Chapter 98


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    A blessed event occurred the evening of the twenty first of June. We had laid Hillary to rest that morning then René went into labor. At six thirty Jaybee Emily Adams filled the air with her tiny little squeal as she enjoyed her first pair of lungs full of air. I had not known that the kids had chosen to honor Jay's mother by naming the baby after her. René told me that she would always be grateful to the woman for giving her the most precious gift in all of the world, young Jayson Adams. She has loved the boy from the first day that she met him. She knew that she couldn't give him what he needed so she gave him her best, her cousin, Bradley James Garcia. The two boys fit each other like gloves. They melded into one soul at their first meeting and will forever be together. René is part of their love. Strange? Perhaps, but the kids are quite happy, that is the important part as far as I am concerned.
    Louise went into labor only minutes before René delivered. Bradley Jayson Garcia is forty seven minutes younger than his future wife, but in fairyland that is no problem.

    Upon returning to Empire Canal I found the gate guard talking with one of the skinniest and dirtiest looking boys I have ever encountered. I inquired of his purpose for being there and the FI agent told me that the boy was saying that he had met some of the family in town and they had told him that if he came to the house he would be given food, a shower, clean clothes and a soft bed. One look at the boy told me that he was in desperate need of all of that and more. I stepped out of my car and walked over to him. He cowered back from me and hung his head.
    I was towering over a boy of about five foot seven inches that might weigh one hundred and ten pounds, if he was lucky. I reached out to him. He backed against the wall, but had nowhere else to go. I lifted his bony chin and looked him in the eye. I saw deep fear, I felt his frail frame shaking in uncontrollable fear. I got down on my knees and stared up at the boy while making puppy dog faces at him. It took several seconds to crack his street hardened demeanor, but no matter how hard he tried he allowed a smile to appear. It started in his eyes as the moisture withdrew and his vision cleared. The corners of his mouth twitched then his cheeks filled with color. Not a blush, they just gave up the pale pallor for a healthy pink glow.
    "If you are afraid of me how can I help you?" He stood in silence as he pondered that question. "I do so want to help you, I will only give you what you ask for. So far you have asked for food, a shower, clean clothes and a soft bed. Those items are yours. If you want more then you may ask me, but before I can give you any of that I will have to take you on up to the house. If you met any of the boys that are staying here then they will be in the house and you can see them, right now. Will you go with me?"
    Reluctantly he followed me to the car, but when I opened the door he withdrew. I saw his mouth moving, but I had to get up close to hear what he was saying. "I can't get in there. I am too dirty, I will ruin the seats."
    I whispered close in his ear, "It's a rental car so the dealer can clean the seat covers. I think that the seats will look a lot better with your cute little ass sitting on them." Now that made the boy blush.
    "You think I'm cute?"
    "I think you are down right fucking beautiful." He giggled as I patted his tight little butt and lightly pushed him toward the car door. He looked at me as he placed himself on the car seat, I reached across him to fasten his seat belt. I had a drive of a little over three hundred feet, on a private driveway. He didn't need a seat belt, and I am sure he could have buckled himself in, but how else could I get my face close enough to his to kiss him? I made it a light kiss, on the lips, and was surprised when he threw his arms around my neck and kissed me back. I invaded his mouth and swapped spit with him as he attacked me as if his life depended on our kiss. I wanted to grope the sweet tent that I saw being erected in his lap, but I chose caution and kept my hands to myself. "Wow! You are one fucking good kisser. I think that I might fall in love," I giggled at him as I closed the door and walked around the car.
    As I slid behind the steering wheel I looked at my young passenger, he was crying. I put my hand on his arm. "Please don't tell Eric and Ricky that I am gay. I want to be their friend, but they will hate me."
    "Are you sure you're gay?"
    "I kissed you!"
    "So…I like men. I like to have rear end sex with men. That's why…" There was a story there, but I put the car in gear and drove on up to the house.
    As I entered the front door I pushed the intercom button. I know who goes where and when and if he met Eric and Ricky he met Gus, Theo, and Curtis. They always go into town as a group, for their own safety. I called for all five boys to come to the kitchen then I led my young guest in that direction. During our short drive up to the house I had learned his name was Fedor, I will learn the origin of his name after he is settled down.
    As we entered the kitchen I asked Edmund if he would prepare something for our young guest to eat. Suddenly the fireworks went off as five naked boys dashed into the room and stopped until recognition came over their faces. They all rushed up to welcome Fedor to our house. He turned and looked at me and whispered, "They're all naked."
    "They're all gay too," His eyes widened as my words sunk in. He turned and looked at the five naked bodies ranging from a pre-pubescent Gus to a near fifteen year old Ricky. Ricky has grown slightly in the six months that he has been with us, but he still has the body of a much younger boy, which I think gives him his charm.
    Edmund placed a bowl of soup on the table and asked Fedor his name. Fedor replied then Edmund pulled back a chair and held it for the boy to sit down. Edmund asked him if he wanted a sandwich and what he wanted to drink as the other boys kept on talking about meeting Fedor downtown. They had learned that he was a runaway from a group home and had invited him home with them when the boy took off running. They had not seen him again until this day.
    Fedor explained that he saw the police coming up the street toward them and he ran in fear. He said that the entire city police force was looking for him to make him go back to the home. Well, that didn't sound like it was completely true, although I didn't doubt that the police did have his pictures in circulation as a runaway. I still had a few million questions that I needed answered.
    Edmund handed me a cup of coffee and pointed at a bowl of soup that he had prepared for me. I had forgotten that I had been at the hospital most of the day and had not eaten. I was cutting a piece of Edmund's homemade bread and I could smell the garlic in it, Edmund makes many different breads and one never knows for sure what is in front of him until he cuts it. Ģer ran into the room asking about the babies. I had to tell him that they were healthy and all of the details before he grabbed Luke and they left the room. I heard Ģer tell his husband that he wished he could give him a baby boy, Luke suggested that they go to their room and see if they could conceive one.
    "Were they talking about…you know, like fucking each other, or something?"
    "Or something. Does that bother you?"
    He squirmed in his seat and looked at the five naked boys, now sporting massive erections. Well, Gus's was massive for his tiny body at a good inch and a half long. He has more foreskin than dick, which we all love to play with. He gets the most intense orgasms and is ready for another one in mere seconds, or so it seems. That too shall change.
    "Didn't you tell me that you liked to have sex with grown men? You like to get fucked is what you told me. Don't worry about it, everybody in this house likes rear end sex." He looked at the boys standing there. I motioned for them to turn around and show him. Four little naked butts were aimed at his face as their hands spread their cheeks so that Fedor had a good view. It was plain to see that they each had a much larger ass hole than would be normal. Curtis's butt was wet so I stuck my finger up in him then licked it off. "Hmmm, Eric?" He giggled and pointed at Theo. I know that sometimes they swap around when they are all together. They sleep with their best friend, but all of the boys will fuck each other from time to time.
    Fedor's eyes were on my finger in my mouth. I stuck it back into Curtis's butt and offered it to him. He giggled then he licked it. "Outta sight man, I sure hoped that you would be okay with us. You are so fucking good looking that all of us want to do you," Ricky told him. Leave it to Ricky to ask for a fuck, he is so ass eager. I have now witnessed him take six boys, non-stop. He likes the big ones, they like him too.
    I have been with Ricky several times since our encounter beside the road in January. Most often it was just a half hour or so because of my continuous schedule of travel, but I did pull his name from the box one weekend and the two of us had a wonderful time together, all night long. Ricky's not a bad top, a little inexperienced, but he is eager to please and he is a fast learner.
    Fedor and I had eaten most of the one pound block of extra sharp cheddar cheese and had polished off the half loaf of garlic bread. He had two large glasses of milk along with the large bowl of soup, I had no idea where he had put that much food in this skinny little body. Without a word I arose and moved over to kneel beside him. I removed two very smelly tennis shoes that were in extra ratty condition. He had no socks on his filthy feet, but he had an odor on them that would curl a maggot's nose at a thousand paces.
    Without hesitation I pushed his tee shirt over his head and removed it. I turned it round and round and let the extra strong odor of skinny blond boy twitch my dick. They didn't have an easy job, but five family members were trying to get my clothes off of me without my cooperation, I was on a mission and didn't have time to quit. I did have to stand for a moment so they could drop my pants and briefs. Fedor's eyes were glued to me and his hands reached out to me, but I went back to my knees to finish removing his clothes.
    He had to stand so that I could remove his pants and when he did his protruding belly was on display. I know where all of that food went, I patted his belly and watched his sweet cock jump. His jeans were salvageable, but what he was using for underwear was beyond the rag bin, they would go straight to the trash. I hope that no one complains about me throwing away dangerous biological waste. His yellow, frayed, and worn briefs had more skid marks in them than the local drag strip on Saturday night, and the yellowed pouch in front had more than urine stains on it. I did have to get a good whiff, which almost took my breath away. That garment should be bottled to be used as smelling salts, at least they sure revived me.
    I told Edmund that the shoes and drawers were garbage, but the jeans and shirt could be washed, at least twice, with bleach. Everybody was laughing at me, but they were passing the tiny underwear around, even Gus took a deep breath and I watched his tiny cocklet twitch. There is no denying the current sexuality of this eleven year old lad. I don't know if a eleven year old can have any sexuality, but he does like to have sex with his brother. The two boys came to me to tell me that they were going to fuck like they used to do at home. Gus likes it and he told me he needs it. He knows right from wrong and he knows what he likes.
    I stood up so that I could pick Fedor up and place him on the table, but the boy was quick on the draw. He had my cock deep in his throat and was moaning like a starving fag boy in the boy's locker room. The boy was good, no doubt about that. He had all of me deep in his throat as he rubbed his nose around my trimmed pubic bush. He had his hands between my legs as he let his fingers explore my butt crack. I spread my legs wide for him and he went for the entire treat. One hand grabbed my balls and the other went to my ass. His fingers are long and thin so he had no problem getting two of the lengthy digits up to my prostate instantly.
    I could sense that he was in sexual overdrive as he fondled my balls like a very experienced cock sucker and played my prostate like a violin. He had so much suction on my cock that I felt my insides moving toward my urethra before I felt my orgasm sweep through me. I had many tiny hands hold me up as my knees sagged from one of the hottest blow jobs that I had experienced in sometime. I felt cheated, I had wanted to do him.
    I held him close to my body as he continued to nurse me long after I had completed my orgasm. I could feel the dirt on his scalp and in his matted hair and I was anxious to give the boy a long shower and shampoo. I regained my strength and backed away from him, but he crawled on his knees trying to keep my cock in his great mouth. The boy is a cock sucker, of that there could be no doubt. But I wanted to see what other talents he had, such as the taste of his boi milk.
    After much playing around I managed to get my hands under his ticklish arms and pick him up. He wrapped his legs around me and held on, tight. He reached around between his legs and placed my cock at his pucker then lowered himself down. I was looking him in the eye as my overall size got his attention. He wanted it, pain and all he took it. Slowly he slid himself down and I stood in the middle of the kitchen fucking a kid that I knew nothing about. A boy from the street and I was bareback, fully inserted in his rectum, and fucking for bear. I was going for all he had and he was taking all of me and begging for more.
    I heard whispers and hands were on my back helping me to remain steady as I fucked this boy as if both of our lives depended on our actions. Fedor laid his head on my shoulder and squeezed me tight as his body tensed against me. I could hold back no longer, I filled him to the rim with hot jizz from my already depleted gonads.
    I had no strength to carry on. I had to push forward and lay the boy on the heavy duty prep table that we had taken over as our dinner table. Edmund had a real problem with us being so cozy with him. He wanted to serve us at the family table, we wanted to be a family where he was part of us. If he is going to fulfill the role I have for him he is going to have to get over his servant's mentality.
    Fedor lay back on the table with a nice six inch cut tool awaiting service. I only had strength for an oral assault. I had wanted to give him my standard new boy welcome, but he had called the shots. However I was not about to miss out on the cream, so like a cat I pounced on him. I let my fingers slip up in an anus that was in serious needs of a good wash. My recent deposit was not the only thing that I found inside. I hated to think of what my dick must look like. I guess it was pretty bad because I felt a warm wash cloth cleaning me as I savored a young new sweet meat and the treat that awaited me in mere seconds.
    I later learned that Fedor had not had any release for over two weeks as he hid amongst the garbage cans in the city's alley ways. He had a load that three boys would have been proud to deliver all in one long lasting nut release. I was swallowing cum by the buckets full. It was sweet, without a hint of acid burn or urine sting. The boy was pure and delicious. I could drink from his mighty fountain all day long.
    I stumbled back and hands stopped me then guided me into a chair that had been placed behind me. Cory wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek as Fedor sat up and looked around the room at seventy four wide eyed naked boys, each sporting an erection of various proportions. I offered Fedor a hand as I pulled him to his feet. I was about to lead him to the showers when Christopher came up to place the pin of honor on the boys sparse pubes.
    The front gate called to tell us that a courier from base B was on his way up. I sent Cory to my office for my med kit. I asked Edmund to sign for the packet from the courier, but to have him wait for a return. I took swabs of Fedor's mouth and a blood sample. I stuck a swab up his ass and hoped that it would have more than my cum on it. I placed all of these items in a bio-transfer package and sent them to be processed. I have already stepped over the line by having unprotected sex with the new boy. I had to see if he was safe for my family.
    I took a long time washing the newbie from head to toe then led him to the jacuzzi. Cory poked his head in and I told him that he was welcome, but that I wanted Jim to come in also. Jimmy is my scribe and my right hand when it comes to keeping tabs on everyone. He is a whiz at record keeping and I wanted him to get Fedor's story first hand. I am sure that there is something that I will need to get the Doggs of Warr involved in. I was right, and this one was very serious.

    Thirteen year old Fedor had been placed in a shelter after his father and his seventeen year old brother had been arrested for molesting the boy. The age of consent in New York is seventeen and Fedor is more than two years younger than his brother. Fedor had celebrated his fourteenth birthday on the third of June by being gang raped by four boys, of color, was the way he put it. They learned that he was in the shelter because his father and brother had been using him sexually for several years. One look at his private exit showed that it had been entered more than once. That was all the permission those boys had needed to use the newcomer as they saw fit.
    Fedor cried as he swore to us that his father never touched him. He knew that his brother was gay and that he had a boyfriend. He had offered himself to his brother many times, but he had been turned down. His brother told him that he was too young and that they were brothers, he could not abuse the boy. Fedor had undergone a physical examination and the doctor could easily spot the signs of sexual activity. He had called the police who arrived and took the boy into protective custody.
    Fedor had no contact with his father or brother, but he had been told that they were in jail and would be tried for abusing him. I knew that Fedor didn't have all of the facts so I would have The Doggs at work on the case as early as possible the next morning. For now I wanted Fedor to feel safe and loved. His idea of feeling safe coincided with my fondest method for consoling a boy so we moved to the bed as Jim and Cory slipped out quietly.
    I did my number on Fedor. He does like older men. I learned that he had been having sex with a forty year old neighbor for two years. Fedor was in his tree house when he spotted the man sun bathing in the nude. Fedor was entranced when the man began to masturbate not ten feet from his vantage point and less than nine feet below him. On the third day the man asked Fedor if he was just going to stare at him all of the time or if he wanted to come down to get a better look. Fedor was frightened that he had been discovered, but he was curious also. He had not known about masturbation and not yet entered puberty, the neighbor taught him more than he knew that he wanted to learn. He learned his lesson well and the man had many of his friends stop by to educate Fedor, often.

    June 23 dawned and the house of happy fairies had something in store for the fairy godfather. All had left us except for the little fairies of the family. Harry and Toby had seen the King back out of the country then they returned to fairyland to tip toe through the tulips with the family. Pete and Eddy were staying the summer and so was Timmy. Brad and Jay were staying at the house. The silly faggots don't want the diaper changing and feeding that goes along with fatherhood. I feel that they may be missing a great blessing, but I will keep my mouth shut.
    I awakened to the soft voice of my darling Cory. He kissed me and held me tightly. I felt many hands as my body was washed in warm water. A soft cloth was applied to my most intimate parts as Cory continued to tell me how much I had blessed the world with my presence. He fluffed my pillows and helped me to move on the bed so that I was sitting upright. He was calling me, "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe." I can't even pronounce my Indian name, but I heard it being repeated throughout the room. My room was filled with the most perfect sight I could ever want. Seventy five naked homos that I love dearly were standing about my bed as they began to sing happy birthday to me. Each boy had his erection standing like a candle and I wanted to blow each of them.
    My heart was full as I watched the biological brothers of the house share the moment close together. Cas and Lew had with their arms around each other. Cas was squeezed in between his little brother and his lover, Tyler, who had his little brother, Turner entwined about him. Jay Jay and Jeff Farley held each other with a look of pure brotherly love. The real blessing there is that they were not arguing with each other for a change. Frank and Branden make a good looking family. My heart breaks when I think about those two living so close together, but never knowing who they were. The years that were wasted. I only hope that the short time they will be in my care will help to create a life long bond between the two little blond boys.
    Our two new redheads glowed as they held each other face to face. Thirteen year old Rusty had his long skinny nail warm in the grip of his brother, fifteen year old Ronnie. Our latest family members fit into the group nicely. The Thomas cousins are adopted brothers, but one would think that they are biological brothers. Their fathers are brothers, but the similarity of their progeny is remarkable. The love the pair shares is joy to look upon. My biggest treat was to see Kenny in the place of honor as he filled the air with his strong soprano voice while sitting on the shoulders of his bestest brother in the whole world, Toby. Ricky was on Raymond's shoulders and trying his best to out sing Kenny, but tiny little Ricky is at that point. You know, puberty's curse on young boys, the voice change? I love to hear their voices crack, but it embarrasses them. Gotta love em.
    Donny seemed happy enough with David gone. I feel that there is a lot of resentment between those two and I hope to be able to settle the pair down before too much time hardens their hearts beyond reconciliation.
    A tray was placed in my lap and I was passed a cup of coffee. I looked, but it had no cream in it. I looked about the room and decided to do my best to drink it straight. How could I choose and there is no way I could handle a load from everybody. The cup was too small. That's as good of an excuse as any.
    Cory fed me whole wheat/oatmeal pancakes with cherries on top. Not canned cherries with sugary paste for pie filling. Maraschino cherries, like for the top of an ice cream sundae. There were two large patties of vegetarian sausage along with a grapefruit peeled and sectioned. I was only allowed to hold my coffee, nobody wanted to see me burned by passing it back and forth.

    With our temporary home away from home settling to a routine I had established my dominion by occupying the master suite on the second floor. The room was laid out like Hillary's childhood palace on the fourth floor with one exception, there was a large stone stairway leading from the south end of the wide surrounding balcony to the terraced patio below.
    The small adjoining room that had been the home to Hillary's nannies was a super sized bathroom in my suite. I had a large marble whirlpool tub that had been updated, to a point, to serve as a Jacuzzi. The shower stall was large enough for a true gang sized orgy, and I have used it as such already, with six boys.
    Cory and I were alone, all of the boys had deserted us. I wiggled my eyebrows at Cory, he grinned at me. I shook my head, "Not today, I need it, it's my birthday, fill me with your presents." Cory grabbed a bit of butter from my breakfast tray and slicked up his dick. I told him to put some of the strawberry preserves on it and I would have a bit of meat for breakfast. He wasn't up for that, he was up for me, and up in me in seconds.
    I locked my legs around him and pulled him all the way in. Cory showed me his deep deep love deeply inside of me. I held him close and savored every inch that the best thing in my life wanted to share with me. Cory carried me away from all of my troubles as he poured himself out to me with his kisses and caresses. The boy is total love, I can't imagine life without him. My heart was so full as I asked for more of him. He was breathing hard and having erectile dysfunction as he struggled to take me over the top one more time.
    After only forty five minutes of constant physical exertion Cory fell to the side. I licked and sucked and coerced at his member as I cleaned every morsel of his sweetness from him, yet he never twitched. Well, yeah, he twitched because he was sensitive, but his main member didn't get a rise. He had moved over to remove my two deposits from my belly and we just cuddled in a warm sixty nine and let our hands speak for us as we moved across the other's flesh.
    It was my birthday and I know that the boys will have something on tap so I let Cory drag me to the shower. He wouldn't let me do any more than a quick wash. It was more than a BBC & P, but not as much more as I wanted. I would like to spend the entire day with no one else, but him around. I loved our evening at the falls and I want more. At times like these my thoughts often rush back to a frightened naked boy hiding behind a garbage can. His body was very raw from exposure, and from his dirty clothes, that I couldn't bear to touch him. The next two days we traveled. Just the two of us, alone. I want more of that, but I will not desert my family. I love each and every one of them deeply, but Cory is always on my mind, even with the best of the best of my boys.
    With the water off I could hear music playing. I commented on the volume, but Cory seemed to ignore me. Once dressed Cory opened my bedroom door and the sound of the music flooded my mind. I heard beautiful music from a full orchestra filling the house, loudly. Cory seemed unfazed as he allowed me though the door first then followed me down the hall then down the stairs. I headed to the ball room and figured out that the music was live. What have these faggots done now?
    Shane stood amongst all of the boys' keyboards with several of their laptops connected to a bank of synthesizers hard wired together. The boys had learned from the Wild Boys, they had purchased some of the software that young Jason had told them that he liked to use. They even had the same brand of synthesizers that the young musician used. Shane is a musician. Not some garage rock and roll wannabe, but a full fledged concert pianist and composer.
    Shane had two computers playing the percussion section and a computer to a keyboard for the brass, the woodwinds, and the stringed instruments. He stood before my old a Kurzweil SP88X keyboard. It was set to synthesize a grand piano and the sound was indistinguishable from a fine concert instrument. At the time I thought nothing of it as one boy or another would ask if I liked a particular piece of music. I am partial to Schubert, but I enjoy most all of the classic composers. Shane played several of his original pieces that sounded as great as the masters.
    This explained so much to me about the quiet boy. A true musical genius, a virtuoso if you will, is quiet. They seem shy and withdrawn, but their mind is full of music. I leaned that Shane composed a special piece for me during my breakfast. He heard Cory repeating the name, Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe, and wanted to know its roots. Mike and Steven explained the name and its meaning to him. Cory has insisted that his young Indian brothers learn all they can about the Tsalagi and he has shared the new legend that is growing around my name.
    Shane spent the hour or so that Cory and I were making out programing the various parts into the system as he composed a most haunting hunting song? no, this was much more than a song. He told my entire life's story in a twenty minute symphony. We heard the bray of the wolf, the soft cry of a young bear and the contented sounds as it was led by the wolf to safety. The cry of a wounded mountain lion over shadowed the hunting hoots of an owl then turned to the purring of a contented kitten. The sounds of the fluttering wings of the owl surrounded the other animal sounds as hunters sought the unusual group of animals. Each time the music rose to a crescendo as the hunters were defeated and the animal band was safely together once again.
    Wow! Shane had touched me. I had no idea that the boy had so much passion in him. I had misjudged him, I thought that he was lost since the death of his brother, Shawn. I sat and looked at the boy for the first time ever. I asked him to spend the night with me.

    I decided on a special day for all of us. Well, most of us, okay. I mean with seventy five hot blooded boys I couldn't get to everyone. I spend a lot more time with the younger boys so I made my day center around the oldest and worked my way down the roster.
    Harry is the oldest in the crowd and he comes with his own shadow. If I could handle two at once, I could get through the list faster. Don't even think that I planned to have sex with even ten or twenty of them. That would leave me dead before my birthday ended. I wanted quiet, quality time. I had been so busy that I had not listened to them in…well, forever. At least that is the way it seemed.
    There was no way I was going to spend the day in bed either. I started with Harry and Toby sitting under a large tree in the great outdoors of the massive estate. I could only allow myself thirty minutes with each boy or couple. That wasn't fair to either of us, but it was fair to the overall family.
    Surprisingly I sat with each boy singularly, as a couple, and sometimes in small groups, such as Gus with Eric, Kenny, and Curtis. I listened to the boys. I heard what they wanted to say and I will take action where needed. I felt good at the end of the day and I really believe that the boys felt better. They unburdened their hearts and I learned a few things that I had no idea had been going on.
    Boys, they are made of puppy dog tails, the part of the puppy that the tail wags over sometimes becomes a key ingredient in their make up. I know that none of these boys want to be crude, but the Alpha Male demands to come out of every dick owner at sometime or other. I can stop bullying, but when a boy feels his pending manhood challenged he most often reverts to words as his offensive weapon. Words can be very offensive, and hurtful. I will have to ponder the best way to address this problem over time.

    I found time to call The Doggs before lunch and set them off to sniff out Fedor's case. Tony put Mic on the case, which can be good and bad. The man never forgets anything so the first thing out of his mouth he wanted to know if Fedor was called Jo-Jo. I had no idea what he was referring too until he reminded me of Fedor Jeftichew, (1868-1904) better known as Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy in P.T. Barnum's circus. Jo-Jo was a famous sideshow performer born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1868.
    Mic went hysterically ballistic when he learned that the family was of Russian decent and that Fedor's brother's name was Adrian, that was the name of Jo-Jo's father. Fortunately for him he quit laughing just before I crawled through the phone lines to choke him to death. Next I filled him in with all of the information I had. Mic asked me about prosecuting the neighbor for continued molestation. I told him to investigate as quietly as he could until I could put young Fedor, the sweet faced boy, at ease and find out how he felt about what the neighbor had been doing to him. I was particularly concerned about the part of the boy's story involving the neighbor's friends.

    Shane did come to my room that night. He and Christopher have been keeping company for the past several days. Cory rolled over for a lengthy good night kiss and told me he was going to give Christopher a real treat. He giggled at me as he ran from the room, but not without leaving a bright red hand print on Shane's lily white ass.
    Lily white, I should have said pasty white. Shane was an in the house type of boy. A quick look would show that he spent his time with indoor activities. His body has all of the parts, buried under a thin layer of baby fat that this family would have off of him in a few weeks, once at our mountainside house. His thin blood vessels could be seen beneath his almost mottled skin. He was in serious need of sunshine. His skin was clear and devoid of any type of blemish, I could not even see a mole on his body. He has a single piercing of his left ear and wears a variety of different adornments, usually a single stud, sometimes a tiny ring.
    His hair is very light brown, almost blond in bright daylight conditions. His eyebrows are thin and very light colored, several shades lighter than the hair on his head. His eyes are a soft golden brown with a welcome look that invites one into his soul. His body is devoid of hair, even the legs of the eighteen year old lad are barely covered in soft, blond fuzz. His tiny crown is that of an early pubescent boy giving the impression that he is much younger than his driver's licence declares him to be. I have seen his birth certificate and his passport so I know that he did in fact turn eighteen the last week of May.
    I was going to pay attention as I garnered all of the carnal knowledge that a boy loving pervert like myself can gather as the two of us spent the entire night getting to know one another as only two willing males can get to know one another. I know that Shane is curious, my boys have had seven days and eight nights to attempt to satisfy all of Shane's curiosities. I now expected an accomplished lover in my bed. Much to my pleasure, I found a very innocent youth eager to learn for himself the joys that awaited him. He had seen various techniques of boi sex and he had an idea of what he liked the best. What he liked best was a long sixty nine followed by a good heart stopping fuck, then closeness for the rest of the night. He was ready and eager for seconds much faster than a boy of his calender years, which did not break my heart at all.
    Shane already had his pin marking him as a full member of the family, but with the exception of Cory and me using him as our third in a little ménage à trois the week before we had not had any private time together. I pulled him close to me and asked him what he had to give me for my birthday. He giggled at me and offered himself for starters. I was sure that I would not be in needs of anything else from him, but I kept that to myself as I began to nibble a nipple. The boy has never made love, the family had tried, but Shane had resisted, I broke his resistence at once.
    I began a slow decent from his nipples down his sternum. Shane has a deep navel with a tiny ridge around the opening. I buried my tongue in the hole to tickle at the scared end of the remnants of the last physical connection to a woman that he had ever had. I love a fidgety boy wiggling beneath me, I had taken the position of dominance as I lay between his wide spread legs and covered his boihood with my body. His cock is not trophy size, but I had no intention of throwing it back either as it let a large flow of his sweet juices slick the bottom of my chin.
    I worked my way about his fine haired crown of pubic hair; which was close in and tight against the pride of his central being. His abdomen was virtually smooth with nary a hair outside of the close crop that announced his maturity. His scrotum was devoid of any hair at all, which is a real turn on to me. I can suck on a boys scrot for hours, but I hate the fine little sack hairs that hang in my throat and cause me to cough and come up to clear it out. I had so much in store for the youngster yet, but I would be content to suckle his silky purse for the rest of the night.
    His testicles are a little larger than large walnuts. It was no step to take the pair fully in my mouth as I tugged at his scrot in an attempt to drive the boy mad with desire, I was getting there. I like to ignore a boy's joy stick in the beginning. I can have even the hard core straight boy dripping like a cheap faucet in no time whatsoever and Shane was no exception. He wanted to release so bad, but I simply slapped his hand away whenever he reached for himself and continued to lave his batter makers and the area beneath them.
    Shane was gripping hands full of sheet by the time I pushed his legs back to his shoulders. He wanted my assault to never end, but he needed to cum. Most of the time I can tell when a boy has crossed the line, but I missed it with Shane and he began to look like a fire hose as his ejaculate ripped from his glans and hit him on the forehead. I had to rush forward to catch the remainder of my bedtime snack.
    With Shane a bit more sedate I returned to his universal connection to continue where I had left off. The poor kid never stood a chance as his cock immediately returned to its full six inch length and stretched his foreskin taut. I had already learned that his foreskin is extra tight with no extra length, even when flaccid. I should have done him the favor of retracting it for him earlier because it was going to be unpleasant at this point. I pressed on with the intention of sliding his sheath back during his next round of emissions. What, you think that I was going to let up on him at this point? Silly you.
    I spread his legs and began a march to the back door. He was more open than he had been the last time I had visited his diner, but that was a good thing. He had wanted Cory and I both to take turns up in him at the falls, but we had hurt him, "in a good way," he had assured us, but anyone that has ridden on me the first time remembers my entry for several hours. I found the door ready to receive my oral visitor so I just went on inside, he nearly crushed my head as he snapped his thighs together. I kept on with my dinner, but slowly pushed his knees toward his shoulders, Shane was eager for me to continue so he placed his hands behind his knees and held his legs back opening him up for all I had to give him.
    I spent a good ten minutes eating my dinner and enjoying each and every tender bite before I had to use my fingers to scoop up more of him and his exquisite taste. I was going for deep penetration so I used my five inch long middle finger. I poked and probed deep inside as I used every trick that I knew of to give him deep pleasure. I pressed my thumb at the base of his cock and the area of the prostate from the outside as I wiggled my finger about his velvety soft rectum.
    He was clean inside and I was sure that he had been coached on how to get as clean as he was. When I felt his body begin to shudder I pulled my finger back and sent in its cousin, the fore finger. The finger pair worked mainly at stretching as I kept my tongue working the area as closely as it could. I kept my eyes on the ball, actually both of them, when they tried to pull up I backed off and let him cool down slightly. When I was ready to let him cum I wanted it to be hard, deep, and soul satisfying for him.
    The ring finger cousin wanted to join the party and I knew that Shane was to the point of discomfort as his baby maker wanted to blow its top so I slid in the third digit. I love to take a hard nut and caress it between my forefinger and my ring finger while my long middle finger arches up to stroke its surface and sending the helpless victim into sexual agony. At that point he is in such a need of release that he will fuck an elephant.
    Shane's balls were pulling tight to the base of his cock, he was almost there. I licked and nibbled up the tower of his power then lowered my mouth over his cock head. I let my tongue work at his tight sheath, to both his and my joy it opened and slid back giving me complete access to his swollen glans. I worked my tongue around the blood engorged Maypole until I felt his butt nut pulse. The time had come for me to drop down on his full length and tighten my mouth, as my years of practicing my specialty had taught me to do. His cock slipped up tight to the opening of my throat and I pushed against his furry abdomen trying to get just another inch, I wanted him in my throat, badly. I took what I could get and applied full suction as my fingers fucked in and out of his anal sphincter. I hit his prostate with a long rake on each entry and withdrawal which induced Shane to hump himself into me in his sexual frenzy.
    I was pleased to learn that Shane has a very large load each time he releases. I could get fat from just his sweet juice alone. As is my normal assault routine, I took the last dribble of baby batter then pushed my baby making stick home in a single thrust. I had Shane three fingers wide and he had been with Cory several times, as well as the other super endowed boys, but I still made him open his eyes wide as I slammed home. He looked me hard in the eye as tears formed at the bottom of his own, but his face quickly turned to a smile as his body relaxed and formed itself around me.
    I pounded him hard and fast, I needed release, which I got in moments, then I slid into the saddle and began to ride. My first load slickened his poop chute to make a comfortable ride for both of us. Again I kept him just short of release so that we could both enjoy a long love making session. As I began to tire from my efforts I sped up my pace and pounded off a load from both of us then fell to the side. I looked at the clock to see that we had been in the room for two hours and during that time Shane had gotten off four times to my three.
    Shane was sexually drained, but his emotions were still needful as he turned to me for a long cuddle and six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Shane is most happy with a cock to nurse on as he sleeps, me too so we were quite happy, all night long. When he stirred and ran to the bathroom I was right behind him. Shane got and gave his first golden shower, and loved it. He even dropped to his knees to soak his whole body in my early morning piddle then we took a long hot shower before getting back in bed again. Shane lay on his back with his legs held wide. I slipped in and satisfied his new found passion before we turned and sixty nined until Cory came to awaken us.
    I asked Cory to mount our new butt boy as I enjoyed the view. I had my fingers up Cory's ass so that he was ready for a quickie before the three of us showered together, golden and fresh water.

    Edmund sat at the table in the family's outside dining area. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and a wistful look on his face. I filled my cup with hot coffee and stepped out to join him. "They are lovely boys sir. You have raised them well," he told me.
    "Edmund, I have not raised them. Cas has been a member of my house the longest. The first boy I found was Turner, that was in April of 2004, only twenty six months ago. Cas came to live in my house in September then I found Christopher and he helped me go bring Cory home. Cas' little brother, Cory, and Christopher all moved in with me just after Thanksgiving of 2004. I have not had time enough with any of these boys to raise them. They are each one what they have determined themselves to be. I set a lifestyle value, if you will, and they have conformed themselves to that as it best fits them. I want the boys to be as individualistic as possible, but still conform to a societal norm.
    "Look at you. I don't know your past, but you were with Mr. Carpenter for several years. How much did he shape you?"
    "I believe it was the other way around sir. I didn't even know that I preferred sex with other males. I was, but a spit of a lad that was required to spend my evenings at my family's restaurant. My father was very strict and he wanted to know where we were at all times. Most of the time I was hanging out in the alley watching the street boys hustling the old men for money.
    "I would bring out food from the lines that had been out too long. My father wanted it thrown in the garbage and mixed well to keep the bums out of it. I felt if these boys were hungry why should I throw away good food. They would wait for me and get a feast in return. I made friends with a few of them and I began to hang around them and their world.
    "I watched as they let men suck their young cocks and sometimes they even had to suck a man themselves. I asked about that and one night this one boy gave me my first blow job. I was only a few days past my twelfth birthday, but I was quite mature. I enjoyed myself immensely so a night or two later he got this old man to blow me. I recognized him. Mr. Carpenter and Missy were regular customers of my father's establishment and they were having dinner there that night. Mr. Carpenter had stepped out to the alley for a small appetizer." He chuckled at his little joke. I knew what he meant, I enjoy a sweet appetizer myself.
    "When he returned to his table I was there to refill his water glass. Oh, sir, the look on his face was priceless. I looked him in the eye and I used his name. "Is Mr. Carpenter finding everything to his satisfaction tonight?" I made sure Missy was looking away as I squeezed my crotch. He almost choked to death on his salad. I moved away as another waiter patted his back, but he never took his eyes off of me.
    "Sir, that was 1966. I had the power to ruin him. Two nights later someone at Empire Canal ordered a take out Sicilian Pie. I went with my brother to deliver it. When Mr. Carpenter answered the door and saw me he almost dropped dead. He stepped outside and shut the door behind him. I looked up and at him and batted my eyes and told him that I would like to give him some cream sauce to go with his salad. He gave me a hundred dollar bill for a two dollar delivery. I told him that I would look for him in the alley.
    "He never came back to the alley, but I wanted more of him. I don't think that I was trying to shake him down. I really wanted to be with him. Sir, Mr. Carpenter was a gentleman. He was very handsome and very proper. He looked out of place on his knees before me, but he really enjoyed sucking my dick and I enjoyed him doing it. I found out how to sneak on to the grounds of this estate and I would meet with him in the maze. I gave him a blow job that forever sealed our fate.
    "I was not happy at home, sir. I was different. I enjoyed reading and time by myself. My father could not abide with that. My brother's would chide me, in a loving way. I believe they knew about me before I did. Mr. Carpenter went to my father and offered to send me to school to learn the business of high finance. I know my father. He received some high finance and never looked back. He didn't care that I was not attending a different school, he had no idea where I was, but he left me alone, which is all that I wanted. I continued on in the same school where I had always been then I came home to be in bed with the Mr. every afternoon. Missy had Mr. put me in a room on the fourth floor. He came to me three or four nights each week as well as every afternoon when I first returned from my school.
    "We only had oral sex sir, until I was sixteen. He wanted me to do him. He loved Italian sausage from that day until he died. I moved into my apartment, in back, when I finished high school. By then I was a regular member of the staff. No one knew exactly what I did, but Missy and Mr. always greeted me and treated me well so the rest of the staff did too.
    As time went on I became friends with Missy and she helped me. She knew what was going on with the Mr. and me, but she said nothing until he died. She told me that he had given me my apartment and a large sum of money. She told me that she was glad that I had come along because the Mr. never went out prowling the alleys anymore. She was always afraid that somebody would hurt him or kill him when he went looking for little boys.
    "That ended it. She never mentioned it again and I served her till the day she died." He arose and retrieved the coffee pot then sat back down with me.
    "The boys like you Edmund. I am so grateful to have found you. You are the perfect compliment to my household. I have toyed with the idea of your coming to Tucson, but I really need you here. You are free to go where you please, of course, and I support you all of the way, but you are a genuine treasure here."
    "Sir, I am most happy here. I would like to live here until the day that I die. You should know that I have asked Mitchell to have my remains cremated. I have a special urn that I found many years ago. It sits on a shelf by the east window of my living room I want to be placed in that urn and turned toward the window so that I may overlook these wonderful gardens until the end of time."
    "I have sensed a bit of guilt in you for the sex that you are having with the boys." I looked at him, he lowered his eyes.
    "I never thought about boys that much. Mitchell was so tiny and so frail when I found him. I believed his story and my heart went out to him. I was hurt that he had not told me the whole truth of who he was. I hid him out when everybody in town was looking for him I have told him how that made me feel. I have to forgive him, I love him, but all of those years I think that I could have done something for him."
    "No, you couldn't. You would have been branded in shame. I know your feelings about not having full disclosure of his identity, but after meeting his family in the courtroom I know why he felt he had to hide his identity from you.
    "Think about this, Edmund. If you had known who he was and had tried to return him to his family would you be in a dumpster like the one they put their thirteen year old son in? Mitch was truly a throw away kid." That brought a wain smile to the old man's face.
    "We won't discuss it, but know this, every boy that you have slept with has come to you. You have never approached them. Not a single one of them has any regrets. I am surprised that some of them have come to you, but it shows me a certain maturity in them that they can get around the age barrier that they had in their minds. You are a member of my family. I look up to you. You have knowledge that I can gain. You have a manner that comforts all of us. If you will agree to remain as head of this household I am going to leave fourteen boys in your care for the next several months while we work on their individual situations and decide where best we can serve them." He smiled at me as we sat back and enjoyed watching the boys at play around us.

    I was given the box at dinner time and I drew Kyle's name. I had spent a half an hour with Kyle on my birthday and I was moved by what he had to say to me. I was going to love him all night, but I had to try to help him work through his problem.
    Kyle is still a sweet boy. He looks much older than his years. I still curse when I think of the abuse that he suffered. The drugs have done a number on him and he will never be as sharp as he could have been. The body can't handle foreign substances without serious damage. I look at Kyle and think that he could have been a young genius. He is no dummy, don't misunderstand me. He just has to take his time to work out simple problems that would be no step for the other boys. Chad has the same problem. They were both kept high on drugs from a very early age so that they would relent to the perverted desires of those in authority over them.
    I held the six foot four inch tall boy as he gasped for air after our serious make out session. I was in an unusual position with him, but I have to love the little boy inside. He is so much more like Theo or Curtis. He never had a childhood. I want him to have as much of one as he can find now. He is trying to grow up, but he is fighting to be a kid. His mind is in turmoil. He told me that there were no challenges for him. He had everything he could ever conceive of wanting or needing and could not see where he might want to be in two or three more years. I just held him close as I listened and prayed for a way to help him find what he is seeking.

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