Chapter 262


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Roddy, Yuri, and I made our trip to Russia a few weeks after this news story made headlines around the world:

Artyem Saveliev
    Artyem Saveliev is a 7 year old boy who in In April 2010, was sent back to Russia by his adoptive American family.
Trip back to Russia Saveliev was placed on a solo, trans-Atlantic flight from the United States to Moscow by his adopted mother Torry Hansen. He was alone with nothing but a note she had written to "Whom it may concern", Hansen also hired a Russian driver, over the internet, to drive the boy from the airport to the Russian Ministry of Education.
    His adoptive mother sent a note along with Artyem on his trip back to Russia. The note said the following:

"To Whom It May Concern,
This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors. I was lied to and misled by the Russian Orphanage workers and director regarding his mental stability… After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child. As he is a Russian National, I am returning him to your guardianship and would like the adoption disannulled ."

    Since this incident and in light of several others over the last few years, Russia is considering halting any and all adoptions involving American families. This affects thousands of families all over the US who are in the process of adopting children. In the last 16 years over 50,000 Russian children have been adopted by American parents.
    Andrei Nesterenko, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, gave a news conference in Moscow on April 17 in which he made it clear that Russia was demanding an agreement be reached and signed between the US and Russia to regulate adoptions. Only then will adoption suspensions be lifted according to RIA Novosti.

    Roddy, Yuri, and I made our trip to Russia a few weeks after this news story made headlines around the world:

Artyem Saveliev
    Artyem Saveliev is a 7 year old boy who in In April 2010, was sent back to Russia by his adoptive American family.
Trip back to Russia Saveliev was placed on a solo, trans-Atlantic flight from the United States to Moscow by his adopted mother Torry Hansen. He was alone with nothing but a note she had written to "Whom it may concern", Hansen also hired a Russian driver, over the internet, to drive the boy from the airport to the Russian Ministry of Education.
    His adoptive mother sent a note along with Artyem on his trip back to Russia. The note said the following:

"To Whom It May Concern,
This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues/behaviors. I was lied to and misled by the Russian Orphanage workers and director regarding his mental stability… After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child. As he is a Russian National, I am returning him to your guardianship and would like the adoption disannulled ."

    Since this incident and in light of several others over the last few years, Russia is considering halting any and all adoptions involving American families. This affects thousands of families all over the US who are in the process of adopting children. In the last 16 years over 50,000 Russian children have been adopted by American parents.
    Andrei Nesterenko, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, gave a news conference in Moscow on April 17 in which he made it clear that Russia was demanding an agreement be reached and signed between the US and Russia to regulate adoptions. Only then will adoption suspensions be lifted according to RIA Novosti.

    I made a personal call on Russian Ministry of Education and Andrei Nesterenko, he took me for a visit to Foster CareTOMILINO. I was not allowed to speak with Artyem Saveliev, which I could well understand. I did see him sitting with a group of other children as they launghed and played I entered the cute little guy's mind and discovered the truth of his stay in foster care in America. I won't go into detail with what I discovered except to say that there are always two sides to every story.
    I tried… you know that I had to try, but I was not allowed to pursue my request to make the little guy a member of my household. This incident has left a very bad taste in the psyche of the Russian people with the end result that no child shall be adopted by anyone out of the country for awhile.
    I felt as if I had dodged a bullet by not being able to shelter the tiny one, but he was very young and very small. When reason returned to me I realized just what I am and what my family is. No one knows if Artyem is gay at his age. Would he have tolerated our family's lifestyle? Why subject him to that? I was glad that cooler heads had prevailed, even if it means that someone actually said no to me.
    An update of this story appeared during the time that I was putting together my notes for this chapter.

Artyem Saveliev update…By Kirit Radia…
    Adopted Russian Boy Rejected by U.S. Mother Adjusts in Foster Care adjusts in Foster CareTOMILINO, Russia - Artyem Saveliev's mischievous grin quickly fades when asked about the five months he spent in the United States.
    "I do not want to talk about this," he said quietly, as he looked down at the floor. Asked if he would ever go back he said nothing and emphatically shook his head no.
    In 2010 Artyom made headlines around the world after his American adoptive mother Torry Hansen put the then seven-year-old boy back on a plane to Russia alone with a letter that said she didn't want him anymore.
    Artyom's new foster mother still cannot believe what happened to him.
    "It's inhumane," Vera Egorova told ABC News in an interview in the home where she cares for him and several other children. Artyom is her 17th foster child.
    "He should have been accompanied by adults and not just sent like a package by plane with his documents. It's bad. As a woman and a mother I could have never done this," she said.
    The case sparked outrage in Russia and the government froze adoptions to the United States while it sought assurances that Russian children would be properly cared for by their adoptive parents. An accord was finally reached last year and the Russian parliament may soon ratify it in the coming weeks.
    In the meantime the world has seen very little of Artyom since he was the scared little boy being whisked away by authorities.
    Russian officials say he spent time in a hospital and in various institutions before finally ending up here, at an orphan colony in the suburbs of Moscow.
    Now nearly ten years-old - his birthday is on Monday - Artyom remembers only a few words of English.
    "My name is Artyom," he said sheepishly without looking up from his Legos.
    He's perhaps small for his age, slim, and soft spoken. Like many boys his age, he enjoys watching television, playing with his toys, and horsing around with friends. He also seems to like showing off to the camera. When ABC News filmed him playing on the playground he immediately climbed to the top of the jungle gym and jumped off into a pile of snow, but not before glancing over to make sure the camera was rolling.
    Ms. Egorova says he has taken to calling her "mama." She says he's struggling at school and is prone to acting up in class, but she attributes that to the trauma he experienced and the class time he has lost as a result.
    Egorova says she has seen none of the "psychopathic" issues that Torry Hansen wrote about in her letter which caused her to reject Artyom. She says many foster children are traumatized by what they have experienced and Artyom is no different.
    "We did a lot of tests and visited several specialists and they say there are no disorders," she said.
    A U.S. court last month ordered Torry Hansen to pay child support for Artyom's care. A hearing has been set for May 17 to determine how much she will pay, which will depend on her income level and how much it costs to take care of the boy in Russia.
    A lawyer representing Artyom visited Russia this week to meet him and to determine how much money to request, as well as to ensure that it will reach him.
    Ray Stoner, an attorney for the National Council for Adoptions, says he's confident the judge will give them what they are looking for. He hopes no other child will ever share Artyom's experience.
    "What we're trying to assure is that something like this never happens again. And that there's a consequence to what Ms. Hansom did. And that send an important message on behalf of all parents," he told ABC News
    "This is an issue that transcends America, or Russia, this is just the way that children should be treated in any civilized society," Stoner said.
    In the meantime, the top Russian official for adoptions, Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, said he expected no further delays for American families hoping to adopt a Russian child.
    "There are (sic) not any artificial obstacles for this process," he told ABC News.
    Ms. Hansen was unable to be found for comment, despite efforts to locate her.

    Bless his heart, Tyler works very hard in the office of the school, when I am gone he has to make all the decisions himself. Sometimes those decisions are not exactly what I would've done. Case in point, Mylo Caremour. Mylo was a frightened young boy of 14. He had been gang raped in the shower at his high school, the other boys teased him because he was queer. JC placed Mylo at the school and Tyler placed him in the dormitory. The boy was terrified of the open shower room and all of the naked boys. He refused to take a shower and hid his body from everyone as he tried to stay in the shadows.
    Even 14-year-old boys develop a smell that can be overpowering to those around him if he does not keep himself clean. The other boys, not knowing the situation, got together and gave Mylo a shower, what we would call a G. I. shower. Fortunately there's no lye soap available in the dormitories but there are scrub brushes; a stiff brush and regular soap applied to the tender skin of a young teenager can damage his skin, for sure it hurt Mylo.
    I had returned from my trip to the Mediterranean the evening that the shower had been given, I did not learn of it until the following morning. It was as I walked through the dormitory that I saw the boy cowered in the corner crying his little eyes out. I sat down next to him and tried to comfort him, when I placed my arm around him he flinched and pulled away. It took me a few minutes to determine what had happened to the boy and I immediately took steps to remedy the situation. I called for two boys to pack everything Mylo had and take them down to the golf cart in the tunnel leading to my house. I tenderly guided Mylo down to the administrative office where I sat down with Tyler to see what he actually knew.
    Tyler opened Mylo's file and read it, JC had only made a vague reference to the rape in his paperwork that he had given to Tyler, that is something that I will handle with JC personally. For the meantime I told Tyler that Mylo would be living in the house where he would have a private room, love, compassion, and friendship. Mylo was all smiles as we walked to the elevator that led down to the tunnel and got aboard the cart to head over to the main house.
    I wanted to take Mylo's mind off of what had happened to him the night before and show him the good side of the school so when we entered the main cavern I turned all of the lights. I have mentioned before about the lighting in the large cavern that was created by an air pocket in the cooling lava bed eons past. There are no stalagmites or other water created formations, just some interesting features in the rock. It is behind these features that low voltage, colored lights have been placed. The result is a panorama of beauty, it really does look like a picture postcard.
    When I showed Mylo the guest room and told him it was his the first thing he did was run over and jump on the bed, "Gee, this is soft," he said. I told him to put his things away and come down to my office when he was finished so that we could talk for awhile.
    Nearly forty five minutes later a bubbling boy knocked on the door of my office. He smelled fresh and clean after he had taken the time to shower and change into a brand new pair of Levis and a stark white tee shirt bearing the school crest, his tiny feet were bare. I directed him to a seat and looked in my small refrigerator to see what was stocked there. Mylo had never tasted Papaya juice mixed with Pineapple juice, extra pulpy. He was like a small child when he praised the drink.
    I cry along with a boy as he tells me his story, even though many of their stories are the same. Mylo's father learned that the boy was gay when he came home early and found him in the shower with a thirty year old co-worker. Mylo was on his knees sucking the older man's dick. The divorced father was in needs of sex, he found that he had all that he needed already in his house. He invited the friend to have a beer while he thought of ways to kill the pervert.
    The co-worker was an avid tale weaver as he told Mylo's father of the boy's amazing sexual appetite. The erotic story and the beer made Mr. Caremour think of his son in a different way. He didn't want the co-worker involved with his son, he wanted that cute little fourteen year old butt for himself. He ended up asking the co-worker to leave, but in his drunkenness he made threats that left a bad taste in the father's mouth.
    Promising himself that he would get back into the boy's pants the co-worker left the house. He should never have tried to drive after a half a dozen long necks, but anger blinded him. It also confused his senses and he cut his car too short. He clipped the rear bumper of a parked car belonging to the sixteen year old jock stud that lived next door.
    The kid was carrying the garbage to the curb for his mother and he saw the man hit his most prized possession, a fifteen year old clunker, that was all his with no strings attached. He charged at the man and knocked him down. Not thinking fast the man told the kid that he was weak from a two hour fuck of young Mylo. The kid was a typically horny teen and he saw a piece of ass, not an innocent boy that lived next door.
    Meanwhile, back at Mylo's house, Mr. Caremour had passed out from all of the beer and fantasies rolling through his head. Mylo quietly went to bed and cried himself to sleep as he feared what his father would do after what he had seen. At school the following day the kid and his friends taunted the frightened boy. Things got out of hand in the showers. He should have taken his tiny matter in hand instead of forcing Mylo to give him head. An upper classman alerted school security and the coach. The jock and all of his friends swore to the principal and to the police detectives that Mylo had crawled on his knees as he begged to be allowed to suck all of their cocks. Mylo was taken into custody for sexual activities on the school grounds. When Mr. Caremour was called by the intake officer at juvy jail he told them to lock the faggot in a deep, dark hole and to throw away the key.
    The police called CPS and closed their investigation. JC caught the case on a very bad day. He only scanned the police report as he remembered a terrible time in his own life. Let me remind of that day in his life:

Jeremy told us his story…His dad had found out that Jeremy was gay. Jeremy had been with a co-worker of his dad's and he bragged about the kid's tight ass."…

    I quietly moved through Mylo's mind. He was even more frightened on the inside than he showed, and he showes a lot of fear in his body language. I learned that everything everyone thought was true was fabricated in the mind of the co-worker rapist. He had lusted after the young boy for sometime and he showed up when he knew that he would be alone in the house with the boy. He felt himself lucky when he found the back door standing open. H could hear the water running in the shower so he quietly undressed and got into the water with Mylo then forced him to his knees. At that moment Mr. Caremour pulled the shower curtain open and heard a story that turned his mind against his son.
    The horny jock next door had forced Mylo to take his cock into his mouth, but he did not reach climax. The tension of the moment and then the arrival of the security guard left him limp. He is going to be limp for sometimes when I file charges of forced sex with a minor under fifteen. The co-worker caused me several hours in my law books as I found twelve felony counts to charge him with.
    I called Ugitsiha and asked her to set a place for Mylo at the table with my sons. I led a shaking boy through the house filled with naked boys and down to the tunnel leading to my house to the east of the house that Charley built. Mylo showed a bit of trepidation when he passed through the wine cellar so I talked to him as we rushed past the boys relaxing in there.
    Yuri was walking in the front door with Roddy when he got to the house the boys dragged Mylo to the nursery to wash their hands for the evening meal that their mother had prepared for them. Mylo made an impression on my young sons. I began to mind talk with Ugitsiha about moving the boy into the nursery with them. She probed Mylo's mind and agreed to allow it, the boy is not gay and has no desires in that direction. When dinner was finished we told Mylo of our plans for him. Tears of joy ran down his cheecks as he came to me and wrapped his arms around my neck then he hugged my wife and gave her a kiss.
    I took my leave of the family and told them that I was going to go with going with Mylo to gather his things for another move that day. I told them that I had a phone call to make so I would be in my office until Mylo was ready to return. Cullen James got down from his booster seat and asked if he could go to my office with me. On the way over Mylo whispered to me about the babies being naked. I explained our feelings about the human body and then emphasized the NO rule to him. I could feel the release of tension in his body at the revelation of the NO rule, he seemed to brighten up and look around at the other boys as we passed by them. It did not seem like sexual attraction, just childish curiosity. He was comparing the various sizes of dicks to…his own?
    Mylo turned out to be quite a comedian. Yuri had joined Cullen James and I and my office, the three of us sat together in my large desk chair and just loved each other. I am so lucky to have such wonderful children. As we sat there listening to Cullen James prophesize of things that were to come weird laughter was heard coming from the family room. I opened the door and the three of us stepped out to see what was going on. Mylo was the center of attention as he told jokes that had the boys were literally rolling on the floor in laughter.
    "We was important people in my old town. The old man was the city's lighting engineer, each evening he left the house and went down in the light the candle in the city's streetlight. My mother had a position of importance also, she was the city treasurer. She kept the city's fifteen dollar general fund money, mostly pennies, in a cigar box under the kitchen cabinet. Me? I was pretty important too, at ten I was the school's hall monitor in our one room schoolhouse." The boy has wit.
    I stepped back into my office alone and called JC's house. I talked to Ken. That call awakened me to a frailty in my psyche, I live in the ivory tower that I had accused Rick of living in. But worse than just living there, I wore dark rose tinted glasses. My long time friend, JC, was having marital problems with his beloved Ken and had not been home in three days.
    Without investigating the story that the police were told JC placed Mylo at the school and left with no further word. Before I would allow anyone to go to Europe with me for our first homing capsule under the skin next to their scrotum. As I talked with Ken I looked up the code for JC's device and fed it into my GPS locater. JC was at Ryan Miller's house.
    I called Ryan and invited myself to drop in for breakfast early the next morning. I know that Ryan and Bobby are early risers, they have four school aged boys to feed and get ready for their day. Jules missed his dad so he convinced Ryn to move back into the house that he grew up in. I quietly asked Ryan if anyone could overhear our conversation, he told me that he was in the room alone. I asked him if JC would be home at seven, he told me yes. I told him to expect me to just walk in about that time.
    I had a fitful sleep for the first part of the night as I worried about my good friend, JC. I have known the man since he was sixteen and I was a seventeen year old high school senior. After several hours I fell into a deep sleep and when I awakened my thirty two month old baby son, Kuckunniwi, was drooling on my chest in his sleep. It didn't take but a moment for me to recall him in my mind helping to relax and go to sleep. I slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of running shorts and my favorite running shoes. I quietly left the room where my wife and our youngest son still slept and made my away around my jogging route, at full out speed.
    When I returned from my run Ugitsiha was at the stove preparing a hearty breakfast for five growing boys. I walked up behind her and hugged her. She spun on me and shook her wooden spoon at me in a manner that reminded me of her aunt Beulah, @*w`s Elisi or eiR—Grandmother. "You're wet and you stink, go take a shower." I grabbed a slice of grapefruit and wiggled my butt at her.
    "Daddy got man-sweat…" Christopher Steven began, the other four boys joined in. I smiled at Mylo, I hope he feels like one of the family. I had to shower and go, I would shortly know the boy's legal status.
    I parked in the rear, next to Ryan's sports car, and walked into the kitchen. I said 'hi' as I poured myself a cup of coffee. Britt and Brett ran to me and begged a hug. Ryn wanted a kiss. Who was I to refuse him, I kissed Jules as well. I hugged Ryan and Bobby then sat down next to a silent JC. He looked like fresh shit. JC remained silent through breakfast. When our hosts left to start the day he turned to me with big crocodile tears running from his eyes. "I screwed up, Chris. Ken hates me and he'll never forgive me."
    "Wanta bet? That man has been sitting at home for the last few days crying his heart out. He thinks that you have left him and that don't love him any longer." I turned my chair so that I could face him and held his hands as we talked for a half an hour before he agreed to home and face his husband. He wanted me to home with him, but I told him that the best part an argument is making up afterwards. I told him that I wanted to catch up on some of my chores around the house and that he could find me there epecially for dinner with the two of them at my table.

    I enjoy digging in the dirt. My wife has two green thumbs, and Roddy has that trait ingrained in him. My two babies like to play in the dirt, but the only thing that I have seen grow is the bathtub ring afterwards. I had a spot cleared that was just the size of four to six four inch herb plants. I consulted with my wife to determine what herbs she wanted to cook with. Marin was on his knees picking strwberries for a special desert for us. I left them at their toils and headed over to Luke and Çhé Ģerâld's bungalow to raid their herb garden for cuttings.
    I was in luck, Ģer was there cutting herbs for fgb–Gigage's– kitchen. I must have looked a sight with my dirt covered shorts and ratty old slip on sneaks. I learned that they were laughing at my plastic knee pads and the box of trowels and empty starter pots that I was carrying. The pots that I had were made of formed potting soil and fertilizer so that young plants can be planted directly in the ground with a minimum chance of crushing the hair thin roots. I had a container of pre-mixed root starter mixed with a small amount of liquid fertilizer with me as well.
    Ģer asked me what cuttings I wanted. Rosemary and sage were at the top of my list. I also wanted basil, thyme, and dill. He asked about oregano and I told him that I had two good plants that were already producing plenty of the general purpose Italian spice. Ģer walked through his garden and smiled at me from time to time. He asked me if I could have a couple of boys help me. I had only been home for one day and the test results for Marin's placement had not been evealuated, I'm on the panel for that job. I kept Mylo close until my investigators complete their report on the boy and his father. I sent Ugitsiha a message to send the two boys to me. I also gently touched the boys' mind with the message that I needed them to come to me.
    By the time that the boys arrived with Yuri's red wagon Ģer had a forest of plants ready for me. He carefully cut away small sections of the plants that I asked for and dipped them in the root starter before setting them into one of my soil pots, he added a bit of potting soil to each pot before sitting it in my box for transport. Ģer had the boys pull the wagon to an area toward the far west end of his garden where he had large plants in containers set about. As the boys loaded two eight inch plastic pots. One contained a ten inch tall dill plant covered in tiny blossoms, the other was a runty looking plant about fourteen inches tall. He told me that the runt was fennel. I like fennel seeds spinkled on soups and salads. He sald that both plants would do well in ten or twelve inch clay pots so that I could save my small plot for other plants..
    He asked me about the sage, he uses very little of it. I told him that a small sprig with a few leaves on it is an Indian cure for halitosis and a major fighter of gingivitus. "Is that why your breath always smells like sausage…I thought that it was because of your love of sausage gravy and biscuts," he looked at me and laughed. He gave me two six inch sage plants full of leaves.
    Gigage uses a lot of sage in the making of the hand packed sausage that the kitchen makes for the boys. He told me that he was going to divide his plants and serve individual sprigs on the food lines. I told him to use the dehydrater to dry individual sprigs, that they would last for months.

    May I remind you that I am a letch? A boy watching letch at that. I sat in the cafeteria of BAW slowly eating an order of french fries, with lots of ketchup and salt on them. I had a sprig of sage in a small, fluted paper condiment cup on the edge of my tray. Gigage had dried sage leaves on the lunch line that day and everyday there after. I was not as interested in the fries as I was the eye candy that was around me. On that particular day I was looking at heads; not those heads pervert. I was looking at the different shapes of the boys' heads that sat near me. A boy's head, I suppose a girls as well, but one can't see them as well throught their hair, changes shape as they age.
    A young boy's head is shaped about like an adult's head, just smaller. As a boy goes into puberty the back of his head actually elongates into an alien shape before filling out and growing into its final adult shape. Sometimes this shape shifting occurs over just a few short months, other times it transpires over the period of a year or more. I don't know, if it is just something that I was observing. I couldn't look at their cute butts because they were sitting on them while they ate their lunch.
    I listened to a few boys cracking their jokes and compared each story teller to Mylo's jokes the previous evening. "My father is a roughneck and he taught me all about laying pipe when I was very young. I could bring in a gusher quite easily."
    "Yeah, well my father is a plumber and I really know how to fit pipe, especially in tight holes." Some of their jokes were good and delivered well.

    My computer gliched and trunsicated this opening from previous chapters. I also have a thousand surface acres available for sale. The acreage is located twenty miles due west of downtown Malibu, CA, no royalty rights included; everything six inches below the surface belongs to the origianl owners.
    Now to continue with the story:

    According to the boys I had been gone for an eternity and I was missed by each one of them. I pulled the young and hung that told me that into a tight hug and asked him what I could do to make it up to him and every boy in the school. Colby instantly blurted out Orgy Night. That was a cry that was picked up throughout the dinning room. The older students explained to our new students what orgy night entailed and the call for a family get together rattled the roof rafters. It was decided that Saturday night everyone would gather in the wine cellar with nothing but a hardon. I could live with that. As I looked around the cafeteria I wasn't sure if I could live through that.
    Colby the boy with the suggestion, whispered to me that he did not have a Pin. His hard dick pressing into my face told me that he was anxious, I licked up a very large drop of his eager juice and squeezed his tight buttocks. He creamed, I caught all of it before his knees buckled and he started to fall down. Ahhh, I love fresh squeezed boi cream in the morning, or, in the afternoon, or at night, or anywhere in between.

    JC and Ken did come by for dinner. Ugitsiha created a vegetarian meatball and spaghetti dinner with her, melt in the mouth, homemade garlic bread, and a salad from the garden in our back yard. Marin had prepared a strawberry tort for us that was so light that it seemed to float down the throat, Perceval has taught him the arts of making French pastries and pie crusts very well. We took our coffee to the patio table and let the boys play in the hot tub. Both men were amazed when they saw the babies actually swimming. I felt my pride swell up in my chest, but I am enough of a gentlemen to remind them that Ken's sons are very gifted as well.
    I asked them if everything had straightened out between them, they both smiled and told me it was all good for a few hours, but neither of them could rise to the occasion for awhile. I told them to give their ducks their marching orders and show up the next night for a family orgy. That made their members twitch.
    I bade the makeup couple goodnight then I walked over to the house to sit with Cas and Androv's Bible study group. I invited Marin and Mylo to go along as Yuri grabbed our Bibles from the small table by the front door.
    Androv went into deep prayer using his Hungarian prayer language. Mylo crawled up beside me and asked me if Androv was one of them holy rollers that his dad talks down about all of the time. I sent a mind message to him about how a Christian prays in tongues. I told him that tongues doesnt mean something unworldly. The prayer language may be something as common as a foreign language. In Androv's case it is his mother tongue.
    We prayed and sang praises to the Lord until after ten o'clock before going to bed for a good night's sleep and arising early Saturday morning for a relaxing walk down the street to our church and a morning of praise and fellowship with others of like mind.

    The wine cellar was rife with boi scent as almost eight hundred boys gathered there. The only ones missing were my tiny ones, my babies, Yuri, and Mylo. Petey had come over to play with his best friend, Yuri, after church services that morning. Mylo is fascinated with Cullen James and his worldly knowledge at only thirty two months of age. Cory Stevens was at a sleep over with Christopher Cory at Cory's house for the night.
    My stamina amazes those that intimately know me. At the time of this part of the story I was just over three weeks short of my thirty eighth birthday, but I was pumping out like a teenaged boy of sixteen. Cory and I contribute my physical prowess to the mystical waters of Aqua Caliente. Of course my stamina was enhanced by the naked bodies of more than almost eight hundred naked men and boys having sex in every conceivable way, and place, in the large wine cellar under Granite House.
    I was glad for the large space. I have described this cavern to you in previous chapters. It is larger, witdth and length, than a regulation football field. Almost every square foot of the floor had a naked male body on it that was invoved in sexual contact with another, sometimes more than one other. Me? I was getting mine with a new couple, one of them had just moved to BAW's rosters two days earlier.

    Barry Wells is a totally straight, sixteen year old jock that stared as his school's running back.The blonde haired, fair skinned, cut, and buff boy that came to me with a tale that took all. Just when I think that I have heard it all I am confronted by a twist that makes me realize that no one can foresee whom someone will love. The love of this young man's life sat next to him holding his hand and staring dreamy eyed at the beautiful hunk that accepted him for whom he is.

    Colby Landry has been at the school since the beginning of the semister. He immediately took to Barry and showed the boy that he did have what it takes to be a good topper and a great boi lover. Colby loves to bottom and it was this sweet faced young and hung that had suggested we have an orgy night. I promised him his pin, but he wanted his new boyfriend to join us. I asked them about a ménage à trois-–household of three-or three way sex–both of them quickly agreed.
    Barry really is straight, seven and half inches of arrow straight cut cock with a satisfing girth of five and a half inches. His arrow shaped cock head is the same size of his shaft with only a little of the ridge or his glans rising to receive the friction of intercourse. I took his joint to task and entered his completely virgin anus with a single finger. He protested at first, but when I pushed at his prostate he pushed another foot of meat into my throat and begged me not to stop. I continued to stroke his butt nut as I tightened my esophagus around his swollen glans. My efforts were rewarded with a very large, thick load of cock snot that caused me to pull back before he drowned me.
    Fuck that juice was the sweetest ever. I quickly examined his body cells for Diabetes, he is very sweet. I would have Dr. Tip examine him Sunday morning and get him started on insulin.
    Barry was exhausted and just lay on the floor gasping for breath. He told Colby and me that he had just cumed more in one climax than he had ever cumed in all of his life. He said that maybe being a queer wasn't all that bad. Colby wanted him to prove it as he straddled his boyfriend in a sixty nine position. Both boys quickly swallowed the other's meat as Colby's ass stuck up in the air awaiting my cock's entry into his nether world. Who am I not to grant a boy his fondest desire?
    Fifteen year old Colby's ass had been well fucked. It was enlarged, but a digital examinations showed that his sphincter ring was still tight enough to keep his shit inside. Some of the bottom boys that have come to the school have excessive hershy tracks in their shorts. We teach them an exercise that tightens up that important body part.
    His sweet ass just begged for a licking so I gave it what it needed. I was right, that ass hole tasted just as good as it looked. It was very clean without a hint of a taste of anything other than his delicious boi sweat, and no soap or insides taste whatsoever. I dined at his backdoor until my own cock got so hard that the blood rushed from my brain. I had four fingers working the opening so I knew he was ready for me to enter him. His body language was screaming for a fucking as loudly as his secret thoughts. I was ready as well.
    Silence filled the area around me and I felt several hundred pairs of eyes on me as I lined up and slid my super hard cock into the eager rectum of the boy. Colby fucked back to absorb my cock in one swift move, I was taken over in my lust. I tried to take it slow and easy, but Colby knew what he wanted and he wanted me to fuck him hard and fast. To my disappointment I didn't last long. I stayed inside of him expecting his body to expell me, that didn't happen, Colby begin to fuck himself on my cock which I took as a sign to go around again.
    I felt Colby tighten his ass three times as he filled Barry with the nectar that I desired. I listened to Barry's thoughts as he watched a butt fucking from down under. He wrapped his arms around his lover and showed deep love for his new best friend. He also wondered how good it would feel to get his own ass fucked, I decided that he should know.
    Most of family of students had never witnessed a devirginizing so they gathered around me and sat in a circle on the floor. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Mylo knelt before me with a warm washcloth and began to clean me up with warm water from a small pan held by Yuri. Once I was clean Mylo bent over and kissed my glans then he opened his mouth to suck on the super sized mouth stuffer. He rose up to give me a hug and whispered in my ear, "Can I be next?" I had thought that he wasn't gay, maybe this was just curiousity from the heat of the moment.
    Barry took to a pony ride with gusto, old word, but appripo here. I did the enter ceremony on the virgin boy. I love my new found powers of mind reading, it allows me to know if he is truly enjoying himself or if he feels as if he is being abused, or worse…raped.. Barry rode my tongue as he felt sensations run through his body that he had never experienced before. He even opened his legs wider when I began a digital probe on his extra tight sphincter.
    By the time I had two fingers inside of him he was whimpering like a lustful puppy wanting more. I gave him more with a three finger massage of his hard juice maker. The results of my onslaught were predictable as an enourmous amount of ambrosia erupted like a fountain. I let him shoot for the other boys to see, but I wanted that warm liguid in my mouth. I caught the second, and sucessive, shots across my taste buds as many faces appeared before me licking up what had landed on Barry's taught abs.
    Before Barry could catch his breath I was inside of him four inches. The twisted grimace on his belied the deep feelings that had began to move through his body. He suddenly discovered that the true center of his being had always been thought of as his exit for smelly waste. I was glad to show him that the hole could be a two way street. I began a full frontal march through his rectum only pausing for a moment at his transverse colon. He found out that the deep pleasure of a deep fuck was the best thing that had ever filled his young life. I only hoped that I wasn't ruining him for anal sex with Colby.
    Our audience spoiled the moment with their giggles at Barry's vocalization. We all discovered that the new non-virgin is a howler. When he reached the climax of his life he nearly brought down the twelve foot thick granite ceiling on top of us. My mind was really blown when Mylo locked his lips around Barry's cock and swallowed every drop of the hot cum that he could find.

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