Chapter 197


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I am a push over when my boys bat their puppy dog eyes and me and beg. That little act put me shoulder deep in snow. Now I don't mind snow, in pictures, on TV, or in the movies. Sure, the sight of it makes me shiver, but I am usually safe in a warm place when I see it; this time I wasn't.
    Fortunately we did not have to travel far for the frigid water, Globe, Arizona has a well know ski area with slopes for all levels of experience. I am pretty good on water skis so I was sure that I could master snow—well it is only water lain out on the ground, isn't it? I learned that gravity plays a large part in the equation, there is a lot of falling down. I only fell a few times, to the delight of the more experienced boys. That is until Cameron came to my assistance and showed me what I was doing wrong.
    We chose our excursion for a Monday, we hoped that there would be far fewer people on the slopes. With over four hundred boys, at all levels of skill to try their hand at the snow, we wanted as few victims as possible in their way. Of course there were the regular skiers that were put off by our antics, they believed the slopes to belong to them and them alone. None of the boys were put off by their whining, they just played like children having a good time. I do believe that everyone had a good time, and we had no serious injuries. We had one sprained ankle and one twisted wrist, I think that was an excellent showing for our first time out.
    I was the one that didn't obey the rules and got myself into trouble. I learned the hard way that when the sign says DO NOT ENTER then I should take heed. Actually I was well past the that sign when I veered off of the slope as I tried to come to the aid of Dane. Dane was in no need of aid, the little sham was playing around. I had no idea that he was a master of the slopes at only eleven years of age. When I saw him throw up his arms and yell for help from Roddy I sped toward him. He landed on his butt in the snow, but quickly recovered and headed down the hill backwards as he laughed at Roddy for being frightened.
    His laughter turned to calls of terror as I flew past him and into the woods along side the trail. Twenty or twenty five feet from the edge of the trail there is a sharp drop off that put me on a slope that went vertical, pure vertical. I found myself weaving in and out of trees and boulders at breakneck speed with no way of stopping myself, short of hitting one of the obstacles.
    I quickly found myself in a broad open area that was almost all straight down. I happened to spot a sign as I sped past that announced that I was in an area prone to avalanches, oops. I did as the boys had taught me as I slushed back and forth across the virgin snow at speeds that exceeded the speed of sound, or so I thought. It was the sound that first caught my attention. As I slushed across the slope for the last time I saw that the snow was moving, and I was on it.
    I straightened out and headed downhill as fast as gravity would propel me, but I knew that I would not be able to outrun the speeding onslaught coming up behind me. I had no idea of the terrain, were there cliffs before me? Large boulders and trees loomed in the distance and I knew that my skill was not of a level that I would be able to clear all of them before the billions of tons of snow engulfed me. I just tucked into as low of a stance as I could achieve and felt my speed increase to near light speed.
    As fast as I was traveling I have no idea how I spotted the cabin. I know that it was Heavenly sight that allowed me to see through the trees to my right and nearly a quarter of a mile away. It was more Devine intervention that guided my skis to the proper course and carried me around and through the obstacles before me. With no help from myself I found that I slid up a small slope to the entrance of a tiny log cabin sitting on the top of a bluff. I allowed myself a quick look down as I stepped into a sheltered entrance to remove my skis, the drop from the bluff was a good hundred feet into the tops tall trees and large boulders below.
    My skis came off of my feet like magic and I pushed the door of the small cabin open, what met my eyes was more of the miracle. There was a large fire burning in the small fireplace and the cabin was warm. I quickly looked around and realized that I was in some sort of emergency shelter. The cabin was about fifteen feet, square. There were shelves filled with canned goods, metal plates, flatware, a can opener, and heavy cast iron pans to cook in.
    As I stared at the food Cory's voice filled my head through my earbud. "Dad, dad, are you alright? Answer me, are you okay?" I could hear the panic in his voice so I let my voice remain calm and steady.
    "I am alright. I am safely inside some sort of cabin that I believe to be a shelter of some sort. There is food and a fire is burning. There are blankets and feather beds and a chemical toilet. Huddled in the corner is a small, frightened boy that needs to know that I am not going to hurt him."
    I knelt before the young shape huddled in the corner behind the toilet as the impact of the avalanche hit the cabin with full fury. I was impressed by the sturdiness of the structure as it seemed to absorb the onslaught with no damage whatsoever. The boy flew from the floor and wrapped his arms around me and whimpered in fear as the sound filled our dwelling with the roar of hundreds of freight trains, then there was absolute silence.
    I let the boy lead and stood still with my arms at rest. I let my hands lay lightly on his shoulders, but then removed them to lessen any fear that the boy may have. As the realization of silence surrounded us the boy pulled away and looked at me.
    "We were just hit by tons of snow from an avalanche. I think it is over now. Do you think that we should look out and see?" He nodded his head as he let his eyes check me from head to toe, I headed for the door. I saw that the small entry was exactly that, a place to remove skis and boots. There was a bench along one wall, but the other side of the entry was a woodshed, filled with dry, cut firewood.
    I stepped out to look out over the bluff and saw that there was deep snow pilled six to eight feet high on both sides of the shelter, but the area between the cabin and the bluff was almost clear with only a foot or so of loose powder laying on the ground. I relayed that information to Cory and Andy spoke up.
    "You lead the most charmed life of anyone that I know. I have your GPS signal, but it will take some time for rescuers to reach you. You may want to take advantage of the fire and the boy for awhile, or maybe overnight." I hadn't realized that it would soon be dark, I had been on my downhill trek for a little longer than I had thought. I worried about returning the boys to the school, there was no way that the lodge had facilities large enough for four hundred teenage boys.
    I inquired of the boys and was told that they were all accounted for. I told Cory to gather them together and place them on their buses for the return trip. I had to get stern so that Cory would understand that the mountain was no place for the little ones overnight. I know that a few of the boys would stay behind, if they had to sleep on the floor of the bus, I could not control that. I was mainly concerned for the students, they do not have the ties to me that my core family has and I am not sure how they would conduct themselves if they were allowed to remain behind.
    Cas tied into our phone conversation and assured me that the student body was in his control and that they would be taken to safety, for me not to worry. I have faith in Cas, but had I known what the family had decided I would have worried. For the meantime I had a boy that had been hiding out in the shelter of the emergency cabin that I was curious about.
    "Are you gay, mister?" The question came out of the blue and I wasn't sure how to answer my inquisitor. The truth is always the best response.
    "Yes, I am. You are safe with me, I will not harm you or molest you. We are refugees from the storm and we will ride it out here until morning, then we will go our separate ways." The boy seemed to relax as he withdrew to a pile of blankets in the corner. However, his eyes never left me for a split second.
    "I beg your pardon. There seems to be no privacy here and I need to make use of the toilet. Would you prefer that I step outside and go in the snow?"
    "You gotta go one or two?" he asked me.
    "I only need to urinate, number one."
    "Then you can go there, I won't look." I smiled at him and turned my back so that I was hidden from his sight. I had a full bladder that took sometime to empty itself and I suppose curiosity overtook his fear. He crawled over where he could see what I was doing.
    I was wearing a heavy snow suit that does not lend itself to a proper pee. I had opened it up and moved my goods clear of the garment's folds so as not to wet anything that would begin to smell later. My voyeur had a good view. From his comments I knew a bit about what I was dealing with, I just needed to know why he was hiding in the cabin.
    I turned to the boy as I fastened my heavy snow suit back into place and looked at a super cute face of a boy of about twelve to thirteen years of age. "Ya gonna get awful hot if you wanta wear that too long. I builded that fire to last for hours."
    "And a mighty fine fire it is, my friend. I suppose that you are correct about the snow suit, but I don't know if I can get out of it without help." I was correct in my assumption, the boy was eager to do something to endear himself to me. I unzipped the heavy jacket and he stood behind me on the fireplace hearth to reach my shoulders and help me remove the garment.
    I unzipped the pants and let them slide below my hips then I sat down on the hearth and tried to reach my ski boots. I could have easily done it myself, but I allowed the youngster to giggle and tell me that I would have to remove the boots in order to get the pants off. I smacked my forehead in the sign of acting as if I hadn't thought of that and listened to him giggle.
    He knelt before me and undid the clasps that hold the boots together in lieu of boot laces. He slipped one boot off after the other and carefully sneaked a sniff of each one. I pretended not to notice as he placed the boots on the floor. He pulled my pants down by the legs and helped me to clear myself of the insulated garment. I still had on heavier clothing than he did.
    I was dressed in blue jeans and a long sleeve flannel shirt over long insulated underwear. Look, I have told you that I hate the cold so I dressed to keep warm, okay? I had on a pair of heavy wool socks over a pair of cotton crew socks and I bent forward to remove the outer pair. My young valet took hold of the top of the sock on the right foot and removed the woolen garment as I removed the sock from my left foot. Again he took a sniff, but held the sock close to his nose and breathed in deeply.
    "Smell good?"
    "Um, yeah. You got a good smell."
    "Do you like the smell of men's feet?"
    "I don't like stinky feet and that was what I was checking for. You can smell my feet and see that I don't smell bad either."
    "Oh I have watched the way you smell and you do it well. I am glad to know that your feet don't stink because I don't like stinky feet either." He was sitting on the floor with his foot raised high toward me. I realized that he wanted me to smell his feet so I took one in my hands and placed my nose firmly against the bottom of the size nine. His socks were dirty as if he had been going without shoes and as I looked about the area close at hand I could see no shoes or other garments.
    On cue he giggled so I decided to go as far as he would allow me to go. I pulled him by his foot, dragging his body across the floor and closer to me. I turned his foot in several positions as I let my nose make loud sniffing sounds. I had both hands on the appendage as I pointed his foot at my mouth and took his large toe into my mouth. His giggles turned to squeals of delight as I bit and lightly chewed on the pedal digit. I moved around so that I nibbled each of his toes then did a mock spit and told him that his dirty socks were blocking the taste.
    Quickly I removed the sock and was face to foot with a perfect little clod hopper with a high arch and long, thin toes. I let my teeth rake over the arch of his foot then took the entire heel into my mouth and nibbled my way to his gleeful sounds.
    I tugged at him again and stuck his bare foot under my right arm and grabbed for his right foot to begin again all of the things that I had done to his left foot. I pushed his blue jeans legs up to bare the skin of a slender youngster, but I was surprised at the darkened leg hair that covered his tiny calf.
    The hair was a definite sign that the boy was entering into puberty so I had to do a reassessment of his age. Instead I asked him his name and age. He is thirteen year old Logan Katchner and he was hiding from his step-mother's brother who was a convicted sex offender on the run.
    His step-uncle had drugged the boy before murdering his mother and baby sister. When Logan awakened he was in a hotel room at the lodge of a ski resort area where my boys and I had been playing in the snow all day. Two days later Logan had been able to make his escape as his step-uncle slept on the floor in front of the door to their room.
    Logan watched the sleeping man closely and when he rolled over the boy made a dash to freedom. The step-uncle awakened and began to chase Logan, but he was naked and had to return to the room. Logan was afraid to stop and tell anybody for fear that he would not be believed and would be returned to the man. He made his way out of the hotel and began to run down the mountainside in the early pre-dawn hours. Near naked and freezing to death he spotted the rescue cabin on the side of the mountain and took shelter inside.
    Though the story sounded hard to believe I have heard many strange stories from the boys that I have located around the globe. I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. I had searched about the room and found that there were no extra clothes, no jacket or heavy coat and no shoes that would have come from the boy. The evidence was pointing to a boy running from something which made his story even more plausible.
    Of course Andy was listening to the boy's story as I learned his address and details of his home. I knew that Andy would send the police to the boy's home so I turned the conversation to different subjects as I tried to put the boy's mind at ease.
    After several minutes of assuring the boy that I would not return him to his uncle under any circumstances he gave me the name of the man. Cory was at the front desk of the lodge and learned the man's room number. Vanity is the cause of many a stupid person's downfall and our uncle was a vain man who thought that his actions would go undetected. He had alerted the lodge staff to the disappearance of his nephew and had returned to his room to sleep off the alcohol in his system.
    The lodge staff and security people had been on the lookout for the boy, but had not contacted the authorities. At the time the situation was being handled as a runaway child and police action could not begin until twenty four hours had passed. I have a problem with some of the laws and rules on the books. A child can be found dead in much less time than twenty four hours. How about his being hurt and alone in the cold and the snow? It was probably a good thing that I was somewhere on a mountainside buried under tons of snow.

    I showed Logan my soundbud and my new throat microphone. He had thought that I was a true wack when I seemed to be talking to myself. I told him that it was time that we got some sleep so that we would be fresh and alert when the rescue teams reached us the next morning. He looked at the bed and his eyes lit up. I was not going to be lonesome, that much was certain.
    I set about the first order of business and looked at the food supply. I selected two cans of beef stew and emptied the contents into a sauce pan then placed it on a rack over the fire. Logan had built a very fine fire and there was no need to use the small two burner stove when cuddling with a young boy before a fireplace was available to me. I have yet to take my Cory to my cabin on Mt. Lemon to sit before the fireplace, a fact that I will soon have to accomplish.
    I opened a can of bread and I found a can of cheddar cheese spread to add to our repast. There were individual packets of hot chocolate, tea bags, and coffee for our dinner as well. I made a big deal out of the heat in the cabin and removed my shirt and jeans. The long underwear was of a nylon mesh, but I pretended that it was wool and began to scratch my body. I told Logan that I would just have to get out of the garment or itch myself to death. His eyes never left me as he giggled and I saw a small tightness in his jeans.
    I had a rather larger tightness in my drawers, a fact not unnoticed by my young companion. I removed the form fitting underwear and stood before him in a pair of cotton bikini briefs that briefly held an object that had his total attention. I turned from the boy and bent forward to stir the stew in the pan over the fire and when I turned back around I found a boy well into the process of removing his own clothing.
    "May I help with that?" He giggled at me and held his arms up for me to pull his shirt over his head. I knelt before him and sensuously unfastened his jeans and let them slide down his extra fine body. Freeballing before me was a beautiful thirteen year old boy well into puberty. He had a stiffness about him that stuck out a solid five inches. He was semi-cut, but his hood was withdrawn and tight around five inches of dripping boi meat that I had to cleanse before his issue got on the floor.
    Logan wore a fine crown of medium length light brown hair that framed his elongated face accented by thin brown eyebrows over the top of his dark blue eyes. The cartlidge had not filled in to push his cute upturned boyish nose downward, which just added to the illusion of a very young boy. His lower crown was of a lighter shade of brown and sparse, proving that he was not aa young of a boy that his face and body indicated. I let my fingers play over his fine haired scrotum as he moaned in deep response to my touch. His cock lurched as his testes drew up and inward. I know the signs and again I could not let his issue soil the floor of the cabin so I used the nearest thing around to catch all that he had to ejaculate forth.
    I found myself on the receiving end of an eager boy that slammed himself into my face over and over as he sent forth an abundance of cream sweeter than what the cat got. I placed a hand on his buttocks and pulled him into me as the last of his orgasm drew the strength from his knees. His hands played about my hair as he whimpered and moaned in his release. "Thanks mister. That is the best that I ever got afore. You is good at that."
    I bid goodnight to Cory and Andy. They were worried about me and in a place where they could not take care of certain personal matters of their own. I had to show compassion to two of the finest people on the face of the earth and shut off my microphone. I left my soundbud on so that I could hear any news concerning our rescue.
    Logan ate as if he were starved to death. He had a metal bowl up against his chin as he literally shoveled the stew into his mouth with a large spoon. Canned bread leaves a lot to be desired, but when one is hungry it serves the need. The canned cheese spread was not much better, but when the two were combined they were tolerable. Logan ate as if he didn't mind.
    I love to watch a boy eat. At lot can be learned about the person by watching his actions. Logan was very a hungry and frightened boy. I began to realize how much fear he had to overcome to have allowed me access to his body. His sparkling blue eyes never moved far from his penetrating stare into my own eyes. He glanced down at his bowl full of food then returned his eyes to meet mine. I kept him supplied with bread and cheese and I refilled his bowl with stew, twice. At last there was no more stew or bread left and I began look about for something else to feed the boy.
    "I'll wash the dishes," he stated as he stood up.
    I rubbed his protruding belly and asked him if he may want more to eat. He blushed and giggled. "Are you sure you have had enough to eat?"
    He giggled again and told me that he had not eaten since noon the day before. His uncle had fed him cold hamburgers when he awakened on the mountain, but he got drunk before dinner time and only wanted to have sex with the boy. I must have let my emotions show on my face because he reached to me and looked me in the eye. "Sex is not bad, if it is with the right guy."
    I had to know more. Logan has been experimenting with his best friend. So far the boys have only gone as far as sucking each other's cock then pulling away and watching each other jack off. They had built up the courage to masturbate each other and Logan was bent over his friend with his fist working all of the magic he could muster to bring him to a climax. The boys did not know that they had an audience. The uncle was standing in the doorway.
    The friend jumped up and ran home while Logan had his face shoved into the man's groin and forced to suck his cock to completion. Later in the day Logan was forced to join the uncle in bed and he got his first full blow job as he lay on top of the large man and sucked his dick in return. A repeat of that action continued on for three more days as Logan began to awaken to the great feelings that he was discovering in his body.
    I asked about anal sex and Logan clouded as he ducked his head and told me that he thinks that he did it. I had to know more then. The uncle had been rimming the boy and had penetrated his rectum with his finger since the first day. Logan told me that it made him so horny that he wanted to fuck all day long. I know the feeling. Logan told me that his uncle had a huge dick, then he looked at me and giggled, "But not that big. That's a whopper."
    The uncle told him that he would help Logan so that it wouldn't hurt and then later he would be able to do as much as he wanted to. Thirteen year old kids don't have the life experiences to know when they are being lied too. All Logan had was his intense eagerness brought about by untamed hormones raging throughout his body. He allowed the man to give him two pills that made him feel really good.
    He said that he was bent over the kitchen table as the man 'ate my shit hole' when he heard his stepmother scream at her brother. He said that the two of them were shouting at each other and he ran to his room to find his clothes. He heard shouting then gunshots rang out and he ran back into the kitchen to see his mother and baby sister dead on the floor. He passed out. When he awakened he was in a strange room and hungry. A boy only thinks with a full belly so he ate the hamburgers and the warm soda that was offered then the sex began.
    In his drugged state he feared for his life. He was sure of what he had seen and knew that it wasn't a sick dream. He asked his uncle if he had killed his mother and was told that it was none of his business, but if he didn't turn his ass up that he was going to get killed. He began to cry and the uncle rose from his chair and made to swing at him. He was so drunk that he spun around and fell to the floor. Logan made a mad dash to the bathroom and locked the door behind himself.
    He said that he sat in the bathroom forever and when he didn't hear anything he opened the door and looked out. His uncle had crawled over to lay in front of the door and was sound asleep. Logan found his jeans, shoes, and tee shirt and slipped the on then sat cross legged on the bed as he prayed for God to help him to escape. He said that as soon as he finished his prayer his uncle turned over and he made a dash through the door to freedom.
    He had no idea where he was and the snow frightened him. He said that his uncle yelling behind him frightened him more. He glanced back at the man when he turned a corner and saw him go back inside, he was still naked. Logan said that he didn't see anybody and had no idea where he was so he just ran. He said that he was running down a steep hill through deep snow and lost his shoes along the way. He was cold and thought that he was at his end then he saw the cabin and hoped to find help.
    He knocked on the cabin door and when nobody answered he tried the latch and found the door unlocked. He dashed inside and found himself in a strange place, but he was too cold to worry about that. He saw some blankets and grabbed them to wrap about himself and sat in the corner and shivered and cried.
    He began to think that no one was going to return to the cabin. He said that the fireplace was stacked with wood and kindling and that there was a box of matches sitting on the hearth so he lit a fire then returned to the blankets. He said that it wasn't long before the fire started to really warm the place up when he heard me come in and he was really scared then.
    He said that he thought that I was a total wack when I stood talking to myself, but he said that the words that I was speaking made him feel safe. He said that when I knelt before him he felt like he had to grab me and hold on because he knew that God had sent me to protect him.
    I asked him if God would send somebody to get naked in front of him and suck his dick. He giggled and told me that he was sure that He had done that because here we were and we were going to suck each other some more. I helped him wash the few dishes that we had in water from snow that we melted over the fire. I know Andy and I knew that I was safe, but I always try to remember to yield to the side of caution and decided to conserve the water supply that was on hand.
    The advantage that Logan and I had over many that are cut off by avalanches is the GPS locator capsule in my groin. I also had my cell phone so the local law enforcement knew exactly where we were also. I knew that Andy would have a helicopter out for me at first light so I didn't worry for myself. My only care was to soothe the youngster that was in my company and if he wanted me to soothe him in the way that he had stated then so much the better.

    I held Logan throughout most of the night. I gave him relief when he seemed to need it and I allowed him to try his hand, er, uh, mouth, on me. He took to my saddle horn with a relish and asked about taking a ride on the pony. I didn't believe that under the circumstances that that would be the wisest thing to do, but I answered all of his questions for him with absolute truth and honesty.
    Cory told me to rise and shine and get pants on my young friend. He told me that the helicopter was about to lift off and it was on its way to rescue me. Logan had awakened a half hour earlier and he seemed frightened. I had to help him to relax and have faith. I told him that I was a Federal agent and that help would soon be arriving. He showed doubt to my words so I handed him my ID case with my badge and my ID card in it. He ran naked from the cabin after grabbing a blanket from his spot on the floor where I had found him when I had first entered the safe house.
    When Cory's call came in I was sitting on the blanket in front of Logan as he stared at my badge case with large tears running down his face. He looked up at me and tilted his head sideways. He told me that he heard someone talking. That surprised me. The soundbud makes very little audible sound and it would be difficult to hear anything said on it. I reasoned that it was the pure silence of the snow covered mountain that we sat upon. I could hear my heart beating so it would be possible for the boy to hear sounds from my headphone.
    I rose and held out my hand and led a loving boy back into the cabin and we helped each other to dress. We stacked the used bedding and garbage from our evening meal beside the front door and stepped outside to see a large FI gun ship approaching us from the valley below.
    Logan was unsure of the cable that was lowered to lift us from our mountain retreat so I tossed the nylon safety harness around both of us and told the crew to beam us up. Logan held on to me for dear life, but moments into our ascent he began to squeal with delight. The chopper was hovering about seventy feet above us to prevent a downdraft along the cliff face before the cabin causing turbulence that could create trouble for all of us. As quickly as our feet cleared the ground the chopper rose higher into the sky.
    The cable began to turn and we were able to take in a panoramic view that few, if any, have ever seen. Only the very front edge of the cabin could be seen. The back and the sides were buried in tons of snow. The mountainside was denuded and buried in a mountain of snow. I considered myself lucky to be alive. I held on to Logan as I thought how providence had directed our paths to each other. I had to acknowledge that I had created the situation that led to the avalanche, but that event directed my skis to slide into the life of another hapless boy.
    The local sheriff took the uncle into custody and notified the police in the man's hometown of Logan's story. The police were sent to the house and they discovered the grizzly crime scene as Logan described it. I put the wheels in motion to have Logan placed in my care and he is now a student at BAW.

    Cullen's television interview has created many opportunities around the globe for him to be able to gain the assistance that he seeks to restore his country to the greatness that it once held. The mountainous regions along the coast have deep valleys that are extremely fertile and produce fine crops of grapes, the table grape variety. There are a few vintners in the area, but the wines that they produce do not compete with the wines of Italy or France. The only hindrance to the area has been the lack of transportation to the world markets.
    The country has several deep sea ports that could support large ships of trade and Cullen set about to get his new trade council up and working to establish a favorite trade status for Munedavia. A key asset that Munedavia possesses is a very large forest with old growth hardwood trees that could be thinned to make way for new growth in the forest. Over growth can kill a forest very easily and controlled logging would be a boon to the economy. When the world was made aware of the possibility of attaining the wood orders came from everywhere.
    High quality furniture is a trademark of the country. Using the fine grained hardwood the craftsmen turn out exceptionally fine pieces of accent pieces, such dining room tables and chairs, hutches, side tables, and other accessory tables and chairs. er wants to enlarge his bungalow so that he can purchase a ten foot long dining table with eight chairs. I think that I hurt him when I suggested that he may wish to move into a house where he could have such furniture. The man loves where he is and he loves the family; that he proves daily with his extra fine cuisine that he helps Edward to prepare for those of us still living in the house and granite house.
    Produce is now shipped across the narrow Adriatic Sea to ports on Italy's east coast as well as being trucked southward into Greece. Italy was happy to export beef into the small country and Munedavia in turn exports wool from their mountain grown sheep as well as swine products. The extra fine fleece from the sheep is gaining the attention of garment makers across Europe.
    Italy has some of the finest sausage makers in the world and they were very happy to find a new source of well fed pigs for their production. Cullen doesn't need to know the reason that I suggested that a certain pig farmer in his mountainous regions be given a large contract for his livestock, it was just done on my advice. I am not a connoisseur of fine cheeses, but I know that the cheese produced from the goats milk is very good. Me? I like my old standard extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar; which I buy by the case, prepackaged and ready to eat, that's the way I like my cheese. Head cheese isn't too bad if the boy is mostly clean...and cute.
    Count Corvin had convinced the old king that he needed to build a navy of war ships capable of fending off the ruthless west that was plotting to overthrow him and his government and take his nation's resources. I learned that Voyageur Marin Deux© was the third ship that Seigy had confiscated.
    The first two ships had been sold to Hikmat Klein and had been refitted for service as cruise ships to the gay community traveling the southern Caribbean Sea. Sailing out of São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil every other week one of two ships makes a trip along the equatorial regions as things on board heat up between the men and boys aboard the ship. I had heard of the Island of Love, but I thought that the riverside city would not have a port deep enough for large ships to sail from. I was reminded of the shallow draft of the Voyageur Marin Deux©. I had wondered why a sea going ship had such a shallow draft and suddenly the reason was clear to me. The ship was never designed to go to sea as a warship. Seigy had commissioned the building of the ships to serve the purpose of the first two, ships full of sex slaves for the perverted of the world.
    The Captain of Voyageur Marin Deux© had told me that the ship was not sea worthy for sailing on the open waters of the Atlantic. That bit of information had really set me back on owning the large cash cow. I have tried to find a way to divest myself of the floating money pit to no avail. No one wants a four hundred and thirty foot ship that only has cabin space for six hundred passengers in double suites.
    The only sincere offer that I have received was from a group claiming to be merchants from Aden, Yemen. Somehow the hackles on the back of my neck stood up. I remember that Hassan was sent to live with his relatives there and we all know what kind of a man he turned out to be. My main thought was of the pirates that operated in that area and across the Gulf of Aden from the country of Somalia. There is no way that I could place a ship with two 2500 horse power oil fired turbine engines…capable of propelling the tri-hull ship to speeds of forty knots, faster than most navy or coast guard craft currently in service…in hands that may use it for illegal purposes

    I sat back and thought that I was going to have to learn to speak Português. I wonder if Cullen speaks the language, I'll bet that he does. I learned from Andy that Ted Gay speaks Português so I asked him to teach Timmy and Chrisy. Jamie got in my face and told me that he was going to learn the language as well. After his years in captivity he is fluent in Spanish and Ted had told him that the two languages are similar enough that he could pick up the basics easily.
    I fear taking the boy with us to a foreign country. He is tender of years, but he has life experiences that the rest of us will never have, or want
    I learned that Aladdin had purchased the ship that I have commissioned as Voyageur Marin Deux© to be used as a floating boy brothel in the Mediterranean area for rich patrons of boy love. The yacht was placed in dry dock for an inspection of the polymer composite, Kevlar coating the outer steel skin. After two years at sea there was no damage to the composite of any kind. The hull was closely examined for the tiniest cracks in the surface, but none were found. My partners and I were pleased to show our results to our large military purchasers. The results of our testing will go a long way in future sales of the stronger than steel armor plating material.

    I had a call from Tomas. He had a few things happening at BAB that needed my personal attention. Christmas was just around the corner and we had no plans for anything special. Our secret santa idea was pushed ahead and many of the new students happily participated in that effort. I was told that many times they had arisen early Christmas morning to a drunk parent and no presents under the tree, if they even had a tree. I want to give each and every boy in my charge a Christmas that he will always remember so I decided that Cullen was not the only one going to England for the holiday

    Some of the boys are afraid when they see the giant Travelaire Too© sitting inside of the large cavern at Base A. They look out of the cavern's mouth at the short runway that ends at the edge of a very tall cliff. Try as hard as we may some of the boys manage to scurry away and run out to the end of the runway to look down at the imposing rocks below. Of course they have to report what they see to the rest of the boys that then need to go see for themselves. The base commander threatened to lock the lot of them in a deep, dark hole in the wall far underground if they didn't get on the plane and take their seats. The boys had just made the twelve mile drive through the tunnel from their school and they believed that there could be such a hole so they obeyed. I want to draft him to help me keep the boys in line.
    My concern was the noise level that the giant sized engines on my big bird would create in the enclosed confines of the cavern. I know that all of the personnel that are stationed there have ear protection with them at all time, but still the noise level has to be daunting. I had had my concerns about the length of the runway until I recalled a conversation that I had with Andy one day just after the base was completed.

"A 747 should have at least a mile and a half of good concrete under it but there are many instances of much shorter runways being used safely. A good pilot can land in a mile. Heavily loaded he might need a mile and a half to get off. I can get off in much less distance. Excuse me.
    "We had level ground a quarter of a mile wide and two miles deep into our Arizona mountain. The thing was one massive rock and very little shoring was needed throughout. Mammoth structures were erected inside to support the roof on eighteen inch steel I beams of three quarter inch thick alloyed steel. Five hundred foot long bolts were driven up into the mountain from inside anchoring the I beams to the ceiling creating a span of five hundred feet. A six hundred foot tall opening was made a quarter of a mile back into the cavern where it slowly lowered to four hundred feet.
    "A mile and a half of three hundred foot wide runway was constructed outside the cavern with one and a quarter miles of the concrete covered with four inches of packed sand. Some concoction of one of daddy's engineering friends. He told us that it would break up into chunks rather than grains if great weight were put on it. The idea was to not have loose sand that would cause the plane to slide and it should not blow away but hide the extra pavement from the air. Most of Arizona is government land so it was not unusual for signs to appear forbidding trespassers around our complex.
    "The concrete runway was colored and the edges treated so no sharp lines appeared. Landings had to be by instrument until almost on the ground. Sight landings would be hazardous as there was really nothing to sight on until a plane was on the ground and could see into the swiftly arriving cavern ahead. All of the electronics were buried and even the lights were disguised. The lights were only turned on when a plane was on final approach as a courtesy to a very nervous flight crew. After a few landings the pilots asked that the lights not be used to prevent their accidental sighting by unauthorized persons in the area.
    "Camouflaged tarps were lowered over much of the cavern mouth making it more difficult to see. The nearest access by land was at the end of the runway at the top of a fifty foot climb full of electronic sensors to detect intruders. A person could get up on the mountainside across the river, some seven miles away. High powered lenses could be used to snoop us out. We took some very hard looks at the lessons learned at the so called Area 51, which of course does not exist.
    "With all that we have put into this base I feel it is the most secure place on earth. No one, or thing larger than a tit-mouse can get within five miles of us without our knowing it and what we have in our own private satellite makes crispy critters out of them in an instant. Not even ashes are left. We had to play so we found some old derelict cars over the edge of a cliff within our range. There are not even melted remains. This puppy is hot. I better shut up."

     I get concerned about Andy sometimes. He talks to me about things that should be kept most secret, but I worry about someone over hearing our conversation. Andy has the best security systems in the world built around wherever he is and I feel confident that there is little chance of a spy listening in. There is always the off chance that he will say something in front of the boys that could get his ass in a sling. That would not be a bad idea. I have seen some of those slings used in weird sex play and Andy might look good all trussed up and open for play.

    We finally got the boys aboard the plane and left for merry old England to spend Christmas in a whole new way. We will only speculate what the boys will come up with for boxing day.

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