Chapter 176


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cullen was masterful in his interview. Gwen knew the right questions to ask and Cullen was quick with his answers. I was there from start to finish and I know the truth of it, but watching it on the television I felt that it had to have been rehearsed, or at least Cullen had to have the questions before hand. Such was not the case, the entire interview was strictly impromptu.
    The interview lasted for a full hour. Before we left the studio we were given a copy for our own usage. Of course Jimmy recorded the aired portions, but all of us were amazed that not a single word was cut from the final. With commercial breaks and Gwen's comments, before and after, the aired version stretched out to a two hour session. Cullen was asked questions ranging from his feelings for his county's history to its future. He was asked about every facet of the society and he answered as if he had lived in the midst of it for a hundred years.
    Cullen was asked how he felt that his country stacked up against other countries around the world, then how he felt it compared to countries nearer his own. Cullen showed his professionalism as he looked directly into the camera and commanded the attention of every eye watching him, "We have had a long reign of darkness in Munedavia. Our lands have been plundered our people have been used and our past is scarred. We will heal, we will overcome our past and stand up to be counted on the world stage.
    "I truly admire these United States of America and the people who pick and choose their leadership for the direction that their nation goes. This country has fostered two of the finest sons that I know of and elected them as their President. I am speaking of none other than Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. These two men brought their nation out of a hideous darkness and set their people free.
    "President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation is the finest piece of work done by any man. With it he set right the rights of all people in this nation to freely follow their own edicts and to be able to live free beginning January first, eighteen hundred and sixty three. There are many small minded people in the world that consider themselves better than others. The Constitution of these United States says that "all men are created equal" and I believe that with all of my heart.
    "To me the saddest part of this country's history is the fact that even after the act of slavery was abolished those people that had been held in bondage were not completely free to live a full life in the world's richest land. It was almost one hundred years before President Kennedy began a movement that eventually set the country on a path to total freedom through total equality that all free people must live.
    "Sadly the small minded people of the world did not want their lifestyle threatened by inferior people and three great men of vision lost their lives for their ideals. The world will forever morn the two Kennedy brothers and we will never know all of the things that they may have been able to do.
    "Dr. Martin Luther King created a whirlwind on the heels of the Kennedys. He was killed for his ideas. I am proud that I live in a time where all people have the same rights. Every person of legal age in this land has an equal vote as to how their country is run.
    "Well, almost. I don't like your electoral college system, I believe that the vote of the people should be the only deciding factor in the selection of your leaders. I will work hard to set my country on a path of self rule with the people being the only ones that can decide their leaders and their laws.
    "You will have to judge Munedavia for what we do from this day forth. As of Monday of this week we have a constitution that has been accepted by the people. The people will now select their government. The people will decide their future and work to build it because it is their's to pass on to their children forever. I hold the people of Munedavia in the highest esteem and know that they can overcome what has been forced on them by tyranny. We have nowhere to go from here but up. Watch us."
    Gwen was taken by Cullen's answer and she had to sit back and take a long drink of her water. "I have never known anyone, young or old, that speaks of his nation and his people so eloquently. I do want to ask one final question of you though. You are the King, the heir to a long line of the family Muneday, people that have ruled your nation for many centuries. Will you continue to reign as their King?"
    "That is up to my people. I have asked for, and been granted, a constitutional monarchy. I will remain as the figurehead of my kingdom for as long as the people want me to rule. When the people feel that they can choose their own leaders they will ask me to step down, I will abide by their wishes. I have no heirs, I am young and still in high school, heirs will come. But I do not want my children to sit on a throne because they are my children. I want the people to choose to allow them to sit on that throne by their vote."

    Shhhh, don't tell anybody. Sisters are women, at least mine is. Those creatures are frightening. El nagged me to distraction about Cullen's appearance at the United Nations' address on New Year's eve. His hair was not parted properly, he had a small zit on his left cheek. I mean she could see all of that on her television set thirty four hundred miles away.
    I was sternly informed that Cullen was to be attended by a valet before any future public appearances. I have been dressing myself before leaving the privacy of my home since I was a very small child. Cullen seemed to be adequate at the task himself so I thought nothing of it. Sure, I brush the lint from his shoulder, straighten his tie and even kiss his shiny nose, that should be sufficient, don't you think? Women don't.
    Cullen was attended by men that attached the snaps of his garters to his stockings so that they would not roll down his cute ankles when he walked down the isle to get a pure gold crown incrusted with precious stones. Each and every appearance at his royal residence was preceded with gloved hands fitting his clothing to every part of his body.
    When he met with the President of France a flock of valets had flitted about him. Cullen even had them flit about me so that I would not make him look bad. I'm so good looking that flower gardens envy me. Part of the concierge service provided by the hotel in New York City includes valet service. To maintain peace in the family I acquiesced to having an outsider look after Cullen's appearance.

    It was just past noon in England when I got the call that I had expected. El was ecstatic with Cullen's speech, but I wanted to know if she thought that he looked alright. Women are almost as difficult to get down to the root of the matter as teenage boys are. I don't know why there has to be so many difficult hurdles to overcome. I just wanted to know if Cullen's hair met with his mother's discerning eye. At last she told me that she thought that he looked good. Now was that so hard?

    Cullen pushed Cory away so that he could get into my face. "So uncy, what say we do an interview?"
    "You know something, don't you?" He giggled at me and wiggled his ass at me as he scampered out of the room. It was too early for human beings to be awake and since this human being haled from a time zone three hours removed from the one that I found myself in I did the only thing that I could do. I grabbed Cory and pulled him against me for some sucky face.
    It took the better part of an hour for my internal clock to get itself in synch. Cory had been at my stem winding his little hard out in an attempt to awaken me in the proper manner.
    Roddy was lonesome. His Dane was at home and he had no one but adults around him, and no sex. I could live with the no sex part for him, but I wanted him to enjoy our trip and therefore I included him in as many of our activities as I could. Our first activity of the morning came when he told us that room service was on the way up with breakfast. I lifted his arm and sniffed of his armpit and told him that he needed to clean his act up before sitting down to eat with his mother and brothers.
    The boy giggled heart warming sounds as Cory and I carried him to a shower and paid special attention to his every part and need. By the time he was clean enough to be presented to the family he was weak from laughter. Cory has learned so much about the boy's needs that I need to learn. Rod is my son and I should be spending more one on one time with him. I do spend a half an hour to an hour each evening with him, but that is really not enough. I am going to find a way to spend a whole day or more with just him and nobody else.

    A cart was set with large pans of scrambled eggs, sausage patties, biscuits, hash browned potatoes, and thick country gravy. Ugitsiha was trying to tell me that she should be preparing my breakfast as I patted her belly and kissed her. "You are on vacation, sit back and let other serve you for awhile. You and the girls are planning a shopping trip today, aren't you? Save your energy for the store clerks that you have to do battle with."
    She smiled at me as she watched me sit down to a plate of biscuits and gravy and shook her head at me. "You better watch those carbs there daddy. You have four sons that depend on you."
    "Me too!" Cullen told her.
    "All of us, daddy." Jimmy set the record straight as Cory slipped a cup of coffee in place before me and pushed a stack of newspapers closer to my seat.
    The world press played hell with the queen who would be king. Most of the media was behind his message but they could not get past his suspected homosexual past. Turner and I began a campaign to counter that message. King Cullen was touted as a teenage boy with teenage hormones and boyish curiosity. The churches rallied against him, they did not like for boy experimentation to become a battle cry of the world's youth. They wanted youth everywhere to remain virtuous and pure, like they are.

    Seventeen year old Kostja Waldhar (Kostya—German/Russian form of Konstantin-Constantine—means STEADFAST) is a strikingly handsome youngster that reminded me of Wayne Walsingham. Actually his face bore a haunting likeness to Wayne's sixteen year old sister. Cullen had picked up on the boy's appearance at once and began a conversation with the boy in the language of his ancestral nation. He had invited the young man to meet with us at mid-morning on Friday. I had only done a quick look over the boy the day before as he fussed about Cullen getting him to look just right for his big interview.
    Of course a quick look is not all that I give anybody that comes near my queeing. I had FI snoops learning everything that they could learn about the person and his background. I am trying to be the protector of my young ward that he deserves.

    Cullen is only a boy in his appearance, he is more mature than…well more mature than me. He has a an analytical mind that is quick to grasp his surroundings and seek details that are foreign to me. Cullen's eyes widened and a smile broadened his lips as he began to interview Kostja for the position as his future valet.
    Cullen winked at Jimmy and asked if he could bring cold sodas for everyone then he looked at me and touched the fold of his elbow. I caught his request to obtain a DNA sample and knew that the young King was onto something.
    We had ordered fresh cinnamon rolls earlier and more than half of them remained. Jimmy, Cullen, and I were the only ones in the apartment for the interview, everyone else had gone shopping along the fifth avenue shops adjacent to the hotel. I gathered forks, napkins, and goblets for our repast and set them on the balcony table overlooking the park across the street and forty three stories below us. It was important to allow Kostja to open his own drink can, but I was very pleased to see the little boy in him turn the empty can up and suck out the last remaining drops of soda. He even licked the rim for me.
    As the boys talked I gathered the cans and moved them to the kitchen. I slipped my finger into the opening of Kostja's can so as not to contaminate my sample. With the can carefully enclosed inside a plastic bag I stepped into the hall and asked a guard to have the can tested as quickly as possible.
    I returned to the boys and sat down to listen to all that Cullen was dying to tell me. I am a history buff and am aware that for centuries all of the crown heads of Europe were blood related. At the time of World War I all of the major players on both sides of the battle line were first cousins. Cullen related the story of Kostja's great grandfather's immigration to the United States prior to the Nazi occupation of his homeland in nineteen thirty nine.
    Four children fled for their very lives along with their mother and father. In the mid nineteen fifties three of the children returned to Munedavia while Kostja's grandfather remained in America with his mother and father. He married an American girl in nineteen fifty eight and never had a desire to move to his ancestral homeland.
    The family had been one of power and position, but the patriarch was staunchly anti-Nazi. Even after the war was over the family lived in fear of their neighbors. Only after the marriage of the youngest daughter to another family of power were the titles and lands returned to the three children that had returned. They had a young daughter, that daughter is the mother of Wayne Walsingham's father.

    Cullen possess a mind similar to my own, he never forgets. Unless it is to do his homework or clean his room or anything else that would be convenient for him to forget. He recognized the family name of Waldhar and had guessed correctly about the young valet's knowledge of their common language. I thought about the general manager of a department store in Tulsa, and his fierce defense of his ancestral heritage.
    Cullen further learned that the family that remained in America had worked for every scrap of living that they ever had. Kostja's father found himself a job as a bell boy in the hotel when he turned sixteen. He quickly learned that there was good money to be earned in the service of gentlemen that frequent the opulent hotel. He built a name for himself as a gentlemen's gentlemen by the time that he was in his late twenties. He had never been able to procure for himself more than a basic education.
    The dream of the father for his son was a college education and a better position in life. Kostja held that dream and was saving his money to attend college in the fall. I began my probe at that point. His grades were adequate, but not of the level to get him into an ivy league school. I asked him if that was important and he told me that his great grandmother thought so.
    I wanted to arrange for the grandmother to meet her King. I felt that a face to face meeting would be the real test of where the family stood. I also wanted to find a way to learn of Kostja's acceptance of our family's lifestyle. RD provided a perfect opening for discovery when he walked in the door with Roddy at his side.
    "How the heck do people live in this town? It is not as hot as it is at home but the air is so humid that all of us are dying. Mom and aunt Sagi are going to soak in a bathtub for the rest of the day. Pam said that she is going to take a shower and try to get some sleep."
    Cory came in next and I stood up to suck his tonsils out of his throat. "What about me daddy? You didn't give me no kiss yet." Roddy held out his arms for me to grab him up. As I kissed him and idea came into my head.
    "Do you have sweaty balls?"
    "Yeah, I do and RD and I are gonna go soak 'em."
    "I have a better idea." I picked up the phone and learned that the family pool on the roof was empty. I reserved it for two hours. "Let's go skinny dipping boys. Kostja, would you care to join us?"

    Kostja's facial beauty was only a precursor to the perfect young body of the boy. Pasty white and pale from living inside the shadows of the Big Apple, his body had great structure. He was soft and without any muscle definition, yet he had the perfect shape with natural abdominal muscles showing the basis of a nice sex pack.
    His most outstanding attribute was seven inches of soft, uncut cock that hung around awaiting its arising. I was eager to make it rise. Jimmy played the bottom boy. He felt that the King should be the top in the presence of a peon as he spread his legs high into the air and awaited Cullen's penile invasion into his pleasure zone.
    I was on the diving board with a full erection and stopped to pose before the wide eyes of our guest. As Cullen moved into position Kostja looked up to me with amazement on his face. I did a high flip into a double Gaynor and cut the water like a knife. I swam the length of the pool underwater and when I came up I was holding onto Roddy who was lip locked onto my cock, to the hairline.
    Cory and RD moved to the edge of the pool and turned to stroke and lick at each other for the benefit of our PIT—pervert in training—the boy was almost virgin. He had raised his main staff to a nice eight inches with a medium thickness that could go almost anywhere. Roddy told me that he would like to ride that pony and I thought that I might allow that.
    I walked up to Kostja and looked him in the eye, "Are you alright with all of this?" I waved at the boys. Kostja just nodded his head and continued to watch. I motioned for Cory and RD to move to the next step and I heard a sigh emit from Kostja. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and felt the heat coming from it.
    Without words I knelt before the boy and pulled him to me. I took his cock fully into my mouth for the first cream since before breakfast. He was quick to release, but he was not anxious to quit. He fell to his knees and I quickly moved him into my favorite position. Once on top of me he wasted no time in letting his tongue dart out and around my cock. His cock had never lost any of its turgidity.
    I spread his legs and let my finger move around his virgin pucker. I could easily tell that nothing larger than his pinky had ever gone through it from the outside in. He was tight and dry and to enter would have caused pain so I let Roddy have the honor. I have never watched Roddy dine at the backdoor of anyone other than Dane, but I was proud of the boy's expertise as he gave that butt hole a solid licking.
    I let my finger continue to play around as Roddy licked both my target and my finger arrow. Suddenly the target opened wide and my finger slid inside. At the same time a deep moan of satisfaction worked its way through Kostja's body and my cock disappeared into his mouth in one swift move. He choked and gagged, but kept on at his task as I made his rectum a playground for my finger in preparation of letting my young son play there also.
    I slipped my hand between Roddy's legs and placed it flat against his tasty little ass to pull him into position for his first devirginizing. If any thing can ever be said about the growth properties of a diet filled with plenty of fresh young cum I would like to present Roddy as a prime example. The boys was less than a month short of his eleventh birthday and in the two years that he has availed himself of all of the hot sperm from every spout in the household he has grown at an amazing rate.
    His cocklet is well on its way to a hefty man tool. We have a game of confidence building where the two of us get off in our private times and check his growth for the record. When he first came to live at the house he was a firm little three foot ten inch tall boy of fifty seven pounds with a sweet toothpick of two and a half inches by almost three quarters of an inch wide; about two and a half inches around.
    Actually that was where he was at Christmas time of 2006 when he stayed at Empire Canal with the family for the holidays. Now, just eighteen months later, his cock is as big as thirteen year old Gus was the night that he opened up my young son before my eyes; four inches long and three inches around.

    Rod proved himself an ass loving fag boy as he fucked the eighteen year old virgin like a seasoned pro. I don't know if it was the heat of the moment or what, but Kostja was into his first fucking and moved to keep himself under the control of his young conqueror. Rod kept up his assault at a blurring pace and his young body seized in the throes of an orgasm in mere minutes. I know that Rod sometimes produces a minuscule droplet of young man juice so he is well on the way to early puberty.
    Roddy was exhausted and quickly fell away only to be replaced by a soft face. The queeing moved into to lap up any residue and open his new servant boy to a new lifestyle. His task quickly accomplished he moved his cock in to replace his tongue and impaled the horniest boy in the group on the Royal scepter.
    Kostja responded by raising his butt to the assault and fucking his throat with my cock. He was up high enough that I was able to move myself on his member as I fucked my own throat on his sweet man muscle. The three of us moved in unison for a simultaneous orgasm that was within mere microseconds of the exact time of release. The three of us kept at our task as we worked out every drop of our male essence into the cum hole of the other and none of us were disappointed in the end results.
    Kostja rolled to lay flat on his back as Jimmy quickly moved between his splayed legs to felch the Royal sperm that he felt belonged only to him. Kostja was happy with the results and rubbed his hands through Jimmy's hair as his cock lay wilted on his dark bush.
    Once his breathing had returned to normal he was led to a shower head and received the full attention of five youngsters serving his young body in a complete wash down. I had energy to burn off and made use of the time to swim ten double laps of the pool. When I came up for air at the end of my short workout I was met by the hand of a new fag that wanted to talk to me.
    We had a little less than two and a half hours of our reserved time in the pool so I moved to a chaise and lay back in the warmth of the sun. Kostja looked around at the other boys and I knew that he was trying to make up his mind. He worked his way over me, backwards, with a leg to each side of my chair. Slowly he squatted as Roddy held my cock upright in full readiness. The boys were encouraging Kostja to lower himself as I felt his body tense at the pain of entry. When he was fully impaled he sat back and let his head rest on my shoulder.
    Roddy crawled up on his knees and took Kostja's soft cock into his cute little mouth. I felt his ass responding to Roddy's actions and knew that he was regaining his erection in preparation for whatever might cum next. Next to cum would be another first for our latest virgin and Roddy had the honor of taking the boy for two out of four positions. Roddy was the first to fuck the virgin and the first that the virgin would fuck.
    Roddy turned around then raised himself up and lowered his ass down over a very stiff member and smiled at me. Kostja was asked if he wanted all of it and he nodded his head. RD moved forward and his cock was engulfed in a hot sucking mouth that was eager to do it all. I reached around and let my hands play between Rod's splayed legs and grasped Kostja's balls and the base of his dick as it was treated to Rod's eager action. With the other hand I let a finger walk around the point of union between the two and also play with the boy's balls.
    "You are getting it from my own sons, Kostja. The ass you are fucking belongs to my son Rodney. The cock you are sucking belongs to my son Randall. The cock up your ass is the father of cocks. It's a family affair. My lover is waiting to fill your mouth with his seed next." RD had only just begun to wilt when Cory stepped up to let our guest enjoy more boi batter.
    Next up was Jimmy. He showed how worked up he had gotten as he stood aside and let everybody else get his. Cullen had plowed him first, but he had not gotten his nut and he fucked at Kostja with such force that our guest was moved to a solid orgasm once again.
    I felt him spasm as he filled Roddy with love juice. Cullen was sucking Roddy, balls and all. My cock was getting such a massage that I was about to pop when Jimmy yelled for Cullen to feed the hired help. Cullen wasted no time as he quickly moved to keep the momentum going in Kostja's jaws.

    With everyone cumed out for the time being we took our showers and got into the swim of things. The pool at the house is too small for the number of boys using it to dive safely. Yes the pool is ten feet deep, but I fear a boy not looking as he dives off of a board and landing on top of another. I don't take Roddy to βφτ house as often as I should and I wanted to work with him and teach him some new dives. The boy is fearless and I hope to keep that going by encouraging him, within reason.

    I had received all of the information that I needed and it was time for a face to face interview. I vaguely remember Tomas from a few parties that I had gone to in the ballroom of the hotel where my apartments are. I invited the sixty two year old man and his sixty three year old lover to an interview Saturday afternoon. The two men have been together since their youth when they were students in the ninth grade at the same school where both teach youngsters today.
    I know from my close associates that the men avail themselves of the fine young juices of the students at the all boy's school and that part alarms me. After forty years of teaching I am amazed that none of the boys has ever complained about being abused by them. The world media is rife with stories of men coming forth to complain of abuse by teachers and leaders during their youth.
    I had sent Tomas a letter explaining my schools and my needs for staff to lead the young minds in their charge. I have a special need for the talents of this man and I hoped that he would respond. He responded with his complete story as well as a letter stating his desire to leave the country and teach at one of the European schools. That fit my plans perfectly. This may seem a strange thing for an employer to do, but I would ask you to read what this old professor had to tell me about his youth. It is a little long, five parts at over one hundred and thirty kilobytes, but I think that reading it will give you a better feel for the interview that I had and my eventual decision about the two men.
    I had both of the men fly into New York where I had put them up in a two hundred square foot Deluxe Guestroom on the ninth floor of the historic fifth avenue hotel. I called their room and arranged for a meeting in the main foyer of the hotel. For security reasons I did not want them to know that I was in the hotel with my family and the King at that point. I was waiting for the couple when they stepped off of the elevator; they both recognized me and I them, even though it had been some twenty years since we had seen each other.
    I treated them to the thirty dollar a plate buffet lunch that the hotel offered, then we moved to a quiet area where we could talk. With the amount of money that I spend in the hotel the staff knows me and they seated us where we would not be disturbed and kept the tables near us empty. My family was already seated at a table in the same area and I had made sure that the boys were seated where they could read my signals, if the time came.

    To the two old professor's knowledge there were no problems with any of their students, old or current. I questioned them at length about their sexual proclivity with the boys in their charge and had to stifle myself at their answers. Fred Mabry is the head of the English department at Charles Edmond Academy for boys. He has a PhD in education and has taught at the academy since his graduation from the nearby university.
    Tomas—pronounced Tōw-măs—Jensen has PhDs in Mathematics and History, as well as the Languages. He is fluent in fourteen languages—well more than fluent, he speaks like the language is his mother tongue, with no accent. The men felt as if they were too old for the youngsters in their charge and wanted to broaden their horizons. I was not satisfied.
    I began a relentless interrogation and finally learned that Freddy was diabetic and had many health problems associated with the disease. He looked about as Tomas told me that the old faggot was the laughing stock of the school because he could no longer get it up. He loves to bend over for a frisky lad but he can't get it up for them. I looked at him and asked him if he still tried to bugger the boys, he nodded at me. I made my position clear on my rules against staff and student interaction sexually.
    Both men looked at me then became sullen. "We have thought about our situation and have come to a conclusion. Neither of us is attractive and children tend to…well, all we get is a mercy fuck from the little bastards. I'm sorry, I should not call them names. I was once one of them, fifty years ago. I used to fuck Freddy's uncle who was the headmaster and he was nothing to look at. He taught me well and he loved to be with the two of us." He looked into the eyes of his partner as both of them smiled in a private knowledge of days past.

    Let me tell you that the hand and eye talk that we use within the family is not something that could be construed as conversational. But trying to convey my message over a span of twelve feet, in a darkened dining room made matters worse. I was able to put across to Cullen that I wanted him to ask me for my credit card so that they could pay for their lunch, but I wanted him to ask me in his Attic Greek. Since I don't speak a speck of the language I had to know exactly what he was saying. He and Jimmy were laughing until I let him know in plain eye talk that I would castrate him in Times Square at high noon if he said anything funny. He assured me that he would not embarrass me.
    He approached the table and prefaced his speech with his ever present, "Hey, uncy…" then proceeded with his request. I reached for my wallet and withdrew a credit card and handed it to him as he began to speak with Tomas. He nodded at me as the two men bowed forward in their seats. Contact was made. I motioned for RD to step up to the table.
    I scooted over as I asked Cullen to seat himself. RD stepped up and Cullen passed him the credit card as I introduced my eldest son to the two old men. RD leaned behind Cullen to hug my neck so that I could whisper to him to have Jimmy stop by and deep kiss Culley before the boys returned upstairs with the girls and our babies. To watch the two boys kiss was a hardening experience and I knew that my guests were having a similar reaction.
    Cory was not about to be outdone. He waited until Cullen moved so that I could slip out and kneel before Little Cory Stevens and tickled his ribs and kissed him as I got a hug and a kiss from the little guy. I turned to Rodney for a hug and a kiss then gave RD a tight hug before I pulled Daylight over to introduce her and my family. Once introductions were completed I grabbed Cory and licked at his toe jam, a neat trick since he was wearing his shoes so I went at it through his mouth.
    Cory can be an ass or a tease, depending on your viewpoint. As we kissed he moved my coattails aside and rubbed against me. He did it so naturally that no one could tell that he was rearranging my pants so that my erection was evident through the stretched material. I knew what he was after so I played his game. I returned to my seat and four eyes were glued to my crotch. "That man can get me so hot. He is my life, my love." The two men looked after the departing family and I knew that they were trying to work it out in their minds. A boyfriend and a wife?…how is that possible?
    Cullen was seated on the inside so I sat on the isle as the two of us began to grill the two men about what they wanted compared to what we needed. Finally we adjourned and I invited the two to join us later for refreshments in one of my forty third floor apartments.

    I was into something new to me, I was hiring teachers for a new school overseas. I have little experience with the needs of the European boys so I pulled out my big guns. When my guests arrived they were met with the gorgeous eye candy of four very buff boi bodies. After communicating with Philby, Inspector Upbridge, and Athos I knew that we could have some very young boys at BAB. I held Roddy in my lap and played with his stiffie as I asked him questions about what he had learned from the boys on our trip to Europe in the spring.
    I invited the other boys to jump in when they heard something which they could add to, or even with a new thought; my only requirement was that they did not interrupt each other. Of course Cullen was the most informative because of his early life in the English education system.
    In summation I looked at the two men and told them that I am a firm believer that any child can learn when instructed by an inspired teacher that is led by a caring principal. I have checked the two men in every way that I knew how, even to the point of interviewing students that had studied under them over their forty year tenure as the leaders of CEA.
    Every report came back with a rave rating as to the credentials of both men. I had my interviewers ask the former students if they actually remembered anything that they had learned from their classes. Poetry, literature and, the most impressive, mathematical formulas were touted as favorite memories. Each man interviewed was pleased with his ability to master the languages that they had learned. Again I was thinking of the classic language training that Cullen wanted so badly.

    The two men had a lot to digest and I requested that they not give any sort of an answer to me until they had time to sleep on it and mull over all of their options. Tomas is a decisive man and he wanted to make his position known. He was ready to leave for England at once.
    The men would have to travel commercial so that they could go through the normal system of customs. I could very easily fly them with Cullen and I but I wanted everything to be entirely aboveboard so that we could begin a relationship on a professional level with the opening of the school at Brighton that I hoped would take place in September. Before I could go to England I had an appointment of historic proportion on a beach in California.

    After our long swim in the rooftop family pool Friday afternoon we returned to the apartments. I had talked to Kostja about his working as Cullen's personal valet and he was excited about the prospect. I kept my reasons to myself as I asked Kostja to invite his family to a formal dinner Saturday evening. I knew that it was short notice, but then the family was close knit and not high on any social registry so I was fairly certain of my plans.
    I arranged for a private dining room and opted to allow each guest to order what their individual tastes dictated. I don't know the habits of the family and I would never presumé to overreach myself. Kostja's great grandmother is ninety six years old; she had longed to return to her homeland before the end of her days, but was sure that her health and lack of money would prevent that.
    All three of her children that had returned home in the mid-fifties were prosperous, yet they did not see fit to provide their mother a means to see her home once again. That boiled me. I sat her at the left hand end seat of the table. Across from her I seated her youngest son, Kostja's grandfather. I had each of Kostja's family members seated at one end of the table with my family at the opposite end.
    At the head of the table sat a fine, tall back chair, empty. At the other end of the table was my chair and our guests felt a bit put off that the host chose to sit so far away from them. The waiters passed through the room taking each person's orders and I let the conversation go where it would as I sat back and listened. When the kitchen alerted me that dinner was ready to serve I arose and walked over to a door and escorted the King to the head of the table to sit between the two honored guests.
    The old lady was beside herself with joy at seeing the boy King that she admired. All of the family rose from their seats to bow to Cullen. Cullen is true treasure, he took the hands of each person, the women's hands he kissed, the men's hands he shook, warmly. He spoke in their common language and brought laughter and joy into their hearts.
    The doors opened and the food began to appear. Everyone took their seats as the hotel staff showed their training at catering to the elite of the elite. Cullen was asked many questions and he always directed the questioner to me as he answered. I recorded every word spoken in that room so that I could learn what he had to say later. Of course it was all good and he had a family of six people satisfied with his answers.
    As dinner was winding down and coffee was being served I stood before the old matriarch and asked her if she would be my guest on a flight to her homeland that Cullen and I had planned for the second week of July. She instantly accepted then I invited the rest of her family to join us. They were all very happy for the chance to see their fatherland.
    I let Cullen make the next announcement to the Waldhar family that Kostja had been interviewed for the position as his personal valet, I stood to one side where I could watch the faces of the family. I am a good read of people's expressions and I saw what I had expected to see.
    Kostja's father was proud of his son. To him it was an honor for his son to be in the service of the King. I could agree with that, to a point. The grandfather and grandmother were a bit different in their reaction. Both of them immediately turned to look at one another before a wain smile crossed their faces, but great grandmother had an encyclopedia written across her face. I knew that I was right about her and her son.

    The matriarch was old blood. She was born into aristocracy and raised in one of the finest families in Austria. I didn't have a lot of time, but her blood line had been traced back to the times of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, tzars of Russia. This woman was of that same family, greatness ran through her veins. Her family was, what would be called, shirt tail relatives, but nevertheless they were related. She wanted her children's children to regain what she had fled from with her husband sixty years earlier.
    On the other hand the father had been born in America and had little knowledge of his family's past. He was happy to work to earn his own way. His father had instilled in him a strong work ethic that had been almost dormant in his own youth. He—Kostja's grandfather— was only seven when his father moved the family under the cover of a dark night and the hardships that the family faced in the new world quickly eclipsed the opulence of his early childhood.
    The grandfather had grown up in American schools and married a girl from his family's church. His mother had always shared with her the wondrous days of her youth; so much so in fact, that the three other siblings were quick to return home at their earliest opportunity. The grandfather had listened to his father tell of the horrors of European life, his lessons in school only solidified his fear of such oppression. He did not want his wife and young son to be exposed to that kind of threat and fear.

    Kostja's father had grown up with little knowledge of his family's homeland. He was an all American boy with all American hopes and dreams. The one thing that he wanted for his son above all else was a solid education. Or so he said, when Cullen announced that Kostja would be his personal manservant the father had shown pride. That touched a nerve with me. I don't know Kostja very well, but what I had learned of the boy told me that he had it within himself to do great things and I wanted to make that opportunity available to him.
    I stepped forth to deliver my take on the situation. "There is one thing that His Royal Highness has not discussed with Kostja. Cullen is a student and he surrounds himself with learned people. Kostja, you will have to attend college, full time. You must have a degree to serve this young King because he is constantly seeking knowledge."
    Everybody's eyes locked on me. I was hearing the father asking what kind of degree prepared a man to serve a gentleman and I almost lost it. The matriarch was one huge smile from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She looked me in the eye and acknowledged that she was in agreement with me. I truly believe that the old woman saw right through me and knew that I was going to force an issue, that, to her, was of major proportions.
    "If Kostja is in agreement he will move to Arizona where he will attend college and be available to the King throughout the next school year. After that His Highness will have graduated high school and will move on to a school of higher learning.
    "I have not been made aware of where he wishes to attend college, but he will need his manservant near him at all times. We cannot have him appearing in class looking like a commoner now can we?"
    As if on cue both babies began to fuss and cry. I quickly winked at Jimmy who arose at once. "Your Highness."
    Cullen looked at him and I could see Jimmy's eyes moving in our signal to depart quickly and silently. Cullen stood and excused himself to attend to other duties. Roddy and Jimmy escorted him through the side door from which he had entered at the beginning of the meal.
    The girls came forth to bid our guests a goodnight then RD and Cory helped them with the babies and left me alone with the Waldhar family. I walked them to the front lobby where we were told that their cars were being brought around and would be outside in a few minutes. I bowed to the old woman and kissed her hand. She smiled at me, "I know you, boy. Thank you."
    "My thanks is to you. I do expect to have you join HRH and me next month." I was assured that she would be there. I turned to Kostja, "We will be leaving for Tucson tomorrow. May I expect your answer before we leave?"
    "You may have it now. I want to go with you."
    "You spend a few days alone with your great grandmother. You may join her, and any of the rest of your family, when we fly to Munedavia next month." I watched the boy's face, but let it go. I had to know his heart. I know that it I was being hard on him. If he is sincere in his desire I would know the following day. I have to know if he will follow his father and be a servant or if he will be the man that his great grandmother hoped for. I am sure that he is a man.

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