Chapter 82


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cory was curled around me as we sat at the large family dining table. His tears ran down my body soaking every inch of me. He knew I had to go to New York, but he doesn't like to be separated from me. Actually for that matter, I don't like to be away from him. I had held him close as we lay in bed earlier that morning, "Cory there are twenty three little black books that contain nothing, but names and phone numbers. They appear totally innocent looking, but I know that Charley had records. He always knew which men to invite to which party and how much they would pay for their special perversion. Those books now reside a little more than eighteen hundred feet below ground level in a special safe set in solid granite deep under my mountain in Arkansas. They are forever watched over by the love of our ancestor, Chief-Flies Over Fox, Under Eagle-Steve There is only one safe way to get into that cave, through your grandfather's final resting place on your mountainside in Oklahoma. Cory, I have to go get those books."

    The family slowly made their way in for breakfast. Çhé Ģerâld was whistling and in very high spirits as he took the family's orders for their eggs. Christopher was flipping pancakes like a pro as he giggled and sang a happy little song. Alec came up to me with a huge hug and a big sloppy kiss. He moved aside as Evan pulled six chairs around in front of me.
    "Did you tell them?" Evan asked. I looked at five very anxious faces. Jay and Jeff held each other. I was glad to see that, the two brothers had been at odds. Sean had asked Mark to give him a ride. Jeff got mad. He is a jealous lover and he hit Sean. Jay got in the middle of it and took Sean's side. Kyle was with Sean at the time and he had no problem with the youngster trying out different cocks and different techniques. Jeff was not about to forgive Jay for interfering. Don't worry, Sean got in his licks, the boy stands up for himself and can handle himself in a fight.
    Mark and Chad sat there and waited. Evan told them that I had big news for them. I took a deep breath and moved Cory so that I could get face to face with the Tucson six.
    "From the beginning of time women have used sex to sell. In today's world sex is used to get the attention of the world's buying market. I think it is high time that a fag boy uses his sex to get what he wants.
    "Gentlemen, you may call me a hypocrite, two faced, whatever. I am known as a pedophile, a faggot, a queer, many derogatory names can be applied to me. You want to know something? Most of them fit. As bad as I am I have never used a child. Eric is the youngest boy to ever come into this family and he terrified me. That's why I left him at BAG Boys until he turned thirteen. Theo is a mere thirteen and so is Curtis. I have never ever cared to cross the line for little children. Kenny was just weeks past his thirteenth birthday, he had barely entered puberty when Toby brought him to us for protection. Each one of these boys is a mandatory twenty eight years in prison for everybody in the house. It is even illegal for them to have sex with each other. That's twenty eight years for each occurrence. Kissing, groping, sucking, and fucking are each one separate charges, but fucking, even with just a finger or a tongue is penetration and will aggravate the charges making a perpetrator ineligible for parole until eighty five percent of the sentence is served and there is no stacking, or congruent sentences. At their ages each charge carries a sentence to be served one after the other.
    "I appreciate the fact that you boys did not encourage Kenny in the beginning. He didn't need encouragement, the little fairy." Kenny was giggling and waving his sweet little four inch tool at me.
    "So will you get on with it faggot. These boys are starving to death and they are drooling on the floor as they wait for you to tell them what the fuck is going on." Count on Cory to get to the point.
    "Everybody knows how much I want to make your tormentors suffer to the maximum. Cold? Oh hell yes, sub-zero minus. The depths of outer space would have to be heated up to the thousands power to be half as cold as my heart is for anyone who has sex with any pre-pubescent child. PERIOD!!!! So I came up with a killer idea last night. Tell them Evan."
    "Huh uh." He shook his head at me.
    "Come on, you loved it last night."
    "He loved you last night, daddy. He was still in after glow when you told us, then you put us both into orbit. I can't believe that you did me three times last night. I know that you were up in Evan when I woke up so you had to do him at least four times."
    "Alec, please. You're giving me the big head here. You're also flattering and inflating my ego. Let's not talk about our private time." He had the whole room tenting their school pants and no time to tend to personal matters.
    "Dad has names." Cory began. "He has names of some of the most powerful men you can imagine. If a man has ever sucked a dick in this house, dad has his name. There are men from parties in New York, in California, France, England, at sea on a luxury liner. Is there anyplace that some rich dude hasn't sucked this precious cock of yours?" Cory gave me a squeeze.
    "So daddy has come up with the idea of getting these men to use their influence to make life a little less comfortable for your assailants. And," he looked at the boys from the slavers, "you guys' people too. I think that he is brilliant. What he told me about it made me cry. I feel sorry…well only a little bit, for those people. I think that if it were me I would prefer a very painful death." He giggled his precious spirit lifting lilt.
    "Family, I am going to be leaving this weekend. I have decided to do things a bit different than I had originally planned. Ray and Ricky have offered me the use of their house in Albany. Luke and Ģerâld's house is rented out until June first, but we will use it when we go to the wedding." The room filled with wolf whistles and cat calls as everybody cheered for Brad and Jay.
    "I am going to take Traveler Too© on the road. I am not sure at this point if anyone will go with me," Cory perked up and looked at me. "I have to go to Oklahoma to retrieve my names." I winked at the boys who had no idea why. "I will be on the road for several days and I think that it would be better if everyone stayed in school and then I will have you six boys flown up to meet me."
    "Dad, I…well, dad…" uh oh I had a boy in tears. I got up and went to Bry and held him close to me. We were quickly joined by Branden and Jace. "Dad, we're scared. We have been talking and this is getting close. What if they get off, dad? What if they are found like not guilty or something? I, we, are all scared. Will we have to go into the court room like Evan and Jay and Jeff did? Will we have to sit there and look at those bastards?"
    "Son, should justice be blind and those men get off for what they have done to you then remember this. After we finish in New York they will be put on a very slow boat that will rock and roll and toss and turn as it finds the worst weather ever to sail across the North Atlantic, which is the worst ocean in the world for weather. By the time that they get over to Europe, for the long trials in the International courts there, they will be soooo sick." I giggled at him as I kissed his cute little face and wiped away his tears.
    "But, I mean, we can't even sleep at night. Lance cried all night last week. Les sleeps with the lights on." I did not know these things.
    "Well, son, pack your bags. I will not leave you boys alone for one more minute. You are going on a cross country road trip." Even through their tears their smiles lit up the room. I got the lot of them off to school as I began to make plans for a twenty five hundred mile trip with seven boys.

    The Lear Jet could be outfitted to seat ten in a cramped style. I asked Andy if he could do it. He was more than happy to. I love that dude. He is the best business associate a man can have and a great friend. In order to do all that I had to do I would have to leave forty four boys alone in the house. I have to be able to fly back and forth each weekend and I am sure that those boys with me will want to come home to their boyfriends. We have some very serious relationships amongst our family members. Don't worry, it's not incestuous, just homosexual.
    Harry and Toby were more than glad to move down to the house for the three or four months that we anticipated that the trials would last. The boys cheered when Pete told them that he and Eddy would be moving in as well, they really missed Mommy. Pete blushed when they told him that, but I saw a tear in the corner of his eye. He loves these kids as much as I do. Just not in the way that I do.

    Wednesday night I had the boys drape the recreation room in every solid colored blanket and sheet we could find. We made small areas around the huge room and set up lighting fixtures so that shadows would work for us. I picked up two of the very best digital cameras that we could find. Christopher and Jimmy are two avid photographers and Jimmy has a real eye for posing his subject. The boys teased him that it was because he spent so much time leering over the naked pictures that he could find on-line. He blushed. The little fuck blushed. I will have to use that against him when I need something that he has, like his sweet tasting little butt hole. That kid's shit don't stink or taste bad. ewww.
    Jimmy actually ended up at the bank of computers as he got Jan and Art into operating the cameras. Christopher is a detail man. He had a make up kit to cover those teenage zits and any identifying markings. We only have a few tattoos in the house, but for our purposes with this round we didn't want them on camera. What makeup didn't cover Jimmy could take out with JASC's Paint Shop Pro®. The boy is a whiz with computers. We have a large print out of our nation's current leader taking it up the ass from a politico while his own dick hangs like a tiny wet noodle, very descriptive of the man. At the same time he is giving head to another world leader and he is also stroking a mover and shaker in the world politic. The caption reads; "Diplomatic Negotiations." A balloon from the sucker is saying, "This isn't sex." The picture looks as if it was taken with live subjects on the front steps of the nation's capital.
    I composed an e-mail message that was very cryptic and attached seductive pictures of the boys to them. We would send them, encoded, to people whose names I would obtain from twenty three little black books. With those books I would know names and what age and type of boy interested each one. I felt good all over. Wherever I didn't feel good I had a boy doing his best to correct that area. I wanted to let each and everyone of them have me in any way that he wished from now until I pulled out Monday morning. Yeah, I pushed the departure time up. I hate like hell seeing my sweet lovers cry as we separate. I would leave after they go to school, like a coward. For the next one hundred and nineteen hours I am going to spend two quiet hours with each one of the boys staying behind.
    Cory told me that I would be too weak to drive and for sure I would be too fucked out to love him. I told him that he could get his then. I grabbed him and fucked his tight ass as the cameras clicked away. Cory was on his back with his feet waving in the air as he covered himself with the sweet juice that I covet so dearly. Adam dove in face first to get hot nut batter fresh from the oven. I turned his face to me and kissed him. I sought out the prize that he had taken. I stole it from him. He giggled in my mouth as he wrapped his arms around me.
    I lay back as Adam seemed to push me. I suddenly realized that this boy has been in the family since just before Christmas and he has yet to come to me for a Golden Pole Pin. My cock was still hard inside of Cory. He worked his ass a bit then seemed to relax. I felt him pull away from me as many hands pulled my body straight and washed my dick before Adam lay out on top of me. He was grinding a very impressive tool into me as he smothered me in boi kisses. The kid was in super lust and I was the object of his ardor.
    I held Adam close as I sat up and looked for Turner. He was nearby with a smile as wide as his love. "Have I slighted someone?" He nodded at me and giggled. "I am sorry, Adam. I have no excuse, but if you will allow me to try to make it up to you…" I had a frisky boy trying to merge our bodies into one.
    Turner and Cory helped us to our feet and led us up the two flights of stairs to my room Cory told me that he would see to it that the recreation room was cleaned and secured. He kissed me goodnight as Turner kissed Adam. I grabbed Turner and cleansed his tonsils. I asked him if he wanted to join us. He shook his head no. He had wanted me to spend time with Adam and make the boy a part of the family for six or seven weeks and tonight belonged to just the two of us. Turner likes to remind me that he was the first member of my extensive family and that we started our relationship one on one. I remember. I remember a very sweet and loving youngster that was so concerned for his big brother, but wanted non-stop sex at the same time.
    Adam is very much like Turner had been. Both boys are sixteen. Turner has grown so much in these last two years. His body has filled out, but his sweet boyishness still shines through. Adam still has much more of his little boy left. He stands a strong five foot six. There is not a bit of fat on his taut frame with rippling muscles begging to take control of his one hundred and twenty six pounds of flesh and bones.

    Andy interrupted my evening with a call for Cullen to get ready. Andy told me that there was going to be an announcement on the BBC TV at ten hundred hours, local time. He could have just said ten o'clock, but the boy is getting a military mind. I didn't even get out of bed. I had a very eager and extra hungry youngster that has had to wait too long for the object of his fascination, me.

    I headed for the kitchen at six and met with a very happy crowd of boys. I got a kiss and a hot cup of coffee from Cory while Adam got more attention then he could have ever expected. Turner had the boy's tonsils bouncing about as each of the other urchins patted and kissed his, still naked, butt. Adam had taken a shower with me. He is just on the verge of getting his facial hair so he didn't need to shave before getting dressed for school.
    Cory handed me a stack of papers and a pen. I looked at his big smile. He turned my lap top so that I could see the screen. A message from Andy filled the fifteen inch screen. It read, "Duke and Lady _____ will be making a public announcement on the five o'clock news from London. The boys may want to watch as I am sure you do. Cullen will be with them."
    I looked around the room and asked about Cecil. "Dad, Cullen is so much in love with that dude that he won't ever go to the bathroom without having him nearby. Andy took both of them last night. He said they were going to Denver." I looked at the papers in my hand and they were permission slips for each of the high school boys to leave class to watch the broadcast. Cory then handed me a telephone and Norman Ellis's phone number. I figured that not even the school principal would be at the school this early, but I punched in the number anyway. Norm answered on the first ring.
    Norm was very accommodating. He suggested that Cullen was a student at the school and many students knew who he was so they would like to see the broadcast as well. He told me that he was going to have a brief staff meeting at seven thirty and he would inform the teachers to tune their classroom TVs to the program. An hour later he called me back and told me that he couldn't figure out how to get the satellite feed to the CCTV system and could I help. I told him to find Jim Watkins. Jim is a junior this year and he would probably be profiling on the quad. Norm laughed at me and hung up. I am proud of my boys in that none of them fit the faggot model, but are each one quite popular with nerd and jock alike. Of course most of the boys are jocks into one sport or another.
    A few minutes before nine Cullen, Cecil, and Andy walked into the house. They had flown to a still secret location with lots of snow and a cute cabin hidden in the woods. They had made their tape and sent a live stream to the BBC then made their way back home. I asked about El and Dukey. Andy told me that they would be headed home over the weekend. I looked at Cullen. He only had eyes for Cecce. I finally got him to tell me that he said goodbye to his mum and wanted to get back home. The boy considers this his home? Oh well, I could do worse. I do love the little faggot.

    With coffee and some of Ģerâld's pastries in hand, the four of us settled in before the large plasma TV in the family room. The opening teaser came on at straight up ten. A picture of the smiling family served as a backdrop as the announcer told us that, "His Lordship and his Lady, the Dame Muneday, along with His Royal Highness have been found, alive."
    "They just can't get it right over there. It is His Royal Hiney." Cullen threw a pillow at me as Cecil picked up the banter and continued to tease Cullen all through the commercials.
    The newsman came back on the screen with, "Our first story comes to us from the United States where His Lordship, Sir ______ and his family are on holiday." Sir ___? I didn't know that dukey was also a knight, Cullen grinned at me. The camera came in for a close up of the family standing in deep snow in front of cabin amongst the trees. Snow was deep and looked as if it had just fallen.
    "We decided for a family holiday away and have been here for this past month. We isolated ourselves to be together as family and only just learned of our death." He chuckled, but Cullen's boyish giggle could be heard quite plainly. "We allowed an old family friend to use our Bentley as she and her son spent a holiday together. From the reports we gather that when our friend and her son went into Selfridge's someone stole the car. At some point a bomb had been placed on the car and the young car thieves were killed. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family's of those two youngsters."

    "Very neat and simple. Now the world knows that Cullen is still alive. I think that I will move my family underground."
    Andy changed the channel to catch a program that he likes on a California station. "You are always welcome to use my house in Tulsa." That wasn't such a bad idea except that I really don't want to rip the kids up out of school and it would not be possible for the college students to move.

    A news bulletin grabbed my total attention. Andy was standing beside me as we stared at the screen in absolute disbelief. The announcer was telling of Hassan Daschle who was to be transported to court for his multitude of crimes against little girls the world round. News of his capture and his many sins outraged millions. No one was more vocal than the Islamic community. The man was worse than all of the infidels ever born.
    With extra heavy security and wearing a heavy flak jacket Hassan was placed into an armored car for his trip to the court house complex. The guards closed the door of the heavy truck and headed across to their car to follow. The driver was not in the truck, having stepped inside to relieve himself.
    Quicker than the eye could register the sight, a rocket from a hand held launcher made scrap metal out of the thick steel that had moments before been the most secure vehicle in the police department's motor pool. A circling helicopter spotted the smoke trail and hovered over the roof of a building nearly two blocks away. No one was on the roof when ground forces arrived. After an exhaustive search the launcher was located. Disguised as part of the pipe works on the roof, the launcher had been remote controlled by cell phone signals.
    I had to get on the road and get my books. I felt that I was the only person in the world that could stop this carnage, once and for all.

    Cory made me sleep in Monday morning. He had a conference with Pete and Harry. It was thought it would be better for everyone if no one had to say good bye. Five of the boys were saying goodbye to their lovers. Frank and Jace are the only couple in their group. It was going to be hard on the four others to not have their lover and face what was ahead of them. Cory would have me, hehehe. All of them would, of course. Cory is resilient and will be with anyone, but I know that he and I are always happy to be together.
    I was a nervous wreck as I grabbed for the cup of coffee that Cory held before me. I noticed streams of a white substance swirling about in the cup. I stirred it and looked up. Bry was beaming. The boys had drawn lots. Bry would be with me for the first few nights. Since we would be confined in the RV it was determined that one night would not be sufficient and then there was the fact that I would be doing all of the driving.
    Andy was at the house with Pete and Eddy. Tom and Biff broke away from their morning exercises to see me off. Dickie and Biff have become fast friends and Dickie drives up each morning to assist Ray with the therapy for our two disabled youngsters. Biff is showing amazing progress and is forcing himself to move about with a walker, of course Dickie is close at his side encouraging each next step. I know it to be true, love conquers all.
    A mixed blessing? I suppose. Tiger had not moved in with the family. He decided to return to California and Sid went with him. We wish the couple a long life together and hope to see them again soon.
    I moved about the room hugging a kissing each boy. I would miss them terribly. This is my family after all. I pulled up short when I got to Ray. That was no milk mustache on the youngster's upper lip. His breath gave him away long before I got up close. I looked into the glass he held. "The elixir of life. I have been taking mine with coffee. You get this often?" Ray turned red faced and told me that all four of them put a load in his glass each morning. He uses it as a bracer to get him started in the morning. I took a sip of his glass of ambrosia. It was cold and very strong. The smell was intoxicating and stiffened body parts which I didn't need to get tensed at that point. I really did need to get on the road. Life is a never ending surprise in a house with fifty faggots running about naked. My most fervent teenage fantasy come to life. I once told Charley that I wanted a house full of hot and cold naked boys running about. I would have to think about that glass full of cum for breakfast. I much prefer it straight from the spout, or in coffee to make the boys giggle. I live for their giggles.

Flashback from Chapter 68: On the long road home from our tragic trip to return two innocents home to their loving families in Mobile Andy and I had been reviewing all that we knew about Toby. I sent the DNA data from Det. Grant to Base B for comparison to Toby. We had a match. Confirmation was needed, of course. The wheels had been set in motion. Hassan was in custody for the rape of a twelve year old girl in L.A. I was going to arrange for Toby and our mystery man to meet on the street. I bet Andy the biggest steak dinner in the country that this was the man that put Toby in our midst. I already knew that I was going to Amarillo, Texas for the seventy two ounce steak, rare with baked potato, salad and beans. It's free if you can eat it all, with the trimmings, in an hour. I don't care about that, Andy is paying, transportation is included in the bet.

    Finally I grabbed Andy and held him in a long, tight embrace. "I'm going to Amarillo to collect on our bet, buddy. I am so going to enjoy that steak dinner."
    "It won't cost me anything because I know you will eat all of it and ask for desert," he returned at me.
    I headed for the door without a glance or a move toward Cory. The boy sagged his shoulders. I am so mean, but I was about to fix him. I stopped short and turned toward him. "Cory Allen, you will freeze to death if you travel like that. Get your pants and shoes on, we're running late." The boy's eyes popped out of his head. Pete handed him his clothes which he had on in record time. "Don't worry, son. I already put your clothes for the trip on board. You didn't really think that I would leave you behind did you?" Cory was in tears as he pulled his shoes on then ran to hug me. I carried a crying, kissing machine to our fifty one foot long covered wagon for our long trek back east. Seven boys were in a solemn mood as they thought about what awaited them at the other end of the trip. I told them that we were going to take a full two weeks for this trip. Traveler Too© can sleep twenty eight people and I had the shower made large enough for two. However, we quickly discovered that three will fit nicely, especially if six or seven inches of each one is placed inside the other.

    I sincerely dislike I-25. Well, not really. What I dislike is Albuquerque, New Mexico. I don't know, there is just something about that town and me. However, I just could not bring myself to take highway fifty across. I am not ready to see the place where Carl and Tom Dickson were murdered. The saving grace for Albuquerque was a youngster I had met about two and a half years earlier. Without explanation I pulled off of the freeway and drove up through town. I parked Traveler Too© on the street alongside of the tire store where I had purchased a tire once before.
    I told the boys that I needed a piece of pie to raise my blood sugar. Cory looked at me. He can see right through me, he also knows that we have plenty of sweets on board Traveler Too© if needed I could put my blood sugar into orbit.
    I climbed out of the huge RV and walked across the street to a small mom and pop dinner. The place was not real busy and we found two tables side by side that were empty. A cute young man came up to us. His name badge said his name was Damien Heart. "Damien, would it be alright for us to move these two tables together?" Damien moved chairs about and helped us get the tables moved. The boy was efficient as he set our table and took our orders.
    "Damien, two years ago a Vietnamese woman was working here. She had a young son about twelve years old." Damien looked at me and then out the window at the big RV across the street.
    "Are you Chris?"
    "Yes, why?" Tran sang my praises to Damien constantly. Tran's mother, Houng Ngo, carried on about the great man that had helped her and her son. She had moved in with the owner of the tire shop, but they had recently separated and she left town. Damien didn't know where they went, but he learned real quick not to talk to the guy across the street about it. He was very bitter.
    Damien looked to be young so I asked him why he wasn't in school. He looked at the kitchen and bowed his head. "He made me drop out. He wants to watch me every minute of the day." The restaurant was empty save for us so I asked Damien if he could sit down with us. He told us it was his lunch break. I scooted over and pulled up a chair and told him to eat with us. He went to the window and picked up his plate of food. After grabbing a glass of milk he sat down beside me to eat a salad and a cheese sandwich.

    Tran was so excited about sucking my cock that he had told Damien all about it. He wanted to suck fourteen year old Damien and Damien, in turn, sucked him. The two boys became a regular item. Tran was still sleeping in the little camper trailer at the back of the tire store. Damien would spend time in the trailer with the boy every evening.
    During the Christmas school break the two boys were spending most of their days in the small trailer and they aroused some curiosity. Suddenly the door opened and their was Damien's father and the tire store owner, Oscar, looking at the two naked boys having unnatural sex with each other.
    Both men went off on the two boys. The police were called, but the age of consent in New Mexico is seventeen with sex between consenting minors over thirteen being legal. There was nothing for the police to do. Oscar berated Houng until she could no longer stand it and she left town with Tran. Damien's father could not abide a queer in his house so he put the boy under his constant watchful eye until he turned seventeen then he was to move out and not come back.
    You saw this coming, I know. We were sitting and talking to Damien on his seventeenth birthday. He did not know where he was going. He had no friends left, thanks to his dad and his big mouth. Every time someone came in to eat the old man would tell them that his queer waiter would take care of them, but they should be sure to keep a grip on their goods cause the boy was a cock sucker. Damien turned to me with eyes full of tears, "Can I go with you, sir?" Fifty two!!!
    Of course I couldn't say no, but now I have fifty two young men to be responsible for. Cory hugged me and kissed my cheek. "Thanks, daddy," he whispered to me.
    Damien stood up and removed his apron. His dad came out from the kitchen to refill his coffee cup. Damien threw the apron at him. "I quit!!!" he yelled and charged out the front door with my seven hard on his heels.
    I asked Mr. Heart for more coffee. The man brought the pot over, but kept his eye on the front door and a look of bewilderment on his face. He poured my coffee for me and muttered as if to no one, "I guess the faggot found some cock to suck after all. Fucking queer."
    "Damien is your son."
    "Ain't no son o mine, fucking faggot. His old lady came to me with the bastard child almost seventeen years ago. She says I got her pregnant. I only fucked the bitch twice. Everybody in town was up in that one. I raised the brat, but I didn't teach him to be queer. He musta got that from his real old man." Heart set his coffee cup on the table and walked away. I carefully picked it up and poured the last drops of coffee on an empty plate then wrapped the cup in a napkin. I'll know very soon if Damien is a Heart or not.
    I walked up to pay my bill. Heart's hair was hanging out from under his hair net in the back. "Let me help you tuck your hair in. You don't want a health code violation." Heart looked at me funny, but I snatched a hair from his head.
    "Oops, clumsy me. I'm all thumbs today."
    "You that fellow what turned that Ngo kid homo ain't ya? I remember you coming in here and paying his old lady for your night of sex with her twelve year old kid. That is one sick faggot. He's been sucking my bastard ever day since then. Don't come back to my shop, ever."
    With Tran and Houng gone and now Damien leaving with me, I had no intention of ever coming back there. The boys were running from behind the restaurant with arms full of clothes, a computer, a stereo system, all in all a lot of boy stuff. Cory was underneath Traveler Too© neatly stacking and securing the lot. He separated a few clothes and a heavy coat to be put in an empty drawer which Branden was labeling for Damien. We each have a large drawer in Traveler Too's© belly for our clothing and we each have a change of underwear and socks inside along with our shorts and tees in case we have to dismount. In this weather we also have long pants, shirts and coats in the small closet space.

    I looked at my purloined hair. I had gotten a follicle. Good, between that and the used coffee cup I was going to have a good DNA sample. I carefully slipped my prize into an evidence bag and labeled it under the ever watchful eye of Cory. The boy was all smiles.

    The hop over to Amarillo seems short compared to the endless trek up I-25. It is still some distance, but I had a sweet diversion as I listened to Damien tell us of his life with his father. His mother had passed away when the boy was nine years old. His father blamed everybody in the world for his burden of taking care of a kid and running his budding restaurant by himself. Damien told us that his dad had a special knack for making those around him feel guilty. The only good part, as he saw, it was that his customers seemed to feel bad for his financial problems and left abundant tips.
    Damien made a statement that really had me thinking. He had been an honors student and he had enough credits to have graduated from high school at the end of the semester. By not being allowed to return to school he did not get to take his semester finals and receive his final grades. His dad told him that queers didn't need a high school diploma to arrange furniture and hang curtains for other faggots. I am gaining a whole new disrespect for Mr. Heartless.

    I overheard Damien talking to Cory about our speed. He had arisen to go to the can and looked at the dash board. He wanted to know if the speedometer was in KPH or MPH. Cory giggled and told him that it was MPH and we really were doing about one hundred a ten miles an hour. Damien said that he just thought that everybody else was driving slowly. Well Traveler Too© is the smoothest ride I have ever had. The special stabilizing suspension keeps the large vehicle glued to the road. I had worked with an aeronautical engineer to design a stable platform that was hard wired into the old boy's computer.
    The stable platform was probably over kill with three gyros. I am not going to need a lot of correction for pitch and I am not really interested in a computer control trying to keep my nose level on up and down roads. My engineering friend simply modified that gyro to the braking system. The yaw and the roll gyros were great to have though. The old boy rode smooth and level with virtually no sway being felt at all. I need to take Traveler Too© to a closed course where I can do some defensive driving and discover what his capabilities really are. For the time being I was just pleased that a full cup of coffee didn't spill over as we sped along the freeway.
    It is just at one hundred and twelve miles from Albuquerque to the state line. My radio suddenly cracked, startling me a bit. We were being followed by an airplane about seven miles behind us. He could not get a strong fix on my speed, but based on his experienced eye he was sure that I was speeding. Hehehe. There were no New Mexico police in range to catch me, but he was going to stay with me. At my current speed I could close the five miles to the state line in just over two minutes. I set my forward seeking devices to full range and pushed the pedal to the metal.
    All radio traffic within a mile and a half of me was silent. My scanners are set to every police band frequency in the area. If someone so much as touches the key on his microphone I would know where they were. Cory was scanning the satellite feed for hidden vehicles. He found four cars grouping together a half mile inside Texas.
    All data verified I hit the brakes at twenty five hundred feet short of the Texas-New Mexico state line. I crossed the state line at exactly sixty nine miles an hour, one mile below the speed limit. My laser and radar detectors were flashing their red lights. I was in their range and there was nothing they could do to me.
    I don't like the cruise control that most vehicle manufactures use. They slow your vehicle down on down hill runs causing the vehicle to use an abundance of fuel to climb the next hill. I have a 333MHZ AMD based computer with 512MB of ram working all of the systems on this old boy. Fortunately there were no steep climbs or drops in the area where I was so when I set my cruise control to sixty nine. He maintained it, exactly.
    Two of Texas's finest stood alongside the road with their hand held radar guns aimed at me. One of their cars was parallel to the road. I could tell that that was the car with the laser sensor in it. My laser detector was screaming at me. I watched the two men return to their cars then all four cars fell in behind me. I still had seventy miles to go and at that speed it would take me another hour to get into Amarillo.
    With nothing to do the four cars broke off after about three miles. I listened to the their radio chatter as they cursed the pilot who was now over head. He kept telling them that he could not catch up to me and that I was passing everything on the road. There was some light hearted name calling and doubts were cast as to the pilot's current eye glass prescription. When their chatter went out of range Traveler Too© took his head and got us into Amarillo in thirty nine minutes.

    The BIG TEXAN Steak Ranch sits high above the lowered freeway on the east side of Amarillo, Texas. The place was opened in 1960 and has had their free steak dinner with all of the trimmings offer almost from the beginning. The four and a half pound steak is cooked to order. Along with potato, salad and bread the meal is $72.00, free if you can consume all of it in one hour. I was going to make a stab at it. Andy told me that he was paying, either way. He would pay for the dinner or donate the same amount of money to Glutton's Anonymous if I was successful.
    The boys looked at the larger than life Angus heifer that stands watch over the parking lot as I found a place to secure Traveler Too©. Suddenly from every direction we saw prostitutes converging on our vehicle. "Lot lizards!" Cory yelled. I shrunk from embarrassment.
    "Hey, GIECO® is looking to hire a new lizard," he called out the door. I grabbed him and put my hand over his mouth as the boys giggled at him. I dragged him back inside of the RV and glared at him. "But dad, they're whores."
    "You're queer. Should I tell them that? They don't like competition, you know." He shut up
    The group of women moved away to other parts of the parking lot and we headed across the wide paved area to the restaurant. Suddenly a shrill cry pierced the air. "Chris!!!" A tall, thin woman was running from the group back toward us. It is always fun to watch a woman in super tight pants and high heels run, but I was in no mood for whatever was coming, I thought.
    As the girl got close to us she stopped and almost broke into tears. "Damey? Damey what are you doing here?"
    "Trany, babe, is that you?" I had to look closely. The tiny twelve year old boy that I had met those many months ago was now a five foot seven woman with long hair, make up, and clothes to match.
    Tran walked up to me and held out his hand. "Hello, Chris. Can I come and talk to you?"
    "Go wash your face and come back as a boy, Tran. I would love to talk to you." Damien wanted to go with him. The rest of us headed inside. We were seated at a large round table and Houng was our waitress.
    She was overjoyed to see me. She bubbled as she served our drinks and asked a lot of questions. She knocked the wind out of my sails when she asked me if Tran could go with me. She told me that he was out of control there and that he was going to get killed. She told me that he still talks about me and how I am the only man he will ever love. I doubt that, especially after seeing his face when he saw Damien, er ah, Damey.

    The boys' eyes bugged out of their heads when they saw the size of the slab of meat on our plates. Yeah, all seven of them had this big idea that they could eat the whole cow, which is the challenge that started this tradition in the first place. As Houng set our steaks before us the Tran I knew came in with his hand in Damien's. The boy had grown even more beautiful. I love the look of Amerasian children. There is something about the combining of racial features from a Caucasian and Oriental that makes a beautiful child. Tran was just plain fucking pretty.
    Damien had the look of afterglow on his face and was entranced by Tran. He hardly heard me when I asked him what he wanted to eat. He was going to go for the four and a half pounds of heart clogging cholesterol, but Tran stopped him, quickly. They both ordered a sixteen ounce porter house with the works on the side. The rest of us had a clock to beat so we dug in.

    Tran told us how Oscar beat him after finding him and Damien in the camper trailer. Houng threatened to call the police back again, but he beat her too. He told her that the police wouldn't do anything about two faggots fucking in his trailer so he would take care of the fucking little homos himself.
    Oscar had a call from a trucker that was broken down east of town and he took the service truck out to change a tire. While he was gone Houng and Tran grabbed everything they could find and threw it into her old Toyota. The car made it almost to Amarillo when the transmission gave up on them. They got a tow into town and slept in the car for three days until Houng found the job at the Big Texan. Houng made enough money in tips on her first night that they were able to rent a motel room and get cleaned up.
    Tran met the lot lizards and was told he was cute. The girls told him that he could make a lot more money then his mother could by hanging with them. They told him that a lot of men liked cute boys and if he was hung he could get rich. Tran blushed when Damien told us that the fifteen year old boy hung a very thick eight inches. He told us that it was over five thick inches soft.
    I looked at Tran. His father must have been a very large man. At fifteen Tran stood a solid five foot seven, without his high heels. He weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds, but he looked solid. I remembered a cold night in November of 2004 and sprung wood. I had to eat the meat on my plate then I would eat his meat for desert. I wanted Damien too. Maybe they would both go. I might even get Cory in the mix. My lascivious mind was working overtime.

    With five minutes to spare I was the last to finish my steak. Bob Lee, the restaurant owner stood there with his stop watch and shook his head. He took our check from Houng and marked it paid in full. Just the eight steaks cost over five hundred and eighty dollars plus the two smaller steak dinners for Tran and Damien I had a dinner bill of nearly seven hundred dollars, with tax. I could not let the man absorb that much of a loss in one evening. He told me that the advertisement value was worth more than that, but I am too hard headed. Cory had slipped out to Traveler Too© and gotten into the safe. I eye talked him to give Houng ten one hundred dollar bills.
    She smiled at me and went to the cash register. She tallied our complete bill while I continued to bargain back and forth with Bob Lee. Our tab totaled six hundred and eighty dollars, with tax. Houng started to bring us the change, but I eyed Bryan to tell her to keep it as her tip. She smiled at me. She is tired and if Tran is up to what I believe that he is then she needs a break from him.

    The motel had an adjoining king sized double room which I took for two nights. I had an idea. I told the boys to get to know one another and went out to Traveler Too© to make some telephone calls. Everything was as I had expected. I called Andy then went to the rooms. Tran and Damien were in their underwear, but were on their knees sucking cock when I went in.
    Tran was going down on Lester and Damien had Frank, balls and all in his mouth. I assumed the uniform and lay back on the bed to watch the show. Six boys were relaxed as they took seats on the sides of the king sized bed. I pulled Cory to my side. We lay there with twin telephone poles as Damien and Tran drooled over us. Each of them had three fresh loads of sweet boi cream in them, but they assured me that they needed more. I asked about the underwear. They giggled as they told me that they were saving themselves for me. I told them that sixty nine was the game of the day.
    Tran graciously led Damien to me. He assured the boy that he would be with me shortly, but he wanted him to enjoy the moves of a master. Well, I don't know about all of that, but I was really looking forward to both of their sweet bodies. However, I had to ask the question.

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