Chapter 204


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had breakfast with Derrick and Darryl. I was sure that if anyone would know anything about the boy Fearless that Denny had told me of then it would be these two. "We know Fearless. That's Joel Masalsky. His house burned in the big fire in the valley in 2005. He went to live with his grandmother until the house was rebuilt.
    "He moved back to the beach and I hooked up with him for a few months then moved away again after he showed me what an ass hole he was." I would leave it up to those three boys whether or not we would try to find Fearless

    Friday the sixteenth of January was a banner day for me. I had been politicking for something that I felt very strongly about. Politicking is just a nice way of saying boot licking, butt kissing, brown nosing. Whatever you want to call it I felt that it was a necessary undertaking.
    Sixteen year old ach—Adahy had gotten into ahKWdsfAhkawidisgi's liquor cabinet and stolen a bottle of whiskey. The boy got himself seriously drunk and made a fatal mistake. His drunken passion for a cute young girl, my mother, turned to lust. In his lust he fought off those that tried to prevent him from hurting the young girl, but in the process he killed his own mother.
    In his grief Ahkawidisgi banished his eldest son. He cursed the boy and gave him the girl's name of a%chAmadahy. For almost twenty eight years Adahy has lived as an exile from his own home, his family, his people, and his life. I wanted to do whatever was right, but I needed to know all of the facts. I knew that Beulah would know the entire story so I talked to her. First I talked to my wife.
    I spent several hours playing with my sons. Cullen James had not yet broken the sound barrier with his shrill squeals. Those precious sounds would not appear in the world until September. I was enjoying my time with Cory Stevens and Rodney. RD joined us for a little bit, but he was actually there to see his little blossom, Quemela.
    Between the happy sounds of my sons I was asking Ugitsiha what she knew about the banishment. All of it happened before she was born. She told me that her mother, Ahwiagina, would not speak of the man, her own brother who had raped her then killed her aunt, his mother. Ahwiagina was killed a few weeks after our four Indian cooks joined the family at Christmas time in 2007.
    I knew that in order to catch Beulah at her best then I needed to catch her early. Beulah is very set in her ways and is therefore up before the cock crows, mixing and baking food for the family's breakfast. I had to pry myself away from Cory to get my shower and head back to the home of Sagi's mother. Cory joined me in the shower as he told me that he was going with me. We almost made ourselves late because we had to stop and get our morning protein from each other's upstanding feature.
    I have learned to sit a horse bareback and am comfortable on the back of a stout old Rhone that had been recommended to me. I figure that when in Rome …so I wore a pair of deer skin pants with a sort of boot that many of the young men and boys wear. I was bare chested and let the wind and cool morning air rush over my near naked body as Cory and I let our horses gallop along at a good pace.
    I suppose that it would have been smarter to have spent the night at the house with our wives, but Cory and I were on our honeymoon after all, so we had returned to his cabin via a nice air-conditioned SUV the previous evening. We were kind of worked up after spending time with the girls and babies, even though the girls had offered to take care of our condition. We diplomatically explained that we were saving ourselves for our honeymoon activities. I am glad that we both have wives that are tolerant of our idiosyncrasy.
    I have learned over the years to sit on the opposite side of the table when I talk to Beulah. She talks with her hands and it doesn't matter to her if she has something in those hands. Her favorite weapon of choice is a long wooden spoon, especially one with which she has been stirring a batter that flips off of the end of the spoon and flips and flies through the air to land on the end of the nose of the one to whom she is talking. I know that she had spent hours perfecting her aim, and she is a dead shot. I sit as far away from her weapons as possible. She smiles at me and tries to move closer, but I simply rise to get myself a cup of coffee and then sit down somewhere else.
    It was just as I had expected, Beulah had full knowledge of the events with Adahy and she had her opinion. Ahwiagina was her half sister, the daughter of Ahkawidisgi, and Ahawi—aUW—Deer. Ahawi was Beulah's best friend. The two girls had grown up together and when Beulah's mother died Ahawi was asked to become Ahkawidisgi's bride. Ahawi was seriously injured by the blows that Adahy had struck. She lingered in a coma for five days before death took her. The old woman had a hard time accepting Adahy in my family.
    I had finally learned why Beulah was so much older than her three siblings. I had guessed her age to be around sixty five to seventy years, but Adahy and Ahwiagina were only in their early forties. I had no idea how old Cory Sr. had been when he died, but from all of the pieces that I had I figured that he would be about thirty five to forty, had he lived.
    Gigage and Onacona had been talking to Beulah for several months as they begged her to forgive Adahy. She told me that four boys, Adahy Cheasequah, Gigage, and Onacona were little terrors that knew how to do nothing but create mischief. She told me that one year they burned fifty acres of corn stalks, after the corn had been harvested. She said that their father's wore the hide off of the boys' tail ends and that they stood up to eat for several days.
    They didn't learn their lesson though. That next spring they set fire to the school house when they hid in the basement smoking hemp weed. The boys had a fondness for alcohol and they were forever stealing whatever they couldn't buy from one old man or another that kept a still going. She laughed as she said that Steve took an axe and chopped up three stills and told the old men that if they ever cooked up another batch of the devil's brew that he would chop them up.
    That was when the boys started stealing liquor from any source that they could. It just happened that it was Steve's own liquor that his son stole from, and because of it he lost his wife. She said that the spark went out of her father's eye that day. He turned to his youngest son and tired to make him the strong one that would lead the tribe. Cory had no desire to lead. He had a wonder lust that took him away from the tribe until the day that I brought Cory Jr. home to his people.
    She wiped her eyes with her apron as she told me that Steve softened the day that Cory Jr. came home. He called for his grandson Tracy to come and live amongst his people. She told me that Steve had not seemed so happy, so full of life in more than fifteen years. She took my hand and told me that the entire tribe is indebted to me. Cory brought new hope to the tribe. Tracy's returning to grow up amongst the tribesmen was another sign from that damned tapestry that keeps coming up in my life.
    She bent forward and lifted my chin as she stared deep into my eyes. "Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe you always question. It is good to question, it is wise and wisdom is what is needed to lead others into the future. It was foretold that you would come to our people. It was foretold that you would unite our people. It was foretold that you would bring home those that were lost. Go and bring Adahy home. I will embrace my brother and show him my love."
    As a matter of procedure I had asked for DNA tests to confirm that Tequasi8QR, Tracy—is in fact my cousin. He is the son of my mother's aunt. I had already moved him into the school along with his cousins, Shikoba—feather and Clayton Johnson.

    Just before noon I received another phone call. This time it was from Alice at Tomes of Time. There were two boys there that had asked what BAW meant. She told me that Al was feeding them and they acted as if they had not eaten in several days. I told her that they probably hadn't. Her breath caught and I heard her gasp over the telephone before I told her that I was on my way to visit with the two boys. She told me to hurry because they were so damn cute she wanted to pinch their cheeks. That could be disastrous, especially with runaway boys that have been living on the street for anytime.
    I had to stop and admire the beauty of the boy flesh that was shoveling a large piece of pie into a cute face. Alice was not the only one that wanted to show affection, but I was thinking about parts well below their youthful cheeks that I wanted to pinch.
    The boys sat side by side, as close as they could get and still have their own body parts. The darker haired boy was turned slightly away from my vantage point, but the youthful face of the blond made my breath catch in my throat. The boy looked to be no more than eleven or twelve.
    I approached the table cautiously. Even though they had used the password that didn't mean that they were entirely comfortable with their surroundings. I waited until both boys looked at me before I spoke. "I understand that you want to know what BAW means."
    "Well, this one kid that I know from that alley over there told me that if we wanted to get a good place to live with lots of food and a safe, warm bed that we should come here and say that word. I had to talk Mel into coming here though 'cause he is a feared of going back to his uncle's house."
    "Mel, I don't know why you are afraid, but I promise you that you will never have to return to your uncle's, or anyplace else that makes you afraid."
    "How can you say that. You ain't got no idea why I hate him so much."
    "Boy's, BAW is the name of a school. The name is Bradford Academy West. It is located up on the mountainside here in town. I will accept any boy into that school that wants a warm and safe home. I will fight for you and if anybody has hurt you I will see that they are placed where they will never hurt anybody ever again.
    "If you talked to a boy that used to live in an alley down here somewhere then it is a good possibility that he lives at the school now. I can take you to see him and to take a look at the school then you can decide if you want to live there."
    "We gotta go with you? How'd we know that you ain't some cop or something that will take us back to our …?" The dark haired boy turned to tears.
    "Boys, I am some sort of cop or something, but I am a Federal cop. I won't take you any place that you don't want to go and I swear to you that I will bring you back downtown, or anywhere else that you want to go if you don't want to stay at the school."
    "How can we be sure?"
    "Because I said it. I do not lie. I will never lie to you. I will never hurt you. I will never allow anyone to hurt you. If anyone hurts you, you need only tell me and that person will regret every tear that they caused you to shed."
    "When do we gotta go?" Mel asked me.
    "As soon as you have finished getting everything that you want to eat and have asked all of the questions that you think that you should ask. I am in no hurry, but I do want to know all about you and how I can make you a little happier. I know how to keep you safe and I know that I can give you more food than you can eat. I know that I have a soft warm bed for you to sleep in and a hot shower for you to clean yourself up in. I have new clothes that you can choose from, no uniforms, just jeans and shirts, good shoes, socks, and underwear. You can even sleep in the same bed together if that would make you feel safer. Nobody will bother you or threaten you. You will be welcome to stay as long as you wish.
    "That's right. If you decide after a day or two, or even after a week or a month that you no longer want to stay at the school then you may leave. You may even ask me to take you somewhere else and I will do it."
    "Is he like Santa Claus or something? Nobody never give me nothing that didn't want to fuck my ass hole." That hit hard. Mel is very small and he looks very fragile. I can not imagine what type of animal would hurt a boy like that. But then I have known some of those animals and I have the boys that they hurt living under my protection now.
    "Nahh, remember what Warren said 'bout him. He told me that he knew a man that owned a school where boys could go and live and that the man loved everybody and he was good."
    Mel looked at me as he asked his friend, "Didn't Warren tell you that it was a school for gay kids?"
    "Yeah, he did."
    "I ain't gay, see!!!" I saw tears. I reached across the table and touched his hand. He started to pull away then looked at me and pushed his small hand toward me.
    "The school is gay tolerant. That means that we have many gay boys living there, and we have boys that aren't so sure about their sexual identity. We have a few straight boys that attend there. Nobody says anything to anybody else about whom they like to have sex with. Most of the boys have sex with each other where anybody can see them. We have several couples that only have sex with each other, but they like to let other people watch. We have boys that just like to watch the others have sex, but they won't do anything with anybody.
    "Boys, it is like this. Nearly all of the boys at the school were molested before. Some of them were the molesters. Some of them just got caught having sex by their families and were thrown out of their homes. No matter what the reason, they need a safe place to live and grow up. That is what the school is there for. Don't get me wrong. It is a school. You will go to classes and you will get good grades. I insist that you study hard and apply yourself, that is the only thing that I demand of you.
    "Your education is the key to your livelihood for the rest of your life. If you slough off the chance to learn everything that you can then you are only cheating the man that you will become. I believe that boys can become great men when they are given the opportunity to learn. The school will teach you more than you ever knew about. You will learn so very much more than you would be able to learn in a public school. Why, because of the way that you will be led.
    "I said led, not taught. We believe that a boy wants to learn, he just needs to be shown the how to learn. We cannot teach anything to anybody that does not want to learn. If a boy is taught then he will only learn whatever he wants to from his lessons. If a boy is led to a subject and shown what is there for him, then he will choose to learn it or he will choose to reject it. It is the job of our teachers to show the boys the advantages of each subject and what he will gain by applying himself to learn that subject."
    "You sound like a teacher your ownself," the dark haired boy said.
    "I bet that those dudes would like to watch you suck my humongessest cock. You always wanted somebody to watch me fuck you with my monster fucker stick. You can suck a lot of cock there so let's go." Mel looked at me with a smile on his cute little face. Sims looked as if he was ready to kill the kid. There was a lot that I needed to know about the two of them. I knew that if Warren had talked to the dark haired boy then they were safe. I led them out to the 442 that sat at the curb out front, with its top down.
    "Wow!! We gonna rid in that? That's so kewl, I never rid in no vertible that ain't got no top at it. Can I rid in the back sit?" Mel is a beautiful face and a hot body, but his mind needs serious training. I was anxious to learn of his circumstances. I knew even less about his friend Sims, the dark haired boy.
    Both boys wanted to ride in the back seat and feel the wind blow their hair. I tugged at the three point aircraft style seat belts that come over both shoulders with a strap that comes up between the legs. All of that fastens into one heavy clasp of the two part lap belt. I make sure that all boys that ride in my topless cars are well tied down. Once I was assured that they were secure I pulled away from the curb. I kept the speed at the rigidly enforced twenty five miles per hour through the downtown area. I had the opportunity to let the steel pack mufflers rattle and echo from the canyon walls formed by the buildings as I listened to the gleeful squeals of my two young passengers.
    Interstate ten was under construction through town as a fourth lane was being added in each direction. We were confined to the slow moving frontage road, but I had a treat in store for the boys as I crept along at a snail's pace until we arrived at the finished interchange that would put me onto I-19 and south toward Mexico.
    Andy had been following my progress across town through my GPS signal. He had an idea what I had in mind. He came on my earbud to inform me that I was clear to go, all of the way to the Mexican border. I told him that I was only out for a thrill ride. I wouldn't exceed the speed limit, by much. Once I cleared the interchange and saw a clear road ahead I floored the accelerator to move the turbo 450 hydromatic transmission into low gear. My charges were thrust against the back of their seats as all four hundred horsepower from the 455 cubic inch power mill with two Carter AFB E series, big throat carburetors opened to dump gas into each bored and stroked cylinder.
    I drove for about a half an hour to let the boys get perfectly wind blown then I pulled off of the interstate and cut back under it for access to the on ramp to return northbound. I had an idea that we might need to take a short rest break. Both boys quickly answered in the affirmative to my inquiry. I chuckled to myself and drove up to my hilltop. I told the boys that I owned the land and that I could use their help with keeping my creosote bushes and cacti alive. I told them to pee on any bush that looked like it was in need of water.
    Mel surprised me. I had him figured for a severely abused child, but he stepped from the car and turned toward me then lowered his pants to mid-thigh. His cock was very impressive. He rolled his short foreskin back to reveal a thick glans of more than five and a half inches in girth. He wrapped his small hand around the shaft and it didn't cover a half of the length. Yet he was still soft.
    He looked at me as he let a solid flow of golden water pass that puddled on the ground between us. I would estimate that he had a good two to two and a half cups of urine in his system that needed an outlet. A normal bladder will hold about five hundred ml— liter—or almost two cups. That is on a full grown man, a small boy …well they do hold their water for long periods of time.
    "He's such a perv, then he whines when someone tries to get a hold of that thing."
    "You like getting aholt of it. He likes to suck it and take it up his butt. I don't care, as long as he don't do my butt. You wanta suck me? Sims sucks good, but I bet you do gooder."
    "Fuck, dude! That's what got you into this shit. Why can't you just let me take care of you and quit trying to get off on some dude that might hurt you?"
    "Your friend is giving you good advice there Mel. You are very young and very small. You are too cute to be believed. Somebody could hurt you very badly."
    "I like to have men get all hot over me. They like my cock and they give me money so that Sims and me can eat. I know that he will watch out for me."
    "But what if the dude that you come on to is bigger and badder than Sims. They could hurt him then do whatever they want with you." I got down on my knees before the diminutive boy and placed a hand on each shoulder. I looked him in the eye. "Mel, there are men in this world that would eat you alive. I mean really bite into you and chew your body up. You are playing with dynamite while standing on a sheet of glass one thousand feet in the air."
    "That's sick. Don't nobody really eat kids."
    "I told you that I never lie. I told you that I will never lie to you. At my school I have seventeen brothers whose father made them eat their brothers. He made those boys cut their brothers up and roast the meat in the oven and then eat it." His eyes were huge, but his head would not accept what I said as it shook back and forth in disbelief.
    "Mel, I am telling you the truth. I killed that man because of what he did to hundreds of boys. I have many boys in my house that he hurt in ways that you can not imagine. I will take you to meet them and they can tell you the truth of what I am saying. You have no idea how much danger you are putting yourself into. If Sims is with you then you are endangering him too."
    Mel turned to look at Sims then rushed to hold him. Sims pulled the little guy's pants up as they hugged and cried together. The boys moved into the front seat of the car as Mel moved as close to me as he could get. The only thing that I never really liked about that car is the damn center console for the gear shift lever on the floor. Mel straddled it and nuzzled up under my arm. I kept our speed at sixty five all of the way back to town. I kept my arm around Mel. I reached over and pulled Sims against him and held his hand.
    As we climbed the hill for the last part of our journey I fell in behind a school bus from BAW. I stayed behind it and followed it into the underground parking garage under the east side of the campus. I led my two boys over to watch the Chorus exit the bus. As each boy stepped off of the bus he greeted me and many of them gave me a kiss on the cheek.
    I got a grope, or forty, and warm fuzzies from all of them then we followed the parade up and into the lower lobby of the dormitory. I turned my two boys toward the administration offices and led them into Tyler's office. "I thought you said no uniforms and shit. Them kids was all wearing uniforms."
    "I told you that you will be able to choose whatever clothes that you want to wear. We do not wear uniforms in school. Those boys are with the chorus and they have been at another school singing today. When we are representing the school in public our students dress in slacks and wear a blazer with the school emblem on it. That just shows our pride in who we are."
    "Can I get me one of them blassers?"
    "Yes, you may." I left the two boys with Tyler as I rushed off to take care of other business. I would wait for a report on the two boys later

    I had phoned the good news to Adahy before I left the house to go to Tomes, but I wanted to congratulate the returning warrior myself. He had fought a battle that was just as real as any warrior had ever fought before, be it Indian or not. He had fought for his name and his honor. Now that the battle was won he is once again a full fledged member of the Cherokee nation, an honor of which to be proud.
    I have been accepted as a member of that noble tribe, but only by virtue of the blood of my mother. She was only half Cherokee by her mother, her father was Choctaw. With my marriage to Ugitsiha I had been told by the tribal chieftains that I was a member of the tribe. But somehow I feel second place to Adahy who was born of the noble blood of Chief Steve and his bride, Ahawi.
    When I entered the dinning room I knew that the word had gotten out, there was a party going on. I used caution as I stepped into the kitchen, and it was good that I did. It appeared that the whole Indian Nation of BAW was gathered there, the other cooks and helpers that are hired out to assist in the food preparation for two hundred and fifty boys in residence at the dormitory were at their work stations. However they kept a cautious eye on the, ever increasing size, of the celebrators as they worked.
    Adahy saw me enter and he rushed to me. He greeted me in Tsalagi as we clasped each other's forearm and touched our chests to one another—a traditional greeting that symbolizes peace. It is hard to stab a man with a knife if you are holding his fighting arm and pressing your body against his. I suppose that makes sense.—then he offered me a toast. I was handed a large glass of wine. It is a blend, that all of us have grown to enjoy, of crabapple and cranberry juices.
    Most believe that the fruit of the crabapple is bitter and useless. The tree is beneficial as a plant to grow near apple groves to pollinate those trees. The modern apple is a Johnny-come-lately to America's orchards, the crabapple has been around since the beginning of plants and trees.
    The Chestnut Crabapple produces the largest, and most tasty, fruit with a goodly amount of juice. Groves, or orchards, of several different varieties of the short, stout tree are grown along the river south of Chief Steve's house. Their fruit is pressed and the juices blended for use in the making of several tasty products. When small portions are blended with regular apple cider it gives the mix a sweeter, fuller flavor. The fruit has a high pectin content which makes its juice a favorite for making jelly for the boys' sweet tooth.
    I push the consumption of cranberry juice to keep the boys' urinary tract healthy and cranberry juice blends are available almost everywhere. It was Ona that first tried a blend of the crabapple with cranberry and he had an instant hit on his hands. Not only did the boys love it, it was good for them and far less expensive than the commercially prepared blends that are over processed to the point that their nutrition value is at question.
    I held my glass up high as Adahy offered up his toast and I took the opportunity to look around the room. All of my little Indians were present, even Clayton and Shikoba. Clayton had been raised by Adahy's sister-in-law after the death of his parents and the blond haired boy considers himself more Indian than white, so do we.
    Tracy8QR was at his father's side. IsiiR was with Mike%f. StevensT\/ was there as well as Itait and Inageiinbi. WesleyPSl stood with Onacona-on, Gynigeyonaf/bYn, and Gigagefgb near the ovens. WesiZl has done well in the few short weeks that he has been with us, but he is still on probation.
    CoryqW slipped up to me and wrapped his arm about my waist as RD@/cw rushed in with RodneyQd/ to grab themselves a glass full of the wine. A toast was offered to \y, the great Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe. I suppose that I had gathered another one home so I raised my glass in return to the honorarium

    "Dad, this is Tyler. Will you please hurry over to the dorm, the third floor. We have a problem here," my earbud sounded in my head. I offered up a toast to Adahy and welcomed him as the son of the great Chief Ahkawidisgi, then sat my glass down and ran from the kitchen to the stairway. I could take the stairs much faster than the elevator

    I heard the crying before I reached the top of the stairs so I turned in that direction. Mel was curled up in a full fetal position in a corner near the shower room. Luke Tanner was trying to comfort the boy as Sims cradled his head in his arms.
    Tyler was holding a crying Nick Lamb. He kept repeating, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was somebody else then, but I've changed. I am so sorry, little dude." I had an idea what was going on.
    I bent down and scooped all one hundred pounds of Mel Steward up and held him to my breast. I used my thumb to wipe away a tear as I kissed him on the tip of his upturned nose. He pulled away from me and I knew that I had overstepped myself with him. I was about to set him down when he smiled at me and threw his arms about my neck.
    "You came and you made me safe. You told me that you would keep me safe. I don't wanna stay here cause he might hurt me. He beat Sims up and stole our money and we were hungry for two days and I hate him."
    "Please listen to him, he isn't like that any more," Luke was caressing the boy and talking softly.
    "I'm not, little dude. I am not like that anymore. I learned that I have love here and that being a bully was wrong. I only wanted to apologize to you and Sims for what I did back then. That was last summer and I changed my colors. I will try to make it up to you, just don't leave. Stay here, you will be safe, I will make sure of that." He pulled Sims to him and gave him a big hug.
    "I believe him, Mel. I think that we are better here than on the street. It is cold at night and we get hungry all of the time and I don't like for you to let old men suck your cock, that is mine." Sims suddenly looked about him and blushed, deeply.
    "Tyler, I don't feel that the dorm is the right place for these two boys right now. Let's find a room at the house for them, a private room for now. We may have to put them into the guest room next to my office."
    "I believe that you are right, dad. I will take care of it."
    I received a tight hug from the boy in my arms, "No Tyler, I will take them over to the house and find them a room. I want to spend some time learning more about them anyway." Tyler grinned at me and I coyly looked at the corner of the ceiling then I winked at him. Tyler works in the administration office at the school and often meets with parents or other guests; he has to keep his clothes on through the day. Although it cramps his style it is a job that he wanted. I watched as he tugged at his crotch and licked his lips. Mel is a most desirable boy. Luke is a wet dream, and I would never turn down a chance to get to know Sims.
    "Can Luke go with us? Me and Sims love him." Luke is a mystery to me, he seems to be more involved then I had him figured. Actually I knew less about who Luke was than I knew about Mel, which was nothing. Luke revealed Phil Drapman and Paul Harmon's relationship to us two weeks earlier. I had visited his abusive mother to gain full custody of the boy, but I have been so involved preparing for my upcoming trip that I had not spent anytime with that little fellow either. Maybe having the three boys together might work out.
    Luke padded along in the uniform of the family as Mel hung close to him. "Why you naked?"
    "All of us go naked up here. When we aren't in class we don't gotta wear no clothes or nothing if we don't wanna. I like being all naked. See my big balls."
    "Mine's bigger."
    "Yeah, I member. They still taste sweet?" he looked at Sims who blushed again. Most curious, I had to learn what sort of relationship Sims and Mel had. I used the elevator to take us down to the third level basement. That requires a fuck finger ID, which the boys got a kick out of. I told them that we would program their fuck finger print so that they could access some of the family areas, such as the playground and skate park. That excited them because both of them like their skate boards.
    "Only I ain't got no board no more. That butt slime broke it with his car and he won't get me a new one." I assured him that he would have a new one before the week was over as well as a helmet and protective pads. He looked at me with a sideways glance and I told him that the pads and helmet were for me. He would wear them so that he wouldn't cut or scrape up his body that I liked to look at. "You a perv too," he giggled.
    "Yep, that's me. Big time perv." I directed the boys into an electric cart sitting in wait for me and placed my fuck finger on a key pad on the dash board then drove through the massive cavern below the athletic field. I took a short tour around the walkway that has been added to that cavern. Lights have been strategically set to shine on the numerous rock formations to illuminate their beauty. As we rode through the cave and the tunnel I explained the house rule and drummed it home to all three boys what the NO rule meant.
    Mel scooted up against me and looked into my eyes, "You mean that I ain't gotta let no stinky perv fuck my ass if I don't want 'em too?"
    "That's exactly what the NO rule means. Your sweet little body belongs to you and you alone and nobody can touch it if you don't want them too. If anybody tries to touch you and you say no, they have to stop or they will be in trouble with the family council." I had to briefly explain the family council as we walked from the end of the tunnel through the theater vestibule, across the old recreation room and up the stairs by the lower dormitory into the main house

    "Dadee's home." Three tiny little guys rushed to me for a hug and a kiss. "We can get you cloths off?" Kardal is always sweet. I raised my arms away from my body as little hands untied my shoes, unfastened my belt, unclasped my pants, and lowered the zipper. I watched my new boys' eyes as they waited to see what I had under my clothes.
    Sims gave himself away as he leaned slightly forward and licked his lips. Mel's mouth was a large "O" with a trace of drool at the side. Luke reached out and wrapped his hand around my cock and lifted it toward his mouth. He looked up at me and I gave him a slight nod. He took more into his mouth than I had expected as the head and about two inches behind that slipped between his slick lips. He moaned as he wrapped his hand tighter around me and fondled my balls with the other. The kid is a good cocksucker.
    "Phew, you stinker. He stinker dadee," ten year old Hamal looked up at me as he held Sims' shirt open.
    "Because they have not had a home where they can take a bath, babes. Maybe they want to go take a long hot shower now?" I looked at Sims.
    "We could to wash them goodly, dadee." Khalid is always the leader. I had expected that comment to come from Kardal, but Khalid is showing his balls more often lately.
    "You will have to ask them for permission to touch their bodies. You know that you never touch anybody without asking first."
    "May we to wash you in the shower bath? Peeeze, we make to you smell gooder and cleaner." Kardal found his voice. He is so cute that no one can really turn him down. The two boys looked at him and giggled then held out their hands to be led away. I told the boys to take them to my bedroom. I put my arm around Luke and stole a kiss from him then we followed the cleaning crew.
    I directed Luke to my bed where we sat and watched the unveiling of two nice young teenage bodies. Luke's cock was super hard as he watched every move that the little one made. They never made any sexual moves on the older boys, but that did not prevent huge erections to stand up on both boys. I was surprised, Mel was sporting a man sized cock on his tiny body. Sims had more meat than most sixteen year old boys usually have, but who was I to complain? If I was lucky then I would be nursing on those two cum fountains within the hour.
    When the boys went into the shower I turned to Luke. "How do you like the school so far?"
    "I love it. I am learning more than I ever learned before."
    "Your grammar has improved."
    "That's Paul. He told me that only clods and degenerates talk bad. He says that if I am gonna be a man to lead men then I gotta talk like a man."
    "You are doing quite well. How about the sex? Are you getting all of the sex that you want." That caused him to blush.
    "I ain't …I never did much of that before. I had a friend that sucked me off and I sucked his cock, but we never swallowed the cum. I watched some of the guys in the dorm and I wanted to try it and it is real good.
    "I went to Pauly and Richy and asked about fucking and stuff 'cause I never did that and they told me to wait. Pauly has always been sorta my hero. His brother Phil was this bold guy that always got us into trouble. Pauly is the bravest guy in the world and he always protected me and Phil. With Phil kinda gone then Paul is …" the tears appeared. I wanted to change the subject.
    "How about your other cousin Phil. You like him, don't you?"
    "He is kinda stuck on himself. He thinks that he is my master cause he is older, but Paul is older than he is so he is the boss of the family, the way I see it."
    "Do you think that you need a boss?"
    He looked at me for the longest time. As I watched, his face twisted and his eyes narrowed, he was thinking. "No, I don't think that we should have a boss. Pauly was afeared …what is that word? Oh, afraid that you would make him go away when you learned who he really was. But when you loved him and told him that he was here to stay then he got all mellow and shit. Phil is still stuck up, but he is glad that you know that we are all cousins and he hopes that all of us can stay here til we grow up."
    "You can stay here for as long as you wish. Even after you are grown up, if you want."
    I know one thing about boys, they need stability in their life. At Luke's age he can not see growing up and going out into the world. Let them feel safe and at home and time will change whatever needs to be changed, or it won't.
    "Have you tried fucking yet?" I wanted the boy to clear the air so that I could know where to place him. If he was still living under the protection of his cousin then I felt that it might be better to put some distance between them and move Luke over to the house.
    "Yeah, I told Pauly that I was ready to try it. He and Richy talked to me and Richy ain't that big down there, you know, so he did it to me and I liked it. Well it hurt at first but Pauly was holding me and he kissed me and told me how to relax and let it happen and then it started to feel good so I asked Pauly to let me suck his dick and Richy kept on fucking me and I was loving it and Pauly started to suck my cock and I was cuming and he was cuming and Richy was cuming in my ass and I was cuming again." He stopped and took a breath, his cock was so hard that it was bright red.
    "I sorta got lost there."
    "I can understand. It was a hot night for you wasn't it."
    "Fuck yeah. I want to do it again. Sims wanted to fuck me, but when I told them that I was all virgin back there Mel wouldn't let him do it. But now I am gonna get him to do me. I want to have you do me sometime. I'm not ready back there yet, 'cause you are so big, but I will take that …soon. Can I suck you?" He didn't wait for an answer, he just bent down and began to suck me. I had to laugh at his speech patterns. He is trying to improve his grammar, but when he got excited telling his story he lost his control.
    The water was off in the shower and two squeaky clean boys cautiously moved toward my bed. I heard Kardal whisper to the other two little ones that they should leave 'cause dadee was going to, 'sex the boys up somemore.'

    Sims crawled up opposite of Luke for a close up vantage of the boy's cock sucking ability. "You do'n better now dude. You got lots of that meat down your gullet. Just relax your throat and swallow some and it'll go down your throat." Luke tried it, but gagged and pulled off of me to cough. Sims took over the abandoned blow job.
    Sims was going strong and had all of me deep in his throat as he moaned deep in his gut. I only needed a slight coax to make him turn over the top of me so that I could swallow his six and a half inch cut meat. A man after my own hard, Sims raised his ass in the air and begged around my cock for Mel to enter him. Mel moved over my head and bent forth to rim Sims' hole. I kept after my afternoon meal and said nothing as what I thought was a shy virgin boy dove into his job with relish, no mustard, no onion. (little joke there. had to break your mood)
    Once satisfied that Sims was slick and open I watched a monster cock move toward the eagerly gapping hole. Mel pulled his long foreskin back and forth then slickened his very thick cock with his spittle and pushed on inside of Sims. His glans quickly broke through the sphincter and paused. In mere moments I saw the ridge of a huge glans reappear then push back in just a few centimeters further than it had gone before. Mel kept up that action until he had a good four inches inside of his lover then he paused.
    Sims shifted about on top of me and I felt his body go lax. Mel felt it too and he pulled back then went all of the way inside. His sparsely hair covered groin went flush against Sims' wide spread legs causing Sims to grunt. Sims quickly adjusted and began to push back as Mel began a fuck that belied his tender age. At least the tender age that I suspected of him.
    I was being treated to a sex show that many boys much older had never given me. Even long term couples had seldom given me so much viewing pleasure. I was also getting pleasure from Sims' efforts on my cock. The boy was vacuuming the dirt from under my toenails, from the inside. His tongue was moving about my phallus like a choreographed dance. I felt as if he was using a catheter on me as I felt his tongue move down my urethra much further than anything had ever gone before.
    His tongue was playing my frenulum like a well tuned fiddle. I could feel every ridge along the top of his mouth as he held my cock tight between his tongue and mouth until it made the trip deep into his throat. I felt his uvula drag across the ridge of my glans before my glans dove into the tight opening of his throat. He knew how to control his throat muscles and I heard him humming as he sent vibrations through me that sent chills all over my body.
    Sims cautiously placed a finger against my sphincter. I spread my legs and pushed out, he pushed his finger inside. He went straight for the prostate and stroked it like a professional masseur. I wanted a cock-n-butt. I had to lift my dinner from my mouth so that I could make Luke understand what I wanted. Once he understood me he quickly moved between my legs. I placed them on his tiny shoulders as I flattened my butt cheeks out for him to get close. Luke was only thirteen years and two months old, his cock had barely began to grow, but a four inch, finger thick cock on a horny boy can feel like a telephone pole. I know that the boy that it is attached too sees it as one.
    Luke spent no time with preliminaries, he lined up and pushed in. I was glad that he was only finger thick. He took right in with his fuck and moved like a cyclone over my needy prostate. I suppose that his length and girth were a plus for the situation that we were in, all of his moves centered on that tiny butt nut.
    I could sense multiple orgasms moving amongst all of us. I had no way to time the events, but I hoped that we would all nut at the same time. I watched Sims' testes rise in their silky sack and draw close to his buff body. I could see Mel's balls making the same move. My orgasm was starting at my toes and rapidly moving upwards to fire deep in Sims' tightly sucking mouth. He moved back a little as I let six powerful shots fill his mouth.
    "OHHhhhhhhhh, fucccckkkkk, I'm nut …, ohhhh fucckkk that fee …ohhhh I'm …fuck that feel …ohhhh fuck man that …ohhhhh, ohhhh. Fuck man that feels so …ohhhhh shit. Oh cum, cum, cum some more, ohhh fuck." Luke is a loud nutter, that's for sure.
    I was drinking as quickly as I could swallow around a very thick fuck stick as cum squirted from a well fucked hole over my face. We had all nutted at almost the same time. That is the best way to end a group fuck, everybody goes at once with nobody left hanging.
    Mel rolled away. Luke was already gone. I quickly spread Sims' bunns and feltched everything that Mel had left for my hungry taste buds. Sims was writhing on top of me as he had never been rimmed after a hard fuck. When I had gathered all that I could find I pushed him aside and rose over the top of Mel to glean from him Sims' deepest, darkest tastes.
    Both boys looked at me then Sims grabbed Luke and began to clean his cock for him. "Hey, this is kinda good. We gotta do this, Mel." He went back down on Luke and sucked him until he was once again erect.
    "You gotta fuck me now. Ya gots me all hard and I'm so fucking horny and you promised me …" Sims moved over the boy's face and kissed him.
    I moved so that I could coach Sims into the smaller boy. Sims had a reluctance to rim Luke, but he had not fucked in sometime. Lust overcame his prohibitions, he moved in and laved the tiny ass hole which slowly opened to a size that he could insert his finger. He worked on the boy for several minutes as Luke squealed his joy and begged for Sims to fuck him to neverland. I told Sims to be his Peter Pan and fly him off to the second star on the right.
    "I want you to fuck me." I looked at Mel. "So, okay, I can choose who I want and I want you. You ain't some creep that my uncle dragged home that only wants a boy butt. I think that you would be a good fuck."
    I was not going to talk. From the sounds of it Mel has had plenty of talk. I would do as he requested and talk later. I gave the boy every consideration as I slowly ate him out and took another load from his inflated balls. He took quite a bit of prodding to open enough that I was comfortable going up in him. I knew, by looking, that he had been sorely abused in the past, but the damage looked to be quite old.
    Mel rode me with a glazed look in his eyes as he drifted in and out of consciousness, or near to it. He responded to my movements when after about ten minutes his cock grew to its full erect state. He spread his legs wider and almost pulled me inside of him as his libido grabbed hold of him. He was enjoying his pony ride and he showed it.
    As he got more into our actions the bedroom door burst open and Roddy came rushing in followed by Dane. I had not gotten up and locked the door behind the tiny trio. However I could use Roddy's presence right then. He realized that he was not supposed to be there and started to withdraw when I told him to sit down, shut up, and watch. Without a word spoken he sat on a chair where he could see well and held Dane to him as they acted as witnesses for a pinning.
    When the act was finished I shooed the witnesses away and took Mel into my arms to learn his story. I played with a serious cock of almost seven uncut inches and as thick as a small jar of green olives. He never knew who his father was. He had a picture of a Marine that was supposed to be fighting in a war in someplace called racky. His mother had a long line of boyfriends and his uncle came over every few days. When he left his mother was mellow and didn't yell at him.
    One day she had a boyfriend that had been there several times before and she told Mel that she was going to marry him, but he didn't want any kids. She told him that his uncle would love for him to come and live there so he was packed up and moved. He was ten years old. Sims was the uncle's twelve year old son and he took Mel to his bed and taught the boy how to make his daddy happy. Sims had entered puberty early and he was no longer desirable to the man.

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