Chapter 78


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    In a family the size that mine was getting to be it is very hard to keep a secret. Harry had shocked everybody by showing up early. Toby would start to college with the beginning of the spring term on Monday the ninth. He had been so excited about getting to spend a whole week in Bahrain. He is so into bringing water to parts of the world that have been in serious drought for years that he wanted to learn everything that he could about the desalination techniques being used by the Saudis.
    Wednesday afternoon Harry had come charging into the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß in response to a code red on me. He told me later that they were driving in from the airport and he was listening to the radio chatter. With a death threat of the confidence level that was being broadcast he was concerned for my safety. He decided to swing by the club house on a chance that I was there and didn't have my phone on. He has learned a lot about me. And being a cop with a cop's mentality added to his knowledge. My big fear was that he would discover my secret plans for his homecoming.
    After Harry had left the club house I stole a minute to tell Andy to move everything up. It was too late to do anything for Wednesday and Harry had really looked fagged out from his flight so we took it upon ourselves to make things come together Thursday night. A couple of quick phone calls and we were covered. I don't have to worry a whole lot about my boys telling what they know. If they aren't asked they don't tell. All I had to do was to keep Harry away from them for twenty four hours.

    David had to get Donny home so that he could do his homework and they both had chores around the house. I kissed the two of them so long then hurried upstairs to get myself ready for my evening. Craig followed me to my room and I led him into the shower. The boy is a keeper and I wanted to keep a little token from him as a keepsake. I set him up on the lavatory counter and proceeded to suck the man seed out of his sweet young balls.
    The boy was so perfect that he had been made welcome by every youngster in the house. Pete told me that he was going to keep his hands off of the boy. Neither of us knew what sort of relationship existed between Sven and Craig. Pete didn't feel that sleeping with the boy was the way to become friends with his father. I wasn't trying to make friends with Sven. I wanted the boy's cock snot down my pie hole.
    I gave Craig my ususal treatment, but was surprised to find such a tight butt hole. The boy had been with us for nearly a week and nobody broke his cherry. I wondered about that, but for now I was doing a number on the tight little pucker with my tongue and couldn't ask about it.There is just something about a sweet, tight, virgin anus that drives me insane. As crazy as I was getting Craig was getting crazy too. The marble top of a bathroom sink is not the best place to receive your first rim job. The boy was crashing into fixtures everywhere.
    Afraid that he would kill himself on a water faucet I carried him back to my bed and proceeded to lick the shit right out of him. Well thankfully there wasn't any real shit, what I did taste was like ambrosia. I had stopped several times to clean up a large dollop of prostate juice as it looked for a hole to lubricate. I figured my mouth could use the lubrication so I scooped it up on my tongue and deposited it at his back door. That made for easy and sweet dining.
    Craig was reduced to quivering protoplasm by the time I raked three fingers across his hard butt nut. He filled me with so much cum I thought about asking for a doggie bag so I could have some later. Craig was whimpering as he gasped for breath to return to his overtaxed body. I held him as he wrapped his arms around me.
    "I have never known a man who is as loved as you are and I have never loved anybody as much as I love you. I am ready now to let you have all of me. I didn't think that I wanted to do that, you know, back end stuff. I saw the other boys do it and they all say that they love it, but I… Now I want it. Please fuck me."
    I held the little urchin. "We have a dinner party to attend and a surprise for the one you have come so far to see. If you still feel this way later we will see about how we can handle things." He kissed me. He buried his little body in mine and we became one flesh as he gave me a kiss that belied all I knew about his sexual past. The boy is a total natural or somebody as been at him who was a good teacher. I wondered if Cory had been on the boy.

    We said our farewells to the boys and told them we would be home about ten. I warned them about doing their chores and getting their things ready for school then was shooed from the house. I switched my radio on to a very secure channel and hit the scrambler button. I listened in to a conversation from Andy's living room.
    Andy was doing his job with his usual precision. Randy, Harry and Sven had become good friends and were talking about their military experiences. Harry sounded more upbeat then I had heard him sound for several weeks. I wondered if it was the trip or the company.
    I drove around to the back of Andy's house and we slipped in through the garage's side door that had been left unlocked for me. I locked it behind me. Craig and I stripped naked before letting ourselves into the kitchen. I placed our clothes on a counter by the kitchen door then hugged Craig to me for good luck. Nobody knew how this meeting was going to turn out, I so did not want to hurt Toby. He and Andy had discussed it and Toby was willing to let Harry decide for himself. Andy told me that the boy showed some worry, but he sucked it up and held forth a proud chest.
    Andy was sitting on the island in the middle of his kitchen. He never broke eye contact with whomever he was speaking with, but his face broke into a smile. I knew that he knew we were there. We stepped to the end of the kitchen wall and paused. There was a brief lull in the conversation between Andy and Harry. I patted Craig on the butt and he stepped into Harry's full view. I moved next to Andy so that I could see the man's reaction.
    Harry's face fell from his head. He stared at Craig as if he was seeing an old friend from long years past. His mouth moved, but nothing came out of it for what seemed like an eternity. "Oh my fucking…oh look at…oh my." He began to cry. Harry is tough as nails and he doesn't get emotional. I was seeing him as I saw him on top of a cliff a continent away. He rose and on shaky legs he approached Craig. He scooped the boy up in his arms and held him close as he cried hard and from a deep, deep hurt.
    All of us helped to guide Harry back to his seat as he held Craig in a bear hug with his little feet dangling in the air. Harry regained some of his composure and sat the boy in his lap. "You are Craig aren't you? You are everything that Dee said you are. God, stand up and let me look at you." He turned the boy round and round as he looked over every inch of his body.
    Harry reached over and pulled Toby up close to him. "Babe look at this. Tell me the truth, if you hadn't met me wouldn't you want to get into this body, forever? Sweet nuts, Craig looks exactly like a younger Tommy De Long. If I were six or seven years younger and didn't have the finest man in all of the world, I could go for this."
    All of us breathed a sigh of relief. Of course my eyes were on Toby. His chest swelled just a bit as a smile filled his face. He shook hands with Craig and told him how glad he was to meet him. He spelled it out for the perverts as m-e-e-t. We knew what he meant, but we had fun anyway. It was an ice breaker.
    I took a seat next to Andy on the large sofa facing his huge fireplace. I love that fireplace. It is as big as a room itself. Andy's father had some very shady connections. Andy and Carl investigated for a bit then decided to leave it alone. The man had left Andy millions of dollars in cash, stocks, various holdings, and jewelry. He had built this house as a special place for his little buddy.
    I lay my head back and stared up at the high peaked ceiling some thirty feet up. The closely fit pine boards made a beautiful ceiling. I looked over to the top of the natural rock fireplace face some twenty feet high. A twelve inch beam ran the long span across the seventy foot wide room to support the ceiling. I could see Andy's name carved into the wood. Andy had told me that his father took him up to that beam when he was five years old. He gave the boy his pocket knife. Andy gets teary eyed as he tells how his dad held his little hand and helped to guide it as Andy cut each letter of his name deep into the hard wood. Andy's dad then took his finger and dipped into black paint and filled in each letter. He held his son as they looked at their handy work and told him that his name would be there for everyone to see, forever.
    Andy saw where I was looking. He scooted up against me and lay his head on my shoulder. I heard boy giggles and the sound of naked feet running on a wooden floor. I turned in time to see two naked blond boys running along the open landing across the back wall of Andy's huge living room. The landing ran over sixty feet between the two, more than six hundred square foot, master suites at each end of the house. The house has six bedrooms on that level. Between the two master suites there are four, two hundred and fifty six square foot bedrooms. The house does not lack for space.
    Cullen ran up to me and shoved his naked body at me as he bent over to kiss me. Of course he had to wiggle his ass at everyone else in the room. This is a Royal Prince who doesn't mind that everyone sees his ass. He told me that he was sure everyone would think him as big of an ass as most other crown heads were he ever to assume the throne so he might as well get used to showing his better side. Well I have to admit that it is a good side, a very cute side, a very desirable side. But his front side is cuter, more desirable and definitely my favorite side to look at.
    Cullen stepped out of the way and I nearly killed myself getting up off of my ass. Cecil stood before me with a grin that covered his bright little face. Cecil and Cullen could be brothers. Cecil looks…maybe a year or so older. But they are so similar in features I wonder if they weren't separated at birth, or maybe one of their fathers had a secret. No, I know the Duke and I am sure El would have told me the truth. After meeting Agnes I could never suspect that soft spoken, sweet lady of ever being anything, but a Lady. Even in her chosen role as a servant she was still a Lady and a pleasure to be around.
    Cecil cleaned my tonsils and ground his extra stiff meat into my thigh. He was dripping he was so happy to see me. At least it made me feel good to think that I might be the cause of his abundance of seminal fluid that ran in an almost steady flow from his boi meat.
    The boys tried to slip in on each side of me. Cullen was wedging himself into the space between Andy and me. I picked his little ass up and put him in Andy's lap and sat back down, close to Andy. Cullen looked at me and I stuck my tongue out at him. That got super Royal giggles going. Boys, sweet sweet boys. I am so blessed. I wiggled my finger at Craig. He came over so that I could introduce him. He had a sweet little rod standing out before him so the boys acted the gentlemen and shook it for him. He giggled at the same frequency as the other two. I wouldn't be able to tell one giggle from the other in the dark.
    I sent the boys off to get some things straightened out, or softened, between them. Andy told them that he would be serving dinner in thirty minutes so make sure and get all of the appetizers they wanted out of the way. Our last view of the trio was cute little naked butts running up the stairs and along the upper landing.
    I turned to Andy and gave him a big kiss. "How? Where?"

    Agnes had taken Cecil on a shopping trip. They stopped at some place called Selfridges on Oxford Street. An FI agent stopped them as they started to exit. He guided them to a back door and spirited them away in an awaiting vehicle. He told them that two boys had tried to steal the Duke's Bentley, but that someone had placed an explosive device on the car. They both asked about old chauffeur and were told that he had stepped in to the loo and was being taken care of.
    Agnes and Cecil went to her husband's home to confer with him. They agreed with the FI agents that it would be best if they kept a low profile for a little while. No one really had any knowledge of them, but they were the ones to enter Selfridges and it wouldn't be good for someone to identify them as the occupants of the Bentley. For the time being the world thought that a Lord from Parliament and Dame Muneday were dead. It was determined to let that play out.
    Andy told Cullen and his parents that Cecil and Agnes were okay. Agnes was asked if she would like to come to the states and be with her old friend, Eloise. She is with them and Cecil came to be with Cullen for a few. One look at the two boys and I knew damn well that Cecil was going to be with us a lot longer than a few days. The letch inside of me grabbed my pecker and twitched it. The boy is a good head, and tight ass. With a house full of eager homo boys I still have to perv on another. My throat backed up with a large ECB.
    Andy called, "dinner time," all of us moved to the kitchen I made such a mistake when I remodeled my kitchen. I should have taken a page from Andy's house. He had the kitchen that I need with a family the size that I have. He has a very large country kitchen with two six burner and double oven ranges. There are two triple sinks with three dishwashers, one on each side of the sinks and one between them. He has two large Zero Cold double door refrigerator freezers.
    The island in the middle of the room has seating around it for ten, but Andy had the long dining table set for us. He does not have a dining room. His dad was a down home country boy that liked to have the whole family, and all of his guests gather in his big kitchen, as friends. I would have to liked to known Andy's father. He had been killed when Andy was ten years old. He was gunned down on the street in broad open daylight. No one was ever prosecuted for the murder. Knowing Andy I am sure that he knows more than he will tell anyone about that day. I wonder if he may be trying to keep his father's true past buried along with the man.

    I sat between Mark and Jeff. I don't get to see those two boys very often. Eddy and Pete told us what a great cook Mark is. Jeff told Pete that he should be glad that he didn't come to live with them a year earlier. He told us that Mark was the only person he knew that could burn boiling water. That got him cuffed on the shoulder. The banter was light and friendly all evening and I was glad that we had done things the way we had.
    Andy and Randy were enjoying Sven's company, but I wondered about his love of the youngster at the table. As if reading my thoughts Sven looked at the group. "Gentlemen, I have a few years on all of you. Except for Chris, I guess I am as old or older than your own fathers. My point is this. I have built a very fine life for myself. One which I enjoy. As anyone else I see greener grass and wonder how it would be to climb the fence and lounge in it awhile. Thank the good Lord above that I have a very intelligent son who is willing to sit down and talk to me. He smiled at Pete who soaked it up.
    "I am within sight of a thirty year retirement with full benefits. That will keep me set for the rest of my life. Craig I love you, I really do, like a son. I lust after your sweet little body, but we both know that I can't have it. We both have too much to loose. Craig, you have a whole life ahead of you, and I want you to enjoy every minute of your childhood that you have left. I understand how things are for you at home, but we do have to return there. I have duty Monday morning and you have school. I have to take you home to your parents."
    "Mom and dad want to meet Harry. Can he come home with us?" Uh oh.

    Harry and Toby giggled their good night apologies and followed stiff parts of their anatomy off toward their bedroom. The three boys giggled and nudged each other as they had boy comments to make about the old dudes. Mark and Jeff were yawning and looking into each other's eyes. Pete and Eddy were riding with them so four more horny fags left the table, and the dirty dishes. It didn't take Andy and I long to have the kitchen clean and ready for the next meal.
    Sven and Randy had been seriously entwined the entire evening. I watched the two of them head to the room that Sven was staying in. I watched Andy. He is a dichotomy. I know that he is hurting and I don't have a solution for him. He loved Carl so much and that loss is very heavy on him. It had only been about three months since Carl and Tom were murdered and mourning takes time. However the body has needs and the emotions have to be fed. I was going to do what I could to take care of that for this dear sweet person this evening.
    Andy had bedroom eyes for me all night. I so needed to be with my dear, dear friend. I called the house. The phones still worked so I had to assume that the place was still standing. I talked to Cory. He told me that most of the boys were in their room singing to each other. I had to giggle at his choice of terminology. I love that boy. That's a problem, I love them all. Cory is so special and I had been with everyone else all day and now had designs on another.
    I told Cory that I was going to stay at Andy's over night. I asked him who was in with Cullen currently. He told me what I already suspected. Cullen has been alone since his return New Year's Evening. I quickly filled Cory in on Cecil and asked him to get a couple of the boys to help him to get Cullen's room ready for two. But I stressed that they should be very careful of Cullen's privacy. I got a lecture. Cory is very up on making sure that everyone is given his own space. The boy never had any space of his own and I believe that he values that little bit or normalcy above all of the others.

    Andy is no boy. He is a man and as such is to be respected in every sense. For every billion dollars I have Andy has ten, or more. I will not discuss what went on in his private bedroom…for the first two hours. After that time it was pandemonium. We were brought from our peaceful bliss by a small knock on the door. Andy told the intruder to enter. Three of them came in.
    Cullen sat down on my side of the bed. "Dearest Unc, I ah…we…er, well we want to do something. You told Craig that you would, you know…" he made put a finger through his circled thumb and forefinger and made a fucking sign then giggled. Craig giggled and Cecil nervously echoed their sentiments. "He is, er was, you know, like er, ah, well he had never shagged, you know. So me and me mate ere, Cecil and me we got him ready for you to do it to him. He wants it real bad, daddy dear." I'm in trouble when he puts it like that.
    "Well we thought that maybe uncle Andy and you could, you know, like do a…" he ducked his head and grinned as he almost whispered, "daisy chain. Daddy, Cecil ain't never had it up his arse while he was shaggin a mate and we thought that it wouldn't be good with just three because Craig and Cecil both want to give and take at the same time and with three of us there would only be one that could get and give the other two would only give or take, but if we had five of us then we could each get it and give it so could, er ah, would you go up in Craig and make him a family member and uncle Andy, could Ceece go up in you while I give it up in him and I get in the middle with Craig in me?"
    "Andy, did you hear this boy take a breath during all of that?" Andy grinned as he shook his head no. "He never stopped between one sentence and another. He just rattled his whole spiel as if in lust. Look at the boner on this kid. All of them are up for something." I took Cullen's cock in my hand and it was wet. I smelled my hand. "Hmmm, who?"
    "Well, he was, like, you know, all virgin and everything. We had to open him up so that he wouldn't hurt and he needs to be all wet and slippery for you."
    "Well, yeah. I mean like we both had to shag the virgin boy. He is cute and he has a sweet bubble butt and he wanted it and so…" I put my finger to his lips and bent over to suck his cock.
    I sat back and wiped my lips on the back of my hand, "Hmmm, Craig you taste good inside." He giggled. Damn, he's just like all the rest of the boys. I love 'em.
    Andy nodded at me. I will owe him for this one. I told the four boys the best way to do this was to start at the front of the line and work backwards. It would be difficult to get together from back to front. Andy rolled to his right side and pulled his left knee up to his chest as Cecil slipped his thick six and a half inches of dripping uncut British cock into this hunky Yank. He giggled as he slid in, "Ey mate, ya bum full of man juice. Ol Chris been here afore me, eh?" Andy began to laugh so hard that he rolled away from Cecil and almost rolled off of the bed
    Our laughter under control everybody took their place in the chain and it was time for me to slide into Craig. Cecil and Cullen are well endowed boys for their age and size, but they were still only just less than half as long as I am and I had almost a half inch of width over them. I took my time. Craig shoved his cock deep into Cullen as my glans forced its way past the boy's tight sphincter.
    I wasn't sure if Craig wasn't having a baby as he began to breathe in and out in short rapid breaths. I had a vision of a woman using Lamaze breathing techniques. I got tickled and couldn't get up in the boy. I had to kiss his young bod and calm myself down and begin again. This time I went in with ease. Craig sighed as I reached deep inside and began to give him sensations like he had never imagined. The boys wanted to sleep united as one.
    When we awakened we were all in a sweat. Our close proximity had allowed a concentration of body heat. That along with the sex from the night before left a smell of phemerones in the room that was aphrodisiatic to us. We all had morning wood, but it was morning wood plus lust. We enjoyed the best group fuck that I have ever been involved in, or even heard of. Even Cullen, who was the most limited in his mobility from being in the middle, fucked Cecil until the boy was screaming in his lust to be fucked harder.
    Sated we ran for the shower. The shower in Andy's bedroom was smaller than the ones in the other rooms of the house. His bedroom had been designed with his mother in mind and had a large whirlpool type tub and less room for a shower. That just made it more fun as the five of us crammed into the four by five area as we giggled like teenage boys.

    I had to hurry down the hill with my charges. The family would be arising and this was a school day. I let Cullen stay home with Cecil and Craig. He had a fever, his ass was hot.
    Sven and Harry came down to the house later in the morning. Harry wanted to know what Craig had on his mind. Craig showed more maturity then his boyish face suggested that he had in him. He squirmed around in his seat, a tell tale sign that the other boys had noticed and smiled about as they had their breakfast and rushed out to school.
    "I have thought about things very carefully for the past week. After everything that happened last night I have decided that I want to stay here." Harry looked at me. "NO! It's not like that. Oh no, I mean seeing you and Toby. I have heard so much about you and how all of the boys here like you. I saw you and Toby and I saw real love there.
    "Harry, Tommy was so lucky to have found you. I knew that he was gay. We used to talk about it. I had feelings, but I never, you know. Tommy told me all about you, I mean everything, in his letters. I will let you read them if you want to. Nobody else has ever seen them. I have them hidden, and not at home. My mother is such a snoop it is a wonder she didn't read them before I did.
    "I never had a blow job or kissed a boy or anything, but I wanted to so bad. Sarge brought me out here to meet you and I met all of the these boys and I got to do everything that I ever wanted to do. I want to keep doing those things. I know that if I go home to live it will not go well. My dad can tell me that he knows I'm gay, but we won't ever be the same, ever again. I am a big disappointment to him and now that I know that he knew about Tommy then I can understand some of the things he has said. I thought that he was just trying to build me up to take over where Tommy had started for, but several times I thought that he was talking Tommy down. My father is very two faced. He will lie to you eye to eye and stab and twist a knife in your back to everyone else. I know it, I have always seen it. Tommy used to tell me that if daddy ever knew he was gay that he would be cut off from the family and never even been allowed to see me until I was old and gray.
    "I can't live like that. My mother is pure homophobic. She never talks about Tommy, not even to her best friend. She used to sit and brag about him for hours then he went to Iraq and the day after I got my first letter from him she quit talking about him. She started referring to him as my brother instead of Tommy. I felt as if he were already dead and that was two months before he was killed. I really believe that my mother wished him dead.
    "No, I don't want to live there anymore. I want to let you meet them because that was our agreement, but I will leave home after that. I hope it will be with you bringing me back here to live."
    Harry had planed to tell Craig that he would go home with him. Now he sat and looked at me and Sven. If Craig's parents were two faced and homophobic what would Harry be walking into? I suggested a phone call first. Harry went to my office and I closed the door. He would tell us whatever he wished for us to know. A half an hour later Harry stepped up to me and hugged me extra tight. He looked at Craig. "I don't know if you should ever go back there, Craig. I fear for you if you do."
    Now what! If we keep Craig with us we could end up in some serious hot water. If Harry was in fear of Craig going home then there is reason to suppose that the boy might be harmed. One of my throw away phones rang. I had the distinct misfortune to hear from a very irrate Mrs. De Long. She told me that her son was a pervert that she had allowed to come to Arizona and meet the pervert who had molested her oldest son in the Army. She was going to call the Army and tell them what this man had done to her son, but she had wanted to get him within reach, just one time first. She had a special little friend that she carried in her purse that could show this pervert just how she and her husband felt over what he had done to their son. I had the impression that she was talking about a gun. If I have to super glue his feet to the floor Harry is not going back there and if I can find a way then neither is Craig.
    We sat in a huddle and put Folgers stock up at least three points as pot after pot of coffee went through the three of us. I sent the boys out to watch Tom and Ray with their workout and I knew that Biff would enjoy the boys' company. Legally we didn't have a leg to stand on. There was nothing for it, but to send Craig home with Sven. Anything else could mean big trouble for him. I had to talk hard and fast to keep Harry from going to protect the boy. I ended up getting into his heart when I reminded him of how much difference he had made in Toby's life and how devastated the boy would be were anything to happen to him. We decided that this was something that we would leave in the hands of the Man who knows all from the end to the beginning.

    Pete and I drove Sven and Craig to the airport. I actually never expected to ever see the sweet boy again. I so understood how Harry could have fallen for this boy's brother. If they were as similar as Harry said then Tommy really was a walking dream himself.
    On the way home Pete turned on the radio and whistled a tune to himself. I could see the smile on his face and I was very happy for him. He thought that he had lost his father, but he found out that he had a friend. I seldom ever listen to the radio. I hate all of the talking as much or more than I hate the current disturbance that comes across the airwaves in the guise of entertainment. The news was on and Pete and I suddenly turned and locked our eyes on each other. Pete strained to hear more, but the broadcast ended and rat music filled the Caddy with their hip hop sing song nonsense.
    I had Andy on the phone and switched him over to the car's speaker phone. He was on his computer getting the latest. A tornado had swept through the small town where Sven and Craig lived. The entire area was reduced to rubble. There were two reported deaths. A woman and an elderly man that had both been caught in the open. Andy knew where we were going with our thoughts.
    That evening Sven called and talked to Pete and he wanted to talk to me. His house and Craig's house, most of their neighbor's houses, were splinters across the countryside. Craig's mother was doing her morning run around a country roadway. If she were at her usual habit she would have an exercise segment running on her MP3 player and would not hear a freight train, or a tornado. Mr. De Long was in shock. Sven made a sudden and rash move and in the man's moment of grief arranged for him to send his son to live with family friends out of state until such time as he could get his life back together.
    Craig had a message for us. His voice lifted our spirits, but his message sent us into orbit. He was kicking around in the ruins of his house, but he knew where to kick and he had all of Tommy's letters to his folks and took them to Sven's house. He retrieved his letters from his hiding place as well, he and Sven put all of them in a large envelope and overnighted them to my house for Harry.
    Sven would put the boy on a plane back to Tucson as soon as his mother's funeral was over. Craig got to me when he told us that he wanted to see the dirt thrown in her face and he would be done with her. I remembered Andy and the woman. I will work with the boy. That kind of hate will only fester and eat at him forever. I have a houseful of boys with hate for their families and we have worked very hard to help them forgive. I thought of a morning in a truck stop in Alabama the past November. Honor your mother and your father that your days may be long upon the earth.

    What a week. The juries were selected for the first two trials and I had spent the week sitting in a waiting room with three very frightened boys. Bull contacted a colleague to work with Craig De Long. Sven Engblahm stood beside the boy as he argued with his father over being sent to a private school where they could make a man of him. It was the attorney who produced evidence and two former students to testify of the homosexual atmosphere at the school the elder De Long had chosen.
    The day of his wife's funeral Mr. De Long went before a judge to have legal responsibility for Craig transferred to me. The proceeds from Mrs. De Long's insurance was placed in a trust fund for Craig's expenses. He was to draw a weekly stipend and a weekly allowance was to paid to me for his room and board. I had to laugh at that. I would of course place the money to work for the boy. Harry would pick the boy up at the airport Friday at noon. I knew that my week was only going to be the first of many long weeks of constant turmoil in my life. I was anxious to get this business behind us and try to get twelve young victims settled into a quite and as normal of a life that I could provide for them.
    The courtroom emptied quickly about one thirty Thursday. The bailiff stepped out to tell the witnesses that court was recessed for the day and that we could go home, but to return Monday at noon. As I waited for my car my phone rang. "Come to the school, NOW!" Cory was in a panic. I palmed the valet five bucks and burned my tires as I got in front of the traffic coming up behind me. I was glad that I had driven the Caddy. I had the red and blues flashing and the siren blaring a clear path to the school. I was across town in nothing flat. I stopped in front of the school and left my Caddy in the no parking zone with the headlights flashing off and on and the red and blues under the grill and on the rear view mirror still shining brightly.
    Jimmy Walker and Aaron James were running to me. "Chris, we can handle it. Please, just go home."
    Cory ran to me with Cullen and Cecil close behind. "Dad, he called Cull a faggot and a queer and told him to get his ass out of his class." I held my hand up. Cory stopped and looked at me. He took a deep breath. "Mr. Pike, the Latin teacher." I stopped him again and looked at Cullen.
    "Mr. Pike is so wrong. He doesn't know anything, but what books say about Latin. He might know gerundive and gerunds, but he would never be able to use his knowledge in a conversation. Ask Cecil, we were just staring at each other as he went on and on and he was so off base. I told him, in Latin, what he should be saying and he started in about how faggots don't have a voice in his class and he told me that he didn't like me always acting like the know it all queer.
    "He went, like, Muneday, if that's not a queer's name." Mr. Pike, huh. Simon Pike.
    Simon Pike stepped out of the school doors and walked up to the boys. "I told you to get off of the school grounds, fag boy. Or are you trying to suck somebody's cock, Moongaaayyy…"
    I stepped out from behind Aaron. I stand six foot one, but I can hide in Aaron's shadow. He is not so much taller than I, but he is broad. I am of a very slim build. I have been told that I could hide behind a match stick. "Hi, Simon. I saw Percy last week. He told me that you two are still together. He says that you want to go to Massachusetts this summer." Pike looked at me then at the boys and tried to lead me away.
    "Oh, wait just a moment, Si. Cullen, get your books put away and meet me in the office. I haven't met with your new principal yet."
    "Okay, Uncle Chris." His emphasis on the word uncle made Pike's eyes widen. Pike had his back to the gathering crowd, but was facing me. He blanched and his body slackened.
    "Are you still in the closet after all of these years, Si? Shoot man, you and Percy have been lovers for what, forty years, I think he said. I think everybody knows that you are queer. Why did you call my nephew, the Crown Prince a queer? Does it make you feel better to put children down because they may know more than you do? As a crown head of one of Europe's oldest families Cullen speaks three major dialects of Chinese plus Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian, without accent. He is, of course very astute in Latin. Latin is almost his mother tongue as my sister and her husband use it to speak so that the boy won't know what they are saying. He fooled them. He speaks and writes the language better than they do."
    I was lying through my teeth and Cullen was eating it up. He was repeating everything I was saying in flawless…something, I don't know, I can barely speak English, well at least the Americanized version. On my two recent trips to the island nation I learned that the two countries speak very differently from one another. And I won't even try to get into the different ways that the two nations spell the same word. I had to get Cullen to explain to me that gerundive and gerund basically mean adjective and noun. DUHHH. What's a adjective? "AN adjective, dip weed. I so need to send you to school," his giggles calmed me down.
    Aaron and Jimmy had made the students go back inside the school. Even Cory had gone inside when I nodded at him. I didn't want an audience for what I was about to do to this man. I was about to strip him of every bit of dignity he had left and let those nearby see his nakedness.
    Norman Ellis stepped through the doors as he told the students gathered about inside to get back in class or face detention. Norman smiled at me. I have talked to him a couple of times since he has taken over the leadership of this school. I told him that I would not tolerate any intimidation or bullying from anybody and that he could be outed if he got in the middle of anything that may occur. He remembered my threat and nodded at me with a smile.
    "Hey, Normy, you're sure looking sexy in your old age. How old were you the last time you came to a party at Charley's. You remember, the night that Si here got drunk and took five of us boys in his ass."
    "I was eighteen that night Chris. Remember that I am three years older than you. But that night I was one of the guys that double dicked Si while he sucked you and Aaron over there."
    Simon's eyes widened as he looked at the bearded Aaron James. "Four years I have worked next to that child molester and he never recognized me. Thanks for reminding him of what he is." Aaron was smiling.
    "Simon always liked the younger boys," Principal Norman continued. He was sucking my dick when I was in his Sunday school class at the age of twelve. He introduced me to Charley." He was leering at the bigot, but looking around to make sure that there were only friendly ears within range. None of us wanted this to go outside of our small gathering.
    "I think that you really need to go get your personal belongings and leave the school property right now Simon Pike. You may leave a hand scratched note of resignation with any teacher on your way off campus. If I ever catch you within the reach of sound around any of my boys I will have you facing a judge for child molestation. Percy also told me about young little Mike and how you have had his naked little twelve year old ass in your bed twice lately. Percy is afraid of you going to prison, Si. He loves you and just can't imagine what his life will be without you. After all, he is fifty years old now and he has never known anybody, but you. You were what, fifteen, sixteen when you started molesting his tiny ass. He is still much smaller than you, but I guess you might feel that he is old and used up. Is that it? I will be watching the two of you. You better be good to that man, and I mean it. No threat, Simon. Pure fact."
    I don't like to do these sort of things to people. Simon is a good teacher that is well liked and respected. I don't know his subject and can not speak from experience, but his students and colleagues respect him, or they did up til now.
    I have long feared this sort of reaction to Cullen. The boy is too out there as compared too the rest of the family. He is sissified. His mannerisms are very soft. I try to explain that he is British. He is not so outlandish when viewed from that aspect, but by American standards the boy is just plain fucking gay acting, from an American male perspective. Evan and his limited cross dressing isn't as…well, flipant as Cullen. I love him and no one in the house will ever desert him, but he embarrasses us, too often. He draws stares when we go out. He is not any more touchy feely that the rest of the boys, but just the way he stands. How do I say it? He holds his head high and sort of looks down his nose at others.
    How do I correct it? He has been around my macho acting family for almost a year, but I don't see that any changes have come about from our influence. Of course El says he is so westernized and will have trouble fitting in when he returns to his school. I really hope that that does not occur. I want him to stay with me forever, but I am pretty sure there is a throne in his very near future. I hope to get a couple of more years of life behind him before that happens. At his current level of development his countrymen and advisors will walk all over him. He hasn't displayed any kind of a back bone yet.

    With only an hour to go before school would be out I decided to go to the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß clubhouse. I had my face buried in my computer checking my email. There was an interesting note from Captain Shawn that was to be kept very Q. T. When Hiederick Heintz was searched at the county lock up the police found three two inch long sharpened plastic sticks of some sort. They had no idea what they were. Another prisoner in the room yelled at the officers doing the search to be careful. He told them not to touch them that they were darts and probably very poisonous. The darts were analyzed and found to be coated in a nasty substance that would cause a very excruciating, but imminent, death as the entire nervous system slowly shuts down. Death occurs over a period of thirty minutes or longer as muscles fail to function, but the mind stays active. It is a chemical torture device designed for nothing, but torturous murder.
    An innocent looking ball point pen turned out to be a spring loaded launcher for the darts. I really wanted to go over to the county jail and scratch a few things up with hinny Heintz. He is, but a pawn of a bigger machine and will not lead me to the ones that I want, but I still dislike the…oops, I almost said man…sub-human very much because of what he has done to one of the most beautiful and loving boys on the face of the earth.

    I opened a very secure site as I tried my best to keep up with two simultaneous trials that I was testifying before. I really wanted to know why the day had been cut so short. I was almost sick to my stomach. Everybody had been. Farley's trial seemed to be going smoothly, but Anson's…all of those years that I stood behind him and he was fucking a baby. Not a little boy, a baby. Tiny little Evan was only three years old when fifteen year old Terry made him learn to take man milk. Anal rapes began when Terry was sixteen and Evan not yet four years old.
    Needless to say, the courtrooms were closed to anyone not connected to the cases. I had to pull some strings to get old man Anson into the court room I wanted him to see for himself what a low life he had truly spawned. I doubt that he will return to court Monday.
    Around both courtrooms were 24 x 36 inch pictures of each boy at different ages. They were enlargements of the boys' school pictures and were plainly marked with the year the picture was taken and the age of the boy. These pictures were necessary to identify the young victims in the explicit DVD movies that were shown to the jury. Nothing had been cut and nothing blacked out. The jurors saw pure child pornography in extra large living color on a fifty two inch LCD television screen. No blind spots on that screen.
    The first movie was shown to Anson's jury that afternoon. Tiny little four year old Evan Anson lay naked on a table along the side of two other boys, Mark and Jeff. They had not yet been identified in that courtroom. Terry was clearly seen as he penetrated the rectum of the sniffling boy. Evan had not been allowed to be in the courtroom during the viewing of the movies. I have never allowed any of the boys to see the movies. I am especially protective of the six victims ever having to view themselves on the screen.
    On the TV screen was a very small boy with such a look of innocence in his little blue eyes as he looked up at the man who stood over him wiping his hard cock back and forth across the child's face.

Do you like this baby?" The child was asked.
"Oh yes, daddy. I like your man milk in me."

    One of the women jurors threw up. Court was recessed. Mr. Anson started screaming at Terry as the jurors were leaving the room. He had never believed the charges against his son, but now he had seen the movies of his teen age son and very young grandson for the first time. I only hope that a mistrial is not called. I think the jurors had already left and didn't hear his out burst. I know the rage in his heart and I know how hard it is to contain it.
    Oh, me? No, I wasn't in the courtroom. I am a witness and had to sit it out with Evan. What goes on in the courtroom is kept very quiet and very secret. That is why I was at my desk watching videos from well placed hidden cameras in the room. Of course you didn't hear that here, you know. Why how many laws would be in violate were it known that cameras were inside a closed court room?

    "Please sir, do you have any work I can do?"
    I had not heard the door open or the tiny little spit of a boy standing before me enter. I looked into the sad, but eager face of a four foot five inch tall boy. If he weighed sixty pounds he would have had to have an anvil in his pockets. "What kind of work would you like to do?" I was sure what his answer was going to be.
    "Anything sir, I just want to buy me something to eat." I was right. The kid was on the street. He was clean, his clothes were a day or two old, but he had that lost look. I wanted to scoop him up and cry. My old friend John was at his refurbished old grill preparing for the after school onslaught of hungry teenagers filling this old building as in the old days.
    "John do you have some potatoes and gravy ready yet?"
    "Yes sir. The potatoes are ready to mash and the gravy comes in a can." I could so make a comment, but I had a sweet and innocent standing beside me. I picked him up and put him on one of the bar stools so that he could watch John work.
    "I think that before you work you need some food so that you won't fall down on the job. Mr. John here has fried chicken, or chicken fried steak. Both served with mashed potatoes and gravy. He has a vegetable to go with that as well as a little salad and a piece of grilled Texas toast. Does that sound good to you?"
    "Oh yes sir." He wrapped his little arms around me. I could feel his little body shake. He opted for the chicken fried steak. John had it set before the boy in record time. The boy had asked for green beans which, just by chance, was the veggie of the day. John went to the store room for a gallon sized can which he opened and put a small amount of beans into a bowl to be nuked in the microwave.
    After his plate was totally licked clean I took Theo through the doorway behind the counter that led into the donut shop. I let him seek his choice of deserts. He looked at me with damp blue eyes. I squeezed the frail shoulder that I had been holding onto. I told him anything in the display case was his for the asking. He wanted a bear claw. As the clerk reached to get one for him Theo told her no he wanted the big one next to it. The clerk smiled at him as she told him that the one he wanted was an apple fritter. She told him it was full of big chunks of apple with lots of cinnamon on them. His little head looked like a bobble headed doll in the back window of an old Chevy on a rough road as he shook it vigorously up and down.
    I took him back to the club room and retrieved one of the gallon bottles of 1% milk that I keep for the boys for after school snacks. They don't always get what they need and what they don't need is a lot of sugary drinks after school and that includes fruit juices. I poured us each a large glass of milk and got myself an apple fritter. I tore off a piece to the pastry and dunked it in my milk only to be mimicked, as I had expected to be. This boy was pure boy, through and through.

    Theo Haller's mother was a drunk. Surprise surprise. Theo had been at home with nothing to eat for four days. I had to check this out and quickly. The door opened my boys began to stream in. Art walked up to Theo, "Hey dude, how's it hangin'?" I find it almost hard to believe, but it seems that somebody in my house knows everybody I meet.
    Theo lived a block away from where Art had lived with his mother. Theo's mother had been a drinking buddy of Art's mother and he knew that she was a "total lush," as he called her. Adam and Turner came in. Art called them over and asked them if they remembered Theo They both knew the boy from the neighborhood and they had heard that his mother was a drunk that didn't feed the boy well.
    I made my three boys get their snacks and herded the four of them to my Caddy. Theo led us to his house where we found the police waiting for us. Theo's mother had been found in an alley. She was the victim of sexual assault and mutilation. She had been dead about three days and her body had been dumped where it was found. I called JC at once. I wanted to be sure that Theo was placed in a safe place. I did not want the two officers waiting at the door to take him.
    The boys took Theo to his room while we waited for JC to arrive. The officers had to get back to work and kept telling me that I could have someone pick the boy up at the children's shelter. That is the last place in the world that I would wish for any kid to be. I told them that they could wait. They didn't like that and wanted my name. I knew that they would give me trouble. I was relieved when I looked over their shoulder to see JC's car coming down the street.
    JC stepped forward and assumed responsibility for the boy. The officers didn't like that, but they were out ranked. I called the boys to come to the front room. All four boys were tucking in shirts and breathing erratically with mottled red faces. I grinned at them. Turner looked at me. He looked around, then out the front door. "Are the cops gone?" he asked. I nodded. "Theo's one of us." Shit. I looked at JC The son of a bitch had a mile wide smile on his shit eating face. I had the paperwork for a new member of my household delivered by a crazy social worker and his boyfriend, Kenneth Thomas, right at dinner time. Of course we had to feed and fuck them.

    I looked over the table at dinner time. I was missing six young bodies. I had the old guest house remodeled, again. I had equipment installed for Tim O'Conner and for Biff. I had the bedroom doors widened and made the shower floors level for the boys to get access with their wheel chairs. Biff was officially by himself, but I am told that he has lots of company. Ray shares the room with Tim and for the time being the third bedroom is still Christopher's domain.
    The kitchen out there is a whole separate matter, it belongs to Christopher and he loves to cook in it. Our young chef du jour presides over a cooking school. Christopher's new boyfriend, Derrick, is pretty handy with a skillet and a cabinet full of food. Derrick showed his handiwork when he fixed up a batch of meatballs that made the spaghetti beg for more. He used Vegetarian Burgerô by Worthington® foods, cut into five pounds of our own home ground chuck roast and three pounds of super spicy hot pork sausage. We try to limit our intake of meat to four ounces per day, but by adding the soy bean mix a larger portion was available without adding to digestive distresses.
    Derrick's sauce was par excállànce. He made it from over ripe Roma tomatoes that he stewed and simmered overnight two days before, then let sit in an open container in the refrigerator another night. Fresh oregano, thyme, basil, even a touch of cilantro, freshly clipped from Ģerâld's herb garden were mixed with onions and garlic plucked from the same garden. Every thing in his sauce was fresh, except the blends of aged cheeses that Ģerâld has shipped from New York. The blend of flavors even made skinny assed Ģerâld go back for a third helping.
    Trevor and Alec are young chefs in training under the tutelage of Christopher. To our culinary delight these boys had a master baker as a grandfather. The old man has taught the lads well. We had sourdough bread for our meal most every night. I much prefer a good sourdough over the hard European loaves that most people prefer with their pastas and the addition of fresh crushed garlic, Basil and grated Parmesan cheese on lightly toasted slices made my pallet cry for more.
    Trevor is now rooming with Jay Farley. Alec is with Evan, here I had one who wasn't sure if he was gay and one who may be a transsexual rooming together. It will be interesting to see where that goes. It seems that Alec also has himself a girlfriend. More suspense. Those six boys were having one of their pot luck specials where each of them made a dish to make a weird, but great meal. The six of them were feeding the three occupants of the guest house as payment for the use of their kitchen.
    Cas and Tyler have taken to eating in their private apartment. They still feel that they may corrupt some young mind or something. Jerry and Tim like to cook and are very handy in the kitchen. They had helped Ģerâld prepare our meal for this night. Ģerâld fixes the food for the family then he wants to crash so he takes a couple of plates out so that he and Luke can eat together quietly. Jay had a bit of a fever so Brad was going to insert his rectal thermometer deep in Jay's hottest spot. I let them take their dinner to their room. I frown on food in the rooms. We don't have bugs and I don't want to encourage the little beasts to move in. I have enough mouths to feed as it is.

    I pushed the selection button on the intercom system and a bugle began to play Mess Call. Jimmy found a web site with midi generated bugle calls. Of course he and Cory had uploaded them to Traveler's© memory base. They wanted to play all of the bugle calls on the air horns and record them for use in the house, but I drew the line on that one. I have enough from the whole tribe about getting a set of air horns on Traveler Too©. I told them that the next time I was in St. Louis I would have a set installed.
    I heard giggling as six naked boi bodies ran into the room. I pointed at them then at the floor in front of me. I reached down and picked tiny Theo up in my arms. His buzz cut blonde hair makes him look bald. His eyebrows are a bit darker so I know that he will probably outgrow his towhead, but he sure is cute right now. He had his arms around my neck and his tiny little legs locked to my hips. I stared into his eyes. He giggled, of course. He had cum breath. I looked at the boys. They all had something on their feet to look at.
    I made a point of sniffing his breath then said, "Fee fy fo fum, I smell lots of boy cum." He giggled, what else? "Who's?" He pointed at the boys. "Which one?"
    "Theirs. All of them." He giggled. Kids, what can I say. Kenny, Eric, Art, Turner, and Adam had been down in the dorm room with the boy since we had gotten home from school, almost three hours earlier. What had they made this boy do? I set Theo on the cabinet and raised his legs up causing him to go onto his back. I spread the tiny legs out. I thought that we have a few boys in our house with dicks bigger then those sweet little things were. Most of the boys in the house had dicks longer than Theo's tiny feet were. I looked at the extra tiny little pink colored pucker staring up at me. It looked okay. I put my face down and took a deep breath. Boi butt smell. I put my tongue out and swirled it around. Theo came to life and squealed like a young piglet. He forced his tiny butt up to my face eager for more.
    "Really dad, you don't think that we would do that to him do you?" Turner can be very firm. He is a natural leader and very outspoken.
    "No son, I don't want to ever think that any of you would do something like that, but I smell something sweet on his breath."
    "Well, he likes to suck cock and you know…well we can't pass up an eager cocksucker. But we didn't do him. We told him that he didn't need to do us. We know that you would want to at least look him over. He isn't so young as he looks and he might have some coffee sweetener in his cute hairless balls." I asked Theo if he knew what they were talking about. He giggled.
    I bent over him and looked him square in the eye. He wrapped his arms back around my neck to pull himself up and planted a kiss on me. His little tongue was poking at my lips. I opened my mouth and let the boy show me that he really knew how to kiss. I was so hard and hot I almost shoved my cock up his extra virgin ass, without olive oil. Sorry, I always think of olive oil when I think of extra virgin. How can something be extra virgin? I would like someone to tell me.
    I asked Theo if he liked to suck cock. His little head bobbled up and down so hard I expected to see it roll across the floor. I asked him if he liked getting his dick sucked. He looked at me and his eyes watered, "I ain't never been sucked."
    "'cause he said I had a weeny dick and he couldn't suck me."
    I just had to make the boy feel good about himself. I grabbed his almost four inch long nail and ran my thumb around the little pink head. "I don't think this is any weeny. May I taste of it so that I can find out?" He started the bobble head again. I wanted him to have the whole treatment so I pushed his knees back to his chin and spread his tight little globes apart. The boy was so tiny I felt like I was actually spreading the legs of a moth to get to his little moth balls. His balls certainly weren't tiny. Theo is in his beginning stages of puberty. His balls have dropped and are about the size of a grape. His uncut cock throbbed in anticipation of what was to cum. I was surprised to see a pearly droplet appear at the tip of his delectable chopstick. I cleaned that off with my tongue then began.
    I let my tongue work around his IBM hole, you know the itsy bitsy man hole. The boy's giggles and moans were music to my ears. "More, do more. Eat my ass, oops," he sat up. "Sorry."
    "For what sweet butt?"
    "I said a dirty word. Mom always slaps my face and washes my mouth out with soap if I say bad words."
    "If you don't say bad words while I eat your fucking ass hole you little shit for brains then you are a saint." His eyes were huge before the giggles came again. I went back to my dinner. He went back to wiggling. I made sure my finger was very wet. We had gotten together the evening before to do our family manicure and pedicure routine that we practice two or three times each week. There is nothing that will get your attention faster than to have a boy with a hangnail fuck his digit up your ass hole.
    I pushed at his extra tight poop chute. He opened quicker than I would have thought. The boy has an eager ass. I constantly wet my finger, he tasted good inside. I will love to eat the cock that fucks this little butt the first time. I was giving Theo the licking of his life and he was loving it to death. He proved that he could be a garbage mouth as he used every dirty word he knew and some he could make up. He didn't use them in the right place and he had the family in stitches with some of his usage. "Fuken eat my shittin shitter bitch face. I'm gonna fart up your faggy nose muff diver. Eat my beaver, cleaver." Oh well, he was having fun, but try to keep a stiff tongue on target with that going on.
    I began to stroke his tiny little nut. It was no more than a pimple in his little ass, but the feelings were there for him and he responded as I would expect. I took his boi nail into my mouth and laved the sensitive little glans. His body could not lay still. He humped his sweet cocklet into my mouth. He wanted to get the first truly remarkable experience of his life. I focused my attack on his little prostate and bobbed my head on his slim cock. I had a nice sized reward. Thin, as was expected. More than I expected. He was satisfied and overjoyed. I was glad to do it for him.
    "Tell me little one. How old is this boy who says you have a weeny dick. Do you suck him often?"
    "I suck him almost every day. He lives next door to me. How old are you Donny?" My heart stopped. Every eye in the house turned on Donny and his brother David sitting next to him. I began to boil. I told the boys to sit down and eat before it got cold. I left the room.
    I wanted privacy. I headed to the theater. I entered my code, as the door slid open a body slipped by me. "It was before I came here. I'm, you don't like that word. It won't fix it. Are you going to beat me and call the police?"
    "Is that what you are afraid of? Are you afraid that I will call the police, Donny?"
    "No, well yes, but that isn't it. I don't want you to be mad at me. Chris, I did that before I came here. I swear to you that I will never do that to a little boy again. I told you yesterday that I was sorry and I mean it. I promised Kenny last night that I would never do anything like that again. I didn't even have sex with Kenny last night even when Eric said that it was okay. I want him to believe that I am sorry and that I am changed. But Chris, can I call you dad or are you mad at me? I want you to like me…"
    I grabbed him up and pulled him into my lap. The room was absolutely dark. I pushed a button on the arm control pad of my chair and the rows of diodes along the floor came on. My home theater has all the looks of a full sized movie theater, right down to the floor and wall lighting. I have more tasteful sconces on my wall lights though. Most movie theaters get rather garish. The theater only has seating for twenty four in twelve, two person, reclining love seats. I will ruin the sweet spot sound if I try to enlarge it. While there is plenty of floor space for boys to lay about I wondered about changing the room. I had to let it go for now. There are more important things occurring in my life.
    Donny soaked the two of us with his tears. I held him as all of my anger was washed away. The kid had it pretty rough. He had stood on the school's playground and watched as his mother was run down in the crosswalk where she was a crossing guard for the school. He waved at her, but she was running at four little kids. She scooped them up and threw them through the air as a car hit her so hard that she was flung up and over it.
    Only five year later he watched his dad be electrocuted as his ladder came in contact with a rain gutter that had a live wire laying across it from an accident in front of the house where they were working. The last thing this boy needs is jail. He had committed this offense against Theo before he molested Kenny. He had sworn to never do those things to a little boy again. I had to take him at his word. But I had to have him make it up to Theo in a tangible way. Something that would teach him a lesson and give Theo a boost at the same time.
    Donny and I walked back into the dining room. It was dead silence. It is never silent when we sit down to eat. We have so much to hear from each boy. I noticed a few nods to Bryan. Bryan turned around and looked at us. He was out of his chair and up in Donny's face in an instant. "Did I tell you that you could leave?"
    "Shut up. Get down." Donny was on his hands and knees in a second. "I'm sorry daddy. This has been a very bad little boy and I will deal with him." Donny was whimpering and seemed to be begging like a puppy. I have heard of this sort of thing and I don't like it. I looked at Bry and started to say something.
    "Daddy, listen to me. I know what it is to be forced to do things, you know like sex stuff. Donny has told me what he did and some of the boys that he did it too. When Theo came here today Donny cried because he has hurt Theo. I told him that he will be Theo's slave boy until I see fit to forgive him. Which won't be until Theo forgives him. I talked to Theo already and told him that he can not forgive Donny until Saturday, maybe Sunday. Donny has to know how if feels to be forced to do things.
    "He is going to let Mr. Thompson and Mr. Combs have their way with him then I think that Theo should beat him awhile." I had to stifle a giggle. Bry was in his element. I had never seen the boy so cock sure. I don't like bondage or even the play acting of bondage, but somehow I thought that this just might be the answer to two maybe three of my problems. One, I really wanted Bry to come of his own. That seemed to be happening. Two, I wanted Donny to learn such a lesson, but he seriously needed to pay for his crimes. Forgiveness comes from God. We could forgive Donny, but he had to suffer something. Humility is a great answer for the humiliation that he has caused his little victims. Three, I needed to make Theo feel that he had not been to blame for what Donny had done to him and that he needed to be able to enact some token of humility back on the boy. Theo was ready for that, although I wouldn't find that out for an hour or so.
    I asked Theo where he wanted to sleep. He told me that he was sleeping with me and that his slave was going to keep our feet warm and extra clean all night long. I giggled, but I wondered if maybe a monster was being created.
    I stuck a plate full of food into the microwave and rewarmed it, again. I was famished and I felt light headed. I have to watch myself and sometimes force myself to eat and keep my blood sugar level. Dr. Will sat me down and explained in deep detail what would happen to my brain if I let my blood sugar get too low. My boys are my world, I could not go out on them, not like that.
    JC was given Donny's leash. The two walked away. Donny was smiling and seemed eager, but he kept his head down and his eyes lowered. Bry had taught him well. In less than ten minutes JC was back. The boys started to tease him. "Short fuse, preemy?" He was asked if he even got it out of his pants, he was naked so that passed by. Someone asked if he got it in. JC was red faced, but he told the boys that he was anxious to visit with Christopher. The wolf whistles began as Christopher took a bow then grabbed the man's hand and led him out to his room in the bungalow. Ken went in to see Donny.
    It was more than a half an hour before we saw any of them again. Ken and Donny smelled sweet from their shower and Ken really looked relaxed. I heard him tell his two sons, Trevor and Alec, that he still had it in him. That was his forth and fifth for the day. The boys high fived him. Christopher led JC back into the room The boy was sporting his mighty erection. "Stinkin' Sodomite could only take it twice. Says Mr. Thompson has been on his ass all afternoon. Aren't there any real men left in the world?" I was barely able to head off the food fight that I saw coming.

    I spent Friday trying to clean my house and mind. I had to come to grips with myself. The New York Trials were now three weeks away. I worried about my family. I would have six of the boys with me. I plan to fly back and forth each week so that I can be home with my urchins on the week ends. So much pressure. I tossed and I turned. There was no way that I could get comfortable. My mind was in turmoil as I played everything over and over in my head. My life was becoming unmanageable. I was no longer in control of anything. I saw young Sean in my mind's eye. The boy is a piece of walking artwork. I love Cory so much that it hurts. And sweet Cullen. Cullen and Cecil are very tight. Cecil enrolled in school and has made overtures to becoming a permanent family member. I am no longer in control and I feel lost.
    My door was slowly being opened. Someone wanted to be with me. I heard bawling. Not crying. Not a quiet cry, out and out bawling. It wasn't the kind of cry that I associated with pain. I was at the door as Bry waved me back. Cory was carrying Theo in his arms. Donny was kissing the boy's face and wiping his tears. "It's okay little one. He doesn't know any better. He's new here too. He is a pure ass hole." Donny looked up at me and lowered his eyes.
    Cory laid the very upset lad on my bed. He grabbed me and held me close. He was shaking. "We have a problem daddy. I so want to kill someone right now. I am going to go and let you sort it out. I'm sorry, I just can't stay right now." He was more upset than I have ever seen him before.
    I looked at Donny. He was still in his cowed position. "Are you part of this?" I was a little too stern with the boy.
    "Oh, no sir. I swear. It's not me. I love Theo, dad."
    "Then lift up your head."
    "I can't sir. I am being punished."
    "Not now, you aren't. Now you are going to tell me what is going on."
    "I…please, sir, let Theo tell you. I…" Donny was shaking. I pulled him to me. "I have never wanted to hit anyone before, sir. I hate that bastard." That did it. I picked him up and carried him to the bed. Theo had his face buried in a pillow and was still crying his little heart out.
    I picked him up and held him in my arms as I kissed away his tears. His little face was twisted in pure pain. Somebody had hurt him and bad. I pulled Donny up against me. He was crying. Boy's are so tender as puberty starts to rebuild their bodies. They have no idea what is happening to them. Every little event is an emotional peak or valley. They have no even ground, nothing to grasp onto.
    Donny opened his sweet little eyes and locked onto mine. I bent over and kissed his lips then licked at the tears along the bottoms of his eyes. He giggled at me. I kept up my lip service over every square inch of his baby like face. He was beginning to melt. I pulled Donny over. He caught on that I expected him to help me. The two of us kissed the gloominess away from Theo and found boy giggles underneath.
    I moved my assault down to his neck and around to his ears. As my tongue worked its way inside his right ear his giggles became the sweetest sound on earth, boy laughter. I let his body down onto the bed and moved to his tiny chest. I almost wished that I had a heavier beard so that I could drive him crazy with the stubble. I had Charley do that to me so many times when my emotions took over in my youth. It was as if the man had sand paper on his chin as he drove me insane scrapping my tender skin over and over again.
    I took his tiny spike into my mouth and pushed at his tight virgin pucker. He dropped his load instantly. "I want to be fucked. I want to see what it feels like. He told me that he doesn't fuck babies. He said my dick in his butt would be like a tooth pick in the Grand Canyon. He slapped me when I told him that I loved him." I was livid. Someone in my house has hit this boy. Called him a baby. He will have his own balls for breakfast as he watches me cook them and feed them to him.
    "Who hit you, sweet cheeks?" I almost called him baby, but that was not a good choice of endearment at the time.
    "I don't want him to get in trouble."
    "Did anyone else see this happen?"
    "Like yeah. We were in the dorm room down stairs. Everybody saw him and heard him." I looked at Donny. He was nodding his head.
    "So you don't think that your new brothers won't make him know that what he did and said was wrong?"
    His eyes flew open. "Oh no. Don't let them hurt him."
    "That's not the way we do things, Theo. They will bring him before the family council. You will tell the family what happened then he will have to explain why he did what he did. Then the family will decide what needs to be done. Theo looked at me with sheer terror on his little face. He grabbed me and held on to me as if his life depended on it.
    "What will they do to him?"
    "I don't know what he did to you. I don't know what to tell you until I know what happened." He began to tell his story with Donny filling in the gaps for me. Ricky Johnson doesn't have a boyfriend. He likes older men, grandfather types, old men. He doesn't want a boy. I had seen this in him when we spent the afternoon with the three boys in Albany the past summer.
    Ricky is not much larger than Theo, but he is very street wise. He and his brother had prostituted themselves to be able to eat. Brad and Jay found them working a city park restroom. Ricky enjoyed going to the park and sucking old men's dicks and letting them suck him, that is where he met Jay's grandfather Seth, and fell in love with the old man.
    Theo saw Ricky sitting alone and he approached, hoping to get a little boy sex going. Theo is not aggressive and had no idea how to approach the other boy. Ricky was brutal with his reactions. He slapped Theo for even talking to him. I could see the red mark on his cheek, but I had no idea what had caused it until I got the story from the two boys. I pondered my options. I looked at Theo and decided that this was too serious to allow it to go unresolved overnight. I had the bugles playing Assembly over the intercom as I called for a family council.
    The boys were laid back. Most of them had done their personal relaxation exercises and had already showered. Some of them smelled sexy as hell. Brad and Jay sat down beside me. I told Jay that he looked as if his fever had gotten better. I grinned and asked him if Brad really knows how to use a rectal thermometer. He wiggled his eyebrows as he told me that Brad had just the technique that could really bring his fever down, but it sometimes took several hours and many repeated attempts to accomplish. They smelled as if they were fresh from a good fuck. I bent over and sucked Brad's soft cock. It tasted just like Jay, so sweet. I kissed Jay then sucked his cock. He had been doing some temperature taking himself. I gave Brad a taste of his butt second hand. Those two boys are extra sweet. I am so glad to have their love. Something about the pair makes me feel very special.
    Ricky was acting extra cocky as he strutted around. Ray slapped his ass, hard and told him to sit down. Ricky let loose a blue cloud of profanity that made everyone in the room uncomfortable. Ray was embarrassed by his little brother. "Ray, you tell us. What should we do with Ricky."
    "You can leave me the fuck alone is what you can do, you old fucking queen." If Brad and Cory hadn't grabbed me I would have knocked the kid's lights out.
    Ray was in tears. "I don't know, sir. He has been like this for several months now. Seth told me that he was sick and tired of the ass hole. Sorry to talk like that. I know that you don't like it, but that is how I feel about my own brother."
    "Ray are you aware of what happened in the dorm with Ricky and Theo?" He wasn't. I had Theo get up and tell his side of what had occurred. I then asked Donny to tell the family what he had seen. Eric told even more detail. He is not one to pull punches or sugar coat anything. Kenny wanted to put a word in. All in all we had eight boys tell the same story and all of it was very bad for Ricky.
    "Has anyone had sex with Ricky since he arrived?" No one moved. I looked around. Kyle shuffled a bit then looked at me.
    "He came to me last night and grabbed my cock. He told me that I was the only decent sized faggot in the fucking room. He was stroking me up, but his language was bad and kept getting worse. He started putting me down, but telling me that he would do me a favor and let me fuck his tiny ass. He told me that he could show me how a real fucking could be. I pulled away from him and went to take a shower. Eric stopped me as I walked by his bunk. He told me that we should show the punk what we could do.
    "Ricky got his face right down in our shit as I fucked the living hell out of Eric. When I started to shoot I pulled out and shot all over Ricky's face, even in his eyes and mouth. He cussed me out like I never heard anybody cuss before, not even my old man cusses like that guy does."
    I had several boys tell how he had come on to the them. He tried to come on to Cas. Cas patted his little ass and told him that he was a married man. Ricky didn't make the connection that Cas was married to Tyler until that very moment. He started in with his blue language until Raymond walked over and slapped his face. He told him that he was sick to death of his foul mouth and he was not going to put up with it anymore.
    I know Ricky's story, he has been an ass hole for a long time. Ryan Simpson was a boy in Albany that used his classmates and when they didn't do as he wanted then he turned on them. He had outed Jay in the cafeteria at their high school, but Brad turned the tables on him. Raymond had been with the boy as well as several other kids at the school, but it was Ricky that cleaned the boy's act up once and for all. Ricky stood up in church one morning and asked Jesus to make Ryan stop molesting him. Ricky had a chip on his shoulder and I needed to find a way to knock it off without hurting the boy.
    I pulled Ray over to me and held him as he cried on my shoulder. "You are the only one here who I will not scold for hitting Ricky. He is your brother and your legal responsibility. You and you alone have the right to punish him. While he is living in my house I may or may not use physical punishment on him, but no one else must ever hit him without council approval."
    "He is an embarrassment. If mom were alive she would hide him for sure. I should have done it a year ago, but he could do no wrong in Seth's eyes. Seth only wanted his body for sex. He didn't care for the boy at all. He finally had all he could take and found another boy."
    "Is he running from the police?"
    "No, that's just a story he told Ricky so that he could get rid of him. I know where he is if you need him." I looked at Jay. Ray followed my eyes. He realized that he had not told his best friend the truth. He sat down with Jay and begged forgiveness as he told him where his grandfather was.
    "Ricky, you have a black eye and a split lip. Did some body hit you?"
    Raymond was first to speak as many voices rang out, "He fell in the shower." Ricky was glaring at Eric. Eric made a muscle with his left arm and stared at Ricky.
    I sat down next to Eric. "That's some bar of soap you got there mister." I squeezed his hard muscular arm. He looked at me, half in fear. "Ricky, you should be glad that my boys don't tear you limb from limb. They know that I don't like fighting. Oh we have a fight from time to time, but we try to talk things out first. Now take you for instance. If you were in our place what would you do with you?"
    "I leave it the fuck alone and tell you all to go fuck yourselves. You're nothing, but a bunch of fucking queers and I don't gotta listen to nothing you bastards say." Raymond slapped the boy in the mouth again, only this time he hit him hard. It was open handed, but he drew blood.
    "Family vote." There was no vote too it.
    The box made its way around the room. I handed it to Ricky. He looked inside. "There's nothing here, but black marbles."
    "Count them."
    "Fifty. So what?" Forty nine boys plus me had each dropped a black marble in our Jury box. Pete, Toby, and Timmy were at work and not home to vote.
    "There are fifty four people in this house, including yourself. Three of those people are not here. They are still at work. The other fifty people in the house do not want you here. If you were from Tucson I would take you down to the juvenile shelter tonight and be done with you. You are not from here. I could put you on a very slow bus and send you back to Albany, but as I hear it no one there wants you either.
    "I am stuck between a rock and a very hard place, Ricky. I can not and will not allow what happened tonight to pass. We have never had, nor will we ever again have, this sort of action take place in this house. We have had discipline issues in the past. Three of our boys have suffered public spanking in front of the entire family." I took a quick look at Donny and Kenny. Mike smiled at me. "One of our favorite boys received two very hard licks, from every boy in the family. We used the wide leather belt that Cory has in his hand. By the family rules the boys each give their licks then I give the same number times the number of boys that are present at the time of the punishment. After all of that he was banished until he asked to come home and be a part of the family. Not only did we bring him home, I adopted him as my own son."
    Mike came over and hugged me around the neck and kissed me in a long deep kiss. "I was so wrong and I deserved everything I got. What I don't deserve I now have, you for my real dad and a whole bunch of sweet brothers that really do love me. Believe me, Ricky, these dude can swing that belt and they hurt me. My ass was on fire for weeks, but what really hurt is that they put me out. I couldn't see them. I couldn't try to talk to them, nothing. Then, on top of that dad sent me away to school in a whole nother state where I didn't know nobody and nobody liked me. I hate what you did to my little brother and I so hope that we get to beat your scrawny little ass bloody." I thought that I was scaring the little guy, but Mike made the kid piss all over himself. He was made to get down and clean his mess up. I am going to have to think about removing the carpeting in the house.
    "I don't believe that spanking, or banishing, you will work. I believe that if I put you in a foster home you will get even worse than you already are. As I see it we have no other choice than to just kill you and dump your naked body in the desert. You like dick so we will all fuck the shit out of you first."
    "Dad, he will like that. Come up with something else before we kill him. I'll kill him for you though. He's my brother and I want to do it slowly and painfully." Ray was having fun at Ricky's expense. Ricky was showing serious fright.
    "Well, Ray. I don't know. I was kind of thinking that he could hang him on sharp hooks in his butt cheeks and cut off bits and pieces of him for several days. You know, like his nose and toes, fingers are good and painful too. I like the idea of small cuts along his cock and maybe pins in his nuts." The room was full of fidgeting boys as they grabbed at each body part I mentioned and held onto it. Most of them had seen the slavers hanging upside down from chains in the ceiling in a dungeon in France."
    "We could circumcise him with a table knife. That's what Seth told him. Then to kill any infection we just pour a bottle of alcohol on his cock to get rid of any steak and potatoes that might have still been on the knife." Ray was so loving watching Ricky take all of this seriously for once. In the past he would just get even more crude as Seth and Ray tried to threaten the kid to make him behave.
    "There is one thing that we might do before we actually kill him though. Naw, that wouldn't work on him. He is too tough and he really doesn't want to be here."
    "Yes I do. I really do. I'm sorry." Ricky sobbed.
    "Somebody shut the condemned up. He has no voice here any longer. I don't want to hear him." I could have done nothing that would have hit that boy any harder than that. He sat down on the floor as every bit of air rushed from his body. His face went to total blank and his eyes shut down. I had him where I needed him to be.
    "Ray, I think that you need some judicious belt work on your mighty glutes in full view of the entire family. Had you done your job to begin with then none of this would be necessary so I think that twenty solid lashes are in order. Your, no longer named, sibling needs to know that your inability to correct him is causing you pain." Ricky jumped up and got behind Ray. He was bawling as hard as Theo had earlier. He had his arms wrapped around Ray from the back as he covered his brother's ass. He was yelling at us to whip him, not Ray. Ray was smiling at me with all he had in him.
    "Well Ray, I guess you could give your no named sibling what he has needed for a long time. But I warn you if you don't do your duty to your brother, as we feel it is needed in this instance, then the family will take over and we will show you how you should have done your job as the belt is applied to you." Ricky bent over a chair arm and stuck his butt up into the air. "But this isn't going to end the matter. No name is going to be shined. There will be no conversation with him, to him, or about him, until he can convince the family, without words, that he is worthy to remain in the house. He will not eat along with the rest of us. He will not be enrolled in school until he is a part of this family. He will not be recognized in any way until this council agrees that he exists."
    Ray looked at Ricky. There were tears in the boy's eyes. "Well??" Ricky looked up at Ray and then slowly nodded his agreement. He turned around and stuck his butt out. "We agree with the decision of the family council." He pulled his arm back and started to swing. Cory grabbed his arm as I hit the arm of the chair next to the boy's head. Ricky peed down the arm of the chair and collapsed to the floor in a dead faint. Ray scooped him up and carried him to the empty room next to him and Tim. We will have a new boy in our house in a few days. We just have to show our love by being tough and stern.

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