Chapter 96


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Monday morning an incessant banging on the door awakened everyone in the house at eight o'clock. Okay so sue us. We're from Arizona, it was only five—No Daylight Savings Time in Arizona—in the morning out there and we had no school. Naturally we had planed to sleep in. That was not in keeping with the plans of the two police officers and the woman who stood at the door.
    The officers served me with an arrest warrant for kidnaping one Bryan West. The woman was with the state welfare agency and she had placed Bryan in a foster home from which he had run away the day she had gone to tell him that she had located his mother.
    Mrs. West approached the door as Bryan ran to my side with my badge case and identification in his hand. The officers had to remove the handcuffs from me, but ordered me to appear in arraignment court at eleven o'clock. Bryan saw his mother and froze in his tracks. She made a move toward him. He moved behind me. I invited her in for a cup of coffee and a short visit as I had a date with a judge in just under three hours.
    Mrs. West had fled her abusive husband. She tried to make a home for herself so that she could bring Bryan to live with her. She moved in with two girls that were struggling to get by. The girls were prostitutes and she had been caught up in a sting operation along with them. She had served twenty one months in state prison then began to look for Bryan. The welfare people had lost track of him until his name came up in their computers for the recent hearings of the slavers.
    Bureaucracy is befouled by the extreme numbers of bureaucrats administering the mountainous amounts of unrelated data to people who don't know the difference between left and right. Some little clerk in a dank office somewhere in the catacombs of the state's bureau of child welfare saw the name of Bryan Adam West on the same dossier with the words kidnaped and my name. Of course reading is not a clerk's forte, but snap conclusions seem to be satisfactory for most work expected from these minions. A file was put together of the bits and pieces that this clerk deemed to draw from and a nice scenario emerged of how I had been able to spirit Bryan out of the country and prostitute him in Europe.
    Frank and I already had another court date. I called Tony and asked if Rob Wolfe could take my case. I filled him in and told him that I didn't think that I would need him for the arraignment. He laughed, but I could imagine him shaking his head at the ludicrous charges.

    I couldn't run off without saying good bye to the Wild Boys. I held each of the sweet bodied youth and told them how much we had enjoyed their company, their deposits, and their music. Each of their deposit sticks were ready for action before I let them go. I really wanted a sweet British treat, but I had five gorgeous boys to grope. Cullen and Cory had me covered.
    I got tongue from Chris. The kid had his lips sealed and was not going to relent, but my tongue forced its way inside his hot little mouth and he melted in my embrace. If I could spend an hour with the boy he would be calling me daddy. He is a young looking fourteen, but his randy stick was in need of attention. I caught Steve off guard and nearly yanked him off of his feet. He spun against me and I zeroed in on his open lips. I met no resistance as his tongue battled mine for the superiority of his mouth. I just needed ten minutes more and this boy would be spread wide on the ride of his life.
    I was up for almost anything by the time I sucked the breakfast back out of the five songsters. It was then that I saw what had Steve's attention. He had a fine looking boi cock in hand as he added his portion to the cup in Cullen's hand. I was passed a large mug of hot coffee with Wild Boy brand hand whipped cream stirred in. Jason shocked the heck out of each of us as he slid my zipper down and kissed my dripping cock and told me, "Thanks for having us over. We'll be glad to cum again." He giggled. Gary took hold of my cock and kissed it then Liam lip locked it.
    Everyone stared at Steve and Chris. Steve shrugged his shoulders and walked over to me. He looked me in the eye and wrapped his hand around my cock. He shook it as if shaking hands, "Thank you for the wonderful time and I hope we can see you again, real soon." Chris giggled and copied his close friend. I guess I will take what I can get. I just have to get to know those boys. I am going to do a long sit down with Paul Walker and see if I can get that pair off for a special trip together.
    Paul has done a wonderful job in telling the boys' stories in Sad Song of a Gay Teen. You really should read it. I am so sorry that Jason had to endure the beating and the rape. The horror of the event is compounded by his age at the time. He ended up losing his parents on the same day, but he has come through his ordeal to become a fine youngster. I can't hardly wait to see the kind of man he will be. I know that he and Gary will always be together. They are extremely young for the kind of love that they express, but I have a few couples in my house that are almost that young and they are doing fine.
    One of the first things I learned about young Jason Russell is that he will always have the last word. I guess it is his age and he isn't obnoxious about it. I stood by and waited. It just had to come. The boys climbed into their limo to head away from us. Jason called over to me. "If you ever get that little queen on the throne you call us, mate. We'll come play at his Gay la la ball, or with them." He dove in the open door and quickly five moons appeared in Albany. I hope the driver enjoys washing those sweet little butt prints off of the glass. It was a perfect sight for the end of a perfect visit from five perfect little limey boys.

    Frank and I headed to the state's superior court building to see the end of his, so called, father. Everett Rothsfeld had pled guilty to the abuse of his son. After an unsuccessful attempt to reverse his plea the sentencing had been scheduled for the 12th of June. The man Frank had grown up calling dad was made to face Frank in the court room as he was sentenced to twenty years for child abuse. Twenty five years for kidnaping, twenty five years with no chance of parole for the attempted murder of his own minor son. The first two sentences to run concurrently with the attempted murder charge to run consecutively, after the first two had been served. Even if paroled from the first two sentences he would have to start on the second sentence and serve the entire twenty five.
    The man would be in prison for a minimum of forty five years, plus whatever the Federal judge had in store for him after the three hundred guilty verdicts from our recent federal trials. Try as I might, I just could not feel sorry for the man that stood blubbering before us as he told Frankie how sorry he was. He wasn't sorry by a long shot. He got caught. That is all he was sorry for. His remorse is the result of what I like to refer to as situational ethics. The situation he was in required a certain code of ethics. He didn't have the masculine fortitude to be ethical. I told Frank that his great grand children would be enjoying their great grand children by the time this man got out of jail.

    Two hours later Bryan and I sat at the defendants table before a juvenile division judge for the state's superior court. The judge looked at the charges and began to laugh. He asked the prosecutor to stand and read aloud the charges against me. A fifth grade school boy is capable of telling a more congruent story in his sleep. The prosecutor stopped several times to re-read a sentence as he tried to make sense of what he had before him.
    The prosecutor sat down in frustration and told the judge that they were withdrawing charges. The judge was having too much fun and it was a slow day. He wanted me to tell my story. I want people to know what kind of idiots that they have in jobs of public works that are supposed to be looking after their interests.
    Bryan made all eyes turn to the welfare worker that had placed him in one foster home after another where he was subjected to rape from several members of that household and often from the foster parent or parents themselves. I love to see egg on the face of a sly fox that thinks that they can bend the law to suit their personal agenda.
    With Bryan still standing I told his story, taking time to ask him, repeatedly if I was correct on one point and then another. I told the court how the boy fled for his life from the ongoing abuse only to find himself kidnaped and led about the streets of a French city to provide sexual services to ugly old fat men, in public. I then pulled my big rabbit out of my hat. I had Vic, Frank, Jace, Branden, Lester, and Lance stand against the rail of the gallery as I told how the system had let these boys be secreted away and used for the perversions of others. I then reached into my attaché case and took out six packets of documents all wrapped up in their baby blue cover sheets. The court could quickly identify these as being legal documents. I took them to the judge and let him read them first.
    I love this judge. He has a very infectious belly laugh. He called the prosecutor to read one of the documents. He read the adoption records for one Bryan Adam West by Christopher Stevens Dickson. It had been granted by an act of congress and signed by the majority leaders of both the house and the senate.
    The other documents made the other boys my legal sons. Lance and Les had been declared emancipated, but on advise of legal council I had adopted them before entering the federal court system and the trials of those who had set about to hurt these youngsters. I didn't point out the fact that paper work for young Vic was not there. Tony was still working on his adoption.
    Rob Wolfe, my attorney, was joking with the judge about my audacity in kidnaping a kid then getting Congress to declare him my legal son. Both men were enjoying themselves as the prosecutor reamed the case worker thoroughly. I heard him tell her to expect a full investigation and some prison time for her actions. The state does not sit still when one of their own allows a youngster in their care to be molested and abused.

    I asked Bry if he wanted some time with his mother. He wanted to talk to her, in my presence. Bry and I took his mother to a quiet out of the way restaurant to catch up on nearly five years of separation. She whined and cried and told him she loved him. She thought that he should come home and they would start again. He took my hand in his and stared across the table at the woman. "Never in all of my life can I ever remember you telling me that you loved me. Never did I ever get anything from you, but harsh words and bad feelings. When you left I was happy.
    "I never knew happiness or love until this man walked up to me on the street on St. Tropez. He knocked the fat son of a bitch down that had a dog collar around my neck. I was naked and ashamed, but this man stood up for me. He picked me up and carried me to the hospital. He held my hand as the doctor looked me over. He took me home with him and introduced me to our family. I am a part of that family, lady. I am somebody in that family. I have a future. I am in school and I make good grades. I love my daddy and my family. I will never stoop to crawling in the slime of your world again." With that he got up and walked out to the car. I hit my remote to unlock the door and he got inside. He was as happy as I have ever seen when I slid in behind the wheel. His mother has never been discussed since.

    It was time to get the house in order. A large truck from a local furniture store was out front. I was so glad. There is no place where sixty of us can sit down together as a family and talk. Forty sofas and love seats were being placed in the ball room under the watchful eye of Edmund.
    The boys whose furniture had arrived were showing the delivery men where their rooms were. Everyone was busy either setting up his room or helping a brother with his. Each of them would have their own choices of furnishings by the week's end. All of Hillary's dainty pieces would be moved to storage for Ģerâld to dispose of at his will.
    Hillary and Ģerâld were in the garage together as she went through the pieces that she had wanted to save. Ģerâld came back to the house shaking his head. "That woman. That wonderful woman. I love her so much. I wish she had been my mother." Ģerâld had had a visit from his mother that morning. She had learned from the newspapers that he was in town and that his friends had been married in her house. Edmund pulled in with Hillary in the back seat of the limo in time to rescue Ģerâld from the verbal assault.
    Hillary made it quite clear that she had sold the house and that it was no longer where anyone in the family could ever get their hands on it. She told Ģer's mother that it would probably be best that she leave before the new owner returned. She told her daughter that the new owner was a very wealthy investor that had opened his home to the boys for the wedding and that she was trespassing. The security guard had stayed by because he was not sure about letting the woman on the grounds. Ģer quietly asked him to show his mother off of the property. She threatened law suits and sanity hearings and everything she could think of as the guard led her to her car.
    Ģer fell down on one of the new sofas and told us that his grandmother had just given him some of the most fantastic items from his past. He told us that these items had historical value to the country and they were his to watch over as he wished. Luke had slipped in next to him. They embraced

    I had both Traveler© in the garage by the servants houses. I now have seventy five young men and boys with me plus Edmund and Mitch. I can shoe horn sixteen sleepy boys into Traveler©. Twenty six could sleep in Traveler Too©. I suppose we could strap the other thirty three boys on the roof and underneath with the luggage. I had to think if what I had in mind was worth the effort. I had no choice. I sat down and worked up a rotating schedule. I sent Harry and Pete to driving school and I got down on my knees to beg Andy for his help.
    Andy looked at me as if I were an idiot. "What's happened, did you go broke? Why do you want to borrow my bus and pay my fees and insurance? You're the boy hungry fag that keeps gathering young cock around you. So buy your own bus." Fuck that dude's smart. I wish I was as smart as he is. Maybe when I grow up I will get me a European college degree than I can be smart too.
    The problem with Andy's idea is that it was too simplistic. I want some challenges in life. This hum drum day to day life that I live gets boring. Bore me. Please bore me for a year or two longer.
    I searched on-line, but nobody had anything worthy of me. I called my coach builder and brain stormed with their head engineers. I was drooling during dinner. I looked at the boys and told them, "I will be gone all day tomorrow and possibly overnight. You guys know the drill so be good to each other." Of course they had to know where I was going, but I wasn't talking.
    Cory sat and gave me that look. If I was to stay overnight it would be nice to have someone to warm my bed. Then I remembered where I was going. Cory hung about like a lost puppy. Sarah was gone. I had not spent anytime with him since the week after his wedding back in April. I pulled a name from the box. I was going to get my first carnal knowledge of Zane. He is one sweet boy. Cory's hang dog look deepened.
    I led a very excited Zane from the ball room, now our family room, to the stairs. On my way out I bent over Cory who had Al entwined around him. I kissed his cute lips and held his chin for a moment. I stepped back and then as if I had an after thought I bent back down and whispered in his ear, "Pack a nice three piece. I am going to take my man out on the town and show his cute booty to a leering public."
    I had a hard time standing up. Cory had his arms locked around my neck and I had to pull him up with me. We ground against each other for a minute until I told him that we both had hot bods wanting our attention for the night. He pulled away, reluctantly. I cupped his goods and whispered against his lips as I took one more taste of him, "I want to leave at six thirty. We will be just ahead of the rush hour traffic. We will be outbound and will be running against it so we should be okay."

    We got away a little bit early, but we had about three hundred miles to go. I had my radio on and my badge and my gun laying on the dashboard alongside a set of portable red and blues. I had a set of lights on the rear package tray also. Andy's dispatcher cleared the road ahead. I know it was illegal. You know it was illegal. The dispatcher had a good idea that it was illegal, but hey, I am a boss. He likes his job.
    I knew that the plant opened early. I had told the engineer to have a pot of coffee going and I would bring the donuts. I didn't want to stop until we had our minds in synch. I drove into the plant at a few minutes past nine o'clock. They were ready for me. We were met at the parking lot and taken around to the beginning of their assembly line. We pulled up to a chassis with a strange looking frame work being cut away from it. A team was working to the rear of the extra long chassis to attach a drag axle behind the drive axle. The existing drive axle was being wired to a harness that ran to the front of the bony skeleton of what I was learning was to be my new bus, the Travel All©.
    The firm had started to build a custom coach for a big oil group that was suddenly facing serious problems with the SEC. All of their funds had been seized and it looked as if there would be some serious jail time for the CEO and other chief officers. I had been following the breaking news story that screamed of fraud and corruption. I had a two hundred thousand dollar windfall dropped on my head. Several innovations had been incorporated in the special coach, but it was being built as a mobile home and office for the CEO who's new office was a five by seven foot cell. The coach company had spent very little of the defunct company's down payment, but it was non-refundable. I am a good customer with two of their vehicles to they applied the bulk of that money to my work.
    The titanium aluminum alloy frame work was being removed from the chassis so that the triple panel sheeting I ordered could be installed. Okay, overkill. Triple panels of shaped steel panels placed from four foot to an eight foot height? On a bus? I will take no chances with the safety of the boys in my family. I want them protected in case of an accident.
    We were taken to the engine assembly area where the last components of my hybrid power plant was being connected. The electric motor looked like a VW Beatle sitting there. It was huge. It was coupled to a diesel motor that looked much different than any I had ever seen before. Okay so I don't get around diesel motors all that much. I knew how to check the oil and water on Traveler©, for that I had to receive training. This was something else.
    I was almost blinded as the glare from white teeth came from every man in the small shop. I was looking at a twin over head cam, four stroke diesel engine that developed 401 ft. lbs. of torque at 2500 RPM. That would team with a six speed automatic overdrive transmission then to a three speed electric axle. The engine was engineered to use recycled cooking oil as well as diesel fuel. They had never built a vehicle that ran on used french fry grease. They thought it was great. Cory pointed out a large blue print of the system for storing and heating the old grease. He had drawn it in class and gotten and A on it. (note: nobody actually uses the old style BLUE prints any longer, but the name is still in use.)
    The engineer had us back in his golf cart as we sped off to another building. Another team was waiting for us. The Kevlar batting like was used in Traveler Too© was going to be encased in a new polymer composite that would be five times more durable than twelve gauge sheet steel at one fifth the weight.
    Cory put on a pair of coveralls and goggles so that he could get close and watch as the three part liquid was carefully measured and mixed. The combined resins and hardeners were poured over large sheets of the Kevlar to make panels that would be mechanically welded together to form a virtual impenetrable skin only two inches thick. So much for my desire to have triple panels of shaped steel panels.
    A demonstration had been arranged for me. Two twenty foot long, by two foot wide panels were supported on ramps sixteen feet apart. A full capacity cargo load sat in the back of a Ford F150 pickup truck as it drove across the panels. Computers recorded the entire trip across. As each of the truck's axles reached the center of the panel a downward deflection of three quarters of an inch was recorded. When both axles rested fully on the panels the three quarter ton truck stopped. The total deflection of the panels was less than a quarter of an inch at the middle.
    In the corner of the shop a man stood with a high powered rifle. I was shown the latest round being used against our kids on the ground in Iraq. A copper alloy bullet that literally melts its way through two inches of armor plating. He also had three Teflon coated armor piercing rounds. He loaded them into a magazine and then placed the magazine into the rifle. From a distance of twenty feet he fired all four rounds at a five foot sheet of the resin, Kevlar panel suspended in a frame. The three coated projectiles mushroomed into a grotesque shape against the tight webbing of the Kevlar™. The copper round had burned a hole in the outer skin then it had been absorbed in the honeycomb wedge of the core.
    Their final demonstration gave me cause to reflect. One of the panels that had been used in the loaded truck demonstration was in the shop. The crew was equipped with a power saw with a ten inch composite blade made up of diamond chips embedded in the surface. They were able to cut the panel, but very slowly. By the time they had cut straight across the two foot width the ten inch diameter saw blade had worn down to about six inches in diameter. To show me that the blade was real the workman turned and cut effortlessly into the concrete slab of the shop floor for a length of two feet in about one minute.
    I was impressed. I knew that this company did great work. They charge a lot more than some, but I had two of their coaches that had been nothing if not superior to everything on the road. I asked for a change in design. I asked for the composite panels in lieu of the steel safety panels. They had anticipated me and were already molding them. The most valuable area of the bus would have double layer composite with more than a third less weight and only a short inch of space taken.
    I asked about the possibility of having to cut into the vehicle to rescue my children. I was told that there would be easy cutting around the doors and under the windows. Now I hope that any rescue team in the middle of nowhere America would know where to cut. I told them that I would keep a chart inside the vehicle to show where to cut to get us out. It wasn't funny, but I still evoked a chuckle, from all of us. They told me that decals had been made to go along the trim stripe on the sides of the bus. Every few feet the words Cut Here along with arrows pointing along the cut line running the length of the bus and around the doors. Those stripes would run above the safety panels.
    I had to stop by my car to retrieve the donuts before we were led to the company's show room and VIP area. Lavish is not the word for it. Their VIP lounge had every comfort conceivable to relax a customer who was about to spend a half a million dollars for their bottom of the line model.
    I needed coffee before I could go on. Cory almost got himself killed when he handed me a cup and asked, "Would sir like cream with that?" He began to laugh so hard that he had to sit down. Our hosts looked at us in wonder.
    "A very old joke. You would have to have been there to appreciate it." I had already wired them a million dollar deposit. They let the joke slide and we sat down to talk. They wanted to talk to me. I had been revealed to them to be a person of power. It had to be Andy. He has twenty five of their busses. I was told that they were excited about the combination of the resin mix with the Kevlar and they would like to pursue the idea with the military. I could see the need and the possibilities of the life saving product at once. No, the financial gain did not come to mind for a few days. I am not money motivated.
    I asked them if we were totally secure where we were sitting. I took out my phone and logged into a secure link. I made two calls to Washington. I have some boy loving friends in the know and they knew who I needed to talk too. I arranged to have a demonstration of a new product at Base B on Friday. I called Andy and we were set. I had some happy engineers and company executives slapping hands in front of me. I told them that I expect work to continue on my bus while they are demonstrating in front of the government Friday. It took a moment then they caught on to my back handed joke.

    They had pushed the envelope with the design for Travel All©. The overall length was forty five feet and ten inches. Most all states limit a single vehicle length to forty feet. Both Traveler© and Traveler Too© are in excess of that. However most states allow forty five feet for a house car, what a name for a motor home. Call me old fashioned, I like Recreational Vehicle or RV. Different strokes, don't ya know. A single section bus can be forty five feet long. I don't mind if I have to pay a fine or even buy an annual sticker for an oversize vehicle. I don't want to find myself sitting in an impound yard with my boys huddled around me.
    Travel All© was going to have tandem axles with gyro controlled braking and air suspension for each set of dual wheels. This boy is going to ride smooth and level. The battery array for the electric motor will take a large part of the cargo area away. There will only be room for each of the sixty passengers to have two cubic feet for his luggage. Yeah, you read it right. Sixty passengers shoved knee to nose in six seat wide rows on a forty five foot bus. Room will also be taken for a toilet on each side at the back of the bus. And don't forget the driver's area. Ten rows of six seats each, with the armrests for the center seat being able to fold up to make two seats per side. That would make the seats large enough for moderate sized adult to ride comfortably.
    I had brain stormed with the engineers and I thought it best to put the smaller boys on the bus. They were not going to like it, but I had my reasons. The younger boys don't like to stay seated. That is very hazardous in a moving vehicle. Seat belts are required in a moving vehicle, including house cars. A seat belt on a body sitting sideways, as they would on the sofa, is ineffective. The larger boys would do better in the RVs. The smaller boys would ride the bus. End of discussion.
    With the motor at the back of the bus the driver was able to be down closer to the ground. This gave him a better ability to judge his distances and see traffic on an equal footing. It also gave room for all of the electronic gear I wanted. In addition to two angles from two different CCTV cameras at the back of the bus we had cameras that would shoot down the sides of the bus. I want no blind spots on this old boy.
    I wanted to make it fun for the kids on the bus so I had a GPS system installed at every set of seats. The system will be precisely monitored by the computer via satellite, providing detailed information of the bus' current location. Individual satellite radio hookups will be at each seat. Every third row would have a thirty two inch plasma television screen suspended overhead. It will be hooked to a single video source. I can just hear the ruckus as they argue to shift seats so they can see and hear the movie on a different screen. They can all watch the same movie or take a nap.
    The engineers had another idea that they were anxious to try. It fit me like a glove. When fully reclined, odd numbered seat rows will raise above the floor two feet with the even numbered rows staying stationary. I love it. The boys can lay out flat without being in the lap of the boys behind them. This feature will be controlled by the driver though. I can just see the boys arguing over that one. Travel is hard on anybody, but it is worse on kids. They bore so easily. Many of my boys are now in the fifteen year and up bracket, but still…
    The thin wall construction gave more than a foot to the overall width. That doesn't sound like much, but when a person is squished down in a seat for three hours or so between breaks it can mean the difference in a quiet ride or murder.
    Twin fuel tanks will run inside the vehicle frame, long and narrow. The holding tank for used cooking grease was just behind the rear axle running across the vehicle in front of the engine compartment. A real treat that I could hardly wait to share with Edmund is a solar array that will cover the roof. The engineers hope that we can travel, without stopping to recharge, all day long. Alternators are connected to each set of wheels as part of the gyro package. As the wheels turn they will generate power for the batteries. The diesel engine will run constantly to provide air conditioning or heat and the computer will engage it to the power train when extra muscle is needed to maintain momentum.
    Plush upholstery and carpeting would enhance the sound deadening properties of the honeycombed Kevlar insulation and give the rider a more comfortable feeling during long trips. A double bat of the Kevlar will surround the engine compartment keeping out sound and noise. I did ask for stain protected seat covers. Who knows what stains sixty fag boys can produce on a bus trip? Of course these men do not know that the boys are gay. It is none of their business.
    All in all I feel that the million three that I had to lay out to reclaim the abandoned vehicle was a bargain. I agree with Andy. I don't need to pay his insurance and tire bill. I'll pay my own. Five hundred dollars apiece for the inside tires. Don't even ask about the two front tires, they're almost double the outside rear tires.
    Before Cory and I left I was asked if it would be possible to bring Traveler© and Traveler Too© in for a re-fit. They have the specs for both vehicles and they said that they would be proud to reskin both RVs with the new composite. I told them that both vehicles were at my home in Albany and I could drive them up later in the week. They offered to send drivers down the next day so that they could get started at once.
    I was already pushing my surprise back a week. I stuttered for a minute. They put their heads together and told me that I would have all three vehicles ready to drive away on June twenty seventh. They told me that if they missed their deadline that I would receive double my money back for the free work. I like these guys then they threw in the clincher. All three vehicles would be delivered to me at Empire Canal. Sold.

    It had been a long day, but I was through earlier than I had thought. I had Cory with me so I was going to stay over. Like I hadn't already planed to stay? I took Cory on his honeymoon trip, alone, with me. I told him that we would pretend that I was his bride and he could do his worst. I didn't go back the way we had come, but headed north on I-190. He didn't catch on until I made my final turn off of the freeway. The large green overhead sign pointed off to Niagra Falls. Cory got excited.
    Cory jumped from the car to run over for his first look at the falls. I walked over to him and put my arm around him then led the way out for a better look at the American side of the falls. "I thought it was bigger than this," he told me. I pointed over to the giant horseshoe falls. He was looking for away to get over to see them. I had a better plan than to drive out to the island between the falls. I looked at his young face and saw so much happiness and joy that I had shared with him during our almost two years together. I can't loose this boy.
    The fine mist from the river set on his face and seemed to glow in the bright afternoon sun. I pulled him to me for a lingering kiss in the mist. A woman's disgusted voice behind me said, "Homos!!!"
    I turned and curtsied. "Yeth," I lisped at her with a coquettish tilt of my head and a flip of the wrist. Cory and I walked away, hand in hand.
    I went back out to the main road and drove across the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. I drove west a few blocks to turn south on Stanley Ave then on to the Hilton® Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel. I drove up to the concourse and popped the trunk lid. A bell boy held my door. I walked around and took Cory's hand and gave the young man a wink. He blushed and smiled at us. I signed the register for our Couples Package that they specialize in. We were led to a Jacuzzi suite high in the hotel over looking the falls. I asked if the windows opened. I wanted to listen to the roar of the falls all night long. The bellman laughed and told us that the noise is over powering after a short time. He did not recommend trying to sleep anywhere that the sound could not be tamed down.
    I opened our suitcases for the bellman to take our suits to be pressed before our dinner reservations. I asked him to draw a tub of water in the in the two person Jaccuzzi as I removed my coat and tie. I eye talked Cory to quickly strip. He stood tall and erect as the bellman turned back to face us. He flushed and averted his eyes. I turned to face him with a mighty erection of my own and took Cory in my arms for our favorite tease kiss. The poor bell man was so erect that he was standing on shaking legs.
    Cory and I walked toward him, hand in hand. We went to either side of the trembling lad and stopped. We dropped our hands as I looked from his eyes to the bubbling hot water. "It looks like there's room for three." He squeaked something about being on duty for three more hours. I asked him about break time as I fondled what seemed to be an upstanding protrusion in his pants. He feinted away from me, but I held tight and moved close to his face. His eyes never left mine as his tongue lightly passed across his thin lips.
    Both of us moved at the same time. Our kiss was honest and needed. Shane was eighteen and working the summer for college money. He was virgin, but very curious. He asked if he could see us in the morning. He had the next day off, but he had to go to with his aunt to a wedding or something that evening. The three of us sealed our appointed date with a kiss. I told Shane that he should come early enough to share breakfast in bed with us. I told him that if he was really, really good I might even call the kitchen to send up food afterwards.
    I palmed him the two one hundred dollar bills in my left hand as I took one last grope and let the boy get on with his job. Cory and I slipped into the frothy foam of the Jacuzzi. I love my boy with every fiber of my being yet I still lust after hot young meat. I held Cory to my chest as we absorbed the hot water and let it lift our tensions away.
    Cory raised his eyes to mine. He studied my face then quietly spoke, "I know, daddy. I know. I guess that is why I love you so much. I am here as long as you want me and I don't mind sharing you sometimes. Shane is cute and I want him too, you know." How did I ever find such a wonderful boy?
    I held him as I recalled a movie named TOM SAWYER I had seen once. I have to apologize for not having the facts, but the line has stuck with me ever since that viewing. The movie draws to a close and the credits begin as Willie Nelson sings on the sound track. The words of his song moved me so deeply. I looked at the precious face in my arms and recalled them. "You blink away a tear and the boy is gone. Only one golden moment in his life is he free." My boy was a grown man. He is a married man with a beautiful son of his own. I want him to be my little boy forever.
    "Marry me, daddy."
    "My thoughts exactly." We need to check this one out. Canada allows gay weddings in some places. We are close to Chicopee, Massachusetts where the other boys were married. Should we? I want to. I rose from the water and gathered my boy to my arms. I wrapped his perfect nudity in a large towel before carrying him to our bed. I will make our bed together for the rest of my life. I am sorry, the next two hours are private, but the love we shared filled the room.

    I stepped out to the small kitchen area to find a cup of coffee that Shane had set to brew when we arrived. He had been there while we bathed and slept. Our freshly pressed suits hung on a bracket. Our shoes, polished to a high gloss sat on the floor beneath them. Our shirts had been pressed and hung up.
    Cory and I headed to the thirty third floor and the beautiful Watermark. The Watermark has the most fantastic views of the falls of any restaurant in the area. I had reserved a table against the large window on the lowest tier. The waiter rearranged our table so that Cory and I could sit side by side and look down on the magnificent view. Before my eyes was more water than I had ever seen in all of the state of Arizona. I teased Cory that someone had left the tap open. He cuddled close as we made our love obvious. I have never been that open in public before, but somehow it felt good being queer and out at Niagra Falls.
    As our steaks were being served I moved aside slightly. I could see the two upper tiers behind us. There were two more male couples sitting together. The waiter grinned, "You two started something." I asked him if he had a problem. He looked at me with wide eyes. "No sir, my boyfriend was here for a bit and you had him turned on. I got the best kiss from him that I have had in weeks. He promised me something special tonight." He pulled his lapel to his face so that he could smell the deep red rose bud pinned to it. Love.
    Cory and I fed each other braised mushroom caps and giggled like children. I did not hear a word of decent in the entire place. If we had been anywhere else in the world there would have been someone that would take offense. We shared our meal through the sunset. We watched the sunlight play in the sky above the falls and wished that we could see an Arizona sunset over head. If Arizona had nothing else the magnificent sunsets that take center stage nearly everyday would make me stay there. Nowhere is the air so clean, so pristine. Nowhere are the colors so sharp, so vibrant. I looked into the sharp, vibrant color of Cory's eyes as he looked up at me with his head on my shoulder.
    Magic was afoot and in the air, neither of us wanted to miss every tidbit that we could cause to fall on us. Hand in hand we took a walk along the walk ways along the top of the canyon walls. There are observation areas overlooking the river that appeared so far below us. We stood and stared back up river to the waterfalls. Cory showed his poetic soul as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled tight against me. "That's my love flowing for you in a never ending cascade. Wide, deep, and forever, my love."

    I almost fell as I swooned at his words then I popped off. "That water is awfully cold." I wished I could grab those words back as they passed my lips.
    "But my love isn't. I am nothing if not hot for you. Something in me knew. I looked over the edge of that trash can and I felt it. I laid my head on your back as I held on to you for the ride back to Traveler©. My heart was beating so fast that I could feel it in my throat. I wanted you. I would do anything for you. I knew that I was to be with you forever. You sat food in front of me. I was starving, but food was nothing compared to what my eyes fed on. I stood in the shower and felt your loving hands move over me. I hurt all over. You were so tender. You cleaned each sore spot and wound on me and washed my hair. I had not had my hair washed in almost eight or nine years."
    "My love for you can never stop flowing anymore than that waterfall can turn around and flow up." That would be a trick. I know he was sincere, which only made me love him even more than I already did. I had to get him back to the room before we both exploded from the feelings building up inside of us. What a mess that would have been, body parts everywhere, love running unrequited through the entire area. I had to throw that in. Your tears were beginning to blur your vision. I am nothing if not cognizant of the needs of my readers. I don't know if I should help with your baser needs or keep our wild night together close to my heart.

    Okay, just a hint at what set the theme for our wild, wild night. "So, Sarah said I am the wolf that travels. I am going to travel on you and eat you up little boy."
    "Wait, my sweet one, It is worse than that. You are the great hunter wolf. The leader of his pack. You are portrayed as strong and powerful. Overcoming our enemies to save our young men." He grabbed my jewel box and moved closer to me then whispered in my ear. "In drawings of your exploits to find me and Mike and Steven you are shown devouring the devil. His lifeless body is under your feet. His heart is shredded beside him. You stand on his chest and howl with the victory of a kill. The tribe has borrowed a name from our Cheyenne brothers for you. You are called Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, meaning high-backed wolf. A fearsome, powerful wolf.
    You are also of the Choctaw, or Anitsata blood. You're the head of wolf clan who tracks and finds, or travels, aniwaya agateno. And the seeker of truth, duyugodv ayosdi. You lead four young cubs through the world and protect them with your life. One cub is a bear, me. I am called Yonv Gadoga, standing bear. And little Chrissy is Yonv Anida, young bear. Steven is Tlvdatsi', a wild cat or mountain lion . Mike is an owl, Wahuhi. There is also a Gvnigetsuli, black fox. You feed them," he started giggling. He was holding me tight as his giggles turned to all out laughter. "You feed them. Toward the end of the pictograph is you laying on your side as…(hehehe) as Mike and Steve and me suckle on you for our strength. But there are five cubs suckling on you, one is very small. Smaller than the other four. He is Aioli Waya, young wolf. I think it is your baby son. I have one very small cub suckling on me, which is Chrissy. The old woman that made the pictograph says that is what the spirits showed her. I guess there are two more boys from the tribe, or one and your baby.
    Me with a baby son? What has this boy been smoking on the reservation? Then I remembered the tea that he had served me once before.
    "Did you know that your spirit is the wolf, waya?"
    "Yes, my mother told me that as I was being born that my great grand mother was chanting over an open fire. She had her stuff that she needed to contact the spirit world as she prayed for a strong spirit guide to protect me through life. She had a vision of a strong and powerful wolf over me the first time she saw me. Others were supposed to have seen it too. From my earliest recollections my room was filled with pictures of wolves. I guess that is where I get my strength. You need some strength now?" That began a whole new kind of game for us as the mighty wolf fed his cub.

    We were awakened from the best night that we had ever shared. I followed my bone to the door and peered through the peep hole. Shane was more than curious. He was at the door. I led him straight to the bathroom. I joined Cory at the toilet to take his fist full of flesh in my hand. We aimed each other at the bowl. We managed to get most of our morning water in the bowl, but we were more interested in holding our breath so we wouldn't offend each other as we kissed. Morning breath is not only the air moving in and out, it is a film on the inside of the mouth. Most of our film had a cummy taste. Hehehehe
    We quickly brushed our teeth and used a half a bottle of Listerine, each. Next we turned our attention to one helatiously cute blonde boy. I embraced his tight body as Cory reached between us to open the boy's pants. I slid my hands into the waist band at the back and pushed the garment down as Cory pulled them down from the front. I ran my hand over his smooth naked ass. He leaned against me to lift his foot so that Cory could get his shoes off. "You've been crying. Want to talk about it?" His face clouded. I would let it go. He'll tell me if he wants too.
    The Jacuzzi filled as we stepped in to the shower and took liberties with each other's bodies to clean the areas of our desires. We sat together in bubbling hot water and gave Shane the best treatment he had ever had. He admitted that he had many men come on to him on this job, but he had never given in. I told him that he didn't give in this time. We took him. He kissed me and told me, "thanks, but I am the one that came back this morning."
    I pushed as Cory led us to the bed. I put Shane on bottom and let the show began. He sucked his first cock as Cory swallowed all that the boy had. I plowed Cory's hungry hole with long strokes as Shane whined like a puppy nursing at his mother's teat. I pulled the boy on top of me to sit on my face and ate his ass as I wrapped my legs around his head. Cory was up in me and moving the bolted down bed around the room. Shane reached around my legs and pulled himself close to Cory for a toe jam searching kiss as he shot his load on the three of us.
    Fresh from dinner at his back door I kissed him long and deep. I told him that I had been busy and this was the first opportunity that we had to celebrate major events in my boyfriend's life. I told him that Cory had turned nineteen a few weeks earlier and that he had gotten married and then his baby boy was born. I had brought him to the world's most romantic place to fuck the living shit out of him in honor of those major accomplishments.
    "Fuck, he is so fucking cute. I thought that you were a baby fucker. He looks like he is fourteen or so."
    Cory was out of Shane's eyesight as he sat behind him. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. His grin spoke volumes. He was going to be with me for a devirginizing. He loved it. Shane and I took each other on as Cory ate his ass and fingered him for the cumng. Cory did a good job. Shane was pushing his ass at Cory and begging him to, "do it."

    One whimpering boy lay between us with a stretched ass and cum from each of us soaking into the sheets as it slowly drained from his tender young anus. "Can't you tell me about it."
    "How do you…? You don't want to know my trouble."
    "Yes, I do. I might be able to help. Did you ever consider that?"
    "Yes, but I am almost afraid to ask you."
    "You sucked our dicks and you let both of us fuck you. You fucked Cory before you petered out so you owe me. Start your payment to me by telling me your story or asking that which you are afraid to ask." He is a little old, but I learned that he still responds to a finger properly placed in his rib cage. He wiggled and squealed. I told him to start singing or I would make him pee the bed. He told me that the maids hate that. I tickled some more.
    Most of his family had come up to see his aunt's daughter get married the evening before. He has a fourteen year old cousin that is cuter than cute, but the kid is an ass hole from hell. The family had gathered for dinner after the wedding and Shane was caught watching a cute boy by this boy's father. "You look like you are going to go jump his bones, Shane. You a fag or something?"
    "Yeah, he is. Every time he sees me he wants me to get naked and show him my dilly of a willy." The youngster said.
    Every eye turned to Shane. He wanted to die and fade away. His mother began to yell at him. Her sister is the aunt that he has been living with. She began to yell at him. She ordered him out of her house. His mother told him not to come home to her house. The uncle was screaming about his sister raising a child molesting faggot. It kept up until the group was asked to leave the restaurant.
    Shane ended up walking to his aunt's house. All of his clothes were thrown out on the porch, his suitcases were in the yard. He opened the suitcases and stuffed everything he owned into them then walked to the hotel. He wanted to ask me if he could ride back across the border with us. It would be easier to cross if he were in a car. He told me that he had his identification and driver's licence to prove he is a citizen, but a car would still be easier than walking with two large suitcases.
    I asked Shane if he had his passport and whatever papers he would need to stay in the states. He is an American citizen just working in Toronto for the summer. I asked him how that was possible. Canada has very strict rules about foreigners working in their country. He told me that his mother is Canadian. He stayed with her sister, his aunt. She helped him get the job.
    I asked him if he had any money. He had to mail his paycheck home each payday. His mother signed his name to it and put it into an account that she controlled. She sent his aunt his allowance each Wednesday and today would have been the day that he would get some money. I asked him where his suitcases were. He told me that they were in the employee's locker room downstairs. I asked him if he had any money owed to him by the hotel. He had six days coming. Cory and I dressed him after we kitty washed every part of his body. He told us he had never taken a lickin before. He loved it.
    I called for the manager of the hotel to come to my room. I had both boys sitting together at the table when the man came in. I asked him if he was aware that Shane was not a Canadian citizen. Now I never lied to the man. Of course I recorded our conversation so I am able to write it down for you. Here are the exact words I used.
    "Shane's mother knows where he is. My son Cory and I came to Canada. Shane has been living with his aunt while he is here. He is an American citizen. I am going to take him home today. Shane will give you an address where you can mail his final paycheck." Interesting wording. No lies whatsoever. The man could think of my position however he would think of it. I never said, nor implied, that I had come to find Shane or that I was related to him in any way. Total honesty. That's the way to live life. Let the other person fill in the gaps with their own thoughts.
    The manager wanted no problems. He would have Shane's final check ready in a half an hour. After he left the boys were on the floor. I looked at Shane and asked him what happened to the tip I gave him the day before. His eyes widened and he rushed from the room. I told Cory to go with him. Ten minutes later the pair was back, each carrying a suitcase. Shane had a box with his tips in his locker downstairs, but the two hundred dollar bills were still in his pants pocket from the day before and he had forgotten that they were there. He had over five hundred dollars that he had kept for himself. Along with the two hundred from me he could get a place to live until he found a job. He doesn't know about my rental rates yet.

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