Chapter thirty two


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I have been telling you all along that this story was going to tie into other tales. If you would like to follow the whole story I suggest that you start with Blues this is the tale of how Chris first met his benefactor, Charley. Some of his high school buddies are now becoming a part of this story. The next part of the tale is Andy Finds Daddy. Andy and his partner have been introduced several times to this point. They are Chris's security people. Jayson Outed is the crux of the entire series. It was from the story of young Jay and his being outed to the whole school by a jilted lover that the series became one story.
Because of the length of the individual stories, and because they each stand very much on their own, your editor broke them into the individual tales as you see listed here.

    Monday morning Betty, Will and I flew back to Wichita for the trial of Will's former step father. The court offered its condolences to Will for the loss of his mother. Will and Ted Jr. both testified shortly after lunch the first day. The morning had been spent with jury selection and getting all of the charges read. The combined testimony of the two boys took less than twenty minutes. I had to testify as to the condition that I had found Will and his mental state, to the best of my untrained ability. I liked that, my untrained ability. Sometimes I think lawyers make up words so that they appear super intelligent to the masses who really know more than the lawyers in the first place.
    The state had a neat case all wrapped up and professionally laid out. The case went to the jury by three o'clock. Fifteen minutes of deliberation had produced a verdict. Ted was found guilty of assault and battery, assault of a minor, child abuse, and child abandonment. His sentencing was scheduled for mid February. He was facing a total of five to fifteen years. Will did not need to be present at sentencing. The court told him that they would notify him by registered mail.
    Will was greatly relieved that this part of his young life was over completely. He wanted to celebrate. I asked him what he wanted to do. We had scheduled a week for this hearing, knowing full well that it might not take that long. We had a buffer of time built in. Will got an impish little grin on his face as he stared at Betty and talked to me. "My grandmother has always wanted to go shopping on fifth ave. I have lots of money now and I would like to take her to New York for a couple of days."
    "We'll make it a business trip." I called my agent. By the time we had finished lunch she had exchanged our return airline tickets for three tickets to the Big Apple. A limo would be awaiting us to take us up to my fifth avenue apartment overlooking the park I placed a call to my old friend Jerrod Bradford. I have mentioned before that I am an investor in a project run by JB in upstate New York.I set up a face to face for two days out in my apartment. I have a large room dedicated to my business meetings there.

    Our plane left at five thirty. The limo met us at Henry Fiorello La Guardia Airport in New York, the driver whisked us across the Tri-borough Bridge into lower Manhattan. My apartment had been opened up and the heat was turned on as we arrived at a little past mid-night. I had a light supper of soup and fresh fruit delivered. Having an apartment on an upper floor of one of the most prestigious hotels in the world has its perks.
    Will was excited and wanted to walk through the park. Betty wanted to read a book that she had picked up in Wichita. Will and I made a round of the center section of the park. He was accosted by a couple of rent boys for horning in on their action. We clued them in about Will's relationship to me then I offered them the money that they had been trying to make all evening.
    Fully sheathed in double rain coats, Will and I bent the two fifteen year old hustlers over a bicycle rack and gave them the thrill of their young lives. Boy prostitutes were size queens and Will and I had the size that fit them. It was crass and not the greatest of fucks, but Will could tell the boys back home that he got a fuck in Central Park, in the moon light.
    As we returned to the hotel I recognized a young bellman. I walked over to him and waited at a discreet distance as he spoke to the concierge. Mark looked me in the eye then smiled. He said something to the other man who turned around. It was Jeff, a former bellman himself. I had met the two randy cocksuckers at several of Charley's parties over the years, we were glad to get to say hello. I told them that I was in town for a short stay, but that we needed to get together. I congratulated Jeff on his step up then we turned to go to our rooms.
    Will was ready for bed when we returned. The two of us showered and he scampered off to dreamland. I had a million things on my mind. I picked up my lap top and headed to the living room. Betty was still reading. I poured myself a cup of coffee as she asked if there was any tea. I offered her a wide choice of teas that I had on hand. She choose the green tea with a dash of cinnamon, my favorite, but I had a full cup of coffee.
    We both sat on the sofa where she laid her head on my shoulder. She asked me if I was strictly into boys. I told her not strictly. Some sweet older ladies might make me dance. I lost my female virginity to her that night. It was a quiet thing and I knew that she needed it. I was only able to do my part as I thought about what a lovely and lonely person she was. There would never be a repeat of our union. I was only there to take her down her old memory lane. She had told me early on of her husband's endowments and she had showed me his trophy sized penis, preserved in Lucite for all eternity. I scratched a deep itch for her that night without false words of love or endearment and no kissing. Just quiet passionate, soul moving sex.
    Will saw us. When I had showered again and slipped into bed next to him he gave me hugs and kisses without the sex. He told me that he had enjoyed watching us more than anything in the world. He had not gotten an erection and he was not repulsed. Quite the contrary, he was happy. He could not remember seeing his grandmother so happy. She did so much for him and he could never do anything for her. He kissed me over and over as he thanked me. The lad was much more mature than I had given him credit for. He never mentioned the incident or even gave a knowing look or grin to Betty. It was something that had happened and it was none of his business.

    Will wanted to buy Betty a mink coat. I told him that the mink would be pulling the coat off and sitting around the swimming pool in Arizona. He had not gotten the full benefit of our winter weather during his short stay. He was used to Sacramento where the temperatures go to the extremes. Blistering hot summer days and blusteringly cold winter winds, was what he was used to.
    Betty was quite proud of the beautiful blue coat that she had on. It had been given to her for Christmas by a youngster full of love. And it was no cheap coat either, it sold for well over three hundred dollars, at an outlet store. What Betty did find was a fashion show. She had always wanted to attend one. I made an appointment for her for the following day and left the saloon a five thousand dollar deposit. Betty has a problem with the way I throw money away.
    The next morning Betty was heading off to the fashion show and I took Will shopping for clothes of his own. I bought both of them a complete wardrobe, Betty even found a few nice dresses that she thought that Eva would like. She was in bright spirits this day and she truly enjoyed herself. Will whispered to me that she needed to get lain more often. I boxed his ears.
    Will was stunning in his new suits. He ended up with four. I had to pick out a couple for myself. I suppose I am lucky in that I am an exact thirty six long. I can buy off of the rack and still look good. I usually prefer a tailored suit, but the two I bought on that trip are perfect in fit, style, and looks.
    We had all of my purchases delivered to the hotel so when we returned home that evening everything had been pressed and hung in the closets for us. I took Betty and Will to the stock exchange. I did not take them near the floor. They would not have been allowed entry, but I didn't want them getting stampeded by the never ceasing waves of humanity coming and going through the doors.
    A walk around the gallery was stimulating enough. A visit with one of my brokers and a handful of printouts ended our quick tour. I was looking over the print outs in the taxi when suddenly I let out a shout that almost caused the Pakistani driver to wreck the car. I told those present that I had just made my second billion dollars. The cab swerved again. Betty and Will both stared wide eyed at me. I showed them a printout. Will began to count zeros. "Nine zeros is a billion?" I nodded, he was shaking. "That's like a lot of money, isn't it?"
    "Well kiddo, let me put it this way. I can spend twenty five thousand dollars a day, every day, seven days a week, for the next twenty years and still have seventeen million dollars left plus any interest that the money would earn added to that."
    "That's rich."
    "Well consider it like this. I can spend one million dollars a day, every day except weekends and holidays, for the next six years and still have five million dollars left plus the interest that the money earned over the same period of time."
    Bedtime found me facing a contemplative boy. Will had something on his mind and I had to get him to tell me what it was about. "I am so lucky. I feel sorry for the other guys. They want to be with you like this so much."
    Well, I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it many more times, getting the full story out of a teenage boy takes time. It came down to the fact that all of the boys missed being able to spend one on one time with me. Will and Cory had more of my devoted time then any of the others, but they all sought that time. Will was now spending his second night of this trip all alone with me. He was as happy as he could be, but he cared about his brothers. I pulled him to me and held him close.
    We talked, between our passionate moments. He told me how all of them would sit and compare notes of the few times that we had been alone together. I was moved to tears. I use the boys. I had never considered that such a thing was going on in their minds, but I determined, then and there, that I would rectify this situation.
    The next thing out of the youngster's mouth really showed me how little I knew about my brood. "My name is Christopher William. I was called Chrissy all of my life until I met you. I agree that Chrissy is a sissy name and I don't want to go back there, but I would like to have my real name." He raised up and looked me in the eye. He had a tear in his own, "Could I be called Christopher?"
    I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into me. How shallow I have been. All of these months I have called a young man by a name that really meant very little to him. I had done it for my own convenience with no thought of what the boy might want. This trip was an eye opener. I made the most passionate love to Christopher for the rest of the night as I tried my best to let him know how much he really means to me.
    The next morning I had a business conference. I offered Christopher a choice, he could go with Betty, he could stay with me, either way he would be bored stupid, or I could hire someone from the hotel to act as a guide and show him around New York. The kid is a world of wonders. He asked if he could sit and listen to my business meeting so he could learn more about my world. He told me that all of the boys had been discussing college majors and he wanted to do as Pete had done. Pete had been accepted into the university with Cas and Tyler. He listed his major as Business Administration.

    Of course Christopher was sitting in with his medium blue three piece suit and a pale yellow oxford shirt. A narrow stripped tie complemented his figure and face. He was Mr. Business man of the future. The front desk called at exactly nine o'clock to announce a Mr. J. Bradford and party. I told them to show the party up. Christopher answered the door in a very professional manner. Bellman Mark presented our guests. JB entered followed by one of the most beautiful young men I had seen since we arrived in New York.
    JB and I glanced at our young assistants from the corner of our eyes and smiled at each other. I pulled him into a tight embrace as our lips locked together. He made a big show of groping my basket and making sure that my hard dick was prominently evident. We pulled apart and the young man with JB had his eyes glued to my cock sticking out of my fly. The old reprobate. JB had a way of getting my pants open without me noticing. He has done that to me since the day we met. Christopher was the scene stealer as he moved forward and pushed me back into my pants and zipped me up with an elfen grin on his face.
    I turned to Mark and gave him a massive kiss and groped his hot cock. He was now about twenty four years old and still had his boyish charm. He told me that he and Jeff were still together. They were making enough money at the hotel to be able to stay together. That was the important thing to them. Jeff was doing some research at the college while he finished up his MBA. They were going to move to Arizona in the summer to work for Carl Dickson and Andy Foss. JB kissed Mark, then with his hand full of our extra large tip the young man went about his business as we turned to ours.
    JB introduced me to Mr. Luke Bingham, a rising star and director of student curriculum at Bradford Academy For Gay Boys. Luke was six foot one of hard bodied boy in a man sized body. His pixie face betrayed his size as he sported a sparkling clean skin, lightly dusted with the faintest of freckles. His light red hair looked as if it could burst into flame at any moment and the Irish green eyes danced with glee as they took in his surroundings. The boy was long and slim, but buff. I could see the long thin hands and fingers of an artist. His long slender feet balanced his towering frame which was almost top heavy as his muscled torso perched on pencil thin legs.
    "You two are going to get on nicely, Chris. Luke has a nice thick, uncut nine and a half inch cock full of boi juice he'll go top, but he loves bottom, especially when the top can reach his special itch. He is involved, but he has permission to shop as long as he returns with a sample of what he found."
    "Oh, I see. You come to town and get two blow jobs and take one of them home to your boyfriend?" That got the requisite laughs. I introduced Christopher who received a close appraisal from our business guests. JB added one other interesting bit of information. It was Luke's nineteenth birthday. I asked why he was here instead of with his boyfriend. He told me that he had never been to Manhattan and this trip was very necessary for the school. I told him that I would see to it that he had a birthday that he would always remember.
    Our meeting was an absolute success. I enjoyed hearing of the school from Luke's perspective and he had some innovative ideas that were really impressive and extremely cost effective. A major investment for any school is in the material media for learning, mostly books. Books are good for maybe five years top, then they are outdated. But before they become obsolete they fall apart. A major source of capitol outlay. Luke proposed using computers for all classes.
    He had been studying some schools around the country that were using laptop computers. There was an inherent danger there from loss, theft, or damage. Since BAG boys was a live in school—I looked up and I saw JB flinch. They explained that this was a nick name given by another young investor and friend of the school—it would be more economical to provide a computer at every desk and in every dorm room. A good network engineer could update the computers on a regular basis. School books could be purchased electronically without the need for paper. Of major concern to Luke was that the popular e-books not be purchased. He explained that these books did not allow for notes to be written in and that quotes and excerpts were hard to access because of the poor to non-existent search engines built into them. He had his own ideas about how the books should be reduced to electronic files. I was interested in what he told me and set a few things in motion for a trip I had in mind in the summer.
    He told us that all homework assignments and study could take place on the computer. The only paper would be the periodic tests. That would also cut down on the temptation to cheat as the boys would not be able to sneak his book open. Tests would have to be in hard copy, paper, in order to be able to be placed in a student's file for inspection by the myriad of naysayers hell bent on shutting the school down.
    I asked about that problem and JB told me that several right wing church groups were trying to close the school on moral grounds. They had been beating the bush throughout the county to try and gain support, but there was such a large majority of the county's residents that were shareholders the enemy had not been able to achieve their goals. I sat back and looked at JB, recalling a conversation about buying all of the small investors out. Maybe we need to do a serious rethink.
    I had ordered a lunch of baked white fish with vegetables and a creme de menthe pie they offered on special. The pie was the perfect end to the fish. I suggested a nap before resuming. I looked at Luke. He smiled at me. I looked at Christopher, he looked at JB, but I couldn't read him for sure. "Oh, uh, Christopher, uh, JB is a very hungry and aggressive bottom." Christopher lit up. JB looked at me. "No lie, JB. There's a four foot seven, fifteen year old top's top with a neat nine of his own. Long, hooded, and able to fellate himself if you don't want him." JB was drooling. "One problem. His grandmother is with us so you can't use the second bedroom. I don't want to her to smell our sex all night. She knows about Christopher, but I will respect her privacy. The hotel didn't know I was coming in and have rented my two other bedrooms for the week. You can use this conference table or we can do it the way we used to when I was his age and all go at it in my bed." Orgy it was.
    Luke was fine, he was a remarkable lover. He told me about the boy named Brad who taught him how to make love. That in itself was a love story. He told me that he loved his boyfriend, Jerry, with all of his heart, but they were too shy to get together until a fifteen year old Latino boy and his fourteen year old boyfriend took him and Jerry, both seventeen year old seniors, and showed them how to make love. He told me that Jay and Brad were still his best friends and he loved them both to death. While this was hardly the pillow talk I am used to he told his story with such passion that I felt a need to meet his teacher.
    His teacher had taught him well. I am not much of a bottom any longer. I will take on any of my boys from time to time and little Christopher is always a very good top to me, though he would prefer me scratch him. Luke knew the moves. He wasn't a piston on a crank, up and down, or round and round. He was more like a Wankle, he moved in every direction at once and made me love him. He was a hell of a ride also and made me do him twice to be sure he understood what I was telling him.
    We showered and took cold drinks in the four man hot tub then dressed and got back to work. I determined to make an onsite visit to the school in July. The forth would be the school's anniversary so it was set. I had to meet this Brad and another boy named Jay. JB went on and on about how those two pulled the school together and provided jobs and a source of income to the school. It gave the boys good physical labor and exercise as well as putting pocket change in their hands so that they felt more like the men the school wanted them to be.
    I don't know what his secret is, but JB seemed to have pulled all of the ingredients together for a very successful school. It was late and I had noticed that the hotel had advertised a prime rib special for the evening meal. I invited our guests for an all night meat and meet, possibly sleep. They accepted, they didn't want to make the long train ride home after dark. As we wrapped up our plans a bell boy arrived with four large boxes. The telephone rang at the same time to inform me that the lady was on her way to the elevator. Perfect timing.

    Betty floated through the door, but came up short when she saw that I still had guests. I introduced her to my business acquaintance and inquired of her day. She couldn't wait, she showed me an elegant evening dress. She bought one in pale blue for herself and she was just sure that the one in peach would thrill Eva. They were both originals and had only cost me two thousand dollars, each. A bargain for true originals.
    I picked up the phone and called for the concierge to send up a tailor. I needed four tuxedos for the evening. We were going out to do New York. The concierge recommended The Producers, a lively play. He secured four center seats, orchestra row L, for the ten pm show. Two old queens floated in to take our measurements. I am macho and have a problem with the limp of wrist. I am proud to be a man and I try to act like one. I do get gooey eyed over a sweet boy, but I don't go swishy.
    Both Luke and Christopher popped wood as the men made sure they had the correct inseam measurements. It was an real eye opener for them. I pulled Christopher's briefs down and asked if they could make sure the crotch could contain him. I looked at Luke who pulled his pants down and said, "Me too." My cock was standing over the top of my waist band so I told them that all of us had the same problem.
    A half an hour later our fitters were back with full tuxedos and matching accompaniments. I had ordered a hair dresser to assist Betty as the five of us were dressed to kill. We made the prime rib dinner our first order of business then we were to take a limo to the theater. I hear they have made a movie of the Producers with much of the same cast. See it. If it is like the Broadway production it is worth every second and every dime.

    I stepped out to see the concierge. I was stopped dead in my tracks. Standing before me was Carl Dickson. He lives in Tucson and he now looks after my security needs. He is still with the young blond, a man by the name of Andy Foss. Carl sent Andy to the best schools in the world and they both know electronic security devices better than I know my way around town. They were in town negotiating for a contract on a new satellite to be launched later in the month. Carl told me that there was going to be the party of all times the next July and that I should plan to attend. He told me that from just rubbing shoulders with the names on this guest list I could write my own ticket for life. I thanked him and turned to Jeff.
    I have run across Jeff and Mark from time to time, but to find Jeff was now concierge was a real treat. He handed me the tickets for our play and had Mark summon the limo. I gave him an extra hundred dollars as I begged him to come visit before I left.
    After the play we had pie and coffee in the hotel before we went back to the room. JB and Luke had to catch a ten o'clock train from Grand Central. Our direct flight to Tucson was for three pm. JB and Luke would have to sleep on the train, we kept major parts of them up all night. It was really fun to watch the two boys go at each other. JB passed out about three so I took up my favorite position and sixty nined one boy then the other as each of them got his ass plowed.
    Actually I couldn't hardly wait for our plane to leave. I didn't get to see Jeff, but I promised him that I would be back before too much longer. I had to nearly carry Christopher onboard and we were both asleep before we left the ground. Christopher was a little upset over that, he missed so much of the flight. Our flight in had been at night and he wanted to see New York from the air, some other time perhaps. Betty told me that I was really changing 'Chrisy'; she told me that he had never been able to fly before meeting me. I remembered him telling the police in Kansas that he got scared and sick before.

    Cas had the Caddy at the gate for us and he drove us home as Christopher filled his ear with all of the details as only a boy can reproduce them. Betty and I took the back seat and enjoyed watching him. Boys are only young for such a short time. I want to watch every minute of their life that I can.

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