Chapter 182


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    RD, Roddy, Dane, and Cory showed Tequasi, Shikoba, Clayton, and Neal around our airplane as Roddy filled them in on the specifications for the aircraft. This was Sean's first flight with us aboard FI-2. I was glad to have the smaller aircraft for the overseas flight. It is much faster than anything in our fleet of airships. The only draw back is its limited seating arrangement.

    I contacted Gulfstream, the aircraft's manufacturer, and asked them about our payload capacity. The plane is rated for eight two hundred pound passengers and a four man crew at two hundred pounds each. Even with extra luggage none of us even approached the two hundred pound weight. There was plenty of room at the communication's console for another seat. I asked for an extra wide seat so that I could sit and work and I had room for a boy to sit with me. With the extra seat and a half we had room for the entire crew to make the flight.
    The resiliency of boys makes travel a little bit easier. Not only are boys excited to be going somewhere, they can postpone their sleep then catch up on it in one long marathon sleep fest. I wanted a full day in Brighton so we left Tahlequah at six o'clock Sunday afternoon, the twentieth of July.
    My family was growing and I had many family affairs to take care of. I had five new boys to care for and I had two estates that needed to go to probate and be settled to the benefit of four of those boys. I had met my father's mother for the first time in my adult life and lost her, all in the space of ten days. For the first time in my life I actually felt the loss of a family member. When I reflect on it I believe that I felt her loss more than I did the loss of my mother some fifteen years earlier

    The state of the nation's economy is in shambles. Quite frankly I have mine and my boys are well fixed for the rest of their lives. However, we still have to live with the economy, good or bad. The news of July 14, 2008 centered on the banks of America being bolstered by FDIC as the mortgage market continued to falter. I had told the boys that the banks were in trouble, but it still came as a shock when Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae were taken over by Feds.
    RD grew hopeful as he asked me about the home of the Sloan family. RD has a compassion for people that one doesn't find too much of in the world today. I am proud of my son, all of my sons. My only regret is that I did not get to know RD when he was younger. He has turned out well without the influence of a man in his life and that may be a true blessing that only time will reveal. I often think that, knowing the type of person that I am, the boy may have been better off without me during his formative years

    Strange news brings strange response. The older boys and the relations swore off of Budweiser beer when it was announced that Anheuser Busch sold for fifty two billion dollars to a German brewer on July 14, 2008. I have always believed that we support our economy by buying locally produced goods. I find it a crime that so many of America's products, farms, and institutions are currently being held by foreign interests

    I had confirmed the reservations and my interview with Tomas Jensen and Fred Mabry. I would be meeting them for lunch at BAB on the twenty first. I had to schedule Paddy to meet me at the airport with the Bentley as well as a car to transport the boys to our temporary quarters at the school

    It was a slip of the tongue in anger that cleared up a small mystery for me. I had wondered for some time about the origin of the Bentley that so mysteriously appeared. Cecil let the cat out of the bag during one of his temper tantrums when he looked at me and informed me that his father paid for his room and board. I almost sent the boy packing again but I looked at him and realized that he was venting and in his anger he unloaded any ammunition that he could find in his attempt to hurt me. I wasn't hurt, but I wanted to know.
    I called Cecil's father early the next morning. The man was livid, not with me but with his son. He asked me 'why I didn't flail the hide off of the rascal,' believe me that thought had crossed my mind. My banker friend has made several million pounds from the transactions that I have made through him and his bank. That, along with the fact that he could see the changes in his spoiled rotten kid, had prompted him to want to do something for me.
    A few phone calls and he learned that what he thought to be the case was a fact, I was being driven around England in an old piece of crap that offered me no protection. He called Andy and talked to him at length and the two shared their fears for my safety. Andy provided the composite Kevlar and the electronics equipment, along with a man to install our system. Two senior FI agents were with the car throughout its manufacture to see to it that the car was safe enough to carry the Queen herself in safety. I was expected to accept the gift without question but Andy knows that once I have the scent that I don't give up, ever

    Rod sat next to me and listened in to my calls at the communication's console of FI-2. He was better than a fly on the wall as he ran back and forth to the boys in the rear to report items of interest to them. Of intense interest was a hurricane that was waltzing its way up through the Carribean toward Mexico and Southern Texas. Dolly was on a collision course with the Yucatán Peninsula of Eastern Mexico. We had dispatched the old fŗĩęñďş Çłųß plane to south Texas where it sat on a runway waiting for hurricane Dolly to do her worst.
    The plane loaded with supplies had been on duty in Iowa for relief of the victims of disastrous tornadoes, then the devastating floods that inundated the area from June eighth until about July first. We are very pleased to have the plane to use in service for all natural disasters that occur anywhere in the country or nearby. The aircraft was restocked and serviced as quickly as possible then returned to standby where needed.
    With direct communications to all of the world's top news and weather services we were well informed. All that we could do was wait and pray. Rod and I stepped out to the passenger area to kneel in with the rest of the boys. There was nothing for us to do until the hurricane actually struck land

    After we landed the boys kept track of the events and they learned that Dolly made landfall on July 21. She left seventeen people dead in her wake. She weakened some and made a westward tack before returning to her northwesterly course to strike South Padre Island, Texas on July 23. The plane was flown to where its cargo could be off loaded and delivered to victims in need. We felt fortunate that the damage was reasonably minor and that much of the supplies that we sent were not needed. Water and ice were needed, of course. Power was down to two hundred and twelve thousand customers and people needed ice to keep the foods that they had safe. Fresh water is an absolute in any disaster and over half of the plane's cargo weight was taken up by cases of one quart bottles of the precious liquid.
    Of major concern to everyone of us was that all of our help be done in absolute anonymity. The plane is unpainted and only the numbers required by the FAA adorn it. There is no name on the plane or associated with any documentation concerning it. The registry and all public records of ownership show the plane as belonging to a blind corporation, we will not have a replay of the events that befell us in Hettiesburg, Mississippi

    Our flight touched down in England at six in the morning, local time. It was mid-night in Oklahoma, ten o'clock in the evening in Tucson. The boys were not tired, but ready to explore. With the extra time on our hands I agreed to join the boys for a trip to the school where breakfast was awaiting us. Paddy arrived with the Bentley and Ted Gay. I needed to go over documents and paper work that Ted had brought for me so I rode in the car as the boys took to the van provided by the school.
    Field agents had done their grunt work to provide me with more information concerning my mission to Russia. An old Russian proverb says: A fish rots from the head. I had cut the head from the machine that traffics in young boys for sexual slavery but the body was still trashing about in its death throes. Very slowly we were finding more of the body parts and doing all within our power to end all activity from that part.
    The execution of Aimé Caïn before my eyes had been the latest rung in the ladder; albeit a short ladder he was still a player that had no up and no down. He had tried to create his own market from the dregs of the defunct organization that had been established by Pagonis and Corvin but that became his undoing when he was faced by the older brother of a pair of young twins. That brother was a young policeman in Nice, Franççais that had killed Aimé as I stood talking to him

    Paddy and Ted had eaten breakfast as they awaited my flight from the colonies. Scotland yard Inspector Terry Upbridge was at the school for the conference. There was another that I wanted to confer with before I made my trip into the land of the bear. I called Athos again and reached him at his home. He had been working hard at scheduling a fishing trip for a minor player in our business that had a big mouth. I don't like to know the details of his work and I don't like the idea that the prisons are denied the companionship of some of the bad guys.
    Athos had struggled with the present situation and stiffened his resolve with the contents of a bottle. He had only returned home earlier that morning, but was in no condition to drive across the Chunnel to see me. I asked Paddy and Ted to go sober the man up and bring him to see me later in the day

    I was mobbed by twenty boys when I arrived at BAB. Arne Ashe and Bert Pamby were amongst the students that had moved from BAF to the new school in England. I had promised a bed at the school to Nigel Masters and he had taken me up on my promise, but he had his boyfriend, Henri, with him. Henri Ducasse is a French citizen, but under the circumstances of his life we decided to grant the boy's request to stay with Arne.
    Mr. Ducasse, Henri's father had worked as a viticulturist for the Widmar family, a very large vintner in the area near Beaune, Burgundy, Franççais. With her husband in prison for beating Henri, Mrs. Ducasse choose to return to her native England. By allowing Henri to attend BAB he could stay in touch with his little brother and an infant sister.
    Terry Upbridge had two boys with him that I needed to spend some time with. Using his investigative powers Terry had cleared Eowyn Eriksson for attendance it BAB. I was pleased to see the other boy with him. I still have a problem with the lies that Tomos Diggory told me and my brother-in-law. Terry told me that all was good with the two boys and I have to believe him. I don't feel that I will take either boy to Tucson, but they will attend the school in Brighton, England.
    I slipped up to Terry and asked him if he was ready to let Eowyn go from his bed already. He told me that he had to be careful about having such a sweet youth around all of the time. He grinned and told me that now he had a reason to visit the sunny beaches of Brighton more often.

    Jimmy and Cullen had arrived at BAB the previous evening. I was not all that happy with the boys' decision, the school does not have a solid security system in place yet. I needed to contact some of my security people to watch over the spoiled King.
    Pete and Eddy had already returned from their honeymoon, but I wanted Harry on sight. Timmy and Chrisy were establishing a security blanket in London for a trip that I had planned for a few of the boys and I needed them to remain on that project. I called Harry.
    Harry was livid. He had believed that Cullen was still at his mother's and safe there. Cullen told me that he had slipped away without El knowing that he was gone. I called El and asked her how our boy was. She told me that he was asleep and had not yet come down for breakfast. She wanted me to turn him over my knee when she learned where he was. I am not sure how I am going to impress on Cullen the danger that he is in. There have been several attempts on his life, yet he still acts like a spoiled rotten child

    During our breakfast I asked Pete about his and Eddy's honeymoon. The story he had to tell us was informative as well as entertaining
    The boys spent an entire afternoon with General and Mrs. Orr before Philby and El were able to gather their young man to the safety of his mother's arms. General Orr just happened to have a plane flying over to Wiesbaden and he was able to secure two seats for Pete and Eddy onboard. Timmy was paying for his part of the trip by making an inspection tour of our Station-London offices under the auspices of a new man there, Paul Walker
    Pete took his new bride to meet his mother in Germany and received a shock for all of us. Pete's mother is Gomeric's mother. I had never shared with the family at large that Gomeric's father was the brother of Dean Fowler. Cory had sat back and let his mouth hang open, which was not such a good idea because we were fly-fishing along the river in Oklahoma when I revealed the news to him.

    As Pete and Eddy disembarked their plane in Wiesbaden Pete heard a familiar voice call his name. He turned to see his suck buddy from the Mississippi beach. Sgt. Aaron met his old friend at the BX for a beer and the latest news. He was upset that Pete had been drummed out of the service after a homosexual encounter with his superior officer.
    No charges were ever leveled against Aaron. He finished his AIT at Biloxi and was sent to the German base where he had served for the past three and a half years. Pete shared all of the good news of his life with his old friend and Aaron sat in awe as he learned that Pete and Eddy were legally married.
    Pete told Aaron that his father had given him the family name and the address of his mother in a town across the river. Pete was anxious to meet her for the first time since he was very little, but he told Aaron that they would be in touch before his return to England.
    Pete made a few inquiries on the name of his grandfather, Oskar Engels, and found his mother in Wackernheim, across the river from Wiesbaden and ten clicks west of Mainz. Eddy instantly recognized the striking similarity between Pete and his mother. He told both of them that there could be no doubt as to their bloodline.
    The meeting was cordial, but not warm. Pete's mother was guarded in all of her answers. She told Pete that her father had been ill at the time that Sven was due to be transferred back to America and that she could not leave the man. She told the boys that she was only nineteen when she married Sven and that she did not want to leave her widowed father, but when his health turned bad she knew that she had to remain at his side to nurse him.
    Pete told her that he didn't really remember her and he asked her how old he had been when they had been separated. She told him that she was twenty two so he must have been around two or three. Pete told me that he was a bit startled at her caviler attitude, but he chalked it up to the different societies in which they lived.
    When his mother abruptly stood up and left the room he said that he and Eddy sat staring at one another. After a solid ten minutes she had not returned. Pete had been looking at pictures about the room and he spotted one that caught his attention. He rose from his seat and walked over to the mantle and took the picture down to get a better look. He spotted more pictures that raised a number of questions in his mind.
    His mother suddenly appeared before him and asked him what he was doing. He pointed to a picture of two men with two boys standing before them. One of the boys was Dean Fowler. Pete's mother confirmed for him what my own investigations had revealed, Dean's father and Gomeric's father are brothers.
    Dean's father was transferred by the Air Force to Wiesbaden when Dean was a seventeen year old senior in high school in Albany, New York. He was a classmate of Raymond Johnson and a friend of Brad Garcia. When Dean turned eighteen he returned to Albany and got in touch with Ray to revive their romance.
    Pete told me that he was shaking when he turned the picture that he held in his hand toward his mother. "Is this Gomeric?" He said that she grabbed the picture from him and threw it across the room. "Mutter, is dass mein Bruder?"
    "Er ist ein homosexueller. Er ist tot," she spat at him.
    "He is not dead. He lives with my friends in America where he goes to school and is very happy. Dean lives in the house by the university where my husband and I watch after him."
    "Diese homosxesuelle Schule bei Groarshusen schickte ihn weg zu, wo ich nie ihn mehr kennen möchte."
    "Do not worry mutter, you will never see him again, I will make sure of that. The school at Groarshusen is a very fine boy's school that offers a boy the chance at a top quality education and a college degree. You do not deserve a son as fine as Gomeric and his cousins, Gustav and Eric are." He told us that at the mention Eric and Gus his mother went ballistic and chased him from her home

    Pete and Eddy had planned to spend time visiting around Germany. Pete was upset by what had happened, but he told me that he never knew his mother and that somehow he didn't feel that he had lost anything. They returned across the river and located Aaron. Aaron suggested that he get a three day pass so that he could show the newlyweds some of the sights, that was a plan.
    Aaron had a young friend that he wanted to take along. Pete told me that Aaron was playing with fire because the friend was a sixteen year old German boy that hung around GI hot spots seeking Americans to have sex with. Pete looked around then smiled at me, "They sure do grow some well hung boys in Bavaria, dad."

    The time arrived for me to meet with Tomas and Fred. I had not disclosed the actual location of the school to the two old professors because I wanted them under my own scrutiny the first time they saw the boys that they would have to deal with.
    I don't have a problem with old boi lovers. All of us will get old, unless we die. My problems lay with the men laying with the boys that they are supposed to be teaching. I have stated in these pages before that one can not be friends and be boss, it seldom ever works. If a boy is having sex with his teacher he may expect preferential treatment at some time. That could lead to bitterness from the other boys and it could lead to a breakdown of authority.
    With Paddy off to France to retrieve Athos I was going to drive myself. Cullen set me on my way with, "May driving on the wrong side of the road lead you to the right path." Silly faggot, he has been watching too many weird movies with the family. He didn't think that I would recognize that line from the movie: Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj

    I arrived at the five star De Vere Grand Hotel at eleven thirty. Constructed in 1864 the Italian influence can be see in the Victorian architecture. I inquired at the front desk of Tomas Jensen and was directed to their sea view deluxe suite.
    The two men were dressed casually in combed cotton slacks and pull over cashmere sweaters. They looked like the typical rich tourists of the area. A brunch was laid out and I was asked to join them as we were seated at a table that overlooked the wide expanse of beach that Brighton is famous for.
    Unlike the white sand beach located at my cliff house the beaches of Brighton are of small pebbles, not comfortable on bare feet. The beaches were crowed with bathers down from the north. There didn't appear to be enough room to swing a cat by the tail anywhere along the shoreline.
    The men had arrived on Friday afternoon the eighteenth and had taken in the sights of the resort city. Brighton is well known for having a substantial LGBT community and is often referred to as the 'gay capital of Britain'. Both men were enjoying their stay to the fullest and were anxious to see the school. They told me that the city had their attention and they would enjoy living in the area.
    After a brief interview we drove out to the school. I realized how fortuitous the twisting, winding road actually was that led from Brighton to the location of BAB. The school was sufficiently situated far enough from the city that we should have little trouble with the boys going into town very often. The indirectness of the roadway would also preclude happenstance visitors to the campus.
    Security is difficult at all of the schools except for BAD. That school is located on a mountainside overlooking the river. The only access to it is a long, winding road up the side of the mountain. BAB is located at the end of a sixty acre farm that I acquired on a previous visit. Between the farm and the cliffs sits a twelve acre estate with a twenty room country estate house that looked out across the western end of the English Channel.
    I would take the two men to the house after we made a cursory inspection of the new school buildings that were under construction. The large stone sections that had once been a part of my Tucson mountain were stacked about the site as they waited to be joined together to make a solid edifice for the educating of young minds.
    Work seemed to be about half complete and I wondered if it would be finished in time for our planned opening of the school with the new school year in September. I had secured the expertise of Tamas Petro to oversee the construction so I knew that everything would be finished on time. I worry too much.
    Radon gas emitted from granite counter tops causes widespread fears. Uranium is present in granite deposits and it emits radiation. The granite quarried from under the mountain and under BAW has been tested and double tested. Regardless, the safety of the occupants of the buildings that the granite is used in is more important than any other consideration.
    The outer walls of the schools are sealed on the inside then an inner wall is erected. Virtually making the granite no more than a veneer. Structural beams are set in the granite to support the floors of the building, but they are triple sealed to prevent outgasing. There are radon and carbon dioxide, as well as carbon monoxide detectors spaced every twenty feet throughout, especially in small areas where the gases can concentrate.
    The men were impressed and were eager to start their tenure at the new location. They had been sure of the opportunity when we had met in New York City in early June and headed for England ready to go. They had everything that they owned placed in a container and shipped it over. The only thing that they needed was for a destination for the container to be delivered. I told them that I would have flown their container over if they had allowed me too. They told me that I had done enough for them. If they will shape the young minds of the boys that are destined to attend the school I have not done near enough for them.
    I had them introduced to other staff members that were filling in during construction. With a few students already at the school we needed live bodies to keep them in control. Tomas will be the new headmaster of the school and it was imperative that he get settled in and have complete knowledge of the functioning of the school. He and Fred were assigned luxurious quarters in the old house

    Paddy returned with Ted. Athos and both of his sons were with them. Peter Henley is attending BAF. He had joined his father and brother at their home in Calais for a summer vacation. I was happy to see him and young Frank again. Frank is a fine young man and is a joy to my old friend Athos.
    The three men and I locked ourselves away in my suite as I was briefed on many matters that concerned my school and the boys that attend them. I was getting anxious about my upcoming trip to Russia. From the information that I was receiving that trip could not take place quickly enough. Everything was in place for my departure on Friday the twenty fifth of July

    I wanted to spend a little time with my sons in London before I left for the north lands. Prices are out of sight in England with the dollar only being worth about a half an English pound. Lunch at the rainbow room was twenty six dollars for each of us. I let the boys go on a bus tour of a three hour trip about London's key historic spots, their tickets cost $35 each, in a non-air-conditioned bus. We were accustomed to the high rate of inflation at home, but never expected anything like that in Europe.
    Rod, I should call him Roddy here because he acted like a little baby, and Dane were sure that they could make a guard at Buckingham Palace break a smile. The two little guys danced about and shook their butts at this one poor soul and I truly felt sorry for him. Of course the crowds of tourists were amused as laughter filled the area, but the Beefeater never broke his stoic face.
    It was an enjoyable diversion from our normal routine. Cory, RD, Rod, Dane, Sean, Neal, and Alvin were perfect tourists as they pointed, ooohhed, and ahhhed at everything that they were supposed to be impressed with. It was the first time that any of them had actually realized that traffic was driving on the wrong side of the road and I had several chances to laugh at their comments to the fact.
    Harry and Toby had come to Brighton to retrieve the wandering King. They returned the boy to his mother and my sons and I joined them late Thursday evening. I left my young sons with their aunt to watch over them while I went sight seeing in a different way

    I was pleased to have as my traveling companions the father son team of Putin. Boris is a capitalist with a capital C but he is a man of strong common sense and good moral character. He immigrated with his family to England and placed his son Alexei in the private school where the boys from the boi band, Wild Boys attend. Young Alexei is the boyfriend of a youngster by the name of Keith, and it was he that first spoke to the assassins that tried to kill me in the dungeons of King Cullen's castle.
    I have no time to learn to speak Русско so I had asked my two new friends to accompany me to St. Petersburg on a duo-fold mission. I have been asked by Russian officials to help them establish a series of schools in their country for the myriad of throw away children that are becoming more populous on the streets each day. I had also learned that some forty western boys have been located and that government wished to see those children repatriated. Motions had been made to several of the boys' home nations and I had been asked by each of those nations for my service in returning the young citizens to their homes.
    I talked to Boris at length and he agreed with me that his son could be most instrumental in our efforts to reach the young Russian children. A boy their own age would have a better chance at communicating than an old foreigner would. Boris could translate for me with the politicos that I would encounter. I would love to have the expertise of my young queening but I would never put my nephew in the face of harm by bringing him to a foreign nation where I could not protect him.
    I am sure that the Russian government would do all in their power to protect Cullen and me but the extra security would cause unrest amongst the children that needed to be kept at ease and comfortable so that they could listen to what I had to say to them.
    Boris Putin has his own Boeing 777 which we used for the trip to St. Petersburg. Our plane was met by Petrovich Jaquenov and Oleg Klusov. They drove us to an old building that looked as if it had once been a palace. Construction was in progress about the place and it was explained that the abandoned property would serve as a live in school for three hundred street children. I was startled by the numbers. For some reason I had not considered Russia as having that many homeless boys.
    Sometimes I believe that I live in one of those ivory towers that Rick Carlson talks about. I suppose that it is human nature to feel that we are the only person with the problems that fill our lives. That is not so. Everyone has problems and not all of them are unique. Many of the problems that others have are similar to, or the same as, our own.
    We were led into a common room where fifty boys were gathered about their books. They didn't seem to be in a classroom situation, but rather browsing the books with childlike curiosity. I walked about with Alexei at my side and had him ask questions of some of the boys. The boys had been told that a hero of the people was coming to visit them and see about their studies. I asked the boys to sit on the floor in a circle so that we could talk to each other.
    The boys had the same problems that boys had in my schools around the world. They were outcast because of the sexual orientation. To be realistic we know that sometimes boys feel ostracized from those around them when they really aren't. True, there are many parents that will disown their children and I am not saying that there aren't. I just believe that sometimes we think that we are not accepted because we don't conform to the mold that others have made for us.
    I like to study the faces of boys when I sit near them. I seem to have an ability to read inside of them, to a small degree. The boys before me were clean with the eager faces of youth hidden just below a rough defensive layer. I didn't need to go into each boy's story, I knew enough about the group as a whole to know why they were there.
    I concentrated on one boy at a time and tried to focus on one when he was speaking. The words meant nothing to me since I don't speak the language. It was the timbre of the voice and the emotion that delivered it that I was interested in.

    I had been watching two blonde boys that seemed to be very close to one another. They sat side by side and were holding hands most of the time. Suddenly it occurred to me where I had seen those faces before. Not them, their older brother. I moved over to them and sat with my knees touching theirs. "What are your names?" I asked. If they were whom I thought that they were they would speak some English.
    "I am Kris Audet and this is my brother Egor. Please kind sir, can you take us home?" I had found the twin brothers of the young policeman from Nice. The family resemblance was unmistakable as two bright eyed thirteen year old boys pled with their eyes for me to help them. I would return them to their parents in Nice.
    I was excited. I wanted to grab the boys up and hold them. I told them that I knew who they were and that I had known their big brother, the cop. They wanted to know all about him, but I told them that we would talk after I finished talking to all of the other boys. I assured them that they would be going home with me when I left Russia a few days later.
    Tears of joy filled their eyes and they moved to me for a hug. I was happy to embrace them. I don't have any idea what they have been made to endure since Aimé Caïn sent them to his customers that paid him for well trained sex slaves. I kept my hands to very limited contact with their young bodies.

    There was another boy that seemed vaguely familiar to me. I had the feeling that I was looking at the older brother of eleven year old Baris. I met Baris at the villa of Athos in the south of France in August of 2007. The boy was one of the boys that I returned from Europe with and I had adopted him as one of my sons.
    I have often heard him mourn for the loss of his older brother, Latif. If I was correct I had located another long lost boy. My trip to Russia was paying dividends that I had not expected. I moved over and sat facing the boy of about fourteen. "Is your name Latif?"
    "Oui, monsieur." The boy said with a startled look on his face. Latif le Grange and his baby brother Baris had been kidnaped from their mountain village in the French Alps. The boys were placed in a house in the south of Greece to be trained for work as a boy sex slaves. Latif was with a man on a yacht when the house was raided by agents of Athos and Interpol. Baris was freed and Athos took the tiny tot in then gave him over to me.
    The man on the yacht did not know what to do with Latif. In fear he sold the boy to a friend from Russia who knew what a boy with training like he had could make as he served those with decadent tastes in his homeland. Latif was scared for his little brother. I talked to him and assured him that Baris was safe and living in America where he would go to live. I had learned that both of the boys' parents are dead, their car went off of the side of a snowy mountain road as they searched for their sons

    After a good night's rest with Alexei close enough to keep me warm I was ready for a new day. I had not intended to molest the young man, especially not with his father acting as my host and guide. Alexei made the first moves and told his father that he was going to see just what it was that his friends in the band called the Wild Boys were always carrying on about. Who am I to deny international educational opportunities?
    At breakfast I was introduced to Klementi Shablkov, the intended headmaster of the school at St. Petersburg. I was happy to learn that the man spoke perfect English and had been educated at American Colleges. I recognized the man from a day long in my past. He had been in the courtroom during the trial of Everett Rothsfeld. I asked him if he was familiar with the case of the Cramer brothers. He had been the one that had located them and returned them to the United States.
    The Cramer brothers had been found in Kiev, Ukraine. The sweet youngsters were only thirteen and fifteen, but one look at them when I saw them in the courtroom told me that they were stunning young boi flesh even then. I know that there is a link there that I am not seeing and I hoped that this trip would help me to discover who was secreting boys from Morocco and sending them on to Russia. Aimé was so dirty that I could still smell his stench, who was helping him?
    Klementi had more information for me. The Russian police have their ways of extracting information that most western countries won't use. Or at least admit to using. The former Soviet Bloc Countries had long files on deviants and undesirable people. The information was not always used at once, but gathered and filed away for use at a time when it would be to the advantage of the people with the information to use it.
    I learned that the teacher from Ibrahim's youth watched his young pupil through the years. Before reaching adulthood Ibrahim was heavy into trafficking children to the world's child sex market. The teacher wormed his way into Ibrahim's confidence and learned all of the inner workings of the world wide ring. He wanted a place for himself. Dimitri had very little allegiance to anyone that was not in sight, he was glad to let the old holy man have a few boys from time to time. What Dimitri did not know was that the teacher had a connection, or twelve, that wanted boys in Ukraine.
    It was those connections that sent the Cramer boys to Kiev and again I stumbled on it like a blind old fool. I will never consider myself a detective, I just plod along and stumble over one foul smelling mess after another. Now I had a real reason to be back in Europe, but what about my boys at home?

    My Russian counterparts were excited about the ideas that I offered them for their schools. They had the one where I was staying in St. Petersburg already to go and one on the outskirts of Moscow was being refurbished to handle the students of a live in school. I stressed the point that the students would have to feel free to come and go at their leisure. Any sign of their being held at a school would create the wrong type of atmosphere and the students would rebel.
    Rebellion is not new to the former communist societies, but if there was a real desire to educate and turn out young men that would be able to lead and move their country to the greater good then they had to feel free. Freedom of choice is not a familiar idea to the world at large. The idea seems to be regarded as the decadent opiate of the western world that is leading to their destruction. The world economy was pointed at to stress the point of free choice. Russia is in dire needs of an economic boost so it was agreed to begin the schools using my suggestions.
    I don't believe for a moment that I had any real influence in the matter, but their rhetoric made it sound good to me. Only time will tell the direction that the schools will go and what the results will be

    I gathered my little group of lost boys to me and set my sights on the south of France. Aimé Caïn had been working for several years as he stole young blond boys from around the world and trained them to serve in his twisted world. Garik and Garvin Fitzwater were fourteen year old twins that had gone missing when their family's schooner was lost in a storm at sea. At least that is the official report on the loss of the family of six.
    Sir Reginald Fitzwater was a well known investment banker in London. His family was off on holiday to the soft breezes of the Mediterranean Sea during the summer of 2005 when an un-seasonal storm capsized their seventy foot schooner. Communication with the family of six and crew of ten had ended four days before the hull of the schooner was spotted floating upside down off of the Spanish coast.
    An international investigation revealed nothing to cause the accident. All of the canvas was rolled up, but the hatches were all open. There was no sign of any violence on the boat, it was just upside down in the water. That was a neat trick for a three masted schooner with a deep keel.
    According to the two boys, who were eleven years old at the time, they were boarded by pirates. Their mother and father and their baby sister were not seen when the men awakened the boys and carried them to a speedboat where they saw their older sister bound and gagged sitting in a corner. The boys were tied up and blindfolded and awakened in the home of Aimé. No sign of the seventeen year old sister has ever surfaced

    Latif and the Audet twins, Egor and Kris, joined the Fitzwater twins for our trip to BAF. Boris would not consider anything short of personally flying me and the five young men to the French city by the sea. The boys were gathered in the great dining room on the second floor of the school when we arrived. I quietly led the boys up the stairs then had them wait at the door as I led Latif to where Baris was feeding his birthday cake to Tahir with a spoon as his boyfriend pretended to be a little baby. The boys were so engrossed in their game that I had to call out the youngster's name. He looked up and saw us then ran so fast that he knocked Latif to the floor then curled up on top of him as he cried massive tears of joy. Between his tears he told me that I, 'give to him the bestest birthday gift that any eleven year old boy ever hat'.
    The family pulled back and went on about their business as the two brothers cried and talked for hours. I love to see my boys welcome new boys into their midst. Latif was being welcomed by his brother so the rest of the boys made sure that the other four boys that were with me felt welcome and a part of the family.
    I received my welcome from my loved ones as I sat down to eat lunch. The boys that had been with me at BAB had been delayed in departing England and only arrived about a half an hour after I arrived. Cory led my sons directly to me as the twenty students that have already located to BAB filed in to take seats around the tables and tuck in to the abundant amounts of food to feed their growing bodies.
    As the boys moved around the room a boy that I did not know stood up and squealed out. Henri turned then ran to the boy. Patrik and Danya Wilchinski are the sons of Pierre Widmar. It was these two boys that were doing the dirty with Henri Ducasse when Henri's father walked in on them. Mr. Ducasse proceeded to use a horsewhip to correct his son before running him off. Mr. Widmar questioned his boys about the beating then told them that he would have no homosexuals in his household.
    The two boys had nowhere to go and began to drift toward Paris where they learned of the school there. Afraid that their father would find them and hurt them they used their mother's maiden name and claimed to be runaways from Poland. Our detectives had searched for information on the two boys and had come up on a blank wall. At last the mystery of the Wilchinski boys was solved and they were welcomed to the school under their real name. It is not clear at this time which of the European schools the boys will attend. They have been at BAP, but may move to BAF or even BAB.

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