Chapter 219


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I don't care how old we are, boys are boys. We have boys in the family aged twenty four down to the age of ten. All of us acted like kids and we had a ball. There was nothing off limits as far as fart jokes and gross stories about other body functions. Some of the younger boys tried to impress their older peers with some mighty raunchy tales, but they found that the older boys knew a few pretty nasty stories of their own.
    I was glad to see that partners, lovers, or even spouses, meant very little to the boys that weekend. Age barriers were stricken so that everyone enjoyed everyone else. I watched the little ones very closely as they moved against the older boys and asked for sex. The older boys loved the little ones with tenderness and care. No one looked to me for permission before he gave a younger boy the ride that the youngster wanted. They were gentle and showed true concern for their tender age and smaller bodies. No one got carried away and everyone enjoyed themselves as the love between the members of my large family flowed out everywhere.
    Roddy has established himself as the chief of our newest Indian boys. Fifteen year old Eknath told me that Roddy was nearly a chief because I am of the bloodline of chiefs and Cory is standing for election as Chief of the Cherokee Nation. I did not know how that word got out. I know that Cory did not want it known. I looked at Roddy. He had the cock of fifteen year old Bodaway in his mouth and a tight grip on both Hridayesh and Ilesh. Ilanipi, was humping his four inch spear in Roddy's rear while Kuruk fed at the boy's man teat. I couldn't be mad at him right then, he was in his own private heaven.

    I carefully watched all of the boys, but I especially watched those that claimed not to be gay. I will never knowingly expose anyone to my family's lifestyle against their will. If a boy is not at least gay curious he could learn to hate us or our school. He could even bring unwanted attention down upon us.
    I spotted Dylan Brill as he moved around through the mass of sexually heated flesh. His main attribute was leading him and from time to time he handled himself with a gentle squeeze; not enough to bring him to a climax, just enough to keep that feeling going.
    Suddenly Dylan stopped and stared down at a boy that was sitting off to the side watching the action around him. Dylan dropped to his knees and the two boys embraced. When the tears began to flow I moved over to them and listened to their story.

    The tall and skinny fifteen year old boy is Noah Carpino. His father brought his son to the school for protection. Mr. Carpino is a soft spoken man that confessed to being teased and sometimes seriously harassed throughout his school days. He told us that it doesn't matter if the subject of the teasing is guilty of the charges made by others, it continues anyway. I know that what he told us was the truth.
    Mr. Carpino wanted to protect his son from all of that. Mrs. Carpino, on the other hand, was ready to disown her son because he had confessed to his parents that he thought that he might be gay. Mrs. Carpino denied that. She cited Noah's long time relationship with his girlfriend, a girl by the name of Mindy Brill. Noah told her that he and the girl were just very close friends and that she knew of his thoughts about himself. Mrs. Carpino wasted no time in calling her priest and soliciting his aid in having her son cured of his disease from Satan.
    Mr. Carpino moved quicly to protect the boy from his mother, his church, and his peers at school. I enrolled Noah at once and took him up to the dorm myself to help him find a bed. His father brought a little of Noah's personal items to him at the school each day. The love between the father and the son did my heart good. I hope that things in their home work themselves out.
    Dylan confessed to Noah that he had been the subject of many hours of his sexual fantasy. Noah blushed and told Dylan that he was the reason that he had began to date Mindy. He told Dylan that Minday knew of his interest in her brother and had tried to find a way for the two boys to get together privately. Noah said that he and Mindy always saw Dylan with a book up to his face and they didn't know how to approach him.
    It was Dylan's turn to blush. He told Noah that he printed out gay stories from on-line sites then erased his history. He hid the hard core pages in his books and read them, even in front of his parents. He said that his biggest turnon was reading the stories in class at school. He said that he would get so horny that he would pop in his jeans. He had taken to wrapping his cock in toilet paper before class so that no one would notice a wet spot.

    I moved on as the two boys got down with each other and discovered how deep their love really was. I had seen something that definitely merited a look.
    Totally straight jock Oz Parada was skewered between Jay Jay and Chad. Oz was on his knees taking everything that the two monstrously hung boys had all the way to the pubes. Jay Jay was giving the tough talking jock a throat fuck that would leave him without a voice for several days. Eighteen year old Jay Jay has grown up. His cock is a solid thirteen and a quarter inch long. It is not as thick as Kyle, but five and three quarters of an inch circumference is still a mouth stretched for most cock suckers. Oz had his head kicked back as he took Jay Jay's throat assault of full length strokes over and over again. Jay Jay was pulling his cock nearly all of the way out of Oz's mouth before shoving it completely in again, flattening Oz's nose against his groin.
    The hormone shots that Chad received from his father when he was a small boy have given rise to a fourteen inch, slim, uncut cock. Chad was only moving about six inches in and out. I knew that he wasn't giving Oz the prostate massage that he needed to get off. Suddenly Chad wrapped his arms about the sweat covered body of the jock he was impaling and pumped out his orgasm deep in the darkest nether regions of a heretofore virgin gut.
    Oz did not get off. He was licking every foot of Jay Jay's cock as he searched for all of the ball juice that could be found. When there was no more he looked back at Chad and told him to swap ends with Jay Jay. Jay Jay proceeded to give Oz the prostate massage that he needed as Chad took up with long strokes deep into a newly found hungry cum hole.

    Boys are always hungry. Cock gives them an energy boost, but food provides the energy needed to produce the nectar that all of us love so well. I had only brought Gigage—fgb, Gynigeyona—f/bYn, Onacona—on, and Adahy—ach to the camp to cook for us. The rest of the kitchen staff, some of them women, might not be able to deal with the open sex that was happening everywhere. The boys were on holiday, it was a free love fest and they made full use of it. The additional two staff members that had helped the cooks drive the buses to the camp were placed on Travel Hop© for a ride back to the school and their cars. They told us that they couldn't watch all of the hot sex that would be going on around them without wanting to join in the fun. That would never do. I can not allow the staff to have sexual relations with the students. Norman Ellis was not even with us, but Bobby was right in the middle of the action.
    Cory and I sat together as laughed as we listened to the boys tell stories about whom they had done and who had done them during the long afternoon sex session. Plans were being made for the night. I was happy to hear Cas and Tyler proposition their little brothers. Lew talks about the few times in his life when he has spent a short time with Cas, but he was going to spend the entire night with the hunky older sibling and he had some terrific ideas as to what he wanted to happen.
    Turner and Tyler have only swapped ball batter and that was limited to the time right after we returned home from California. Tyler is a top and doesn't care for much else with anyone other than his husband, Cas. Turner is rather laid back, but he thought that a full night in bed with his older brother might bring them back together a little.
    Branden and Frankie had their eyes on a few of the other students at the school. The college boys keep their distance from the students, they are old enough to be in serious trouble with the law for messing around with underage boys. No one noticed and no one cared who was with whom on that weekend. Everyone was eighteen and everyone was a willing participant.
    Oz came up to my table, he was in obvious pain. "I want one of them pins," He grunted. I stood and faced him. I looked into his open mouth before Cory passed me a small flashlight. Just as I had thought, Oz's throat was very red and raw. I pushed his shoulders back so that he lay across the edge of the table. I pushed his legs to his chest and looked at his red and swollen anus. I held out my hand to Cory who place a tube of our soothing salve in it. My touch was soft and gentle as I spread the soothing ointment around the sore looking hole. I remembered Charlie applying this same medicine to me after I had gotten a bit carried away at one party or another.
    The salve has ingredients in it that deaden the pain. When it began to do its work I became more vigorous as I worked two fingers slathered with the cream deep inside his rectum to coat his anal sphincter. His cock responded to my movements and I felt his prostate stiffen. I engulfed his turgid pole as gallons of hot teen nectar ejaculated forth. Oz had a most satisfied look on his face as I leaned forth and kissed him, letting him taste most of his creamy offering.
    "I know what you want, Oz, but the butt says noooooo. Please no, not now, noooooo." I let the pitch of my voice lift with the drawn out word, a fact that was not lost on the other boys. Around the room 'nooooo' echoed. Oz got the message. I told him that he was at the point that anymore anal play could hurt him permanently. I told him to let the salve work overnight and then I would see what I could do for him after breakfast the following morning.
    Konrad Markov was standing to my left as he looked after my treatment of Oz with interest. "I'm pure virgin down there, but I would like to remedy that right now."
    "You want a fuck on the diner table?"
    "Right here in front of everyone. Everybody thinks that I am a stuck up snob. I'm not. I have just never found anyone that I wanted to let do that to me. I have sucked a few dudes, just to get a taste for it, but none of them want to just hold me and love me. I hear that you do that."
    "I do, and I would love to hold you and love you for a long time. I can't do that with a quick fuck on a diner table."
    "Could I have you in me, just to break my cherry, then I could sleep with you tonight and let you touch my heart the way that you are famous for doing?"
    With all of the cat calls from the room I found his proposal hard to turn down. I looked at Cory. "Hey, you said that we could do anyone we want to this weekend. I will be there for you when we get home, enjoy the virgin boy and make love to him, dad. It is plain to see that he is in love with you."
    Konrad was on his back on the table with his boy sized legs pulled against his chest. His virgin hole was so tiny and tight looking, my mouth salivated at the sight. Not even Sherman marching to the sea could have stopped me from diving face first between the inviting legs. The smell and the taste of the young jock was the most powerful aphrodisiac that I had ever had.
    My own cock was so hard that it hurt. I had been watching four hundred boys explore their sexuality in the biggest orgy that I have ever been a part of, yet I had not gotten off. I enjoyed being the voyeur and never thought about my own needs. I must be getting old. I had to contain myself. I wanted to give Konrad the full treatment that I am known for so I willed my cock to wait. Yeah, right. It waited, but it dripped like crazy in protest.
    Konrad confessed to having never done more than a casual washing of his hind exit, he had never pushed a finger up into it. He let out a loud gasp as my tongue made the reverse trip through that tight hole. He raised his hips and tried to get more of my tongue inside of himself. I was happy to please him. As quickly as his sphincter relaxed I slipped inside. I had a real live wire trying to twist my tongue out of my head.
    As his body relaxed and yielded to me I moved my fingers into play. Ever so slowly I spread the virgin hole wider before inserting another finger. His mighty seven inch power pole was leaking like an old faucet. His glans had slipped completely from his semi-cut foreskin and shone like a beacon beckoning me to engulf it. That was a request that I was ready for.
    I moved forward and placed my nose into his light brown pubic bush as three fingers of my right hand worked his swollen prostate and my left hand massaged his large testes. In a very short time he let loose a torrent of boi batter that coated the inside of my mouth and throat with the taste that drives me wild.
    Without giving the boy time to think I removed my fingers and inserted the head of my cock. just past his sphincter. I hovered over his face and his eyes invited me in. I locked my lips on his and his tongue instantly pushed through them to get at his own cock juice. I slowly proceeded to insert more of myself into him as his arms tightened around me and he breathed heavily.
    I broke our kiss so that he could adjust his body to my invading pole. His eyes were dancing as the grimace on his face quickly turned into a smile of pure joy. Between ragged breaths he puffed out, "That is more than I ever expected it to be. Do me long and hard, don't ever stop. Become one with me forever." As tempting as that statement was we knew that it was an impossibility.
    When Konrad flooded our bellies with his third load of our session I filled his rectum with more nectar than I had thought myself capable of. The boy had brought me back to life. My cock softened and slipped out. I stepped back to find a chair behind me. My precious mustard seed was there with a shallow pan of warm water and a washcloth. He cleaned me throughly then widened the eyes of every boy in the building when he took my newly hardened cock, to the pubes, in his small mouth.

    Keith Hall and Josh Wade were inspecting my handiwork on Konrad's ass. "I have to try that, babe. It is an orgy," Josh kissed Keith. "Please, may I be next?" I had not thought about anyone else at the moment, but I had a new student standing there with his brand new boyfriend of only four weeks… I couldn't say no.
    I gave Josh a good ride, not as good as I am famous for, but I was a bit worn out. Josh didn't mind, he took all of me as he sucked Keith's cock dry of all of its boi batter. I was knackered.
    Turner headed the tattoo committee that awarded the GPP to the two newest members of the newly formed Order of the Pin. The boys flinched, but took their new badge with pride.
    Before he left for school with Cullen Jimmy remarked that we needed a new list of boys that have the little gold penis pin. Turner is quick to come up with a name for just about anything and he is a good organizer. Before the evening was over Order of the Pin had a constitution complete with by-laws. A board of directors was selected to administer the new group.
    Categories of the award were defined with the FGPP being the most coveted. Wearers of the GPP are the most numerous and the pin with the least number of holders is the tiny penis head with a wing to each side to symbolize the families version of the famous airlines' mile high pin.

    After dinner the boy gathered in the large clearing in front of the barracks buildings. A large circle in the middle pf the clearing still showed scorch marks from years of bon fires. I showed the boys where the shovels were and asked that they dig a hole a foot deep and as large as the old circle, about eight feet.
    I directed other boys to a large stack of eighteen inch logs that had been cut from the trees felled to make the soccor field, they had ben cut to four foot lengths. It took four boys to each log to manhandle them over to the fire pit under construction. When all was gathered around the fire we had seats for everyone. Guitars were brought out, I had asked for acoustic guitars only, but I sort of missed having a few pairs of drumsticks.
    A fire was stacked and the boys gathered around. Ona brought out four cases of marshmallows which were spread about the fireside. Ten bundles of freshly cut long sapling branches were carried to the fireside by Adahy and Gynigeyona then spread out with individual packages of the marshmallows. Gigage delivered the graham crackers and Hershey bars.
    Boys paired up as the fire flared high into the early evening sky. I was pleased to see that two more sets of brothers had come together. I was very happy to see the older sibling holding his younger brother in his arms. Ronnie held Rusty tight before him and Ray had Ricky cradled in his lap like a young child.
    As the fire mellowed out to a maintainable height the music started. Everyone did his best to sing along to many old campfire favorites, even when they did not know the words. A half an hour after sundown the moon's rays broke through the tall trees around us. Southern Arizona is now devoid of all wildlife. Four hundred male voices in every timbre broke into wolf calls.
    I had not told the boys that it was a waxing moon and that the moon would be full on Sunday night. That is the night that I expect the rest of the wildlife in the western part of the country to run for their lives before the great wolf pack can devour them.
    The boys from the castle started it. "Zampara, Zampara, Zampara, Zampara…"
    On their heels the French speaking boys began to chant, "Roul, Roul, Roul, Roul…"
    Not to be out down my Tsalagi brothers came in with, "Waya, Waya, Waya, Waya…"
    I stood up and the chant turned into, "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe." I held up my hand for silence. The boys looked at me. "A wolf by any other name, right. For those of you that don't know I am known as a wolf by my mother's people, the Cherokee Indians. There are legends that surround my name. They are only that, legends. There is little truth to legends, most of them come about after the death of the subject."
    "Yes, but these legends were written before you were born. They are more prophecy than legend." Bless Cory for inserting that bit of knowledge. I was not going to be able to get away from the boys without telling them a story.
    "Look, it is late, and we are all tired. Let's roast a few dozen marshmallows and Sunday night when the moon is full, I will let Cory tell you about this prophecy."
    That gave the boys something to look forward too. I did not want them to get all that there was to git on the first night.
    I set my marshmallows on fire then quickly blew them out and ate them. Most of the boys thought that I had ruined the sweet confection. I told them that if they blew the frie out before the treat got too black that it tasted much better. The graham crackers went away, the Hershey bars lay unopened as fiery marshmallows were sucked off of the end of a few hundred sticks.
    Our new pairing filed into the small barracks. All of the bunks had been removed and a stack of new queen sized air mattress lay next to boxes containing new queen sized sleeping bags. There were ten pumps per building for the boys to blow up their mattresses, but in my building I say many boys show their regenerated breathing power as they blew up a mattresses for himself and his mate. That, of course, was followed by a coughing session as they struggled to get life giving oxygen back into their lungs.
    Konrad took me by the hand and led me to our love nest. He had inflated the air mattress and spread the sleeping bags on top. He was eager for a night of love. Konrad is an excellent lover. He is yielding, yet attentive. He seeks ways to excite and please his partner. The boy is going to make someone a very fine boyfriend.
    He went to a sixty nine as soon as I pulled him on top of me to dine at his back door. He wanted to try that dinner for himself so I moved to the top position and bent his body so that we could both dive into the other's nether region.
    He never gagged as he swallowed all of me down his throat. He did take his time to get himself acclimated, but once I past his tonsils he was humming a happy tune. I made him take the upper position to exercise his thrust muscles. He admitted that he had never even exercised them on his pillow. He is a very happy top. He loves the bottom so I told him that he is versatile. He told me that he would bend over backwards for me. I know that he would. I made deep, deep love to him all night long. We held each other and cuddled in between sessions and he kissed someone other than his mother and grandmother for the first time in his life. Only he said that kissing me was better.

    The next morning I was up early. I was looking forward to a run through the woods in the all together. I put on my socks and made sure that my shoes were tied tight and headed for the door. Thirty boys were behind me. We stepped outside and found almost the entire student body clothed in nothing but their shoes and socks.
    I expected anything but what I got as I set out on the raw earth path. The sound of seven hundred feet tramping along through the woods could quickly become a favorite sound of mine. There was no talking and no laughing. Only the heavy breathing of young lungs trying to get oxygen into their bodies broke the stillness of the surrounding forest.
    Along the trail I had stationed Cas, Tyler, and Gigage with oxygen tanks and masks. We lost about fifty of our runners a mile from the camp. I felt as if I were in need of a shot of the fresh air, but I kept on my pace and made the entire circuit. The track is about the most difficult thing that I have ever done. I loved it and I will be back on it as often as possible.

    The track was raw, just as it had been left when my young volunteers had cut through the forest with the Bobcats. I wanted a smooth and solid path. As we ate breakfast I asked for volunteers to spread extra fine stone dust over the trail. I had twenty tons of granite dust from the tunnel leading from the school and through the mountain to Base A.
    Beside the pile of granite dust were ten fertilizer spreaders and ten compacter rollers, twelve in diameter drums with a fork handle to push it over the ground. The drums were filled with five gallons of water making them weigh forty five pounds, in total. Not much compaction, but enough to push the rock into the freshly dug soil.
    I selected two boys to each apparatus and handed them thin painters masks. The paper masks would keep the dust from the boys' lungs. As fine as it is the dust could be very harmful to the boys, especially with their heavy breathing in the rarified air. By noon we had the first layer of stone dust on the trail and it made a tremendous difference in the feel of the ground underfoot. Of course I had to run around the six mile long track.

    I feel like some sort of monster giving all of the boys rules and rules and more rules. I love Camp Christopher and from what I was hearing the students loved it too. I had to do all that is within my power to protect it so that all of the students from all my schools around the world can use it for many years to come.
    "Boys, it is time to go swimming. But first some firm rules that if broken can really make for some sad boys. First of all, we are going to go swim in a spring fed lake. It is only a little less than two acres, but it is not filtered. The water is as fresh as it comes from the springs and feeds into a creek that fills the lake. There will be no peeing in the lake. I am deadly serious about that. We will not contaminate the water for all eternity because we are too lazy to get out of the water and run fifty or sixty feet to water a tree that is desperate needs of boy moisture.
    "Second, and a violation of this one just could get you removed from the school, there will be no sex in the water. I told you that the water is not filtered. There is no way to shock the water with chlorine to kill the bacteria from anal sex. Even your delicious sperm carries bacteria that could affect the water.
    "The water from this creek flows over the edge of the cliff to fall across the new turbine generators that Cory has installed to make the electricity for this camp. I don't want any shower babies getting into the blades of those turbines and clogging up the works.
    "At the school you have facilities to wash your ass after you take a dump. We don't have that at the lake. We will have that ability when the new barracks are built here next month. In the meantime, if you have to drop a stinky in the woods there are some simple rules to follow.
    "First of all take a stout stick and dig a small hole. Do your duty in the hole then clean up with some of the large leaves about the area. We have plenty boys that know the plants of the forest and they can tell you which leaves not to use.
    "Bury your business with the soil that you dug from the hole. Wet leaves make a good cleaning rag. The wet leaves in your butt crack will not harm the water so don't be afraid to wash up when you return to swimming.
    "Please don't stray from the group. Always keep us in sight and let us always see you. We won't laugh if we see you squat behind a tree, we all do it. The last rule is the most important one of all. Have fun!"
    The boys filed down the well worn path to the lake. All of them were bare assed. A few of them wore their shirts. That was a smart move on their part because the mountain air could create a chill on their wet bodies. All of them had a towel from the supply that Nolan had placed at each shower room.
    The boys could hardly wait to get their shoes off and get into the pristine water. It was cold, but that did not deter them. The only complaints that I heard were that the cliff needed to be taller to dive off of. I would like a higher dive myself, but I have to think of the smaller boys that will do anything on a dare.
    The coaches at the school have told me many times of boys teasing others into diving from the high diving boards. In the school pool there are expert swimmers to help a boy in trouble. In the wilderness we don't have that ability. We can't always see the boys and none of the good swimmers are used to the bottom of the lake.

    Saturday night was about the same as Friday. There were different pairings, but an equal amount of love was shared all around. I managed to welcome some of the new students to the school and even made a couple of them pin wearing family members. Alex Smith and Dwane Wern came to the school after Wren sent me a story that he entitled, "What Movies" I learned that their fathers had a…well not a real relationship, but they were more than just close friends. Both men have female interests, but being single father's of teenage boys they did not get too serious. I think that a friendship like that, though extremely rare, is a good thing to have.
    Sunday night all hell broke loose as the moon first came into view from our vantage point. The boys were ready and anxious. They know that a full moon rises with the sunset and sets with the sunrise, but we had a mountain a few trees blocking our view. By the time that extra terrestrial body came into view it was after seven o'clock.
    This time the chant began, and stayed, with Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. A three foot by eighteen inch log was placed on its end at the center of the clearing in front of the barracks. I walked over and took a seat. From time to time I turned around so that all of the boys could see my face as I told them of the legend that surrounds me.
    "I am both Anitsata—Choctaw, from my maternal grandfather, and Tsalagi—Cherokee, from my maternal grandmother. My great grandmother, Kinta—an Anitsata Indian wise woman—went to a woman by the name of Abedabun—sight of day—was as wise as she was old. The old woman told Kinta that her daughter's daughter would bear a son that would gather back to the tribe those that were lost. She said that the son would be called Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe—a Cheyenne name meaning "high—backed wolf a fearsome and powerful wolf." Abedabun showed Kinta a tapestry that she had began. It was woven from strands of hemp and flax fibers long before I was born.
    "On the tapestry I am shown as the head of a wolf clan who tracks and finds, or travels—aniwahya agateno. I am the seeker of truth—duyugodv ayosdi. I lead four young cubs through the world and protect them with my life. One cub is a bear—Cory—qW—he is called Yonv Gadoga—standing bear. Another of the cubs is Steven—sT\/Tlvdatsi'—a wild cat or mountain lion. Another cub is Mike—%fWahuhi—an owl. The fourth cub is Rodney—Qd/Gvnigetsuli—black fox. Those cubs are not my blood relation, they have come to me for shelter.
    "One corner of the arras shows five cubs suckling on me, one is Gvnigetsuli— Rodney. Two are my sons, Aioli Wahya— Cory Stevens and udyi wahy—Cullen James. RD, who is without an Indian character suckles at a teat while Cory is shown at my upper breast as a standing bear— Yonv Gadoga, with little Chrisy— Yonv Anida, young bear— suckling at his breast. The owl and the mountain lion, StevenTlvdatsi' and MikeWahuhi, are curled below the teats of the wolf, not suckling but seeking shelter. Steven, is wearing boots, a sign that he had just come in from the outside. Our dear friend and great cook Adahy is another member of my tribe that has returned to his full honor as the youngest son of the great chief Steve Conway.
    "All of you boys are under my wing of protection. I will fiercely fight to protect you and keep you from harm. Many laws have been changed in this country since I first set out in Traveler©. The first of those laws came about after Jace, Frankie, and Branden found me. By an act of the Congress of the United States of America they are my legally adopted sons. Many laws have since been passed protecting the rights of you boys.
    "The State of Arizona has changed many of its laws so that you are allowed to live at the school and receive an education. Some of you know the horrors of the foster home program that the state had in place. That program is not good for a homosexual youth. I am proud to be the recipient of those changed laws so that I can learn to know you and love you as you deserve to be loved."

    The boys passed me in silence, many of them stopping to shake my hand or kiss my cheek. I embraced as many of them as I could then we sat around the fire and roasted hotdogs and more marshmallows. It was our last night at the camp and I could feel the boys hearts. They loved the time that we had spent together. I knew that I had made the right decision to build the ranch into a retreat for my boys.
    Tuesday morning the old wooden barracks will be torn down. New and larger barracks style buildings will be put in their place. The new buildings will house one hundred boys each. They will have updated facilities for showers and other personal needs. The camp will remain rustic and will be used as a real back to nature experience for my boys from around the world. My next plan is to have all of the schools at Camp Christopher for the Christmas holidays.

    As the buses rolled up the street to the school on the final stretch of our trek home my earbud rang. "Sir, I would like to ask you and the lads to join me at the school cafeteria, I have their dinner prepared and waiting." Edmund is always full of surprises.
    I had let the old major domo have a four day weekend. Mitchell wiggled his eyebrows at the man and told us that they could use the rest. I watched Edmund blush and I knew that the married couple would not be getting any rest, but I was sure that they would find plenty of recreation to keep them up for the weekend.
    I almost believe that one would be safer standing in front of a large herd of stampeding cattle than to be in front of four hundred hungry boys charging their way through the tunnels and hallways to get to the cafeteria. Hot food is almost always foremost on their adolescent minds, the rest of the time it is hot sex.
    Edmund had prepared his father's famous tomato based spaghetti dinner as served in the elder Farraci's Itallian Restaurant in Albany, New York. He had long loaves of Italian bread, buttered with fresh crushed garlic, and an assortment of salads fit for meal to be remembered.
    When all of us had eaten to the point of discomfort the maestro rolled a cart from the kitchen and up to my table. Mitchell was uncovering the same item on the hot food serving line and the boys swarmed to get themselves a serving of fresh, hot, deep dish apricot cobbler.
    Edmund served each of us at my table a large bowl full of the cinnamony confection and topped it with a large dollop of fresh whipped cream. I chided my friend, "Is this all cow's cream?"
    He smiled at me and said, "One never knows, sir. Young Mitchell whipped up this batch, he was particularly erect at the time."

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