "You just play with money like toys. I can't believe that. How do you do it?"
    I put my arm around him, "We'll teach you, if you want to learn. Jimmy can teach you how to manage large accounts and how to make or lose a lot of money. If you will pay attention you will make money more often then you will lose."
    "I am so glad that I live here, don't ever make me go away, please." His face said a book full. I squeezed him tight and told him that he had a home for life, or as long as he wanted to live with us

    Arizona time is three hours behind New York when daylight savings time is in force. Arizona is so hot that it does not observe DST, choosing rather to get up early and begin the day before the heat rises. It is not uncommon to find workers already on the job for those occupations that have to work outside; their suppliers are also up before the sun rise so that they can service the trades that rely on them.
    For this very reason it is not unusual to find me sitting in my office with my coffee machine already half empty as the boys rise to begin their day. On Mondays I arise the earliest so that I can view the world markets for the weekend activities. China and Japan, for example, are on the opposite side of the globe and are one day ahead of Arizona, time wise.
    It was just past four in the morning when I fired up my modular array of LCD panels. Some of the boys once called my display a Jumbotron, but that is incorrect. First of all a Jumbotron is much larger than the wall mounted unit that I have. The most popular of those units can be seen on the ABC television network building in New York and at ball parks around the country; the 1985 World's Fair had the largest one of the time.
    A problem with the Sony Jumbotron is the low resolution. At only 240 x 192 pixels it is not very clear when viewed close up. The Jumbotron is not an LED display, but rather a series of very small television receivers. Each receiver is set to diplay only one color at a time and serves as one pixel, their blended displays show as a large picture when viewed from fifty feet away, or further.
    What I have is an array of thirty five, nineteen inch wide screen LCD display units set together to form an overall picture area of ten feet by six feet at a high resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. The resolution is changed downward, automatically, when the entire array displays one single picture so that it is crystal clear. Plasma display screens do not work as well in tandem with one another with the current technology, but new strides are being taken everyday so who knows what my next step will be.
    I was super excited when I saw the futures for Regular Unleaded Gasoline—RUG. Light Sweet Crude Oil—LSCO—had been inching up over the past several weeks and I had invested several million dollars of the family's portfolio the previous March for an October or November delivery date. I purchased my call options when the strike price of LSCO was hovering below sixty dollars a barrel, but it had been rapidly climbing for some time. I was a bit nervous when I had placed a sell order for three million dollars on Wednesday for Monday morning, that would automatically activate when the NYSE opened at nine, six AM Tucson time. I hoped that the upward trend would continue over the week. Friday LSCO closed at a day time low of $83.69 and then I had to eat nails all weekend as I wondered if I should not have set a Friday sell date instead. LSCO had continued to rise Monday morning; as I watched the screen it was up to $84.58 per barrel, a minor increase of one hundred and thirty two percent.
    This small rise in LSCO prices sent RUG up $1.74 per gallon and Home Heating Oil—HHO—up $1.92 per gallon. I had a five million dollar futures contract on HHO that automatically closed Monday. I looked over this particular package and could see Jimmy's little hands all over it. The boy is a natural with a good nose for sniffing and a good head for assimilation of the data he has sniffed. I can't fault Turner either, that boy has turned a major profit with his findings. Actually we would not be in the LSCO or the HHO except for Turner's input.
    He put his hands on his hips and stared up at me, "Daddy, gasoline comes from crude oil. Plastics, fabrics, cleaning supplies, and oil for the easterners to heat their houses comes from crude oil. Investing in only gasoline is like eating a honeymoon salad. I want carrots, tomatoes, onions, and all kinds of stuff in my salad, not Let Us alone." Our portfolio has diversified. Turner has turned the money that he and Tyler had into well over nine million dollars and he has made a lot of money for other family members also.
    Jim started with more than the other boys, but he has increased his personal wealth by over five thousand percent and is worth twenty some odd million dollars. Both of those boys have helped Chrisy and Cory put together a nice bit of change. Cory received over two million dollars in cash and holdings from Chief Steve, along with what I have shared with him he has a tidy nest egg approaching fifty million dollars. Chrisy used the money from his mother's accident settlement and is worth almost twenty million himself.
    There is not a boy that was with me in France for Thanksgiving of 2005 that is not worth five million dollars; even the Tucson Six. I took every penny that I could find from their molesters and invested it in those boys' futures. The three sons of the New York slavers are worth billions of dollars, but that is from wealth that I found from their fathers. Jace is the richest of the boys by far, but Toby and Kenny can blow their noses on one hundred dollar bills all day long and never put a dent in their net worth.
    With the exception of Jay and Brad, I began to invest in the name of each boy as he became a part of my life. I had set up accounts for those two youngsters the day that Luke Bingham and Jerrod Bradford told me what enterprising young men they were and how they had set the school on its first profitable venture.
    Lance, Lester, and Bryan have everything that I could find from their captors and I am still finding more as I scan bank records on a regular basis. I had done a lot for Vic, but with the demise of the sheik I had more money than I would need to lavish on him and all of the sons of Seigy.
    Let me try to put it in simple terms. To date I have living in my house fifty three boys that are the sons of Pagonis and Corvin. As Corvin, Seigy had three billion dollars in various banks about the globe. As Murat al Hadi he had twelve billion in oil holdings. That made over twenty eight million dollars available to each boy. Pagonis had a mere two billion dollars hidden in Spain, Greece, and Turkey and another three hundred million in America and in the Cayman Island banks. I have not been able to crack his Swiss holdings, but I am still working on that part. All of that money is being held to pay many young victims that choose not to come in off of the streets at the time

    Cory slipped in rubbing the sleep from his eyes and poured himself a cup of coffee then refilled the basket with fresh grounds to brew another pot before sitting down beside me. Cory and I are both rather slim and he had found the gift that I needed. He bought me an extra wide office chair for my desk in which we could both sit, close together, but with him that is no problem.
    "Good morning, my love," he crooned in my ear. I turned to him for our first morning kiss and got his mile long tongue cleaning my toe jam, from the inside. He pointed at my coffee cup and asked, "Do you want cream with that?" I told him that I could use some cream, but I would rather have it straight. He assured me that there is nothing straight about him or his delivery as he lay back on my desk and spread his legs. Well I happen to know that he can play straight with Sarah, little Chrisy is the proof of that.
    This cat got the cream, and what sweet cream it was. "Daddy, I don't ever want to leave you. Let's go somewhere and build a tall fence to keep the whole world away."
    "Cory, that sounds so nice, but I remember a line from J.R.R. Tolkien's book; The Fellowship of the Ring. He said; 'The wide world is all about you, you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot for ever fence it out.' Baby, the world is going to get to us, no matter what we do or where we go. We would be better advised to learn all about the world so that we can meet it on its own ground. There is good and evil in the world and if we don't know what is there we are doomed to be overcome by it."
    "Did you see where Rowling outed Albus?" he asked me.
    I was having a cream filled, meaty breakfast, but I answered, "Yes, I mean look at it, his whole life pointed to his being gay. I had wondered about him by the end of the fourth book, but there was nothing concrete to point to. It wasn't until the story of Gellert Grindelwald came out that there was something meaty to grasp onto."
    Cory began to giggle so I went back to work on his meaty spout and showed him my worldly love. Cory is always delicious, morning noon or night. I wanted everything, but Cory had other ideas as he pulled his softening cock from my mouth and dropped to the floor to service me. Cory knelt before me while he worked his magic tongue over my shaft and continued to bob his head like the great cock sucker he is. Sometimes I get very jealous of others that are with my boy and I have to fight the feelings against those men that used him before I met him. Cory is sweet innocence, but his drugged out mother sold that innocence to absolute strangers.
    I was fighting those feelings and tried to enjoy what my boy was doing for me. I wanted to throw him to the floor and molest him in every conceivable way, then he did it. He pushed my prostate so hard that I squirted my most intense orgasm in days. Cory knows when my mind is not on our business and he knows just how to get my attention. I flooded his mouth, but Cory does not take offense to that, he simply slides my entire cock head and a good three or four inches of cock down his throat as he continues to press my butt nut for all of the batter it can feed him.
    I was breathing heavily as Cory gleaned every drop of our session from my pubic area. Suddenly we were both startled when my mail alert sounded. I looked at the LCD array to see that I had a voice mail from Blake Crossly in New York City. Actually he lives out in the Hamptons, but his offices are in the building with the Doggs of Warr in upper Manhattan.
    As I logged on to my mail service I told Cory that we should not pay a lot of attention to J.K. Rowling's headline grabbing tactic. If it had been an issue she would have made a stronger reference to a gay relationship earlier in her books. She made her announcement at Carnegie Hall on the nineteenth of October. She was appearing to hype her next effort. I asked Cory if he knew when the first reference was made to Grindelwald in the books or the movies.
    "It was on the back of the box from a chocolate frog in the book A Sorcerer's Stone wasn't it?"
    "In the book, yes, on page seventy of The Sorcerer's Stone and yes it was on the card from the chocolate frog that Harry Potter had bought from the lady with the vending cart on the train. The theatrical release of the movie did not show Harry reading the card then. Later in the extended version of the movie sold on DVD, which we have in our library, the kid's were looking for information on Nicolas Flamel and found the name on the back of the box from a chocolate frog. On page number one hundred and forty eight of the book Harry found the name on the back of the box from a chocolate frog that he had given to Neville. Neville didn't want the card and left it when he went off to bed.
    "Hermione runs up the stairs to retrieve the book that she reads from in the movie version. To keep the movie short enough they don't always put the facts in the right place, but at least they get them in there," I told him.
    "How do you keep so much crap stored in your brain. I swear, you have more knowledge stored than all forty of the computers in this room have on their hard drives, and what good is it to you?"
    "Well, I can beat you at a trivia game. I can remember every dude I ever had sex with and I hardly ever forget your birthday."
    "You did forget it last year didn't you?"
    "No, babe, I was involved with the trial and your wedding and everything and there wasn't time to have a party…Yeah, I blew over it and it has killed me. I let everything around me fill my mind with stuff that I didn't need to be doing. But hey, I took you to Niagara Falls after the big wedding in Albany. I know, it was three months after your birthday and I…I don't know what to say, babes."
    "You might tell me how much you love me, I can't hear that enough." I just grabbed him and kissed him, I still had his sweet cum on my teeth so I licked it off and fed it to him

    I turned back to my computer as Cory refilled my coffee cup for me. There was a video message from a very haggard looking Blake. He appeared to have been crying and in the background I could see his boys holding each other. "Chris, please call me as quickly as you can. I have a personal crisis that I hope you will help me with. This has nothing to do with our business, like I say, it is personal." The screen suddenly went dark and Blake was gone. I already had my secure phone line in my hand and I quickly pushed Blake's speed dial number.
    "Crossly residence, this is Blair Crossly speaking. To whom do you wish to speak?"
    "Good morning sweet Blair, this is Chris Dickson…"
    "Oh Chris, Chris, Chris, thank you so much for calling. Let me get dad for you." The boy sounded as if he was crying. Blair is a sweet bodied gay boy of seventeen, I know that he is a senior in his high school this year. Blake was on the phone in moments.
    "Chris, thank God that you called me so quickly, I am about to go out of my mind here. Chris, I need a very big favor from you. It is Blain, I am afraid that he is out of control and I am beside myself over what to do, but I know that you have a lot of experience with these things." He was sniffling and I could hear his voice catch from time to time.
    "Blake, I am here for you, no matter what the problem."
    "Blain ran away from home two days ago, Blair had an idea where he could be so the two of us went there and…Chris, the man is forty nine years old, he is Blain's school teacher for Christ's sake. He had no business fucking with kids. He shouldn't be doing this to his students and he should not ever be doing it to my son. I will hang the bastard out to dry. He was fucking my baby son in the middle of the living room floor when we walked in on them."
    "Blake, hold on, this is not a secure line. You have a special phone number to call me, it is a local number for you. Dial it now and enter your special password, then do what the message tells you, exactly." I had Cory typing in the instructions to the secure line so that when Blake dialed in he could link up to me on our computers, via the satellite connection. In seconds his face was on the large display, I had Cory lock my office door.

    I know, and I have told you before that Blain has a deep itch and he wants cock-n-butt all of the time. I have watched him ride his brother until his cock is raw. Tony Dogg and I had dinner with the family one evening during the trials in Albany and we watched the two boys rutting like dogs in a city park all evening. Tony fucked the boy and so did I, Blake even got a piece of the sweet boy butt before Blair took him for the fourth time then I took him on a long, long ride for my second time that evening.
    By the time I headed back to Empire Canal the boy had taken all four of us for at least nine rounds and he was still wanting more. He begged me to take him home with me and fuck him all night. I knew at the time that Blake was going to have trouble with the diminutive fourteen year old bottom boy.
    That summer Blake and his boys joined us for a month in the woods with a hundred other men from around the world. Most of those men are happy to have a youngster up in them, but Blain was a crowd pleaser as he wanted every cock in the camp up his ass every day. Most of my boys told me that they rode the dude two or three times daily. I find that a bit hard to believe, but then I don't doubt the veracity of my of my family members. I have examined Blain's rectum, visually and physically, he is stretched beyond belief, but he does not show any signs of any permanent damage, he just loves to be fucked. I thought about Cecil and I wondered which boy could take more cock, I have to believe that no one can hold his own against Blain. I have some itchy butted boys in my house, Cecil has shown them that they have to set limits for themselves.

    Blake spoke, "Chris, I need to send Blain away. I beat his teacher pretty badly and I have been charged with assault. The teacher is in jail for child molestation, Blain is only fifteen, he won't turn sixteen until January so the teacher is burned, big time. I thought about your school up state and…well, Chris can you help me to get him enrolled up there?"
    "Blake, you are one of the school's attorneys and you know that by the charter of that school only boys that have been recommended by the state's courts can attend there." That was a little lie because I have sent boys there, Mike and Eric for example. However I am a sixty percent stockholder in the school and have a bit of leeway. I had another idea, and if I was reading Blake correctly it is what he wanted, but was afraid to ask.
    "Blake, you could send Blain out here and he can attend Bradford Academy West with my boys until the end of this semester. In fact, if his grades are high enough he might want to join our high school boys in their on-line studies through virtual high school. Blair might even want to join him, but that would leave you alone."
    "Chris, would you do that for me? Would you allow both of my boys to live with you until this blows over? I am sure that by the end of the year it should settle down, but I want the boys out of the way until then."
    "Blake, we are good friends. You may be a big bad prosecutor, but we have always had a solid relationship. You can rest assured that your boys are most welcome in my home."
    "You want to fuck them, I know you too."
    "As I remember you did a good job leaving some of my boys gasping for breath yourself. I won't lie to you, I like your boys and neither of them has ever failed to turn their pert ass around to me. But all that aside, I am a stickler for the boys' education and I won't pull any punches, even Cory will tell you that I have no favorites when it comes to the boys' studies. Every boy in my house pulls a B+ or there is hell to pay."
    "How many boys do you have now?"
    "Well, things are normal in my house and I have new boys filtering in almost weekly. I have twenty eight boys that are staying down at βφτ house, my parents old house, so that they can walk to the college and I have one hundred and forty seven boys and three men living in the house with me. You want some of them?" He laughed a nervous laugh. I suppose that I can't blame him for that, I would be upset myself.
    I remember what it was like when Cecil pulled his stunt at school, but that was with another student. Abby Fortner has been molesting Jan for over a year, she is pregnant with his baby and telling the whole world that Jan is in love with her. I was never sure how I would take to one of the boys' teachers using them. Since Jan told me what was happening to him I began to tremble inside, are there others?
    There were teachers and councilors involved with my youngsters that I call the Tucson Six, those teachers assisted in the making of videos of those children. I remembered Simon Pike and his treatment of Cullen when he was busy with a twelve year old boy himself. I know Jimmy Walker and Aaron James very well and they will never touch one of their students—with the exception of being at one of my parties. I know that the three of us enjoyed each other's boys in the woods a year ago. James and Gary come by every few days for a bit of time with my family, but I seldom ever get a piece of the action for myself

    Blake told me that he would have the boys packed up and on a plane before the end of the week. I asked him to hold for a moment, I remembered that we had a large shipment to pick up at the Port of Entry in New York and it had to be signed for by a company employee. I called Andy and woke him up. Jeff and Mark were going to fly to New York to spend the weekend, they would be returning to Base A Monday afternoon. Andy was happy to provide transportation to the cute Crossly boys

    The day only got better for our investments as oil continued its see saw climb to new records. It was a mixed bag for me because I know that this would only cause the price of everything we use to go up in price also. My weekly grocery bill is rapidly approaching national debt status and I have to listen to the boys whine every time they put gasoline into their cars. That is actually an easy one to deal with because I remind them that the climbing oil price is the only reason that they have any money with which to buy gasoline in the first place.
    By one o'clock the tension was running high. All of the high school boys were clued in to the meteoric rise of oil and each boy was beginning to count his individual profits. At last the final bell rang and oil closed at $86.13. I didn't tell them where oil was when our sell order went in, that information wouldn't be available until the following morning. I already knew about where it was, but the final tabulations would come after the markets close and the computers post their final figures.
    Tuesday was another day of hectic trading as oil climbed even higher on the Mercantile Exchange to as much as $87.97, but leveled off to close at a mere $87.69. Our sell order dropped into the scheme of things during Monday's roller coaster ride at a tidy figure of $87.11, not bad. By close of business Monday the price was back down to the $84.58 mark, but that is the way the market works. I just happened to get off on a high point, an hour either way and my profit margin would have been less. At lunch Tuesday I told the boys of their 134.25% overall gain. I listened to their dreams of Lambroghinis and island vacations where the boys wear even less than the girls do. Funny, all of us wear less, even nothing

    Blain and Blair arrived late afternoon Monday, Blain drew back and did not want to get undressed. I took him off for a private talk, he wanted to go to my bedroom, I took Cory and Blair with us. Sometimes I have to have a witness and I didn't know where this boy was coming from.
    I had to make the move on a shy boy, he was not shy, he was embarrassed. I heard Cory gasp when I lowered Blain's shirt from his back. I can well understand what Blake had felt, I have been so close to this myself, but it was still hard to see. I am fortunate to have the family to protect me, when one of my boys steps over the line, the boys join in the punishment of the offender. Blake had no such help, he had beat the boy very well.
    Blain was covered in wide bruises from his mid-back to his mid-thigh. None of the marks had broken the skin, but the clear shape of a wide leather belt had made an impression on the boy. I examined him from head to toe, inside and out. I did not use my cock, only my fingers and tongue, but he was eager for more. I was not about to oblige him at the time. In fact I hurt him worse than his father had hurt him by withholding what he wanted most of all.
    Blair cried for his brother, but he knew that this was probably the best thing for the boy. I made Blain lead the way over to granite house where the boys were sitting down for our evening meal. I puled a chair up and held Blain's hand to help him to step up onto the table. I walked alongside of him as he walked from one end of the table to the other. At the north end of the table, nearest the entry way from the street, he turned to face the boys. His tears were large and real. I gave him a stern look, he sucked in a breath and puffed out his chest.
    "I have been having a sexual affair with my English teacher. He is forty nine years old, bald as a cue ball, and as fat as a pig. He has a really little, cut cock, but he loves me and he can fuck me for several hours, he never gets off unless I jack him while I suck him.
    "I ran away with him after school Friday and we fucked all weekend until my brother and my dad found me. My dad beat Mr. Shalon pretty bad and I guess that he could go to jail. When he got home he beat me. I hurt my dad so much and I love him, but I did wrong. Dad has to go to court and all that so I came here, but Chris says that nobody lives here unless all of you agree. He says that all of you know everything about each other and if I don't tell you what I did then he will send me back to New York. Please let me stay."
    The boys looked about at each other then Chrisy stood and climbed up on the table. Timmy was out of town on assignment and not due home until late, but both of them join us for dinner as often as possible, Chrisy does not want to let go of his family. He walked the length of the table and looked Blain in the eye, "Remember me fag boy?" All of us know who and what we are and we don't take offense when we are bluntly affronted, especially when one of us has erred.
    "God, yes I remember you. You have to be the second best fuck I ever had and I have been looking for another one like you for three years. Why didn't you fuck me on that camp out last year?"
    "Dude, I never saw you, it was kind of hectic and there were so many men wanting to ride my pony, but I will take care of all of that now, if you want to live with us. You want to stay here and we want you to stay here. I don't live here now, I have a real love and we might get married here pretty soon, but I can still give you a thrill from time to time." The boys began to hoot at Chrisy and tell him that he wasn't all of that, but there is not a boy in the house that doesn't enjoy a little time with the mighty midget with the giant widget, me included.
    "Get down off of the table so that we can eat, fag boy," Jerry called out.
    "Eat me, faggot," Chrisy retorted.
    "Lay your ass down here, toad face." Chrisy did lay down, but he got up in a hurry when Jerry and Mark both headed for his goods with a knife and fork ready to do damage.
    I had to show my mean streak, "Blain is off limits until his bruises heal. He did wrong and none of us will be a party to giving him a reward for his actions. You know how we feel when a member of our family hurts us with his actions, Blair and his father have been hurt very badly and Blain needs to think about what he has done for a few days." The bruises were so bad that they were still visible ten days later and Blain was so horny we was ready to mount the broom stick

    Thursday morning I was watching oil go absolutely crazy. Let me explain something about commodity trading. I talk about long terms and sell dates and all of that, but that is no way to make money in the trading business. My main investments are now in one hundred thousand barrel blocks at an initial investment of only ten thousand dollars—one thousand barrels at a thousand dollars per ten—November 1, 2007 LSCO closed at $94.93 per barrel. I sold three blocks of oil for a sweet profit of just over four and a quarter million dollars. Three hours later oil was down six dollars from my selling price so I turned around and bought three blocks using only a small percentage of my daily profit. I did this two more times before the market closed and ended my day with five million dollars in the family accounts. I would wait for Cory to finish his lunch then allow him to transfer the funds into various tax shelters and other investments.
    Over the next several days LSCO continued its meteoric climb to close at $91.17 November 13, 2007. The climb continued until after Thanksgiving quite often peaking at over a hundred dollars a barrel. I sat at my desk and watched everything like an expectant father as I sold off bits and pieces each time a new peak was achieved. I did not want to make one large sale and cause the bottom to drop out, I wanted to make a little money several times.
    On November 27 LSCO closed at $94.42. the record close the previous week had been a mere $99.29, but I sold three hundred thousand barrels of oil at between $102 and $112 dollars through spot selling during the day's roller coaster trading. By December first I only controlled a half million barrels of the greasy black stuff that I purchased during the summer for a paltry $74 a barrel, I will hold onto that awhile and see where the ride takes us. For now the economy has OPEC scared and investors are taking a wait and see attitude, I think that is called a bear market

    I arose from my chair and headed to the small kitchen to see what Edmund had prepared for our lunch and sit with the high school boys at the table. A call from the front gate side tracked me for several hours. I opened the gate as everyone quickly donned shorts and shirts then stepped to the front door. I could hardly believe what next came into my life.
    Nobody knew that Bryan West had a living grandfather, he was standing at my front door. I called to Bry who cautiously approached then rushed past me to jump into the outstretched arms of the old man. I led the pair into my office and asked Mr. West to join me for lunch, he had another man with him to drive the truck sitting in the street in front of my house. On the back of that truck were two beautiful vehicles, a 2008 Cadillac Escalade and a Cadillac XLR two seater roadster. I know that the Escalade starts at around fifty six thousand dollars—MSRP—the XLR is an eighty thousand dollar car.
    I know my boys, and everything I can learn about them I do. Bryan's favorite color is a medium blue, his new roadster was Elektra Blue. Yes, his grandfather was giving the boy his first car. Bry was too excited to sit still so the three of us walked out to watch the driver unload the two vehicles from the truck. Mr. West took my hand then pulled me in for a very tearful hug. He had only discovered the truth of his grandson and me after my return from France.
    Mr. West owns a large company in Illinois that makes seats for cars, truck, and buses. He had made the seats for Travel All© and remembered my name. Bryan's mother is a "total bitch", he told us, but because of his love for his grandson he tolerates her. He learned Bryan's story from her, but decided to let Bry remain with me. People that he interviewed told him that Bryan was well adjusted and seemed to be quite happy living in my family.
    Mr. West has feelings against homosexuality and was not prepared to offer Bry a home, but the boy is still his blood and eventual heir. He told us that he could kill his son for beating Bry and he might yet when his son gets out of prison in 2026, he had an additional twenty five years tacked on to his six year sentence for killing a young gay man in prison that made moves on him. Bry began to cry, even though his dad had beat him and his mother had treated him like chattel he loved them both.
    The SUV was now on the ground and the truck driver asked if someone wanted to pull it off of the street. I swatted Cory on the butt and the boy nearly flew to the big vehicle. Mr. West was at the palace in Paris when I met with President Sarkozy. He likes to ask questions and he quickly learned more than I like for people to know about my trip to the mountains in central Romania. When he returned to his offices he looked up the account where he sold seats to the coach company that built my Traveler Trio©. He went to them with an offer.
    Mr. West's company also supplies seats to many of the large automobile manufacturers and he was given a special price on a Escalade made to his specifications. He had the vehicle delivered with only the shell of the doors included. Also the interior trim was left off and there were no windows for it. My friends at the coach company finished the vehicle by installing their patented armor panels that were now in production for military vehicle use. The thin steel skin is coated on the inside with two inches of bomb proofing. The windows are not as thick as most bullet proof glass, but the are over a half an inch thick, and of course only the windows in the two front doors open.
    Mr. West was not sure what color I would like and he toyed with Raven Black and Gold Mist. One of the engineers pointed out the heat reflective quality of the lighter color and that decided it. Another series of calls got him in touch with Andy. Andy sent two people from Base B to install our electronics package. The Escalade comes with a top end GPS system, but that system is also public so an unfriendly might be able to track me. All of the Traveler Trio© and my old Escalade have FIs secure systems onboard. My Traveler© logo was worked into the Cadillac grill and Andy had secured a custom license plate, Traveler Boss which was on the back of the vehicle.
    Cory was back at my side gushing as he told me how sweet the new ride was, but I was watching Bryan stand with his arm about his grandfather as his car was rolled off of the truck. Both vehicles had been prepared by the local dealership and were ready to drive away. The truck driver showed Bryan how to lower the retractable hard top and secure cover. Donny ran up to Bry and passed him a billfold, Bry looked at me and I smiled at him as I gave him a thumbs up. The seventeen year old boy leaned over and kissed his grandfather's cheek then he and Donny jumped into the car and drove to the top of the hill.
    There is a cul-de-sac uphill from Andy's house where he turned around and came back down. He stopped in front of us and yelled out, "Sweeeet," he put his car in gear and drove away. The car is no piker in the power area with a 4.6 liter V8 at 320 hp. It sports a six speed automatic transmission, with overdrive and electronically controlled shift as well as driver shift control. I listened for it because I knew it was coming, it took a bit longer than I had thought that it would and from farther away than I thought that he could hold out for. The squealing of spinning tires on the pavement lasted a decently long time. My boy was going to be so high he would not come back to earth for a long time.
    The Escalade has heated and cooled front seats and a heated steering wheel, that is a feature that I don't see using in Tucson, the steering wheel gets so hot here that it not uncommon to see people with the patterns of their steering wheel branded in their palms—joke that, not true. The DVD Navigation Radio system was modified to work with FI's system for a touch-screen map of any area of the country. The radio includes a 5.1 Bose surround sound system. FI had modified the standard rearview TV camera to include blind spot cameras to the front of the vehicle as well as to each side view mirror, that is a feature that I have really come to like on the Traveler Trio©.
    Of course all of the standard features were present, tilt wheel, power seats, heated and cooled power fold-and-tumble second row bench seat with a 60/40 split for access to the bench seat for three in the back. I like a solid sun-roof to keep the sun out of my eyes, this system also included a tinted moon roof for those many cold days that we never see here.
    The vehicle has a beefed up version of the standard 6.2L V8 engine, a police special package was added to boost the stand HP rating of 403hp. to a whopping 506hp. That baby is going to get there quick and burn gasoline while he does. The Hydra-Matic six speed transmission with overdrive is the same as on Bry's sports coupe. A gyroscopically controlled stable platform was incorporated into the independent four wheel suspension for a perfectly level ride at all times. I was glad that the vehicle only had the two wheel drive option, I mainly use my Caddy around town and all wheel drive would only get me from one gasoline pump to the next.

    Mr. West and I finally had the chance to tuck in to our lunch. I was so excited that I had not eaten since breakfast at six thirty. While we ate my office phone rang, I excused myself to answer it and received wonderful news. Three of my boys were getting the Silver Star on Veteran's Day.
    A special friend of mine with four stars on his collar called me with the special news that the records had been reviewed and Staff Sargent Harry Orr was due a cluster for his Silver Star. Randy Koch was to receive a Silver Star for his service in Iraq as was Timothy O'Conner, plus Tim had never been given his purple heart. That hit me hard, the man has been in therapy for his injuries inflicted in November of 2003, why are they only now reviewing his records?
    My friend told me that plans were being made for an awards ceremony to take place at the Veteran's Hospital in Tucson on Veteran's Day, Sunday November 11, 2007. Almost the moment that I hung up the phone it rang again. This time Sven Engblom was calling to tell me that he was bringing Randy to Tucson to receive the Silver Star for Valor in combat.
    I laughed as I told him that I had just learned that Randy, Harry, and a boy that he may remember, Tim, were also to receive the award at the same time. Sven told me that his retirement had come through and he and Randy were going to come home and live with Randy's father for awhile. That thrilled my heart like no other news in sometime.
    I had talked to Sven once before about retiring, he had told me that his thirty year retirement date was some seven years in the future, that conversation had only taken place two years earlier. What had happened?

    I apologized for the interruption to Mr. West as I explained to him the nature of my call. He grinned and I suspected something. He has many serious connections in Washington D.C. and he had shaken a lot of bushes, including the big Bush in the Oval Office. He felt that I should receive recognition from this government for my services to the world and the boys that I had rescued. I have many friends in positions of power that shared with the president, and other influential persons, my desire not to be publically decorated and my need for anonymity to protect those in my charge. The least that he could do was to recognize anyone near me that he could,. I don't even like that. As much as I love those three boys I don't know how I can attend their ceremony and for sure Cullen and most of my boys cannot attend. I will not allow anyone to take pictures of me and, for security reasons, Cullen can not be photographed except in carefully chosen locations

    I thought about the three boys that were to receive honors for their duty to their country. Harry had made Staff Sargent at nineteen, a feat unheard of except in combat. He holds three Bronze Stars and a Silver Star for Valor. His slight limp came from a bullet into his hip socket, for that he was given a second Purple Heart and a plane ride home. Tim O'Conner lost both legs when he led his men to a house that had been a booby trap. I learned that Randy Koch was in therapy because he had not been able to save two of his men caught in a crossfire when he had come through unhurt. He had taken out twelve heavily armed insurgents in close combat. Each of the men had deserved these medals and more. I only wonder why it took the Marine Corps so long to recognize Tim

    Bryan took his grandfather to the country club for dinner and a long talk. After he dropped the man off at his hotel he sought me out, I was still in my office counting my pennies. "He thinks that you are about the best thing since sliced cheese, dad. He told me that he never liked queers, but he said that if I am any example of what a faggot is then he would have to reevaluate his thinking. I sorta outed you, but he grinned and told me that he had already learned that. He says that if I can grow up to be the kind of man that you are then he could not be happier. I guess he really has checked you out.
    "He is glad that I am not with my mother. He told me that she was a control freak that twisted my sex crazed father around her little finger. He is pretty sure that she is pretty sex crazed herself so he thinks that I come by it naturally."
    "So are you going to go to him?"
    "And miss all of this? Daddy, I love you and I love all of my family, I will never leave here. Grandfather did not ask me too, he told me that he would always be available to me and that he could see that I am quite happy where I am. I told him about the math club and my grades, he would like for me to send him my progress reports so that he can see how I am doing."
    I am very happy for Bryan, the boy had a miserable childhood and the one person that could have helped him did nothing. I don't know why the man was never there for Bry before now, if he had been then I would not have the honor of knowing one of the world's sweetest youngsters. I am very fond of Bry and I will cherish him forever.

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