Chapter 109


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I felt wetness on my chest and a heavy weight seemed to be pressing against me. My eyes were crusted over with the remnants of my abundant tears and it took a moment to focus. I realized that someone was sitting in my lap. A head rose before me and young arms embraced me. "I love you unc, don't you ever try to sneak off without me again." I just wrapped my arms around the fantastic lad and began to cry again, only this time they were tears of joy.
    General Orr had been a part of a plot. He kept me at the watering hole while his son got Cullen and his luggage on board the plane. Toby had no small part in the duplicitous act either. I would so have to fuck those dudes for that, several times and all night long. I turned in my seat to see nothing, but pearly whites and a glare from them that lit up the entire compartment. "Conspirators, that's what you all are," I told all three. Cullen just turned my face to his and kissed me as he wiggled his firm tushy on my all ready rigid pole.
    Our plane was finished out with my family in mind. We have all heights of boy bodies in the family from Kyle's six foot four inches down to Gus's four foot nothing and Rodney's less than that. Roddy is so tiny that I just carry him in my pocket to protect him. Five rows of seats on each side of the isle, and right on the wings, are a little bit wider with more leg room for those of us who are taller to be able to stretch out. All of the seating is only two wide with an arm rest that raises out of the way so that the boys can get close on the long flights we take. Just like my bus, I don't want a boy to go into severe sexual withdrawals as we travel. Each boy needs his cum fix every few hours, or minutes for my lot.
    The extra leg room provided a nice side benefit for me at that time. Cullen slipped to the floor and knelt over me to take care of my needs. He raised up to kiss me with his mouth full of my juices. I lifted him up to pull his pants off of him and he anchored himself on my turgid phallus at thirty nine hundred feet and four hundred miles an hour. That was the highest, fastest fuck we have ever shared. To say that I wasn't happy to see my nephew would have been very wrong. I did have to fuck Harry up for sneaking the boy on board, and so as to not to let him feel left out I straightened things out with Toby before our flight was over.

    Back home in the US of A Edmund opened the door to admit us. Cullen and I looked at each other as the sound of booming bass filled the front room. Edmund blushed and walked away as the two of us headed to the family room to find eighty four boys doing a line dance to the hard beat of the 1997 music? piece entitled "2 Much Booty (In Da Pants)" by Soundmaster T and released on the Wrap label. I did have to sit down next to Harry and Mitch who were as stiff as I was getting as we watched cocks of all sizes and degrees of erection bounce to and fro and up and down. Cullen stripped down and joined the chorus line and in moments he had the moves down as the entire group moved in perfect harmony with one another. I asked who the choreographer was and Antonio, Edmund's fourteen year old nephew, took a bow.
    Antonio and Paulo were spending the holiday week with their gay uncle while their mother and father went on a long trip alone. They wanted to get together and renew their love. Their boys were learning about love, their way. Antonio told me that he could take Christopher and was working at getting Jeff and Kyle up in him. He was proud of the fact that he had taken all of Chad's skinny twelve inch cock up his ass, but now he wanted to go for a thick one. Christopher is pretty thick, but nobody can beat Jeff. Kyle has length and a decent butt hole stretcher, but Jeff is almost six and three quarters of an inch around.
    I hadn't come home to listen to him tell me of his sexual prowess, at that time I only wanted to watch the boys dance and swing. Lew was the DJ and he started the song from the beginning. I laughed until my sides ached then the boys gathered about to welcome me home in our family way. The boys more or less came as pairs and I discovered many changes amongst the household coupling.
    One change that caught me unawares was Ronnie with young Malcolm Turner at his side. Both boys wore nothing, but a smile and half hard cocks. I had JC working with Malcolm because of his grandfather's state of health. I had told Malcolm that he was welcome to stay with us until his family could take him in. I wasn't surprised when he stood there and told me that he was my responsibility now and forever. That got a loud laugh from the boys that were gathered for their chance to welcome me home.
    Cullen and I had to kiss and grope everybody in the family, including Edmund and Mitch, while the family removed my clothes to make me more comfortable. I had just spent the night on an airplane and was feeling more than just a little grungy. Roddy curled his nose at me and told me that I smelled funny. I told him that I smelled through my nose then I asked him how I was supposed to smell. He didn't catch that so Jan got down on his knees and explained it to him.
    "Okay, I got it, you stink!!! So there." I had to pick him up and carry him up to my room. I told Malcolm that he and Ronnie could join me or wait until I had a long soak.
    Cory had his arm around me, "You look all tense. Maybe you need a close up soak and massage of your main muscle group. Malcolm wants to do you if you are up for that." I love my main boy's giggle. It sends shivers through my whole body.
    Christopher and Timmy were in my room when I got there with my band of angels. Roddy ran to the bathroom and came right back, "Good one dudes. The water is just right." Timmy rubbed the boy on his head as he and Christopher left. They told me that they were going to take care of Harry and Toby's tenseness. Roddy dragged me on to the bathroom where my boys had filled the jacuzzi and added bubble bath. I looked around and Cullen was not there. "The family has him covered," my precocious little one exclaimed.
    I sat down in the hot water with a sigh and leaned back. Roddy was sitting on the edge of the tub with his legs spread wide. He pulled my head back to rest on his young manhood and began to dig at my scalp with his tiny fingers. I sighed again as he asked for Ronnie to pass him the shampoo. I had the very best shampoo and scalp massage that I can recall in a long time, before and since. Roddy was giggling so I asked him what was so funny and he pointed at Malcolm's feet resting on the side of the tub where Ronnie was massaging them. "He has small toes. Cory's toes are longer than my fingers." He was right, Cory does have very long, thin toes, and I love to shrimp them.
    Malcolm had his hand around my cock as Ronnie rested his head on his new lover's shoulder. I let the boy do as he wished and asked him how he got to New York. His grandfather had taken a turn for the worse and had to be hospitalized. JC had talked to the grandfather and Malcolm had pled his case. The old man had gone with JC to Bull's office and given me absolute guardianship with permission to adopt the sixteen year old youngster, if I so desired.
    I asked him if he wouldn't want to return to his grandfather's house when he came out of the hospital. His face twisted as he told me that his grandfather was not going home. He was in a hospice. He just couldn't stand to stand by and watch the old man die so he asked permission to move all of his things to my house. JC helped him to put everything into an empty room then put him on an airplane. Luke, Ģerâld and Ronnie met him at the airport on the twenty seventh. His grandfather died that afternoon.
    "So can I stay? I'll suck your cock." I slapped his hand away and moved away from him. His bottom lip quivered.
    "Nobody pays for their room and board in this house, faggot. You want to live here, then you better damn well learn right now that you can't get anywhere with that line. You don't owe me or anyone else anything. Not ever Malcolm. If you want to suck cock that's fine, just don't ever think that you have to do it. Everyone of us will love you and welcome you into our family whether you suck, fuck, get fucked or sucked or even eat shit. You need a home. You have chosen to ask me to provide that home and I tell you now that it is yours with no strings attached. Well, almost."
    He perked up and looked me in the eye. "We do have some rules. First and foremost, with no exceptions, you will attend school everyday. You will not be late, you will not skip. You will keep your grades up. If you are having problems in a class we have older boys who will be glad to tutor you. All of the boys enjoy helping each other and we do not ever get a single assignment, test, or report card with anything less than a B on it.
    "Second, we are a large household so you are required to pick up after yourself. All of the boys pitch in and keep the house clean, but no one has told them too. There are no schedules and no list of chores. You make a mess you clean it up, that goes for your living area. No dirty laundry on the floor. Except for the current day's underwear which some perv will pick up and sniff all of your grunge out of. You are to take care of your personal hygiene, unless you and your current boyfriend are on a grunge binge then you stay to your room and don't offend the rest of the family with your BO." That got a giggle out of both boys and I got a squeeze as Malcolm reclaimed my dick as his to have and to hold.
    "And the most important rule of the house. No means NO! If you or anyone tries to do anything to another boy that he does not want you to do and he says no, listen. If you continue on we have punishment methods that will cool your ardor for the next several centuries. That rule works both ways, you can say no too." I yawned right in his face. "I am sorry, I have been on an airplane all night long and this hot water is putting me to sleep."
    "We can help you get relaxed and ready to sleep." I looked at Ronnie. I have not spent a night with him. It would be fun to be with the two boys for a few hours. I led them to a hot shower to wash away the bubble bath. I hate sitting in gallons of dirty water and not being able to rinse off in a hot shower afterwards. Everyone was at attention, including Roddy. I picked him up and let him sit on my shoulders, backwards. His cocklet was buried in my mouth as I fingered his tiny ass hole. It was not as tiny as I would like, he has been messing around a little too much on this trip. After two quick dry cums Roddy was happy and he took off on us. Malcolm, Ronnie, and I took to my big bed.

    I love the names that my boys can come up with each other. I learned that Ronnie called Malcolm the mauler. A fact that got my attention was that Malcolm and Ronnie did not fuck. Malcolm saw my reaction and tried to explain himself as he tried to wiggle my cock up his ass. I slid him to the side and sat up to stare him in the eye. "Sir, I was virgin the day I came to your house. I used Ronnie to suck my cock 'cause it made me feel like a big shot to have a kid on his knees in front of me and I really liked it when he made me cum in his mouth. That was so cool.
    "When I asked him to do me again he told me that I had to do him first. I had thought about it and…well it just didn't sound that bad, but then he told me that if I would suck his cock then I could fuck him in the ass and…well I would have sucked a dog to get to fuck somebody." Ronnie and I broke up as we started barking and panting like dogs. The mauler blushed madly.
    "But when we got to your house you had me so hot that I could not have said no to anything you wanted to do. I never knew sex was going to be that good. I mean I heard how great it was and I had had some great feelings when I like, you know…" He made the universal sign of masturbation.
    "If you are ashamed to say it out loud then maybe you shouldn't even be talking about it, mauler." I giggled at the name. "Sex is not something to play around with. You boys are playing adult games with your boy bodies. You are young and driven by hormones. If all sex is to you is a way of getting off then you are a fool and you will get hurt. You have a lot to learn in this old world and Ronnie has seen more than you can ever imagine. Maybe the two of you need to sit down and have a long talk with each other."
    Ronnie was quietly crying as Malcolm took him in his arms and kissed away the boy's tears. "Sir, we have. I do love Ronnie and I will never hurt him, ever, and I mean that. I know what he had to do to just eat. I have cried as I look at this dude and I thank God above for him and his love for me. I have always gotten my own way and don't know what he had to feel. All I can do is to try to make him as happy as he can be for now and hope that as we get older we will stay with each other.
    "I haven't told him yet, but I am in love with him. I do love you dude, with all of my heart and tonight I want to show you that. Tonight I am going to give you every part of me to use as you want. You can whip me with chains if you want, I love you that much." I hope it doesn't come to that, but the boy was on roll I listened to what he had to say. I had one of my suspicions confirmed about Ronnie, he is an exclusive bottom. Ronnie had fucked Malcolm in the heat of the moment that afternoon in my office. Except for his earlier trysts with his little brother he stayed on his back. That would change before we left my bedroom. I can only imagine what he went through at the hands of his captors and I felt that he was trying to punish himself and prove to himself that he was unworthy. When the mauler had looked him in the eye and told him that he loved him, the look on Ronnie's face had been one of disbelief. I was going to be sure that his self esteem was more firm than his cock.
    "I have told Rooty baby that I want one really good fucking then I am his forever. He has told me about some of his fucks and all of the boys have told me about how you make love to a boy. I was scared, but I loved what we did that day in your office and I went up to Rooty baby's room and fucked him and Trevor and they both sucked me while I sucked them. Rooty baby and I suck each other all of the time, but I want a good, solid fucking that moves me to want to marry you and have your baby. I am sure that I am a queer now, but a good fucking will set me on my path for life." That was heavy. I don't know if I want to set a boy's feet on that path. It is not a great life for everybody. I could not explain that to the boys at this point. They were too horny.
    Poor Malcolm got a lot more than he bargained for. Ronnie and I fucked the dude silly and would not let him fuck at all. He had a cock in his mouth and up his once tight ass all afternoon. I had wanted to catch up on my rest and in a way I suppose I did. A quick nap with Malcolm laying on top of me and Ronnie on top of him and I was refreshed as ever. I suppose that it might have been when Ronnie began to pee in Malcolm's ass as he slept. Malcolm responded in kind so I filled his mouth too.
    I have learned to put plastic under the egg crate pads on my bed. A quick change of sheets and the egg crates left on the balcony to dry and the bed was good to go. Egg crate pads are not all that expensive and I have several new ones on hand all of the time. They will stand up to about five or six heavy washes, but the sun dries them out quickly and they begin to crumble and turn to dust.
    It was six o'clock and time to get going. I had some very important people coming by. I hope that things work out well for a very special young man who is visiting with us for the holidays. After that we have a New Year's Eve party planned for just the immediate family, no guests tonight. Malcolm wanted a little more of me so I told him that he might want to come back to my room after the party. His smile is almost as long as his thick dick. I sent the bow legged boy and his sweet heart to find Fedor for me.

    I took Fedor into my office for a conference. His meaty microphone is very fun to speak into and it spits up the most amazingly perfect boi juice when spoken to properly. I had good news for him, I thought. Although his father and his brother had been released from prison the charges still hung over their head. A part of our judicial system that is still a throw back to the ancient past is that once convicted the stigma is there forever. I am fortunate enough to have a very good legal team working for me. They are not cheap, by any stretch of the word, but they are good and more than effective.
    After many interviews with Fedor and with his family the prosecutor filed to have all charges against the father and son dismissed. Then the real work began. To overturn a wrong conviction would have still left a mark on the men's records. A gubernatorial pardon would have also left a bit of a stigma on them. It would be like, "Okay, you committed a crime, but we will overlook it and forgive you." No, that was not good enough. I pushed my team to get the entire episode totally and forever expunged from any and all records, paper and electronic. That took the state legislature and a half a million dollars to do, but it was done.
    I saw the car enter the gate and tossed Fedor a pair of shorts. I pushed the intercom button to announce to the family that we had unfriendly visitors. I knew that the boys throughout the house were scrambling for their shorts and tee shirts. Mitch showed Pytor and Adrian Jeftichew into my office. Fedor ran to his father and the three of them embraced warmly.
    I explained to the three what had transpired and that they were all now free with no record, anywhere, of what had happened. I even had a check for the father and brother from the state. They had each been offered fifty thousand dollars for lost wages and suffering for their one year ordeal. I suggested that they accept the money. To try to get more would only mean years of pain where the entire story would be played out in public by the news media. For Fedor's sake they should not do that. Fedor had already been gang raped because of the false story. That made both older men cry and hold the boy closer.
    I told them that they could now go wherever they pleased and resume their life. Their home had been foreclosed and resold. I had tried to recover it for them, but they had watched as it had been torn down and a new house built on the site. I handed Pytor a check from the bank for over one hundred and forty thousand dollars, the amount that my accountants had determined his equity in his home to be.
    Fedor told his father that he wanted to move to Arizona with me and the family. Pytor looked at his boy and asked why. Fedor told his father that he was gay. He enjoys being in bed with boys and with young men. He especially likes to lay next to a grown man that knows how to love and care for a boy and make him feel safe. I began to worry about the direction the boy was taking and hoping that my life was not about to come to an end.
    "Dad, you have told me that you hate the cold winters here and how it makes your body hurt. Adrian has trouble breathing and I think that Arizona is the answer to all of that."
    "Is it the answer to your being a little fag boy?" Adrian jumped up and rushed at his father. Pytor held his hand up and the boy stopped in mid-stride. "I asked you a question, cock sucker."
    Fedor was dumb struck. His lip quivered as he stared into his father's eyes, then a resolve swept across his face and he stiffened his body. "I have met a man that I love and I have a boyfriend who loves me and I like to have sex with him. They live in Arizona and if I have to run away I am going to go there to be close to them. They will not let me live with them if I don't have your permission, but I am going to be close anyway." He crossed his arms and sat back in his seat.
    "My babushka, he has balls, no? I like my boys to have balls. Adrian is a fag boy and he has balls. He told me he liked cock up his ass when he was thirteen. His mother, she no like it, but my boy had balls and he stand up to me. Fag or no, I like my boys to stand up and tell it to me eyeball to the eyeball." He grabbed Fedor and the two of them embraced as only a loving father and son can.
    "So what about Adrian and his Jessie? You want him to move away?"
    "Dad, Jessie would follow Adrian to the moon. He wanted to go to prison so that they could be together."
    "Straight? Did he tell you that?" Adrian was on the edge of his seat looking at his little brother.
    "Have you ever doubted how much he loves you? Sure, he is a little smaller than you, but that is why you love him. You know what it is like to be loved by a boy and he needs your strength. Jessie would crawl along behind you all of the way to Arizona just waiting for your kiss." The boy began to giggle in that teenage fashion that sends warm fuzzies throughout my body.

    From the time of their release until that very day Pytor and Adrian had been living in halfway houses. Each man was kept separate from the other with no contact allowed between them, the state still believed them to be perverts. I know that they had no place to live. I took a big risk. I told Fedor to show Adrian around the house. I had Edmund find a bottle of cognac for my guest as we sat across from each other in the soft easy chairs.
    Somebody once called it gaydar and that has more or less caught on as the way that a person can sense the sexual orientation of a gay man. If there actually is such an ability mine was sure as hell in overdrive. Bells were going off in my head as this man sent forth signals that were completely unmistakable. I don't drink, but the cognac did a number on Pytor's tongue, it cut loose from its hinges and began to rattle off a tale that I knew before he ever opened his mouth.
    To his family, Pytor was heavily closeted. His wife of fifteen years had her feeling about him. He always stayed late with his best friend who had never married. I learned that Pytor met a young man when they were only teenagers. Pytor met his young wife who had just immigrated to this country for northwestern Russia. Her parents were from Stockholm, Sweden and had fled to St. Petersburg, Russia to get away from her mother's father. The man refused to allow his daughter to marry a common worker, but the young couple was in love. They choose to live in an oppressive Communist society rather than to live without each other.
    With the fall of communism the couple had the opportunity to get further away from the long arm of her father so they took their three teenaged children and immigrated to America. Pytor had never had feelings for a girl like he had for young Sofiya. His tiny little Soffie turned his head, both of them. He nearly lost his precious Pavel Storovich, who like his Russian name meant, was small and humble.
    Pytor made love to each of his lovers every day and made them feel that they were the only ones in his life. When he was sixteen he learned that he could not make love to his Soffie with the same abandon that he loved his Pavey. Soffie was pregnant.
    Pytor tried to explain himself to Pavey, but the younger boy was deeply hurt. It wasn't until Pytor told his young lover that they would have exclusive sex for more than a year because he could not fuck this pregnant girl until well after she had healed from delivering his son. He was sure that it would be a son and he would let Pavey make love to the boy when he came of age. Pavey saw that as an act of true love and the pair were together until the day that Pytor was arrested and taken away.
    Pavey was no where to be found when Pytor was released. His house had been sold and his lover of more than twenty years was gone, forever. He was now reduced to tears, alcohol does that to some people. I held him and let him cry for his loss. Between his sobs I learned a lot about his thirty four year old boyfriend that I would pass on to young Mic. If anybody can find anybody that boy can. He should have a Dogg name himself, he sure acts like a blood hound in his tenaciousness to see the job through.

    I had not realized the lateness of the hour until Cory slipped in to tell me that dinner was ready. I asked Pytor if he had a problem being around naked teenage boys. He proved his homosexuality to me by drooling and stuttering. I told him that he would have to be naked also, but I would give him such eye candy that his cock would not go soft for several months. He only hesitated a moment before he started to remove his clothes. His sons had been listening from the door, the two naked boys stepped up to their father and disrobed him quickly.
    As I had predicted, the man turned to instant wood and his eyes grew tired as he scanned the house on our way to the dining room to eat the last meal of the year as a family. I had made a comment to Cullen on the plane that he tasted better than southern fried chicken, but I hadn't had that in my mouth in a long time so I could be wrong. Jerry and Tim are southern boys and they wanted to help Edmund prepare an old southern treat. Jim told them about how much I had loved his aunts country gravy so Edmund sent Mitch off in search of fresh cow cream and homemade butter.
    The meal was full of fat and calories and all of us loved it. Cullen slipped up to me and asked me if he still tasted better. I grabbed his young goods with my greasy fingers and pulled his cock to my mouth. "Tastes a little better, but let me try some of your gravy." As the rest of the family cheered him on, Cullen stood on the edges of my chair and fucked my mouth full of his creamy juice.
    He fell back as someone moved my plate away. I grabbed a spoon full of Jim's gravy and poured it over the softened cock then licked it up. I wiped my hands over the pieces of chicken on my plate and wiped his balls down then someone put the platter of chicken before me. I made sure that my finger was well coated in the abundance of grease on the platter and shoved it up his sweet ass. His ass never tasted so good and I had to hold myself back to avoid biting his huge nuts off for desert.
    Around the table chicken grease and gravy were being applied to other boys' parts as everyone got into a chicken feed. I felt like a true chicken hawk during that meal, and I had a lot of little chicks to eat too. I made sure that Roddy was well coated and eaten, without breading or deep frying. I was glad to see Pytor enjoy himself. He was reluctant to use his own sons, but they both assured him that they would never repeat the act for the rest of the year. The man had not had a mouthful of youngster juice in many years and he was quite happy. He became even more happy when Christopher showed him how a cock could be used as a scratching post. Pytor squealed like the boys do, with delight.

    At eight the party began. It was slow, as most New Years parties are, but the closer it got to the midnight hour the more animated the boys became. They had set the theme for the party to please everyone in a whole different way. The theme was Fuck a Stranger. No one could fuck his husband or boyfriend for the first hour of the New Year, kissing was not even allowed. No contact with their lover, but make a stranger feel he was the only one, was the order of the evening. That made if a bit complicated for me and also for Cory for that matter. Neither of us were attached, but damn did we have fun. I was looking over Izzy and Sean when Ray placed Dean's hand in mine. "Make my boy a family member daddy. I want him to know all of the love that you have for all of us."
    I sat down to a cup of punch and talked to Dean. He had never been with anybody, but Ray. Many years before he had a boy named Ryan suck him and he learned to fuck butt from that boy. Ray has been the only boy to ever go up in Dean's butt. Ray is no piker when it comes to cock size, but let's face it, he couldn't compare to me. Dean had to work up his courage. I was really glad that we did not have any alcohol for the boys. I am afraid that the substance might lower inhibitions that would allow some of the boys to take chances that could hurt them.
    Dean held my cock and felt every foot of it, slowly. With about ten minutes to go before the stroke of the New Year rang down on us, he made his first attempt at sucking me. It was a stretch for him, but he kept on until he had most of my cock down his throat. He fondled my balls and began to work me in earnest. I wanted his cock, but he moved away from me as he kept up his motions.
    He worked as hard as he could and soon he had all of me deep in him. His moans around my cock were pleasing to me, but they also spoke of how pleased he was. I began to fire off a load, I had not wanted to do that yet, but he does know how to suck a cock. He pulled back to get a breath then dove for more cream. His hands were all over my lower parts as I got the feeling that the boy was enjoying himself. I even sensed a bit of pride from him as he learned that he could take all of me to the end.
    The large Grandfather clock in the front entrance began to chime the first seconds of the new day in. Dean moved to sit in my lap and gave me one of the hottest kisses I have ever shared with a new boy. He made me feel as if he was as happy as he had ever been before. At the last stroke of mid-night he moved back far enough to look into my eyes, "Now, fuck me. Make raw, unbridled pure ass fucking sex with me, no holds barred. I don't want any fucking pin, I want to know that you love me and want me in your family."
    "This is not the way we do things. I love you, more than you can comprehend. I don't have to fuck you to show that. You do not have to fuck me to live here. You only have to be happy with us, as we are, no holds barred, as you said."
    "Okay, so I said it wrong. All I have wanted all day long is to get on that meaty horse dick of yours. I am so horny for you. I have made Ray raw fucking me, he even used his toys on my ass, I have to have you. I will never be able to explain it to you or anyone, but please fuck me now." We had to kiss a little longer before I granted his wish.
    I slipped from his mouth to nibble at his ear. His head went back and a long sigh emitted from his throat. I made sure that there was no place on his face that was not kissed, licked, or nibbled on before I started down his skinny little neck. His cock was so hard that he hurt and he begged me to get up in him before he exploded all over both of us. I whispered in his ear, as I chewed on it again, to let me know when he just had to explode. I told him that I would catch every drop, but have him ready to explode again in very short order. He turned to kiss me once more before I moved to his nips. Some boys are totally turned on to having their nipples sucked and Dean was one of them. He also took to letting me squeeze and pinch them. He reacted to the harder pinches so I took it as far as I was comfortable with, but he never complained.
    I did the full number on him as I moved him to one of the mats that were spread about the room. I worked all the way down his treasure trail without stopping for the gold. I worked my way around his freshly trimmed pubic bush and deep laved the cleft between his groin and thigh. Damn, that boy tasted good. He looks and tastes much younger than his age would suggest, and I didn't mind at all.
    I worked down his right thigh to his right foot. After making five lengthy toes happy little boys I started up the back of the right leg. I worked my way across the great divide to the left thigh and moved on down to another foot. I almost wish that he had more feet they tasted so good. By the time I got back to his nuts they were tight against his body. I had to suck them back down quickly, I was not ready for him to go off quite yet. Earlier I could have handled it and a few minutes later I would let him go, but we were at a crucial point and to go off then would have taken a long time for him to recover.
    He relaxed and his nuts fell away so that I could pay attention to each one of them separately. I lifted his smooth scrote and worked my way down to the back door. I don't know if Ray did this for him or not, but he seemed to enjoy this more than anything we had done so far, but when I ran my tongue down the valley of his tight, jock butt his ass left the floor as he arched high in the air. I love to make a boy squirm and this one was going to be so much fun.
    I pushed his legs up and back. Dean caught on at once and wrapped his arms around his thighs to hold them back for me. I spread his legs as he relaxed his grip, but still held them up while I dove for the target that awaited my oral assault. On first contact his reddened hole opened wide. He had been working that opening and it was ready and waiting for what he was sure he was going to get. I would not disappoint him, he had worked himself up to this moment and I love to make a boy's dreams come true. However, I had to make my dreams come true too.
    I ate at my leisure and enjoyed the meal as well as the sweet music that he sang to me as I did things to him that I don't believe that he had ever experienced. My tongue is not big at all, but like a cock it is not the size, but how it is used that makes the difference. I made a difference to a smooth bodied boy that knew how to tell me that he was loving the loving he was getting.
    I took my time before I inserted my first finger. His hardened nut seemed to be closer to the opening than in most boys and I wished that my tongue had only been an inch longer so that I could lick that nectar filled gland. When I did touch him he became a fountain of youth. I saw his nuts tighten and his cock twitch, I just barely made it to the fountainhead before all of his youthful exuberance spouted forth. How sweet it was, a second load in under ten minutes that was thick and delicious. Some boys can just cum and cum and never thin out, Dean is one of them. I had four loads out of the boy before our hour was over and each load was as thick and wholesome ad the previous load.
    I used his downloading time to insert my digital probes and really stroke his nut, three finger stroke. That sent another wave of pleasure through his body as he had never experienced before and it also sent his cock much deeper into my hungry mouth. I love to get it on with a boy who is receptive. As much as I had enjoyed young Malcolm earlier he couldn't hold a candle to the response that I was getting from Dean. I was going to enjoy having this boy in the family, I only hope that he will be closer to me. I can understand him wanting to stay in school in Albany and I know that Ray owns a house that needs someone to live in it. I am selfish when it comes to hard bodied boys, I want all of them in my bed, at the same time.
    Dean was softening from the hardest climax in his recent memory. He told me that he was sure that he never came like that since the first time that Ray fucked him when they were young teenagers. I was about to show him how much he could cum. I leaned over him and kissed him and let him savor the flavor of his ambrosia like ball batter. Without fanfare I let my cock slide inside him. His arms went around me as he pulled himself into me and helped me slide in to my full length. I felt him crying. I looked into his eyes which were flooding over with his tears.
    "I never thought that anything could feel that good. I love it when Ray goes up in me and I love to have him pound my ass for as long as he can. I enjoy fucking him, but I love taking it more. He is the same way, he wants it all of the time, but he knows how good it feels so he does me too. You have to teach us whatever it is that you are doing to me now because I am in love with you, just like Jay Garcia said I would be. Everyone that I have talked to here loves to have you in them and now I know why. Move in with Ray and me and fuck both of us all day and all night." I shut him up with a kiss as I began to slide in and out.
    I moved about for deeper penetration and better control then began a full ass fucking of a healthy young butt hungry boy. Everybody in the room was nodding his head or making signs that he knew the pleasure that Dean was experiencing for the first time in his life. I have been with Ray, several times, the first time was in his own living room during my first trip to New York with the boys July fourth of 2005. He is not a bad little fucker, but he could learn some technique and I was teaching Dean that a fuck is just a fuck, but technique makes it love.
    By that time the boy was screaming his love for me and begging me never to quit, never to leave his ass. He invited me to make my home inside of him forever. I have heard that so many times, but I still get distracted and I begin to laugh. I have to be careful not to break the moment by laughing in my boy's face while I am hunched over him humping the shit out of his near virgin ass though.
    Dean did something that only Cory has ever done to me before, he began to laugh. His laugh was different though in that it was a near hysterical, maniacal sort of laugh. His face was distorted and tears ran down his face as he laughed so hard that his body was convulsing. I slowed my pace as I prepared to withdraw. He yelled at me not to stop, but to go harder and faster. He had never had anything in his life give him more pleasure. His legs gripped me and his arms reached for me. I bent over to kiss him and he swallowed my face.
    "I have never had love made to me in my life. I enjoy being with Ray so much and we have had so much fun for nearly six years, except when I was overseas with my dad. I make him fuck me five six times everyday, whether we cum or not I don't care, I just like to get fucked as much as he does. This is no fuck, this is pure heaven. It is not how deep or how thick you are, it is you baby. I love you. I can't ever have enough of you." I figured that he was telling the truth of it because I was sure that he had had at least three dry orgasms in the twenty minutes we had been fucking. His body was in sexual overdrive and I was watching him closely to make sure that he was still with me. The last thing I want is for a boy to go into some sort of seizure or medical emergency while I am fucking him.
    Dean is of legal age, but I would still hate to explain to some young resident at a local ER that he passed out from the pleasure of it all when I fucked his tight ass for a half an hour. Although I might get lucky and find a young resident that wanted me to show him how I did it, first hand.
    Dean became more animated. His body rose from the floor as he met each thrust from me with one of his own. He was fucking me with all of the intensity that I was fucking him. His head began to toss from side to side. I rose to my knees and grabbed his hips and began to power punch his gut with short, hard jabs of no more than six inches in each stroke. His eyes rolled to white and his cock stiffened for the first time in over twenty minutes. Then the geyser spouted a good six long ropes of thick white cum clear up to his chin and across his chest. He made two shots into his open mouth without even trying.
    He licked his lips and smiled at me as I began to fill his ass with my load. I had cum so much in the fourteen hours that I had been home that I didn't think that I had another load in me, but a near virgin ass on a cock hungry boy can do wonders for me as well. I know it was good for him because it was wonderful for me and I was in love with this tight ass.
    Yeah, that is a problem that I have, I do fall in love with each and everyone of my boys and I can't conceive on any of them ever leaving me. I love Raymond and I know that Ricky loves him too. I wonder how Ricky is going to be without knowing that his big brother is nearby to run to in times of trouble. The two boys have been very close since their parents were killed.
    Now that I have been with Dean I really don't want to loose this young couple. But that his my greed, I want to eat my boy and have him too. I virtually collapsed on top of the young man as my nuts pulled up inside my body and my ass hole followed. I was drained. I fell to the side and lay on my back as I heard Dean sucking for air. A cool wash cloth was laid on my forehead and another was washing my sweaty body. I opened my eyes to see Ray washing me down and Cory was washing Dean's body. My boys stick to their rules, but I would like a kiss from my boy. A quick look at the clock said I had fifteen minutes to go. I had been at Dean for almost an hour, no wonder I was hot and sweaty, even on January first in New York.
    Dean and I entwined our bodies and our tongues for the next fifteen minutes, but Dean had a lot to tell me. He almost whispered in my ear, but he was so close that I could feel the blood pulsing through his lips. "I could not understand how Raymond could love you as much as he does. He has told me so often that you are more like a father, a big brother, and a perfect lover than anything he could ever hope for. I was sure that he was blind sided by you, but I have to apologize to you and to him. You are all of that. Ray's dad was the greatest guy I ever knew. Ricky and Ray adored him as much as he adored them. His disappearance almost destroyed them, then when they discovered that he had been murdered they almost didn't make it.
    "I loved their dad more than I loved my own, which wasn't too hard really. Their dad was a good attorney and I wanted to be just like him. You know that he was prosecuting those creeps that were driving up house prices, or real estate, I guess. If they couldn't buy a property they killed the owner and bought the property from the heirs. They killed Mr. and Mrs. Johnson because he had the goods on them."
    I didn't know the particulars of the Johnson deaths. I knew that the boys won a very large award in their law suit, but I did not know them at the time nor did it ever come up since then. What did suddenly come up was the first hour of the new year. At the stroke of one Cory slipped into my lap as Ray bent over to kiss Dean.
    Dean and I had a lot of fun, but both of us were glad to see our mates. I felt Dean move away from me, but when Cory pulled back to let me come up for air I had to laugh out loud. Dean was on his knees on the sofa with his body over the back and his ass in the air. Ray was inspecting his favorite resting place and cooing, "Does Deany hurt here. Let daddy tiss it and make it all better for baby." Dean looked at me with a sheepish grin on his face then moaned as Ray touched him just right.
    "Did he tell you?" Cory asked me.
    "Oops better wait a minute." He giggled as Dean pulled away from Ray and sat down close to me again. Cory slid next to me so that Ray could sit in my lap. Ray put his arm around my neck and his cheek next to mine.
    "Daddy…" Ray whispered against my lips as Dean moved his face closer. The three of us got into a tongue battle. "We want to live with you, but we want to live close to you. We love you and want to be where we can see you everyday and night and maybe get you up in us pretty often and maybe have your babies and get really…" I had to shut Ray up with a kiss.
    "I have to go back to Tucson."
    "We know and we are going with you. Dean and I have been on the phone and he is enrolled at the U of A with his first class next Monday. But we want to live in a room in the main house with you, not down at the house by the campus. Can we share your room with you?"
    That got a big laugh from Cory, he is not about to let anyone live with me. I can bed 'em as often and as long as I want, but nobody shares my room for very long. A kiss sealed the bargain then Malcolm grabbed my hand to drag me off to bed with Ronnie and Cory close behind. We found Roddy and Gus asleep in my bed with Gus balls deep in Roddy's ass. Cory and I quietly carried them to their bed and we made it without Gus withdrawing Roddy's pacifier.

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