Chapter 125


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Our family was together again, I sat back and watched them relate their final trip of the season to each other. The boys agreed that I had the best adventure because I had brought them two new brothers. Chase and RD were instant hits with the family, with the exception of Roddy who was still sure that he was going to be left out. I took RD and Roddy to bed with me that night for them to get a little brotherly loving in. Cory, Mike, and Steven joined us for a full night of fun.
    All of us gathered in the large games room downstairs Saturday night as we made our plans for my future. But it is only fair to tell you that I had made many inquiries and knew what I could and could not do. All of the boys were settled into new rooms in granite house, I just listened to their quiet talk as I tried my best to decide what I thought would be best for all of us. I couldn't do it. Call me a baby or whatever, but I love my desert home. I have a lot of very fond memories in my house and I just could not let them go. I have let my boys decide most everything that I do since they have come to live with me and this time was going to be no different.

    I had told JC and the state that our school would be ready for classes on Tuesday the fourth of September. Sunday morning, the second of September, twenty boys arrived and everyone of them was hungry and cranky. Bless my family, even our new boys from Europe took charge of each new boy and all of his worldly possessions, which were, for the most part, carried in a few plastic grocery bags. They helped each boy find himself a bunk bed near someone with whom he wanted to be friends then led them to the table where we fed them a proper brunch of fresh fruits and cold juices. To make each new boy feel special my three special cooks worked overtime asking each one how he wanted his eggs cooked and then they were each individually served a plate piled high with three eggs, potatoes, and a hot buttered biscuit. Covered baskets of biscuits were set about the table with a bowl filled with fresh butter and plenty of honey and assorted jellies for their hungry bellies. They better enjoy the last sugar fix that they will get for at least a day or two.
    The rest of the family gathered for breakfast and were just taking our seats when the last of the college boys arrived from my other house near the university. Pete and Eddy were the last to come to the table. "Eddy!!" a fourteen year old boy named Grant yelled out as he ran around the long table to embrace Pete's boyfriend. Eddy seated Grant next to him, the two talked together throughout the meal. All of us wanted to know more about this friendship, only I knew the last names of our new members.
    I asked Eddy to introduce his friend, Eddy told Grant to stand up and introduce himself.

    "My name is Grant Farmer and I am fourteen. Yeah, I am Eddy's cousin, but my dad won't have nothing to do with Eddy cause he had a fight with Eddy's mother before she died and he felt like the heal he is and won't admit to his mistakes, never."
    In case you forgot here is a quick review, Eddy's last name was Farmer before he was adopted by Tom Dickson at the age of twelve.—He is Sean's step/foster brother, Sean is Tom Dickson's natural son.
    "I am one of his mistakes and he won't even admit that I's his son. He told my judge that he don't have no son, especially a cocksucking faggot. I felt good when the judge made my dad go to jail for thirty days for compliment of court." Some of the boys giggled and told him that it was contempt of court and he turned a nice shade of red which really shined under his blond hair.
    "So like I can remember from way back how men would come around and I would always want to climb up in their lap. I learned early on that if I would grab their dick as I climbed up then they would get a hard on and let me sit right on it so that I could feel it in my butt crack. Sometimes a man would just sit me back on the floor and pat me on the head, but most of dad's friends let me sit in their lap.
    "By the time I was eight or nine I was able to see all of the cock that I wanted by going out to the exercise room at our apartment complex and watch men come in from swimming to take a shower or sit in the steam room. It was in the shower one time that I got my fondest wish. This dude that was about fourteen came in from swimming and pulled his wet suit off right in front of me. He looked at me and grinned, 'You always look at naked guys, you like my dick?' I did so he let me go into the shower with him and I saw my first hard on. He let me feel of it then he touched it to my lips, he didn't even ask as he pushed it to my mouth and I just opened my mouth and let it slide in. That was my first taste of cum and I was hooked for life.
    "Everyday after school he would go to the showers and I would follow him. Sometimes he had a friend with him, once he even had two with him. They all let me suck them while they laid back on the wooden benches in the steam room. They liked the steam room better than the shower cause they could hear if someone came in and be able to sit up and pull their towel over them.
    "By the time I was eleven I was sucking five men that lived there and they would let me come up to their apartment and get in bed with them so that they could suck me while I sucked them. One day this one man invited that kid up to have sex with us. He told the kid that I was ready for the big step. He had been sticking his finger up my ass while we sucked each other and he would always lick my butt, I really liked that 'cause it felt so good.
    "So this one day that kid shoved his cock up my ass and fucked me while the man and I sucked each other. That became our routine every day for the whole summer. Sometimes the man fucked me while the kid and I sucked each other and then sometimes the kid fucked me, I loved it and wanted more.
    "The week before school started the man and the kid were gone somewhere. I knew that they was going to spend the weekend together 'cause they both loved to suck and fuck each other and only did me cause I was there. It hurt when I finally learnt that, it was my sykyatryist (eds. note: psychiatrist; ain't Grant cute) that told me that, but anyway they made so much noise that some old lady in the next room at the motel called the cops. The motel man told the fuzz that an old man and a kid was in the room so they kicked in the door and found the man fucking the kid so they went away to jail.
    "I was lonesome and horny so I went down to the steam room and this guy was laying there with no towel over himself. I figured that he knew I wanted to suck his dick so I started in. I didn't know that he was asleep, but when he waked up all hell broke loose; he was a cop, worse than that he was a detective with the sex crimes people.
    "He took me to my house and told my dad what I did. My dad told him to take me away that he didn't want me no more. The cop took me to jail and I had to talk to all of these people who wanted to know why I thought that I could just walk up to a stranger and suck his cock. So many men let me do them that I didn't never think that it was wrong nor nothing so I just told them that a lot of men let me do it to them.
    "They wanted to know who the men were so I had to sit in the living room of this one apartment and point to all of the men that lived there that I had sucked, but the kid and that one man was not there. When the cops asked me if there was anyone else I told them that the man that lived in the corner was gone with the kid to fuck each other all weekend. They asked me if the kid did nothing with me and I puffed up my chest and told them that he had the best tasting cum and I liked for him to fuck me best.
    "They put me in that shitty foster home and I had to talk to some cop or shrink everyday. They took me to this doctor who looked up my butt and I asked him if he would fuck me, but the cop that was there just took pictures of my butt then took me back to the home, I never did get to see the pictures. I bet that old cop likes to jerk off when he looks at 'em.
    "About Christmas time I had to go to this big court with a bunch of people sitting to one side, I didn't know then that they was the jury, I called them the jews cause I didn't know, but that got me a slap in the face from the lady at the home cause they told me she was a jew. Anyway they made me tell what each of the six men did to me and the kid had a trial all by himself. It took over two months before I was told that I didn't need to go to no courts no more so I was happy, but they wouldn't let me go back to my apartment and have sex with them no more.
    "I had to go to court to decide where I would live and my dad said that I couldn't never go home and they put me in this home with a lot of boys that liked to let me suck their cocks. Their cocks was small, but I did five or six of them everyday and they all liked me to do them. I got caught doing this one kid and they moved me to another place with older boys.
    "The older boys were cool and I was thirteen by then and had a bigger dick and they liked to fuck me so we were careful and I stayed there for over a year. I had to take a physical for school before I could start the ninth grade, but I didn't know about it. I had let two guys fuck me the night before and another dude fucked me in the shower while his buddy stood guard. The doctor found cum in my ass and called the police, again.
    "They kept me in a cell all by myself for about three weeks before I got to come here to live, but I ain't gonna suck no more cock nor let nobody fuck me cause I have to go back to court and tell the jury what my friends did to me."

    "Grant, I want you to look at me. Do you really like to suck cock and get fucked in the butt?"
    "Grant, I am telling you the straight truth here, the state knows that you are gay and that you are not being forced to do what you like to do. I have reports from doctors going all the way back to your first encounter with the police at the age of eleven. You have never forced yourself on a younger boy. You have always been involved with older men and boys, for that reason the state is not charging you with anything. However, anyone more than two years older than you can get into serious trouble for having sex with you. That is why we have to be so careful in this family. We are pretty much protected within this household, but if you start having sex with anyone that does not live here then he could end up in jail.
    "According to your records eight men and your young friend that started all of this are in jail. The police are still trying to find the two friends of that boy from when you were eight years old, but they have both moved away and all the police have is their first names.
    "There are five boys from your last group home that are facing charges because they were all sixteen or seventeen years old and you were only thirteen. I want to tell each and everyone of you what will happen to those boys and all of the men that had sex with you.
    "At the very least the boys could be released without going to prison, but they will have to register with the police as sex offenders. Registration goes into the Federal data banks and their names will be available on line for the rest of their lives. Each time that these boys apply for a job or a place to live their names will come up as sex offenders, that is for the rest of their lives. They will be denied jobs and they will not be allowed to live in some places, that depends on the boss at the job, or the owner of the home where they want to live. They will never be allowed to live near a school or a city park either.
    "When they apply for a loan their names will come up and the lending company could deny them the loan because sex perverts are not reliable and probably won't pay back the money. These offenders will not find it easy to buy a house either so rental will be the only way for them. There are a very large number of homeless sex offenders. They are denied housing so they have to live on the streets. That makes it harder for the police to keep track of them and some of them like little kids for sex.
    "These sex offenders can never get out from under the stigma of what they have done. They may not be gay, they just found somebody with whom they could get off and it felt good at the time. Laws are now in place all over the world so these guys will have to register again if they move to another state. Most countries will not let them visit because they are on the national sex registry. Getting a passport may not be easy, but using it will be even harder, sex offenders are not allowed into the United States.
    "Even trying to go on a gay cruise would be hard for them because the ship operators would be afraid that they might molest somebody on the cruise and then they could be sued for allowing a known pervert on board.
    "I hope that all of you are listening to what I am saying very closely. I beseech you, that means I beg you, to be careful with whom you have sex. There are many boys that live in this house that could end up having to register as a SO—sex offender—if it was learned that you have had sex with them. As I stated before, we are pretty much protected here because of the nature of your previous lives.
    "I know that it is not pleasant to think that the government has files on you that show you to be a sexual pervert, but that is the world we live in. Those files will be there until the laws are changed, but don't hold your breath for that happening anytime soon."

    I saw the reaction that my words had on my boys. I turned to Cory and Shane who were sitting near me and told them to take all of my family over to the family room in the house for a private conference. I looked at the damage done to the massive amounts of food that our four cooks had put together for us. Altogether five eighteen inch by twenty four inch baking sheets holding four dozen, two inch thick, flaky biscuits, fifteen dozen eggs, fifty pounds of potatoes, six pounds of sausage mixed into ten gallons of thick country gravy, twenty gallons of milk and two thirty cup coffee makers full of the fresh, hot liquid were consumed in under twenty five minutes. And that did not include the peaches, apples, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, and papaya that disappeared while the eggs were being cooked.
    I am going to have to hire a kitchen staff, Edmund and Ģerâld love to cook and they do a great job, Mitchell is there beside Edmund at every meal and Luke often helps. Christopher dives right in when he comes down, but he and Edmund get a bit cross with each other because Chrisy does not follow recipes, he just adds a bit of this and that until he thinks that it tastes okay; it always does taste good, but it is Edmund's kitchen.

    As I entered the house I locked the door behind me so that none of the new boys, or even the boys from Europe could get inside to hear what I had to tell my core family.
    "Before you get all upset let me tell you something. Our friend JC knows that some of you have been abused. Congress knows of the abuse that Bryan, Vic, Lance, and Les were subjected to, but there is no record of the rest of you being abused or as abusers. You will not have a record to follow you for the rest of your lives so relax.
    "Andy and I have people working for us that can make a person disappear, forever. Isn't that right Kyle?" He knew that I was talking about his old lover and friend, Randy Hobbs. "As time goes by these boys will slowly disappear from the data bases, but first I have to see how they adjust. All of you know that I want to give everybody a break, but you also know that I am tough to convince that a person deserves that break."
    "You gave me a break, even after I fucked up the best thing in the world. I will always love you and do whatever is expected of me," Cecil told us.
    "Dude, I fucked up, even worse than you did, but dad brought me home and adopted me to boot. Most of us here can tell others what he does and can do for anybody. I know one thing for sure, I love my dad and I will protect him with my life. I pity anybody who tries to hurt him." I looked at Mike and smiled.
    "Dad pretty much showed all of us that he is the one that those who hurt him or his should fear," Jay Jay put in.
    "Okay, let's clear the air once and for all. Tell me what you know and how long you have known it." I should have expected it and I feel silly not sitting down with my family to begin with and telling them what I had done. Our youngsters from the castle and from Athos's villa had shared all that they knew of my trip to Europe, down to the body disposal. I had been troubled by a drawing that I had found a few days earlier showing pigs in a pen with a man's face in the mud. I am pretty sure that Roddy drew it, but I did not know how to approach him. Now I have an opening.

Melty Cheese
2 c. water
4 oz diced pimiento, opt.
c. cashews
1-2 Tbs. lemon juice
tsp. garlic powder
2-3 Tbs. cornstarch
2-3 Brewers yeast flakes
tsp. butter flavoring
tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. salt
Blend all ingredients on high speed until smooth. Cook in heavy saucepan until thick, 5-6 min.stirring constantly. Great as sauce or dip for chips.
Cheese and Walnut Roast
2 cups melty cheese
1 beaten egg
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
tsp. paprika
1 c. chopped walnuts
1 c. oatmeal
tsp. salt
1 small onion
Saute onion until brown, combine with all ingredients. Bake at 375 45 minutes.
    It was getting late in the day so I told the boys to go help get our newcomers settled in. Showers were arranged as the family made beds and sorted each boys' clothes to be cleaned. The new boys were helped to shine their shoes and stow their gear, after they marked their clothing and precious few personal items, with indelible markers. Each boy was given dresser drawers and closet space as all of the dirty clothing was washed. Once clean and folded their clothing was put away in time for a large walnut roast dinner together, followed by a rich tasting, but low calorie, banana cream pie, then an early bedtime.
    Ģerâld tuned Edmund onto the fact that the boys will eat their vegetables if they are raw. Edmund ordered a long heated and refrigerated table to set up a soup and salad bar with all of the vegetable varieties that he could locate. There were steamed vegetables available on request, but only a few boys like steamed vegetables, I take mine raw.
    The table has a space for four large containers of hot soup or other liquid. With our first meal we had a hot chicken soup made with artificially flavored bullion and soy chicken chunks with eggless homemade spinach noodles.
    None of the family complained about going to bed early,they were still a bit tired from their work in the fields and each boy wanted serious sack time to prepare himself for school, now only two days away. The boys spent Monday getting acquainted with each other, but I had made it clear that there was to be no sex in front of the new arrivals and that everyboy in the house was to remain fully clothed, underwear included, or proper swim wear. They moaned, but they understood my reasons.

    Labor Day I was invited to my old house for a party for the college boys only. The younger boys didn't mind because they had been clued into what was going on and made themselves a great day in our pool at the mountainside hacienda. Harry and Toby assisted Edmund and Mitchell in corralling any of the boys that got out of line. I don't have any fears about that happening with my core family, but now there are sixty seven boys about whom I know precious little, the newest twenty really have me on edge.
    When I arrived at my family home there was nobody around; I listened and heard voices coming from the basement. Somehow I just never went down to the basement for anything more than to check that everything was still safe and dry down there. The basement under my house is full size, from the front of the house to the back. The basement in which I had enjoyed myself so often is next door at Randy Koch's house. Our two houses were built with identical floor plans except that his house only had a half basement, from the middle of the house to just under the old kitchen area. His father added on a sun room where his mother did her sewing. He also enlarged the kitchen and back bedroom, he created a master suite with its own bathroom. Until that dinner I had never appreciated the extra large room that the basement of my house afforded.
    The boys fashioned a large square table where I could sit with thirty two of the forty three college students in the family. With the table arrangement we could easily see each other's face. During lunch I had my eyes opened to a set of circumstances that I had not considered. I have twenty two college boys living in the mountainside house that felt left out because they were not living in the old house. Well twenty felt left out because Cory wouldn't leave my side on a bet. Vadik was not present, he and Cullen had gone shopping.
    Cameron is okay with sleeping with David and the two of them are getting along well, but he missed being around his old friend Carroll. At first I was worried that he meant that he wanted to try to come between Carroll and Mitch. My fears were quickly put to rest with the boys' next statement. The boys wanted to be together to form study groups at their study level.
    The four boys at the community college were having a hard time with transportation. Borne, Adrian, and Jessie were attending the junior college for courses in auto mechanics at the Junior college's west campus, some twelve miles away. Teddy's grades were too low to get him into the university so he had to go to j. c. or not go to school, he can go to the downtown campus of the community college. At the old house they would only be a block from the bus route that passes by both the downtown and the west campus.
    All of the boys have always teamed up at grade level to study and would ask for help from the older boys when needed. Now all of the college age boys wanted to be in one place so that they could study together. I felt foolish because one of my criteria for placing the boys in my house was grouping them together for study groups.
    If we could find a place for them to be together, away from the rest of the family, then there would be a fringe benefit, they would have a study buddy. Then something struck me like lightening, my heart stopped, I looked at them with a thought that I had to vocalize. I now have twenty youngsters in my house about which we know very little; the last thing I need is for one of the little darlings to tell his case worker that he saw the older boys having sex with each other—or even worse, that one of the older boys tried to have sex with him. I stared into a sea of white eyes as each of the boys sat with fear etched on their faces.
    Vadik is eighteen and he is Cullen's breath and soul. I can not and will not allow Cullen to move out of the safety of my house. I would have to find a way to keep Cullen and Vadik separate from the new boys at all times .Cullen has remained in the same room that he took when he first came to live in my house, it did get remodeled in the summer of 2005 while our small family visited BAG boys for the first time then drove south to scatter Chief Steve's ashes over Georgia. I didn't want to have to move him and I won't until I feel that there is no other choice.
    As I saw it I would have to make the main house off limits to anyone under eighteen. That would require my adding a place for the younger boys to watch television and play. They could not use the dining room, as we now called the large center room of the granite house, and disrupt meal times for study time. I am not going to have a single one of my boys so much as suspected of an impropriety, let alone face a life of ruin because some little faggot pointed a finger at him. My heart was breaking as I looked at my darling Cory and knew that he could no longer remain in the house either.
    I told them that we would start immediately to locate a larger place for all of them to live together. I had no idea that they were miles ahead of me until Pete took me by the hand and led me around the basement. They had used blue chalk on the floor so that I had not seen it in the subdued lighting. The basement had been marked off into eleven sleeping areas, each measuring ten feet by twelve feet. They had marked off areas and placed the names of each of the couples on the floor along with the placement of the beds and desks. That, along with the six bedrooms upstairs, would give bed space to thirty four boys.
    Altogether we have a total of forty three boys in college. Brad, Jay and Christopher have their homes away from the mountain. Cas, Tyler, Luke, and Ģerâld have their private bungalows. Toby was dead set on remaining in the granite house to work with all of his little brothers as their interpreter. Where Toby goes Harry is close behind. A team of wild horses won't drag Cory away and I know that he will behave himself, I think. There are already ten boys in my parent's house, I need bed and study space for twenty two more. I will worry about the current senior class next summer.
    Along the front wall of the basement the boys had outlined four rooms with a new stairway from the main entrance. Across the back wall were five rooms set side by side with two rooms along the east wall. Along the west wall they had marked off a study area, the stairs from the outside and on up to the kitchen from there. Every void and vacant space was filled with a closet or storage area. Down the center of the basement was a twelve foot wide bath and shower room with toilets on either end and showers in the middle.
    Pete had found the original blueprints to the house in his bedroom closet and had studied the entire house for away of adding more space. He told me that we could put eight boys in the attic with very little work, but there would not be any windows without doing some reconstruction of the roof. I looked at him and asked him if he had considered adding a dormer to the front and back of the house and then having one long room up there. He grinned at me then showed me his sketches that he had showing exactly that. The only problem with that is that it would require tearing the roof off of the house and about three to four weeks of work overhead. We decided that we would wait on that until the following summer.
    The boys were antsy, they kept looking at Pete and giving him signals, I heard more than one boy say, "Tell him." As mommie Pete is the selected spokesman for the house, he grinned at me, "We, the occupants of this house, have decided that we want a name. You have the cliff house in California, there is Empire Canal in Albany, and of course granite house here in Tucson."
    David is the only one that ever pledged a fraternity. ΔΛΦ—Delta Lambda Phi—is a gay fraternity that has achieved full sanctions by the university, but they did not feel that some of my boys were frat material because they were legally married. David had a semester long affair with the house father of the Delta Lambs—his name for the group—his experience was less than satisfying. None of the boys thought that a fraternity served their individual goals of gaining a quality education, none of the boys is a party animal. However, they felt that since they were all full time students living in one off campus house and away from their parental units that they would like to have a name to signify their cohesiveness.
    I sat back in my chair and held on to my sides as Pete went over the names that had been tossed about and rejected. They had almost settled on FAG house, but decided that such a name would bring unneeded problems on them, I did kind of like Brat House, my boys gave that a second thought when I told them that the word brat is a Russian word that means brother. I was most impressed with βοτ—beta omicron tau—Boys of Traveler. However I suggested that the lower case omicron looked too much like a lower case O and wasn't Greek enough, I asked them to consider βφτ—beta phi tau—all lower case Greek letters, an acronym for boys from Traveler, of course they loved it. I don't know if it was because I suggested it or if they really do like it, but that is now the name of the house, βφτ. Jessie and Adrian already had someone at their school lined up to make the sign out of Redwood with the letters of white oak inlay, sounds nice.
    With the name decided the major delay for the present would be chopping up the center of the basement floor to install plumbing to the individual fixtures. There are two floor drains in the basement and, according to the blueprint, they led directly into a six inch line, which is half again as large as code required. The extra size would mean that I would have no problem pulling a permit to add the toilets, a line that size is at commercial requirements.
    The boys had been busy during the previous two weeks and already had three of our favorite contractors submit bids to do the job. I was told that the basement could be ready for occupancy within three weeks of pulling permits then I was handed the permit application forms, all filled in and awaiting my signature, and the fees. The boys wanted to pay the fees themselves as the whole job was their idea and to their benefit; of course I was not going to have that happen, but I smiled at them and put the applications with my clothes.
    An idea hit me as I laid the applications down, I picked up my shorts and shirt then left the house, I didn't say aword to the boys. As I walked out of the back door Isaac Koch waved at me, he and Mike Long were just getting into their car, I approached them with my idea, and my serious need. Both men got out of the car and followed me down to the basement where my boys awaited with trepidation over what may be coming next. Their fears were quickly relieved when Isaac looked at them and asked who needed a temporary bed.
    Isaac and his partner, Mike, live in the house next door to me, the same place that Isaac raised my two friends, his sons, Randy and Robby. He has the same basic floor plan in his house that I do, except for the changes that we had both made to our properties. We both have four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. His den is still intact, but they are using it. He was willing to move his stuff out for two of the boys to stay there. I turned my den into a bedroom for Biff so that he wouldn't have to negotiate the stairs. Mike told us that he and Isaac seldom ever have sex anywhere, but in their bedroom and they would be glad to have a bunch of cute boys running around the house.
    With those six rooms we could house twelve boys on a temporary basis. I know people at city hall and I could get the permits at once; three weeks construction would be no step, the bottle neck would occur with getting the inspectors out to do their job through each phase of the work, then the final sign off. As a realist I knew that this small job could easily turn into a five or six week job. I wanted to make sure that we could keep the boys comfortable during that time.
    Before we worried about comfort we needed to decide who would move to the temporary quarters. To be perfectly democratic about it we put the names of each couple on a slip of paper. There would be two couples that would have to make some changes, but I was assured with hugs and kisses that they could handle it. Before we could go any further I had to call the other partner at the house to ask his opinion and receive the same assurance. The family lined up before the cameras over the large TV in the family room while all of the new boys gathered their things for school the next day.
    Edgar was without direction and without a bed partner after the death of Isaac. Cecil was regarded with caution after his return, but Edgar took him to bed and they have both been quiet and sedate for the past three weeks; Edgar is over eighteen and would have to leave the mountainside house. Cory whispered to me that Cecil and Del were quickly becoming an item, Edgar is a hard boy to get along with.
    Another pair had been disrupted some time earlier when we located Teddy. Vincent and Teddy had a long history and all of us were happy to see them reunited, but somehow that had resulted in a massive bedroom swap about. Vinney had been with Marvin, now a free agent Marvin ended up in bed with Howard. Howard had been with Hector who was now in bed with Steven, Hector had to leave the boy to move to the old house and safety from the minors.
    Hector and Edgar had spent a few quiet moments together during our family party time and felt that they were mature enough to share a room with no problems for either. Cecil was now my worry, but Del moved in front of the camera and told me that he thought the wicked sod had a cute ass and he had really enjoyed his time up in it during our stay at our sister's house; the two boys had their arms about each other as they both swore to get along and a long way up in each other, often. After the laughter died down we all agreed to keep the limeys together.
    This was working out very well, I am almost positive that Chase has latched on to Steven, a cowboy and Indian thing there. That left only Cory and RD, well it was a no brainer, Cory would be out of the house. I mean I will not have any of my boys placed in harm's way, but I will kill to protect Cory. Maybe in view of my recent activities that might sound a bit strong, but you know what I mean. So next on the menu was the name drawing.
    Pete and Eddy are the house mommies in my old house. Tim O'Connor and Sandy, my swimmers, have my parents old master bedroom downstairs. Ray with Dean are long time residents, Jerry and Tim had given up their bungalow to Edmund and Mitchell for a spot in the house near the campus. Mitch and Carroll were offered a bedroom there when they announced their plans to move from California to go to school in their old home town.
    Hector and Edgar got the den at the Koch house, Edgar is still wearing a cast on his leg from when he was swept away by the flood waters as he tried to rescue Isaac. I began to draw names, Al and Greg got the converted den of my old house. Joey and Specs, Izzy and Josh, and Vinney and Teddy, Marvin and Howard got upstairs rooms at the Koch's house. That still left us ten boys, but I would put them under armed guard in the old guest house. Better than that, Isaac Koch had something for us to consider. He had never put in a swimming pool so he had never changed his guest house. The guest house had two bedrooms, with a the living room, that could handle six boys, but then he suggested something that to me bordered on sacrilege; he told us that there were still four beds in his basement.
    If you have never read Blues then you don't know how I felt right then. That basement is a shrine to my youth. I lost my virginity in that basement. I sucked my first cock down there and I got it up the ass for the first time down there. I have fucked every cock swinger in the Blues Club on those four beds in that basement and I regard them as sacred objects, as I am sure that the eight original members of the club do—well, six original members, Ryan and Bobby were Johnny come latelies. I had to swallow hard, but that was an option that would have to work.
    The basement does not have a toilet, but that did not bother us when we were teenage faggots. It had a floor drain and a hose to wash the splatter down. There was a shower head and a heater and I know how much fun that room can be. There would be no place for the boys' computers or clothing, but we could work around all of that, after all it was only for a month or so wasn't it?
    Three more pairs of names were drawn, Shane and Borne took one bedroom and Adrian and Jessie got the other one in the Koch's guesthouse, Cameron and David got the fold out couch in the living room. The guest house would have six boys to one bath, but the eight boys upstairs in the Koch house would have two bathrooms to work with. It would be tight, but I know that most of the boys would shower each other with their night water anyway so no one would have to shake a leg too long. Then I realized that was the way it was in my old house, eight boys to two bathrooms. I would see about changing that.
    Sandy asked why we needed the two large areas and a kitchen in the pool house. Those two rooms had been designed for a changing place for guests when the former owners of the house had built it. Dad had a few pool parties where his guests changed, but we only used it for a private place to have sex these past two years; that, and the bathroom was private, if the mood moved a person. Before the boys moved in after our trip to New York in 2006 I had remodeled it into an exercise room. Sandy also solved another dilemma with his question about the cabana, I know where to store RD's antiques. I grabbed him and gave him such a kiss while he stood and stared at me. My boys think that I am strange.
    We had plenty of help to clean out the unused cabana rooms and slap some paint on them then make the beds up. Three boys would have to share one bathroom. Derrick and Darryl and solo Damien were all that were left, it would kill me to see Damien sleep alone and what about Sean? those two boys have grown a common umbilical cord between them, if I am going to let Vadik stay with Cullen then I will have to let Damien stay with Sean. Or put Cory and Damien in the other cabana room…NOT. So much for study buddies.

    School started without a hitch Tuesday morning. All of the boys were anxious to get established into a steady regimen, particularly the new boys. What amazed me most was my newest boys sent to me by the state. I really don't know what I had expected, one hears and sees such horror stories about hoodlums and junkies, but what I got was more than perfect. These boys were in so much need of love and acceptance that it seemed to issue from their very innermost parts. The youngsters I got were not in the system for anything more than loving their fellow man, or boy as it were.
    What touched my heart the most was their quick acceptance of our young men from overseas. The family had heartily accepted these boys, but to see the boys from the state grasp onto them so quickly was overwhelming for me. I had to talk the situation out with my circle of friends.

    Aaron James was the one who made the most sense to me when he told me that these boys had been cast about from one foster home to another and had never known love. Many of these boys had been removed from their biological units at a very early age, several of them in infancy. They had never had stability or anyone to tell them that they were okay. I learned, many years ago, that a pat on the back and a stroke of the ego goes a lot farther than a stroke of their main shaft, it can last for years. I do that with all of my boys; I tell them that they are great kids and that I am proud of them. I tell them that I know that they can achieve and they revel in my praise when they bring me a tough assignment that they had feared, but on which they had achieved a good grade in the end. That also strokes my ego as their pride of accomplishment creates a beam of light within them and their smiles fill my humble abode.

    The boys were at school while I was at the city's planning commission at city hall pulling permits. As I had taken the elevator to the fourth floor I had seen an old acquaintance pass by the open door on the second floor, when my number was called to present my applications to the planning commission he stepped up to my clerk at the desk and handed her a piece of paper then smiled at me and left again, I wondered what was going on as I knew that he did not work in this department, but I had a mission and he was gone as quickly as he had come.
    My clerk was busy at her keyboard, and with her rubber stamp, in mere moments I was handed the permits I needed to remodel the basement and to rebuild the pool house. I had been sure that I would need a code variance to do what I had in mind with the pool house, but I did not even have to produce blueprints or a suggested floor plan before being handed the permits and wished a good day. I smiled and got the hell out of there before someone changed their minds. Pete had brought up the problem with no windows for the attic, we had no way to put windows in the basement and I had been sure that I would have to fight for the permits.

    I called the first contractor on my list, his was not the lowest bid, but I have seen his work and I like the quality of what I have seen. He told me that he wanted to work alongside of the second contractor on my list because he knew the urgency of my remodel. Well, I could live with that, I suppose. I called the third contractor and told him that I had a rebuild which was right up his alley, he is the contractor that had redone the Granite house for Luke and Ģer. He was excited about my idea and told me that he was only blocks away, he could meet me at the old house in ten minutes, I was still walking to my car at a parking garage two blocks from city hall.
    True to his word I pulled into the circle drive eleven minutes later to see him standing at the front door. As I walked up to greet him contractor number two drove up the long drive toward the back of the house. He had his truck loaded with equipment and told me that he was there to get started. Like the Koch house my basement steps have an opening from outside at the intermediate landing so I opened that for him as I took contractor number three around to the backyard.
    His name was Ron, he asked me if I was sure that I wanted to do this job and how quickly did I want it done. I told him that I needed it yesterday and yes, I was going to do it. He took his hammer from a loop on his belt and tapped the wall for a moment then smashed the hammer through the sheetrock. He pulled the gypsum wall board away so that he could look inside the hole then smiled at me. He told me that he had to look at a few more places then proceeded to walk through the small building knocking holes in my walls. I told him that I had two boys that were living in the house, he asked me if they would be gone by six in the morning. I laughed and told him that they were teenage college boys, he told me that he would let me know after one more hole.
    That was a big hole, in the wall over the bathroom toilet. He pulled the wallboard away to make a hole about two feet square so that he could see across the studs inside. "Here's the deal," he told me. "We don't have to tear this place down. I am going to rip the outside sheathing off and I will know for sure, but I think that I can have the roof off of this building by quitting time today. If these load bearing walls are as good as they look from the holes I knocked in them then I can have a floor and framing for a second story up by dark tomorrow.
    "You want two toilets, two urinals, and four shower heads in each of the three bathrooms up there?" I nodded, he was like a cyclone. I could hear the sound of a jack hammer in the main house and was getting anxious. "I know that it will cramp the boys' style, but if they can live with me for two weeks I will have you five new bedrooms upstairs here and over the open space to the house all ready for the carpet people. With very little work I can change this lower floor so that these two shower rooms can serve four decent sized bedrooms, unless you want to keep the small kitchen area. I didn't.
    "Now let's see where I have to bust through the main house to connect these two buildings." I could hardly believe my ears.
    "Uh, no carpet. I have learned that carpet is no good with teenagers, let's plan on quarried tile with underfloor heating."
    "That's going to add a day or two."
    "It will be worth it, heating costs are sky high and this building will need a separate furnace. I think that the solar system in the main house can supply enough water to heat both buildings."
    "You have underfloor heating in the main house?"
    "Yeah, my dad put it in a year or two before he died. It was a new concept and he was always on the cutting edge of technology." Ron wanted to check out the solar storage unit. For that we had to go into the main house and through the basement; the storage tank and pumps were in a room all their own between the house and the pool house. The roof of the tank room formed the patio deck outside the kitchen door.
    As we made our way down the steps to the basement I was almost deafened by the noise of a jackhammer pounding away at the old concrete floor. There was a stench in the air that curled my nose. Bill, contractor one, walked over to me as the noise suddenly quit, "Sorry about the smell, we missed the mark and busted the sewer line. John's boys are fixing that right now. It was no big deal actually because we need to run a larger line from the wall to the new bath area so we get it done a little differently than we planned. Your sewer system will be operational in another half hour or so." I told him that I didn't expect any problems because the first boy was not due home until about eleven thirty.
    Ron and I made our way to the solar storage tanks and Bill followed us. "Hey, John, did you know that this was here, do we need to do anything about it?" John walked over and looked inside the fifteen by fifteen foot square room.
    "Looks as good as it did when my dad built it. This was my first plumbing job, look up there at my name, I was seventeen and dad let me have a torch to weld those pipes along there. No, all of this runs up the outside of the house. The water feed is from the main on the side of the house over there," he pointed to the east wall. The tubing for the floors runs up that race there and the tubing to and from the collectors come in on that race." John was pointing all over the room as he talked about a mile a minute.
    "So, John, can this system provide heat for a fifteen hundred foot addition?"
    "The pool house out back, I am going to put five bedrooms and three bathrooms up there. I will also need to put heat to the downstairs area out there."
    "Ain't room in fifteen hundred feet for three bathrooms, Ron. But yeah, ya got tons of heating capacity with this baby, we didn't know then what we know now about underfloor heating so this system is way oversized, you could heat a whole nother house from here if ya wanta." That made me feel good, but then Ron told him that he was going to put half of one of the bathrooms into the main house. He told John that he could sure use him to do the heating, John told him that he would bring in two more men to help when he was ready.
    I had to let them work out the details. I showed all three men the layout of the upstairs section and they all agreed that it was a cakewalk to break through the northeast corner of the house for access to the new wing and a bathroom would connect the span quite nicely. There is already a bathroom on that corner and Ron had seen that all he needed to do now was to get his drawings made, but he would have his crew rip off the sheathing and the roof while he drew everything up. I headed up the mountain to the house for lunch with the high school boys.

    We still eat our lunch in our old kitchen, the boys took a sack lunch to school and Mitchell served them one of Edmund's famous soups along with fresh fruit and milk. With the main body of the family across the street at school we find the time to just be a family like we used to be. We miss the college fags and the younger brats, but I am hoping that we can have some serious quality time with the forty three boys going to virtual high school; yes, I enrolled Cecil, RD, and Chase in the computer classes also.
    I always let Edmund know that he is loved and appreciated for his work and his presence so I gave him a slap on his ass and a kiss on his lips as he spun around to me. It's a game we play, he knows that it is me, but we both pretend. Edmund is a fifty two year old man who spent his entire adolescence and adulthood in the service of Ģerâld's grandmother and her household. He considered it undignified to go about the house in any state of dress other than fully clothed with tie and a tailed coat; the role of major domo is ingrained into the man. Only rarely could we get him naked while he was in Albany. He constantly explained that he often had to answer the door to strangers so we allowed him his idiosyncracy; now that he is in Tucson we make him go naked, when the new boys are not around.
    He lifted the lid from a pot of lentil soup that made my mouth water with anticipation. He is doing a fantastic job on his own and he is happy that I am in control. I had made Mitchell go to school; the boy only has a tenth grade education and he needs the classroom sitting and socialization to round out his education. I want Del to adapt to the American way so he also sits in class with six of the new boys. I have a very special need with my European boys and even those boys that Athos sent me are in ninth grade classes until we learn where their scholastic talents lie.
    Cory slipped up behind me and rubbed his body against mine as his hands played around the lower portion of my frontal parts. He giggled in my ear as he felt me filling out from his ministrations. "Why aren't you in class, babe?"
    "Tuesday." Like that was supposed explain it all to me. "Lab day, we had to build a spread sheet showing the amortization of a fifteen year investment plan, I submitted one that you and I did last spring." I spun on him and told him that he was wasting the professor's time, not to mention his own. I was harsh as I told him that he needed to work his assignments as they were given, if he wanted to use material that he had learned working alongside of me that was fine, but not to have it pre-done, he is to do it in class and let his professors and the aides see him working on it.
    His lip quivered as he told me that is what he had done. His lab was at eight o'clock and he had his work finished by eight thirty, he had made a ninety seven percent grade on it because he misplaced a decimal point by one digit making him earn a one percent profit instead of ten point zero eight percent. After all of this time I still suffer from foot in mouth disease and it seems that most of the times that that malady arises it is with Cory.
    He looked me deep in the eye, "You Always Hurt The One You Love," —MillsBrothers 1944; music and lyrics by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher—he began to sing as the tears blurred my vision. He kissed me, "I know your heart, love. You only want the very best for me and you want me to be the very best. I am trying, watch and see, I will make you proud of me."
    "Cory, I could never be more proud of you than I already am. You don't have to do anything for me, do it for yourself. You have arisen from the worst of the worst to be someone to look up to. Climb higher, make the whole world look at you."
    "I could never climb higher than you have. The whole world looks at you, Sir Chris." That hit me hard, I don't like the fame that committing murder has brought me. I don't like to be in the lime light. My name has been plastered on every news media form in the world because of the actions of the Queen of England. I believed that only citizens of the Common Wealth could receive the honorarium of Knighthood, but with a brother-in-law sitting in the House of Lords what I believe means nothing.
    Now I have to go to France and to Romania for similar distinction and I don't want it. My sister put me in my place when she told me that it is not what I want that matters, but what makes the world feel good about itself because I did what they did not. The world knew what was going on, but turned their backs and looked away, I did something about it.
    I tried to argue that the world didn't know about the slavers, a few people in the world knew because they were benefitting from the actions of a few. Those who knew were keeping their mouths shut about what they knew. I would not have known had it not been for a series of dumb luck events that drew attention to myself from the bad guys. Cullen and Cory joined El and Dukey in telling me how naïve I was if I believed that. El stomped my ego when she told me that I was bull headed and selfish to not let the world show its thanks to me in the only way that it knew how.
    El told me something that I didn't know and had never dared to ask. Her knighthood came about because she was touring Africa and saw some hungry children. She did something about it, but she didn't stop with Africa, she set about feeding and finding medical aide for children of all ages throughout the Empire. She told me that she was so selfish to stop there, but she knew that she had done no more than so many relief agencies around the world were doing and she was embarrassed from the attention.
    "Can't ya tell me mum and me unc are of the same blood, ey what? They's two peas in a pod they are." Cullen got the stare from both El and I. Neither of us like to hear him talk in a street language, he will soon be a King and he must act like one at all times.

    The family also thinks that Cullen should act more like a King, even if he will always be their queeing. A small platform has been erected between the windows along the east wall of the family room, Cullen is asked to hold court from there each evening as he sits upon his throne. Yep, you got it, the boys put a used toilet on the platform, not even a clean one, they said that the world is so full of filth and that is what Cullen will have to clean up.
    Over the toilet in my bathroom Charley had hand painted tiles installed that say, "El Rey de la casa"—the king of the house. A duplicate of the tiles had been installed along the front edge of the platform, on which Cullen's porcelain throne sits, that simply said, "El Rey." Roddy looked at me and told me that his name was Cullen El Roy, not El Rey. I had to explain to him that Rey was Spanish and Roy was Scottish, but both mean king.
    "You mean that Cullen's mother named him the king when he was a baby?" I had to explain that one to the boy while the family listened with interest.
    It took Cullen an hour to clean his throne and now the boys want to see him clean up the world. A good place to start will be in his own country where his corrupt great grandfather ruled for over seventy years. As much as I love my family and my desert I can not let Cullen sit on the throne of that country without me nearby at all times, I fear for his safety and his life.

    Edmund began to place food on the table and at exactly twelve noon the intercom began to play mess call. Cory and his bugle midi files have given us hours of pleasure? I could give him something, but I love him too much. Within moments boys were rushing to the table complaining of being on the verge of starvation. Çhé Ģerâld had come home from school and he was helping Edmund serve up oat burgers and lentil soup. I was also starving, I dove into my soup with the same gusto that the boys were diving into theirs.
    "Dad, we had a meeting last night," Cory looked at me over his burger. I looked about the table and saw some very eager faces. We have twenty three seventeen year old boys in the house that are all high school seniors this year. Some of those boys will turn eighteen before the end of the year, but all will be eighteen by the time school is out for the next summer. The boys were all thinking about my fears of the new comers as they sat down with the whole family the night before while I had a talk with Roddy.

    [I had wondered all night what was really on my son's mind as he seemed to be uncertain of why he wanted to talk to me. He was adamant about my sitting with him for nearly an hour before Cory came in and told him that it was bedtime. He smiled at me as he scampered away. Cory gave me a silly little grin before he led Behrouz—lucky—into the room. Sal burst through the door to kiss me good night. He is looking so very much better, the effects of starvation will plague him forever, but he looks like a different boy now then he did just five weeks earlier. He motioned at the door for Kamal—beauty—to come in and kiss me then he told me that he was going to go fuck the poop out of his brother. Another kiss and the pair giggled their way out of the room, I wouldn't mind watching those two, but I had a boy in my bed that was anxious for his pin.
    I have been slow to lay with these boys—they have seen so much horror in their young lives and I don't want to add to their nightmares. Those amongst them that speak English assure me that they all love me and want to be with me. I have to constantly stress that they don't owe me anything; I don't want them to love me or to even come to me with the idea in mind that they owe me. I am assured over and over that all of them are happy little faggots and to be with me is the purest love that they can show. That borders on my problem, but they work on the translation and then tell me that it is an honor to them to say that they have slept with me and made love to me; they each want to show their pins and talk about their night.
    Jimmy has taken over as referee since Chrisy has moved in with Timmy. Those two boys are happy with each other and I love to listen to each of them tell me of their romantic interludes. They don't get graphic and I don't expect them too, that is their business, I just like to hear how happy they make each other. Jim had Lew with him as they lay down on the bed. Cory and RD took up a spot on the other side as I waited for Behrouz to come to me. I did not have to wait at all, as soon as my back was flat on the bed he was on top of me covering me in his kisses.
    I heard whispering and turned to see two little heads peeking over the side of the bed. "It's too early to go to sleep, can we watch?" I looked at Cory who was blushing, he had not heard Roddy and Gus crawl into the room. Jim and Lew were tongue deep in each other and didn't even hear Roddy ask if he could stay and watch. Gus will be thirteen in a few days and Roddy turned ten in July so I guess it had to be okay.]

    I squeezed my main boy's hand, "Cory, I think that I know your concerns. I know that you ganged up on me and used Roddy to keep me busy for a reason last night. Bey sort of filled me in on what your meeting was about and I believe the way to handle all of our fears is to sit down together and set some ground rules before any of us get hurt. Let's all have dinner Friday night at the big table and all of us should be dressed in shirts, shoes, and slacks. Let's look nice and eat in a formal family setting where we can see what comes up." All of the boys at the table agreed then their talk turned to Behrouz getting his pin as the witnesses gave a blow by blow of the youngster in my bed. I got turned on listening to their retelling of the tale.
    The highlight of the meal was watching the boys take care of their own business as Jimmy showed his storytelling talents. As if on cue the boys were grabbing at their neighbors salad bowl and covering the fresh vegetables therein with hand whipped, warm, creamy sauce; I got mine from Lew, a different treat. I will have to check out our name box because I can not remember spending the night with Lew since before Christmas.

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