Chapter 106


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I am not a late sleeper. I have always been one of the first ones to arise and the last to go to bed. I was really shocked and angry with myself when Cory kissed me. Vinney was still asleep, but he had my morning wood down his throat and his slobbers were running down the crevice of my crotch.
    "Hey sleepy head, it's almost nine o'clock. You told me that you wanted to check out that large mall today so let's get shaking." He had a cup of coffee in his hand, he knows that there are two things that will get me up and going, him and coffee. I quickly realized that it was only seven in Arizona, just about the time that I would normally shake the cobwebs from my brain. I slipped away from Vinney and sat up. Cory handed me the coffee. I looked at the dark liquid then up at Cory, "What, you want cream with that?" He asked, then he broke out into a fit of giggles as only Cory can. I get tickled listening to him. With all that this boy has seen and been through he has the best disposition of any of the boys. He is hardly ever cranky. But let someone fuck up, or worse yet, let someone hurt one of the family, then you will see a side of the boy that you don't want to see very often, if ever.
    Vinney is a heavy sleeper. Cory and I carried him to the bathroom and stood him under the shower head. His eyes opened once or twice, but he was not of a right mind yet. I winked at Cory, he stepped back, I turned the cold water full blast on the sleeping boy. He was awake.
    I was in front, with young goods in hand, Cory was in back. Vinney stood between us as we lathered his body. There has been a remarkable change in Vinney in the six months that he has been around the family. When I first saw him he was a pudgy, round faced boy with wild curly hair, a bit on the long side. As he told us in his great story the night before, his long, thick cock is a major asset. I will set my ass on it anytime, and he has the pelvic moves to utilize all of the power in it. Now the boy has grown almost two inches and his features have more maturity showing in them. He still has a sweet boyish face, but it is longer and has lost all of its pudginess.
    I am not sure if I ever told you, but all of my boys are faggots, silly little faggots, but above all else they are boys. They love to play and they love to tease. That can sometimes be a problem if the teasing gets out of hand and someone lets his feelings get stepped on. During the time leading up to the wedding our eight young waiters were housed in the apartments behind the garage area that had been built as quarters for the large household staff from the days past. Vinney and his co-conspirators played around each night. One of those boys is an aspiring photographer himself and he snapped a great picture of Vinney, one of which Vinney is proud, in a weird sort of way.
    On the walls of the ball room, which we now use as the family room, are poster sized pictures of all fourteen boys living at EC, as we have began to call the large mansion. The picture of Vinney is priceless. He was playing with the vacuum sweeper hose and is on his knees in a large leather chair, head cocked back with a shit eating grin on his face and the vacuum hose down in his underwear. Some people like to get sucked off anyway that they can. Okay, I was a boy once and, yes, I tried that. It wasn't bad, as far a sucking goes, but there was no real pleasure, not like a hot sucking mouth.

    There are nine cars belonging to the occupants of EC and I rented six more from a local used car dealer, and of course I had my Sedan De Ville. I want the boys to have as much freedom as possible. With such a large assemblage we could not all go shopping together as we have enjoyed doing in the past. I didn't do a head count, but I am sure that there were between forty and fifty of us that ran across each other while we did some last minute shopping at the malls of Albany.
    We had taken a survey, or poll, at the breakfast table to see who wanted to ride with whom and where each boy wanted to go. To a ball carrier they wanted to go to the mall. Some silly little faggot said that with school out in Albany too that there would be cute boys to check out. Around the table the boys were practicing their best pick up lines. These kids are good, I would yield to some of their lines and get my cock sucked, I almost wished that I was a teenage boy at the mall that would hear those lines. Or better yet, I could use those lines to get some greasy kid stuff.
    Gus and Rodney wanted to go with me. That is the way I had wanted it, but I had let them decide. I don't want to appear domineering, but I do want to protect my own and Rodney is, well the way I figure, more of my own than any of the others. Is that possible? I am the legal father of many of the boys, but being married to Rodney's mother just somehow… I guess it could also be the boy's age. He is almost ten and he needs looking after. Gus is sneaking up on twelve and still needs a father's direction, and correction.
    Rodney was on his knees facing me as I slipped into the car. "Buckle up, little buddy."
    "Nuh uh, first we talk, daddy." He was serious. His eyes were set on mine, I turned in my seat so that I could look him straight on. "I might be a kid, but I ain't no little kid no more, I'm gwowing up. Wodney is a gwown persons name and I want a name that fits me. You call some of the other guys by diffewent names and I am your son." Stab, twist, jab, he had me now.
    "What would you like to be called, my darling young son?"
    "Stop that, I ain't no little kid." He was so serious that his bottom lip quivered.
    "We could call you Rod, but that is awful grown up too. I call you Roddy to myself, but I don't know if you would like for me to call you that." He furrowed his brow and twisted his lip as he thought long and hard about it.
    "I like Woddy, but only you. Everybody else can call me Wod cause I got a big wod and it is gonna get bigger." Gus was giggling in the back seat and that set Roddy off. I grabbed my boy and squeezed him till he bit my ear. We were agreed on Roddy, between father and son. That made me feel as special as I think it made him feel.

    Eric was glad to have the chance to go shop without Gus, he whispered to me that he knew what Gus wanted Santa to bring him, but he couldn't buy it because Gus was always with him. I ruffled his hair and got a kiss in return. I had Cory and the two little ones with me as we strolled through the mall. I live in a crowd, but I don't like crowded places, does that make sense? The hustle bustle of holiday shoppers is daunting at best. The highlight of my day was the banter of the two imps. They had Cory hard and laughing all day long. Cory kept slipping up to tell me the latest on the young faggots.
    I had to take them off to sit down for a lecture when Cory dragged them by their ears to me. I was talking to a really sweet young and hung as he showed me the very latest in men's underwear. He preferred one model that had an extra comfortable pouch that held even the largest package firmly in place. I wanted to see him model a few pair for me while I would sit and watch as he changed from one pair to another. Cory was trying to tell me that we needed to talk when little Rod grabbed my hard rod, "Daddy's got a hard on, he thinks you are cute. I bet you gotta big dick, you're hard too."
    The sales boy blanched and held on to the edge of the table for support. I quietly smiled and shook my head, "Kids say the durnedest things," then I smiled at him and licked my lips before I led the three boys away. We found a quiet place to sit down. Cory told me that the boys were in the rest room watching boys pee. They would wait until a mid-teenaged boy came in and step up beside him. While the boy was making his water the boys would get up close and say, "Wow, you got a nice dick. That would be so much fun to play with and suck on and ride on." Cory told me that he smacked Rod up side of his head and dragged both of them to me.
    I began my jail time lecture to the two, but I got brutal and frank. I told them that one of those boys could turn them into the cops who would put them in jail and tell all of the funky old winos in the holding cell that they were queers trying to suck cocks at the mall. I told them that they would be forced to suck the cocks of all of the men in the cell, and some of them would be nasty and stinky and most of them would be really old. I told them that they would probably be kissed with wino lips surrounded by old dirty beards full of vomit and fleas. I asked them if they had ever smelled the breath of a person that had been drinking. They both had, of course. I asked them if they wanted to be kissed by someone with that breath. I had gotten through to them. They were model boys for the rest of the day.
    We turned to head back to our shopping and Cory handed me a business card, "Turn it over." I did as he said. On the back was written, "seven and one quarter inches, cut. Bottom? Virgin, but eager. I'm free after four??" Cory was grinning from ear to ear. "Shit, daddy, fuck him. I don't care, and the boys would love it. We all know that you like boys." He broke out into one of his giggling fits that caused me to wrap my arms around him and hold him tight. I so love my main man. Over his shoulder I saw the young clerk smiling at us. He tapped his wrist watch and had a questioning look on his face. I turned Cory toward him and grabbed his hot crotch then nodded at the clerk. His hard cock was tenting his own pants.

    At four I was looking at men's underwear. My young clerk walked up and put his arm around my waist, "I have a really nice pair that I would like to show you, sir." He had a car so I sent Cory home with the small urchins. Vadik and I went to his apartment to talk.
    Vadik Záytsev—Залевц Russian for Hare—III is a young person that had gathered all of the attributes of a boy that I most admire and assembled them in one sweet, compact package to stand before me. I felt my wolf's blood boil as I followed the tight little butt of the five foot ten inch tall boy up the dark stairs to a fourth floor walk up in an old building located at the edge of the downtown area of Albany, New York. This wolf was going to have hare for dinner tonight.
    The small one room apartment could stand a good cleaning. A few dishes stood in an old plastic dish rack by the sink. A Teflon® coated pan, that had seen better days, sat in a very scratched and battered Teflon® coated skillet on the tiny apartment sized stove top. A metal spatula nearby told me how much the youngster knew about cooking with the dangerous utensils. The aluminum pans were crusted with built up grease trapped in the porous metal and I was sure that under the damaged coating of Teflon® there were many meals waiting to be released into the next food cooked in them. I wish that people would not use aluminum cookware, if they only knew the dangers that await them. Nough said.
    A sleeping bag with two heavy blankets and three or four pillows was against the inside wall of the one room apartment. A very heavy blanket hung over the only window in the room. The bathroom was a place that I was not anxious to enter into. Okay, he is a boy and obviously living on his own. He probably can't even afford to buy a can of cleanser, but damn if I would want to stand in that bath tub without my shoes on.
    I eye balled the sleeping bag and thought about what I hoped was going to happen there. I noticed a very crusty looking rag laying across a toy that I had to see. Vadik looked to see where I was looking and reddened. "That is so cool looking. I have some of those myself. I have named them, do you have names for these?" I picked up the rag and held a hefty looking twelve inch life like dildo in my hand. I took a long whiff and smiled at him, "Your ass smells good enough to eat." He giggled at me like a teenage boy, my cock throbbed and my whole body shuddered.
    I pulled my young dinner close and tasted of his tonsils. His kiss was totally responsive and his body melted in my arms as he gave himself up to anything I wanted to do with him. A quick look over his shoulder told me that I didn't want to do it here, whatever it would be. I couldn't leave the boy hanging, yet I couldn't imagine getting naked on that filthy floor, or using his bathroom to clean up in. I decided on stove top stuffing.
    I let my hands do a slow dance down his back to his tight bubble butt. Oh yeah, this boy has a bubble but, firm, tight, and high. I had seen another dildo under the edge of his sleeping bag and from the smell of the one I had picked up, he likes to play. I was about to play him. The first thing I did was to slip my hands into his pants and hold those sweet cheeks. My cock was so hard that I was getting dizzy from lack of blood to my brain, or was it the headiness of his precious phemerones? Whatever it was I was getting so lusty I could only think of getting into him. I had spent a full night of sex with young Vinney, but this kid had me so hot. Sometimes I amaze myself.
    Vadik was eager, he stepped back and opened his fly and pushed his pants and underwear down together. I was stabbed by a very sweet piece of meat that I wanted in the worst way. My body was shaking like a young kid at his first encounter. I have thought back on it and I think it was the setting. The filthy apartment brought back some school day memories of a hot jock boy that was ready to be opened up. I had sucked his cock, twice. The second time he sucked me in a sixty nine while I fingered him to a new awakening. The next day he took me to the apartment he shared with his dad, he slept on the floor in the corner of the dining room. That picture was almost a duplicate to Vadik's apartment.
    I turned around and moved the skillet and utensils from the stove top then leaned over to blow out the pilot lights, last thing I wanted is for Vadik to get an assburn. I slipped the boy's shirt over his head then lifted him by his armpits as he jumped to sit on the stove top for his stuffing.
    Sweet. Nothing else can describe a virgin boy who is eager and horny. The boy has an amazing cock, although he did misrepresent it on his card. I would check it later, but I am sure that he had a bit more than seven and one quarter of an inch of length to his sweet member. He was cut in the European, what I call a military cut—cut at the bands leaving some skin. It is more like a trim than a cut, the head is covered when the penis is soft, only just barely. I see an advantage to that style of cut and I wish that more doctors would mutilate young babies in that manner. The glans is protected from chaffing, but there is not a large amount of skin to hold smegma and other undesirable substances against it. The glans remains moist, but not wet, there is no smell of bacteria forming from those last three drops that just never seem to fall away.
    Vadik's cock had a very distinguishable feature, it stood absolutely straight out, for about four inches, then it made a hard upwards turn so that the glans pointed skyward at about a forty degree angle. He was not real thick, maybe a good five and a half inches, or better, but I was after the creamy insides so I quit looking and sucked his cock. Hot cock on the stove top, I think I will franchise the idea and open stores from coast to coast then work on international rights. This blonde haired beauty was a taste treat sublime.
    True to his word the boy was eager. His ass almost sucked my entire hand up inside of himself. The boy has a nut begging to be stroked. In less than two minutes it was pulsing and I was drinking sweet ball batter mixed with butt nut juice. Yummmmy. Vadik was breathing heavily and his cock was still hard. I had to move him around a bit, a stove top is a little difficult to eat a meal off of, at least a two legged meal with balls and all. I moved him into position and he placed his arms behind his knees to hold his legs back. He was ready and he would have killed me had I not presented him with what he wanted.
    Our love tryst had been all one sided up that point. I had not revealed myself to him so he had no idea what he was really in for. My pants slid around my knees as I moved forward, upward and inward. I am a bit thicker than the toy that Vad is used too and his eyes popped as I popped his sphincter for the first time in his life. I like to look into a boy's eyes as he is devirginized. I can see his whole being and sense his pain or pleasure. There is always pain, especially when something as big as my cock first opens his young ass, but the eyes tell me when that pain turns to pleasure. With Vad it was almost instantaneous.
    I had barely started my slow, short jabs that I often use to rearrange a boy's insides for the fuck about to come, when he leaned forward and placed his arms about my neck. His long legs had wrapped around me and he had moved himself so that my cock buried itself completely in his rectum. I moved him to the very front edge of the stove and our faces came together for that much needed face suck we both wanted.
    As our tongues began their battle I lifted the youngster off of the stove and carried his full weight on me. His vocalizations told me that he was having more pleasure than he had ever had. He was holding on to me, but his hands had become roman soldiers searching for my own pleasure spots on my back. His face meshed against mine as we breathed and rebreathed the air from one another. His passion was strong as he did his best to meet my every movement up inside of him with movements of his own.
    I slowly worked us over to a clear wall and pressed his back against it. The added leverage allowed me to use my length to change Vad's perspective on what he had considered pleasure in the past. I began to long hump him. He threw his head back and howled like a coyote at the moon. I wondered what the neighbors had to think about that. It was clear that the apartment was not sound proofed as we heard a man's voice yell out, "Go for it Tiger."
    Vad actually sprayed the two of us with his thick love juice. His rectal muscles became alive as I was massaged to a deep and total orgasm that weakened my knees. I fell to the floor and Vad was laying across his bed roll still fucking back at me. With this new position I continued to drive home until both of us let loose again. I moved back and then lay down beside him to catch my breath. I was dizzy from my onslaught and knew that my brain needed oxygen even more than I wanted the boi juice that covered the firm, tight body next to me.
    Vad was in as much heat as I was. He turned his desire to me as he engulfed my cock and began to suck it clean. I cleaned his body in turn. My skin began to crawl as I thought where I was laying. I told Vad to grab some clothes and go home with me for a day or two. In an instant we were locking his door.
    An old man was sitting on a chair in the hallway. "I knew that he wanted a good fuck. I only wish that I was young enough to get it up then I would show him the world. I am in love with you, kid." That scared Vad and he ran down the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the staircase he was against the wall crying. I held him.
    On the way back to EC I learned that Vad had moved into his apartment after an argument with his mother. She had divorced his father and taken an apartment on the top floor for the two of them. Vad had remained at home after he had graduated high school. There was no money for him to go to college and he had no skills—other than his perfect body and blonde haired looks. ;) He never told his mother that his dad had found a gay magazine in the bathroom. Vad swore that it was inside a stack of newspapers that he was looking through and he had no idea it was there. The father didn't believe it and he beat his son up.
    Not knowing the reason for the beating, Vad's mother left her husband and took her son away for protection. They dirty dive hotel was the only place that she could afford. A few weeks later she discovered Vad with his toys, there was no lock on his door and he was a bit noisy. He moved down to the one room apartment, which is all he could afford on his minimum wage salary from the department store. After almost two years on the job he was still considered a trainee and did not receive commissions for his sales. I think that he is a great salesman and I had a big commission for him.
    The old man in the hallway was the building's super. He lusted after the boy, but when he learned why he had moved from his mother's apartment, a story she was all to happy to tell anyone who would listen, he hoped that he could bed him. Vad told me, "No way, no day, it wasn't going to happen. He had waited for the right person to give himself too." I wouldn't go there, but I wondered if he would think of me as the right person when he learned that I had a house full of boys to fuck and suck at my pleasure.

    I was met at the door by Roddy who was crying his eyes out. I picked the very small child up and held him close as he soaked my shoulder with his abundant tears. "I said I was sorry, dude. I was just funning with you," Gus looked frightened. Cory came up to lead Gus away and just shook his head at me and looked down at Gus. I sat down in a chair where we could look up at the massive, gaily decorated tree. The smell of the fir tree filled the house. From the kitchen came wonderful Christmas smells of cinnamon and all spice, ginger and nutmeg. I was about to enjoy one of the finest Christmases I had ever had and I had a bawling son in my lap.
    I turned Roddy around so that he straddled my legs and sat facing me. He sniffled as I wiped away his tears. I have learned to take my time with boys. They want to tell everything they know, but in their own time. Cory had taken the precocious duo to the arcade in the mall where they soundly beat each other in game after game. Gus was challenged by some older boys who had given him some bad advise.
    Gus is very gullible and never thought twice about what the twelve and thirteen year old boys advice might do the delicate ego of a nine year old child. He told Roddy that they were going to play a game. Roddy had to skip, not run, but skip around the arcade singing the old song, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles." Not knowing why Roddy would play the game, only to be completely humiliated in front of absolute strangers. After two or three rounds of the room he turned to see Gus behind him.
    "He had a sign that said, "I am Bubbles." That did it, I picked Gus up and took him to the office. I used a belt on his naked ass, in private, just the two of us. Childlike actions begat childlike punishment. Words hurt, teasing hurts. I had told him that before, when he was the brunt of such teasing. I hope that now he will remember.
    Gus and Rod each occupied a knee as we lay back to listen to Vinney continue his story after dinner. Cory had his head on my left shoulder and Vad, who was all smiles, took the other shoulder. Does life get any better than this? Four naked hard, young bodies up close and personal? I think not.
    Vinney began with his story with information that he had learned a few days after his afternoon with Jonas and Teddy:

    Teddy sat in the middle of the floor listening to Jonas's never ending prattle until the pair was out of earshot.
    Teddy quaked. He had enjoyed sucking Vinney's cock more than anything he had ever done. Teddy had only been with two other boys in his life. Well, one boy and… He had to shake his head. He didn't want to go there. Chad was the greatest friend that Teddy ever had. The two had been friends since grade school. They discovered sex when they were on a sleep over at age eleven. From that day on they were down on each other at every possible opportunity, until…
    Jonas has to be in charge, he can not stand just being one of the guys. Chad and Teddy met Jonas at the beginning of the summer between the eighth and ninth grades. Jonas and his mother moved into an apartment next door to Chad. Almost at once Jonas began to control Chad, which surprised Teddy, Chad was no wimp. He was a half a head taller than Teddy at the time and was one big muscle from head to toe. He loved sports and was looking forward to high school and football with the big boys.
    Two weeks before school started Teddy's life crashed around his shoulders when Chad moved away. Teddy had gone to see Chad and saw the men carrying the furniture from Chad's apartment. Teddy rushed in to see Chad, but Chad's mother stopped him short. "Teddy, tell me the truth. Has Chad ever tried to have sex with you?" Teddy was dumb struck. How could Chad's mother know? This was their secret. Teddy's silence told the woman all she wanted to know. She began to call Chad a little queer that had no right to live. She was going to move him so far away from boys that he would forget what they even looked like. Teddy was pushed out of the door and he never saw Chad again.
    He did get a letter a few weeks later where Chad tried to explain what happened. Jonas and Chad had been messing around for several weeks. Jonas's mother is a drunk and can seldom ever tell you if it is day or night. Jonas had Chad in his living room when his mother actually came home…well let's say, not so drunk as usual. She was by no means sober, but she could find the key hole to unlock the door, two hours before she was supposed to be home.
    Jonas had not shown any common sense, which is common for Jonas. There he was, sprawled back on the couch with his pants around his ankles and Chad chowing down between his legs. Jonas's mother began to beat on the fag boy who was molesting her son. Chad was much larger and stronger than Jonas and Jonas appeared to have been asleep. Jonas's mother went straight to Chad's house and told his mother what she had seen. Chad's mother packed everything they owned and moved out without any questions.
    Jonas's mother is hardly ever believed when she goes into one of her drunken spiels and she said nothing for several days after the fact. By then there was no corroborating testimony and the details of her story were very fuzzy. She was not believed by the few who had heard how this gigantic football player had broken into her home and molested her innocent little boy.
    Teddy was livid. He confronted Jonas. True to form Jonas had Teddy down on his knees sucking cock within ten minutes. And that is the way it had been for a little over a year. Teddy loved sucking cock, he wanted to be sucked. Everybody was quick to use him, but nobody wanted to do him. He missed Chad. Teddy and Chad were novice at cock sucking and had never gone all the way. They were happy to suck each other awhile then jack off together, sometimes even jack each other off. Jonas taught him to drink man milk and he found that it was the greatest substance ever. He had thought of doing other boys, but Jonas was always there and always threatening him. Teddy was surprised, but pleasantly so, when Vinney had walked home with them. Teddy wanted to suck Vinney's cock since the first time he ever seen him.
    Teddy sat in the middle of his living room floor, remembering his life and the great cock he had just sucked. He decided to take a shower, but as he started to rise something caught his eye. He looked under the sofa and there was a treat left for him. Vinney had been making funny eye movements as Jonas droned on and on, but Teddy had not caught on, now he knew. He was almost ecstatic as he pulled Vinney's bikini briefs to his nose. The large wet spot smelled just like Vinney's cum had tasted. Teddy pushed the pouch of the crotch to his nose and inhaled deeply, smelling Vinney, pure sweet Vinney. His cock grew twice its normal turgidity as his mind reeled from the phemerones he was inhaling deep into his lungs. At that moment he didn't care if he ever had another bit of oxygen, he wanted the smell of Vinney.
    Teddy rushed to his bed. He reached deep under his mattress to locate a twelve inch long rubber pecker that he and Chad had found in the garbage from the apartment where two lesbians had moved out four years earlier.—Vad and I looked at each other and giggled-our private joke— They had no idea what a lesbian was, but that is what all of the people in the complex called them. He had no idea why they had a big rubber dick in their trash, but it was his now and he had recently discovered the joy of having that monster shoved in his ass.
    Teddy had discovered other pleasures during the past year. He had learned that he could fellate himself. He had worked at it daily until now he could take his entire cock head into his mouth. He would lube up the big rubber dick and fuck himself into a sexual frenzy until he filled his mouth with his own sweet tasting cum. He didn't want to tell Jonas, he knew the reaction he would get. But his cum tasted so much better than Jonas's. Now he was going to compare it to Vinney's. Vinney had the best tasting cum ever. Well, not that he had anything to base that statement on, but it was far better than Jonas's and, he was sure, his own.

    Teddy rolled his naked body back against his three foot tall, blue teddy bear. He let his toes touch the bear at the head of the bed as his cock brushed across his hungry lips. His tongue darted out to catch a pearl of seminal fluid that had threatened to drip away into oblivion. He savored the taste on his pallet as he placed Vinney's underwear carefully across his face for maximum effect. He finally found that if he slipped the underwear over his head he could slide it around so that the heaviest of Vinney's essence was directly over his nose.
    He lined his well lubed lover, that he and Chad had named Ralph, to his anus and pushed. Entry was always painful, no matter how often he did this, but in the end it was wonderful. He giggled as he thought how wonderful it was in his end.
    Penetration achieved he took his cock into his mouth and began to fuck Ralph in and out of himself. He had about five inches of the rubber lover inside himself when he had a head rush from the combination of stimulations. He pushed Ralph deep inside himself. His body stiffened at the sudden invasion. He had never felt so full in his entire life. He felt as if the turd from hell was awaiting an invitation out. He relaxed and breathed deeply through the tiny white garment that had recently contained his entire world. He locked his legs around blue, his name for his big teddy that had slept with him since his father had left him and his mom nine years earlier.
    As if a switch had been thrown peace filled his young body. Every nerve ending in his one hundred and twenty pound body came to life. He was feeling sensations such as he had never felt before, he was sure that it was a direct result of the sweet smell filling his nostrils. He had his arms around his thighs as he pulled himself in closer and took more of his cock into his mouth. He pushed the flimsy underwear tighter between his nose and his own cock. Feeling the soft cotton rub along the bottom of his dick as he slowly humped his own mouth and smelled the fragrance that seemed to be getting more intense with each thrust.
    He was pounding his own ass with the large rubber cock, but it wasn't until he had started to cum that he realized that he had the entire length of the play toy inside of him. His ass clenched and sucked Ralph all the way in as the most intense orgasm he could ever recall roared through his body. He held onto both thighs as tight as he could, his entire cock was in his mouth and his own balls were in the place of honor, across his nose.
    After a few hours Teddy became alarmed. He was still cumng, lots, but the intensity of the orgasm was still overpoweringly intense. At last his cock quit its spasms and grew sensitive. He needed to unroll to catch his breath, he had not taken a breath in the entire time that he was cumng. Ralph was still up his ass. It felt good and bad. He had to get the rubber humper out of his ass, but it was all of the way in and his ass hole had closed its doors for the day.
    Maybe a shower would relax his ass, he thought. He stood beside the bed and tried to shit Ralph out of him. No luck, he saw that it had been almost forty five minutes since Jonas and Vinney had left. He had never had sex that long and he had never had sex that good. He wondered if he could get Vinney to come over sometime and fuck him. He started for the shower when he heard a knock on the front door.
    "Teddy, are you here? The door was unlocked so I came on in, holy shit, what happened to you." Teddy was bow legged as he was trying to get Ralph to exit his exit. Teddy wanted to cry, but he needed help. He told Vinney that he had something up his ass. Vinney got down on his knees and looked up inside. Teddy's ass was open a lot more than Teddy had thought and Vinney could clearly see the brownish object just past the sphincter muscle.
    "Hold on, little dude, this may hurt a little." Vinney spread the gaping hole with three fingers and grasped Ralph. "Now push, like you were taking a shit." Ralph slid out with an audible plop that put both of the boys into a fit of laughter. Ralph wasn't all that came out. Vinney grabbed Teddy up and ran for the bathroom and placed the smaller boy on the commode. A porcelain shattering fart echoed from under the boy's butt sending the duo into more giggles.
    "Can I take a shower man? I am kind of funky." Teddy looked at Vinney and cocked his head. He reached out and pulled the boy to him and opened his pants. That beautiful cock lay there uncovered, of course. Vinney's underwear was in his own bed, wet with his slobbers where he had been chewing the juice out of the small garment.
    "Did you fuck Jonas?"
    "He's my bitch now, babe. I love you, but I will fuck him everyday and you will too. We are going to pay that faggot back for every piece of shit he has thrown on you. Teddy had Vinney's shoes off and was helping the boy remove his tight jeans. Vinney pulled his shirt over his head and the pair of boys stepped into the shower together.
    Vinney spent the first of many nights with Teddy. Their romance lasted for the rest of the school year then Vinney had to leave with his family for their vacation. When he got home he found that Teddy had moved and left no forwarding address. Jonas walked up to him and told him that his little fuck buddy had gotten caught by his old lady and he was pretty sure that Teddy was dead. The mother moved out in the middle of the night and no one ever saw or heard from them again.

    "Vincent, I have some questions for you," I began. "Thedford is not a common first name, what is Teddy's last name?"
    "Hawthorne. Weird huh, two last names?" I beamed my computer screen to the big plasma televison screen. "Teddy, that's Teddy. Where'd you get that picture?" he screamed.
    "Where did I get that picture, Borne?"
    "He goes to BAG Boys." There was a name I had not heard in my presence in awhile. "He was in my class, he graduated last spring."
    The quiet kid sitting close to Harry stood up and walked over to Vinney. He pulled a pair of false teeth, that had to be uncomfortable as hell, and his mouth formed the crowning jewel on a cute boi face. He removed the red wig and horn-rimmed glasses and smiled at Vinney. Hardly able to believe his eyes Vinney stood for a moment before he engulfed the boy in his arms and the kisses began.
    Arm in arm the pair came to me. I just had them sit down so that we could hear more stories, but first there was one more thing I wanted to know. "You told us that you were almost caught by Teddy's mother. Finish your story."
    "Let me tell it sweetskin." Teddy blushed, "That's my name for him. He was the only boy that I had ever sucked that had foreskin and I loved it so much that I named him. Yeah, his foreskin is sweet." I nodded in agreement, I had slept with the boy the previous evening.
    "We were both so horny that we had fucked all night long. I wouldn't let Vin pull his cock out of me. He carried me to the bathroom and we stood in the shower as he peed in my ass then I turned around and I peed on him. I had to let his pee out of me, but we only rinsed off, we liked the raunchiness that night. I don't know, we were just turned on. Anyway, I bent over and he went back up in me then he carried me back to bed.
    "I had this big old teddy bear that I called Blue, I had been humping Blue all night while Vin fucked me. I felt so good. The next morning we came out of the bathroom and my mother was in my room sniffing of the air. She had Vinney's sheets and blankets in her hand. We always made Vin a bed on the floor and then we would have sex on it before moving up to my bed, that way it always looked as if he had slept down there.
    "Mom kept sniffing and she walked over to Blue. The bear was soaked in gallons of my jizz where I had cum on him many times through the night. "Honey, you must have had a terrific dream last night. I worry about you. One of you must have a bad stomach from the smell in here. I hope you get over it before you go out today, you'll gas the entire mall." She giggled as she stripped the sheets from my bed and left and told me to clean Blue up and to use disinfectant. We almost died right then and there.
    "Mom was dating some rich dude that didn't like me. He came into my room one night and told me that mom wanted him to turn my mattress. It had not been done in several years and I had not thought about it. He didn't wait, he grabbed the bed and pulled it up. There was Ralph laying on the bed foundation. Emerson stood the mattress against the wall and called mom. He showed her Ralph and he had Blue in his hand. He told her that I was gay and liked to fuck myself while I fucked Blue. Mom said that explained the smell in my room and why my underwear always had hershy tracks in it. Emerson sent me to Bradford Academy."
    "Why didn't you write me and tell me where you were?" Vinney wanted to know.
    "I did, but you never wrote back."
    I flashed a document on the screen and passed the boys a stack of mail, un-postmarked. They never left the school grounds. Emerson is an attorney with connections, the boys could not believe what he had done. The school was under court order to not allow Ted any outside contact. No phone calls or mail, ingoing or outgoing. All of the family sat in disbelief.
    "That's cause he fucked me and I told him that I was gonna call the cops. He didn't want me talking to anyone." I would get him into see Tony as soon as possible. I don't like rapists at all.
    "Here's the bottom line, boys. You are both here. You have the choice, you can stay here, you can stay together or apart, or you can leave, together or apart. Ted, I am offering you a home, if you want it we will welcome you. If you don't we understand. Vinney, you are loved and you are a part of us. You are of age and you can come and go as you please, if you would like to have Ted stay that is fine. If you want him to stay with you then the two of you can work that out. For now I want to know who has a hot fuck tale to send us up to bed with happy thoughts."
    The boys had their happy thoughts and wanted to go to bed with each other to make their own stories. I could live with that. I winked at Vadik who was curled up on Cory's shoulder. I wondered if both of them would be joining me for the night. But I had another that wanted that position. I had Harry bring Fedor down to be with the family for the holidays. He is family, and he has the pin to prove it.

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