Chapter 81


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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This chapter is dedicated to the memory of Richard J. Heakin-October 13,1965-June 6, 1976.

    I get so much pleasure out of sitting at the Friends' Club while the boys are in school. I go over the reports from the telephone staff and seek out special cases that need extra intervention. I was upset over the failure of our system to help Orville and Nylan during the holidays, but I would do whatever I could do to try to help those two youngsters.
    The front door opened and a boy backed inside as he pulled a wheelchair in out of the cold wind that was howling across the desert that morning. Slowly the tall, gangly boy turned toward me. His chin was covered in drool and he had a decisive tick in the right side of his face.
    "SIDNEY!! Stop it!!! Now!" The boy giggled and straightened up. I looked at the young man in the wheelchair and then into Sid's eyes. He shook his head to indicate that the boy in the chair was in fact a special needs youngster.
    "Happy New Year, Chris. How's it hangin?" We exchanged pleasantries as I fixed him and his friend a cup of hot choclate. I love a warm fire on a cold blustery day and had a nice blaze going in the fireplace. We took easy chairs to face each other near the fireplace as Sid lifted his Tiger out of his wheelchair and made him comfortable.
    Tiger was Terry Tygart, Sid's lover. That really shocked me. I don't like exploitation. Tiger said that he was cold so I opened the package on a new medium weight blanket and Sid wrapped his friend snugly within it the gave then young man a deep, warm kiss.
    Tiger had a very difficult time as he slowly told me his story in a very thick voice. He drooled and spat as he spoke and Sid calmly wiped the boy's face from time to time. Tiger is seventeen. He and Sid were doing the finish to the movie that Sid had been filming in Tucson the year before. They were both actors in a scene that called for the students of the Special Olympic's competition to jump up and down. Suddenly the wooden bleachers collapsed. Tiger went to the bottom of the pile as debris and twelve students fell on top of him.
    His head was crushed. A six inch section of his skull was splintered. The boy spent nineteen hours in surgery as the doctors worked frantically to find and remove each fragment of bone. He has a steel plate for a skull on the left side of his head. Sid raised the youngster's hair piece to show me. I didn't want to see it.
    Sid and Tiger had been in a sexual relationship while Sid lived upstairs with Jack Stryker. Sid told Tiger that I was the one who had given him his first hand job, blow job, rim job and that I had sucked his dick as he got his first butt fuck. Tiger giggled. He looked at me and said, "you can do me too." His eyes were flashing, but his face didn't respond as one would expect. I thought about young Biff sitting up at my house that very instant and the hard work he was having to go through to make his body work as it once had. I wondered if this boy could benefit from treatment.
    Sid read my mind. "The movie studio has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking every specialist in the world that might be able to help Tiger regain his former functions. A large portion of his left hemisphere was removed and he is learning to use other parts of his brain. We are told that he will never be as he was, but he may eventually learn to use what he has and be about fifty percent of himself again.
    "We don't really care because he has a sweet dick and he can still fuck me five or six times a day and he loves to suck my cock snot from me." He looked at me with his melancholy that would melt the heart of a statue. The boy is a natural for Hollywood and I hope he makes it.
    "Chris, you have no idea what you mean to aunt Alice and me. Alice was at her end. She was about to declare bankruptcy and wither away. You waltzed into her life like some sort of prima donna. She told me about the first day she met you and she has found something that we want you to have." He reached into the pouch on the back of Tiger's wheelchair and withdrew a shopping bag. He pulled out a beautifully wrapped package done up in gold foil with a large blue bow on it.
    He bent over and kissed me with a tongue that went clear through my body and then back in again in a big loop. He set the package in my lap then seated himself on the edge of his chair and watched me with eager eyes. Tiger was focused on me as well. I love to give, I feel funny when I receive. I have always felt that way, even as a boy. I wanted birthday and Christmas gifts, but I get such a feeling of unworthiness about me. I feel like I should be giving something bigger to them.
    Carefully I peeled the tape off so as not to tear the paper. I very gently opened the ends of the wrapping paper as I tried not to wrinkle it. "Tear the fucking paper off, you flaming faggot." I looked up at Sid. His face was beet red. "I'm sorry. I just never saw someone open a present like that before. I have more paper. You don't need to save that." We both giggled. I pulled the paper away in one big ripping motion as Sid smiled at me.
    I lifted the flap of the box and saw the cover of two books. Not just any books. C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. HarperCollins, First edition, My mouth fell open. Carefully I thumbed through the pages. I had never read some of these books. I have two of Lewis's books in my library, both autographed. I love his work. But Narnia…tears were in my excited eyes as I looked at each book.
    I love the stories of the land of Narnia. I have read bits and pieces of The Horse and His Boy and of The Magician's Nephew. I have the four DVD set of the BBC version of the TV movie miniseries, which I watch regularly. But now here I sat with the entire seven original, first print copies of the books in my lap. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, published in 1950, signed and dedicated to J.R.R.Tolkien in Lewis' own handwriting. I held. Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia, published in 1951. The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader", published in 1952. The Silver Chair, published in 1953. The Horse and His Boy, published in 1954. And the prequel to the series, The Magician's Nephew, published in 1955. And the one I so wanted to read, The Last Battle, published in 1956.
    I sat back and looked at Sid. "These must have cost a fortune."
    "Aunt Alice is in the business. But they are going to cost you, a lot." He giggled like a boy younger than his years. "You are going to have to fuck me. I want your big ass cock up my ass, all the way and all day. And Tiger is going to be right there with us to take a ride also. Pay up of give back." He was grinning at me. I wouldn't mind a ride on his skinny butt. I had wanted to do him the year before, but first one thing and then another.
    I wasn't to sure about Tiger though. I really don't want to seem to be taking advantage. He was trying to convince me. I relented and agreed to take them up to the house after I had lunch with my boys. Sid was excited about that. He did want to see Cory and Jerry again. He had let Tim fuck him and he was eager for a rematch until I told him that Tim and Jerry were legally married. His mouth fell open, "No fucking way. That is so kewl, dude. Freaking awesome. I have to see them."
    Sid pushed Tiger's wheelchair over to the video games. The joy stick was easy for him to use. I thought about an electric wheelchair for the boy as I watched them play, over the top of my book. I started with the prequel, The Magician's Nephew. I got lost in time and space.
   This article was sent to me in an e-mail from a reader. Sadly there is no URL to follow up with. I do know that this is factual as this author has had serious problems with this, the most popular plot to control the minds and bodies of the masses. Hey, Rush Limbaugh, does that sound like something from a conspiracy minded person? Rush likes to say that conspiracy minded people are weak minded people, but at least we don't go on national television and make jest over some one's pain and suffering like he did with that cute little Michael J. Fox. That boy is suffering, badly. My heart goes out to him.
Beware of diet soft drinks
Diet Soft drink is doing it…

   Please read this! It may help you or someone you know.
   In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick. She had stomach spasms and she was having a hard time getting around. Walking was a major chore. It took everything she had just to get outof bed; she was in so much pain.
   By March 2002, she had undergone several tissue and muscle biopsies and was on 24 various prescription medications. The doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. She was in so much pain, and so sick…she just knew she was dying.
   She put her house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., in her oldest daughters name, and made sure that her younger children were to be taken care of. She also wanted her last hooray, so she planned a trip to FL (basically in a wheelchair) for March 22nd.
   On March 19th I called her to ask how her most recent tests went, and she said they didn't find anything on the test, but they believe she had MS. (Multiple Sclerosis)
   I recalled an article a friend of mine E-mailed to me and I asked my sister if she drank diet soda? She told me that she did. As a matter of fact, she was getting ready to crack one open that moment… I told her not to open it, and to stop drinking the diet soda !!! I E-mailed her the article my friend, a lawyer, had sent.
   My sister called me within 32 hours after our phone conversation and told me she had stopped drinking the diet soda AND she could walk!!!! The muscle spasms went away. She said she didn't feel 100%, but she sure felt a lot better. She told me she was going to her doctor with this article and would call me when she got home.
   Well, she called me, and said her doctor was amazed! He is going to call all of his MS patients to find out if they consumed artificial sweeteners of any kind…
   In a nutshell, she was being poisoned by the Aspartame in the diet soda… and literally dying a slow and miserable death.
When she got to FL March 22nd, all she had to take was one pill, and that was a pill for the Aspartame poisoning! She is well on her way to a complete recovery . and she is walking!!! No wheelchair!!!
   This article saved her life.

    A few minutes past eleven the delivery boy from our favorite sandwich shop brought me back home from my special trip to a magical land. I had ordered the five sandwiches earlier. I had to hurry and get the soup heated. I had a large pot of Ģerâld's special creamy chicken noodle soup in a large pot on the back of the stove. I had forgotten that I did turn the burner to low and the soup was hot all of the way through and ready for the boys to eat.
    I would have enjoyed a real burger from John's grill, but we knew what a madhouse it would be if the student body at the school rushed in trying to get their lunch prepared and eaten in forty minutes. Well less than that when the time to get down the hill then back up it again is factored in. Teenagers can be demanding and rude, none of us wanted to see John subjected to their wise assed mouths. John doesn't come to work until two, that gives him all the time he needs to prepare his work station where he works until nine o'clock at night. Officaly that is, he stays as long as there are kids to feed. I love that old man, I was reared on his burgers since I was thirteen years old.
    The wind howled and blew the rain against the sides of the building. I felt a chill go through me and thought of a special treat for the guys. I poured three pounds of powdered milk into a five gallon pot and stirred in two gallons of water. Once I was sure that it was mixed, and the lumps were gone, I added three pounds of instant hot chocolate mix and a pound of real butter. I set it to simmer. I like the addition of the instant milk and butter for a fuller taste. I do this even by the cup full. The instant mix of itself is rather bland, no matter which brand of mix I have ever used.
    A piece of one of the five, five foot vegetarian submarine sandwiches with a cup of creamy chicken noodle soup and a cup of hot chocolate would be a treat for the boys. Ģerâld makes his own noodles with Durham wheat and no eggs. They are thick, but very low in calories and low on the harmful carbohydrates also. I don't know where the boy gets his ideas from, but he feeds us well. With fifty of us to feed twice a day, and quite often lunch also, it is amazing that none of us put on weight. The boys are growing nicely. Really nicely, and no one is packing on extra pounds. Ģerâld keeps us well supplied in seemingly rich deserts. Everything is made with natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners or chemicals added. I am truly afraid of that Chinese sweetener that has overtaken the food industry and I inspect every package of food I buy. I will not have aspertine in any form or amount. The stuff is pure poison and is killing people all around the world. Every body I know or know of that uses diet sodas made with the stuff suffers from major depression and/or have many health problems.

    I basked in the glow of smiling, laughing boys as they ran in for their lunch then headed back to class only to be replaced by the next group. An hour and a half and three lunch periods had brought thirty three high school boys in and out again. My six middle school boys were not allowed to leave their campus for lunch so they had a choice of brown bagging or buying at the school cafeteria. Theo and Curtis are still not too sure if they can survive on all of those nasty looking vegetables so they go for the fat and greasy fare offered up by the highly trained and knowledgeable dieticians at the school. I understand that today they would be eating a slice of cheese pizza, french fries and 2% milk with a pudding cup for desert. Yummy!
    The ten college boys drift in and out as their schedules allow, but for the most part they head up to the house where Ģerâld fixes something for them as he prepares lunch for Tim, Ray, and Biff. David and Timmy seldom come by. Both boys are working, but they make such an unlikely pair. Timmy is waiting for Christopher to come of age. I know that he loves the boy. Christopher knows what could happen to Timmy if they were together. Timmy has to be very careful as does Harry, actually. Those two stand to loose an awful lot if it were to be revealed that they were with minors. Harry hasn't been with minors, actually his mind doesn't run that way, as he proved to us with Craig.

    I had Sid and Tiger head on up to the house as I checked out at the club house and prepared to leave for the afternoon. The lady supervisor of the twenty four hour gay hot line phones came to me with a special request. Her son had committed suicide the previous spring. He felt that his family would not accept his difference. He left behind a devastated young friend that could not understand what had happened. The boy was blaming himself for Zach's death. I put my laptop and paper work down on the desk and took Esther Roberts in my arms as she began to cry. She turned slightly and for the first time I saw the gangly kid trying to hold the front of building up as he leaned against the wall. He looked as if he didn't have a friend in the world.
    Esther introduced me to Richard J. Heakin II. I called the house and told Ģerâld that Sid and Tiger were on their way, but that something had come up. I fixed Richard a cup of coffee as I poured the last of the pot into my cup. I waved at Esther as she slipped out leaving her smile behind her.
    Nineteen year old Dickie was named in honor of his cousin who was beaten to death on the streets of Tucson, AZ on June 6, 1976. Fifteen and seventeen year old assailants beat the namesake cousin to death in the parking lot of a gay bar where he had spent his last evening in town with his friends. He was visiting from Nebraska, but returned to his family in a casket.
    Tucson rallied in alarm at the news of the murder. The two youngsters received probation for what was termed a hate crime, but the ordinances of the day did not apply any special punishment. The city passed an ordinance protecting gays and lesbians. and later introduced protections for transgendered people. The city's Pride festival and the Pride picnic were created in memoriam of the young man. Many gay and lesbian clubs and support groups came into existence in the aftermath of that senseless crime. Our own club draws from those same origins.
    Before me set the name sake of a young man who's picture hangs in a place of honor on the wall over our fireplace. Most of the boys and girls in the club had no idea who the twenty one year old man in the picture was. I, myself, was only vaguely aware of his story; I will see to it that they all know it now.
    Dickie had grown up with full knowledge of his cousin's orientation and his mother was not surprised to learn that he, himself, professed to be gay at fourteen. He had a very close friend by the name of Zachary Roberts. The two boys found each other and shared a secret love that had endured through high school and on into their young adulthood. However this was a fact that was kept from Dickie's very homophobic and totally unforgiving father.
    When the two boys moved into a one bedroom apartment together Zach's father let his feelings about gays be known. The man told his son how inappropriate it looked for two boys of eighteen to be sharing one bed. He told his son that he would not abide a queer in his family. He would not support the boy through college if he insisted on moving in with Dickie. The elder Roberts did not know of Dickie's namesake, but the idea of the boys in the same bed was more than he was willing to stand for. It never occurred to the man that the boys had spent the night, in one bed together, for more than four years. Many of those overnighters had been spent in the man's own house. He lived in denial.
    The man went home and made life miserable for Esther and he was relentless on Zach. In less than a week Zach was found sitting in his car, in the garage of the family's home, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Esther came to work at the club just weeks later. I knew that she had lost a gay son and wanted to help other kids who struggled with families that would not accept them.
    Dickie had been fighting serious depression and guilt for almost a year. He had lost all interest in life. He hid in his room, refusing to eat, or talk with anyone. He had lost sixty pounds from his already slim build. His biggest fear was that his father should learn the truth of Zach's accidental death. His love for his father runs deep in the boy and his fear of disappointing the man has him in a psychological turmoil. I pulled the boy to me and told him that he was not responsible and that he was loved. I told him that I would show him more love then he had ever suspected existed in the entire town. I led him to my car and up the hill to be with the family.
    Believe it or not. Dickie was the medicine that I had sought for Biff and Biff was a shot in the arm for Dickie. The two boys struck up a friendship that night that is going to brighten our household a hundred fold.

Editor's note:
Friday the thirteenth, October 13, 2006
, began Gay Pride week in Tucson. Richard J. Heakin's memory was featured at planned ceremonies. His sister Lori flew in to attend as representive of his family. The city had been told, by a homophobic family friend, that the family wanted nothing to do with a memorial dedicated to the young man in 1976. We learned differently at this year's festivities.
Lori was boarded at no charge and made a guest of the city. The Tucson Gay Men's Chorus performed Friday night and Richard was honored at festivities throughout the gay community all weekend, including the annual Parade in which Lori was made the Grand Marshall.
Me and mine were there in support for all young different people.

Thursday October 12, 2006: On this day in 1996, The Gay and Lesbian National Hotline (now the GLBT National Help Center) launches. It is currently available Monday thru Friday from 4pm to midnight, and Saturday from Noon to 5pm, Eastern Time at 1-888-THE-GLNH or The service is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and those questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity.

This author abhors intolerance in any form.

    Tiger was recognized by some of my movie buffs. The boy had started life in front of a camera at the age of four when he was featured in a dog food commercial. The boy and his dog has become a household icon associated with that brand of dog food. I have never owned a dog, but seeing Tiger and remembering the many commercials that he had done with a frisky puppy over a six year span of his life made me miss a dog I never had. An image of Tiger sitting cross legged on the floor as his mixed terrier pup ate from a bowl full of dog food from the large bag sitting beside him graces my favorite grocery store to this day.

    To my relief, Sid and Tiger were well received and relieved during the evening. Without discussion they were set up in the empty guest room. I was able to sit back and hold some of my family that were in serious need of peace in their tumultuous lives. Evan had precious little normalcy in his sixteen years of life and now those little parts were ripped away from him. To his credit, Alec stayed at Evan's side offering stability in the form of sincere friendship. The two boys were cradled against me the entire evening and shared my bed that night. Their conversations with each other told of a deep seated love that I had never expected in either one of them. I was over joyed to listen in and tried to keep myself in the background.
    Sex was not a strong factor between us. Alec orally pleasured Evan several times as Evan held close to me and rubbed his hands through Alec's hair. I took Alec's needs to task, as much for my own lust as for a service to him. Alec surprised me when he rose up to settle himself down on my pony for a ride before falling asleep. He lay on top of me as Evan slipped in to slide his super long and extra thick meat up between us. Alec awakened around eleven and started to ride me. He held his hands against Evan's tight butt and let our friction stimulate his growing ardor. Evan and Alec climaxed at almost the same instant as their cocks rubbed against each other and my belly. Their mingled juices spilled over me as Alec spasmed causing my deeply buried cock to discharge volumes of my day's tensions deep into the recesses of a very special youngster in my ever growing family.

    I had an epiphany. I sat upright in my bed and began to laugh out loud. I had the answers. I had two wide eyed boys huddling close together as they stared at a mad man, but I knew what I had to do.
    Very early the next morning I called our young pastor and explained our situation. He was very positive in his reaction and suggested that Dickie would be very rewarded were he to attend morning services as the very subject that morning was going to be on charizomai Greek, Strong's reference #5483—usually translated as forgive, forgiveness, forgiven.
    All of the family was blessed by the sermon. As I had hoped Dickie was moved when he discovered for the very first time that forgiveness from God is not something that he had to seek, but something he had to accept. God has already forgiven us our every transgression. We need only to acknowledge this gracious gift.
    I took Pete and Eddy to a quiet lunch with Dickie and myself. I had Pete relate his recent reconciliation with his father and his discovery that his father had been aware of Pete's orientation for several years and was comfortable with his son being who he was. Pete told of his years of hurt at his self imposed separation, but at the joy in his life now that he and his father were serious friends.
    Emboldened Dickie took me to his home to meet his father. I was so impressed with the youngster as he stood tall and disclosed his deep, and dark secret to his father. Mr. Heakin stood still as he looked at his son. After a long and very pregnant pause the man pulled his son into an embrace. He has long been aware of his son's leanings and had no problem. His only concern had been when his son would grow up and show that he had balls and out himself to the family. Mr. Heakin had long anguished over his son's self imposed isolation, but he knew that he had to let Dickie be the one to come forth on his own.

    By the time I returned home Chrisopher was well underway with the moving of his belongings from his room in the guest house. The guest house has been remodeled to accommodate wheelchairs and Tiger was comfortable with Biff and Tom. From the stories that got back to me he was comfortable or should we say comforted by several of the boys who wanted a tryst with such a well known household name. I never understood the fascination with movie stars, but some people feel a certain satisfaction in chasing after a celebrity. I was looking at my own celebity, the boy is no midget in my eyes, he is a true giant, always putting others first.

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