Chapter 183


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Everyone retired early Wednesday night. It had been a long day for the five guests from England. Actually Sean, Jimmy, and Cullen were only visiting there, but they had still traveled a long distance to make a difference in the life of an old woman that we had never known before.
    I was excited about all that I had learned on the trip and was unable to sleep. I arose early Thursday morning and went in search of a cup of coffee. I was surprised to see Nana up and sitting with El at the kitchen table. The two women were deep in conversation when I entered. Nana looked up at me and invited me to sit with them.
    El was telling Nana how much I meant to Cullen and how I had directed the young man to achieve greatness. I blushed, I know that it was Cullen's early beginnings at his mother's knee that have shaped his life. I may have put a little polish on the boy, but I don't think that butt polish counts.
    Nana had concerns about Alvin's cross dressing. El stepped in quickly and told our grandmother how I worked with Cecil and turned him around to become a more masculine young man. She also mentioned that she knew of others that had become members of my household that had gender identity questions of their own. She patted my hand and smiled at me as she mouthed the name of Evan. I need to find out what, or whom, is the source of her information.
    El held Nana's hands in hers and looked her in the eye. "Chris has over four hundred boys in his keep in Tucson, and hundreds in schools about Europe. Every boy that I have met, or heard about, is a very manly boy with a good hold on his masculinity. I would almost guarantee that a few weeks in the company of those lads you will never have to worry about Alvin cross dressing again." El has a way with words that I admire. I don't know that I agree with everything that she says, but I have to admire her all the same.

    All of us were sad to be leaving Nana alone. Lord Philby had to return to England. His wife and son accompanied him, along with Jimmy. Sean decided to stay behind and visit with his two grandmothers, a good idea. I delivered the Royal family to the airport then returned to accompany my wife and sons back to Tahlequah. Ugitsiha and Sagi knew the family of Shikoba so they wanted to return home to rest in order to attend the funeral the following morning.
    By the time that I returned from delivering the King and his family to the airport Sagi and Ugitsiha had convinced Nana that she should accompany the family to Tahlequah. I felt good about the decision. I think that Nana needs to get out of her house and see how life has continued on over the past several years.
    My concern was over Alvin and the Chipmunk. I have accepted the fact that the two boys are going to be a part of my family in Tucson; I wasn't sure about integrating them into the family during our time at Tahlequah. I forget that I have some great boys in my family and I don't give them credit where credit is due often enough.
    We had decided on only one limousine for the return trip so that meant packing boys into the Caddy with me. In order for the women to have enough room to stretch out all of the boys traveled in the SUV. RD was okay with his ride. Roddy and Dane made room for the chipmunk in the far back seat with them while Alvin sat in the middle seat with Cory and Sean.
    I had expected Cory to sit in the front seat next to me, but he seemed to be sulking and let RD ride up front. Sean choose to go with us to the funeral so that he could spend more time with his grandmother. That was alright with me, but I couldn't figure what had Cory upset. I can always count on Roddy to tell it like it is.
    When we arrived back at the home of Sagi's mother we helped the women inside. Cory told me that he was going to stay at the house with Sagi. Before I could react Roddy spoke up. "Cory, don't let that little girl hurt you none. She don't know what she said. She probly only said what she heard that old lady say." I turned and looked at Cory and saw that Sean had tears in his eyes.
    I took Cory in my arms and told him to get in the SUV with his brothers. I directed Sean to a corner and dried his tears. "She didn't know what she said, dad. She was only repeating what our grandmother has said to her about…" His face clouded again and the tears welled up along the bottoms of his eyes. I put my arm around him and led him out to the vehicle and drove the boys back to Cory's cabin.
    Sean and Andy have told me that Mabel has the tongue of a shrew, when it suits her. From what the boys were saying Heather had repeated something Mable said about Cory being some sort of gay pervert and she figured that he had probably been molesting Sean. She was surprised to find out that he was married and had a baby. She and Heather were in the bathroom when Mable told the little girl what she thought about Cory.
    Normally Cory would not let something like that upset him. The reason that he was withdrawn was because Sean was hurt by the comment. Sean has tried very hard to be friends with his mother's only living relative. He also knows that since the woman has custody of his little sister he has to keep relations open or he may not be able to see the girl. There was little I could do to smooth the hurt feelings of the two boys, save letting life return to normal as quickly as possible.

    Alvin was right at home when the boys shed their clothing and ran to the lake for a swim. Neal hung back, but Roddy and Dane pulled his pants down and chased him out of the cabin. I was happy to see that life seemed to return to normal amongst my blood relations. Cory is very important to me and I do not ever want to see him hurt. Mabel is nothing to me, but I try to be cordial to her for Sean's sake. I can't avoid all contact with her, however good that idea sounds to me.

    I hired the limousine for one more day to transport the women to the location of the funeral for Amadahy's sister-in-law and her husband. We had a difficult time finding a place to park when we arrived at the church; I was impressed by the number of people who had turned out.
    Ahwiagina's funeral had been well attended, but I believe that there were at least half again as many people gathered in the small churchyard waiting for the service to begin. I won't bore you with the details of the funeral, it was a private affair after all. I'll only say that it was short, heart felt, and made me wish that I had known the deceased couple.
    I was about to get to know the progeny though. It seemed to be a forgone conclusion that I would take Shikoba Johnson into my household and see to his education and rearing. I am not so callous as to refuse, I just prefer to be asked before the fact. Shikoba—feather—had the genes in his jeans. The fifteen year old boy was a knock out looker. At five foot seven inches tall the boy carried one hundred and thirty pounds on a tight frame. Unlike his Indian brothers he was soft, no muscle definition. I knew that that would correct itself in the company of my heathens.
    One of the first things that I noticed about Feather was the friendship ring on the ring finger of his left hand. It was a two tone gold and silver band, similar to a wedding band. I had seen him with a tall, blond boy that had farm boy written all over him. Clayton Johnson is a orphan boy that was being raised by Shikoba's parents. The sixteen year old boy was a blond adonis, a perfect compliment to the dark haired Indian boy. I knew without asking, I had two boys to take home with me.
    I had a few thousand questions to ask of the boys as they led me to a old red pickup truck which Clayton drove to a small log house set off of the side of the road on what appeared to be a typical country residence. I left my family with RD to drive them back to Tahlequah as I made myself available to the boys whose parents we had just buried.
    Tequasi had been serving as my ambassador as he presented his take on my prowess to the two boys. The problem that I have with boys talking about me is that, being boys, they tend to exaggerate the truth of the matter. I don't want to entertain some young and hung only to have him be disappointed because of his pre-conceived ideas about who and what I am.
    I don't know how to read each boy, especially when I am alone with strangers. From the typical reactions that I received from Clayton and Shikoba I have to think that they were satisfied. I truly believe that they were satisfied when they insisted that I spend the night in their bed and do it again and again. I wanted to return to Cory and the boys, but Cory listened in to a little of my evening and told me that I was making two orphan boys happy. I know that they made me happy.
    I had to let the boys lead. We had only buried their parents a few hours earlier and I had no idea what their emotional state would be. Shikoba surprised me. He had spent two days in mourning and had come to terms with his loss. He loved his mother and father, but having Clayton with him helped him to adjust.
    I had a hard time adjusting when I lost my father when I was seventeen, and I didn't even live in the man's house by then. When my mother passed on I was hard pressed. It was my involvement with Charley that carried me through. I suppose that the two boys had helped one another.
    Clayton's mother and Shikoba's mother, Oma, had been best friend through their school days. Both girls dated unrelated boys named Johnson in high school and both married their high school sweethearts. Clayton's father was killed as he served in Bosnia, Clayton was two and a half years old.
    Oma and Ash Johnson took Clayton and his mother into their small home and gave them hope. Clayton grew up with only second hand knowledge of his father and he looked at Ash as his father figure. Shikoba was proud to share his dad with his big brother. It never occurred to the boys that they were not natural brothers, even though Clayton was blond and fair while Shikoba was dark haired.
    Clayton's mother drifted in and out of her son's life as she looked for her happiness in all of the wrong places. In the meantime the boy was pampered and loved by the other Johnson family. When word came that his mother had died Clayton didn't cry. He had not been close to the woman in several years and nothing in his life was changed by her death.
    One thing that did change was that Oma and Ash had been named as god-parents to the boy and the terms of the will left by his parents made it legal for Clayton to remain within their household until he came of age. Now I wondered what kind of legal procedure I would have to go through to take the boys out of the state and make them a part of my family.
    The age of consent for a minor to engage in sexual activities with a person over twenty one years of age is sixteen in Oklahoma. Homosexual acts are covered under the state's sodomy laws and are illegal at any age. The part that I was concerned about was the age of majority; the age at which a minor is considered an adult and able to make his own choices in the his life's direction.
    Chief Steve had helped me to adopt Cory. Mike's mother surrendered paperwork that made it legal for me to take Mike in and raise him. The death of Steven's parents allowed me to legally adopt him under the laws of the state of Missouri. I married Rodney's mother so he was legally my stepson before I adopted him as my son. I was not sure of my direction with Clayton and Shikoba.
    I had a lot of help from the Anitsata—Choctaw—tribesmen. As a blood member of the tribe I was granted full guardianship of the two boys. Clayton is not of Indian blood, but he was the legal ward of Oma and Ash Johnson. I had only to contact Bull and have him put the proper legal teams on the case and prepare the paperwork to become the legal custodian over the two boys. At that point I did not consider adoption.

    The two boys were not sexually astute. What I mean by that is that they sucked around with one another and had gone on for the big one, but they had little experience. Tequasi had introduced them to anal sex and they had little trouble with the act. They just didn't have a lot of knowledge of anything other than one penetrating another. Love was not part of their repertoire. Sex and sexual release was all that the boys knew, and they could handle that by themselves, if necessary. I was asked to teach them.
    It is a tough job, but someone has to do it. As with many couples that I have been with I let the boys take care of each other. I acted as their coach as I guided them through each level of debauchery. Of course I had to get my price, hot young cream.
    I laid the boys side by side and engulfed them while I digitized their secret parts. Neither boy had discovered his prostate. All of their experience had been concentrated on the glans. Even the few times that they had gone for anal penetration they had not discovered what it was that made them a male animal. Many boys and young men think that the dick is all there is, they change their mind when stroked in the correct manner.
    What I find amusing is the number of totally straight men that will spread their legs for the proper stimulation of that little gland. Most of them will draw the line at being penetrated by a penis, but a finger, or properly used substitute, gets them excited. Many married men have their wives stimulate them with her personal vibrator as they engage in the act of love making.
    I awakened two little butt nuts and they wanted more. Shikoba has a tasty six and a half in uncut boi member. I love to wrankle the foreskin with my tongue as I spread cheer in his rear. I had the boy singing in three part harmony as Clayton had his eyes fixed on my procedure. He should watch, he is next and then he will have to please his brother when the two of them are alone.
    I was fed with a nice amount of hot boi batter that filled my needs from the boys. Then I had them go the extra mile and penetrate each other. Clayton was full of cum and did not want to stop after I did my deed on his cut seven and a half inch man pole. The boy was eager for more so I rolled with him and got him on top of me, into a sixty nine position, and held his cheeks open for Shikoba to take the first plunge of the night.
    Teenagers are quick to release. It is for that reason that I like to release them before the real sex begins. Shikoba had just enough lag time between his release into me and his entry into Clayton that he was able to go for the long haul.
    Before he was opened wide I had drained a decent sized load from Clayton so he was relaxed and calm. He learned that his butt was a sex organ as he took his first real ride on a meaty pony, he filled my mouth twice again and still begged for more. Shikoba was up for whatever he could get. He popped a load when Clayton got his first one, but, like a trooper, he stayed in the saddle and worked out a second load that drained his body of all its strength.
    That deed done the boys were wasted. I had to do clean up duty as I gleaned all of Clayton's juices from Shikoba's cock then I spread Clayton's legs and took him around the world. I had not sought release during that part of our evening. I let the boys sleep for a bit as I made use of their bodies for my own oral gratification. Shikoba awakened first and began to suck me. He did a remarkable job for his first time on such a huge member.
    Shikoba doesn't seem to have the Choctaw curse. At least his cock is not large yet. The boy is small for a fifteen year old boy so maybe he will grow some. On the other hand his cousin, Tequasi, was hung with a nine inch cock on his five foot six inch frame. Tequasi is an insatiable bottom and he has never topped his cousins. I was about to go where no man had gone before with the two boys and my cock was screaming at me to 'get it on.'

    "I can't believe that your dick is so big." Shikoba said between slurps.
    "Man, that has got to hurt, but I want to have that up in me, Shy." Clayton had been awakened to a new sexual horizon and he was game to try for more butt pleasure. I told him that he needed to take things slowly and work his way up. I suggested that he might first give Shikoba a ride. I told the boys that they should consider the feelings and needs of their partner at all stages of their sex play.
    Shikoba accepted that. He told Clayton that it wouldn't be fair for him to give and not take. Clayton's eyes sparkled as the thought of giving Shikoba a taste of the pleasure that he had just received. Neither boy was ready to admit that they were butt eager, they wanted each of us to believe that they were just going along with the flow, so to speak.
    I directed Shikoba to turn his body over mine and spread his legs wide for Clayton to see. I knew that penetration was going to be difficult with the boy. Clayton had taken to his anal assault with relative ease, but his cock is a full quarter of an inch wider than that of the younger boy. Shikoba was about to have his world opened wide, but not as wide as I planned for him to be opened before we left that bed the following morning.
    I spread Shikoba's cheeks to expose his tight pucker before Clayton's eyes. I suggested that he might want to try to rim his little brother to open him and prepare him for his grand opening. As I have stated, the boys have shared their rectums with each other, but they had not done more than to get their own release. Rimming was something that neither of them had ever considered, although they both enjoyed the act immensely when I had been doing the licking at their holes.
    I swallowed all of Shikoba's cock into my throat and let my eyes dance before Clayton's curious gaze. Clayton drew close and sniffed out his quarry then let his tongue take a taste of the area surrounding the center. Shikoba let out a satisfied moan and begged Clayton to do it then he took my cock down his throat, all of the way to my hairline.
    It is interesting to watch such action from my view point. All that can be seen is the chin as it moves close and then the tongue stick out. The first tentative taste tells the story very quickly. If the boy is clean the licker finds his confidence.
    It is very important that good hygiene be practiced during this act. There are many diseases that can be transmitted through ATM, none of them nice. There are many bacteria strains that abide in the intestinal tract. These bacteria are responsible for breaking the foods that we consume down into useable protein for the body's nourishment. Those bacteria are fine when they stay where they belong.
    Clayton liked what he tasted and dove in for more. His tongue disappeared as his chin moved against Shikoba's butt crack and gave me nothing to see. I did get slobbered on as Clayton's saliva began to flow and run down the sweet pair of young balls resting on my nose. I got the benefit of Shikoba's pumping action as he ground into my face in his ecstacy.
    Shikoba had to beg Clayton to fuck him. Clayton was not used to fine dining like he was getting, he was reluctant to end his meal. As he moved to his knees I directed his fingers to the opening that his tongue had vacated. He would have to spread those lips before sticking his mammoth pole inside. Shikoba appreciated the efforts as he shoved two more feet of cock into my throat.
    Clayton had remembered the feelings that he had received from my digital assault an hour earlier. He worked his fingers around inside his brother and located that special button that only a male has. He giggled when he saw the reaction that he received each time that he touched the G spot and continued to stroke and massage at it until Shikoba was screaming for him to fuck his ass.
    The opening ceremony had been properly carried out. As Clayton's cock head touched Shikoba's anus the tight muscles opened wide and it reached out to envelop the invader. Penetration was not without pain, but it was less than the two boys had experienced during their previous encounters with each other. Both boys did their personal best to satisfy Tequasi, but neither of them had ever truly enjoyed being on the receiving end of the deed. All of that changed during our first evening together.
    As with Clayton, Shikoba became a pony rider. He wanted more and more. Even teenage boys have a limit to their sexual abilities and Clayton tired out quickly. He had gotten off three times a little less than an hour earlier. He took a long time to get his release as he pounded and sweated above the two of us. Shikoba had gone totally soft as each plunge brought new sensations to his body that excited him as well as relaxed him.
    After a solid ten minutes, or more, Shikoba began to stiffen up and move his cock in and out of my mouth. Clayton was power fucking his brother with all of his speed and strength and Shikoba's orgasm brought about his deep release. Exhausted, Clayton had no more strength left in him. He rolled aside and gasped for air.
    Shikoba was awakened and hungry. He wanted more. I filled in for Clayton. I rolled Shikoba to his back and moved between his spread thighs. I raised the boy's legs to my shoulders and lined my cock to his dripping anus. In one smooth move I had the boy penetrated to the hilt of my sword. I had a wide eyed, yet happy, boy impaled on me as I made love to him in a way that he had never considered in all of his young life.
    By the time the sun rose again the three of us had made real love with each other. I had two new converts to sing my praises as I sang their praises back to them. They are both fine young specimens of male hood, two boys that I am proud to know and love. I learned about the boy inside as well as the sexual creature that dwelled within them. Both of them have fine minds and a healthy curiosity for life. They shared their dreams and hopes for their future with me as I shared a few of the things that they could expect from living in my home and attending school with my family.

    It was my pleasure to treat the two boys to breakfast at a local grease pit that served the world's best cup of coffee. With several pounds of congealed grease and concentrated cholesterol inside of our bodies we headed back to their house to load everything that the two boys thought that they would need for a trip Europe.
    I asked for permission to prowl through the personal belongings and papers of their parents as I looked for any documentation that I would need for the two boys. I found four life insurance policies that named the boys as the beneficiaries, but listed the surviving spouse as their guardian. I found no papers in the house that showed that any provision had been made for the boys in the event that both parents were removed from their lives.
    I found the boys' birth certificates and their school shot records. Whomever had filed the documents away had been an organized person with an eye for detail. All of the boys' report cards were in an expanding file folder along with prized pictures and test papers from their lives' school experience. I located photo albums of each boy showing his growth through the years, beginning with shots taken of them at the age of a few days old.
    I decided that Oma had to have been the one to file away the pictures. Only a mother would find those very embarrassing pictures of naked babies cute enough to save for a future time in front of girlfriends. Both boys had cute butts in the shots of them on their bare skin rugs. Tushies were prominent in many pictures as the boys aged. A cute shot was of the two boys curled up together as they slept in the nude. It appeared that they were around seven or eight years old.
    Each of us had our treasures loaded into the back of Clayton's old battered red pickup truck as we drove away from the house that they had lived in all of their lives. I assured the boys that the house and land belonged to them and that they would return to it when they wanted to. The estate was mortgaged for all that it was worth, but I am worth more than the mortgage and I was sure that I could settle with the banks to make that part of any problem go away.

    Tequasi was with my boys when we drove up to the cabin. He and Cory were talking to each other in Tsalagi and giggling at the wide legged gait of the two newbies when they stepped from the truck. Roddy was translating some of their banter for Neal and Alvin. I was not sure if that was good or not. Those two youngsters are unfamiliar with the goings on of their new found family. Only time will tell how these four new boys would adapt to that lifestyle.

    After the end of the year concert at Wilson High my brain trust and I sat down and decided that we needed to go away for awhile. We were all sure that the news media would pick up on our next big shindig so we better plan on being out of town. So far we have had no negative press over the beach weddings. We tried to keep the family name and any reference to the schools out the spotlight.
    There were solid plans for the family but we had nothing planned for the students that lived in the dormitory. Destruction of the old and construction of the new classroom building and gymnasium was to be done over the summer so we had to move the boys but we did not have a clue what to do with them.
    We settled on plans to send the bulk of the boys off to spend the summer on the French Riviera and play with the boys at BAF. With the fires in California and the floods in Iowa we had many things to occupy our time and keep the boys out of trouble until the end of June then we started separating. It was the twentieth of June before my sons and I were finally able to get off for our time alone and for Cory and I to begin our honeymoon.
    The events of that first week left little rest and relaxation time. However I had two new cousins and three young Indian boys join my ever growing family. Amadahy pled his case before me and I agreed to allow Tequasi to join the family. The boy will still be near his father, but he will be happier living in the house with the rest of his Indian cousins and not feel restricted by being under his father's watchful gaze at all times.
    With Tequasi, Shikoba, and Clayton joining us at the cabin I had no worries about RD being lonely. Those four boys were quick to recognize Alvin's problem and they set about to help him. Alvin was frustrated. He had never had too much in the way of a sexual outlet. He and Neal had spent time in sexual play before, but I wondered how much coercion had taken place there. Neal strikes me as a curious little straight boy that is susceptible to being bullied into situations that he is not prepared for yet.
    Alvin had a suck buddy that was his age. Actually the buddy allowed Alvin to suck him and he enjoyed fucking the sissy. The buddy would suck on Alvin's cock, but he would not take Alvin to climax in his mouth. That is frustrating. All gay boys know what it is like to have a straight boy give it up and not even have the courtesy to allow any relief for the cock sucker. Sometimes Alvin's buddy would give up a hand job while he was being nursed to fulfillment.
    Alvin excitedly shared his night in bed with me and Neal as he told the other boys what a treat it had been for him to actually make love to another. Each of the boys grinned at him before coaxing Shikoba and Clayton to tell of their night in bed with me. Tequasi has spent the most time with me and had spent the entire night alone in my bed more than once. All of the boys were envious of RD's being able to be around me and with me most of the time until he reminded them that he was my son.

    I wanted quiet time with Cory and no interference from the peanut gallery. We were allowed the first night alone then we were involved in meating the needs of our new arrivals. Tequasi is well endowed and is used to having others of like attributes in his bed. He was the one that suggested that RD, Cory, and I take turns with each of the near virgin boys.
    By the end of weekend we had three very open young men in our midst. To show their appreciation for his thoughtfulness all of us gave Tequasi a night to remember. We began by order of size, Shikoba has the smallest cock at six and a half inches. Then Clayton slipped into the boy with RD being next. Cory took a ride then I got the final turn. Tequasi was a well fucked fag boy by the time morning arrived. He was bowlegged and leaking cum all day long on Monday.
    No one had overlooked the three little guys. Roddy and Dane showed Neal their selection of butt toys as the three of them joined in a triangle to suck each other, even in their sleep. I watched Neal for the next few days and I may have been wrong about him. He may just be young with no outlet for his desires.
    He never missed a chance to swallow a single cock in the house and he likes the cream. His rectum is still tight and none of us would enter him. He watched with interest, as Roddy and Dane went pony riding on Cory and RD. I held Neal in my lap and toyed with his existence while we watched the other boys at play.
    Some of the young cousins rode up to the cabin over the following week. They wanted their's as well. Cory and I quietly slipped away and spent the day fishing or just relaxing in the deep woods. I did make a few trips into town to take care of business that needed to be taken care of so that the two orphan boys could go to Europe with us.

    Thursday the third of July was a huge holiday for us. Ugitsiha had organized a party for Rodney's eleventh birthday that the boy will never forget. Nana was featured as a favorite guest. The old lady seemed very happy and involved herself in many of the day's preparations. I heard many people tell her to relax and enjoy the day, but she told them that having something to do was the best relaxation for her. I can see that.
    The relations all came and burned cows and iced beer. Roddy was glad to see everybody, but he told them that they should hold off on the beer for a few years because he was too young to drink it. I know that he sneaked a little beer through the day. I smelled the alcohol on the breath of Neal and Dane. As long as the boys don't go too far I will overlook some things. After all a boy is only eleven for a year out of his life.
    Roddy was given a ten week old puppy, similar to his Nvgidiganvsadi. I know how much the boy wants a dog. He was raised with a dog of his own and he enjoyed hunting and playing with the animal. With our lifestyle being what it is a dog would be too much for us.
    Ugitsiha told me that, if Cory didn't mind, she would feel safer having a dog at the house in Tucson. Cory grinned at me and I knew that I had been set up. Nvgidiganvsadia would remain in Tahlequah until the girls returned to Tucson in late August.
    I was attacked by a very excited eleven year old birthday boy. He jumped on me and wrapped his arms and legs about me as he kissed my face and thanked me in my favorite way for allowing him to have the animal. I like dogs. I always wanted a dog when I was a boy. Manny had a dog that we played with every day, but I had a swimming pool with no room for a frisky animal to run and play.

    RD, Roddy, and Sean rode along with Alvin and Neal and me as we returned Nana to her home. The boys needed two days to pack all of their belongings and ship them to Tucson, their new home. I spent as much time as I could with the old lady. She was taking the separation from her two grandsons very hard. She has raised them through most of their lives. My aunt drifted in and out of their lives on a whim and then she died of an overdose, leaving the two youngsters for her mother to deal with.
    Nana had a doctor's appointment for Friday afternoon. I drove her to the office while the boys each attended packing the personal belongings of the two youngsters. The doctor did not have good news. He told me that Nana's heart was almost gone. It was beating irregularly and he wanted to hospitalize her at once. That was easier said than done.
    The office that we had gone to is located in a large hospital's cardiac section so transferring the sweet soul was no problem. While Nana was being admitted and set into her room I returned to retrieve the boys. Neal was crying when I entered the house.
    "He gets these feelings that something is wrong all of the time and he says that Nana just died," Alvin told me. The other boys were concerned, they have seen these types of premonitions in others in the family. I suppose that there is something within us that ties us to those to whom we are close so I don't try to deny those events.
    The boys were quiet as we drove back to the hospital and I led them to Nana's room. We were met by the doctor who looked grim. "I, ah…" He turned to a nurse and told her to allow all of us inside the room. "I believe that it may do all of you good to say goodbye. I don't advocate a large crowd in a patient's room, but I believe that this is the end."
    Nana's eyes were closed when we stepped inside. Neal and Alvin went to each side of the bed and stood looking at her. The rest of us stood at the foot of the bed. She opened her eyes and looked around with a smile on her face. "My life is complete. I am ready to go to my rest. Chris, boy, ya takes good care of all of these younguns or I'll come to haunt ya from my grave." She gave me a wide smile and weakly reached for the hands of the two boys that had been a part of her life for several year. Each boy leaned forward and kissed her and she was gone.

    Sean told me that Nana had Beulah get in touch with Chief Steve's old law firm and updated her will during her stay in Tahlequah. He told me that she told him to be sure that I checked with the law firm and took care of her business. I was all too happy to follow her wishes.
    Nana had managed her money quite well. My grandfather Thomas had provided for her nicely, but she had a large estate from the Christophe family. I read over the will and saw what she wanted done. She named me as the executor of her estate, which was estimated to be about a half of a million dollars. She wanted Alvin and Neal provided for and left them large amounts of cash in trust. She also left Cullen, Sean and RD a cash endowment, but the part that touched me was that she named Rodney as an equal recipient of a trust fund with Alvin and Neal.
    She set a large amount in trust for Heather. She left me instructions to watch over her only great granddaughter and make sure that she had all that she would ever need to get a solid start in life. I am not aware if she knew of the money that Carl provided for his two grandchildren. I will faithfully administer her funds to the girl where they benefit her and not Mabel.
    There were properties and holdings, as well as jewelry that would need to go through the probate process. I only touched on those areas, choosing to wait until my summer of work was finished to investigate them. My main concern was for the boys. Nana had provided all of the documentation that was needed for the boys to become my legal wards.

    Birth certificates and school records were in order so it was easy to secure passports for the two youngsters. I submitted the birth certificates for Clayton and Shikoba at the same time that Alvin and Neal's passports were applied for. Within days I handed each boy his own passport to look over. They held proof in their hands of their status as citizens of the United States of America. There is something about that document that sends a bit of a thrill though a body.
    Now we were ready to take our trip to Europe. I planned to start in England to see after the progress of the building of the new school at Brighton. I had two ancient professors that I had promised an on site interview to. I also had two boys that were being watched after by my old friend, inspector Upbridge. And that was just the start of my plans. I had promised to go to Russia.
    Cory and I said farewell to our wives as we left them with relatives in Oklahoma. We would miss being with them each day, but the summer that I have planned for myself would be too much for anyone to keep up with me.

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