Chapter Fifty one


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Howard P. Hildebrand was still a profiler, He strutted around the front of the courtroom with his gleaming smile and his cut figure on display before the court. He was painting a picture of a seriously deranged young teenager, "that had been a bane to his family with his continued latent homosexuality showing in his every deed and now this. He acted out his deviancy by brutally attacking and raping a tiny little boy, hardly half the size of himself. Everett Rothsfeld had acted out of rage and indignation at the act that this monster had perpetrated on a helpless victim."
    "Objection!" Mr. cheap suit was acting for the prosecutor's office in this case. Very interesting. "We are not here to try the son. The defense's remarks concerning the character of a third party are inadmissable. We are here to hear the defendant's plea and nothing more."
    "Overruled. The deviant behavior of the son is the crux of this case. The boy is known to hang around that school full of fags." the Judge shouted from the bench.
    "Objection! I move for a mistrial."
    "I'll mistrial…" The court room was disturbed by the extraordinarily loud noise of someone clearing his throat. All eyes turned toward me as I stood by the door of the court room. My presence seemed to have a strange effect on the courtroom.
    "This isn't a trial. This is…I will take this under advisem…" The Judge looked at me. "I will need a recess to look into…" Another small cough. "I declare a mistrial…I recuse myself in the case of the State of New York vs. Everett Rothsfeld. Let it be for the record that I hereby resign my position as Judge for the Superior Court of…oh fuck it, you know what to put in there." He banged his gavel down and hurriedly left the bench for a side door.
    "Point of order. This is not a trail. You can't declare a mistrial. This is a plea hearing." Cheap suit was about to have his first coronary at a very young age. I was following the judge. Howard Hildebrand held out his hand to me. We had crossed paths before, I laid an envelope in the proffered hand and went through the door marked private. The Bailiff called after me to stop, but I knew this judge and I had to continue on. Two Bailiffs ran toward the door.
    I continued straight across the hallway to the Judge's private chambers. Without a moments hesitation I kicked the door open and rushed on inside. The Judge stood with a gun in his hand. He pointed the gun at his head as I grabbed his arm and wrested the gun from the man's hand. Without a word I passed the gun behind me to the nearest Bailiff. The Judge melted into tears on my shoulder. "Chris why did you have to walk in right then?" He was crying as I led him to his chair to sit down.
    The door was shut as the two bailiffs withdrew. We talked a little about our old times together at Charley's parties. He and a few others in the courtroom across the hall had been in New York back in July. I laughed with him about his reaction to tiny Christopher, the mighty midget with the giant widget, as he was calling himself now. He laughed at that. I wanted to know why he had made these remarks from the bench in open court. There was big money behind this case. BIG MONEY. A conviction could bring demise to Bradford's Academy For Gay Boys. There was enough momentum gathering that it was only going to be a matter of time. Forewarned is forearmed. I had more on my plate.
    I went back to the courtroom, Everett Rothsfeld was as white as a sheet. The business giant had tears rolling down his face. Hildebrand was doing his best to strike a bargain with the prosecutor for a plea of guilty. The prosecutor told his opposition that the decision was not his, but to put it in writing and to submit it to the State's Prosecutor's office where a decision would be made. With that he and his assistants left the courtroom.
    I quietly moved the contents of the envelope so that they were covered by other papers on Hildebrand's desk. I had to smile when I saw a teenage Hildebrand and the Judge in a very interesting position. Seems our attorney is a bottom boy himself. There were several pictures of him as top for Everett Rothsfeld. The two old high school butt buddies were still at it and someone had some interesting photographs taken in some very interesting locations.
    Howie walked over to me with a look of total defeat on his face. Just for fun I took a photograph out of my pocket showing him and his client, Everett, as college age students doing some pretty unnatural things to me, both of them at the same time. I was a very young looking teenager in the picture. "That was a hell of a night, wasn't it?" He said.
    "This boy and this school are not your ticket to fame, Howie. I will bury you so deep that you will only have vague memories of what daylight looked like."
    "We're asking for a plea deal."
    "No." I looked Everett full in the eye. "You weigh one hundred and eighty five, ninety pounds. Your son is probably about one thirty. He was unconscious. You jumped up and down on him like he was a bag of shit. You will do the full dime, first degree assault. I will not ask for the charge to be aggravated. You will receive five to seven years, which you will serve. I will watch you and keep you safe, but I will not allow any father to treat his own son as you have done. And after our history…Everett, I want to beat the holy fuck out of you so fucking bad. I hate your bigoted guts."
    "Chris, I…"
    "Save your breath. Oh, while I'm at it, get out your pad Howie. I want this man to fully relinquish and sever his parental rights to Franklin Rothsfeld. I want consent to full adoption of the boy, immediately. I will be taking the boy out of the country to attend the coronation of my sister's son, His Royal Highness, Prince Cullen Muneday." Eyes widened at that statement. They knew Cullen's name and if I was related…I had them where I wanted, no, needed them. "From there Franklin will abode with me in any of my several homes around the world where he will attend school on a regular basis and then go on to attend the higher school of his choice.
    "I hold mortgages on your entire estate, including most of your investments. I will keep those properties intact until I see how you wish to settle your estate in the event of your demise. I would like to see a copy of his will ASAP, Howie. While we're on the subject, Howie, you're two months late on your mortgage."
    "The fee from this case was going to cover that, I am up to my ass."
    "A sweet ass it is, as I remember. I'll see if the paper work can get lost for a few weeks." I don't like bribery. Howie had always been a straight shooter, but I know that he is trying to break away from Everett. The man is a money pit and Howie can no longer afford him. The best thing that can happen to Howie right now is for his client-lover to go to jail. It's sad, but the man has stepped where he should not have trod. I was really glad later when I found out how deeply Howie was involved. Had I known in that court room what I know now I would probably be in jail myself by now. For now I have to get the rest of this coalition knocked down and I know how to find out who the principals are.

    I sent a helicopter to Albany to pick up Brad and Jayson. I called Andy to bring JB to a secure location. Gerald and Luke were pulled away from the boys. By eleven thirty we had the entire board of directors in a very secure location. I spelled out the situation then had the entire board don masks and sit in chairs high up on the sides of a theater style lecture room. The floor was five rows down from our assemblage, about four feet below us. The lights were brought down to almost total darkness. The board members were joined by Carl, Andy, and two other friends, all wearing masks A spotlight shone on a single chair in the center of the room.
    One by one, men and women were brought in to sit in the chair and answer questions. In most cases scenes were shown on the wall sized screen in front of the room so those in the chair could see the events as they were shown. More questions were asked. A little after one o'clock the lights came up. The only ones left in the room were the board members. We adjourned for lunch.
    Our enemy was known. Our course of action recognized. We now had the upper hand. My phone rang. My spy at the county court house informed me that Everett Rothsfeld had appeared before another judge and that he had entered a plea of guilty to the charge of assault and battery. He had plead guilty to the charge of felonious assault on a minor, a B class felony. He had pled guilty to first degree child abuse, with serious injury, a B class felony. He had plead guilty on a charge of attempted first degree murder, a A class felony. He was facing a total of thirty nine years. He could get the sentences stacked to run concurrently and face twenty. I thanked my source and returned to my lunch.

    My day was shot. I had a special treat for my boys and I had blown it taking care of business that would not affect them directly in any way. I asked Brad for permission to use his pier. I didn't have to ask, but he was there and I wanted to make the boy feel as special as I think he is. We stepped out of the building to the smiling faces of twenty two very special people lined up beside a bus with blacked out windows. I told all of my ignored and mistreated urchins to mount up.
    The ride lasted, but only a few minutes. The boys could see the lake and the school from inside the bus, but they could not be seen from outside. I had already told them to leave their clothes on their bus seat. As we stopped I had all of the boys gather around and sit on the grass facing me. I motioned at the house. Six boys came out from inside to face the boys on the ground.
    Some of the boys knew Eric, he took a seat on the grass as his fanny was patted by every boy nearby.
    A quick version of the Minor boys' story was the introduction. I introduced Jace as our guest for the day and then gave a very brief version of Frank's situation and the reason for his serious looking bruises. A chair was pulled up for him to sit on with Jace hugging at his legs.
    Standing before the family was Mike. Not a word was said as every eye bored through the trembling boy. "You asked to speak."
    Mike was shaking so hard he could hardly stand. "Some of you don't know me, my name is %f—Magi (mah gee). In English that is Mike. I made a big mistake and I am so sorry. I had the best thing in the world offered to me and I blew it because my stepdad is more greedier than me. That is no excuse. I did not have to do what I did." The tears were real. His words were from his heart. "Pete, I have to tell you how sorry I am. I tried to take from you something that is so good. I know it will take time, but I have grown up a lot during this past month and I will do whatever I can to show you that I am not the same bastard that you met in Oklahoma. I hope that someday you can forgive me. That is important to me, but I know that I must earn that forgiveness from each of you. That's all I had to say."
    I walked over and picked Mike up and held him close to me. I let him put his head on my shoulder as he softly wept. Cory and Cullen brought a bench over. I sat down and looked at Mike. "Mike, you have a serious problem. You were born a man child. You have been thrust into a world where you are expected to grow up to be an individual. You have no instructions. You model yourself after those around you and try to do those things that are pleasing to them. You don't always have the right kinds of people around you to model after.
    "The mark of a man is best noted by how he conducts himself in times of error. Mike, everyone of us here has made serious errors in our lives. A man says, 'I have made a mistake. I have learned from my mistake and I am going to move on and not make this same mistake again.' You have taken that step into manhood today. I accept your apology. Pete?"
    Pete came forward and got down on his knee to look Mike in the eye, "I accept your apology. I will plan to forgive you in a little while. I am going to have to watch you and see how your are with my family before I go out on a limb here. I think the best thing for you to do is to take your place back amongst these boys that I love with all of my heart, and show us what kind of person you really are. Dad can Mike come to stay with us as a brother?"
    "Ask them. No, Mike, you ask them."
    "Can I come live with you guys? I'll be the best brother you ever had?" qW, Gowi—Cory walked up and began to speek in the Tsalagi language to the boy. Mike and Cory were so much on the same page and the smiles on their faces told everyone that even though we didn't understand the Cherokee tongue they were speaking as brother's, in love. Mike jumped up and hugged Cory to him. I had to sit and marvel at the two. They look so much alike that they appear to be natural brother's.
    I pointed at the lake. I saw the second most beautiful sight in the world. Thirty naked boys' butts running to the lake. The best sight is to see them running toward me with everything they have swinging along as they go. The boys splashed and frolicked in the cool waters of the lake. It was already late September, but the weather had held. This was the right place to have an Indian Summer.
    Two vans pulled up to the back of the cabin. Pete ran over and donned his shorts and shoes that I had told him to bring along. He ran into the house. Some thirty minutes later he was back and he was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him if all of the food was stored away. He told me that it was, but he had something else to say. The two vans had been driven by an older man and a boy about nineteen or twenty. The younger boy looked as if he may be the son of the elder.
    The two drivers carried in boxes of fresh produce along with breads and other grocery items for our dinner and breakfast. The boy kept looking out at all of us diving and swimming about. Pete saw a tent pole. He looked at the boy as he came in and the old man went out. "Nice, huh?"
    "Oh yeah." The way he said it told Pete what he wanted to know. "I've seen some of them kissing and playing with each other. That kid on the dock is getting sucked off by the kid in the water. Are they all gay?" With that the kid turned to Pete, "Are you gay."
    Pete said he gently groped the boy's very erect cock and asked him if he wanted to hang around awhile. The boy's eyes were as wide as saucers, but his head was nodding up and down. The boy ran out for another load as the old man came in then he was back again. He grabbed Pete and felt him up as Pete kissed him. The kid creamed himself as his father came in with the last load.
    I asked Pete if he tipped them. He told me that he put fifteen percent on the credit card and gave the boy a fifty and another squeeze through his cum soaked jeans. We both laughed. I told Pete that if the kid showed up tonight he would have to stretch the boy out on the breakfast bar and do him for all of us to see. Pete blushed. He knows that I do that to all of the boys and he likes to watch me, but Pete is a little reserved. He won't even mess around with anyone outside of the house and only with those in the family when I am around.
    The sun dipped just below the tops of the trees casting long shadow across the lake. Instantly the air seemed cold. Shivering boys were climbing out of the water and making a dash for the warmth of the cabin. They danced around outside to dry themselves before entering as none of us had towels or any item of clothing save for Pete's small shorts.
    Cas walked up out of the water on to the slow slanting banks in the family swimming area. He was carrying a very exhausted looking Frank in his strong football player's arms. Jace was right up beside them as he talked softly to his young love. Jay came running from the house with a blanket that I had seen laid across the back of one of the sofas. He threw it over Frank and he and Jace made sure the boy was wrapped tight and warm. This concerned me greatly because it could very well affect my next action with these boys.
    Once inside Frank seemed alright. I walked over to him and sat down in a chair as I watched Jace mother him by checking his head for a fever. Frank seemed fine. He had taken a chill in the cool waters. He probably shouldn't have been in the water this soon after his injury, but I was taking no chances. I watched him closely as the cooking crew cried out in glee at the food just delivered. Gerald promised us a meal to remember as he busied his helpers. Jerry loves to work in the kitchen and so do Trevor and Alec. The boys worked as a team, cleaning, slicing, and dicing the fresh vegies.
    The rest of the boys gathered in small groups about the lower section of the house and entertained themselves in various ways. Brad fired up the fifty inch plasma TV and found a hot soccer match from Brazil that grabbed the attention of most of the older boys. A card game had found the attention of Christopher, Jan, Art, and Jim. I guess that boys can find pleasure at their leisure. I was relieved because at this point the pressures were really starting to tell on me. Pete saw this and he hovered near me. 'My little mommy,' I thought. Bless Cory, he does come up with a good one. He and the royal dyke were engrossed in a blistering game of foosball. Pete comes up with some good ones too.
    Eric and Kenney had found their own entertainment at one of the small kiddie tables in the family room. They had asked Brad for more paper several times. Both of them were bent over with their pencils doing double time across the paper. I had to see so I wondered over in that direction. You have to admit that boys are cute, at any age. My tiniest and youngest were hard a work on an idea where they could earn extra money on their own.
    They proudly held up the posters and flyers they were making. They would call them selves HANDICOCK. Their idea was to go to where old men were, parks, nursing homes, wherever, and give the old men a hand job, for a fee. For a larger fee they would whip up a personal high protein shake, hand made to order, while the customer watched. I had to give them credit for their ingenuity and imagination. The older boys, that had seen and heard the little ones, quietly giggled to themselves. I think some of them would be more than willing to be customers for the little guys, just for fun.
    A cup of hot coffee was placed in my hands. I grabbed its deliverer and gave him a toe jam searching kiss. Alec backed up and giggled at me, "Would sir like cream with that?" I was about to take him up on it when my cell phone started playing Pretty Woman.
    Christopher jumped up and ran around the room looking for the phone which was playing his grandmother's special ring tone. Everyone was pointing to where the sound was coming from. Christopher finally zeroed in on it and grabbed it up. "Fags-R-Us" he said. I fell apart. I ran for the phone as he laughed his ass off. He was getting the latest report on his and Jim's grandmothers.
    Christopher coyly handed me the phone when he had spoken his piece. I said hello to Betty and took my coffee to a quiet corner to sit down and get a report on my world traveling girls. They had spent the entire three months having the most fun they had ever had in their lives. They had seen the sights of Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin, London and the best sight of all, home. She was sure that they would have to add on to the house to store everything they had purchased and shipped home. Most of the items were not due to start arriving for two more weeks. She said that the two of them needed the time to find places for all of it. I had to laugh at her. She is so full of life.
    Her next statement shook me to the core. I looked up at Jim standing there. We made eye contact. His whole body sagged. He climbed up in my lap and curled himself around to rest his head on my shoulder. I continued to listen as Betty told me how weak Eva had become and how the least of tasks tired her. She was in bed and had taken a sedative so Jim couldn't talk to her, but I had Betty promise him that she would call him in the morning. The boy was upset, but he agreed.
    I told Betty that I wanted her to get hold of a young doctor friend of mine by the name of Will Hamm. I told her that Will is a young and upcoming doctor specializing in nuclear internal medicine. I told her that I had known Will for over twenty years and I would trust him with my mother's life. She took the number and told me she would call when Eva was not around. Eva kept telling her that she was sick, but she would not consider going to a doctor. Jim could hear Betty, I felt him squeeze me. He knew something about this. I said good night to Betty and disconnected.
    Jim and I sat with my arms around him for a little while. Later I saw Alec look my way and I nodded at my coffee cup. He came over with the coffee pot, stroking his cock as he came. I giggled at him and told him no. "I'll take care of that for him," Jim spoke. I had thought he was asleep. "She has cancer, you know." I didn't know. I had seen some signs, but I can't interfere.
    "She tells me all of the time that she has cancer in every part of her body. She saw some doctor in Florida. He had told her that she had cancer of the lymph system and that it would spread throughout her system if left untreated." I was aghast. That had been at least a year ago and the woman had not sought help. A wave of emotion swept through my body as I thought about this quiet, gentle woman who loved her grandson so much that she gave him to a faggot boy lover with her blessings. Jim and I hugged each other, tightly. I asked him what he wanted to do for now. His answer was exactly what I wanted to hear. "I want to spend the night in your arms and feel your love for me. I need to feel love, daddy. May I call you daddy? I love you, you know." Yes, I did know.
    No one knew what was being said or what was going on in our corner of the room. Pete looked at me several times and smiled. He had no problem with me holding my boys. Gerald called the boys to come and eat. He waved at me to sit still. Trevor and Alec brought two TV trays over with plates piled high with fried foods. I looked at the plate and then at Gerald. The boy is a master chef and I need to help him capitalize on his talents.
    He had prepared fried mozzarella cheese balls, fried jalapenos peppers, and fried mushrooms. A very special recipe that he sprung on us was a great hit. He made up a spicy tofu ball rolled in a nut batter and lightly browned in olive oil. He had a side salad that included half of the forest outside along with one of his special dipping sauces. The cheese was real dairy, but everything else on the plate was pure vegetable. He had fried the foods in a special light virgin olive oil that he told me he could only get in this part of the country. I told him that he could have all of it that he wanted. He showed me the can. It only came in five gallon containers. Maybe we could put him in the business of repackaging. Why am I so interested in putting this boy to work? He is only nineteen, buff, and hung. I need to keep his sweet ass around for a few more years. The fact that he can cook, and loves it, is a plus, for sure. But I want him and Luke to just be kids and love each other. Lord knows they deserve it after the hard life they have lived for the past two years.
    Bellies full, the boys began to fall onto the furniture or floor or wherever they could find to flop near me. I was glad because I had a lot to talk about to them. I asked Pete to bring me the large box he had carried in for me earlier. Jim slid down out of my lap to curl up with Jan. Jan had a flesh appendage waving at us that needed Jim's special attention. I kept one eye on their progress as I sorted through the box.
    I had Cory help Pete to pass out each boy's passport to him. All eyes were wide as every boy in the house looked at his own picture inside a Untied States Passport. Toby and Kenny were amazed that there was even one for them. Frank had tears in his eyes as he looked up at me. "Thanks, dad," he said and the sentiment went around the room.
    "Boys, I want you to have a chance to look at these, but I will need to hold onto them. Let me tell you the game plan. The bus drivers will be back for the buses outside tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. You will all be on the bus. I would like to ask you to help Eric, Frank, Kenny, and Toby load their things on the bus.
    "Jace, I really wish that you could go along with us, but I could not get permission from your parents. I do have a special job for you and for Tony, however; if you want it of course. There are two more boys that are going to join our family. They are both in the hospital at this time recovering from overzealous anal intercourse." Frank cried out, I had expected it and had Cory and Pete on each side of him. "Frank it is okay. We all make mistakes and Branden loves you."
    "Branden is going to come to live with us?" Frank inquired.
    "Yes he is. His family is just like the rest of you boys. They won't have him back. When he was a victim they were right there with him, but when he told them that he wanted you to fuck the shit out of him his mother walked out of his hospital room and has not been back to see him. She packed all of his things. I went to see Branden's parents. I found out that they were trying to decide what to do with him. They wanted to see if they could get him into this school. As Jace can tell you, he could attend through the school year, but in order to live here year round he would have to be placed here by the courts.
    "They have stated that they have no desire to ever have him back in their home as long as he thinks of himself as a faggot. I offered him shelter for a cooling off period for them and they have readily accepted my offer. However he is not well enough to make this trip at this time. He and Kyle both need a few more weeks to recover. My plans at this time, and I stress, at this time, because they could change. I hope to be able to have the boys join us before we leave Cullen's family estate for our trip on over to the mainland.
    "Jace, I have not given up on you. I am still in negotiations with your father and I think that he will come around, but no promises, okay?" He nodded his head. "In the meantime I have two boys who will need help getting up and down for a few more days. They need to get their strength up. They can not walk to the mess hall for meals or get around very well. They will be staying in my apartment in the school's administration building. If you and Tony would like the job I would like to ask you to help these boys as they recover." Both boys eagerly agreed.
    I took Tony aside later. I asked him his true feelings about JB. He assured me that the man was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that he loved him dearly. I told him that I wanted him to stay there and take care of my friend, JB, but that he could come to the coronation, if he wanted. He really liked that idea. I told him that I would have him accompany the two underage children, Kyle and Branden, on their overseas flight around the end of October. He gave me a big hard hug which left me with a big hard…That boy is such a hunk, I would love to have a few of his muscles. He was not big and grotesque like a body builder. He had the body of a nice well rounded male like I believe our Creator intended for all of us to have.
    Pete had been whispering in Jim's ear and the boy's head looked like a bobble doll. I know when I am being set up. It was getting late and the boys were making their pairings for the night. Only my true couples left together. Trevor was trying his best to carry a giggling Alec up the stairs. Jerry and Tim were locked in a deep embrace at the door to their room. From where I stood the sword fight in the middle of their bodies appeared to be deadly. Oh what I wouldn't give to swallow those two weapons. Luke was helping Gerald wipe down the kitchen between wiping the inside of each other's faces with their tongues.
    The boys seemed to have found a friend for the night and the house was getting quiet. Pete came up to me and gave me and really great good night kiss. Toby had asked him if they could be alone so that he could really learn what he thought he liked and maybe learn some more. Pete has the dumbest excuses when he is trying to get me to take care of a boy that needs special attention. Jim had a load of trouble for a fifteen year old kid. He had lost his dad in a senseless murder. His step mother married a child molester who tried to hurt the boy then abandoned him in the middle of nowhere. The only thing he had of his old life was Eva, and how long would she be with us? I turned off the lights and slipped into my room to be greeted by a very anxious boy.

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