Chapter 68


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Chapter 68
    Thanksgiving was a huge success. None of us had a real desire to cook for thirty six of us and I had planned to have the whole lunch catered. I have a clue for you, don't ever say that in front of a grandmother. Eva and Betty were at my house most of the day Wednesday. Gerald was learning just exactly what being a chef was all about as those two women taught the boy a thing or two about cooking for a large crowd. I wish I could put pictures in my story for you to see. Christopher, Jerry, and Tim were slicing and dicing as they put up vacuum bags of salad fixings. Gerald and Trevor tackled a dozen pies of each flavor. Everybody expects pumpkin pie, of course. My favorite is minced apple, raisin, with currants. Some of the boys have to have mom's apple pie, Gerald put together the piece de resistance which earned him a new name. When he served up his apple pie ala Ģerâld he was made our offical chef. Ken and Eric wanted to peel potatoes. I am pretty sure that they will never ask for that job again as they peeled, diced and boiled fifty pounds of spuds then put them in vacuum bags for easy re-heating as needed. Four large oven dishes of sage and celery dressing were prepared so that they could be popped into the oven as the turkeys came out. Fresh green beans were slivered and a peck of sweet peas were shelled. Cranberries were cooked down with orange zest, honey, and cinnamon, then set in the refrigerator to chill.
    Çhé Ģerâld had prepared bags of now frozen bread balls to be popped into muffin tins and baked as needed. I cheated and bought two cases of Cool Whip™, hell if I'm going to stand there and whip cow's cream and I don't think that our guests would like the creamy dips and coffee creamers that the family does. By six o'clock the ladies were spent. They had two twenty six pound birds in self basting bags along with eight white meat turkey loaves and six extra drumsticks. Now all we needed was a sucker to get up and put the birds in the fire at five the next morning.

    Frank had to show his new teeth off for everybody. He had been upset because he couldn't form some of the words without his three missing front teeth. His father had literally stomped on the boy when he found out he was gay and in the process he had kicked out three of his son's teeth. He was excited because now he could bite as well as chew. Jace assured us that this was so as he showed us teeth marks on a very tender part of his anatomy. It had been a joke between them and Frank wasn't happy with the revelation. He had to be taken down and tickled into submission as he acquiesced to the funny side of the situation.
    I am not about to tell the boys the truth about why Eveertt Rothsfeld tried to kill Frank. I have learned from contacts within the corrective institutions that Evie went insane when he came home to see the police and paramedics at his house. He did not like any sort of recognition, in his line of work; that would be understandable. He knew that Frank's actions would bring attention to himself and cause his downfall. He feared Wilson Weller the most, he knew the man's true identity and knew that Wilson would have him killed before the dust settled again. In his rage he took his frustrations out on a sixteen year old boy. That action brought him into my line of sight and I was much more brutal than Wilson Weller. Wilson would have only killed him, I put him up to public ridicule and prison.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Boys From Traveler

    We expected to serve fifty, but were pleasantly surprised when so many of our friends stopped by to welcome us home. Andy and his household came down. Andy and Sean are really into each other. Andy had told me one time that he liked a boy for a kinky bit of fun, but give him a mature man anytime. I wasn't about to ask him what he felt now as he seemed to be of one flesh with Tom's super sweet looking offspring.
    Jeff and Mark lit up the day with their antics. These two boys are natural clowns and they had everyone of us in stitches. Their new house was almost ready for occupancy and they really hoped to be moved in by Christmas time. That was going to leave Andy alone with Sean and Eddy, and maybe Pete? It was Andy's house again. He had sold it to Carl for one dollar. Carl had willed it back to Andy. His father had it custom built and he had put little things into the house for his best little buddy. Andy had idolized his father and Carl had been a good replacement as Andy matured. Sure, Andy was eighteen when he met Carl. But he was at the very bottom of his ladder. He had to be pushed to the top and Carl pushed him in the right direction. The more I learn about that man the more I admire him. If Andy can make half the man out of Sean that Carl made out of him we will see another fine man to take over for the next generation of citizens in this country.
    Until his mother's cremation and the reading of the will of both her and a recap of his father's will Andy didn't know that he too was a billionaire. Andy's grandfather was the CEO and a majority stock holder in one of the nation's largest oil companies. You may have filled up or at least driven by one of the thousands of gasoline stations that this company owns, all around the world. On his death he had left everything he owned to Andy, his sole heir. Andy has fifty four percent of the outstanding stock in the company, making him the boss. He has a forty five room mansion in Tulsa that had been used as the oil company's offices for the past fifteen years.
    Andy was having the house restored to its original design from when it was built in 1933. The oil company had billions in profits from the current gas prices and had built themselves a twenty five story office building so that they could consolidate the many smaller offices about the Tulsa area.
    Andy was excited to learn that he also had his grandfather's little lake property. I made Andy give details. The lake property had a nine bedroom house on a cliff overlooking the huge lake that was part of Oklahoma City's water supply. It was built on one hundred and thirty three acres of prime land. Until March of 2005 it had been leased out to a farmer who grew cotton, corn, sorghum, and soy beans as a rotating crop. He lived in a four bedroom house and had built barns and outbuildings around the house. The man suffered a stroke and was now living with his daughter in Okmulgee, a town just to the north of the large lake. Andy had compassion on the family that had farmed his land from his grandfather's day. He bought the barn and out buildings, which were his anyway, from the farmer's family for two million dollars. Andy is a touch.
    Carl had left several million dollars to Tom and Tom had amassed a decent estate himself. Tom's will left everything to his son Sean with Andy as executor. I was named to invest the boy's money with bonuses and dividends to paid into the boy's trust fund. Little bitty fourteen year old Sean was worth nearly a hundred million dollars. That got the boy attacked and many marriage proposals. He was asked to judge the cock sucking techniques as his four and a half inch nail was orally consumed by first one hot sucking mouth then another. The boy was kept hanging for over a half an hour before he was brought to me. He was so horny by that time that he was shaking. He needed his nut, badly. Andy gave us the all clear sign so Mike slipped up in him as I went down on him. I was the one cheated because the kid fired off almost at once. He giggled at me as I turned around to lay down on the couch. The mating duo managed to get on top of me without separating and Sean proved himself a very worthy cock sucker. Mike began to plow the fertile furrow into which he had his blade sunk nearly seven inches deep. Sean reacted with hard thrusts of his own into my hungrily sucking mouth as he nursed on my big other udder.
    I filled Sean's mouth so full of my nutty batter that it was coming back out of his nose, so I was told, I couldn't see from my angle. No I was too busy watching Mike at work. The little guy makes me proud to have him as my legal son. Sean stayed with me and kept my cock up and ready. He had his hands working my anus as Cory whispered instructions in his ear. I felt the boy drag two fingers across my prostate and I arched my back. I was about to let loose with a second load only minutes from the last one.
    I shot more cum then I had given him before He filled my mouth in return as Mike pounded his spike hard into the puckering pecker sheath wrapped around his pride and joy. He does have a cock to be proud of. After six months since he first joined us in Oklahoma the fourteen year old boy has grown into a man. He is hung and his body is to be admired.
    I sat back as Sean rolled to the floor in exhaustion. Mike was still on his knees beside me. I put my hand on his butt and pulled him to me. I tasted Sean's deepest innard parts as well as Mike's pleasant nectar. I began to work Mike's mighty man meat and pushed two fingers of my own into his well fucked nether hole. He stabbed me with his over grown cock and caused me to choke briefly. I began to two finger fuck my son and then I stroked his butt nut. He couldn't stand up to that assault and fed me plenty of his cock honey with its full, robust taste of young boy.
    Bull brought sixteen year old Billy with him this year and we had to welcome him in the family way. Bull was told that the boy would be cumless until after Christmas or maybe Easter. He was sweet and sweet tasting too.
    Will Hamm and his son came bya for bit. The doctor had some news to share. He took Chad off to the corner and talked with him for a few minutes. Chad ran to me and wrapped himself around me as he told me that his infection was all cleared up and that he had no serious health problems. He wanted me to feel of his balls to see that they were normal. Now tell me, how hard is that for a pedophile to do? I roiled those puppies round and round until they lost their fresh made load of nut juice that I barely had time to properly receive into my mouth.
    Will was taking a little longer than I was comfortable with as he talked to Kyle. I noticed that several of the boys were watching from the corner of their eyes and most of the room seemed to be in prayer. I had to take a moment to praise my King for the family He has given me and the love that we all share, one for another, and all for one. Eat your heart out Dumas.
    Kyle walked to me with tears streaming down his young face that was pasted on the body of a giant, many times older than the soul of the boy inside. He wrapped his long gangly arms about me and sobbed on my shoulder. "I'm okay. All of the tests were negative. I am healthy and getting sassier by the hour. Dr. Hamm wants to watch me closely and asked me to come see him every month. He told me that he was going to make me feel like a pin cushion, but he wants to put the hormones inside of me into, I think he said, check. What does that mean?" I was so happy I was crying along with him as I tried to explain to the youngster what the doctor was doing.
    Will came to me with results on three of my lovely lads. "Okay, worry wart, are you ready for the worst of it? You flunked out of pre-med right? You are no diagnostician, but you were on the right track. Bryan has Pernicious anemia, not Leukemia. His condition is entirely treatable. I will do more tests on him to be sure that there is not some other underlying cause of his anemia, but he looks really good. I am pleased to see him up and alert today."
    "I am too. Since you started him on those vitamin shots he has become a normal boy. I am especially pleased to see him interacting with the other boys. He seems to feel at home now. Tell me more about what he has."
    "He has a blood disorder caused by a lack of vitamin B12. Patients who have this disorder do not produce a protein in the stomach that allows the body to absorb vitamin B12. Pernicious anemia is usually diagnosed when a patient with a low red blood cell count has large red blood cells and white blood cells with large, multi-lobed nuclei. The patient often has antibodies in the blood called intrinsic factor and parietal cell antibodies. A test that measures that lack of absorption of B12 can be used to support the diagnosis. Pernicious anemia is therefore one of the types of megaloblastic anemia The word "pernicious" means highly injurious, destructive, or deadly.
    "Nowadays, pernicious anemia is not so pernicious. Pernicious anemia is simply treated with vitamin B12. The vitamin has to be administered by injection because people with pernicious anemia do not have adequate protein intrinsic factor (or an effective form of intrinsic factor) and so cannot absorb B12 taken by mouth."
    Aren't you glad that you are tuned into the educational porno channel?
    He told me that my tests showed that I was having serious times of low blood sugar and was in serious danger of causing the pancreas to shut down. It would still make insulin, but it would not be effective. He wanted me to eat at least four small meals each day, without fail. Of course we had a big eared audience who took notes of everything that was said. Ģerâld had been trying to get me to eat the small lunch that he put up for me each day. I had taken to eating with the boys and skipping my noon meal. "No more," I promised the boys, "I will eat my din din. Okay?" They grinned, evilly, before attacking me.

    We had a big family meeting as our turkey pushed at our insides, making our outsides expand to the point that we couldn't button our pants, which was no problem because the women had gone home and the house uniform was already being worn. I asked the boys if they had any ideas as to what kind of Christmas cheer we could spread this year. Of course I beamed as I sat back and listened to my early cast tell the others of our exploits the year before.
    Lew and Cory had to tell about being groped at the men's shelter as they passed out overcoats and twenty dollar bills. Cas was most excited about the trip to the women and children's shelter and young Curtis. I promised the boys that Curtis and his mother along with the twins, if JC could bring them, would have Christmas dinner with us. That evoked a roomful of moans as everyone patted his protruding belly.
    Last year I had eight boys living in my house as I prepared for Christmas. We have grown by more than four hundred percent. We passed out overcoats and cash and were happier than I think any of us had ever been. As the boys told the new guys what we had done and the reactions of the people we gave gifts to, their eyes lit up. Each of the boys from the previous year had a story about little Curtis. He had wormed his way into the hearts of everyone here. They all wanted him to come and live with us, but I reminded them that his mother loved him and needed him with her. His mother still works at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and they see Curtis everyday. I am fairly certain that a few of the boys have been going up to Curtis's apartment above the clubhouse and having a little afternoon delight with the boy. I have seen his smile when he returns and he seems to wobble when he does his little bow legged walk.

    Hamm bone walked up to Kyle and asked him if he could ride on the biggest cock his dad had ever seen. The boy wasn't so bad himself with a nice eight and a half or nine inches of boi meat hanging long and swinging strong. Kyle smiled at me, "I'm gonna fuck my doctor tonight, dad. You wait and see. I know you want his son so how about it?" I squeezed his pert ass.
    "Family of mine, if I may be so bold. As soon as the dishes are in the dishwasher and the perishable food is put away this party will adjourn to the recreation room." The stairway down from the front entrance was open. The new boys looked around in amazement at the newly revealed opening. I had already entered my one hundred and twenty eight digit password from the new multi language keyboard that Andy installed for me. Now I can use characters from twelve major language groups as part of my password. Gone are the days of twenty six letters and ten numbers. With this system there are over seven hundred characters available. With one hundred and twenty eight of them to choose from it would be much quicker and surer to use a sub-atomic device to get into the recreation room, or the panic room beyond that. So far no one in the family knew about that room.
    Boys will be boys and boys are ever inquisitive. They discovered the dorm room within seconds of descending the stairway. I was mobbed by a band of boys who wanted to move in there so that they could be together. I could understand the six boys from the Anson molestation, but was a bit surprised at Lance and Les wanting to move down there too. I pointed out to them that there would be no privacy. Everyone could watch them making out. They could not surf the web or do their homework in peace and quiet. They all assured me that they knew this and it was okay. I told them that we would wait until Christmas vacation to make any changes as we had a full schedule until then. I would have to buy beds and furniture for the room before they could move into it.
    The rest of the evening groups of boys made a wide eyed tour of the dorm room and came back all smiles. I had no idea what they were plotting.

    I once knew a man who had the gift, or curse of absolute total recall. Months after the fact he could recite to you what you said, where, when, and to whom, verbatim. I have often thought about having such a gift, but what a temptation it could be to misuse it. I do observe. I try not to miss what is going on around me, although I do get distracted in the heat of the cum, so to speak.
    I had spent most of the day observing something very special, Eddy and Pete. They really compliment each other. If there is such a thing as made in heaven for one another then those two young men were made, one for the other. Eddy had a hard life. I had not known that Eddy was Tom's legally adopted stepson. Well, okay you can't be both. Eddy's mother was fatally ill. Carl suggested that Tom and the mother marry and that Tom adopt Eddy so that the young, gay teen wouldn't end up in the juvenile system. Another young Dickson running around the world.
    Pete was captivated by young Eddy at Carl and Tom's funeral and the two boys had talked almost all night. I knew that Pete was anxious to get to the university each morning and if my college boys weren't going in for a test or to the library he would drive the Jeep. Eddy has spent the night here two times since the night I tried to sleep with him. Pete has spent nearly every other night at Andy's. I am pretty sure that Pete wants to move in with Eddy.

    I had an idea that I shared with our family and guests. "I have a friend who was a boy guest at a few of Charley's California parties. Now grown, 38 year old Mitch Gordon has a fifteen year old boyfriend that has been with him a little over a year. Mitch is a software engineer and he and his boyfriend, Justin, have designed some of your favorite video games that I see around the house. The software has made these two guys incredibly rich. Mitch is a soft touch for a cute boy, but he is not quite the letch that I am. He doesn't have to or try to bed all of them. He is in a solid relationship with young Justin."—What A Gas, by tim.
    "However, Mitch has the same burden that I have, to give these kids a fighting chance. He has a house full of street kids, boys and girls, that he has taken in. He is sending all of them to a private academy in a very exclusive area of the L.A. basin. While he has lots of money his resources are not as abundant as mine. Beside that, we are dealing with kids. His were hopeless street kids, a whole houseful of young Corys. Kids, even homeless teenagers, love gifts and what makes a kid feel better than anything else than for Santa to leave a pile of toys, just for him?"

    In moments I had my answer. That's what we were going to do. It was not much of a decision. The boys wanted to give again this year. But it had to be bigger and better than last year. I almost had to tie them down to keep them from running out and buying out the stores with their debit cards that each one now has. I suggested that we take a trip over to the beach house and go by to visit Mitch and his family. Then we could feel the kids out and see what they wanted, not what we wanted to buy. That got me a lot of warm hugs and kisses as they thought about what children in that sort of situation could want. I looked at them and told them to ask themselves what they wanted because they are in the same situation.
    "Dad, we're not." Jan had a firm look on his face. "My brother, Jim, and I had a long talk last weekend when I spent the day with him. I have the address of two group shelters that friends of mine at school live in. They are not gay so don't anyone think about pushing the walls out of the house so that they can move in." That made everyone laugh and sit back down to listen to what the freshman had to say. "Jim took me to visit them. He thought that I might like it better somewhere else. I want to bring him up here to visit sometime." We all agreed that he should do that, we would even wear pants for the occasion. There were a few moans over that idea, go figure.
    "Dad, we have a home here. We are not a shelter or a temporary house. We are not even a group house. We are a family. There is nobody here that I would not gladly piss on if they were on fire. And if one of them were to be thirsty then he could lick the sweat off any one of these guy's balls. You don't have that in one of those places." What he got was not something that I think a boy would get in one of those places either.
    "Last night I was so frustrated with my trigonometry that I threw my pencil down and stalked off. Eric ran to me and hugged me. Alec came over and held me. I was so mad I was about to cry. Alec brushed my hair from my face as Eric sat in my lap and told me to tell them about it. Eric brought me my pencil and workbook and Alec worked through the problem with me. I really understood what he told me and I did the next three problems with no help. I was happy, but then more of my family showed their love.
    "Brad told us that he had the same problem and he liked the way that Alec solved it, but he told us that we would soon forget what we had learned because we don't use it everyday. He taught us a crazy little poem that will always give up the proper formula to use. Sally can tell, Oscar has a hairy old ass. (Sine-co/sine-tangent. Opposite-hypotenuse-adjacent. Hypotenuse-opposite-adjacent.) I can solve any triangle just by remembering that poem. Pythagoras's Theorem is now indelibly etched into my brain, thanks to my caring brother. (The Pythagorean theorem: The sum of the areas of the two squares on the legs equals the area of the square on the hypotenuse.)
    "What I am saying is that we all love each other. We care about each other, We share what we have, mostly love and knowledge. Dad, because of you all of us have more money than our parents ever did. We can buy anything that we want. What we can't buy is what we have here, a warm, loving, caring, sharing, safe home full of people that we most truly love with all of our hearts.
    "I don't know what the kids at your friend's house have, but if it is anything like the group homes I have visited then what they want is friendship and love. Yeah, they'll want, and we'll buy them, toys and video games, CDs, and bicycles. Whatever their little hearts want, but I hope that we can sit down and show them love. If they're gay maybe we can even love 'em." His brothers ran to him to get in their reaction to his little speech and even though he closed with a joke he got lots of hugs and love.
    I had to wait in line to get my hug, but it was worth it. His nail was so stiff it almost cut into me. He asked when it was going to be his night. I hadn't drawn a name for the night yet so I told him I would fuck the turkey out of him. He giggled about that. He was so excited the rest of the afternoon that he couldn't hardly wait for bedtime. We took a one hour nap at five. Afterwards he sat, gingerly, as we rejoined the family to sum up the day and finalize our plans for Christmas.

    I have to be sure about Toby first. I know, I have investigated that boy fifty ways from Sunday, but I didn't have any other boys that were raising their nephew as his little brother who was actually the son of my sworn blood enemy who wanted me dead at any and all costs. That was a mouthful, whew. So here we go again. I have a real test for Toby and I know deep down in my heart that he is going to come through this one with flying colors.

    Detective Grant was the Jersey City cop working the murder that little Kenny had witnessed. As we put the boys into the car, after Kenny had shown the detective the location of the murder weapon, the detective had whispered in my ear that he had something for me to see so I sent him a secure e-mail address. I didn't get a chance to open his e-mail until we on the road home from Mobile. He sent me pictures and an arrest report on a man named Hassan. He was of great interest to me. His DNA data was the most interesting part.
    Andy has a flag on everybody in his organization. If their name shows up anywhere in the world he is to be notified. As part of his murder investigation Detective Grant had uncovered a picture of me with Hassan and Oscar outside of my New York Hotel. I had Cullen dressed as an old man and was helping him into a limo. This man was behind me taking pictures as Oscar hid himself behind a newspaper.
    One of the aliases used by the this man had been a temporary employee at Base B, but had since moved on. His file was no longer actively being sought by Foss International. What caught my eye was his dossier. He was wanted for child rape around the world and had been in Saudi Arabia at the time of Toby's birth. The man's M.O. fit so perfectly that the hackles on the back of my head raised up.
    Before taking the boys out of the country I had an extensive blood work up done. Toby's DNA flagged in early October when a perfect paternal match was arrested in Los Angeles for child rape. A forty four year old man had been arrested and linked to three pre-teen girls' rapes and murders over a seven year span in the Pacific Northwest.
    On the long road home from our tragic trip to return two innocents home to their loving families in Mobile Andy and I had been reviewing all that we knew about Toby. I sent the DNA data from Det. Grant to Base B for comparison to Toby. We had a match. Confirmation was needed, of course. The wheels had been set in motion. Hassan was in custody for the rape of a twelve year old girl in L.A. I was going to arrange for Toby and our mystery man to meet on the street. I bet Andy the biggest steak dinner in the country that this was the man that put Toby in our midst. I already knew that I was going to Amarillo, Texas for the seventy two ounce steak, rare with baked potato, salad and beans. It's free if you can eat it all, with the trimmings, in an hour. I don't care about that, Andy is paying, transportation is included in the bet.

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