Chapter 92


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The fourth week began. The court room seemed electric as I took my seat. Tony just smiled at me when I asked him what was going on. I began to figure out what was to come when the very first witness took the stand. I was glad that I had only had a bit of fruit and one cup of coffee that morning. As it was I had difficulty in keeping that down.
    Theodore Jakes stood tall and proud. I have no idea what the man has to be proud of. He has been de-frocked. His Bishop is under pressure for allowing the man years of contact with small boys. He has been tried by the state of New York for the molestation of twelve youngsters and he figures prominently in the disappearance of twenty five older youth. I had learned that Teddy worked out a plea bargain to avoid federal prosecution in the child slavery conspiracy. (I believe that it was John Bright that said, "He is a self made man that worships his creator." That fit this former priest perfectly.) I listened intently to what Teddy had to say. He has yet to be sentenced by the state. What he does in this trial, and those to come for others in this nasty scheme, could affect the amount of freedom he has left in his life.
    Teddy told how he met Wilson Weller when he was a young priest in Greece. At that time Weller used the name Nicholas Pagonis. He was a dealer in human flesh. Teddy was Father confessor to a man by the name of Count Seigy Corvin. I almost jumped out of my skin. Tony had to hold onto me. Seigy Corvin was a young man with different ambitions. I'll say they were different. Seigy asked Teddy to use his knowledge of the local boys that could be placed into gay brothels about Europe.
    The judge was staring at me. He called for a side bar and told me to come to the bench. "What is going on, Officer?"
    "I am sorry, sir. I cannot answer you. There is a related investigation in progress that is highly classified."
    "My office, now. Ten minute recess," he said as he brought down his gavel then he left the bench as we followed.
    "Your Honor. I will talk to you, but I can not disclose what I know in front of either of these men." The judge looked at me for a minute then led me into his chambers, alone. I shook him to the core with what I had to tell him. We took every second of the ten minute recess before he held my arm and walked back to the courtroom door with me.
    "Chris, my prayers are with you. I only hope that you can hold up. The witness list gets much worse after this man." I nodded at him as he opened the door and we returned to our proper places.
    As part of his plea agreement Teddy admitted from the stand, that he had been having sexual relations with many very young boys. The boys were coming of age and threatening to tell of their continued abuse by their priest. Nicholas and his new partner, Seigy, had the perfect solution for the faggot priest. They kidnaped every boy the priest had ever had sex with and turned him out on the streets to serve as sex toys for perverted men around Southern Europe. It was to Teddy's good fortune that he was young and had only been about his fowl work for a little more than six years when he met Pagonis. His oldest victim was fourteen and a prime specimen for the needs of the conspirators.
    The defense finally awakened and objected to the irrelevancy of this testimony. The judge asked Blake where this was going. Blake assured him that this background needed to be laid out in order to see the bigger picture soon to come. The judge let the de-frocked priest continue.
    Even after moving to the states Teddy used his power as a priest to root out runaways, families in trouble, whatever, to find fair, good looking youngsters, male and female to give a better life to. He secretly sent them to Everett Rothsfeld or Justice DuBois to be sent into a world of indenture to slavery and misery unknown in their young worlds.
    The judge that had resigned during the arraignment of Everett's child abuse trial was set up with a street boy. He had been sending down bench judgements sending these children that Teddy had rescued to Everett and DuBois, never to be seen again. The poor charismatic pastor and his flock were pawns who had been duped into playing these people's games. They had sent several children from their towns to Teddy to be helped. As he continued to talk Teddy gave the names of people involved with the two men that stretched all the way down the eastern seaboard to D.C. itself. We already had most of them in custody, the rest were on our radar.

    I have a secret which I will share with you if you will swear not to tell anyone. I live in a house with a bunch of teenaged faggots. Not only are the boys hormone driven their minds run to every perversion possible. It is funny to listen to them try to figure which of their favorite media stars may be gay. These boys can come up with some of the most fantastic fantasies that you have ever heard. I get as hard as nails as they gather in a group and plan the deflowering of one cute young and hung after another.
    When the word does come out about someone being gay it is pandemonium in the house. It was not all that long ago that their favorite drummer outed himself. I had never heard the group's music before, but suddenly it was the only thing being played in the house.
    We dragged ourselves in from our week in hell. The house was rocking. Every television was playing reruns of Dr. Doogie Houser, M.D. Where the heck the kids found the old TV series is beyond me. They have learned that they have massive amounts of money to spend and their own credit cards to spend with. I suppose that one can find anything with a bottomless bank account.
    Neil Patrick Harris has always been a favorite. I grew up ogling the guy. One of my dad's favorite restaurants in town has an autographed picture on their wall. Neil had stopped in for lunch in the early eighties, at the height of his series success.
    I had seen it in a news blurb and smiled to myself. Neil had told the press that he was gay and that he has a steady boyfriend. I was glad that he did not out his boyfriend. I wish them all of the peace and love that they can find. I just wish that I had gotten his teenage ass in my bed. I think that he is a bit older than me so he would have been the perv. Anyway the boys were happy. It was a riot to watch them swoon over him on the TV. I thought I was watching a bunch of little girl groupies from an old Beatles concert. Or Elvis, or so many like you see in old clips.
    I was just glad to be home with my boys all over me. I don't really care what turns them on as long as they are turned on. Ah sweet youth.

    The door bell rang. Excuse me, it is not a door bell. Turner programmed a midi-file of The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies from Puccini's Opera, The Nut Cracker Suite. He choose a tinkling bell sound. Because the house is so massive we use the intercom to let the sound alert the entire family that a stranger is at the door. Everyone grabbed shorts and shirts then returned to their lounging about.
    I opened the door to Dickie and a new face. Dickie could have used the thumb pad and he could have used his code to alert us to a stranger. There had to be a reason for this. We took a seat in the front room. I was introduced to Ted Folley, a man of about thirty eight or nine. Christopher offered us refreshments. With each of us having a soda or coffee in hand Dickie looked at me. "Chris, I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me." Every ear in the house was stretched to its limit as the boys strained to hear what their brother had to say. He was not talking as a family member. I am proud of the fact that even the younger boys pick up on special situations quickly and guard themselves and their actions.
    "Chris, I am going to have to move away. I…" He turned his head as he pretended to shed a tear. He eye talked me that all was good. "Chris, I am gay. I love it here but, well, I just don't trust myself around all of the cute boys here. I would never hurt any of them, but my tendencies… I think about them sometimes, you know when I think about sex and stuff. Ted is a counselor that I met a few years ago. We were at the mall and began to talk like old friends. I told him that I am gay and that I like him. He told me that he was attracted to me.
    "We have talked about my being here and the danger that I pose to the boys if I should loose control. He has asked me to live with him and I have accepted. Chris, I am so lustful that I don't even want to go get my things. Could I ask if you could pack them for me and Ted will pick them up in a few days?" His eyes told me that he was being honest and really liked Ted. I agreed as I told him how much we admired him and had enjoyed his input to the family. He left with a firm handshake and the promise to stay in touch. I am glad that he has found someone. He has been lonesome in a house full of fag boys who have tried to draw him out of his self imposed shell. The boys discussed Dickie and Ted long into the night.

    The first month was finished. I had pressing matters in Alabama Monday. I sat back to look over my e-mail. I had one from I had not heard from the hot pair of newly broke in fag boys since the last week of February. The file size was 9K. I thought that I better check my other mail then come back to read about whatever they had to say.
    With business taken care of I grabbed a cup of coffee. The boys were doing their homework as they prepared for school the next day. Tran is enrolled and has been attending for three weeks. The three boys from New York were going to go to class all week, for a change. I would only have Bryan, Lance, and Les with me for the next few weeks. All was quiet after another dramatic day. I had to smile as I saw the salutation from rockynads.

"Our dearest daddy,
   Nad: We love you with all of our hearts. It is hard to believe that you swept into our lives a month ago and changed us forever. Rocky is so much more than I ever dreamed that he would be. I have had my fantasies about him for almost four years. He has kept my tiny buddy so very happy on a daily basis, and more often.
   Rocky: Nad is the hot one, daddy. My boy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You showed us that it was okay to love each other and I really believe that Nad fantasizes that it is you he is making out with sometimes. I can tell. We will be laying there sucking on each other's cocks and finger fucking each other's butts when all of a sudden his cock gets super hard and he attacks me with super filled lust.
   Nad: Shit man, Rocky does the same to me. I get to playing with his prostate and he fucks my mouth as if I were the best piece he ever had. He makes me feel his love then he demands that I fuck the living shit out of him. I only wish that I could reach inside him the way you and Cory do.
   Rocky is too much of a gentleman to tell me that I have my short comings and can't quite reach his best parts. He pretends to love what I do for him.
   Rocky: Like Nad doesn't? He grabs me and breathes hard as he tells me how much he loves me and what a wonderful lover I am and all of that. I know he wants it deeper and with more stretch.
   Nad: No fucking way. I can do without the stretch and the way Rocky plays my prostate I don't need any more length. Big cocks are really not all that, if you know what I mean. I love your huge cock, but it is not the size that you have that moves me, it is the way you move in me that lights my fire. Okay, so you only fucked me once and Cory fucked me once, but that one fucking will always be remembered.
   So now for the news. First of all…It took us some time to figure out. It was the dates that finally did it for us. We thought that the bank had made an error. Both of us had twenty five thousand dollars in our checking accounts. We had all of these great ideas of how to spend it, but we were afraid that the bank would find their error and take it back. We mulled it over the rest of the week and by Sunday we were scared to death.
   As soon as my branch opened Monday morning I was there. A lady looked at my account and showed that a wire transfer from a scholarship fund had been placed into my account. She suggested that I move it to an interest bearing account, which I did. I had to research the fund that gave me the money and I finally decided that it had to be from you.
   I called Rocky. He was still at his bank. I told him to wait for me. I had an idea. His banker dug a little deeper and found out that the scholarship fund pays all of the taxes on a gift like this to the worthy students that they assist. We had the cash, tax free, to do with as we pleased. We pleased to pay our past due credit cards off and then we tore them up. Rocky had a small student loan which he paid off. We don't want anything hanging over our heads when we leave here this summer.
   Yeah, we are leaving Akron at the end of this term. We hope that you will let us stay with you for a few days until we can get into school wherever you live.
   Now the biggy. Here, let Rocky tell you.
   Rocky: We have a room mate. Yeah, we are still in the dorm so we have to sneak around. If anyone says anything then we will have to do something else. I…I'm sorry. I really can't tell this story. Let me introduce Edgar to you as our new roomie and the third member in our ménage à trois. Kinky? Well he was in serious trouble and he needed protection and he is a great sexy, beasty boy. Here is Edgar to tell you what is going on.

   Edgar: Well, I kind of like told Cory quite a bit about myself. Cory gave me the first love I have ever known and I want so much more of him. Cory came to the back door of the kitchen and just stood there looking at me. The way he stared at me made me bone up. He smiled at me and took hold of my cock. He pulled me to him and kissed me, on the lips. At first I wanted to pull away and cuss him out, but that dude can like, kiss. He moved into my heart and melted me.
   Cory invited me to his room for a blow job. I was so fucking hard I would have gone off with a priest at that point. Cory ate my ass and had me so turned on. He was fingering my butt hole and sucking my dick. While I was still trying to catch my breath from my first blow job ever when he pushed his cock up my ass. He is bigger than anyone who has ever been up in me and it felt damn good. I was stretched, but somehow I liked it.
   Cory said something about how glad he was that I had been fucked so much. He said it made his entry easier for me to take. I blurted out that my old man fucks me at least twice every day. He has been fucking me since I was fourteen.
   My dad has decided that I like to get fucked so he brought a friend of his from work home to fuck the gay kid. The man was fat and smelled bad and he was drunk. My dad was drunk and he threw up all over me. I was sick to my stomach and ran out of the house. I was starkers and covered in vomit with cum running down the inside of my legs. A police car was driving past and saw me. They came to my aide. My dad came to the door. He was still naked. He didn't see the cops standing there talking to me as he called me to come back in so he could fuck me. He said it was his turn.
   I have disappeared until the trial. My dad and his co-worker want to kill me so that I can't testify at their trial. I am glad that I am free of my old man, but I don't know where to go. Rocky brought me home and Nad held me and told me that I am welcome to live with them. You taught me how to sixty nine while getting fucked and I love it so that is what the three of us do each morning before they leave for class. Again after school and then at night. We swap around so that each of us does each of the others daily and we are very happy.
   Sir, I only tell you all of this because you told Rocky and Nad that you wanted them to go to New York during spring break. I want to know if I can go with them. I hope that maybe I can see Cory again and maybe I can get you to fuck me. The guys say you fuck great and I love to get it on so what do you say?"

    I had to take a break April 3. Tim Mark's mother was on trial for child molestation and child abuse. I was not involved in the case, but my boy wanted to have me with him for support. Of course I was there. I worked with Tony and Blake to get my presence minimized for the week and left the boys at home to catch up on their school work. There was no way Jerry would let us go to Mobile without him being beside his husband.
    Jim, Tim, and Jerry in Mobile, Alabama. Okay, I'm a romantic. I let the little fart skip school and join us. It was like old times. We missed Traveler© a little, but we were able to spread out in the hotel suite. We had not had the chance for the four of us to get it on in a hot tub together so we made up for that, often.
    Justice is swift and sure in the south. Mrs. Mark was as nasty in the courtroom as she had been at Les Tinsley's house in November. Throughout her proceedings she would scoff and let loose a string of expletives that had the judge threatening to have her gagged. Her main defense for her inaction in defense of Tim from his father was her belief "that the boy was queer." She demanded that the judge make him register as a faggot who went after little boys. She sited Les Tinsley and Lance Kelly as proof. She stood up and yelled at the court that Tim was the one that had kidnaped the two youngsters. She told her version of how Tim had been molesting the two for several years, and she had witnesses. She even pointed at Jim and told the court how she had seen him having sex with other boys when he was only eight or nine years old.
    The next victim of her ravings was me. She carried on about me molesting most of the boys in the town for many years. She had her version of how I had spirited Tim out of the state for immoral purposes. She had it on good authority that I was not a federal officer. She had a friend in the FBI investigate me, only to discover that I was an imposter. I truly began to feel sorry for her, until… She cursed the judge and called him a child fucking reprobate that had fucked her big brother all the days that they were in high school together. The judge had her removed from the courtroom. The case was given to the jury before noon on Tuesday. They had a verdict by two o'clock. Now we will wait to see what the judge will hand down.
    Tim was mortified that his mother had carried on so. He felt that the years of abuse from his father combined with her drinking had taken her mind. She is a very bitter woman that needs a lot of help. Yeah, I looked into it. The judge had been Mrs. Mark's brother's high school best friend. The sex part would only be known by the two men. I told Tim to be prepared for a mis-trial. The judge should have recused himself at the very beginning. The law doesn't allow anyone with such close ties to sit as judge. Oh well, it is the south and a small town at that.
    I had expected to be there a little longer. I had to pay for the room through Wednesday anyway so why not fucking use it to fuck three butt hungry boys who wanted to fuck the time away fucking each other from daylight till dark and from dark until daylight then begin again. I was glad that the hotel had a twenty four hour kitchen. We needed lots of energy for that forty five hour marathon. We almost needed wheel chairs to get to our plane to Tulsa Thursday afternoon.

    The only break for the family during all of this was Cory's wedding. We landed in Tulsa at two, local time. Andy was at the concourse awaiting us. He drove us over to the big black jet of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. The back end of the 737 came down and the family filed out. With a quick kiss and hug to me, and the three boys with me, they ran to board a chartered bus with blacked out windows for the road trip over to Tahlequah and Cory's house.
    As the bus pulled away three boys stepped from the back of the bus and grabbed Cory. He stared at them in the dim light before recognition came over his face. He jumped from his seat to welcome the three boys from Akron, Al, Greg, and Edgar. I had flown them down for the wedding and they would return to New York with me Sunday. I want Greg and Al to spend some serious time with Randy Hobbs. I let Edgar come along. He was the roommate of the other two and he had enjoyed his fuck from Cory no end. He told me that is what he felt like for a week, like he had no end.
    The relations were gathered in the yard and a whole cow was burning over the open fire pit. Beer was evident everywhere. I stood up on the bus. "Gentlemen," dead silence as all eyes locked on me. I grabbed Cory who was seated nearby and pulled him to me. "We are here to see one of our own step out on his road to manhood and real life. When our other boys married it was a very public ceremony and you did not participate in any festivities. Now hear me, please. This is your special time. We are in a private place. There is a lot of beer out there and it is free. You are all old enough to know what you want to do. I just hope that you are mature enough to face the results of your actions. I am talking about the hangover that I am sure many of you will have tomorrow morning at church.
    "Please drink carefully. Don't let anyone force anything on you. Have fun. But please, hear me please, no more babies." Everybody giggled. I was worried about Mike making his mark on the tribe. I don't think that Steven is quite ready to try girls yet, but he is equipped to mess with one if he is not careful. The boys flew off of the bus and into the house to get their uniforms on and stow their wedding clothes. They were all looking forward to Cory's bachelor party.
    I had a real laugh at Theo, Eric and Kenny. They were the first to get drunk, on two beers each. They were at the silly stage of drunk. Neither boy had ever tasted any kind of alcohol before and it hit them like a sledge. Eric is almost fourteen. He and Kenny have grown a lot these past months, but they are still the smallest and are looked on as the little brothers by the rest of the family. Theo has mentally matured, but his little body is still small. He has gained a lot of weight and has a soft layer of flab on his torso. I need to be home with him and find out what he is eating. Knowing Kenny and Eric with their sweet tooth the boy is most likely grazing on candy bars everyday.
    I had to go on a hunt for Curtis and Steven. The pair had a mug of beer apiece in one hand and a cock apiece in the other hand. They were sound asleep with their heads resting on the cum slicked thigh of the other. Another Kodak moment.
    It kind of hurts me to see how Toby seems to have shunned Kenny. He knows now that they are not brothers, but he raised the boy and Toby has been dad to Kenny all of his life. I almost had to force it out of Eric to find out that Kenny does cry himself to sleep sometimes. He is happy for Toby and Harry, but he misses his real big brother. I would be in that boy's face before this weekend was over. Then I would talk to him.
    Sabbath morning found a bunch of nodding heads with massive head aches as Cas began the worship service. We borrowed the little chapel at the back of Tsi-la-gi, a recreated Cherokee village popular with tourists. Just as Sarah had told Cory, the place was beautiful with the fragrant blossoms of the Redbud trees that lined the walk to the chapel. The women of the tribe busied themselves making an arbor of Redbud blossoms for the couple to stand under later that afternoon.
    I was really pleased to see some of the young people of the village stop and sing and pray with us. Two of the tribal elders sat at the back and called me to the side after service. I was reminded that Cory was the next in the bloodline of chiefs. The Cherokee have long elected their chiefs, but they still hold sacred the bloodline. Cory would have certain responsibilities to the tribe when he comes of age and the chiefs wanted to know if he would step in to that position.
    I had to be honest with them. I don't know what Cory plans to do. He is his own man. He is full of love and he is full of adventure. I know that he does have a strong sense of duty and I would hasten to bet that he would do all that was expected of him. But he would also try to pass that duty on if he could. I knew the answer, but I had to ask them if Chief Steve had no other relative that would be in line. He did not. My grand uncle Les, Steven's grandfather, was next in line. As a direct descendent of Christopher Stevens the mantle would fall back to me when uncle Les passes on. Steven would be next in line then Mike. I argued that I was the son of a daughter, not the son of a son. The bloodline could not pass to me. They told me that some of their finest chiefs have been women. I know a little history. The women chiefs were elected. But they informed me that those women still had the blood line. I told them that Steve had told me that he had sons and grandsons. They told me as chief he was the father of all the tribe. He only had one son, Cory senior. Cory Conway Jr.-Dickson was his only blood heir. Wow! Is there no way out of this? I am not cut out to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an Indian Chief.

    I looked at my number one son. He looked so handsome and mature. I recalled an afternoon so many years before. Chief Steve sat with the two of us at his table.

"Cory, you will make this old man happy if you will give me a son of your own. I know of your love for Chris and I have no problem with that. There are many good looking girls in this area that would like to bear your children. We are a simple people and they would not require your love. They will welcome you and Chris and love you as a couple. But they want to see my name carried on through my son Cory and his son, you."
    "Grandad, I am only sixteen, but I will give you grandsons and lots of them, but can I wait for a few years until I finish school so I can get a job and support them. I don't want the kid to grow up without a father or the money to buy food."

    The wedding was fantastic. Cory insisted that I be his best man. I wanted him to choose Cullen, but he was adamant. He wanted his family to stand up with him Cory grew up never knowing an extended family. He never had lasting friends. Now he had a dad and two brothers and we were all related by blood. That means a lot to my number one.
    Mike then Steven were beside me as I stood proudly at Cory's side. He wore the wedding garment prepared for him by Sarah and her mother. Sarah wore a dress made of chewed deer hide covered with hundreds of colored beads, each hand sown to the garment. I learned that the beads on her dress and Cory's shirt told the story of who they were and of their families. The breast plate of beads that Cory wore told of his linage from a line of chiefs back through time. A row had been added telling of his life just below the line that bore Steve's story. The two boys and I wore a soft leather shirt prepared for us. We each wore a beaded breast plate telling of our blood connection to the tribe and Cory.
    The ceremony was purely an Indian affair with nothing that one could really connect to what we would call a wedding except for the fact that I stood there, totally out of place. I was told that the brave's father would kill the buffalo for the wedding feast to follow. I took a heavy duty knife from one of the old men nearby and walked over to the fire and stabbed one of the burning cows then turned and declared that lunch was killed and cooking. Another party began. I had talked to Sarah's mother and had another tradition ready for my favorite son.
    I found Cory and Sarah sitting alone in a large swing hanging from a huge oak tree limb. I took them by the hand and led them to the marriage cart. The women hastily prepared a small cart where the bride and groom faced the rear. A horse was tied to the cart and as the father of the groom I led the two away for their wedding night. It took me a long time on foot, and with the cart, but I got Cory and Sarah to the cottage by the lake before dark. I kissed them both then unhitched the cart and rode the horse, bareback, down the narrow mountain trail.

    I did have a date with a courtroom in New York so Sunday noon found me disturbing the naked swim of the newlyweds as I came to help them back down to the house. I had led a horse as I rode one. The couple wanted to ride in the cart on the way down. Who am I to stand in the way of young love. I love Cory so much and I thought about our life together as we navigated the steep and narrow trail. My sight was hindered by the tears I shed on that long trail back.
    I rounded up the boys and herded them onto the bus back to the Tulsa airport. They had school Monday. With everybody on board I took one final wave. Cory ran to the bus. I reached to kiss him goodbye. He pushed past me, "Get out of the way old man. I need to get on before I get left behind with all of these redskins." I sat down on the steps and laughed and cried. as the bus drove away.
    Cory crawled up to me. "You don't really think that a skirt can come between what you and I have do you? Daddy, I am your boy for life. I will be with you until you lock the door behind me." He slipped into the narrow steps to sit beside me and put his arms about me. The driver cleared his throat. I may be chartering this bus, but the law says we can't be forward of the white line. I led Cory back to a seat before we got back to a state roadway. Cory sucked up beside me in one seat. We became one until we returned to the airport where we had to separate so that we could walk. I asked Cory to cut class for four days and go to New York with me. He grinned evilly.
    I moved to the back of the bus and sat down between Isaac and Edgar. The two had not been more than two inches away from each other since mid afternoon Friday. I told Isaac that I would like to have him go to New York with me for the week. I gave some lame excuse about having to do a security check. I watched as the two glued themselves together again while I moved back to the front of the bus. I hope that I have just found a solution. Two solutions. Two boys, one couple?
    As the boys disembarked the bus they each one came to me with a hearty and hard hug accompanied by hot, heart felt kiss then climbed up the steps to their plane. I was weak kneed by the time Cullen got to me. He shoved his hand down in my pants and his tongue down my throat. "I love you with every fiber of my being, unc. Take care of these boys and get them home to us. We need our family together in one place." He turned and kissed Cory with sincere passion. Cullen grabbed Cecil's hand as they ran for their plane, Cory ran for mine. That's the way things are decided in my family.

    I sat near the back of the plane with Cory next to me. He had to tell me all about his honeymoon. I am so not into that side of life and he knows it. He had to give me every gory detail of his love making with a dickless vixen. Sarah is sweet and I admire her very much. I only hope that she really can live with her decision to marry a fag boy who will not be there for her. That may be the way that things had been in times past, but in today's society…and the fact that Cory would be over eleven hundred miles away. I guess I have to stay out of it. It is their life. They are old enough to be married and they have a child of their own making plans for his own appearance in the world in only one more month.
    Cory's boy is due about the middle of May. Jay and Brad would both have children born in June. My boys were growing up and would begin to leave me. I felt lonesome. I pulled Cory to me and nestled into his firm boy body and drifted off to sleep.
    Rocky and Nad were greeted by friends as we flew on to New York. I awakened to hear Edgar asking Cory what New York was like. He had always wanted to see the tall buildings and the sites of the Big Apple. Cory was whispering to him about the things that he had done on his trip. I played coy so that he would not know that I was awake. Sometimes it is so much fun to just listen to the boys talk amongst themselves. I learned what Cory had really enjoyed and I learned what he had to had to say about what the other boys had enjoyed. I would have to make a return trip. How the hell could I take fifty four boys to the city at once. Is it fifty four now? I need to stop and count. I think I have lost some somewhere.

    I was impressed by Greg and Al. I had known that they were prodigies, but when I watched them work and saw the look of admiration on Randy's face I knew that I had hit a home run. I left the code breakers in Randy's care as I took the rest of the troop to Albany.
    Cory made it clear to Edgar that he had to come to me and ask to spend the night with me. Cory told him that he was older and should have balls to stand up and ask for what he wanted. Edgar told Cory that he was the grown up married man and a daddy. He should have the biggest balls. I whispered in Bry's ear, so that everybody in the van heard me. I said that I was going to have to take both boys to bed so that I could be the judge of who's balls were the biggest. I love the reactions of horny boys when they get their wishes granted. I let them hug and kiss on me the entire trip.
    I asked Edgar and Isaac if they would like to live in Albany. They were excited. I told them that they could stay with Ed and Mitch until Edgar's father's trial then live wherever they wished after the trial. The choice was theirs. The boys showed great appreciation in my favorite way.

    Mitch met us at the door and told us to dress in our birthday suits. He told us that Ed had a welcome home dinner for us. I told him to inform Ed that I had brought the newlywed with me and that we had guests for the week.
    Ed did have a great dinner ready for us. I think he had taken a few telephone lessons from Ģerâld. He had combined what he had learned from him with the cooking lessons that Emily Adams and Anita Garcia had given him. We had a very great vegetarian Mexican dinner that was nutritious, non-fat, and low in cholesterol, but it still had taste. He laughed as he told me how Em kept nagging at Anita to change her recipe from lard to canola oil, from fatty cheese to skim milk cheese. He said that the two were a riot to work with. I asked him if he had learned that they had been friends since high school. He told me he knew that, but their friendship was stretched a few times. He felt that had they not been such old friends that there would be blood and hair all over his kitchen. I don't really know the two women that well, but I still had to laugh.
    I had shared an oral exchange with tall, lanky Edgar. Now I wanted to see how much meat he had around his bones as I ravished his hungry ass. He told me his story during dinner and how much he craved a ride on a big cock. I was going to do my duty to help the boy satisfy his craving when he and Isaac joined me for the night.

    I suppose that I should pay more attention to television. It seems that everything one needs to know to properly function in modern society is on the beastly tube. I really need to know how the Rich and the Famous live. I am from the class of the poor and the unknown. I don't care about high society or any of their snobbery. I am what I am. I like to sit naked at my kitchen counter and eat my cereal. I fart when I please and belch as I need to.
    Empire Canal has, had, an ante room. Now what the fuck that means don't ask me. Ed told me that it was a quiet place where a visitor could wait until the person they had come to meet could receive them. You come to my house you better be ready to be dragged off to the family room and face a dozen or more naked boys staring at you.
    Ed turned this ante room into a very nice office for me. I want a place where I can keep all of my work away from my family life and have the security also. It was to this office that I called Ed a day or two before I headed west to gather my herd together.
    "Edmund," he thought he was in trouble because I always call him Ed. "I am going to lay a heavy responsibility on you. When I return next week I will have sixty five boys with me. This house will be full to the rafters with naked hot and cold running boys. My fondest dream has become my reality Edmund, but it may be your nightmare.
    "I am going to ask you to work with this man named on this card. You are the major domo. This is your house to run as you see fit. Therefore it is your duty to hire a staff to assist you. My boys are self sufficient and pick up after themselves, at home. I had no problem with the smaller group that I took to Europe six months ago, but my family has more than doubled since then. I really don't know how house broke some of these new varmints are.
    "Ed, my chief concern is the safety of each and everyone of my boys. God rue the day that anyone hurts or crosses one of these kids. You have read about the trial of one man. He is only the first of five here. I am not bragging, lying, or blowing smoke when I tell you that I have several others that were involved in this mess, actually hanging around in a deep, dank dungeon." Ed smiled at me.
    I had already discussed it with the boys. I called for them to come to me. I looked at their precious faces. I hate to hurt them. I am not precisely sure of their emotional stability on certain issues. I was going to ask them to bring up a part of their past that has to be painful.
    "Jace, can you tell Ed what your biological father was doing the last time you saw him?" I braced myself for his pain and tears.
    Kids, don't try to second guess them. A large smile spread across his face, "Well just before I saw him for the last time I took a ball bat and brought it down with all of my strength between his spread legs as he hung upside down by chains hooked to the ceiling. Just before I puked in his face you put that Taser against the head of his dick and we all listened to him squealing." All of the boys were laughing, hard. They were giving each other a high five and slapping each other's butt as they danced about in sing song about how the slave traders belonged to me, at my will. I had opened a can of worms which I quickly set about trying to put back in the can.
    The boys sat in a circle before me as I charged Ed with the job of finding gay tolerant staff that would not exploit my boys. My family is totally hands off to anyone without my prior approval. Sometimes the boys may want too mess around with someone, but their lust can get them hurt. They have learned to trust me for their safety and I will do everything I can to live up to that trust.

    Our back and forth exodus lasted until mid-may. The boys were working very hard at maintaining their school work. I was concerned about the remedial courses for the France three. I had the chance to run by the school one Friday afternoon to visit with their counselor. The boys were doing exceptional work. I did have them attending classes on Fridays of the weeks when they did have to return to court again. Their teachers were well aware of the circumstance surrounding their absences. Each teacher had arranged for her weekly tests to take place when the boys were there or at least allowed them to make up the tests in a private setting.
    Les and Lance were being tested out for placement as juniors the following fall semester. The only requirement would be summer school for the state's required tenth grade English class. I told them about that in bed one night. They were really up to going to summer school and skipping a grade. They showed me how up they really were, all night long.
    Bryan was going to be promoted to the tenth grade with some more help with his grammar. His major win with the math team had gained him instant celebrity status, amongst the faculty as well the student body. He is sharp, but he has his weak areas also. Doesn't everybody? He had missed the eighth grade English. He really could use classes on sentence structure as well a verb usage. He asked about going to summer school also.

    Sandy had endeared himself to the lot of us. We learned that his parents were gone and he was living in a small apartment. He wanted to go to school, but there was something wrong with his parents estate and he couldn't get the money that he had thought they had left him in insurance and in their wills. I asked him to let me look into for him. I asked him if he would like to move into his own room at Empire Canal.

    I had made the names of my captives in France available to the prosecutor. He had them on his witness list in as obscure a way as possible. As we had hoped, the defense overlooked the most damning witnesses against his client, Everett's own partners in crime.
    I sat at the table with the prosecutor as Dimitri came in. He was wearing a beautiful one piece suit of faded international orange. His suit was personalized with six inch block lettering across the back. It said, "PRISONER." He had matching chrome bracelets on each wrist that were connected to each other by a nice heavy chrome chain. He wore the identical jewelry on his ankles. To set off the ensemble he wore a nice chrome chain belt that used a large Master padlock as a buckle. The fancy wrist bracelets and ankle bracelets that he wore were fastened to the rusty buckle also.
    The first person he saw as he came into the room was Everett Rothsfeld. "Evie, my sweet boy. Did you breeng me some sweet boyzzz?" He looked around and realized that he was in a U.S. courtroom and went white. He was guided to the witness stand and seated there.
    He refused to be sworn. He was ordered held for contempt. I managed to convince the prosecutor to tell the judge to overlook the swearing in. After some back and forth banter Dimitri was deemed a hostile witness who would be heard without being sworn in.
    "Chrees, my old freend. You are always there to make me meeserable. I am only trying to do what people want and give to them…" the judge ordered his silence or he would be physically gagged. He threatened the judge with torture and ruin and asked how he could tell the court what they wanted to know if he was gagged. He was removed from the courtroom as the prosecutor and I did a low five, under the table. Dimitri's opening statements to Evie were all the damage we needed for this jury who already saw Everett Rothsfeld for what he was.
    I had wanted to bring Ibrahim into the courtroom, but he has no honor and does not tell the truth, ever. He told the special prosecutor that interviewed him that he bought boys from me for the international meat market. He told them that his biggest outlet was Thailand where he could get top dollar for the boys that I brought him. He told them that I took a hundred boys to France to sell to him, but that Interpol had gotten wind of the transaction and he was being held in a CIA jail in an underground cave in New York. He was not the kind of witness we needed for this case.

    Finally the big day arrived. Monday afternoon, May 29, 2006, Blake gave his summation to the jury. We only had to sit back and wait. As we waited for the jury's decision the witnesses talked together. The girl that Frank had seen was pregnant by her own father. To hide what he had done he sold his daughter and her boyfriend to Everett as part of a debt that he owed the man. Wilson had them on a plane to Morocco that same day. The two kids never saw each other again before they came to court. The baby was taken from the girl at birth. She never saw it. She doesn't even know its gender. Four other youngsters, under eighteen, were in the room with us. Seven young adults were the lucky ones. They had survived their childhood ordeal and were still alive. These thirteen children had been bought from their parents or abducted on America's streets and sold to Wilson Weller by Rothsfeld. Weller had a real hang up about keeping good and complete records, bless his soul.
    Very surprisingly the jury came in at one o'clock on Wednesday afternoon. Tony told me to expect a deadlocked jury and a mistrial. My heart sank like a rock in water. After only a day and a half of deliberations the jury had determined that they had the data they needed from three months of testimony to render a verdict.
    Nineteen victims huddled together as the jury foreman stood up. He looked at the children and wiped a tear from his eye then spoke loud and clear, "We, the jury, find in the case of the…" We had won. Fifty victims had been identified that were still alive. Each of them had been named. Fifty charges of kidnaping, slavery. false imprisonment, on and on and on the charges ran. Everett Rothsfeld was found guilty on each and every count. The nineteen victims present sat down with their arms around each other a cried tears of relief.
    Finally a break. All of this would begin again in August when Howard Hildebrand starts his time facing the jury from the other side of the defendant's desk.

    Siegy and Ibrahim were a different matter. I had laid the ground work for their final days. What I had in mind was totally alien to me, but I knew that it had to be done. I had to be alone for awhile so I did what I often do. I slipped off, again. I was doing this more and more. I only hope that the boys don't notice and begin to take things the wrong way. Teenage boys are very insecure by nature. They are in need of constant praise to maintain their self esteem. I guess it seems to make them weak, but I have learned that the more praise heaped on a boy the better he performs. Case in point, athletes. The more praise they get the better they become. Some of them even eat that praise to become professionals. It is the best endorphin they can get. I have no pity for those that use artificial stimulants. They deserve to fall.
    I called the FI office and asked about a ride home. Our airplane was in service and would not be available until mid-morning Thursday. The plane had to undergo a six hour maintenance check when it returned from its current trip. I had almost forgotten. I had sent the plane on a special mission for two special people. Cory was buried deep in his books as the end of school and graduation loomed closer and closer. He could not be with Sarah to witness the birth of his son first hand. That hurt me. Cory took it in stride, but somehow I feel that he will regret not being at Sarah's side someday down the line.
    I had Sarah and Christopher Cory bundled up and delivered to the runway in Tulsa. She was treated as the Royal Princess that she is as I put her in a very posh hotel not far from the mountainside house full of fairies. I would have loved to see Cory's face when the FI agent met him after school. I looked at my watch. That would be in about another three hours considering the time zones from Albany to Tucson.
    I had left the grounds of Empire Canal and found myself wandering aimlessly on the edges of the downtown district. I looked around and realized that my walk had led to a local YMCA. I walked with purpose, as if I knew where I was going when in fact I was just walking. There was no destination. I only sought quiet tranquility. I meandered to the sub-sub-basement where I found a large room stacked with old wrestling pads and heavy quilted blankets. I climbed to the top of one such pile and lay down. I could smell the years of old boy sweat from the equipment around me. I was carried off in blissful sleep. I am not sure how long I lay there, but I was pleasantly awakened by the sounds of two young teens.
    I peered over the edge of my perch. Some eight or nine feet below me was a buff young jock wearing a cowboy hat and boots. He wore a wide belt buckle to complete his cowboy persona. On his knees before the tough boy was a smaller lad who helped himself to the other's manly goods. I watched as he slowly pulled the zipper down and pulled out a cut cock of about six inches. From the size of the boys and the size of the cock I guessed the pair to be around fourteen or fifteen, at most.
    The small boy began to suck the cock before him. He put his hands on the other boy's butt, but was slapped away. "Just suck me, faggot. Don't go gettin friendly." Jock boy began to thrust against the youngster's face as he nutted in the eager mouth engulfing him. Their exchange was almost comical it was so pitiful. "There are you happy now, cocksucker?"
    "Oh, that's sick!"
    "Cause you're a fag."
    "What are talking about?"
    "Cocksucking fags ain't supposed to be happy. You're supposed to miserable. Wallowing in self pity because everybody in the whole fucking world hates faggots."
    "So, do you hate me?"
    "I guess not."
    "You still have your cock out and its hard again. Do you want to play some more?"
    "Fucking faggot. All you want is cock, isn't it. I bet you want it up your butt."
    "Do you want to put it in my butt?" There was a very long pause as this situation was thought over. Several minutes of silence ensued before a mischievous grin transformed the face of the muscular jock boy. Without a word he reached to unbuckle his overly large cowboy belt buckle.
    "I'm not just a quick fuck. I have only had it in me once. You are very big so you will have to open me up a bit or you'll never get it in."
    "Faggots like it hard and fast. I'll just shove it in ya a make ya squeal."
    "That won't happen. It won't go in. If you try that I will beat the wholly fucking shit out of you. You think gay people are soft and weak, you don't want to learn the truth."
    "No queer assed cocksucker is gonna threaten me." With that he took a swing that connected to the smaller boy's face. With sudden speed and agility the wiry little fellow was all over the bigot. His fists connected over and over. He beat the face of the bigot without mercy.
    Jock boy tried to get in his own licks only to find them parried away as another fist found its mark and sent him reeling in a senseless daze. He made his fatal mistake when he tried to put the pointed toe of his fancy cowboy boot into the groin of the other.
    With amazing speed and dexterity the small boy spun, avoiding the blow. But his outstretched foot connected with the crotch of the jock sending him to the ground in serious pain. The small boy went to his knees to comfort his foe. Jock boy had not put his cock away and the heavy footed blow had impacted heavily on the naked member.
    The boy opened the jocks jeans and pulled them down, exposing a very red and angry looking penis.
    "Damn, dude. Where'd that come from. You fucking killed me. My balls hurt so fucking bad."
    "I will help you. Sit up with your legs straight out in front of you." The mighty jock was crying. He was hurt, and badly. He looked menacingly at his foe then struggled to comply. Once seated upright with his legs stretched before him the small boy got behind him. He placed his hands under the arms of the larger boy and lifted him several inches off of the ground then dropped him hard on his ass.
    Jock boy let loose a string of expletives then suddenly stopped. A thoughtful expression crossed his tough young face. "Hey dude, there's no pain. My balls don't hurt no more. What'd you do?"
    "Just an old trick my dad taught me. Now lay back and let me check you out. I want to be sure you're not, you know, really hurt down there. You should have put your pecker away before you got in a fight."
    "I didn't spect it'd be no fight with a faggot. You're okay man. I ain't never been fucking beat before. I'll be ruined when the guys find out a faggot whipped my ass."
    "How will they know? You going to tell them?"
    "Hell no, but you will."
    "No, I won't. Who would believe that I whipped you. Man you outweigh me by a hundred pounds, well maybe thirty pounds," he giggled. "But it may as well be a hundred. You're strong and taller than me. Nobody would ever believe it. I know a few of my friends might and I guess they could talk it up then people would begin to wonder…"
    "How can I make you not tell no one?"
    "Suck my cock and work your fingers in my butt so that you can open me up to take you inside of me."
    "You want me to fuck you? Why?"
    "I want you to make love to me cause I like you, a lot."
    "I like you too dude. Uh, about all that shit I said…could you forget it?"
    "You might help me." He leaned in to the jock. Without a moments hesitation powerful muscled arms engulfed the boy, pulling him into a kiss of love. The pair rolled to the ground with a kiss that sealed the two together forever. Jock's large, meaty hand popped the buttons of the youngster's blue jeans then reached inside to grope and fondle. The pair rolled about as articles of clothing began to fall away.
    A break came when the little fellow took to his knees and pulled the boots off of his new lover. He was naked with a mighty pole of his own standing much taller and thicker than jock would have believed. Jock stared in fascination at the largest hard cock he had ever seen. Sure, he had seen guys bone in the shower, but he had never really been able to see them. His heart was pounding. He found a tightness in his chest that overwhelmed him. He had a lump in his throat as he looked from the mammoth pole to the clear blue eyes of the boy that had just sucked his cock then beat the holy shit out of him.
    As the boy worked the tightly tapered legs of jock boy's jeans over the well muscled calves of his leg he knew what he wanted. The boy knew too. With no words spoken the jock raised his legs higher to expose his totally virgin pucker to his new best friend.
    Knowing that he was big enough to seriously hurt the tough dude exposing his most private part to him he moved forward. Jock's eyes popped open. He let forth the most pleasant moan as a new sensation rushed through his body. He had to raise up on his elbows to see better as the eyes of the little fellow looked over the top of his rock hard cock which pointed straight up his belly. He had never considered letting anyone lick his shitter. The feelings that moved through him brought him to the edge of tears.
    He lay back and let his emotions run as wave after wave of pleasure swept him to another place. When the boy's fingers began to play across his prostate he began to beg. "Fuck me dude. Stick it up in me and ride me like a two dollar whore."
    The boy was not ready. He was going to turn this behemoth to jelly before he finished this day. He stretched the sphincter of his prey wider with each of his thumbs pushed to their full length inside the quickly enlarging hole in his control. He wiggled and pulled his thumbs apart, stretching the virgin pucker much larger than he needed. A sadistic thought lay in the back of his mind as he wondered what it would feel like to fist this dude. A virgin at that. But no, that is not the way it should be. The boy was going to make a very willing lover out of the fallen tower of strength
    He inserted three fingers and began to play the prostate and make songs come from the mouth of its owner. Moans and utterances filled the air with pleas to be fucked. Jock boy was singing the boy's song.
    Having no experience, but with many hours of reading of the experiences of others, the boy knew that Jock was about to blow. He slid forward, never letting his fingers stop their ministrations on the nut in his control. He let his fingers slide to each side of the object. The soft tissue of the jock's anus felt smooth and silky against his hungry finger tips. He pushed at the flesh so that he could get deeper down the side of the nut on the other side of the wall of the rectal canal. He pressed his middle finger on the top of the hardened prostate and rubbed around it with as much pressure as he could muster from his angle of insertion.
    With his other hand he pulled the mighty meat of his assailant to his lips. He made eye contact with jelly boy. He wasn't finished. The jock still had a tough leer in his eyes. He squeezed his hand around the distended flesh feeling its five thick inches throb with the coursing of the blood filling the twin caverns inside it. He opened his mouth and took the one and a half inch wide meat pole into him once again. He moved his hand as he let the entire six inches of his young friend move to the very end of his mouth. His throat opened in eager expectation, but there just wasn't enough of the jock to make the long trip. He determined at that point that he would have this cock take his virginity within the hour.
    Jock was screaming his pleasure as the tiny cocksucker worked his body to heights hitherto unknown. Suddenly his whole world flashed with a bright white light. Stars circled his head as he swooned. Dizzy relief that comes from a long and satisfying orgasm carried him away. He drifted on feelings that he had never imagined. Wave after wave of pleasure continued to move through him with ever increasing intensity. He felt so full and so warm. Electricity was shocking his every nerve ending. He was carried away on a cloud to a field of sweet smelling flowers and peaceful harmony.
    Another orgasm moved through him. This one even more intense than all of the others before it. He reached out his arms and felt the body over him. He pulled it close and his lips were met by another pair. He opened his mouth to the probe of the other's tongue and let it in. He loved the taste of the mouth locked to his. There was something there that seemed vaguely familiar. As the passion increased his orgasm intensified. He was humping his cock against hard, firm flesh as his ass screamed in pleasure.
    It finally dawned on him. The taste was his own cum in the mouth of the most precious person ever to come into his life. His ass was filled with this same person's cock and he never wanted to ever have to be without that cock inside of him ever again.
    He wrapped his legs around the tiny boy in his arms and locked his feet together, trying to force more of the tiny body inside of himself. He could feel the boy's mighty man stick swell larger inside of him and he felt each pulse of the boy's orgasm as life creating cum filled his rectum. Suddenly his only thought was of how much he would like to have this boy's baby. He didn't care what it would take, he was going to make this boy his boyfriend. He knew he was in love and he would never be satisfied without the youngster near him and in him forever more.
    Word's of never ending love and enduring devotion poured from both boys as they rolled about on the floor in their new found feelings for each other. Jock boy was overwhelmed when the tiny boy, he so loved, squeezed his, once again, thickened cock. The boy rose slightly and impaled himself on the one thing that jock had loved since his discovery of its powers only two years before.
    His eyes opened as he stared at the pained look on the face of the one person in the world that he never wanted to see pain in. His cock was deep inside the tightest and hottest place it had ever been. He thought about the girls in his life. He was a jock and it was expected of him to be virile and strong. He had gone all of the way with three different girls. His first had been last year when the two freshmen had gone to her house after school. He had lost his cherry as he joined the long list of boys the girl had been known to be with. But he has one thing the others didn't have. He had her in her own bed.
    He was fourteen and green. He didn't last much longer than it took to get inside of her. She chided him and made jokes around school about him. The new year began and he was the starting quarter back. Girls oozed from every crack, nook, and cranny of the school to hang on him. He took his second girl the second week of school. He did not want a repeat of his past inadequacy. That was no problem because this girl was ready to give him another first. She sucked his dick. She made him promise not to cum in her mouth. A promise that he could not keep. His hair trigger let loose in seconds of his most pleasurable experience to date. He pulled away, but he had already given her a large shot. She took him back into her mouth and sucked him dry.
    His fifteen year old libido kicked in and his cock remained hard. He pushed her back and raised her skirt. She had removed her panties. He looked at where he wanted to go. He was not impressed, but he knew the pleasures he would feel. He kept his eyes on hers as he pushed himself in her. They were in the middle of a mighty fuck when she screamed that he did not have a condom on. He was too close to care. He filled her with all he had in him. He was very proud of himself at just being able to get two loads of his mighty cum into the senior that had taken care of the entire football team for the last two years.
    His next conquest had come about only a week before this encounter with his true love. He held the boy still impaled on him and cried tears of joy as he knew that he was in love. He had thought it was love when he had taken the cute cheerleader at a party the previous weekend. She was a pretty little thing that was working her way through the room of hot and hungry football players. He knew when he was in the bedroom with her that he was not her first that evening, but somehow that didn't matter.
    He let his pants fall to the floor as he rolled a condom on his cock. She was on the edge of the bed so he stood as he fucked her. He hated the feel of the condom. It didn't want to stay in place on his uncut dick. He said nothing as he felt it slip off. He reached down and quietly retrieved it and continued his movements in her. He was over the top all too quickly, but he knew that he was good to go again. Without stopping he continued as the girl sang his praises as the best quarterback the school had ever had. She began to change her tune and sang to the best lover she ever had as she had her first ever orgasm during coitus.
    The girl was ready to do hand springs as she felt the most intense pleasure of her sixteen years of life. Flash bulbs went off and stars filled her vision as the laughter of many boys filled the air. She slowly floated back to earth as her brain once again began to comprehend what was being said. The boys were laughing at the jock boy as he stood before the wide open cunt with his cum oozing from its lips. More flash bulbs popped as close up pictures were taken of her and his still dripping cock. Much laughter filled the air over the empty condom on the floor. It was obvious that it had been used, but it had not been filled. Jock boy asserted his manliness as he puffed himself up to state that he doesn't wear raincoats in the shower.
    He was led away as he pulled his pants up. Many hands patted him on the back as he was proclaimed the school hero. He had left his seed in two of the seediest girls in the school. Suddenly he felt sorry for them. He thought long and hard about the feelings he had with them. His emotions had run deep with the cheer leader. All week she has been after him to take her out. She has a car and they could go anywhere he wanted.

    As good as she made him feel the feelings he had right now were millions of times better. He pulled his arms even tighter around the tiny bundle of love muscle laid out on top of him. He began to hump his ass off of the bed, causing his cock to slide in and out of the most precious person on the face of the earth. He was deeply in love.
    The tiny little boy met him, thrust for thrust. "Let's roll over so that you can fuck me," whispered the little guy.
    "If we roll over it is so that I can show you how much I love you." He looked into the soft tear filled eyes that over flowed with their salty fluid. The boy let his legs drop to the jock's sides. Still united they rolled. Jock wiggled around to get himself back in place. The boy's face filled with pain, but he grabbed at his lover and held him in place. Jock felt his dick slip into the most peaceful place that he could ever have imagined as his stare was met with one of love from the youngster beneath him.
    He bent forward and kissed the one person on earth that he would protect with his life, forever. He could still taste his own cum in the boy's mouth. Suddenly he knew that he wanted to taste the boy's cum. Right now he had something else to do. He began to move. He was commanded to move faster and harder. He was hearing the same thing that he had uttered moments before about love and commitment. His chest filled with pride as he knew someone loved him as much as he loved them.
    He found himself at the end all to soon. It was not like with the girls. He had taken a long ride and he had felt things that only made him love the boy more. He knew that he would never again be happy with anyone else. He looked down at a long stream of cum that stretched across the boy's body. He bent over and licked every bit of it up. His cock slipped from the youngster's ass as jock moved downwards to engulf the slime covered cock that had given him the ride of his life. The boy turned and two were in a slow sucking sixty nine.

    I was in heat as I watched the two become lovers. I watched as two young eyes looked deep into mine from only eight feet below me. The boy tapped the jock on the back and pointed up. Jock boy rolled and looked up before his face twisted into one of fear.
    "You two known each other long?"
    "We go to school together. We all tease fag boy here cause he lives here at the Y. He ain't got no one to love him." Jock boy got his courage back quickly. He tried to stand, but I was down beside him to push him back.
    "Excuse me cum breath. I didn't quite hear what it was you called him I think you have one of his cock hairs hung up in your throat. Or is your ass so stretched out from the good fuck he just threw on you that you still can't talk clearly?"
    Jock boy looked at me like I was the dumb ass. The boy kissed him on the cheek, "You called me fag boy, babe."
    "I did, didn't I. I'm sorry. I do love you, Zane." Within minutes I had two new friends that poured their stories out to me.
    Dallas had been born in the town of the same name. He had played football through junior high in Midland, Texas. Football is taken quite seriously in Texas and the boy had become a star. His parents were killed and he ended up living in Albany with his queer brother. Zane snuggled in close to wrap his arms around his love.
    Zane was unwanted. His mother had found her eighth or ninth husband and, like all of the others, this one was a jerk. Zane had her blessing to live at the Y. She paid his rent and bought his food. He had spending money, as long as he stayed away from her. Two more.

    My boys laughed and hugged me as I walked in the door with the cute pair before me. The newcomers filled their eyes with the room full of naked boi flesh before being led off to be welcomed home. A phone call to Tony Dogg and the wheels began to move for two more hard cocks in my household.
    I had to leave them with Ed. I had three boys with me that had to take their final exams so that they could move on to the next grade plus I had four boys graduating high school on that evening. Al and Greg were brought down from Base B. They had finished their testing with Randy and the coders and sent to be with the family. I asked Ed and Mitch if they had a problem with the six boys staying with them. Mitch grinned at Ed. Ed stiffened himself and told me that the boys would be entirely safe and unmolested when I returned. I gave the old fag a tight squeeze.
    An incoming call had a tearful Cory telling me how beautiful his son was. He tried to make the two week old baby make noise for me. Sarah called out her love from somewhere near him. I told him that I would be home the next afternoon to see his baby.

    Somehow I felt that Sandy should fly to Tucson with us. I asked him if he was ready to see some warm weather and maybe get in some swimming. Sandy had shared with me that he loved to swim and he had been on his high school's swim team. He told me that he loved to dive and that he had many medals and trophies. I had a surprise for him. I told him that I had been a trophy winning diver in high school and college. I told him that I have a place where he can dive to his heart's content.
    It was almost noon when we walked into the mountainside house in Tucson. I love daylight savings time. Arizona doesn't change so at this time of year local time is three hours earlier than Albany time. We had arrived an hour after we left New York.
    If anybody knows of a song about serendipity please send it along to me. I will make it my theme song. Jayson Adams had his arms loaded down with groceries. It was his and Brad's turn to do the daily shopping. Sandy stopped in front of me and I almost ran over him as we walked through the garage door into the house. Jay turned and stared for a moment then the two ran at each other and wrapped their arms about each other in a warm embrace. Brad walked past me and turned. He called out Sandy's name and quickly set his groceries down.
    Tim O'Conner was coming through the family room when he heard the name Gozer, He poked his head around and called out his hellos. I headed for a bar stool and accepted a cup of coffee from Ģerâld as he told me that Sandy went to their high school. He had been a member of Luke's class and a friend to the boys. I also learned that Sandy lived next door to the O'Conner family and had known Tim all of his life. Sandy used to follow Tim around when he was little. They had always looked at the other as the brother they wished they had. How do those words go? I really need that song.

    Tim was wringing wet with sweat. he told us that he had been out running when Brad drove by with the back of his truck full of groceries. He headed home to help put things away. Sandy looked down at Tim's legs. "Oh wow, you can walk again. I am so glad." His next words made me feel better than anything I had heard all day.
    "I love you." With that he put his head on Tim's shoulder and they both cried.
    Sandy told us that Tim was the high school's diving champion then he looked down and Tim's legs and got all red faced. Pete walked up to them and said, "Well, now we have two diving champions in the house." Everybody looked at him, but he just stood and stared at me.
    I asked Pete how he found out. "Chris, you were the top diver the University ever had. Your trophies and articles about you are all over the main trophy case in the swimmer's corridor." Several of the college boys had seen the trophies and said that they were there.
    "Yeah, there are trophies in the case in the front hall at Wilson with your name on them too," Sean piped in.
    I stopped and looked at Tim as I formed an idea in my head. "Tim, are you a diver?"
    "Diving is the next best thing to flying. I wanted so much to dive out of an airplane, but into a pool was fantastic. I have never had more than a three meter board to work on though."
    "How would you feel on a five meter board?" I could see his heart start to pound.
    "I would so much love to dive from a five meter board," he smiled.
    "Who can dive from a high board. I don't mean jump, I mean dive. Like in competition." Jerry and Sandy raised their hands. I told Ray to get his and Tim's speedos that he was going too. I looked at Sandy and asked Sean to loan him a speedo. Those two boys are the same size.

    I let a major secret out of the bag. I drove us over to my old family's home. I pulled around the circular drive then back to a four car garage. Ryan Miller and Bobby Feldman, and their young sons stop by every day or two to check on everything and let their children play in the pool.
    Actually they stop by to use the diving boards. They have a family pool at their house. Ryan told us that six of their pools could fit inside of this one, twice. My dad had bought this house because of the pool which is one quarter the size of a regulation Olympic pool. It also runs from three feet at one end to twelve foot deep under the boards.
    The pool has a three and a five foot board set up. The five foot could be moved up a notch to seven feet. There were also mounts for an even higher board. Ray and I lifted Tim and placed him on the five foot board. The boy was so happy he cried as he dragged himself to the end of that board and looked down into that clear blue water. He said that he felt like he was a boy again. He had to work to get a good bounce, but when he left that board he had nothing, but air.
    I felt his joy as he launched out and swung his arms and did a full Gaynor. He sliced into the water like a knife. He came up to the surface and said, "My feet left no wake behind me." I know it might sound sick, but you would have to know about phantom feelings. Sandy dove in the water to help Tim to the side. The two boys kissed.
    I told the boys with us that we had one hour of free time. Jerry and Ray were in the water in an instant. I dropped my trousers and climbed up the five foot board and made a few dives myself. I think that I can ease a little of the crowding in my house and provide a work out for Tim at the same time. I have a hard time letting people come near my childhood home, but maybe it is time that I open it up.

    My buttons popped as my chest swelled. Four of my precious boys walked across the stage set up in the middle of the football field at Woodrow Wilson High School. I had walked across a similar stage on the very same field only seventeen years before. I sat beside René and Louise. Both girls are huge as their babies fight for their expected birth in only two or three more weeks. Each of the girls are proud of Brad and had come to see this culmination of their concerted efforts to help both him and Jay finish high school, in one piece.
    Sarah and Christopher Cory were to my right. The baby slept through the entire affair and never saw his daddy achieve something that he never believed would happen to him.
    When I found Cory hiding his battered naked body behind a garbage can in Nashville, Tennessee he was almost completely unschooled. He and his mother had drifted from one man to another as she looked for ways to feed her growing drug habit. They were never in one place long enough for Cory attend school.
    Chief Steve learned that the boy was smart and eager to learn. While Cory wasn't with the old Indian for very long he made the best of what was offered. I found that I could not stand to be away from the youngster. It has been a strange relationship between Cory and me. We seem to be connected at the hip. Neither of us can be separate from the other. Cory has worked extra hard to show his teachers what he is made of and this event is the culmination of all of his efforts.
    Joining him on the stage were his brother's. Brad, Jerry, and Tim. Jerry and Tim have overcome much in their lives, but they too have proven themselves as worthy of our trust as combatants for the future of mankind. They were legally married by the state of Massachusetts only six months and a few days earlier. This fact has not been revealed to their high school however. Brad has worked hard and has always proven himself a leader throughout his school days. His fierce loyalty to his boyfriend, Jayson, is what I consider his crowning glory.

    The four boys ran to us after the ceremony. They were as happy as I have ever seen any of them. They wanted to hurry home to party. I wasn't up for that. "You kiss your ladies and get your asses off to the after parties. Listen to me. You are leaving your childhood behind and going off to earn your own way in this world. You have made friends here that you may never see again. Some of them you may see at a reunion in ten or twenty years. Some of them you may run across during the course of your life. But you will never see them all together again. You will never be innocent kids again. Go. Enjoy this last fling of youth. This is a right of passage that you will regret not having taken part in for the rest of your life. The family will be waiting for your drunken asses when you come home. Just please, don't drive if you are drinking."
    Of course Brad had to take Jay with him. We expected that. The three boys kissed the girls and took off after Jerry and Tim. I was going home to pace the floor until they were all safe back home again.

    The boys did come home safe and surprisingly enough they weren't all that drunk. They had imbibed, but they knew their limits. Tim told me that Cory kept after them to hurry up and have fun. He wanted to get home and get to bed. He said that he was in a hurry to go to Albany where the real party would be for Brad and Jay's bachelor bash. I had kind of hoped to avoid that. I dream a lot.

    I was in a hurry to get back to Albany. I had a lot to do to get ready. Our college boys had finals on Friday and I had an idea in mind. I pulled Pete and Cas aside. I have a reason to want Traveler© in Albany. Traveler Too© is in a garage at the estate and he is well taken care of. I asked the guys how they felt about a road trip. I hadn't had Pete jump me in over two months. I think the boy has put on some weight. All was set so I planed to catch a plane out as early as we could Friday.
    Andy anticipated my desire, or else someone snitched on me. Six vans were at the door at seven. Three boys with headaches were being nursed by three young ladies and a baby as the rest of us helped Tim and Jerry find the side of the van. We laughed at their discomfort as we loaded up and left the mountain for what would turn into a summer long vacation. Why don't you join us in Albany for the wedding?

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