Chapter 174


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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Tim Evers continues with his account of how he and Ken Worth first got together.–JW

    I was happy that Ken was going home, but I knew that I would miss being with him. His folks really tried to reassure me that Kenny would need help for a few days yet and that they expected me continue to help him. That was great, I would still get to see him, I only wondered if we would still be able to do the sex part.
    I had a few days to ponder my situation and I knew that I had always been in denial about my sex life. When I sat down alone and quiet I turned around and walked through my mind, I wished that I had Dumbledore's Pensive so that I could pick and choose the memories quickly.
    It was all there, just behind my closed eyes, I had always harbored gay thoughts. All of my favorite jokes are about gay themes. I really get excited when I strut about the locker room stark ass naked and watch all of the guys checking my big cock. I had just pushed aside my excitement at checking them out and getting a thrill at seeing them chub out from the vision before them.
    I swore to myself that I never had a fantasy when I took matters in hand, we all know that was a lie. I am smart enough to know that ninety nine percent of the solo sex act is in our minds. Even actually being with Ken in that way I had these super hot visions of his sweet bod. I was fucking him and wishing that I was sucking him. We were sucking each other and I was thinking about feeling his cock up my ass. I never just concentrated on what we were doing, I had to add a mental visual to my physical activity.
    All of the way home I played this thought around in my head and totally spaced my mother. I can't tell you how domineering that woman is. She has to have the last word and she is always right, even when she is wrong. She will be the very first to tell you that she is never wrong. I no sooner got out of the car and placed my foot on the front porch, but what she started in on me.
    "I want to know what is going on in that hospital room and I want the truth right now." My mother was in my face. "I can smell the sex in there every morning. The first day I just considered it to be the result of two boys being in a confined space all night, but I smell it every day and it is stronger than a normal smell. I talked to a friend of mine today and she told me about her queer son and the smell in his room. I know now that what I smell is you having sex with that little boy. Are you fucking around with him because you feel obligated to him for saving your life?"
    "You are so vindictive. You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face. I don't have to stand here and listen to this and I won't. I have to go to Tim's house so that his mother can go to work."
    "You're not going anywhere near him ever again."
    "You can't stop me."
    "I can and I will. I will call the police if I have to. I will not have a queer in my house. If you want to be queer then do it in prison. You're a child molester and deserve the worst the state can do to you."

I am going to go back to the third person narrative now, so deal with it.–JW

    "If you want to call the police talk for a very long time for as soon as you hang up the phone I am going to shoot you. I have had it with your dominating attitude. I lived with it, but for the last five years you have tried to destroy every thing good about my son and I will not have it any more. So call the police. Your son and I will spend time in prison, but you will be dead and there will be no one to attend your funeral because nobody likes you." Tim spun around to see his dad standing in the doorway behind him. He had not heard his dad say so much in his whole life and never had he heard him stand up to his mother. He was suddenly proud to be his son.
    "I am going to take Tim over to Ken's house now. You might want to pack your things and move out. Don't take my car or anything else in this house. You can call a taxi. Oh, and by the way. While you were out here yelling like a banshee I was on the phone canceling all of your credit cards. You can use them as coasters for the paper cups you will be drinking out of for awhile.
    "Tomorrow I will take Tim to get his driver's license then I have an appointment with my attorney to start divorce proceedings. I would like to do it tonight, but he has plans. He is giving up his Saturday morning to come in and help me get the garbage out."
    "Divorce away old man. I will take you for everything you have."
    "One little thing there. You did sign a piece of paper before we got married. You agreed to a cash settlement should we ever part. I have kept the cash on hand in the safe in my office all of these years. I believe it was twenty five thousand dollars. Oh, and don't try to open the safe, I just changed the combination and connected the alarm system."
    "It won't work, you know. A prenuptial never stands up in court. My friend told me that her husband tried that on her. She now owns his family estate, his antique car collection, and his business. Try and get it to stand."
    "It will stand. I used a different lawyer, remember. He is now chief justice of the state's Supreme Court. His prenups have stood every test ever thrown at them. He has had hundreds of them contested. If you are talking about Paul and June you have to remember that her father wrote their prenup. It was written to fail. I told Paul when he did it that it would not stand. He believed that his marriage was so solid that she would never leave him. He didn't know that she was a lesbian and would find a woman to please her more than he could.
    "That's why little Paul is gay. He found his mother in bed with another woman doing unnatural acts when he was twelve. He can't stand to be around her. He may not be gay, but he loves the shock value of it. He tells all of June's friends that he loves to suck dicks and if they have any sons they should send them over and he will take care of them. He says if they have daughters that his mother is reported to be the best pussy eater in town. The boy is almost fourteen. He is destined to greatness."

    Tim and his dad walked out of the house. On the way to Ken's Tim asked his dad if he would be disappointed if he was gay. His dad told him that he would be disappointed if Tim tried to lie to himself and be anything other than what he was. He would like to have a grandson as neat as Tim is, but only time would tell on that score. If Tim was gay then that's just the way it was. He was still his father and Tim was still his son, period.
    He also told Tim that he should be prepared to live without his mother now. He told him to brace himself for a fight and be prepared for anything. Both men knew how vindictive the woman could be. She was not above lying to get her way. Her reputation was wide and open. There would be no problem finding character witnesses who would testify as to what she really was.

    Tim was happy to be at Ken's house, but worried about his home life also. He didn't have the bounce in his step as he climbed the steps to the front porch. Mr. Worth was waiting for him. He opened the door and let him in. Ken was seated in the big, double wide recliner. Mr. Worth took Tim's hand and led him to the chair and told him to sit down next to Ken. He sat on the sofa, next to his wife.
    Mrs. Worth spoke first, "Tim, I don't know if you are aware of how much we love you. You are like a son to us and we will do anything for you."
    Tim felt the tears coming up inside him. What would they think of him when they find out that he is fucking their only child, daily?
    "Tim we just got off of the phone with your mother. She had a lot to say." Tim bolted for the door. Mr. Worth was in front of him and led him back to the chair. Tim was sure that they were trying to keep him there until the police arrived. Ken put his arm around his friend and kissed his cheek. "Tim, we know that Ken is gay. We were almost sure that you had discovered that for yourself while he was in the hospital. We kind of figured that you might be having sex with our son. If you were we were happy for both of you. We feel that he could not have found a better boy to love. We kind of think that you would make a very good son-in-law. That is if you will accept our son as your wife." Both adults giggled as Ken nuzzled up against Tim's arm.
    Tim sat there in total disbelief. Was this really true? Were they really saying…he couldn't put his mind around it.
    "Look, it's like this. I think your mother is going to try to make life hard for you. We are going to protect you. You do realize that it is illegal for you and Ken to have sex don't you? You are more than two years older than he is. That makes it a felony in most states, this one included. All of us are prepared to swear in court that we have no knowledge of any sexual activity between the two of you. Ken will go to his grave with the truth locked inside him. He won't reveal anything to us and we admire that. If he told us what might be happening we could not swear other wise.
    "Now if your mother does get an investigation started it will be rough on Ken. They will grill him like a burger on a hot plate to try and make him tell them what they want to hear. It will not be easy for him and he knows it. He loves you enough to endure the pain. We have been as blunt as we can be to prepare him for what he might have to face.
    "The police will use a psychologist's term called the Stockholm Syndrome. This is a text book case in which bank robbers held bank employees hostage. In that case, the victims became emotionally attached to their victimizers, and even defended their captors after they were freed from their six-day ordeal.
    "Loyalty to a more powerful abuser — in spite of the danger that this loyalty puts the victim in — is common among victims of child abuse. There are many examples of a child who was abused then fell in love with his abuser and refused to testify against him. In many instances the victims choose to remain loyal to their abuser, and choose not to leave him, even when they are offered a safe home. There are many molested children in the world who love their molesters so much that they will never give them up. The police will try to say that this is what has happened to Ken and get a court order to have him questioned under other means. We have reason to believe that we can prevent that from happening.
    "Tim, we want this to be very clear to you. We are on your side and we will protect you, at any cost in every way. The only thing we ask of you is that you treat our son the best that you can. It may be that somewhere down the road the two of you might find someone else. You are seventeen, Ken is fourteen. You might grow apart someday. If that happens then we only ask that you do it in a way that protects the other's dignity. We pray that you won't have some rip roaring fight and try to hurt each other, physically or mentally.
    "I'm sure you have a million questions, but nothing comes to the tip of your tongue. We are here for you if you want to talk, now or at another time." With that she rose and walked over to kiss Tim on the forehead. Mr. Worth shook his hand with both of his clasped around the teen's hands. They left the room.
    Tim looked at Ken. They smiled at each other. Ken looked at Tim, "Fuck me, please. Now?" The two boys went to Ken's room and locked the door.

    The family stood to give both KW and Tim a round of applause, they both took a bow.
    "That was two years ago? Do you still live…where?" I asked the boys.
    "We live with Ken's family. They gave me a room of my own and I have all of my things in there so if anyone should ever come around then all of them swear that I sleep alone and Ken sleeps in his room. The Worth's are good to me and treat me like their son. My dad and I see each other quite often, but he is always so busy that… Well it is like when I was growing up, I don't know him. I never even knew that he had any balls until he stood up to my mother."
    "Are you doing well in school, what are your plans for now?"
    "I'm doing well, it's Ken that I worry about." He looked at the boy who scooted back in his seat.
    "You see, I was kinda out for a long time. Then that day I found out how to meet the man of my dreams." The boys laughed and told him there were ways to meet people that did not hurt so much. "I wasn't afraid because I knew that nobody would touch me if Tim was my boyfriend. It was Dwyer that really helped both of us to see that it would be okay to be gay."

    "Yeah, big bad coward me. I bounced into their room and saw the hottest boy in school fucking the shit out of the cutest guy in my class and all I could do is stand there and jack off. I missed Jay. Jay and I used to talk about everything and then I heard that he had…you know…with his own parents and all, and I…" Jay Jay put his arm around his friend and wiped at his cheek.
    "I was in junior high school and I was having those weird thoughts and I had nobody that I could talk too and Jay had moved. And I didn't have a friend in the world. Then after Thanksgiving I saw him at Wilson High where he was a freshman too. He told me that he had gone to build somebody a house from a hurricane then he want to France and…I didn't think that he wanted to know me anymore.
    "I was embarrassed to talk to KW cause I sorta just fucked up by doing it in front of him. Damn you guys was hot to watch." That sent a lot of thumbs up as the boys could look at the couple sitting naked amongst us and imagine watching them going at it on a hospital bed.
    "I just stayed back and didn't talk to anybody. I knew that if I could talk to Jay alone somewhere that he could tell me if I was pure sick or what. Then the next year he didn't go back to Wilson High and I never saw him till last week at that concert.
    "Oh, hey guys, you were great. I never laughed so hard and all of my life and at long hair music to boot. But anyway I saw Jay and I had to talk to him. I mean I have learned that I am not all that different and all by being here with you guys for the last two days, but I thought that I was the weird one and wanted to talk. Fucking Bane was telling everybody bout me sucking his cock and all…"
    "Bane O'Bannion? Did he…" KW pointed at Dwyer's injuries. Both of Dwyer's eyes are still black, albeit better than they had been when I first saw him Tuesday. Dwyer nodded at him.
    "Bane is the reason that I…" He looked around the room thn took a breath. "Bane found out about me and he has been going around school telling everybody that I am a fag. I have been out since I started the ninth grade. I never flaunted myself and since I met Josh…Bane told my mother about Josh and I and she went to school and has started hell for me there."
    KW said, "But hey, you had Josh." Tim flinched and looked at KW. "Oh!! That was…oh, I am so sorry babe. I wasn't thinking." Dwyer was curled up in tears. KW went to him and sat down then placed his hands on the boy's back. "I'm sorry, man. I never thought…I didn't know Josh that well and I never thought that it was you and him."
    "Josh was my best friend," Tim told us. "We met the first day of the first grade and by the end of the day we were blood brothers, with the bloody fingers wrapped in a band-aid and everything. I never knew that Josh was gay until Dwyer let it slip in Ken's hospital room. As soon as school was out Josh left for Marine Corp training at Camp Lejune then he went to Iraq. He was killed in action in the Al Anbar province where he was serving with the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion."
    Dwyer continued, "Josh was my next door neighbor and I was fourteen and horny as hell. He was so good looking and…well my bedroom window faces his and I was kinda watching him and all while I…and he looked and saw me and he pulled his out and we stood up and beat off while staring at each other. That was so kewl and we sorta talked and he blew me first then we did it all the time till school was out and he was gone. He came home before he left for Iraq and I ran away to stay in a motel with him for two days. My old man never even missed me.
    "For the last two years I sorta hung back and didn't do nothing. I wanted to have sex so bad. I just chose the biggest ass hole in school to go down on."

    The room was in total silence as the boys considered everything that they had heard all three boys tell us. By the time that I wrote this I had the opportunity to read over Jimmy's narrative of the accounts and reflect on my spot decision at the time. I may be an old softy, but I knew that I had a solution for KW. Dwyer is already in my house and I am going to do all that I can to help him.
    What I said at the time was, "Ken, I own the school across the street. It is a school for homosexual high school age boys. I am sure that I speak for all of us here when I say that we would be honored to have you attend classes there this next year, and also as a senior the following year.
    "If the living arrangements are agreeable to both of you at your parents house you are welcome to continue to live there. There is a large dormitory at the school for the student housing, but unless Tim is a student there he would not be allowed to live there. We have a few students that live near Wilson High that commute each morning and I am sure that transportation would not be a problem for you."
    "You don't know us, sir, and yet you are offering to help Ken?" I let the boys handle that one as I took a cup of coffee that RD had brought to me. Ken came to me and stood in a wide eyed stare until I set my cup down and held my arms open.
    "You know that they beat me up in the restrooms at school almost everyday. I try to hold it, but I just can't. I stay close to the office after school until I see Tim drive up then I run out to his car. Sometimes someone will chase me or call me names, but when they see Tim they run away. I just want to go to school and get a good education so that Tim and I can find good jobs and live together in peace for the rest of our lives." I assured him that all that he sought after was his. I wonder if Ellis had a clue to what was going on with the boy on his campus.

    Jay Jay cleared his throat and all eyes turned to him and Dwyer. Dwyer smiled a bit nervously and stepped up before me. "You have told me that I can live here for as long as I want. You have told me that I don't got to do nothing, but get good grades and keep my stuff picked up. I asked you about that pin and you said that when I was ready it would be mine, so here I am."
    I sat back and interlaced my fingers over my abs. I nodded at Jimmy who brought forth a small box from the jewelry store, it contained on golden pole pin. Jimmy let Dwyer look at the pin then he sat down with KW and Tim to let them see as I asked Dwyer to explain what the pin is and what it meant to him.
    I was impressed as he spoke of his need to belong. He knew that the pin in itself meant nothing and that he already belonged to us as a loved member of our ever growing group. He expressed his feelings as all of the boys had spoken of their pin and the pleasure that they had received to have it awarded to them. Dwyer told us that he had only had anal sex with Josh the weekend at the motel and that he enjoyed himself. He never trusted anyone to do that with him until he came to us from the hospital.
    Jay Jay is a very old, loved, and trusted friend and Dwyer had asked him if he would do it with him. Jay Jay showed his maturity when he asked Dwyer to do him first, four or five times, then they would talk it over. Jay Jay told that he was pretty sure that his dick was larger than Josh's had been and he assured his friend that it was going to hurt, bad.
    Before any copulation actually occurred the two boys drifted through the house and observed others in various interactions and Jay Jay even led the boy on a tour of the personal area of the dorm across the road. Dwyer studied all of his lessons and showed Jay Jay what he had learned as the two of them went off to be alone together. Dwyer looked me in the eye and told me that if I could make him feel as well loved as Jay had made him feel then he didn't care about the pin, he just wanted to know that happiness.
    The boys had a mat on the floor for the ceremony to begin. I did a little showing off for Dwyer and for KW and Tim. Those two boys had not seen much interaction through the evening and they had no idea of the type of treatment that was actually possible between me and a boy seeking to be loved. They were given the spots of honor to either side of us as I took Dwyer on the journey of his young life.
    I do my best to treat each boy as the individual that he is. Dwyer was one that needed to feel as if he were totally accepted within such a large group of boys. I listened closely to the conversations that he had with others and I sought out the boys that had know him for several years.
    Dwyer had a hard life with a harsh taskmaster of a father who constantly assured him that he was worthless and not deserving of the trouble necessary to give him food and shelter. The only acceptance that the boy had ever received was from Jay Jay and his friends. Unlike most pre-pubescent boys there was never any sex talk or interaction amongst the group. Knowing the home history of the Tucson Six I could understand why they tried to have a normal childhood and avoid the pain that would surely occur if grown up subjects arose.
    The result of that life for Dwyer was a suppressed development. The boy could not discuss his developing body with his father, his friends avoided such discussion, and he was not about to approach a teacher. His entire awakening came from a chance event when he saw the older neighbor boy masturbate. Barely fifteen years old, with a natural curiosity for such things, Dwyer set out on a new course in his life.
    As quickly as the door to knowledge swung open it slammed shut when his new friend left for duty with the armed services. Dwyer spent the next two years of his life totally suppressed by the circumstances that surrounded him. When he finally reached out in an attempt to discover a life for himself he met with severe defeat. My time with the boy was going to be aimed at satisfying his every fantasy for self pleasure. I was determined that nothing would take place without Dwyer's leading. It was very important for Dwyer to experience our time in the presence of the family.
    "Are you the young man that was invited to dinner? You look good enough to eat, but where should I start?" Three hundred and ninety boys, give or take a few, closed in to watch what might happen next. The wine cellar is the only place large enough for everyone to gather at one time, and then some of the boys have to move into the games room at the far end so that no one has to have his vision blocked by the large stone column in the middle of the room.
    "Shrimp is always a good place to start a fine meal." I took a soft foot in my hands and began to nibble at the tips of Dwyer's toes. As he wiggled and squirmed from my ministrations I increased the intensity. I licked between each toe and then suckled it for the full effect on his young system.
    With each foot well attended to I moved over the top of the boy and looked at his eyes, "Tips would be good right now." I attacked his ear lobes and the tip of his nose, I moved down to tackle each nip and moved back and forth from nip to tip.
    The boy began to emit pheromones that raised the attention of every cock swinger in the room, including me. On a trip to his right nip I varied my attack and moved to his right pit. Perspiration was pouring from my young victim and I was the recipient of a taste supreme. I didn't want the boy to finish too quickly, but I wanted him to experience a time that was long enough to live in his memory forever.
    I tempered my assault with a trip around his smooth skinned face. I learned later that Dwyer had never been kissed, yet he instigated a kiss that raised my libido two hundred notches. Dwyer was at the upper level of the normal development scale for a sixteen year old boy, but he still had the innocent taste of a boy about him. He had the kind of a mouth that I love to kiss, with breath that was as sweet as a much younger child.
    Dwyer was completely into everything that we did together. His hands were roman about my body and pulling my butt tighter against himself. I paid special attention to not let our cocks come in contact with each other. In fact I concentrated on having as minimal physical contact with his cock as I possibly could. If I were to carry the boy on the trip to far away galaxies I had to keep him just short of the edge of his climax while keeping him close enough to that moment that he would not grow bored.
    Teenage boys do bore quickly, they want instant gratification. They have been conditioned to that end from the cradle. So many parents don't wish to be troubled with caring for a child and park their infant in a playpen before a television set so that they can be freed to go about their own devices.
    Children grow up expecting life to go from a situation to a solution in an hour or a half an hour program, with commercial interruptions for a moment of bonding from a disinterested parent. Young children need near constant physical contact. As they age they do not lose that need and parents should make an effort to encourage it. The most important thing that a parent can do with their teenager is to make a concerted effort to sit down in a one on one quiet time every day. It makes no difference if there is one child in a family or twenty, that child still cherishes that time, no matter how brief it is.
    I am of a firm belief that if the boys in my care had experienced a quiet moment of love, with no condemnation, but positive affirmation, each day then they would not be in my family. As much as I love my boys I would much prefer to see them in a nurturing family of their own.
    Everyday I hear the same story. Dwyer and Tim Evers are only the latest ones. I will spend time with Tim and Ken as soon as they are ready, but I can almost guarantee that if Tim had received the parenting that a child has a right to expect he would not be where he is today. I am pleased that he and Ken have each other, but Tim has to have his regrets over a disinterested father and an overbearing mother.
    I was praised for a new record of one hour before making a physical entrance into Dwyer's body. I was blessed with four very intense emissions from his healthy young spermatozoa factories. When our coupling began some of my young smarties started their stop watches. The actual ritual of anal intercourse occupied fifty seven minutes and forty two seconds. I was moved through two intense orgasms as Dwyer experienced two more of his own.
    Dwyer proudly bore his new golden pole pin that had been tattooed on his newly shaved groin for the rest of the evening as many of our students wanted to know what it was really like to couple with me. I have many students that live in the dorm that I have not joined with. Including all sixty of the boys that are temporally staying with us until their new school is completed in California.

    Though it was terribly expensive and frivolous I gave in to the pressure from the boys. I was going to be gone from them for several days the following week and you know how that hurt me. I indulge the boys too much so that I can appease myself that I am helping them find a better life and a solid hope for their futures. We flew my family and the entire student body on a three hour flight over California aboard our new 777. We didn't go anywhere and we never touched down, we just took a pleasure flight. I did learn from the flight and the boys quickly found their favorite seats so that when we take our summer trip we will be ready.
    The boys baptized the plane with our favorite juices and smells as teenaged sex abounded throughout the big bird. That trip was one where I wish that I did have cameras aimed at the boys because the scenes aboard were a sight worth watching over and over again.
    The flight engineer was new to Foss International so he was broken in without warning. He was asked to deliver a message to me, the folded note was blank. The poor man nearly stepped on his tongue when he opened the passageway door from the cockpit. Andy and I had stationed ourselves where we would be able to gauge his reaction to our sitting with our naked boyfriends in our laps; his expression was priceless.
    Anyone's first look at Kyle is worth a picture, but the first words from their mouths are pure comic relief. Whatever it was that he had tried to say was unintelligible and we had a huge laugh at his expense. I asked the man to sit down near me as I continued to stroke Cory. Andy and I aimed our boys at each other and let the cum fly wherever it may go. The young engineer's eyes saw every drop as it made its way across to the other boy.
    I mentioned before that we don't make an issue of a man's sexual orientation before hiring him, but we do check him out in depth and hire only those whom we are fairly confident will not be offended by homosexual acts in their presence. The engineer was only twenty six with several hundred logged flight hours on jumbo jets. By the look of the bulge in his uniform pants we were certain that we could apply the word jumbo to his personal attributes.

    Roddy was talking to some of the little boys and everyone around him was laughing as he held his breath and puffed out his cheeks. I asked him to share his story with everybody so he ran to sit in my lap and began again. He told about his tour of that boing-boing plant in wazingzon and how Uncle Andy had called for him to hide in the pilot's chair. He described what I looked like when I opened the door and saw him. Again he puffed out his cheeks and held his breath while everybody laughed at him.
    I was ready to hang Andy by his pubic hairs when I had opened the cockpit door and saw his smiling face staring back at me. I had thought that Roddy had gotten into something that he shouldn't have, but he stood beside Andy with a large smile across his face as if he were part of a great conspiracy.
    Andy knew exactly what I would want in a new plane and he was able to move things through the system at an unprecedented pace. The normal build time for an aircraft is several months. A plane the size of Travelaire Too should have taken more than a year, after the design changes and re-programming of the tooling. Andy grinned at me and told me to blame it on the economy.
    I was able to take advantage of someone else's situation when I purchased Traveler Too, similar circumstancessurrounded the procurement of Travelaire Too. The cost of fuel has caused airlines to cut back on their spending. They are cutting flights and therefore their need for additional aircraft is diminished. Andy just happened to have been able to acquire an unfinished plane that was ready for the interior package.
    A change of the electronics package had our secure equipment in place in two short weeks and the plane was sent for final paint. My teal swosh on a cobalt blue background and the plane's required markings are the only identifying marks on the exterior.
    Andy worked a miracle between the airplane manufacturer and Bryan's grandfather. Mr. West builds a seat that meets the FAA's requirements for aircraft. Boeing's engineers checked over their own designs and with the simple moving of their designated hole spacing for the mounts the West Company seats fit the plane's design perfectly. Typical seating pattern for a 777 puts two seats to a row on both sides of the plane and five seats down the middle. That arrangement would leave one odd boy on each row and would cause a row—a most heated argument.
    Mr. West's seats have a favorite feature that is onboard Travel All. I did not know that it was his seats aboard the bus. I like how they lay flat for the boys to sleep. Odd numbered seat rows rise above the rows in front of and behind it, even numbered rows remaining stationary. When fully reclined the design creates a staggered bunk bed arrangement so that the boys can lay out flat without being in the lap of the boys behind them.
    The seats are a little wider, at thirty four inches, which gives us eight seats to each row across. When the seats are fully reclined a catch releases the back cushion to extend the length. Each pair of seats converts to a sixty inch wide bed, a full seventy inches long. One concession to FAA is that the beds are equipped with a pocket for the feet to slip into and the boys must wear their seatbelts while lying down. The upper bunk is forty inches above the floor where turbulence could throw a sleeping form onto someone else. The arm rests along the outside, lock into place to form a safety rail, while the armrest between the seats drops down forming a bed without a gap in the middle. Thus is made a perfect place for my sleeping angels to cuddle with someone near and dear.

    The galley sits at the middle of the plane, over the wings, and the restrooms are at the back of the plane and along the bulkhead to the boss's section—with the thirty six inch wide seats with the leg room. Fifty rows of eight seats with thirty larger seats in front gave us space to transport four hundred and thirty boys at one time.
    I have to admit that I am glad to have the plane, but I wish that I had been in on the building from the beginning. I am not an engineer, but I would like to have been involved anyway. I walked through the plane and sat down between KW and Tim. I had not had any physical contact with either boy, I wanted them to test the waters and see how they would feel being a part of our extended family.
    Since I had sat down to feel them out I took hold of their major appendage and felt them up. Both boys moved against me as we talked about our summer coming up. Neither boy has ever had the opportunity to travel and was eager to join us for two months abroad. I told KW that I would have to speak with his parents and obtain the papers that I needed in case anything, other than what was in my hands, came up. They both giggled like teenaged boys.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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