Chapter 153


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was very early Tuesday morning the eleventh before Cory and I made it back to Europe. A few FI personnel had assembled at a simple grave side ceremony for Roberta, I felt that the lady meant a lot to my boys and I was there as well. I didn't mind the delay at all, but I know that the boys were anxious to see us.
    With school out for the duration I was taking a few friends back with me. Will Hamm Jr., James Walker, Gary Byrd, Terry Thompson, Billy Pitt, and Hugh Murphy were already at the plane and waiting when my three vehicle escort rushed me across the tarmac, lights and sirens blazing. It seems like a waste of precious gasoline and resources, but to appease the local constabulary we had to make my departure seem to be more important than it was, so we had formed a convoy.

    Andy has more or less designated the new Gulfstream, that is now number FI-2, to me for my personal use. We landed at Catania on the island of Sicily where we entered a limousine to take us out to a pier where I had my smaller yacht, Voyageur Marin©, waiting to take us out to our floating home. I had the big boy moved in and anchored forty miles from shore, out of range of small boats, or even shoulder fired, missiles.
    By the time we were aboard Voyageur Marin© it was almost three in the morning, but my dear friends Raven, Ted Gay, and Enquêêteur Athos were awake and waiting for me. As quickly as I was aboard I asked the captain to move us away from the docks, we would sit out in the open sea until dawn. It was more than three hours until dawn, and it would take us almost another three hours to reach the Voyageur Marin Deux©. I had Cory escort the boys below to cabins where they could refresh themselves after our long flight, I wanted the boys to arrive fresh and ready for action.
    I was allowed a quick shower then I sat down to a light meal with my friends, food was not what was on their minds. Things work differently in Europe than in America and when Raven saw the picture of Aladdin he took action. Fortune smiled upon his humble house that day for within the hour the assassin was spotted with a group of men as they sat at a sidewalk café.
    "Chris me boyo, His Highness was not the target of this man." I looked at Athos, his words began to goad my senses. My nervous system was the first to react and I quickly set my cup of coffee on the table then sat back in my chair to calm myself. I had already convinced myself that it was Arif and his brothers that the assassin was after.
    "You have had many narrow escapes from this man in the past. This time we have him and he won't never be no bother you no more, mate." I smelled the air coming from Athos and realized that the man had had more than just a few drinks which explained his strange way of talking. I have known the man since I was a teenager and have never known him to drink, but in light of current events anything is possible.
    The man known to me as Aladdin was a close associate of Ibrahim and shared in the profits of the child sex slavery market, which I had helped to dismantle, at least his end of it. The man was on a vendetta from the day that Wilson Pagonis had told his henchmen that I was in direct competition to his organization by providing young boys to the world's gay sex market.
    I learned that he was the man directly responsible for sending fifty foreign soldiers against BAG Boys in the fall of 2005. He was the man that planned the attack on my vehicle which sent me into hiding. At that same time Athos had again captured Dimitri, and a few of his close friends. Ala al-din was the man that provided Hiedrick Heintz with the dart gun to kill me in the office of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß the following spring.

    Raven had the next part of the report for me. The minister with the dart gun during the coronation was not after Cullen, I was his target. The guard captain was in reserve, depending on circumstances he was to rush me and finish the job or hold Cullen at knife point until one of the other parties in the room could get to me. These people were prepared to make martyrs of themselves in order to stop me.
    I sat in disbelief at this news, how had I collected such a vast array of enemies? I suppose that some people look on good as an end to their bad and will do anything and everything to stop any who are opposed to their ideals. Raven already knew who he could trust within Cullen's security forces, there are more good there than bad. He had those people working side by side with his own people as they closely watched six people at the coronation that were suspect.
    I told Raven about Ala al-din talking to Arif at our Thanksgiving open house and my fear for his boys in my charge. Raven put his hand on mine and assured me that his sons were in no danger, Ala al-din did not know any of his sons or what they looked like. Raven had already spoken to his sons about the man and Arif recognized the picture at once, he told his father that all he was asked was if he liked attending a school full of known homosexuals. Something about the man's accent gave him away and Arif saw a look in his eye that told him that this was no friend so he had been evasive in his response. A great weight arose from my shoulders.

    Ted shared with me a large file on the man and the information that the English had developed. Tom Bradley sang in three part harmony as he hung around with the Enquêêteur, you may remember that Bradley disappeared only to surface as a wall fixture in the castle that now houses my school in Nice. From there Athos provided him with a nice accommodations at his serene little bunker in the forests above St. Tropez.
    If I weren't so filthy rich I might be tempted to get into the boy sex slave market, everybody is making money at it. Don't you believe it, I could never see hurting a boy; but I can see my way clear to hurting those that do. Bradley had himself a well oiled machine and was sending runaway boys over to Dimitri and his twin brother, Toma. Young Colin had mentioned Toma to me before, but I only just then learned that man's fate.
    You know from previous chapters that mention Dimitri how his tongue works from both ends without ever saying anything. His twin was action, not words. As the pair was being sent over to hang around with each other at the old WWII bunker hidden in the forest above St. Tropez, Franççais, Toma overpowered the driver of their lorry, sending it careening over the side of the mountain. Toma was killed, but Dimitri survived and was able to escape so that our paths could cross with sweet Bryan West as his victim on a chain dog leash.
    Scotland Yard Inspector Terry Upbridge had gone fishing after our last meeting at the bedside of our old friend, François Couture. He had used the right bait to pull in thirty very large keepers. Our head of station, London, the late Tom Bradley, worked very closely with Ibrahim. He thought the man was the head of the organization headed by Nicholas Pagonis, also known to my readers as Wilson Weller, the man who had posed as the father of Jace, the true firstborn of Murat al-Hadi. Confused yet?
    Imagine Bradley's disappointment when he learned of his error. Weller had been the apparent money behind the organization, but he had met an untimely death when he jumped from his Bentley with an Uzzi in each hand. Count Corvin was a puppet partner with Pagonis and never dirtied his hands in the daily operation. Seigy had enough money to subsidize the organization that he had always wanted to control, but with death of Pagonis, and the disappearance of his brother, Ibrahim, the machine began to fall apart.
    After the two brothers, and their number one procurer, met their fate in a castle high in the mountains of Transylvania the money had stopped altogeter. Bradley's people began to get hungry, they had children hidden away that they could not move on or collect their money for. Terry had managed to return thirty five youngsters to their families before any of them were seriously sexually abused. That made me feel very good.
    Athos stepped in to tell me how Interpol had cooperated with Scotland Yard. The, ultra secret, secret service branch of the Crown was brought in after the attempt by Pavel on my life, the boy wired with the dynamite was a suspected terrorist that had dropped from the world's watchdog's radar screens.

    With all of these resources combined, this old Knight of three countries, and a world hero, was about to become much safer. I told my friends that I would like to return to life before I met any of those people, but Ted moved to sit in my lap. That would seem out of place in such a meeting, but all of those present were of a sympathetic mind.
    Ted took my face in his hands and put his nose against mine, "You listen to me, Sir Chris, you have saved the lives of unknown hundreds of children, world wide. We are just now beginning to get a count on how many have been found and how many more are dead. Don't cloud up on me, old man, you know that these people have used, then killed, children."
    He used his thumb to wipe a tear from my eye, "Their undoing is that most of them kept records so that they would know how much money was due them. We have lists of names and the locations from where children were taken. Sir, please brace yourself for this, we have records of who some of these children were shopped out too and how much money was paid for the service that was provided.
    "Don't think about it, you will not see those records." He kissed my lips, "You love too much, it would kill you inside to know if any of your boys are on those lists. I know your heart, daddy, I have been in your house for almost a month and I have been in your bed and I have felt your heart. I will destroy every bit of evidence that we have before I will let you see a single line of it." I know what he was saying to me and I felt a twinge of appreciation for him that I had not felt before. Until that point he was only a cop that I had to endure, suddenly he became a real person, endeared to me.
    I breathed a bit easier knowing that Cullen was not the target, but I am not convinced that there are not still a few in the world that are out to kill me. I'm not paranoid, much. I will not run and hide in fear, but I know that my back is not as safe as I thought it was. I felt good knowing that I have friends in very high places.

    The sun was a sliver on the horizon as I sat in a deck chair with Cory curled up asleep beside me. I had not been able to sleep after learning all that I had been told before. I watched as a helicopter came slowly down to the landing pad over my head. I didn't make to rise, but waved as Enquêêteur Athos ran over to climb on board for his trip back to dry land.
    I had learned that Raven had sent his boys out to Voyageur Marin Deux© the morning that I had left for Tucson. He had several of his body guard on board Voyageur Marin© and would be staying aboard until later in the day when I would take Cullen ashore for the first time since his Royal Ball. I was anxious to see him again and see if his royal balls were as cute as they were before the crown that he wore was placed on his larger head.
    As the helicopter lifted off I felt the engines of Voyageur Marin© come to life then the captain pointed his bow seaward, toward my precious family. The movement of the yacht brought the boys that had accompanied me from home to the decks. Ted looked the worse for our time together after the big meeting. I had not done justice to this young man who had done everything in his power to protect me, I owed him the fucking of his life. He squealed so loudly that I am sure that everyone aboard knew that he was getting it, but his vocalization only served to spur me on to a personal plateau of boy fucking pleasure.
    Somewhere along the way Cory had learned the truth about Ted Gay. He giggled at me when he saw Ted's wide gait, he always knows when I have fucked the shit out of a boy. I told Cory that I was going to keep Ted with us until we were ready to return home, I knew that the Crown would have it no other way. Cory led Ted below after he told me that the man needs some of our butt cream to soothe the rawness that he knows so well.
    Voyageur Marin Deux© was growing larger on the horizon and I had all of the boys on deck to look at the large ship for their first time. The family was quickly forming along the rails as they cheered a welcome to us, I had missed them very much during my four day trip home.
    Boner Hamm, James Walker, Gary Byrd, Terry Thompson, Billy Pitt, and Hugh Murphy ran up the gangway into the waiting throng. The boys were quick to welcome Hugh in their usual fashion, I believe that boy is going to do well. Billy Pitt was known to the boys, but he had never visited the house for more than a few hours at a time, he was about to gain the experience of his life. I couldn't bring the non-family students that attend BAW back with me because none of them had passports and I had no time to acquire them. I had arranged for the forty boys to join us the following weekend, if all goes well.
    Jason Russell ran up to me and asked me for a kiss. I bent over and pulled the Wild Boy into me and rubbed my hands across his naked butt with very stiffening effects. I was glad to see him aboard, but my hard leapt at the sight of Chris Martin and Steve Thelwell, I really had a tingle when Chris blew me a kiss. I hope that he will let me spend a little time with him before he has to fly home to England. I hope to be with each of the boys in the band before that time comes.
    The queeing came to my side to get himself a royal welcome. My heart broke as I held him then pulled Jason back against me, "Boys, I let myself become distracted. I had learned about a raid on my house in Tucson as we were still in flight to this big shebang, all I could think of was getting home to see how much damage had been done to my things. Boys, all of the time the most important part of my life was right here and safe.
    "I did forget your birthdays. Jay baby, you just turned the big sixteen and Cullen turned seventeen on Wednesday. He received a crown for his birthday present. I should have thrown a huge birthday party for both of you, but I blew it."
    "Hey hunky uncy, you can still blow our candles. We had a huge party here on the ship the next morning. Everybody was so scared about what happened that a party would not have been any good on my birthday but, fuck man, did we have a fuck party on this ship. Some of the crew were serving us and they all had big tent poles in their pants. I sorta wanted to help them, but I know that you told us never to have sex with the crew." He giggled at me and rubbed his cock against my leg, Jason rubbed against my other leg. I have got to get those two in bed, just the three of us.
    The Purser stood by with his notebook computer in his hand, he needed the names of the new boys that I had brought onboard. I don't like for any records to exist with names of boys in my keep, but I suppose that at sea it was necessary. I own the ship and the crew understands full well that all lists of passengers will be destroyed at the end of the cruise, and there are no pictures to be taken of any of the boys at any time for any reason. The boys know those rules and they will help me to enforce them.
    I asked the man for a look at his lists, I wanted to see who else was aboard. My boys and the Wild Boys were the only ones. I asked about the Wild Boys roadies and I was told that they never came on board. Pete was nearby and he told me that the roadies had loaded all of their equipment and had flown back to England, he didn't know if they flew commercial or what.
    Breakfast would not be served for another hour so some the boys had grabbed a guest and headed below to show them how loved they each were. Most of the others, especially the younger boys, ran to the fan tail to watch a boom raise the smaller Voyageur Marin© from the water and sit him in a cradle that had built for him. Of course I had climbed to the bridge, but stood outside where I could watch the bos'un give the orders to the boom operator as my toy boat was carefully maneuvered aboard my real ship. Once fully battened down I told the Captain to move us across the Ionian Sea to the west coast of Greece.

    I had asked Harry and Timmy to watch over Cullen like a mother hen, but they wanted a complete update of events so we sat in the galley and drank coffee. I had decided that everything I know will be known by the family before noon so I allowed my two cops to bring their boyfriends along. Chrisy had a hardening kiss for me and Toby showed how glad he was to see me as well. Ted was not up to any action for the time being so he sat with Cory as I told them everything that I had learned during my trip and the debriefing during the early morning hours aboard Voyageur Marin©.
    Eyes kept scanning Ted as I told my story, but I watched Cory for his reactions. Sure, he knew something about Ted, or he had guessed it, but now he was hearing it in its entirety. I wonder how the other boys are going to handle all of this, especially my little ones; and then there are the survivors of that bunch of…what can I call them? There is no name that is as vile as I believe them to be. Cory saw what was happening to my emotions and he quickly ran to sit in my lap. He kissed my face and ran his hands through my hair as I slowly got control again.
    Cory curled up to me and reminded me that I had two people taking care of me as he looked at Ted seated next to me. I asked Cory if Gay Ted was after a GPP pin, he told me that he didn't think that was the case, the man just had an itch that no one had scratched. I smiled at him and told him that he didn't know as much as he thought because I had already made sure that Ted was gay. Ted was sitting where he could hear me and giggled, I wiggled my eyebrows at him as Cory bit my lip. I reminded Cory that he had helped Ted with his condition a few hours earlier and he told me that he only wanted to hear me say it so that a pin could be awarded. I told him that we had no witnesses, he whispered that he had seen the evidence and that was good enough for him, especially after I had confessed to the deed.

    Chow call blared across the ship's speaker system. Bless Jimmy and his bugle calls, if I didn't love him so much I would throw him overboard here in the middle of the ocean. Hungry boys rushed to refuel their young systems, but each one of them filed by to touch or kiss me, even all of the new boys that had just come to the school from the streets or from the state. Hugh had to throw his arms around my neck, "Thank you, oh thank you so much. I never had so much fun in all of my long life."
    I chuckled at the boy and his long life, "Hey little buddy, this is just the first morning of the rest of your life, you have a lot of fun and a lot of living to go before you are finished." He wrapped his arms around me and licked my teeth clean while the family shouted out cat calls.
    The next pair through the door made me feel really good all under. RD was leading a very mega-sore-ass to breakfast. Billy paused to grin at me, "Like father, like son. Your son just threw the best fuck on my faggot ass that I ever had. I don't know how you convinced Bull to let me come, but I am so glad that you did." He bent over for a hug which I was happy to return.
    Roddy jumped into my lap as I spoke to Cory about Billy, "But daddy, isn't a mega-sore-ass a gay dinosaur?" Those words rippled through the room and boys everywhere were laughing heartily. I can always depend on my young son to provide me with laughter and heartache. I had missed him the most the past weekend.

Dulce est desipere in loco
When all your serious work is done, 'tis best to have a little fun

    So what do I know of maps? Well, I can read one fairly well, if it is a detailed map and I am given more than a few seconds to glance at it. My old friend, François, had called his friends to gather at his bedside in the final hours of his life. He had gifts of large homes around Europe for all of us and I walked away with four of the largest that I would turn into schools for the lost boys on the continent.
    One such estate house is a thirty bedroom castle located near Frankfort, Germany. Another is the castle in Nice, France that I have designated BAF—Bradford Academy of France—that school is up and running with one hundred and ninety boys in residence. There is a seaside estate in Southern England that I will have to see before deciding what to do there. It is in an area that seriously needs my kind of school so I will go there, soon.
    The school property that I was interested in at the time is located on fifty acres along the west coast of Greece. The map that I had been shown was a large map of Greece with no details on it. A few dots represented cities in Greece, but the names were hodgepodged over the map and I could not tell which city name went with which dot.
    The location of the school was marked on that map by a big yellow headed pin and that pin was sitting over the city name of Lárisa. The title and deed to the property list the property as being in Parga. Turner did an on-line search for me and we learned that Parga is located in a sheltered cove on the west coast while the city of Lárisa is landlocked and on the opposite side of the country, miles from the coast. The boys laughed at me, but they did not see the map that I had seen and they were not looking at that map through the eyes of a man watching an old friend die.
    The captain of Voyageur Marin Deux© told me that Parga had a deep water harbor where he could dock the big boy. I was a bit mixed about being tied to the land with the cargo of young flesh that I had in my charge, but it would allow for me to get the boys ashore and up to the school quickly.

    All of us were very pleased with the property that François had given to me. The main villa contains forty very large bedrooms on two upper floors with twelve servants quarters located to one end near the kitchens. Each bedroom could accommodate six boy, if needed. The one draw back is the small bathrooms, only one toilet, a bidet, and a large bathtub. Those would have to be redone quickly.
    There is ample room for a dormitory to be added to the basement that is surrounded by windows four feet above the floor. After a quick study the boys told me that we could put three separate areas in that space that would sleep one hundred boys and still allow ample storage for food and supplies under the kitchen area. I asked about refrigeration space for perishables and was shown a large room that had once been an ice house. It was well insulated and could receive an evaporator with ease, thus making a four hundred square foot freezer/refrigerator.

    Edmund, Mitchell, and Chrisy pitched in with their efforts and by the time we had toured the entire house a repast fit for a young King and his court was laid before us. The dining room was situated so that it commands a perfect view of the Mediterranean Sea; the only draw back is that it is only large enough to seat fifty, we squeezed together and had one hundred and ten sitting at the table while some of us took our lunch out on the wide porch for a sea breeze to add to our pleasure.

    The boys had been locked up for more than a week and needed to release their pent up energy. With fifty wooded acres to run amuck in I released them until lunch time with the admonition that they keep within shouting distance of the villa. I wonder if those woods have ever seen so much fine naked boy flesh before. Some of the boys didn't make it to the tree line before they were supine with their significant other udder sucker.
    Of course Cory and I had to lay on the short clipped grass for a protein break of our own. Cory curled up next to me and asked if Gay Ted was going to remain with us. I told him that the Queen herself had taken an interest in my safety and had dispatched Ted to watch over me. I learned that the boys considered Ted bad news because of the fight with Del and they avoided him. It was time to let the family know the secret agent's assignment.
    As we lay together in our quiet afterglow we heard someone singing softly. Looking around we found two of our newcomers from the street blissfully enjoying each other as Fred Rich sang an old time favorite to super cute Eli Perkins. I sang along as I knew every word to Lollipop; (Chordettes, Cadence Records-1958) I have often told my man that he was sweeter than candy and I love to have his all day sucker in my mouth at every opportunity.
    I heard footsteps approaching through the grass and I turned to see Chris Martin coming near to us. He grinned at me and gave Cory a sideways look, I told him that I had no secrets and if he did then he should rejoin his friends.
    "Look 'ere govnr, I ain't feared o' wot we done and I told me mates all 'bout it. I just don't know, but wot you told your…," he nodded at Cory.
    "As a matter of fact I have not told my boyfriend that I picked you up on a London street corner and took you to the house of a friend so that we could be alone all night long where I fucked the living shit out of your sweet ass and forced you to fuck me too." I turned and looked at Cory, "I always say that I love BBC and this British Boi has one fine batter producing cock, sweet and long lasting. I will never pass up a chance to lay with him if he wants to do it again."
    "Well I were talking to the lot on your boat the other night and they say that no one has got 'is self a real pin 'cept him wot got two witness that are full members of the 'ouse o' 'appy fairies so we got to do it again where all can see." I had to chuckle at the boy, he is so beautiful that my eyes ache just to look upon him. His sweet man pole was leaking for action and I was up and ready for him, Cory squeezed my pole and giggled at me.
    Cory has that ear piercing whistle down pat and he broke my ear drum as he pierced the air next to me. He called for Jimmy to come over. Jim came with Cullen glued to his arm and most of the Wild Boys were right behind them. Cory was whispering to Jim that I needed a witness for the pin award when young Chris spoke out.
    "Look on ya mate, I told the lot that I am bi-sexual and all and none of them don't believe that I can ride that 'uge 'onker o' yours so I say wot 'bout you and me go to it right 'ere and let them all see?" Why not, I could live with that. A little BBC in the grass with a lot of BBC looking on, I might get me a little cream from some of the others for my efforts.
    Someone produced a larger blanket than the one that Cory and I were laying on, we were there to get close. Chris lay down and smiled at me, I didn't want to just fuck the boy, I sincerely believe that he loves me, in an adolescent way, and I don't ever intend to hurt him, or any boy for that matter. I pulled him to me and we began a love session that lasted for over an hour. Chris truly does have kisses sweeter than wine and I was almost drunk on him before I finally got to the root of him and suckled for all that I could get out of him.
    My fingers had worked him wide open by the time I took his third load of hot nut batter across my tonsils, then I quickly turned and before his breath had returned to him I had him impaled. His arms went about my neck and he pulled himself up to me, I fed him some of his own sweet juice as our tongues tangoed together. He had been sucking me, but I had only allowed him one load of my essence early on in our union, I wanted to give him the ride that he wanted in front of his friends.
    Our night in London the past August had been one to remember forever, but with over two hundred boys sitting about as an audience the current union felt like our first time. I could feel the boy's heat rise as I felt his heart beat against my chest. His hands were working over my butt and lower back as he screamed at me to fuck him into another world. I am not ready for him to leave this world, but I was sure going to try to make him see things that he had never seen or heard before.
    Suddenly I felt his cock grow to its full length between us as he began to hump back at me in a fit of pure passion. I raised up so that I could power fuck his ass and watched as a shot of boi jizz streaked across his face from eyebrow to chin. I felt each shot as his body tightened and sent it forth with all of the power of the one that had proceeded it. I can honestly say that I believe Chris Martin had the most intense orgasm of any boy that I had ever been with.
    I lowered his tender little body as I rolled away from him, I was surprised when Steve Thelwell lowered himself over me and began to suck my cock clean of whatever his best friend had left behind. Steve is another fine young source of BBC. I spent a whole night with him when Chris led him to my bed one night at Cullen's house. I did not fuck the boy, he wanted it and he wanted it badly, but I felt that he didn't want it for the sex, but for the pin. The following morning he lowered himself onto me and eased his own mind about what he wanted then he turned to his back for the whole enchilada, with cheese.
    Steve was as quick as usual when he came off of a load that flooded my taste buds with the wonderful ambrosia that it contains for me. Instantly he was tender, but he never relinquished my cock, I spread his legs and looked before I let my tongue leap. I do not believe that the boy has been fucked since that morning in Cullen's house.
    I must admit that I pride myself in my ability to recover quickly, Steve had me up and ready in no time flat. He moved from under me and pushed me to my back than climbed onboard. I lay perfectly still as the boy went through all of the emotions that I had seen on his face once before. He was hurting, but his lust drove him onward, or downward as the case was.
    "Okay, Russell, I want to make this clear to you. Me and Chris D. never did this the night that you saw me come out from his room. Martin took me in there to get me questions answered and Chris just loved me all night long, but he wouldn't do this to me 'cause he said that I was not really ready and he warnt going to rape me arse.
    "Why do you think I wanted to stay over the next day? I watched you stare at me and I heard you tell Gary that I musta done it up but, mate, we never done it. I wanted to do it, but Chris was right when he told Martin and me that I just wanted to do it for all the wrong reasons.
    "That next day you were gone home and I stayed with Cullen and we talked, a lot, and I told him that I was gonna do it up that night. When Chris came back that day he had Colin and Tad, over there, with him and they got in bed with Cullen and Chris and me and Chris still would not do me until I were ready for it. Cullen did me, mate. Yeah, Cullen were the first wot did me bum then Chris made love to me and made me know that the world can be right if we just wait for it to happen.
    "I never done none of this stuff since that day neither. I thought about all that Chris had told me and I wanted to wait until him and me could do it the right way. These last few days on the ship I sucked around with a lot of these Yanks and I know that I like doing that. I sucked Kyle the most because I wanted to get my jaw loose so that I could suck Chris here, but I never fucked nobody. This is the first time that I ever had a cock in me arse since that day last October when I had Chris make love to me.
    "Martin and me talked and we want to do each other, but we both feel that we should get a pin the right way. Okay, I had Cullen and Colin see me get me cum-up-ence, but Martin didn't so we made a pact that you would see us get it then we will work it out between us. We still like our girlfriends, but they don't want no sex yet and we got these balls that need to be emptied and we figure it is best to be kept 'tween friends."
    That was quite a speech for the little man and all of the time he had his ass clenching tight around my cock. I lay back and let him say what he had to say and when he was finished he bent done and kissed me. "Now, let's fuck."
    I granted his desire, and made him cry tears of joy as I loved him for twenty minutes. He wanted to have no questions about his right to a GPP, but that was not all that the boy was after. He pulled himself close and told me that he had experienced more than he ever thought there could be, but he wanted what Chris Martin had gotten, an entire night with just the two of us, and nobody else around.

    As much as it pained all of us to do so we had to re-board Voyageur Marin Deux© and move away from the shore. Once again anchored at a short distance—only ten miles off shore that time—I felt the boys were as safe as I could make them for the time being. I led young Steve Thelwell to my cabin and locked the door, we did not come out of the room all night, but both of us did cum out a lot before morning came again.
    We stayed aboard Voyageur Marin Deux© for the next few nights and I was entertained by all of the Wild Boys, sometimes by couples, sometimes by three or four. Let me put it this way, I was glad to make happy music with the best boi band on the charts of the day.
    Of course my days were filled with my duties so Cullen and I were ferried to the castle each day by helicopter. I was impressed with His Majesty, Cullen. He is only seventeen, and still a little boy at heart, but his devotion to duty amazed everybody as he relentlessly went through every piece of information about his country's state of affairs that he could get his hands on. Cullen is a speed reader, that is not so amazing in itself because I can read a six hundred page book in about two hours, with an eighty five percent retention rate. Cullen was reading in three different languages. Somebody, somewhere, at sometime had decided that all of his country's records should be written down in ancient Latin. I had to remember Simon Pike—Wilson high school's Latin teacher—and wonder if he would still be critical of Cullen's linguistic skills.

    I did agree to the other boys coming ashore for their site-seeing and other business; they would have to go in aboard Voyageur Marin©, but I had it surrounded by heavily armed escort boats from Cullen's Navy. Against all better sense I allowed one hundred boys at a time to be packed like sardines aboard the five decks of the one hundred and thirty foot Voyageur Marin© for the trip to shore each day, I will kill if anything happens to a single one of those boys. Most of the time Cory stayed with the family so that he could see the sights, he would have been bored with the affairs of state.
    Each of my boys was arranged in groups with older and younger mixed for their protection and each group was accompanied by no less than five heavily armed guards that even stepped into the restroom with them. (So, don't you like to watch a boy pee? Cute isn't it?) Raven's boys were intermixed with my boys and I later learned that everywhere a single group of my family went Raven had twenty, heavily armed men surrounding them, whether his son's were in the group or not.

    Friday, the fourteenth, HRH King Cullen had a feast prepared in the old style of his country. Let's face it, I am not a pig eater and I was not happy to see a whole hog laid out on a platter with an apple in its mouth. The Wild Boys were to get a personal tour of the ancient castle, Cullen had never seen it himself, so all of us gathered for an afternoon of merriment.
    Happy, as only teenage boys can be when exploring new fields, we followed two young staff members. They led the band of boys from the high turrets to the deep dungeons. Then trouble appeared. Waiting in the depths of the castle were four young men with murder on their minds.
    The deepest dungeons of castles of old hold deep secrets of what has occurred there in the distant past. If you have been a guest in one of these dark places, or even toured one, you know that the best ones are very deep underground and are built with very thick stones around them to support the weight of the castle above it. Those stones, and the depth, serve to keep any noise from reaching the upper levels that might stress the sensibility of the noble ladies and foppish young men that are most often found hanging around to seek favors of those able to grant them. The worst part of a dungeon is that there is most often only one way in and only one way out.
    Cullen and Jason led the way as the boys ran down the steps. For effect the lights were turned off and the area was only lit by the light of flaming torches hung in their iron sconces. I have been told that I am like a helicopter as I hover over Cullen, but once again I was glad that I was nearby.
    I did not like the darkness of the staircase that led down into an even deeper darkness. I was looking about for a light switch, but when I found it I withdrew my weapon and pulled close to the wall. The switch had been smashed and the wires were pulled out, I quietly slipped down the stairs.
    You may recall that it I mentioned very early in this story that Cullen and Jason Russell bore a slight resemblance, actually Jay does have a twin in my family, young Eric. Cullen has grown, a lot, in the two years that he has been in my house. His hair has slightly darkened, his body has filled out to a beefier one hundred and forty five pounds on a frame that now stands at five feet seven inches in height. When he moved in Cullen was a fourteen year old, five foot one inch tall sack of bones that only weighed eighty pounds.
    As I neared the bottom of the stairway I heard an accented voice demand to know where I was. It was Jay that answered and that really frightened me. I rightly surmised that the intruder had mistaken the Wild Boy for Cullen, it would be bad to have Cullen or any of my boys hurt, but Phil and Jane had left their sons in my keep and if they got hurt it would kill those two.
    Now I was glad that the lights were off, the torch behind me was around a bend in the steps so that I was not back lighted. I peered around the corner to see Cullen and the boys on their knees beside one of the ancient cells and three men talking amongst themselves, but with their backs to the boys. The men were just inside the nearby cell with the door about halfway open, or halfway closed, depending on your point of view.
    Another man had his arm around Jay, but the hand that held a knife was at the man's side. My boys were in danger, but not immediately so, I had to make a decision. It would be easy to take the hostage holder out with one quick shot, the other three men were situated where I could turn on them before they could turn back to the boys. One good part about it was that I could see no guns.
    Suddenly I had my chance, Cullen spotted me and screamed at the hostage holder to let the king go. The three men in the cell turned to look at Cullen and I made a daring move. I almost flew into the room as I crouched low. I had to aim carefully, the boys were not downrange, but a ricochet could prove disastrous. I let my left shoulder hit the open steel door to the cell moments after I fired a shot directly into the wrist of the one holding Jason Russell.
    The bullet went through the man's wrist and into his thigh, bringing him to the ground and face to face with me. The door of the cell slammed shut and tightly secured the three other men. Cullen was on his feet and he grabbed Jay as he made a dash for the stairway, the band of band boys quickly followed him. I was left alone with the four men and I wanted answers. I heard Steve Thelwell ask, "What's going on?"
    Cullen answered him, "It looks as if they are trying to make another attempt on my life…" I didn't hear anything else that the boys said as they moved on out of my earshot.
    The gunshot had alerted the people upstairs and I could hear footsteps as many feet were running down toward me. I grabbed the hostage holder and rolled over him, putting him between me and his comrades. The men in the cell had small knives and they threw them in my direction, but my victim took the hits from all of them. If these men were after me I didn't believe that they planned to take me out of the castle, that would not have been possible with the security that was there. I figured that they had planned to kill me, but with what.
    About the time that I settled on the dart gun I was enveloped in a sea of hands reaching for the man in my clutches. I had not realized how serious the wounds from the thrown knives were, all three of them were sticking out of the man's chest. I had just managed to roll over him as the knives were airborne, I had to thank the Lord for whatever power that He had sent to protect me from that one.
    I looked into the face of the dying man, he was not old enough to shave. I put my gun barrel up inside his left nostril. He looked at me and called 'zhopnik.' The Russian language has many different terms for bastard, this word also means faggot and ass-kisser, I thanked him, in English. I later learned that he was nineteen, his friends were nineteen and twenty. All three of them had been close friends of the young mad bomber that had accompanied Pavel Storovich to Tucson to kill me with a dart gun, and the man with the wounded heart was that young man's kid brother.
    The other three men were handcuffed and led up the stairs. The Wild Boys were standing in the large hall to see whatever teenage boys can find to see when I overheard one of terrorists crying that he should never have left Moscow. A boy that I only knew as the boyfriend of band member Keith spoke up in perfect Russian, "Ваш папа сахара живет в Роще Маръина?"—Does your sugar daddy live in Maryina Roshcha?
    I know that Maryina Roshcha—Mary's Grove—is a center of gay life in Moscow. Most of the area was torn down during Stalin's reign and the rest was paved over by a new roadway that circles the city. However there is small segment left that has become known as the place to go for male escorts, particularly the very young sort.
    I took young Alexei Putin aside and learned that his parents were in town, his father, Boris Putin, is a wealthy manufacturer that does business in Cullen's country as well as most of Europe. He married his wife, Sophia, when he was still a young man living in Russia, but the family now lives in England. I asked for an audience with Alexei's parents.
    The Wild Boys were whisked back out to the ship as a call went through the town for all of the boys to return at once. Cullen called for a press conference where he told about the new attack. It was not stated and it was not asked so everyone could assume what they will and most people will believe that this attack was directed at the young King. It was never made public that the previous attempt had been directed at me.

    Mr. and Mrs. Putin listened to my story as I laid out the entire sordid affair of the child slavers, both parents quickly agreed to help me in any way possible. Boris went with me to the office of the castle security detail where the young men from this most recent assault were being detained.

    As an Enquêêteur General for Interpol Athos was waiting with another file for me to read. I didn't ask, and I don't really want to know, how it was obtained, but information was laid before me that made me see red, and a lot of fear for my boys. Exactly who the bombs that had been set along the route from the castle to the church were meant for was never discovered. I learned that the persons that set the bombs had managed to make their escape and the ones that paid them for the dirty deed are no longer talking to any living creature.
    I know that things work differently in other countries, but I had hoped that those people responsible would live to tell what they knew and then face a trial. Cullen reminded me that a trial by jury was not yet a right that his people enjoyed, the secret police left over from the days of communist rule had continued to enjoy their reign under Queen Anna Regina and many of them were still in office, that would quickly change.
    The four men that held the boys in the dungeon are a different matter. The one that held Jay will recover from his knife wounds, but his right hand is useless and he may yet loose it. He enjoyed telling his tale to all who would listen. I would not allow Cullen to be in the room as Boris, Athos, and I talked to the four men, but he was near enough that he was able to hear everything and offered suggestions to me through my sound bud.
    You may recall that the mad bomber that came to Tucson with Pavel was the boyfriend of Ibrahim, at least he thought he was. The wounded boy is the younger brother of that bomber. He was being told that it was on the television that I had his brother tortured and murdered for trying to harm me. The little brother was out to revenge his brother who was out to revenge his lover, Ibrahim. Weird what love will drive a person to do. I promised to arrange for the two brothers to be with each other in exchange for information.
    I can not get over how wide spread the child sex slave market is. Seigy and Pagonis had a well oiled machine that worked well for over twenty years, with those two, and their henchmen, out of the way new players were coming on deck. The four men that had come to the castle were trying to take me out as they believed me to be one of their major competitors, they had a nice little machine that was building on the foundation laid by Pagonis in the early nineteen eighties.
    Pavel, the bomber, his brother, and the three Russians were key players that were moving young Aryan boys into the colder north country. I looked at Athos, most of those countries still have death decrees in place for anyone involved in any kind of homosexual activity. I know that Russia's new FSB, the secret police, will be more than happy to clean up this ring of boy stealers and I won't have to learn to speak Russian.

    Before leaving the castle late that afternoon, his ninth day in office, Cullen announced that he was returning to school so that he could graduate with his classmates. He had his nation moving toward finding its own course, the next logical first step to be the elections for the adoption of a final constitution. Those elections are tentatively scheduled for Monday, the second of June. Depending on the vote of the people he has asked his country to then select candidates to stand for election for an autonomous government by the people and for the people.
    Cullen quickly assumed his favorite position in my lap after we boarded the helicopter for our short ride to the sanctuary of Voyageur Marin Deux©. With his sweet head upon my shoulder he whispered that he wished that he could stay a little boy in my arms forever. I held him tight as I quoted a passage from an old poem entitled Metamorphoses; by Publius Ovidius Naso: "Pointing to a pile of dust, that had collected, I foolishly begged to have as many anniversaries of my birth, as were represented by the dust. But I forgot to ask that the years should be accompanied by youth."
    Cullen responded with the entire passage in perfect Latin, I suppose that it was perfect because I didn't understand a word of it, I had read Ovid's love story when I was in college and then it was an English translation. "So be careful what you wish for my love, and always watch the wording of your wishes, or you could end up like this tragic virgin who only withered with age, but could never die." He kissed me as we settled onto the deck of our floating hotel.
    Cullen wears his crown, but he will not live in his own country. He may be a King in exile but, even with what I know now, I feel that if he is to stay alive that he will have to live like this for many years yet to come. My hope is that I can get the little fop into bed with a worthy lady and they will produce an heir. That is going to be tough for awhile yet.

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