Chapter 110


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    A piercing scream brought me to life in an instant. I was on the bottom of a boy pile with Ronnie's cock in my mouth. Cory and Malcolm were happily snoring around each other's soft cocks, still laying in the exact same position that we had been in a little over an hour before.
    Cory was up before I managed to get my feet to the floor and I followed him out of my bedroom door. I keep Roddy very close to me, but far enough away that he can not see all of the perversions that I am into. He was sitting in the middle of his bed crying his eyes out as Gus tried his best to calm him down.
    Gus looked at me with real fear in his eyes. "I'm sorry daddy, I had a bad dream and I scared Roddy and he won't stop crying."
    "Who screamed?"
    "I did, daddy. I dreamed that my dad was beating Eric and he killed him then he was going to kill me." Who needed cuddling first, Roddy or Gus. Cory took Roddy in his arms as I held Gus close. Gus was shaking so hard I was afraid that his little body would come unglued. I lay back and pulled the boy on top of me. He snuggled up and fell quickly to sleep. Cory followed my lead, the two of us held hands as the little ones began to snore softly

    Roddy's giggles awakened us at dawn. Fuck, it is New Year's day, everyone sleeps late on New Year's day. Not little boys. Roddy was hungry and Gus decided that he was too. I swatted their butts and told them to go fix themselves a bowl of cereal and if they made a mess then Edmund would have their asses on the floor using a toothbrush to scrub it with. I led Cory back to my bed and the two sleeping angels in there

    Don't you ever believe that a man can sleep in with a house full of more than eighty teenage boys. Any parent can attest to the fact that kids just don't sleep late. The more kids there are in the house the noise and movement is increased exponentially. By eight o'clock I gave up and headed for a hot shower. Cory stepped in to wash my back and parts and we said good morning to each other as only two people in love can do. When we turned the water off I heard tiny giggles. We stepped from the shower to see two urchins with a tray holding a carafe of tomato juice and another of coffee, along with glasses and cups.
    Gus did the honors as he poured four glasses of tomato juice for us. We moved to the table beside the large glass doors and looked out at the fresh fallen snow. I miss sitting out on my patio year round and having my first cup of coffee. Even the coldest day would seem like a heat wave to the natives of this God forsaken winter land. I carried my coffee as we headed downstairs. The elevator is right outside of my bedroom door and with the boys carrying the tray of glassware I decided to use it. I learned that Edmund had sent them up on it in the first place. Probably a wise idea.
    The boys were seated around the table digging into the first meal of the new year. I am glad that I have a lot of money, my weekly food bill exceeds most families monthly income. There was a new face at the table and Adrian was feeding it pancakes, one fork full at a time. I smiled, that had to be Jessie Haller. The boy stood up to greet me. He had to stand close because at a distance he would be invisible. His young muscles were prominent, but he was so skinny. He stood a good five foot nine inches tall, but if he weighed one hundred and ten pounds it was because Adrian had his thick cock up the boy's ass.
    Jessie is pure blond boy, right down to the pubes and the blue eyes. He has a nice uncut cock that I had to squeeze and shake in greeting. He got hard in an instant and the giggles came with his pre-cum. He was impressive at six and a half very thick inches, but on his skinny frame it looked like so much more. Adrian told me that I could have some cream, that they had held off anything before breakfast in case I wanted to meat his lover boy. I sat down in Jessie's chair and helped myself. The boy is in serious need of nourishment and his cum told me so. Weak and acid, not from a full night of fun, from lack of nutrients in his system.
    I was handed a plate with my vegetarian sausage patties and two large oatmeal and raisin pancakes on it. I opted for the peach preserves as a topping and listened to Jessie's story. Jessie went into hiding when Adrian was arrested. He had dropped out of high school. He had known for sure that if Adrian was accused of being a queer then he would be also because no one ever saw one of the two without the other. Well, he was queer, but nobody knew that except for Adrian and his brother. He had no idea that Adrian had told his dad about them three years earlier.
    Jessie would not eat. He hid in his room and surfed porn sites twenty four hours a day. His mother banged on his door begging him to come out and eat something. He would go sit with her sometimes, but he was ashamed to talk to her. She was not stupid and she began to realize that he was gay just by adding up all of the facts. She did not let on to him until only a week earlier, but Jessie still could not handle it. He was sure that she hated him.
    Adrian had Mitch take him over to Jessie's house at seven o'clock New Year's morning. The sun was not even up, but the lights were on in the house so Adrian knocked on the door. Mrs. Haller grabbed him and held him close as she cried and told him how glad she was to see him. She sent him to Jessie's room where he just opened the door and went inside. He sat down on Jessie's bed and stared at the boy that he loved more than his own life.
    He took hold of Jessie's manhandle that was standing upright then bent over and kissed his boy good morning. Jessie moaned in pleasure, he thought he was having a dream. He came to moments before his eruption as he realized that there actually was someone kissing him. When he awakened enough to see Adrian the tears poured like rivers from his eyes.
    Adrian carried the wisp of a boy to the bathroom and held his man stick as Jessie drained away the water he had collected overnight. He then led the boy back to his room and rushed him along to get dressed so that he could take him to Empire Canal to meet some great friends. Mrs. Haller had been talking to Mitch and she had a good idea what was going on and she was glad of it. She hugged and kissed Adrian and told him that he was the best medicine that Jessie could ever have hoped for. She told him that she was glad that he was going to be her son in law. Both boys ran red faced to Mitch's car.
    I had some things to talk to the family about, but I do need to go see Mrs. Haller. That is if Jessie and Adrian want to move in with the family

    Now down to family business. It was January first of the new year two thousand and seven, where does the time go? School would take up on the eighth and we had three thousand miles to drive to get home. I also had to gather my hens to the flock. It had been decided, by the women not the boys and definitely not by me, that the five women in New York city would ride home with us. Sarah and Daylight were going to stay with René and Lou for awhile. I wonder if Lou had talked to Becky about that. I know that it came like a bomb shell to Jay. Brad was partly okay with it until he was reminded that he and Jay would have little or no private time. The boys told him that he and Jay could move back into their room at the mountainside house. That got an evil leer from both young perverts.
    There is no way that I want to drive in Manhattan. I had to go pick the women up and bring them to Empire Canal so that we could load up into the Traveler Trio© for our cross country trek. I was going to take the train and hire a limo from the hotel to move all of us to the train station. Suddenly I was hit by fifty pounds of boy. "I want to go see New York, and oh yeah, mommy." He has me twisted around his tiny dick and he knows it. I just can't say no to the boy.
    Brad felt as if he should go help Lou gather her things and Jay will do whatever Brad thinks or does. I asked Christopher if he wanted to go help his grandmother and he borrowed the head from a bobble doll that shook up and down as if it were about to fall off of his neck. Cory pouted at me. I shook my head at him as I asked him if he wanted me to take care of Sarah and Daylight. Did he really think that I would not take him with me? I have a houseful of boys, but a night in New York City with my favorite…no question about it, he was going too, our wives would just have to wait for us. I would have to have two limos take us to the train when we left the hotel for Albany though. Gus had such a long face that I couldn't not ask him if he wanted to go along. He would be lost without his new lover. I figure that this would be the last time for them to be together for a few months so why not. That just proves that I don't know how to figure.

    My life of late can be better described as a Sophoclean tragedy. It seems that everywhere I turn I find another youngster in trouble or another cataclysmic disaster about to happen. I was happy when I opened the door to my apartment in New York City. Waiting for me was a very fat lady who looked as if she would drop our baby at any minute, I know that she is not due until April, but the girl was huge. Roddy nearly knocked me off balance as he rushed forward to see his mother. I grabbed him just before he hit her. I was afraid that he would hurt the baby. Five women laughed at me. Hey, I've never been a father before, a daddy to street boys, but never a father.
    Like Greek plays, one time you get the tragedy the next time you get something akin to an Aristophanes' comedy. The girls were, in a girlish way, a light change of pace. Their lilting laughter was different than that of young boys, but somehow it made me feel comfortable. I guess it was because I knew that these girls didn't want anything from me that they didn't already have. I am already married to one of them and she is going to have a mini clone of me. I suppose that life can be good with a woman in reserves.
    Daylight handed me her Christmas gift to me. She had bought me three very nice Pierre Cardin neckties and three very expensive dress shirts. She wanted to take me to take me to Brooks Brothers for a suit off of the rack which they would be happy to fit to me. I almost laughed, but caught myself in time. Cory ran to the wall safe and removed my keys so that he could unlock the back half of the closet in my bedroom. I let friends and guests use my apartment suite from time to time so I keep my personal items locked away in a secret closet. No one even knows the closet is there it is so well disguised.
    On each side of the closet running ten feet deep were forty suits in virtually any color of blue black or tan that a man could want. I asked my wife if I had a suit that she would like for me to wear or did I need to call down and have the tailor brought over. I have a very good tailor that has been making my suits for several years and I believe that he does a very fine job. Suddenly it dawned on me, the women were talking about a night on the town with their men and none of the of the boys had suits. I did grab the phone and call the concierge to send for my tailors.
    The man and his helper arrived in a half an hour. His face dropped when he saw the women, but I directed him to the bedroom where he could fit the boys in private. I told the boys that he would be making absolutely sure that the crotch was measured correctly before he ever cut cloth to make them their custom tailored suits. That got smiles and a giggle from Roddy. I accompanied Roddy and Gus for their fittings. Roddy popped a boy boner so I told him to remove his underwear for the tailor to get a good measurement. He loves to show off his two and a half inch monster, well he is all boy. Of course Gus had to show his botty and off came the drawers, to the delight of the perv helper. I watched his ass like a hawk, he was the chicken hawk and I had my shotgun.
    Cory wanted me to stay while he was measured and Christopher asked for the same courtesy. I told them that they were afraid of the big bad wolf. Both boys had massive erections before the delighted tailor was done. I told the boys that they should give the man a tip. They let him suck their tips to remove a build up of cream gathering deep inside. Jay and Brad went together and I told them that they could protect each other, I was going to sit their fittings out.
    Of course the tailor did not have time to make the boys each a suit from scratch. He had several suits in stock that would take very little altering, which was fine. He even had a selection of suits in Gus' size, seems that there is more call for boys to wear suits in the city than in blue jean country from whence I hail.
    The tailor would have to make Roddy's suit from a raw bolt of cloth. I sat back and watched as his brothers helped him pick out the proper fabric for his first suit. I ordered three suits for each of the older boys, they are not growing very fast now and a suit should last them a year or two. Roddy and Gus would have to do with one as they would each outgrow it before summertime.
    The tailor is a miracle worker, or he has a lot of elves helping him. He was back at my door just before six with five beautiful suits, complete with shirts, ties, and shoes for the boys. We all looked resplendent as we dressed to the nines for dinner with our ladies. Christopher escorted his grandmother and Roddy escorted his mother. I went stag with a horny young buck on my arm.

    Daylight had something on her mind and when she shared it with me I almost ran away. I love her with all of my heart. I love Roddy so much that it hurts. I can not imagine my life without that little guy in it. He is more fun than any boy I have ever been with. I suppose it has to do with his age, he is so inquisitive and I love to watch him learn, anything, but sex though. I just hate for the boy to learn about that at his age. I have had precious little to teach the other boys, but Gus and now Roddy were making a real father out of me. I am anxious to be able to teach little Cory Stevens, oh yes, we have already named the boy and planned which college he is going to. We have his first bicycle picked out and we know how his room will be set up and which toys we will buy each year…sound like an expectant father? I can hardly wait.
    I do love Roddy, too much to do what Daylight wants me to do, but when she explained her reasons I had to relent. Daylight is in trouble and she may loose the baby. Suddenly I understood why all five women had been so insistent on driving home with us, Daylight can not fly, period. She had been to a local doctor and he had determined that a long trip would be fatal to her and the baby. He agreed that at least in Traveler© she could lay down. He gave her some pills that would not hurt the fetus, but would relax her and help her to sleep for most of the long ride. I had not understood the reasoning behind them wanting to take a three day ride when an four hour flight would have them home and a short taxi ride would have put an end to their trip. Now I was afraid to go.
    On top of the trip I had to take Roddy home with me. Daylight can not take the stress that that little guy places on her and trying to tell him to be quiet for four months is like telling the sun not to shine. I asked her about her mother and the tribal women to help her. She told me that she needed to be closer to a hospital with modern medicine. That sort of caught me by surprise because Daylight is heavy into the old ways, but what she said had truth all over it.
    I told my wife that we would move her into the old bungalow and I almost lost my head. She snapped at me so quickly I had to duck. She gave me her list of reasons and each one made sense. First of all, Roddy would be out there constantly so that she could not rest. Secondly I had a houseful of boys that depend on me for stability and if she understood things correctly I was about to take all of the boys to Tucson. She was going to have to be waited on hand and foot, she could not even get up to go to the bathroom.
    I suggested leaving all of the boys in Albany and that got me in deeper trouble. The boys needed to go home and get back into their school. She had all of the answers that I knew were right, but I was grasping at anything to make her life easier. She already had that figured out. She nodded at the other girls and we all went down to dinner. I almost lost it when René pushed out a wheelchair for Daylight to sit down in. I sat down and started to cry as I held her precious, tiny hand. I am in full blown love with a woman and I can not do anything to make her life easier at the present time.
    Gus, Roddy, and myself were the only ones that did not know about Daylight's condition. Even Christopher knew and he had kept his mouth shut. Sarah would be moving into Brad and Jay's apartment with Christopher Cory. Daylight would move in with René, Jaybee was old enough that she is settling down at night and René would be there for her. René has to go to school, she is in her senior year. They had that figured out as well.
    The boy's second bedroom was their exercise gym and they had several tons of expensive equipment set up in there and no place to store it. René had a spare room just begging. She could handle most anything that might come up and Sarah would be with her all day long. Betty would be over each morning and stay until she had dinner ready for the girls and everyone was home from work. Their plan was the most sensible of the options, all things considered.
    Betty had wanted to take Daylight home to her place, but she is just not physically able to lift the woman if she needed too. Lou and Becky get around at such odd hours that Daylight would not get much rest. Lou would be home all day to care for Beejay and Jaybee, she and Sarah would be able to help Daylight get through her day. Of course that meant that Brad and Jay would be returning to my house, a bit of silver in the cloud. I looked at Daylight, "No train back to Albany?" She shook her head no. I should have driven into Manhattan. I was accosted at once, a limo had already been prepared for the journey. We would need two cars, but one was outfitted so that my wife can lay down during the trip upstate.

    Once we returned to Empire Canal Edmund had everything under control. The women were placed in the new wing. He even had a hospital gurney with extra large wheels to roll Daylight directly into Missy's old bedroom and into bed. The boys stayed to the main house and kept the noise to an acceptable level so that Daylight could rest. We would have to be on the road the next morning, but she needed to recover from our short jaunt overnight.

    Whatever I have I am amazed when I see it work. Mic was more than perfect for the job at hand and he had all of the answers. It only took him two days to discover everything about Pavel Storovich. He had moved to Constanta, Romania, on the coast of the Black Sea. He had met a very rich oil sheik and had fallen head over heals in love with the man. Mic discovered that the two had been seeing each other for more than three years. With Pytor in prison Pavel followed his heart and left everything from his old life behind.
    Pytor was not at all happy when he learned that his boyfriend had been two timing him. If Pavel had been close I am sure that there would have been trouble and that is something that Pytor did not need.
    The offshoot of all of this was that Mic found someone to love. It was as if a switch was thrown, the minute Pytor and Mic met I could feel the electricity in the air. Pytor is fair, as Russians go. He is from western Russia where there are more of the Aryan blood lines and more fair haired, fair skinned people. Mic is dark and swarthy, but still very youthful in appearance. Pytor asked the young attorney for a date before their first meeting was over. The next time I saw Mic he was moon eyed in love.
    Pytor wasted no time in having Mic draw up papers giving me custody of both of his sons. Adrian is seventeen and Fedor is fourteen. They both wanted to go to Arizona. Mic had been to see Mrs. Haller in my behalf. Jessie Haller turned eighteen on Christmas day and he would do anything to get away from the taunts that he was sure would come when his classmates learned of his homosexuality. She really didn't care where Jessie went as long as he and Adrian would be together. Both boys would be joining my senior classmen and graduate the following May. Shit, three more.
    I called JB to tell him that Fedor would not be coming back to school. He sent all of the boy's personal items down with the next messenger.

    We wanted to get to know our newest couple so for entertainment during our last night in New York we sat before a roaring fire and roasted hot dogs and popped corn, the old fashioned way. I looked at Jessie and asked him, "So is there a top and a bottom or do you share?"
    "He's the tops, dude. I'm down under."
    "Sounds solid, but may I ask why you don't switch?"
    "Silly faggot, cause cream rises to the top. Didn't you know that?"
    "Be nice to him, he's a city boy that doesn't know everything." That got all of us laughing. I spelled out how I wanted our evening to go, it took a few seconds of serious stare down, but I won out. I had to take on Adrian first so that he could move his crazy bottom to full satisfaction. I could live with that, I would get the cream from both boys and get to taste the deepest parts of a super cute Jessie. I asked and was assured, that both boys had taken great care in washing their young dining rooms thoroughly, they knew I would want to dine at a different place tonight.
    Adrian and I got into a sixty nine and Jessie showed us how he used his six and a half in man stick to smooth any wrinkles from Adrian's rectum. Without delay the boys switched places as Adrian climbed aboard to ride his diminutive partner to the land of ecstacy. Once sated Adrian rolled aside and helped Jessie to roll to his back and spread his legs. Both boys wanted their pins so that they could be full fledged members of the family during our cross country trek, which was to begin the next morning. Who was I to deny them their fondest wish. Neither boy has a big cock and so neither boy had ever been opened as they were opened that night. They both took to their new found pleasure eagerly.

    As has become our custom, we left Empire Canal early. I called the same truck stop to have breakfast ready for us and they were eager for us to come. That kind of hit me, not many businesses like a mob scene, but these folks looked forward to having us. We made the same stops as we crossed the country with the exception of going on through Tulsa and taking the turnpike to Oklahoma City. I made a point of going through Amarillo so that Tran could see his mother. That brought tears to the boy and a hug to me, from both mother and son.
    All told our trip was uneventful. We arrived in Tucson on Saturday afternoon, we had gone quite a bit slower for Daylight's sake. All five of the women plus Brad and Jay rode in Traveler© with Cory and I taking turns driving. We led the pack and set the pace. I had Harry and Luke drive straight on to the house while I took the ladies to Brad's house.
    Christopher grabbed his car and he and Jim came on down so that they could take Betty home. I took Traveler© up the mountain and set back to a tall cold drink. I was befrazzeled.

    Since the kidnap and rape of Eric I have had all of the boys' cell phones activated with a panic button. One push of the coded button rings through to the FI switch board. The dispatcher there determines the proper course to take. I am second on the list to be notified, that is good because the boy may need emergency help which the dispatcher can send before notifying me. Such was the case two hours after we got back home from our holiday.
    My phone began a sick sound that is a cross between an English siren and a dying cow. I punched in my activation code and was told that Jim was under arrest and I was given his location. Speed was my need, but of course Cory and Lew had to go also. Jim has been too much of a loner, but during our holiday vacation he and Lew got closer than they had been. I am very glad to see it. They are two very sweet boys that I care about immensely, they need each other.
    I had wanted to take the 'vette, but the Olds had more seats. I did install shoulder belts in the back seat. I figure that with young boys and convertibles that I should have all of the safety features that I can provide them. I didn't light up my tires until I was on the downhill run away from the house. We have so many cars coming and going now that my neighbors are starting to complain so five miles below the speed limit and no sounds outside ten feet of the car is the rule. I know, it bugs me too, I love to blast my tunes for the people twenty miles away to hear.
    Twelve minutes after I had received the call I was pulling up behind the mass of police cars. Christopher came running to me and led me over to Betty, who was crying her eyes out. Christopher said something about Jimmy killing somebody. Betty was trying to talk and I couldn't get anything straight. A hand laid on my shoulder and I turned quickly. I didn't hear anybody come up behind me and in the heat of the moment I didn't know what to expect. Bull pulled back defensively and held up his hands.
    The two of us began to gather information then he went to the highest ranking police officer on the scene. Thirty minutes later Jim was released. He came up to me rubbing his wrists, but I had to hug him anyway, the boy is going to have nightmares over this one for a long time.
    Traveler Too© had driven straight to my house after our long drive from New York. The boys had prepared a snack and drinks and allowed everyone to use the facilities. Jimmy had ridden along with Christopher to Brad's house so that they could take Betty home. Jimmy loves Betty as much as his own recently departed grandmother. The two women had shared his old house together and he wanted to go by his old place for nostalgia's sake.
    After picking Betty up they had pulled up to a traffic signal when a street thug stuck a gun in Christopher's face and ordered everybody out of the car. Jimmy has gotten heavy into soccer, he gets a lot of razing from the rest of the boys who are big football fans, but I know that now they will take a different view of his sport. As Jimmy got out of the car on the curb side he put his foot on the door sill and propelled himself over the top of the car and into the face of the unsuspecting carjacker.
    The two boys wrestled for the gun and it discharged, hitting the sixteen year old kid in the chest and killing him instantly. When the body feel away Jim was holding the smoking gun. The street thug's drug buddies swore that Jim leaned out of the car and shot their friend as he was crossing the street.
    Lew and I held a very upset and crying Jimmy for another hour as the police continued to interview witnesses. I was called to show my badge and tell the police my involvement with Jimmy. Bull informed them that I sheltered abused and abandoned children in my home and that I was a state recognized foster home. A call was put into child protective services, notice the lower case letters there, and JC came to the scene. Actually JC arrived within five minutes, he told me that Andy had called him and he was on his way.
    At long last a Lieutenant came over to Bull and told him that Jimmy could go home, but that he was not to leave the house for any reason until the investigation was complete. That fried my balls. I told the Lieutenant that Jim was a senior in high school and that he had a perfect attendance record that was not going to be marred by some hyped up punk with a gun trying to impress his hyped up associates.
    A Captain arrived on the scene that knew me casually and knew Captain Shawn Howard quite well. He told me to take my boys and leave. I had to pull a few hen's teeth to get them to release the car. The thief had not entered the car so it was not a part of the crime with the exception that Jimmy had gotten out of it. Christopher was allowed to take his car.
    As we were loading up to leave the street thugs made some serious threats against Christopher and Jimmy. Cory and Lew were on their toes, they were taking pictures of each of the crud and recording their threats. My boys think quick, quicker than I do sometimes.
    By Monday morning everything was clear to the police and Bull called me to say that all was well, Jimmy could resume his life and go on to school.

    Christopher graduated at the semester change. He had enough credits and was getting bored with his life. He and Cory had gotten tight with one another and seemed always to be plotting, but they would shut up when anyone came near them. No one had a clue as to what they were doing or planning. That is until the hot little dudes came to my room one night.
    They had taken the box from me and asked that I not draw a name for the evening. They told me that they had some serious discussing to do and it would probably take all night to work things out. I looked into their eyes, but I could not read anything in them. Whatever is going on is of a serious nature so I relented with apologies to the family. I went about my normal routine of hugging and kissing the boys as we finished our day's activities. I went down to the dorm to kiss each boy good night and get myself a good grope The little ones especially, they are each at the age where they need a lot of reaffirmation of their activities.
    I moved Gus upstairs so that he could share the room next to mine with Rod. He wrapped his arms about my neck and proclaimed his undying love for me and wanted to know when I would fuck the shit out of him. He likes to remind me that he took all of me, without pain, during our summer vacation to the reservation. He has his twelfth birthday in September and I may have a big candle for him to blow then.

    Christopher and Cory had a laptop with them as they came to my room. Christopher set it on the small table in the corner of my room as Cory pulled in another chair, he was also carrying a full pot of coffee. I could tell that I was in for much more than I had hoped for. And I was.
    Christopher has been taking Betty home from her sitting with Daylight each day. He had been spending many of his evenings with Betty and Cory had gone with him quite often. The small man child still likes to be called Chrisy by his grandmother and those close to him. I caved to his wishes. I will do almost anything that either of these two boys ask of me, I thought. I will have to think about this daring plan of theirs.
    Jim Watkins' old Winnebago is still sitting at his old house, now owned by Betty Dickerson. The two boys want to travel for awhile. I suppose it is natural that a boy wants to experience the world for himself. I did, why shouldn't they, but the old Winnie? I just don't see that vehicle as being reliable.
    They had a plan and had all of the details worked out. They planned to wait until the last of the normal cold seasons ended so that the roads would be safe for two young and inexperienced boys such as themselves. I was one proud papa as they laid everything out in a very professional way. I knew that I would not say no to them, I just didn't know at that point how I could make it work for their safety and enjoyment.
    I asked about some of the other boys that might want to join them. That was the reason for their secrecy while planning this. They explained that everyone of the family members was in school. None of them could get away without having to repeat the current year or at least semester. They had plans to leave in the middle of the school terms, so making it almost impossible for anyone to seriously consider joining them.
    I asked about taking Timmy or Pete or some other adult with them. That got their begging faces in close to me as they explained that this was a boy trip, a trip for their personal rite of passage. Sweet and innocent, but sharp and aware, I love those two so very much.
    I had to ask Cory about his wife and baby. He had already discussed the trip with Sarah. He told her that he planned to be on the road for two months, maybe three at the most. He wanted to see all of western America. He wanted to see the Grand Canyon at his leisure. He wanted to see the giant Redwood Forests, he wanted to see Yosemite as Turner and Tyler had seen it when we met Alec and Trevor. My mind hatched another idea.
    Their route would take them up to San Francisco and then along the coast into Oregon where they wanted to go east to see Yellowstone and then the Grand Tetons. I asked them what I was supposed to do for sex with both of them gone for so long. They shoved me over to my bed and told me that I was going to have to store up memories to get through until they returned and fucked my old ass raw. The gauntlet had been tossed and I was quick to pick it up. I would show them an old ass as the three of us made wild and crazy sex the same way we had done when I first brought the two faggots together twenty six months earlier.
    Wild? Let me try to put it gently. In my bed were three heavily hung masterful tops vying for the dominant position. Every ass got fucked, every cock got sucked and every belly was filled with hot male juices, all night long. Cory and I double dicked Chrisy, his first. Not to be left out Chrisy and I double dicked Cory. Chrisy now has the smallest dick of the three of us at just under nine inches. His body has grown so that his cock fits his frame a bit better. He has lost his title of the mighty midget with the giant widget, that doesn't mean that he is still not larger than most and a very aggressive butt fucker. It just means that his five foot six and one hundred and thirteen pound body supports his nine inch, extra thick cock so that he does not have a tendency to topple over and pole vault across the county any longer, a serious fear I had when I saw him running with a hard on.
    I agreed to the boys' trip, but I kept it to myself that they were going to take Traveler© and two ATVs along with two trail bikes. I trust those two boys implicitly and their trip may be just the thing that I needed for a trip of my own that I had planned for the summer. I would try to work things around so that they came off at the same time.

    I had to take some time to socialize. I have been on the go so much of late that my old friends had began to think that I did not want to be around them anymore. One such couple was Jeff and Sue Ellen Taylor. Jeff and I had been quite active in high school The smooth faced freshman came up to me one afternoon and stood before me blushing so bad that I was sure he was going to have a stroke or something.
    "I, er…that is…uh…well…I… My cousin is Jacky Taylor and you fucked him last year and he says that you gotta fuck me for the first time then he will fuck me. I fucked him all summer and we like it and I want to do it, but he says that you gotta show me how cause I'm a bum fuck." The kid blurted it all out in under two seconds and the red never left his face.
    I learned that Jeff Taylor was fourteen. Duh, he was small and a freshman, how old would he be? His cousin, a jock who was a senior that new school year, was one of the boys that had tried to be so superior when he let me blow him in the third floor boy's restroom the previous year. I showed him superior when I took him home with me and fucked his brains out all night long, and for the rest of our time in high school. The poor guy is now in prison for sex with a fourteen year old boy when he was twenty.
    Jacky sent me this little virgin boy and I taught him the joy that he still loves to this day. Sue Ellen latched on to him in their senior year. He told her about himself and me, but she didn't care. She told him that she would remain virgin until their wedding night and then he could quit fucking me and fuck her. He didn't plan to get married, but women can really twist a man's soul.
    Now nearly seventeen years later we were enjoying a quiet lunch. Sue Ellen had something to talk to me about, but she wanted Jeff to be with her. She started off by asking me when I was going to fuck Jeff again. He had been antsy for several months and in need of a cock fix. She had asked me quite often to join them in bed and fuck Jeff while he fucked her then she wanted to watch the two of us get it on while she watched us. Can anyone say fag hag? Jeff is still cute, in a grown up sort of way. His face still has that same innocense that I saw that first day in the hallway of Wilson High and I have always enjoyed plowing in his field. I have just never wanted to do it in front of a dickless one. She knows about every time that Jeff and I get together. She even called me up one night to tell me that I had the sweetest tasting cum. I never learned which of Jeff's ends she had gotten her sample from.
    "Chris, what I have to tell you…well you have to promise never to tell where you heard this, okay?" Women can be so silly, I guess that is why they are called the weaker sex because in so many other ways they are the stronger, by far. "You know that I work for the County Attorney. I am now his personal secretary. Not that personal, get the smirk off of your face," she laughed at me.
    "I walk in and out of his office without knocking, except when I know that he has someone in there. Sometimes his door is locked and I don't knock or try to bother him. If it is important I call him on the phone, but I try not to do that except in extreme cases." This story was going to take all day and I had drawn Vic's name for the night. I haven't been with that boy since the big foot ball game November 2. I can still see the sports page headlines the next day —GATORS mauled HOGS, 38-28— poor Vic was deflated.
    It wasn't because I hadn't tried to pump him up. He wanted to watch the game in style so he had slid himself down on my lap post. The boy loves his football, as most of us in the house do, but damn if it is not a treat to have boy bouncing around on you as his enthusiasm grows. The game lasted a bit over two hours and he was on the hot seat the entire time. I don't know how many times he got off, he had three or four boys slip up to his pump as the game progressed. I was glad that I had put a triple folded, extra thick towel in my chair before I sat down. Cum and butt juices had soaked it through. I was in no need to rush for the shower because there were many boys waiting the chance to clean my balls for me, and I loved it.
    Vic was deflated though. Not only from the two hour fuckathon, but from the fact that his favorite team got eaten by a bunch of swamp landers. I told him that it reminded me of a Super Bowl during my youth when twenty two legs stomped a bunch of cowboys. He looked at me as if I was crazy then I explained about the Buffalos beating the Dallas Cowboys in 1989.
    Finally Sue Ellen got to her punch line and I came back from my revery. I was boned and was looking for a place to go fuck the shit out of Jeff when she said it. I had to sit up and ask her to say it again, slowly. She had walked through the unlocked door of one of the most successful prosecutors in the county to find him balls deep up in a kid that looked to be no more than twelve or thirteen. She said the boy had a little boy's dick and that he was hairless.
    My blood began to boil. This man goes after perpetrators of sex crimes with a vengeance. He was the one who prosecuted Jacky and that was the point in her telling me about him. He had smeared Jacky in the court room because he had molested a little helpless boy. Jacky had been denied parole because his victim was under fifteen years of age. There was talk of him moving on to a mental treatment facility and not being allowed to return to decent society. I was going to smear this prosecutor and have Jacky's conviction reexamined, quickly.

    It took me two weeks to track down the twelve year old boy that the prosecutor was having sex with. The boy was a neighbor that threw his newspaper and was hired to cut his grass the previous summer. The prosecutor offered the boy a cold drink after the yard work was done then he offered him a swim to cool himself down. Of course the boy did not have a swim suit, but that was no problem, it was only two guys and he would not be embarrassed so why should the boy be? Yeah, right. He even stripped naked and joined the boy in the water for some fondling and other play.
    The kid loved the attention and the fifty dollars he earned for three hours of work. He cut the man's grass every week, but he was allowed to swim every day. He learned to drink man milk the second day and had his grand opening the fourth day. This had been going on almost daily for seven months. That seems like a repetitive crime to me. I took the evidence that my FI investigators had into the County Attorney herself. She looked over the paper work and pictures. She read the transcripts of the boy's taped accounting of the matter and picked up the phone to order the man's arrest, at once.
    If it had not been such a young boy I could have winked at the whole thing and made the man an ally to be used as I needed him. I was glad that Sue Ellen had talked to me the day that she had discovered this. It was to her credit that she didn't go directly to the police, but she came to me. I was known to the police department as an honest cop who only wanted to protect youngsters from predators such as this man. I really do protect boys from that sort. I lay over them and won't let anybody near them. I take them into my house and hover over them as often as possible. But not that young. I have so much trouble in my mind with Gus and Roddy. I feel like the A number one hypocrite of all times. Especially since Roddy is my own son. Many of the boys bear my name from my adoption of them, but Roddy is my wife's son and I have adopted him. In my mind that makes it pure incest.

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