Chapter 131


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Jan and his brother Jim and I sat down in one of the many small conversation areas scattered about the living room and small dining room. We each took a seat on a different leg of the sofas that were set in a U shape. I looked at both brothers then began, "Listed as father on both of your birth certificates is a man by the name of William Morrison. Let me start by telling you about William Morrison. Mr. Morrison was a wild hippy back in the sixties. He was a poster boy for the flower child movement with his waist long hair boasting a flower crown that he made up daily. He always wore torn, faded blue jeans and tie dyed tee shirts with a vest covered in pins from the cities around the country that he had visited in his gaily decorated Volkswagen bus.
    "He loved his weed, as far as I have learned that was his only drug. He had many arrests for smoking a single joint in a public place, but he never had more that the one and was always charged with a misdemeanor, never doing jail time. He never stuck around any one place long enough to be busted a second time so the charges never showed up on permanent records.
    "Mid August of 1969 found him in Bethel, New York for the famous Woodstock Festival. It was there that he met your thirteen year old mother. She smelled his grass and wanted a hit, the two of them began to travel the country. Her stepfather and half sister never reported her missing, they considered themselves lucky to be rid of what they called, 'The little tramp.'
    "William Morrison is totally gay and would never make it with a woman. He dragged many young men and boys through his van for a few days of fun and sex. One of these boys was about sixteen and very cute. Your mother asked him if he would pop her cherry and Jim, you are the result of that union, her first and last for many years. No one learned the boy's name or where he was from, those that had talked to him simply knew him as lips. He was known as a cock sucking pussy eater, and they said that he played a mean trumpet. I found four people that have seen him and they all tell it the same way, the kid was into oral sex, he preferred sucking cock, but he would eat a fresh fucked pussy like a cat after the cream.
    "Jim, when you were born in 1973 William Morrison got his favorite wish come true, he was listed as your father and he named you after his favorite singer, Jim Morrison—1943-1971, of The Doors. The famous rock singer died in Paris, France on July 3 at twenty seven years of age. Many people believe that he died of drugs, but no autopsy was ever done.
    "Well, so much for the history of your name. Your mother stayed with William and took you along as they traveled all over the country. The pair were just old hippies and were laughed at by most of the people that they encountered. In 1989 they planned to pass through Tucson, they did not pass. The old Volkswagen gave up the ghost, the crank shaft broke, destroying the engine. They had no money for repairs so they settled in wherever someone would let them crash.
    "Off the road and living a, more or less, stable life your mother discovered that Jim had a secret, you are gay aren't you?"
    Jim jumped up and denied it so loudly that he caught the attention of the rest of the family that had been minding their own business. I had not wanted what I had to say spread too far in the house for Jan's sake, but the barn door was open and the herd was looking for feed for their young imaginations.
    "Jim, William taught you how to suck cock when you were nine years old. Every time the two of you were alone together you went down on him. He fucked your tight little ass on your twelfth birthday, but he never fucked you again after that.
    "Once settled in Tucson you met Todd Fuchs and the two of you could not keep your hands off of each other."
    "Your friend Todd? He is your best friend and I see you two together all of the time. He is your boyfriend?" Jan stared at his brother in disbelief, I think that he finally believed all I was saying at that very moment because he had something, or someone, that he could actually see.
    Jim's denial was even weaker then his denial of being gay. His sails lost all of their wind when Todd walked up and sat down beside him. I had told him that I had some bad news for Jim and that he should be there for him. I filled him in on a little of what I was going to tell the Morrison boys and asked him to sit in the family room until the right time.
    "Your mother and William walked in on the two of you as Todd was filling your butt with your favorite enema. Your mother freaked, but William calmed her down. He told her that the two of you were just young boys that might only be experimenting. It took William a long time to calm your mother down and they smoked up a half a lid of grass. That's your mother's words, I had never heard it called a lid, I guess that was a unit of measure back then, I have just never been into any kind of drugs."
    "Mother? Did you talk to her, do you know where she is?"
    "Yes I do Jan, let me go on with my story and you will know all that I know.
    "Jim, you and Todd were scared of what might happen to you. Todd knew that his father would beat him if your mother said anything, but you knew that William would talk her out of that. The two of you went to the corner where you mother sleeps and found her and William token the weed, you sat down and acted innocent. The joint was passed to you and you passed it to Todd who passed it back to your mother and it went round and round. A half hour later you were sharing the third joint and you were so high that anything sounded good to you.
    "That is when William told me that he got devious. He told your mother that you might not be gay, but they would need to find you a girl. Nobody seems to know who suggested it, but the end result was you fucked your mother.
    "Todd had made a deal with you, he said that the only way to keep your mother from telling his dad about the two of you was that you would have to fuck her. If you fucked your mother you got to fuck Todd for the first time, as a comparison." Poor Jan's eyes were wide open as he stared at me and then Jim. I slowly nodded at him. "You would have fucked a monkey if it meant getting to fuck Todd," I finished up.
    Jan screamed, "It can't be, he can't be my father." I sat still and watched both boys react.
    "I didn't do it, I am not his father, I am his brother."
    I nodded at him, "You are both brother and father, half brother, full father."
    "Are you sure?"
    "As a matter of course I have run DNA tests on every boy in my house. I have identified each boy's parents and taken steps to protect them for as long as they wish to stay in my house. When Jan's DNA was tested a hit came up on his mother. She is serving twenty five years with no chance of parole for stealing a police car and running down an old man crossing the street. She was so intoxicated that she didn't know where she was.
    "When Jan was ten your mother met a man that told her that he had the best hash in the world and she ran away with him, never thinking about Jan. That is the day that Jan came home to an empty house with no food in it. Two days later the man and your mother were pulled over in Dallas for reckless driving. As the officer walked up to the driver's door of the car they were in your mother slipped out of the passenger's side and made a mad dash for the police cruiser. She was doing fifty as she slid down an off ramp marked at thirty miles an hour. She lost control and a block from the freeway she hit a fifty nine year old man as he carried his McDonald's lunch back to his office. He was DOA.
    "I have not talked to her, but I have had two different investigators interview her on video phone so that I could watch and listen. I do have a copy of the interviews if you want to see them."
    Jan was sucked up against my side as he whispered in my ear, "Yeah, okay."
    Jim adamantly stated, "No way, man, she's lying. I didn't do her. Todd, I swear I didn't do her."
    "You did, man, I was there, remember? We were so stoned, but you did her and you loved it, you even did her again later." Jim stood up and stormed away. I hope that Jan does not look like his father by the time he turns thirty four, Jim is fifty pounds overweight and his hair is thinning out. Todd is still slender and fairly good looking, as far as thirty three year old men go, but then I am thirty five now.

(A peek into the future: I took both boys for a visit with their mother. I guess it was because of my badge, but we were allowed a face to face visit in an unguarded room, but I had to be present at all times. I sat in the corner as the boys talked with their mother for over two hours before the guards told us that she had to return to her cell for head count. Somehow I think that both boys were able to say goodbye to her. I like to help my boys reconcile with their parents, but these two had many issues that may be better served if they have no more contact for the remaining twenty three years and four months that she has to serve.)

    I am a boy molester, the one most hated creature on the face of this planet. Children have been molested by pedophiles since the beginning of sex, but it has become the world's most fervent hope to find and eradicate such creatures, once and for all. Two major news stories appeared on the Associated News Network on the very day that I penned this portion of my story. One is about the capture of an old acquaintance of mine from Canada, a school teacher that liked little boys. He was captured in Bangkok, Thailand by an international police sting and search. He had a taste for young boys and preferred Asian boys. I remember his stupid words, "I am going to Bangkok where I can bang cock all day long." He abused many of his own school boys before he fled Canada and Charley banned him from our house and parties.
    The second story released by the Associated Press deals with teachers that molest students. The article was entitled Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools—by AP National Writers: Martha Irvine and Robert Tanner. Their story takes up with an Illinois case that occurred forty years ago and the teacher is only now facing the results of his molestation of a young girl.
    Teenagers are suddenly discovering themselves and finding emotions that they never knew existed. Those emotions are fragile and can be easily twisted to meet the desire of a pedophile. Many youngsters honestly believe themselves to be in love. Quite often the abuse begins when a child finds an adult paying attention to him. He/she is in such need of recognition that they are easily carried away and all to often find themselves involved in grown up situations about which they are not prepared to deal with.
    I keep reiterating my defense that I have not seduced any of my boys, they were all gay and came to me. I rescued them and gave them a home, but in short, I had them in my bed for sex. I call myself a Hebophile, but society sees no difference in me and the person who preys on a child for his own sexual pleasure. Yet in light of that I still have hard feelings for rapists and people in positions of authority over children that abuse their position and power.
    Jan is a case in point he is very much a part of me and my family, I was ready to go twist the tits off of his teacher
    I try to justify myself as being a boy rescuer, but in fact I am very little different then what society calls a molester, I always get the boy in the end. Double entendre intended. I have never taken a boy to my bed that didn't want to go there. With very few exceptions I have never taken a boy to my bed that wasn't in need of a bed and a home of his own. The Wild Boys are amongst that group—read Paul Walker's story of these boys they are sweet kids that like to play around, but I am an adult and I have used their exuberance for my self gratification

    When I received word that Franççais was not willing to wait until February to honor me for my crimes in Romania I worried. The Romanian President, Traian Basescu, wanted to recognize me as well. These two countries put their heads together and settled on a date for me to stand before their heads of state, October 15, 2007

    At the time that I brought the boys that had been located in Europe home I did not know Kamal's origins. I owe his father a great deal and I intended to return his son to him in one more week. What do I know?
    Sunday morning the seventh of October the family was enjoying a late and leisurely breakfast when the large double doors of the granite house reverberated with sounds as if someone was using a battering ram against it. Totally naked, I ran to the door and yanked it open. Standing before me was Raven with a widely grinning Harry standing at his side. Harry had used the butt of his magnum .44 pistol to get our attention. I pushed my way outside to examine my beautiful old door for damage as I threatened the King with a law suit for damages. Raven has his side too, he goosed me.
    Accompanying Raven, and disguised as one of his body guards to avoid the immigration people, was Petro. Kamal rushed to his father then the pair slipped to a spot at the end of the table to talk to each other. Jace led the parade of boys to welcome Raven to the house and quickly found him a plate full of food, no bacon.
    The entire family spent a most enjoyable day with Raven as his nephews all told stories of his mighty exploits. Raven is modest, but he still ate up the praise of his young worshipers like the finest grapes, at the same time that he drank in their adulation. I spent little time with the man as he seemed intent on being with the youngsters that I had living in my home now. It never occurred to me that he was in this country and in my home by design, a serious design for me and mine.
    I had a design that had been in my mind for a long time and Raven's appearance gave me the perfect opportunity to present it. I had all of the boys gather in as close as they could so that we could study each other's reaction to my plan. "Raven, this is directed as much to you as it is to your sons and mine. As we sat down to breakfast on the last day of the life of your brother I heard you tell your nephews that you would like for them to learn of my Christian God.
    "It is good that they shall learn of other ways than that which they learned at their mother's knee and from those teachers that instructed them in their youth. I feel that it would be good for the remainder of my family to also learn other ways.
    "I have to admit that this goes against everything I believe, but I saw your heart when you gave your speech to your own blood. You were as torn in your beliefs as I am torn in mine. So much for my personal feelings, it is these boys that I must think of first.
    "Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock one of three religious teachers from the largest Sunni Mosque in Tucson will begin classes in the auditorium of Bradford Academy West, our school across the street. I will strongly encourage every boy in my family to attend the daily classes so that they can learn for themselves other teachings and other ways.
    "I have to believe that my family is strong enough in their own faith to decide for themselves the way that he should go. You had to have that same belief in your youngsters or you could have not made that statement to them. I think that after the first of the year that I will have a Buddhist monk teach the boys the basics of their beliefs and later I may call in a Hindi. Who knows I might even get a heterosexual to teach the beliefs of the straight world to the boys. Who knows what their minds will embrace, but before they can make an intelligent decision they must have something to compare and decide for. One never knows if he likes fried pig dick until he has an opportunity to try it for himself now does he?"
    I had to end on a clever line because it hurt me to even make the offer. But in all truth, Raven had made a bold instruction to the boys in that cold castle and it is only in my love for them that I let them know that the rest of the family would receive like training. I had not heard of any decent or the slightest objection from any of my young Muslims, but then they had their orders. I do not believe that something as basic and as soul encompassing as religion can be directed. A belief is a personal thing, based on knowledge of all of the facts that the individual can consume before making his own decision. The Word of God states in Romans 10:17…faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. A person with a narrow mind that chooses only the religion, or lack there of, from their family without reading the Word of God for themselves is a fool. Let me say that again, a person who does not personally read the Word of God, be it the Koran, the Bible, or the book of the dead, before deciding is a FOOL. He will only know how foolish he is come Judgement Day.

    Toby and his young cousins helped Edmund and Çhé Ģerâld prepare a feast for Raven. The sofas were set about the large games room downstairs and low tables were spread with exotic foods from the east. Don't even ask me where Edmund found a goat, but the six young chefs from Seigy's castle had it roasted and prepared with an assortment of strange culinary delights.
    Some of my boys snuck up to me and I stared them down. "They have learned to eat what we eat with never a word of complaint. They look the food over several times and sniff of it before taking a small bite to see if they will like it, you can do the same. You might even like their kind of food." I never cease to be impressed by my little ones, each of them ate and enjoyed. Roddy had to sit next to me and show what a baby boy he is, but once he got going he didn't want to stop

    I still did not want to go through with it, but it was my duty. Romania is nearing twenty years out from under twenty years of oppression from the communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu,1918-1989. A strange variance from his 1966 decree to ban birth control and contraception is noted in his secret friendship and support of none other than Count Sighisoara Corvin.
    In 1966 Ceausescu decreed a harsh tax on anyone, man or woman, who remained childless past the age of twenty five, married or not. He was seeking to increase the population of his country, which he did. By the late 1960s the population began to swell, accompanied by rising poverty and increased homelessness. In turn. a new problem arose, uncontrollable child abandonment, resulting in rampant numbers of street children which overflowed orphanages and children's shelters.
    Public records record that it was somewhere in the early 1980s that Count Corvin became a regular face in the crowd around and near the dictator. Large land grants were awarded the Count from the country's northwestern provinces, and large sums of money were simultaneously added to the state's coffers. Count Corvin was granted his title, in perpetuity, along with favors and powers of such a title. All of this was in direct opposition to all that the communist party stood for, but never the less it withstood the trials of the times. Can money buy power?
    It was around this same time that the unholy alliance between Count Corvin and Nicholas Pagonis began to flourish. Romania's street children became slightly less abundant as the beaches of the Mediterranean found many youngsters willing? to service the sexual needs of the many tourists seeking such company.

    Petro is roma—cigányok or romák in Hungarian—most commonly referred to as "Gypsy" around the world. He was born in Budapest on October 30, 1956—during the height of the Hungarian Revolution against the Communist government and its Soviet-imposed policies. His young parents fled to Szolnok, a small town some fifty miles east of Budapest on the river Tisa.
    As a young teenager Petro worked his way out of the country and into Romania where he found work in Oradea. He remained there as he learned the trade of a block mason and gained a bit of fame for his devotion to his work. By the time that Communism fell the thirty three year old man was widely known for his ability with large building blocks of stone.
    Count Sighisoara Corvin approached him to build a castle in the mountains of Transylvania, in the west central Romanian highlands. Petro and his young bride moved to Sâncraiul-De-Mures and bought a stone quarry there from which he could cut the large granite blocks that the Count wanted his castle built with. His client wanted the authenticity of an ancient stone building; he took the young man to the Walachian town of Ploiesti where Vlad Dracul III—Bram Stoker's Count Dracula—built his famous castle.
    Petro copied, in exact detail, the ancient castle and built, for his benefactor, a perfect replica set upon a mountain top west of the town of Sighisoara, Romania, the childhood home of Seigy's mother.
    Shortly after their move to Romania Petro and his wife were blessed with a son that they named Camlo, meaning beautiful in the native Gypsy tongue. By the age of eight years old Camlo was a fixture in the new castle and knew every square inch of its design. He had also come to the notice of Seigy who called him Kamal, which is Arabic for beauty. One look at the boy and all will agree that he is very pleasing to the eye.
    As Seigy brought his sons to the castle, for whatever reason he had in mind, Kamal was able to fit right in with them and was never once questioned about his origin. With his knowledge of the castle, and his apparent free reign to come and go at will, he became a favorite of some of the more adventurous boys, such as Hmcal and Bahir, the twin brothers that had been my guide across the mountain from Petro's home to the castle one night in August.
    Hmcal and Bahir are the sons of a young Turkish girl that had been stolen away to become a part of Seigy's harem in his desert home. It was Camlo—Kamal—that told me what went on inside the castle for the nine years that he came and went as a part of the family.
    Seigy did not want a male heir in the way of his ambition to sit on the throne of his half brother, Khaldun al-Hadi—aka, Raven. As a boy reached the age of fifteen Seigy took him from his mother and sent him to the west to be educated in fine western schools. The school was the castle, it was the boys' last stop through life in this world. At Seigy's pleasure each boy was placed in the dungeons of the castle to await his death. No boy was ever supposed to live past his seventeenth birthday.
    With the help of my little guides, twin brothers, Hmcal and Bahir, Kamal had helped to slip many of the boys out of the dungeon and over the mountain to the home of Petro. Petro in turn helped the boys to escape to freedom. It was from some of those boys that my friend Athos had learned of the castle of terror and what went on there.
    Quite often Seigy would bring all of the sons of one wife to the castle making very young boys part of the gruesome scene there. Kamal helped Alim and his brother, Basil, to be the first one to escape to the home of Athos. Tahl, Petro's most trusted ally, would drive the boys to a point near the Romanian border where they would slip into Hungary and an awaiting airplane that flew them to the safety of Athos's home. That was how I met Alim and his brother Basil. The three Romanian boys were quickly moved from the castle when one of Seigy'a guests told the others that he wanted to eat Kardal. Arman made plans to take a sword from the walls of the great hall and kill the man in his sleep, Kamal knew that he had to get those three boys out at once.
    When I met Athos at the hotel in Calais he had details and blue prints of the castle that the boys and Petro had provided. All of the boys that I brought home from Europe owe their very lives to young Alim, but more so to the fine beauty of a fifteen year old Romanian boy by the name of Kamal, Petro's son. The twins moved in and out of the castle at will, their brothers arranged a signal that showed when it was safe for them to enter. Their first desire was to get their brother of the same mother to safety. Kamal moved Hasad and Umit out of the castle. The night before he had learned that Jawhar was to be moved into the dungeon, he joined the four brothers at the home of Petro.
    I quickly learned that Seigy was lazy and had others do his dirty work for him. He never dirtied his hands by killing his older sons. He did not mind killing the younger boys, but those old enough to take his throne were left to be dealt with by others. The others that dealt with those fortunate boys were the ones that helped them to escape to freedom. Many boys, like Salman, had been kept chained to the walls in the castles dungeons and Seigy lost track of, and interest in, them. He was sure that his lackeys would take care of the boys and that he would not have to sully his hands

    Pavel Storovich had been Pytor Jeftichew's love interest for several years, but when Pytor went to prison for molesting his young son, Fedor, Pavel suddenly disappeared. My man, Mic, traced the former lover to Constanta, on the coast of Romania, where he lived in high fashion in apartments furnished him by none other than Ibrahim al-Hadi.
    Of course Andy had a watch on the man, but other than his occasional dalliances with street boys he seemed to be benign. It was with some amusement that we greeted the word from Pytor that Pavel had contacted him and wanted to see him again. Little did we know then that the man was on his own vendetta and wanted my blood in payment for that which I had taken from his benefactor.
    Pavel—a Russian name meaning small, humble—was a smooth talker. He convinced Pytor that he still loved him and he wanted Pytor to honor his youthful promise of allowing him to have sex with his first born son, Adrian. Love is blind and all of us have seen this or experienced it. Love clouds our judgement to the point that we put ourselves in harm's way; we sometimes put our families and loved ones in harm's way also.
    When Mic called me from New York to ask if he could bring Pytor to see his sons I had no problem, then he told me that Pavel was with him. I set up our meeting as far away from my family as I could and still seem to be friendly. Pytor brought his childhood lover to Tucson to see Adrian and Fedor. Accompanying them was a young Persian boy of about eighteen whom Pavel explained away as his patron's son seeing America for the first time

    It seems that more people are looking after me than I knew about. Raven has quite a dossier on Pavel and on the boy, that fact saved my life. I don't mention it very often, but I am more than a bit paranoid so when the safety of my boys enters the picture I take every precaution that I can, most of the time. I arranged for a meeting in a very public place to not only protect my family, but to protect two young men that trusted me with their safety

    I will be the first to admit that the food court of a large shopping mall is hardly a gourmet's delight, but for public exposure it is surefire. Unbeknownst to me another international agency exists that had a dossier on Pavel and his young companion; Andy knew of this agency, but I did not have a need to know of their very existence so I secretly had my own file on them.
    I had only recently learned that four boys brought to me by Athos had been kidnaped while preforming at a series of music contests being held in Vienna, Austria for high school choristers from all around Europe. Two French boys, Alexandre—now aged 15, and Jourdain—14, along with two British lads, Brice—14 and Casey—15, were taken captive as they enjoyed a bit of sight seeing during their trip to the land of music masters. Their captivity had occurred in November of 2005, the same time that I was enjoying the blue green sea from a villa on a high cliff in the tourist resort of St. Tropez, France.
    My old friend Bobby Gendarme—aka: Inspector General Athos Henley of Interpol—had developed information that Pavel was the one that had taken the boys for his benefactor before they had lost contact with him. Raven learned of my arrangement for Adrian and Fedor to meet with their father and his old friend and quietly set about protecting my person. Athos and Andy had been alerted to a potential threat to me and I was discreetly covered by no less than fifteen undercover, and heavily armed men.
    My scheduled meeting took place at ten AM at a table near the very center of the dining area of a large mall only a few miles from my home. Adrian and Fedor were overjoyed to see their father. I watched as Fedor ran from our table across the wide space to embrace his father and lead the man to where Adrian waited with me. Adrian rose to embrace his father and even through his tough exterior I saw the glisten of tears in the boy's eyes.
    I was unnerved by the look that I received from Pavel; I have a sort of sixth sense, if you will, and suddenly I had a cold shudder rush through my entire body, even more disconcerting to me was Pavel's young companion. Pavel seemed to be deep into his conversation with Adrian, but his eyes never strayed far from me, the boy with him actually stared at me with malice in his eyes. I observe people and those two were of great interest to me because of an inner nervousness that could only be seen in their gaze.
    Pavel was seated across from me. He was playing with a ball point pin which he would fool around with then take it below table level to hold it in his lap, then he held it above the table top to work its mechanism again. Somehow I found his ministrations disconcerting so I continued to observe his actions.
    I was seated next to Fedor who was very excited to see his father and just could not sit still, in his nervousness he knocked my fork to the floor which I instinctively bent down to retrieve. That single act saved my life. I heard a yelp behind me and sat up to see Pavel with his face flat on the table, a man, that I later learned was one of Raven's guards, was standing over him with two plainclothes FI agents beside him. I turned to see what yelped behind me and saw a young woman with wide eyes holding a long sliver of plastic in her hand and her tiny toy poodle frothing at the mouth; the dog was still in the tiny pouch in which she had carried him.
    My brain instantly went into gear as I grabbed a napkin to wrap around the innocent looking dart before I took it from her hand. Two more of Raven's body guards rushed to her side. They were both shouting into their radio transmitters in their own language that I could not begin to understand. Another one of them slowly took the napkin, with the dart in it, from me.
    I had seen three of those darts inside a glass case after the interrupted assassination attempt on me by Hiederick Heintz, Gus' father and Eric's stepfather, therefore I recognized this one at once. My friend, Captain Shawn Howard had recovered a ball point pen and three of the darts from that man after he was arrested for assaulting Eric on a street corner. I looked at the reaction that the small dog was having and I remembered what the police laboratory technician had told me about the volatility of these darts. The dog's size caused its death to come quickly, much to the horror of its fashionable owner.
    I heard my FI body guard calling for an ambulance; at that very moment another of Raven's men was kneeling beside the young lady. He put a syringe to a large artery in the crook of her arm and injected its contents into her. By that time the police had arrived and Harry rushed in. One of Raven's body guards was talking to Harry and showing him the dart as Harry related the story to the police. I only got into the tail end of the conversation and heard Harry tell the police that the woman barely had moments to live if the antidote she had been injected with did not work.
    Paramedics arrived and the police officer told them to take the lady and the body guard to the hospital as quickly as they could drive. Harry was on the phone to Raven and asking the paramedic where they were taking the lady then relaying that to Raven.
    The police had Pavel in custody and I was told that he had attempted to murder me. His benefactor was, in fact, Ibrahim al Hadi, aka: the late brother of Count Corvin— aka: Seigy.
    I know how lethal those darts can be and it was plain that Raven's men expected their use to be ready with an antidote so quickly. I let the thought run through my mind about watching Pavel load his pen style launcher and none of the security people attempting to stop him. Had he sat there and loaded a gun I felt that he would have been taken down at once.
    I was looking into the eyes of the young man accompanying Pavel when he yelled out a phrase that I have only heard in movies, "Allāhu Akbar." With that he squeezed his outstretched hand and a plume of smoke arose from under his robes.
    Raven's guards were instantly on him and had his robe torn open to reveal that he was wired for very loud sound with six sticks of dynamite taped to his thin body. To everybody's good fortune the boy was so scared that his perspiration had short circuited the trigger mechanism so that when he pushed the button he got a nasty burn on his smooth chest. Raven's guards were yelling at Harry who told the police to back away. The boy was also equipped with a pressure cuff so that if his heart beat stopped the bomb would detonate.
    Harry took hold of one of the boy's arms and held it while that guard very carefully defused the bomb; then without a hint to the boy he ripped the taped on detonator from the young man. Had the boy been a bit older he would have been denuded of body hair around his chest, but as it was he still let everyone know that he had enough hair to cause him pain.
    Again an assassin stood before me. This one with a bomb on his person and nobody had tried to stop him until he attempted to detonate it. Had it not mis-fired there would be hundreds of people about the mall that would be dead, including me.
    The boy had been taken from his school for Ibrahim's business. He ended up being kept by Ibrahim to entice other youngsters off of the street to be sold to men wanting a boy of his own. The youngster was waiting for Ibrahim to return and was staying with Pavel. Now we had to learn who had told him and Pavel of Ibrahim's fate. To our knowledge no one actually knew who was with Seigy or of the actual happenings in the castle. More was known than I wanted to have become public knowledge or I would not have to face all of theses head's of state laying their swords on my shoulder, one of them is going to cut my ear off, just wait and see.

    My little Jimmy is always a wonder to me. The senior class of the virtual high school was on a field exercise to learn about hand tools. So as not to stampede any one salesperson the boys had broken up into six groups of four and divided themselves between the two Sears stores on our side of town. Jim was with a group on their way to the tool department, but had stopped on their way for McBreakfasts from the golden rainbow room. Jimmy is never without his camera and young Lew has learned to always carry his also. As they entered the food court area the boys saw the takedown of Pavel and quickly focused their cameras on the scene.
    Jimmy set up his wireless equipped laptop to receive the pictures from his camera and had caught the young bomb boy's complete actions. Not even hesitating to think, Jimmy called a friend of his at one of the local TV stations who cut into their morning line up with Jimmy's live feed. Moments later the feed was picked up on the national cable news network and was being beamed all over the world, and to my house and the boys' school. The junior high boys were watching the cable network news as part of their class on current events; they were supposed to find a news story that appealed to them and write a paper on it. What appealed to them was seeing Fedor and Harry on TV—Jimmy was very careful not to get my face on camera.
    Local security had been alerted and were quickly evacuating the mall, including the twenty screen movie theater upstairs over our position. Six sticks of dynamite would have really moved the movie goers and everybody was more than pleased that they had not detonated, however they were still strapped to the bomber's body. Jimmy left his camera in one of the large planters then moved back, as directed. Of course being a seventeen year old boy he had to argue with the security people and pointed to the window of a nearby record store where the cable network news was showing the scene in our mall over a TV set in the window. Jimmy showed the security man the same scene on his laptop. The security man knew me and he knew Jimmy, he turned and looked at me and pointed at my boy, I just nodded and the guard let Jimmy get down behind one of the massive concrete planters so that he could continue to monitor the action.
    I learned later that no other news people were allowed into the mall so that made Jimmy's pictures worth a small fortune to the young entrepreneur who bargained his feed to all of the local channels, and to their corresponding networks. He is a sharp little business man and withheld the after action interviews for himself to be sold to the highest bidder. His original link up was the eventual winner and he interviewed the police bomb squad and Harry on live TV as Lew held a camera on him

    I always find it funny how overly cautious the police can be in certain situations. The bomb was diffused and the young bomber was restrained and harmless, but the police kept the boy on his knees as all of us were escorted from the area, my badge allowed me to remain of course. I waited with Jim behind a concrete flower box until the bomb squad could arrive and sandbag the area around the source of trouble then send in their robot in to remove the bomb from the boy's body. Can anyone say overkill?

    "You lead a charmed life, my friend. If you were a cat I wonder how many lives you would have used up by now. I need you to come down to the office at the airport and come alone, I have some very special people that you need to talk to," my new soundbud was speaking against my skull. A new bone conduction sound system has been developed for combat troops so that there is no longer the need to use headphones that can block out sounds of nearby danger, such as an enemy laying in wait. I was talking into the tiny wireless microphone/transmitter disguised as a gold FI pin on my shirt collar as I tried to get Andy to tell me what was going on, but he had hung up on me.
    "I'll get even with him," or so I thought, the dudes he had for me to meet were some serious people

    I drove up to Andy's office with a bit of smile on my face, the entire building was surrounded by FI agents in full body armor carrying fully automatic weapons. Our Lear Jet was pulled almost to the door with the steps down to within fifteen feet of the door. My smile disappeared in an instant when I looked into the eyes of two of the most serious men that I have ever come across. One look and I knew that these men were all business.
    "This is my partner, Christopher Stevens Dickson," Andy said. I knew that it was serious when he used my full name, but another clue was his Marine Corp uniform with the silver eagles of a bird colonel on the epaulets. I wondered what our visitors thought of Andy in uniform. He is a thirty year old, smooth faced blond boy with the looks of a teenager, no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. That and the fact that his khaki shirt had no salad over his left pocket, in fact the only thing on his shirt, except for the buttons, was a silver name tag with capital block letters which read FOSS. I have never asked him how he can wear the uniform of a Corp officer, I might do that someday.
    Two men that stood eye to eye with my six foot two inch height were stood before me, they each out weighed me by a good sixty pounds or more. Their square jaws and harsh stares were intimidating, were I the kind to be intimidated. I just stared back. Somehow I felt like my boys must feel as we stood unblinking and stiff before each other for an eternity. Slowly the one with the blond crew cut nodded his head, "He's got it."
    The man with the medium brown crew cut nodded and said, "Yep, he's okay."
    "Sir, I will not give you our names, but I will tell you our outfit on penalty of death if you ever mention it to anyone. As secret as your agency is, we are not even a whisper," brown hair told me.
    I motioned them to take a seat then I knocked the wind out of their sails, "You Sixes are more than a whisper, gentlemen and Rainbow is wider known than I think that you believe." Both men turned to look at one another. The whole world knows of England's MI-5 immortalized by the late Ian Fleming in his books of the James Bond series. MI-6 is much darker and most super secret
    "Well, with our identities established shall we talk? You just made the world wide news after being confronted by a youngster that we an have interest in."
    "How interested could you be if he walked up to me totally wired for sound, loud outgoing sound, the kind of sound that makes everyone and everything around him go to pieces? He was even allowed to activate his detonator, which to my good fortune, miss fired."
    "You're right, we lost him in New York, but we knew where he was headed. The detonator did not miss fire, it was rigged to be faulty. Andy was alerted yesterday when we learned that he was traveling with two old homosexuals to Tucson."
    "You say that with a touch of disdain. Do you have a personal problem with homosexuals?"
    Both men looked at their shoes and I stood up then moved to the door. "Sir, please forgive us. We have handled this wrong, but we beg you to hear us out."
    "Talk to my partner Andy," I left and got into my caddy. Andy rushed to my door and pulled it open.
    "Please listen to what they have to say, they won't talk to me, they told me that what they know is for your ears only." I followed Andy back inside, but I did not sit down.
    "I can't correct what has been done here, sir, but you need to know what we know. You have in your house the King of ____, I believe that he is your nephew. We have been in touch with Lord ____, his father, who told us where he is. The young man with the bomb hates you with a passion and has overstepped himself, his target is the young King."
    "I thought that with the death of his great grandfather and Queen Anna Regina that there was no more threat to him."
    "Sir, there are people in his country's government that don't want him on the throne. Forgive me for asking this, sir, but is the young Prince actually homosexual, it makes no difference to us, honestly, but that is why his nation does not want him on their throne." I had to tell them that Cullen is gay then they told me that should he live to get to the coronation he would not survive for very long and no amount of security could protect him. I sat down.
    My poor little royal hinney, I love that boy so much; he is my sister's boy, that means something too.
    The two men are part of the most secret anti-terrorist agency in the world and I know more about them than they care for anyone to know. Dukey and I had talked about them when I pointed out their secret base and asked him what he knew about them. I don't let anybody clam up on me so within ten minutes I knew all he knew about these people for which I have major respect. I let my two visitors know that I respect their work and their secrecy. They knew about my long court sessions the previous year and my recent trip to Romania, they told me how much they respected me. I told them that I was homosexual, they both nodded.
    "Sir you appeared on our radar with the take down of Sheik Obalon and Sheik Vazier. We were gearing up to take them out when word came from Interpol that you were on the scene. I understand that both of them are quite dead, but we can find no trace of their remains." So far it was the darker haired man speaking. His accent was unknown to me, it sounded almost as if he were a Hawvawd man, but then not quite. Too soft for British, maybe with training and school in the states?
    "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours," I placed my badge and ID on the front edge of Andy's desk.
    "Mein got, you do exist den, ja?" Blondy, Bergen—Berg—Leland, is Deutsche. Both men passed me their ID so that I could confirm that which I already knew.
    "Sorry about that, but it is my life on the line here and I want to make absolutely sure to whom I relate this tale. My old friend and business partner here does not know all of this story. Andy can you bring up the home videos of my recent vacation trip to Europe?
    "Peter, I am trying to place your accent. I hear Harvard, or the like, and a bit of Brighton."
    "You are good aren't you? My father is British, mum is a yank. Transplanted to Boston at age fifteen then a PHD at Harvard, six years in the U.S. Marine Corps."
    "And now back in merry old England?" I looked at Andy.
    "There is no video, Chris, only audio and even that is not complete. Why don't you tell the story and I won't listen, there are many parts on which I am not clear anyway because I was not listening as it all went down." The faggot's eyes gleamed and we both knew that I was so going to have to get his skinny little ass with a big poker. I had brought the video that Timmy had made with four different cameras, but I did not watch it. I wonder what Andy has down with it.
    "Well, I hope that you have a full pot of coffee." I am not comfortable with this story so I tried to highlight it, that did not work, they wanted details, especially of the burial site. I started over.
    They had developed information of a bomb on a tanker leaving Portugal. They knew that the orders to detonate the bomb was to come from Seigy's guests at O eight hundred Zulu—plus two, or O ten hundred where I was, they were scrambling to get their people in position for a take down with mere hours to do it in. Interpol had been alerted and Athos got on the phone to tell them that he had a friend already in place. Athos had asked Petro, our gypsy host with the truck, to call him when we touched down.
    "Petro had been equipped with a satellite phone for emergency contact. It was that phone that he passed me that phone. I was shocked to hear the voice of the President of the United States, himself. He told me of the nuclear device onboard an oil tanker and of the two men visiting at the home of a man that I was on my way to see. I was asked by my government to see to it that the two terrorists did not make their ten o'clock call or any other calls, ever," I told them.
    "I am no fan of the man currently in the office of President, but I do respect his office, most highly. I wasn't sure if I would be looking over the sights of a rifle from the wrong end as I was stood before a firing squad for doing what I had set out to do, but I knew that I could not let the orders for the detonation of that bomb be given."
    "Actually sir, it was not the order to detonate the bomb that was to be transmitted at ten hundred hours, rather the arming code for the device. The bomb itself was set to detonate at one hundred feet above sea level, the height it would be as the tanker passed through the locks of the Panama Canal.
    "Where are the bodies located?" Peter asked me again.
    "Well, I'm afraid that your two terrorists sort of went to pieces. I learned from the boys in the castle that a ten year old boy had over filled a coffee cup and caused hot Turkish coffee to splash on the robes of one of the men. The man was so outraged that he swore at Seigy who acted in the fashion that Seigy is well known for within his inner circle.
    "The tiny ten year old lad was taken to the kitchen and carved for dinner, while still alive. His butt and thighs were cut from him and placed in a pan to be placed into the oven and roasted for the evening meal. Then the boy was left outside to bleed out and die, alone." Even Andy reacted to the story along with the two tough anti-terrorist soldiers from the world's most elite anti-terrorist organization.
    "You men probably know your weapons much better than I do, but for Andy's sake I will tell him that a wide bladed scimitar, like one would see in a movie, was hanging on the wall. Sighisoara had a large selection of weapons of all types about his castle and I choose that weapon to play with. I'm afraid that neither of the two guests could handle anything after that steel blade did its work on their wrists. Well, one of the men did pull away a bit and only lost half of his right hand.
    "I learned that he was the one that had ravished a six year old boy that had been stolen from the street of the town as the men drove up to the castle a few days earlier. I let him get a good taste of his own sex organs, I was remiss in that I did not take the time to wash the blood off before feeding them to him.
    "I felt a bit sorry for the two bombers so I had their wrists tightly bandaged to stem the flow of blood, I wasn't ready for them to die yet because my people were setting up a satellite link up to a television set so that we could watch the Marines raid the oil tanker in the middle of the Atlantic. Somehow I felt that they would like to know that their final act of terrorism had failed and that they were about to die as the total failures they were.
    "They weren't Marines were they? Those men that repelled from the helicopter, it was you guys. I began to shake apart as that morning came alive in my mind once again."
    Andy knelt before me with a cup of coffee and laid his head on my knees. I realized that I was completely out of it and relating this horrible story with glee. "Get control, babe, it's over now. Just tell them where they can find the bodies to identify them and confirm their death."
    "I'll give up the bodies if you will tell me how you know about what went on inside that castle."
    Both men looked at each other, "You let one man escape. He has told a lot of tales that has a lot of the wrong people talking."
    "Who? If anyone had anything to say then Athos would have told me about it by now."
    "We are not sure who it is, but the information that we have is pretty convincing and with what you have told us it all fits perfectly." Now I was shook, everybody at that castle was dead or one of the good guys. Oops, who knew the doctor that came up with Petro and Tahl? I never learned his name or what became of him when I left the castle.
    "There are no bodies, none, for any of those creatures. I am afraid that the two men that you seek lost their heads, then after all was said and done all of the bodies were taken to a pig farm and ground up in a tree shredder to be added to the mulch in the middle of the large pig sty. Are you sure that you don't have the videos? I have their pictures on there and their death can be verified from them."
    Andy sat down at his computer and in a few moments he passed over pictures of the two men, before and after. Their bodies lay on the floor with their severed heads sitting on their chests. I was not aware of those pictures being taken, but then I had not viewed the video that I brought home to Andy. I hope nobody else ever views them. I can see where the information on that tape can be helpful to law enforcement as proof of death, but it is gruesome material.
    "This is all of the proof that we need. We can close the books on these two forever now." Berg spoke for the first time.
    "You might like to know that all of the armament that Sighisoara Corvin used to decorate his castle was melted down and made into pitch forks and shovels then donated to the pig farmer to shovel the shit around his pig sty." That provoked twisted smiles from all three men.

    There was a knock at the door of Andy's office. Andy answered it then asked me to step outside where we faced Pavel and the young bomber. "He knows where the Royal Prince is, sir, he cannot be allowed to pass on his information," Harry told us.
    "I know how to prevent that," I stared at the young would be assassin.
    "Yes sir, so do we and we cannot allow you do that within your country," Peter spoke behind me, "I believe that we both have a friend in France that has a leaky fishing boat." Andy and I exchanged looks and smiles. Andy and I escorted our visitors to the awaiting plane

    "Your new equipment is already loaded and I will be over day after tomorrow to install the chip for you. You should have had this system a few years ago but, unlike some people, I did not know of your existence." Andy glared at me with a boyish glint in his eye.
    "We only learned of you system a year ago, but we could not find a way to acquire it without revealing ourselves to your strict criteria," Peter told us.
    "I'm afraid that I am responsible for our strict rules concerning this equipment. It is much too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. I have known about you people for six years, I should have realized that you did not have our system. We have all been at fault, but it is now rectified and Andy will have your people up and working in a few days."
    "Sir, I understand that you make frequent trips to our neck of the woods. You are welcome to stop by and visit us anytime you wish."
    "I will do that. I have to be in Franççais next week to get my ear pierced, maybe then." I had to explain the reason for my trip to see Nicolas Sarkozy the President of France. Colonel Andy and I stood together and watched the plane taxi out then take off into the eastern sky.

    Andy and I walked back into his office. He looked me in the eye then passed me a homemade poster. "Have you seen me?" The caption read, below it was the picture of a sweet little fourteen year old boy in my house that we knew by the name of Colin Thomas.
    According to the poster he is Colin Tompkins and he is from HM Royal AFB at Hereford, England. He has been listed as a runaway, last seen in July of 2007. Peter had left the flyer, with Andy when a background check on Colin Thomas came up blank. The boy's picture was sent to all security entities around the globe. Colin had been photographed and fingerprinted on the afternoon in August as all of the boys were interviewed before I took them home. I look rather bad in this situation.
    "Andy, I can't go home tonight, let's go get drunk." Andy put his arm around me. The fop drugged me and I awakened in a hotel room with Cory curled up beside me. It was all good, I don't need alcohol anyway, but I am so going to kill Andy, how did he drug me? I'll find out, wait and see

    I had to leave on a trip that would take me a half of the way around the world. I have taken the time to check out every boy in my house, throughly, but not personally. There are still quite a few boys that I have not taken to bed and there are many of them that have complained that I don't love them because they don't yet have a pin. Those things will come in time. There is one boy that I am going to have to return to his home when I leave this time. I wanted to let him tell his story to the family and see if he would be honest. I also thought that Raven would like to hear for himself what these boys had gone through before they came to my house. I asked Colin to tell us his story

    "My name is Colin Thomas, I am fourteen and hail from Brighton, England. Well, Brighton was our last home, my dad is U.S. Army and we move around a lot. I had to run away from home when I got caught by my mother and my best friend's father while we were doing it.
    "I was getting the dream fuck of my life. I mean, well, it was Tad. Thaddeus Stevens's father is some sort of history nut and named Tad after some politician that lived when that President Lincoln guy was around. Anyway he and I were really going at it like rabbits in heat. My man can fuck the best that I ever had. I never did nobody else till I got…" he looked around then seemed to get his second wind.
    "I'm a military brat so we move around a whole lot, so does Tad. It never fails that when my old man gets sent somewhere Tad's dad is there too. We don't care because we are in love with each other. Our dad's fly that big ole gun ship helicopter thingy and they get sent around the world a lot. Tad ain't got no mom no more, she died three years ago so it's just him and his dad.
    "I live and breathe that boy, but I don't know what happened to him when his old man and my mom walked in on us. I just ran, I was naked and I ran. I had my clothes bunched up under my arm as I made my way down to this old beach house in the rain. And now here I am."
    "Here you are, but why are you here, Colin," I asked him. Colin is as cute as they come with his dark auburn hair and sea green eyes. Colin didn't think that I would remember the first time I had seen him, I seldom forget, especially a boy as cute as he is.
    "I was sleeping in this old building by the beach when these two men came at me. I woke up in some place where I did not know about. There I met Brice and Casey, later that night I met Elliot, Eugene, and Joshua, I learned that they had been made to fuck some old men that were all drunk and smoked a lot.
    "I don't speak that French stuff, but when it came time for them to show me where I could sleep I met Alexandre and Jourdain. I ended up sleeping in the bed with them and we just got close and held onto each other and cried all night. The next morning this big old fat bastard came in to wake us up, he peed on us, I mean he stood at the foot of the bed and peed all over us. He was talking in some nother language that I didn't know, but this one kid named Sergé told us that it was Greek and that I was going to learn how to take a big dick up my ass. I had been told that I would have to fuck anybody that they told me too or I could not have anything to eat, I was so fucking hungry I would have fucked a bear.
    "When that pig opened the door that Inspector Henley guy was leaning against the tree out front. He told the man, that he called Toma, to come out slowly. When I got outside I saw him tied to a tree, but he was on the ground with the Inspector holding a gun on him.
    "Eugene and Joshua began to laugh, 'He's got a twin, the sod wot buggered us got his self a bloody twin.'
    "Inspector Henley placed us in a caravan, that's what they call an RV over there, he took us to his house where we met you. He told us that he wanted us to call him Athos."
    I had learned from Athos that Dimitri had boy farms located near every larger town or city throughout France, Greece, and Italy. He, or his henchmen, would grab boys from the streets, or wherever they could be found, and taken to these farms for training. Rusty and Ronnie had been found in one of those farms, and I have twenty five more that Athos has sent to me.
    "So you remember me from the villa?" I asked him then looked at all eight of the British boys that I had seen there. They all remembered me, but were surprised that I remembered them. "Boys please, give me some credit, I never forget a sweet cock and the sweet cream that I got from Colin, Brice, and Dennis during our breakfast. That gave me the strength that I needed to face my day. I thank each of you for that sweet treat.
    "But Colin, I want to know why you have been lying to Athos and to us. You have said several times that your name was Colin Thomas and that you lived in Hampshire. You told Athos that you had lived with a family that abused you so you ran away and were kidnaped. Now you are telling us that you lived in Brighton, I believe that your name is Tompkins and that your dad is based in Hereford. I believe that you have lived with me long enough to know how I feel about liars. What do you think I should do with you?"
    The boy was a basket case, his friends gathered about him and tried to give him comfort, but he knew that what he had done was wrong. "I guess that I am going to have to go home and face my, folks. I don't know what will happen to Tad."
    "You're going to find out because you are going with me. I have to go to England on business, then I am going to France and Romania, you will go and face your family and friends like a man." The boy began to pee he was so scared. I walked over to him as Brice and Joshua cleaned the floor. "I have talked to them and they love you. Your mother is almost as scared at poor Tad, he has been beside himself with worry. He has hung posters of you all over the countryside and that is how I was able to discover your lie.
    "Colin, we love you and want you to be a part of our family, but you have a home and a very loving family that is waiting for you. We are going to leave early Wednesday morning and will be in England late that night. I want you to pack a few things for the trip, but I bet that you will find all of your clothes waiting for you back home."
    "I want to stay here, but I want Tad and my mother and my dog, Spuds. What can I do?"
    "You have made a mess for yourself, son. I have tried to teach all of you about lying. Yes, your lie came before I met you, but you continued that lie when you got off of that yacht at Liverpool. You could have come clean anywhere along there and saved yourself some grief.
    "Colin, you were stolen away by some very bad people, but by not telling Athos the truth about yourself he was unable to help you. Now you are going to have to help yourself."
    "Dad, may I have a pin before I leave?"
    "No, I am not going to reward a falsehood. I do not like to put boys out of my house, it hurts me as much or more than it hurts you. Only time will tell what will come of this, but I want nothing, but the very best for you and that does not include your staying here.
    "Now that we know who you are and the British Police know where you are it is only a matter of time before you will be forced to return home. You are under age here and in England and you must abide by your mother's wishes for you. If you remain here then I can face serious problems and it could cause all of these boys to have to go somewhere else to live. What you did is not just a little lie, your wish to run away from your problems is affecting one hundred and sixty two of us in this house and who knows how many people in your family and of your friends back home." I hate to be that way and it hurt, bad

    Thankfully the lady at the mall had not broken the skin as she removed the dart from her pet dog, none of the toxin had entered her body. The antidote did make her a very sick girl for three days, but the precaution was well worth the alternative. We were all told that the antidote would have made her ill regardless, but if she did have the toxin in her system she would not be with us to hear the explanation of what had happened to her.
    I was a victim as much as she was, but I still felt a certain responsibility so I stepped in to cover all of her medical bills, I even bought her a new puppy and had it delivered to her as she left the hospital. That is always a touchy thing to do, depending on her attachment to her dead pet, but I had read the vanity of this young lady correctly; it was not the pet that she loved as much as having the status symbol that it imparted. For the most part I just look at people and shake my head, how must God feel? My Bible tells me that he blinks, I think that he has to close his eyes and turn His head, we will know soon enough as we stand before Him in final judgement.

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