Chapter 200


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    My visit to Herschel Stotman bore fruit. I hadn't expected that he would have a little one that needed help, but I am always glad to be of help, especially to boys in trouble. Herschel took me up the back stairs to his apartment where I found a pitiful looking boy laying in bed. The boy had been beaten and stabbed by street punks that harass the homosexuals that habit the beach area.
    I pulled the sheets back and looked at the body of a healthy boy of sixteen years of age or so. He had a large bandage across his left side that was stained with old, dried blood. I asked Herschel about the wound and he told me that the local clinic did a patch up and sent the boy packing. I called the school and asked for Dr. Saltzman to put a rush on and get over to the pub at once.
    The boy stirred and opened his eyes. They were bloodshot and he had a difficult time focusing on me. I sat down on the side of the bed and used a wet towel to wipe the perspiration from the boy's face as I talked quietly to him. I learned that his name is Antuan Mc Alister.
    "I'm a worthless bit 'o shite, that's wot I am, gov'nr."
    "Shhh, shhh, rest now and don't try to talk. You are what your name says, you are invaluable. The world will learn that soon enough, but for now you lay there and get your strength back then I am going to take you over to the school where you can live in peace and without fear of punks like those that hurt you."
    "Would you do that for me? What abou me mum? Is she okay?" I looked at Herschel, he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. I didn't know what that meant until he told me that this was the first that he had heard of her. I told Antuan that we would find out and let him know as quickly as we could.
    Fifteen minutes passed before Dr. Saltzman arrived in town. I briefed him on what I knew and sent him up the stairs to tend to the boy. I had been busy inquiring of the local constabulary of circumstances surrounding our injured friend. I only learned that, 'a gay boy seemed to have fallen down and got 'imself a right smart nick in the side. A local constable 'ad taken the boy 'round to a clinic near bouts and saw to 'is getting a mend.' Someone was going to need a mend before I finished with this one.
    Herschel is friendly with the street boys that habit the area and he set out to inquire of them what they knew of the circumstances surrounding Antuan. Within an hour we learned that a boy and an trollop were seen working an area that is prone to violence from a group of street thugs. The leader of the street thugs was none other than the sixteen year old son of the same local constable that had taken Antuan to the clinic. The boys did not know what became of the woman.
    Dr. Saltzman came in and told me that what I had feared was probably a fact. The boy showed symptoms of a lacerated kidney. It didn't appear that the knife wound had caused the injury, but the boy needed to be placed in a hospital at once. I called for an ambulance.
    By the time that the ambulance arrived I located the woman, she was in the local jail. I saw the doctor and Antuan off to the hospital then I had Paddy drive me over to the police station. Luck was with me for when I arrived Inspector Terry Upbridge was at the front desk talking with the local office headman. He got me when he snapped too and bowed to me. "Sir Chris, what are you after today?" That was all of the introduction that I needed as heads began to turn and bodies began to move.
    Ten minutes later we were told that the lady in question had just been discovered in her cell, dead. I ordered the cell sealed and called Dukey to get me the authority for a top level investigation. Terry took command of operations until an official team of investigators could arrive and I took my leave to go to the hospital to see about a boy.
    Antuan's wound had not been deep. No care was given to the wound other than a surface bandage. It required twelve stitches to close the wound, but the good news was that the kidney was not pierced. He was being given a saline solution intravenously and would be required to stay in the hospital over night. When he was discharged to go to the school Antuan was placed on bed rest and told to force liquids to stimulate urine output. I knew that he would not stay in bed with over twelve hundred boys running about so I had put into a room at the old country estate that was being used as the administration building and housing for the staff.
    Cory and I sat with the boy until late in the night and listened to his story. He is the son of an American soldier that was of dual citizenship. His mother was French and turned to prostitution to feed herself and her son after the death of Sgt. Mc Alister who was killed while on active duty in the mid-east. Finding it difficult to make enough money to survive the mother and son had made their way to England and to the home of the parents of Sgt. Mc Alister's mother in Upper Dicker, a small community east if Brighton.
    The mother, and her son, had lived with the English family hoping that Mrs. Mc Alister would be able to gain a visa to go to the United States where her son and late husband were citizens. She was unable to acquire a visa due to a past conviction of prostitution.
    The elder Mc Alister threw them out of her home when a respected gentlemen in the village brought his young son to her and demanded that she do something about the poof that had buggered his boy. Fourteen year old Antuan and the fourteen year old son of the gentlemen had been getting it on, right smartly, for more than a year when the other boy had to receive his physical examination for the school's sports program.
    The elder Mc Alister would not have the name of her son or her own name sullied about by the son of a French whore and sent them from her home with no more than the clothes on the back. They made their way to Paris where they floundered for a year then returned to England and tried to reason with their kinsman. The woman was unrelenting and stated that it would be better for them to die in a gutter than to ever cross her path again. That is almost the way it was.
    Antuan wanted to show us, and we were happy to look, and feel, and taste, and fondle, and taste some more, and—Fuck he is hung and good tasting. Antuan has a six and a half inch soft cock with a semi-curci that stretches to a full nine inches of mouth stretching six inches of girth. About two inches behind the glans his cock takes a sharp bend to the right. He told us that a street thug did that to him in Paris after he blew him. He said the kid sucked his cock and did a right smart job of it then he tried to break his dick off. Antuan said that it was the only time that he ever hit another boy, but he was fighting for his life.
    Antuan's mother knew that her son had a large phallus and she encouraged him to allow men to suck him in return for money. He told us that he could get five bob and his relief four or five times each night and if he would give an old queen a ride he got hisself a fifty or more. I asked about laying down to receive and he told me that he only did that with the boy in his grandmother's village. He didn't want to get sick.
    I asked him if he ever sucked any of the men on the street and he told me that he didn't do men, but sometimes he would find another street boy and that they would do each other. He grinned at us and said that 'good clean cum is 'ard to get on the street.' He winked at Cory and told him that he could use a bit right then. I nudged Cory and told him to go for it. Antuan's eyes widened as he sucked the largest cock that he had ever seen and took everything that Cory gave up to him. Cory told him that when he got well again that he would introduce him to lots of guys with huge cocks and that they would all suck him all night long. Antuan was ready to go. I had to relieve him of his tensions one more time. He went to sleep after that so Cory and I slipped away to return the following morning.

    Life around twelve hundred teenaged boys can best be likened to events that would be witnessed in a monkey colony. I was happy that I had decided to use more of the granite stones from Andy's tunnel and build two large dormitories on the campus. Each dorm was large enough to house five hundred boys comfortably. We pushed that limit, with interesting results. There were naked boys bouncing around in every direction and involved in every conceivable activity that one's mind can imagine. It was impossible to tell which limb a boy would land on next. Most of the older boys were helping to maintain discipline and getting the boys out of situations that could cause them to get themselves hurt.
    However it was the older boys that let their temperament get the best of them and begin to square off with an antagonist. I was surprised that we didn't have any broken bones. We did have a number of bruises to show and there were a few bloodied noses and blackened eyes, but overall things remained as calm as a category twelve hurricane.
    The staff was rather serene by the third day of our get together. I asked them if they had tranquilizers or some other substance to help them to maintain their sanity. Daniil Truhitte pointed to Pastor Yuri Roux and told us that it was all due to the power of prayer and a kind and forgiving God. Pastor Yuri moved about the great building as he watched over his young flock and took staff members aside that seemed to be stressing over one situation or another. The young pastor knelt in prayer with the staff, and ofttimes the boys as well, as they asked for Divine intervention to transcend the desire to strike out and bring peace into their hearts. It was working and I was happy to see it.
    I had the opportunity to talk to Daniil and I asked him about his love life. He put his arms about me and gave me a toe cleaning kiss as he thanked me again and again for giving him the opportunity to work amongst so many gifted and well gifted young teenaged boys. He told me that his work amongst the boys was most stiffening and that he was blessed by the young man of God and his love for him. He told me that Pastor Yuri was a consummate lover that sought only perfection and that the two of them practiced to achieve perfection several time daily, out of sight of the students.
    Daniil expressed one desire to me that he hoped that we could achieve. Yuri had long wished to spend time with me and learn for himself the facts that he had heard from so many of the boys, and from Daniil's lips, about my sexual powers. I met with Daniil and Yuri in their room and Yuri told me that every boy that I had been with told the same story about feeling truly loved and as it they were worth something. That part made me feel good. If anything I am about a boy's feeling of self worth and I will do whatever it takes to help him to learn that he is important to the world.
    Neither young man had ever been in a sexual situation with more than one person at a time. They had both witnessed the boys at play with two, or even more, partners and had thought that it would be interesting to try it out for themselves. I was all too happy to provide for their learning curve to be increased as I joined together with the two of them for a few hours of hard play.
    Yuri had been a frustrated youth. He had felt a calling to God's service since his early childhood and had impressed his church family with his knowledge of the written Word—Logos. He preached a rousing sermon when he was but eight years of age that brought about conversion in the heart of many of those listening to the youngster preach. He grew in stature and wisdom and amazed his elders with his Biblical knowledge. Knowledge that he had not been taught, but seemed to come to him from within.
    His sex life had been non-existent, not even in his head. He had fought with himself all of his life to put all impure thoughts from his mind and body. When he visited the school for his first sermon to the boys his desires moved to the forefront of his mind and he had to make a life changing decision. He wanted to preach the Word of The Lord to the boys with a burning passion, yet he had suppressed his own homosexual thoughts as being evil. He had to either come to grips with his own desires or walk away and call the boys evil, the same way that the rest of the world was doing.
    The school is the fortunate one with his decision. The boys have gained a well founded knowledge of God and His forgiving Grace that they may never have found. Yuri is a passionate teacher and he is in touch with the boys' feeling in a ways that most other clergymen would never be able to reach out to them.
    I was more than happy to assist Yuri with whatever he wanted or needed, he felt that what he really needed was to have a round with me in his bed. Yuri is a very fine looking young man with a very fit body. He had some ideas about his body and what sort of activity and stimulation that he enjoyed, I did my best to show him several different ways for him to enjoy his body.
    Yuri had never attempted self fellatio nor had he ever inserted his fingers into his rectum. He allowed Daniil to insert whatever appendage that he desired into him, but he never did anything like that to himself. I told him that I believe that a man has to be in touch with himself in order to appreciate the love of another. I also believe that a man becomes a better lover if he knows what makes his body feel good. With that knowledge he is able to arouse those same feelings in his lover. That made sense to the man so for the first half hour of our time together Daniil and I instructed him in the art of self love.
    I believe Yuri when he told us that he never touched his body in any way except to clean it. He had no idea of the feelings that he could create in himself by stroking and caressing his taught torso. I decided to start him off by having him work his own body in much the same manner that I would work it for him later. I had him give himself a foot rub.
    Yuri told us that when he was a young pastoral student he had to walk many miles each day, both to his lessons and to witness to those that hungered for the Word of the Lord. He told us that his feet would be sore and tired, but he just passed it off as being part of his duty to his Lord. I reminded him that the Bible tells of many instances where Jesus, or even a profit, would enter a house after a long walk wearing sandals. They would be offered a basin of water to wash and soak their feet and often someone in the house would wash their feet for them. That seemed to be a revelation to him.
    When he touched his perfectly formed torso in a sensuous manner for the first time his face reflected the new emotions that filled his brain. He kept repeating, "Cela se sent si bien." Daniil and I smiled at each other, we knew that it feels good and we were glad that Yuri was discovering that fact for himself. He discovered more good feelings when he took a hand hold on his cock for the first time. He giggled like a school boy when he told Daniil that it felt just like his only it felt better doing it to himself. But not as good as when Daniil felt him, he was quick to add.
    Yuri had his feet flat on the bed, his shoulders dug into the mattress and his back arched high and he had a finger working in his ass when he achieved his first ever self induced ejaculation. He had a very intense orgasm that shot over his arched body like sperm missiles. Each round fired with the same intensity as the one before it and they never decreased until after six strong shots. There were very little dribbles, he had shot everything in his system in one strong volley after another.
    Even in the dead of a winter storm howling and blowing icy cold winds up from the Channel and against the outside walls of the large estate house Yuri was covered in sweat. His body was drenched and the sheets under him were soaked with his perspiration. Our next order of business was a hot shower, hot from the company, the water was cool.
    Yuri had never known that a shower could be sensuous. He moaned and rolled his eyes throughout the event. Daniil and I kept our hands off of him as we encouraged him to try new things. The only place that he balked was when it came to cleaning himself out. He enjoyed anal sex with Daniil, but neither of them had ever washed themselves out before hand. That event took some time to achieve, but once accomplished a new sense of cleanliness was felt, by both men.

    It was late in the afternoon and the boys were smelling the aromas coming from the kitchens. I heard many little tummies growl and felt my own gastrointestinal juices begin to flow. I was almost disappointed when Terry Upbridge strolled in with the news of Antuan's mother.
    Mrs. Mc Alister had died of a perforated rectum. She had semen in her vagina from multiple sources that were in the process of being tested. When placed under questioning two of the street punks gave the inspector information that pretty much tied the case up. All that was needed was confirmation from the DNA evidence.
    After beating Antuan the boys left him for dead. They took off after the woman and the beat cop spotted them. He told the leader of the gang that, "This whore been doing too much business and she's too uppity to put out a bit to me. Give her what for and show her that we don't take to none what won't pay the piper."
    "Right ya are da, why don't ya put it up 'er as well, then she'll know what a family shag is." The sleazy leader of the gang is supposed to have told his father. The end result was the cop sodomizing the woman while each of the four boys took their turn at her vagina. The cop was finished so he used his billy to 'keep the lassy feeling full' while the last boy finished his business. The cop then made the woman suck his night stick to clean it off for him.
    An examination of the body in the jail cell found the she had broken teeth that were consistent with the boys' story of the officer forcing her to suck on his night stick and there was fecal matter and semen in her mouth as well. I felt that the case was pretty cut and dried, but I didn't know how much Antuan needed to know. What I did know was that I had a sixteen year old American citizen laying in a bed that had no home to go to. And if his story was true then he had no family to turn to. I had four days to measure all options before I had to return to Tucson so I left it for the time being and headed for food and hot company.

    Of course we had no place large enough for twelve hundred boys to sit down and eat at one time. It was a nightmare just trying to prepare food for that many at one time. It would have been pandemonium to feed the boys in small groups. For the most part they are the sort of boy that wants everything at once and are not prepared to wait for anything, least of all food. Many of the boys have spent time on the streets and they know hunger. They fear ever being hungry again and they will not miss a meal, even for hot sex.
    I proved that theory to some of my core family when I approached a fine looking lad that was next in line to fill his plate. I placed my arm around him and asked him if he would join me in my room for an hour or so. He looked at the food then at me then at the food again. "Oui, m'sieur, we eat first, no?" I rubbed his head and told him that he should eat first so that he would have enough energy to last the whole night long in my bed. He looked down at my crotch and turned to ask for another slice of the roasted lamb.
    I sat with the boy and some of his friends in a corner of the diningroom as they talked like boys everywhere. They tried their best to only speak English, but when they could not find the right word they spoke in their mother tongue and someone else helped them with the correct word. Some of the correct words were comical, but that made our diner all that more enjoyable.
    I believe that one phrase set the mood for our meal that evening. We are very conscious of the boys' diets and seek to provide adequate foods that give them the nutrients and vitamins that a growing body needs. Protein is a must serve so at every table there are bowls filled with peanut butter mixed with honey for the boys to help themselves too. That treat also serves to satisfy a boy's sweet tooth. One French boy up from BAP was trying to ask for a bowl to be passed to him and he did not know the word for peanut. His friends helped and he boldly asked for the bowl of penis butter to be passed to him. Not a good thing to say in front of so many ever ready cocks. My boys and I like to dip our raw vegetables in a bowl filled with fresh penis butter and that word had already circulated the room. If you can imagine—
    Benoît came over to tell me that he had a boy that I had to meat. He was instantly set upon as the boys that were sitting with me told him that they were going to spend the night with me and that he should get lost. Of course they told him that in French and they used a few French words for color that I won't repeat here, but you know boys and how they talk to one another, if you don't then you have missed a great gift of life my friend. I had invited a single boy to my bed, but it looked as if I was going to entertain five of the them. Oh boy, what I do for the good of the school.
    What one fourteen year old boy can't think of then another can and with five boys in the mix I didn't stand a chance. I had young cock snot in and on every inch of my body before the first hour had passed. I had impaled two and had a third boy nursing me when we dosed off for a little recovery time. I have learned to thoroughly enjoy French cream, but with five varieties being offered to me at one time I learned to savor it like fine ambrosia. I don't know how many times that I have said that I would like to bottle the cream-of-sum-yung-guy and sell it on the open market. I am sure that I would quickly become the world's first zillionaire.

    I was on a vacation also and I needed to take the time to enjoy my favorite passion, boys. I made sure that I strolled through the dormitories as often as possible, for as long as possible, each day. I'm not yet sure of why I felt impressed to build two large dormitories. BAF had the largest student housing capacity of all of the schools to date. Six hundred boys can be housed there in comfort, but with a little shuttling about nine hundred boys could be accommodated. I am that should the need arise we could house more.
    BAE was going to be the largest of the schools with four dormitories, each capable of housing six hundred boys. It was when I was looking over the numbers that Athos had prepared showing the number of homeless boys in the former Soviet Bloc countries that it was decided to have adequate space for whatever may come our way. With that thought in mind I doubled up on the size of BAB. I told those involved that I wanted to provide plenty of space for English speaking boys.
    The first floor of each dorm at each of the schools is clothing optional. It would be inconvenient for one to have to run upstairs to undress and then return to the activities going on in the common areas of the large buildings. And of course I was not staying in the dorm at BAB, rather I had my owners suite located in the original building on the campus.
    The staff provided me with a four bedroom suite where I could keep Cullen secure and have a place for my tiny innocents to play safely away from the sex crazed teenagers. I am sure that there may be those of the student body that wanted to do a prepubescent body and I was not about to allow that for any reason.
    Many of the students would come and go from the town and of course I had my many business trips that called me in and out almost daily. The clothing optional first floor made it acceptable to sit about in our clothes and leer at all of the beautiful youthful bodies about us without committing ourselves to a relationship—until we wanted one.
    That little pastime gave me the opportunity to witness the boys in interaction with one another. There are many students that I did not know, mostly from BAP and BAG Boys. I was getting my eyes filled with sweet sights when two youngsters ran passed me. I had to do a double take. Fedor was chasing after Garth as the two headed for the stairway leading to the upper floors where they had fitted themselves in with the boys from BAW.

    That was fine with me, what caught my eye was skinny little Fedor's weapon. He had grown an inch or two since he had moved back to Albany to live with his father and brother in 2007. I had to call after them and they returned to sit next to me. Garth is a very hungry bottom and Fedor can take it or leave it. The two have grown to know the needs of the other and Garth gets poked several times a day.
    When Fedor first came to us he told me that he liked men and that he, 'liked to have rear end sex with them.' That changed as he stayed with the family, now he prefers to be on top with Garth. Garth had filled out some, his eyes were full of life and his face had the glow of a healthy youth about them. His weapon was on the fall because I had interrupted his thoughts, but it was still a sweet looking piece of boy flesh of nearly six full inches. Good food and lots of sex will do that to a boy.
    Fedor asked if I would go up to their room with them. But, he quickly added, he wanted the first ride on me. Garth giggled at him and told me that all Fedor had talked about since their arrival in England was his hopes of getting me up in him. I thought that it would be nice to take the pair of New York boys on their fantasy trip and they pointed the way with weapons at the ready as we climbed to the fourth floor, corner cubicle, that the two shared with two other boys from BAW. I never learned who their roommates were, it wasn't important at the time. What was important was the wide spread thighs of an eager boy before me.
    I watched as Fedor quickly got to the center of their bed and began to pant. Short fast breaths, like a hot dog. I pulled Garth in for a kiss then started for my favorite position when Fedor breathlessly stopped me with his next statement. "Fuck me daddy, don't eat me, don't mess around, just go up in me as hard and fast as you can and make me love you all over again." I was looking at a dry hole that wasn't of any major size, to go at him as he wished would hurt him and I told him so. That was what he wanted, he did relent to allowing Garth to suckle on me, 'just enough to get it wet.'
    Garth had his needs also, but he was willing to forego them in favor of his young partner. Fedor was with us for eighteen months and during that time I had been in his bed a half a dozen times; I had never seen him react in the manner in which he was carrying on. I decided to allow things to go his way for awhile and see what would happen.
    I didn't plunge right in, which caused Fedor to cry out to, "Fuck me!!!" I gave the boy what he thought that he wanted and began a power fuck from stroke one. Fedor became boisterous as he vocalized his desires for the world to hear. I asked Garth if he wanted to suck Fedor and both boys shouted, "NO!!!" Fedor wanted to take it hard and fast and see if he could cum without any other stimulation to his body. He did not want to kiss, or be kiss, and he definitely did not want to be stroked.
    Medicologists say that there are no nerves in the rectum and that once past the sphincter there is no feeling or sensation. I want to give them a long pony ride and prove to them that there medical theories don't hold up in reality. Fedor was definitely feeling something as his colon contracted to tightly around my cock that I felt it being extruded to a pencil thin piece of tortured meat. Fedor began a sort of howl that caused me to recall Mic's reference to Jo Jo Jeftichew. I had all I could do to maintain my momentum.
    I watched one of the most powerful orgasms of my entire life's experiences as cum missiles blasted their way a full five to six feet beyond Fedor's head. That was not just the first one or two shots, but seven full volleys of semen made the same powerful trip. The content was thick and milky white. It did not dissipate into the sheets, rather it laid on the top in the appearance of toothpaste in long, thick lines of about two to three inches each.
    I saw a look of contentment on the boy's face so I stopped and withdrew. I was instantly attacked by Garth's kisses as he thanked me, most profusely, for making his boyfriend feel whole once again. I didn't quite get the whole point of his statement until Fedor recovered himself and moved to join us in the hottest kissing session of the entire trip.
    Garth had taken a moment to gather a small basin of warm water and a few wash cloths to the cubicle. Fedor took a wet, warm rag and began to wash my cock as Garth set about cleaning Fedor's anus for him. The boys knew what they were after and their concerted efforts succeeded in keeping me up there and ready for more action. More action was exactly what the boys wanted. Garth looked me deep in the eyes and asked if he could go next. I assumed that he wanted the same sort of ride and that is what he got.
    I had not been with Garth since the night in New York that I had found him once again. That night he was untested and I was enshrouded in a thick layer of latex, this afternoon I was going skin to skin and I was planning to give the boy what I know that he likes.
    He liked it hard and fast, but he was more than willing to scoot close for his cuddle afterwards. As he moved to me we had visitors. Garth had not been officially recognized by the pin committee so that little deed was taken care of by Cory who had stood just outside of the cubicle where he could watch and also keep other onlookers away. Fedor has his pin and with Cory we had the required witnesses. Garth flinched, but he was proud to have the little piece of gold tattooed to his groin.
    I was not through with the couple by any means. I had my virus and I needed my medicine. The two boys were happy to supply all that they had as we spent another hour together with me on the bottom playing yogurt to a pair of long lasting face fucks with Newton's Cradle going on before my eyes.

    Danya Widmar walked up to me leading a cute little guy by the hand. "C'est mon ami, Danek," he told me.
    "I am happy to meet you Danek. Where was your home before going to Nice?"
    "J'habite en Tchécoslovaqui avec ma mère et père et dex frères."
    "Czechoslovakia? I understand mother and father, but two frères?"
    "Two big brothers, uncy. He lived in Czechoslovakia with his mother and father and two big brothers." Smart ass, but Cullen is invaluable to me with his linguistic skills.
    We learned that fourteen year old Danek Hamstzhelm left home after he was caught with homo-erotic literature by his big brother. The mother overheard the boys arguing and stepped in to intercede. What she saw made her join the older brother in berating Danek.
    When Danek's father returned home that evening the entire family began to chastize the boy and called him every vile name that they could think of. Danek was sent to bed without his supper and locked in his room. He made his way out through the attic access in his closet and the roof tops till he came to the river Labe. His home is in the area known as Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic, a town by the name of Mlnik His father worked in a plant where they extracted the sugar from sugar beets.
    Danek stowed away on a barge loaded with the sugar that was being transported down the river into Germany. It was in Dresden that he met one of the staff members from BAD who was on his personal holiday before the start of the fall school session. He was fishing off the the docks along the river Elbe—the German name of the same river—when he spied Danek's head over the top of the cargo on a barge that had docked early that morning.
    Jürgen gave the boy a hot meal and talked to him before taking him with him to BAD. Danya has been happy at the school, but his mother is French and he is better versed in the French language than in Deutch. Danek wanted to know if he could go to Nice where the weather is warm and he could see the big ocean. I put everybody to work on making that happen for the two boys.

    That evening's entertainment was provided by a mix of boys from the schools that had performed at the Paris concert a few months earlier. They had gotten together and rehearsed a song that is circulating on the internet entitled rain.wmaRains Down in Africa. The piece is done strictly a capella. Even the rhythm of the drums is done by deep voices. You may need to turn up the volume, depending on your system. The rain is simulated by the snapping of fingers and grows louder by the beating of the palms of the hands on the thighs. It is rather quiet, but grows in intensity as the song builds.
    A mixed choir from Africa calls themselves Perpetuum Jazzily. It is a fun piece and one that I like to sit back in the dark of my evening office and listen too over and over. I like the sound of rain falling and it seldom rains in Tucson, this piece relaxes the soul.
    There were wonderful students performing in solo performances. I sat back and enjoyed a favorite that always draws a sympathetic ear; Israel Kamakawiwo's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, performed here by a twelve year old boy. A damn fine job he did also.

    The staff from the other schools and I got to sit down and go over our business. The most notable bit of knowledge to come from that meeting was a final tally of the number of boys present in one place for the holiday. We had twelve hundred and fifty five cock swingers with us, plus staff. Some of the boys had gone home to spend the holiday with their families. While we missed them, and I know that they missed the shenanigans at BAB, it is important for them to retain, and try to repair, their relationships at home.

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