Chapter 157


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had called Paddy before we left Paris and asked him to come down to Nice for Easter dinner. He told me that he and Aaren were visiting with his grandmother in Calais before going over to BAD. I told him that those boys were loading onto a bus to join us at BAF for Easter lunch and to plan a command performance concert in Paris. He whistled into the phone, nice of him. He told me that I never ceased to impress him, I told him that the problem with us is that I have never in-pressed him.
    "With wot I sawr ya swingin' maite, I wont be able to hold me shite forever more. I'll settle for ur friendship cause I don't really like to take it." I had watched him with a boy named Erik when we were at BAD so I know that he can take it, around me you better serve your partner as well as yourself. I won't be around anyone that is only out for what they can get.

    The boys from both European schools were treated to their first animal free Easter dinner. Nothing seemed to bother the boys as they dug into the large vegetarian Turkey Rolls that are made of soybean curd. The taste is very similar to turkey, but I have a little gas problem from soybeans and burp a horrible aftertaste for hours.
    I was sitting back with Athos and Paddy as we let the large meal settle. I had made the decision to allow Peter Henley to go to BAW. Athos had packed the boy's belongings and brought them down with him, Peter was so excited that he kept running up to me for a hug and a kiss, I love affectionate boys.
    Suddenly the sound of many flip flops echoed across the marble floor then fifteen year old Hank Mahone ran, sobbing, up to me. His boyfriend, Oscar Vane had just been arrested and placed into the back of a large police truck then taken away.
    I calmed the group of crying and terrified boys down and learned their story. Oscar had stopped to fix his beach shoe—I hate rubber flip flops when the piece that goes between the toes pulls out. A woman leading three police officers ran over to him and the police put handcuffs on him.
    The other boys turned back to see a teenage girl pointing at Oscar and crying. The boys ran back to where he was and tried to help him. The police kept them away from Oscar, but they heard the little girl tell the police that he was the one that raped her. I saw red. I hurried to my room and put on a nice suit, then for show I affixed the large Grand'Croix across the left breast pocket of my jacket.
    Paddy was dressed as a proper chauffeur as he stood back and held the door of the Bentley open for me to exit in front of the local police station. As I walked into the station police officers snapped to attention then I announced, very loudly and clearly, that one of my sons was being held at their station and I wanted to see him.
    By that time Enquêêteur Athos had entered the station, fully dressed in the uniform of a gendarme general, and walked up to my side. The poor desk officer was about to pee himself when Oscar was brought out still wearing handcuffs and dressed only in the skimpiest of swim wear with only one beach shoe on. I glared at the officer holding the boy, he quickly removed the cuffs and tried to disappear into the wall paper.
    I seldom see Athos at work, but he showed his masterful demeanor as he literally reamed a few asses. A woman and young girl were brought in before us and the woman blanched as she looked at me and my badge that denoted me a as knight of the realm. Oscar was hugging me as he shook like a dead leaf in a category five hurricane.
    I didn't like it one bit when King Cullen stuck his nose in, he walked directly up to the little girl and took her aside to talk quietly. My little queeing ever continues to amaze me, I watched him put his arm around the girl and talk to her in very soft tones so no one could hear what was said.
    The young King turned and everyone in the room bowed before him, even Athos and me. Cullen spoke clearly, first in English then repeated himself in French. He had learned the truth that the girl had been caught by her mother with her blouse improperly buttoned after a make out session with her adult boyfriend. To protect the man she quickly claimed to have been molested and searched the beach with her mother and the police.
    Oscar seemed like a likely victim, alone and small she thought that nobody would believe him innocent, no matter what kind of story he told. She was frightened when a large group of boys came running over to Oscar and told the police that they were all visiting the school and had only, just then, come out to the beach. She felt smug and secure in her tale as the police sent the other boys away.
    She had gone to the police station with her mother to file formal charges against Oscar. The girl had to be taught a lesson and I had an idea. I raised myself up to my full height and demanded that I be allowed to press charges against the girl and the police department for false arrest. The girl's eyes nearly popped out of her head.
    I had Cullen and Athos, both, translating my words, but many in the room spoke English. The mother was crying, but made no attempt to defend her daughter. I turned to the officer that had escorted Oscar to me and told him to put his handcuffs on the little girl and lead her to a cell.
    Once she was gone from the room I softened and spoke moderately, but authoritatively. I approached the mother to hold her hand and look into her eyes as I explained that the girl needed to learn a lesson, she had nearly ruined the life of an innocent child and that would take more than a scolding.
    I told the mother that I only wanted her held in the jail cell long enough for fear to wrack her little soul then she could be released and I would do nothing more. We left the station with the understanding that the girl would be released as soon as we were gone. I held Oscar in my arms as he wrapped his arms and legs around me. I carried the sobbing boy as I directed King Cullen to the car, he giggled, but dutifully ran ahead of me.

    Once back at BAF I sat down with a cup of coffee and watched Oscar and Hank holding each other. Hank had been truly frightened at Oscar's arrest. I listened to the boys as I remembered that Hank had a very sour experience with the police in a town southeast of Tucson that is home to a very large Army post.
    Several months earlier the city police department had been making one of their famous truancy sweeps to round up kids that were of school age, but hanging around in the more common teenage hangout areas about town. I had received a call from my business partner, Alice at Tomes of Time. She had several boys that had given our password as they sought shelter. I drove down to visit with those boys and see if they really wanted my help.
    Sitting in the back corner of the bookstore were twelve boys, each sipping at a cup of hot chocolate as Raul Draper stood by smiling at them. Hank came through the door with two more boys and walked up to me to introduce Joe Bates and Oscar Vane to me. I had met Hank a few days earlier when Rick took me to his warehouse to see nineteen boys, It was there that I had learned Hank's story.
    Hank's father is a drunk, but a good friend of most of the police department in their medium sized town. When Hank's father caught him looking at gay porn he threw the boy out then told all of his friends that he had a fag for a kid. Every time Hank encountered a policeman he was harassed. There are more than a few gay cops that like to use little boys that fear arrest and it was a young rookie that busted Hank's cherry for him, violently.
    Hank was hurt, but afraid to seek medical attention, he hid out for a few days, but as soon as he felt able he found a produce truck from Tucson sitting at a local restaurant. He slipped into the back of the truck and held on for dear life as he bounced around the inside on the trip up the highway. Once the truck backed against the dock he watched for his chance to escape and ran for his life. He heard someone yell at him to stop, but he kept going and found a place to hide.
    Oscar was the first to find him near his small shelter in a culvert under the railroad tracks in the middle of town. Oscar gave the boy half of the meager food he had gathered for the day and cleared a place for Hank to sleep. Hank was exhausted and slept throughout the night and most of the next day. Oscar had food enough for both of them and listened to a story that made him hate the, already feared, police department.
    Of course you know me, I am a child molester, but I don't like people that use their authority over others to force themselves on an innocent victim. I personally confronted the rookie cop and he tried to give me some lip. He pulled his gun on me and threatened to blow me away then he decided that he should call his buddies for back up and a gang rape to prove to me that he was the boss. Poor stupid asshole didn't know that I had pressed my panic button, we were surrounded by a zillion federal and private cops before I could learn who his buddies were.
    The rookie? Oh he has his own problems, assault on a Federal officer, aggravated because of the gun. Repeated sexual assault of a minor, fifteen counts. Twelve other victims were located that made him a sexual predator so he will never breathe free air again.
    Nine of those sexual assaults occurred on the military base on sons of military personnel making his crime a Federal offense. The poor dud is now in protective custody—after his third gang rape in prison he asked for protection from the bad boys—now he sits in a single cell away from all other inmates and only has one hour a day in the small enclosed exercise yard to see a little sun light.

    Hank did not want to spend the winter in the cold, but he could not convince Oscar to come to the school with him. A month later the truancy roundup brought Oscar in from the cold streets. Now that Oscar is firmly set into the family it was time that I learned his story.
    Oscar lived with the spinster sister of his step-mother. His dad and step-mother signed a suicide pact and were planning to kill Oscar as well, but he dived out of a window and got away. The police found the note stating the facts and placed Oscar with the only person that was in anyway related to him. Sometimes my mind boggles at the lack of intelligence those people who hold the lives of children in their hands demonstrate.
    Almost two years passed when one afternoon a neighbor boy told Oscar that he would let him have his old bicycle if he could get his dick sucked. Oscar was barely twelve years old and frightened, but he wanted a bicycle more than anything and did as the older boy asked.
    The aunt's best friend climbed a ladder to pluck grapefruit from the tree in her backyard and looked down on the boys. Oscar saw her and ran for his life. He had no way of knowing how the aunt would react so he never returned. The aunt was killed in a car accident a year later and no one even thought of Oscar. When I did a search for his records he was listed as 'whereabout unknown.' That had infuriated me, but I waited for a better time to learn what I could of the boy.
    Oscar told me how he was afraid to suck cock after that one time, but sometimes he got so hungry that he needed to find money. Other boys on the street had told him where he could go to make five dollars letting some old man suck him and sometimes he might have to suck someone.
    When Hank was found hiding in Oscar's shelter he was glad to have a friend. Hank wanted to suck his dick because he had fed him and given him a place to sleep, but Oscar didn't want that. Hank jumped in to tell his boyfriend that he wanted to suck his dick because he was so fucking cute, not as payment for the food and bed. The boys had to stop for a kiss as warm fuzzies filled my body.
    With their story told the boys got up to leave. It was Oscar that caught me off guard, "Dad, er uh, that's what all of us call you, you know. I, uh…well is that pin only for the boys that live in your house?" I had him come and sit on my knee then had Hank sit on the other.
    "Why do you ask that?"
    "Well, we been talking and…well I watched Hank take Jeff up his ass and they both liked it. Jeff has a huge cock and I am going to try it with him tonight. But we would like to have a pin, if we could."
    "I need to know why you want a pin, do you not feel like part of my family? You called me dad."
    "Well, we know that you have to love us or we wouldn't be here now, but if you do it to us then we know that we are really a part of you." Wrong answer boy. I was hurt, I have never wanted that little piece of gold to have any meaning, Sure, there are some adults that wear a pin to be able to say that they could take it, but the boys are special to me, not trophies. I needed someone wise to talk to those two boys.
    Oscar used his finger to wipe a tear from my eye as he stared at me, I squeezed him. He has no idea how what he had said hurt me and I was not ready to tell him. I saw Kyle heading up the stairs and called for him to come to me. "Kyle, I need a special favor from you." He led the two boys upstairs with him and I listened as he was telling them about how much love I have for every boy in the whole school.
    I wonder how Andy is doing without his boyfriend. Andy is very busy doing two things for me and he thought that Kyle would prefer to be with the boys and see Europe than to be sitting in a office arranging shipping schedules for me.

    My first day at BAF had revealed a desperate need that the school had, a need for their own transportation. It had been late on a Saturday afternoon when we arrived, but I took a chance and called Buffalo, New York. Some people just never want to go home, but I was glad that the president of my coach company was sitting in his office. I told him what I needed and I heard his voice catch.
    "Mr. Dickson, you have no idea what this means to me right now." Fuel prices have caused many companies to look at their bottom line and therefore orders were down. Pending orders were being canceled or postponed and he was sitting in his office trying to see where he could cut his costs without laying off his employees. He had reached the point where he had to admit that he couldn't do it, he was going to have to shut down his plant for the time being.
    I asked him how many lines he had and how many units he could build and how quickly. Using my designs already in his system he could build me a coach in nine days. I told him that European laws varied as to length and equipment so there would have to be some modifications. He sighed, but I had an idea.
    "Look, Jones, I don't mind helping those that need help. You have pulled the fat out of the fire for me in the past so let me propose an idea."
    I could hear the elation in his voice before we were half through with our call. He had three lines geared for full operation and could bring one more on line in about a week. I ordered two buses exactly like Travel All©. Those would be delivered to JB at BAG Boys. I also ordered three of the hybrid school buses for JB and two more for BAW. Next I ordered six buses for delivery to Nice, four of them would go to BAF and two would be driven up to BAD.
    I told him that I was opening a school in Brighton and one in Parga, I will need buses for those schools within the next six to eight months. The man was crying. I told him that I would expect a call from him Monday morning then reminded him of our time difference. He quickly came back that if he called me as quickly as his engineers arrived at work at nine on Monday morning then he would reach me at three in the afternoon. I agreed.
    Andy was still in Nice for one last weekend with Kyle before he had to fly home and take care of his business, I asked him to help me find a ship to deliver six school buses to France. Andy never knows what I am going to do next so he sat back and stared at me.
    Now it had been three weeks and I was still in Franççais, but the buses were aboard a ship that was due to leave New York City the following week. I also had a convoy of trucks that had moved across the continent to further load the cargo hold of that ship.
    Andy had told me two weeks earlier that he was in a real quandary. He was out of storage space for three hundred tons of hewn granite stones, six feet long and two feet tall, by twelve inches thick—and he was only a half a mile into a massive tunnel between the underground parking garage of BAW and base A. We had discussed building such a tunnel under the government owned mountain, but it had seemed such a solid solution to Andy that he just did it, "Let the devil pay the piper when the shit hits the fan," he had told me.
    Needing a place for the rock that had been removed he was stacking it in my cavern under the school grounds. That is not acceptable, I want that cavern unharmed, it is beautiful down there. I called him as soon as the train cleared the Chunnel on my way to Paris and told him that I would use the stone to build my school in Brighton, England. He knows that I am crazy after that.
    I haven't drawn any plans for the school yet, but I am sure that I cannot use three million six hundred thousand chunks of rock from a twenty mile long, twenty five foot wide, and sixteen foot tall tunnel. A basic three hundred by sixty foot building, forty feet tall will only require less than fourteen thousand five hundred stones. I might add some out buildings, but still…I can stop shipment when it is needed.
    It was a simple matter to move the massive stones onto trucks backed into the school bus garage where they were loaded with seventy two blocks each, then move them cross country to the harbor in New York. We were seriously pushing the forty thousand pound weight limit, even using triple axle trailers, but what is a few thousand dollars in overweight permits? It would be a boost in the economy of the highway department that is suffering from budget shortfalls.
    After the first two trucks made it across the state it was decided that we needed to cut the load. Instead of six long, for a thirty six foot long load we had to cut back to five long. Six stones wide and two tall made a lighter load of only sixty slabs of granite.
    The savings in weight saved on extra permits, but at current fuel costs it was more expensive, the smaller weight made it easier for the trucks to climb grades in excess of ten percent so overall it was a good trade off. Besides I was keeping a few truckers happy because I had to pay them for both directions, loaded or empty—on the return trip. In the meantime Alonso and his crew could continue to cut and the trucks would continue to roll and the ships would sail.
    Fourteen and a half thousand pieces of my beautiful mountain would require two hundred and a forty trips. The stone would arrive with a whole new outlook on life and what a story they had for the students that would be housed within the walls that they would build, if they could talk.

    One of the older boys from the school lived in the same province where the Lacrosse boys had lived and they had been talking to Cory about an old pig farmer that lived nearby. Cory was very excited about visiting the man's farm so the four boys were off on a two day train trip. I knew that I was about to be alone in my bed with two little Brit boys so why not make a night of it.
    Edmund pushed in a cart with sliced fruit and a large pitcher of fruit punch. He winked at me to look over his shoulder as he poured three glasses of punch. I had been watching a tiny face peek around the corner every few seconds since I had returned from the police station. All told I had only been sitting with Oscar and Bert for a half an hour and my thoughts are very rapid, but to a boy wanting an audience it must have seemed like an eternity.
    "Were you wanting to talk to me, Arne?" I heard giggling coming from the doorway then two very cute little young and hungs stepped into view waving their BBCs before them. Edmund served each of them a glass of punch as I told them to get some fruit, they looked at my crotch then at each other and giggled then sat down with a bowl of mixed fruit chunks and began to eat. I am really anxious to hear Bert Panby's story, but I was still wearing a suit.
    "I want to get out of this monkey suit and take a shower then we can talk." I paused for the effect, I got it as two little chins dropped, "I do need someone to wash my back…if you know of anyone who would do that for me," both boys were on their feet in a flash. Edmund clucked his tongue at me and told me that I had not eaten enough and he was sure that my sugar levels were low. I refilled my glass of punch and added some of his granola mix, for the carbohydrate value, to the bowl then put an apple on top before heading to the stairway, followed by two eager little ones.
    Benoît had brought Bert with him when I had visited Nice in October. The boy was eager to please and seemed to enjoy himself, but I had to know why Arne had not been with him.
    "Cuz I'm a right smart git, I am. I was out about playing on the soccer field and he were up with you up in him and I wanted to 'ave you up in me."
    "You could have come to me after the game."
    "I was a bit to mad at me lad and I let you get away."
    "Bert was playing soccer when we talked the other day, you could have asked to come up to my room."
    "I ain't like that, govnr, I love me lad and I don't go to 'urt 'im none. 'E 'as told me 'ow you are in the bed. I saw you get all high and mighty wid 'is lordship (Bradley) that day in London, I did so I know that you are a real man. I know that I want you, but I want you when we can be together for a bit and love it up right smartly. Me lad'll be wid me and we can both do at you till you tell us to quit."
    I like to read a boy's body language and Arne was screaming some sort of hero worship at me, I had to let the boy know that I am just a man. A man that lusts after the bodies of tight young teenage boys, but a man with human frailties none the less.

    All three of us were suffering from ECBs and turned to each other for release. I was in bed with two sweet BBCs that were full of cream. I let those two boys climb all over me and I helped myself to all of them that I could get my mouth on. I had a boy's head on each shoulder as I asked them if they really wanted more from me right away. Both of them did, but I had been asking about Bert and they knew that I wanted to hear his story. I told them that if their asses could take it then we would spend a night together that would give them memories for a lifetime.
    Arne held Bert as an all too familiar story began to unfold once again. I feel for my boys and I hurt with their hurts, but so many of the stories are identical.
    Bert had a little twist and a lot of imagination to tell me about.

    He had suffered from the last beating that he would ever allow his alcoholic father to give him. Once the man was finished wailing on the fourteen year old boy he went to the other room for one more pint of bitters and fell asleep.
    Bert quietly gathered as many of his clothes that he could manage to stuff into his backpack. I was impressed because so many of my boys tried to pack toys as they made their bid for freedom. Very quietly the boy made his way past his sleeping father and out through the front door. He had it in his mind that his father would not search for him if he made it across the channel into France, but he had no idea how to accomplish that.
    He found a place to hide and sleep for the night, but he awakened with a ravenous hunger and no money in his pockets. Around ten he saw a bus pull into the auto park where he was begging for food and watched as a group of school boys filed off of the bus. Some of the boys ran for the lou and Bert formed a quick plan in his head. At the same time that he reached the door of the public toilet another student ran up.
    By that time the other boys were on their way out of the facilities. He heard some of them teasing the newcomer, calling him a fagot et un poof. I learned that Bert is fluent in French so his idea suddenly took on a new strength. The two boys moved to the wall of urinals where Bert made his move. He looked at the other boy's cock and told him that he had run away from home and was very hungry, he offered to suck the other boy's dick if he would find him something to eat.
    The boys moved into a toilet and Bert proved himself true to his word, now he hoped the other boy would be true to his word as well. The French boy asked Bert where he was going and was told that he hoped to find a way to get across to France, the boy had an idea. He led Bert out to the bus and rushed him onboard. He dug around and found some apples to give to his new friend and told Bert to hide in the back of the bus where he had been sitting.
    Bert took the apples and began to eat as the other boy ran back to the restaurant. When he saw the boys returning to the bus he became frightened, but did as the other boy had told him and got down on the floor between the back seat of the bus and the last row. He pulled a blanket over himself and in moments he felt a pair of feet rest on his back.
    The boys were talking on the bus and the edge of the blanket was slightly raised. A hand passed through two slices of toast with half eaten pieces of bacon between them. A few moments later a bottle of orange juice and a straw appeared by the same hand. As quickly and quietly as he could Bert devoured the sandwich, but the next thing he heard struck terror to his heart.
(I will translate what was said for you.)
    "Here comes that boy buggering priest…hold your hands over your cock so that he can only count the head on your shoulders." Other boys were laughing and talking about how the vicar made them do penitence as they stayed naked on their knees in his study. Somebody said that they didn't have to stay like that very long if they would just do what he wanted and suck his cock. Another boy said that he knew someone that let the vicar shag him and that he was in trouble almost everyday. At that Bert felt the feet on his back dig in and he recognized the voice of his friend trying to deny the statement.
    The boys kept up their banter and Bert heard them say that everybody must be aboard because the vicar was going back up front. A few minutes later Bert heard the engine of the bus come to life then he felt the bus begin to move away.
    Sometime into the trip Bert began to cramp, it was hot and he needed to move about some. He heard a voice quite nearby whisper, "Come on lad, give us a wank."
    "You won't need no wank go let Léon suck you."
    "Do you think that he will?"
    "He'll suck anybody."
    "Even you?"
    "If I do him."
    Bert felt somebody slip in next to his friend, he wondered if that was Léon. "So give us a suck then."
    "Don't you Anglais ever think of anything else? What do they feed you in that country anyway."
    "Lots of oysters, mate, I'm always up for some sex."
    "Yeah, usually with the vicar."
    "Say that again and I'll pound you, now suck me cock." The boy kicked Bert and he let out a grunt. All motion stopped then the blanket was pulled off of him.
    "Please don't turn me in," Bert pleaded. His friend quickly explained Bert's presence as he was told to sit up on the seat so that Léon could get down on his knees and do the blow job on the new boy the right way. Bert was afraid to get up off of the floor, but the bully offered up a suggestion. He wanted a proper suck and if Bert was on the floor then he should have to do it, Bert didn't mind that idea at all.

    Bert had learned that he really liked to suck cocks when he entered a public lou at a park in his small community near Dover. When he ran inside he was confronted by a man on his knees sucking the penis of his next door neighbor boy. Bert stared in fascination at the pair, but he was intrigued at the size of the boy's penis. The man finished what he was doing then arose to leave and patted nine year old Bert on top of the head.
    Bert forgot why he had entered the lou and just stood there staring at the other boy. Suddenly he realized his need and ran to take care of business, but found himself alone when he buttoned his trousers up. He stepped outside to see his neighbor sitting in the grass waiting for him. There was terror in the eyes of the boy as he watched Bert approach.
    "Look on ya, lad. I'll do you like that olden done me if you won't go and say nothing." Bert didn't even think about it, but readily agreed. There was a soccer team nearby that had just finished their game; the boys, and their fathers, were headed to the lou. Bert and his friend ran for home. The older boy's mother was gone so he took Bert to his room and had him lay back on the edge of the bed. The boy opened Bert's pants and pulled them half way down the thin little thighs then knelt on the floor and swallowed the tiny penis and scrotum into his vacuum like mouth. Bert had never known that such pleasure existed in his little penis.
    Later that evening Bert's dad headed down to the pub for a few pints of bitters, leaving the boy alone like he always did. It was a warm night so Bert stepped outside and saw the neighbor sitting on the stoop by himself. Bert was a curious and loving child, he went over to the boy and sat down beside him.
    "Wot, you doing out here?"
    "Me mam's up in the bed gettin' 'ersef shagged so I sit out 'ere till it's done."
    "Want to come to mine and catch a bit of telly?" The boy readily accepted and stepped across the short rail to the stoop next door. The boy asked Bert if he wanted to do more of what they had done earlier and Bert told him that he did. This time the boy had plans for Bert as well.
    He told Bert that he wanted to teach him how to suck a willie, Bert thought that might be okay. The boy told him that he should take all of his clothes off and get his jammies out so that if his dad came home he could say that he was getting ready for bed. As I said before, it was a warm night so the boy raised Bert's bedroom window and looked at the ground below, he told Bert if his dad came home he would jump out of the window and run home.
    The boy was wearing only a small pair of old shorts which he pulled down to his knees and then lay down on Bert's bed. He told Bert that he could do anything that he wanted to do. Bert quickly began his first inspection of another's body. He lifted the huge cock of the thirteen year old and looked closely at his large balls. He made the boy turn over several times so that he could inspect every part of his body and he especially liked looking at the boy's anus.
    Finally the boy told Bert that if they were going to do it then they needed to start before his dad came home. Bert thought that was a good idea, he didn't know when his dad came home because he was always in bed asleep by then, but that night he was too excited to sleep.
    Bert began by gingerly holding the large phallus then he was shown how to masturbate it. Bert was excited as he watched the purple glans appear and disappear with each stroke from his tiny hand. At the very edge of his climax the boy told Bert to suck him. After lots of coaching the boy relaxed and let Bert continue then he told Bert to get up on top of him and he would suck him at the same time.
    Bert took his first taste of boi spunk that night. He didn't know what had happened so the boy squeezed his cock and showed Bert the thin sperm that his youthful testicles were just beginning to produce. They heard the boy's mother calling for him so he went out through the window and Bert put on his jammies, but he lay in bed and stared at the ceiling most of the night.
    The two boys played their game everyday for the next few years then the older boy was off to university and thirteen year old Bert had no playmates. He began to frequent the lou at the park and before long he found that men would give him money if they could suck his cock. That was an unexpected treat.
    One day he saw a man that had done him up many times only he had another boy with him. The man told Bert to join them so he followed them inside the lou where the man made an offer to both boys. He would give them each a five pound note if they would suck each other off while he watched.
    The other boy was made to go first and he was told that if he did not do the whole job, and swallow, there would be no money. The boy did a good job then Bert returned the favor. After that afternoon neither boy returned to the lou, but spent each day with each other. It was that boy that first touched Bert's ass hole, he didn't penetrate it, but the feeling Bert had sent his young imagination to far off places.
    The two boys found other boys that they could suck off and they liked to go together and watch the other do the deed then go off to do each other. Their friendship lasted for over a year until the other boy was caught performing acts of public indecency with an adult and was sent away.
    Bert's father knew the boy's parents and of the friendship of his son with the boy. He began his beatings that night as he demanded to know if Bert had been with the little fop and was he a poof himself. Bert decried innocense, but his father never seemed to believe him.
    Bert was a pampered boy, being raised by a single father, one would find that strange, but Bert never wanted for anything. The only shortcoming in Bert's raising was that he did not know how to defend himself, he was smaller than the other boys his age and a little soft in the shoe, which caused him to get teased often. When the other boy had been arrested then all of Bert's classmates were sure that he was just as big a poof as the other boy was.
    Since the two of them lived in a small community at the edge of Dover Bert's father knew many of the father's of his son's classmates. It was over their pints that the other's would talk about him having a small, soft son whose best friend was a right sot of a wanker. Bert's father would have his fill of the talk and return home to beat his son.

    Bert was happy as he finished the new boy on the bus then he had gotten his cock sucked by Léon. Next he watched another boy fuck his friend in the ass. That was something that Bert had never thought of, but he remembered the talk earlier of the vicar and wondered if it was true. That scared Bert, for two reasons, one the man was a teacher, but more than that he was a priest. Bert did not attend church, but he knew that a priest should not be shagging boys in the butt and a teacher was supposed to be trusted to protect his students.
    When the bus pulled off of the road for evening tea the boys gathered about Bert and took him inside. He was able to sit down on the toilet and to wash his face before tucking in to a right smart meal. Several of the boys from the bus were made aware of Bert and they helped to keep him from the sight of their teacher. Once back on the bus Bert had to take up his spot under the blanket once more, but as soon as the bus began to move again he was up in the seat where he made many new friends.
    Boys made their way to the back of the bus to have their cock sucked during the remainder of the trip. Bert was more than happy to help Léon and another boy named Jordy do the deed, he felt as if it was his way of paying for a ride to Paris. Once the street lights along the road into Paris began to illuminate the bus Bert took a seat on the floor at Léon's feet, he did not have to pull the blanket back over his head the rest of the way back to the school, but he stayed seated on the floor.
    At the school the boys conspired to keep the vicar busy at the side of the bus so that Léon and Bert could slip away into the darkness. Léon lived nearby and he told Bert to go home with him and then they would decide what to do the next day.
    The following morning was a Saturday, with no school to attend the boys were free to seek their own devices. Jordy, the boy from the bus, came around and wanted to have a bit of a tumble with Léon. Léon's parents had already left for their day so the three boys went to Léon's bedroom. Jordy stripped naked and posed before the other two boys.
    "I ain't had me shaggin' in a fortnight and me arse is all 'ungry. Won't you do me up lad?" Léon told Bert that is was time that he learned how good sex could really be and pushed him at Jordy. Jordy took to the bed and laid on his back then pulled his legs back against his shoulders and spread his cheeks. Bert took one look at the pink pucker and his cock grew four times its normal size.
    Bert started to move forward and Jordy's eyes widened, "You 'ave to open me door for you go to dance, lad." Bert had no idea what Jordy meant until Léon stuck his head in and spit into the begging anus. He worked his finger in as Bert watched. He had felt around his friend's ass hole before and his friend had felt around his, but never had they put their fingers inside such a nasty place.
    Bert was thinking about watching Jordy shag Léon on the bus and knew that he wanted to do that to Jordy, but suddenly he wanted to know what a shit hole felt like inside. Léon smiled as Bert moved his hand toward the open hole. Léon grabbed Bert's finger and sucked on it to get it very wet then he pointed the finger at the opening.
    Bert was amazed at the silky smoothness of the spot where his finger was. Léon coached him and directed him to Jordy's prostate. When Bert touched it Jordy's cock lurched and a long string of pre-cum poured from the pee hole, Léon bent forward and engulfed the dripping cock as Jordy moaned in pleasure.
    Léon told Bert that it was time to go so Bert moved forward and let his cock go where his finger had just been. Euphoric pleasure ripped through his body as he felt the pleasure of a tight and warm hole around his penis for the first time. Léon moved about to straddle Jordy's face and brought his own face close to Bert so that he could continue to coach the, new non-virgin, boy. Bert wasn't in need of coaching as nature had imbuded his body with all of the knowledge it needed for the reproductive act. Bert was fairly certain that Jordy would not have his baby, but the act was so fine that he did not care either way.
    Jordy lowered his legs to wrap around Bert's sides. Léon took advantage of that and twisted his body so that he could suck Jordy while he was being sucked and Bert was fucking his nuts off. The boys were in heat and they kept up a rutting that would make history, were someone near to record their act. Bert was certain that Jordy shot his load and he heard Léon choke a bit before he raised up to swallow.
    Léon looked Bert in the eye, his mouth was wet and there was cum on his chin, without a moment of thought Bert pulled his friend in for a hot kiss as he pounded away at the tight ass under him with all of his fury. Léon was also in a hot fuck of Jordy's mouth and he intensified his thrusts as the kiss excited his libido to heightened exhilaration.
    Bert could feel his climax moving through his young body and moved as never before to make this the pinnacle of his young life. Suddenly Jordy's ass tightened then spasmed as it milked the cock snot from Bert's balls. Bert was holding on to Léon for his dear life as everything in him drained out through his pulsating cock. Bert was aware of six solid shots, but he didn't feel as if he were quite finished when new life entered his cock and he began to thrust once more. Moments later another ejaculation drained his body of all strength and will power.
    Exhausted, and in dire needs of oxygen, Bert fell to the bed. Léon moved over and took his spent cock in his mouth, "I ain't never tasted your inside, Jordy, you taste good." Bert didn't know quite how to deal with that. His cock was tender and Léon's actions made him jerk about, but that cock had just been…he didn't want to think about it. He moved on the bed as Léon kept a tight lip lock on his cock, he took Jordy's cock to his mouth then saw that the boy's belly was covered in droplets of cum, he took on the job of cleanup.
    It was then that Bert realized that Jordy was still sucking Léon who was sucking him so he returned to sucking Jordy. The three boys lay in their triangle for some time, they dozed off for a while then awakened stiff and ready for more. Teenage boys have a short fuse, but a quick recovery time and the three in that bed were ready to prove that.
    "I would think that would hurt, but you both like it. I think that maybe I could try. I mean if you want to and if you won't hurt me…"
    "Shut up and get on your back." It was quickly decided that Léon would do the honors. He moved between the boy's legs and began a rim job that surpassed any and everything in Bert's knowledge bank. Léon was working his finger into his ass and he kept hitting that spot. Léon was sucking his cock as he finger fucked Bert to prepare him for what was to come.
    Bert had Jordy over his face and about to push his cock into his throat when an idea occurred to him. He pushed Jordy forward and raised his head to take another plunge into the boy's nether world. This time he found that his own cum was still in there, but somehow that just made the experience more intense.
    Bert was relaxed and he was enjoying the feelings passing through his body, he was ready for his first shagging. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and he heard the worst sound in all of the world, a woman screaming.
    Jordy grabbed his clothes and was gone in a flash. Léon jumped up to lock the door then told Bert to remain calm, he was ready for this. Léon grabbed a back pack from the closet and filled it with clothes. He moved the small table beside his bed and took to his knees. He produced a pin knife and ran it around the floor boards then pried upward to remove a loose board. He reached back as far as his arm would go then withdrew a small metal box. The box contained a large amount of cash which was quickly stuffed into his pockets then he directed Bert to climb out of the window and followed afterward.
    Léon led Bert across backyards and down alleys as they ran from the house with everything either of them owned stuffed into the small packs strapped to their backs. They broke out of an alley just as a trolley pulled up to a stop in front of them. The boys jumped onto the car and Léon produced the coins to pass to the conductor for their fare.
    Léon pushed Bert to a seat away from everyone else then sat beside him as both boys tried to breathe normally once again. Léon took Bert's hand in his and held it in a loving way. Léon had a story to tell that Bert had never suspected. Léon lived in a foster home with the deacon of the church and his wife. The vicar had told the deacon of Léon's tight poop hole and the deacon was all too happy to make use of it, as often as he could manage.
    Léon knew how to survive and had gathered money from any source available then hidden it in his box under the floor. He had been planning to run away for a long time and had a place where he and Jordy could meet up when the time came.
    Once off of the street car Léon led Bert to a small café where they took a table by the front window and watched the street. Both boys were famished and Bert was told to order anything that he wanted, there was plenty of money. As the waiter moved away the only other customer in the place left the building. Léon looked around then pulled the money from his pockets, he had stuffed money into three pockets and had to stand up to take it out and lay it on the table.
    The two boys quickly sorted the money by denomination and counted it. Bert had never seen so much money before, there were ten thousand Francs and nineteen hundred Euros on the tabletable—about twelve thousand US dollars. Bert looked with a gapping mouth, but Léon said, "You don't want to know where it came from. It is ours and nobody can take it." Suddenly he brightened and pointed at Jordy getting off of a street car outside.
    Jordy quickly joined his friends and ordered himself some breakfast then he placed a roll of bills on the table, "Ninety two hundred pounds, lads—eighteen thousand US dollars. We're rich." Bert was smart enough to know that even that much money would not last forever, but at least they would not have to sleep on the street or go without food.
    Jordy knew of a place where they could get a room without being asked about their ages. Bellies full the boys made their way on into the heart of the City of Lights and began a new life.

    Both boys knew their way around the city and they took Bert to see things of which he had only read about in his school books. Paris is a city that is best toured on foot, getting to most places is difficult, but at least walking gets one closer to the door.
    By the time the boys made their way back to their small room each evening Bert was worn out. His neck hurt from snapping around to see one thing after another, but he had loved seeing all of the historical sites. Bert is an excellent student and had been his father's pride when it came to his school work, it was that other thing that had changed his life for the worst.
    The boys were too tired to do much in the way of sex each evening. They had learned that they enjoyed the three way suck that they had done in Léon's bedroom and that was the extent of their activities for the first two nights. On the third day they decided to sleep in then they were going to see the steamy side of Paris on the infamous Rue de Pigalle.
    After a hearty breakfast they set out to walk through the town then planned to end up at the night spots around dusk. Their plans changed when they cut through an alley to find a naked boy digging in the trash. The boy appeared to be about their age so they felt safe in approaching him, they counted on strength in numbers. None of them were very strong and none of them would have been able to fight their way out of a wet tissue paper bag, but curiosity encouraged them onwards.
    They learned that the boy's name was Arnold Ashe and that he had just escaped from a fat queer that wanted to shag his arse. Arne played it up for the boys so that they would not learn that he was one that liked the attention of a well hung gentleman. The boys bought into his story completely. It was Jordy that came to the boy's rescue as he told his companions to keep the naked boy hidden then he ran off.
    Nearly a half an hour passed before Jordy returned with packages filled with clothing for Arne. He had new jeans, a shirt, shoes, and even underwear and socks. Once dressed Arne was led to a little place nearby where food was purchased for him and he was asked to join the boys in their adventure.
    The Rue de Pigalle was not what they had expected. If there was any wild life going on the area known as Pig Alley was keeping it well hidden. It was only around ten when the boys led Arne to their room and rest. They had learned that Arne was not opposed to boi sex and they thought that he was cute enough to shag to death, figuratively.
    After an hour or so of sucking each other Jordy told them that he had not had a proper shag in days and he had his needs. Arne sat up and looked him in the eye and asked him if he really liked a good buggering, Jordy assured him that he was not making a joke.
    Jordy has had a long relationship with Léon and he wanted him to do the deed. He took to his back and Léon prepared his anus for entry. Arne was not sure that the boys were for real so he got down where he could see it all and was satisfied that Léon had, in fact, just eaten Jordy's ass then he watched as the slender cock slid out of sight into the dark passage.
    Arne turned to Bert, "So, you want to shag me?" Bert could not believe what he was hearing, he thought that Arne was the most beautiful boy he had ever seen and his cock had been kept hard all day as he looked at the most perfect ass on the continent. He leaned forward and kissed Arne and told him he had only done it once, but he would do his best.
    Arne was ready to take the worst fucking of his life if he could get the hunky looking boy up in him. Bert had developed a very nice boi cock that rivaled his youth and Arne wanted to ride it till dawn. Bert remembered all that his friends had taught him and bent over to eat at the dining room of the gods. His tongue told him that his brain was correct, this boy was so perfect he didn't shit. Bert never wanted to stop eating the pucker of his new love, yes, he knew that he was in love.

    (As you, my readers know, Arne was no virgin by any sense of the word. He had shared his ass with Tom Bradley for some time after Bradley had found him hustling the streets of London. Bert was rewarded with a relaxed sphincter that was readily opened before him because of the efforts of those men. He was able to slide his tongue deep inside and get the taste that would turn his stomach were it anyone else, but Arne.)
    Bert was making a pig of himself as he slurped and moaned, all the while, trying to crawl up inside Arne and eat everything in sight. Arne was impressed and engrossed in the best ass chewing that he had ever received. He was used to old men eating his ass, but they never loved it like Bert did.
    Arne did something that he had never done before, he shot his load with nothing touching his cock. Sure, he got off on a good shag, but never from just being eaten, unless he was being stroked at the same time. He was falling in love himself.
    Bert was awakened from his stupor as Jordy and Léon exchanged positions so that Jordy could satisfy the itch of his young lover. Bert looked into Arne's eyes and saw the hunger there so he rose to his knees and slowly let his cock enter into that place that he quickly learned to cherish.
    Bert wanted to love the boy under him, with everything in him he began to move tender feelings and thoughts into his young love muscle as he caressed the center of his new universe with a passion that he never knew he possessed.
    Arne expressed his appreciation many times as he moaned his love for the one who had him under his power. Arne stretched upward, he longed for the kiss of life as he felt new life filling him as full as he had ever felt. Arne determined at that point that he would no longer seek the company of men, he would find another way to earn his food money, but he knew that he only wanted Bert as his lover forever more.
    The boys huddled to their lovers, four boys together as one in the small bed. Talk was soft and tender as emotions ran through their heads that they had never known or expected before. During the quiet talk Bert told Arne that he was virgin. He told his lover how he had almost had a new experience, but that it had been interrupted, he rose up to look in Arne's eyes and asked him to take him to a new place where they could feel each other's love.
    With no more talk Jordy and Léon arose and dressed then quietly slipped out into the night. Paris seldom sleeps and the two boys in bed were not there to sleep. Arne had never taken a virgin before, in fact he had very little experience with boys at all. He had been with many men who paid well for his company, but love was never a part of those unions and the few times that he had been with boys it was under the direction of some letcherous old man that wanted a live sex show.
    Almost two hours passed before Jordy and Léon returned to the room to find the other two cuddled together in sweet sleep. They quietly undressed and got into bed and cuddled together for a few hours of rest. Late in the morning the boys awakened. They turned for a four way suck as each needed a protein treat to jump start their systems.
    They had to run down the hallway to a common bathroom for their morning oblations, but decided to make it a joint venture. The small tub/shower was only large enough for two so they paired off, only they did it as no one expected. Jordy and Bert stepped into the tub first, they did not close the curtain so that they could present themselves as a spectacle to their lovers. By the time they stepped from the water the other two boys were horned to the max.
    Once clean again they dressed and went in search of food and adventure. During the day they came across some street hustlers, Arne was the only one with street smarts and he approached the other group to learn how life was on Paris streets. After some difficult ice breaking Jordy told Arne to offer lunch to the other boys. That was the ice breaker that was needed.
    Ten boys found shelter from the blazing sun as they stepped down to the river level and sought out a café where they could dine together. The management attempted to run the boys away, he had been stiffed many times before by boys that could not pay for their meals. Léon held back to reach into his pocket unseen by the others then moved forward to pass a five hundred Franc note to the manager as a deposit on their meal. The boys were shown to a large table where the ten of them were able to sit together and talk.

    Once in their room for the evening the four boys excitedly talked about what they had learned. They knew that they had little to no options so it was decided to gamble. They packed everything they had and went to find their companions from earlier in the day. They proposed a plan to them and it was accepted. Respectable clothing was scarce amongst the six street boys so the others shared what they had.
    Word had been circulating around the streets for several weeks that boys in need of shelter and a solid education could find it in Nice. That sounded like the perfect idea and the boys wanted to go check it out for themselves. At nine o'clock that evening ten school boys boarded a train that would carry them across the country to the promise of a new life on the south coast. The night passage was chosen so that they would not be subjected to the scrutiny of prying eyes and they could expect to sleep unmolested for the long journey.

    I sat back and looked at the two tiny travelers. I have heard some stories in my life, but never had I known boys to make the sacrifice that these two had made. I promised them that they would always have a place in my school, my heart, and my life.
    I asked them about Jordy and Léon. I was told that I could meet them at dinner. It was time for dinner. We dressed and went to the table. Bert called two boys over and I was hugged and kissed by two little French boys that were all of that. Actually Jordy is a misplaced Brit that ended up with a stodgy grandmother in Paris, he was glad to get away from her and the vicar wot done 'im up every day. I have a surprise in store for the vicar and the deacon.
    After dinner I asked my two young friends if they would be returning to my room with me and of course they said yes. I suppose that it may have been unfair to some of the other students, but I had been asked earlier to spend the entire night with them.

    I have mentioned that my room is a suite of rooms with four bedrooms off of a large central room. My tiny trio occupies one of the rooms and RD shares a room with Cameron. I had told those two that they should mingle and get to know other cultures and people, but both boys are content to stay fairly close together. I don't believe that they have any kind of love affair going, but they like to be close.
    Cullen and Jimmy share the fourth room so that both of them can be near to me, they don't want to admit that they are there so that I can watch the queeing, now King. Roddy and Dane usually come and go, but for the past few days they have been mostly gone.
    My little mustard seed rushed past me with his two conspirators just before we reached the door to the suite. When I stepped inside he came out of his room with a tee shirt pulled up to hide his head and only his arms sticking out.
    "I lost my head, somebody give me head or I die, I need head." RD came in at that time and heard all that the tiny waif had to say. I picked him up and felt his little body.
    "Oh, this is horrible, Kardal has lost his head. I have to find help for him." I took his stiff little boi nail into my mouth as the boy squealed in glee. I made obscene sounds as I blew raspberries against his hairless groin and his head popped up through the neck hole of his shirt. I turned him upside down and let his legs flail in the air as I continued to suckle him.
    "Dadee, please to fuck me. Nobody will fuck me and I need it so muchly." Kardal does bother me a little, the first time I ever saw him we was lowering himself down on Chrisy as we had the wildest boy orgy of my life at the seaside home of Athos below Toulon, Franççais. Suddenly I stopped and put him down. Kardal raised the shirt off of his body and looked at me as I pretended to be listening to something. He started to say something and I put my finger to his lips and tilted my head.
    "Where is that coming from?" I asked then I pulled very close to him. I placed my ear against his chest and held very still. He was so antsy that he could barely stand still. I picked him up and put my ear against his tummy and listened to him giggle, I love ticklish boys. Next I turned him upside down once again and moved my ear around his body.
    I finally had him flat on his back on the ground with his legs bent back against his shoulders. I placed my ear against his ass hole and told him to spread his legs really wide. There was not a sound in the room as I had seven boys watching my every move.
    I moved and looked closely at Kardal's tiny little pucker, I moved closer and placed my eye in direct contact with that place in him that he did not mind sharing with others. I turned and looked at RD, "Come here son, listen to this." RD followed my lead and put his ear against Kardal's anus, then I told him to look at it.
    I spit on the little hole and put my finger up inside and listened to the boy moan like a whore on payday, he loves ass play. I wiggled my finger around and his hole opened slightly. I spit again and moved my finger around then told RD that he should be able to see it now. "Yeah, I heard it, but now I can see it. What it is that, dad?"
    "What's the date?" I knew full well what the date was, but I had to play a game with my boys, my little ones live for our evening playtime and I had neglected it too much during this trip. I called Khalid and Hamal to come and look into the bitsy man's inner world as RD told me that it was the twenty third of March.
    "Of course, he's already starting. Tomorrow is his birthday and he is starting his party early, he has everything ready inside of himself, he just needs someone to go in there and help him. I asked for the time and was told that it was seven o'clock. "Well let me see now, that would make it eleven where you were born so your birthday won't be official for another hour, but we should wait until mid-night here so that there won't be any questions."
    "No dadee, I want to be nine now."
    "Come here Cameron." He came to my side and I sat up on my haunches and sucked his dick then felt him up. I pulled Kardal up to suck the boy as I looked up into Cameron's wide eyes. "Can I trust you to be careful with my mustard seed?" He assure me that he could. I told RD and Cameron to go have a birthday celebration for the boy, but to be sure that he could make it down to the big party that we would have the next day.
    RD put Kardal on his shoulders and headed for their room. I looked at two very sad boys, "Do you think that Hamal and Khalid should celebrate Kardal's birthday early?" The two youngsters ran to RD as I told them to let the little ones lead and to be very careful. I know that he will be, but I just have to say those things.
    I moved on to my bed with two anxious guests of my own, but I looked forward to meeting Léon and Jordy again at breakfast.

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