Chapter 179


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    One evening Cory cuddled up against me and took my cock to his mouth as the forty one inch plasma TV hanging over the end of my bed came to life. I was being blown as my mind was blown away at the most beautiful pictures that I had ever seen of my sweet partner. I had no idea that Zane was so talented with a camera—the poses that he had put Cory through were so hot that I almost blew my load just looking at them, without even thinking about touching myself.
    I found Zane Worden one afternoon as I took a time out in the basement of Albany's downtown YMCA. I watched as the soft fourteen year old boy beat the shit out of a big sixteen year old jock named Dallas Bond. It wasn't the fight itself that had my attention, it was the fact that the jock had been bullying the smaller boy that was sucking his dick.
    Zane is quick and wiry, he had his foe beaten in short order then Dallas was made to suck the youngster's cock. I have to admit to you that it was exciting to watch, and I am against boys fighting. Dallas was an orphan that was living with an older brother and the brother's homosexual lover, he was one miserable boy. Both Dallas and his brother were more than glad to allow Dallas to become a part of my family.

    Sadly my attentions turned to Zane while Cory was working hard at pleasing me. Some people have no right to be parents but I have to state that were it not for many of those creatures I would not have over half of the boys that depend on me for their current livelihood. Zane's mother changed husbands as fast as some people change underwear, she was on husband number nine when I met the unwanted boy. The mother paid his rent so that he could live at the YMCA and be subjected to every kind of perversion that the world has to offer, that is how he met me.
    With a little wrangling and a lot of help from Tony Dogg I was able to adopt the boy in the autumn of 2007 and take him home for good. Since that time the boy has been showing a side of himself that no one ever suspected. Zane has taken a room on the bridge along the east side of the pool area but he and Dallas sleep in one of the larger rooms in granite house.
    With six new bedrooms having been added after the raid I had no severe shortage of bed space. Nearly everyone of the twenty four available bedrooms in the main house has a double occupancy and there are many boys that prefer to sleep in a room with others to watch and watch them.
    Cory wanted to show me Zane's studio, but first I had to pay the price. I can never describe the passion that I have for my man and I do not think of our being together as any form of payment. I did by best to show the sweetest man on earth how much I really do love him.

    Zane was eager to show his room to me. I was amazed when I saw it. Jimmy has a truckload of camera equipment, but he does not have the studio setup that Zane has. I have been in professional photographer's studios that have less equipment that Zane has. I had to check through his large inventory of backdrops some of them are quite erotic, more than a few are pornographic without a subject in front of them.
    From time to time the boys play a slide show of pictures of one boy or the other. In Zane's studio I discovered that he was the one behind the camera for most of them. He was the one that had captured most of the pictures of Cecil. His best work on that subject were the images that were taken of Cullen and Cecil at Empire Canal after the wedding.
    I winked at Cory as I groped Zane's flaccid hanger, Cory moved against the boy as he became our sandwich filling. Between us we filled Zane with our dressing Cory moved into a rear assault position and I took up a station down under and conquered an udder. I received an abundance of fresh dressing down my throat as Zane let loose of gallons of ball batter through three lengthy orgasms.
    Before we were finished Dallas came looking for his man and he found himself in a sandwich as Zane nursed while I did the anal prodding. Cory was fagged out, but he kept me up as I cleaned his dangler then swallowed his tongue. Before I could fill Dallas a second time Cory stiffened enough to prod my prostate. Zane had a view of Dallas and I both taking a long pony ride over him.

    Shortly after our return from Europe, after the coronation, I sat down with the small core of my family that was involved directly in the family financial activities. I have come to respect Warren White's insight to the market and Turner has always been as sharp as Jimmy when it comes to sniffing out trends. I did not like the way the futures market was going with LSCO, neither did they.
    Our last large purchase of the black liquid had come on February sixth when LSCO reached $88.21 a barrel. On Monday the third of March Jimmy placed a five million barrel sell order from Cullen's castle, on his own authority. I would have agreed at the time, oil had just gone to $103.76.
    Crude oil had continued to climb on the futures market and I was seeing a trend that I did not like. Profit hungry investors were jumping on my gravy train. I don't mind if others get into the market, but I do mind when they drive prices up so high that the little man on the street has to choose between driving his car to work or feeding his children. I did not want to be a part of that scenario.
    We had such a large portfolio that a sudden sell off would have sent the market into a serious tail spin that could create shock waves which we did not wish to be responsible for. A gradual sell off began as our options matured. On May the fifth ten million barrels were not renewed when their option came due, the price that day was at $120.21 per barrel—a profit to the family fund of more than five hundred million dollars.
    My personal favorite has always been RUG—regular unleaded gasoline—I sold every gallon of that while we were in Nice. That little sale boosted my personal wealth to just over three hundred billion dollars. I control the family funds, which include the billions of dollars held in banks around the world for the boys. That account is well over a half a trillion dollars. Of course I am talking money in the bank, exclusively, not the gold and other assets on hand in the caves in Tucson and Oklahoma, or in numbered accounts around the world.
    Our final sell out occurred on Wednesday the twenty first of May when LSCO peaked at $135 per barrel. My bankers had a hissy-fit when I told them to transfer over nine hundred million dollars out of all of my accounts and place it in banks around the world. I wanted to find a way to strengthen the American dollar, but for the time being I buried the cash off shore.
    Nearly all of my trading is done through England and Tokyo and is not subject to U.S. taxes until the money comes into this country. By spreading the wealth, so to speak, the money was safe from everything short of a global financial meltdown.

    I don't like to make money from the mis-fortune of others but when I learned that two houses along the beach, to each side of cliff house, were in foreclosure I stepped in. The families were eager to sell to me to save their credit and put much needed cash in their pockets. I am not at all pleased with the trends that I have seen in our lending institutions and I could see a very dim glow of doom on the near horizon. Each of the houses that I bought were valued at three and a half to three and three quarter million dollars. I was able to acquire them at about half of their worth.

    A lesson learned can only help in the future. The early family members had learned much from what they had seen in Mississippi after Katrina and they never hesitated to share their knowledge with the rest of the boys. We still had our original fŗĩęñďşÇłųß 737 that was no longer large enough for the family. The plane was perfect for the new use that fŗĩęñďşÇłųß had for it.
    A committee was formed to keep track of the inventory on the plane so that it was always stocked with food, blankets, and basic necessities such as bar soap, toilet paper, and tooth brushes, not interchangeable items. Also onboard are fifty 5kw generators that can be set up to power as many as eight homes off of one unit by using weather tight extension cords; electricity for the refrigerators and a few lights. A constant source of water and ice was kept updated weekly as we waited on the next emergency to befall Americans anywhere in the country.
    June 8, 2008 the plane was flown to the flooded and tornado ravaged areas in Iowa and Missouri. There were many disasters around the country in early June and the plane was sent forth in aid. The entire family was busy in Malibu where I was very happy to have four large new homes next to cliff house to be able to bed all of them. Before that trip was over we had to call on the fŗĩęñďşÇłųß plane and its inventories.

    I will pause here to share with you why we were in Malibu then come back to the plane in a moment. After David Thatcher showed up in France with his new husband the family was abuzz with their own desire to have some sort of civil ceremony where they could show the world their commitment to one another.
    We have long been in trouble with the weddings of Jerry Thompson and Tim Mark, Cas Casper and Tyler Youngman, and Gerald Hodges and Luke Bingham. Those took place in Chicopee, Massachusetts on Monday, November 7, 2005. Massachusetts lawmakers decried the part of the law that limited same sex marriages to residents of their state, I had to blow hard to get variances granted to my husband-husband couples.

    The news of May 15, 2008 set the boys to dreamy eyed plans for their large weddings. The California Supreme Court had reversed a lower court's decision that put the same sex measure on hold until statewide elections could be held to let the voters decide about the law. That opened a window for same sex weddings without any residency requirements.
    After the concert at Wilson High my brain trust and I sat down and decided that we needed to go away for awhile. We were all sure that the news media would pick up on our next big shindig so we better plan on being out of town. We had solid plans for the family but had nothing planned for the students that lived in the dormitory. Destruction and new construction was to be done over the summer so we had to move the boys but we did not have a clue what to do with them.
    As soon as classes were dismissed for the semester at the university an exodus began for the west coast. I had sixty boys from the state of California that had been with us for the last two months of the school year and it was time to take them to their new school in Fresno. I would not be a part of that school, but we had been evaluated for ideas on how to create a school for homosexual street youth. I had to bite my tongue many times as I read between the lines and could foresee many problems that the boys in that school would face.
    We took the entire family over to Malibu aboard the school buses with Travel All© leading the way. I had flown over aboard FI-2 with Cullen safely in my sights. Travel All©, with our guests aboard, broke away and continued on to Fresno to discharge its load then returned to us at the beach where three hundred and fifty happy fairies toiled.
    Sixteen of our couples paid seventy dollars for a marriage license to hear a judge to say, "I pronounce you lawful spouses, for life," before them. Carroll Templeton took his partner, Mitch Evans to the lake where the Templeton family owns a motel and resort area. Cameron Langley was a ward of Mr. Templeton after his own father was murdered in prison, the boy was also the first sexual partner of Carroll. Mitch and Carroll asked him to be their best man.

    Cameron is constantly in the company of Lemuel Swanson as he seeks his own level as a new person in society. You may remember that Lemmy was acquitted of the murder of Cam's father in the prison where both men were incarcerated. Cam has shown a compassionate side of his personality that no one ever suspected him possessing.
    Derrick Hardwick and Darryl Landers have been sexually involved since puberty first moved their libidos, they wanted the world to know of their love for one another. Brad Garcia and Jayson Adams wasted no time in calling their families and telling them of their intentions. Both boys cried when they told me that Brad's father, Ricardo gave them his blessings and promised to attend their ceremony.
    Peter Engblahm and Eddy Dickson could not have been happier when they sat down at a family dinner then announced their intentions of a June wedding in sunny California. Chuck Boswell told me that he was going to carry Clarence Hooker—known to you as Biff—all the way to the altar then to the bedroom and ride him like the stallion that he is. I never thought of Biff as a stallion, but love is blind.

    It was several days before I received the full report on Garth. I sat in my little corner of cliff house and read through it as the tears ran down my cheeks. Garth's story is one that shamed me because I was there and only seeking sex. Why couldn't I have tried to help the boy that first time?
    Garth had a brother seven years older than himself. Garric had run away when he was thirteen, Garth was certain that it was because his step-father had been molesting him also. The report that had been sent to me confirmed that Garric had graduated from BAG Boys in 2006 and was currently attending college in Massachusetts.
    Ms. Dabny had taken her family name after the divorce from Garric's and Garth's father. She had the hyphenated last name of the boys legally changed so that they were Dabny's. Garth had no idea that his father's name was Tinker. Ambrose Tinker was the grandson of one of Hillary Carpenter's uncles. His only claim to achievement had been the fact that he had married Glenda Dabny. He was a poor student that favored good times with drugs and booze, but he was valuable to Glenda to cement the blood line between her family and her ancestors once again. Most of all she wanted a close tie to Hillary Carpenter-nee Tinker.
    Glenda had first set her eye on James Carpenter, Hillary's son and Ģerâld's uncle. James was strung out on drugs and boys, Glenda ditched him. She had to have a blood tie to the Tinker line so she used her wiles to snare Ambrose into her lair.
    Glenda ran Ambrose off at her first opportunity and married a man that could please her baser desires. Several years later she caught her new husband using her eleven year old son sexually. A huge fight erupted and the police were called. The husband was a man by the name of Shane Mason. My heart skipped a beat and I dropped the papers to the table top.
    Cory moved to my side and scooted his naked ass against mine on the narrow straight chair that I was sitting in. I don't have an office at cliff house, so I have no wide chair. Cory sat so close to me that each of us had a cheek hanging out in midair. My tears were still on my face, but by that time my mouth was hanging open. I turned to look at Cory and he locked his lips to mine and crooned to my tonsil scars.
    I felt myself shaking as Cory wrapped his long arms about me and soothed my heart back to a normal beat. By the time he pulled away I was stiff as a board, that boy does that to me. He looked into my eyes with questions in his own. I pulled the file to the edge of the table and when Cory looked down at it I pointed to the last line that I had read.
    Cory faltered. He grabbed the report and began to read. Everything was in order, right down to the DNA reports. Shane Mason was my young concert pianist's father. He had been driven from Shane's mother into the arms of Glenda Dabny. When Glenda found him molesting her youngest son she had him arrested. Not satisfied with that she learned that the elder Shane had been released on bail. She went to his hotel room and shot him, dead. Witnesses to her crime rushed her. She had no desire to go to jail and besmirch her precious family name, she turned the gun on herself. In full view of five witnesses she shot herself in the head.
    Now I had a real dilemma, how to present the news to Shane that his father was, as he put it, a fag ass. No one had told Shane that his father had been murdered by his new wife. Shane had no idea where his father was. Garth had no idea of his stepfather's previous life, nor did he know that his mother had killed the man, before killing herself. I will have to condition the boys before I bring them together, but first I had a lot on my plate for my family's summer.

    Monday morning, June 16, 2008 is a day that will forever be fondly remembered in our family. The entire family had spent the previous two weeks preparing for the big events that occurred on that date. Seven weddings were held on the beach along the back of my five beach houses. By California law it is illegal to close off access to the ocean's beaches. The beach area along cliff house is grand fathered as a private beach but I have to allow people to pass across from one side to the other. There are large signs, two to each side of my property, declaiming the beach as private and that nude bathers are on the beach. I think that, as much as the wedding, is what attracted a large crowd.
    A twenty foot tall chain link fence was erected down each property line of the two end houses, from the street out into the ocean one hundred feet, that was a trick. A fleet of pontoon boats were tied end to end at the end of the fence, each boat was rigged to hold up a fifteen foot tall square sail, blocking the view from outside boaters.
    A California awning company designed a canopy that shielded airborne cameras from zooming in and the actual stage for the wedding was placed well within that protective covering. Uniformed FIS guards patrolled the beach to prevent people taking pictures with any type of equipment.
    I had a tall privacy fence installed ten feet from the back of each house so that the boys could move from one house to the other unhindered. Between that fence and the fenced area of beach behind the five houses we left a ten foot wide corridor for the public to pass back and forth. One entrance into the area of beach that was totally enclosed was directly behind cliff house where four of the largest, and meanest looking guards that FIS employed in the LA area kept watch.
    The other entrance was to the northen edge of the property where visitors and guests for the wedding were examined by more guards before being sent through a serpentine pathway that prevented anyone on the outside with a camera getting a shot.

    Our invited guests began arriving at eight. I positioned myself so that I could greet as many as possible. It seemed as if every fag in the land had descended on my little piece of the world. I was standing with Turner and Adam when Turner gripped my hand and told Adam to look across the beach. Adam took off in a dead run as Turner told me that the tall boy was Adam's brother, Seth. I have had detectives trying to find that boy for two years and he just walks up as if all was well.
    I looked into Seth's eyes as he stared at me while his brother told him all of the wonders that he had seen as a member of my family. I took Seth's hand and felt his elevated pulse rate. I asked him of his plans for the future, he had a very dim outlook for the next day and he could see nothing after that.
    Seth has lived by his own wiles since the day he fled his mother and weird aunt prior to our family visit to California at Christmas time in 2005. I had been searching for him. We never found where he was, only where he had been. I asked the twenty year old man what plans he would like to make and he gave me the right answer. I told him that I would be honored to find him a place to live and that I would assist him in anyway that he wished to get the education that he wanted. I had Adam show his brother where he could crash and promised a trip to the mall to buy him clothing.

    The first guests to pass through the gate moved my heart. A person very dear to me and mine arrived with a group of like minded fellows that keep my family up with their entertaining stories. Without Carl Dickson none of us would be who and where we are today. Carl brought with him David Lee, Paul Walker, and Tim Lafferty. Late in the evening I had the distinct honor of sitting down amongst those great authors and listened to their plans for the direction that they will be taking their stories in the future.
    Carl had several guest authors with him, but most of them are known only by their e-mail names and they preferred not to allow me to enter their names into our guest book. We were all glad to meet them and I am pretty sure that some of the boys wanted to show their appreciation for many upstanding episodes by way of a private meating.

    Amongst the guests brought in by Carl were a few of the family favorites Jeremy and Ryan. Many of the older family members knew the two boys from when they had attended Tabor elementary and Wilson High. The youngsters are sixteen now and as cute as any pedo could hope to feast his eyes on. There were just so many boys at the weddings that I knew that I couldn't get to all of them, but what a challenge it would be to get a load of cock snot from each one of them into my cum deprived body.

    Olivier, Edouard, Charlot, and Thedoric walked up to me for a quiet moment off to the side as we discussed their role in finding boys to attend the school at BAF and BAP. All four boys have been in Nice for so long that they have changed their names to French names.
    Young Oliver told their story to us in Fairy Boat. Carroll assumed the name Charlot, while Tony became the dashing Thedoric. Non-assuming Eddy became known as Edouard as the four men cruise the beaches of south France in search of cast off boys. François had introduced me to the four young men when Charley and I made our last trip to France together. I suppose that if there is a starting point for my desire to provide homes and education to the world of helpless homosexuals it would have been that afternoon as four eighteen year old fag boys fed my lust for greasy kid stuff
    All four of them told me that they had never had sexual relations with an older male. Hey, I am only twelve years older than they are. They stayed pretty much to themselves, but they didn't mind making a young runaway feel good all under. I did my best to give them that all under feeling for the three nights that we shared a bed. Sure, all of us fucked the old queens and let them dine to their heart's content on our creamy offering, then we headed off to be five American fag boys in our own private time.
    I have made use of their talents at both of my schools in France. They are young, virile, and cute. They have a knack for putting a boy at ease and from the reports I have they have helped sixty boys to move into the new section of BAP that is ready for occupancy. The school itself will not be up and running until the fall, but homeless boys can't wait for several months to find shelter and food.

    Eric Simpson and Jason Redmond have a long history with David Thatcher and they had come out to witness him marrying the man of his dreams. You may /nifty/gay/highschool/the-cripple/" target="_blank">remember that Eric had his spinal column severed when a commercial lawnmower blade broke and crippled the boy for life. I was very proud of my young men, they didn't hesitate to carry Eric across the sands and help him to find a comfortable seat to watch the day's events.
    So that he would not feel left out the boys also carried Jason to his seat and then they proceeded to wait on the boys, hand, foot, and cock, for the entire day. Eric's sweet meat is a long treat that was not affected by the accident. Both young men are twenty eight, about four years older than David. They have a relationship that survived high school and a love that was obvious to all of us.
    I had met the couple after David told us their story and I was impressed by them. They wanted for nothing, but as I talked with them on the beach I knew something that they had no idea that they could do. The family was all too happy to use the sedan chairs once again as they carried the beaming couple to the stage to stand before our judge friend. They asked David and Jeff to stand up with them so both men took a seat to either side of the couple. Then David asked them to remain in place as he and Jeff made their union a legal marriage forever.

    Lonesome Jon came through the gate with his new boy. He asked to see Bryan and offered to give him money. "Jon, you can not always buy your way out. You will only hurt this boy with your offer. He has little need for money anyway."
    Bry was called aside to discuss something with Ricky as Jon began something that almost got him killed. "I suppose that you have trained him to bend over for all of the money he needs." He looked at the house, "It paid well for you. You must be worth a lot, how many men did you have to bend before to get where you are today?"
    I was about to lay the bastard out when I looked at Cory, he touched his ear so that I knew that he was listening to every word that passed between Jon and myself. "Jon, you were everybody's bottom boy. You even bent before me quite often. I have to ask you, did you ever see me take anything, from anybody?"
    "No, I never did. You had men waiting in line for you to show them your stuff, but I never saw anyone do you. I saw you kiss a few boys, but I always assumed that you had to be taking a ride on some of those old fat rich men."
    "Just because. Every time I have ever seen you, you have a lot of money to throw around. You didn't get that money without doing something for it.
    "Sweet Bryan loves to lay before a man, that is how we met, you know. Do you pay well?"
    "I didn't have to pay Bryan…" Jon began to protest.
    "No, you paid his pimp. But you did the honorable thing by taking the boy off of the street and providing him with a safe home. Even if it was short lived."
    "I searched for Bryan, Chris. I really did. I turned New York City upside down as I searched for him. I was very happy when you called me to tell me that he had been found and that he was safe."
    "But you already had a new boy in your bed and were ready to pay Bryan off. Was he too old for you by then?" Jon reddened and looked at the boy that was with him.
    "It's just that I found…"
    "You don't need to explain yourself to me, Jon. Bryan is happy with his situation and has no desire to return to the life that he had before." I told Jon the name of Bryan's grandfather's automotive seat manufacturing company then told him that Bry was the sole heir to that massive fortune. He whistled then asked me if Bry might consider adopting him.
    Bry turned and looked at me and smiled as he told Jon that he was legally my son and he had no intention of starting a family of his own within the current century. He wished Jon well and stood with me as we watched him walk away with his new boy.
    "I do wish them well, daddy. The best thing in my life was seeing you hit that man in France. I was over Jon by then because I thought that he had abandoned me. I know better, but by the time I learned the truth I was in love with you and you can never change that." Bry and I turned to one another and shared a long kiss.

    A guest came up to me with a sweet boy of about fifteen at his side. I was pleased to see the former mayor of Chicopee, MA that had officiated at the weddings of my old marrieds. The mayor's aged mother was moving in with him and she was bringing his widowed Bible thumping sister along to care for her.
    Zach Harte crossed over the state line and made his way to Bag Boys where he asked JB to allow him to attend school. At the time of the request the by-laws of that school limited the students to those sentenced by the courts so he was unable to fill the boy's request. JB is an old friend of the mayor and arranged for him to take Zach in and to provide for his needs, as well have his needs filled. The boy is frustrated, the old man can't get it up. Neither of them is large enough to scratch the other's itch so they purchased twelve inch dildos to please each other as they suck on. Zach has two friends at his high school that scratch him but that is all that they do for him, sometimes they give him a mercy drink of fresh cream.
    I asked him if he had ever had a boy drink from his spout and he shook his head. The sad look in his eyes told me that I was looking at very lonely boy. He was thankful that the mayor had given him a home but he had no life to speak of. I caught fourteen year old Kegan Huntley running by and asked him to join Zach and me then led the boys to cliff house to talk in private.
    Kegan came to us with the last group of boys from the truancy sweep in January. He is small for his age and very shy. I was about to pull one of my matchmaking tricks with the two boys. With the boys situated next to each other's naked bodies on a sofa I had to take care of something. I stood around the corner and watched as Zach stole a kiss.
    Kegan smiled and moved together for more action and the boys quickly enveloped the other in his arms. I returned to my seat and watched them blush. "Kegan, you know that I want you to find someone that you can be with. Zach, I am going to offer you the chance to become a part of my student body. I hope you may find this student's body something that you would like a part of. If you wish, I will show you to a room where you can get better acquainted. The boys joined hands as they followed me to my bedroom where I shut the door and left them alone.

    A paunchy man with thinning black hair walked up to me with a fine looking teenage boy on each arm He stared at me for a minute then said, "You don't remember me do you?"
    I did but I had to look through the years and what they had done to his body. "Yes I do. How are you doing, Jamie?" Jamie had been a regular at Charley's house, not a huge dick but a tight ass and a willing fuck. His beauty made him a must fuck for all of the men who liked to ride him while I was up in them. Jamie had been one of the six of us that Charley had brought to the beach for a week of fucking in the sun after our high school graduation.
    "I have always loved this house and this beach. When I saw all of the people down at the beach I had to come down and see what was going on. So you own the house now?" I told him that I did. "Charley really loved you, man. He liked all of the boys but he loved you, I was jealous but he hooked me up with that movie star, you know." I had heard.
    Jamie crawled all over one of the world's most beautiful and charming boy movie stars during the week that we spent at the beach house in June of 1997. Two days after we returned to Tucson Jamie's mother was frantic, her son had run away from home. The young movie star was almost two years older than Jamie was at the time, but he knew a good fuck when it rubbed itself on him, he took the sixteen year old into his home of sex, drugs, and wild parties.
    I saw Jamie featured in explicit sex videos with other boys, even Burke allowed himself to be photographed in his early videos, I suppose as a way of promoting his work. I learned, through my sources around tinsel town that Jamie was in a serious relationship with another one of the most beautiful boy stars ever to grace the screen. My family and I have many of that boy's movies and there are many fantasies about the young star each time the movies are viewed.
    Thirty months later the rising star was dead, he overdosed on a speed ball—a mixture of cocaine and heroin—on Halloween morning. Jamie was so strung out from his own drug use that he paid little heed to the loss, he was quickly moved to the bed of another young actor that traveled in the same circle. That man was six years older than the first and had been the deceased actor's chief love interest, away from the cameras.
    He took Jamie in and the two of them consoled each other until Jamie began to loose his boyish charm. The second actor is another favorite in the movie industry with many heavy titles credited to his name, Jamie was too open to be allowed to hang around. When Jamie began to show himself in the company of seriously underage boys he was shown the door.
    I had been checking his boys out and knew that they were too young to be with Jamie, I introduced myself to them and they gave me their names in very pre-pubescent, squeaky voices. They were dressed and in public, I had a few underage boys of my own attending the wedding so I left it alone, but I would not be inviting them to stick around for the reception afterwards.

    Seeing Jamie spurred my memories of the young movie star that became his first real love interest. Burke was a beautiful boy star but he could not leave other boys alone. He found himself with the wrong sort of friends. He was a child movie star that struggled through life as a gay teen with all of the stigma associated with the disease. He left the acting life as a young adult and began a life of chasing young boys. He had a popular web-site for gay teens called Chad's World.
    The first time I met Burke he had just had his first movie, with him in the staring role, released. In that movie he played the son of the President of the United States. He had a minor role in a previous movie about a young group of hockey players. That movie brought interest to him. But now he was a star of his first feature length film. He had just turned fifteen when he played that part. He was sixteen when he arrived at a party that Charley hosted at a large hotel in Malibu, California, but his body was that of a much younger teenage boy.
    I was twenty four at the time and was awakening to my interest in young teenage boys. Burke fascinated me. Not his celebrity, his beauty. To be honest he was not a beautiful boy, but he was a great cocksucker. He was small and smooth bodied. His medium brown hair, brown eyes, and full red lips excited many of the men at that party. I suppose the first thing that drew me to him was his mouth. It was very wide for a boy his size, his full lips promised a firm lock on any size meat that would part them.
    He walked up to me and told me that he had never had a big one and he was ready for a go. I was ready for him as well. Burke was not interested in foreplay, he wanted cock snot. He headed for my pride, but I grabbed him and spun him about so that we might enjoy what each other had to offer. Neither of us was disappointed.
    I said that he had the body of a boy younger than his physical age and that included his five inch cut cock. Unlike many queers I was not so much interested in the size as the quality. Burke gave me what I sought most in a hard boy, a good mouth fuck. At that point in my life I had not learned to appreciate the joy that could be derived from anything long enough to pass my uvula. In fact the only ones that I had been involved with that were equipped with enough meat to go past that flap of flesh were my friends from the Blues Club and a few younger brothers of the high school jocks. I learned early on that most of the meat that a jock has is between his ears.
    Sure, I had been with a few hundred men by that time, but my efforts with them had only involved supplying them with the meat that they desired. I have never been a tease and I did take care of their needs, to a point. I suckled and licked around their main staff, as a boy would lick on a lollipop. I hardly ever throated one of them, and seldom ever partook of their creamy offerings. That was mainly their choice as they wanted to save themselves for my backdoor assault. My skinny body and long arms allowed me to do a reach around on the most rotund of them and I received gratification in bringing them off while I was up inside of them. You know the pleasure of a partner's orgasmic throes when you are down to the short strokes.
    Somehow Burke awakened a whole new desire in me. Honestly I realize that the desire had always been there, I just didn't know it. Up until that one particular party I had only been with men, or boys no more than three or four years my junior. Even the high school boys that I had been with were not so much for my satisfaction as it had been for my thrill of the hunt.
    You know what an asshole I was in my youth, I was out for what I could get and my favorite badge of accomplishment came from the laying of a jock boy, or his best bud. I straightened out more than a few little brothers, at the bequest of their jock brothers. I took on a few young fags that had heard stories of my prowess, I even conquered a few super straight student body leaders that would never do anything queer. Funny how I was always their best friend the next day and they always greeted me in the hall and wanted to know when we could get together again.
    From what I had heard from the other little gay boys they were usually chastened and harassed by a boy after their initial contact. I always hated the zip and go crowd. It was those ass holes that I loved to open wide and sometimes I would make them suck the little gay boy that they had shunned as retribution.

    Burke was that one catalyst. He was a good head, he never gagged and never faltered. Once my glans passed his lips he continued to my shaved groin without hesitation. He took me to task as his pelvis thrust forth to give me the batter that I need to survive. Oh yeah, I was a cum pig from the first day with Charley. Man cum didn't excite me, but boi batter did.
    At every opportunity I was sucking boi cock, but had not admitted to myself that that was what I wanted. At every party there were boys in abundance and we always took advantage of what another boy had to give up. A few exceptions to that were the pigs, such as Exiter Jones. Many of the boys at Charley's parties were jock boys that I had awakened and I knew that they wanted a piece of me. Truth was I wanted a piece of them.
    I was not ready to let Burke go. He filled me with his desire and took all I had to give, in one load. I had more to give so I held on. I spread his legs and gave him the first licking of his life and he flopped like a fish in a boat bottom. I swear that he flopped around so much that he managed to extend my cock through his body so that I was licking at my own glans. He loved the new sensation and allowed me to continue through three more hot orgasms. That was when I finally became aware of the tell tale signs of impending orgasm and I never missed a drop of what he gave up. As quickly as he showed any tenderness I attacked his perineum then moved back to his anus.

    Burke had been accompanied to that first party with a high school suck buddy that wanted a piece of his ass. Burke had given it up to others, but never to that boy. His friend fell in love with both of us that night as he lost his virgin cock to his best friend. I turned the tables on both of them when I informed Burke that he should give as well as take. He was delighted to bust his buddy and the buddy became a better friend to Burke for the next two years.
    Even a sixteen year old movie star has freedoms that many others don't have. One freedom that Burke had was the ability to jump on a chartered plane and fly to Tucson for an evening of hot sex. I never said no to him. Sometimes he brought his young boyfriend, until that boy lost it in a needle. Burke was crying when he called me to meet him at the airport. He told me that his friend was high and being stupid so he came to spend a weekend with me. I returned to Pasadena with him on Monday morning and helped him post bail, but the two boys broke up after that and never got back together.

    Along with his fortyish homosexual lover, Burke was involved in several web-site flyers that all went south when young teenage boys that had attended parties hosted at the men's home all claimed to have been homosexually raped during and after the parties.
    In 2000 charges of child sex acts and of embezzlement were brought about against Burke and his associates, the three men disappeared to later surface in Spain in May of 2002. Burke was released but his lover fought extradition to the US for two years. Once back in California the boyfriend pled guilty to eight charges of child enticement, minor misdemeanors. He was out of jail in a short time, his time in Spanish jails being credited as time served.
    I haven't heard from Burke since he returned from Spain. I understand that he has a very young boyfriend that he is raising as his nephew. I wish him luck, wherever he is.

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