Chapter twenty four


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    I checked on Tyler and Turner. Tyler was in school and doing very well as he worked to put his life on the right track. I introduced him to Cas and he agreed to help the guy get adjusted to campus life, after all he was an old hat now, he had been in college four weeks.
    Turner was back with his old classmates, his old boyfriend, and his old school. He was happy as a Lark now that he also had his big brother to look after him. I went over their finances and the boys were doing very well. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the house and the well stocked kitchen. Much to my surprise there was very little of what I expected to find in their refrigerator. They had lots of fresh vegetables and juices, they had two, two liter bottles of soda, one unopened, that they both told me had been there for three or four days.
    Turner was cooking dinner that evening and invited Cas and me to join them. The boy did miracles with an eggplant lasagne and a crisp green salad, that was followed by a scoop of frozen peach yogurt. That told me that I was not needed. I spent the night with Turner as Tyler and Cas became friends. During a mid-night pee run Tyler told me he was stretched beyond recovery. He had convinced Cas to top him, Tyler is a top, Cas is a bottom. What is going on here? I told Ty that we should double dick Cas and give him a true thrill. Cas heard us and begged us to do it.
    Turner joined in as we took up our positions. I lay flat on the bed and let Cas position himself on just the head of my cock past his sphincter. Ty wiggled in and pushed into the well lubricated hole then the two of us moved all the way in together. I let Ty do the fucking as I lay still and enjoyed the friction. This didn't touch Cas as he needed because my cock was flat against his prostate.
    We realigned with Cas laying on his back on top of me. Then Ty pushed in. This worked for Cas as he was stroked to his pleasure. It also afforded tiny Turner getting into a sixty nine with Cas and taking care of all of the boy's needs. Ty was the only one that had to pull away after our thirty five minute fuck fest. Our position just made it too uncomfortable for him to hang around. I scooted out from under the pile while still keeping Cas impaled on my cock. I got Ty's cock in my mouth and nursed the boy as the four of us slept until the alarm sent the boys rushing to prepare for school.
    Cas and I flew up the hill so that he could dress in his new clothes and get his books for the morning class. He took the Jeep and flew out the door, with no breakfast in him. That I don't like, a kid can't study with an empty fuel tank.

    I still wasn't satisfied. I didn't know what I wanted. It was already November and I missed Cory so much, but I had to let him grow up. I missed little Jim, but he was trouble waiting to happen for me. Tim and Jerry were sweet and I wish them the best. I really wanted to get it on with my young airman. I had only spent an hour and a half with him, but he was vibrant and exciting. Turner and Tyler were close when I needed a cum fix, and they were always willing, but they had gotten into a routine and were building a life of their own.
    I scanned my e-mail and there was one from flying-peter, Pete's online handle. I opened it up. He addressed me as his dearest Chris. He made me feel so good as he told me how he and his beach buddy had gotten it on. The boy had latent sexual identity problems and Peter had exposed him to the truth about himself.
    The two were being torn apart by the Air Force as each had their new assignments in opposite directions. Peter was going to try to get home for Thanksgiving before heading to his new assignment. With a war on he could not tell me where he was going, but he promised to e-mail me as soon as he got settled. I had to go to Kansas City. I gave Cas keys and codes for the house and let him drive the jeep to school. He said he would be alright as I assured him that I would only be gone a few weeks and would be back right after Thanksgiving. I deserted him on his first holiday away from home and family for my own lust. Ass hole!!!

    I took that damnable I-25 north to Albuquerque, damn, I hate that road. I hit a chunk of steel as it came flying off the back of a beat up old pickup truck loaded with garbage. I felt the jagged edge as it knifed through my four hundred and fifty dollar tires. I turned my laptop computer toward me as I punched in the name of my tire brand and sought a dealer in Albuquerque. There was one just a few blocks off of the interstate. I pulled in to check the tires, sure enough the inside dual was in shreds.
    Murphy has a way of getting around in front of me sometimes and this was one of those times. The store did not have a tire that would fit my rig. ???? I would have to wait over night until one could be sent over from the very truck stop that I had eaten breakfast in at Amarillo a few weeks earlier. To add insult to injury the shop would not let me stay in Traveler© overnight. He wanted to lock his yard because of the high incidents of vandalism. I asked him to put my outer tire on and I would pull out to the street. He wanted two hundred dollars to do that. I will have this guy's ass when this trip is done.
    I pulled out onto the street and blocked his gate with Traveler©, there was no place to park. I was wired and I was mad, I could not sleep. Now I have to tell you that Albuquerque is no place to be in the winter. The winds are a killer, I was so cold that I couldn't get enough clothes on to warm up, I had on a jogging suit with sweats over that. I had the heaters going full force. I only hoped that the generator would last all night as I had not checked the fuel in it for such a long time that I could not remember doing it.
    Paranoia won out and I took my flashlight out to check the fuel supply for the generator. I have a special five gallon tank located in a panel under my bathroom that gravity feeds the generator so I didn't have to open the generator compartment, I only had to look at the mechanical fuel gage over the filler neck. I had plenty of gasoline underneath the vehicle with the ATVs. I shined my light on the fuel gage and I heard a noise behind me, I turned and shined the light into the wide eyes of a frightened boy hiding in the tall bushes by the gate of the tire shop.
    I was quicker than he was and had his thin jacket collar firmly in my hand before he could make his get away. I looked at the fuel gage, it registered full. I dragged my little mischief maker, kicking and screaming, to Traveler's© door. I shoved him inside and shut the door behind me. I told him to sit down and get warm. His little eyes strayed over the interior as he sat down on the sofa. He unzipped his jacket to reveal a bare, skinny chest.
    The boy was a mix of Hispanic and Asian, he was so fucking cute. I love what is called Amer-Asian boys, they are lovely to look at, though I had never bedded one. This boy was named Tran Ngo, he was waiting outside until his mother's john left. She would be in bed with the man until around one or one thirty then he could slip back in the small one room house and sleep on his blankets in the corner. Fuck! I'm a boy lover with a heart for sob stories. He had a sob story, he was cute, he was near naked, I wanted to do him. I needed something to make my delay worth while, after all.
    I just flat out asked him if he wanted a blow job. He said, "Fuck yeah." I had him walk over to me, I opened his jeans and let them fall away to reveal his commando bod sporting a sweet four and a half inch cut cock pointing to the sky. I pushed his pants on down his thighs and placed my hand on his tiny little ass. I pulled him into me and sucked him, balls and all. I squeezed his tight little cheeks as he fucked back and forth into my mouth and fired off a fairly nice load of sweet boi juice.
    I continued to nurse him as he kept pushing his tiny cocklet in and out of my mouth. I reached down and untied his shoes. His sockless feet dug their toes into my carpeting as I fondled his pecan sized balls and sucked all the juice from his seriously leaking boi stick. Who said little guys don't precum. If they shoot the prostate is making semen. That's precum until you add the sperm. He leaked sweet semen. I felt like a homosexual whale sucking seamen out of submarines through a periscope.
    I picked his naked body up and carried him to my bed. I laid him out on it with his periscope still extended. I got naked and in bed next to him. I twisted his seventy pound body around so that I could get to the meat of the matter. I caught a glimpse of his sweet back entry way and stuck my nose up there. He was soapy clean. I made sure he was well cleaned as he wiggled his tiny body all over me during his first rimming. He was virgin all of the way, but he had enjoyed his first blow job and wanted to try to suck me. Who am I to deny such a sweet boy his desires. I continued to dine at his Y as he did his best to get past the head of my cock.
    I sensed his needs and moved back to his cock. I told him he didn't have to suck me if he didn't want to. He didn't stop. He mumbled something as he tried to get more of me in his mouth. I took his cock in and pushed a finger up his ass. His little cock reached deep inside my mouth as he tried to crawl inside, cock first. I found his tiny little button and began to stroke it. He was in ecstacy as he pounded my face with his pelvic thrusts. In no time at all I had another boi treat. Still he was unwilling to quit.
    He had as much of my cock as he could get in his tiny little mouth as he began to pump me. He had both hands around the shaft of my cock and he started stroking me. His cock was sensitive so I moved back to his ass. He was in total favor of that. I slurped and sucked and made pig like sounds as he slurped and sucked letting massive amounts of saliva run down my turgid man meat. He squeezed the very life from me as his little hands continued to beat my meat. The suction of his mouth and the actions of his tongue on my glans had me on the very verge. I told him to pull away. He kept on going. I told him that I was going to cum and that I could shoot more than he had ever seen. I tried to tell him that he couldn't take all of my cum in his mouth. He made a liar out of me.
    He not only took every drop he licked up what leaked out and dug his tongue down my piss slit for yet one more drop. I turned him to lay on top of me as I let my hands play up and down his smooth baby like skin. I loved to squeeze his tiny bunns and feel his warmth against me. "Thank you. That was so wonderful. I have wanted to do stuff like that for so long, but I was scared."
    I nearly had a heart attack as we talked and I found out that he was twelve years old. He was sure he was gay, but was afraid of getting beat up. He liked older guys, "The kids his age didn't even have a cock," he told me. I laughed, I knew he was right. He asked me if I would let him do one more thing and he promised me that I could do anything to him. I asked him what he wanted. I feared fucking him, he was just too damn small. "I want to lick your ass like you did mine."
    I got to my knees and pulled my legs as far under me as I could. I love getting rimmed, as I am sure most of you do, but I knew his little tongue wasn't going to be very long so I wanted to get my ass as flat a I could so that he could do his finest. His finest was by far superior. He sniffed around and test tasted. He was a curious boy. He knew what he wanted, but he had to be sure it was okay. Satisfied that it was okay he dove in. Like a trooper he had me moaning in short order. I got so worked up I was ready for anything.
    I decided that he needed a special treat. I asked him if he would like to stick his dick in my ass. His eyes got super wide and I told him to move up against me. I held his cock as he lined up. So softly he pushed at me. My non-virgin ass opened to him and he slipped in. He let out an audible sigh as he slid all of the way in. "Go ahead, fuck me." He began with slow strokes and I left him alone as I lay there quietly laughing to myself at his pleasure. The boy had never had anything like that before. Nature took over and he began to ride me like a cheap whore. He was plowing a furrow so deep, ready to plant his seed and watch it grow.
    Suddenly he tensed then he began to pound me with long hard strokes as his balls gave up their nectar once again, four inches deep inside my ass. He was as happy as he had ever been in his entire life. Again I rolled over and pulled him on top of me. He was breathing very heavy and covered in sweet smelling boy sweat. I love the smell of an early pubescent boy's sweat. I waited until he breathed easy before I began my tongue bath on him. Of course he wanted to get fucked. I showed him my fingers against his dick My middle finger was four and a quarter inch long. Just a little longer than his cock. My first two fingers were a bit larger than his thin little cock. He agreed to let me finger fuck him again after I explained the damage my big cock could do to him.
    We showered and slept for about three hours. I awakened at six and thought I better get him out of my bed and dressed. He wanted to taste my cum once more. I put him on top of me when he realized he had to pee, I made him pee. He squealed with boyish delight then fucked my mouth full of his freshly made baby batter. He stroked me off and watched in fascination as my foreskin slid back and forth, covering my cock head, exposing my cock head. When I got close to my climax I warned him. He lip locked about four inches of my thick cock into his young mouth and stroked the base as fast as he could. I filled his tummy with all the juice I had been able to make over the last three hours.
    We dressed as he answered my question about a place to eat, his mother worked right across the street in a little mom and pop. We walked in to a full house just as two men rose, clearing a table. We took our seats and his mother came up to the table. She started in on him in what I learned was Vietnamese, she was obviously chewing him out. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. Uh oh, don't even go there. He spoke in English as he told her that I found him in the cold and let him sleep on my big black sofa where he was very warm. He slept so sound that he forgot to wake up and go home. She smiled at me.
    She brought me coffee and him hot chocolate. As she sat big platters of eggs and ham with potatoes and biscuits in front of us the man from the tire store sat down on a stool at the bar. "That's mamma's boyfriend." I had a plan. We finished our breakfast and walked along with the tire store's owner-boyfriend of Tran's mother. "Did you have any vandalism last night?"
    "No, I guess you being parked there frightened them away."
    "What kind of vandalism have you been having?"
    "Oh, nothing serious, yet. Someone is getting into cars that are left overnight and there are signs that someone has been sleeping up under some old boxes in the corner. Probably just some homeless people."
    "Or a displaced boy who has to stay out of his house until his mother's lover goes home?" He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Tran for the first time. His eyes teared up as he looked down on the small lad. He got down on one knee and held the boy's chin up.
    "Tran, have you been coming here to sleep while I'm with your mother?" Tran nodded his head. The man sat down, right in the middle of the driveway, he sat on his ass and stared into the big brown eyes of the tiny lad before him.
    "What's the story on that old camper trailer over there," I asked. An old twenty foot self contained sat buried under tons of dust and back lot debris in the corner.
    "I bought that a few years ago for a fishing camper. I never used it."
    "Clean it out a little, put a small space heater in it and Tran has a place to stay where he can be dry and warm at night.
    Tran's mother came running across the street waving and calling after us. "Sir, you left your money clip." She held up a wad of hundred dollar bills with a large paper clip on them.
    "Not mine. Must be your tip."
    "But I saw…" I gave Tran a look. He shut up and smiled as he studied his shoes. Three pairs of eyes studied me.
    "So how long before I can get on down the road?"
    "Ten minutes, if I have to fire everybody in there and do it myself." He ran into his shop. The two hundred dollars to put the tire on the previous evening was deducted from my final total. I got a new tire mounted and out the door for three hundred and seventy five dollars and tax.
    Tran and his mother were rattling on in Vietnamese. She left to go back to work, but not before giving me a kiss on the cheek. Tran gave me a big hug and told me he had to go to school. I wished him farewell and watched him run down the street.

    The interminable ribbon of asphalt stretched from horizon to horizon. Barely wide enough for two cars to pass in opposite directions. I feared what would occur should I encounter a truck or other large vehicle.
    I had turned off of I-40 at Tucumcari to head cross county. I had checked it on my map and this road would save me over two hundred miles of freeway driving. However I wasn't sure that this shortcut was any bargain. I was really in no hurry to get anywhere, I was just traveling. I enjoy seeing the countryside, but after an hour and a half and more than seventy miles of nothing but wheat fields I was ready for a change.
    Seventy miles, well that was something. The map had indicated that this section of road was ninety one miles long. Not much further to go. My big worry was ice on the road. I had no idea how my big boy would handle in adverse conditions. I don't have a lot of icy road driving experience living in the desert. Traveler© had ten wheels on the ground, but how would that relate to snow and ice?
    Up and down the roadway went, following the contours of the terrain. No rise more than ten or fifteen feet, no drop of more than five or six feet. Just miles of narrow, black asphalt with a narrow white line down the middle, occasionally broken by a yellow stripe to one side of center or the other indicating a no passing zone. There were very few of those though, the road was basically so flat that you could see from one end of the state to the other.
    I came to the top of one of the big hills, maybe ten feet above the surrounding wheat fields. On the far horizon I could make out the outline of a town, could that be Wichita? Hope sprung in me. Over the next little hill I hit the brakes, hard. Traveler© laid down fifty feet of black rubber as he skidded to a stop. Standing in the middle of the road was a small waif. He looked to be frozen half to death.
     Traveler© was sitting in the middle of the road as I made my way across to the side door. I opened the door to be hit by the extreme cold. I climbed down and walked over to the small figure of a boy standing like a statue, staring at nothing. Tears had streaked his little face leaving dirt stained trails on his smooth skin. His eyes were red and puffy as he stood unseeing, whimpering and gasping for air. He looked as if he had cried himself into a stupor. I couldn't get him to move so I picked him up and carried him to Traveler©. I got him inside and placed him on the side sofa behind the driver's seat.
    Still no response, I removed his thin jacket. It was a clear cold day in central Kansas. Thankfully there was no wind or he would not be standing. I checked the thermometer. The outside temperature was registering twenty five degrees. I hit my small galley and grabbed a package of instant hot chocolate mix. I put a cup of water in the microwave and mixed the hot drink for the boy. I had to pour it down his throat, he was comatose. As the hot liquid circulated through his tiny body he started to move. His skin turned pink and he began to shiver. I reached overhead and pulled out a thick comforter and wrapped him in it. I removed his shoes and put his feet up on the sofa with a pillow under his head. His eyes moved as he acknowledged my presence.
    I got back behind the steering wheel and moved on down the road. This boy needed a doctor, now. As we pulled into the outskirts of town I felt a small hand on my arm. I looked over my right shoulder and he was standing there looking at me. He looked so much better. I was relieved. I told him that I was looking for a hospital. He screamed, "NO!! I'm okay. Please don't take me anywhere, just get me away from them." Now my curiosity was piqued.
    "Are you hungry?" Stupid question to ask a boy. He nodded. I thought of his condition and opted to park and fix him some soup instead of going in anywhere. I spotted a mini-mall with a large parking lot and pulled in. I set the electric levelers and climbed out of my seat. I showed the boy the varieties of soups and of course he chose the chicken noodle. Three minutes later he had a hot mug of soup and was digging in. I made some more hot chocolate, this time taking the time to really fix it up in style with extra cream and melted butter. His eyes brightened as he told me that this was the best hot chocolate he had ever had. Wow, who knew he could talk?
    I fixed a cup of coffee and sat down beside him. He reached over and picked up his coat and turned it inside out to show me a twenty dollar bill safety pinned to the inside lining. "My mother hates me. She pinned that in there this morning as she and her new husband left me beside the road and drove off." I saw red, I was so mad at this unseen person that I was livid.
    He told me his name was Christopher William Dickerson. I laughed at that. He looked at me funny. I told him my name was Christopher Dickson. "Nuh uhhh." I took out my billfold and showed him my driver's licence. He looked at it then at me and giggled. "Everybody calls me Chrisy."
    I giggled and told him that Chrisy sounded sissy. He was small and the name fit, but I told him he needed a man's name. We settled on a variation of his middle name, Will. He wanted Willy until I reminded him of the baby name of his little pee pee. He caught on real quick.
    "Glad to meet you Will. This is Traveler©. He's a good old boy and he loves to drive all over the country. I'm going to Kansas City. Nothing special, but I thought that I would go there and look up the family of a guy I met in Mississippi last summer. I've never been there before."
    He looked at me as if I were crazy. I explained that I was retired and I like to travel. He was still hungry, I spotted a Chinese restaurant in the mall where we were parked. On a chance I asked him, I was really surprised, here was a kid that loved Chinese food. We loaded up on Egg Foo Young, Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour chicken, with lots of egg rolls and egg flower soup. His little tummy was sticking out as we walked through the mall to settle our dinner.
    His home was in Sacramento. His mother had re-married some wise ass and they were coming to let her meet his family. They had turned off on the road where I found him morning and dumped him. I kept at the questions with as much tact as I could manage. I did not want to scare him into not talking. I had a four foot seven, seventy nine pound auburn haired, sea green eyed, boy with a row of freckles across his nose walking and talking with me. I was lustful, but curious.
    His mother and new stepfather were in the shower at a hotel south of Wichita that morning. They were making noises that indicated that they were having sex. Will and his fifteen year old stepbrother were still in bed. The step brother had given Will a blow job and Will was returning the favor when the bathroom door opened and his step father stepped out. He was grabbed up and literally thrown across the room. The stepbrother pretended to be asleep. The stepfather was screaming at the faggot. His mother was screaming and the stepbrother was screaming at him as if he had been raped in his sleep. The step brother and Will had been sucking each other for over a year and the step brother was a bottom that couldn't get enough of Will's big dick up his ass. I smiled at that statement.
    Will had been sexually active for three years. He got his first blow job from a sixteen year old when he was twelve. He was fucking the sixteen year old and two of his high school buddies everyday. He met the stepbrother through this older boy and was fucking him also. His mother met the stepbrother's dad when she went to pick Will up after one of their regular orgies at the boy's house. The stepbrother had a birthday party and had five of his friends there, Will had fucked them all. Will himself was a virgin back there, he liked to suck, but he wouldn't take it up the ass until he met the right person. "Smart and very cool," I thought.
    I could do the math, but I still asked his age. He looked at me cross eyed then reached for his billfold. He opened it up and took out his school ID which showed him to be a fifteen year old sophomore in a Sacramento, California high school.
    Properly chastened I bought Will a heavier coat and a few changes of clothes, mostly underwear and socks, with a couple of packages of white tee shirts. Neither of us wanted to stay in this town so I put Traveler's© nose up I-35 and the turnpike to take us on to Kansas City, MO. Will took a shower as we drove, he came up and sat in the other seat wearing nothing, but a towel.
    "You kind of looked at me as if you weren't sure about what I said."
    "Will, I believe everybody. I have a hard and fast rule. I love people and I accept them as they are, for who they are. I will believe anything they say until I find out that they have lied to me, from then on I can't trust them. They lied to me once, is this story a lie also? I can never know. So do me a favor, never lie to me. I want to like you and be your friend, but we can't be friends if you lie."
    He stood up and dropped his towel. Traveler© crossed two lanes of traffic and almost overturned as I threw Will to the ground trying to get control again. That had to be the biggest dick I had ever seen and on that tiny little frame…It looked like the space shuttle on the back of a Cessna. A service area was five miles ahead, according to the sign by the road. I kept control of Traveler© by keeping my eyes on the road. I pulled in and stopped. I turned in my seat. A very naked boy with a very big cock sat in the opposite seat grinning like a Cheshire cat. I pushed the button that rolled the shades down over the windshield and front doors.
    I looked at Will, "You know I'm queer don't you?" His eyes got bigger, he shook his head, no. "I am and I love boys. You are the most tempting thing I have ever seen. Since you are naked can I assume that you want to have a little sex break? With me?" He nodded and smiled at me. "I'm kind of afraid to do anything with you while we are still in Kansas. Kansas has one of the most archaic laws about homosexuality on the books in the entire country." We followed his hard pole through Traveler© until we got to my bed. I pulled off my clothes, Will was on the bed watching me.
    "What's the law?" he asked.
    "About three or four years back an eighteen year old boy was caught giving a fourteen year old a blow job. Kansas has this sins against nature clause that allowed them to send the older boy to prison for fifteen years. If it had been a fourteen year old girl the maximum that he would have gotten would be eighteen months. An unfair and inequitable sentence."
    "I'll never tell, promise. I want to do it with you," his smile won me over in an instant. That and his huge cock, I was drooling for that thing. I wanted to drool all over his body. There is only one problem with literally eating a boy, when you're done there's nothing left to do it again. I had to be satisfied with sucking and maybe a light chew here and there. Beside that cannibalism isn't even nice. Yech, I'm working at becoming a vegetarian the only meat I eat is six to ten inches long and still attached to its bodily host so that it can pump the magical elixir of life into my infertile orifices, I'm no baby carrier.
    I opened a drawer beside the bed and pulled out a cloth tape measure. I pressed it against the boy's sparse hair line and stretched it up the mammoth pole. Fifteen years old and he had an eight and a half inches of uncut man meat. I wrapped the tape around this beautiful meat and read the numbers, five and five eighths inches. I sat with my mouth open. Will took the tape from me. He measured down the bottom of my dick, I told him to hold up. You measure a cock for its useful length. You can't get any deeper than the hair line. Measuring up the bottom you can get an extra inch of two of length, but it is not useable for fucking or sucking. He giggled as I told him this.
    He tried again with the tape on top. He counted each little line and came up with a length of nine and seven eighths with a girth of six and an eighth inches. He pushed my foreskin back and measured the length of my glans. Two and five eighths inches from end to ridge. He worked at getting the tape in position to check the width and finally decided that I was two and an eighth inches wide. He opened his mouth wide and measured it while looking in a mirror. "Yep, it'll fit," he said as he bent over and sank about six inches of my cock into his mouth on the first go.
    I twisted around and pulled him up on top of me so that his spear could stab my throat. I got hair up my nose as he bottomed out, but he had bottomed out on me. He was throating me as well as Cory did. I miss Cory. I think of him often. I am going to go see him and let him meet Will.
    Will and I sucked for nearly a half an hour. He fed me two mammoth loads of really sweet boy cream. He took every drop I had to offer then just nursed me. He didn't try for another load so I figured he had all he wanted of this old man, but he had a need to get off. I remember he told me that he had gotten off when his stepbrother blew him that morning, but what the heck, he's a teenager.
    After his second load he rolled off of me. Oh well, we need to get back on the road anyway. He wasn't finished with me, however. He turned and lay on top of me and held me close. After a few minutes he moved to my face and began to kiss me, deep and lovingly. I caressed his tiny back and squeezed his butt. His body was so smooth and so fine, I really loved being able to hold him like this. His tongue was making my cock jerk about. I was getting blue balls as he did things to me that I had only had done by one other person, Cory. I am so in love with that boy.
    Will moved down my body breaking lip contact. Then he shocked the shit out of me. He held my cock and impaled his tiny little ass on it. I felt the head pop in him and he shuddered and stopped. I asked him not to do it, I told him I was too big and he had already told me that he wasn't a bottom. He was waiting for the right person I reminded him. He nodded and told me he had found him as he took about three inches up his little chute. I was hurting for him as the tears welled up in his eyes. He smiled at me and wiggled around. He moved again taking more meat into his virgin territory.
    It took maybe five or six minutes before he was sitting upright on me with every inch of my dick in his young ass. His cock was limp, hanging from his almost hairless groin like a sleeping puppy. He smiled at me and began to pump. His legs couldn't support him, I put my hands under his tiny butt cheeks and lifted him up. What a beautiful hand full, I could hold those little globes for the rest of my life. I pushed my pelvis up then dropped back down. His smile lit the inside of Traveler©. I began a slow fuck of his extraordinarily tight little boy butt. I have never even considered fucking anybody that small. He fucked himself on me and I was ready to ride.
    I now knew why he hadn't gone for a second load from me. He had planned this and he was getting the thrill of his life. He loved the fucking he was getting and he wanted it to last. His cock was standing up tall, he was getting close to cumng. I am skinny enough and his cock is long enough so I raised up and was able to get a little more than the head of his cock in my mouth before he filled me with a third load, bigger and thicker and sweeter than the other two. He kept fucking himself and wasn't even wanting to stop. I sped up my thrusts until at last I filled him up. I watched his eyes to see if they would turn creamy colored so that I would know that he was full, I ran out of cum before they changed colors. The look on his face told me that he was fully satisfied though so I let him go. He pushed all of me back into himself and lay down on top of me. Because of his size his little head rested on my chest. He heaved and gasped as his heart slowed and his body filled once more with oxygen.
    We lay together talking for another half hour as we decided what we needed to do. I knew, but he had to figure it out for himself. Nobody deserves to be taken to the middle of nowhere and marooned. I wanted to see his family hang. Will finally came to that conclusion. Honestly, I did not coach him. I asked leading questions, but I left the thought process entirely to him.

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