Chapter 166


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Paul took up a position on top of me as soon as my head hit the pillow. The boy has a very firm body, there are signs of neglect from his years on the street and bad food, but his health has been improving in the two and a half months that he has been with the family. I watched him as he ran around the fields of BAF kicking a soccer ball, the boy has good eye-toe coordination. I could feel his musculature, it felt as good as it looked on him.
    His very proud member was sliding against mine as he stared deep into my eyes. I never let my fingers stop their walk around his back and upper butt, I never went near his crack or deeper into him than I felt that he was comfortable with.
    "I want you to know something." His blue eyes were locked on me. "I have never felt this good since my mother died. She used to hold me and rub her hand on my back and talk softly to me, I miss that. Phil and I held each other after she died, but we were crying a lot, then dad…We cried a lot after he started that stuff with us. I miss Phil so very much."
    I know when to be quiet; the boy had to let go of years of hurt that had been building. I don't know how much he had told Richard and I didn't care, he was talking and I was listening. "I wasn't too sure about you and this school, but I knew that I was tired of hiding and worrying that my old man would find me again. He killed Phil and I saw the look on his face; I never saw nobody look like that."
    I wanted to stop him, but his eyes were dry and he maintained his deep stare. "I find it hard to believe that there is anybody in the world like you. When I went to that book store I was sure that there was going to be a catch. You put us in that police truck and all of us were scared to death. We knew that we were going to jail somewhere, but when the doors opened and we were back at that place where Warren had taken me before I began to relax.
    "I had not had a long, hot shower in months. I had not had a shower and clean clothes at the same time since I had run away from home; then the food started to come… Everyday was better as we had fresh clothes, hot showers, shampoo for our hair, hot meals, that were good. Each time you came around all of us wanted to get close to you. I…uh…" he turned to look at Richard. "I wanted to have sex with you. All of the guys talked and all of them told us that they would suck your cock on main street and that you could fuck them anytime.
    "I have not had sex since I ran away. Richard loves to do me, but I don't do him, well maybe a hand job or something, but no sex. He loves to suck me and he likes to sleep with my cock in his mouth. I don't mind, but I can't do that for him. I keep hoping that he will find a boyfriend that will give him what he wants. I see him with all of the other boys and he likes to get fucked, but I can't watch that without getting all sick and everything because I used to watch my dad do Phil and he watched dad do me.
    "I guess that what I am saying is that I want sex with you, now. All of it, all of the way."
    "What do you think of Richard?"
    "He is a great guy that will do anything that I ask of him…"
    "What do you think of Richard?" Paul is afraid to admit what is very clear to me and I wanted to hear him say it. He looked at his friend and I felt him reach over and grab Richard's hand. I let them stare at each other.
    A tear formed in his eye and I felt his heart beating against my chest. "I love the guy. I mean, what is not to love? He is the most loyal…he won't put me down or yell at me, even when I yell at him. I have tried to drive him away, but for nearly three years he stays with me, no matter what. I think that he loves me and I am not worth loving." There it was; I had gotten it out of him. Now it was time to show him what real love feels like.
    My time table took a reversal as the air grew green. "Hehehe, sorry 'bout that."
    "Go clean yourself out, thoroughly, use the hose and clean yourself deep afterwards."
    "Why do the guys use a hose up their ass, dad?" He had seen the other guys use the hose or a bidet on our trip, but he didn't catch on so I explained it too him. I ran my finger through his crack and stopped to feel around his ass hole, he pressed into me and moaned softly. He was ready for sex, but when I placed my finger near his nose he understood what the hose was good for. I suggested that we all take a shower.
    Richard was turning on the water and was letting the hose wash his crack. I took the hose from him and pushed it up inside of him. I had Paul get close enough to see then I directed Richard to the crapper on the wall. Paul fanned his hand in front of his face as I told him that Richard had just taken a dump. He grinned at me and ran over to the toilet, he did have the decency to turn on the exhaust fan.

    Cory took the little ones to school each morning, but he had made arrangements with Tyler to pick them up and return them to the house in the afternoon. I wondered about it, Cory is usually right there to do whatever he can for the munchkins, but he was not even getting back home until after dark, and sometimes he smelled as if he had been wallowing in shit. Cory is of age, he is a married man with a baby and another baby on the way, I do not have any right telling him what he should do. I don't, I just hold him close and share every moment that we have each night. I know that something is up because he wants it to be just the two of us in bed and does not take time to play around.

    I had other boys that I needed to worry about and I remembered one very special young man and events that had taken place on a trip into Germany. I took Jimmy off for a little bonding time, but I had something more for the boy.
    Jimmy sat down on the floor at βφτ house and hugged an ancient camera to his breast. "This is a four by five Speed Graphic. At one time every newspaper photographer carried one of these, it was the standard equipment of most press photographers. The old four inch by five inch film sheets were loaded behind the bellows then the camera had to be held very steady because the focal plain shutter was so slow. It had the nick name of "Just one more" because everyone wanted to be sure that they got the right shot." I had my history lesson for the day and I had a very happy boy.

    I recalled a conversation with my little genius, "Jimmy I grew up with computers. When I was a baby the computer came into the home. My dad was enthralled with the technology. I learned to speak computer before I could ask for more ice cream. I studied computer science out of my innate thirst for knowledge. I could very well as carried computer science as a second major in college. I can program is nine languages. I have taught you C++ visual. You know HTML, JAVA, and my favorite, assembly language. Like me, you can code at the very bottom of the stack and write bullet proof commands that hackers will spend the rest of their life trying to break."
    "Jim, Andy and I watch you. He is very interested in you. He feels that you could be a very strong asset to our company and I concur. You have finished high school and are trying to think of a course of study for college. Andy and I would like to ask you to consider computer science. You are so far ahead of most of the people you will meet and I feel that a formal class type study, with like minded people as yourself, will only make you stronger."

    "Would I learn about the FOSSEC?" That had my attention.
    "What is that, Jimmy?"
    "Daaaddd." Well, he has his hands on nearly everything that I do, I guess that I should not have been surprised. I told him to pickup the cameras so that we could go. He looked at them and I had to make myself clear, "Jimmy, the cameras are yours, gather them up and let's go now." He was off of the floor and wrapped around me in an instant. I really believe that next to Cory Jimmy is my favorite with Chrisy being right in there with them. I love my blood, RD, Roddy, and Cullen but. Jimmy is a very special boy in my life, one that I will do almost anything for.
    Andy was listening in to our conversation and he was wanting to know what was going on so I had to guide the conversation in a natural manner. "Where did you hear that word, FOSSEC, Jim?"
    "Dad, don't play me, I am no fool, hi uncle Andy." He is no fool, he is just too smart for his britches. I put Andy on the car's system.
    "Do we have a spy there Chris? I have a few people that can take care of him."
    "All I need to do is to take him to bed for an evening and he will be okay. I think that we need to move our time frame up a bit so we are on our way to you."
    "My house is empty today, Kyle's at your place working on his class schedule for college." Most of the boys were looking over their curriculum and trying to decide which courses they could fit into their schedules for the fall term. We still had a few weeks before they would graduate high school, but why wait?
    "Alright, so I sorta know what the FOSSEC is, but I don't understand how it works." Andy and I looked at each other.
    "Do you know what the FOSSEC is, Jimmy, or do you know about the encryption chip?"
    "What's the difference?"
    "Five hundred CPUs operating at 32 THZ, as opposed to your Quad four duo working at a cold molasses speed of 236MHZ." Jimmy's eyes were as wide open as his mouth.
    "Jimmy, I love you and I allow you a lot of latitude, but today you opened your mouth about something that you know nothing about. We were alone and in a place where if we had been overheard we would have been safe, but son, you still frightened me. What you said can get you killed by people who want to know anything about our business."
    "Jim, Chris and I have a great appreciation of your skills and your abilities. We want to nurture you and see how far you can go. I think that you can be trusted to know a little about the chip whose name you bandied about."
    Of course Andy nodded at me, why can't he ever talk up his own work? "When Andy was an eighteen year old boy he developed the mainstay of Foss International, a five hundred and twelve bit encryption chip that when piggy backed onto a computer's Central Processing Unit could encode data at the machine's operating speeds and send it over regular transmissions systems to a similar chip to decode at the same speed. No more code books, no extra people, just enter data and in an instant the receiving party had it in their hand. Interception was useless because the receiver had to have the identical chip in their system."
    I thought that sufficient, Andy apparently didn't. "So your dad spotted a problem and had me add a MAP randomizer to the chip so that it would change codes eight hundred times a second."
    "Nuh uh, that would be like…can you do that?"
    "Yes, but it slowed things down so Andy got his ass in gear and developed a single chip that is faster than two super computers tied together and smaller than your little security box that destroys flash cards."
    "You remember my box?" Jimmy excitedly asked, Andy reached into his desk and set one out for Jimmy to see.
    "I have one in my desk, son and Andy has them on all of the aircraft. All work on the aircraft is saved to flash cards or USB flash drives, your box is part of the security in every FI office around the world. Every time a box is sold you get a royalty check deposited to your bank account."
    "Is that all of those twenty five dollar deposits?"
    "Yes, it isn't much, but that is ten percent of what the box is selling for."
    "Wow, can I patent it?"
    "You already did, two years ago." His eyes were getting so large that I was expecting to see them swallow his head.
    "So, I don't understand. I have watched Rocky work codes, but I don't see them. I mean he takes one look at a page of mixed up letters and tells a whole story, but how do you work a code in a computer without a code book or something."
    "Let's go to basics, okay. Do you know your binary alphabet?"
    "I mean like I know some of it, but I have to have a chart. I know that everything in a computer is either on or off. Everything that a computer does it is instructed to do by either giving it a voltage signal or no signal at all."
    "Okay, that is represnted to ones and zeros."
    "Yeah, a one is voltage and a zero is nothing. The computer works with eight bits to make up every number or word. Like the letter A is 01000001, a lower case a is 01100001. Like that?"
    "Like that. One letter is made up of eight bits which make one byte and a string of bytes make a word. Do you know your name in binary?" Andy was typing away and on his wide array came up the string:
    "That says Jimmy Watkins." He was leaning forward in his seat and pointing as he counted.
    "There's one extra byte there."
    "There is a space between Jimmy and Watkins, the computer has to be told to put that in. The space is made up of the byte, 00100000, that is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 32. You mentioned the way Rocky works, the FOSSEC is like that; it works with the whole page at one time. Most computers that you are familiar with takes a piece of a problem and works on it in one place and as a memory address is cleared it sticks another piece of the puzzle in there to be worked on.
    "Rocky has the kind of a mind that can look at the whole problem at one time, that is what the FOSSEC was developed to do. During the last century a company invented a room size computer that could do a similar job, but they ran into the same problem that we had, software. Both that company and Andy had a computer that an operator could not talk too."
    "That is what uncle Ryan does, he is a whiz kid when it comes to writing software code and he is teaching me." Andy and I exchanged a glance, Ryan Miller's work for us is super secret. It was time to switch directions.
    "Now let's talk for a minute about the randomizer. The encryption is super secret and when you go to work for us you will learn a little about that, but even I do not want to know too much about that part of the system. The randomizer is simple to explain. A series of processors plucks out parts of each byte, at random, and sticks them somewhere else, this is done eight hundred times a second. If anyone looks at the output all they would see is a conglomeration of meaningless ones and zeros.
    "Piggy backed onto the encryption chip is this randomizer along with a few "Modular Arithmetic Processors" or MAP for short. When the main CPU wants to perform a function it calls the MAP processor to give it some input and expects some output in return. By altering the paths of these MAP a mechanical function can be controlled electronically.
    "Our current chip takes the random bits out of each byte and puts them somewhere else in the data stream eight hundred times a second then puts them all back together again at the receiving end. We can not send a message to two machines at one time, we tried that once, but it opens us to a weak spot in our architecture so all messages are sent to one machine at a time, no spaming in this game."
    "Fuck, I knew that you were smart, daddy, and you too uncle Andy, but this is just so…so Wow."
    "So how about it, do you want to study to work with us?"
    "Do I? heck yes."
    I knew the answer to my next question, but I wanted to know how Jimmy saw himself. "What do you want to do, software or hardware, do you want to encode or build the system to make it all work?"
    "I'll leave all that coding stuff to Rocky and Nad, I want to build a better system." The boy has a very high mechanical aptitude and a logical mind, he will do very well in system's designs and I am going to help him every way that I can.
    Andy and I had talked and he was going to introduce Jimmy to his old professor. That man is still after Andy to tell him what he built in class nearly six years earlier. The man is an excellent teacher, but he would never make it in industry. Like they say, 'some do and those that can't, teach.'

    "Dad, I have a situation here and I need your advise." Chuck calls often and from the sounds of his breathing I believe that he has an ulterior motive to his calls, I have got to get him linked up for video calling.
    "So what can I do for the hottest cowboy in the Texas panhandle?" I asked him.
    "Well, we sorta have taken in a runaway boy. Well, I am the reason that he ran away I think."
    I sat back and listened to his story, but I had to mute my phone so that he could not hear me laughing out loud at some parts of his tale. Briefly he had hired some local high school boys to come out during spring break to help with the de-horning and castration of his early spring herd.
    Like most teenage boys the conversation headed into the baser subjects as the testicles of a young bulls were pulled out and snipped off. Red, not my cook, but Chuck's long time hired hand, was teasing the boys as he squeezed the young testicles into a large pot to take up to the house for their lunch. Now one of the first things that will come out of most anybody's mouth is their protestations against eating the Rocky Mountain Oysters, those boys were no different.
    During lunch each of the boys finally relented to take a nibble just to prove that he was a brave man. Chuck broke me up with his telling of how the four boys finished off six pounds of the nuts and asked for more. A side note here, I have never tried the delicacy and I have no intention of ever partaking of the disgusting objects. I like my nuts in the sack, warm and sweaty, with a fine young hair covering that gets into my teeth, and of course those I never bite and I never chew, though I have tried to swallow them and the boy to whom they are attached.
    A day or so later the boys opened the barn door and caught Slim with his pants bunched about the top of his boots while he bent over a stack of bales of alfalfa, Red was plowing his hairy field and the boys watched in amazement. Red is a little wild and has a tendency to stick his ass into the fire, he told the boys that he would give each of them a blow job if they promised never to tell anyone what they had seen.
    Five days of hard work and sleeping almost on top of each other in the bunk house had the boys ready for any form of release. Four pairs of jeans hit the ground and four youngsters were laid back on the hay bales for their first experience of another touching them; the idea of getting touched by a man's mouth really turned them on. Each boy claimed to be thinking of his girlfriend, but when Slim stepped up to the first boy and gave him a second blow job mere seconds after his first it was apparent that the boys were watching each other.
    The boys still had nine days to finish their work obligation for Chuck, but now they had an outlet for their pent up frustrations. All four boys were fourteen, almost fifteen, each of them would have a birthday before the school year would end and all four of them were classmates in the ninth grade at the high school that served the area. That evening in the bunkhouse turned the four boys into closer friends than they ever thought of being.
    "Shit that blow job felt good," one boy said aloud.
    "Yeah, I'm so fucking horny that I would let any of you dudes suck my cock right now," another youngster spoke out.
    "You gotta suck back dude," came from a third.
    "Yeah, that's only fair, anybody wanta make me suck him gotta suck my Gila monster," spoke the fourth.
    "It may be a Gila, but it sure ain't no monster, dude, I seen that thing today," number two said.
    "And you know that you want it so get over here," four said.
    "Like Doug said, you gotta suck back."
    "Only safe way and fair way is that thing what they call a sixty nine," Doug was getting brave.
    "You mean like where two guys do it to each other at the same time?"
    "Shit, I don't care. This shit got me fucking ready to bust, who wants to suck me in a sixty nine?" boy number one cried out. Doug slipped from his bed and into the bed of number one next to him. With no preliminaries the two boys began to suck each other as if it was a normal part of their life.
    "Man, what do you do with the cum?" Number two asked.
    "You wanta cum you gotta make me cum, we just take it in our mouth and make each other feel good," number four was up for anything.
    There were a lot of exclamations of pain as the four novice cocksuckers learned about teeth and tender cocks, but in a short time the only thing that could be heard was the sound of slurping and soft moans of pleasure.
    "So how did you happen to record all of this?" I asked Chuck, barely containing my laughter.
    "Well, you know I had a lot of training on how to perv when I lived in your house."
    "You lived at βφτ house, dude."
    "Not in New York." He had me there, he offered to send me the tape if I would help him out. Of course I had to help him, but I needed to know what it was that he needed for me to do. The next tape gave me an idea of why he was calling me. Doug was really turned onto this new aspect of life.
    "That was so cool watching old man Slim take Red's cock up his ass, Red really liked doing it too," Doug's voice is an easy one to pick out, a little squeaky, but sweat sounding to my ear.
    "Sure he liked it, anybody would like to fuck somebody, I mean I ain't complaining about you guys's sucking, and all of you are really good, but man, to stick my cock up in somebody…that would be so wicked kewl."
    "Would you let somebody stick his cock up your ass?" I couldn't make out which boy was speaking, I would need to have both tapes going to determine the very slight similarities in the voices of the other three boys.
    "Nah, I don't think that I could do that, never."
    "I stick my finger up my butt when I jack off." Doug was really getting bold.
    "So how's that feel?"
    "It is so great, I cum like the best when I touch that thing that Ms. Stone says is a guy's phosphate."
    "I bet you would really cum if I crammed your ass with this bad boy."
    "Look at his eyes, dude, he wants it, see the tears and the…man he looks almost hungry."
    "Doug, I would like to do it, do you want this up in you?"
    "Yeah, I want to try it. My cousins was talking 'bout guys cornholing and they said that it was the best."
    "They ever cornhole you?"
    "No, I was only twelve and they was like eighteen, I think that they was wanting to do me 'cause they kept feeling of my butt, but we was sitting out where my granny could see us and she called us to do some chores."
    "You think that she saw them?"
    "Yeah, she told me that I shouldn't never let no one touch me like that then she kissed me and kept me busy in the kitchen all day."
    "But you wanted them to do you, didn't you?"
    "I don't know. I know I thought 'bout it, a lot, and I kinda do stuff."
    "What do you push in there?" The boys were all breathing hard and I could almost feel their sexual tensions.
    "I got this piece of handle from an old toilet plunger." The boys giggled, but I could almost see them feeling on Doug. I wished that I could see him, he sounds cute.
    "Who goes first?" someone asked.
    "Frank, he got the smallest cock and he won't hurt you going in, then he's done I go, then city boy."
    "I don't want no sloppy thirds, fuck that," city boy cried.
    "Think about it, he'll be all open for that big cock of yours and he'll have our cum up in him to make it all slick and shit."
    "You gonna cum in his ass?" City boy sounded very interested this time.
    "You let him cum in your mouth every chance you get to go down on him and you like it. Of course if we're gonna fuck we're gonna go all of the way, else why do it?" I like the logic of this boy.
    "But he is gonna be tight and dry for me," little? Frank told the other boys.
    "Frank, look, I don't wanta hurt ya, dude, I really like you, but your cock ain't, but about four inches and my thumb's bigger around than it is. It'll go in, trust me." This boy was really ready for it, I think that boy two is the bold one now.
    "I got this," Doug told them.
    "Shit you brought Vaseline? You wanted this afore we come up here, fag."
    "Fuck you! I ain't no fag, I brought the Vaseline to put on my hands so they don't get all dried and cracked."
    "Or to slick your hand up so that you can pound your pud all night."
    "Look, city boy, you's the biggest ass ever, but you like to suck my cock. Make ya a deal, you suck me and let me suck on you while they do my hole then you can do me as long as you want."
    "I told you that he was a fag this afternoon." I heard the other two boys talking quietly.
    "Shhh, he'll hear ya, man I just wanta fuck somebody and I don't care if he's no fag or not. Shit, I will even fuck you."
    "No fucking way!!!"'
    "Come on Frank, get some 'o that grease on your weenie and do him so I can get it on."

    Turner had been working on his database when the call first came in, he showed me his love by slipping under my desk and sucking on my cock. As the sounds over the phone heated the air of my office I got a good grip on his ears and pulled him up on top of me for a hot kiss. He was whimpering in my mouth, "I'll be Doug for you, dad." I rubbed his ass and he turned around to bend over my desk. That sight, along with the audible stimulus was about all I could stand.
    Turner is always sweet and tight and a real joy to couple with, he did not disappoint me then. I usually ask a boy's partner before helping myself to his boy's body, but my lust level was just too high at the time. Turner laid out line of hot cum across my desk that caused his sphincter to squeeze my load out of me with a whistle. Even the smaller boys—over fourteen, guys, I got my scruples, somewhat—can't tighten their rectum like Turner can. I still have very fond memories of our initial days together and I try to relive them as often as I can.
    I began to get blood back into my head and my ears began to work again so that I could hear Chuck and… Biff?…over the phone. Chuck was breathing hard, "Was that as good for you as it was for us?" he giggled. "Who'd you just do?"
    "I don't kiss and tell. Who'd you do?"
    "Hi, sir, my name's Doug, can I come live with you and go to your school?" My heart stuck in my throat.

    When the boys returned to school after the spring break they wanted to continue their sex time. All of them were especially fond of the time that they could spend with Doug. Oral sex was allowed as a preliminary activity and none of them minded getting off in the other's mouth. Doug had already learned that he could get a much longer ride if he sucked the first load from his current partner.
    It was difficult for two or three of them to get together with Doug at the same time, they had learned for themselves that the boy really fucked them at his best when he had a cumng cock in his mouth. That was the rapid beginning of the end to Doug's usefulness to the horny freshmen.
    All too often a person will really screw up a good thing by talking to the wrong people and so it was near the last weekend of April when Slim found Doug asleep in the barn. The boy had been shaved clean, head to toe, by his tormentors on Friday night, then left to fend for himself as he was left naked in the middle of nowhere. He knew his way around the area and knew that he was close to Chuck's ranch so he made his way across country, naked and in the middle of the night, to the only place that he felt that he would be safe.
    Chuck took the boy to town to see a doctor, other than some superficial cuts and bruises he was in decent shape. The doctor was as bigoted as most of the populace of the area and offered little more than the simplest of care to the young rape victim that he consider an abomination to the Lord
    The local Sheriff was contacted and made a preliminary report, but he was not concerned about a fag boy getting what he deserved. I told Chuck that I wanted names, he knows that the Sheriff would regret his actions. In the meantime I needed to help the boy. Chuck had gone with Doug instead of just sending him home, Doug's mother came out to the fence when she saw Chuck's truck drive down the road. When she saw her son inside she made a big show of placing a padlock on the front gate and locking it.
    As Chuck started to get out of the truck she told him to make the devil spawn remain inside. She stood with her arms crossed on her body as she clutched a large Bible to her breast. She told Chuck that her husband had gone down to feed, but he had told her that when the boy returned then he would shoot him. The parents felt that the world would be better with evil faggots under the ground, God can deal with them.
    Chuck had a verbal agreement from the mother that she and her husband would relinquish all parental rights if Doug would be removed from God's country. I always thought that the universe is God's country, but then what do I know. Turner had all of the forms displayed on my computer and I nodded at him to send them to Chuck. I told Chuck to take the papers to a judge and have Doug's parents there to sign them in his presence. Chuck wasn't sure about a judge, I gave him a name and told him to get started.
    I called the judge and talked about our great times in the woods as we chased young Indian boys around during the summer of 2006. He was more than willing to sign the paper work to clear the way for me to foster the boy. Chuck had been able to listen in, but I cautioned him that I knew how to castrate young males if any part of that conversation was ever revealed to a single living soul, including Red and Slim. I conceded that he might tell Biff, later.
    "That could be considered blackmail, but I will swear that I never heard you and that if I had you did not mean it as it sounded. Did you just threaten to publicly out a superior court judge?" He scared the stuffings out of me, I had no idea that Bull was standing in the doorway, Turner still had my attention in his mouth as he nuzzled his face against my groin and groaned. I rubbed the boy's head and he sat back.
    I turned to look at Bull, he seldom visits the house. When he does visit it is for a quick message or to get a signature so he does not take the time to disrobe. Today he was standing there at his hairy best. "I never threatened or suggested that I had anything on my mind except fond memories of him with three little Indian boys." Bull and I both giggled. "I know that I will have another young Texas cowboy in the house sometime late tomorrow. Now, who can I do for you?"
    "You look like you just did Turner. Son you are only getting better looking everyday. I almost envy you, I love to suck that huge cock, but only for a minute or two because that is a ride that I will never let go by." I offered him a ride, but he wanted to talk. That is when I realized that he had his brief case in his hand. This was not a social visit, even though he was naked. He had serious business to discuss. I kissed Turner and asked him to be sure the door was locked as he left. I hate to run a boy off, but he understood and made no comment.

    Bull had been at the county court complex all morning, he had news for me; some good, some frightening. Dane's grandparents had appeared in arraignment court and both had been remanded to trial for rape of a minor under fourteen, and several related charges. The old couple was looking at spending the remainder of their lives on a retirement plan that the state has in place for such people. The only problem that Bull and I could foresee was they would not live to see the entire two or three hundred years that the plan would provide. We both felt that being separated from each other for the rest of their natural lives would be the more severe punishment to them. They had been married for forty one years.
    The next part of Bull's information made me sit back and take a deep breath. In March of 2006 a young jock at Wilson high school was confronted by a few bullies about being gay. He smarted off before a few of his friends, a large part of the student body heard him. He declared that a young freshman was the best fuck in the whole school. My boys took him aside and made it clear to him what they thought of his information and he quickly tried to recant what he had said, too late.
    Donald Trible's father had heard the accusation and had taken his son to a doctor. An examination revealed long term anal abuse. Charges were brought against the jock and he will spend the remainder of his youth in a juvenile facility and at eighteen he will move to an adult unit for sexual predators and there remain for twenty years. I looked at Bull and he shook his head, the county prosecutor was using this boy as an example to school boys around the county. The jock was reported to be in bed with a large number of students, male and female. No other charges had been made and no other victims had stepped forth, but that was of no consequence to the prosecutor. I asked Bull to work with the recently divorced Mary Ellen Taylor, maybe she could help Bull get the boy a better deal.
    That wasn't the reason that Bull had stopped by. He rose from the sofa and opened my office door and spoke to someone. Moments later a hard dick appeared and it was attached to a very frightened looking boy that was checking out every naked body in his sight. JC stepped in behind the boy and guided him to me as he took a seat next to Bull.
    "Are you Donald?" He softly shook his bowed head, but I had the feeling that he had his eye on the middle of my body. I lifted his chin and looked at his frightened face and did what I felt he needed, I placed a kiss on the end of his nose and waited for a reaction. He smiled and I pulled him to me.
    "Everybody here is your friend. I believe that you know some of the boys that live here and we will see them a little later, right now they are all in classes and we will not disturb them." He was needy, but he was a scared little boy. He was fifteen, but I learned that he had been very abused since his visit to the doctor with his father. He was attending school, but his father took him each morning and was waiting for him after school. His bedroom door had been removed and he was not allowed to shut the bathroom door when he was in there. The abuse went so far as to either his mother or his father sitting in the bathroom to watch that he did not touch himself in any way other than to clean himself. That is tortuous abuse to a young teenage boy with a healthy body.
    Donald had figured out that his parent's treatment of him was abusive and he had gone to his school's guidance counselor and discussed his home life. The counselor had no other choice than to call Child Protective Services. JC is still a high placed supervisor within that system and Donald's file came to his attention. Very quietly JC began his own investigation into Donald's situation and soon learned that the boy had been friends with Eric, Craig, and Zane.
    After talking with Eric and Craig, JC went to Bull with a plan. His father has made me the boy's guardian, or he faces charges of child abuse himself. I asked Donald if he liked to have his dick fondled, it was already super stiff and my hand was able to grip onto it with ease. I let my thumb run about the flared corona, that brought about a very creamy emission which I licked from my hand. I offered Donald a taste of his own and he quickly let his tongue dart from between his lips.
    "Donald, Mr. Combs and Mr. Pitt believe that you would be better off not living in your home for the time being. Across the street is a school for gay boys, do you think that it would the type of place that you would be comfortable in?" His mouth dropped open as he stared at me.
    I heard the noise of a few dozen boys outside my door and looked at the clock, it was already three o'clock, the boys were finished with their school work for the day. I touched the intercom button and asked for Eric to come to my office. In seconds my door eased open as Eric peeked inside, I held my arms wide and motioned for him to come to me. He rushed forward and I pulled him close for a hot kiss as I held a taut globe in each hand.
    I turned Eric around so that he and Donald could see each other. Both boys blushed. I had each of them on a knee as I learned that they had never known each other, but they had talked about gay sex. I learned that the jock was having his ass plowed by Craig then turning around and using Donald as he tried to convince himself that he was not gay. Craig was a fourteen year old freshman, but the seventeen year old jock tangled with a wildcat when he tried to bed the boy and ended up as Craig's happy bottom. Eric had tried talking to Donald, but he only had eyes for the older boy that was using him, Eric could not pull Donald out of the hole that he had dug himself into.
    After the jock had outed Donald to the school body my boys had a long talk with him and he tried to back peddle, but the damage was not to be undone. When Donald's father came to the school shouting about the queer jock molesting his son Jock stood up and tried to blame the boy. That was the wrong thing to say around my boys. Craig made sure that the jock was seen taking it like a true pony rider as Sean, Derrick, and Mike used him as their saddle.
    Eric looked at Donald and told him that if he lived with us then he would have someone sucking his dick for him all day long and if he wanted to try out as a top then he would find plenty of boys that would be glad to lay down for him. Then Eric asked him if he could be first. Donald had only been fucked, he had sucked two or three boys, but only one had ever sucked him, Eric giggled as he led the boy away and we didn't see either one until dinner time.

    I will have to have a talk with young Pépin, the boy has developed bad habits in the five weeks that he has been a part of the family. I took the youngster to the Orthopedic Surgeon that had operated on Warren White's leg in the hope that he could help this boy to walk once again. The doctor walked into the examining room and asked Pépin to remove his blue jeans so that he could examine the leg, Pépin was free balling. That in itself is no problem around the family, or most places the we would be going to, it wasn't appropriate for a doctor's visit.
    I had used Cullen as our interpreter so that Morris could attend his school classes, besides that Cullen would understand the doctor better and be able to explain things to our new family member. Pépin, Benoît, and Tazzi are now officially adopted sons of my ever growing family, and I had not been back in the states, but one week. Of course I started the ball rolling when I first took Tazzi to BAF, but still…
    Cullen was laughing so hard that he could not make Pépin understand that he should have put on underwear, but the doctor was unperturbed, he simply asked the nurse to hand the boy a gown and went about his business. I believe that he would have normally asked any patient to don a gown in the first place, but it was comical the way it happened.
    Pépin was subjected to twisting, turning, and prodding for a half an hour. He was x-rayed and CT-scanned then twisted and prodded some more. He sat through it with a mild indifference, but I know that he was frightened and curious at the same time. Cullen talked to him almost continually and kept him at ease, he laughed often so I knew that Cullen was doing a good job with him.
    "Well, I think that I have very good news for this young man. He is not going to have an easy ride, but he will walk on two legs again in a very short amount of time." Cullen was translating as fast as the doctor was speaking and Pépin was hanging on to every word.
    "The doctor that removed the leg should be sanctioned, there has been much needless damage done…"
    "No doctor. No, no doctor," Pépin was shaking his head violently. I thought that he was not wanting the doctor to help him walk. Cullen was on his knees as he talked to an excited boy then he sat back and sighed.
    "Pépin is trying to say that it was no doctor. They lived in a small farming area far from the nearest village." Cullen was looking at Pépin to make sure that he was telling the story correctly. "Pépin was out with his father when their ox drawn wagon broke a wheel and overturned. His father was thrown from his seat and pinned underneath. Pépin was only nine years old and very small, but he had to save his father so he tried to lift the wagon.
    "The front of the wagon was pointing down into a culvert ditch and when he got next to his father the wagon slipped forward and crushed his leg. His father was killed as well." Pépin was nodding his head, I wondered how much English he understood, if he knew what Cullen was saying he would have been in tears.
    Cullen continued, "He was screaming in pain, a boy was fishing in the nearby stream and heard the cries. He ran to see what was wrong then ran for help. Pépin's leg was so badly crushed that there was no hope for it so his mother asked a farmer from the next farm over to cut the leg off. The man used the saw that his father had cut firewood with that morning to saw his leg off while he watched." I had heard the story, but it still moved me.
    "Pépin has never seen a doctor until he came to live with us in France a few weeks ago. He is not frightened and he has said a prayer for you that you can go with God and make him walk again like a real boy."
    "Your Highness, you tell this real boy right here that I am going to make him walk. You can see that his knee does not move, the leg was cut incorrectly and the knee joint has been damaged so badly that it has fused and atrophied. I am going to have to put him into the hospital and make him a new knee that will move then we can give him a new leg."
    "Mr. Dickson, this is going to be very expensive, but the boy is in good health and strong so I feel confident that he will do well. We should have a temporary leg on him before the end of the summer, if he heals correctly. Do you have insurance that will cover the procedure?"
    "Doctor, money is no object, I am not just saying that. I can buy you two or three fully staffed hospitals to get the work done, just do it as quickly and painlessly as you can."
    "There is going to be pain, but the boy has endured much pain to get to the point where he is today, this will be minor in comparison and there is a goal for him to look at with this procedure. He is young and he is growing, this will not be the only surgery that he will need. I will prepare a knee joint that will grow with him for three or four years. We will have to open his leg and add different hardware then, but when he reaches his adult size we will need to replace the youth knee with one that will last him a lifetime."
    "Do it."

    I returned the two boys to the family then I had to meet Bull for some business. We met at Sue Ellen's office and presented our facts to her.
    Terry's mother had died suddenly during a trial separation from her husband. Occurrences before, and after, her death were suspicious, the family doctor, a classmate and close friend of Mr. Thompson, had listed the cause of death as the flu. Records indicate that she had received a flu shot from that same doctor the morning before her death.
    Sue Ellen obtained a court order to have the woman's body exhumed for an autopsy. I will let Rick inform Terry when he feels the time is right. Our next bit of news had the woman sitting with her mouth hanging open. She had been a part of the prosecutor's staff that had presented the case against Spencer Harmon for the double homicide of his two minor sons.
    Paul Davies and his identical twin brother were the sex toys of their father. The older twin told his school teacher about the abuse and his father killed him. Paul ran in fear of his life and hid on the streets of Tucson. The father was arrested and charged with two counts of murder, everybody assumed that he had killed Paul and buried him somewhere.
    I had tried to get a birth certificate and passport for the boy, but could find no record of him. With two hundred boys to hide amongst I said nothing and let the boy stay in Europe with the family. I learned the grisly facts of this case when we returned to Tucson and I made my speech to the assembled students at the school about not being afraid to be open with me. Dane was seriously hurt because he had not been forthcoming with me and I asked the boys not to hide the truth of their past from me.

    I have been harboring a deceased witness to a capitol murder case, but I was sure that Bull and Sue Ellen could get me cleared of any charges. I wanted young Paul to have a name and a life again and hang the problems that it would cause me.

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