Chapter seventeen


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    I drove into Nashville. It had been a miserable week, three hurricanes had pummeled the Florida coast and had driven their rains deep inland. Everything I had was damp and Traveler© had a odor all of its own, a lot of it left over boy odor. I pulled into an RV park and opened up the windows to let everything air out. I have a washer and dryer in Traveler©, but they aren't big enough for the big quilts and comforters that I have. That evening I drove down the road, on an ATV, to a laundromat where I washed my big stuff in a front loading commercial machine. It was after midnight and I thought I was going to be alone. I loaded my stuff and was looking around when I spotted a kid looking at me over the top of a garbage can in the corner. He startled me.
    I walked over to him, he was cowering in the dark corner. When I got there I realized why, he was stark naked. I took off my light weight jacket and pulled the garbage can out of the way wrapped him up in it. Yeah, I could have prevented a lot of anxiety in him by handing him the jacket, but hey, I'm a boy lover. I wanted to see his booty, it was worth the effort. When I got him on his feet I could tell he was at least fourteen. He was well hung and had a wispy little bush on his upper lip. His legs had a light dusting of light colored hair. His hair and eyebrows were a medium brown and he had a dark little pubic crown. I hugged him tight after I wrapped my jacket around him and told him he was safe. "I'm not going to eat you," I smiled at him.
    "Oh, shoot," he said.
    "Yeah, I mean it, I won't eat you. I'll suck on you all night, but I promise I won't chew."
    He laughed in the melodic tenor of a pubescent boy. I pulled a chair over so he could sit in the corner, I sat beside him and listened to his story. His name was Cory, he was on the road and he was very wet and dirty so he stopped to wash what few clothes he had. He thought that it was late enough that no one would catch him. I found out that he was hungry. That was a shock, a teenage boy that was hungry? He had no place to sleep and the ground was still pretty wet. I offered him soup and sandwiches and a warm dry bed. He told me that he didn't have any money, but he would be glad to suck my dick for payment. I asked him if he chewed. He laughed again.
    I didn't dry my blankets, I wanted to hang them out and let the sun dry them for that fresh smell. I retrieved his clothes for him and they were a sight. I watched as he dressed. He worked and worked as he shoved his oversized cock into some very small and tight jeans. He put on a tee shirt that was showing signs of advanced aging and a pair of really ratty old sneakers, I think the wash had done a number on them. We packed the rest of his meager belongings in his back pack and he held onto my blankets as we mounted the ATV and headed back to the RV park.
    He took a teenager's wide eyed tour of my domicile on wheels then sat at the table to eat a can of tomato soup and a ham sandwich. He polished off three glasses of milk and two sandwiches before I asked him what he wanted for desert, he told me he wanted to eat me. I rubbed his head and assured him that he didn't have to do that, he told me that he was gay and he really wanted to do me. I offered to share a shower with him and we could go to bed and handle anything that might come up between us.
    He was in serious need of a shower, the boy had sores on his body from being dirty too long. I washed his hair and it was such a tangled mass with large patches of bleeding sores on his scalp. His under arms were raw from his perspiration burning his skin and his crotch showed the same signs, diaper rash on a fourteen year old boy? After the shower I dried him as throughly as possible then had him lay down on one of the bunk beds over which I placed a large beach towel. I put some medicated cream on his body. When I got to his little feet I cried out. Well they weren't little, he wore a size eleven shoe, but his feet were raw and cut to ribbons. I don't know how he was able to walk, I had noticed a limp, but his wounds would have made me do more than limp. It wasn't athlete's foot, his feet were cut. I looked at his shoes and they had no soles to speak of, they were worn clear through. He had bleeding blisters and shallow, but long cuts on his feet. I found a jar of medicated foot lotion and massaged his feet throughly.
    I washed my hands and took hold of his cock, thankfully it was in decent condition. It was a good thick seven uncut inches, I rolled the foreskin back expecting the worst, but it was clean and a nice even purple color. He told me that he had an infection there a few years ago so now he washes it in the restrooms at least daily. I pushed his legs back and put some baby powder on his butt, then I rubbed powder over his whole body. I told him that would prevent any sex tonight, that he just needed to rest.
    That wasn't the news that he had wanted to hear. I made him climb up to the big bed in the back and I turned out the lights and joined him, he was already asleep by the time I got laid down and covered us up.
    We awakened at nine thirty, he sat there looking at me, I was aware that he had his hand around my dick. I smiled at him and got out of bed to take a leak. He was trying to see me, I kept my back to him. "How big is that man? It feels huge."
    "I suffer from the tribal curse. All male members have big male members, according to my grand father."
    "What tribe, I'm Cherokee."
    "Well, then we are brothers. My grandfather was full blood Choctaw and my grandmother was full blood Cherokee. I was born on the Cherokee reservation near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. My dad was white so I'm only a breed, though."
    "My momma used to tell me that my old man was a red Cherokee Indian."
    I told him that we needed to talk, but my stomach was screaming at me. We got dressed and I checked out of the RV park before we headed up the road to stop at the first restaurant that had a spot big enough for Traveler©. We had a big breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy. I put away a whole pot of coffee and he drank a glass of milk and then iced tea.
    Coming out of the restaurant I spotted what we needed. Across the road was a Wal Mart, not my favorite place, but I could get what I needed. I asked the restaurant owner about leaving Traveler© in his lot while we walked across the road. He told me that there was no problem until about eleven when his lunch crowd would come in.
    At Wal Mart I told Cory to look around a few minutes while I checked something out. He didn't want to leave me, but I assured him that I wasn't going to leave without him. I told him if he found the socks and underwear he might pick out what he liked and I would be right with him. He kept looking around as he made his way through the store.
    I am a sucker for electronic gadgets and I had spotted a GPS unit that I hadn't seen before. I took it and put it in my shopping basket then went in search of Cory. I spotted him with two men who seemed to be leading him away as he kept looking over his shoulder. I ran up behind them and asked them if there was a problem. They told me to move on my way that this was a police matter. "Then I know that I am in the right place. That's my nephew you have there and he is here with me." The security man stopped and looked at me. He looked in my basket and his eyes enlarged at the five hundred dollar system.
    "This boy has been in here before. He has socks and underwear tucked in his waistband."
    "I have the basket. He was probably looking at something else and placed them there so that he wouldn't walk off and forget them. As for being here before is this a one time only shopping place?"
    The security man turned on his rage and cussed at me just as the store manager walked up. I saw his name tag and called him by name. "Jim, I am on vacation from Bentonville. I have been in the company stores all over the country. Now I come down here to see my sister and I find that she has fallen on very bad times and my nephew is practically naked. I thought I would buy him some much needed clothing, but obviously I made a mistake coming in here. This man says that Cory, my nephew here, as been in his store before and seems to believe that he may be stealing from him.
    "Where in Bentonville did you say you were from?" The manager was an ass himself.
    In my very best nasal twang and hill billy accent I said, "Well now I don't actually remember saying I was from Bentonville, I said I was on vacation from Bentenville. Actually Benton County Arkansas. A little town west of Bentonville where the second Arkansas store opened, Siloam Springs." That is the truth, I have a nice four room cabin west of Siloam Springs. Eleven miles west, just over the Oklahoma state line.
    "Oh well, sir, I am sorry that there has been a misunderstanding. We do have a lot of shop lifters and we have to be vigilant…"
    "Are you implying…"
    "Oh, no sir. Nothing like that." I let him stutter for several minutes then he offered to help us shop. I bought Cory five pairs of Levis, six plain tee shirts, six pairs of briefs, and twelve pairs of socks. I let him pick out six shirts that he liked. We found a pair of Adidas, and a pair of Nikes, I told him I wanted him to have two pair and to wear one pair one day and the other pair the next. I got him some foot powder and I found some better creams for his other body parts. The manager offered Cory's clothes for free because of the error, as he called it. I had been willing to overlook it until he tried to whitewash it with the word error, that burned me, bad. I did a quick bit of math and totaled the clothes to about two hundred and eighty or three hundred dollars. I had planned on demanding a twenty percent discount on all of my purchase that would have come to about two hundred dollars with the GPS. I nodded at Jim and took his offer. I knew he would write it off as donations to needy kids.
    As I was checking out I saw Cory eyeballing the CD players, this kid had never had anything. I asked him which one he liked, he pointed at a Sony. The manager unlocked the case and got it out for him. I told him to go buy up to ten CDs, but hurry as we were burning daylight and I wanted to get back to the mighty Ozarks before dark. He took off. I checked out and waited, Cory was back in a flash with six CDs, telling me that they were the only ones he saw that he really wanted right now. The manager took me to another cashier that wasn't busy and gave me a twenty percent discount on them and the CD player. I shook his hand and Cory and I left.
    We got back to the Traveler© and I dumped his back pack. "Anything there you want to keep?" He looked at me strangely and shook his head no. I told him to put his new clothes in his pack while I threw everything else away. I told him to give me everything he had on also and to put on a new set of clothes. His smile brightened the inside of Traveler©. I came back from the trash bin and sat down in a chair and looked at him.
    "Cory, son, I like having you around, but I am a traveling man. I am going to head west and see what is down the road. Is there anyplace that I can drop you?" By the look on his face I had already dropped him. I could see the tears, but he was trying to be brave.
    "I have no place to go. I have no family, at all, anywhere. I really need to get out of this town. I want to leave now before they find me."
    "Before who finds you? Are you in trouble with the law?"
    "No, but they may be looking for me. I didn't break the law and I am not in trouble, I swear." That's always a red flag, but something about him made me curious and I wanted to help I really wanted him so I devised a little scheme. I told him that I was going to go west for a few miles to see a national park that I had heard of. It was a lie, I didn't know if there was a park or not, but I figured Tennessee, the woods, maybe a Civil War battlefield. I was buying time. I told him he could go along for the trip, but I really needed to know what was going on because I didn't want to get in trouble for aiding a delinquent. He assured me he wasn't a delinquent or a runaway. So we set off toward the west. I stopped to fuel up Traveler© and found out that there was indeed a state park some nine miles down the road. Tennessee diesel prices were fifteen cents cheaper than Arkansas so it was a good stop.

    I pulled into the state park and told Cory that I needed to find a sunny place to dry all of my heavy blankets from the night before. We found what we felt was a secluded spot and spread the blankets about covering the bushes so they would dry without laying on the ground. The spot we had chosen seemed fairly private so I told Cory that he should strip down and let the sun shine on his body, that it would help him to heal faster. He was out of his clothes faster than a two dollar whore looking at a twenty dollar bill and not having any change. He wanted it all too.
    He was cute. He stood five foot six inches, he may have weighed a hundred pounds, if he had a large rock in each pocket. His soft cock hung three and a half inches when soft and his little frame was frail, all skin and bones. He had virtually no color to him, just an even pale white from neck to toe. His arms and face showed that he could tan, he just had not been in the sun for a long time, if ever. I had him lay on a blanket that I pulled from underneath where I keep my picnic supplies. I put him on his back with his crotch facing the sun and his legs spread wide, his arms over his head, I wanted the sun to shine on the spots where he had a rash. It looked like what my mother used to call prickly heat which was caused by wearing dirty wet clothing. I watched the time and turned him over after thirty minutes. Then I put sun screen on him and we continued to lay there. All the time I was learning about him.
    His name was Cory, no last name no middle name. His mother changed their name every few days, the latest name had been Ryder. The two had hitched a ride out of Ohio into Kentucky with an old man who wanted to have sex with the boy. He took them all the way to Nashville, Tennessee with Cory blowing the old man twice a day and letting him fuck his little ass when they pulled up somewhere for the night.
    Cory's mom was a whore. He said she'd do anything for more drugs and sometimes a little food for him. She was losing her looks and he was getting most of the trade, but she wouldn't let anyone fuck him without a rubber. He said that was her way of letting him know that she cared. The old man from Ohio wanted to know her name and she told Cory since they were riding with him she had told him their name was Ryder.
    Cory couldn't remember living in a house since he was about nine. He said that his mom used to look pretty nice and she brought home a lot of men. She was able to pay rent and have food for them. She would be broke and they would pack up everything they could carry and move in the middle of the night, but she would find them a new place in a few days. About the time he turned nine she started doing different drugs and it left her real messed up. Nobody would fuck her so she had no money. She couldn't buy drugs and would sober up and get cleaned up to go find a John who would give her money to eat and buy drugs…it was a vicious cycle. I was getting sick at my stomach and I was hurting, big time for this little boy. I wanted to hold him and hug him, but I was afraid that he may not want that. I learned later that I was wrong, he did want it.
    He had no idea who he was or when he was born. He knew that his birthday was March eleventh and that he had just turned sixteen. His mother had told him that his dad was Cherokee Indian, other than that he knew nothing. He didn't know if he had any grand parents of other relatives.
    I had built a fire and cooked some steaks and baked potatoes in the microwave. We heard a vehicle coming up the hill so I had Cory go get dressed as I pulled on a pair of jeans and my old dockers. A park ranger came up and told us that there was no camping in this area. I showed him the blankets and explained that we had just stopped to dry everything out and that we would be moving on after dinner. He waved us goodbye and went on up the road. We ate and gathered in the sweet smelling blankets and headed back down the mountain to the highway.
    I had told Cory that I was traveling and had no destination in mind. I could get in a lot of trouble crossing state lines with a minor. He told me that no one knew him and he knew no one. There was no one who would come looking for him. I reminded him that he had told me he was afraid of the Nashville police. What he told me next blew my mind away.

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