Chapter 132


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had Harry and Timmy join me in an out of the way place for lunch, ostensibly for the planing of our trip the next day. Both men are to receive the medal of highest honor that France has to offer: the Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur/officer. We have been told that I will receive the Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur/Grand-Croix-Grand Cross-tantamount to the United States Congressional Medal of Honor which is awarded for extreme bravery in combat, our mission was not combat, it was murder. The only physical difference that I can see is that I get a fancy gold medallion and a red sash to wear while my partners in crime get aa medal to pin over their heart and a silver medallion to place on their right side, just below the breast.
    As yet none of us knows for sure what the Romanians have in store for us. I had to get down to tasks and learn what had gone on in that castle that I did not know about. I can not imagine why or how things have gone the way they have. Neither me nor my two men are citizens of these countries yet their governments seemed hell bent to decorate us with their nation's highest honors. I understood quite well when Raven told me that he would like to show his gratitude, but the fundamentalists in his country would not be able to abide by an infidel killing one of the faithful, no matter what his crimes.
    I had to ponder that. Raven explained that to his people the boys that were the victims of his brothers were not fit to live and whatever they did to those boys was better than what they faced from Allah. I cannot fathom that thinking. What bothers me the most is the fact that Andy and so many other people know so much about what went on in that castle in August.
    Timmy spoke up first to tell me that he was not going to tell me unless I asked and now that I asked he would tell. I looked at him cross eyed and watched him crack up. I told him that we do not have a don't ask don't tell policy in our company or in our house. Once he quit laughing he told me that Andy was giving him instructions through his ear piece. He was told to get pictures of everybody in the room, especially all of the men. Andy told him that they needed to document everything that went down in that castle to prevent me from going to prison. I knew that their documentation would also prevent my friends from serving prison time.
    Harry confirmed everything that Timmy told me. The two of them were with me, but they still answered to Andy as their boss. I told them that I would show them who the boss was, they grinned at me then together said, "Andy." I am outnumbered.

    I felt as if I was facing the final judgement the next morning. The State Department is kept advised, albeit after the facts, when Cullen travels in and out of the country. The attempt on my life at the Mall had made heads perk up and listen and somehow Cullen's name came up in the investigation. The men at the State Department had a cow, I don't know what the women delivered, but it couldn't hurt as bad as a man delivering a cow, full grown at that.
    I was advised, in the most concise wording, about having an unprotected head of state in my house. I had to fly to Washington D.C. and put their thinking in proper prospective. Cullen is better protected within my house than anywhere else that he could possibly be. I had to remind the narrow minded bureaucrats how long Cullen has been under my protection and how many times he has come and gone from the United States. They had no choice, but to concede when I told them that I was flying Cullen out of the country again.
    I did relent to one stipulation that they had for this trip. They felt that it would be a good idea for Cullen to fly out on a commercial flight, with me. That way he could be seen leaving the country, which they hoped would preclude any more assassins trying to end his young life on U.S. soil. I took Harry and Timmy with us, ostensibly as body guards for the Crown Prince.

    Andy and I have business at Hereford, England to install our secure computer and Andy was very convincing when he told me that I had to be there to explain the system. Andy knows the workings of his own work better than I ever will but…well, let's face the facts, I am a better speaker than he is. It was not as if we needed to sell these people on our system, but at least if I was there they would know exactly how it works.
    As part of our security all of us flew to Base B on one of the Lear Jets then took a series of secure vehicles to the outskirts of New York City. There we drove inside an empty warehouse where we transferred to a stretch limousine, complete with flags of Cullen's nation on the front fenders, and a police escort, followed by no less than three black SUVs full of armed FI agents.
    Our convoy pulled right up to the jetway of an awaiting British Airways 747 where we were hustled up a side stairway and into our first class seats moments before the plane pulled away from the gate. I had put both the airlines and the United States' State department on notice. There is no one that can say that I do not have balls of steel, whether they have seen them or only seen what the testosterone that they produce can help me do.
    I had only recently learned of an attempt on my sweet kids, the Wild Boys. They had taken a trip to Japan and someone had sabotaged their plane believing that Cullen was hiding with them. Cullen's enemies are relentless in their desire to claim the large reward offered for his death.
    I told everyone that could hear me that I would hold them directly responsible should Cullen so much as stub a toe on our commercial flight to England. With the fleet of airplanes at my command it was ludicrous for the State Department to insist on his commercial flight and I was sure that trouble was behind that decision, I only need to find out who that trouble is.
    Cullen and I were seated on the second row with Harry behind us with young Colin and Timmy across the isle from us. Once in our seats two State Department officials stamped our passports then sat down on the first row. All of us were heavily armed and the flight crew knew that.
    Cullen was dressed in a three piece dark blue suit with a broad red sash across his bodice, a large medallion of honor sat over the left breast pocket of his jacket. He looked, and played the part of royalty as he held himself erect and spoke very little to anyone, but me. All questions were directed to me and Cullen responded only to me to relay his answers.
    An hour into our flight the attendants brought around our dinner trays. Dogs wouldn't eat what I was served. If that was any indication of the airlines first class service, and to serve it to a Crown Head at that, there is something wrong. Harry got up and took his backpack from the overhead storage. Timmy had his back pack and pulled out two thermos bottles when suddenly he was thrown to the floor by the onboard air Marshall.
    The Marshall had Timmy pinned and he had his gun pointed at Harry. I looked down on the man and put my badge in his face, "You are a complete nincompoop, sir. You were told that the young King is aboard this flight and that he is traveling with an escort, why are you pointing a gun at my men?"
    His face blanched as he lowered his gun. Harry pulled out his badge and the man saw Harry's big .44, that he loves so well, under his coat; the idiot knew then that he was in trouble. One of the men from the State Department helped Timmy up, Timmy showed the Marshall his badge also. He retrieved the two thermos bottles and shoved them at the man's face, "This is green tea with ginseng, vitamin C, and cinnamon, it is sweetened with raw honey. I do not believe that there is anyway that this could be dangerous unless I were to crawl out on the wing and pour it into the fuel tank. I don't think that this small amount would have any effect on our flight even then."
    Timmy was so mad that he was shaking, I stood up to put my arms around the diminutive five foot three man and pulled him back to nestle against me. "We have my young nephew to look after and the food that has just been set before him isn't even good enough for a garbage disposal. My agents have food that is suitable to us in their backpacks. If you will now take your seat and let the geese laugh at you, we will try to relax and get through what appears to be a very miserable night."
    As I sat down Harry passed me a square, plastic refrigerator container with three full cups of blueberries, bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi fruit, melon balls, and chopped cashews mixed together, our standard fruit cup after school snack. Another container held apple slices and extra sharp cheddar cheese sticks, 'finger food for nerds,' Chase calls it. Very slowly the boy is learning that he doesn't need the amount of cow that he has grown up loving. I suppose that a cattle rancher has to eat what he grows, I am going to make Chase grow vegetables in our garden west of the main house next spring. Cullen handed me one of Ģer's famous muffins made from his own home ground flours which include every kind of grain that can be ground including oat bran, wheat bran, rye, flax, rice, that was all I could taste before I swallowed it down. Damn it was good, with the fruit it was a banquet.
    When we landed in London the doors opened to an armed escort that led us down the side stairs away from the jetway and into a waiting convoy of Limos. The Marshall tried to follow us out, but he was barred by the FIS security people on the scene. I had made previous arrangements for dummy cars, Cullen and I were quickly moved into an indistinguishable car for a quick trip to Dukey's and El's London townhouse on Downing Street, just a few doors up from the home of the British Prime Minister himself.
    Once inside El's home I was able to sit back and relax a bit. Poor little Colin was as sullen as any boy could ever be and I was hurting with him. I have grown as fond of him as I am of any of my boys and I never like to put a boy out, but not only did Colin lie to us, his family was hysterical. Agnes was upset by the boy's mood so I had to explain to her about bringing him home. I think that hurt her, the memory of my bringing Cecil home ten months earlier is still fresh on her mind.
    Cullen was on the phone to his friend Jason Russell of the Wild Boys. El and I laughed at the side of the conversation that we could hear so we were not surprised when Cullen asked us if he could have the boys in the band over for a party the next afternoon. That agreed too Cullen stepped a little farther and asked if Jason and Gary Russell could spend the night with him. I know that Cullen misses his childhood friends so I said nothing. El must feel the same way that I do because she agreed almost at once.
    At about five o'clock there was a knock at the front door. I knew that they were coming, but I wasn't looking forward to it. El came back to the kitchen with another lady and two men in class A uniforms. I had thought that one of the men might be Colin's dad, but one was a Lieutenant and the other a Captain, I knew that Colin's dad was a Lt. Col.
    I was not prepared for what we heard next. Colin was in my lap with his arms around my neck as he cried like a boy much younger than he was. Both his father and Tad's father had been killed in action. They were in flight to their new base in Iraq when a rocket brought their helicopter down killing everyone on board. Colin would not let his mother console him, but clung to me with a death grip around my neck. I carried the boy out to the awaiting staff car and bid him farewell. My heart was breaking as I watched his little face in the back window of the car until it turned from sight.

    Phil Russell brought Gary and Jason around later. He told us that all of them had been in town for a recording session, not out at their country estate. Cullen wanted to spend a quiet evening with his old friend so he and Jason slipped off by themselves, of course Phil had to drive them and he stayed to have dinner with us so that we could discuss plans for the upcoming coronation. We have not talked to the band, or even to Cullen for that matter, about the Wild Boys performing, Phil and I threatened Gary with bodily harm if he should discuss our conversation. There are just too many things that can change over the five months before it was time to place the crown on the head of the young queeing. That brought the whole house down because no one had ever heard how my boys referred to their brother. I would have thought that someone would have used this reference to Cullen during the birthday party for Gary Russell in August. For whatever reason the title was new to their ears and even the boys had fun with it when they came in to see what we were all laughing about.

    Jet lag doesn't affect me too much when traveling east, but it had been a long day for me. It was eleven PM, 23.00 hrs, London time, but only four in the afternoon, 16.00, in Tucson. In order to make our connecting flights we had left Tucson at three that morning so I did not hesitate when someone announced bed time.
    I was shown to my room and suddenly I felt very much alone, well, I was actually, but I could feel the emptiness of not having a hard bodied boy to snuggle up next to me. I took a long hot shower and slid my body between the cool sheets and my eyes popped open. I was not ready to sleep, I knew then that it was going to be a very long and lonesome night.
    I learned something about El's house that she doesn't even know, there are secret panels throughout the house and Cullen knows all of them. My covers were thrown back, but before the chill of the night air could hit my body I was covered in naked boy flesh and super hot boy kisses. "We were talking, hunky uncy. You should not sleep alone, but it would be rude of me to leave my guests to be with you. Gary and Jason are deeply devoted to each other and neither of them could come and sleep with you without the other one being hurt and if both of them came to you then I would be alone so here we all are to take care of you in the way that you like to be taken care of." Who am I to argue with Cullen's logic?
    Jason and Gary had a request of me, well of Cullen and me actually. Both of those boys have a golden pole pin, but they have neither one actually watched anyone else take a cock of any size up his ass, let alone one as big as mine. I was told that the two of them would do anything that I wanted them to do all night long if they could watch Cullen and I fuck. My mind was quickly running through so many things that I would like to do with these two sweet boys, but I have too much love and respect for both of them to go too far.
    We did a quick confab before we settled on the position for our first performance. Jason and Gary took to their bellies so that their faces were as close as possible to the point of impact. Cullen took his position in a squat over me and held my cock against his hole. Jason is fifteen and a half and Gary is now eighteen, but they both sounded like boys much younger as they giggled while watching Cullen slowly impale himself on me.
    I could feel many fingers around my cock as first one hand and then another guided it into Cullen's eager receptacle. Once he was fully impaled I felt the exploratory searching as our two observers made sure that I was where they could see that I was, all the way inside. I am not sure who was first, but I do know the feel of a hot, wet, boi tongue on my cock and someone was licking at Cullen's hole where my cock made its entry. My balls were well laved as one then the other licked about for whatever reason they wanted, in search of whatever they could find.
    When Cullen began to bounce and moan the licking became more intense. Cullen's strokes on my phallus became longer and longer and much quicker as he took to his pony ride with all of the zeal that I know the boy to have when we get together. Suddenly a head obstructed my view as Jason engulfed Cullen's cock. I grabbed his body and pulled him around to feed me and was quickly rewarded with his BBB—British Boi Batter.
    Jason was giggling as he told Gary to take his place and in moments I had Gary's cock replacing that of his young boyfriend as he took over sucking Cullen's cock. Cullen decided at that point to give all that he had to Gary and I could feel his body tense as his orgasm squeezed my cock like a vice.
    Cullen never slowed his motions as he pumped Gary's mouth full of his delectable cream, which drew me to a toe draining climax of my own. Jason was ready for all that I had to offer as he laved at Cullen's hole to catch whatever would cum out. I had to place my hand on Cullen's legs to make him slow down a bit. I love to fuck my load into a boy's ass, but in the midst of my ejaculatory throes it does become a bit of a pain to keep up the movements.
    Cullen slid up on my cock so that Jason could lick all of me clean before I discontinued my orgasm. Then he slid back down and began a slow hump as he took himself over the top one more time.
    No sooner than Cullen rolled to the side, Jason was impaled on my cock to the very hairline. Jason is one of the best young cocksuckers I have ever met and I wish that I could spend a whole night with him so that I could learn just what talents he does have.
    One talent that I know of is his need to get off and I quickly got that talent demonstrated as he turned to sixty nine with me. Once his cock was seated in my throat he was calling for Gary to service him. Gary was up and ready as he quickly placed his cock at Jason's enlarged asshole and pushed forward in one easy thrust.
    I was in my favorite position as I watched Gary thrust over and over again as his nice boi cock plowed the fertile field of his life's partner. I know in my heart that these two boys will be together for a long time; I don't ever see them separating from one another.
    Gary was on edge and in moments his young spunk was dripping on my nose as he never slowed his pace. He was fucking Jason with reckless abandon and Jason was enjoying himself tremendously. When Gary finally emptied himself of all energy he rolled away so that I could clean up what he had left behind for me.
    Jason was not yet finished, he had filled me with his batter, but he was after mine so he continued nursing until he got it, I managed to get more of his, plus what Gary had deposited at the boy's back door. All four of us were happy, for awhile. Gary told me that he was going take me on while Jason fucked him then he grinned at Cullen and told him that he would like to have the Royal Scepter shoved up his ass before morning. Jason grinned at him and Gary looked at me then smiled, "Will you love me easy, mate?" I had to kiss the boy in assurance that his ass was gold to me and I would treat it very well.
    I was completely covered in hot boy flesh and kisses as sleep finally came to us. The last thing that I heard was Jason whispering in my ear, "Don't never tell our mates, love, but I want another ride on you tonight too." He was nibbling on my ear as I fell asleep, but it was Gary kissing my lips when I awakened an hour later.
    Cullen was on his knees between Gary's legs as Gary called out, "Yes, your hinney, as you wish your hinney, your wish is my command your hinney. Fill me with your instructions, but the baby will be raised by Jay and me as our son." I had to laugh out loud then Jay told me that he was ready to make babies, but he wanted to lay on his back.
    Jason turned so that his face was at Gary's crotch. He rolled to his side and extended his right leg and told me to go for the gold as Gary and Cullen rolled so that the boyfriends could suck each other. Cullen and I fucked the tight butts of the young lovers. I had no choice, but to take Jason this way, but I so much want him on his back with his strong little legs wrapped around me and our tongues in a tangling tango.
    Cullen and I got more than I believe either if us had expected. Once we filled our partners everybody turned once again. Cullen and I each landed on our backs with Gary impaled on him and Jason impaled on me. The advantage that Jason had is that my cock is longer soft than Cullen's is hard and my cock never slipped from the warm confines of sweet BBButt all night long. Both of us also had sweet British boi tongue in our mouths all night long. I know that these two boys are the wildest in the Wild Boy's band, I have slept with all, but one of them, but they are also totally devoted to each other. I must consider myself about the luckiest man on earth to have these two come to me on their own like this.
    All of the boys in the band have the GPP although no one knows about Chris and me, and of course Steve does not have a pin, yet. I wonder if I can ever rectify that.

    I had to drive out to Hereford to meet Andy for some business the next morning. I kissed all of the boys goodbye as El watched me closely. I'm queer for boys and she knows it, if she can't handle it she can choose not to invite me back into her home.
    Dukey had already left for his day at the office and my FIS driver from my previous visits was waiting for me in front of the house. I was pleased to see that he already had the new emblem on his jacket pocket. I had him stop at the front gate so that I could look over the two security men on duty. As I had expected one of them did not have the new FIS patches on his uniform.
    I stepped out to talk to the young man, his name was Boswell. He had been off on holiday for the past week and had not gotten the new orders. Our organization is quite diversified and there has been a bit of trouble between our security officers and our regular office people being recognized in some areas. Our security people serve at three levels, the lowest being the rent-a-cop all the way up to industrial security inside major corporations.
    All of our field officers were now required to wear the Foss International Security patch and were issued new badges and ID cards. I told Boswell that he should report to his immediate supervisor at the end of the day for the proper identification. We are about to issue world wide notice to all governments that only the new gold badge and ID card with the hologram were being carried by FI agents. FIS agents were to be granted no special consideration. Of course anyone within the field force with a captain's rating or above would have the gold shield.
    I will need to talk to young Jay and Gary Russell, it is because of them that Scotland Yard had come down on Andy with both feet. The two boys had been using their ID cards, no badges; I am no fool, to gain access to secure areas. It was obvious to those that the boys flashed their ID cards at that they were not of legal age to be agents. Even in England a person has to be twenty one to carry a weapon and anyone with the old badge was authorized to carry a weapon when needed. Sometimes I get myself into hot water.

    I had to hurry if I was to keep my meeting. I slid into the back seat of the Bentley and settled in for the ninety six mile ride across some of the best land England has to offer. I marvel at the well kept fields and the neat little houses along the roadway. The small villages through which we passed looked like something from a travel log for some tourist tour company. I had to shift my mind away from the wonderful time that I had enjoyed the previous evening and into business mode. I almost let my mind turn to Colin, but I quickly changed gears, I could make or break Foss International with what I have to say to this band of super soldiers that I am about to meet with.
    My mind began to play back over the events of the previous two weeks at my house and I chuckled to myself. I looked up to see my driver looking at me in the rear view mirror. "I was just thinking of something that one of my boys said the other night."
    "I'm sorry, Sir Dickson, I just heard a sound and looked to see that you were alright."
    "Let's loose the Sir Dickson, okay? It's just plain Chris."
    "I'm sorry sir…Sir Chris, you do wear the title from Her Majesty Herself. I have to call you Sir. But if you like I could call you Sir Chris."
    "That is a bit better I suppose. What is your name? I suppose that if you are going to be my driver all of the time that I should know how to address you."
    "Oh Sir, that is not necessary…"
    "Your name, serf."
    He laughed at that, "I am Paddy Stotman, Sir."
    "Well, Paddy, I was thinking about my boys and what one of them said to me the other night. My boys are working very hard to get the best education that they can get as quickly as they can get it. Some of my high school boys are taking night classes at the university so that they will be able to get into the classes that they want to attend for their majors."
    "University, Sir?"
    "Pardon me, I don't really understand your education divisions very well. In America a child enters their formal education at the age of five. They attend kindergarten, which is nothing more than structured playtime, in an effort to acclimate the child to be away from his mother and prepare to spend a whole day in school learning. I feel that kindergarten is a waste of time today because so many children go to day care where they receive pre-school training.
    "Anyway, the next step is elementary school where the child stays until he is about ten years of age and completes grade five. At the age of eleven or so, depending on when in the year the child's birthday is, he starts the sixth grade in a middle-school or junior high school. At the age of fourteen he becomes a freshman, a ninth grader, where he goes to high school through the twelfth year. At seventeen, for the most part, he graduates as a senior and then can go on to the university or college that will accept him, based on the grades he achieved in high school."
    "Sounds a bit backwards, Sir."
    "It may well be and I am doing my part to change it where I can."
    "So you say that one of your boys said something humorous to you one night of late?"
    "As I said, some of the boys are taking night classes and one of my youngsters asked me if I had to go to Knight school. I guess I looked at him with a blank stare so he spelled it out for me, K N I G H T school, not N i g h t school."
    "Quite funny, Sir. You say one of your boys, how many sons do you have, Sir?"
    "Seventy four, and one twenty year old just had his name legally changed to mine so that he and his little brother would still have the same last name."
    "Pardon me, Sir? Seventy four sons?"
    "You don't know about me do you Paddy? You are gay, are you not?"
    "Well, Sir…"
    "Are you not gay?"
    "Yes sir, Sir."
    "Paddy, stop the car please." He wasn't sure, but I am the boss so he pulled to the left of the road, I will never get used to that. I was sitting in the right hand back seat and threw my door open, only to have a truck, excuse me, Lori, blast his airhorn at me as he swerved to miss me. I checked traffic then exited the car and knocked on the left hand door in front. Paddy rolled the window down as I told him to unlock the door. He did so and I climbed in to sit in the seat next to him.
    "Much better, now I can look you in the face as we talk." He looked at me like I was the dumb American that he had always heard about, but then he told me that I could adust the split front seat to give myself more leg room. Even in a Bentley my six foot two inch frame was bent in half with the seat adjusted too far forward. I touched the button to move my seat back and stretched my legs a bit. "Now I can see you, this is much better." I was a bit behind him, but not as bad as I had been in the back seat.
    "Paddy, we don't make an issue of it, but everybody that works for FI is gay."
    "Everybody, Sir?"
    "Everybody!" A small smile crossed the man's face, "Who is he, Paddy?" His lip tightened up. "Who is he?"
    "A young lad wot works at the radio room. 'E is but a lad of seventeen but…"
    "You are in love, you old devil. How old are you?"
    "Forty three, Sir."
    "Do you have a boyfriend, or somebody special?"
    "No sir, I had a lad, but 'e found somebody who could do 'im proud."
    "Care to tell me what that means?"
    "Sir, I am nothing spectacular and well 'e wants to be stuffed so from wot 'e says to me 'e is getting right stuffed by this new lad, a lad of only twenty, 'e tells me."
    "How old was your friend?"
    "'E is thirty five, Sir, we have been together for twenty years and I thought that we would be together forever."
    "I'm sorry to hear that. He might come back to you."
    "I think that there was too much said, Sir. I don't know that we could ever gain back wot we once 'ad."
    "You may be right, you would know that better than I. So the radio man?"
    "'E is very cute, Sir. 'E always talks to me and makes me feel so good, but I have seen 'is missus and I know that 'e don't wont me to 'old 'im."
    "Are you sure that it is his Mrs.?"
    "I don't know now, Sir. She always waits for 'im, to give 'im a ride home. We talk when she is late and one time I offered to take 'im home. 'E seemed 'appy when I said that, but she came round the corner 'bout then. 'E got in her car and kissed 'er cheek, like 'e always does then they left." I had just told Paddy that everyone we hire is gay, a phone call of two would clarify the young radioman's ride up, but I wanted to know more about the man that was now my driver.

    "Paddy is Irish, but Stotman? I don't know the origins of that name."
    "Me mum was from the Emerald Isle 'erself, she was. A true red 'aired, green eyed vixen with a mind set to tame me father, she was.
    "Me da was born a Stewart, 'e was, but 'e changed 'is name a bit when 'e ran from the 'ome o' 'is father when, but a boy 'is self. 'E stowed away on a fishing boat and found 'is self in Larne, a small fishing village in North Ireland. Me da used to tell me that 'e's from Glasgow and that 'is da ran him off when 'e was, but a wee lad o' fourteen for being an embarrassment to the family name."
    "What did your dad do that was so bad as to be run off from his family?" I knew what was coming, I have heard the story too many times, but I wanted Paddy to tell me.
    "'Is da caught 'im with some bloke wot was doing 'im up proud, 'e tells me. 'Is old man don't wont no poof for a son so 'e throws me da out of the 'ouse and 'e, but a wee lad o' fourteen."
    "Where's you father now?"
    "'E lives down at Brighton, sir. 'E 'as 'is self a small pub wot serves the lads there." For some reason bells went off in my head, Brighton again?
    "We call such a place a Gay Bar, is that the sort of place your father has?"
    "Aye Sir, that would be a right good name for me da's place. It is lively and lovely when the young lads come down for a bit of a time at the beach. In the daytime Da lets them come to 'is pub in the swimming togs, but there isn't a lot of togs there Sir if you get me drift. You can always find a lad to keep you warm at night. I would like for you to go with me sometime, Sir."
    "Paddy, I would love to go with you. I have a lot of business to take care of for the next few days, but I can get away before I go back to the colonies if you wish."
    "That would be right lovely, Sir."
    "I should tell you though that I like boys. At present I have one hundred and sixty two boys living in my house, and all of them are gay." Suddenly we changed lanes to look straight into the back of a large trailer pulled by a slow farm tractor. With only inches to spare Paddy got us back into our lane, but he still had his mouth wide open.
    "How old are your lads Sir?"
    "They range in age from eight to twenty five, although I also have a fifty three year old nanny that loves to look after the boys."
    "A woman, Sir?"
    "No, he was the major domo to the wealthy grandmother of one of my boys. Before she died I bought her estate and he came with it. I tried to retire him, he is quite wealthy in his own right, but he tells me that his life is to serve and never has he ever had a better place to do that than in my house."

    We passed a road sign that told us to take the next exit to the base. Paddy asked me to take the back seat for appearance sake, I am not one for such distinction, but I acquiesced to his desire. I wanted to talk to him about Brighton, most of all I wanted to know if he knew about any boys disappearing from there. I still have a feeling about Colin's story. You know how I am, I just couldn't let it go.

    A military police escort led us to a row of nondescript buildings along aside a taxiway where Peter and Berg were awaiting my arrival. An FI SUV was sitting in the parking lot, car park, so I knew that Andy was already on the job and that he would have the larger equipment with him. I had hand carried the main component with me, hidden of course. The motherboard and all of its components are slightly larger than the diameter of a United States nickel coin, but thinner, closer in size to a standard Secure Digital HC data card so popular in cameras and handheld games.
    I was introduced to the top secret international SWAT team's office staff. I was pleased to see an old friend, Todd Henderson is their on site computer geek. Todd was a freshman during my senior year in high school when he learned of my physical endowments. He slipped up to me one afternoon and asked me for a ride, I was only too glad to oblige him. Throughout his high school years he became a regular at Charley's parties, but I often wondered about his long time boyfriend, somehow I was going to learn about that part of his life while on my current trip.
    While Todd watched I slipped the small computer chip into the interface box before our agent locked it into its super secure enclosure. I explained to Todd that any attempt to dislodge or remove the interface will instantly destroy the chip by turning it into dust by way of the enclosed high conductance electrolytic capacitors stored inside and the nitrogen gas that super cools the unit.
    As the computer powered up I explained the workings of our latest invocation. "There are five hundred CPUs on the motherboard and each actually has four dedicated physical data streams running in two opposite directions simultaneously. Each CPU has 512 MB of dedicated L2 cache operating through a 32 THZ front side bus. Each CPU is equipped with the FOSS Encryption Chip, FOSSEC, for full 512 bit encryption with rapidly changing algorithms that, through MAP switching, randomizes the signal eight hundred times a second," I told them.
    Andy had asked me to explain the system, he says I talk gooder, sometimes I want to strangle him. I gave our newest customers a complete demonstration of the system's capabilities, even going so far as to have the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia send us eight pages of encrypted data to demonstrate the speed of our encryption/decryption platform.
    I finished my explanation of our system then asked Todd if there was any American coffee about. He took me over to the small canteen where we could talk with a little privacy. Todd is living in England with his cousin and her thirteen year old son. His cousin had learned that Todd was having a homosexual relationship with her husband before they met and began to date.
    Elaine married Scott and the relationship with Todd went out of the window, but the whole thing blew up when he was invited to her house for the fourth birthday party of his nephew. That was the first time that he had seen Scott since they left high school four year's earlier.
    Scott never knew that Todd and Elaine were related, because her mother had retaken her maiden name after her divorce and had changed Elaine's name in the process. Elaine now bears Scott's name for little Todd's sake, she does not plan to divorce him anytime soon.
    Feeling jilted and alone because of the marriage, Todd had left America to attend school at some of Europe's best electronic schools. He told me that Andy was a legend at his school because of the chip that he was sure that I was putting into his computer. He told me that the school has a double refund of all tuition, books, and fees offered to anyone who can break Andy's codes. I asked Todd if he was aware that it was not the code, but the chip that generated the code. He looked at me as if a light had just turned on somewhere. "Are you trying to tell me that I don't have to encode or decode traffic with this chip?"
    "That is correct, that is the function of the FOSSEC."
    "I heard that acronym, but I guess I wasn't paying attention to you, I was dreaming of a pony ride," he blushed.
    "As the chief operator you will need to understand this so let me say it again, slowly." Grinning at him I took his hand like a little child and looked into his eyes as I went over the functioning of the FOSSEC and how MAP switching randomizes the signal. He could not believe that even a high power computer could change directions that often and not loose data, I assured him that we had throughly tested it for several years and now have over one hundred units in operation, world wide. I told him that we were handling hundreds of communications every hour, from banking to government secrets. I had his attention.
    He asked me if I had a free evening to take care of him in the fashion that only I can take care of him. I squeezed his hand as I told him that I had a full schedule on this trip. I briefly explained my itinerary as he sat with an open mouth, "I thought that was you with the Queen last summer. There were no pictures, but I saw your name on some documents that I decoded for our people. Do you know that you are watched after like a head of state? It's true, when anyone in our agency encounters you we are to give you top courtesy. From what I heard when they said that you were coming over today I think that you can give even Peter orders and he has to obey you, that's keen."
    "Keen? You are not old enough to use that word, you have been in England too long. Why are you here?"
    "I went home for the holidays in '97 and Elaine invited me over to her house for a fourth birthday party for my little namesake nephew. That was the first time that I had seen Scott since the day that he told me that he was going to have a baby with Elaine and that they were getting married on graduation night. He wanted me to be his best man, but I couldn't do it.
    "There was a party at your house that night so I went there instead. That night I got fucked by some men that set my life on the course I travel now. You fucked me twice, but I met this one man from Bern that sent me to school, Two of his friends visited with me every few days and I always had a randy classmate with me to tend to the mens' needs, they always left large rolls of money behind when they left.
    "Chris, you fucked me twice that night, that was the last time that I ever saw you, I have very fond memories. I am going to go home for Christmas and I would like to see you. Elaine has learned that little Todd is gay, she left Scott because he had a dream about me and talked in his sleep. She called me up and demanded to know if there was any substance to his dream, I confirmed it so she walked out.
    "She stayed with her mother for a year or so then moved over here. Our paternal grandfather has an estate here, Elaine is the daughter of my uncle that immigrated to America and I am the son of his brother. My father went to America to be with his brother. I have known since I was five or six that my father and her's were lovers and that they had to leave here or grandfather would disown them.
    "When Elaine's mother caught the two men in bed she divorced her husband and raised Elaine by herself. Elaine's grandfather, on her mother's side, left her a trust fund worth a fortune. When Elaine left Scott she told her mother that her husband was as queer as her father was and that I was a queer who had been with him all through high school. She was afraid of Scott finding her and corrupting her son so she hid for a year then decided to get as far away from him as possible, so here she is.
    "Two weeks ago she caught little Todd taking it up the ass like a real trooper and threw in the towel. She wants me to take little Todd to his father to live. I have enough accrued vacation time to take a month off so I am leaving here on the fifth of December and I don't have to return until the seventh of January. I will do anything that you want if you will just do me at least once while I am home, please?"
    "You don't need to beg me, Todd, I will be proud to get with you. My lifestyle is different than anything that you have ever run across, but I will make time for an old friend." Todd seemed very happy as we walked back to his office discussing the FOSSEC, that intrigues him, as it should in his position. As we entered the door of the office their system alarms began to go off. Peter picked up a phone and was quickly writing on a pad on the desk before him. He turned to Berg and said, "Load em up lads, a bit of a rough at Lord Philby's flat on Downing Street."
    I turned and yelled at the room, "The King is there." I quickly explained that I had left Cullen with his mother and his friends during my trip to Hereford. I asked for a helicopter to London, Paddy is on his own. I know jack about helicopters, the one I was in was small, but it had a big blade over my head and another little blade way out back and it jumped up into the air like a quail taking flight from a bird dog.
    The pilot did not talk to me, but he was on his radio the entire flight. There is a place where helicopters can land a few hundred feet from Dukey's London flat. We sat down there and a uniformed constable led me to an awaiting car that quickly took me to the command center. I had to show my badge and explain to the headman who I was and why I needed to be there.
    An FI agent ran to me and handed Andy and I both an official green poplin jacket with large gold letters on the back that said Special Agent. I just stared at Andy, I wasn't even aware that he had never left my side.
    Andy had his lap top out and asked me to input my password and load the floor plans of Lord Philby's house. I cringe whenever I hear anyone use my brother-in-law's name, I fear someone hurting him or his family, my sister and nephew.
    Andy keyed into our satellite and in moments two red dots appeared in the middle of the house, I felt a little better, but there should be three dots. Andy was typing much faster than I thought him capable of then he smiled at me and showed me the code numbers beside the two dots. Cullen and Jason Russell were inside the panic room. I took a deep breath then I heard someone calling my name.
    I turned to see Gary and Phil Russell waving at me as they called to me over and over. I asked the police to let them pass and six boys joined them. I knew Chris and Steve, Liam was there as well as three other boys that I had met in Las Vegas, Callum, Aaron, and Ross are members of the boy band. I was greatly relieved to learn Jason and Cullen were alone in the house with El and Agnes, I had to assume that El was safe with the two boys in the secure room that I had insisted on my family building after my first trip to London.
    Peter was now on the scene and I asked him if I could have access to his secure phone line, the first thing that his people do when arriving at a location is to deactivate all cell phones in the area. My satellite phone would by pass his security, but I was not ready to let that cat out of the bag yet. He had no way of knowing that the number that I was calling was also on a satellite link up, but that too was my secret.
    I carry my phone in my pant's pocket and use my soundbud and button microphone so I already had contact with Cullen as soon as Andy showed me the relevant positions of my family. Peter's man had the command phone linked to the computer so that his team and Andy could hear our conversation from both sides. I learned that there were at least four men that burst through the windows of the kitchen and more men could be heard in the other room. El knows the drill and she had it down pat.
    At the first sign of trouble she knows to go directly to the panic room. Once inside a wave of the hand at a hidden sensor slams a twelve inch thick steel door closed. Once down the steps a panel closes to hide the staircase from anyone that may be able to defeat the door. Twenty feet below the surface is a steel reinforced concrete bunker with walls over two feet thick and room enough for ten people to lay down comfortably. There is food and water, along with filtered air and toilet facilities enough to keep everyone comfortable for several days.
    I told Cullen to stay put and to not move from his hiding place until I opened the door and met him, in person. I could hear the fear in his voice as he tried to giggle and assure his young friend that I was in control. I talked to El for a moment and learned that the men that had burst into the house were speaking in the tongue of her ancestral home. Peter had told me that Cullen's countrymen did not want him on the throne.
    Peter had some sophisticated gear that was impressive, but Andy and I have a few toys of our own and we had put a lot of them into both of my sister's houses. An FI van was allowed to pull up behind the command post and Andy quickly had the cameras and microphones inside the house on multiple screens inside the van.
    Peter set his computer so that he could see our screens as he directed his men into position. Had it not been for the shadow I would never have realized that there was a helicopter hovering a hundred feet over my head. Six black figures slid down ropes extended from the chopper and into the house in an instant.

    Ten minutes later I was inside the house and walked up to a wall at the end of the kitchen. I placed my hand on the framed picture of a loaf of bread and the wall slid open to a short hall way leading nowhere. I touched a spot on the wall inside and the floor slid aside to reveal four very anxious faces at the foot of the stairs.
    Cullen was up the stairs and had his arms and legs wrapped around me in an instant. I was smothered in kisses and tears before I knelt to hold Jason. Phil stepped up and took Jason from me as I put my arm around El and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I led the two of them to the table as Dukey entered the room, he and El embraced then El became a woman.
    She turned and poured tea for us as Agnes set about making two pots of coffee. There was coffee left from our breakfast, but it was several hours old, who wants old coffee? Peter was telling us that we should leave the house. One look around told me that we should not be sitting there, there was a body by the back door and blood on the wall. I know that El was in shock, but I let her husband lead her outside.
    Phil had called for the Wild Boys's Sikorsky S-92 to fly in and all of us were taken to the helipad for transport out to Liverpool and the country house. That was my first trip on the helicopter since I had given it to Jason for his birthday in March. It smelled like boys and I grinned at Jason all during the flight.

    The boys had their party and they let me join the eight of them for a very nice evening. I had a long talk with Chris Martin, he wanted me to talk to Steve Thelwell. Steve had seen Chris's pin and it was time to put a few things to rest between the two boys.
    Long after the rest of the boys had gone to bed Chris Martin led Steve to my room and locked the door. Both of them were naked, but Steve was clearly nervous. Chris slipped into my lap and looked directly at his life long friend. "Look on ya gov. Ya knows me better 'n me mum does, but ya don know everything, okay? I got me this funny feeling around this here bloke and I called him up. I spent a bit with him last summer, I did, and he gave me this here pin, ya see.
    "Steve, I ain't no poof an ya knows it but…well, if Jason, and Gary too, can do him then I wanted to try. He ain't bad, gov, and he is nice, ya knows that don't ya?" I could feel him shaking as he sought the approval of his best friend for what he had done with me. I felt guilty for having taken advantage of the boy. It is clear that he is straight, but like a lot of boys he was curious, I was not sure if I should have yielded to his curiosity or not.
    Steve looked into the eyes of his friend, "I told you that I don't care, you're me brother and that will never change. I told you that I know what you felt 'cause I felt it too, but I don't know if I can do it, you know? I gotta say that Jason gives much better head than Kate does and I wonder if Chris D. is as good as all of you say he is." That almost sounded like a challenge.
    Chris leaned over and hugged his best friend then slipped out of the room, "I'm going back to the party so won't nobody miss us," he said then shut the door.
    Steve crawled up beside me and lay down. I put my arm around him and felt him shake. I let the boy lead, he was frightened, but he didn't want to feel left out either. That was no reason for him to be in my bed. I want him as a friend.
    Steve stayed close and his fifteen year old cock stayed hard, but I only held him, lightly, as he made the call. Slowly he relaxed and around ten thirty he was sound asleep with his head on my shoulder, his face against mine. I moved to my left side and just watched him sleep.
    I felt him stir and slowly opened my eyes. Over his shoulder I could see the large numbers on the bedside alarm clock, it was twelve fifteen. I looked into his eyes, "Ya gonna do me?"
    "What do you want me to do?" He wasn't sure, but he knew that I should do something, as he ground his tumescent glans against my leg. Natural lust was rampant in his healthy body, but fear was deep inside his head. I would not add to that fear.
    "Blow me." I let that lie as my fingers slowly worked over his torso, never going across the line. His breathing intensified and his body reacted, but I took my time for him to be at peace with what we might do.
    By one in the morning the boy would do anything I asked and we both knew it. To go further would be tantamount to rape so I continued to hold him. He made the first move and kissed me, lightly at first, then he let his tongue move over my closed lips.
    I ran my hands over his smooth back and marveled at the softness of a teenager. There is nothing softer, yet firmer, than a developing boy's body; the skin is soft and smooth with young muscle building just under the surface. It takes just the right touch to caress them, but not tickle them. Boys are ticklish and I try to be careful not to go that direction, except when we are playing. I was not playing with Steve, I wanted him to understand that he was safe and I wanted him to know deep love and respect. That is what I have for all of my boys, but I knew that Steve did not know that.
    Our cocks were outstanding, but I was careful not to let us make contact. Steve, however, was ready to move on. He wrapped his hand around me and looked into my eyes. "Jason says that you are at least ten and a half inches long, but that sometimes it gets bigger? I seen him take this whole thing in his mouth, but where did it go? It's too big to…it had to go down into his stomach."
    "I don't think it went that far, think what all of that stomach acid would feel like on the tender head of a cock. I mean it can dissolve a steak and my cock is much more tender than that." I got a giggle from him which put me at ease.
    Steve moved a bit and took my cock into his mouth. It was a stretch for him and I said nothing. He worked his mouth around my cock head and made soft little sounds, "Blow me Chris, please?" I helped him to move to me, but he wanted to continue to work on me. I sure was not going to put a stop to that.
    I had him laid out on top of me in my favorite fashion and let him slide a nice six incher down my throat. Again I let him lead, but he was anxious. He held my cock with both hands and nursed on me, never able to take more than just a few inches into his virgin mouth. Slowly he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth as I lay there and let his lust pervade his soul. Soon he moved his knees so that he could get the angle that he needed and he began to earnestly fuck my face.
    I love to watch a boy's balls slap my nose as he moves himself to his own satisfaction. I caressed his back and lightly massaged his muscles as more of my cock made its way into a new cock hole. I relaxed my body so that I would not reach a climax, I knew that Steve was not ready for that to happen, yet.
    His body was giving off signs that his orgasm was imminent so I applied full suction to his member and let him work himself closer. Without thinking I let a finger find his prostate, it did what it always does to a boy, it made him fuck harder and faster. With no negative signs from my little fucker I let my finger work inside his pucker and caress his G spot. It was his good spot and he was enjoying his first anal invasion.
    I watched his balls pull closer to his body and knew that he was almost there so I began to finger fuck his butt and added another finger to the mix. I kept up a hard assault at his tight little butt nut and was well rewarded for my efforts. I do find young BBB, British Boi Batter, to be most satisfying. Steve had an abundance of batter.
    His motions stopped and I let him lay on me as he fought to regain himself. All through our time he continued to lick and suckle my cock, even after his orgasm he licked me like a lollipop, but as he recovered he, once again, swallowed me.
    His cock only went slightly soft. I knew that he had to be tender, but he pressed against my face and tightened his anus about my invading fingers. I had thought about removing them as his orgasm waned, but his sphincter had other ideas. Who am I to argue with a hungry butt?
    He begin to bob his head on me and I put my hand on the back of his head, "Let me do this, I want to do this one time." I let him do that as my fingers moved deeper inside him. The more he worked my cock the more I worked his butt. I had three fingers inside him and he was stretched for whatever I might do next.
    I began my three finger assault on his nut and at the same time I was bobbing upwards on his cock. He slowly fucked my mouth in return, but his major concentration was on my cock, which was, by then, a good seven inches past his lips. I could feel the tightness of his throat muscles as, if by nature, he became a seasoned cock sucker.
    His nut was tight and his balls were retreating once again. I felt my own end near and hated to break his spell, but I had to warn this little virgin. "I'm about to shoot, babe, you might want to pull off now." He didn't pull off. In fact his action seemed to intensify as I returned to my work of bringing him back to the brink.
    I am not sure if it was the virgin boy taking his first taste of cum or if he was actually that good, but I had a most intense orgasm. I was gasping my way through my feelings when I became aware that Steve had reached his orgasm along with me. The two of us lapped and slurped at our dinner pole as our bodies jerked and reacted in the way that they were designed as gallons of the elixir of life was ejected from one of us into the other.
    I removed my fingers as Steve's cock went completely soft in my mouth. I pushed him up so that his tender morsel would slip from me, but I had another assault in mind for my young friend.
    He sucked in a major amount of air as my tongue touched his anus. He pushed back so that my face was engulfed in tight boy butt, his muscular globes pressed against my cheeks. I put my hands on his hips and made an oral assault that had the boy squealing with delight. At the same time he still had his hand wrapped around my cock which was still rigid and ready.
    A virgin boy keeps me up. I can hold up for at least two orgasms and sometimes three, but with an eager virgin I never go soft until it is all over.
    Steve's butt hole was wide and ready and I made him feel extra fine, but I still had not decided to enter him. At last I felt his body relax as I laved his most private part. He kissed the head of my cock and I knew that he was finished. I lifted him and turned him to lay beside me. He did not want to be there, he wanted to lay on top of me.
    "Thank you, I needed to know." He stared into my eyes then he kissed me. He pushed his tongue past my lips and we kissed and tasted ourselves in each other's mouth as we let love flow between us. It was a quarter of two.
    When I looked over his shoulder the next time it was six thirty. Steve was staring into my eyes, "You didn't do it."
    "Well…I kinda wanted to at least try."
    "No you didn't. You were willing to try, but your body said that you didn't want to do it."
    "I thought…" his little face darkened. I pulled him to me and he was soon asleep again. I couldn't allow him to sleep. He has a need to hide his feelings and were he to be caught in my bed no amount of denial would ever convince his sex crazed teenage friends that we had not done it.
    "Steve, babe, you need to get back to Cullen's room before anyone notices that you are gone."
    "I don't care."
    "Yes you do. I am still here, but don't create trouble for yourself, go now and we'll talk again." He kissed me with all of the passion he could muster then trotted out through the door to run around the corner into Cullen's room. He barely had time to get himself settled into bed and get back to sleep before the secret panel between Cullen's room and mine opened and Cullen ran over to jump in my bed.
    "Did you do him?"
    "Cullen, I don't kiss and tell."
    "Sometimes you do, did you do him? I would do him. I know that he wants you. You did Chris, didn't you. I can see it in Chris's eyes and now Steve wants you so bad."
    "Maybe it is not me that he wants. Maybe he just wants to satisfy his boyish curiosity. Maybe you can do him." Cullen was sucking my dick.
    "Nope, you didn't do him," he licked his lips, "I can tell. I bet you are so horny. Do you want to settle for me?"
    "You, my love, are not the consolation prize, you are the grand prize. You know that I will always be here for you, no matter what."
    He moved to his back and spread his legs and smiled up at me, "Do it."

    We could hear the water running and therefore we knew that the guests were up. Cullen and I washed the evidence of our lovemaking away as we showered together. Cullen slipped into his room to dress then we went down the secret stairs to the kitchen where the other boys found us sitting with a cup of coffee before each of us.
    "Oh, we thought…," Gary started, but got a quick elbow from Jason.
    Agnes ran us out of her kitchen so that she could feed us properly. We took seats about the great dining table and were soon joined by Dukey and shortly thereafter by Phil.
    Full, fat, and sassy, the boys ran to gather their things for the flight back to London, it was only Friday morning and they had to get off to school. Steve lingered until they were gone when I stepped into the kitchen for more coffee he slipped up close to my brother-in-law.
    "Your Lordship, Sir…" Steve bowed lower and more eloquently than I have ever seen anyone bow before he asked permission to spend the day. He assured us that he was ahead in his classes and could easily afford to miss this one day. It was suggested that he should talk to Phil, but he told us that the house belonged to Dukey and his was the only permission he needed.

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