Chapter 94


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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nbsp;   The revelers partied on. I closed the doors on the food and the open bar. The guests began to leave. JB had taken our young visitors from earlier in the week back to the academy, with one exception. I asked Borne if he would like to stay with us awhile at Empire Canal. He sat down in the middle of the floor and cried. I had learned that he had been asked to move from the academy grounds within the week. JB assured me that it was a personal matter and that the boy was no threat. I wanted to know more, but no one was talking.
    The boys were on edge. I sent a contingent of energetic boys running at full speed through the gardens and hedge mazes about the grounds. They had so much pent up energy in them that a good run fit the bill nicely. They found one man asleep in one of the alcoves of the maze. He apologized profusely as he hurried to his car.
    The house was searched from top to bottom for any hidden or overlooked guests. The Wild Boys would remain as our guests until Monday afternoon. We had not had the opportunity to make them feel welcome to the family. Of course Bull, Tony, Blake, and their boys were going to stay. I had work for Bull so he would be with us the entire week, and so would Billy. Mark and Jeff were going to stay until Wednesday then they wanted to spend two or three days in the Apple with old friends. Ken and JC had to fly home Sunday evening so we had to get a family fuck going while they were with us. I have a feeling that Alec needs some time with his dad. The boy has a lot on his mind of late.
    I guess I need to tell you about that. Alec pursued Evan. Evan had really taken to cross dressing. None of us liked what he was doing, but each of us has to find his own spot in this world. Alec was struggling with his latent straight feelings. He was sure that he was straight, but did not want to seem out of place amongst his family.
    The boys talk to me and I will do whatever it takes to keep our lines of communication open. If it ever comes to the point that a boy won't confide in me it is going to kill me. Evan was upset that Alec wouldn't suck his cock. All he wanted was to fuck Evan and kiss him. He was constantly on about Evan needing tits. Evan toyed with the idea of finding someone to give him hormone treatments so he could have tits, but he is not about to give up his huge cock. He wanted to be a chick with a dick.
    Everything seems to work out over time and by the end of the school year Alec got his answers. He had a girlfriend that he had been wooing all year long. The two had dated, several times. Alec was one of the first to buy himself a car. With his dad living in town and the two being very close friends, Alec had no problem in getting Ken to help him with finances and insurance.
    By the third car date Alec was into his girlfriend's pants. He came home the first time and crawled in bed with me. He cried because she was such a bum fuck. He told me that she did not return his advances. He liked her kisses, but she didn't like to touch him, but was very willing to let him touch her. He performed oral sex on her and she enjoyed it, but he didn't like the taste, or the smell. He fucked her, but he said that she didn't respond the way the boys do.
    I asked him what kind of response she gave and he told me that basically she just lay there and watched him. He said that she made wise cracks about his facial contortions and she didn't like him sweating on her. Most of all he hated the raincoat. He had never worn a raincoat except in kinky play with Trey. He used to tease Trey about packing him a snack for later as he would try to see how many loads of boi juice he could get into one condom before he couldn't keep it on any longer. I asked him what his record was. He turned beet red when he told me that he and Trey had tied condoms on themselves and managed to get five loads each before they could not wait any longer to go take a piss. That got me hard, for sure.
    They had removed the condoms from each other. They knelt in front of each other and slowly removed the condom, encircling the other's cock with their thumb and forefinger and wiping all of the cum into the condom. Alec shocked Trey when he wiped his cock down. He took Trey's cock into his mouth and pushed at the boy's gut until Trey urinated. I asked Alec if he liked that. He giggled and told me yes. I asked him if he ever did it again. He told me that he and Trey drank each other's urine after fucking and before going to sleep at night. I asked him if he drank Evan's urine. He told me no, that he didn't like Evan that way. Oooookay.
    Alec was showing me something that he was not aware of. I asked him if he liked the taste of cum. He told me that it was his favorite. I asked him if it was better or worse than pussy juice. He said it was way better. I asked him about the fucking. Which was better over all, boys or his girlfriend? He had only had the one experience, but boys were way better than that one had been. I asked him about getting fucked. He rolled up close to me and melded his body into mine. "I don't mind when you do it to me. In fact I love it. Trey tries and he is really good but…well, I like a man better."
    There it was. I let Alec fuck me. I made him do it twice because he was no fucking good at it. I then fucked him to show him what he should be doing. The boy does have a cock hungry ass. I just need to wake him up to that fact and find someone to love him the right way.
    I had another idea. I gave him some birth control pills and I also gave him a package of the morning after pill. His girlfriend had wanted the pill, but her Baptist mother would not allow it. The girl is eager to fuck and she had really wanted Alec to do her, but she is afraid of her mother should she get preggers. Alec gave her the birth control pills, but kept the morning after pill as his insurance policy. One Friday night Alec came bouncing into my bedroom and slid in bed between me and Cory.
    Cory doesn't let anything come between us unless it can cum between us so he shoved his cock up Alec's ass. I turned around and shoved my cock down Alec's throat and played with his boi udder at the same time. I love to watch a boy get fucked from that angle and when Cory is doing the fucking it is even a bigger treat for me. Cory fucked a load out of Alec very quickly, but I made him continue on until he had his own release. That would be his third in less than an hour of making out with me so it took a little time. Alec had my cock buried in his throat and it was covered in Cory juice.
    Alec was totally fucked out by the time that Cory finished with him some forty five minutes later. I flipped Alec to his back and fucked him myself for another thirty minutes. Alec was moaning like a fresh fucked whore and proclaiming his love for both of us.
    Cory and I began an oral assault on the boy and had him worked up in very short order. Cory rolled back and spread his legs. Alec slid into position and fucked with more finesse than I had ever seen him use before. The boy was making love to Cory. He was bent over and lip locked in a most passionate kiss which Cory was eagerly returning. I had been with Cory for two years and I know when the boy is getting it on. He was on a ride that had his attention and loving every inch of it. I embraced the two of them and was awarded with an abundance of kisses and sweet talk Of course I was at the fountain head to receive Cory's sweet essence.
    Quite drained I pulled Alec close to me and began the questions. He had fucked his girlfriend, but he had the decency to stop and take an extra long shower, paying particular attention to certain areas of his body before getting into my bed. I gave him a toe rattling kiss. He told me that he had the very best fuck of his entire life tonight. He turned to Cory and said, "Thank you." Cory and I slapped hands behind Alec's back.
    He told us that his girlfriend had given him the best fuck he could imagine. He said that she was full of passion and returned his every move while begging for more. He was sure that she had achieved an orgasm. He has never seen an orgasmic girl before, but he is sure that she had not faked what they shared together.
    "There was one major thing missing as we made love tonight and I now know for sure what I want. I have used Evan," tears came to his eyes. "I have fucked him two three times every night for three months. I was mechanical about it. I went through the moves, but I never had my heart in it. All of the time I was missing having a cock up my ass. I didn't know that for sure until last week when dad fucked me then gave me those pills. I most sincerely enjoyed having him fuck me, as always. And I liked fucking him. He is more responsive than anyone that I have ever been with and there are a lot of fine fucks that live in this house.
    "But the best fuck I ever got was right here with the two of you, just now. Cory, when you fucked me I knew, deep in my heart, that I am a fag boy, through and through. I never want to go for a whole day without a big cock up my ass But Cory, when I fucked you…I can't tell you how good I felt. I felt like a real man for the first time in my life. I love having a cock up in me and I love doing things with it that make me feel good, but my cock in your ass was the closest thing I'll ever see to heaven."
    Hold it, stop right there. I had to know where that was coming from. Sweet and innocent little Alec had been brain washed my his girlfriend's mother. The two kids had been told, almost daily, that they were the worst kind of sinners with their continued hand holding and kissing. The woman had convinced her daughter that were she to relent to having sex with Alec that they would both burn in hell forever. I broke down and cried as Alec told how the two of them had gotten down on their knees and prayed to God to love them and forgive them. They proclaimed their love for one another before the Lord of Hosts as they anguished over the call of their biological urges.
    To make matters even worse, Alec had attended church with his girlfriend several times over the course of time and the big questions was always, "When will God cleanse the earth of all of these sick, sick, sick, homosexuals that are taking over everything." Homosexuality was lambasted from the time that Alec and his girlfriend got out of his car until they were safely away from the church again. Alec knows in his heart that homosexuality is wrong and against God's law and design so he is thoroughly convinced that he will burn in torment forever and ever.
    My mind raced through the recent history of mankind. For some reason man has to have someone to hate. I won't go deep into the past when the entire world was in the dark ages and hated everything they were told to hate. I just quickly glanced at the twentieth century. Man hated booze and declared it illegal. Millions of dollars in property damage occurred and many, many lives were lost during prohibition. Then man began to hate Jews and many lives were lost and a lot of property was destroyed.
    That front weakened only to become a racial battle. Lives were lost homes burned and hatred abounded. Now we are legislated to be tolerant of races so man is after the homosexual. Never look in the mirror to see if there is any fault reflected there. Rather look to those who are different than what you have been taught to believe they should be and blame them for all of the ills of the world.
    How do I handle this? The first thing I needed to do was show Alec the truth from the Bible about hell and then I would show him the truth about himself. But now I understood, with absolute certainty, why Alec has a problem relating to the boys in the house. Society as a whole is not ready to acknowledge our genetic mutation.
    Alec was like a new person for the rest of the weekend. He made up with Trevor (Trey), and with Evan. He and Evan had a great weekend and both boys seemed to be very bow legged each time they were seen outside of their room. Evan did ask if we had any raw oysters, which got a huge laugh from all of us. The following weekend Alec and his girlfriend had one last fling. Alec gave it his all and really tried to be the straight boy, but he told us that she just didn't grip his cock like our family members gripped him. He told us that she was virgin and that he is sure that he is the only boy to ever be up in her. He knew that everyone in our house has had many up in them and all of them can take the very largest of cocks. Yet all of us are a much better and far tighter fuck than she is. He said that they are finished and he had told her so.
    The icing on the cake came at dinner time Sunday night. Evan walked in, devoid of makeup, hair cut short, like a boy, and wearing no female accessories. He told us that Alec was now a queer and had made a man out of him. We welcomed the two young male fags back home with love and deep kisses. Of course we groped them. You must think we're dead or something. I moved the dishes aside and put Alec on the table. He spread his legs as Evan showed him how much love he held in his heart. I hope the two of them stay together for awhile.

    When we were absolutely Sure that everyone else was gone I told the boys it was bedding time. They giggled at me as the three stairways had their metal tested by more than seventy boys and visiting men who raced each other to the fifth floor. I found Joey mopping the floor by the front door. I led him into my office and gave him such a grope and a lingering kiss. I thanked him for sharing his boyfriend, Specs, with me and promised him a repeat performance. The well hung boy is a fantastic lover who can take as well as give.
    I stood with the youngster as he rung out his mop. Specs came in with his three man crew. They had been sweeping bird seed up and tossing it out onto the grass. Edmund feared someone stepping on the birdseed and falling. I told the two team leaders to send their teams through the entire ground level of the house and find anything that did not belong. I told them that should they find personal property that had been left behind that they should put that in a single collection point. Everything else needed to be thrown away. I want the house back in tip top shape by Monday morning when we say goodbye to the twenty four temporary employees. I was not overly impressed with a single one of them. Their agency had sent them to do a job and they did it, but without any personal conviction.
    I headed for the attic. I heard an angry curse. Chuck was on his knees fumbling with the locked door of the elevator. I took one look and cursed also. Somebody had put their chewing gum in the lock. I grabbed Biff and Tim by the hand and told them they were missing a gang fuck. I told Chuck to follow us. We went around to the kitchen entrance for the elevator. Mitch was in a corner with Edmund. They blushed when they saw us. I laughed at them and told Mitch about the chewing gum. He would get right on it. I told him ice helped to remove gum and that I have used WD-40 with success in the past. He thanked me as I shut the elevator door to go to the family fucksalot proceedings.
    I let the three youngsters out then went back down to the fourth floor. After making sure that I was alone in the hallway I slipped into my temporary bedroom on the fourth floor. Harry and Toby were around the corner in the old nanny's quarters of the large room that had housed Hillary as a young girl. They were sharing a Turkish coffee with the King. I bowed low to the man and greeted him. He welcomed me in his fashion and asked me to join them. British coffee is strong, well most of the coffee in the world is more than my uncultured taste buds can handle, but Turkish coffee is more to be chewed that sipped. Strong is not a good descriptive adjective for it.

    Happenings inside a harem are never spoken of. Were it not for the ruthlessness of the King's brothers I would have never learned what I needed to know. Toby had the blood needed to get to the King to ask questions. He stepped into the fray with his eyes wide open. With some help Toby was invited to a sandy country where a rich oil man lived. King Al Hadi welcomed his nephew with guarded optimism. Harry knew what to ask and how. Harry was in his dress uniform and was introduced as Toby's close personal confident and body guard. When shown evidence of Toby's parentage the king welcomed him as a member of his family. He did not like Ibrahim and Hassan was even less well liked. Hassan was virtually unknown inside the harem so it was a painstaking task to recreate the cretin's life. The two laid the foundation for the King's enlightenment about the actions of his brothers.
    Harry gave evidence to the king of his young half brothers' world wide activities. The king decided to end the life of Hassan. A trial would only lead to the revelation of his birth and bring about unwanted attention to his throne. In a matter of days Hassan was no longer a problem for anyone. Siegy and Ibrahim were a different matter.
    I became the king's champion when Harry revealed that Ibrahim was hanging naked and upside down by his ankles in a concrete bunker in a safe place. Harry told the king that I was trying my best to find it within myself to humanely put the piece of garbage away. The king looked long and hard at Harry and finally asked to meet with me.
    Under deep cover the king was flown to New York. Heavily disguised he was brought to my New York home. He had been allowed to see video files and hear testimony from Everett Rothsfeld's trial. He turned to me and gave me his blessing as he filled in volumes of unknown information for me.
    As a result of four days of meeting I was able to complete the puzzle of the entire story. Harry and Toby's initial visit ended with Ibrahim's estate and family being eliminated. The amassed wealth that he had accumulated was divided between his young son, Kenny, with the other half of the man's wealth given to Toby from Ibrahim's holdings because Hassan had never amassed anything, but bastard progeny. Both boys have hundreds of millions of dollars set aside for them.
    Siegy's lands and holdings were seized. I asked for a bit of time to put my final plan to work. I secured almost all of the money Siegy had to hold in trust for Jace. I also asked for leniency in the dealings with Siegy's wives and children. I was not happy when I learned how Ibrahim's family had been slaughtered. I explained to the king how I felt that those people were victims and innocent of the crimes of their husbands. After much consideration and hours of a, now solid, friendship, the King gave me the lives of Siegy's wives. I have no idea what to do with these people, but I will do my best to return them to their former homes and their birth families.
    I turned on Toby. It hurts me to see how Toby seems to have shunned Kenny. He knows now that they are not brothers, but he raised the boy and Toby has been dad to Kenny all of his life. I almost had to force it out of Eric to find out that Kenny does cry himself to sleep sometimes. Kenny is happy for Toby and Harry, but he misses his real big brother. The King turned to his nephew and the two began an exchange in Arabic. I was out of the loop, but Harry shared the highlights with me.
    The King told Toby that he was a found member of his family and would share in all the family had to offer, IF. Toby was told that Kenny was part of the family also. He told us, in English, how he had been raised in a family with no love from any, but his brothers. He was beginning to understand how much that love had meant to him. He made it plain to Toby that Kenny grew up under the protection of his big brother and suddenly that love was withdrawn. It would be much easier for Kenny to accept Toby's death than to suffer with what was happening.
    Harry told me that the English didn't do justice to how the King spoke to Toby, but that was the general idea of their exchange. I felt very good inside. The King looked at Harry and asked him how much more time they had. Harry told them that they needed to leave within the hour. The King looked at me. "I would like to meet both of my nephews. Would you bring them before me. If they are naked I understand, I can see what goes on in your house. These two fine men have shown me the kind of person you are and what you expect." Well, I don't deserve any praise for Harry or Toby. They were old enough to have formed their own ideas of life before they joined my household six months earlier. I bowed out to retrieve the two youngsters.

    The attic may be large, but it still smelled like a thousand locker rooms inside. My cock was instantly hard. If the smell hadn't aroused me the action in the room would have. There was not a cock in sight that wasn't up inside a butt, deep inside a mouth, or gripped in the hand of a loving companion.
    I sat down on the bed next to Gus and Kenny. The two were nursing each other in search of the milk of life. Gus is totally hairless. His tiny scrotum is devoid of its forthcoming little jewels that should probably drop in another year or two. His foreskin is longer than his tiny little dick. He told me that he loved the tickle that Kenny gave him. I watched as Kenny moved him over the top one more time. The boys were sharing the bed with Derrick and Ray. Ray told me that he wishes he could get off as much as Gus did. He told me that Gus had gone four times while Derrick took him once.
    I told Kenny that I needed to talk with him. I moved over to a freshly fucked Jace who was in an after kiss with Frank. I leaned over to lick the abundance of creamy young kid stuff off oh his belly and told him to come along with me. Of course I had to clean Frank's wilted dick for him while he giggled and wiggled from the action on his sensitive joint.
    I led the boys down the stairs. I wanted to take some time to remove the tail drippings that were running down Jace's legs so we moved to the elevator. The floors below would have people that did not need to see me with two naked underage boys. The regular staff was on the fourth floor cleaning the vacated rooms. I stepped into one of the rooms and told the boys to use the shower and clean each other. Josh was removing the linens from the bed and he was up as he watched the naked boys pass by.
    I got a grip on his package and asked if he wanted to lay down or if he wanted to watch the boys shower together while I relieved his pressure. He looked at the hot butts so we followed them to the bath. I pulled Josh's pants down and let him lean back against the lavatory cabinet where he could see the action in the shower. I couldn't see from my vantage point. I was looking at a crotch full of sweet smelling dark brown hair as a solid eight inch cock massaged that deep place in my throat that gets so lonesome.
    "Dad he wants to suck me." Jace said. I told him that it was Kenny's body to do with as he pleased. Jace pleased to please the little guy. With my protein fix and two freshly scrubbed boys at my side we made the dash across the hall to my bedroom.

    I stood by silently as the two boys waited before the King. The man took in every inch of their young bodies. "I am not dead to boys, Chris my friend. It is not unknown for a man to spend the night with a boy when his women aren't ready for him. I like these boys." He took Kenny by the hand and drew him to himself. I told Jace to sit, cross legged on the floor. The King turned Kenny round and round. He ran his hand over the soft flesh of the tiny youngster. He fondled the boy's sweet boi package and jerked back when it suddenly stiffened.
    "He is of my blood." He grinned as he stroked the over sized phallus. He played about with the boy's foreskin. He turned to Toby, "Why is this not cut?" Toby told him that he was born at home. He had delivered the boy from his sister himself. There was no one to cut the boy. "Don't let anyone cut him. I like him like this." He bent over and kissed his nephew and turned him so that he could sit on the man's knee.
    He motioned for Jace to stand before him. "You are not cut either yet you were born in my house. How can this be?" None of us had the answer. "You are Nadir. In my language that means rare. You have two names. You were born Muti Rayhan, which means obedient and favored by God. My good friend Chris tells me that you are called Jason and that he has made you his son. I am glad.
    "Jace, is it? You were born the son of the son of my father. You are the son of my first brother, Murat, which means desire or wish. His mother called him Sighisoara. I have learned that is the name of the town from which she was taken by my father. Murat is a very bad man and I am sorry that his blood is in you. The Americans believe that it is not the blood in you, but the desire in you that makes you who you are. I believe that you have been Rayhan, favored by God. You are strong and healthy and very, very rich. Chris will talk to you, but I will say that everything your father has is yours.
    "Kenny? You are very rare indeed. You are a beautiful boy and I can see how much you love your brother, Toby. You are the son of the son of my father and of my mother. You are the son of Ibrahim. He is a very bad man and Chris will make him regret his miserable life. Toby is the son of the son of my father and of my mother. He is the son of a brother I never knew existed until he was grown into a terrible man.
    "You are both my sons by the law of my people and I am responsible for you. Kenny, your father has much money and property. I have taken all of that and it now belongs to both of you. Chris well talk to you, but I want you to know that you are my sons and heirs. I will protect you. As long as you don't try to take my throne." He laughed heartily.
    I caught Harry's eye. He and I slipped out of the room and closed the door behind us. I will let the family learn to know what they want to know about each other. Harry and I moved to the balcony outside of my room and watched the sun lower itself in the western sky. Almost an hour later the door opened. The King had his arms around Toby and Jace. Kenny rode in a place that thrilled my heart. He was on his brother's shoulders where he had longed to be for several months.
    The King had redressed in his FI security agent disguise. I put the two naked boys on the elevator back to the attic then walked my new friend out to Harry's waiting armored SUV. There were drivers for two escort vehicles loitering on the driveway. The King surprised me as he pulled me into a tight hug. He thanked me for helping his young relatives. He had cum breath. I was pleased.

    I walked through the house, inspecting the work that the crew had done. It was late and everyone was gone, but the house looked good. I would greet our extra staff members in the morning and give them a bonus, but let them go, with the day paid. I wanted my house left to only those of us who would live here.
    I stepped into the kitchen to find Edmund watching Ģerâld prepare a family favorite recipe. I suddenly realized that I had not eaten all day long. I had tasted of some of the food the caterers had and I had a piece of wedding cake. That was a must. There were two women sitting at the chef's table smoking. I asked them why they were still there. They told me that they wanted to talk to me about full time work. I tried to be nice, but I finally blew up when the fat lady blew cigarette smoke my direction. They got the message loud and clear that they were never to return to my house.
    Edmund told me that Hillary had fired them several months earlier. She did not like the smoking, but that was not a reason to let them go until she showed them cigarette ashes in her salad. Mitch was laughing behind his hand until Edmund told me the he nearly choked to death as he held the cigarette until the ash dropped. Ģerâld and I went crazy.
    I moved to the intercom. I looked at the guys and told them that I was going to have to have a new system installed so I could listen in for a little bit. Ģerâld's eyes widened. I ran with it. "Yeah, it so neat. I love to sit in my office and listen to the boys go at it. 'Oh, oh, oh, Lukey love me. Oh, Lukey you're so big. Oh baby'." Mitch and Edmund were holding on to each other as Ģerâld blushed. He caught on that I was teasing him, but we had a much needed pressure releasing laugh that helped all of us. I called the boys to come down and eat. I turned the intercom back on and told them we were alone and the uniform of the house was necessary to get a seat at the table.

    The boys looked so much better au natural. I needed a naked boy fix, bad. They were excited as the conversation centered on the King's visit.
    "The King was really here?"
    "How did you get a King into the country?"
    "Daddy, he has the biggest dick. It is almost as big as yours." Kenny was at my side with his news.
    Jace slunk down in his seat. I looked at him. He nodded and gave me a very slight hint of a smile as he shifted in his seat. "Well he has been without for several days and he is my uncle, for real." I picked him up for a hug and told him to let it go. I am proud of him.
    "And me and Toby are Arabian Princes. We could sit on the throne." Kenny looked across at Cullen and stuck out his tongue, to everybody's delight. Sweet boyish laughter filled my house and my heart.
    The family left very few crumbs behind. We seldom have left overs. Each boy rose and took his plate to the kitchen, to Edmund's protest. I had to intervene. The boys did not know anything about the kitchen or its layout. I showed them the dishwashing area and where to empty and rinse their plates. I had to let Mitch show them how to load the large commercial racks. This wasn't our little under the counter dishwasher back home. Edmund got the message that he had a little help as the boys were expected to clean up after themselves. He agreed that they would be better men because of it. No one likes a slob who makes the mess and waits for someone else to clean it up.
    I had a few bushels of kisses left with me and quite a bit of slippery cock juice smeared on my face as both heads kissed me. My hand felt great from all of the tight boy butt that I had squeezed. I was pleasantly pleased that Chris and Steve had come to dinner naked. They each kissed my cheek with their soft cocks and ran away. I would love to get those two virgin straight boys for one night. I would have them begging for cock. I pulled Jason to my lap and asked him if his friends were in the attic. He told me that they stayed in their room and worked on the recordings from the day. I asked him if they wanted to give a command performance before they left. He thought that would be just grand.
    Phil looked very uncomfortable amongst all the nude bodies. I told him that it was clothing optional. He did not have to shed his protective armor. I had Specs run out and retrieve the man's clothes. He asked for a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I led his naked ass to my office to talk awhile. He wanted to know about the stories he was hearing about the trials. There had been an attempt on Gary and Jason by some of the misinformed miscreants that thought the pair was in a closer relationship to me. Edmund slipped in with Specs. He placed a tray on the bar that held two pots of coffee. One he had labeled Folger's, the other said, Kenco. We toasted each other.

    I wasn't tired. I have been burning the candle from the middle out for nine, almost ten months. Ten months earlier I had learned that four of my high school associates had beaten their sons for being gay. Upon intervention I discovered that they were the ones that had been making and selling child pornography featuring those same sons and they had been the ones sexually molesting the boys in the DVD movies they were selling. It's a sick, sick world out there. I took those five boys into my home for protection then discovered a sixth victim of the same abuse by the same men.
    That young man had just been beaten by his father and his father's friends for being gay. I put the youngster in the hospital with a boy who had been used just a little too robustly by his friend and that friend had been stomped half to death by his father. What makes a man treat his own blood like this?. I can't get a grasp on it. But then my life got interesting and my laid back plans for just going through life with one young and hung mid-teenage boy for the rest of my life blew up in my face.
    I had to go and get myself involved in international intrigue with child slavery and everything associated with it. So now here I was, weeks shy of being thirty six years old, with sixty five boys in my house that depend on me for their livelihood and moral support. I am not moral so how do they expect anything from me except the chance I get to paw their booty?
    I had to go, somewhere, anywhere. I had to just change lanes for a bit. I got into my rented Caddy and cruised the town. I recalled an all night mom and pop on the main street coming in. I drove over that way. I found it. It was right where I had seen it before. It hadn't moved.
    I don't like the national chain restaurants that change menus at ten two and six. They have a breakfast price and a dinner price and heaven help the slob that comes in after ten at night because their prices just doubled. The night cook couldn't get a job anywhere else because he is so bad so the fat slob will let the sweat roll off the end of his nose and splatter on the grill as he under cooks your order then cusses you out for complaining. Thank you, I will stay with the small mom and pop or go to 7-11 for a cup of coffee that has sat in the pot for eight or nine hours and grab a stale donut that was fresh one day last week to soften the taste of the coffee.
    I was running true to form and all of my luck was with me. I headed for the door and the extra wide smile of a waitress inside when I heard the sniffle and the quiet sob that breaks my heart. Down behind the newspaper racks was the curled up form of a boy. You know I had to pick the boy up and carry him inside. I sat him in a booth then slid in the other side as the waitress brought the water and coffee I asked for as she watched me carry the little guy inside.
    He looked out of the top of his eyes as he ducked his head then he jerked up to look at me. I couldn't believe who was seated across from me. He had dried blood smeared across his upper lip. A large red mark on the side of his head and steaks of dirt that had collected in his abundant tears. He jumped from his seat and was in my lap with his arms around my neck before I could say hi.
    The waitress stood beside the table with her ticket book in hand ready to take our order. "Is this something I want to know about?" She asked as the boy kissed my cheek, over and over. He had a death grip on my neck and I am sure that my face was red and my eyes were popping out of their sockets from the strangle hold he held me in.
    "Have you been following the Rothsfeld case in your local news?" She nodded, "this is one of the victims. I am the cop that busted Rothsfeld and his whole operation."
    Gerry used the corner of her apron to wipe at the blood on young Vic's face. "What will you guys have?"
    "How about some comfort food? Would you like a cup of hot chocolate? With maybe some whipped cream?"
    "Could I have a double chocolate milk shake?" he looked at me.
    "With some whipped cream on it and a cherry on top?" His smile lit up his whole body.
    "Milk shake or malt?" Gerry asked, "malt always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy." Malt was decided and she was away then back in minutes with a large glass of the confection and the metal container from the mixer with enough for two refills. She also handed Vic a warm, clean rag to wash his face. "Gerry? short for Geraldine?" She smiled at me and pointed at her name badge. "Well, Gerry, Victor says that he would like to have a grilled cheese sandwich with dill pickles on the side and an order of french fries. Would you make that two of each for us, please?"
    Vic was trying to wash at his face and then he handed me the rag. I lifted his chin so that I could see better and cleaned the dried blood up in his nose and wiped his tear stained cheeks. He looked better as he tackled the malted milk shake.
    "I haven't had ice cream in two years." My heart jerked in my chest. I had to fight grabbing the boy and squeezing him. "Are you really Branden and Frank's new dad and Jace too?"
    "Yes. Did you know them before?" I already knew that they had all gone to school together when Vic's girlfriend got pregnant and then both of them disappeared. The girl's father told everybody that they had run away to have their baby when all of the time he had sold the girl to Rothsfeld to pay off a debt he owed the man. I was so going to see him swing by his balls.
    "Yeah, me and Branden had bunches of classes together."
    "But you're the same age as Frank and Jace."
    "Yeah, I was in school with Jace, but I got held back." His head was down again. I lifted his chin and held his head up.
    "Don't be ashamed of your life, Vic. These things happen."
    "No, you don't understand. We moved up here so she could marry that cretin that likes to hit on me all the time. He wouldn't let me go to school. I had so many bruises on me from his beatings that he made me stay home most days. He hates me. His kids can do anything. I can't even have two slices of bread on my sandwich. I missed so much school in the seventh grade that they made me take it again. That's when I met Branden."
    Oops, 'scuse me? Gerry had his attention with the food. I had the police on the phone. Cretin sounds about right. He'll wish he had any bread on his sandwich or was able to keep his sandwich for himself where he is going. Men in that place don't like men who hit little boys, at all. Life was about to do a turn around for him.
    "So where did you and mom move from?"
    "And my sister. She don't live with us no more. He ran her off a long time ago. I think she went back to Arkansas to be with my granny. That's where we come from. A place called Fayetteville. My mom left my dad in Indiana. He has a boyfriend there, so mom says."
    "Ah, home of the Razorbacks. Fine football team. Good school." I'll find out about the dad later.
    "You know the hogs, man? I love them guys. I want to go play football there when I go to college."
    Officer Morris walked up. "You called for the police."
    "Yes sir, this young man was assaulted in the parking lot out here by his stepfather. I'm sorry, I cleaned the blood off of his face not thinking."
    "What's your relationship to the boy."
    "Absolutely none. We know each other from a court case that we have both been witnesses in the last few months."
    "The Rothsfeld case. Sick bastard. Let's see some ID."
    Gerry walked up and told him that she had seen the whole incident. She told him that Mr. Yeltsing was yelling at little Vic and cursing him. The manager had to ask them to leave. They got out to the parking lot and would not open the door for Vic to get in the car. He started yelling at them and Mr. Yeltsing got out of the car and went around and started swinging at the boy, striking him over and over. She told him that they called the police, but no one showed up."
    Morris seemed to tense up I hit the alert button on my radio to turn on my homing beacon.
    My inner survival mode kicked in. Something nagged at me to pull out my badge. I passed my badge case over to officer Morris. He took one look at the ID then up at me and laid the case down. I picked it up and stuck it in my shirt pocket as he took off on me and Vic.
    "This is that little homo boy they found overseas somewhere. You are the guy that got my brother-in-law fired. Now he can't get no work and his kids is hungry. I ought to…" He pulled back his fist as a man in a black uniform grabbed his arm. He spun on the before unseen man to face two FI agents, and his Lt. was walking in the door.
    The Lt. wanted to know what was going on. Morris yelled at him that I was "the bastard what got Ernie shit canned so as now he can't feed his kids." The Lt. walked him outside. We watched Morris drive off.
    I know the brother-in-law. He was one of two deputies that stood by and watched Rothsfeld take his wrath out on his faggot son. I managed to get the two of the them charged as accomplices in attempted murder and felony child abuse. They are guests of the state in a quiet gated community with heavy security around them. I understand that they have a twenty year, all expenses paid vacation.
    The police Lieutenant came back inside. The two FI agents saluted me then passed the Lt. at the door as they left. "Now, I guess we got a call about an assault on a kid?"
    Gerry knew the man and she let loose on him. She told him how they had called an hour before as the assault was occurring, but they had no response. Then Morris walks in here shouting and attacking her customers. She was a good one to have on your side in a battle. I would hate to go up against that girl.
    We made our report. I told the officer that I was going to take Victor into my custody and that we would be available for questioning. I told him we were in town for a double wedding and would be here for about two weeks.
    I took Vic back up to the house with me and we quietly slipped into an empty bed in the attic. That was the last time we were quiet for about two hours. I fucked the holy living shit out of him as I let every frustration in me move through my dick. That boy knew a lot about man sex. I will have to talk to him some more in the daylight. The boy is a loud screamer and he loves to talk dirty while he rides the meaty pony. My ears were hurting he was so loud. I knew that we would have to answer to the others because there is no way that they were asleep through all of that.
    Sure enough I heard the snickers as I rolled aside to catch my breath. "Damn, that sounded hot. You got me ready to go again and I already did, twice." Luke giggled as Ģer cuffed his arm. Vic had the sheet up to just below his eyes as he stared at Luke's waving member. I told the boys to come on over and meet a friend. Everybody was up for a meating as they crowded around the bed. Vic had pulled the sheet down as he looked over each boy. His eyes had stopped on Kyle and Chad. He is a size queen. I could tell by the looks on their faces that there would be no sleeping until they knew who Vic was. I yanked the sheet from over him letting all eyes check out his sexy fifteen year old body. His wilted willy lay softly in a pool of his own drying boi juice that I had not had the opportunity to clean up for him.
    He locked eyes on Branden. Branden ran to the bed and jumped the boy. They shared their first ever kiss with each other. Vic told the boys of the evening's adventures. They all looked at me. Was there a new boy in the family? He shared some of his times in Morocco with Dimitri and Fesell. They had met the cargo plane with him and four other kids on it. His girlfriend and one other girl and two more boys, one thirteen and one twelve. Their mother sold them to their landlord for the back rent.
    I asked if these kids were rescued. He told me that all except the one girl and his baby had been in the courtroom with us during the trial. I remembered a pair of young brothers who sat with a lady who appeared to be a social worker, if appearances can reveal that sort of thing. I heard that they were living with the aunt and uncle in Vermont. Brenda was the girlfriend. She was back home with her mother. Her father was in jail awaiting trial for his sins. I made a note to send the prosecutor all of the help that I could to have that man join Everett Rothsfeld.
    It was almost three AM. I asked Vic if he was going to bed with his three old friends. "Could I just stay with you tonight? We can talk tomorrow, right guys? They smiled. Back to bed we went and Vic wanted another pony ride. He whispered to me that he didn't really like boys. He had always had a fantasy for men and he had enjoyed the sex for the last fifteen months. Who am I to argue? He is neat and sweet with meat ready to eat. Ahhhh. Ain't I cute?

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