Chapter 227


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    Mike and Steven approached my pony cart before I could climb out of my wooden throne chair. Each boy lifted a foot and removed the pure white doeskin boots from my feet. Leather leggings were slipped over the calves of my legs and secured. Next a pair of my regular shoes were placed on my feet. "Don't sit on anything dirty, dad. We don't have time to purify you again," Mike told me.
    Tequasi presented me with a small bowl of steaming broth. I sniffed of it and found the aroma exciting, it also stirred in me a desire for food. I slowly sipped of the clear vegetable broth and watched the boys file out of the bleachers and move toward the cafeteria. By the time all of them found their seats it would be time for their afternoon meal. I was pleased that none of them had left during the entire time of the parade. Usually a few hundred boys will need a potty break and a cold drink. Food is always on a boy's mind as well.

    Cory Stevens held out his arms for me to pick him up. "Did you see me, daddy? I marcheded 'long with mommy in front of all of those cowboys and nobody shooted at me. Cullen got tired so he got carried, but I walked the whole way. Am I a good Indian Brave?" I lifted him to my shoulder and assured him that he was the bravest Indian boy there. I accepted his kisses and his laughter, and something new—he has learned to give butterfly kisses with his long eyelashes. My lashes had been trimmed short earlier in the day, but his made up the distance.

    Boys passed by with high fives and good wishes. They seemed to have something else on their minds, but they maintained a captious look and continued on their way to the cafeteria. There was a long line outside of building C waiting to see the tapestry. I hurried the boys along with the enticement of food. I assured them that the ancient arras would remain on display until everyone that wanted to see it had the opportunity to do so.

    I took my seat next to my wife. I looked for Cory, but he was nowhere to be seen. I rose to get myself a little soup when Mike and Steven came to me. "Dad, you are clean. Here is fresh and cold spring water straight from the ground. Mike has more of the broth for you. You may have all of it that you desire, only watch yourself. We can't have you running off to the bathroom during the next part of the ceremony."
    I really wanted to know what was going on. There were strange things and strange people beginning to gather about outside. Nobody would tell me anything. Ugitsiha simply held my hand and caressed my face as she repeatedly chanted "\y", which is Tsalagi for Wolf.
    "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, iR, a>,OUi ahKWTdsf Oui, a> aGw#." She continuously repeated. "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, iR, a> OUi ahKWTdsf Oui, a> aGw#."
    She was repeating my name and RD's Indian name, but I had no idea who this Fire Fox was, or is. Beulah placed her hands on Ugitsiha which broke the spell she had cast upon herself. Beulah smiled as she sat down between my wife and me. Questions…I can't find anyone to tell me what is going on.

    A spotlight directed everyone to look up at a, heretofore unnoticed, stage set above the kitchen area. Very slowly a ten foot round drum was lowered by cables fixed to the ceiling's cross beams to the front of that stage. The three Sato brothers each rolled drums to the center of the stage. The drums ranged from eight inch flat instruments to three and four foot diameter drums mounted on wooden frames. Always the little clown fourteen year old Kioshi balanced too many small drums and wooden flutes. He dropped one or two as he walked along kicking his lost load along before himself. He looked up at the biggest drum that we could find on short notice then dead panned before the audience. He placed his load of drums and flutes on a short table and scratched his head. Kei pushed a high step stand out before the drum which Kioshi mounted. The boy's four foot eight inch height is so small that he was dwarfed by the huge drum.
    Kioshi stepped down from his tall perch and picked up a four inch thick by eight inch drum with a leather strap to hold it in place over his shoulder. Each of the boys had a selection of large, padded drum sticks hanging from the belts of their traditional white pajamas. With no countdown beat the three boys began to play. Here is a seven minute selection for your listening pleasure while I describe the rest of their act.
    Each boy had a selection of various drum sizes along with brass gongs ranging in size from eight inches up to a massive five footer. As the music progressed the stage lights came up to reveal all of the Band of Brothers with recorders or other wooden flutes in their hands. Those not playing a wind instrument were chanting a haunting Japanese melody and beating small gongs or metal instruments of their own.
    The three Sato boys are perfect little showmen. They danced about, moving amongst the drums and gongs. They never lost their rhythm that had all of the boys mesmerized. Kioshi mounted his high perch to strike the large drum then did a backward flip to land before the five foot gong suspended inside a wooden frame. He struck the gong which reverberated throughout building.
    The sound of rustling cloth came from every corner of the room as spotlights shone upon eight, three foot long Rainbow flags unfurling from the ceiling's grid work. The boys went ape. They were dancing as they waved their taught tushies round and round and chanted.
    Out of respect for the many nations that are represented at Camp Christopher, retreat for boys there were no national flags present inside the cafeteria. There is large patio with five, sixty foot tall flag poles set to the eastside of building C. Each morning at 0700, local time, the flags of each nation is raised to a recording of that country's National Anthem.
    The flags are all flown at an equal height with the only variation being on the flag pole of the United States of America. The flag of the state of Arizona and a black POW/MIA flag are flown on the same pole. Along the west wall of the cafeteria hangs another POW/MIA banner that is twelve feet wide and lit by six spotlights.
    To the south end of the cafeteria is a fifteen foot Christian flag, similarly lit. Before every event that takes place inside the cafeteria the boys face that flag in thirty seconds of silence. By popular demand Cas was recruited to offer up a prayer of thanks. A secret ballot poll of every boy in the camp returned a unanimous request for the prayer to be to Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

    Eerie sounds wafted down from the stage. Everyone turned to see. The chants of, "We're queer. We're here. Can't touch this." once again filled the room as four Turkish brothers moved to the front of the stage. Listen to this short except.
    Wearing billowing pantaloons of rainbow colors to match the flags, and sequined vests over bare chests, four brothers took center stage. This was a surprise. I had no idea that the four boys had planned an entry, especially not one from their homeland with Sitars and bongo drums.
    Hmcal and Bahir sat cross legged at stage, front, center with their extra wide bodied instruments seated between their legs. The four foot neck of the twenty four string instruments towered above their heads. Hasad sat to stage right with a pair of bongo drums tucked in between his legs. Umit knelt to stage left as he kept a rhythm on a two foot tall, teak wood drum.
    I marveled at the musical talents of boys that I knew nothing about. I was eager to see the rest of the Band of Brothers show their stuff. I did not have to wait for long. A chord was struck and the music of eighteen talented musicians began to play a wide selection of music popular for listening.
    The Sato brothers joined the rhythm section to add enhancement to Tyler's terrific antics. The four Dickson brothers added an eerie sound to the music as they played with the boys, especially the brass instruments. Trevor entered into a duel with Hmcal. I once played a little trumpet so I know the discipline that it takes to hit the very high notes.
    High C was my limit, but at a great cost. Everyone was on their feet as Trevor climbed the scale all of the way to high E. I would be very dizzy and have a headache for a week after a feat like that. Ronnie was right in their supporting Trevor, but it was Frank's great slide work that filled the air with harmony. Ray and Donny showed their skills with the slide as Turner and Johnny split their reeds on their licorice sticks.
    Every heart in the room was pumping, every foot was thumping and every pair of hands was keeping a rhythm to the beautiful sounds from above our lunchroom. We were sure that nothing more could ever top what we had just heard when an old fashioned, "Yee haw!" filled the air. David had fooled all of us with his supposed inability to play an instrument. He walked onto the stage carrying a very heavy looking instrument. Jeff took a seat to the front of the boys in the band as David placed a steel guitar across his lap.
    Jay Jay entered as he plucked an electric violin. Once in his position he took up his bow and played real country hoe down music. David had a banjo slung across his back. He pulled that to the front and began to pick like a pro. He is an excellent banjo player and has a solid feel for Country Western. Jeff began to use his sliders to fill the background of their set.
    I don't know if you can picture this in your mind's eye, but try anyway. See seventeen hundred boys on benches, table tops, and on any wide enough space on the floor holding their arms about each other's shoulders as they did thirty minutes of line dancing. Hey, I'm not into Country Western music that much, but I had a line of dancers kicking their heels with me.

    Steven pulled me from the line and guided me outside. The sun was low on the western horizon. The main camp was in deep shadows from the sun setting behind the tall mountains at the edge of the camp.
    My pony cart, complete with my birch wood throne, sat awaiting me. Mike and Steven used soft brushes made of the finest bristles of plants native to Oklahoma to brush every inch of my clothing down. A basin of warm herb water held a soft chamois that the boys used to wash the back of my neck, my face, arms, and hands.
    I was slowly turned around so that their discerning eyes could inspect every square inch of my body. The boys picked fine pieces of lint from my clothing then brushed me down once again. Satisfied with their work I was directed to step up onto the low stool before the throne then turn and seat myself.
    My shoes were removed then the leggings came off. My feet were placed into another larger basin of very warm water laced with the herbs that I had bathed in earlier in the morning. Each foot was treated as if it were a national treasure. The toes were carefully washed with a chamois then carefully dried with another. My ankle high moccasins were slipped back onto my feet then my pants legs were pulled down to the tops of the soft skin foot coverings.
    I was asked to lift my feet so that a new Ermine fur piece could be placed over the foot stool. Each boy took to a side of my pony and led me back toward the parade area. The bleachers had been removed by some unknown and unseen hand.

    A convoy of buses rolled down from the Chiricahua Apache village to the north. Many people dressed in traditional Tsalagi attire disembarked. I recognized three of the old chiefs as having been at Cory's wedding. Two of the men had been present at Tallulah Falls when we scattered Chief Steve's ashes over his ancestral land. Something bigger than me was in store for this Holy day of the Epiphany.
    WlU% rode his horse over to meet the people getting off of the buses. Everyone was dressed in their finest ceremonial dress buckskins, even the women and children. Many hands removed bundles of two inch wood from the underbelly of the buses and carried them over to lay inside a shallow, square pit of no more than six inches in depth.
    A horse was brought to the Chief of the Cherokee Nations. She mounted her steed and rode alongside of WlU% to greet the hundreds of Chiricahua that had followed the bus convoy from their village to the north. The two Ewf leaders dismounted and talked to the Apache leaders as fingers were pointed and directions given.
    The Chiricahua leaders turned to their people and led them to the places that had been pointed out to them. I later learned that the Apache were welcomed. They could beat on their drums and their cymbals, but under no circumstances were they to confuse the gathering spirits with dancing or more than then the simplest of chants.
    My mind shuddered at the thought of spirits. The entire scenario rubs against everything that I believe in. The Lord my God is a Spirit of sorts. There is the friend of mankind, The Holy Spirit. But disembodied spirits of created beings…? I wanted to run home to my mother and hide under my bed. Throughout time immemorial the Indians have communed with their spirits. I always looked upon that as their communing with nature and listening to the Holy Spirit within as He guides us through our daily life. He acts as our conscience as he teaches us God's word through Rhema—the spoken Word given directly to the hearts of all mankind.
    From what little I had gathered from Cory after his return the previous morning he and the other five boys had been in a hallucinogenic stupor from the mineral springs and the sweat lodge. I am sure that they saw many unexplained things. Hallucinations are like that. I have been under the influence of Cory's secret Ugaloga gotlvtanv recipe. That tea combined with the secret herbs and potions that WlU% poured out over the hot stones of the sweat lodge would make anyone see weird things.

    RD's booming voice filled the desert with its rich baritone timbre. "Ladies and gentle men, please rise as I present to you the great high-backed wolf, Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. Our dad and our founder Fs." The noise level could be heard in Texas, or France. Boys were screaming to the top of their young lungs. Drums were beating at a fevered pitch and loud chants went up from all of the Ewf present.
    Wiu% led my pony to a stop before an Ermine covered platform. He instructed me not to touch the ground. He wanted me to sit facing the fire with my legs crossed. On the opposite side of the fire pit stood a single, low table with a covering of bear hide. I was corrected, it was a wolf's hide. I shuddered, was I there to be skinned and have my hide stretched over a table top? I could get very tired of all of the hoopla in a short order.

    RD directed our guests to food lines set alongside the rodeo grounds. The boys quietly lined up behind the visitors, but all of the Indians pulled a boy in line and served him a portion of meat cut from the roasting carcasses with a wide hunting knife, similar to the one that Roddy's dad made for him.
    Tin plates were filled with beans and bread as new friends moved away to eat together. RD picked up his microphone, "You may take seats around the fire and the seated Cherokee Indians. We ask that you remain as quiet as possible through the next part of this ceremony. You will see things that can not be explained, but be assured that it is all good. Just please, please, remain quiet."
    Chairs were moved into place fifty feet in front of me. There seemed to be some discussion amongst the Queen's family until she turned and took a seat. The other's shrugged their shoulders and joined her. El was invited to sit next to her and Philby sat between Phillip and Charles. The drums started and all was total silence.
    I was hungry, all I had to eat had been the wild vegetable broth, I wanted something solid to chew on. Cory came to stand before me. He held a four inch earthenware bowl before his face and offered it to me with both hands. "You may not touch the bowl or me. Drink slowly, this will give you the strength that you will need for the next two hours."
    I let him place the bowl against my lips, but not without looking at its contents. The bowl contained an almost clear broth with finely chopped herbs floating on top. I sipped the hot liquid, it was very good. At once my body seemed to be invigorated. Cory slowly fed me all of the broth which filled me with a newness that I was not familiar with. I looked to the west and saw that the sun had disappeared behind the mountain.
    At exactly six o'clock the sky was filled with hundreds of flaming arrows shot from many directions. Each arrow landed directly into the shallow fire pit to ignite the two inch thick, by six foot long pieces of strange looking wood. There was no tender and no kindling in that pit, only the bundled sticks from the buses. Most of that wood did not appear to be dry. I could see the green growth along the cut ends and sap was oozing from almost every bundle.
    Next the weirdness began. With no discernable direction all drums ceased to beat and all chanting stopped. The Ewf rose to their feet, men, women, and even the very small children. Not a sound was to be heard as all turned to face the east north east.
    High in the sky a very large flock of birds in flight above the surrounding mountains caught the last rays of the sun. The bright colors of a perfect Arizona sunset was captured on their bodies as the flock meandered across the sky flying east to west. I thought this a singular moment. I have never seen the sunlight reflected back from anything in the eastern sky; with maybe the exception of an aircraft.
    As it grew closer the flock appeared to stretch back for several hundred feet. I thought it strange that such a large flock of birds would be flying at dusk on a cold January night. As it grew closer the light playing off of the flock seemed to be coming from within, not reflected back. The colors were iridescent, flashing from the lower ultraviolet blues to pale greens with an occasional brilliant chrome steel look.
    Distance and altitude were difficult to determine, but I placed the flock at about ten miles out, ten thousand feet up and descending on our location. As it grew closer a brilliantly lit object could be seen at the front center of the flock. At around one mile out I suddenly recognized the shape of one of the small burial urns in which I have preserved the remains of OUl ahKWdsf OUi—Chief Steve.
    The flock drew close to the airfield and all of the Traveler Trio's© horns began to play a bright fanfare. The trumpeting sound seemed to be exponentially louder than I had ever heard them. I looked at Cory, he seemed to be as amazed as I was that the horns were playing.
    Suddenly Traveler's© interior lit up and the large RV began to rock from side to side. I watched as the urn of Chief Steve's remains that is affixed to the engine cowling began to glow as brightly as the urn at the forefront of the approaching flock of…not birds, but what?
    The flock circled above the wolf skin covered table and gathered itself into one large clump of about the size of a man's head. The two urns floated before the gathering object and stood still. Someone pointed to the road leading throgh the valley to the west, the roadway leading from Tucson to Camp Christopher.
    A hundred feet above the ground was a large and very bright object hurling itself toward us…toward me? I quicly recognized the twelve inch urn that sits in the entry hall of my house. It was beautiful with its irredscent colors of reds and yellows, sometimes turning to the same brilliant chrome steel color of the two six inch urns.
    The largre urn came straight in without breaking its speed and set itself down on the skin covered table. The top of the sealed pottery jar lifted from the neck and disappeared. The two smaller urns opened the same way then turned themselves upside down to empty their contents into the larger urn.
    The flock was made up of the same gray ash as the contents of the urns. It had almost assumed the clear shape of a man's head and I thought that I could make out the face of the great chief himself. As the two smaller urns set themselves to either side of the larger one the head moved into the large urn.
    Light shone from within the urn. Microscopic cracks in the urn allowed the interior to shine through for all to see. Slowly a fully formed head of Chief Steve emerged from the ashes. It was gray and had no real features. Where eyes should be there were deep, empty sockets. The mouth was empty as well.
    The head made a circle through the gathered Ewf, never touching, but always within reach of those upturned faces below. A low chant emerged from the people as they followed along behind the head and gaterhed about the table set before me.
    RD was first in line. Both of us received the impression that he was to stand beside me. Wesley, Tequasi, Inagei, and Cory carried Rodney to me. He was dressed in white ceremonial deer skins, but he was barefooted. He was supine upon a stretcher of woven Birch bark. I looked into his deep black eyes and saw my boy looking back at me without any expression or emotions.
    I felt a command to rise, but to not touch the ground. Cory lifted Rodney from the stretcher and placed his limp body in my arms. Rodney slowly moved his head to my right shoulder as I held his thighs in my left hand.
    Mike and Steven rushed forward with a chair and an earthenware bowl. RD was seated and his shoes were removed. His feet were washed then he was helped to step onto the Ermine covered platform next to me. We felt the command to draw as close together as possible. RD took Rodney's legs and held them so that he could stand closer to me. I felt his right arm wrap around my waist and felt Rodney reach under my arm to hold hands with RD.
    The chanting grew to a fevered pitch. My insides were being moved—I suppose one could call it my spirit within me. My mind was flashing scenes of a very ancient people as they struggled through centuries of war and famine. I saw battles with the Iroquois and with the Siminole. I saw crops destroyed, villages burned, men and boys slaughtered and women raped.
    My heart ached as I knew the vision to be the historic record of the Tsalagi people. At last I saw peace and prosperity as new, stately homes were erected. Fields of cotton and tobacco flourished in the warm sunshine. Rivers provided abundant water for a growing nation.
    I saw the white man enter the little nation. The people embraced them and tried to please them with finer homes and larger crops. Schools were erected as a new Cherokee syllabary was written down by R?y-Sequoyah -in1821. To please the white man the Ewf took to themselves Negro slaves. They cleared more ground and planted more crops. That brought about a prosperity that allowed the Indian people to build larger houses.
    All of those attempts at trying to please only stirred the white man's green eyed monster—jealousy. Soon the white man coveted all that the uneducated red man had. It was reasoned that the Indian was not really a human being, but a creature far inferior. Therefore it was their duty to purge them of their lusts and sins so that they could find a creature's way to God. Large numbers of men seeking to get rich off of the labors of others descended on the south.
    The Indians had a friend in Andrew Jackson. He would not allow the Cherokee warriors that had served beside him as he battled the French in Louisiana to be made into slaves. Still there had to be a way to rid the land of the red horde and absorb all of those riches for themselves. Powerful lobbyists put Jackson into the seat of the President of the United States and in return he signed legislation to forcibly remove the Indian from their land and relocate them to a new territory far to the west.
    I watched as all of the tribes were forcibly marched along wilderness trails in the dead of winter. I cried as I watched the old, the very young, the sick and infirm, die. My heart broke when I saw strapping young boys carry the lifeless body of their fathers along the trail. I felt hatred as I watched the soldier sitting on their horses. They beat those carrying their dead. The dead were tossed to the side of the road for the wilds of nature to feed upon.
    I cheered as I watched a few hearty souls escape into the surrounding forests. Many carried their babies and led their wives along while carrying everything that they owned in the world upon their backs. I sojourned a while to watch those scant few build for themselves a new life and prosper. Small bands gathered and built defendable settlements. They planted food crops and set about to hunt for their meat. Those are the heros of the tragedy of the times.
    I moved back to see the plight of those that had been forced onward. Theirs was a hard life. They were placed in a small area with little water and no food or shelter. Many more died during the winter than had died on the long trail. As time went on I saw those people moved into Oklahoma and establish a new life along the rivers. They never fully trusted the white man again.

    I began to return to the present reality when I realized that my young sons and I were twenty feet above the ground and still holding on to one another. We were circling the assembled visitors and their every eye gazed upon us. There seemed to be no alarm on any face. Instead I saw tears of compassion there. Could it be possible that they had seen everything that I had seen? Somehow I knew that they had.
    The three of us were returned to the fire, only this time we stood above the fire itself. The flames were a cool ultra blue with no heat rising from them. The chants began once again and the drums reached to a frenzied crescendo. The head of the great chief sat over the top of us as Cory floated in to stand before us. He held out his hands, one to my right hand which still held Rodney, the other to hold RD's left hand.
    The four of us looked up into the face and understood so many things that are meant for us and us alone. We each felt as if we were in the presence of the man himself and that he was telling us one of his stories. RD never met Chief Steve, but he has heard of the legacy of the man everyday since he was found and joined my family.
    Cory spoke first (in Tsalagi), "Goodbye, grandfather. We have heard your words and we will obey. I love you with all of my heart."
    RD spoke to the man for the first time ever. "You are truly a great chief. I feel as if I know you. My only regret is that I never walked the woods with you, or sat beside the river full of fish so that I could learn all of your great knowledge." I couldn't see him, but I knew that he had a river of tears flowing from his eyes.
    Rodney stirred and tried to get down. The head told him to lie still for a little longer. He was told that he needed all of his strength for what lay ahead for the evening.
    Rodney dutifully obeyed and spoke to his grandfather as he lay in the safety of RD's and my arms. He spoke very rapidly in an ancient tongue. I heard many of the Tsalagi words, but they were disjointed and meant little to me at the time.
    The head settled between us and slowly turned to each of us as it blew sweet smelling fresh air into our lungs. My body responded like that of a sixteen year old athlete. I knew at that moment that I would be able to tackle any obstacle and come out victorious. I was the last to receive his kiss. He rose two feet above us and broke into millions of bits of translucent ash which settled over the four of us equally, then he was gone.
    The three urns had disappeared from the wolf skin covered table. I looked toward Traveler©. The small urn sat upon the engine cowling glowing brightly. In my mind I knew that Chief Steve was with me and that the other two urns would be in their place, with their precious contents in tact.

    One final ray from a setting sun lit a small white cloud over the top of Fire Mountain. High on a grassy knoll atop the cloud stood a powerful grey wolf with the hackles on the back of his neck standing straight up. Its teeth were bared as it appeared ready to fight. Gathered under the belly of the great beast were hundred of people from all walks of life. They appeared to be seeking shelter.
    Circling overhead was a magnificent eagle, OUi ahKWTdsf Oui? Its talons dripping blood and in its beak was the lifeless body of an enemy.
    Circling about the wolf was a mighty hunter, a young fox with hair of the purest silver. Its hair alight with red flame. It had the carcass of a dead rodent under each of its two front paws and a larger carcass hung limply from its mouth. The trio made a mighty hunting team. The lesser two figures seemed to be directing their kills back to the wolf.
    As suddenly as it had appeared the sunbeam was gone and the small cloud was no more than a black spec in the evening sky.

    Four men that I didn't know placed Birch bark chairs back a little and to each side of the fire pit. The wood of the fire did not appear to have been the least bit consumed and there was no sign of ashes. There were no glowing coals under the wood either. The shafts of the flaming arrows that ignited the fire were still in tact. Even their feathers remained as they seemed to lie in perfectly straight lines parallel to the glowing sticks within the pit.
    RD and Cory helped Rodney to stand up beside me then they were assisted to the newly placed chairs without touching the ground. Rodney held my hand and looked up into my eyes. "I love you, daddy. This day will make us closer together than we have ever been, but I still hope to be your little boy."
    I hugged him close to me and spoke quietly, "I meant what I have said before, you will always be my little boy. Nothing can ever change that. You will become a man, but in my heart and in my arms you are my son."
    Rodney and I turned to look at the platform where my wooden throne had sat a moment before. The chair was gone and in its place was a folded silk shirt. Rodney stepped up onto the platform and I followed. He lifted his developing arms above his head and I carefully removed the doeskin shirt that he wore. Somehow I saw a stronger body than I had seen only a few day before. His chest and abs had definition to them. I could see a healthy young growth of pit hair in the blue light of the fire.
    I bent over to retrieve the long silk shirt and slipped it over his head. The shirt covered his body all of the way to the ground. I stepped close to him and slipped my hands under the shirt while making certain that none of my son's nakedness could be see. I untied his breeches and slid them over his narrow hips. His young cock was flaccid, but well developed. Once the pants were past his thighs I let them fall to the ground. I bent over to pick them up and placed them on his doeskin shirt, both garments disappeared in an instant.
    A voice within my head told me to return Rodney to the fire pit. I was not to carry him, but he was not to let his bare feet touch anything. I listened closely to the directions from the voice and placed my right hand on Rodney's left hand. He began to float six inches above the platform. He did not move his legs to take a step, rather he allowed me guide him to the middle of the pit.
    Once we stood at the center of the fire the flames rose above our heads in an emerald green flame that was cool to the touch. I had the impression of being inside a bowl of lime Jello. Our minds were filled with many new things to come. I felt as if that part of our experience was meant for only Rodney and me.
    "I am so happy, daddy. We will have a long and full life. Together we will locate thousands of lost boys and give them a home and a school. You are the power, I am to serve beside you." I had the same message in my head, but to hear my little black fox say those things made me proud.
    Suddenly the voice within me told me to stop. I listened to my last thoughts and realized that I had referred to little Roddy, z/b#l-Gvnigetsuli-black fox. I felt the shame of a child being scolded by an elder as I saw clearly that Rodney would leave that pit that night as aGw# —Fire Fox—The great acm4 dCh—Spirit warrior.
    Twenty minutes passed. Angelic chanting filled the air. The drums seemed to soothe the beast that was trying to fight its way from within me. I had no idea that I had a savage beast living in me. At the end of our ordeal I felt a great presence flee from my body. As it came out it turned and looked at me with hideous yellow cat's eyes. Its nostrils were narrow feline slits to each side of a cleft upper lip.
    The creature had fangs, rows and rows of fangs. They were bloody. The talons on the long feline like hands were covered in blood. It was covered in a smooth skin with a very fine dusting of yellow hair. Its spine was sharp and pronounced and it ended in a narrow tail that flattened at the end to a six inch thick spade shape about one foot wide then tapered to a point.
    Shadows appeared from everywhere and engulfed the creature, "He's mine," it hissed at the shadows. After a brief struggle it was no more. I felt an inner peace that lifted my feet from the fire to float alongside of Rodney.
    He turned his head up to look into my eyes. "I have seem that in you before. He was an evil spirit sent to control you and keep you from your mission. Cory and I have talked about how to rid you of him, but Cory had a demon of his own.
    "Daddy, except for Randall all of the Waya family are now clean."
    I looked at him, "Except for RD?"
    "Quemela has seen his demon, daddy it is fierce. Not as big and bad as yours was, but bad."
    "Is your ability to see demons of God or is it something to do with your bloodline?"
    "Cas and Androv prayed with me and they helped me to find that I have a gift from the Holy Spirit called disterment. No, that's not right, what is it?"
    "One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of discernment where one can often detect the spirit in a person. Sometimes that gift goes to the physical and the recipient can see angles and sometimes demons."
    "You can see angels, can't you, daddy?"
    "I often see angels during out worship time, or when a person is in need of comfort. I can see angels gather to help a person through their trouble."
    "Do you see angels here, now?"
    "There is much confusion around today. I have seen something, but son, what is with all of this levitation? That is not natural. I have read much on the subject and everything that I have read says that it is the evil one working unseen that levitates a person.
    "Thare are Biblical references to a person being transported to a mountain top, or taken directly into heaven. But, except for Christ walking on te surface of the sea, I have never read a passage about these things. Believe me, when I get home and all is quiet again I will search my Bible."

    Suddenly Rodney grabbed for me. I reached for him and we both found ourselves supine on the fire and unable to move voluntarily. Total peace as I have never experienced filled my being. A voice that was many voices spoke directly to my heart.
    I sat up and looked around. Rodney and I were in a beautiful land of low rolling hills and perfectly trimmed grass. I ran my hand through the grass, it was soft. Each blade was pointed as if it had never been cut, yet it was short and close to the ground. It smelled sweeter than any grass I had ever encountered. No words were spoken between Rodney and me, but we maintained eye contact. I could see the wonder on the boy's face.
    The many voice spoke again. I could tell from Rodney reaction that he could hear it as well. "You are both greatly loved. You have many questions, but now is not the time for answers. He has brought you here to put peace into your hearts. You have a mighty work to do. Know that you have all of the strength to finish that work."
    As many voice moved inside my heart I felt led to look to my left. There a beautiful Lamb lay upon the ground, its eyes locked intensely on me. "Is that Him?" I was almost afraid to ask any questions.
    "He loves you very much."
    "Lord, the tree with its roots straddling the river…" It was a beautiful tree that was heavy with fruit, yet there was no dead fruit fallen to the ground below. I could not see any dead leaves on the tree or on the ground.
    "Yes, my son, that is the Tree of Life. You may not touch it. You may not eat of its fruit at this time. To eat of the fruit of that tree will bring you life immortal. You must return to carry out your work first. He will give to each of you fruit from that tree."
    "When, Lord?"
    "Soon. Very soon."

    "Do not touch them!"
    "Sorry I slipped, Cas."
    "Pray, please keep praying. Oh Lord, you have cleansed your Temple. Do not leave it empty. Lord send Your Spirit to fill them. Send a hedge of angels to guard them. Fill every part of them. Do not leave any place, no matter how small, where evil my return and destroy the great Waya."
    I recognized Cas's voice. Androv was fervently praying over Rodney as well. I stirred and tried to rise when I found that I was not touching the ground. I was still floating six inches above the fire pit, but I was on my back. Rodney was tight against me. He turned his head and looked into my eyes, "Were we in…?"
    "Yes my baby boy. We will not speak of it here." He nodded and just stared. Rodney has a beautiful smile, but it was bigger and more beautiful right then than I had ever seen it.

    WlU% spoke, "Open your eyes. The Spirit has blessed you, my son. You have been visited by the Most High. Now focus your mind and look into my eyes." I felt my body move then my perspective of my surroundings changed, I was standing up. I looked at Rodney standing at my side, his smile had not left his face
    I looked across at the crowds. The Royal family was seated directly behind a thin line of Tsalagi women. The Queen had her prayer book in her hands. The young Princes were on their knees with their heads bent toward the seats of their chairs. They gave the direct impression of being deep in prayer.
    I looked behind and saw Cory and RD standing tall. "How long were we in the green flame." The two boys looked at one another.
    "Dad, er…dad, the green flame rose above your head and fell away at once. When it came down you and Rodney were laying down. It was only a second or less," RD told me. The look on his face made me know that what he had said was what he had seen.
    Cory flashed his eyes forward to direct me to turn around. Sagi and Ugitsiha were at the front corners of woven bark stretcher while Quemela and Beulah carried the two back corners. They approached the fire pit and stopped.
    On the stretcher was a small figure dressed in the same type of long silk shirt that Rodney wore. The upper torso and head were covered by a large square of the finest of lace. The four women continued with a haunting chant that evoked feelings of joy and happiness inside of me. As I listened to their song my mind was sitting under the tree of life as I watched this small figure and Rodney frolic in the flowing River of Life and their sons climbed into the lower branches of the Tree of Life to pluck a piece of ripe fruit for all of us.
    A faceless boy of about nine or ten ran to me and held his hands out. "Here ejd. eat this." Grandfather? Was that Rodney's boy, my grandson? He is a beautiful as his father.

    The women set the stretcher on the ground and Gedi approached. She held up her hands and began another chant then, using her fingers, she sprinkled water from a very small bowl across the supine form. A tiny girl of no more than seven or eight held the bowl as she backed away from the wise old woman and disappeared into the night time darkness.
    Gedi maintained her chant as she withdrew the lace from the upper bodice of the small one laying on the stretcher. She revealed the most beautiful girl child that I had ever seen amongst the tribe. I looked on her face, I had seen her before. We had gone to the family dinner after the funeral for Mike's grandmother and the girl was talking to Rodney. She stood in a doorway holding Rodney's hand when she suddenly leaned in and kissed the startled boy.
    With a gesture of her hand Gedi bade…her name?…yes, Adsila to rise. Adsila, twelve years old. Her name means blossom. At the ceremony she wore Lilacs in her hair. She had a double string of Honeysuckle blossoms around her neck that hung almost to her very tiny waist. She turned to face me and looked up at my face. As is tradition I placed a hand gently on either shoulder and let her know that she was accepted, but without words. I looked into the blackest eyes that I had yet seen. Inside each eye was an image of my vision about sitting under the tree of life. I saw that whole scene, but from another angle. I quickly triangulated the scene and realized that in her eyes I was seeing what she had seen. I pulled her to me and hugged her, she returned a warm hug.
    I stepped to the side so that Rodney stood facing her. Puppy love? infatuation? Curiosity? I saw all of that pass over the face of my son. I knew at once that he was in love with Adsila, as was she with him.
    WlU% spoke and both kids turned to face him. I have heard what he said twice. Once at Cory's wedding and again at mine. My baby boy was a man, he was getting married to a baby girl. My heart tugged in my chest and I cried. Sure, it is okay to cry at a wedding, but a wedding between two twelve year old babies…
    During the course of the ceremony I learned that Adsila had only just turned twelve years old that very morning. She was born on January the sixth of 1997, Rodney is a full six months older than she is. Then I heard something that I had not heard in a wedding ceremony before. The children were wed in the eyes of the tribe and with all rights of a wedded couple except…
    Yeah, you knew there had to be an exception didn't you? They could not live together and they were never to sleep together until Adsila reaches her fourteenth birthday. Tribal laws and traditions are much older than the societal law of the land. If either of the kids were discovered to have slept with anyone of the opposite sex their marriage would be annulled and the guilty party would be considered an outcast throughout all eternity. There would not even be forgiveness in heaven for such a vile act of adultery.
    Rodney had two years to find himself a piece of land and build a house for the two of them. He was to plant crops to feed his wife and his family. If he saw fit then he could begin to collect himself an assortment of live stock. I know my boy's heart, he had to be jumping up and down inside. I also know where his piece of land is. He had shown me forty acres set in a wide glade and surrounded by a tall forest full of game. A gentle flowing creek ran across one corner of the glade and it was filled with fish of many varieties.
    Rodney and I had ridden our horses to that land and sat under the shade of an orchard of peach trees, cherry trees, and apple trees that he and his father had planted when the boy was five years old. Rodney would point and show me where he would one day build himself a house where his sons could play and grow.
    He had shown me a stand of white oak and old growth pecan trees that were growing wild. He explained to me that those trees were choking each other out and that they would die if five or six more years. I asked him if he would like my help in thinning them out. He held my hand and told me that when the two of us could take two months away from everything that he would like my help.
    He took on a whimsical look and told me that he would like for Cory and RD to help him cut the trees and rough cut them to dry for a season. He said that the wood would be stronger and that it would make a fine house.
    We had ridden our horses upstream to Cory's love nest in the woods. The water in the creek flowed over the dam at Cory's small lake and then on down through the forest. At the edge of the property line between Rodney's land and Cory's land sits a rock outcropping that was no good for cultivation. Rodney picked up a huge boulder of about eight inches around, well remember he was just eleven, and showed it to me. He had a few hundred of the stones marked for a fireplace for his house and many more for the rubble stone foundation.

    The boy has always had it together. I looked at his face as he held Adsila's hands and saw more than love there. He was determined. He was going to do this thing and he was going to make Adsila a good husband. She would bare him many sons and daughters and they would be happy for many years together.
    The ceremony was over. WlU% waved his hand over the three of us and we were engulfed in a deep red flame that rose to the children's shoulders. The long silk shirts that each of them wore were consumed in the flame and they stood facing each other totally naked.
    It was plain to all eyes that Rodney was further ahead in his walk through puberty. Adsila's body had only just begun to develop. Her pubic area had a sparse beginning of hair while her chest showed two tiny buds. The women appeared with a sedan chair gaily decorated with flowers and garland and a canopy. Adsila was helped into her chair and carried off to the sound of gay music. Not only my women but many of the women that had arrived by bus danced about her singing and beating on small instruments or shaking a tambourine. It was a time for rejoicing and celebrating.

    A chair was brought up for me and a pure white pony for Rodney. Mike placed an open white shirt on Rodney and gave him a pair of white brief underwear then helped him onto the back of the pony. Rodney rode ahead of the small convoy as warriors from around the country yelped and shouted while they danced around all of us. Cory was riding in a chair beside me, but I could not see RD.
    We circled around the grounds for all to see us. The boys from the schools were cheering and shouting, some even called out, "I love you Rodney. Please say that you'll be mine for two years." That brought great laughter from everyone present.
    Rodney was taken before the Queen and El. They congratulated him and told him that he was now a man. Rodney surprised them when he told them that in just a few minutes that they would see him become more than a man, we was to become the Tsalagi nation's first Fire Fox in over four hundred years.
    Rodney was led along, with Cory and me following in our chairs, through the gathered Apache. They did homage to the man/boy and sang his praises. The old man that I have come to know told me that songs and legends were sure to follow that boy as they already were following me and my legacy.
    As we circled back and forth I saw the Tsalagi children removing the sticks from the fire pit. They reached in and removed a burning stick. As soon as it was separated from the other sticks its flames went out. The stick was solid and whole. There were no charred fire marks on any of them. The sticks were laid upon the ground and the women bound them into bundles with vines then the children carried the bundles and placed them in the cargo hold of their buses.
    All of the arrows that had ignited the fire pit lay at the bottom of the hole. They were unscathed, even their feathers were still intact. The children gathered the arrows and placed them in quivers before placing them on the bus as well.
    By the time that our circuit brought us back to the fire pit a huge fire roared in it. Split firewood was being encouraged to burn hot by many of the tribal elders as they chanted and sang songs to the great acm4 dCh that was to arise from those flames. Spirit Warrior, Fire Fox, it finally struck me, my small son was to become the greatest warrior of an old legend. But he is only twelve years old. "Peace be with you Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, he is to help you with your journey. The two of you have great things ahead." It was the voice of Chief Steve. I was totally humbled.

    The men at the fire pit had the fire well burned down to very hot coals. They were using long pikes and spears to break all of the larger pieces into small coal sized pieces and turning them to make sure that they were completely consumed in flame. At last the the coals were ready and spread out evenly so that the entire pit glowed with the red and yellow flames of burning wood.
    Rodney dismounted his white pony and rubbed its neck. He spoke to it as he rubbed his face against the long snout of the animal. The pony knelt on its forelegs and seemed to be paying homage to Rodney then he raised up on his hind legs and let out a whiny that pierced the hearts of everyone present.
    The pony seemed to dance on its hind legs as it spun around and kicked its forelegs to the sky. As he kicked and whinnied the sky over Fire Mountain began to glow. Not low on the mountain, high in the sky, but it seemed to all present that the lights were centered on the mountain itself.
    Rodney turned to the fire and held his hands over the hot embers. The pony came to ground and nuzzled up to the boy once again. Rodney placed one hand on either front point of shoulder—just above the breast. The pony let out a contented snort and leaned down to touch its nose to Rodney's face. Rodney utter one single word in Tsalagi, "GO!" The pony turned and ran at a gallop toward the ridge from the valley floor that led along the crest of Fire Mountain.
    As he ran along the ridge he was often backlit by the worst lightening storm that I had seen at Camp Christopher. The sky began to waiver and pulse with brightly glowing lights. I have been further north and I had seen the aurora borealis. What we were witnessing was much more intense than those magnetic waves of light, and they were too far south to be the Northern Lights.
    Lightening seemed to becoming from the lights as it danced across Fire Mountain. Lightening was jumping from the ground to the sky. The white pony kept his pace along the ridge where everyone could see him. At last he reached the high knoll where the ridge turned off into the forest above. He raised himself up on his hind legs and danced to the lights in the sky.
    It was clear, the pony took five direct strikes from the lightening. He never faltered in his dance, but each time the lightening struck him he seemed to grow. When the lightening ceased a large and magnificent horse stood on the knoll. He knelt on his forelegs and placed his head to the ground before raising up and cantering back along the ridge to the camp below.
    Cory and his companions were chanting and waving their arms to the sky. All of the men of the Tsalagi nation were doing the same. The Apache were beating their drums and singing songs to the sky. Rodney turned to face the fire pit. The lights in the sky took on a brilliance that bathed the entire area in blues and greens.
    Rodney held his hands up to the sky and began to float once again. This time he floated over the red hot embers of the fire pit then his body was laid down to float above the fire. A chant rose up from the nations, "aGw#—Fire Fox, Fire Fox, Fire Fox…" The chant grew in intensity as the lights in the sky danced to the same rhythm. The area seemed to be engulfed in a cool bright light that drove shadows away and brought peace to the hearts of everyone present.
    Rodney rose to an upright position. Every bit of his exposed skin was aflame, yet he did not seem to be in pain and I could detect no burns on his body. The pony returned as a mighty war horse. On each shoulder was a red hand print the size of Rodney's small hands. Rodney floated above the fire and onto the back of the great horse. He leaned forward and hugged the horse's neck and spoke into its ear. The lights in the sky faded away and all was left in the darkness of night.

    Cullen led the Royal family to stand before me. I asked him what time it was, it was just past eight. Everything had taken place in the space of two hours. The Queen reached out and took my hand in hers. "Chris, this has been an experience. I had no idea that we would see such things, but I would not have missed this if I had known about it.
    "We have a cargo plane that must make its delivery in London before dawn. Please come to visit us and we will go someplace private to talk. Remember that you are a part of our Royal family as well and we look for great things to come from you.
    "Rodney, you come with your dad. You are a very special young man and you hold a place in my heart." I shook hands with Phillip, Charles and Harry. William wanted a hug, but he settled for a two handed handshake and a touching of our foreheads. Nolan pulled the large electric cart up and the family got aboard to disappear into the night.

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