Chapter torty eight


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    Terry and Evan were sitting in chairs on their front porch as we pulled into the driveway. Bull got out first as I turned to the boys and told them to go slow and only approach Evan after I told them that they could. Terry was up talking to Bull as I got out of the car. He looked as if he were about to run. I walked up to him and held him in a light hug. He looked at me. "Terry, I have always been there for you. I protected you from all the shit that came down. I was gone by the time you got to high school, but my dogs always had your back. You know that I have been a friend to you. We had sex a few times, on your terms." He quickly looked at Evan who looked back at him with a huge question mark on his face. "It is time for us to set down and get all of this out in the open. I am going to put three men in jail tonight and they will never walk the streets as free men again.
    "Evan you have been lovers with these two boys for a couple of years. Do you still want to be their friend?" He teared up and nodded. Terry's shoulders slumped. "Go to them. Kiss them and make them know that you still love them as much as they love you." He ran to them. The three hugged and kissed like the old time lovers that they were. "Terry, do you want to sit out here or do you want to take it inside?"
    "It's nice out. Let's sit out here. Want some ice tea? Tiff, honey, bring a pitcher of tea and some glasses. An old friend has come to say hi." Tiffany came to the door and looked at me. She began to shake. I held my arms open and she rushed out to hug me.
    She was warm and enticing. She stepped back and looked me up and down. "So who finally hooked you?"
    "He is blond and cute as they come. We are totally in love. I just adopted him before Christmas, but we are still lovers." Her face went blank as she looked to the boys. "Tiff, accept it. You can't change it. It is not your fault. You know the genes. You can shape the boy they're in into the man he'll become, but you won't change who he is."
    "Evan, would you get the tea and glasses, honey? We are going to talk for a long time." She had Jeff and Jay drag four more chairs from the back to the front. She felt that it was more comfortable out here without the sun in our faces as it set behind us. The boys set with us as I pulled Evan to my lap. I openly groped his sweet meat in his soft nylon shorts as both of his parents looked on. I know the boy was embarrassed as I enclosed his wood with my hand and showed it to his family. He tried to move away, but I began to kiss him on the ear and nibble at his neck. He melted into me and let me have my way. I could have stripped him right there and done anything I wanted and he would have loved it.
    "This was really nasty of me wasn't it?" I looked straight at Terry then Tiff. "I have just had sex with your fourteen year old son right in front of you." I moved my hand to show a huge wet spot under it. I reached up under his large leg hole and wiped his dripping dick with my hand. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it then offered it to the boy who licked it clean as though he were starving. "He'll learn restraint with age, but now he is all hormone. He may not be gay, look how much cock Terry sucked. After he was free from the from the hell boys in high school he had four very close boyfriends. He learned to truly enjoy boy sex, but he always felt sorry for you Tiff. It was not pity that made him seek you out. Yeah, you are two years older than him and Evan was already six when he married you, but he married you out of pure love. Like I said, my dogs had your back man. I know more about you than you do." They both shifted nervously in their chairs.
    "The raise you got last month, is it enough or do I need to give you more?" He almost shit as he sprayed tea all over Jay. "You work for me. An old friend of mine runs the company, I have been watching. Terry, I should have done something about Richard years before. I should have known what he did to you. I didn't find out until afterwards and I have always felt very bad about it. Maybe I couldn't have stopped it, but I am not going to ever let him hurt another person on the outside ever again. I am here now to tell you."
    He had a blank gaze that drifted somewhere over my left shoulder. "Did you understand me? I am telling you that you are going to go to the police with what he did and I am going to give you pictures and depositions from dozens of witnesses.
    "Richard Jones will be a pussy boy in the state's prison system for the rest of his days. I have many connections in there and all I have to do is to let them know what the guy likes to do to boys. He will know how you feel, daily. I will make sure that he is well loved and never alone. I won't let you sue him for money. He has a child that is just as much a part of this as Evan.
    "Evan do you want to see any harm come to Chad because of what his dad is?"
    "No way. I love Chad. Dad, you won't…" Terry held his hand up and shook his head no. "You know that Chad is at Mark's house. His mother won't let him come home," little Evan told me.
    "Maybe I will have to reconsider what I had thought about sweet little Emily. Did she really not know what her husband was doing? I'll think about it. For now I just want to get these five boys grown up and on their own path thru life. Are you going to be an asset or a hindrance to me?" They assured me that they were with me. "Will you let the boys get together to do what boys do and continue to be friends even though they may be having sex with each other?"
    That stung a little, but they agreed. I got Terry's e-mail address and told him to check it often for the next few days and to check it at home or in absolute privacy as the stuff I was sending him would be considered child pornography only it was pictures of him being brutalized to be used for evidence. I gave him a sixty bit string for a pass word and suggested that maybe Evan might enter it as his mind could handle long strings like that easier at his age. The boys kissed each other good bye and Jeff and Jay each kissed Terry and Tiff. Evan did a long tonsil seeking lip lock on me which I gladly accepted as I groped him to another orgasm. He is a horny lad and I invited him to come spend the night in a few days, after Jeff and Jay got settled. I assured Terry that I only had the most lecherous thoughts about his cute little son, but that I could guarantee that he would be able to say no. Tiff squeezed Terry's arm tight at these words.
    We went to Wilbur Franklin's house to see how Mark was. I had my laptop out and I sent a coded file to Terry. Mark and Chad were both in the front yard playing catch with a football in the waning light of evening. Sandy came out of the house as we approached and called for Wilbur to come out. Wilbur took one look at me and began to cry. "Cry long and hard, ass hole, I am here to make you pay the piper, or pay with your ass for the rest of your life." Sandy told the boys to go in the house. I told them no. "I am here to tell you and the boys a story, Jeff and Jay are hearing it as we go. We just left Evan's house and his parents know all about you boys. Evan knows all about your dad, Mark, and Chad's dad too. Now you are going to know about your dad's. If there are any objections I can call the police right now and Wilbur can start his new life as an outed boy lover in a system that hates anyone who has sex with kids. What will it be?"
    We were invited in, but I refused the offer. I wanted to make my stand in plain open sight for the whole world to see. "Wilbur, you had a lot going for you when we were in high school. You had the best looking boyfriends and the hottest chicks. Believe me when I tell you that you do not deserve Sandy and you sure as hell don't deserve Mark. It is only because of the two of them that I did not show up here with the police. Oh, by the way, this is my attorney, Bull Pitt. Bull is recoding every thing that is said here. It will be used in a court of law, if it should come to that. Wilbur, you know that I know more shit about you than you probably ever remember. You were always one cock happy boy at Charley's parties.
    "I am sure that you remember Robby Koch and his sweet little boyfriend Steve Long. Charley covered up for you, but the doctor that sewed Stevie's ass up had the whole thing video taped. I have now transferred that tape to a DVD disk if you would care to see what your attack did to that tiny boy. He almost died, Wilbur. You were seventeen with an eight inch cock. He was twelve with a two inch cock and a tiny little ass hole that only passed earthworm sized turds. You ripped him open with no prep at all and no lube. You raped him. You raped him just like you did Tiffany, Sandy, and little Marcy Long—Stevie's sister. She killed herself trying to get rid of the bastard baby that grew inside of her.
    You baby shit eater, I hate you so fucking much. Wilbur, I want to see you dead at my feet. Right there beside you," I pointed at Mark, "and there in the arms of three boys that he loves and that love him is the only reason that you are drawing the breath you have. Whether you continue to draw wind in and whether it is out here or in prison depends on how much you can convince me that you are worth your air. Personally I think the shit of a rabid skunk is worth more than you are.
    "I want to know why the attack on these boys. I want to know in detail what led up to it and why you, of all people went along with it. And most of all I want you to explain to this precious lad right here why his own dad would do what you did to him." I held Mark close to me and fondled his package. He backed into me and rubbed his ass on my thickening cock. Sandy stared at me and watched with a humorous smile as I fondled her fourteen year old son in front of her face. She could see his erection as it filled my hand. Wilbur was hard as a rock and drooling as he watched me molest his son before him. I didn't play games this time. I put my hand down inside the boys waistband and grabbed his five inch plus cock. I played with his foreskin and ran circles around his wet and dripping glans. I reached further to fondle his sweet nuts then I began to slow stroke him.
    "Your son wants to know why you are setting there leering at his hard cock as he gets manipulated to orgasm in front of you, but you beat him and kicked him when he was having sex with his boyfriends. We all want to know what makes you tick." My hand was covered in sweet boy jizz as the five foot six lad sank against me trying his best to stay upright. I pulled my hand out and took a long lick of his sweet boi batter then offered him my hand which he eagerly licked clean. I went back for a second helping and offered it to him and he cleaned my hand, in between my fingers, palm, back and all. Wilbur creamed his pants.
    Mark laid his head back as if in an orgasm, "We weren't having no sex, he wanted us to go to the basement and we wouldn't do it," he whispered in my ear. I was beginning to understand.
    "I don't know. When Dick comes around I get all weak kneed. I'll do anything he wants. Have you ever had that big cock of his up your ass. Man he has eight and a half inches of thick man cock. I have to have it. I get so fucking horny. He knows how to scratch me." Exiter had always been the leader that Peter and Wilbur would follow anywhere, was it the sex?
    "Do you remember when I used to fuck you? You used to say the same thing. Do you remember how big I am?"
    "No, not really. You were always unattainable. You were like the cock of the walk. Everybody wanted to be with you, be like you. Every kid in school looked up to you. Even Sandy, ask her. She used to think you were just so great. Hey, I do remember, at a party one night, they put you on a table, all of us boys had to try to throat you. If we could throat you some old fag was going to give us a five hundred dollar bill. I couldn't get all of you in, I tried, but you were just too fucking thick and long too. How big were you?"
    "Wilbur, I was just a growing boy. Just before I reached my seventeenth birthday my cock was a full nine and a half inches. At that time I was only five and seven eighths inches around. I grew up."
    "To what?" Chad was asking, but the other three boys wanted to know too.
    "You want to stand here where Mark was. I'll help you while I get ready then I'll show you. Sandy?"
    She nodded, "I am going to make some coffee do you boys want a cold soda?" Later they assured her, later.
    Chad moved into place in front of me. Jay was right, the boy was hung. I had my hands in his waist band in seconds. I looked around, the overgrown shrubbery hid us from the street and the darkening sky made anything going on hard to see anyway. I pushed Chad' pants down and wrapped my hand around a good eight inch piece of cut meat. He had a nice thickness to him and I wanted more of him then this. I had not had a cum fix in over three hours now.
    I let my cock peek over the top of my shorts as I squatted down and came up in Chad's ass crack. He shuddered all over as he backed into me. I let the head of my cock press against his ass hole. He pushed back against me, but I kept it just at the edge. He whined as I fondled his balls and his perfect cock head and tried his hardest to get me up in him. I told him that I was going to suck his cock. He told me no. Not until I had gotten in him, just for a moment. He wanted it in him. I told him that I had no lube, he told me he never used the stuff. I pushed my glans past his sphincter. He moaned, half in agony half in joy. He shoved back and took a good six inches up inside himself. I taught him to ask before taking, I shoved it all the way in. His mouth opened in a silent scream. I pulled all the way out in one big rush and turned him around as I went all the way to my knees.
    I took his cock to the root into my mouth and I rammed three fingers up his ass at the same time. He shoved his cock all the way in so that I was now eight inches past his firm belly. His cock throbbed as I began to fuck it in and out of my mouth while at the same time finger fucking his sweet ass. He was jello in my grip as I held on to him and took a load that came from so deep within him that he isn't sure of its origins. He let loose his first volley of extra thick and creamy boi ball juice that he made me want to let the skin grow between us so that we would never be parted.
    He picked up the fucking and pummeled my face with his super hard abs. The boy was one cut, buff stud and I wanted all that I could get of him. Drained he pulled me by the ears. "Come on man, show me that thing." He dropped to his knees before me and whistled. Sandy cleared her throat. She was behind the door passing a tape measure to whomever would take it. Jeff grabbed it uncoiled it. He laid it against my cock with the end hard against my abdomen. He unrolled it down the length of my super hard cock. He had to keep pushing Chad's sucking mouth out of the way. Finally they held Chad back and came up with ten and a quarter inches. A quick wrap around showed a sweet mouth or ass stretching six inches. Jeff beat Chad and had about seven inches in his mouth when he gave up and said he couldn't get any more.
    Jay wanted to try. He only made it about six inches down and his jaw hurt from the stretch. I told them that they were going home with me tonight by morning they would be able to take it all. Mark pushed everyone aside and went to the pubic hairs in one go then he started coughing and had to pull off to get his breath. Chad wiped my dick off with Jeff's shorts leg then he went to work sucking me like a young pro. He knew how to suck a cock and I began again to wonder about what had realaly happened in that garage. I warned him of my upcoming finale and suggested that he share. Four boys got around me so that as one took a shot or two and moved away another was in place and so on. Not a drop of nectar was lost. There was not even a drop for Wilbur, as if I would have given him any.
    I put Chad on the hot seat. Richard had been fucking him and making him suck his cock since the boy was five or six years old. Now that Chad could cum his dad was sucking him also. This was a regular routine. And this was the reason for the beating. Richard did not want anyone else messing with his son. Peter had really tried to go straight for his wife.
    Peter had showed up at his house one day ranting about finding his sons sucking cock. He carried on about how the faggots of the world were corrupting the earth and the youth of today. He was not going to have a queer for a son. He would beat the living queer right out of both of them if he had to kill them to do it. Chad said that his dad was right in there with Pete and cussing fags right along with him. He said he had heard the talk about teaching Pete's two boys not to be messing around. Chad said that he tried to warn all of his friends, but they thought for sure that they were safe in Pete's garage with the doors locked. Nobody knew that they were in there.
    Wilbur added the missing pieces. He said that Mark took off to go see the Farley boys. He said he was jealous that the boys were getting, from each other, what he wanted. He called Richard up and Peter was there. They told him to come over and have a beer with them. The three of them sat there putting back shots with beer chasers for an hour or two when the phone rang. It was Roxie telling Pete that all of the boys were in the garage with the doors locked. Richard led the parade as he stormed out of the house and over the back yard fence to Pete's house. He sent Pete and Wilbur through the front door as he kicked in the back door. The boys were naked on the bed doing all kinds of queer stuff to each other and he just saw rage. He saw his own son doing what he had done all of his life and he was enraged. He looked at me and began to cry.
    Then he let the cat out of the bag. "I really wished I hadn't helped Pete and Terry make all of those movies. I forced my own son into this life and so many others. I am nothing, but shit."
    Sandy rushed out of the house and told him to, "shut up now. You are not in your right mind. You have to let this go. You are only going to hurt yourself and your son if you keep on like this." He had already hurt his son. I knew what he was talking about, but I had never been able to prove it. FUCK him. I wanted this ass hole dead and now! I told Jeff and Jay to get in the car and I didn't even say a word as I walked off the porch. Bull got in and backed into the street.
    As we headed to the Farley house I got Bull's attention, without letting the boys hear, I told him to get the police to search the house for more drugs as soon as we left. I told him that a secret room could be found in the basement that would assure us that none of these four men or their wives would ever see free daylight again.
    Peter was asleep in his chair in his living room, an empty beer can in his hand. Jeff kicked his old man's leg. Pete came up with a start. He swung back his hand to hit Jeff. I grabbed his hand, he had not even noticed that we were there. I pointed at his chair. Roxanne, Jeff and Jay's mother, came in with a well worn night gown sagging on her drug eaten body. Crack does a physical number on the human body and she looked like she had been using a lot of it for a long time.
    She went off on the boys and yelled at Bull and me. I told her to sit her ass down. The boys pushed her down on the sofa. "Here it is. I will say it once. My attorney here has papers for you to sign granting me total and irrevocable custody of your sons. There is also a form or three that give me the right to adopt these boys as my sons, uncontested. You have about thirty minutes before the two of you go to jail for the rest of your lives. As the last decent thing you ever do for your off spring, give them a life."
    They glared at me. I took Pete's hand and dragged him from his chair and shoved the pen at him. "The police are going to find the room." Pete's face went ashen. Roxie squeaked as she took her hand to her face. "Don't make these two boys grow up in an institution. Give them a life. Let them rise above all of this." I panned the room. Pete signed each of the documents.
    Roxie took the pen, "I love you boys, I always wanted the best for you."
    "Sign!!" She signed the papers. "I will show the boys how much you wanted them. I bought copies of every movie you ever made. I know where all of them are and I know your key code to open them." Roxie began to tremble. Pete tried to rise, I used my foot to put him on the ground. "I kicked your sorry ass in high school, faggot, I will do it again. You are a child rapist and a sore on the ass of society. You will be well taken care of in prison, I will make sure of it."
    Sirens could be heard in the distance. I hurried the boys from the house as Bull and I got into the Lincoln and got out of the driveway. Bull backed up to the end of the block and turned off the lights and sat by the curb. The first police car came around the corner on two wheels and jumped the curb. Two officers ran up to the door. Three other police cars came up as well as a crime scene response unit. Several unmarked cars pulled in. A tall black man in a suit looked around as he got out of his car. He walked over to us. Bull lowered his window. "Shawn."
    "It's going to be nasty. We're talking babies, Shawn." The detective shivered as he steadied himself on the car.
    "How old? How many?"
    Bull looked at me as I sat in the dark so as not to be recognized. "Eighty a hundred. Four to eight, a few teens. Some drugged teens, their own kids."
    "How many involved?"
    "Four teachers, eight parents, a postal inspector."
    "Shit! Feds? I don't get this? It goes Feds?"
    "Bull will work with you. For some help I'll give you the inspector on another, stronger charge, separate from this. Good for you and points with the Feds."
    "You'll have to clear the area folks, police business." Shawn said loudly. A uniform was coming across the street.
    "We were just leaving, officer. I just didn't want to pull out in front of someone. Thanks." We drove off. I told Bull to rush back to Wilbur's house. Mark and Chad were still outside as we pulled in the drive. Sandy looked, "The police will be here very shortly. They just raided Peter's house and they have the movies. I am taking the boys. You will have a visit from Bull tomorrow. You will sign the papers giving me custody and allowing me to adopt Mark. If you don't all of your nightmares will come true." The boys got in the back seat with Jeff and Jay.
    Next stop was going to be the hardest one. I had Bull stop at a small city park. I took Chad to a picnic table and set him down straddle a bench. I sat facing him with my knees touching his. The others sat at the table, Bull sat on the table the boys on the other bench.
    "Chad, I am going to hurt you like you have never been hurt before and I want you to get ready. I know that you love your parents. I know that deep inside you have feelings for them. You are hurt by recent events, but what I am about to do now is going to create scars in you that will never heal. I want you to know something. I love you very much and I will be here for you. You have four wonderful boyfriends who love you with all of their hearts. Chad I am going to see to it that you will live with these four boys for as long as you want, in one household, as brother's and lovers. Can you trust me?"
    "I want to, but why are you going to hurt me?"
    "I am not going to hit you. I am going to reveal your parents to you and what they realy are. When you see the truth you will be sick to your stomach and you will want to die. You are going to be so embarrassed that you will not want to face anybody, but I am telling you now, it is not your fault. What you are going to learn in just a few minutes is much older than you. I want you to see for yourself. If I tell you you will deny it and try to hide. It will not be easy, but you have to know. I can't let someone else tell you later. You have to see it yourself." I led the boy by the hand and placed him in the car as I told Bull to take us to see Exiter Jones.
    Emily Jones came to the door as we pulled into the driveway. She saw Chad get out of the car and she called out to him and ran out of the door. Richard was right behind her. "I told you to stay away from here boy." He saw me and charged at me. Richard "Exiter" Jones stands six foot three and weighs two hundred and eighty five pounds. He is a heavy equipment operator and strong as an ox. I raised both arms and hit him full in the chest knocking the wind out of him and sending him flat on his ass.
    "Emil, we need to talk." I stepped over Richard who was still trying to get his breath. The rest of my entourage followed me inside the house. It was getting late and Emily had on a chenille bath robe. She stopped in the middle of the room as everybody kind of gathered around behind me. Richard barreled through the door and stopped beside his wife. "Chad, I present your mother." I reached out and ripped the bathrobe away leaving a very skinny chick with a dick standing before the amassed crowd. "Mr. Emil Koch. Your father's high school boyfriend. Chad you are Richard's cousin, adopted at birth when his aunt died in child birth. Your birth father is unknown to any, but your deceased birth mother." Chad was in shock. Jeff and Jay had their arms around him as they tried to take it all in.
    "Emil, or Emily as you know him, is Randy and Robby Koch's uncle. He watched Marcy Long kill herself because she was pregnant with Wilbur's bastard baby. He ran away and moved in with Richard and his family. He and Richard have been together ever since. He started cross dressing when he was a junior in high school. He started out with light make up and tight jeans. The school would not let him come back as a senior unless he straightened up. He dropped out and became a housewife to his boyfriend who graduated later that year. The two of them have lived here since high school with Richard working minimum wage labor jobs to support you. The only money he had belong to you, Chad. There was insurance money from your mother, but Richard blew it all away."
    "Please follow me." I walked through the house looking into each room. I headed down the basement stairway and found a locked door. I held my hand out to Richard asking for the key. He ignored me. I kicked the fuck out of the door and watched it splinter in pieces before me. I turned on the lights There were several switches. I hit them all and the little room on the other side of the broken door was lit up like sunshine. Inside was a bed in the very middle of the room. Cameras sat on tripods around the room and some were mounted to the walls both high and low. All four boys screamed when they saw the room and ran from the house.
    Bull and I headed upstairs to find the boys huddled together, crying and shaking. Shawn, the police captain from Peter's house, walked in. "Why are you just one step in front of me?" He asked.
    "Because it takes you a few minutes to answer the phone then catch up to me. You'll want to seal the room in the basement until you have time to view the movies you got at the last stop." Richard and Emil came up the stairs, "Oh and you won't need a matron for Mrs. Jones." Shawn looked at the transvestite and smirked. He did make a very nice looking woman. His skin was soft and his body very curvy. His tiny, uncut penis hung over two small testicles about the size of pecans. Sticking out of his shaved crotch it didn't appear to be a full three inches long and about as big around as a nickle. I am sure that hard it would not measure up to that of a healthy fourteen year old boy. I was sure that the breasts had to be implants to be that nice. I had always thought that he made a better woman than a man, he was just to swishy, I mean way out there swish. "Oh, Emil, Richard, I don't have the forms I need tonight. Tomorrow Bull will come to see you over at county jail with custody papers for your nephew. You will sign them. I really enjoyed our talk this afternoon."
    "Detective Captain Shawn, is it?" He nodded, "If you would like to occupy yourself while you wait for your backup there's a movie that you may want to look at." I pointed to a DVD jacket laying on the coffee table in front of the sofa. The jacket cover featured younger versions of Chad, Jeff, and Evan laying on a bed looking up at the camera with huge smiles on their five or six year old faces. Their little cocks standing tall and cum on their bodies as three men stood between each boy's legs holding their ejaculating cocks. The bed and the room was definitely the ones in the basement.
    The boys were huddled in the back seat, holding each other and crying as I opened the door and sat down beside them. I pulled them to me. I told Bull to go get Evan. "No one will ever hurt you like that again. There is going to a long series of trials as each person in this mess is taken to task for what they have done. I am going to do everything in my power to make the rest of your lives as happy as money can make it." I was smothered in boy kisses as the four of them crawled over me to nestle up and cry. I can only begin to imagine what their lives have been like. They have never known love apart from each other.

    All of this had brought back memories of a quieter time. A better time? maybe. I don't know. It was certainly not as involved as this period seemed to be. I remembered all of the day's events and how I came to know the people and events that led to the grief that I had caused these five precious boys. I have to do something special for them and see to it that they have the very best of everything from now on. To start with I decided to call Ryan and Bobby. These two men have meant so much to me through the years as they have stood by one another through thick and thin.
    Bobby and Ryan came out to the house the following morning and told us their story. They contacted all of their friends from the Blues Club and brought them together for a huge bash that weekend with all of my boys. I was really happy to see the precious five young victims participate as the orgy progressed. I gathered everybody in the game room and we had an open discussion about our feelings of what happened to each and every member of the family, including the Blues Club and the precious five. Carl Dickson and his son Tom came down with Andy Foss and Eddy Dickson. I was surprised yet pleased to see that Pete and Eddy knew each other from school. They spent a lot of time together.

    The next step was the other adults involved in the baby rapes. The police showed up at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß meeting one afternoon at the school Three teachers, two female and one male, were arrested. As they were being hand cuffed the students began to stand up and testify what these three people had done to them when they were little. The state was building a very strong case.
    The postal inspector was caught in his garage with several hundred cans of imported Chinese coffee. Each can contained a two inch ball of black tar heroin. He also had several of the kiddie movies packaged and labeled with equipment to postmark the DVDs from a foreign port. He had been drop shipping the movies for almost five years. The Feds don't mess around. A deal was struck with Captain of Detectives Shawn so that he could keep his case in tact as the Feds had their own, and to them, more serious charges of drug smuggling for the inspector.
    Someday I may pen those comments and share them with you. For now I am going to hold them near to my heart. I have decided to send the precious five to New York. I have talked to JB and that seems like the best thing to do until the trials are over. The boys need to be completely away from here with no chance of press or prying eyes finding them. I am thinking aboiut taking my family to Cory's house in Oklahoma. Twelve bedrooms should suffice our never ceasing to grow family. We will see about returning to my mountain home in a year or two. It will take at least that long for the trials to end.

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