Chapter 160


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    Jimmy had found twenty one year old Daniil, a young college graduate that hoped to become a teacher. I wanted to study under him, but I did not have the time. Jimmy had a few jillion pictures that he had taken while Cullen and I flew to Munedavia for kingly duties the day before. He was bored and lonesome and went for a walk, of course he had his camera with him. He was taken by the sweet beauty of the young teacher with his hands over his head holding on to a tree branch.
    Jimmy asked Daniil if he could take his picture, now the sweet meat was sitting before me in all of his glory. I made one of those snap decisions, I asked him if he was fucking any of the boys in the school He to told me straight out that he and Jimmy had gotten in some serious cock sucking, but no fucking the day before. I asked him if the rest of the boys weren't good enough for him.
    His eyes widened and he looked me in the eye, "They are all very fine young men, , but I hope to apply here in the summer for a job as a teacher."
    "Your English is excellent, what other languages do you speak?"
    "All of the major languages, sir. I also am most excellent in the Latin."
    "How about classical Greek."
    "Oui, I mean, yes sir."
    "Farsi, MSA? How about the major oriental languages?"
    Daniil began speaking in gibberish as Cullen came in to ask me a question. He smiled at me and began to speak in gibberish to Daniil. Daniil did not know that Cullen was there and he spun about, he almost fell on his face as he tried to bow before ending his spin. The two boys talked on for several minutes and I heard many different languages being used. Cullen was pointing at me and then both boys looked at my cock before Cullen took hold of it and stroked it to erection. Daniil was hard in an instant. Cullen eye talked me and I nodded that it was alright for Daniil to suck me, he wasted no time getting down to the root of the matter.
    "He speaks excellent Latin, uncy. I would like to study with him sometime. He speaks twelve dialects of Chinese, I only speak the three main dialects. Maybe he can tutor me this summer?
    "You will want to get him in bed, Jimmy says he is a neat cock sucker. Daniil just told me that he has had it up his ass when he was younger, but he is afraid of disease and hasn't done that since he left high school. He doesn't even have a boyfriend now that he is in college."
    I knew that my decision had been correct so I voiced it and asked Daniil if he would like to go to Paris with us. His college classes were out until Monday and he would love to go with us, he just needed to go get his clothes. Paddy was drinking his coffee and letting Aaren suck on his fingers. I asked Aaren if he would mind walking with the boys that I needed his friend to earn his salary. Paddy was on his feet in a flash, a quick salute and he was downstairs dressing himself in a sharp uniform.
    I asked Cullen if he would make sure that my suitcase and two dark suits were ready to load in the Bentley, Cory stepped in and told me that he had just loaded all of our clothes. Jimmy was with him to tell me that he had placed Culley's clothes in the boot of the Bentley along with his own. I giggled at his pet name for Cullen, the King blushed, that is their private name, but then I am into their privates aren't I?
    I introduced Cory as my boyfriend then kissed him and told him that I would be back in a few minutes, he stepped forward and squeezed a drop of love juice from Daniil and said that it would be more like an hour, Daniil blushed from head to toe, his ass was a brilliant shade of rosy red.

    Daniil's apartment was located across the street from a large park six blocks down the beach from BAF, I wondered if that was the park where Jimmy had met him. Daniil saw me looking that direction and he pointed to a tree lined path.
    "It was right over there that I met young Monsieur Watkins, Jimmy is a fine youngster. I was afraid to have sex with him, but he was so horny as he kept taking pictures of me. When he told me that he was an American and that he was visiting Nice with the owner of the big school on the beach I decided that I needed his body.
    "I have been a long time with nobody in my bed, m'sieur. I hope that I did not do wrong."
    "Daniil, Jimmy is his own man. He is the King's boyfriend, but he likes to suck cock. I am surprised that he did not do more, he is a great partner."
    "I have not done that since I was fifteen, m'sieur Jimmy and I talked about that and he told me that he wanted me, but he thought that we would do it another time. He did something to me that I have never had done and I wanted him to maiser mon âne cru." He was blushing again.
    "Sorry, m'sieur, that was too crass and I should not have said it."
    "If you can not speak whatever is on your mind to me then we cannot work together, Daniil. I speak very little French, but I have heard the students for the last few weeks and I think that you said that you wanted Jimmy to 'fuck your ass raw'?"
    He smiled at me, "He said that I should wait, he said that he knew someone that could show me what love in the bed can be. Was he talking about you, I hope?" We didn't have time for a lot of talk, I let him lead me to his room where I watched a nice strip show. I had quickly dropped my trousers and shirt then lain back to watch him as his eyes never lost their gaze on what he hoped to be able to ride.
    He was as horny as the youngsters in my house, but I needed him without time for any delay. He was stroking his five and a half inch cock as the glans turned to a bright red color. I went to my knees before him and he rocked back to pull his legs apart and reveal himself to me.
    I would have the boys shave him and introduce him to various hair removal options, but for the time I dove in knowing that I would be picking hair out of my teeth for the rest of the day. I have taken walks through forests that were not as thick as the wild growth of thick, course, black hair around his anus, but never the less, he was sweet eating.
    He wiggled and giggled as I kept up my assault and I felt him approaching an orgasm. I quickly put my fingers to work as I took over for his fist with tight suction on his main stick. Daniil grabbed my head and began to face fuck me as I gave his prostate the first workout that it had received from another in many years. He filled my mouth with the sweet, thin juice of a boy several years younger than he was while screaming for me to fuck him.
    I had no intention of denying him my full attention, he was quickly impaled on my spear as I halted two inches inside of him and watched his face for approval to go all of the way. I felt his body give the go ahead before his eyes re-focused and his mouth widened into a half smile.
    Very slowly I entered as I treated him like a virgin, one could almost say that he was virgin, but his butt hole was stretched after at least six or seven years of non-reverse entry. Daniil was in need of a serious fuck and he responded to my every move and begged for more.
    I wanted more, I wanted to spend the entire day with him, but I had a serious obligation. I asked him if we could shower together and he smiled at me and pointed me to his very small bathroom. I walked over to the window and called down to Paddy to bring up a suit with all of the extras then turned to find that Daniil was sitting a kettle of water on his tiny two burner stove.
    We quickly washed each other then stepped out with towels around our middle. Paddy was still in the apartment so I asked if he would pack the clothing for Daniil to take on our trip to Paris. Paddy took one look at the boy and smiled with a knowing nod, he would go up in that boy in a New York second—that's one thousand times faster than a New York minute.
    Daniil spooned instant coffee into two cups then asked Paddy if he wanted a cup. He did, but I told him that he would have to take his with cow's cream because I had dibbs on Daniil cream. Daniil looked quizzically at me and I asked him if he could put a load of nut batter into my cup. He began to stroke himself as I watched, up close. I was sitting in a chair with my face close enough to feel the wind moved by his speeding hand.
    He arched his back and I held my cup in one hand and bent his cock down with the other as he shot powerful jets of cream into my cup. I saw Paddy standing in the doorway with two shirts in his hand as he watched us.
    When Daniil was down to dribbles I took his faucet into my mouth and suctioned all that I could find from him. He never flinched and barely lost any tumescence as I took him to his pubies for a complete milk down. I looked into my coffee cup at the thin, swirling man juice in my French instant coffee and hoped that it would cut the harsh taste of the brew. Maybe it is America that doesn't know how to make coffee, but I just can not take the tar that I have found around Europe.
    Paddy asked Daniil which shirt he wanted to wear on the train, when he answered the question Daniil looked at my cock and licked his lips. "I haven't had a taste of that yet, but I want it direct and not in my coffee." He knelt before me and began to work on the largest phallus that he had ever encountered in his life.
    He let a few shots loose into his coffee, but quickly returned to sucking me dry. Paddy came in to drink coffee with us as we talked for a few minutes before we had to dress to return to the school and the boys. We went into the bedroom to dress and for Daniil to check his grip to see if he needed anything else. He wanted a different pair of socks and then opened his bottom dresser drawer to remove two new dress shirts and a brand new pair of trousers, still in their wrappings from the shop where he had purchased them.

    Paddy returned me to the school so that Cullen could ride in the armored vehicle. When we pulled into the long drive there was another limo sitting at the front entrance, on the front fenders of the limo were the flags of Italy. No one had called me so I had no idea what to expect. I walked up to the entrance as Athos stepped out to meet me.
    "Chris me lad, this is a right good one for you and I am proud that `is honor done it to ya." What the hell did that mean? I did not get a chance to ask because Athos was on the move and drove away in a local police car with two other occupants.
    I stepped into the large formal room and my heart skipped a beat. A beautiful youngster that I had known quite well at the party in the woods the summer before jumped up and rushed over to me, he had been crying. A man in a decent Italian suit rose and introduced me to the Italian ambassador to France and an envoy from Rome.
    I learned that my friend, the Italian judge had passed away. It was his final wish that I allow his ward, Emilio, to attend my school. He would like to see the boy go to America, but would leave that up to me. All of the boy's papers were in order and all we needed to do was to apply for a student visa to take the boy home with us. I could do that, but did I want to? I looked at Emilio and told him about our concert and that we were about to leave Nice on a train to Paris. He was ready to go wherever I would take him. I know that he had made friends with a few of my boys so I asked them to stay with him on the walk to the train.

    At nine the exodus began, the citizens and tourists of Nice, Franççais thought that they were watching a parade as four hundred boys from age seven to twenty two marched through the streets from the school to the railroad station. Under the command of Athos, and the President's own special police force, the local police had officers at every intersection through town covered, they directed traffic for the boys to move quickly and safely. Of course the King and I had our special transport in my armored Bentley, and we had our standing police escort as we moved through town to the gawking eyes of tourists hoping to see someone famous.
    I had invited Daniil to ride with us, but he had to go by the college to deliver a message to someone there, but he promised to meet us at the train station. He better show up, I had his small grip with his new shirts and pants and the taste of his essence still lingered on my pallette.
    Roddy shot us the finger as we drove by where he was tugging a suitcase larger than he was, he wanted to ride with me. I had a truck to take the luggage for the smaller boys, but Roddy told us that he was not small, I felt for sure that he was regretting those words as I looked at him struggle to get his suitcase over a curb. I radioed back for the truck to cruise by slowly and take on any boy's luggage that wanted relief. Jimmy and Cullen were on their knees looking out of the back window and told me that they were pretty sure that it was Rod trying to pass over his suitcase, however we were two blocks beyond and it was hard to tell for sure.
    It is almost a mile to the Gare de Nice-Ville–the railway station–from the school, but it was quicker for the boys to walk than it would have been to bring down ten buses, load then unload…Besides that the walk would wear them down so that they would sleep for the six hour train ride that lay ahead of them.
    The direct TGV (train à grande vitesse_ (high-speed train)—service from Nice to Paris would take us through the heartland of the country and I was glad that we could make the trip in the early hours so that we could see more of what Franççais has to offer. The TGV has reached speeds of 357 miles per hour, but we would be creeping along at a modest two hundred miles an hour. Normally the train travels slower between Nice and Marseille, but this was a special train and I was assured that the higher speed would be safe.
    Our police escort stayed with us until Cory was onboard then stationed themselves near the train. As the Bentley was being loaded into the car for automobile transport the load master was talking to his men about the flags on the front fenders, they couldn't quite place them. I quietly mentioned that King Cullen Muneday, the princes Arif al-Hadi, and Cory Conway would be onboard. Eyes got wide then I was assured that their safety would be first in the minds of everyone involved. I heard several men ask each other who this prince al-Hadi was, but nobody could even guess about prince Conway. Of course all of them knew the name of the King of
Munedavia, he is in all of the world's news daily.
    As each boy reached the train station he placed his baggage on a cart where a porter would load it onboard for him. I feared a boy being separated from his luggage, but I was assured that all would be well and in the event of a problem we would be amply compensated. That is not normal service so I had to believe that the President was behind that statement.
    As a boy turned over his baggage he was given a large bottle of water and a sack lunch. I had made certain that the boys had a very big breakfast as I walked around the room to make certain that they all ate well. I got chastened a few times because I was only nibbling my way through the meal, but I was feasting on eye candy. My time is growing short with some of the boys and I want to take in all of their beauty that I can before I return home.

    For the most part the train ride was uneventful, but boys quickly discovered a small problem. All of the tourist literature will tell you to take a seat on the left side of the train when traveling west, it is on that side that the best scenery lies. The boys were crowding around the windows each time someone called out over something to see.
    I walked back and forth through the train to visit with as many of the boys as I could and each time I stopped the boys scooted around for me to sit with them. I tried not to sit down very often because there were just so many boys that I could not be with all of them and I didn't want anyone to feel slighted. I was grateful for a number of phone calls that I received, at least that gave me an excuse to move to a quiet, private place.
    The staff, and of course the cooks, of BAF were in a car forward of the boys. I had sent them by bus after all of the boys left the school grounds and the building was secured, only a small security staff was left behind. Edmund sent a boy to me with a baggy of fruit and a muffin, the old man does watch after me. Another boy came up to me very slowly as he carried a cup of coffee in his hands. I took the coffee and told him to wait as I passed it to a boy seated nearby then turned and picked up the waiter and tickled his tonsils for him. He left a sticky deposit on my belly, but I didn't mind at all, that was quickly licked up by boys nearby.

    We were routed to the Gare Saint-Lazare in Paris that normally serves trains coming down from the north. A long line of open style tour buses awaited our arrival. The boys were directed to a bus as their luggage was placed underneath. I let my core family direct the placing of luggage or else the porters would have had a nervous breakdown from four hundred kids getting in their face to see that their stuff was safe.
    Once onboard their bus the boys were given a bag containing a homemade granola bar—with no sugar, only fruit—a selection of fruit pieces that could be eaten with their fingers—no waste to dispose of—and a large bottle of water. Each bus left in a different direction, but each bus route would cover the exact same territory. I wanted all of the boys to see the historic and scenic sites of the ancient city of lights. Even boys that are from France have not been able to see much of the city during their young lives.
    Léon hopped down the isle to show me his old school, I had thought that it would have been further out from the center of town from the story that I was told. Of course it was Bert telling the story and he had no idea where anything in the city was. Léon did a quick stop and a double take as he looked at the red haired boy sitting next to me with the thick horn rimmed glasses raised to the top of his head.
    "Sorry govnr, can't see a blooming thing with these old specs on." Léon realized that it was Cullen in disguise and cracked up. I turned to the bus full of boys and told them that Cullen was disguised for his safety and that they should help us to protect him. They all agreed, but teased him about how hard it was going to be to shave with that hairy mole on his upper lip. Cullen flipped Jimmy off.
    Our tour took two hours before we arrived at a huge compound of buildings only a few streets off of the Avenue des Champs álysáes. As we turned onto a side street I pointed out the Palais de l'álysáe to Cullen and told him that we were invited to lunch with His Excellency, President Sarkozy, the following day. He scooted close to me and wrapped his arms around mine, "Could I just remain a little boy for a little while longer." I took him to my lap and held him, I wish that he could remain a little boy forever, but he is a King, an important person on the stage that we call earth.
    The boys had seen the Opára de Paris and were rapidly talking about how big it was as we pulled into a large compound. I followed their merry talk inside the largest building in the area. I had counted windows as we approached the building, there were three floors with twenty south facing windows on each of the two upper floors. The ground floor was broken up with a large entry port that our buses had passed through and I had only counted ten wide windows on that level. I suppose the property must have belonged to the huge church that towered along the west end of the building, but I had not been able to spot the entrance to that edifice.
    Once under the first building our buses pulled into a large green garden with a driveway that ran around the perimeter. The drive was barely wide enough for the drivers to maneuver their vehicles as a series of turns transported us around the large square and up to, what appeared to be, the main entrance of a five story building.
    I was eyeballing the grassed area and estimated it to be a bit smaller than a football field, but about the same size as a soccer field. Alright, I'm a yank, a football also gets carried and loved down the field, we don't have to kick the poor innocent ball around because we don't feel that it ever did anything to us to deserve such brutality. You may wish to take a break and re-read my little ditty entitled Balls, balls, balls. I had a bit of a problem with that story when I showed it to some of my stauncher friends, they said that it was pornographic, can you imagine me writing anything pornographic? Always remember SNIFOC.
    I looked at the large building along the west side of the garden area and realized that it was part of the overall house that the government of France was putting us up in. The entire wall that I could see was filled with large stained glass windows of various patterns comprised of red, blue, yellow, and green glass. No images were apparent, only colored glass. I had made a mental calculation as we passed through the entryway that the front building was more than fifty feet deep. The large church like building ran from the street to the end of the garden area, over two hundred feet long.
    I say church like because with its gothic architecture it looked very much like an historic church such as we had seen all over Europe on our trip. I learned that the building housed the largest dining room that I had ever seen. The boys all screamed, "Hogwarts!" when they saw it. It did have that appearance with six neat rows of tables from the entryway to a large raised area at the street end. Dumbledore was not in the house.
    Once off of the buses the boys were directed to the dining hall where a very welcome meal with a wide assortment of cold drinks awaited them. I watched the boys' eyes as they checked everything within their field of vison out as thoroughly as possible. I know that they were hard put to sit at the food before them when they wanted to explore, fortunately the food won out. The strangest part of that building was the entrance, the only egress in the entire structure faced a blank wall fifty feet tall.

    Temporary staff was provided to direct the boys to their rooms. Each room was set up for a couple with twin beds and the usual furnishings. Bathroom facilities consisted of communal rooms between every pair of rooms. The baths were just that, bathrooms, no shower and only one toilet, one bidet, and two lavatories each. The boys were going to have to rough it for a few days.
    I wanted a look around and found that everywhere I turned there was a group of boys doing the same thing that I was. There were two hundred and twenty four bedrooms in the building, fifty six per floor, on the four upper floors. There were twenty eight bathrooms spread between each pair of bedrooms. Everyone quickly discovered that all of the rooms on the north side of the building had windows that looked across the most impressive sites of Paris. Over the rooftops could be seen the Tour dEiffle-(Eiffel Tower), the Cathedral of Notre Dame was to our left and just at the edge of our vision we could see the Arc de Triomphe-(Arch of Triumph).
    There were heavy doors blocking any entrance to the ground floor with the exception of the main entry that led to the stairway. I had a strange feeling, but absolutely no clue to what kind of a place I was in.
    I walked across to the long building on the east side of the property and found large rooms filled with tables and facing a podium at the door end of each room There were chalk boards on the wall at the far end and along the wall that adjoined the hallway. The far wall had windows set four feet above the floor, I knew at once that the rooms were designed as classroom with the windows being set high enough that the students couldn't stare out of them when sitting at the tables.
    That building only had three levels to it with the top two floors being the classrooms. The ground level was set up as a library and offices. The ceilings were twelve feet above the floor level and large paddle fans hung from the ceiling to keep the air in the room moving.
    I was approached by a man in coveralls that seemed excited about showing me his part of the action. He led me down into his workspace in the tall underbelly of the building where I saw long rows of coal fired furnaces, about fifteen in all. The man spoke plausible English, but I was glad that I had Cullen with me to help me to understand.
    The entire compound had once been a large school, but had been empty for over six years. All of the heat and hot water came from his boiler room and was distrubuted through pipes running along underground tunnels to the other buildings. The only thing that I know about steam heat is that it is hard to control and a window almost always has to be opened too make a room tolerable.
    Next I moved to the front building and found that the twenty windows on the upper two floors opened into four long rooms thirty feet wide and forty feet long, with five windows each. A five foot wide hallway separated the dorm rooms from small rooms along the wall looking down into the compound courtyard. Each of those rooms was roughly fifteen by fifteen feet square, some with a private bathroom.
    The bathroom areas for the upper floors were large communal shower rooms with ten shower heads on two walls and fifteen toilets each situated to each end of the each floor. A long row of lavatories ran along the back wall where old mirrors, with large spots of black, hung over them, their slivering had faded over the years.
    The man in coveralls was still with us and he was explaining to Cullen that the building we were in had once been the home of a company of soldiers that defended the school. I looked at Cullen and wondered why a school needed to be guarded by soldiers.
    The ground floor of the front building was comprised of common rooms to one end where the soldiers could rest and recreate. The other end of the ground floor contained its own kitchen and dining room as well as small offices for the staff. I asked the man where the officers and noncoms would have been billeted, he told us that they slept upstairs in the small sleeping quarters. Something is very strange about the school, but I was not there for the school, but for a concert.

    I heard a vehicle pull in and went out to see if Andy had arrived. Paddy led the way in my Bentley with Andy next in line, two trucks pulled in behind him. Andy got out of his large black Mercedes SUV and walked toward me as men started to remove boxes from the back of the trucks into the main dorm building. I sent the boys with me scurrying over to the main building as Andy brought me up to speed on matters that concerned our business together.
    Inside the main building I heard the boys being told that all of the students from BAW should look at the sleeve of the blazers on a rack to the left of the door and find their jackets. Each jacket was wrapped in plastic protection as if straight from the dry-cleaners, Andy told me that they were. He laughed as he told me that he had found melted candy bars and used condoms in the pockets of the jackets and he was sure that they should be cleaned before they were delivered. I laughed with him and asked him if he had the names of any of the boys whose pockets were so stuffed, he told me that he would never tell.
    All of the boys from the two schools in Europe were trying on jackets to find their size, three men that seemed to know what they were doing were checking the boys for fit. When the boys found a jacket they were told to select one of the two patches from a box at the end of the table. They were to write their name on a tag in the plastic bag with the emblem then place the bag into their jacket pocket and place it on the table to have their school's emblem sewn in place. For some of those boys I believe that they had never had a nice jacket before and I watched them actually love the jackets against their bodies.
    The boys were not happy about the rule that they remain fully dressed. I explained that we did not know who was around us and that we were guests on the property. They had to agree, but they didn't like it. I asked Paddy to drive me around the compound so that I could see where I was.
    Paddy knew a little of the history of the compound. Many years earlier it was built as a church, but the bishop of the church fell into disgrace and it was abandoned. Things are different in different parts of the world, but it was history and I could not change any of it. During the French Revolution the compound became a home to hundreds of orphaned children and the school was added to the east side of the property as a work house.
    The compound in front was added for more children. The workhouse survived until after WWI then the entire compound was emptied out. A group of missionaries claimed the building and returned it to an orphanage in the 1930's. He had no idea about why soldiers had been needed at the school. I had to check that one out.
    Our drive around offered more mystery to the school. The church like edifice had a solid wall to the west that was being removed to open up the twenty foot tall windows. I looked at Paddy as I heard the boys in the back seat saying that it looked like a prison. We were sure that it was when we got to the south side of the compound, there were no windows on the ground level. The windows of the second level were twenty feet above the ground that had been recently plowed and set with flowers and short shrubbery.
    I turned to Jimmy, he was ahead of me. He turned his computer screen toward me as Cullen and RD sat staring at the building. Roddy wanted to know what was wrong. We were looking at a kiddie jail. I shuddered inside. We would only be there for a few days, but the place would know the laughter of children once again.

    After our evening meal I had to break up an actual fist fight between two BAD students. I grabbed each boy by and ear and almost dragged them to the front entry tunnel. I pushed them out toward the street and told them that I would not stand for fighting. I told them that they could find their own way on the streets, but they were not welcome in my schools.
    Both boys were near hysterics as I stood sternly over them. "What was the fight about." I almost lost control when they told me. I led them back under the tunnel and into the small room that had once served as a guard post. I sat down and pulled them to me.
    I could no longer contain my laughter as I sat before them, they were still in terror. They had been telling the other boys that each of them had the biggest mouth and had set about to prove it by taking the entire fist of the other fully into his mouth. Erik, the boy that had been a favorite of Paddy, had bit the other boy named Lukas.
    I reached for the hands of both boys and fourteen year old Lukas's hand is almost a half an inch wider then fourteen year old Erik's. Erik began to panic and felt that he could not breathe, but Lukas was yelling at his friends to look at how he had his whole fist in Erik's mouth. Unable to cry out Erik took the only action that he could see and bit down, hard enough to leave a deep impression, but not breaking the skin.
    Lukas responded with a blow to Erik's nose and the fight was on. It had only lasted a few seconds when I intervened, but I reacted too quickly and without learning the facts. I apologized to the two boys, but they told me that I would have to pay for scaring them. The brazen fag boys wanted to spend the whole night getting their tight butts fucked, I asked Erik if he had ridden Cory when we were at the castle, he had and he wanted more so we made up a foursome for the evening.

    In order to be true to the original I needed the help of my favorite pyro-technicians. Brad and Jay were glad to help and of course their work would take place at the Palais Garnier so I made them a special offer. Pete flew my family to Paris, they left Tucson at seven Tuesday evening and arrived in Paris at three Wednesday afternoon. It was only six in the morning at home and all of them suffered serious jet lag.
    On their arrival I had them taken to a fine hotel near the opera house. I could not chance having Cullen join us, but he had plenty of 'fun things to play with' at the compound. Paddy took Cory, RD, Roddy, and me to the hotel a few minutes before six. After the travelers had a shower and a short nap they were ready for the large lunch that was prepared for us to sit down together.
    Betty and René could not stop talking about a shop that they had seen earlier in the month, both of them wanted to return there to purchase a new dress. I looked at Quemela and told her that she should go get a dress for herself. I reminded her that it was prom season and she might like an original Paris gown to show off in. She ran around the table to give me hugs and kisses.
    I am glad that she took me up on my suggestion that she attend Wilson High, I think that at her age socialization at peer level is very important. RD showed his jealous streak when I told her that she might meet a special boy. I won't fight it, but I know that Pam is going to be my daughter-in-law, in spite of what RD says. He told me that they would cross that bridge when they came to it, but I can see that bridge just beyond the next hill.
    RD is a typical teenage boy, afraid for anyone to see his emotions, but I see his heart and he knows that I do. I feel fortunate in my relationship with my own teenage son, I wonder how we would get along in a straight family setting.
    The girls were overjoyed to spend three whole days in Paris, but I needed to see my wife and baby above all. With everything going on around me I fear leaving my little babies fatherless. I can't hold the unborn ùdyi wahya yet, but I can hold his mother and feel him move about inside her. Yes, he has only been in the oven three months, but he is beginning to stir. Not much yet, of course, but I like to lay my head on her belly and talk quietly to the developing fetus and I am sure that he has kicked my ear once or twice. I heard somewhere that a three month old fetus has fingernails, that's just weird information.
    Aioli Wahya lays with his head against mine and Gvnigetsuli lays with his feet out the other direction. Rod has taught me a chant that his elisi taught to him, together we chant in Tsalagi to the two babies. RD thinks himself too big to put his head on his stepmother's belly, but he is there when Rod is and I have caught him with his hand getting into the action for a feel of the unborn's movements.

    Jay always breaks us up with his stories about his Brad, those two boys are so much in love with each other. I have several sincere love affairs in the family, but I know that those two will endure, in spite of their tender ages. The two boys were out for a walk when they found a stray dog in the nearby park. The dog was licking at himself when they walked up, they saw an animal control truck cruising the area and wanted to save the young pup.
    To their amazement they spotted a broken jump rope that had been discarded in the nearby bushes. Jay quickly tied the rope around the neck of the puppy and held onto the wooden handle as the officer drove by. They took the pup home and determined him to be around six to seven months old. They needed a name and Brad popped off that they should call him dicklick, the name stuck and the pup is a part of their family.

    Cory wanted to stay with Sarah, I could understand that, I wanted to stay the night, but I was only able to spend a few hours with my wife Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, I had to be with the boys as we rehearsed their program for the upcoming Friday night performance.
    I also had to go down to the lobby to meat more guests. Blake Crosby called me Easter Sunday with good news, for him actually, but I love to share with my friends. The charges against him had been formally dismissed, we knew that, but it was held hard over his head until the matter was closed once and for all.
    I told him that I was in Franççais and asked him if he would like to bring the boys over to celebrate the victory. I explained the upcoming performance and told him that the boys would be welcome to sing with the family. Blair has an amazing baritone voice that is crystal clear and Blain sings cocksongs very well.
    Blake and I sat down in the lobby for a few minutes, but he was so excited that he had to tell me about the trial before he would even talk about a room. He had used the information that I had given him when I visited his home the day before New Year's eve. He contacted the state's attorney general's office to convince them to open an investigation of its own based on the names and accounts revealed in an series of documents that I had for him.
    The trial was pushed up to the last week of January so that all the victims could be subpoenaed. Jury selection had been a mad house as the defense rejected all of the old women and the very young men. Three days were taken to select twelve jurors and four alternates. During the second week of testimony those jurors began to fall out for assorted personal conflicts.
    Twelve known victims of Blain's school teacher took the stand to tell of the sexual perversions the man forced on them. In every case the boy stated that he was told to submit or flunk. The teacher convinced those boys that he had the power to not only fail them, but have them set back a grade for a better understanding of the basics. The basics that he wanted to teach them would not help them to the kind of education that would boost them up in society.
    The trial went on into the second week of March before the jury went into deliberations. After a week of no verdict the jury was called before the court to explain their problems. Blake sounded excited as he told me that the jury was sure of conviction on thirty six counts of sexual conduct with a minor, but was dead locked on the eighty two counts of providing pornographic material to a minor. They wanted the court to define pornographic in the context of the trial.
    Blake told me that the man had showed all of the boys homo erotic movies and felt them up as they watched. He would then move to his knees and suck the boys as they continued to watch, that part was clearly wrong to the jury, the part that they had questions on were the erotic drawings that he gave the boys to take home with them.
    When his computer was examined at his arrest it was found to contain hundreds of images of male sex involving legal age men and boys. Three thousand Anime images were found, most with oriental origins. The jury had seen those images and thought that they were sick, but they were drawings, not actual people. Four days were spent in defining Anime before it was ruled to be a form of pornographic literature.
    A verdict was reached on Good Friday afternoon, guilty on those one hundred and eighteen counts and guilty on thirty counts of sodomy and four counts of forced rape of a minor. Blake sat back and exhaled the smoke from his cigarette before telling me that the minimum sentence the man could get is ninety five years.
    I knew that he felt good, but I was tired and I had a few dozen boys waiting for me to molest them. I looked at his two sons sitting by and listening with eager looks at me. Well, I had not been with Blair for a long time and Blain had been on probation when he was at my house, my cock twitched. Cory stepped off of the elevator in front of RD who was carrying a sleeping Roddy.
    I asked Blake if he wanted a boy to molest. I was going back to my family, he and his could join me or see me the next day. He felt that his boys should join me so that they could meat up with their friends in my family, he was tired and was going to bed at the hotel. I checked him in and paid his room for him then hugged him tight. I was glad to be in France where it was only natural for men to kiss each other on both cheeks, Blake kissed back.

    Thursday morning I was visited by three officials with information and paperwork for the compound where we were staying. I almost got it in gear to run away. The government of Franççais was deeding the property to me to be used as a school for throwaway children, I could decide the gender of the students to attend the school.
    What Paddy had been told were missionaries were in fact reformists that set up a prison for young offenders. Boys and girls alike were kept there until they reached the age of twenty five. Some of those released went on to other prisons around the country.
    The west side of the old church was walled up to prevent escape and a wall extending across the back of the main housing unit was extended across the front of the church. Guard towers were installed, but they had been removed in the late 1950's.
    Eighty soldiers occupied the four barracks rooms in the front building, twenty to a room, twenty guards to a shift. Three barracks were occupied while the fourth provided staff to oversee the children in three shifts each day with one twenty man unit having the day off.
    The country's current administration shut the prison down and pardoned all but the most serious offenders incarcerated there. The property sat unused and unwanted for six years. No one wanted to tear down the old church, but the church did not want the property. They felt that it was no longer consecrated ground.
    I was told that money and man power was available to me to change the school in anyway needed to make it a place of learning that children could enjoy and seek to attend. I told them that the first thing that I would do is to tear down some of the walls and install doorways to the world. If it was to be a school that I was involved in it would have open access and egress for anyone wanting in or out.
    I know by the looks on their faces that they thought me mad, but the King laid it out for them in French. No one is forced to attend my schools, a boy comes to the school because he wants to learn, but he is free to leave at anytime.
    Boys that attend my schools have to earn the right to remain at the school by working hard at their studies. No one is allowed to do average, or failing, work. All students must achieve scholastic excellence or they can be removed. My staff will work with a boy and help them in anyway needed, but if a boy is lazy and wants to coast by on a free ride he coasts on down the street. The visitors understood that and agreed, in principal. I was in a foreign land and would have to learn to abide by their ways.
    I asked why the lower floor of the main building was blocked off. My visitors were prepared to show me why, but I was not ready to learn the truth. One of the men produced a key and unlocked the door to the east hallway. Only Cory, Cullen, and myself went inside with our guides.
    I was faced with the worst sight that I had ever seen, short of Seigy's castle dungeon. The hallway was lined with solitary confinement cells, cells without windows, lights, or facilities. The stench was still in the walls and floors of that place.
    The end room was one that I wish that I had never seen, and I for damn sure did not want my boys to see it, but there we were. It was a torture chamber, one visitor told us it was the punishment room. I watched his face as we moved around the devices used by sadists on children and wished that I could have them in those hideous monstrosities for a few hours of like treatment. I must have said that out loud because the same visitor said amen.
    He kept looking at one devise and I followed his gaze. It had a narrow seat, but the back was slanted at roughly a forty degree angle. There was a cutout at the top of that chair back with a well worn wooden block attached to it. Suddenly it dawned on me, that cutout is where the child's neck would be and the wooden block was where he would place his chin.
    There was an old leather strap that would have held the child's head in place and straps to hold his arms and hands. The chair was too close to the ground for even a child to have his legs down. Cullen got into the chair and began to move himself around.
    I grabbed Cullen and bodily pulled him from the chair. Our visitors started in alarm, I was manhandling a king. "Leave me uncle Chris. I will study that chair. I have seen it before, there are two in my castle and I want to know their use." He turned to the visitor and spoke quietly to him. The man passed his jacket to a colleague then removed his shirt. Everybody in the room started in shock as we saw the serious scars on the man's back.
    He began to quake and cry, I grabbed him and held him. He moved to me and placed his head against my shoulder and sobbed like a boy. I held him close and let him cry as I cried along with him. Everybody in the room was moved to tears. Cullen came to us and wrapped his arms around both of us as he talked to the man again. Shortly the man regained his composure and stood up straight.
    He showed Cullen how to sit in the chair backwards. Cullen rested his chin on the block and placed his arms on the rests where they would have been restrained with wide leather straps. He was directed to pull his feet back under his body with his knees on the floor. That was the first time that I noticed how the stone floor was well worn in the shape of small knees.
    Cullen had shoes on so it was difficult for him to get his feet in the correct position, but we could see and understand the principal behind the chair. "I can not see the scars on my back any longer, but every time I put on my stockings I can see the scars on my feet from that chair and that bed." He pointed to wooden bed like affair along the wall.
    Our guide pointed out the use of the bed. It was about five feet long with a block where the neck would be and rotting leather straps to hold the head in place. The arms would be strapped down at the child's sides and his legs would be secured. His feet would hang over the end where they would be open to the person administering the punishment. The child would lay there as his feet were abused by a large array of weapons ranging from leather straps to flexible paddles with holes in them. My feet hurt as he described it.
    In the chair the child's back and feet would be subject to the whims of the abuser. The bed was used for minor infractions of the rules and different tools were used for different infractions or repeat offenders. The chair was used for serious rule breakers or for children that continued to break the rules.
    I asked our guide what he had done to deserve such punishment. He told me that he took a piece of bread from the plate of another child that did not want it. Both of them were punished, but he got the chair because he cursed the guard, he was seven years old. He was released from that place when the government came in and shut it down, he was sixteen.
    I hated to hurt him, but I asked him why he was sent to such a place to begin with. His mother lay dead in their small apartment and he was hungry. A sidewalk vendor had a stand near the door to his building and he slipped out and stole two oranges. He was seen by a passerby that alerted the vendor, the two of them found him eating the oranges, peels and all. He was charged as a thief and sent to prison until he would turn eighteen years old.
    I asked him what type of work he was in. He told me that he had been a student and had just finished his degree as a teacher. I asked him what subject he teaches. He teaches math, but prefers language arts, he speaks five languages. Cullen put him to the test and told me that he had an excellent mastery of English, German, Italian, Latin, and Greek, but needed help with his French. That got a laugh from all of us, leave it to my little nephew to lighten the mood.
    I hired my first teacher for that school on the spot. I learned that all three visitors were educators and had been selected to show me the school from an educators view. The older man was an administrator so I had my headmaster and two teachers before noon of my second day in Paris. I sat down with all of them and had Daniil and Cullen join us. Cullen gave the four men the hardest test that they had ever taken.
    I am pretty sharp on historic matters and I have a deep love of higher mathematics, I posed questions to Cullen to ask the men. They had algebra, geometry, and trigonometry down pretty well, but came up short in calculus. I smiled and told them that they would be teaching high school boys, not college. I want the boys to learn as far as their young minds will take them—a teacher is only a guide, the student does the learning. I can give you a road map, but you have to learn how to use it to get anywhere.

    The rest of that day and the next were hectic pandemonium as we ran ourselves ragged getting everything in exactly the right spot. We had special effects that would make or break our planned opening. The speakers had to be set at just the right angle, the lasers had to be perfectly aimed. The smoke had to be aimed so that it would not settle on the audience. Fans had to be mounted in the air conditioning vents. So much to do and not enough time to do it in.
    At noon Friday I called an end to our efforts, if we were not ready then we were not ready. We needed rest or we would fall apart at a critical time. I had the girls brought to the compound and all of us sat down with all of the boys, in clothing, for a big lunch and a happy time together.
    The boys were excited to meet my wife and baby, all of them wanted to put his hand on the bellies of our two mother's to be and the girls were happy to oblige them. I felt a real bonding taking place between all of us and it was a good feeling. Could all of us just move to Paris and live? No, there is too much to do at home, but my mind wanted it all.
    Christopher Cory and Cory Stevens were the highlight of the afternoon as little Cory toddled about trying to follow his older cousin. The two guys were in so many different laps and had so many laughs that they were worn out and ready for their nap, that pleased their mothers greatly.

    I had something that I was sure was going to make two sweet young and hungs happy. I stepped up behind Jordy and Léon and placed a Paris newspaper on the table. Jordy looked at it then grabbed at Léon's arm and pointed at the picture on the front page.
    The pair moved around to show off the picture of the headmaster of their old school being placed into a police vehicle with handcuffs on his wrists. Once I was absolutely sure that the boys were being forced into sexual relations with the man I made a phone call to a close friend of mine. He knew a few of the father's of boys that attended the school. When those men talked to their sons they had a story to tell that did not set well with them.
    One of those father's contacted the bishop of the diocese and accompanied him on a personal visit to the priest's office where they found him in a sexual situation with a twelve year old student. I watched my young students run about showing the paper to their friends. The man used his power over boys to abuse them. Had those boys been consenting partners I would have kept my nose out of it, but such was not the case. All boys enjoy sex, they seek sex where they can find it, but it is never right to force oneself on an innocent child, no matter what a person's position or station in life.

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