Chapter thirty four


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Spring time was in full bloom in the desert. Spring is my favorite time of the year as everything comes to life with green and colors. The calendar said it was March, but the temperatures were a pleasant eighty degrees and the blue sky beckoned me out of my winter doldrums. I was sitting beside the pool enjoying a quite morning. All of the boys were in school and I was home alone, at last. I missed having wall to wall naked, horny boys running hither and yon, but I was in need of recharge time. I was bordering on being all cummed out.

    Thursday afternoon I was encircled by four horny boys wanting me to draw a name. I guess that they really do want sack time with an old fag. I told Alec that he was still in the running. He had not been alone Saturday. I would not let him count that as his time. All of the boys agreed, eagerly. What a bunch, I could eat them up, and I do as often as possible.
    I pulled Lew's name from the box. The boy broke down in tears as he wrapped his arms around me. He had his hands on every part of my body as his kisses never stopped. I finally pushed him back a bit and made the other four gather around. I know that they were each disappointed that their name was not drawn. I have learned that in this past week. These crazy, mixed up, little faggots love me. I am genuinely in deep, deep, throat clogging, heart pounding, tear jerking, love with each one of them and I would rather die than to hurt anyone of them.
    I had my right arm around Jerry. I pulled him into a tight, throat scrubbing kiss while I groped his sweet boi package to near ejaculation. I bent over in time to finish what my hand had started and shoved my right middle finger up to his prostate to finish the job. I received a nice, thick, and sweet load for my efforts. I turned and grabbed the nearest cock to me and fellated it to a ground moving orgasm. Tim moaned as he filled my mouth with his sweet nectar.
    Turner was next as he filled my mouth with the Youngman ambrosia that I had remembered from our trip almost a year earlier. Not to be left out, young Alec fucked my mouth the way he had learned that I like. His abs pounded against my face with such fury that I needed Lew behind me to hold me upright. He placed his hard cock up the back of my head and I leaned into it as I encouraged Alec to fuck for all he was worth. I did manage to get a grip on his firm cheeks. I kneaded them and held on to them as he tried to shove his cock clean through my head. He practically collapsed into the arms of Trevor as he emptied his batter factories. All the strength of his body exited with his mighty orgasm causing his knees to buckle as strong hands held him upright.
    Lew was at my side as I went about preparing the evening meal. Several times I had to take him to task just to keep him in control. I finally shoved a cucumber up his ass and fucked a load out of him so that I could dish up the hot food from the stove. He kept the cucumber in place throughout the meal.
    Alone in the new bridal suite I used the cucumber again. I slowly fucked his butt with it as I began with his long, thin feet. The boy has very little meat anywhere on his body save his ever growing boi stick. I actually chewed and bit hard on his feet as he moaned his approval. I sucked his toes and bit each one to the very edge of pain, but he loved it and asked me to keep it up. I rubbed my face and body with his size thirteens Cs, long and thin feet. I could feel every tendon in each foot as I licked and laved every square inch of them, never once letting loose of the cuke as I continued to slow fuck him with it.
    Slowly I worked around each leg and bent it at the knee, pushing his legs to his chest. I continued to work the back of each thigh and down into the giant chasm that separated each spindly leg. I bit at the taut tendon behind his knees causing serious reflex movement that almost lost me my head. I licked and kissed at the tender skin around the tendon eliciting sighs and moans that are sweeter than any symphony ever composed.
    I ate around the cuke as I laved each firm testicle and the long, soft scrotum that contained them I took a long slide down his young cock. The boy has enough foreskin for two and I really played that one off. Most of us who are uncut really get off on someone who knows how to make music with that piece of skin and I do know how. Lew has grown a bit in the, almost, four months that he has been in Tucson. His cock is now a full seven and three quarter inches, but still only a tad over five and three quarter inches around. It is a mouth stretcher and I found out that I really like to suck him. I was kind of wanting to find out how he could use his meat, but at present I was trying to send him on a trip he would never forget.
    I had emptied the boy's balls for him twice while I prepared dinner, but he had another load for me just nano-seconds after I got the glans of his cock into its home for the evening. I let several volleys shoot straight down my throat, but I love the taste of boi juice so I had to pull back to get the next five or six shots from him. I had to swallow fast to get all that he had to offer. If this was any indication of the evening to cum I was going to be one happy boy loving cocksucker by morning.
    I had been fucking Lew with full force as I shoved the cucumber back and forth in his ass. The cuke was only about four inches around and maybe six inches long, but it had a bit of a knot on the end and I turned it around and around as I had fucked him with it. I did not let Lew recover from my onslaught. His eyes were still closed and his breathing still ragged as I pulled the cuke from his ass and pushed my cock all the way in, in one mighty push. Lew's eyes popped open as I moved in. I bent over and kissed him as he wrapped his extra long thin legs around me. He was in a growth spurt and I had just taken him shopping for new jeans a week before. The boy was wearing a twenty two, thirty four and they were almost to the highwater mark. I tried to find thirty sixes, but not in his waist size. I had to order some directly from the Levi's website.
    I let my full weight settle down on Lew as my cock lay wait in his hole. Lew locked his heels behind my ass and his arms encircled my chest. His kisses brought new life to the two of us. With these actions I knew he was ready to ride. I struck a tempo and began to tango. My every action was met by his reaction and we began to fuck. He grabbed a pillow and tried to put it under his ass. I caught on and pushed him upright so that the pillow slid underneath. His ass was now at the perfect angle for a good fuck for both of us. I kept it nice and slow with hard, strong thrusts. I almost withdrew before I shoved back in with full force. Cas had told me once before that Lew liked to be power fucked and I had fucked the boy in our group sessions. I gave him all that I thought that he wanted.
    We kept this pace up for a good ten minutes before Lew finally let go of his last load for a time. I had managed to fuck through a gigantic orgasm of my own so by the time he squeezed this second load from my tired old dick I was ready to relax. Lew cuddled up close to me and rested his lips against mine with his head on my shoulder. We awakened in the same position some thirty minutes later.
    We were funky and in dire needs of a shower, but Lew wanted to play in the funk. He is heavy into man scent. Turner is a sweet kid, but he is a kid, Lew wanted a man Thursday night and I was proud to be the one he wanted. He fully attacked my sweaty pits then licked at the thin sheen of perspiration drying on my chest. I had globules of cold cum across my chest and abs that he had deposited there and he made sure there was no trace of them before he moved on. He cleaned my cock and sweaty ball sack better than rent-a-maid could have done.
    At last we were in the shower together. Lew was once again in his element as he cleaned every square centimeter of my anatomy. We returned to bed for several hours of hugging and snuggling. We got in some serious cock sucking time then just before dawn I got him to mount me. He had a good ride as I worked my ass every way that I knew how to so that he would have a memory to last him.
    I guess memories were made. Before he left for school Monday morning he entwined our bodies and kissed me with a deep, deep passion. He told me how much he loved me and how much he was going to miss me while he was away. I keep falling in love with my boys, more and more every minute of my life.
I am sorry for a few of my readers out there who have a problem with my promiscuity. I believe the exact quote was: "I got up to chapter six, and got rather disgusted with your story. From what I could see in your story, if you're gay, you're a promiscuous slut. That's a wonderful view to give everyone, isn't it?" Could it be that they are jealous?

    I heard the doorbell. I grabbed a pair of the ever ready shorts that are always nearby and slipped on a beach jacket. This was not a usual thing for me to don, but something had led me to grab it. I opened the front door. The first thing that caught my eye was a stretch limousine with flags on the front fenders. There were two Tucson motorcycle cops standing by their bikes at the front of the car. A man in a black suit and wearing dark glasses asked, "Mr. Chris Dickson?" I nodded. He bowed, "Sir, Dame Eloise Muneday." He indicated the door of the limo as the driver, I guess I should have class and say chauffeur, opened and a striking looking woman stepped out.
    I was looking at my feminine side. Standing before me was a tall, beautiful woman, and with my face. She glided from the car followed by a youngster of about eleven or twelve. He reminded me of somebody I should know. I stepped aside and invited them inside. I apologized for my manner of dress, explaining that I was lounging by the pool and had not expected company. I offered seats to my quest and excused myself to get properly dressed.
    Ms. Muneday raised her hand and told me to stay. She told me that what she had to say may cause our meeting to end quickly. I explained my ignorance of proper grace and asked her how I should address her. I practically fell into a chair as she answered, "I am Dame Eloise Muneday, Duchess of _____, (I really can't give you her title. It would cause embarrassment for many people.) your sister. My late husband was Duke ______."
    "I'm sorry for being so bold, but isn't Dame like a female equivalency of Sir, for Knighthood?" her statement had gone over my head.
    "You are correct, brother." That hit me. "This is your nephew, Cullen."
    We talked for ten or fifteen minutes as she told me a story that I could hardly wrap my mind around. I kept looking at Cullen, he was a beauty. He kept looking out at the pool. I rose and offered coffee, tea, soda. She accepted the offer of tea. I asked her to invite her driver and escort in to use the restroom and have refreshments. She seemed taken aback by my offer as I moved to the door and made the offer directly. She rose and stepped to the door. She spoke to the man who had introduced her and he bowed and turned to the others and told them to come inside.
    She turned to me and told me to call her Eloise and asked if we might go outside to talk in private. I offered Cullen the chance to swim and offered him a swimsuit from Jerry and Tim's dresser. He gracefully accepted and went to change. I showed the entourage the two downstairs bathrooms and where to find coffee, tea bags, and sodas. I pulled out a package of homemade cinnamon buns and popped them in the microwave.
    I led Eloise to the patio and shut the door behind us, she took up where she had left off. A few minutes the sliding glass door from the kitchen opened and her majordomo stepped out with a tray of hot sweet rolls, a glass of milk, hot water and coffee. He prepared another cup of tea for Eloise and called Cullen to come to get refreshments. He called the youngster, "Your Highness". He asked Eloise if there would be anything else. She waved him away with the back of her hand.
    Now "Your Highness" had my curiosity up. Before me stood this pale piece of skin stretched over a pile of bones. Altogether the combination could only weigh eighty pounds, and stacked up to sixty inches or less. The ship sized sneakers that encircled his tiny ankles told of his impending growth spurt at some distant point. I have seen chicken legs that had more meat on them than this boy's legs. The calves had a smattering of blondish hair on them so I had to figure him to be a bit older than he appeared. His face was right out of a pixie photo book. A cute little upturned nose with a row of freckles drew attention to two piercingly beautiful blue eyes. His eyes were the exact color of my own and seemed to be staring at my very soul.
    Cullen sat beside me as their story unfolded. My dad traveled, I just then found out that he traveled internationally. I had known that he did something for the government before he married mom. He used to talk about his time in Europe and how he wanted to take us on a vacation through Germany and France. He loved the Rhine River and the cities along her shores. He carried on and on about the beautiful castles and when it was just the two of us he would talk about the beautiful women he had known. Well I guess that he had known one of them a little better than he ever let on.
    Dad had met a young lady on holiday in Frankfurt, Germany. They had a torrid summer together and were married by a parish priest in a small town up river called Mainz. She was pregnant and the two of them were very happy until her father found her. She had run away to be with dad. She was royalty from another nation that I won't mention. Dad had married without approval of the US State Department. Gears went into motion and the marriage was annulled. The Princess was married off and sent into virtual exile to have her baby in secret.
    The baby was, of course, Eloise, my half sister. She grew up in English society and was well connected. She married a Lord in Parliament and became a person of interest in England. She received her title from the Queen before her mother took her aside and told her the truth of her heritage. El's mother passed away leaving her as heir apparent to the throne. It seemed that her grandfather was getting on in life and he would not hear of Cullen being his successor because Eloise was not of royal blood. El wanted nothing to do with the king or his kingdom and abdicated, making Cullen the next in line for succession to the throne.
    Eloise's husband had recently passed on. He was a Duke and by rights of succession her son would inherit his Dukedom. The problem was the scandal that her grandfather was going to raise. He wanted to have Cullen in his clutches before he denounced the boy. He was searching Europe to locate the boy so Eloise brought him to me to hide. She produced documentation that proved everything that she had told me, even to the point of pictures of my dad and her mother. She had letters from my dad to her mother and even had a few letters sent directly to her on special occasions such as birthdays and graduations.
    A letter from my mother included a picture of me from my high school graduation telling her how much my father had wanted us to meet, but she understood the position that such a meeting would cause. She said in her letter that her husband had died without ever having the opportunity to disclose this part of his life to me, but she hoped to right that wrong shortly. The final letter was written just after I graduated from the university. Mom was so proud of me and she told El, my dad's pet name for my sister, that she was so glad to hear of her Knighting. She hoped to attend the ceremony and had already applied for her passport and mine. She was going to tell me the whole story that next weekend after I returned from a trip to California with some of my high school buddies. My mother passed away during that week. I was so wrapped up in myself at the time that I did not see the evidence of all of this before me.
    Cullen got up and went into the house. I watched his sweet little butt in the Speedo he had chosen as he walked over to my fireplace and took a picture down. I knew where I had seen him before. He brought the picture to me and I saw him and my dad standing side by side. It was taken on my fourteenth birthday, but Cullen was the spitting image of me. I was looking at myself as I had appeared in my youth. Eloise wiped her eye as she looked at the picture. She told me how much she wished it could have been our dad and Cullen. I told her I would have a copy made and give it to her. She took my hand.
    I told her that I couldn't take Cullen. They both looked at me. I told her that I was gay and I lived here with my boyfriend and we had sex freely and openly. I was the wrong influence for the boy. He sat back down beside me and put his arm around my neck and told me that he had felt that I was gay, like him. He knew that we would get along, smashingly, was the term he used. I told them that there were other gay boys that lived here also. That really excited him because he wanted a boyfriend.
    Eloise and I laughed. I told her that I was uncomfortable with the two police escort officers, or any other outsider for that matter; finding out about me. She assured me that my secret was safe with her. We agreed to stay in touch with one another. She opened my front door and made a gesture to her majordomo. He appeared with four rather large suitcases as the entourage made its way back to the vehicles. Eloise and I hugged each other behind the closed front door and promised to get to know one another as things settled down. Cullen and I watched as the limo pulled away with its two escorts and their flashing lights before them. Jerry pulled into the driveway with eight wide eyed boys staring after it then at the cute kid at my side.

    My young sex pots kissed me, deeply, one at a time. I slipped out of my shorts as they assumed the uniform of the day. Cullen watched with glee then he lost the small swim garment that he had borrowed. Eight pairs of eyes began to appraise him as hands fondled and stroked his body. Cullen, unused to this treatment and traveling with his mother for several days was on edge. Suddenly his edge fell away as he began to shoot copious amounts of young boy juice, from a very cute five inch uncut boi stick, onto the surrounding admirers. Cory was first to lip lock the fountaining cock. He pulled away and shotgunned his prize with me as others knelt to the occasion and cleaned our newest house guest of his embarrassment.
    I left the boys in limbo as I took Cullen to the attic of my house. We locked the door behind us as I began to search through box after box of my mother's things that I had stored there eleven years earlier. Cullen found the box that we were seeking. I recognized it at once as being the box on the chair at the foot of her bed. I never opened anything. I just placed it in storage for a better time and day.
    The box contained letters from El and her mother. It held numerous news clippings of El growing up in high society. There was an eight by ten blow up of my dad and Eloise's mother standing by a river. Then I found the last letter. An invitation to witness El's installation of Knighthood by the Queen of England herself. In the large manila envelope containing that invitation was a letter from El along with pictures of her, the Duke, and a very young Cullen. Two passports, one for my mother and one for me, along with two first class airline tickets to London, and confirmation from the hotel for our expected thirty day stay.
    I pulled Cullen to me and held him close as I cried. For the first time in my narrow minded life I cried for my mother. I cried for my father. I never acknowledged their love for me. I was so selfish and conceited. I thought the world was in Charley. I had a secret life the same as my father before me. He went to the grave with neither of us ever sharing who and what we were with one another. Suddenly I missed my father more than anything in the world.

    I awakened in my bed. Cory was cuddled up against me with his hard, sweet cock pressing into my thigh. On the other side of me was an equally hard cock stabbing my lats as Cullen drooled into my right arm pit. I looked on his young face and remembered my life at his age and how I was pulling away from my dad because I had begun to have unnatural feelings for boys and knew in my heart that my dad would not approve. I couldn't stand the idea of being cast out of my family. Now I wonder if I would have been. Would my parents have accepted me? That is a question that I will never know the answer to. What a miserable situation I created because I did not have the balls to face the truth and talk to my dad.
    I hear stories everyday of young homosexuals being cast away after coming out to their families. Downstairs, at that very instant were seven young men who suffered from that type of bigotry. Jerry, Tim, Tyler, Trevor, Cas, Lew and Pete. Would I have fared any better? I said a little prayer that my sweet Lord had allowed me to enter into the lives of these seven precious souls and was able to give them a life and hope. Now I wanted to help them become better men and not kiddy chasers like me. I began to see myself as nothing but a lecherous chicken hawk seeking to devour and deflower the youth of America. I heard the boys yelling as Tyler came in with Turner, Christopher, and Jim.
    Tyler had come through adolescence somewhat unscathed by finding love in the form of another letch like me. He found someone who loved him and nurtured him until he was ready to seek life as a man. Unlike Tyler's letch, I was not willing to let my boys go because of their advancing ages, I loved the person inside. I wondered what I would look like thirty years from now as I sat in my rocker, an old man in my sixties, surrounded by eleven thirty and forty year old men, sucking and fucking each other like untamed rabbits. Gruesome sight, that. Try not to picture it.
    Later that evening I introduced the household to His Royal Highness, Lord Cullen, Crown Prince. Ten wide eyed boys knelt before the King apparent. Cullen, in true royal fashion said, "Rise, swine and kiss my dick." His orders were immediately obeyed. I cautioned the lot of them that that would never happen in my household again. Cullen was the first to agree stating that his royal blood was not his fault. He did not choose to be who he was and appreciated the American's view. He wanted to be known as Cullen, boyfriend. Everyone looked at him and asked, "Of whom?"
    "I'll let you know that when he finds me." He was assaulted with kisses, hugs, and much groping. Cullen was virgin to every thing outside of his right hand. He had never even tried his left hand as a change of pace. He had mustered up the courage to taste his own cum just the week before, he kind of felt that he liked it, but with the running from his grandfather's minions he had not had time to even take things in hand for many days. He thanked the lot for their concern and his numerous releases, but he really wanted to crawl up in bed and find out what sex was really like.
    The boys were totally silent as I watched their young minds work. They moved across the room and huddled close together. A piece of paper was torn and placed in a small box. Each boy reached into the box and drew out a piece of paper. Tiny Christopher got a huge grin on his face as he turned and followed his very hard man cock up to Cullen. He held out his hand and led the bewildered boy down the hall to the guest bedrooms. Neither boy was seen again until dinner time.
    Cullen had a funny gait to his walk, but a smile a mile wide on his face as he carefully sat down at the table to eat with us. I had Cory grab our butt cream, he did the deed at the table. We were all very sophisticated queers in our house and a little medicinal cream applied to a very bruised, but cute, butt did not disturb any one's appetite. It did cause the blood supply to rush from the stomach for a trip further down the young anatomy, but no one complained.

    Ken was a few minutes late coming in. He stopped to say hello and meet my latest nephew. Cory and Cullen were related to each other through me, but not by blood. JC called to say that he was moving a youngster and to not hold dinner for him. He would grab something out. He talked to Ken for a moment as Ken shared his love and kisses via telephone. He promised Jer that he would be home right after the movie and he was sad that JC couldn't make it up for our weekly movie night. We had planned to watch the third movie in the Matrix series that had just been released to DVD.
    I took Cullen to bed with Cory, Pete and myself for the evening as everyone else went to their rooms. Pete and I slid to one side of the bed and let Cory do his thing with Cullen. From the sounds of things it was the right move. Our bed shook all night as all four of us fought sleep. I had to let things progress as they would and just reveled in the sounds and basked in the affection Pete was showing me. I think Pete had some hopes for this pairing off and I have to say that it was an interesting idea to me also.
    Cullen and I sat drinking tea after the boys had all left for school. I asked him for his thoughts. He had plenty. He had so many questions and all of them positive. He had enjoyed himself, although he was a bit tender. He wanted to spend the day with me. He wanted to see for himself what the other boys had been saying all night about my bedside manner. I assured him that I was not bedside, but right in the middle of it with him either under me or on me. He liked the sounds of that.
    I had placed the picture of my mother and father on the breakfast bar and next to it was the picture of Cullen's grandmother and my dad. The resemblance between the two women was remarkable and I could understand why Cullen and I looked so similar in our youth. The two women could have been sisters. I scanned copies of the photos and of the one of dad and me. I e-mailed them to Eloise with a note of thanks and love. Cullen added some comments that I did not read. I told him to hit the send button and then we would set up an e-mail account for him so that he could communicate with his mother in private. He didn't think that necessary, but he did appreciate my offer.

    Cullen and I were really getting to know one another. I liked the boy immensely. I could already tell that we were family. Though he had never known my dad, or had any American influence of any sort, he shared a lot of my dad's traits and personal habits. I could see my father so plainly when I would ask him a question about which he had to think before the answered. He would chew on the lower left edge of his bottom lip and furrow his brow as if in deep contemplation. I stared at him several times as tears welled up in my eyes.
    Cullen looked at me. He reached out his hand and asked what was wrong. I shared with him that I was watching my dad as I would talk to him when I was a young teen. He grew strangely silent as his whole body smiled at me. I asked him why he had no accent per se. I could barely get a hint of an English raising. He told me that his parents believed that he should be able to communicate without accents as this would detract from his message. His father has massive holdings around the world. Cullen speaks three major dialects of Chinese plus Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian without accent.
    I was impressed until he said, "Well axilly maite, me mum worked me arse off teaching me ow to talk with a flare." I broke up.
    "Dude, that's some Australian, some cockney, and a lot of baloney. To whom do you communicate with such diatribe."
    He was in stitches as he clutched his sides gasping for air."Where have you been that you know so much?"
    I was not ready to tell him about Charley and our romps around the globe as I got my teenage ass fucked by men from many nations. "The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. One meets people from all over the financial world on that floor and you have to learn the dialect so that they can be understood. I have known people to miss multi-million dollar profits because they could not understand what was being said to them. I have profited by some of those errors, but I may have missed an opportunity or two in the beginning."
    "I would like to be on that floor. That place fascinates me."
    "You know, I think I will take you there. I have been thinking about taking all of the boys on a little trip to New York this summer. I have an investment in a new school upstate. The school is owned by a man by the name of Bradford. He came to me several years ago with an idea to get young homosexuals into a safe environment. He calls it the Bradford Academy for Gay Boys. One of his kids named it BAG Boys. He wants me to come up and bring all of my tribe to spend a month in the forest with them. We could make a trip or two down to Manhattan and visit the floor.
    "I was just back there a couple of weeks ago with young Christopher and his grandmother and he has all of the boys driving me crazy about taking them. I think we'll do that this summer. There, see, you've talked me into it." He grinned at me.

    Spring sprung everywhere. The next two months were a buzz of activity. Curtis found himself a boyfriend at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. The two of them became frequent visitors and were a joy to have around us. Cullen fit right in and accepted responsibility for household duties just like the others. With school nearly out, and the fact that Cullen was in hiding, he did not enroll in school.
    I was very proud of my urchins as each one of them graduated to the next grade with extremely high grades. I had nine honor roll students living in my house. I could not have been more proud. Now we had to make plans for our summer. No one could plan the summer we had.

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