Chapter 101


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No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Fifteen miles down river from Steve's house is an old Army Corps of Engineers lake. The water is cold, deep and clear, except during the flood season in the spring when a lot of silt clouds the water. Many of the men had secured boats to go down for the fourth of July fireworks display that I had helped to arrange. I sent Pete off with a few of those that wanted the quiet away from the mad house of boys for a few hours. He pulled Traveler© to the top of a hill overlooking the demonstration area. I put Traveler© and Travel All© on hill tops on the west side of the river. I had hired one of the largest fireworks companies in the country to provide us with a choreographed display that would have people talking for years to come. The Traveler© family was linked via satellite to the pyrotechnic's control system and so began an hour of aerial majesty with the surround sound of seventy two air horns in all of their beauty echoing across the lake.
    I had large pontoon platforms for my boys that wanted to be on the water through the show. The State's Park Rangers had set buoys about the lake to keep anyone from being directly under the flaming rockets. I don't want anyone hurt. My boys did not like the State's rules that everyone had to wear a life jacket while on the water, but in the dark, on a deep lake, I insisted that all of the boys wore them. I did not hear how the life jackets had hindered the enjoyment of the forty thousand dollar display.
    The event had been widely advertised and the public came out in force. One estimate from the State Park Rangers was a crowd of over two thousand people along both sides of the river and stretching out for about six miles. The surprising part to them was the sparse clean up afterwards from such a large crowd. It looked as if everybody had packed their trash back out with them which kept the lake clean for others to use.
    Pete did not rejoin us until morning. He had Raven, Jace, and Kenny with him and Toby. Kenneth Thomas and Jeremy Combs as well as Cas and Tyler stayed on the hill top to sleep under the warm starry sky. I allowed the older boys with me to sleep out on the pontoon boats, but I had to get in their face that they were not to pee in the lake. Chemical potties were on all three boats. The boats were tethered togther so if they drifted from their anchors they would all be drifting together.
    Space was scarce on the boats so only fifteen couples went out. But I made sure that those that did go out were good swimmers and understood that they had to wear the life jackets. For the most part they all wore a life belt which gave them more freedom of movement. That was fine for the older boys, but the little ones wore full torso covering life vests, most often referred to as Mae Wests.

    After the fireworks display we had a belated birthday party for Jace. He actually turned seventeen on Friday the thirtieth, the day we left Albany. I learned that the family put a burning match in a piece of cake and served him at one of the truck stops along the way. Jace told me that I was busy with a lady and a cop so it had to be our three PM stop in Indianapolis for lunch.
    All that considered I felt bad that Jace had not had a proper celebration. He had asked me not to do anything for the day because it only reminded him that he was getting old. One look at that boy and old is not what one thinks of, he has the perpetual beauty of youth about him. I think he will retain his boyish continence throughout his twenties or more.
    Jace's favorite cake is angel food and he loves vanilla pudding so that is what I had made. The bakery thought I was a prank caller when I ordered a four foot, triple layer sheet cake of angel food with vanilla pudding between layers, but they made it. It is difficult to write "Happy Birthday" in pudding so the bakery used frosting in red and blue. I asked for no decorations on the cake because I had ordered a box of candy pricks just for the occasion. Gus and Theo helped me to lay one hundred little one inch peckers around the top of the cake. The family took one look at it before Jace cut it and told him that it really needed cream on top. Jace passed, opting instead to take individual creamy treats to wash the cake down. The boy was a mess when he was thrown into the lake to wash over fifty loads of cum from his hair and body, who knows how much he managed to get in himself? I granted his birthday wish as I took him and Frank to Traveler Too© to spend the night with the air conditioner on.

    We had a campfire going, okay four campfires going, as breakfast was whipped up for my seventy guys. It has gotten to the point that I am going to have to have a commercial kitchen with a large staff just to prepare meals each day. Nine loaves of bread, twelve dozen eggs, ten pounds of bacon, a peck of tomatoes, and a bushel of potatoes washed down with ten gallons of milk and many pots of campfire boiled coffee, set us up for a morning on the water.
    Pete arrived at he led a convoy of ski boats up the river inlet to the lake. I had one local marina locate ten boats and bring them up for six hours. I figure that anymore than that would be too much and not everyone may want to ski. The boats were limited to four at a time. A driver, a spotter, and two skiers. I took one of the boats and took the position as spotter to give the younger guys a chance to learn to ski. I had more than the six that I expected. Some of the older boys had never skied before and they wanted to ride on the bunny boat. I told them bunny slopes were for novice snow skiers to learn how to keep their balance, but they liked the name they had given it.
    Tim O'Conner asked if he could drive for me. I was proud to let him do so. He told me that he used to love to water ski and he really missed doing some of the things in his life that were now impossible. That did it. I had two chase boats with ready swimmers onboard as Pete drove and Sandy and I spotted. Tim was up on the first pull and he had the time of his life for a full half hour before his legs began to chafe. That was the one part I had not thought of. He wears a nylon stocking on the ends of his legs and the socket is padded, but the combination of strange movements on the water, and of course the water itself, made for more pain than he expected.
    Sandy lifted him from the boat and carried him to a picnic table where his prosthetic legs were removed. The boy's legs had blisters like a foot in an ill fitting shoe. Tim was not going to be able to walk for a few days. He had family that was ready to help. Sandy is not large enough or strong enough to carry Tim very far at one time. Raymond and Chuck were there to assist as they were needed.
    I gathered all of the urchins and made them sun dry themselves before we loaded up the Traveler Trio© to go back to the campsite. Tim's wheelchair was unloaded from underneath Traveler Too© then Tim had a regular line of pushers asking to take him wherever he needed to go.
    One of the young relations handed me his radio. I listened and then told Sandy that he should push Tim up to the house. I jumped on my horse and went ahead of them. Fawn and Daylight had a raised table set with some poultice made up for Tim's legs, don't knock the old ways. That shit stank to the high heavens, but Tim said it took all of the pain away instantly. His blisters had drained and were healing well by bedtime when the two women applied another of their cures to stay on all night. Tim wanted to try his legs the next morning. He told us that he was perfect, no pain. He did get another treatment before bedtime as a precaution.

    My relations took small groups of boys on hikes through the woods and up the mountains. I cautioned them to stay away from Steve's shrine. They knew the place, but most of them did not know that the great Chief's remains were interred there. Of course they would stay well away. If any of the boys even got a glimpse of the small mountainside lake they would have to investigate and I don't want the peace of the place disturbed, ever. It is actually on my private land so I could enforce my desire if I needed too. The relations have too much respect for Steve, or any other burial grounds, to violate my wishes.

    We ended each day with a gathering around a large campfire. We had international visitors, as well as visitors from every area of the country, that expected an old fashioned cowboy campfire, complete with songs and ghost stories. We had both of those in abundance, every evening there were several guitars and many songs. We even learned Russian cowboy songs and one in Swedish, I guess the one that was the most fun was the old cowboy mainstay songs in Japanese. I had occasion one time to see a John Wayne movie dubbed in Japanese, I was young so my laughter was forgiven me, but I roared when I heard big old masculine John Wayne in a high tinny voice confront the bad guy just before he hit him in the mouth. That sequence is my favorite and when I need a laugh I try to remember that.
    A small dais had been built to one side of the fire pit. It consisted of two sheets of plywood raised up about six inches above the ground to provide a level stage for performers. One evening we gathered at the fireside to find two bar stools sitting on the dais. To each side of the small stage was a halogen work light sitting on the ground and aimed up at the stage, then along the side away from the fire were three halogen lights set on pedestal poles at about six feet in height. Everything was impromptu at our gathering, we were on vacation, so no one had a clue as to what was going to happen. Nearly everyone of us wished we had some warning so that we could have our cameras.
    Our evening began as usual and there were several men and their boys that stepped up to give us a demonstration of their deep love commitment for each other. We have many older gentlemen that have lost most of their body's youthfulness and vigor, but their boys love them, maybe even more than the boys of men that are more fit. I always had extra warm fuzzies as I watched a boy of no more than fourteen or fifteen rim and then mount a three hundred pound, sixty year old man that could no longer get it up. We had six such pairings and in each case the boy made such passionate love to his daddy that ones' heart would melt. Personally I felt great love and release as I watched the demonstrations.
    The first pair on that one particular evening will always live deep in my heart. I had met the old Italian judge when I was a boy, he was old then, but at my age everyone was. His dunlop made the Pillsbury dough boy look like a string bean. I had to duck my head and look up to see his cock underneath its mighty roof of blubber. The boy with him was instant erection material. He was a swarthy young Italian street boy that the judge had taken in and educated since the age of six. At thirteen the boy awakened the judge when he slid down the man's morning wood and told him that he was old enough to be loved like he knew the judge wanted to love him.
    The boy's name was Emilio and he saw himself as a stand up comedian. By the time the boy finished his routine we saw him that way too. He told the raunchiest fag jokes I had ever heard, in three languages. He repeated each joke in Arabic and Japanese for five of our non-English speaking guests and their boys. After his stand up routine the pair began the second hottest sex show I ever saw. I'll tell you about the hottest sex show in a minute.
    Emilio was fourteen, minimum age to be at the party, although I violated that rule. He stood a good five foot four inches tall and carried a hefty one hundred and four pounds on his bones. His bones were not as obvious, as other boys of his size, Emilio had a very nice developing musculature. He had the dark swarthiness of his ancestry and was covered in an uncombed mop of dark brown hair that hung down his neck, but not quite to his collar. His lips are thin around a wide mouth and they look like they could fit well around any sized mancock. Each time I have seen him he was wearing a pair of dime sized earrings. I have never seen him without the latest fad statement, the beaded necklace. All of this was capped by a pair of dark brown eyes that peer into a man's heart and melts it to jelly. I know all of this because he has a pin, if we had an award for multiple rides he would have six clusters for his pin. The boy loves men and big cocks, I also think that the judge was trying to soften me up because I know that he sent the boy to me twice for a fuck in the grass alongside the river bank.
    The slight boy crawled on all fours and made sure that everyone nearby could see his perfect little ass with his very enlarged back entry portal. His balls hung so low that they looked as if they were going to drag on the harsh wooden floor and had his sweet cock not been stiff I am sure it would have several wood splinters in its angry looking red glans. Once satisfied that everybody was up for his show he began.
    He buried his face between the Judge's Volkswagen sized cheeks. His little face was totally engulfed by the massive mounds of flesh. The only bubble butt the judge had was akin to the Hindenburg. The judge spread his legs wide as Emilio turned to his back and worked his way through the massive pillars of flab as he ate the man around the world, in the standing position. None of us had ever seen, or conceived of this action and every pair of balls in the area dumped their juices, except Gus, but he had such a noisy orgasm that the crowd gave him an ovation.
    Emilio held the judge's hands as the man slowly knelt before the boy and locked their faces together in the most tender of kisses, a kiss between true lovers. Demonstrating his affection for the man that had been his provider for nearly eight years, Emilio began an oral assault that was on par, or above, to most of the love making I have ever witnessed. The judge had more hair on his fat body than a barbershop floor on Friday, but that did not deter the smooth skinned lad as he left very visible wet trails in his wake.
    The judge had twin areolas of more than an inch and a half in diameter. Emilio suckled them like a starving calf, or puppy, and left the large nipples in their middle erect and tall enough to be seen from our seats. In keeping with his comedic nature he stuck his six inch skinny cock in the man's navel and fucked him. The judge used his hands to push his lard up so that it looked like a large butt and enveloped the boy's sex tool, to the delight of the audience.
    The judge is a man's man and even though he had not yet achieved an erection he was very impressive. Emilio's diminutive size was exasperated by the size of the enormous tool in his tiny mouth. He pried the extraordinarily abundant foreskin apart with his slender fingers and stuck his nose against the glans of the cock that even soft was a large as the boy's wrists.
    Emilio had the foreskin stretched over his mouth and up on his nose as he began to sing to the cock head against his thin lips. The judge enjoyed the action and was hard put to lay still. Once again the cock disappeared down the boy's throat as he began to assault it with long strokes. When once again the massive meat was open to our view it had enlarged considerably. Emilio then began to play to the crowd as he licked his meat treat then forced an enormous sized testicle into his mouth.
    The judge was sweating and breathing hard. A boy ran to the dais with two large pillows as the large man rolled to his belly. Emilio helped him place the pillows in just the correct position and moved himself between the man's legs and against the upturned judge butt. There was just too much fucking flesh for us to see anything, but from the sound of the pair of participants Emilio was on target and doing his work. In much too short of a time Emilio stiffened and began to plow his final offerings into the upturned butt beneath him.
    Without hesitation the judge rolled to his back and showed why he had authority over lesser men. He sported a solid twelve inch man pole of superior girth. Instantly the monolith disappeared as Emilio impaled himself fully onto the object of his desire. He began to bounce and fuck himself with no regard for his own safety. He leaned back and held himself up by placing his hands on the judge's thighs and continued to take extra long strokes allowing the audience to see the entire length of the impaling meat pole as it slid in and out of his stretched young sphincter.
    As I watched the show I marveled at the boy's resiliency. I have ridden him seven times and he is tight and solid, a good and responsive fuck. Emilio's cock had gone soft and it swung about in the cutest way as he rode the judge for everything he could get out of him. Eventually the judge began to show signs of impending orgasm. He began to fuck up into the boy as he became very verbal. I sort of wished I could speak Italian so that I could understand their love talk, but then I thought that was just for their ears only.
    Emilio's cock had filled out once more and he was stroking himself in time with his thrusts on the judge. At last the judge gave a mighty lurch and cum could be seen squirting around the entry point between the two lovers as the boy made his down stroke. Emilio never broke stride, he kept on bouncing and stroking himself as the judge banged his fists against the wooden floor beneath him.
    Emilio said something and the judge raised his head and held his mouth open. Emilio raised up and lunged for the judge's face and buried his cock deep in the old man's mouth. The judge wrapped his hands about the boy's butt and helped him as he got his face fucked by the sexy lad that had given all of us such a great show. We quickly learned that the pair was not through yet.
    Agile, as only a small youngster can be, Emilio swung his left leg over the judge's head and spun his body around. He moved his right leg to the other side and took a kneeling position over the judge without ever dislodging his cock from the man's hungry mouth. Emilio dropped down and took the softened member of the old man in his mouth and began a hard face fuck of the his provider and lover.
    The judge had his fingers working the boy's butt hole as he took the boy's full length back and forth in his cum receptacle. Emilio stiffened in the obvious ending of another orgasm. He slow fucked his cock in and out before collapsing on the abundant body beneath him and the two suckled each other as an awed crowd of dirty fags and fagettes in training flogged themselves to one more orgasm. The smell of man and boy sweat and several hundred loads of man juice filled the still air with a fragrance that no entrepreneur has ever been able to put in a bottle. An enterprising person could get rich if he could bottle the smell of cum in a perfume and cum itself so that it would keep its fresh taste and smell.
    It was still early, but we thought that the show was over for the night until two stools were placed on the stage and the lights came on. After what we had just seen I didn't believe that there was much more ardor to be stimulated. Almost anything would be anticlimactic at that point. There was a lull in proceedings and people began to mummer as time dragged on. I heard someone yell that "he was coming" and all eyes turned to see Emilio run back to the fireside and come over to sit with Steven and me. Steven would not relinquish his seat so Emilio moved in between Theo and me and kissed Theo for moving over for him. He then bent over and sucked my cock then kissed the head and asked if I liked his show. I pulled him close and hugged him. He wanted to go to my bed afterwards, but I told him that he would have to fight Steven for that right because this was his night.

    Two of the most beautiful identical twins on the planet took to the stage. They were each wearing very skimpy purple bikini briefs as they walked about to show their perfect sixteen year old beauty to the connoisseurs of fine boi flesh gathered about the stage. Larry and Garry Clay are long horns from the South Texas coast. They live with their biological father and his legal husband, married in Mass., and his fifteen year old adonis son.
    The Clay brothers are almost seventeen years old. The new high school seniors stand five foot ten and weigh one hundred and forty pounds, each. They are identical in almost every way, Larry has Peyrone's disease. He broke his dick in his exuberance to fuck his virgin step brother, Mark. Larry and Garry have jet black hair and their legs and thighs are now covered in a sparse, but noticeable coat. They trim their thick crowns, but after more than two weeks in a tent they were beginning to look a bit shaggy. Neither boy is cut and they are proud of their identical eight and a half inch long, very thick cocks. They measure each other almost daily to be sure that the other doesn't gain a fraction of an inch on him. I kind of wonder what they would do if one of them grew and the other didn't.
    I had never fucked such identical twins so I made a pig of myself as I let them ride me twice when they came for their pins. Larry has the most pronounced case of broke dick that I have ever had up in me and I have to tell you that it is weird, in a good way. I felt like I was being fucked from around the corner so I had to have him twice, of course fair is fair so I had to let Gary ride twice also. The boys know how to fuck and they were fun to be with. I had to send Cory to meat them, he got excited when I told him what it was like to take it from a sideways facing dick. In reality the rectum will adapt and it is not as I make it sound. I could feel the different angle, but it was a good feeling and one that I will enjoy doing again sometime.
    After the twins made their circuit a few times their fifteen year old stepbrother took the stage with them. Now, can you say, "HUNK?" Six feet of fifteen year old boy flesh stacked to one hundred and forty eight pounds of solid muscle and crowned with deep auburn hair. He too was wearing the tightish purple briefs with a grapefruit sized bulge in the meaty basket area.
    The twins took seats on the two bar stools and Mark stepped in between them. He deep kissed one and then the other as they ran their hands over the soft, smooth flesh of his perfectly shaped back. Clearly none of the trio was yet erect as they tantalized their audience with the best floor show of the trip. I had to turn to Emilio and give him a kiss. He dropped to his knees before me and sucked my dick only to have Steven push him away. I was in the middle of something that might be fun, but I don't want anybody to get hurt.
    The three boys started their routine that was guaranteed to make a dead blind man sit up and watch. Mark stood between the twins as he turned and deep kissed one while reaching behind himself to grope the soft package of the other. He then turned and repeated the same treatment with the other twin. He made love to the twins who sat passively as Mark kissed their necks and shoulders and fondled their sweet meat slowly and sensuously. Mark began to fill and stretch his tight briefs as his kisses begat kisses. As he kissed one twin the other began to kiss at the back of his neck and to grope at the massive man meat on the cherub faced youngster.
    Both twins were now erect and the inter-play between the brothers grew hotter and hotter as the kisses got deeper and the groping was done with the hands inside the briefs. All three boys were involved in an interpersonal relationship that made the viewers personal response stiffen and drip by the buckets full. The ground beneath our feet was becoming a cum soaked muddy field. I figured that any crop grown here for the next few decades would have to be abundant and very sweet to eat. I was ready to start planting a garden as my plow was stiff and honed for action.
    The moaning of the audience was almost comical to listen too as the threesome moved their faces together for a three way tongue war. Mark had his arms around both boys as they wrapped their near arm around him and slobbered over each other's face while at the same time building a serious looking tent pole in their stretched out briefs. Mark dropped to his knees and slowly exposed Gary's cock. I could see the straight as an arrow spike disappear into Mark's mouth as he slowly slipped Gary's briefs to hook under the boy's massive balls. At the same time Gary and Larry were leaning over Mark as they locked their tongues in open combat to the delight of the viewers.
    Gary reached across and fondled his twin's still covered cock as the battle raged. Without disturbing the hot twins Mark turned and slowly unveiled Larry's bent dick and swallowed all eight inches to the boy's hair line. With his nose pressed deep in his brother's bush he pulled the purple garment down to show us a smooth, unblemished boi butt that begged to be man handled.
    With the cock of one twin in hand and the cock of the other in his mouth Mark began to play back and forth between the youngsters as they latched their lips together and slowly rubbed each other's shoulders. Once the twins were naked and on full display Mark stood up and held their sweet meat in his tight grip and began to deep kiss one and then the other. By now most of the voyeuristic viewers were cumng with their third climax in a little more than an hour.
    Little Gus was on his ninth of tenth boi cum. I motioned for him to come to me so that I could inspect his cock. As I expected he was raw and he was going to hurt later on. Someone passed a jar of our soothing balm across and I took a small amount and worked it into the boy's angry looking needle dick. I was rewarded with a heart felt kiss from the tiny fagette as he hung from my neck with this tiny arms locked behind me. I gave him his first finger from anyone other than Eric and maybe Curtis. His tiny butt was slick, but my finger came out clean and smelling of sweet boi butt. I wondered what the little homo was putting up in it.
    The twins were on their knees as they slowly removed Mark's briefs. The boys played to their audience as they slowly turned to the four sides of the stage so that the men and boys gathered around would each get a nice view of what Mark had to offer.
    Our time together was moving into the third week and everyone had seen everyone, but somehow seeing these three in this setting was so very sensual. I don't believe that I had actually seen Mark erect. He had not come for a pin, but I had been told that he wanted one badly and he would be stopping to see me as soon as he could. As the trio slowly rotated so that Mark came into full view my jaw dropped. I had heard that he was in great demand and had made enough money for ten years of Harvard, now I could see why. The boi pole pointing from that lad's center was as thick as Jeff Farley's and as long as Kyle Simpson's.
    A good twelve inches of uncut cock just over six inches around was now pointing directly at my face. The eight feet between my seat and his meat seemed to disappear as I let my vision zoom in on his beauty. I swear that I got so close that I could smell his sweet teenage musk, but I had not moved my ass from the grass beneath it. The three young brothers were showmen and they loved putting on their show.
    The twins dropped to their knees and began a tongue battle over the length of their brother's power pole. Flash bulbs went off and I looked around. Several of the men had sent their boys to retrieve their cameras to preserve the moment as I wished that I had taken steps to preserve the entire evening.
    The twins took turns deep throating the mighty morsel as the other sucked Mark's nipples. Mark was groaning in sheer ecstasy. I realized what a showman the boy was as he looked me in the eye and with a smile on his face he let out a long sexual moan that made men about the area moan in response.
    Gary sat back down on a stool and Larry bent over in an exaggerated fashion to suck his twin's beauty. Mark moved behind the bent over body and slowly slid his cock all of the way in his older brother's hot rectum. Fast and hard butt pounding lasted for about four or five minutes before Mark withdrew his cock. Larry turned around and removed the condom from his brother as Gary slipped a fresh one on him.
    Larry took his seat on the stool as Gary gave and got as had just been done by his twin. It was obvious that the boys were enjoying themselves while at the same time they were stretching themselves for the sake of the show they had put together. Gary stood up and took his twin's cock in hand as Mark pounded his tight ass without mercy. Every dick swinger there was rubbing his ass against his seat as he felt the passion the boys were sharing. I was amazed at how erect the trio had been, even when taking the ram rod up their muscled butts. Never a drop in their rigidity since they had first worked each other to erection. I marveled at the self discipline that it took to work as they did. I thought of young Sid from my book store and his ability to command his cock at will.
    I felt myself about to cum, but was horrified to see that Gus had slipped in and pushed Emilio away. Eric grinned at me as he watched his tiny brother do what he had wanted to do for several weeks. I was prison bound, just as soon as I fill the boy with more cum than he could possibly be ready for.
    A two foot square cushion appeared on stage and Larry sat down on it. He took Mark's meat deep in his throat as Gary knelt beside him and swallowed all of his cock. Without another condom being used Mark stood straddle of his older sibling and slowly impaled himself on his bent man pole. For the first time since the boys began Mark's cock fell to half mast. He fucked his brothers and neither of them lost any of their stiffness, but his cock wilted, but only for the moment. Once impaled he began, he leaned back to brace himself and placed his sweet looking feet on Larry's thighs for the leverage to bounce as he fucked himself. Gary moved in front of him and shoved his cock down Mark's throat and began to fuck his brother's face. I had a great vantage point as I watched the dimpled ass work back and forth while Mark bounced up and down and his now re-stiffened cock swung about like a bobble headed doll. Hmmm, would a bobble headed cock sell well? I will have to think about that one.
    All three boys had an orgasm within milliseconds of each other. There was no faking that shot as Mark's cum shot across the stage almost reaching the edge some three feet in front of him. Larry's cum was running down his balls as Mark continued to fuck himself and when they pulled apart Gary's cum was hanging off of the end of Mark's chin. The three boys quickly kissed and licked up the spilt boi milk before Larry lay flat on the floor. Mark moved over him as they began a sixty nine. Gary moved in and shoved his still hard cock into the cum slickened hole that had been occupied by his twin only moments before.
    Gary power fucked Mark who had his hands around Larry's ass and had lifted the boy from the floor while at the same time face fucking him full length with his long middle leg. That cock was almost big enough that it needed a shoe on it. Gary had a strong orgasm and fell to the floor. Larry rolled over and began to suck his twin's cock as Mark moved behind him and power fucked him.
    Spent at last the three boys rolled to their backs and lay side by side. Mark had each hand full of teen meat as the twins had his cock or balls in their hands. The boys invited the voyeurs to cum and leave a deposit on their smooth bodies as they lay together slowly jacking each other off. The trio was hidden from view as every cum factory in the county shot a load onto their smooth white skin I counted no less than twenty of the my tribal brothers and six of their fathers amongst those leaving their deposit.
    Finished at last, and awash in hundreds of loads of cock snot, the trio left the stage to go down to the river to wash off. I had thought several times that the fish would get pregnant from the amount of cum that all of us were washing off in the river. If that were to ever happen this would do it. I will check each time I come back to see if there any reports of mermaids or mermen in the river.
    Ever watchful Jimmy had seized the opportunity. He took the stage and made his announcement, "We will have the finished program ready to be e-mailed to you in the morning. The cost will be forty nine ninety five for either program or ninety nine fifty for both. The money will go into a college fund for each of these four boys, equally, no matter which video you buy. Both movies will be available on a single DVD at a cost of one hundred and fifteen dollars. See me or any of the photographers to place an order." That was the first time that I had seen Christopher, Jan, or Art, they each had their cameras in hand and smiles on their impish little faces.

    The month was waning away. I had been with so many boys, each seeking a golden pole pin that I had lost count. I was offered hideous bribes from some of the special guests to remind them of what I had given them in my youth. I am not a prostitute, I had taken money from many of these men in my youth, at the time I never thought of it as a payment for services rendered. I let the men know that the visiting boys had priority, but I still managed to get with all of my old friends that asked me.
    Andy took off one morning before the sun was up. He sent for me to come to his tent at lunch time. Athos had slipped into the country via a hop on an FI plane. The INS will have a field day with Andy and me if we are not careful. Just a quick look around at this assemblage would scare a man to death. We had about thirty men and boys without passports or visas sharing our vacation with us.
    Athos is an old boy lover from deep in my past and I was glad to have him join us. The man has aged a little worse than some of the others present. His dunlop gave a nice rain roof over his pecker, but he still walked proud as he joined us for lunch. He was instantly recognized by our European guests and true to his nature he had to play it up. "Well mates, the word we got was true. The lot of you are here illegally and will now have permanent restrictions on future travel out of your countries."
    A European statesman of high rank was the first to throw a handful of beans at the old cop. Athos ducked and covered as he was heckled by all of his mates from both sides of the big pond.

    I was spreading myself thin as I tried to spend time with Daylight and Rodney each day. I was slowly beginning to believe that marriage to the young lady could be a good thing. I had to explain to a sad Rodney that he could not leave his mother to live with me for three years. I wanted him to be at least thirteen before he moved in with the family. Daylight looked at me, she informed me that Rodney had only turned nine on the thrid of July, I had missed his birthday. I had to do something special for the boy I asked him to act as my guide each day for the remainder of my time at the river. Rodney is fresh and innocent and I enjoyed our horseback rides through the mountains together. We even slipped off to do some fishing. Sometimes we took Cory, Steven, and Mike with us. All of us quickly bonded as a blood related family.
    Cory and Mike had been teaching several of the boys the Cherokee language, or Ewf—Tsalagi. The five of us decided that when we were alone we would not speak English as we learned more of our heritage. Tsalagi is a fairly easy language to learn. Being immersed in it as we were helped to learn it quickly. Steven had no background in the language, but he had it mastered long before this old man had a clue.

    I held back on any commitment to Daylight as I waited for one event to take place. A big pow wow —not a Tsalagi tradition, but I use that name so that you can understand better what I mean—was called for the weekend of the twenty first of July. A lot of my guests had departed for home, only my family and a few very close friends remained. The occasion had been kept quiet. There was no need to draw too much attention to the events of the week end from those outside of the Cherokee Nation. With hundreds of naked illegal alien pedophiles running about I damn sure don't want any outsiders prowling about.
    Many tribesmen, leaders from the Carolinas to California, came to see Cory installed as the blood heir of Chief Steve "Flies Over Fox, Under Eagle" Conway. Cory was granted all rights and benefits of a chief of the nations. Each tribe within the nation has their own elected chief and they have their Bloodline Chiefs. Cory was now a part of the later group, a Bloodline Chief. The ensuing party lasted until late Saturday night. Visitors from other nations departed to their homes Sunday morning. But not until Cory dragged Daylight and I before the assemblage to announce our upcoming wedding the following weekend.

    Well, here I am. A married man. Yeah, and to a member of the dickless set. I must be out of my mind. Daylight and I were married in the same little grotto where Cory and Sarah had joined together. I now have a wife and a stepson to provide for. I hope that I don't end up having to choose between my wife and my family. I don't want to have to hurt her. She knows who I am, she came to me with full knowledge of who I am. The only person to have any difficulty is young Rodney. I remind him constantly that he is the black fox and he has a function within the tribe and my family. I have promised him to let him come out for brief visits, but only very brief. I promised him and his mother that I would fly back with Cory for a visit once a month, when possible.
    Cory took the role of father of the groom and led our marriage cart to our honeymoon retreat. I found great love with Daylight, but let's face it, I'm a cock sucker. I had told Cory to come get us early the next morning. He did me one better. I would not have done things his way, but I guess it was all preplanned. Cory showed up Saturday morning with Sarah, Rodney, and baby Chrissy.
    It was made clear to me that Rodney understood the ways of the men and that he wanted to learn. I put my foot down on him being involved, but I agreed that he could watch and learn. He didn't need to learn too much, he had sucked quite a bit of young cock for more than a year.
    Cory and I spent time in the cabin on the hillside. Daylight did not want to go inside. She considers the site very sacred, now that she knows of its existence. I spent short interludes with her throughout the day and evening, but Cory chased me into the lake and threw a bar of soap at me after each time. I returned the sentiment to him when he and Sarah got frisky. Rodney had the time of his life as his young education took on a much wider perspective than he knew before.
    Early Sunday morning we rejoined the house of happy fairies. The entire day was spent policing the grounds and into the nearby woods for anything left behind. A nice side effect of hosting a month long nudist camp out was that no one left any clothing behind. We found single sandals and some sunglasses. One digital camera was found. Jimmy went through the pictures and determined that it may belong to a Belgium boy that was with a Judge from the Hague. He e-mailed the lad who confirmed ownership. Jimmy sent him the pictures by e-mail attachment, but the camera would have to go by snail mail. That was fine, the pictures were what was important to the boy. I remembered him, he had received a pin.

    No one wanted our vacation to end. We had enjoyed life in a way that we had never expected. Andy and I had one more treat for the boys before we headed west. I pulled the drivers aside and showed them the maps, I had already set the GPS data into each vehicle's computer, but I know that I feel better knowing where I am and where I am going.
    After a quick lunch with the relations we loaded the Traveler© trio and headed out. For the most part the boys are just riding, when someone does figure that something is not as they expected then they will speak out. We had been on the road for almost two hours when Jim looked at me. I eye talked him to keep his mouth shut, but Shane had been watching his computer. "My computer must be out of whack, it shows that we are a hundred miles south of where we should be. How do I reset it?"
    I told him that we were cutting south to pick up Interstate 40. I wanted to avoid the eighteen dollar per vehicle toll road fee from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, that was partly true. Cory and Luke started giggling. I had to tell the boys to just enjoy their vacation because it was going to end soon enough.
    At a little before three we pulled into Andy's little place on Lake Eufaula. Yeah, right, little. Andy has a nine bedroom house set on top of a bluff that had a fifteen foot straight drop into the huge lake. Well, okay, I come from Tucson, Az. Any body of water bigger than my swimming pool is huge to me. Andy had converted an old storage barn into a bunk house that would easily bed eighty boys in double bunk beds. This was going to be fun, but at least the boys would be up off of the ground after more than three weeks. They would also have a hot shower in the large communal facilities. I am not so sure that Andy didn't have one of his Army buddies build the place, at least it looked like what the movies show an Army barracks to look like. It had a very similar appearance to our quarters at Base B in October of 2005. The only difference that I could see was the two high bunk beds.
    Andy told the boys to get themselves comfortable while we got lunch ready. Naked boys were already stumbling over each other as they headed for the shower. I pulled the married couples and the drivers aside, Andy offered them bedrooms in the main house. As I expected, Brad and Jay wanted to sleep in the barracks, they like being with the family and they know that their time in the house will be over when we get back to Tucson. Cory wanted to stay with Shane, he gave me a knowing wink, the silly faggot.
    I whispered to Christopher to get his ass up to the house and keep Timmy happy for a few more days, The age of consent in Oklahoma is sixteen so I told him to go fuck the shit out of his man. I got the biggest kiss of the day from him as he rubbed his stiffness against my leg. It is going to be rough on those two when we get home. New York's legal age is seventeen so Christopher and Timmy were safe there, now in Oklahoma… I don't know what will happen when we get back to the backward desert land with a library of antiquated laws put on the books by rich old women pushing their own agenda.
    Arizona's key industry is tourism, snowbirds, they are called. People from the cold northern states go to Arizona for the winter. Most of them are financially quite well off or they couldn't afford to make the trip and also maintain two households for the three or four months that they stay each year, usually November through February. The problem for Arizona is that these people buy property in Arizona which qualifies them to vote. They are in the state at the time of the major elections and they have a right to vote.
    The problem is their large numbers. They have lots of money to buy and influence politicians that will get their idea of what laws should be on the books then they go back to their home states, leaving the people that live in Arizona full time to suffer some very archaic legislation. Some of their idea would have made Queen Victoria proud of them, in fact I am not so sure that many of the laws passed weren't taken directly from her law library.
    Andy walked me about his property as he told me that the water at the foot of the cliff was over sixty feet deep. I shuddered as I thought about the boys jumping and diving into the brown, muddy waters below. He told me that the house had belonged to his grandparents, the multi-billionaire oil baron from Tulsa. At their death they had left everything to Andy, including the forty nine room house in Tulsa.
    The lake was huge, it was over three miles across to the other side at the site of the house, but Andy told me that the lake stretched over a thirty mile length of the Canadian River that flowed from the New Mexico Rockies. It is fed from many small streams that drained farm lands across the Texas panhandle as well western Oklahoma. Western Oklahoma is well known for its deep red dirt and looking at the lake I could believe it. Half of the state's soil had to be suspended in the muddy looking waters in front of me.
    Andy put his hand on my shoulder and told me to lighten up. He told me that his house is located at the upper end of the lake that covered over 120,000 acres. He said that the river brings in silt washed off of the farm lands and dumps it along the area near his land. He told me that the lake spans more than thirty miles through the valley and that most of the lake is clear and blue. He told me that the silt was building up from the water suddenly slowing down after its long run from the mountains, this sudden slow down causes the water to drop its muddy load and the waters near his house to be cloudy after a heavy rainy season. I will take his word for it.
    Inside the little cabin by the lake, as Andy calls it, was most impressive. The house was built by money to show money. A cathedral ceiling of burnt oak towered over head. The north facing wall was made up of fourteen foot high French doors that opened onto a small grass green belt about ten feet wide. Along the edge was an ornate iron railing then it was straight down, fifteen feet, to the water below. Andy showed me that the railing could be lifted out of the ground so that the boys could dive to their hearts content. I begged him not to show them that, but Sandy was behind me with a, "kewl." He wanted to know if we had any way to clean Tim's… what would you call them?… stump socks. Andy showed him where the washer was. At least after almost a month nude we had very little laundry to do for the lot of us.
    Andy led me to the end of the green belt and to the head of a long staircase built close to the cliff face. There were wooden decks outside of the kitchen and outside of the bedrooms. Each deck had stairs leading to the deck at the top of the steps leading downward. Andy led me down the staircase and I must admit that it was somehow intimidating. The steps were anchored back into the face of the solid granite cliff with no other support. The hand rail was simply welded to the steps and there was nothing underneath except water. The steps ended at a floating boat pier where Andy had eight ski boats tied off. He had a large cabin cruiser of about fifty feet that he told me that some of the older boys might want to take out to sleep on the water in one of the two large bedrooms. He told me that the sofas in the communal area could also sleep four and the fully equipped galley could be used to prepare a full dinner for eight with no problem.
    He unlocked his boat house to show me forty Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha jet skis. That was going to be fun. He wanted the boys to get well rested and fed then tomorrow we would terrorize the county. He suggested that maybe Edmund would like to take the large cruiser out, it had fifty, one gallon cans of gasoline in racks along the rear deck for the jet skis. He blushed as he told me that state law required everyone on the jet skis to wear a life belt, but there was no requirement for pants. I suggested that he not tell the boys that joke.
    East of the boat dock was a nice sandy beach that began about fifteen feet wide and opened up at the end of the cliff to a good fifty foot play area. He told me that the natural slope of the hillside gave a safe swim area that slowly dropped off to deep water about twenty five feet out. He pointed to the end of the beach area to a spot that was out of sight from our vantage and told me that there was a concrete boat ramp and another floating dock where a boat could be pulled in to pick up Tim. That made me feel especially warm inside as I realized that my friend had thought of all of my kids and had made provisions for their fun and enjoyment. Andy is very special people to me.

    The boys were like ants as they prowled the grounds. Their little eyes were as large as saucers as they came to tell me that there were eight boats at the docks below and they wanted to know if they could go ski awhile. Andy had four young men cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on an open fire. A table was laid out with baked beans, potato salad, chips, all of the fixings for an old fashioned cook out. Andy told them, as they stuffed their faces with food, that we would all rest and go to bed early then get up and go out on the water the next morning.
    He asked how many of the boys were fishermen. Most of them raised their hands. I never knew that, there is no place to fish within sixty miles of Tucson, unless you consider the two city parks that are stocked with eight inch minnows every few months. Andy told the boys that Lake Eufaula was a fisherman's paradise and was full of trophy sized white and black Crappie, black bass, blue catfish, large and small mouth bass. He told us that there is a fourteen inch minimum size restriction on fish so no one would be bringing home a runt. In my youth I fished for small mouth bass and I consider them to be about the best game fish ever. They really put up a good fight, which is what I fish for to begin with. I am a catch and release type of fisherman although I do like to eat a good sized bass fried in cornmeal and butter.
    Andy told the boys that there was over six hundred miles of shoreline on this lake and those that wanted to should plan to get up before sunrise and head up into the small coves where the fish would be feeding in the early morning hours. We had no problem with the boys heading off to bed about sundown. Of course they were looking forward to sleeping in a real bed again and one large enough for two to boot.
    Five o'clock in the morning found the boys digging into large pans of hot sausage gravy which most of them poured over two inch buttermilk biscuits that were so light that they seemed to melt in mid-air. There were piles of pancakes that got covered in gravy and some of the boys helped themselves to scrambled eggs. It took fifteen gallons of milk to get through the morning meal and two, thirty cup coffee pots were drained before Andy revealed the existence of the jet skis.
    Each jet ski had a place for a small tackle box and a slot for a fishing rod. Andy had a large selection of open faced spinning rods, most of them equipped with Garcia reels. He suggested that at least four jet skis accompany one ski boat and more or less stay together, at least within ear shot of each other. Each ski boat had a CB radio on it as well as a satellite phone link, but the stout antenna on those had to be aimed. We could stay in touch by CB much easier. The boys had all donned board shorts for fishing in, I made them take a tee shirt with them. The morning air was cool as it rose off of the lake then the sun would be reflecting back off of the water as the day wore on. I wasn't looking for any serious sunburns.
    Tim and Sandy took a ski boat with Theo, Curtis, Ricky, Eric, Gus and me on jet skis. Andy had told me about his favorite fishing cove on the other side of the lake, just below the muddy water. He told us that the fish don't like the silty waters so we should try to get back where the water is still and clear. By nine o'clock we had nine good sized crappie and two small mouth bass. Andy told the boys that if they caught them they had to clean them. It was fun watching the boys scrape the scales from the fish then cut into their bellies to scoop out the guts. We tossed the heads and guts back into deeper water to feed the other fish before we headed in. I asked Tim to let me ride in the boat and I let him take my jet ski. Gus gave up his jet ski to Sandy as we headed back to the house. There is nothing that Tim is afraid off, he made the jet ski part of him as he flashed across the water's surface. He was having the most fun of his young life, as I think all of the boys were.

    Finally our vacation was really over. School would be starting for all of the boys in just a few more weeks and we needed the time to get ourselves organized. Just try to outfit sixty two kids with clothes and books in two or three weeks.
    I didn't want to do it, but I had to split the family up. I considered taking the lot to Tucson for two weeks, but that would require another cross country trip for me. I was pondering the logistics of getting everyone off on their direction, but found myself short of drivers. Ģerâld came to me with the solution.
    He wanted to see to Hillary's estate. There was a lot of expensive antique furniture sitting in storage in the garage. He wanted to dispose of it. We discussed it, he did not want a quick sale. I suggested that he have a shipper deliver it to Tucson, that got me a hug and a kiss. He would find a dealer or an auctioneer in Tucson to handle the sale. That way he could still be home in time for the start of the semester. All of the college boys had lost a semester the previous year while we were in Europe, not this year, they were going to be in class on the first day.
    Some simple swap outs and we were set. Luke and Gerald would drive Traveler© to New York. Timmy would go with them. He had to take care of some company business in a New Jersey office. With three drivers they will be okay. I asked Luke and Ģer for a special favor. I asked them if they would babysit Christopher and bring him home on the airplane with them the week before school. I do love Timmy and I didn't want him to be the only one alone. However it was very hard for me to breathe when he and Christopher nearly squeezed me to death and kept their lips sealed to mine. I know I didn't have to do it, but I reminded Christopher to watch out for Timmy's safety at all times. Christopher will stop a bullet before he will let Timmy be hurt and I know it works the same way with Timmy.
    I shifted Al and Greg to Traveler©. I moved Frank and Jace to the bus. I offered them Traveler Too©, but they thought the bus would be more fun. Dallas and Zane had to move to Traveler©. Tim and Jerry would help Cory and Cas drive Traveler Too©.
    I had to keep Pete and Harry on Travel All©. The bus is harder to drive and thirty nine rowdy boys can tax a driver quickly. Those two men have the maturity to handle the chaos.
    Twenty sweet people left first in Traveler©. Edmund and Mitch would have fourteen boys to feed and look after. Isaac is the only one of that group that we really know much about, but all of them now have a golden pole pin. I guess that means I have certain knowledge of them, albeit carnal. I will have to fly over for a day or two and help all of them get set with school or jobs. There will be no one sitting on his ass doing nothing. I am trying to raise men. I don't worry about them more than twenty four hours a day then I start over.
    Mommie and Eddy will have eight boys in my old family house. We all miss Pete living with us. He is a wonderful young man. I am just sorry that I can not be two people. Cory means so much to me, but Pete will always be near to my heart. I will be back at my mountainside home with forty six boys. Ahhhh, a normal household.
    I drove Traveler Too© out behind Timmy as he drove Traveler©, Travel All© followed after with Harry at the wheel. We had the horns blaring and the tears flowing. All of the kids had bonded and they did not want to be separated from their new friends. I have let my life get out of hand.

Well, you have told me that you appreciate knowing how everyone relates so here is the chronology of Daylight and Rodney.
Chief Mighty Water Chief Steve Conway
Steve's Son, Cory Sr. Gowi & Sagi Christopher Cory

Steve's Daughter, Beulah
Common Ancestor (↑half brothers↓) Steve's Daughter, Ahwiagina
Quadini's elisi
Mike Stevens Christopher Stevens
Chris's Grandmother, Sarah
Grandfather, Theron
Chris's Mother Magayeti Quis
Chris & Mike's Great Grand Mother 2nd husband, Otis Steven's Grandmother Lola,
Grand Father Lester
Steven's Mother Beatrice Tlvdatsi'
Mike's Grand Mother, Eva Mike's Mother Wahuhi

Editors note: My apologies to my Tsalagi brothers. These are names that I remember from my childhood. I may spell them wrong or have the grammar usage wrong. Childhood memories get that way. My grandmother used to call me Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. She passed away when I was fourteen. My childhood bedroom was covered in wolf figurines and pictures. I was proud of, and I still have, the plaster of paris wolf's head that I earned in cub scouts. That meant more to me than all of the other levels or the numerous merit badges I earned. Yes, even as a fag I achieved Life Scout, I got my Eagle when I was sixteen.
Grandmother always told me that I was Waya ulanigida, or a strong wolf. My grandmother is in fact full blood Tsalagi. My grandfather is full blood Anitsata, or Choctaw. Our family is listed on the emigration rolls before the tribes moved into Arkansas then later on the Dawes rolls.

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