Chapter 198


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I am tired of trying to juggle seating around so that my family can fly with me aboard FI-2. When Gulfstream notified me that they had a redesign available for the interior of my aircraft I had Pete fly it to them as fast as he could flap his wings. I am amazed at the new set up, I have to believe that there was a lot of wasted space in the original design, but I am damned if I can figure out where it was. We now have seating capacity increased from eight to eighteen. That includes berthing for six. Most of our flights will be under ten hours, but sometimes it helps to be able to have a place to lay down, especially united.
    Cullen and Jimmy had to show us how that worked as they set about inventing a whole new way to get their mile high pins. They both have a flying GGP and now are after me to come up with a special pin for FI-2. I have mentioned before that FI-2 is certified to fly at sixty thousand feet, well actually it does take special permission from the FAA to fly that high but I can get special permission to fly my own space shuttle if I asked for it. We can cruise along at Mach .80, more than seventeen miles high, so the boys want a pin to designate that feat. I told them that it would be unfair to the other boys because not everyone will have to opportunity to fly the little rocket ship.
    Christopher Cory and Cory Stevens have their own tiny jump seats secured to the floor of the plane against the forward bulkhead and the babies are secured in their seats over the top of those. Cory giggled at me and told me that he hoped the overhead seats were waterproofed so that the older boys would not experience any golden showers in flight. He is really sick, you know, that is why I love him so much. The lower two jump seats can be raised over time so that as the boys age they can sit with their feet on the floor before them. We do not allow them to run around the plane in flight and it is becoming an increasing battle of wits to keep them occupied for the short flights that we take back to Tahlequah. Heaven forbid that we take them on a long journey.

    Mike's Indian blood must have something to do with his navigational skills, he is a top notch map reader and good with mathematics. He went straight from highschool into flight school to learn everything there is to know about getting my airplanes from one place to another. Bryan came to me with a request that he be allowed to learn to fly so that he could be the co-pilot for Pete. He started night classes in flight school at once, but I had explained to him that he would have several years of training before he could be the co-pilot. Pete had spent some of his youth learning to fly before he joined the Air Force and he has taken classes all of the way through college. He can not fly long flights, like overseas, without a co-pilot with more than five hundred logged hours on whatever aircraft they are flying. Pete will have a long time to go to get enough hours on all of the family planes then he can carry Bry along, but in the meantime I nudged Bry on to get his basic license then we will work on the next step.
    I did make points with both boys, however. I had Mike sitting on the flight deck with the navigator, ostensibly as the radio operator. Bryan slipped into the pilot's seat to take control of the airplane under the watchful eye of the co-pilot. I sat with Pete and enjoyed a cup of coffee as the plane remained level and true. I remember the time that Pete first took the stick of Travelaire it was noticeable that the automatic pilot had been switched off and a man was at the stick. There was no such sensation with Bry. I could say that it was the size of the aircraft, FI-2 is much smaller than the 737-900ER.
    The larger seating capacity allowed me to have Cullen and his body guards aboard with ease. You may remember a smart mouth rent-a-cop from early in the summer.

    "Mr. Summers, you are young and green. You talk a lot of shit. From what I am hearing here, this is not a one time thing with you. I am going to reassign you. Your shift just began an hour ago, but you are free to go home and rest up for your new assignment.
    "You want to talk shit, you can talk to shit. Beginning tonight you may walk between tanks five through nine at the city sewage treatment plant. You will be left alone to talk all you want from ten o'clock until six o'clock in the morning. No one will bother you and you will provide a much needed service to the community by keeping the solid wastes of the sewage plant under guard so that no one tries to make off with it.
    "I have business to attend to in Europe for the next few weeks and I have to go to Russia before the end of the summer. I believe that will give you enough time to get yourself together. I will fly out here to talk to you in person before the end of August. At that time we will see if there may be a place in Foss International Security for you.
    "Before you puff yourself up and make some sort of rash statement I want you to remember what you told us in your interview before you were hired. I believe that FI is a good place for you to be and I believe that you are a good man to have at FI. Yes, I review all applications and my input is valued by Mr. Foss when a new man is hired. Prove me correct in my assessment of you, sir."
    The boy was humbled as he stood before me. He went through a gauntlet of emotions, but he settled down and stood tall as he accepted his new assignment.

    Since that summer encounter we have run young Astin through the mill. I had everybody of position in FI evaluate the boy, he did not disappoint me. I had seen something in his application interview and I am seldom wrong about people. Of course I did not tell anyone what I knew or what I expected, I wanted an unbiased, honest evaluation. When the family returned from France for the beginning of the school year I had Astin reassigned to a heavy training regimen.
    I asked Harry to sit on a review board with Astin's Captain and several other men that could ask the right questions and know if the answers were sincere or smoke. Astin gave a good accounting of himself and he left that room with the toughest assignment of his young life, I sent him into a prison.
    A young man was serving time in a state prison on a drug possession charge. Hiederick Heintz's charges included child abuse for striking Eric, this youngster was a victim of his own father's abuse so he thought to be a hero on the yard and rammed a shiv through Headrick's rib cage. Through judicious labor we were able to get the charges overlooked and the youngster quietly served his time. He was subservient to the needs of certain inmates, but he has not suffered any lasting harm from his services.
    He was up for parole and I wanted to help him to get himself back into society with as strong of a boost as I could offer him. First I wanted to see what kind of a man he was. If I had not written a letter…I had sent an old acquaintance a picture of Eric with his hair up under a ball cap, his glasses askew on his youthful face. He had his arm around Gus' shoulder as both youngsters smiled at the camera. I had mentioned in my letter that the young brothers were at last reunited because of Heintz's absence at home. That sort of information to a pen pal was all it took to cause a man to loose his life, and another young man to ruin his own.
    Astin was placed in the same cell-block with the youngster and he was instructed to get close. That is not easy in prison, especially when a man is new. We knew that Astin would have a very hard time of it and that he would probably have to fight for his own rights. Astin is a very soft looking boy with smooth skin and no facial hair. He is twenty one, but can easily pass for sixteen or seventeen. That would be the big problem in a prison setting for him. When his main attribute is figured in he would be in high demand, as a top.
    Most men in prison don't admit to bending over, but when someone with Astin's endowments hits the yard he is in instant demand. Astin looks like a shower with a solid seven hanging soft, but get that boy in gear and he puts out a rigid eight and a half cut inches that makes old queens salivate. His only shortcoming…he thinks himself straight. He is gay tolerant, but I learned that he can take a hard bucking pony ride and scream for more, then he saddles up and gives a nice ride in return. I might tell you of my personal interview with him later on, for now you need to know how he got on the airplane.
    The youngster won his parole. He had served forty six months of an eighty four month sentence. His records indicate nothing but clean service. He took the educational opportunities that were made available to him and learned a trade as a furniture finisher at the state prison's furniture manufacturing plant. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and a job was secured for him at a large furniture plant in that area. At the time of this writing he has been on the job six weeks and all reports are good.
    Astin had passed that test. Next we had to know if he could fire a weapon that was not a part of his anatomy. He went through self defense classes, weapons classes, and hours of book study as I had him filled with the finer points of international law. I had a job for the man as a close and personal guard for my young queeing.
    Timmy's duties are placing him in more and more demand and it is not always convenient for him to accompany Cullen. He loves the job and he wants to be with the little fop, but he is more valuable to FI elsewhere. Harry is a perfect person for the King's bodyguard. He loves the boy, and he has the training that makes him invaluable to the job. We all know that he can think fast and shoot straight under fire and that is exactly what we need to see that Cullen doesn't hurt himself in his youthful vigor.
    My next test for Astin was a bit more severe. Every boy in the school loved Roberta. Her heart was larger than life and she made each boy feel special as she stood at the southeast gate of the campus each morning to greet them as they walked from the house to the school. You may remember that the dormitory was still under construction at that time of her murder and the tunnel between the house and the school was only a dream of mine.
    There are several boys that live off campus and commute to school, some by car some via their bicycles. A sweetheart of a lady by the name of Alma now works that gate to greet the boys each morning and keep undesirable persons away from the school. For the test that I had planned Alma wouldn't do. I asked Andy to schedule her to take an exam for promotion to Sargent. She began her shift as usual, but then after the boys were all in their classrooms she was relieved by Mary.
    I should give you a bit of background on Mary here so that you can appreciate what I had set up. Mary is sixty seven and wanted to supplement her Social Security retirement income, that is the perfect person for Andy's security business. FIS provides rent-a-cop services to a variety of area businesses. Mary was placed as a non-uniformed security officer inside a large pants warehouse that had suffered a large shrinkage in their denim blue jeans.
    The store reported that Mary was nervous and not very effective and there were plans to move her somewhere that she could be more of an asset to his company. Before such a move could be made Mary provided me with the perfect patsy for Astin's final test.
    Two boys had entered the dressing rooms of the store with several pairs of blue jeans. When they came out of the dressing room it was fairly easy to see that they were walking a bit stiff legged and that their lower bodies did not align with their upper bodies. Mary was correct in spotting them wearing more than one pair of pants, but she got flustered and almost let the boys escape.
    Had it not been for her demeanor they would have gotten away, but in her nervousness she managed to alert another employee that detained the two boys. They were each trying to slip out of the store with three pairs of expensive blue jeans under their baggy cotton pants that they had worn into the store. She had to be removed from that location.
    Sorry about this, it is important that I set the stage so that you can understand what happened, how, and why. Lucas owns a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass that is tricked out with all of the hydraulics that make the car do funny somersaults in the middle of the street. He had told me that he was going to have all of that removed as soon as he could raise some money. I offered to pay for the work myself in exchange for his service to me.
    One more piece of the puzzle then I will get on with the story. Harry assigned Astin to work around the campus so that he would become familiar to the boys and he with them. I have a serious problem with weapons around children, but because of the nature of Astin's assignment it was necessary that he carry a sidearm. His weapon of choice is a standard four inch barrel .357 Colt revolver. Harry did an inspection of the man before setting him loose on campus.
    Harry has smooth moves and he is quick. He switched revolvers on Astin and gave him one that was loaded with brass capped wooden bullets. To look at the cylinder of the weapon one would think that it was fully loaded and that was the illusion that we wished to give to Astin.
    Now the pieces come together. Mary relieved Alma at nine o'clock. She took up a space in the scooter at the southeast gate and watched for late comers to the campus and unauthorized persons trying to enter. Astin was walking around the oval track between the campus and the church when Logan drove up. His radio booming loud bass music and his hydraulics putting on a show for all to see.
    Nando, Ronald to you and me now, got out of the car. Nando was dressed in street clothes of a tight tee shirt and extra tight jeans. He wore black boots that were laced up to his ankles and had a red bandana tied about his head. Lucas climbed out of his car dressed in similar attire and they approached the gate and wanted entry to this 'school for fag boys'.
    Of course Mary grew nervous and she became flustered. She was trying to bar the two intruders from the campus, but doing a poor job of it. Both boys have spent time on the streets and have the crude talk and walk down to a science. They were in poor Mary's face. Astin heard the noise and turned to see what was going on. In a flash he was across the grounds and up in Nando's face.
    I was sitting in my office across the street with Harry and Andy and a pot of coffee was being depleted as we watched the interesting events on my large array of LCD monitors. Every camera on the campus was aimed at the gate so we had full coverage from many different angles. We even had sound from a few microphones that had been secretly placed there early in the morning. All three of us were on our feet and staring at the monitor at the next event that took place.
    I had told the boys that they needed to gain access to the grounds by any method that they could think of. I have seen both boys in action and I had no doubt in my mind that they could handle themselves and not get hurt. Honestly…I didn't think that Astin had it in him to do what he did before my eyes.
    Nando swung into action, he was going to kill him a cracker cop. He swung around in a roundhouse kick to be met with a stonewall of resistance. Astin was ready for him and he knew the right block to put Nando on the ground. Lucas was not idle during this time. He had made his move at the same time that his friend had moved, but only met the backlash of Astin's defensive move by getting a kick to the side of his head that put him on the ground and unconscious.
    Astin calmly handcuffed both boys then put his arm around Mary as he told her to call for a code yellow. In stunned disbelief Andy, Harry, and I walked down the street to the school. We were in no hurry. Mary's call had been expected, though not quite as it was received, and had been ignored.
    I knelt before the boys as Andy unlocked their handcuffs and Harry shook hands with Astin for a job well done. I held Nando's head in my arms as he tried to clear the cobwebs away. "That sucka's tough, dad." That was the first time that he had called me dad and I felt a twinge of fuzzies pass through my body.
    Lucas was out cold and it took a few minutes to arouse him. I had him lay still as I called for Cas to come out and tend to him. Astin looked on all that we were doing in total disbelief as Harry held him back and told him that all would be made clear to him in a few minutes.
    I had Lucas taken to the hospital for a CT-scan. A size ten boot to the side of the head can cause severe damage and I don't want any of my boys hurt. I felt bad because I had set the whole thing up never believing that what went down was a possibility. Lucas was okay and wiser for the actions. In fact both boys had a whole new respect for even the younger of law enforcement officers. Neither of them had ever tangled with anyone other than other street punks and had no idea what a trained officer was capable of. I didn't tell them that Astin had special training, although he had more training than I gave him credit for.
    Lucas is hardly ever seen without his trademark aviator style sunglasses. I learned the story behind those specs as we waited to learn the results of his CT-scan. I had picked the sunglasses up off of the ground and placed them in my pocket as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. I looked at Lucas and he looked absolutely naked without them on.
    I reached in my shirt pocket and passed the glasses over to the boy and got myself a hug and a lot of tears. His grandfather had given him his old sunglasses that he had worn into combat as a jet fighter pilot. The grandfather is gone now and those glasses are the only things that Lucas has of the man. I love for the boys to have ties to their past. It is my hope that some tie like that will spark a boy to attempt to repair relations with their families.
    I created a position for skiddish Mary. I placed her inside the church office where all she has to do is to push the button that unlocks the doors from the church vestibule out to the campus when someone comes through that needs access from that direction. She has gotten acquainted with the church secretary and enjoys helping her with some of her duties, such as printing and correlating the church bulletin and the monthly church newsletter. She has been attending Sabbath morning services and I feel that we may have a new church member in the making.
    I took Astin with us for a large steak dinner and a stiff drink or four. Of course I did not drink, I was driving. I was very proud of Astin. I had seen something in his dedication to duty when I was confronted by him at the city water reservoir early in the summer. He is cool under pressure and he never reached for his weapon. He used his head and dealt with a situation in a professional manner. He told us that he was up against children and that he never considered drawing his weapon. Harry returned his weapon to him and revealed the wooden bullets. That has become a sidebar joke in the company now, 'Check for wooden bullets.'

    Flying at sixty thousand feet means that there is virtually no turbulence on head winds. The flight was smooth and the new interior seemed to make it quieter than I remembered the plane being. I stretched out and cradled a cup of coffee in my hands as I reflected on many things that had occurred around me over the past few months. Ethan Sawyer has moved into the dormitory. Dieter was happy to allow his grandson to attend BAW. Ethan brought more to the school than the school had to offer him. He had told me that he was called Flash, that nickname is apropos. The boy is the fastest running back that Tucson football has seen in some time. He is fast in the pool and wants to compete. He is fast enough that he gives me a hard run for my morning workout, and he is sharp. His grades came in from his junior school in Parkersburg, IA and he was an honors student with a perfect attendance record and scholastic record. He had only completed the eighth grade when disaster had befallen the town, ending his chances of going on to highschool there and playing football for one of the top teams in the nation.
    Cory called me in a panic a week after Ethan joined the student body at BAW. When he and Ethan drove up to Dieter's house the paramedics were there and Dieter was being loaded into an ambulance. The old man had walked out to the curb to check his mail and had broken a hip and fallen. No one knows for sure how long he lay there until a neighbor saw him and called for help. He is now in an assisted living center and not expected to ever be able to return home.
    Ron crawled all over the house next door to the Sawyer place and found a lot of cosmetic cover-up. The house was eaten alive with termites. New paneling and sheet rock had been installed in several rooms downstairs and in the basement which hid the damage. There was no insulation in the attic of the house and Ron found evidence of recent roof leaks.
    The real estate company is under investigation for fraud. The house had been a rental unit for six years and the owner was out of the state. The real estate company was asked to 'make the house sellable' and list it on the market. Someone at the real estate company got a little over zealous and cost efficient.
    The end result was a no sale for Tim and Jerry, but I suggested that they make an offer to Dieter and Ethan. Ethan cried over the thought of selling the house then he came to me and asked me if he would be able to visit the house from time to time. Jerry took the boy for the night and told him that he could even keep his room there until he finishes high school. I do believe that Tim and Jerry have a foster son.

    Ethan is not our only new football player. After our rousing season of 2007-2008 the school's program was in high demand. Absolutely straight boys begged for a chance to try out for our team and to be granted acceptance as students at an all gay high school. Several of the area's high school coaches were disappointed to see their aspiring stars jump ship.
    I wanted to know why they would want to play at a fag school. To a boy I was told that sexual orientation is not what made the team the best in the state, it was the spirit of the players and the leadership of the coaches. I could understand that. I got myself involved with their individual interviews and put them through the mill, so to speak, as I drilled them with scenario after scenario of life amongst a few hundred gay boys that would hit on them everyday.
    I made it clear that they would be hit on and that they could not hit in return. I told that there would be every type of sexual harassment imaginable sent their way. I told them that there would be no touching or uninvited contact, that would border on criminal charges against the perpetrator, but innuendo would definitely be there. I warned them that they could not strike a student for any reason. Words are harsh and strong and evoke emotions, especially in virile teenagers. But to fight was not an option, they would have to take it or leave the school.
    As a result Archie, Arthur, Benjamin, Dylan, Earl, Ike, Konrad, Mason, and Oz joined the lineup. None of them lived on campus, but commuted from the homes around town each day. Some of the new students lived in other school districts several miles across town from out campus.
    Other team members this year were our seniors, Arnie, Branden, Craig, Dustin, and RD. They were joined by Anwar, Bert, Clayton, Lucas, Nikky, Oscar, Red, Rodger, Sheldon, Shikoba, Siraj, Stan, and Tom. I was proud of the freshmen that worked hard for the team and were allowed to dress out. Most of them only warmed the benches, but coach Mac put a few of them into the play to see what they were made of under pressure. I think that we have the makings of a fine football program for a few more years.
    We even managed to get Ronald to play ball with the team and he loved the sport. He is a natural and he has missed his calling by living on the street. It is our hope that he will be scouted by a good school and that he will want to go on to play football for several more years.

    We carried the season at twelve-one, we were overpowered in the state's final championship by a school that was eleven-two. They got off a last minute touchdown because of a fumble on their twenty yard line. We had taken over the ball from a fumble on their part and the score was sixteen-fifteen, BAW, with less than two minutes to go in the game. Oscar was hit hard from behind and lost the ball which was grabbed up by the opposition and carried over the goal line as the final horn marked the end of the game, making the final score twenty one-sixteen, them.
    No one blamed Oscar. He felt bad and pouted all of the way home, but I was told that he had his ego stroked until he spouted off his good feelings and decided that the boys still loved him. The way I heard it, it was super straight Arthur that had the grip on Oscar that finally made him cum around then Arthur hugged the boy as he kissed him for his good efforts on the team's behalf. Who says straight boys ain't got it right?

    We also accepted several new students that had problems in their previous schools. Ben, Hoyt, Leigh, Marty, Red, and Zeb. Another straight boy went down when he met Zeb. Zeb is a sparse little fifteen year old that wears every rib in his body close to the skin so that they can be easily counted. Benjamin is a robust six foot tall sophomore that told me in his interview that he could never even think about sex with a guy. He told me that he had lots of girlfriends and that he loved to kiss on them and feel them up.
    Opposites attract and Zeb invited Benjamin to his cubicle after lunch about mid-term. He was down on his knees giving the hunky ball player a blow job within minutes. That became an daily occurrence, even extending itself to after school hours. I saw a picture of the two kissing, with tongue, and smiled to myself, 'Another one bites the dust.' Benjamin asked for permission to spend the night in the dormitory with Zeb and now the boy is after his parents to let him become a boarder at the school.

    I had RD and Cory flying with Cullen and Jimmy. I have already mentioned that Mike and Bryan were flying with us, but Mike had a place in the cockpit so I can't really count him as a passenger. Harry and Astin were onboard and I had allowed Dane and Rod to accompany me. Rod would kill me were I to not include him. He lets me know that he is my son and that he has to be there to watch out for me. I do love the boy very much and I want to be around him. I enjoy watching him grow and learn about life each and every day.
    I feel differently about Rod than I do the other boys his age and younger. I suppose that it is the tie between us a father and son, but I am experiencing fatherhood and all of the joys and frustrations that go along with that title.
    Alvin and Neal were on the plane. Alvin is going to get his ass kicked, big time. He thinks that he has special rights due to the fact that he is of my blood. I am about to let that blood out of his system and replace it with jungle joy juice or something. I don't play favorites. Even Rod understands that. The only favoritism that I show to any of the boys is to Cory Stevens and Cullen James. They are infants and they are my babies. They are totally helpless little people that have to be watched and cared for twenty four hours a day, each and every day.
    Neal is quiet around the other boys. He seems outgoing when he is with Rod and Dane, yet, somehow he draws within himself around the other boys. I have to believe that that comes from living with Nana for most of his life. He was a good little helper to the old woman and he accompanied her to church three times each week. I am told that he even went to lunch with her and her friends on days that he was not in school. I am trying very hard to socialize him, only time can do that.

    Adam meeker feels as if his life is complete now that his brother is back with him. It took Seth a few weeks to wrap up his business in California before he returned to Tucson. At present I am allowing the boy to stay at the house to catch up on the lost years with his baby brother. Adam has always wanted me to drive up and rescue Seth in the same way that Turner and I found Tyler. Seth was just nowhere to be found. He had gone to ground and kept on moving, that made it very hard for the FI detectives. All of us were very pleased when he just walked up out of the blue to attend the weddings on the beach in June.
    Seth enrolled in college and plans a career in criminology. He and Astin sat together one afternoon and now there is a strong relationship between the two of them. I love to see a straight boy find himself. Astin was aboard as a security officer to the King, I could not allow him to be distracted by romantic involvement. By the same token Harry flies solo and Toby flies with the family. Actually Toby is needed where he is. He is an authority figure to his younger cousins and he can speak their language which helps to settle those little arguments that occur often.
    Seth is content being with Adam and Turner. He has a long history with Tyler so he fits into our family unit quite well. I have grown to like him. The more I visit with him the more respect I have for him. He ran from a situation that he could not control and when he returned to his aunt's house he found everyone gone and had no way of contacting them, short of going to the police. That was not an option to the boy, he had experienced only ill from any authority figure and he felt that he could well manage on his own. It was only one of those serendipitous moments that surround my life that caused him to wonder along the beach when the family gathered for the June weddings.
    On Wednesday, October the first of 2008 a special ceremony was held in the auditorium of Bradford Academy West. One of our state senators, a former presidential candidate that year, and our governor stood on the stage before the sons of Seigy and Qasim al-Hadi. Alim, Bahir, Baris, Basil, Behrouz, Fakhir, Habit, Hamal, Hani, Hasad, Hmcal, Imad, Jawhar, Kamal, Kerem, Khalid, Majdy, Malik, Muntasir, Qays, Rabi, Rafiq, Rais, Ramin, Salman, Saud, Siraj, Sohrab, Tahir, Tayyib, Umit.
    Joining them were other young victims, both from the castle and from different boy farms that were discovered in Europe. Androv, Arman, and Kardal joined Alexandre, Benoît, Brice, Casey, Claude, Dennis, Elliott, Eugene, Ezio, Jacob, Joshua, Jourdain, Morris, Niel, Pépin, Roger, Sergé, and Wayne. Emilio and Tazzi were included by special mention.

    I had met one stone wall after another when I applied for green cards for these fifty four boys. All of them are my legally adopted sons but that does not give them rights granted to other foreign nationals within our borders. I have constantly worried about the INS detaining one of the boys and the endless time that it would take to get him released. Such a situation could seriously traumatize anyone, but these boys have been through so much more than most people can even fathom. By Act of Congress all of the boys that I brought home from the Europe have been made naturalized citizens without having to wait the normal seven years. Colin had been with Athos, but he is a citizen by birth as is Tad.
    The only thing left to do was to swear them in as brand new citizens of the greatest country on the face of the planet and I was one proud papa as I looked on their tear covered faces that were filled with mile wide smiles. Their hearts were filled with pride and joy over an accomplishment that none of them had ever dreamed of attaining.

    Pete announced that we were on final approach to BAB. There is enough land there that I had a private airstrip built capable of allowing FI-2 to land. Of course Travelaire Too or even Travelaire can not land in the short space so they land at the local airport where they can be serviced, if necessary. Once they disembark the family those aircraft depart for the FI facilities at Liverpool where they receive a complete maintenance work over before our return flight.
    I have also had a landing strip built on the grounds at BAE. We are planning for our family summer outing to take place there as we dedicate that new school into the ever growing list of schools that now operate under the name of Bradford Academy.

    At the door awaiting us to deplane stood Paddy; all decked out in his perfect uniform as he stood beside the Bentley with the back door open for us to enter. Twin flags designating the car as Royal transport to the King of Munedavia were affixed to the front fenders. Accompanying him was a van from the school to transport the boys and our luggage. Cullen and Jimmy scooted into the Bentley and I waited for Harry and Astin to take their seats. Harry sat in the front, next to Paddy, while Astin slid into the back. I finished my talk with Paddy and gave the man a hug then got into the car behind Cory and we were off to the school.
    "Shall we, love?" Cullen grinned at Jimmy.
    "NO!!!" I told them, they wanted to strip down and have a go at it on the back floor of the large car. I think that Cullen is getting worse instead of better as he gets older. The two boys are having sex with each other every time I see them any more.
    Paddy was in town to visit with his father for the holiday. He reports to me several times a week on the progress being made at BAD. Aaren was with him and had stayed behind with Herschel while Paddy did his duty to me. I told the man that it was the holidays and that he had no duty to me during his vacation time. Paddy has a sense of duty that won't allow any slack time. I have noticed that about most of the British people that I have met, they have need to see their obligations through. So many Americans seem to let things slide and never get most of what needs to be done accomplished.

    The area around the school looked like a bus parking lot. I had decided to make a holiday for all of the students and let all of them see the new campus in England. Eight buses from BAF, four from BAP, and four from BAD were parked side by side along the outer perimeter of the school. Six of the buses that I had ordered for BAB were unloading the boys from BAG Boys. The boys from that school had never taken a trip before and it was high time that they got their chance to benefit from my billions of dollars.
    It took an army of lawyers to get the state of New York to allow the boys to leave their dominion, but I argued that the students had a need and a right to experience new and different cultures if they were going to be the sort of citizen that the world expects them to be. I made it clear that I am building leaders for tomorrow's world and as such they need to know the nuances of other societies. It worked and the boys joined us for a massive holiday retreat.
    The BAB buses were hosed down as all of the boy spunk and junk left behind on the trip in from the local airport was cleaned up. Those buses would be headed out in a few hours to transport all of the boys from BAW to the school from their flight over the big pond. Construction is heavy and dangerous at BAE and so far there are no students there. That was not the only school that was not represented at the retreat. I had not included the girls from BAG. Why court danger? My boys may be gay, but they are not dead. Nineteen girls would be if more than a thousand gay boys tried the other side of life with them for a week.

    Having the entire family in England on Christmas day had a very happy side effect. El wanted to have her entire family around her for boxing day. That sounded like a terrific idea and when I broached the boys they were ecstatic. Eloise grew up alone with no hope of ever contacting me until events surrounding Cullen made it her most important goal.
    Since that fortuitous meeting in the spring of 2005 events have unfolded for both of us that we had never imagined before. She discovered a half step brother that she never knew. Right on the heals of that discovery both of us learned that I had a natural born son that had been around for sixteen years and is one of the greatest kids that the world has ever produced.
    As if that weren't enough for both of us we next discovered that Carl Dickson was our uncle and that Sean is our cousin. El's heart is as big as mine and she opened it to embrace all three boys into the fold of her bosom. When I learned that our grandmother was still alive El got on an airplane and flew across the ocean to embrace the old woman and find more love from America that she ever expected to find.
    Alvin and Neal are our cousins by an aunt that neither of us ever knew existed. The sister of Carl and our dad was never mentioned in my family at any time. El's love did not stop with blood. She thinks that Rod is just about the cutest little guy that there ever was and she asks about him every time that she calls to talk to, or about, Cullen.
    I was all too happy to take her up on her offer for an old fashioned family reunion at the Duke's estate in west central England. To include everyone I had to put FI-2 in the air. I wanted Pete to sit back and just let his hair down and enjoy the week without having to take control of the squabbles and day to day events that occur at βφτ house. I was quickly informed that his best rest and relaxation was behind the stick of his airplane.

    Cory and I are the lucky beneficiaries of our being in England for the most joyful of all holidays. Both of us wanted to spend a quiet evening with our wives and tiny babies, yet we wanted to be with the boys that have meant so much to us for the past four years. We ended up spending a quiet night and joyful morning with more than one thousand screaming, naked boys running to and fro as they experienced an American style Christmas.
    Don't even think about the logistics involved in discovering, and securing, presents for each individual boy that were chosen expressly for him. I didn't want to go with blanket gifts for the boys. I have given them coats and computers in the past, but how about the boy that really wants a teddy bear with a big dick? Well, you get the idea. Each person in the world has his own private desire and I put out spies everywhere to discover what that private desire is. I am sure that I missed the mark many times, even money can't secure a person's most secret thoughts. I did the best that I could and I secured one individual gift for each and every boy in each of the six schools and had it sitting on the foot of that boy's bed when he awoke Christmas morning.
    That act made the holiday for me. I was filled with warm fuzzies as boys ran everywhere showing his gift to his friends and trying to learn who santa had been that gave it to him. I had been as careful as possible not to involve any boy in the selection or delivery process. I had staff members staying up late at night as they slipped into the boys' sleeping areas to quietly leave a gift on their beds. That was a secret that I even kept from Cory and he is still trying to make me tell him that I am the one that gave him the 'Game boy Donkey Kong', a hand held video game that he talks about all of the time.
    He has shared his story with the boys about how that was the only thing that his mother ever bought him that he could keep as they moved around, often in the middle of the night. He lost it somewhere in his journeys and has mourned ever since. When he awakened on Christmas morning a gayly wrapped box sat on the foot of our bed with a large bow on it bearing a tag that said, 'to: Cory from: Santa.' He knows in his heart that I bought it for him, but he can't pin me down. He asks everyone if they know who bought it for him and they ask him who bought them their gifts. I believe that I may have just improved the mystique of Santa in the minds of my precious ones.

    Pete and Mike had returned from their round trip flight to Tucson to gather up the women for delivery to El's house. Pete and Eddy were snuggled before one of the large fireplaces in the old country estate that had been the only building on the grounds at BAB when I first acquired the property. I had one more trip for him to make before he and Eddy could sit back and enjoy a traditional English Christmas feast, he had to deliver me and the family to El.
    I took all of the little Indians off to one side before we left Tucson and asked them what they had wanted to do Christmas day. El wanted all of my blood family at her estate. Clayton does not have a drop of Indian blood in his body but he was raised by Shikoba's family and is a welcome member of the Choctaw tribe. I was told that they were not of my blood and that they were content to stay with the boys while I took their Indian brothers to be with my sister. They were correct, but I want them to feel that they are part of me, regardless of blood ties.
    I was insistent the Mike and Steven join us. Steven's grandmother was the sister of both Mike's grandfather and my grandfather, we are blood. They made me understand that this family reunion was for the blood of my father's family and they are related on my mother's side. I pointed out that Cory is blood related on my mother's side of the family, but they giggled as they told me that he was my wife and marriage transcends all blood lines.
    I used one last argument with them when I told them that Beulah would be there and she needed her family around her as well. That really struck home with Steven, he loves that old woman. She is the only familiar face that he has left since his parents were both killed. Once Mike came around and became a decent person he took to the old woman himself so I had two little Indian boys to join me.
    Ita and Inagei were eager to go. Their sister Quemela would be there with Sagi, Ugitsiha, Beulah, and Betty, the two boys love to be around the women. I made Mike happy when I told Isi that he was going, period. He is not of direct blood, but close enough, and close enough to Mike. I put my arm around Tracy and told him that a great wrong had been done to him because of the sins of his father. I told him that he was not at fault and that I was going to make his life a little better very shortly.
    I knew that I was taking a chance. I do not have a very good track record where it concerns the security of my queeing. I took a chance and let Harry visit with his mother and father as they took a trip over the channel to Paris, of course Toby joined them for the two day holiday. I told Astin to have a merry Christmas and left him in the capable hands of Seth. I rounded up Alvin, Cecil, Del, Neal, RD, Sean, and Rod to join Cory, Cullen, Jimmy, and me, and the six little Indians, for a trip to an English gentlemen's country estate.
    Dukey was happy to allow me to build a short runway along the southern edge of his property so that we can deplane one hundred feet from his front door. He is even talking about buying himself a small plane for those, 'jaunts that he takes about.'
    That trip in was the first time that I had seen his estate from the air and I was impressed with what I saw. The place is laid out in a most orderly way and neat as a pin. His stables are pained white and the house looks huge from the air. I knew that the house was big, I just never appreciated how big it was.

    Cullen was the first off of the plane as he ran across the pavement to embrace his mother. Dukey stood by with a big smile on his face as he waited his turn to welcome his son home. Rod took off toward the stables and I had Cory pierce the serenity of the moment to whistle for the boy to return and wait. Rod complied, but like an eleven year old kid he had an attitude in his gait.
    When everyone was off of the plane I led them over to El and Dukey. El had a big hug and a kiss for each boy, even those that she hadn't met before. Del had his arm around his big sister as they talked to each other a mile a minute. I have probably said it before, but I sure don't speak the same English that the English speak. I could not understand much of what the two were saying. I wasn't trying to pry into their conversation, but when one hears a familiar speech pattern one tends to listen for clues as to what is being said. If they had spoke gud 'mercan I would not have tried to hear what was being said.
    The front door opened and the old family chauffeur was standing at attention next to a young lady dressed in typical maid's attire. I greeted the old gent and he did a stiff bow from the waist. The maid curtsied, first to Cullen then to me. I really hate all of the attention that my notoriety brings my way.
    El had brought in a full staff of servants for the holidays. In a way I was glad to see it, that meant that there would not be a lot of extra work for her and for Agnes. It also meant that the laid back atmosphere of the estate would be hectic. I suppose that should have been expected with the number of people that were invading the house. Each time that I have visited before there were very few of us that stayed at the house, the boys always stayed out in the dormitory that was part of the stable compound.
    Cory Stevens toddled out of nowhere and wrapped his tiny arms around my leg. I bent over and picked the little man up and as I stood back up I was looking into the eyes of beautiful Daylight. My wife has taken on a glow of health since her surgery. I wish that she had done it before, but then one look at Cullen James in her arms and I was glad that she waited.
    Cory was holding little Chrissy in one arm with his other arm around Sagi. Sagi's brother stood beside them. I had heard stories about his recent problems and now he was in England. I held out my hand to him, "How are you Wesley?"
    "Dad…I…" I held up my hand to Sagi.
    "He is here. It is Christmas day and a day to rejoice and reflect on family and The Gift. Let us have peace amongst us and there will soon be peace on earth," I told her. She leaned up on her tip toes to kiss my cheek. Wes gave a sheepish grin. Him I will deal with later.
    A young maid was standing nearby and I realized that I still had an overcoat on. The house was warm and I was inside of it and out of the biting cold north wind that was blowing up the cliff from the churning Atlantic ocean beating at its base; it was time to remove my coat.
    Agnes stepped up, "Would you like a cup of fresh coffee, Sir Chris?" I grabbed her and gave a her a big scrunch and kissed her cheek.
    "You can keep that as long as you drop the Sir, otherwise give me my kiss back." I had to let my eyes appraise her. She is the same age as El and her looks favor El in many ways. I have often thought that the two women could be sisters. They have spent so much time together since they were seventeen years old that I guess they have taken on many traits of the other. Whatever it is Agnes looked happier than I have seen her look in sometime.
    "Maybe a bracer would warm your yank blood a bit?" Dukey stood by smiling at me.
    I nodded my head slightly to Agnes and moved my eyes to my brother-in-law, "Philby, I believe that it would be an honor to sit before a warm fire in your library and drink a small brandy with you."
    "The honor would be mine, Chris." With that he led me to his private sanctorum and we shut the door behind us. It was a day to be merry and let all of the cares of the world wait till another time. There was much that I wanted to talk to the man about, but we sat in silence as I soaked as much of the artificial heat into my body as it could absorb. The brandy helped by warming me from the inside so I put a limit on that. I am not a brandy man, but a snifter with my friend was what I needed just then.

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