Chapter 234


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    I had missed a lot of the springtime festivities of our high school. I was home and planned to stay there for the remaining few weeks of the semester. I love to hear the combined voices of a boys' chorus. The first Thursday and Friday that I was home just happened to be at the time of the city wide music festival. Matty lamented the fact that he had a very weak woodwind section and no percussion section at all. We have a few good drummers in the family but no percussionists. None of the school aged boys could play one instrument solely; they wanted to play a trap set. Matty had a tympani player and someone that could play the chimes very well. What he lacked was someone that could keep the beat to play the bass drum. He had no one that he could count on to strike the cymbals together on cue. He decided to not enter the band in the competitions.
    What he did enter were outstanding groups that brought audiences to their feet. The massed choir, with their supporting orchestra, was still highly ranked about the city. The glee club was a standout. Matty had nurtured Logan and turned the boy into an amazing vocalist. He carries the solo parts with power and presence in a clear voice that makes a boy soprano. Logan's voice is quite similar to Cullen's beautiful throat pipes. I hope that he will work closely with Matty to become another star for the school.

    I really enjoyed the boys at their swim meets. I swam in high school and college and remember well the stimulating times in the showers with other toned bodied teenaged males. I like to show the boys on the dive team a few of my old moves. Of course they want to do it bigger and better than I did. That is only natural for a testosterone driven competitor. I insisted that the divers wear a speedo while on the boards. A mistimed dive can smash balls between the water's surface and a muscled body. No one objected to that rule.
    The coaches allowed the boys to swim in the nude. Most of the boys found their times were better when they wore a speedo. I glibly told them that they needed to weigh anchor. Some of them caught on at once and explained my meaning to the others. One of the more avid race car enthusiasts told his team mates that a tight fitting swim suit can cut down drag. Of course with boys being boys a lot of banter went around the locker room about a lengthy dick hitting the bottom of the pool and digging into the concrete. The boy that came up with that one was a short peckered eighth grader by the name of Ron Shepherd.

    I never liked having anyone as young as Ron living in the dormitory. After talking to him I felt that he was a little too worldly and that he would not fit in if he lived in my house or granite house. I thought that I would check on him later in the evening. He has lived in the dorm from the day that he came to the school. Six boys had come to Tomes of Time one cold and windy January day in 2008.
    Ron was befriended by Marty Wilmes who had seen the brazen boy walk up to a man and ask him if he wanted to fuck his ass. Marty is only thirteen, but he knows that that sort of behavior could get the boy hurt…or killed. He grabbed him by the hand and led him up to me. He placed eleven year old Ron's hand in mine and turned to go stand with the other boys that had come to the book store seeking safety from their street life. Ron's face showed signs of a serious beating. His left eye was swollen with a cut in the eyebrow. His lip was split and there were numerous bruises about his tiny face.
    I didn't want to put the six boys into the warehouse that Rick Carlson owned a few blocks from the book store. It is in a very difficult part of town. I feared for the safety of the two younger boys, Marty and Ron. I took the six boys home and placed them in two rooms at the house, the two youngsters shared the quest room It took me until the middle of the following day to learn who had beaten Ron. We learned that he had been used sexually by those from whom he should have been sheltered and protected. I immediately set an investigator on the case.
    Ron wouldn't talk to any of us. He was defiant when it came to his desires. He wanted to get away from his foster home We did that for him that evening. He wanted to go to school so that he could learn to be a smart man someday. That was happily granted to him.
    You may remember from chapter 211 that his father was a 'drunken bum', according to the description that we got from his incarcerated mother. She is in prison for the first degree murder of her ex-husband whom she found in bed with ten year old Ron. She had thrown the ex out and let her boyfriends take over the job of keeping 'the little faggot happy,' but the boy's father wanted to spend time with his young son.
    Mr. Shepherd had slipped into the house and crawled into bed with Ron. It was some hours later that Ron's mother returned to find her ex balls deep in her ten year old son's ass. She had her boyfriend drag the ex into the backyard where she split his head open with an axe. She told the boyfriend to go keep her faggot son happy while she disposed of the body.
    Ron was placed in an abusive foster home where he was allowed to wonder the streets at all hours of the day and night. He knew of several places where he could find men that would fuck him for money. At the foster home two boys, thirteen and fourteen years old, fucked him for fun, then made fun of him. Ron's self esteem hung in the balance.
    His foster sister, and her boyfriend, beat him up for making a pass at the sixteen year old boyfriend. His foster sister told him that her mother couldn't love a faggot and that he should get the hell out of her house. He had been living on the street for almost two weeks. Desperate for money the eleven year old boy circulated the parks where he had seen boys approaching men for sex.
    Ron's foster mother was non-functional. She was burned out on crank. The woman's fifteen year old daughter thought that she ran the household. When CPS went to the home they found the boyfriend living in the sister's bedroom. Worse than that, they found him asleep, naked in her bed. The smell in the room suggested that the two youngsters had recently engaged in sex. The other boys in the house were not in school. There were drugs found in their rooms.
    CPS took charge of the situation. The other boys in the home were reassigned to new homes. The mother was sent into a program to help her sober up. The daughter and her boyfriend were charged with battery on a minor. The charge against them was aggravated into a hate crime because of what was said at the time of the beating. The daughter was sent to juvie lockup until she turns eighteen. The boyfriend was charged as an adult and sent to a juvenile section of the State Department of Corrections. He will receive a gift on his eighteenth birthday; he will be placed in the adult system where he will serve the remainder of his twenty eight year sentence.

    Ron wanted to live in the dormitory. I allowed that for two reasons, he had been on the street so I figured that he was street wise. I also took into consideration the fact that he had lived in an abusive situation in a foster home so I thought that the dorm setting would be more comforting to him. I need to stop thinking and follow my own rules about no one under the age of twelve living in the dorms.

    Now the twelve year old boy is alone. He loves sex, he has a history with older boys and young men. On his twelfth birthday Ron had learned that my cousin Neal loved him as much as he loved Neal. I moved Ron into a room at the house so that he and Neal could be together. Neal is very much a baby. He has no idea what love is. He and Ron fought with each other. Ron came to me and asked to be able to return to the dormitory at BAW. I tried to intercede, but to no avail. I gave in to Ron and let him return to his original cubicle.
    During my tour of the sleeping quarters of the dormitory Ron invited me sit down with him. I stepped into Ron's cubicle and sat down to talk to him. We talked all night long. I asked him what he wanted for his thirteenth birthday the next day. He wanted a boyfriend. He had no one to share his life with or to sleep all night long with.
    On his twelfth birthday he had asked me for a GPP. The school family had a birthday party for him and the pin was forgotten, I thought. I learned that he loves to bottom. He has many of the older boys stop by to give him the ride that he wants each evening. When I headed to his area I saw seventeen year old Mason Sollom leaving Ron's bed area. Ron ducked his eyes at me. I told him that there was no problem with him having a visitor.
    Ron is a go getter. He puts his education as his top priority. When he first joined the family he was in the sixth grade. He showed his teachers that he was capable of doing better, he was promoted to the seventh grade. He had perfect grades throughout the seventh grade and has maintained that work study ethic through the eighth grade. He has proved himself ready to be promoted into the ninth grade, but I have held him back. I want to wait until he has a little age behind him. He will be thirteen when the next semester starts and he will be in the ninth grade. We will sit back and watch him very closely.

    I slept in Ron's bed with him all night long. We only had oral sex, but I knew that he was ready for a pin. He would get one at his birthday party the next evening. Ron told me that he had not had a thick steak for two years. I reminded him of the cookouts that we had at Camp Christopher. He told me that the steaks there were good, but he wanted a sit down steak dinner with baked potato and salad, all served by a cute waiter with a fine looking butt. I knew just the place for him.
    I had to take Ivan to his opthomologist to have the surgery that had been performed on his eye evaluated. I had an idea. Ron joined us for the trip to the doctor and I hoped that he and Ivan would become friends. After our business was complete at the doctor's office Ivan had two good eyes again. I asked the boys if Ivan would want to celebrate with Ron at a steak house. One of my favorite burnt cow altars sits along the freeway. Their Mesquite fired grills are open for lunch. Both of the boys ordered large Porter House steaks, well done. I ordered the petite sirloin, medium rare.
    I was happy as I listened to the boys' conversations. Ivan fits Ron's needs like sugar glaze on a donut. Ivan is well hung. Ron has filled out. His thirteen year old, five and a half inch cock has grown a full inch during the year. I had a plan to get the boys interested in each other on a personal basis.
    In the basement of granite house, the wine cellar, we have a large assortment of video games and arcade style games. I know boys like to have a change of scenery from time to time so I took the pair to a mall where there was a very large arcade center. The boys stuck to each other as if they were glued together. They played several games before finding one that they truly enjoyed. I took a position where I could take in the scenery as well as keep an eye on my two boys.
    About thirty minutes into their game I was approached by two boys. They looked like copies of each other. One was about fifteen, maybe sixteen. The other was small and smooth, he appeared to be about thirteen. The older boy spoke, "Please mister, can you spare some change so we can get some food?" I looked at the younger of the boys as his stomach rumbled. I looked over to Ron and Ivan. They were so engrossed in their game that I felt secure in leaving them for a few minutes.
    I directed the two boys to the food court and told them to order anything that they wanted to eat. They both looked around at all of their choices. The youngest boy said that he wanted hot donuts. His brother scolded him. I placed an arm about each of them and told them that they should eat something more substantial, then they could have donuts for desert. The older boy said that they should eat the fried chicken with potatoes and cole slaw. That was an excellent choice.
    I bought lunch for both boys. The older one has a good head on his shoulders, he told the younger boy that they should not drink sodas. I suggested milk. They asked for chocolate milk. After they sat themselves down at a table I excused myself to check up on my two boys.
    Ivan had over two hundred thousand points on the game that they were playing. They told me that they were tied. Ron had beaten Ivan six times and this, the twelfth, game gave Ivan the tie up game. I thought it was a good time for them to quit. I led them back to the food court and the two boys that were inhaling three piece chicken dinners with all of the trimmings. I asked Ivan and Ron what they would like. They were stuffed from their steak dinner, but Ivan spotted a place that he knew that I liked.
    Ivan led Ron by the hand as they disappeared into the crowd. In a few minutes they returned with large chocolate malts. Milk shakes are okay, but when a little malt is added to the ice cream and milk it becomes a favorite treat of mine. I sent them back to purchase two more malted milk shakes for the other two boys then we sat and talked for a while.
    Frankie Showard looked at his brother's plate, "Vince, are you going to eat that chicken leg?"
    "Yeah, I'm still hungry." Frankie was scraping the bottom of his container of mashed potatoes with gravy. I walked over to the chicken counter and ordered up two one piece dinners with chicken legs, potatoes, and a biscuit. As I gathered the food to carry it over to the boys I had a thought and asked for three more biscuits with extra butter and honey.
    I set the food before the boys and passed a hot biscuit to Ivan and one to Ron. I slathered butter on my biscuit aa we continued our conversation. Fourteen year old Frankie is the outspoken one of the brothers. In fact he is like most youngsters of his age in that he is hard to shut up. We learned that the boys live alone with their father. He is often gone for several days at a time, and he was gone at this time. The boys had run out of food and they decided to head to the mall and try to find a meal.
    Like a typical adult I admonished them for their folly. I pointed out to them that they could get hurt. Frankie wanted to know who would hurt them. I told them that there were many bad people. There were dirty old men that liked to have sex with boys as cute as they are. Frankie blurted out that Vince would like that. He likes to get fucked in his butt.
    Vince threatened his little brother. I placed my hand on his shoulder and told him that wanting sex with boys his own age was not wrong. What was wrong was that Frankie had told on him. The little guy was not reticent as he continued to tell us that he and Vince sucked each other's dicks every night and that he fucked Vince at least twice a day.
    I looked at Vince. He had his head ducked down. I lifted his chin and stared into his emerald green eyes. "He's got a big dick and he fucks better than the others." Vince went on to tell us that he had three boys at school that fucked him since he was a twelve year old seventh grader. He told me that two of his mother's boyfriends fucked him as he and Frankie sucked each other. He told me that that was the best. He told me that the boyfriends weren't as good as Frankie. He smiled at his little brother and told me that Frankie loved him and that he made love to him.
    The boys' father learned of his son's sexual abuse by their mother's boyfriends and took them away from her. He reported the abuse to the police department so that they could investigate the living conditions in the home.
    One afternoon about a week before I met the boys they rushed into Vince's room for some sexual playtime. They had no idea that their father had stayed home from work to nurse a cold. Frankie had his big brother impaled on his mighty fuck stick when their father walked up to them and slapped Frankie on his butt.
    I asked Ron to tell the boys about BAW. Frankie loved his school and was looking forward to attending high school the next year where he would be a freshman. Fifteen year old Vince was teased and bullied by most of the kids. The three boys that had sex with him in the past were the worst. The boy's last name was a source of much of the taunting from the other boys, 'Show it hard, faggot.' Or just plain 'Show hard' was brandied about. Vince was commonly referred to as show hard, Frankie was beginning to get some of that type of teasing himself.
    Frankie told us that Vince would turn sixteen on the next day and that he would be an eleventh grade junior the following school year. Vince ducked his head and mumbled, "Yeah, two more years of the bullying." I knew of a solution for that problem.
    I herded all four boys to my Caddy and drove to the Showard home. Nobody was there. I walked through the house and checked the kitchen. The only thing that I found was some overripe fruit and vegetables in the bottom of the refrigerator. The shelves had containers with very old left overs in them. There was no milk nor anything else to drink in the refrigerator. The freezer was completely empty.
    I opened the cabinets and found some canned asparagus and two cans of carrots. The trash receptacle under the sink held empty cereal boxes and an empty oatmeal container. I went to the boys' rooms. They were surprisingly clean. Their beds were made and there were no dirty clothes on the floor.
    Frankie had two posters of horses on his wall while Vince had a poster of a Ferrari and two pictures of young men in speedos posturing their muscular build. I asked them if they knew where their father was. They told me that they had not seen him since the day that he had found them in bed together, that was more than a week past. I told them that I was going to take them to my school where they could find plenty of food and that I would try to find their father.

    Ivan and Ron slept together that night, in Ivan's room at the house. The next morning they were all smiles. I don't believe that I had ever seen Ivan look so alive and well. Frankie and Vinney were pleased to be at the house. They were dressed and ready so I drove them to their school. JB met me in the counselors office at Vinney's school. He had gathered some information on the boy. The counselor had some concerns about Vinney. He had heard stories of the boy's sexuality and he was aware of some serious threats to his safety. He just didn't know who was involved or precisely who it was that had made the threats.
    Within the hour I had temporary custody of Vinney. He reported to the office to meet me. Together we cleared out his locker and headed back to BAW to enroll him and find him a bed. I waited until Frankie was out of school before I talked with him. I had Roddy with me as the three of us headed off for ice cream.
    Frankie wanted to stay in his school for the remaining five weeks of the school year. He wanted to look around at BAW and the students there before he decided what was best for him. He had time so I allowed it.
    Vinney was tested on every subject that the school teaches. He was found to have a firm knowledge of our curriculum. He would be passed on to the eleventh grade the following semester. For the remainder of the current school year he would be allowed to attend the classes with which he was familiar so that he could get a better feel of the school and what he could expect as a student there.

    Mason Sollom is the owner of the Ram Charger that Tilo Ozuna was referring to in chapter 233 Mason loves his boyfriend, but doesn't show it to him. I played like a matchmaker and got the two boys back together by getting Mason to teach his fifteen year old boyfriend how to drive. I challenged the Ram to a drag race at Tucson Speedway then took the two boys to the hilltop. Ivan and Ron came along with us in my Olds, Cory was sitting at my side.
    Mason has done well in the past seventeen months that he has been with us. He has the distinction of being a former inmate of the state's juvenile penal system. Mason is a good kid. Like many young teenagers he was confused by life in general. His fantasies toward sex with boys made it harder for him to find his niche. He had one suck buddy that was trouble on the hoof. Stu was sixteen and was smoking marijuana several times a day. He was happy to have fourteen year old Mason service his hard cock on a daily basis.
     By the time that they had been together for a year the solo suck sessions quickly became a mutual effort. Mason would do almost anything that Stu desired as long as Stu continued to suck his cock at the same time. Stu could maintain his erection for almost two hours and through three ejaculations. Mason loved to suckle on the male teat and he enjoyed the rich, thick cream that was his reward for a job well done.
    He would go soft and tender after his first climax. Stu proved to be a good friend as he massaged Mason's groin and suckled his balls. He also allowed Mason to continue to suck him. By the time that Stu was ready to let loose again Mason was usually erect. Stu liked to take all that the boy had to offer deep into his mouth, sometimes receiving a second shot of the boyish ball batter the youngster had to offer.
    One evening Mason walked over to Stu's house for some fun. Stu met him on the way. He was driving a car. Mason had never seen Stu in a car before, but he got in and they drove around for about fifteen minutes. Stu admitted that the car was stolen and that he just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours. At a traffic light Mason opened the door and bolted. from the car. A police patrol car was in the line of stopped traffic, he wanted to know why Mason ran from Stu's car.
    The officer pulled Stu to the curb and called to Mason to join them. By that time another parol car arrived. One of the officers took Mason to one side for questioning while the other officer handcuffed Stu. Mason decided that he needed to come clean or he would be in as much trouble as Stu. He told the policeman that Stu had picked him up and that he admitted that he had stolen the car. He told the officer that upon hearing that he got out of the car because he didn't want to go to jail.
    In my dealing with the local law enforcement's lower echelon I have come to believe that any compassion that they show during the training a the police academy is driven from them. The officer arrested Mason for joy riding and put him in lockup for the night. The next morning Mason appeared before a juvenile judge and was placed on probation for one year. Mason's Public Defender was ineffective and no appeal was filed in the case.
    Several months later Mason was with a group of boys in a city park. The other boys were sharing a joint and Mason took a hit when the roach came around to him. Just as if on cue a bicycle cop rolled up on the boys and arrested them. Mason was in violation of his probation. The judge in this case showed a hint of compassion to Mason. He sentenced him to one full year in a work program experiment by the state's Department of Corrections.

    Mason was sent to a ranch in mid-state. He was tested and evaluated for his scholastic abilities and for his aptitude. He was assigned to school classes that built on his strengths and also to the school's trade school classes. He showed an amazing aptitude toward electronics and received instruction in courses that could lead him to a career as an electronics technician. He learned to build and repair computers. He learned to troubleshoot the electronics and made strides toward designing those circuits.
    Upon his release from his sentence Mason applied to BAW. I interviewed him and learned of his skills and desires. He had discovered anal sex while inside. He loves to play football, and he is an honors student. I accepted him into the school and into BAW's football program. I also took him to Andy for a two hour work/study program in FI's computer repair division.
    Mason excelled on the gridiron. He showed great ability to Andy as he worked in the repair shop. He and Andy spent time together as Mason shared his ideas with him. Andy told me that the boy was a very close second to my little Jimmy. He wanted to take him under his wing and help him to grow in his knowledge. Mason is now enrolled in the pre-requisite courses for an electrical engineering degree for the fall semester at the university.

    BAW graduated forty five seniors on May twenty seventh. There are twenty boys that are still living in the dormitory that attend various schools of higher learning around the city. I anticipate more young students coming to the school so I must find homes for the boys that are no longer students of the highschool. Some of the recent grads have expressed their desire to board in the college dorms so that they can get the feel of a real college experience. I wanted them to understand that they could not run through those dorms naked as jay birds and have sex in the bathrooms and hallways. They had toured the university and they had seen many cute boys in the dorms. I warned them of castration should they approach the wrong boy.
    The school year ended on the twenty eighth of May in 2010. A poll had been taken of all of the boys in my family. They were asked where they wanted to spend their summer vacation. They were told that they could go to any of the schools that I am a part of, except for the new school in Moscow, that one was under major reconstruction at the time. Two boys wanted to spend the summer at cliff house in Malibu. All of the rest wanted to explore the woods and mountains and ride horses. At noon on the twenty eighth all of the boys, including most of the college boys, loaded onto the school buses for a summer vacation at Camp Christopher.
    RD had other plans for his summer. At seven o'clock on June the second RD and Quemela were married in our church. There were over two hundred people to witness the ceremony including several of the college boys. Doctor Will was honored with the function of giving away the bride. Cory served as RD's best man with Sagi as her matron of honor. Of course Ugitsiha was also a matron of honor. I just stood as stiff as a board and cried as my baby boy, that I had only found four years earlier, declared himself a married man. They just grow up too quickly.

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