Chapter 91


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Andy has the connections. Bless his heart I love him so much. He had gained clearance from the powers that be to give us an escort home each week. Two off duty motorcycle officers rode in front of us with lights and sirens blaring. A third trailed behind. One of the two in front stopped traffic at intersections along the way as the trailing officer slipped into the vacant spot in front. The one blocking traffic picked up the tail as we cleared the intersection. This cavalcade covered the rush hour traffic from the FI office at the airport to a police substation about a mile from my house. There our driver went through the police building's underground reception area and back on to the street on the other side of the block to continue our trip. Neat and sweet.
    We had a similar escort arrangement in Albany, but without the motorcycles. The proximity of the court complex to the freeway entrance made it easier to just drive away. However our vehicle did have its red and blues flashing as we sped along the freeway to our awaiting airplane.
    Court nearly always recessed for the weekend by noon on Thursday. The latest recess time had been at twelve thirty. The flight time seemed easier to take because of the time zone changes. Our two o'clock departure time had barely faded from the clock when we touched down in Tucson at four o'clock. The four hours in the air didn't seem as bad as we gained two hours on the clock. We lost those two hours when we flew back on Sunday afternoon. We could handle that. We had rested in the arms of our loved ones for three nights.

    Seven weeks had passed since I had driven Traveler Too© away from my house. Now I had three new family members with the possibility of two more in Ohio and what about Sandy? I need to have a reality check, but my cock seems to do all of my thinking for me, especially when I find a young fuckable in need.
    The jury had been seated and the proceedings were under way. My young travelers and I were already tired, but we faced a long time of endless testimony. We dragged ourselves home at the end of the third week of Rothsfeld's trial to find the house in a turmoil when we arrived. Cory met me at the door.
    "Eric is missing. He was kidnaped at the park. Kenny saw the man that took him, but could not catch them. He did not get a tag number, but he saw the old van they left in."
    The driver that had just brought us home stepped forward. I had not noticed that he had come inside with us. I must be slipping. He passed me the earpiece for his radio receiver. Andy spoke quietly and evenly. "Hold on Chris, we are in position. Okay, there goes the front door. I am going in. Join me?" Fuck yes I would join him.
    The young driver led the way back to his truck. We were inside and speeding back down the hill at breakneck speeds, lights flashing and siren wailing to clear our way. I believe that I have shared with you in the past that there are many ways to get to my house, but the most direct, and the most fun, is a winding road that follows the terrain. It is the original road up to the mountainside homes. It has good pavement, four narrow lanes with good, solid shoulders.
    The SUV gripped the road as we sped along. Curtis flashed through my field of vision. I turned to look. He was not about to leave his boyfriend behind. Of course Kenny was there too. Cory was holding Curtis as the vehicle swayed through the curves. Kenny finally managed to get a seat belt fastened about the waif then grinned at me.
    Cory was not about to be left behind either. He was on the move before I had taken my first step. Curtis and Kenny were hot on his heels. The SUV was parked with the driver's side to the front door so I had not seen the boys climb in as I ran around to my door. The center seat belt was shoved down under the back of the seat and they couldn't get Curtis strapped in before we were moving. Cory was holding onto him as best as he could. A warmth swept through me, then I thought about my youngest son in danger. Curtis is younger, but Eric is the youngest of my legally adopted sons.
    There were a dozen or more police vehicles surrounding a house as we pulled up. I stepped out to see a near naked Eric running across the lawn toward me with his little jewel box swinging from side to side. "He fucked me, daddy!!" he screamed as he dove into my arms. A paramedic was hot on his tail. Cory grabbed a blanket and wrapped his little brother's body before giving him a hug and mussing his hair. Eric didn't have his glasses and his hair was down, and in a mess.
    The paramedic wanted to take him to the hospital to be checked out. I wanted to know what was going on, but I had a boy to take care of. I carried Eric to the ambulance. The paramedics made him get on the gurney. They strapped him down and told me to buckle my seat belt as I sat beside him. He cried, but his eyes were talking to me. The little sham was role playing. My boys know how to play their roles.
    I listened to Eric's side of the story as we hurried over to the ER. He was okay. He had some bruising and his anus was extremely stretched. The doctor was concerned and wanted to keep him for further tests. I had to pull rank and showed my badge. I explained to the doctor that I had rescued Eric from the streets in New York. Not a lie, just not the whole truth. I told him that Eric had been placed in an all boys school for homosexual youth until I was able to get the proper papers to adopt him and bring him home.
    Captain of Detectives, Shawn Howard, had joined us to check on Eric and get a statement. He verified what I had told the doctor and told him that the police department, as well as child welfare, was aware of the boy's past abuses. He winked at me. There is more to Shawn than I have learned, or maybe he just knows too much. Reluctantly the doctor relented. Eric was allowed to go home wearing a pair of the hospital's kiddie pajama bottoms with teddy bears on them.
    Shawn told me that the police had just missed the molester. They had evidence that he was abusing boys in the area and had the house staked out. A solid lead came in that he was molesting a boy at the nearby park. As they sped to the park the man was on his way home with Eric. The molester had been recently released from prison on an overturned conviction for sexual exploitation of four minors. The police had their hands tied. The system now had five young victims to account for.
    Andy was in the waiting room with the boys as we returned to their awaiting arms. Eric was embraced by a very tearful Curtis. I had to hug the two boys quickly before the kissing started. They giggled at me and ran out to Andy's SUV.
    As soon as Kenny called Cory was on the phone to Andy. Kenny and the other boys at the park jumped on their bikes and rode home. Andy had already located Eric by the small GPS pellet that the boy had in his groin. All of us had a device implanted under the skin before we made our trip to Europe before Halloween. I knew right then that all of the boys would get one before the weekend was over.
    Andy had his men watching the house before the police arrived. With the equipment that all FI vehicles carry the police knew word for word what was happening inside the house. When the man penetrated young Eric the police had cause to kick in the door and move, without a warrant. Andy has tested his method of gaining knowledge of a crime in progress before the courts in three states. We were comfortable that this situation would be covered. A child was being assaulted. How we knew that would be ironed out by the attorney's, if the rapist lived to get to court. I will calm down. I will not take revenge. Bull shit.

    I took Eric to a quite place. We have little niches about the house where two can sit and talk in private. I had the little Adonis curled up close to me and I was not about to let him go until I knew the whole truth. I marvel at the amount of sex the boys can endure in one day. Eric was feeling his need and had gone to the small park's restroom to take matters in hand. He was reading the graffiti on the shit house walls when he was grabbed from behind. The man had one hand around Eric's mouth and the other one through his legs. He was lifted up by his balls as the man ran to a van in the nearby parking lot.
    I could find no fault in Eric's actions. The only thing he was guilty of was not realizing that the guy had snuck up behind him. All in all he had not done anything wrong. My problem was with the system that had allowed a predator to live near a place where children could be expected to be alone. He had been released from prison on a technicality, but he had a long history of abusing young boys. I hope no one ever feels that way about me.

    I so much needed a break. I have someone with me twenty four seven. I needed a time out from everything and everybody. A favorite hiding place of mine has become Tomes of Time. A tiny little used book store owned by Aunt Alice Robertson and myself. Alice made one demand on me. If I was going to continue to pump unlimited funds into her business I was going to be her partner. We drew up articles of incorporation for a limited partnership then I stepped back and let her run the business her own way.
    I really have no desire to involve myself in the day to day tedium of running a business. I have enough money in the bank to assure that I will never have to work for my next meal or warm bed. Preferably that warm bed will have a hot boy for me to cover up with.
    Tomes has grown from the little twenty foot store front of its beginnings. I purchased the entire building. No mean deal in that one either. Tomes now occupies five thousand square feet on the ground floor of a prime five story building downtown.
    It was my thought that the book store should be more wide than deep. I have been in many used book stores that ramble deep into the bowels of an old building. Former grocery stores seem to be a favorite location for them. This tends to make the place take on a dungeon like feeling. True, quiet seating areas can be set about, but one still has the feeling of an old library or public archive. I wanted something that would reach out and grab a person from the street and draw them inside.
    What we ended up with is the current two hundred and fifty foot long, south facing glass front. This brings in lots of bright sunshine. It could also bring in lots of UV to destroy our most rare and ancient volumes. I had triple pane glass installed that has a UV filtering mylar film between the glass to stop the ultra violet waves. The space between the panes is filled with argon gas to stop heat transfer. Each panel is twelve feet long and eight feet tall, and very expensive. Foot traffic can see the shelves of cheap books on display with posters telling of our most recent acquisitions. It seems to be working. Over eighty percent of our week day business is drop in foot traffic.
    That same traffic returns in the evening with their families in tow. Aunt Alice searches far and near to keep a large stock of children's books. We have a special reading section laid out for children. I have such a rush when I walk by to see little ones, some no more than three years old, browsing a book.
    The glare of the sun can make a reading experience uncomfortable. I brought in experts to help us to keep the windows yet still have comfortable reading cubbies about the shallow room. I think the restoration of the large 1920s era awning along the front of the building add to the overall appearance. Beyond the twenty foot boundary of the room is a triple fireproof wall.
    I made a cursory walk through the construction area to see the progress. I was pleased with everything I saw. Fifteen thousand feet of off street storage and parking for crew and trucks has been provided. I am in the process of remodeling the upper floors for condominium apartment homes. Each unit will be seventy five feet deep into the center of the building. A ten foot wide hallway will separate the building from front to back. The people buying at this stage of construction can choose the width of their unit in five foot increments with twenty five feet being the minimum width. Each unit will be separated by a three foot water wall with sound proofing for security, privacy, and ease of maintenance.
    Current real estate values set my starting price for an eighteen hundred and seventy five square foot unit at five hundred thousand dollars. So far I have only sold eight units on the top two floors. Each of them wanted fifty foot widths at one and a quarter of a million dollars each. That broke my heart. Like I say, I am not in this for the money. I have some sweet young things at home that came up with the idea. The building is actually theirs, held by a trust. I am in the business of investing other people's money.
    At present the only access to the apartment area is from a first class lobby sandwiched between the two remaining businesses in the building. Here I spared no expense to restore the original look and feel of the building erected in 1925. A lot of brass and marble grace the entry way setting the feel of luxury that I hope to carry throughout the new building. After construction there will be access from one of four elevators from the three level parking garage being finished in the two basements and the current construction storage area.
    I had nothing to do on a Friday morning, but I wasted none of it. I saw the boys off to school then left for my quiet time. The International Gem and Mineral show had been in town with an influx of money to the local hotels and eateries. It was only one year earlier that I had set about to save Alice and her books. I felt a swelling of self pride as I walked around the building from the garage area. I looked in the windows at the neat rows of books. Images of great and grand adventure filled my head. I thought of some of my favorite authors. Who can not claim to enjoy old Sam, Mark Twain? Is anyone more thought provoking then Isaac Isamov. I love EE Doc Smith's works.
    There are the grand masters. I browse Keats and Browning. Ian Fleming could keep me on the edge of my seat, but not as tense as Donald Hamilton with his Matt Helm series. I wanted a good old fashioned hard hitting American hero who didn't have to bed every babe in his life and could leave the booze alone. That is something that the limey from MI-5 can't claim.
    But my favorites have to Tolkien, Rowling, Lewis. I told you of the gift of Lewis's works, but I had another gift that bowled me over. The complete works of Tolkien, including the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Those four books were accompanied by the works of the worlds current spy master yarn spinner. All fourteen books from Tom Clancy's CIA series. Mr. Clancy has several books in print, but I lean toward the spy vs. spy books.
    All of that set are used books. My boys scoured the book stores for them. They found a treasure trove of them at a Good Will store. The little buggers left the price tags in place. I am glad they didn't have to float a loan. Each hardback book cost from one dollar and fifty cents to three dollars. My cup runneth over.
    I let a tax service continue to occupy three hundred square feet on the west end of the building. Their location faces the two busiest streets in town. Finishing off that end of the block long building is a small mom and pop restaurant.
    The one thing I didn't want to loose was an inexpensive greasy spoon with a menu chocked full of artery clogging delectables. There are many small specialty eating spots downtown. The large national chains have grabbed up a few choice locations. I finished my walk then stopped in Clara's for a cuppa the world's finest coffee.
    Yep, Clara and Al were one of those. I chided them about it. The ancient neon sign hung in the front window, proclaiming their fame. It had belonged to an old man that Al started working for when he was thirteen. Six years later Clara started work for the same man as a carhop when she turned sixteen. Al was smitten by the sexy little thing and set about to make her his wife.
    There are wedding pictures about the dining area showing the youngsters on their big day. Al was almost twenty one and Clara eighteen years old on June fourteenth of nineteen hundred and sixty two. By the time Al was twenty eight he had enough money to buy their boss out. The man was glad to retire. Clara saw the need for a good restaurant in the downtown area and signed their first lease for a place two blocks from their present location four years later.
    Roadway widening took the original location in the late seventies and then the downtown location was scheduled for demolition in the mid-eighties. The current location presented itself to them and they grabbed it. After twenty years in the same location they had a large breakfast and lunch following. The couple toyed with serving dinner to the insurgence of new businesses with evening hours moving into the downtown area. I made it easy for them. Having a family style restaurant in the building would help with sales of the condos. I made the owners a deal that they couldn't refuse to keep them in the same location that they had occupied for twenty years. A bonus for all of us was an agreement that Clara's would service five tables in the back corner of Tomes.
    I offered the couple a one thousand dollars per month subsidy for one year. They would subtract dollar for dollar of profit from the subsidy during the year, but they would have a guarantee of that much extra money for trying. I have never had to shell out one thin dime. They were a go from the beginning.
    Clara always greats me with a huge smile and a cup of coffee. If Alice hasn't opened the door yet Clara opens it for me. A dining room sits behind the café that serves the book store customers. There are only eight tables to seat two and four booths with seating for four each, but they are always full. We have had to put a thirty minute cap on the tables. Eat your dinner and let it settle, but let someone else have your table as quickly as possible.
    The one exception to that is me. I have private table on a raised platform in the corner. I can sit in total privacy and look out over my realm below. I have a comfortable chair and good light up there. I have a circular booth that eight of my boys can sit in together. I can dine and relax to my heart's content. The boys like Clara's homemade pies and several of them join me as they can.
    Clara was taking an order when I entered. I stood at the counter and waited. "Chris? Chris is that you?" I turned and saw Dane Roper staring at me. I walked over to him.
    "Hello Dane." Dane had been at the house with Tyler once before. I don't know a whole lot about the boy except that he seemed to enjoy his visit, immensely. I asked Dane what was on his mind. Dane and Larry Harris had been best friends through high school. I vaguely recall the two of them from school functions I had attended.
    I started to sit down and listen when a group of men came into the café. I looked at Dane. He looked as if he could use a friend. Clara was unlocking the door to the back dining room so I invited Dane to join me at my table. I don't think that if I had offered to pay off his mortgage he would have looked happier. I had seen the lunch special on the board. I told Clara that I would have coffee until lunch was ready.
    Dane had hidden his homosexual desires from everybody for his entire life. Dane had discovered in his puberty that he was in love with Larry Moore. He never revealed that to anyone. He let his friendship with Larry carry him through. The two now attend the university. They see each other regularly, but Dane has stifled his desire.
    Dane had a class to get to. I had to see Larry. I had Andy locate him for me. I told Clara to keep my lunch warn and that I woulld return shortly. I met Larry as he returned to his car after his last class. He poured out his heart to me like a breeched dam. I drove him to Clara's for lunch. Larry is so in love with Dane that he can't hardly stand himself. He has tried for years to break the ice with his best friend, but to no avail. I had to wonder about that. If neither one of them could make their desires known after five years what was wrong?
    We talked until Clara brought us a plate of the brazed beef tips over homemade noodles. The lunch special included sweet peas and a small salad with hot, homemade bread and a small bowl of tapioca pudding. As we ate I invited him to come up to the house.
    Larry followed me up the mountain I called Dane and asked him to come up. I called Tyler to set a trap. Larry had never been to the house. The boys were dressed in shorts and tees and big smiles. I directed Larry to Tyler and Cas' bungalow. By the time Dane arrived Larry was naked and sucking cock.
    The boys came to me as we gathered for dinner. The family was now naked as were Larry and Dane. Both of our guests had a warm hug and kiss for me as they thanked me for breaking the ice for them. It seems strange to me that two boys so much in love had hidden it from the other for nearly six years. I was glad to see them together now though. I felt like a machmaker with that success following so closely to Nad and Rocky's coming together.
    Tyler was full of smiles himself. He was happy to see two of his closest friends from his youth finally discover what had always been there. Fear of failure holds way too many people back from even trying. How much has the world lost due to fear?

    Saturday morning the boys had a treat for me. Jim, Art, Jay Jay, and Bryan took my hand and led me to my shower. I was closely shaved, carefully scrubbed, and coifed. The boys helped me into a pair of casual slacks and a fleece pull over then led me downstairs. The rest of the family was gathered about the breakfast table. Each of them were dressed in similar attire. Christopher, Trevor, and Alec were setting plates stacked high with hot pancakes. Baskets stuffed with fresh biscuits were on the table with two large bowls of sausage gravy. I was directed to a chair and a cup of coffee appeared, with no cream.
    The conversation was light and cheerful. As the food disappeared and everyone was full of fuel for the morning my four shower attendants came to me. They, alone were bare chested. They had on slacks and shoes, but they each held a black shirt in their hands. In a synchronized movement they each donned their shirts. In bold green letters across the front their shirts read, Math illiteracy affects seven out of five people. The back of their shirts said, WWHS Math Team.
    We now convoy wherever we go. Five vans full of happy boys drove across town to one of the city's many high schools for a Math Bee. The boys formed a team representing Woodrow Wilson High against twelve other area schools and their teams. I marveled at the speed that the teams solved math problems thrown at them. My boys worked hard and did well. The questions ran from long division to advanced calculus. As the questions grew harder the teams were allowed to use pencil and paper then moved on up to the use of calculators provided by the hosts. Everybody had the same equipment with no one person or team having any advantage save their own math skills.
    W. W. H. S. earned second place in the competition. Central High beat them by one half point. The real button buster came in the individual competition. I was in awe at how quickly the boys solved complicated word problems in their head. They were not allowed so much as a pencil as the moderator rattled off one scenario after another. Jay Jay was quick and accurate with his answers and took third place. I stood up and cheered when Bryan took first place and an invitation to compete at state level in April. A boy from Westview took second. He would be going to state. Jay Jay was the alternate if either the first place or the second place winners could not compete at state.
    I have always known that there was someone deep inside Bryan. He closed down on the outside, but he has a love and a natural ability for problem solving that shined like a beacon. I held winners all of the way home. We were missing one van when we got back to the house. Cory and his passengers were not with us. Ten minutes later they appeared carrying the makings of a victory party.
    Cory had called a nearby grocery/bakery and ordered a large sheet cake. Each of the team member's names were on the cake and on two corners were candy figurines representing the two individual prize winners. They moved me to tears when they were granted their fondest wish as a reward. To a boy they only wanted quiet time with the family. We spent the afternoon and evening just holding and loving each other. Very little sex took place as family was what we all needed.

    Burning a candle at both ends makes for a very short lived candle. I felt my life being shortened by the constant stress I was allowing into my life. I had to slip away from the pile of sex puppies and go to my room for a nap. I told Cory where I was going and slipped away. I heard a shuffle behind me. "Okay, but no sex. Let him rest, got it?" Cory was giving someone instructions.
    I was joined on the stairway by a warm, smooth skinned, body. An arm went about my waist and a brown hair covered head slipped under my arm to rest on my chest. I punched in the code to unlock my door and a flash of flesh streaked past me. The covers were turned back and my pillow was fluffed. I sat on the edge of the bed and had my legs lifted and placed on the smooth sheets. The covers were carefully pulled over me then Donny slipped in beside me.
    I turned up on my left side and pulled the boy in tight. He spooned his firm body against me and sighed. In a moment he giggled then lifted his left leg up. He reached behind himself and took my stiff rod and let it snuggle between his legs. He wiggled about as he got himself comfortable and was quiet. I let my hand fall across his body and wrapped it around his cum factories. He let his hand slip below mine and wrapped the end of my cock in a soft grip.
    We awakened in the same position some forty five minutes later. I was tired. I hardly ever nap for more than twenty minutes, thirty at the most. Donny stirred. His cock was so stiff it was burning my hand. I don't think that he had gone soft the entire time. I believe that would have awakened me.
    "Donny, may I ask a huge?"
    "That's more than a favor, it's a treat." He giggled at me as he wiggled into me. "I want to watch you jack off. Will you let me leer over you while you pound your pud in my bed?"
    He moved to his back as I tossed the covers off of us. I looked on his sweet youth. He is as beautiful as any boy in my house. Not a one has a bad body and I always love to study them with my eyes, fingers, and tongue. Donny is a show off. He has one of those innocent child like faces that rip a pedophile's heart out. He played coy as he looked into my soul and licked his thin lips with a tongue that belonged to two boys. I asked him if he could lick his eyebrows with that beauty. He told me he would let me see what he could do with that when he ate dinner at my back door.
    Brazen? Maybe. I don't have boys ask or even tell me that they want to do that. Rimming usually comes from them after I have turned their world inside out through oral assault of their young nether regions.
    Donny pulled his long foreskin over his turgid glans. He squeezed it back and forth as though it were a mouth as he teased me. "Hey mister, I like you. Will you kiss me? I would like to let you run your tongue around inside of me. If you are really good I will give you a thick, creamy treat." I loved the boy's antics. He is not the biggest in the sex equipment area. He has a satisfying thickness to his five and a half inch boi stick, which he grabbed with two fingers and a thumb and began move himself to a climax.
    I see almost as many variations of masturbation techniques as I have boys in the house. Donny's movements reminded me of Steven. I watched from up close as Donny pleasured himself. His body moved about as hot sensations moved through him. He cupped his balls and fondled them then three little shots made their way to his belly. His cum lay in a tiny puddle just below his navel. He didn't have a whole lot, but I know that he had been in a tight squeeze with Bry a little earlier. I had to have the prize and lapped it up while he giggled and wiggled in delight.
    "What do you want now?"
    He took hold of my cock, "This in me." He swallowed me.
    "Hold on little man. Do you feel like you can handle a sixty nine?" Without losing his lip lock he spun around and lay on top of me. His weenie was wilted, but I kissed it anyway. He flinched. I knew he would still be sensitive. I did the only right thing. I spread his legs and attacked his ass hole. That brought him to life.
    In only a few minutes he had me ready to blow. His cocklet was poking at my chest so I lifted him up and swallowed it. I probed his anus with two fingers and had the boy crawl down my throat as he pumped his juice to me. At the same time he was doing everything he could to keep all of my juice inside his body.
    He collapsed on me. I turned him so that we were face to face and stared into his brown eyes. They smiled at me as a tear formed across the bottom of each of them. He put his arms around me and pulled in close and locked that long tongue of his to the bed post via my mouth and throat. I swear that kid could rim me from the inside with that appendage.
    He was squeezing my cock back to life with his thighs as his tongue continued to invade my mouth. After a few minutes he reached behind himself and lined my cockhead to his rectum. He raised up and smiled at me then pushed down totally impaling himself in one swift move. Pain crossed his face followed quickly by a smile. He wiggled about for a moment then let out a satisfied sigh followed by his thrusts. He had his feet flat on the bed to either side of me. He put his hands on my hips and began a bounce that drove my cock clean up between his lungs.
    His cock was soft and flipped back and forth as he bounced on and on. After a few minutes he tossed his head back and began to groan. His cock rose to its full glory then his juice flung from the head of his cock in a arch that landed somewhere off to my right. I began to fill his rectal cavity with everything in me as his cock retained its strength.
    Finally spent he fell beside me and smiled. I pulled him up on me and sealed our love making as lovers should. I don't give a fuck. I show that it is love that I give when I give them tongue and tell them how great they were. I have never had a bad fuck and whenever a boy goes after what he wants, the way Donny had just done, I have to let them know how much they mean to me.
    "One more thing now," he told me. "I want to eat your ass." I asked him how he wanted me. He wanted me to roll back and spread my legs. He dove in face first and locked his eyes on mine with my cock standing between us.
    A good three or four minutes passed before I asked him if he was going to make a pig out of himself all night or if he was going to fuck me. He was very happy to hear that. He moved up and let his cock enter me. The boy knows how to fuck a man. I was turned on by him. I told him that I was about to pop off a load. He bent forward and took several inches of me into his mouth as his pelvis continued to drive his boi tool into me.
    We took a shower before rejoining the family downstairs. I looked at the clock as we had exited the room. We had been a total of one hour and twelve minutes in our own private party.

    I had seen some things that needed tending too. I can almost always tell if someone is faking it. Isaac is not happy. The man has had a very tough time throughout his life. He was almost twenty five years old. Cas had just turned twenty in January. He is married and very happy with Tyler. Isaac had no one near his age in the family. I know that the boys shared of themselves with him, but they had their love interests. I had thought that something might happen with him and Biff. It did, they are great friends. My family tells me that Isaac has no love. He gets sex, but he has not found a heart attachment.
    I try not to play cupid, but I go out of my way to introduce boys to each other and let things play out as they would. In a dynamic family such as mine there is something going on all of the time. I am the eternal optimist and plan for the best. Sam Thatcher had made his move from Arkansas. I had feared that his relationship with Steven might take up where it had been cut off so abruptly. Sam and Isaac are only weeks apart in their ages I hoped that they might get together. Sam never stayed at my house. He had made a strong impression on Andy and was invited to stay with him. So I am left with the question, "what do I do with Isaac?"
    Andy had some word for me on Eric's abductor. The man had been released by the state's supreme court for a major infraction of procedure. The prosecutor was grabbing at straws trying to find a way to get this man off of the street. The police had located over thirty victims of the molester over a period of twenty five years, some as young as five or six in the beginning. The Chester was only thirty six years old, but had been aggressively seeking smaller boys for his sexual gratification since the of age eleven.
    It wasn't until he took two boys home and molested them together that he showed up on police dockets. During a classroom discussion on life's embarrassing moments one of the boys told his teacher and classmates how he had been embarrassed having his friend watch him have sex. That started an investigation. Only four boys came forth that were still within the time frame, before the statute of limitations expired. Since that time the law has been changed so that there is a twenty year statute and a lifetime provision can be utilized.
    The fact that Chester forcibly kidnaped and raped Eric had him facing the death penalty. He had several eye witnesses who saw him mounted on Eric as they rushed in to arrest him. The man was being kept in an open cell, on constant suicide watch. I hope they are more successful in keeping him alive than they were with my Tucson six perps.

    Andy and I set to work with the pneumatic injector he had with him. I told the new boys what they were in for and each of them grabbed their goods and locked their knees. Kenny had been amongst the first to receive his GPS pill. He stood up and lifted his cum heavy balls and pointed to where the tiny little device had been inserted. I explained to them how that beacon had helped Andy to locate Eric so quickly and probably saved his life. One by one the boys stepped up and held their scrotum aside to take their own identifying capsule inside their bodies.
    I had Jimmy on the computer logging each boy to the ID number of his personal capsule. When each boy had been inserted Jimmy pulled up the satellite and fed in the number for the boys that wanted to see where they were. I told them that they were all lost in oblivion and would never be found. Gleeful giggles abound as each boy saw the red dot appear on the screen that represented him. The system will only tell us the location within three or four feet so the boys were running around the room to see if their dot moved. I just sat back and watched their goods flop about and reveled in the waning hours of my current trip home.

    Life began again each Monday morning. I would have loved to stay home and play daddy to my young family. I was missing so much by being gone. I let the events of the weekend play in my head as we sped across the continent Sunday evening. I had been accosted by Ģerâld for taking advantage of his grandmother and stealing her house for such a ridiculous price. It wasn't until I told him that she wanted to give him the house, but couldn't for fear of the rest of the family contesting it in court. By selling the house for such a low price it would convince the family that she was losing her mind and they would begin to circle like vultures waiting for the spoils after her death. I told him that she had already placed the money in an irrevocable trust of which I was the executor. The money was to be available to Misters Ģerâld Franklin and Luke Bingham on the fifth anniversary of their wedding.
    Ģerâld's eyes popped as his knees buckled. Luke just fell back to the sofa and stared at me. I had to laugh at the young couple. I suddenly got a mean thought and I kidded the boys. "Should you not reach your fifth anniversary, for any reason whatsoever, the entire amount of money in the fund will go to Ģerâld's next of kin, his mother." That had the boys up in the air until I broke out in laughter and told them I was joking.
    There is no way that Hillary would ever give Ģerâld's mother so much as the time of day. I told them that she had told me that her will bequeathed her only girl child two cents and a paper napkin kept as a souvenir from a birthday party at the Empire State Building when she had turned ten. Hillary told me that that was the last time her daughter was sweet and kind and good. Ģerâld told me he knew that his grandmother disliked his mother intensely, but he never knew it ran that deep.
    "Ģer, I am curious. I know that your grandmother's family history goes a long way back. She told me nothing of her heritage. But what is the significance of the name Empire Canal? I heard that name mentioned several times in connection to the house."
    I learned that one of Hillary's, many times removed, grandfathers had been instrumental in the building of the Erie Canal. New York had become known as the Empire State and that was the name he wanted for the canal. He made it clear that the Erie, NY and Lake Erie were at the end of the canal which connects the Hudson River waterway to the Great Lakes. Other people had their own ideas.
    He became involved in bringing The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad into Albany. His son sold the family interest in the railroad to Corning's New York Central Railroad. The sale price included the land on which the house is built plus a large fortune in cash. The house was built and named in honor of the man with such great foresight.
    Çhé Ģerâld is proud of his ancestry. He is certain that he has ties to the Mayflower because of family heirlooms. I saw the old rocking chair that sat before Hillary's bedroom fireplace. Ģerâld had told me how his grandmother used to rock him to sleep in that chair after his mother had tried once more to destroy his dreams. Ģerâld doesn't know that the chair, along with some other precious pieces of history, are ready to be brought to Tucson. Hillary and I plan to let her present them to him when he is home for the big wedding in June.
    I asked him about the spelling of his name now, we have all started to use the European lettering when we write his name. He told me that he had another reason to love me. I had tagged the name of Çhé Ģerâld on him as I watched him work with the cooks at the villa in St. Tropez. He had puffed out his chest and thanked me, he thought that it was a fine name for such a deserving person. No conceite in that boy.

    Luke had been playing with Ģer's long foreskin. I have to admit that it is a work of art in itself. As we talked Luke had run his finger under the sheath, all of the way over his second knuckle. He let his digit circle about the sensitive glans causing soft moan and groans and a few sharp hip humps. This pair was actually made for each other from the onset of creation. They are the complete compliment for their partner.
    Ģer has matured into a very handsome young man. He has such a boyish charm about him that makes you want to play all day. Luke is a very grown up imp. He has a mature pixie face with a faint row of freckles still visible across the bridge of his nose. His pale skin won't take a tan. But his freckles put on a show as they darken across his smooth chest and back. Hours of frolic in the Arizona sunshine and gallons of tanning lotions have done nothing for him. Little Lance is the same way. I guess it has to do with the red hair. I know, it's in the jeans. Oh, Cory says that's genes. What do I know? Jimmy's still my editor, I'll let him sort it out.
    Luke put himself through sheer self torture for several months. He loves Ģer's long skin. We have several boys in the family who are uncut. Brad and Jay are both uncut as am I. Luke decided to stretch his skin back over his cock head. A certain amount of skin growth can be achieved by stretching. But Luke will tell you that it is extremely painful and should not ever be attempted by the faint of heart. Ģer begged him not to try, but Luke has the hard head of a red head. His skin closes over his glans, but there is no rose at the end. It was a labor of love and Ģer loves him all the more for trying. I can see the two boys still in love at ninety five.
    I had to get serious for a moment. "Ģer, I didn't want to ask Hillary about her son. Where is your uncle?"
    "Pot head? He burned himself out on drugs, dad. He wouldn't leave the stuff alone. He lived from one high to another until…well now what he is doing I wouldn't call living. He is, I think they call it, catatonic." Close enough. I would let that go. I wanted to hear more.
    "He was out on Fire Island with a bunch of his boys. Mom got a call from grandmother to help her. Mom left me alone for three days. I was about fourteen, I think. It was summer…well anyway they had to put Uncle James into a hospital for comatose patients. He has never awakened in all of these years. Grandmother cries when we talk about him. I let her talk about the great kid he was and how all of her hopes and dreams went up in the smoke of his drugs. He went through tons of money. She bailed him out of jail many times.
    "He got into drugs when he was thirteen. She and grandfather sent him to be treated, but he always got back into it. I watched him and knew that I never want anything to do with any kind of drugs or anybody that uses them."
    "How old is he now, do you think?"
    "Oh that's easy. He is exactly twelve years older than I am. Same birthday and everything. When I turned thirteen he gave me a joint and offered me a blow job. My grandmother heard him and I never saw him again. She sent him away. She says that is why he fell in with the bunch that used him up. They only wanted his money to party on. They didn't like him at all."
    I was getting my boy upset so I changed the subject to the diet he is feeding my boys. They are all growing like little weeds and they are as healthy as one could hope for. I told him that I was so glad to have him in my family.

    They both caught me off guard with their next revelation. They had been busy dabbling in real estate themselves. To the east of my house on the mountainside is a grand old house that has a long history of its own. The house had been built for an old Bishop at the turn of the century. He had a strong following of Indian converts that followed him into retirement and made the house into an enclosed mission.
    The house was sold to a rancher in the sixties after only forty years as an unofficial mission. The rancher owned most of the land between our hillside and the river a mile or so to the south. He tore down most of the old walls and smaller buildings to build a home for his family.
    The rancher's grand daughter owned the property now and had no need for it. The place was in desperate needs of a large influx of money to keep it from falling down. Luke and Gerald had bought it as soon as it became available. If it had gone on the market there is no telling what would have happened to it. I was proud of them. I would have to see what it would take to make it livable. The boys thought that we could make it part of our family home. I had to show them how many ways I loved them, all night long. Going back to New York probably saved my life from being sucked out of me.

    The boys and I burned the airways up between base B and base A during the trial. The judge most often recessed about noon on Thursday. We would get to our plane to go spend the weekend in the arms or our family. What most pleased me was that none of the six boys were allowed to spend time with their own boyfriends, but each one was shown how special and how loved he was by other members of the family who showered them with love or love juice. Even Bryan was not allowed his solitude with Donny. He was made love to by his brothers that love him too. The great part of it for me was that he felt their love. He felt warm and totally accepted.
    He told me on the plane back to New York that he had always loved the family, but now he really knew that the family loved him. I asked who had loved him. He giggled and told me that Thursday it was Lew and Friday Kyle made him sing.
    I asked if he remembered the words. He giggled at me as he got up in my face and held my cock. "They sound just like what this bad boy makes me sing and I hope to get to sing that tune tonight."

    Sandy became a regular when we were in New York. He had taken to staying at our house. The boy was great. He hit it off with Ed and Mitch at once. He jumped in and cleaned house, or any other chores that none of us had time to do. I was amazed. No one had asked him to do anything except fuck with us. He had taken it on his own initiative. He told me that he had little to do each day. He said that he could find the boys' underwear from the day before. He loaded the washing machine as he would breathe fresh young air. He left for work at nine thirty to work the lunch shift. Then he would come home from work at two. After he folded our laundry he would go to the kitchen to help Ed with the fantastic meals that we were served each evening. The boys and I were usually home before four, in time to give him a fuck and a kiss before he headed back to work for his dinner rush. His day was over by nine o'clock and he was in bed with one or two of us. We had awakened a monstrous desire in the boy.

    I am a keen observer of young boys. Their fears keep them isolated from themselves. I have yet to meet the boy who will tell me that he is afraid, but when the truth be known they are all afraid. From the time that they were able to comprehend what they saw going on around them they had learned that queers were to be hated. Most of the people near them thought that queers should be beaten to death for their deviancy. That would instill deep fear inside of anyone that had tendencies.
    I consider myself a liberator of gay youth. After only a few hours around my little fags the inhibitions fall away. Even the most timid and shy boy becomes a sexual creature without the least bit of fear in his young life. I have had some close calls with the boys because of their new found acceptance. In no time at all a newly released fag boy will find others amongst his old friends. The family has spent many hours of discussion over this. The first night that a new boy is in the family he gets the talk from others in the house.
    "Just because you are queer and out doesn't mean that everyone you know will be accepting of you," they are told. If a boy finds a kindred spirit amongst his peers he is advised to approach carefully. On the promise of having his own balls served to him, cooked to order, he knows to never bring a boy near our house until he is absolutely sure of where his friend is coming from.
    Case in point would be Jan Morrison. He knew he had desires, but he was afraid. He talked to his older brother who was not accepting of the idea at all. He didn't chastise Jan, but Jan was living in his brother's house and there was an eight year old nephew living there. Jan was friends with Lew Casper. He told Lew his secret. Lew dragged the boy off to an unused classroom and gave him his first ever boy sex. It took several days before Lew was certain that Jan would not run about telling what he would learn before Lew brought the youngster into our house.
    We have a large number of young adults in the house now. Those that have reached the age of majority include, Lew's own brother, Cas and his husband, Tyler. Gerald, Luke, Brad, Pete, Eddy, Timmy, Toby, Harry, and of course yours truly. If a big mouthed kid comes to the house and gets his little ass fucked raw we don't want him going out and telling the wrong people. All of the boys know Carl Dickson's story and they all know Ben Bosque. Ben was not trying to spread tales. He was trying to get back to the old man for more hot sex. He told the wrong person and Carl ended up in prison. I don't want to go to prison, but I will kill the big mouth that causes any of my boys trouble.

    A body was recently found in the desert. It had the earmarks of a snuff job. The body was of a very young man between sixteen and twenty four or so. It had been burned, but the fire had been put out by two hikers who came on the grisly scene before it could totally consume the corpse. The corpse wore what is referred too as a Columbian neck tie. His throat had been slit and his tongue was pulled down and through the hole to hang below the man's chin. His throat was coated in semen and his stomach contained massive amounts of the elixir of life. He had also been anally violated by more than one person. However, to make DNA matches difficult the victim had been subjected to a gasoline enema before the fire had been set.
    A seventeen year old jock at one of the local high schools had been using the body of his fourteen year old neighbor for two years. Jock boy found himself jammed up and outed the youngster during an all school assembly. My boys had some friends who were close enough to jock boy to put the fear of becoming grass fodder into his evil heart. They showed him the newspaper accounts of the unfortunate corpse then showed jock boy a can of gasoline. He got the message. He publicly retracted his story about the youth by admitting that he was angry at the boy's father.
    The retraction came to late. The youngster's father took his son for an examination where it was plain to see that the boy had been involved in ongoing anal sex. Jock boy is now awaiting trial and a few of my younger boys are trying to get me to let the young victim live in our house. At this point the older boys have told them of the folly of that request and have sternly warned their little brothers to keep their mouth's shut. They are not to hint to the youngster that they may know of a safe place for him to live. At present he is still in his father's house, albeit a precarious relationship.

    We were comfortable with Sandy and his company was a joy to each of us. The more we learned of the boy the more he was accepted. I began to think of maybe making him a permanent part of the entire family. My first step was to move him from his small apartment and into the Albany house. He was trying to put his life together after the sudden death of his mother. There had been some problems with his father's estate then his mother passed quite suddenly. I had to let Sandy know that we were here for him. I scolded him, mildly, for not coming to me in the beginning. I assured him that I was going to help him to achieve his goals of college and his future.

    Bryan was called to testify on a Thursday morning. The entire courtroom was hushed as they hung on his every articulated word. I was so very proud of him as he sat there in a confident stance and told of the horrors of his captivity. He evoked both laughter and tears from the bench through the gallery, across the jury box and at both attorney's tables, as he told of his wildest fantasy at that time. "I kept hoping that Harry Potterwould come with his cloak of invisibility to wrap around me and help me get away safely."
    Frank was the last witness called before the weekend recess. He knew nothing. The defense attorney badgered the boy mercilessly. Frank held his composure and stared the man in the eye. The defense attorney asked the judge if he could treat Frank as a hostile witness. The judge told him no. Frank is a minor. He could not be expected to know his father's business and had told the prosecution that. How could he now be expected to testify in his father's behalf? The defense lawyer sat down in a snit.
    It was the most grueling period of my life. I can't even begin to imagine what my boys were going through. They kept a brave face and had a smile for me, but I could see it in their eyes. These kids were sick inside. Jace, Branden and Frank were not directly involved in the slavery trials. I told the judge that the three boys knew nothing about their father's activities until after we returned from Europe with three actual victims. Even then I had done my dead level best to keep all details away from all six boys. I could not have them get on the stand and testify as to what they might have heard me say. They had to tell of what they had been through. Only their experiences at the hands of these low lifes would be of any use in court. I was permitted to leave them at home. I had Crossly and Dogg to thank for that one. The judge had wanted them in the court's control, but there was no reason for that. They had been making a round trip across the country each weekend with me. At home they would still be in my care, albeit not directly.

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