Chapter 186


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Amongst the newlywed couples that came to France after their honeymoons were the two couples from Albany. They had young bodies to deliver to us that had to take care of business in Albany. Teddy had to appear in court to testify against his mother's boyfriend. You may recall that Ted's mother had a boyfriend bye the name of Emerson that used the boy's body then sent him off to BAG Boys with a court order that he was to have no outside contact of any kind. No phone calls or mail, incoming or outgoing.
    When we located Teddy he was brought into the arms of his loving Vinney and he became a part of the family from the house of happy fairies. I had placed Teddy in contact with Tony Dogg and had him tell his story to the man. The wheels of justice sometimes grind slowly, but they do grind. Teddy gave his disposition to Tony after Christmas of 2006 then Tony had to prepare charges against Emerson.
    Blake Crossly was the district attorney at the time and he was ready and able to prosecute the man. The state carefully built its case against Emerson and then after several delays the man faced his day in court. His day came in late July of 2008 and stretched out over three actual days. The jury convicted him on all charges and he is facing seventy years to life on the charges brought against him. Kidnaping, false imprisonment, and child rape were amongst the headline charges that Teddy could remember hearing.
    Teddy wanted to celebrate and he wanted Vinney to be his back door man while he took up residence as the meat in the sandwich between his lover and me. I had not spent any time with the two boys since the rebuilding of βφτ house. We were in France where I had many boys wanting a special evening with me, but I can never turn down the needs of my close family

    First I needed to welcome the newlyweds to France. I embraced Adrian and Jessie with a hug and a kiss. I owe Edmund a huge debt for all that he does for the family so I was glad to embrace him and kiss his bride, Mitchell. I had purposely asked that they delay their sojourn to Nice in order that a family reunion could take place.
    They had with them the brother of young Garth, my Central Park rent boy. I was as anxious as the boys were to reunite the brothers, but I had kept it quiet around Garth that Garric had been found. Garric Dabny was enrolled in a very heavy summer course in electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge, just outside of Boston, MA. The former student at BAG Boys is working toward an electrical engineering degree at the school where my uncle Carl. and my good friend Andy, had both studied. After his investigation into the location of the boy Andy took special interest in him, Garric is worth watching.
    Andy told me, with envy in his voice, that Garric wears the Brass Rat. The heavy class ring is the badge of merit to students and alumni of the school. The ring is traditionally presented to a student in his sophomore year. Andy wore a Brass Rat as an undergraduate, but he wore it with the Beaver side down. He had started his higher education at the community college in Tucson then he completed a year at the university. Next he attended MIT for four semesters before moving on to schools in Europe. He found that the required subjects—GIRs—at MIT were not to his liking.
    I had asked JB to break it to Garric that his long lost brother had been found and was now safe as part of the ever growing student body of schools operating under the name of The Bradford Academies. Garric wanted to leave school and go to Albany at once, I would not allow that. JB would not allow that. JB reasoned with the boy and pointed out all of the hard work that he had completed to earn himself a 3.75 GPA and a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the most prestigious school of its kind in the world.
    At the time Garth was not in Albany, but at cliff house with Fedor and the family from the house of happy fairies. Cory tried to comfort me as I pondered ways to deal with the situation, but we both knew that I would have to go see the boy and set him straight. The perfect situation presented itself to me when Jay and Brad lured me into a few hours of personal time. René had convinced Jay that he needed to make a public proclamation of his love for Brad. She offered Jay a divorce so that he could legally marry his man, but Jay wasn't open to that suggestion. He had to prove himself by getting something straight between himself and his wife.
    The upstart of that liaison was René going home to Albany for the summer, with the baby Jaybee. FI-2 was sitting at the airport after our flight in with Cullen on board, I suggested to Jay that I could fly René and the baby home. I simply told them that I had business that I needed to attend to in Boston and it would be no problem to fly from Malibu to Tucson, pick up René, take her to Albany, then continue on to Boston. They both laughed at me, but were grateful for the offer. Brad had a request of his own.
    I was pleased at Brad's request, but surprised at the rapid reply from Lou. Brad wanted me to take Beejay along with me so that his family could enjoy time with the baby. I know that Becky has no desire to ever return to Albany and I wondered about Lou going alone. Lou had no intention of going along. She was eager to allow René to take her baby son for the summer and allow her and Becky to have some private time to settle a few things that stood between them. I find it difficult to understand a mother giving up her baby for such a long period of time.
    I kept quiet and let my thoughts remain my own. I knew that Brad's family would love to have the baby around and Brad's aged grandmother is beginning to feel the ravages of old age and having the baby nearby for two months, or so, would be a God sent treat for her

    Before dawn on Saturday morning June fourteenth I took off from Malibu with Pete sitting at the stick. I was thinking only of myself when I left Cory behind. I had a lot on my mind and wanted the five hours in the air to work things out. I would pay for that decision when I returned to California.
    René was waiting at the FI terminal in Tucson when Pete rolled the plane up to the door. Two agents helped her to load the babies into the carrier seats on the front bulkhead wall and we were airborne again in a minimum of time. I sat René in the seat across from me, the one that can convert into a conversation area. I took the seat facing her as we drank a cup of coffee and fed ourselves sweet rolls that Ģer had made for our trip.
    I was the first to learn that René was pregnant. She was only two weeks along, but she assured me that a woman can tell these things. I won't put that one down, I have learned that women are scarey creatures. Jay wanted to prove his love for his wife and René was open to his advances. She confided in me that she missed his attention from time to time, but it was the life that she had chosen for herself. I find a life of celibacy most frightening.
    Awaiting our arrival in Albany were three grandmothers, Emily Adams, Rosa Garcia, and Anita Garcia. I learned that they had driven Ricardo Garcia to the airport for his flight to California. He was on his way to straighten out his son and get to the bottom of his separation from his wife. I was glad that Ric was not with the women, I would have felt obligated to offer him a ride. I wanted the time alone from Albany to Boston, I wasn't thinking about the return flight

    With the two toddlers safely in the arms of the four women I asked Pete to pour on the horsepower and get me to Boston. Actual flight time was just under fifteen minutes, it was the waiting for permission to land that took an additional twenty minutes. I used that time to call JB and ask for anything that he could tell me about Garric that I might need to know when I met him face to face.
    Garric had been on the street and in the juvenile system since he had run away from his stepfather's sexual abuse at the age of thirteen. He was one of the original boys assigned to a summer camp at the future sight of BAG Boys in the summer of 2003. When the school opened he showed his hunger for an education by applying himself to his studies and was able to graduate in the spring of 2005 at the age of nineteen. I had to confirm with JB because the report that I had showed Garric graduating with the class of 2006. JB confirmed that Garric was one of two boys that graduated with the first class to complete high school at BAG Boys.
    His grades got him accepted on a trial basis to the campus at MIT where he applied himself with a fervor—a thirst for knowledge. By the time I located him he had completed seven arduous semesters at the school. He started directly out of high school at BAG Boys with six hours in summer school to get the freshman GIRs behind him so that he could apply himself to a rigorous schedule that would see him graduate by the fall of 2008. He has applied himself to a regimen of heavy study by carrying sixteen semester hours through the regular school year and as many hours as he can fit in during the summer semesters

    FI has a freight terminal at Logan International Airport where I was able to board a company helicopter for the last leg of my eastward trip. Pete saw to the plane being serviced then headed to the crew's quarters at the terminal for an hour or two of shut eye before we turned around and flew back to the west coast.
    A limousine was on standby when the chopper sat down and I was whisked straight over to the university's housing area. Garric was housed in his undergraduate suite on the twelfth floor of the MacGregor House. He had made plans to spend half of the summer traveling before deciding on his course of study for future graduate work. I had an idea that I would be involved in his future studies.
    Garric was waiting for me in the common room of entry G. He led me to a quiet corner where we talked for a few minutes then he showed me his suite that he shared with five other underclassmen. He proudly wears the school ring with the MIT seal and the year of graduation on a separate face from the large rectangular bezel bearing an image of a beaver. The Beaver is the mascot of the school as he is seen as the engineer of the animal world. Garric's class ring is complete with the personalized face of the department in which he graduated. I explained to Garric the need for him to remain at school for the remainder of his course of study. I told him about our gathering on the west coast without going into the part about the upcoming weddings that would begin in two days.
    I told him that the boys were going to be traveling about Europe, but that everyone would be in one place by the middle of August. That would give him time to complete his courses and then he would be able to join us. I knew that the time would be difficult for him. He had not seen his kid brother in nine years and he was anxious to go to him.
    I told him that I had not divulged his existence to Garth at that point. That surprised him and he wanted to know why. I explained that Garth had lived a hard life on the streets of New York and that he needed time to adjust to being warm and well fed for a little while. Garric wanted to know how Garth survived and I simply told him that he made it by his wiles and did whatever it took to find food and shelter each day. I didn't know if Garric was gay or only did his own survival routine, but it was not my place to out Garth. I will let the two boys get together in private and they can reveal whatever information that they wish to one another.
    Garric wanted to know why his mother had not provided for him. Garric knows that his mother killed herself, he attended her funeral. At the time Garth was listed as a runaway—whereabouts unknown. I told him that his mother had died without leaving a will so the estate was tied up in litigation. The state knew that Garric was a student at BAG Boys and JB was able to lock the estate down until his graduation. Five years had passed since Glenda Dabny had died, the estate was worth a sizeable amount of money, but JB was glad that he had locked it up in the courts. By finding Garth the estate could be settled on both boys and they would be set up for life

    I sat in my suite of rooms on the third floor, across the front of BAF. I had an unpleasant task to perform, but it had to be done. Boys can't keep their mouths shut and my fear was that somewhere along the line names would be blurted out and questions asked. That could create a problem if the facts were not known from the beginning.
    Sitting side by side Garric and Garth Dabny's relationship is unmistakable. No one could ever deny that they are brothers and of the same mother and father. Sure, I have several twin cousins in my family of students, but those two boys are as alike as brothers can be.
    Garric was two weeks into a graduate program that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the graduates of MIT and it only had four weeks more to run. To leave at that point would have hurt the boy in the future. The time was utilized to Edmund's advantage as he sorted out the actual relationship between the two boys and Miss Hillary. Time was also needed to confirm Garth's health. He had been on the street for five years and the possibility of an STD, or four, was very real.
    Garth accompanied Edmund and Mitchell, along with Adrian and Jessie for their weddings in California in June. Fedor was with them and he gave Garth the kind of attention that the former street boy needed. Garth and Fedor flew to France with the other students from BAW after the weddings were over. Now it was time to reunite the brothers.
    I had the two boys taken to different rooms and then I brought them together for a joyous reunion. Neither boy had known the whereabout of the other so they had a lot of filling in to do. They were allowed two days and nights to get acquainted again. I don't know about their activities, and I have no need to know. They are brothers and they had their own personal agenda.
    Now I had to fill the boys in on another relationship before the gayla birthday parties began and someone mis-spoke. I had Shane sitting with us as I tried to put my words together in my mind. At last I simply made the introduction.
    "Garth, Garric Dabny, I would like to introduce you to Shane Mason." I sat back and shut up. The two brothers looked at one another then at me then at Shane. Realization set in and I could see their minds working.
    "Shane Mason, as in our step-father?" It was Shane's turn to look from one to the other.
    Shane never knew his father or what had become of him. He grew up dreaming of a knight in shining armor that was searching high and low for his son. Shane's mother had changed his name to her maiden name of Zuckerman when she learned of the elder Mason's desires for the bodies of young boys. Shane Mason Sr. disappeared only to turn up later as the husband of Glenda Dabny.
    Shane Sr. had what his libido desired, two young stepsons living in his house. The molesting of Garric began when the boy turned eight and continued for five years. When he turned thirteen Garric ran away from home and ended up as a court assigned student in the first class at the new school of Bradford Academy for Gay Boys—BAG Boys—three years later.
    The elder Mason began to molest young Garth when he was seven years old. Four years later he was caught in the act by Glenda who called the police on him. Garth was sure that his mother was going to kill him for having sex with the man and he ran away at his first opportunity. I found him working as a rent-boy in Central Park in New York City in January of 2005. Chrisy and I used his body and the body of the boy that was with him and left him there. I found Big G in June when I went to New York City with Cullen for his TV interview.
    The three boys sat with their mouths open as I revealed those details to them, but I had more news for them; news that I was not sure how they were going to take. Garric had been notified of his mother's death, but not the circumstances. He was a minor and the state withheld that information from him. No one knew where Garth was, he had been reported as missing and the search was discontinued after a few weeks. Shane was not notified because his name had been changed and there was no record of the senior Mason having any living relatives.
    Shane told us that he didn't know if his father even knew about the death of his little brother, Shawn. Shawn was twelve when he was run over by a truck and killed while riding his bicycle with Shane at his side. Mr. Mason had been out of their house since shortly after Shawn's birth.
    Shane was saddened to hear about the death of his father, but more saddened to learn that his father had molested Garric and Garth. It proved what his mother had always said about his father, "He was a fag ass." I left the three boys to work things out amongst themselves as I went down to the dining hall and the birthday party preparations.
    I saw the three boys at the festivities later and I was told that the 'son is not responsible for the sins of the father.' Good wisdom and one that I am glad that the boys learned for themselves.

    Andy was only able to stay for a few hours. He had flown aboard FI-1 with the guys from Albany to Nice so that he could talk with Garric. Now he wanted my input. Andy wanted my input in a physical way as well so the two of us returned to my private suite, leaving Lyle to mix with the family.
    Garric is onto a revolutionary concept that he calls Hyperbole Technology. While a hyperbole—hyper buh lee—is a literary term meaning an obvious and intentional exaggeration, Garric has applied the title to his idea. He has made a breakthrough circuit that exaggerates the flow of electricity through it in such a way as to make it seem to be an impossibility.
    Andy is the electronics genius in the family and I leave such matters up to him. He was excited as he tried to explain how this Hyperbole Technology could amplify the FOSSEC and take it to a level that will defy imagination and reason. Finally he turned to me and told me that he needed me to handle matters that I was up to and to do it well. He had to return to New York before the day had ended, but he left Kyle to enjoy a few weeks of summer boy fun with his classmates. All of us are always happy to have Kyle amongst us

    Next I had to help two other boys discover their family within my family. I had thought about waiting until the family returned to Tucson, but there is always the chance that a personal visit might be wanted. I should not have concerned myself with that point, Gomeric has made his point pretty clear about his feelings for his mother. And if Pete had made anything painfully clear it was the fact that his mother wanted nothing to do with her youngest son, or oldest son either for that matter.
    Gomeric's fourteenth birthday will not occur until September nineteenth and the boy has no steady love interest. I thought that it would help to put the boy at ease to allow his cousins, Gus and Eric, to be with him. I also had Dean Fowler join us. Dean's father, Colonel Martin Fowler, is the elder brother of Major Chester Fowler. Gomeric has bonded with his older cousin and looks up to the young man with star filled eyes. Pete was the wild card that the other four boys could not fit into our meeting.
    Gomeric is the son of Major Chester and Heinrike Fowler. Major Fowler suffered an accident while stationed in Germany and moved his wife and son to America where he later died of his injuries. Gomeric was eight years old at the time of his father's death. Heinrike had a half brother by the name of Hiederick Heintz that was raising his four year old son, Gus, alone. She introduced Hiederick to Greta von Stubbens, Eric's mother, who was trying to raise a young son by herself after her husband had been deported from the United States as an undesirable personage.
    Greta and Hiederick married and the three young cousins became close friends. Eric was of no blood relation to the other two boys so when he was caught in a homosexual act with ten year old Gus he was beaten and chased from the home. Heinrike wanted to take her son away from the homosexual atmosphere and returned with him to her home in Germany.
    That part the boys already knew. What they were to learn is that Pete Engblahm is the son of Master Sargent Sven Engblahm and Heinrike Engels. Pete sought his mother out and learned that she had remarried after leaving Sven and her baby, Pete. She had married Chester Fowler and they had a son that they named Gomeric. Pete is Gomeric's older half brother.
    That bit of news sent all four boys into stunned shock then pandemonium set in. Pete was now blood related to Gus as well as Gomeric. Eric was considered as his little step-cousin and Dean was the cousin to all of them. I sat back and enjoyed the boys reaction as they began a knew phase of their relationship within the family from the house of happy fairies

    I couldn't tell a billionaire on his honeymoon where he could go and where he could not go, or could I? As hard as it is to believe Jace and Frankie found themselves bored in Hawaii. The young couple were the last to arrive in Nice and they arrived by boat, well actually aboard Voyageur Marin©. They told me that there were too many old fogies wherever they went in the islands and that they were looked upon with scorn.
    I suppose that I should have conditioned the boys to life in the real world. Homosexuals are not widely accepted. They are tolerated in certain areas where a large homosexual community exists, but few tourist areas are tolerant of the lifestyle.
    The boys told me that the most enjoyable part of their trip to Hawaii was the trip to Hawaii, the sailing on the high seas. After three days of trying to find fun in Honolulu they decided that they wanted the adventures of the ocean and set sail to the southwest with their first target being the island nation of Indonesia. Not a good plan in a small craft such as the one hundred and thirty foot long Voyageur Marin©. Of course the pleasure yacht does not carry enough fuel for such a trip so they island hopped for pit stops along the way. They told me that after the reaction that they had received in Hawaii they did not leave the yacht when it took on provisions.
    I shuddered when I thought about the real danger that they had placed themselves in. While there is danger in the voyage itself—weather and unforeseen maintenance problems—there is a real danger of piracy on the high seas. I was thankful that they had arrived safely, but they slowly began to understand my fears when I showed them news reports of twenty first century pirates capturing huge ships at sea in the very waters through which they had sailed.
    Jace is a bit of a snob and a bit of a child. He started off on something about having the money to pay any ransom that a pirate might ask of him and I cut him off at the knees. I asked him who he would contact to arrange for the money to be transferred. I told him that if the name of King Khaldun al-Hadi came up that an international incident could occur. Then I told him that if my name came into the scenario that it could create a situation that would jeopardize the schools and all of the boys that depend on them for their home and education. That got the boy's attention.
    I made it crystal clear to the two boys that there was to be no discussion of their journey amongst themselves and the other boys during our stay in France. I told them to keep their mouths shut about where they had been and what they had done until we returned to Tucson and the privacy of the house there. The two were good to their word and nothing was said about their travels. Only a very few of the close family knew what they had done and they kept quiet about it as well.
    I will have a long talk with the captain of my yacht. He had not notified me of the course deviation and had placed my ship and its crew in danger. He was solely responsible for the two boys and he had violated my trust in him by allowing the boys to direct his actions.
    Voyageur Marin© and Voyageur Marin Deux© are cash hogs. I have no business having the two ships. The smaller yacht can be utilized as a pleasure craft and may come in handy as a meeting place for someone that I wish to impress. The larger ship has no useful purpose to me.
    Seigy had commandeered the ship as it was being built for the Royal Navy of Munedavia. He had ordered it outfitted as a pleasure craft then it was commandeered by my friends and associates and transferred to me. It was useful to me as a safe haven for my family during the time of HRH Cullen's coronation, but at present I can see no use for the ship that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a week to maintain.
    Some of the boys that know of it have suggested that I use it as a cruise ship. First of all it is a warship made over to a pleasure craft. It has none of the amenities aboard that a person seeking a sea going cruise has come to expect. Secondly the economy is not favorable to such a venture at the present time. I will have to find someway of divesting myself of the sea craft in the near future

    The arrival of Voyageur Marin© triggered a request that I was reluctant to grant, but then again I can not deny my boys their fun. Many of them are of legal age and they can do as they please. It has never come to that and I dread the day that it does. Pete was chosen as the spokesman for their request because it was determined that I could not deny him anything at all. In fact it was all of the boys making the request that I would have a hard time saying no to.
    On the Adriatic coast of Munedavia is the famous Rustica peninsula and its famous cave Plava spilja—Blue Cave. The cave is a diver's paradise with its warm, crystal clear blue water. Chrisy has wanted to dive at the cave since our trip to Munedavia for the coronation of the family queening. He and Jimmy had taken diving lessons during the summer of 2005 and they taught Cas, Pete, Luke, and Tyler what they had learned during our stay at St. Tropez the following summer.
    Now Sandy and Tim O. have learned to dive. I marvel at Tim. He doesn't know that he has a handicap and he doesn't let those around him know it either. He came with Pete to plea their case as he showed me brochures of deep water SeaDoo equipment that could propel him underwater and into a world that he was anxious to explore first hand.
    All of the boys are strong swimmers and I didn't worry about Tim's safety as much as I did the safety of one more boy that wanted to go with all of his heart. HRH wanted to explore the coast of his kingdom from a vantage point never broached by his predecessors.
    I had wanted to rip the captain of Voyageur Marin© a new ass hole, but I needed him to provide a safe haven for the divers. I dispatched him to the Adriatic Sea as quickly as possible.Ģer stayed behind and let his husband have a time off with the boys. His asthma would be a health hazzard to him and none of us wanted to take a chance of any harm coming to him.
    Toby and Eddy accompanied their husbands, but they assured me that they were only going as support crew, they have no desire to be fish. Or as they put it, "fish bait." They were assured that it was safe, but they held to their guns. I didn't want Cullen to make the trip over on the yacht so I assured him that I would fly him and Jimmy over by helicopter and land them directly onto the deck of the yacht.

    At last it was evening and I could take care of a promise that I had made earlier in the day. Cory and I held each other as he giggled in my ear. He is a special person, anyone else would probably be jealous of my trysts with so many boys. Cory often prods me toward them. I believe that he knows that I will always return to him and when it comes down to cases it will be just the two of us.
    Cory and all of the Indian family members were going to show their moves to a group of French boys. I almost envied them their version of a French and Indian war. Almost, I remember Vinney and his super straight, pencil thin cock. I knew that Teddy has a passion to ride on it, but I wanted the cream. I am a cum junky and boi cream is the mainstay of my daily diet.
    I watched as Vinney and Teddy orally serviced each other and I wondered how they were going to feel with my technique. Both boys grasped the other's cock in his hand and gave head. They applied the suction and kept their lips tight, but I like to get my entire mouth in on the treat and I love it when a boy can slip past the dark tightness of my throat.
    Once the pair had full erections they were ready to pose for me. Vinney still has such an innocent look about him. To look on his face one would think that he is a boy of about fourteen or fifteen. His body is smooth and hairless, but all of that caused an old queer like me to have my attention drawn directly to his most outstanding feature.
    I may be a bit redundant, but I must describe his cock to you. I suppose to most other people it is just a normal penis, but it has special meaning to Teddy and I think that it is a monument to the boy to which it is attached.
    Vinney is a skinny kid whose five foot ten inches of height seem to make him look even taller, and his cock a little larger. He hangs an amazing five inches that grows to an eight inch wonder that is pencil thin and straight as an arrow. Well pencil thin is a hyperbole, it is a full five and a half inches around, but it looks thin with its full hood folded over the glans. The sweet meat treat is symmetrical in size, the same size from pubes to the crown. There is no marked bump in the skin to indicate his tasty helmet.
    Foreskin retracted, the phallus becomes a mighty weapon for sexual warfare. I can understand why Teddy wraps his hand around the meaty shaft and strokes his boyfriend as he sucks on the head, but I want to know if he can give his lover the same sensation by using only his mouth.
    I have always been told that I give the best blow jobs because I swallow most any size of cock all the way to the abdominal wall and let my throat muscles work the glans. I do a deep, long stroke that allows the glans to ride along the roof of my mouth and plunge in and out of my throat over and over. I have no use for my hands on his cock so my hands are free to fondle his balls and probe his ass to stimulate him further.
    I took Vinney to task and gave him a deep throated blow job. It took Vinney several minutes to widen his throat and quit gagging, but once he swallowed all of me he returned a very decent blow job to me. In the meantime Teddy was encouraged to do a little rimming on Vinney. He was a little bit reluctant at first, but once he dove in the smile on his lower lip and chin was obvious from my position down under.
    It may sound sick, but I get a little bit of a turn on when two boys that love one another work each other in this way. The drool of the rimmer rolls around and down to drip on my nose, but I try not to let it get into my eyes, that is painful.
    When the diner gets to the point that he has to mount his boyfriend things get truly exciting for me. I love to be locked on a loaded cock when his anus first feels the penetration of a super invader of its own. I lay there looking around a large pair of balls resting on my nose and watch the lips of an eager anus literally suck a cock inside and close around it.
    If the lover is respectful of his partner he takes it slow and easy as he lets his partner acclimate to the invasion before pushing more of himself inside. That is the best time for me. I can feel the eagerness and the heated desire of both boys as they want more from the other.
    In the meantime the receiver is laying flat on me with his cock down my throat while at the same time he is nursing on me. Oh sure, I have been bitten before and I have had his cock poked all the way down into my stomach upon initial entry, but that is all part of the game of a ménage à trois with two homosexually charged boys.
    Teddy was hot and loaded and he didn't last long in the saddle. He shot his load and wilted almost instantly. Vinney was not ready for the dismount and I felt his frustration. He began to hump my mouth with a vengeance that raised my lust level three points.
    By the time that Vinney got his climax his ass was leaking Teddy's juices. I spread the boy's legs and finished the rim job that Teddy had not completed as Vinney swallowed all of my cock and drained me of my first orgasm of our evening together.
    Teddy was still laying on his back trying to retrieve his breath when Vinney and I rolled apart. I wondered about the relationship between the two boys. I caught on fairly quickly to their frustration from that first encounter with them. I steeled myself for an evening of psyche mending.
    The trial for Teddy's stepfather had taken its toll on the boy. With over two years to prepare his case Emerson's attorney did his own digging. He was relentless as he called Teddy to the stand and badgered the accuser with his constant questions and accusations. It had been expected, I had just not taken the time to condition Teddy to what he might have to face. Tony Dogg had very little time to talk to the young man and, to Teddy's mind he was talking to an outsider and was reluctant to let their talks become personal.
    The defending attorney got personal. He knew who Vinney was and the history that the two boys had. It was mostly speculation because there was no real evidence of anything occurring between the boys in their youth. Sure there had been hershy tracks in Teddy's underwear, which the attorney produced in court. I thought that a rather sick move, to hold onto a pair of a teenage boys dirty underwear that had been dirtied four and a half years earlier.
    It wouldn't seem so bad had the underwear been saved at the time that charges had been filed. What I found strange was the fact that the dirty drawers had been available two years after Teddy had been sent to BAG Boys. That suggested to me that Emerson has a passion for little boy fruit himself and that his rape of Thedford was not just a single occurrence brought about on the spur of the moment as a method of straightening out a misguided gay boy.
    Apparently the jury was on the same wave length as I was when they convicted the man on all counts after only an hour's deliberations. Emerson had continued to molest Teddy until the day that he was delivered over to JB at the school, but his attorney seemed to overlook that fact.
    He had to drag Teddy through the mud as he badgered him about his relationship with Jonas, Chad. Teddy was mixed in his feelings when both of those boys appeared as witnesses for the defense and testified that they had ongoing sex with Teddy. He had not seen Chad since the two of them were fourteen years old. Chad's mother had caught him having sex with Jonas and had confronted Teddy about his possible involvement before she moved away with her son.
    Teddy had a few letters from Chad then he heard nothing more of the boy until the day that he sat in the chair on the witness stand and revealed all of their secrets to the whole world. Next the defense attorney introduced the programs instituted at BAG Boys. The school was named as an academy for gay boys and his investigation suggested that there was ongoing homosexual activity occurring at the school on a daily basis.
    Of course Tony Dogg was objecting to almost everything that his opponent espoused, but he was overruled when it was stated as setting the nature of the character of the accuser. The defense tried to paint Teddy as a seducer that had tricked his client into a sexual situation that was never completed. The jury didn't buy any of his story. They convicted Emerson of ongoing sexual activity with a minor and of his being responsible for the false imprisonment of the boy for more than two years.
    Teddy was devastated by the treatment that he had received. He had told the truth of his mother's boyfriend's molestation, yet he was made to look like the bad guy. I had to help soothe his feathers. Another devastating thing had been his meeting with Chad. Chad treated him like a pervert and wanted nothing to do with him. Chad told him that he was married and that he and his wife have a baby daughter. He said that the sex that they had shared together was only childhood curiosity and meant nothing to him

    Teddy has a nice stiff seven cut inches of man cock on his boy like body. He is small and thin which makes his member appear more like an add on than a homegrown unit. I had to tease him about it being hand grown and he giggled at me. I still remember the story that Vinney told about the boy and his penchant for cock snot. That nectar will help a boy to grow big and strong very quickly.
    Teddy was flat on his back and deep in his thoughts after doing a half assed backdoor service to Vinney. He had gone through his actions in a mechanical way with no true feeling or emotion expressed or felt. I have learned that boys of any age respond to being treated like little boys at certain times and that was my tack for the evening.
    I had quickly recovered from my round with Vinney's mouth as I moved across to a gasping Teddy Bear. I spoke in baby talk as I hovered above the panting boy. I circled my fingers around his skinny abdomen and encircled each nipple. "Does widdle Teddy want to play some more?" He giggled at me as I let my circle widen and ran my finger across his pubes. I avoided his flaccid penis and watched it flex and slowly grow to its attack size.
    I leaned forward and licked his eyes and nose then laid a slobbery lick on his cheek. That caused the correct reaction as he moved his hand up to wipe at his face. As he wiped his left cheek I moved across and licked his right creating a giggling machine of boi love. To stop the licking he was getting he threw his arms about my neck and tried to hold me still. Instantly I used his action to lock on his lips and as he gasped once again I let my tongue enter his sweet tasting orifice.
    Teddy came to life. He pulled me closer to himself and let his tongue do battle with mine. In the meantime I let my cock come in contact with his very erect member as I ground against him. We kissed for several minutes before I began to work my way down his body with my famous oral assault. I left no patch of flesh unwashed as I laved his soft body from chin to navel.
    I was kneeling between his legs and had to move backwards slightly to achieve my next momentous accolade to his personage. I wrapped my hand around his cock and lifted it straight up and spoke. "Does widdle Teddy want to play some more?" That time I received a proper reaction in the form of a twitch from his cock and a moan from his throat.
    I was at an awkward angle to suck his left nut into my mouth, but I was able to do that as I moved my body back and lay prone between two sweet young thighs. I roiled the testicle around my mouth for several long seconds as the boy squirmed on the bed beneath me. I moved to the right nut and repeated my action to his same reaction. I went on a tongue tour and washed his wrinkled scrotum from every angle that I could reach. I pushed at his legs and he spread wide for me then lifted them high to expose my target.
    I lowered my angle of attack and gave the boy a different set of feelings than he had ever experienced when I licked and lightly nibbled at his perineum. Vinney had given him a licking before, but had not applied teeth. Most boys are afraid of teeth, but lightly done correctly a little biting can be a turn on. I even bite on a cock within my mouth, albeit ever so lightly. The fear of being bitten is greater than any pain that the boy may feel and that is what causes their reaction. "Watch the teeth dude."
    I do watch the teeth and I use them to stimulate a boy. I am not into any form of masochism and I never want to inflict pain on a boy. I am all about bringing pleasure to his young body and opening new worlds of sensations to him. I had great teachers that attended parties that Charley threw during our years together. I learned from masters from around the world. Sure, there was the occasional man that got too aggressive, but one squeal of pain from me and Charley was all over the man.
    If he had hurt me deliberately Charley would be able to know. With his uncanny perception he was able to read people and know what they were about. He only ousted one such man from one of the parties. He was young and a newcomer that no one really knew anything about. I never learned where Charley met him or how he happened to be invited.
    By the time I arrived at Teddy's backdoor it was open and ready for business. I hate to see a youngster with a deeply recessed anus that is stretched to an abnormal size. I know that a cock hungry butt monkey will fuck with anybody willing to give him a ride. From what I knew of Teddy's history I did not expect to see what I saw. I had to try to recall my first few encounters with the boy when he came to us at Empire Canal over our Christmas break of 2006. I know he wasn't that stretched then and I don't believe that Vinney would poke his boyfriend in any unnatural way that would cause the damage that I was letting my tongue explore for me.
    I worked his rectum with tongue and finger then nibbled my way back to the top. I had three fingers doing a butt nut massage as I traveled along his meaty pole to its apex. Teddy was like no other boy that I have ever been with. He was driving himself onto my fingers in such a way that I was sure was going to cause me to send a finger through the side wall of his colon.
    I quickly engulfed his turgid pole in the hopes of getting him some relief and get him to calm down some. I only made two or three slides up and down on him before he erupted deep in my throat. He told me that I was the only one that ever deep throated his cock and that is the way that he loves to shoot. I know that Vinney does a very nice deep throat action so I was not getting the entire story from the boys.
    Teddy was not ready to quit, he wanted to be mounted. He needed a long cock in his ass or he would die. Die? Hmmmm. I invited Vinney to do his deed because I was busy nursing a seven inch nipple. Vinney giggled at my statement, but Teddy just reached for my cock and slipped up on top of me to spread his legs for the first show's opening of the evening.
    Without fanfare of preparation of any sort Vinney plowed into his work and began a power fuck that surprised me. I thought that it was a possibility that he felt that I had opened his partner enough that he needed no preliminary actions. Whatever his thinking he fucked the boy harder than I have ever seen any boy get his ass fucked.
    I didn't think that this was natural for Vinney, but Teddy was screaming for him to go harder and faster. I know that Vinney fired his missiles after about nine minutes, but he didn't stop. Teddy was yelling at him to not stop. Teddy had already had his second ejaculation into my mouth since the two of us began our interlude, yet he was still stiff as a board and he continued to hump his ass back and forth, enhancing the action at his backdoor.
    All of the time he was working the top half of my cock and stroking me with his right hand. He would loose his rhythm along the way whenever a fit of passion would sweep through his body then he would return to his half-assed work on me. I was not turned on. If anything I was turning off. Something was bad wrong in their relationship and I was determined to learn the truth of it.
    At last Teddy seemed sated as the three of us lay together. I had a boy on each arm as I pulled Teddy close to me and began to whisper in his ear. I felt hot tears on his face in the dark so I spoke as softly and soothingly as I could. "You seem to really love what just occurred. What happened to you that makes you so aggressive?"
    One would have thought that I had scolded him as he wailed like a little child in pain and the tears flowed like twin rivers down his cheeks. An hour and a half later I had the entire story and the person that had hurt Teddy. If he were not dead I would have killed him.
    Isaac Rayburn loved small, young boys. You may recall Cas telling his story as we sat on the grass at the Garcia cabin over the July fourth trip to BAG Boys in 2005. Isaac had broken Cas in when he was but sixteen and Cas a scrawny twelve year old. Isaac was conditioned by his church to rid him of his gay tendencies, but he never lost his desire for weaker boys.
    Isaac set about to bed Teddy when the boy first joined the family the afternoon that he was introduced to us. Unknowingly Vinney allowed Teddy to go off in private with Isaac for an interlude. When the family moved to Tucson Isaac continued to get Teddy off by himself.
    Things took a real turn south when the boys moved into βφτ house. Isaac used all of the wrong words with Teddy. Teddy had been held as a virtual captive at BAG Boys after his continued molestation at the hands of Emerson. Isaac only confirmed to the boy's mind what Emerson had told him as he used the boy's body.
    "You're a useless queer that only likes to have your pussy around a big cock. You need to be fucked to death before you will ever find satisfaction." Most of the time that this was being said Isaac was high on his drugs and he would fuck the boy for more than an hour or two. I have heard that some of the more popular drugs in use can cause a man to stay up for several hours without ever achieving an orgasm. I suppose that is what Isaac was using. Whatever it was he truly fucked little Teddy up.
    Vinney only reacted to a better sex life with his boyfriend and it was not until Isaac was dead that he began to learn the truth of what had occurred. He had thought about consulting me several times, but thought that I was too busy with all of the other boys that I would not have the time, or care, about his troubles. Again I find that I am out of touch with the very people that I love so dearly and want more than anything to help in anyway possible.
    We would be leaving France in two more days and when we return to Tucson I am going to make it a priority to gather small groups of boys, old and new, together and assure them that I am concerned about them and that I want to hear their fears and thoughts. My door is always open to every boy in my family and school and I want them to know that they can come to me with anything at all.

    Cory accompanied Jimmy and Cullen as the four of us made the six hundred mile direct flight, a nine hundred mile trip by sea. Voyager Marin had taken almost twenty hours to make the trip by sea, but the boys onboard had enjoyed themselves on the cruise of the Mediterranean sea. Traveling at two hundred knots per hour we made the trip in four hours, having to sit down at Rome for refueling.
    The refueling stop was the only real heart grabber. The Italian government demands that passengers disembark, even when they are not staying over in the country. I had no intention of allowing HRH Cullen to be exposed to the danger. I was not so much worried about him being in danger during the stop as I was about him being recognized and word passed on as to our passage across the peninsula. I did not want a reception committee waiting with rocket launchers along the route.
    I had to play my World Citizen card. Once I was identified as being on board security around our chopper was tripled and we were allowed to stay safely within the confines of the aircraft for the half hour that it took to refuel us. I had to call Andy to find out why the disembarking order applied to us at our own FI terminal.
    Voyager Marin lay at anchor two miles from the distant shore where a haze covered the mountains that seemed to rise up directly from the sea. I breathed a sigh of relief when we touched down on the heli-pad aboard the yacht. But that breath caught in my throat when the boys informed me that I needed to swim with them, "To provide security for Cullen, dad." Sure, I should let the fop drown. I thought about that when I thought about going inside a darkened cave under water.
    I needn't have worried. We boarded a small craft and headed towards an old fort that sits atop Plava Spilja. Our expectations were running high, then after a short trip the captain suddenly steered the boat directly at a cliff of rough rocks. At the last moment, a crack appeared in the rocks before us. As we drew closer the crack seems more like a cave. We finally arrived to Plava Spilja, the "Blue Grotto"!
    We entered the blue cave itself and at first it seemed like a daunting experience. The rock above the entrance is low and as our eyes adjusted, everything seemed to be cast in extreme darkness. It soon became apparent that the cavern was large enough to accommodate several boats. We passed a small bend and realized why this natural wonder is called the Blue Cave—luminous, brilliant blue light wells up from under the water and casts a blue shadow on the grotto's ceiling.
    I slowly lowered myself from the boat and entered the pale-blue waters that strangely enough are several degrees warmer than water outside the cave. I was new to the air tanks on my back, but I had faith in Chrisy and Jimmy as they stayed beside me and instructed me every step of the way. Shortly we were under the water and looking into a world that I have only seen on television and in the movies.
    The scene was surreal. Peace seemed to sweep over my body as I followed the boys to the UPVs that they had purchased. It was almost as thrilling being dragged along by the tiny vehicle as it was to look at the world around me. I was truly glad that I had taken the dive. I know that the boys all had the most fun that they had had in sometime and that in itself made me enjoy the trip even more.
    The helicopter was not large enough to ferry all of the boys back in one trip and our travel schedule demanded that we return to Nice at once. I sent the divers to Munedavia where they boarded FI-2 while Cory, Jimmy, Cullen and I set sail to the west and away from the shore. Two hours later the four of us were once again aboard the chopper and on our way back to Nice, via Rome and a refueling stop. That stop turned out different than the one on the way to our underwater adventure as we were met by the fuel trucks and no one else. We were airborne again in less than a half an hour and back in Nice before dinner time. One last evening meal with the amassed boys of my schools and one last night in their precious company.

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