Chapter torty five


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    School was back in session and things were sure to settle down around the house. I have three seniors this year. Man what will I do if they decide to move on after graduation. I love each of my boys with all of my heart and I can't imagine life without them in it. I am selfish and controlling. I need to get a life.
    I worked the desk at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß while the boys were in school. They had started congregating there after school each day to pig out on the old fashioned cheese burgers and malts. At noon time a tiny little waif came in. He looked lost, he looked frightened. I welcomed him, "Hi there, what cha drinking?" He looked at me with suspicion on his face. "Son, this is a gay club for teenage kids that are fighting with themselves over the feelings that they have inside. Yes, I am gay and I love boys, but you are perfectly safe in here. No one will touch you or do anything that you do not want to have done. You may talk as much or as little as you want. Now, what would you like to drink?"
    "A cum and coke, if you got it."
    "I have never had that combination. I love cum in my coffee. Do you have a preference as to whose cum is in your coke."
    His face was beet red as he looked for something to crawl under, "Did I say that out loud? I…" He started to tear up.
    "Hey, I think it sounds good. Maybe you'll supply the key ingredient for me someday, after we become better acquainted."
    "You're like, ah, Turner's dad. I know Turner forever. He and me…well one time I…" He looked at me long and hard then took a seat in a soft, overstuffed easy chair next to the desk. The chair had been turned to face the desk, I moved my chair so that we sat facing one another. He was on the edge, but still a scared little lad. I figured him to be about fifteen if he knew Turner for anytime. He was small and very cute. His dirty blond hair was a cacophony on top of his head. He hadn't had a comb to it in days. He had a bit of a smell to him as if he hadn't had a shower in days either. I began to get a picture.
    He was rubbing his left arch along the side of his leg as if in pain. "Does your foot hurt?"
    "I twisted it the other night. When I push hard against my leg it helps it to feel better." Without another word I rolled my desk chair forward and picked up his tiny foot. He wore about a five and a half, maybe a six, shoe. I slipped the shoe off and my nose was assaulted with heavy, rank foot odor. I can take a lot of things, but foot odor is not one of them. If I reacted at this point I would loose this boy. I removed his filthy sock. Without a word I reached into the cabinet on the wall beside me. We keep all of the laundry supplies there so that they don't walk off. I took out two sheets of Bounce® Fabric softener. I put one sheet in his shoe as I used the other sheet to gently wipe his foot. I wiped from ankle to toe and in between each toe. In moments his foot smelled much better.
    His foot was perfect, at least it would be after a bit of soap and water had been judiciously applied. I could see a discoloration in the arch of his foot so I began my massage there. I was easy at first as he squirmed in his seat. He didn't want me to do this. He didn't want me to stop. I was going too hard. Could I put more pressure on it? At last I had him totally relaxed and smiling. He had a tent pole erected in his jeans as I worked that marvelous area at the instep that affects the groin. I wanted to really fix his young ass up so I grabbed the other foot and gave it the same treatment, Bounce and all.
    I knew he was ready for anything. I wanted to undress him and attack his tiny body. We locked eyes as I worked his feet with my magic fingers. He knew what was coming. He braced himself as his body tensed. His pants showed an ever growing wet spot right at the top of the tent pole. Slowly the spot turned white as sperm began to seep through the folds of cloth. "Shit, I forgot to have you haul that out. I would have liked to have put that in my coke."
    He grinned an evil grin at me, "I'll let you lick me clean if you want." I put my hand out and grabbed him, pulling him to his feet. His hands went to the waist of his jeans and he opened them to reveal a nice half hard five inch cock all covered in boi batter. I pulled him to me and he closed the gap. I took him in my mouth and licked him clean. He nearly fell over as he swooned at the feelings. I placed my hand on his firm little butt and held him close to me and sucked on him with all I had in me. His cock began to harden. I began to work it in and out of my mouth as I let my fingers work the crack of his ass. He spread his legs. I let my fingers play around his hidden place. I could feel how dirty it was and knew that my hand was as much in need of a good washing as he was.
    He began to fuck my face. I let caution go to the wind and slid a finger up his virgin poop covered chute. I felt his butt nut at once and began to push and rub against it. His fucking of my mouth grew more intense. I took hold of his young testicles with my left hand and began to fondle them. They were firm little orbs about the size of walnuts. I felt them pull up to his body. I stabbed at his prostate as I increased the pressure and suction on his fully hard five and a half inch cock.
    I got the reward I was after as the boy literally flooded my mouth with lots of hot, young boi cream. Now I did have to hold him up. His legs were jelly. He stood there and shook in his after glow. He was whining like a baby with a full bottle as his breathing slowly returned to normal. He pulled his cock from my mouth. I had removed my fingers from his butt when he began to shoot. Sometime it can be painful to a virgin to remove them too late. I scooped him up in my arms. His pants were pooled around his ankles. I made the five or six foot move into the large bathroom behind the desk. I wasted not one moment as I got him naked and stood him in the shower.
    "I have always wanted a blow job. That was so intense. You won't tell anyone will you?" I assured him that I would keep this entirely between us if I could have his word to do the same. He asked me to get naked and shower with him. I wanted to wash that body of his with my tongue, but there was a lot of other matter to be removed first so I obliged him. He stared at my cock as I took a bottle of my private label shampoo and washed his filthy hair. The air took on the smell of fresh pine woods as his little body again went limp in my hands.
    I had a good lather worked up when he took my cock in his hands and began to pull the skin back and forth. I rinsed the shampoo from his hair and pushed his head back to get the suds from his face. He opened his eyes and locked them on mine. He smiled at me. He lowered his head and directed my cock to his mouth. He couldn't get too much of it in, but he sure put forth an effort. I let him jack me off as I lay on the shower floor with him on top of me feeding me his sweet ass hole and another load of boi batter. He put my ejaculating cock in his mouth and took most of my cum down his throat. It was his first ever taste of cum except a drop or two that he might get up the courage to lick from his own hand once in awhile.
    He turned and lay out on top of me as we stared into each other's eyes. "I always thought I was, you know, like gay. But I never did nothing. Turner and I jacked off when he spent the night back in sixth grade. I always wanted to do it again, but we went to different schools when I moved away." I asked him if he went to Wilson high school now. He told me a story that I have heard so often, but it still breaks my heart every time I hear it. His parents divorced three years earlier. His dad moved away without ever looking back. Art struggled with new feelings and no one to talk to.
    The past weekend Arthur Hendon had sat down with his mother and told her that he was having weird feelings about boys and he thought that he might be gay. He got the flat side of her hand across his face as she screamed at him that she would not allow a faggot in her family. She would kill him before he would be gay. She proceeded to make good on her word as she pummeled the boy over and over. He cowered from her blows as he managed to make it to the door and freedom. She screamed at him as he ran away, saying that he need never come near her house again. She would not have a queer anywhere near her. Many neighbors had been outside working in their yards. Some of the neighborhood boys rode up on their bicycles and taunted him by calling him fag and fairy and whatever else their tiny little minds could concoct.
    A city bus was pulled up to the curb loading an old man. Art ran and got on the bus right behind the man as the boys pulled up outside. Before their words could be understood the bus driver realized that there was trouble between them and the small lad in front of him. He closed the door and pulled away as Art scanned his monthly bus pass through the fare machine and took a seat. He had no where to go. He had twenty dollars in his pocket as he had planned to go to the arcade that afternoon. Instead he rode the bus for awhile then when he got hungry he got off at a restaurant that he knew had good food. He spent his money sparingly, but he had been on the street for three days and now was broke.
    My relief came in. I had Art sitting in a chair with a burger and a chocolate malt, no cum, in his hand. I had rifled thru our shelves of stock and found jeans and a shirt that fit the boy. I opened up packages of new underwear and socks and handed them to him. He looked, and smelled, so much better.
    I took Art and drove to his house. All of his clothes and possessions were stacked by the curb for the garbage man to gather the next morning. Art saw all of it and began to cry. I was glad that I was in the new van. I got out and folded the seats down and we began to load everything inside.
    Art's mother came out with the tongue of a fish wife. That women had a voice that could travel through miles of solid rock and the vulgarity that poured out was beyond description. I looked at her and held my tongue until she took a breath. "So I take it that this fourteen year old minor is not allowed back in your house." She started off again. At another stopping place, "And as far as you are concerned he can live on the streets and starve to death." With venom in her eyes she agreed.
    There were many neighbors outside listening to her. I turned and walked over to a small group of them and introduced myself as a child advocate. I got the names of six of them and their agreement that the mother was a head case. By this time she had wondered over to listen to what was being said. I wrapped it up with a quick closing remark. "I'll have a CPS supervisor by the name of Jerrod Combs visit with each of you. The state will be bringing charges and if I have my way there will be some serious jail time in this case. I have not seen a boy in worse shape than young Arthur was when he came to my office." Suddenly Art's mother was nice. Big surprise that.
    I looked at the boy, "Is everything there?"
    Art looked at me and pulled himself up, tall. "My computer and XBOX aren't here, and my bicycle." I told him to go in the house and get them then I asked if he needed help with them. He grinned and said he could do it in a couple of trips. Two of the neighbor men went with him and brought out his remaining possessions in one trip. He ran to the back yard and came back with his bike. We loaded that on top of the van and tied it down then we left to pick up my pack at the club.
    One look at the van and the boys turned and went inside the club. I followed them in and told them that I would be back as quickly as possible. I took Turner, Jim, and Christopher with us to unload the van. I checked the mirror and Turner had Art in a lip lock as the other boys wrapped their arms around the latest addition to our house.
    I walked in the door at home to find Tyler and Cas busy making veggie pitas for the boys' after school snack. They were both still dressed in their school clothes. They took one look at Art and asked about the other family members. I told them that they were waiting at the club. Without a word they took off in Jerry's van to get the kids home. I had the boys unload the van and separate everything into stacks in the garage.
    As I expected Art's clothes were filthy. I had the boys load all three washing machines. All of Art's books were carried up to the north bedroom over the garage. He took his computer and XBox up, but didn't have a TV to hook the game up to. No problem, we would solve that soon enough. Back in the kitchen I finished up the snacks and the four boys sat down at the breakfast bar to eat.

    I had the television on watching the hurricane as it headed toward New Orleans. I was livid as I watched the total destruction of one our country's icons. There was no need for so much of the destruction. We had traveled through New Orleans a month earlier as we returned from our summer vacation.
    I heard it time and time again that the levees would not hold. There was a lot of speculation that this was a category 5 storm and that total evacuation was warranted. Inaction was costing thousands of people their lives. Land fall had come just hours before and the pictures coming across were of sheer havoc. The leadership of the city was about as pitiful as I have ever seen as they did not provide for their own. They made last minute snap decisions that were devastating to those most vulnerable.
    To my mind the Army Corp of Engineers had not built the levees correctly or they would not have failed. I had to turn away and finish preparing for my hungry tribe's imminent return.

    The front door burst open and I was nearly knocked over by my sweet Cory. He had a lip lock on me as he checked deep down in my throat to make sure that my tonsils had not grown back. I had my hands full of his firm ass cheeks as I felt my clothes being removed. I looked at Art. His eyes widened as he watched boys from everywhere getting naked in front of him. I know that he was having tent problems, but I had my kids to welcome home. I picked Cory up and sat him on the bar beside Art. Cory's jeans were still around his ankles and he still had his shoes on. I shoved his legs back over his shoulders and dove into his exquisite ass hole and had my after school snack. His shoes were being removed and his pants were gone. I could now spread his legs as I worked my way around his world to the long and mighty center of his universe.
    I had every inch of his meaty stick in my throat as I became aware of Art being in my face watching. Cory filled my mouth with the stuff of my dreams. I sucked him dry only to be grabbed up by Jerry who sucked as much cum out of my mouth as he could find. Tim said hello. Next was Alec. He complained that there was no cum left after the other two vacuum mouths had cleaned me out. I put him up on the bar and proceeded to get me another load which his boyfriend eagerly sucked from my mouth. I was finally down to Lew when I realized that we had an extra body in the house.
    I looked over Lew's shoulder at a perfect boy of fifteen with a body of a young Adonis. He was super buff. He had a serious tent in his boxer briefs. He grinned at me and slowly lowered the cotton garment, never losing eye contact with me. I had to break away as he revealed a solid seven plus inches of thick, dripping, cut boi meat. I wiggled my finger at him as Lew told us that this was his friend Jan and he was going to spend the weekend with us. I pointed at the bar and Jan grinned as he jumped up. I caught him around the waist and helped him to get lain back then dove into his tiny pink virgin pucker.
    The boy went into sensual overdrive as I licked and probed at that place no one had ever been before. I spread the tiny tight hole open with my thumbs as I probed deeper inside with my tongue. His cock was pulsing and his balls were pulling up. I knew that he was at the very edge. I spit soaked a finger and pushed it into his butt at the same time that I took his delicious cock into my mouth, all of the way to his pubic hairs. He went into orgasmic spasms as I began to finger fuck his never before touched prostate. I had so much suction on his cock that my eyes drew back into my head. His glans was swollen to totally fill the inside of my mouth as he let loose the mother of gushers and filled my entire body with super thick, hot boi cum.
    As Jan fought for control of his ravaged body I turned to Art and repeated my ministrations on him, play by play. I turned and looked at all of the hard dicks dripping pre-cum on the kitchen floor and decided that I would go for broke. Nearest to me was Trevor. He got the around the world treatment followed close after by Jim then Christopher. Tim was next then Gerald. I took Jerry to task as Luke waited anxiously for his turn. I had to peel Turner off of Art so that I could get his cock down my throat, but he and Art continued to kiss, deeply as the youngster fucked his ball juice into my hungry gullet.
    I took Lew on and thanked him for allowing me to rape his house guest. He giggled as he and Jan had their first kiss. I looked for Tyler and Cas. Cas had Tyler bent over a bar stool and was fucking his boyfriend full bore as Art and Turner got down close and personal for a real good look.
    I hadn't seen Cullen. I jerked upright and looked around. The little fart was sitting on the balcony looking down on us. He threatened to jack off and rain all over us, but I ordered him to get his ass on the counter, that he was the next course for my dinner. My belly was full of the cum of fourteen hot and sexy teenage boys, but I still wanted my Pete. I didn't say anything as I sat the food on the counter so recently occupied by so many young butts. I wanted to lick the cabinet top clean, but I used a paper towel and pine cleaner instead.

    The boys had all stayed with their boyfriends. Sunday they sought out their new rooms and moved their belongings in. Pete left the house early and didn't return until late afternoon. He announced that he had been to a friend's house that was going to work for a law firm The friend got hold of his boss and Pete was hired, over the phone.
    I don't really like Pete having a job, but it is his life. He is doing data entry for a large law firm from two to eight, three days a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays his class let's out later. Those two days he goes in at three. He gets home between eight fifteen and eight thirty so my arms have to be mollified by the other boys in the house until my Flying Peter flies home to me. I suffer so much.
    I slipped into my office and called JC and asked him to come up. I told him to bring Ken and we would do hamburgers on the new grill and eat out on the improved patio. Sounded exciting anyway, I am kind of proud of my new addition. We sat around loving the one we were with as I told the boys Art's story. Everyone welcomed him to the house and they hoped that when uncle JC and uncle Ken got there that JC could help him to stay with us.

    Lew introduced Jan to the family and asked him to tell his story. Jan Morrison lived with his twenty six year old brother and his wife and their eight year old son. Jan came home from school one afternoon to find the apartment that he shared with his mother locked with a court order of eviction taped to the door and the door jam. His key wouldn't even go into the new lock. He went to the office and was told that he could go inside one time and get his belongings, but could never enter in again. He and his mother had been evicted for non-payment of rent.
    Jan had seen the notice to appear in court on the door the previous week. His mother ripped it to shreds and screamed and cussed for the rest of the night. When he awakened the next morning she was gone. Most of her clothes were gone as well as the two suitcases that had been stored in the closet by the front door. Jan spent that week in the apartment alone with very little food. He had no money so he couldn't buy lunch at school. He was so hungry that he hurt. Friday came around and he didn't know what he was going to do if his mother didn't come home and bring some food home. Saturday there was a party at his apartment complex for one of the men who was going to get married. Jan asked if he could have a burger and he was fed like a king.
    One of the men at the party took Jan up to his apartment and gave the boy his first blow job. He made Jan blow him. Jan was only ten at the time and he could not get much of the man's cock in his mouth and he nearly choked to death on the cum. Cory moved next to him and put his arm around the boy. I knew what he must be feeling. I can only sympathize with them having never been there myself. I know that Cory could empathize with Jan. He had felt it many times. I had always been a willing participant when I was with a man.
    Jan hid out in his apartment the rest of the weekend feeling dirty and sick over what had been done, but the man had left two twenty dollar bills on his bedside table when he left. Jan could at least eat. Hunger finally drove him back to reality so Sunday night he ordered a pizza and a soda. Monday morning he headed off to his fifth grade class feeling a little better, but still no word of his mother.
    Tuesday he came home to find himself locked out. He sat in the office and cried. The manager told him that maybe she should call the police to come and put him in a shelter. Jan perked up when she said that as he just then remembered his brother. The manager looked at the lease and the application and saw the brother's name and phone number to be notified in case of emergency. She called the brother and let Jan talk to him.
    Jim was with his little brother in less than thirty minutes. The two of them walked through the apartment and decided what they needed to remove. Jim went down and rented a trailer while Jan packed everything in whatever he could find to put it in. Most of the furniture was junk, but there was a really nice dining room suit that had belonged to their grandmother. The boys loaded the heirloom up carefully so as not to scratch it. They had to get help to load the large hutch. The man that had molested Jan offered his help and Jan told him that no cocksuckers were needed. When Jim scolded him he told his brother what the man had done. One of the other neighbors helping to load the boy's truck was a cop and he arrested the man.
    Jan lived with Jim and his sister-in-law for almost five years. Lately he has been having thoughts about boys and sucking cocks. He was good friends with Lew and they talked. Lew took Jan off to some place private and gave the boy a really good blow job. Jan knew that this is what he wanted and he wanted to do it to Lew. They just never seemed to be able to get alone anywhere.
    Jan had sat down with his brother the night before he came up to our house. He told his brother that he was kind of sure that he was gay. He asked Jim about the feelings he was having. Jim stiffened up, but was kind in what he said. He told his little brother that he was what he was. He couldn't understand queers himself. When he was in school some boys were outed as being fags and they got the shit beat out of them everyday. Jim couldn't even imagine doing anything queer and he was shocked when Jan told him that he had let a boy suck his dick at school.
    Jim thought that maybe this had something to do with Jan being molested when their mother ran out on him. Jan had spent a lot of time with shrinks and in court as the man was sent away for several years for aggravated sexual assault. Jan told him that he didn't think that this was the cause. Jim told him that he would have to move out. He told him that they were still brothers and that he would still love him, but that he could not have him around his eight year old son, corrupting him. He began to question Jan in earnest. He wanted to make sure that Jan had not done anything to little Jeffery.
    When Jan heard his brother talking to the little guy later and asking him if he and Jan ever played any kind of naked games or if his uncle had ever touched him, down there, he made up his mind that he had to leave. He told Lew the story at school and Lew just smiled at him and told him he was going to spend the weekend with him and his family. Jan had no idea that Lew lived in a house full of faggots. We asked him how he felt about this house full of faggots and he got a big grin on his face. He told them that he was teachable and he wanted to learn to take it up the ass.
    He had fifteen young volunteers ready to teach him all they knew then all eyes turned to me as Christopher called out, "Let Fagin to it." We brought home a new tradition after our vacation in Oklahoma last month. We began story time each Sunday evening. Each boy is called on to give an oral book report on a book he has read in the last thirty days. Last week end Christopher had done story time on Charles Dickens's, Oliver Twist. All week long I have been Fagin. I keep asking the boys where my booty is and they just show me their firm little asses. I can live with that.

    Pete came home early and joined in our party. JC and Ken showed up with a pair of large watermelons. Ground cow was burnt for those so inclined to let them bodies be a graveyard for dead animals. I had Twelve Morning Star® Veggie Patties close at hand for some of us and all of the fixings for a nice cook out with eighteen naked young men and boys. There was lots of horseplay in the pool and a rousing game of piggy back volley ball. It is not easy playing volley ball in water while sitting on the shoulders of the one you love. It is kind of nice for the one on bottom as he gets the back of his head fucked by a very hard cock wiggling around. I know that Pete and Cullen both shot their wad in my hair as they rode me. They both nearly pulled my head off as they put their hands under my jaw and humped their load out. I wasn't the only one getting a cum shampoo. Every man with a boy on his back got at least one. We even changed positions so that we could give our own hair treatment to our lovers.
    JC and Art got off to the side as they ate their dinner and Art told his story to the Child Welfare Supervisor. JC is a wonder at what he does and I knew that Art was going to be a happy little lad in a very short time. I almost choked on my food when I heard Art ask JC about butt fucking. He told the man that he had seen it done today and he wanted to do it, but he wanted to know how it felt. Well, if you are a steady reader you know that JC just can't get enough cock up his ass to keep him happy. He is to fucking what I am to sucking. I could suck all of these guys over and over in rotation for two or three days and still want more cock in my mouth. I have watched JC take everyone of us on, two times each, last summer at my beach house during our first month of vacation in California.
    Art asked if he could lay beside JC and watch him get fucked as he let someone fuck him for the first time. JC was up for that. His question to Art was who was going to fuck him. Instantly he told him that Turner was gong to take his cherry and then he was not going to stop until he had all of me up in him. JC looked at me and smiled, "A noble goal, young man," He licked his lips and gave me his evil grin.
    Jan was beside the boy now and he had a similar scenario planned out with Lew as his first. Well the die was cast. The plans were made. Cushions were arranged on the four foot square seat at the edge of the patio. Three horny guys lay beside each other. JC was on the end and Art lay opposite so that he could see the cock go in the man's ass. Art was in the middle and Jan was on the end.
    Christopher lined up between JC's legs. He bent over and hocked up a big wad and spit it onto the man's super enlarged ass hole. He pushed every inch of his fuck stick up inside in one mighty shove. JC let out a grunt then said, "Thank you, Will. I love it when you're rough."
    "My name is Christopher and you'll call me that or I'll show you what rough can be. I have enough meat to hurt you. And I am young enough and strong enough to hurt you for a long time."
    "Oh, be still my panting heart. Hurt me, boy. Ravage me. Fuck me hard. Make me yours." This is a game these two play, but they get so worked up that it is a wonder JC can ever walk again afterwards. Christopher my be the smallest in the crowd, but that boy can throw a fuck on a guy that will make him see stars for days afterwards. The best part is that he knows his partner and he knows with whom to be rough or not. To me he is a perfect lover, taking time to reach all of those very special parts and make me feel really good. He is also a good ride to those that get to do him. He'll let anyone in the house ride him, but he is a top and he knows how to be dominant. I call him sir.

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