Chapter 56


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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This chapter is extra long and maybe I should break it down as I usually do, but I am teaming up with another author, Paul Walker: Sad song of a gay teen, and you will find his two key players mentioned in this chapter. Paul's story is set a year and a half ahead of Traveler© Traveler, but we will still have some interaction between the two stories.

    Halloween in England was a trip. El told us that the ancient people of the island nation were called Celts. They celebrated their New Year's Eve on October thirty first with a festival called Samhain. This marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The Celts were sun worshipers and they thought that the sun was leaving them to doom and death. They believed that evil spirits came with the long hours of winter darkness. They believed that this was the time when the boundary between the spirit world and the earthly world was at its thinnest and when spirits were most likely to be seen on earth.
    The Celts built bonfires to frighten the spirits away, then feasted and danced around the fires. The Roman Christians came along and adopted another pagan festival into their remake of religion. They called this new practice All Hallows for All Saints Day. They had the belief that goodwill always conquers evil, and that Jesus, the Light of the World, defeats all the fear of darkness.
    Cullen told us, "Me lads still build bonfires and celebrate with feasting at this time of year, but nowadays it's usually on the 5th November, Bon Fire Night. We get all naked and paint up blue and dance about the fire, then evil spirits of darkness are driven away with our noise.
    "We likes to go 'souling'. We go round other lot's houses begging for soul cakes. They say that even strangers could help a soul's journey to heaven by saying prayers, so, in exchange for a cake we promise to pray for the donors' deceased relatives. This is a time when people lights candles and bonfires to light the souls' way to the afterlife. We go 'souling', it's rather like carol singing, only we're requesting alms or soul cakes."
    "What do you sing?" Andy asked him.
    "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. The worms play pinochle on your snout." We had a chorus singing along, but we all got a look from Cullen.
    He stood up and in his sweet boy soprano voice he sent chills through our hearts as he sang a jingle. I hope his voice never changes.
                "A soul, a soul, a soul cake.
                Please good missus a soul cake.
                An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,
                Any good thing to make us merry.
                One for Peter, two for Paul,
                Three for Him who made us all.

    "We 'Soulers' go around the houses singing this song and we're often joined by someone with a hobby horse; only at this time of the year, we calls it a Hooden Horse."
    "What? No pumpkin juice? Dad, can we go to Hogwarts and get some pumpkin juice?" Silly little faggots.
    "What you really want is Harry's ass."
    "Up Harry, I want Draco." Don't let this bunch get started.
    "What's a soul cake, could I bake some?" Gerald is always looking for new foods for his family. Bless his heart, this weather was really rough on the lad.
    "Well a soul cake is like a hot cross bun, but without the currants or the cross on top." El told him. "I've the recipe if you want." Of course he wanted. The next morning found Gerald up to his eyeballs in flour and butter as he baked away at a new pastry. El stood by him with her ever present cuppa tea. I grabbed my ever present coffee and kissed Gerald on the cheek for making me a fresh pot. I stood and watched a master work with stuff to make good food.
Soul Cake Recipe and Ingredients:
175 Gram Butter, softened (6 oz) 175 Gram Caster sugar (6 oz)
3 Egg yolks 450 Gram Plain flour (1 lb)
Pinch Salt Warm milk
1 Teaspoon Ground mixed spice, or ground allspice
Set oven to: 180° C / 350° F bake 20-25 minutes.
Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until fluffy, then beat in the egg yolks. Sift flour and spices, add and mix to a stiff dough. Knead thoroughly and roll out, inch thick; cut into 3 inch rounds and set on greased baking sheets. Prick cakes with a fork and bake; sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar while still warm.
    I slipped my arm around El as we strolled out to the patio. The wind had a chill on it this morning. It was late October, winter is on the way. "All Soul's day and Halloween. I don't get the connection."
    "Were you listening to me last night?" she jabbed me in the ribs. "The Roman's called it All Hallows, which means All Soul's. Somewhere down through time the celebrating began on the night before or the thirtieth of October. That's where we get Halloween, All Hallows'een or, eve, in old English.
    "We could have a party for the boys. In the All Souls' Day Superstition it was believed that All Souls' night was when the dead revisited their homes, so lit candles were left out to guide them and meals and wine were left as refreshment. My mother-in-law had a tradition where they made a huge kettle of stew and left it hanging over a fire outside. On the nearby table were loaves of bread and lots of wine."
    "Can't you just see this lot drunk on wine?"
    "We'll make Kinder Wine. You take a sweet wine with low alcohol content and dilute it with lots of water. The kids love it and I know your boys will. They'll drown themselves before they can get enough alcohol in them to get a bit of a buzz." She was laughing so hard at her story that I was carried into it with her. I asked about costumes. She told me that would be fun, but she knew that Cullen would get naked and paint himself blue. She told me that she would like to get his old lot out. It would really be great for Cullen to see them all again. He has been gone almost eight months. She told me that there were only about ten or twelve boys in the lot. They all went to a prestigious music conservatory for especially talented youth. Ten or twelve boys? Sounded good to me.
    Ten or twelve boys Cullen's age, naked and blue. I was ready to party."Do you have any tin foil pie pans like we have in the states? I want a special costume. I don't know Cullen's friends so maybe I shouldn't be naked in front of them. Will you visit me in, what do you call it over here? Oh, Poofter prison." That made her sit her tea cup down as she had to hold her sides in laughter.
    The next evening I joined the boys in front of a huge fire pit. We had used a back hoe to dig a five foot deep pit, ten feet around. We stacked it with fifteen foot long logs of up to eight inches across. We were going to have one hell of a fire. I still won't use his name, but DUKEY sat a bucket full of gasoline in the center of the hole and put an old bed sheet wound round like a fuse from the bucket out to the edge of the fire pit then we began to lay the logs in a teepee fashion until our pile was twelve feet tall, above the ground level. We were sure to light up the country side.
    About 16:00 hrs. a stretch limo and two vans full of sweet British boys arrived. Ohmigosh, help me through the night. Some of the boys had their mothers come along so I had to be nice. A dozen of my boys made a mad stampede to the house, I thought that they were headed for their clothing. Moments later they returned, still naked, and dragged me to the fire pit where they stripped me naked. Christopher had tears in his eyes as he looked at me. "Do you know who that is?" He was pointing at a boy and using the CDs in his hand instead of his finger. I had no idea what was going on as Jim called me old. Lew told me that I was clueless while several of the other younger, boys gathered around the youngster waving their CDs at him.
    I was dragged across the lawn to stand face to face with one of the freshest young faces I had ever chanced to look upon. I was introduced to Jason, and his boyfriend, Gary. Jason plays keyboards and guitar. Gary plays guitar and sings. Jason is the founder of a new boi band by the name of Wild Boys, by Paul Walker—used by permission, Thanks Paul—I had hands shoved in my face from every direction, each one with a freshly autographed CD of the Wild Boys music. The volume of the stereo system was cranked to just a tad over two hundred decibels as birds for miles around took flight along with small animals and dogs along the ground. Two hundred decibels, that's just about twice the noise level of a space shuttle launch from a quarter of a mile away, mixed in with a nuclear explosion or two, you might know about how loud this music was being played. I know that the nearest neighbor was several miles away, but I still worried about law suits over broken or cracked glass. Don't let the boys know, but the music was really good. These kids had talent.
    As each of my cock starved boys presented his CD to be signed he grabbed a handful of young Jason's ample cock. He took a quick glance at Gary then at Cullen who was all smiles. It didn't take long until both of the young stars had a hot mouth giving him service in his nether regions. At first there was some hesitancy then Cullen whispered in the boys' ears The two made it clear that they were a couple, but they would let this bunch of Yanks have a go at real meat, just this once. I figured Jason at about fourteen, but Gary seemed a bit older.
    I see these silly little girls, groupies? is that what they're called, gather around young stars and I imagined that these two boys had their share of that. But what those girls would never have is what my boys had at that instant, a chance to go down on a real live Rock-n-Roll star. I guess they're into Rock-n-Roll, I'm too old and feeble minded and clueless to know the current musical genre. At least what I was hearing wasn't that rat. Oh, I'm sorry, my scribe, Jim, just told me that it is RAP with a P not a T. He's young, he'll learn. I just like songs that I can sing along with. Not chant too.

    The main action was taking place by the fire pit. A paint brush was put in my hand as we began to paint each other with a dark to medium blue water color, hair and all. The only parts missed was around the eyes and a narrow band around the mouth. Cullen said this shit tasted nasty. His old friends got a giggle from his new American language. I got a giggle out of their getting a giggle. I love it. The same language, but we don't speak it the same way.
    Cullen dragged his mates over to take over the painting of me. He lifted my cock and stroked it up. He told me that if he painted it soft that later when I got a hard on I would have white rings on it. I would look like I had been tie died. The little sot, he just wanted to show my cock to his boys. They each got a look and a feel. There may be more to these boys than I thought.
    I accused Cullen of being a tease. I was all worked up and there was nothing for it. He looked at his boys then bent over and took all of me in his mouth. He came off quickly, spitting. "Blimey, that shit's nasty. I told ya." His mates knew he was talking about the paint.
    Cullen nudged one of his mates who looked around. Cullen nodded at him. He bent over and took my cock in his mouth. He played up and down on the head for a minute then he swallowed me. Cullen moved in behind him and humped his cock in the crack of the boy's ass. We could see Cullen's cock head so we knew he wasn't up in him. One of the other boys came up. "Alright yer, le me 'ave a go." The first boy moved away and the new lad took me on. These boys were cock suckers.
    I filled the fourth boy with juice and the others fought for a share, some having to take the diluted offering from his friends. I hurried up to the house to prepare for the party, while the painting was being finished up. I went to my room and donned my pie pan. I adjusted the elastic band that I had ripped from an old pair of briefs and went back out to the party. All eyes turned toward me. Cullen's dad blew it. "Hey, there's Peter Pan. We'll let him light the bon fire." I struck the match and the old bed sheet smoldered and smoked. Finally the heat got to a spot still wet with the gasoline and the fuse flamed up. In a moment we heard a whoosh from deep under the wood pile and flames lept outward and upward.
    As the fire began to burn several of the guys came over and snapped my elastic band. "A pie pan on your peter, cute, Peter Pan." Well I had thought it would be funny. It didn't take long until the pan was ripped from me. I was told that I was wearing it wrong as a large hole was bored through the middle. The pan was then pushed back over me letting my cock hang inside of the pan, like a metal frame around my manhood. There was a small problem. The metal edge hurt like hell. I yanked the damn thing off and threw it into the blazing inferno we had created as the boys danced raucously about, chanting nonsense.
    At 18:00 a mother came out to talk to her son. She looked square at my dick. "Son be careful. You aren't fully healed and some of these boys are pretty big."
    "Okay mom." Was his reply. A younger boy was hiding behind the first.
    "Cedric, I don't know. You're only fourteen. The law says sixteen."
    "Mom, it's Cullen mom. He's only fourteen too and we're…you know."
    "Okay, but you know I can go to jail too for letting you stay." The boys both kissed her and told her they would see her in the morning. The three women got into one van and left the other sitting as they drove away. It was then that I learned that most all of the boys were sixteen, the legal age for sex in Britain, except for Cedric and Jason. I learned a bit later that young Jason was really young. He was thirteen. His birthday is in February. I would have to be careful. His two security men kept an eye on him like a pair of hawks. I wonder if they could tell that I am a serious chicken hawk and I had a young chick that I really wanted to eat in my sights.
    Jason and his boy friend, Gary, drifted up to me. Cullen pushed against me and grabbed my cock. He waved it at the pair of young musicians. "Now I been playing this skin flute for the last eight months and when I gets me fill of the sweet juice it feeds out I likes to slip it up me bum for an altogether feel good. I showed you me Golden Pole pin and we'd all like you lads to have one, but ya gotta ride, all the way and we gotta watch."
    "Cullen, he's thirteen. I don't like the English food that well. I'll starve to death in poofter prison." All three boys fell to the ground in uproarious laughter as I sat back in the deck chair that Cullen had dragged over. The chair was most uncomfortable, it was made of wood and had no arms on it. I sat back as Cory came running across the lawn with a pillow which he slipped behind my head.
    Cullen shushed the boys, "Oh, daddy's sleepy. We likes to bugger the beggar whilst he snores a bit." I giggled at him. He knelt down and took my quickly tall standing meat to task in a demonstration for his chums.
    Little Jason was seriously eyeballing my mighty meat. "You won't get mad if I do him will you, Gary. I love you, you know. I am only going to do this for that pin. Won't Chris and Steve freak out when we tell how I got it?"
    "I'm gonna have one too, you know. Hurry and do it." Jason slipped his lips around me and worked at getting the his first man cock into his pie hole. He had about half of me in him when Cullen told him that if he were to lay out on top of me the curve of my dick would go straight into this throat and that he wouldn't have to worry about falling off because he could anchor himself by placing his dick in my open mouth while I slept peacefully." I am going to have to wash my nephew's mouth out for lying to this little lad, and I know just what to wash it out with too.

    Wild Boy's Jason is 13, 5 feet 3 inches tall. He has light brown hair with blonde highlights and a piercing in his left ear. His cock is five and a half hard inches. I enjoyed a treat of sweet British Boi Cock the moment the boy's nose hit my pubic hair. He was so excited at his achievement that he filled me with the one English food that I could learn to enjoy forever. He was shaking with excitement as he traded places with Gary. He bubbled as he told his boyfriend of the sensations that had filled his soul.
    Gary was sweet in his own right. At 16, he stands 5 foot 7inches tall. He has short, spikey, light brown hair and the most amazing emerald green eyes. He's also cute, his six and a half inch cock slipped into my anchorage very well, thank you. With three tutor's, Jase, Cullen, and Cory, giving him instructions he had all of me down his gullet before he had a good feeling worked up. I wasn't about to let him go until I got mine. I put a hand to each sweet hip bone and lifted him then lowered again. After a few turns Cullen giggled, "Ya has to pay the piper fer yer meal there laddie." Giggles went around as Gary got himself set in position and pumped my face while he fed on my cock, deeper inside him than he ever thought a cock could be. He was playing with my balls and giving me a real feel good when I heard Cory tell him to back off a bit or they would have to wait to work on their pin.
    I guess they really wanted that silly little pin because Gary pounded my face like a pro. His balls slapped against my nose and his tight little crack begged for attention. My finger suddenly gave him that attention and he crawled down my throat, cock first, heralding the way with buckets full of sweet, home made boi milk. I wrapped my arms around the young thighs and pulled the boy in, tight. I wanted more of him and I was about to pop. Cory snapped my cock head with his index finger flicked off of his thumb, in a movement similar to flicking a booger across the room. I lost my moment, and my erection.
    I had to chase Cory down and show him that I was still the dad, much to the delight of those around us. Several blankets had appeared in place of the chair and I was told that I was old and should lay down and catch my breath. I could hear the whispers as the word went around about the Golden Pole pin. I dutifully lay my old ass down and instantly fell asleep. Jason was squatting over me holding his butt cheeks wide as he inched his way down. I felt eyes on me and I looked over at the Limo. It was then that I realized that Jason and Gary's security guard was none other than my man Harry. The man with the .44 that shot it out with Branden and Kyle's abductors. We smiled at each other. He gave me a thumbs up as the head of my cock broke through one super tight sphincter ring.
    I had enough lube slathered on me that I was sure to be able to fuck a gnat's ass, but boi butt is much more sensitive and I really don't want to hurt anyone. Gary was on his knees with his arms around his young partner. He told him over and over not to do more than he could handle. The boy was brave, I felt that this had been an accomplishment for him as he settled his weight onto my groin. Cullen and Gary helped him to lay back with his little face just at my chin. I kissed his cheek as Gary locked his lips on the gasping mouth. I took hold of one very nice boy tool and began to give it the old squeeze play and work it around. His response met with my approval as his rectal muscles spasmed from the head of my cock down my full length to where his tight sphincter muscle tried it's best to sever my cock at the root.
    I lay there as Jase slowly fucked himself on me. I slowly long stroked him to the best orgasm. I know how to give a boy joy. I love an uncircumcised lad, their little glans is not used to the sensation of being stimulated by direct and unlubed contact. Jase was wiggling about on the very edge of real pain as I took care not to cause an ulcer of the tender flesh in my control. When the boy hit his launch point he sent sperm missiles to cover both of our faces. Many faces appeared over my tiny victim to clean his nutty offering from his cut, lithe body. Harry adjusted his package and gave me a thumbs up.
    A very happy youngster was helped up. "Shit, Jase," Gary said.
    "What? What's wrong?" Jason sounded scared.
    "No, shit. Look he fucked the shit out of you. It's on his dick." Cory had a rag with warm water from a pan by his knees. As he cleaned me up I watched Gary hold his boyfriend who was shaking severely. Somebody has some talking to do and right now. I stood up and looked at the two boys. Cullen looked at his feet and I grabbed him. I put the three of them to the blanket and demanded to know what just happened.
    By the time the full story of Jason Russell's rape played its last chords across my heart I was holding one hell of a special person in my lap. "You sir, are one very special man. You have earned the title of Man at a very tender age. It was brought about my horrible circumstances, but you have proved your metal and flaunted your strength in the face of those who would have brought you down. (Please read this sad story by Paul Walker, by clicking on the above link.)
    "Jason Russell I am proud to know you and I truly hope that you will allow me to call you my friend." I got a pair of young arms around me and a super tight hug. I turned to my boys that had gathered about us to hear this tragic tale. "I am aware of your by-laws for the Golden Pole pin, but as the object by which that pin is meted out, I am going to exercise a special licence. By the established guidelines Jason Russell would not qualify for the pin because I did not in fact fuck him. I hereby establish that this youngster was fucked once and for all times last spring and I pray that he is never fucked again. I hereby award him the Golden Pole pin and I suggest that it be delivered under the strong flow of thirty or more sources of golden rivers. But let's hold up a little bit on the presentation until we see if we have a dual award presentation tonight." I wiggled my eyebrows at Gary. He giggled.
    I stood up and stretched as Gary was mentally prepared for what was to come. Gary's cute and I told you his specs. I won't ever kick this boy out of my bed. I stood over him and looked at his open doorway to his stars. He was anxious, but eager at the same time. His hands trembled as he held his legs back for me. "Do you want to make love or do you just want a fuck and a pin?"
    "Don't hurt me. Love me," his voice shook with the late pubescent tremble in his developing tenor voice.
    I lay beside him and pushed his legs down. I looked at my audience, "Some of you have seen this. All, but our guests have been here. None of you has seen this as a group. This is very personal and from the heart. If you can't treat this with dignity, leave now. The circle widened slightly as room was made for comfort. Not a sound could be heard from any source within a hundred feet of us. Harry had moved so that he had a clear view. He had his hand in his pants. I shook my head at him. He pulled his hand out and I nodded. He looked frustrated. I licked my lips. He groped his package and pointed at me. I smiled and ever so slightly nodded. He stood tall as he steeled himself for the show.
    I pulled Gary to me and loved his body. Jase was moved close so that he could see every move. I kissed Gary's face, but not his lips. I would let him make that daring move with his jealous lover sitting beside us. Yes, there is a certain amount of possessive jealousy between the two. I saw it in Gary's eyes when I was with Jase. I stroked Gary's body and paid special attention to those erogenous areas that drive boys insane. The lad was ready to follow me anywhere. I licked and chewed my way down his body and felt every goose bump that I created as it broadcast my achievement of each level of his excitement.
    I tore at his pubic hair with my teeth and attacked the base of his cock with growls, like a wild dog. I had the boy in a giggle fit as his cock slung his seminal fluid to the four winds. When he melted to the texture of putty I began to assault his left leg. I made it to his left foot then jumped across to his right foot and began the trip back up. He was softening up. I pushed his long thin legs upward and he grabbed them behind his knees and rolled back, once again opening his anus to my view.
    He wasn't ready yet. I took a position on my knees between his legs. I took his left leg and began a total beach head assault on his foot. I made each toe feel as if it were the most important thing in the world as I shirmped the kid until be became a blithering idiot. I raked my teeth across the bottom of his foot and bit down hard on his Achilles tendon. He moaned as if in orgasmic bliss. He was coming along nicely so I doubled my efforts and repeated the procedure on his right foot.
    He was no longer capable of forming sentences. His words began to take on the proper form of more moan than meaning. I lengthened my body as I moved slowly to my belly, never allowing my victim of the night to get a full breath. His words were meaningless as I attacked the tendons behind his knees then spread his legs and lay my face into the crack of his ass. I laved his doubly sweet back door. Sweet to see, sweet to eat. I can always tell with a boy, this was his first rimming. He could not lay still. He could not put two letters together that did not have an ooohhhh or an aaaahh appended to the end.
    Now I began to create havoc in this practically virginal boy. Sure, he kisses, he sucks cock, he has obviously been fucked, often. But it had all been child's play up to this point. I had managed to get a finger well soaked and let it slip away into the dark interior that no man had ever entered. His balls began an upward climb as his cock began to bounce. I was not ready for him to end this here. I took his balls in my teeth and pulled them away from his body. His moan was tearful. He was ready for round two.
    I roiled the twin sources of the sweet reward, that I was soon to claim for my efforts, in my mouth. His passion was on edge. I took his scrot hair in my teeth and pulled. The minor pain excited him immensely. I added a finger to his rectum. His reaction left me with my teeth full of short curlies and a bald spot on his silky scrotum. I slid forward and topped out his mighty six and a half inch tower of power. Gary let out a moan. I had the head of his cock up against the back of my mouth as I giggled. That brought a new round of pleasant sensations to the hyper-sensitive boy.
    I wiggled my fingers around as I opened him wide. I was getting ready to bury the bone in this young lion and listen to him roar. He was very close. I did a three finger salute to his sensitive prostate. His ass came off of the blankets and his cock found itself deeper in my mouth than he had ever been with anyone ever. My middle finger wiped back and forth over the butt nut that I held captive with my other two fingers and I let his cock work its way back and forth as I held my mouth as tight around his perfect shaft as I could manage. I kept my tongue pressing against the bottom of his love muscle which caused the glans to rub back and forth across the rough ridges of the roof of my mouth. I knew that it was all over except for the begging.
    The lad filled my mouth with so much boi juice one would think that he had not cum in ages. I knew that to be incorrect as I had just had almost this same amount of jism from him not a half an hour before. He could not stop. His pelvis was in overdrive and his thrusts kept plunging his quickly wilting cock in and out of my hungry cock house. His word ability was returning. "Fuck me. Oh shit, fuck me. Shove that giant sausage in me and make babies in me. Fuck me now."
    Who am I to deny such an eager request. I had already inched my body up so that I was in position. I sat back on my heels and picked his tiny body up. I pulled him to me as a hand from nowhere held my cock on target. I was eight inches in him before I let him take a breath. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was stuck in the shape of a giant O. I bent forward and pulled him to me. He met me and went straight to my mouth. We began to tongue wrestle as I let my cock slowly move about and settle itself into place as he shifted his guts to make a home for his new daddy.
    Gary's heels found their way to the small of my back. He dug them in as he tried to pull me closer to him. He was ready to get fucked. I rose up on my heels and pulled his body up onto my thighs. I held his thin waist as I pushed every inch of cock I had fully into the eager and hungry lad under my spell. I began a power fuck that had my boys around the circle taking their own matter in hand. I signaled the boys to hold back as this was going to be a long time fuck. Smiles lit the evening sky. Jase was encouraged to move around and feed his boy some power giving protein. Gary nursed on the nice sized teat as if it contained the very essence of life.
    I felt another of Gary's orgasms approaching. I pushed Jase's head to the strong fountain and told him to "nurse." When Jase raised his head he had cum dripping from his chin. I pulled him to me and licked it off then kissed him as I searched for more of the great mixture of boi spit with warm sperm and hot seminal fluid, fresh from the swollen prostate that I was pounding at every third stroke.
    Gary was growing weak, but he had one more load squeezing its way along the happy cum highway. I paced myself and as his ass spasmed I fired a full blast up in him. His load managed to make it to his chest with the next shot kind of running down his depleted cock. That didn't stop Cory and Christopher from getting a face full and Cullen's young friend, Cedric had his face down there too, lapping for the white, creamy gold.
    I pulled away as Cullen moved in to clean his old friend up with his long tongue. I had a nice deep throat cleaning me up. I looked down to see Toby hard at work. I started to count and sure enough, by the time I got to five Kenny was helping his brother. I pulled him around to lay on top of me and got a sweet reward. The boy was cuming on demand now. He just needed to get his ass straightened out.

    When I awakened the sun had totally gone. A slight chill was on the air. I heard the boys as they partied around the bon fire, or is that bonny bon fire. I was having so much fun and I was at peace for the first time in a long time. I wandered over to the food table and warm bodies. The stew had been attacked and the wine was going fast. The boys were having the time of their lives. I took one of the soul cakes. Pretty tasty. I would prefer a bit of fruit spread on it, but this was a tradition. Cullen and his mates led a parade of boys, two by two, as they marched about the grounds singing their melody. It sounded like a choir of angels. I teared up as El and the Duke moved to each side of me.
    "Thank you so much for taking care of our son. I have never seen him so happy, or healthy looking. Your desert seems to be good for him. He wants to go back to your home after this is over you know. I'm glad he won't be on the throne. I do want him to be happy and I can see that he is."
    I had to tell them Pete's joke about a fag on the throne. They thought that was funny. There are those in the House of Lords that "would get a jolly riot of that one." I told him he could use it.
    I was still feeling the effects of my week in bed so I made my apologies and retired for the night, but not until I got a big hug and sisterly kiss. As I made my way up the stairs I was glad that Cullen was going to stay with me. I had become very attached to my nephew.
    Somewhere in the night Cullen had introduced Cedric to my bed. I had the boy's sweet meat for an oral treat as Cullen parted his sweet buns before my eyes. I was called upon to do some parting of my own as our visitors just had to try to ride the pony. I sent some of them to Kyle and Christopher, but they still had to slide down me just for the novelty of it. I felt sorry for Tony. He seemed happy with Cas and Tyler, but the little ones were afraid of his monster with Eric being the only younger boy to want to keep Tony happy
    The boys were all off in fairy land sometime around 01:00. Now with this bunch I'm sure their fairyland dreams far differed from the idea that most people have of fairyland. In their fantasy dreamland I know from experience that eye candy is edible. I quietly slipped out from under the entwined arms of Cullen and Cory who were very much into each other at that point.

    It took me a few minutes of looking, but I found him. Harry was in a gazebo built on a rocky outcrop. From the railing on two sides it was a good fifty foot plunge to the rocky surf below, but what a commanding view. A witches moon had graced the evening sky and it was moving across the ocean as it kept pace with the sun for its next appearance in the U.S. at sunset there. The glow of its reflected light rippled in the waves creating an almost eerie sensation. The music I heard was making me want to move my feet.
    I sat down next to Harry and put my arm around him. "How long have you been guarding boy bands?"
    He hurriedly shut off his CD player. I wanted to listen to more of the music. I am pretty sure he was playing a Wild Boys album. "Since the shootout. You know they always make you take time off after a shoot so I came here to see my folks. Andy called and told me he needed an extra for these boys for an evening. I liked the boys and asked Andy if I cold stay on awhile. My mother is glad to have me and my dad and I are talking. We're really talking now that you made him base commander."
    "I made him?? You lost me."
    "Major General "whutalozer" Wurlitzer. The two star wonder you put on a plane and sent packing a couple of weeks back. My dad stepped up to the plate and took over the base. He had just received his first star and they were about to send him to lost forever in nowhere, Egypt. Now he gets to stay here. Mom couldn't possibly be any happier. She has real roots laid down after five years here. Dad loves it here. You are our family's hero, Mister."
    "If they want a hero they only need look at their own son. How many citations did you pack home from Iraq.?"
    "Please don't go there. Okay?" I have seen this before. We needed a change of subject. "Look, Chris, I did what I had to do, nothing more, nothing less. Some of my friends and non-friends came home. One, close friend didn't."
    "Real close."
    "Real close." I hugged him. He was crying. The scars of war run deep and are usually unseen for many years. Harry needs supporting friends who know what the score is. I can't help him. I'm a boy chasing fag. I will just try to be an ear for him, maybe a shoulder.
    "I took his laundry bag and removed his skivies, I still have them," he told me.
    "Any odor left?"
    "I keep them in a plastic bag. They will smell of him forever, I hope."
    "Can you tell me about him?"
    "He was young, too young to be there. He finished high school and left for basic. He had enlisted months before. His family shit. They sheltered him. His old man had plans to get the boy into the Point. He would have made it except that he had a secret that dad didn't know.
    "I found out his secret by accident. I have had tendencies, like since I was ten. I have never been able to be with a skirt. They make me ill, Chris. Can you understand that? I get sick and I usually run away to puke." I wrapped my arm around him. I did know, but he needed to talk now, not listen to my sage advise. "He was so fucking sweet. He didn't even have a hair on his upper lip. I so wondered about the rest of his body. We were alone in our quarters, he had seen the signs in me and took a chance. He came from the shower with nothing on, but a towel. He went to his bunk and grabbed his briefs. He liked briefs, I went back to wearing briefs because of him." I felt his body drift away to that far corner of the mind where our fondest memories lay.
    "Where was I?" I squeezed him and he nestled into me. "He came back to my bunk and tossed his briefs on my bed then began to dry his hair with his towel. His goods bounced around before my eyes. He was so much more than I ever hoped for. He was four months past his eighteenth birthday. He was just barely of size and weight to be in the service at five foot six and a half and only one hundred and twenty seven pounds. But his little body was chiseled of stone. He was so cut. I have been looking at your little kid, Eric. He has the same type of body as Dee. I sat there with my mouth catching flies as I stared at his perfect beauty. He had a hard on. It wasn't huge, but it looked good on his body. I needed him.
    "By coincidence the two of us manned a forward LP the next day. He had the phones on and was scanning the area with the binoculars and I was on my knees trying to get through layers of gear. I got his pants to his knees and took a hard cock into my mouth for the first time ever. I was back in eighth, ninth grade dreaming of this day while tightly holding my own play toy. I had my arms around his tender hips and so much suction on his cock that the air flowing through his body pulled my finger straight up his ass hole.
    "Chris, I had never done any of this shit before. I have worked my ass off to be above all of that. I fought my desires all of my life. I had never even read about this stuff, but here I am on my knees with a six inch cock in my throat and my finger up this kid's ass and so fucking happy that I was crying. He filled my mouth with cum. I never thought of that. I looked at him as I tasted it. He watched me very closely. I liked it so I went back down on him. He rubbed his hands through my hair as he pumped that sweet cock into my mouth. 'Fuck me, Harry. It has been four months. I need your cock in me, please,' he begged me.
    "My brain went on vacation. I was a wreck. I had my pants half off anyway as I had tried to get to my cock to jack off. I jumped up and shoved my pants down around the tops of my boots. Dee sat up on the shelf with the radios. He pulled his legs back and I could see his ass hole. It looked bigger than what I had remembered ever seeing so I knew he could take my super baby maker. I pushed my dry cock into that sweet looking hole and, oh my go…it was so fucking hot and tight. I tried to get close so that I could hold him, but his fatigue pants and skivies were stretched between his legs at the top of his boots. I buried my face in his sweaty underwear and began to fuck. The smell of his sweat and body and whatever else was in that cloth got hold of me and I began to fuck him like a mad man. I think that I must have looked like you with Gary tonight. My ass was a blur, I was pounding so hard.
    "I never wanted it to end. I filled his ass with my hot cum and just kept right on fucking. He was calling my name and telling me that he loved me. He told me that he would buy me cars and houses and he would wait on me hand and foot forever. I wanted to kiss him so bad. I pushed and got our faces together. His tongue went into my mouth and it was the first tongue I had ever tasted. His teeth felt so good as I raked each one with my tongue and then it was over. I started to cum so hard that I could hardly stand up. He held onto me as my hips pumped all by themselves. I was sending up cum from places in my body that I didn't know cum came from.
    "He was delirious he was so happy. He was clawing at my back and pulling me to him. He was calling my name and rubbing my face with his. Chris, I fell in love right then. Never in my life have I loved another. Oh sure, familia love, but nothing as intense as Eros love. My heart was pounding so hard that my ears hurt. My cock had wilted and fallen out. I moved back and let him put his legs down and we ground ourselves together. I couldn't help myself. I fell to my knees and began to suck him again. His dick was soft. His belly was covered in cum. The thought that I had made him cum all over himself just by fucking him turned me on so much. I was rubbing my face in the mess as I swallowed every inch of his cock. He was getting hard again and it felt so good as it stretched inside my mouth. I love sucking his cock when it is soft.
    "We had four months of cat and mouse. We found places to be alone where I could suck him dry then fuck the shit out of him at least twice every day. Then…he was gone. Chris I can't hardly stand to get out of bed in the morning. I miss him so much. I suppose his getting killed might have saved my career, but I sometimes wonder if it is worth it.
    "I guess I better tell you or you'll imagine all of the wrong things and I want the memory of Thomas Wayne De Long to be beautiful. We were checking out a house. Our intel told us that there was a man that could supply the information we were seeking on this one really nasty cell of insurgents. I am an interpreter and am fluent in twelve Arabic dialects. I grew up in Saudi Arabia when dad was there. We didn't move to England until I was sixteen.
    "Dee stepped around the corner of the house and his face disappeared. A twelve year old kid with an AK saw us and waited for us to come around into his ambush. I got him before he was able to take a second shot. I looked on the little kid laying there and Dee's blood covered body laying next to it. At twelve he looked so much older and street wise than Dee did. Dee never knew life. He was a sheltered rich kid from the suburbs with life on a silver tray for him to pick from. Hidden on that tray was a kid in a strange land with a big boy's gun to take all the dreams away."
    I knew Harry's history, to a point. He was a highly decorated youngster. He was a Staff Sargent at nineteen, unheard of except in combat. Winner of three Bronze Stars and a Silver Star for Valor. His slight limp came from a bullet into his hip socket. He was given a second Purple Heart and a plane ride home. He had walked into the bullet that crippled him. According to his 201s he had been almost trance like for three days. He had more or less taken under his wing, as the protector, a young man from his platoon that he had lost on a routine patrol. His CO had ordered R&R for Harry. He was to leave for two weeks the afternoon that he was wounded.
    I held Harry for awhile. About two thirty he asked me if I was tired. I told him that I could find time to sleep when I needed it. For the time being I wanted to sit and hold him. He asked me if I would fuck him. He was virgin to that. He wanted to feel what Dee had felt. He wanted to feel what he watched Gary feel. He wanted to know the love of a man. No games, no lies, no playing around. I took twenty one year old Harry Orr to the ground and striped him with my teeth. I gave him the second kiss of his life as his body responded and he came to life.
    Harry is five eleven and has a lot of the body features that make me think of Cas. Only Harry is hung. He has a nice eight and a half inches of very neat and sweet military cut cock meat. He was an Air Force brat and has lived around the world during his father's career. He loves to work out to relieve his frustrations. He runs ten miles every morning. I took him to a sixty nine, another first for him. He had just never made time for Dee to blow him. He told me that he could get to like it if I would let him practice daily for a year or two. He has a boy band to look after and I am on my way to a coronation. I will be up Andy's ass to reassign this lad as my own personal body guard. Lust was talking I have all the cock I can handle, with spares. That night was for Harry.
    I drained his huge balls then fed him. We rested a bit then I took him on the trip. I turned the virgin boy into a cock hungry faggot over the next half hour. I heard all of the lustful promises of everlasting love and total commitment. I had the scratch marks on my back and the teeth marks on my cock to show how happy he was with our relationship. He was sure that he could follow me anywhere until I told him that I was a stay at home dad that lived on a mountainside with thirty six horny and cock hungry boys that depend on me for their food and shelter until they had each one finished his education. Until that point, which would be at least six years with young Kenny, unless he chose to continue on to college, then it would stretch out for another four years. At that time I would be a forty two year old fucked out and dehydrated old fag without an ounce of cum left in my body. Then I could consider making a life change. He laughed with me and agreed to enjoy the moment and I promised him that there would be more.

    Our bus took us away from the first peace we had known in months. We were on our way to a coronation then home, at last. I'm tired. What with finding the Farley boys then Chad, Evan, and Mark. That trial is going to take a long time and it will take its toll on those boys. I really wish I could find a place to keep them protected from all of that until the time of the trial.
    And what about finding Kyle? What providential hand had to bring our paths together? The boy is one of the worst victims of that whole mess. I am going to see Wilbur Franklin swing so high for what he has done to that boy. Growth hormones are tricky to use by a knowledgeable physician. They know that the use of the drug can not begin before a boy enters puberty and then there is a real danger of giantism, even when administered properly. Kyle may grow to unworldly proportions all because some fucked up fag wanted his jollies with a little boy.
    Toby and Kenny are cute. I am proud to know a boy who cares about his sibling so many years younger than himself. The detectives from their borough have a suspect after months of dead ends. They were sickened at the sight of the young victim and they were getting nowhere with finding answers for the dead boy's parents. Now, at last, the parents can put their son away with full knowledge that his murderer has been found. How they deal with their son's homosexuality is another matter.
    Toby and Kenny's dad has a new job across the river. They found a nice apartment that they were able to buy at a very good price. The three bedroom unit is near a great school and the opportunities are plentiful for Toby to find work nearby. I promised the parents that I would have the boys home for Christmas.
    Christmas, what will we do this year? The coronation is tomorrow. Thanksgiving is still four weeks away. I will worry about Christmas in its own time. I had a big Christmas surprise for one young daddy on the plane. I wondered how Cory was going to take this news. A sleepy Eric wanted some lap time. The drone of the plane's engines make sleep come easily. And I did have a very late and Harry night.

                        I am appending this onto this chapter. I believe that dad had planed this for the next chapter. Jim Watkins (scribe extraordinaire)
    Make up was applied and to the casual observer we appeared to have nine Cullen's on board. Even the boys' own mothers would have to look twice to recognize their own boys, as if any of them ever gave a second look when these sweet lads lived at home, those mother fu…I won't go there. I'll be nice.
    As soon as the plane landed Cullen and I were told we were to meet with his great aunt, Her Royal Highness, for breakfast before the afternoon coronation. Cullen's mother was to be there. The Queen to be wanted to meet her niece and entire family. Andy and two of his men escorted us as the rest of his people took the boys on over to our hotel.
                                                END OF WHAT DAD WROTE BEFORE HE…
    Now excuse me while I go cry some more and pray with my brothers. We hope to have good news later in the day.

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