Chapter 172


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Chapter 172
    Friday the thirtieth of May was the first day of the long summer break for the boys. The day is special to several of us and we had plans for the daylight hours. There are three large cemeteries in town that have special sections set aside for Veterans of the armed services and we were going to visit as many graves as possible before noon to set out small American flags. We had compiled a list of nursing homes and shelters about town that had several Veterans in residence that we could visit with during the afternoon.
    We filled nine cars with boys to go to the cemeteries then broke up in pairs for the personal visits. By four all of us had returned to the house as the boys looked forward to meeting Jay Jay and Dwyer's school friend. Tim Evers promised to tell the story of his young hero and from what my boys had told me it was going to be a great story for our evening story time.

If you perverts are ready for this then I get to do the honors. Forgive me, I was only kidding, but dad said that I was rude to call you perverts perverts. I tried to explain that the only reason that you are reading this super long story in the first place is that you want to exercise your minds. He doesn't like my humor. Okay I'm getting on with it.
We really want you to hear the story of Tim Evers and Ken Worth, they told the family a good story, but they both told it, at the same time. I got really confusing and all of were crying through most of it because it is a very sad, hot fuck story and I told dad that to tell it the way we heard it would get to be a real mess for you to read so dad got a great idea. That is why he is dad.
I was typing what those two were saying and I had a recorder going so I know that I got all of the words. But dad asked them to stay overnight and work with me so that we can tell everything in the proper order. As a treat dad took them with us on the maiden flight of our new family airplane… Oh, dad says to wait to tell you about that so here is the first part of the KW and Tim story. It is pretty long so I broke it up for you. I don't want you to overwork your mind, it might get raw and sore on you. Alright, dad, I'm writing.—Your favorite editor, Jimmy Watkins

    Janet and Tim walked to the bus stop. She had her hands wrapped around his thick bicep and her head lay on the taut muscle. He was her badge of achievement. She showed her trophy boy off as often a she could. With the conquest of this, the hottest kid in the senior class, her popularity quotient was off the scale. She paraded him to all the spots where the ins were. All eyes were on them as she made her grand entrance. The girls were jealous over the fact that this wannabe trollop had captured the hunky guy.
    The boys were jealous. Not over Janet, but over Tim. They all wanted what he had. Some coveted his looks, some his body. Many coveted his cock, some lusted for it. Tim was legend. He was well known to all of the jocks. He was the center of their attention in the locker room. Yeah, he was a talented athlete, but he was also aclown that everybody wanted to emulate.
    Tim showed no modesty as he almost strutted from his locker to the showers and back, his six inch soft cock swinging its way before him. Many asked themselves if he was a shower or a grower. Those that had been privileged to witness testified that he was a super grower. His six inches had stiffened on many occasions as the banter in the shower had gotten steamier than the hot water coming out of the shower heads.
    Tim was a clown, with a joke for everything. His best jokes took place in the confines of the locker room as he kept the other guys laughing. "Hey John. Look at Ronny. Did you ever cum across a whiter set of teeth?"
    "Oh, Mark, did you find a quarter on your pillow this morning?" After a negative reply he would continue, "Sorry I forgot to pay you. I'll double up tonight."
    Slapping Andy on the ass he sang out, "Andy is a friend of mine, he will blow me anytime. For a nickel or a dime, fifteen cents for overtime." No one took offense to Tim. This was just him and he did it to everyone. He never singled anyone out. In fact he would be the first to the defense of anyone being picked on. He had beaten the last bully in the school badly when the guy picked on a sweet talking kid in his class the year before. He would not tolerate bullies.
    "Carl, if you woke up and found Vaseline on your ass would you tell anyone?" Again a no. "Can I spend the night with you?" His jokes were lewd and crude, but they elicited the laughter that Tim lived for. He was happiest when those around him laughed at his jokes. It made him feel as though he wasimportant.
    "Bobby, I hear you and a friend of yours were down to the morgue last night. You go down there for a cold one?"
    "Hey Harry, is it true? You really had hinges put on your front teeth so that they fold back out of the way. That is so sweet dude, I love a caring cock sucker."
    "Oscar is the only guy I know that goes out and gets two blow job and comes back to give me one."
    "Have you guys seen how cute the back of Tom's neck is. I love blowing him. Yeah I blow him right behind his ears as I fuck that tight end of his."
    "Speaking of tight ends. Tim, you may be tight on the football field, but you'll always be my wide receiver, baby."
    "Jeff and I were running in the park one day. We saw a dog licking his dick. I said, "Hey Jeff, don't you wish you could do that?" He said, "Yeah, but I'm afraid he might bite me."
    "Hey coach, I wasn't slighting you. You have the most polished knees. Must be from your kneeling to worship at my Y." Sometimes the banter got his ass in a sling. The coach wasn't impressed. He made Tim report to his office. When the boy entered he saw two well worn spots on the floor in front of the coach's desk where many boys had stood to get their ass chewing from many coaches through the years. "Hey coach is this where you kneel to suck?"
    "No that's where you play lion. You bend over and roar while I throw the meat to you." The door was still open and the class heard that one. The laughter still hadn't stopped when the bell rang, ending class.

    Tim didn't really like Janet. She was a real bitch. She was possessive and dominating. He needed a girl friend to please his equally bitchy mother, another dominating creature in his life. Tim never had a queer thought in his head, but he did not like girls and could well do without them. Well maybe. He thought himself a misogynist, a man who can't stand women, but can't live without them. He had no sexual desires toward anyone, female or male, but he needed a girl to make himself appear normal.
    Janet was ragging on and on about some big social event coming up. The two of them stood at the bus bench away from the large group of students gathered there. He was so out of tune with her as his thoughts ran to nothing. He heard a loud noise to his right and suddenly he felt himself shoved into Janet. He unceremoniously fell on top of her strewing her books and his across the sidewalk.
    As he fell he planned his revenge on the asshole that had pushed him. Suddenly a car flashed past him and crashed somewhere nearby. He was helped up by some of the other students who were going on about how KW had saved his life.
    A man yelled from the front of the car which was wrapped around a tree. "There's a kid under here." Without thinking Tim ran to the front of the car to see the top of a boy's head under the steaming car. He yelled at the others around and got everybody to lift. They moved the car enough that the boy underneath could be safely pulled from the stream of scalding water pouring from the busted radiator of the car.
    Tim saw others trying to get a woman out of the car. She was cussing and swinging at everyone as she yelled that she was in hurry and she needed to get going. They would have to get together later if they wanted to talk to her. Her breath was enough to intoxicate anyone near enough to smell it.
    About that time the paramedics arrived as well as a police car. The bus stopped, but the police would not let anyone get on until they got names and statements. Tim learned that his savior was a tiny freshman by the name of Kenneth Worth. He was small, but he was a born leader. With the name of one of the nations most powerful trucks, KENWORTH, he naturally took on the well known moniker of that company, KW. Tim had heard of KW. KW's leadership of the underclassmen had become legend. He was known as a powerhouse speaker and a great organizer. Even though a freshman his reputation was widely known.
    Tim went home and begged his parents to take him to the hospital. After hearing the story his mother agreed to drive him over. Tim entered the emergency room area and saw a woman sitting by herself, crying. He moved toward her as a man came up and sat down beside her. "He is out of surgery and they say he is going to be okay. The doctor will be out in a minute or two." Both of them were crying.
    Tim stepped up, "Are you the Worths?" They nodded at him. "Kenneth saved my life today and I want to be here. You think he is okay?"
    Mr. Worth looked at the tall muscular boy with the tears streaming down his young face. He stood and put his arms around his shoulders and said, "Of course you can be here." Kenneth's mom moved to Tim, but fell to her knees. The two men went down with her and wrapped their arms around each other.
    "I don't know Kenneth. I don't know if I have ever seen him, but he put himself in my place and saved my life and now he is here." The sobs could be heard all over the E. R. as the tears fell like rain to the cold tile floor.
    Tim was aware of a man's legs behind Mr. Worth. He looked up into the face of a doctor who smiled down at him. The three kneeling mourners stood up. The doctor indicated that they should sit down as he took a seat facing them. "Ken is a fighter. He is going to be fine. I have had to immobilize him and I am going to keep him in the hospital for at least a week. He will need somebody to be with him twenty four hours a day. Can you arrange to sit with him or should we hire a private duty nurse?"
    "I'll do it. I will stay with him. He saved my life I want to be there for him."
    "Are you his brother?" Tim shook his head no. "Ahhhh, are you perhaps Tim?" Tim nodded. "Son, he has been asking about you. He wants to know if you are okay. Are you hurt? Did you make it? We didn't know what to tell him, but he is worried about you. I think you need to be there when he wakes up. He is sedated now and in the recovery room He should be awake in about a half an hour if you could be there."
    "Yes, yes I'll be there. You can't stop me."
    The doctor made Tim calm down and tell him the story. He was impressed. Tiny Ken was every bit of four foot nine with barely eighty pounds on his little body and he had pushed this six foot two athlete weighing close to two hundred pounds to safety. Ken was quite a boy in the doctor's eyes. Tim assured him he was in his eyes also. The Worths were impressed. They had no idea what had occurred. No one had talked to them.
    Tim's mom had come in from parking her car in the furthest parking lot on the hospital grounds. She sat quietly listening to what had happened. She was moved.
    The doctor told them that they should work out shifts to sit with Ken. He explained that Ken was in a cast from his neck to his waist. His arms were in casts to his wrists. Ken had seven broken ribs and possibly neck and spinal injuries. It was a miracle that there were no internal injuries. He was burned over much of his neck and face. The hot water had scalded him, but another miracle, they were second degree burns and would not leave permanent scars. He had the perfect imprint of a license plate on his tiny chest. Pictures had been taken for the police and copies would be given to the family in case they might want to consider any legal action.
    The doctor went on to explain the need for an attendant. "Ken won't be able to do for himself. He is, for all intents and purposes, a temporary paraplegic. He cannot feed him self or scratch his nose. He cannot go to the bathroom without help and won't be able to reach the call button for a nurse. Whoever stays with him will have to help with a urinal or bedpan and call for a nurse to finish up for him. You won't have to handle him, just be there to call a nurse. You will need to feed him and give him a drink of water as he needs it though."
    No one had a problem. The doctor left them to work out a schedule and told Tim he would be back in a few minutes to take him over to the recovery room. Tim wanted to be able to stay all of the time, but nobody was going to hear of that. After much arguing it was decided that Mrs. Evers, Tim's mom, would stay through the day. She did not work. She volunteered at the food bank and at a women's shelter and wherever needed. She had the time.
    Mr. Worth would come after work so Beth Evers could go home to fix dinner for Tim then bring him back around nine, thus giving him time to eat and do his homework. Everybody insisted that his school work was the most important mission he had. He suggested getting Ken's work from his teachers so that he wouldn't get behind. He also said that he could tutor Ken to keep him up with his class. That was a plan. The adults smiled their appreciation. Mrs. Worth would come in around five thirty or six and take Tim home then she would sit until Beth would come in around ten. It seemed like a workable schedule.
    The doctor came for Tim and gave directions to the others so they could find the recovery room. As soon as Ken was awake and aware he would be moved into a private room and they could see him there.
    Tim stood beside Ken's bed holding the boy's tiny hand in his. A plaster cast encased the youngster from his neck to midway down his body. Tim couldn't tell how far the cast went because the sheet covered the bottom of it. Ken's arms were stretched out before him with plaster casts down to his wrists. There were steel rods sticking out of the body cast and stretched to Ken's wrists, helping to hold the arms in the position the doctor felt best. More steel rods stuck out of the top of the cast and a metal band encircled the small boy's head. Screws went through the rods and bands attached around Ken's head, holding it in place. Tim marveled at how small the boy was. Just four years his junior, but he looked like a grade schooler. A chair was provided for him, but he chose to stand so that he could look on the bandaged face of his new best friend. Yes, he was going to be the friend, provider and protector of his young hero for the rest of the school year. He may make arrangements to go back to tenth grade the next year so that he could be there for the kid.
    Kid? No, this was no kid. He had the foresight and the courage to put himself in danger to protect a stranger. He had seen the car coming and he knew that Tim was in danger. He chose to push Tim away knowing full well that he himself would be in the danger zone. What did the Christ say? "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Well, Ken had shown his love and for an absolute stranger. What would he do for his friends?
    Tim felt the tiny hand in his stir. He looked into the eyes of the frail boy on the bed before him. Ken blinked as his eyes focused. "You're okay. Oh, I am so glad."
    Tim couldn't help himself. He bent over and kissed the boy on his forehead. "Thanks man. You're the greatest." Both boys blushed at the kiss, but looked at each other with a look of fascination. "Ken, I am going to be with you until you get well. I am going to stay here in the hospital at night so if you need anything I can help you."
    "You don't need to do that. They have nurses here. I am not going to stay anyway. I have a major test tomorrow and Mr. Stark already told us that it would be fifty percent of our grade. He told us that there would be no make up test. If we miss this test we need to transfer to study hall because we will fail the year."
    "Tim, hush. Mr. Stark is a blow-hard; in more ways than one, I hear. He will let you make up the test. This is not your fault. You are the hero and the victim." The boys continued to talk until two orderlies came up to take Ken to his room. Tim walked alongside holding Ken's hand as often as he could. He stood aside as the two men transferred Ken into the bed in the pediatrics ward. Ken was in one of the few private rooms.
    Ken's parents came in and fawned all over their son. Tim's mom, Beth, came in and was introduced to Ken. The three adults turned on Tim and told him to go home. He had homework and dinner to do. He could come back later and spend the night, but now he was on Mr. Worth's time. Tim kissed his young hero on the forehead again and left with his mother.
    A few minutes to ten Tim walked into KW's room. Mr. Worth rose and greeted the boy. He told him that KW had been sleeping most of the time. He had eaten very little, but this was to be expected until the anesthesia wore off. He said that the doctor didn't expect much out of the boy until the next morning. He gathered up his stuff and prepared to leave.
    Mr. Worth reached out to shake Tim's hand. Tim grabbed the man and gave him a big hug. "Ken's gonna be okay, ya know. He's gonna be fine. I'll kill him if he isn't." A tear ran down the big muscular boy's face.
    "I am the one that should be hugging you, son. You are giving up so much for my son. I can't begin to tell you how much that means to Ken's mother and me." He just dropped everything he had in his hands and pulled the boy into a tight embrace as both of them let their silent tears flow. Finally Mr. Worth pulled away. He once again gathered his things and walked out the door.
    Tim turned to the bed to gaze upon the tiny bandaged face and the body with the huge cast that was much bigger than the boy it encompassed. "It's about fucking time he left. I was so fucking bored. You looked good, hugging my dad." KW was awake and grinning from ear to ear.
    "What's going on?"
    "Hey, I love my old man, in his place, but he is a major bore. If I had to lay here and listen to him all evening I would end up in the mental ward." He laughed at his own joke.
    "Let me call over there and make a reservation. Your dad has the early evening shift for as long as you are going to be here." KW moaned and rolled his eyes.
    Tim pulled up a chair and sat so that he could look at KW and KW could see him, sort of. They talked about everything, except why KW had pushed Tim away. He was not ready to go there. Tim learned that KW loved history and math. Tim's worst subjects. KW was honor roll throughout his school life.
    KW loved to read. He liked to run. He checked out talking books to play as he ran five miles every morning. Tim loved to run. He left home at five o'clock every morning and ran the seven miles to school. He would dress out and wait on the field for the rest of the team to show up for football practice, usually running laps or doing calisthenics as he waited.
    Tim noticed that KW was having wood trouble. As the two boys talked little Ken would rise up then lay back down causing the sheet to tent up. After awhile the tent stayed up. "I see that the circus has come to town."
    "Really, I love the circus. All of those animals…"
    "No dude." Tim nodded toward KW's erection. KW looked down, but could not see over his heavy body cast. "I'm talking about the tent in your bed. It looks like the circus has put up the main tent." Still getting a blank look he said, "Your penis is standing up straight. You have a hard-on man."
    KW giggled. "I knew what you were talking about. I just wanted to watch you try to explain it. I have to piss. I get hard when I can't go right away."
    Tim looked around. He remembered what the nurse had told him about how to place the urinal. He spotted the chrome object under the bedside table. He picked it up and stood next to KW's bed. Slowly he lifted the sheets. He let out a gasp as he looked at the boy's naked body. "Fuck man, you are huge."
    "Just seven and a half inches of thick, uncut, man meat just waiting for a hot jock to grab it, skin it back and put it in the piss pot."
    "Shit your dick is the same size as mine, but it looks huge on you." Tim blushed as he realized what he had just said. He could tell that KW was having trouble. He reached over and wrapped his hand around the turgid cock. A thrill shot through his body such as he had never known. He slid the ample foreskin back and stared at the amazing purple head of the youngster's cock. He had to bend the hard rod over to place it in the urinal. He didn't want pee to get all over the place or to soak the bed. With much pushing from KW, Tim felt the urine begin to flow through the massive meat in his hand. For some reason he was as hard as he had ever been and he didn't want to let go of the cock in his hand.
    The door opened and a matronly looking nurse walked in. "Oh, good, he's awake. You're doing a good job there son. Thank you for helping." She walked to the bathroom and wet a wash cloth. She came back to the bed and took the urinal from Tim and he stepped aside so that he could watch. When KW had finished his part of the operation the nurse moved the urinal away. She sat it on the table then took the wash cloth and washed KW's cock and crotch. She washed down deep between his legs then fanned the area with a dry wash cloth to dry the moisture.
    She emptied and rinsed the urinal then returned it to the bottom of the table. She checked KW's vitals then turned to Tim. "It is after eleven o'clock. The doctor put his orders in that you are to be getting your sleep. If Mr. Worth needs you he will call you and wake you up." Tim looked around the room. The nurse smiled. In the corner was a big, boxy chair. She walked over and pulled the top cushion. It was a tri-fold cushion chair/bed. Opened out it made a regular twin sized bed. She took two sheets and a pillow out of the closet and handed them to Tim. "Good night." With that she left.
    Tim sat down on the makeshift bed. It was pretty comfortable. He removed his shoes and socks and put them out of the way. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on a chair. He stood up to remove his pants. KW strained to see, but it was impossible. Tim turned out the lights and lay down. He was very tired and fell asleep almost at once. His dreams haunted him. He had never had a sexual dream before. This one was erotic, exotic and nice. It was queer. He sat up in his bed. He had been dreaming about…he couldn't even say it in his mind.
    Tim fell back into a fitful sleep. He had the same dream again. He jerked awake as he became aware that he had just had a nocturnal emission. He felt the front of his boxers and they were wet. Disgusted with himself he rose and quietly slipped into the bathroom. He removed his boxers and rinsed them out. He took a wash cloth and cleaned himself as he mulled the dream over in his mind. He was lusting after a little fourteen year old youngster with a humongous cock. KW had captured his very being. He couldn't get over the way the hard penis had felt in his hand. He wanted to hold it some more. He wanted to do more with it. But what? What can you do with another boy's cock? He sat down on the toilet seat and began to cry.

    The next day at school went fairly well. Many kids came up to him to tell him that they were glad that he was okay. Then they would praise KW and his heroic act. Tim wanted to get away from all of this. He went to the office and obtained a permission slip to see each of KW's teachers. He talked to each one and learned where they were in their class work. He obtained assignments for each class. Mr. Stark was really mellow. Tim had never seen the man like this. Mr. Stark told Tim that he would work with KW and help him to make up the missed test.
    A cute kid walked up to Tim, "Are you going to see Ken? I have his books and notebook from the bus stop. I took them home with me yesterday. I was going to take them to his house tomorrow, but if you…" Tim went with the kid to retrieve the books from the boy's locker.
    By lunch time Tim had everything he needed. He gathered all of KW's books and his own and set out to walk home. His best friend, Josh, was driving by the front of the school as Tim came through the doors. Tim called out to Josh. He stopped and gave Tim a ride home. Tim played the night's events over and over in his mind. Finally he looked at Josh.
    "Uh, dude. I…ah…have a question that I need to ask. Oh, fuck. I'm sorry. It is so…shit."
    "Hey, out with it. We have known each other since first grade. There is nothing we can't talk about and you know it. I would never rat you, man. Tell me."
    "I can't. Not here. Can you come in awhile."
    "Nah. Not today. I am picking up the old lady to take her down for dialysis. That's like all day man. Can we get together tomorrow?" Josh looked at his buddy. He put his hand on Tim's shoulder. "Look, I'm sorry, man. I want to help you. I hope you know that. I do love you, man.".
    Tim nodded and got out of the car. "Tomorrow then." He moped his way into the house, lugging his double load of books. The house was empty. He put KW's books by the front door then headed to his room. He was…what? He didn't know what he was. He got naked. He walked over to his huge walk in closet. He could pull the pins on the two end closet doors causing them to swing out and form a three way mirror. Each door was four feet wide and eight feet tall. He had a full view of himself. He could pull the doors to the correct angle and even see his ass.
    He slipped in a CD and began a very sensual striptease. He was enjoying exposing his hard body before the mirrors as he danced to the rhythm of the music. He flexed and posed his huge muscled chest and shoulders. He was proud of his body. The workouts, the running, they had all added up to a buff and cut body that anyone would envy. He was down to his briefs. He had felt like he couldn't trust himself this morning and had worn the tight underwear to hide anything that might come up. He had come up. He was sporting a full blown erection that seriously pushed against the fabric of the cotton underwear. The head of his cut cock stuck out over the waist band. The shape and color fascinated his imagination.
    The last clothing article slipped down his legs as he moved his hands under the elastic band and pushed. His cock was slowly revealed and suddenly he was in love with the huge piece of meat sticking out proudly from his sandy colored bush. He let the pants fall away and kicked them across the room. He loved the deep V shape of his torso as his abs tapered into his thirty inch waist. His stomach was hard and ridged with a strong eight pack. He could take Josh's full force blow to his stomach and never flinch. His skin was smooth and flawless with no hair to speak of. Even his treasure trail could barely be discerned with its light colored hair running in a thin line to the focal point of this day's fascination.
    He turned and looked at his perfect butt. Yes, he could see what others had said for years, he had a perfect bubble butt. Even at seventeen his buns were tight and high, forming twin symmetrical globes at the top of strong, muscular thighs. He had no idea what his sudden fascination with his body was, but he could not tear his eyes from the reflection of his perfection.
    He turned his back to the mirrors and bent over. Staring back through his splayed legs he had a view of his ass and the back of his balls. His cock hung almost three inches below the low hanging bag of his scrotum. He placed his hands on the cheeks of his butt and spread them wide apart. He jockeyed for the correct angle and stared in amazement at his tiny pink nether region. He had never seen his ass hole before. He was overcome with a strong desire to kiss it. Since this was a distinct impossibility he thought of something else. He put a finger against his hole and pushed.
    Damn, that hurt. His finger went nowhere. Lube, that's what it needs, some lubricant. He put his finger in his mouth and got it wet then pressed against his ass hole again. He watched as he felt and saw his finger push inside himself. It was still tight and too dry. He pulled his finger out and wet it again, this time he got it seriously wet. He got a hint of a taste from his finger that put him in actual sexual heat. He was anxious to get that finger in his ass, now.
    He put the wet digit against the tiny opening and pushed. His finger went all the way in. He let out a gasp as he felt the invader go opposite of anything to ever pass this way before. It felt nice. He wiggled his finger about and felt the velvety moist tissue inside. This made his cock drip on his chin. He wished he could kiss his cock. "Hey, I'm not a pervert, am I? Why am I having these weird thoughts? I want to kiss my ass hole. I want to kiss my cock. What's happening to me?" he thought.
    His finger was dry. He couldn't move it like before. Dare he wet it again? It has been in his ass. What would it taste like? He put his finger in his mouth and nursed on it, seriously seeking the not too unpleasant taste. He put the well moistened digit back to his hole and let it slide in of its own accord. Ohhhhh, that feels so good. He shoved the finger as far as it would go. More, more, he wanted more. He moved his finger around. A bolt of lightening shot through his body. What was that? The prostate. He had heard of the prostate and that it was a sensual organ. Was that what he had touched? He touched it again. Pre-cum poured from his now hard cock. He pointed his cock at his upside down face. He pushed at his prostate. Pre-cum poured into his mouth. He moved the slimy liquid around on his tongue. Not bad. Not too much of a taste. He had to have more.
    He got down on the floor. He put his ass toward the mirror and lifted his legs up on the cold glass. He kept pushing his legs up as he worked his body toward the glass. He felt his cheeks contact the cold surface. He was as far forward as he could get. He let his legs drop down over his head. He moved about and was able to line his cock up with his mouth. He pushed his legs back further. His cock was against his lips. He opened his mouth. Three inches moved inside. Pre-cum flowed across his tongue. He was in total lust. He moved again and clamped his lips on a solid five inches of his own cock.
    He put his finger against his ass hole and it went right in. The combined sensation of his cock in his mouth and his finger in his ass sent his body in convulsions. He ejaculated a massive load of sperm-filled cum directly into his gaping throat. He continued to suck on his cock as more and more of his ejaculate was released. He could feel his prostate pulsing against his finger with every spurt of the juice going into his mouth. His orgasm dwindled. He realized that he could not breathe. He rolled to his side and pushed away from the mirror so that he could straighten his body. As his heart rate normalized and his breath became even he pulled his finger back to his mouth. He nursed on it as sleep overcame him.
    He awakened a little later. He got up off the floor, it was two o'clock. He walked naked through the house, something that he had never done before. He went to the kitchen to get a cold Coke from the refrigerator. There was something else there. Three cucumbers lay on the bottom shelf. Two were a little bigger than his cock. The third was quite a bit smaller, maybe six inches long and about five inches around. Could he get that up his ass? He took it to his bedroom.
    This time he locked his door. He went to his bathroom. He found some Vaseline. He always heard about Vaseline being used for sex. He would try it. He sat on the edge of his bed and drank the Coke, eyeballing the green vegetable. Did he really want to do this? Yes. Why? What had happened to him? He held a sick little boy's dick in his hand as the boy peed in a metal container. Did that single act make him some kind of queer or something? He needed sex. He needed to hold that perfect dick again. He would, tonight. KW would have to pee and he would hold his beautiful boyhood in his hand as the boy released his urine. He had to do it.
    He opened the lube and slathered a large dollop on the smaller end of the curved veggie. He lay on his back and raised his legs. He reached between his legs and pushed a greased finger in his hole. Not a good angle. He rolled to his side and drew his legs up. He reached behind himself and shoved a large glob of lube inside the little pucker. He was finger fucking himself unconsciously. He realized what he was doing. He pulled his finger out and put lube on two fingers then pushed them back in. That was weird. He held them for a moment then began to fuck himself and spread his fingers wide. He knew he was far from the width of the cuke so he added a third finger. He felt himself stretched. After a few minutes of this he thought himself ready.
    He picked up the green invader and placed it against his hole. It took a lot of pushing then suddenly it pushed through. With it came pain such as he had never known. He straightened his legs and clenched his cheeks, squeezing the invader. Somehow this seemed to ease the pain. He lay like that for several minutes then reached back and pushed at the huge invader. It moved all the way inside him. A wave of euphoria swept though his body.
    He lay there feeling the sensation of fullness and thought that he had his own Veggie Tale. He laughed at his stupid joke. He rolled back to his back and reached between his legs. He grasped the end of the cuke and began to move it in and out. Oh, joy. He pushed at it and it hit his prostate. What bliss. He grasped his cock and began to stroke himself as he continued to pump his anal partner against his joy button. He thought about trying to suck himself again, but he kept going as he was. He shot a load of cum. He watched as it soared over his head. If the headboard of the bed had not been there he was certain that that load would have made it into orbit. Another shot passed his face and the next one landed in a steak from his eyes to his chin. Shot after shot covered his convulsing body. Two or more shots hit his face. He opened his mouth and caught enough to really give his taste buds a thrill. Then he just dribbled out the rest filling his pubes and coating his hand.He took his hand to his mouth and licked it clean. He liked the taste of his hot jizz. Did this mean he was queer?
    He pulled the cucumber from his ass. He looked at it. It wasn't dirty as he had expected. If it wasn't covered in Vaseline he would have liked to have tasted of it. He walked to his bath. He looked at his cum streaked face and chest. He wiped his hand through the mess and looked at it. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked it clean. He looked back at the mirror and began to cry. He washed his face and chest then returned to his bed. He rolled up in a full fetal ball and cried himself to sleep.
    The next time he awakened it was dark outside. He got up and took a long hot shower. Dressed he went out to the kitchen to graze. His mother had a large pot of homemade beef and noodles on the stove, Tim's favorite. He got himself a bowl and a large chunk of hard bread. He sat down to eat. "You look like you're rearing to go," his mother said as she walked in the room.
    "Yeah, I took a long nap. Tomorrow is Saturday and I know you have a lot to do so I thought I would rest up now and then I could stay with KW tomorrow also." His mom kissed him on top of the forehead, out of character for her, but what the hey, he'll take it.
    She dropped him off at the hospital and he carried all of KW's books up to the boy's room. KW was feigning sleep as Tim walked in. Tim was talking to Mr. Worth and was facing the bed. He saw KW peek to be sure that his father was not looking his way. He smiled at Tim and rolled his eyes at his old man. Tim stifled a giggle as the boy continued to make faces.
    Mr. Worth gave Tim a big hug and a kiss on his cheek as he told him how much he and his wife loved him for what he was doing. He gathered his work and left leaving the two boys in a fit of giggles. Tim put Ken's books on the window seat and told the boy about the day at school. He told him how many people sent the best regards and that he was a real hero to most of the people he had talked to. Ken blushed in all of the proper places and tried to shine the praise away, but when Tim told him that gay Stark had been nice and said that he would help Ken make up his test Ken took on a different mood.

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