Chapter 90


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I had a difficult decision to make. I had to take Frank to his father's attorney's office. I didn't like that idea one little bit, but the judge had approved it in the interest of information gathering. It was a fishing expedition as far as I was concerned.
    Vito had left for the family restaurant. His family obligations were strong. After he left Ed told me that was why he wanted no part of that side of his life. His family demanded that everyone work together, always. There was no individual freedom. Everyone knew he was gay and gave him his leeway.
    Ed had his two sweet nephews with him for the day. Actually they planed to stay the week that their mother was going to be gone. I asked why they were not in school and it turned out that they were on a teacher's meeting holiday. Do teachers ever teach or do they just meet? That was not fair. I was twenty five hundred miles away from the teacher's meetings of the previous Friday.
    I suddenly thought of George and had to sit back for a moment. I hate to see a young life end. Any death is hard to take, but a child. The boy was just beginning life. The world will never know all of the great things he may have done. Mitch sat down and put his arm around me. Bry saw him and looked at me. He was in my lap at once. "George?" he asked. The boy is quick. He has learned to know me. I hugged him and kissed him. The other boys gathered around to sit on the floor. Branden is the outspoken one of this small group. He told our new friends of the death and of the funeral that would be starting about that time back home. Had we known about the court delay we could have attended.
    Well, I had things to do. I shook my head and wiped my tears. We held hands and prayed for George's family. They would need comfort and strength to carry on. I turned to Ed. He wasn't sure what was on my mind. I had made up my mind, finally. "Ed, I would like to ask you if it would be an imposition for you to take responsibility of my seven horny fag boys for three or four hours?" His cock twitched. Being naked means that it is hard to lie. The body's parts react to each question or statement, even non-sexual statements. My simple question triggered the letch in him and his letch part told on him. Paul and Tony high fived each other and leered at my boys. They are also tiny little sex pots.
    "Sir, I am humbled by your request. I would be most honored to take care of your family."
    "If you keep calling me sir you will be looking for a new family to take care of." I laughed so that he knew I was teasing him. I put my arm around him as we looked over the boys. "I have to take Frank to a private meeting today. I am afraid that with him and me gone your horny nephews might try to take sexual liberties with these defenseless and innocent young lads of mine." I had anything, soft, within reach thrown at me.
    I told Frank to get his ass in the shower and clean himself up. I grinned at Jace and suggested that Frank may need help with certain parts. Jace was suddenly up. I grabbed Frank as he stood up. I got up close to his sweet face and actually laid an eyeball on him. He giggled. I ran my finger over his upper lip then licked it. I whispered in his ear, "cum breath."
    "You too. Makes me horny."
    "A dog licking his dick would make you horny."
    "Cause I want to do it too."
    "Lick the dog's dick?"
    "NO! Lick my dick, dad." I had to laugh, which was fun because we were locked at the lips and humping our fresh erections at each other. Frank fell back to the bed and moved his legs around me. Someone had their hand around my dick and I felt it align with Frank's eager hole. He moaned in my mouth so I slid into him. He pushed back as his hungry ass swallowed all of me. We fucked with as much energy as Bryan and Lance had nearly three hours earlier. We showed a lot more passion than the young Farraci brothers had. They were having sex. We were making love. I don't fuck boys, I love them. I won't go down if I can't show love. Frank was accepting my love. His hands were all over me as his kisses washed my face. His passion was inflamed as his espousal of his undying love was delivered quietly, and directly into my ear. I know that when the boys of my family tell me they love me that it is heart felt and pure. I love them, intensely.
    When my intensity softened Frank had a very stretched ass and cum running down his thighs. There were several mouths there to clean that up. Jace had my cock in hand as he licked it like a lollipop. "I love the taste of every part of Frankie. I just don't get to taste this part of him often enough. Fuck, he tastes good, bitter and sharp, but good," a cummy faced Jace told me. Frank was trying to get to his boyfriend, but Jace was not ready to relinquish his all meat sausage. I asked them if I was going to have to bathe them myself. We had to get a move on. They grabbed my hand and off to their bathroom we went.

    So many times I have wished that there could be one of me for each boy or couple. Almost as enjoyable as the time in bed with a boy is the time in the shower afterwards. I have only had an after shower with one boy in my life who had regrets about what we had done. We were both fifteen. I had been introduced to boi sex three weeks earlier. I spent the night with a really good friend and I fucked his virgin butt raw.
    After school we headed to his house. We had a rousing devirginizingThe act art of opening a boy's world for him. He had some serious religious hang ups over our activities. He shed more hot water from his eyes than the shower head poured over us. The water had long grown cold, thank goodness we lived in Tucson where the incoming water is warm enough to stand under for hours on end. Tiny wouldn't let me go. He held on tight as he told me over and over how wrong it had been to do what we had done.
    I held him and washed his back and butt until I was sure his pruned skin would peal away. I had my fingers in his crack and the just the bare tips of them playing inside his royally fucked ass. "Tiny" put his lips to mine, many times. We kissed softly, very little tongue, as he told me that to be queer is wrong. After more than an hour under the water he took my hand. Without drying off he led me back to his bed and lay back. He pulled his legs back and spread his skinny little cheeks before me.
    As I said, his name was "Tiny" and he was. He only weighed three pounds at birth. His family considers it a miracle that he survived. At fifteen he was four foot ten and only weighed ninety two pounds. This tiny little boy had a six inch man cock that I loved to suck. I so wanted to drag him down to the Blues Club to show him off. The boys would eat the dude alive.
    I fucked him again, but I made him fuck me. I would not quit until he was up in me two more times before his folks came home from work. I spent the night with him that night. We had each fucked and been fucked three times plus we had sucked each other in between. We had swapped so much spit that our mouths were dry. After his folks went to bed his door was locked and his lights were turned off. We were cock to mouth until almost two in the morning and two more loads of cum lighter.
    He turned in the bed and spooned back against me. He raised his left leg to the ceiling and told me enter my new home. That was the position in which we awakened the following morning. He was rock hard. So was I. I fucked out a load then rolled to my back and raised my legs. He giggled as he crawled between my legs and fucked me so well. He decided that he was who he was and he loved me as I loved him. We took another shower, but this time without the regrets. It was a hot shower, water and company. I wish he had stuck around.
    We dressed and headed to the kitchen. His dad was at the table with his coffee and newspaper. "Boys. I am glad to see you bright eyed this morning." He smiled at us. I was scared that he knew something. "Come, sit down. We need to talk." Now I was scared. Tiny's mother set a plate full of eggs and bacon in front of each of us. The toaster was on the table and Tiny buttered toast for each of us. His mother set glasses of juice and milk before us and sat down next to her husband. She looked at us with tears in her eyes. We were busted, big time.
    "I know that the two of you have become really close friends lately. Chris, Tiny's mother and I have come to love you and think of you as one of our own. That is why this is so difficult for us." He took a deep breath. I sucked in my ass hole. I was about to shit my pants I was so scared. "We, me…I, have been offered a new job. We are going to have to move." I had been so keyed up that I almost slid out of my chair. I didn't have the wherewithal to look at Tiny to see how he was taking the news. I just sat there rejoicing that we weren't busted.
    Tiny and I went back to his room. His father stepped into the hall and followed us in. He shut the door behind him. He stopped and looked around. I could see his nostrils flair as he sniffed the air. A big smile came across his face. He went to Tiny and pulled him to the bed. He reached up and grabbed me. He pulled us in front of him and put his arms around us as we stood side by side.
    "I know how close you two have gotten this year and I have wondered when this would happen. I have to believe that it never has until now. This is going to make our move all that much worse for both of you. Boys, I don't know if you are just having sex or if you really love each other. Like I say, you have been very close. I saw it in your faces as you came to breakfast. You are in love. I remember my boyfriend when I was a little younger than you two are. We thought the whole world was right there in the other's underwear. We worshiped that world, often. We grew up together and outgrew our natural boy curiosity. We both began to date girls and were considered hot and desirable, throughout high school. We both married and have families. We have stayed in touch. We are best friends today, but the sex ended when we were fifteen years old.
    "I am sorry to have to separate you. I would like for you to be life long friends. You just won't be in the same state together. I will make you an offer. I will allow the two of you to be together as much as you wish. We will be moving at the end of the month, which is over three weeks away yet. Chris, you can spend the night here as often as you want and Tiny can spend the night at your house, if you want to. I only ask that you keep any noise down, keep your door locked, and don't let anyone see you." At that he nodded his head toward the sounds coming from his wife in the kitchen. We giggled.
    Tiny embarrassed the holy fuck out of me when he asked his dad some sex questions. His dad did not get involved in anal sex until the end of his relationship. That single act had triggered his desire to compare girls to boys. He did his best to answer Tiny as he could. Tiny got his answers when I took him to Charley's house for the following weekend. Charley left us alone, sexually, but he answered all of our questions. Tiny and I watched a lot of men and boys fuck that weekend and we learned tricks that I find useful today.
    Tiny and I spent the remainder of his time in Tucson at Charley's. We stayed naked and in each other, one end or the other. I let Charley have my butt twice so that Tiny could watch. I even did Charley while Tiny nursed on him. He giggled as he told me that he likes to watch me fuck. We had so much fun together for that month and I fell so much in love with him. He was the only person I ever held close after Manny died. I loved Randy Koch, but he was younger than me. Tiny was what I needed. A small, helpless little hung dude that loved to fuck and suck with me. I never had a best friend after Tiny. I just loved the one I was with.
    The closest thing I have to a best friend these days is seventeen, sweet and hung and I miss him every time he is out of my sight. I was on my knees sucking Jace and feeling Frank plow his sweet ass as the water poured over us. I have become a complete degenerate as my every waking minute is spent in the pursuit of cum filled boi cocks.

    Frank and I parked in front of a tall building downtown. I pulled into a reserved loading zone and placed a placard identifying the car as an official government officer's car on the dash board. I locked the car and walked beside Frank to the elevators. I heard my name called and turned to see Tony coming toward me. "Hold up, man. You don't think I will let you go to the wolf's den without a wolf hunter to protect you. This is Rob Wolfe, he is Christopher Rottweiler's nephew and protágáe. No one from my office can be with you because. I am on the prosecutor's team. However our firm is still representing you so I brought this young man up. I think he will serve you well and he would like to be able to work under you during your stay in our area." Tony gave me a slight wink. Gotta love my friends. All of them only think of my needs.
    I looked Rob over. He was one fucking foxy looking dude. He was in his late twenties and looked very much like his uncle. I don't know Rottweiler very well. I have sat down to dispositions with him in the room before. He personally drew up the articles of incorporation for Bradford Academy for Gay Boys. He thought that I was out of my mind to make four youngsters our top executives, but as the school has grown and prospered under their guidance, he has relented.
    Rob was a take charge young man. He never let Everett's attorney take the upper hand over Frank. The man was in Frank's face, but Rob was right back in his. I was glad that the man had been with us. The attorney was trying to tell Frank what he should say, but was getting nowhere. I could see that we would have our fun with this man in court.

    Our meeting lasted less than a half an hour, to our relief. Tony stopped me as Rob and I stepped off of the elevator at the ground floor. He led me back to the elevator. He had something that he wanted to show me, but he told me it was secret. Rob was asked to take Frank over to the house. The house is pretty close to the court complex. Being built on the outskirts when Albany was a much smaller town it now sits in the central part of the city, less than a half a mile away from the center of town.
    As the car ascended, once again, Tony asked me to come up to his house that evening. He said that we had to work on straightening out a few pieces of sensitive information that had come to his attention. I told him that I had six boys with me. I knew that they would entertain Ed's nephews, but I still like to be home with them. I wanted more of Mitch. He looked hurt. He told me that he had some special guests invited. I was curious. I haven't been with Tony in over ten years. We agreed to get together on Wednesday evening. I need to make sure that the boys will be comfortable and safe with Ed and Mitch before I just take off and leave them for any amount of time.
    The elevator headed to the very uppermost floors of the building. The office's of the Federal Prosecutor were located on the floor we exited on. Tony told me hang my badge. I opened the case and slipped the ID portion into the breast pocket of my suit jacket so that the badge showed. The elevator doors opened. There were armed guards to check us out before we passed. Tony led me down the hallway to where he shared offices with Blake Crossly.
    The office was a shambles. The file cabinets had been ripped open as if they were made of paper. Their contents torn and scattered. But the files that were most important, the files for the prosecution of the most despicable creatures to ever walk the face of the earth were not there. Unknown but to two people those files had never been there. That bit of information was not revealed now either. It was allowed to be assumed that whomever had burglarized the offices had made off with the incriminating evidence that would put Everett Rothsfeld and Justice Dubois into American prisons for hundreds of years.
    That sort of information had to be held close to the vest. The Interpol agent who had given the heads up about this break in was considered a hero. The disturbing part of the break in was that the numerous finger prints left behind seemed to belong to children.
    Very tiny hand prints from four distinct youngsters had been found. It was clear to the fingerprint experts that there had been two sets of twins There were two pairs of both left and right prints that were very similar, but still unique. No tools had been found that could explain how the cabinets were ripped open. There did not appear to be any markings from any metal tools, but something had ripped the metal as though it was no more than a nuisance.
    A young forensic technologist found the clue that eluded the rest of the forensics staff. A broken piece of what appeared to be a large toenail. Meticulous scanning through volumes of files identified the material as the toe nail or finger nail of a Koala Bear. Investigations took a wide swing at a seemingly ridiculous target. The fact is that Koala Bears have fingerprints almost identical to that of a human. The animal is easily trained and their long sharp talons would make short work of the thin metal of most file cabinets.
    Careful examination of each sheet of paper found on the floor revealed the single shoe imprint on a single sheet of paper. An animal trainer was located with five Koalas that he trained for a part in a movie to be filmed over the summer. One of the animals was missing part of a talon on his left fore paw. The piece located in the prosecutor's office was a perfect genetic match.
    The animal handler was a young Muslim that had been called into service with the promise of his family being brought to the United States to start a better life for themselves. The shoe imprint found in the ransacked office was a perfect match to the shoes that he had been wearing at the time the police took him into custody. His actions classified him as a terrorist and ended any chance of his family ever being allowed to immigrate to the United States.

    I headed for my new home, Rob was still there. I led him off to a small waiting room by the front door. I closed the door and sat down with the young man. I gave him a task and asked him to work Michael in with him. Michael is one of the fastest speed readers I have ever watched. His comprehension level is over ninety percent. I have a near photographic memory, I have a feeling that young Michael may have me beat. I needed as much information as they could gather in forty eight hours. Speed and retention were critical to me. I downloaded a file from my FI account to his laptop and sent him on his way.

    My phone began to chirp with an incoming call on a special frequency. I checked the display to see that the satellite data showed the call to be coming from England and from someone I was quite anxious to talk with. I answered while I shut the office door. This call is going to be kept secret.
    Phil Russell was more than happy to oblige. He poked around at his computer in the background and we had a date confirmed. I told him that I had just purchased a home in Albany that had thirty seven large bedrooms of better quality than most of the finest hotels in the world.I would send the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß 737 to fly the entire troop over and they were to stay with me during their visit. He agreed and was gone.
    I felt good. One more task toward making the greatest event in the life of two special boys the best day of their lives. I only wish that I could come up with something to equal that for my number one.

    I had a mission. I left the boys in the care of Mitch as I made Ed join me. He is the driver so he wanted to drive. I made him shut up and buckle up. He directed me to a large department store that I knew carried what I was seeking. Stainless steel cookware is not cheap, but my health is worth every penny. I could not buy the everyday pots and pans I wanted off of a shelf, but I could get the large pans that Ed would need. He tried to hold back on some items, but I demanded that everything he could conceive of for his kitchen be purchased now.
    We chose several thousand dollars worth of solid, heavy duty kitchenware, but I felt good in knowing that it was quality and would be around long after I am gone. And everyone who ate from that kitchen from that day on would gain from the benefits of a safer metal. I let Ed arrange a time for the delivery. He still had to remove the old junk. I did tell him to save any cast iron that he might have around. I have a passion for cast iron for certain foods. I bake corn bread in a deep cast iron skillet. Don't tell anyone, but I love greasy, thin sliced potatoes, with onions, fried crispy brown in cast iron. Scrambled eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet and served with icy cold sliced tomatoes alongside a slice of grilled toast from a cast iron griddle…
    This is a pornographic fag story, not a guide to southern home cooking. Okra, fried in cast iron. Okay, I'll shut up. How about black…

    Without further delay jury selection began Tuesday morning. I was thrilled to death when the judge sent word that the victims did not need to appear at the court until the jury was selected and seated. We had nothing to do, but we could not go home until Thursday. We decided to spend two days sight seeing and learning about Albany. Ed drove the limo as we crowded in the best way we could. Mitch acted as tour guide as he directed us to the points of interest.
    Wednesday an unseasonably warm day graced Albany for March. I became very homesick for the warmth of my mountainside home. A very good restaurant that we had eaten in before had their outside tables open. Ed let the boys out of the car to run to get a seat. A light breeze kept the crisp, clear air pristine. I could almost smell the pines on the breeze as I sat down at the two tables the boys had pulled together. I rejoiced that there was very little smog or exhaust fumes that day.
    I am slow on the uptake where my boys are concerned. They are my life and I look past their boyishness to their boyhood. I am slowly learning what every parent can tell you quickly. Kids will embarrass you. Kids are inborn with an embarrass the old folk gene.
    We had placed our order and the boys were looking about at the busy street traffic. Jace and Frank had their heads together, which is not all that unusual for the lusty duo. Only this time they didn't seem to be paying attention to each other, but to their surroundings. The other boys caught on quicker than I did. I suppose it is because of my desire to let them be boys and have their space. I found out I need to give them space in a locked closet until they are mature enough to be let loose on an unsuspecting population.
    The boys were near hysterical with childish laughter as they seemed to be watching the people crossing the street from the court house complex across the way from us. Every once in awhile they would literally slap each other in their glee. I watched for a moment and was horrified by what they were doing.
    I looked around to see if the other diners were paying any attention to my crew. As I saw it I had two choices. Either look for a table with a very long table cloth hanging down to hide myself behind after crawling under the table. Or I could ignore them and pretend I did not know them. Like Ed seemed to be doing. Ed and Mitch sat together inside where it was warm, and safe.
    "Emperors!!" Lance yelled out. I wanted to slink out of my seat. The boys were watching fat men walk. It was true. They walked like penguins. The fatter they were the farther they flung their arms from their flabby bodies and they waddled like penguins on the ice. A group of well dressed fat men waddled across the street in a group and looked exactly like the penguins we had seen in a movie we had attended the night before.
    Altogether the boys had identified four distinct species of the mammals before their attention was distracted by hot food being set before them. Food and sex are the only things on a teen age boys' mind, until he gets a car then food moves down a notch. If anything else gets in their empty heads it bounces around on the barren walls like a bullet ricocheting in a barrel.
    The cute waiter was the only one that seemed to catch on to the boys' source of amusement. He pointed out a very large man awaiting a table. He stood just inside the door of the restaurant and shifted from one foot to another. I could see the similarity between his actions and the image of male penguins balancing the unhatched eggs of their chicks on their feet as they stood in the frozen wastelands of the Antarctic.
    The waiter was rewarded with a very decent grope up under his apron by a very forward Jace. The waiter bent over to arrange Jace's plate for him and kissed the boy on the top of his ear then he gave me a wink. I signaled him to come to me. He stepped close. I reached under his apron and found a very eager weapon at the ready. I fondled his tool as he went into an orgasm. I lifted his apron and kissed the glob of boi juice that was laying on the outside of his pants. I let him see his juice on my tongue then Bryan and I shared it in front of him. He was holding on to the back of my chair as I think he went again.
    As we ate I told the boys that we were an odd number and I asked them if they were in the mood to invite a guest to spend the night. All of them were eager. Branden and Jace ran over to ask him over to the house that evening. The boy gratefully accepted, to our delight.

    I had committed to a private meeting over dinner at Dogg's house Wednesday afternoon. It was not a business meeting, it was sex with his new son and Blake's boys. I was totally shocked when Sylvester Dogg opened the door for me. I was looking at a very tiny eight or nine year old child. The boy was tall for his age, about four foot nine. He was so skinny that the clothing he wore simply hung on his pronounced bone structure. He stepped back to allow me to enter the living room as Tony came in from the back of the house.
    "Welcome to my home away from home, Chris. I see that you have met Silky. I brought him to Albany to stay with me while we finalize his adoption." Sylvester earned the nick name Silky while he was hustling the streets. He said it was because he was so smooth. Silky removed his clothes before me. He was no youngster at all. He is sixteen. He was seriously abused and near death from starvation when Tony stumbled across him. Tony was defending another youth against charges brought about by his own mother. She accused her son of molesting his younger brother. That boy knew Silky and led him to Tony.
    The boy Tony defended was innocent of his charges. He was not homosexual. The younger brother was gay and messing with a boy at his school. Tony proved that the mother had jumped to the wrong conclusion and in the end she lost both of her children. The defendant refused to return home and spent his final years of high school in Tony's care before joining the military on his eighteenth birthday. In the meantime Tony had learned that Silky had no home to return too. Tony contacted his parents who were more than willing to relinquish parental rights, opening the door for Tony to adopt.
    Silky prefers men in their late forties or fifties. His father could not handle that one. He said if his son was gay he would learn to deal with it, but when the boy was sleeping with men older than his own father he no longer wanted him in the home. Through most of the evening Silky sat curled up in Tony's lap. I thought of Bryan. I would have Tony and Silky over to dinner at my place soon.
    Blake's boys are so into each other. We three men sat at the table and watched the youngsters suck each other repeatedly. I learned that Blake keeps close reigns on the boys. They live in a very distinct neighborhood. The work that Blake does…well let's just suffice it to say that it would hurt his career if it were to be discovered that his sons are gay. Blain is an eager bottom and he had his older brother up in him three times. His dad fucked his cute ass as did the Dogg and of course I was up in the feisty bottom boy, twice.
    I was correct on the boys' ages. I was surprised that neither of them had seemed to have grown much in the eight months since I had seen them last. The boys had twin bodies, about five six, one hundred and ten pounds. Each sported a very stiff six inch uncut cock. They are auburn haired with brown eyes. The lads were hungry for each other. Blain is the youngest and the boldest. He is an eager bottom that seems to need cock up in him more than he needs food. It took a long time for the boy to eat his dinner as he demanded Blair service him, repeatedly.
    I had to try a piece of the youngster. I had Blain lay back on the table beside where I was sitting. I watched Blair as he pounded his little brother with power for a good eight or nine minutes. I was impressed as that was the third time the two had coupled in the hour that I had been there.
    Blair moved Blain around the table as he stood on his toes to fit himself deep inside the eager meaty receptacle that enshrouded his manly member. I was in awe of the boy's stamina and endurance. I could tell that Blain was deep in ecstasy as the two melded their bodies together once again. Blake told us that he knows that the boys are coupled at the very least, four times each evening. His house staff has told him that the boys run for their room the moment they arrive home from school.
    Blain returns his favors to his brother. He is not selfish. I had watched a reciprocal union less than twenty minutes before. I have not seen either boy ejaculate while being penetrated, but I know that Blair has sent his load to the infertile fields of his brother's nether hole as he received the same when he was the bottom.
    Blair held on to Blain's thin legs as his orgasm wound its way through his tiny body. When Blain expelled Blair's wilted tool I turned the top boy toward me and knelt before him. I laved every morsel of his sweet juice away from him. I enjoyed the mixture of tastes from both boys before turning my oral attention to the outstretched form on the table.
    Blain had been propped up on his elbows watching as I vacuumed his brother's pubic tool and accessories. He squealed with delight as I pushed his little legs back and assaulted his ravished hole with my oral assets. Blair climbed up on the table and locked his lips to his little brother's as I listened to the symphony of delightful boy sounds that they made together.
    Blain is insatiable. He was begging for me to enter him. Blake smiled and told me that when his boys learned that I was in town they threatened him in every way possible. They demanded that he get them together with me. Both boys had heard stories from my family the previous summer and they had not been privileged to be with me.
    Blain's eyes grew many times their previous size as he looked down his body at my cock aimed at him. From his current angle he began to have his doubts about being able to ride me. Blake and Tony laughed. I was slightly older than these two boys the first time I had ridden them. I was always one of the most popular top boys at Charley's parties. That distinction has served me well through the years. Such as now. I had two of the most powerful attorney's in the country working side by side and allowing me to sit with them as we sought to bury men who force boys to do what I was doing to their sons.
    I almost felt like a hypocrite. Almost. I had a sweet youngster impaled on my cock. He was super tight, having never known anything near as large as me in his tight rectum. I quickly learned why Blair continues to copulate with Blain. The boy is one fine fuck. He works his ass muscles like a well tuned fucking machine. I was inside of a rectal cavity made up of millions of tiny hands that gripped and stroked every centimeter of my flesh pole in ways that few boys have ever done.
    Cory has learned from Timmy. Those two can make a man proud to be a man. It is wonderful to join in love making union with a male that is eager and receptive. Every boy in my family has achieved different levels of love making and each one of them is a joy to be with. I would like to have Blain train them too even higher plains. I was getting a lot more than I was giving with this youngster. I was throwing everything I knew about boy love into my efforts. He was meeting me, thrust for thrust, with wholly new sensations. I was ready to steal him and take him home with me.
    I have invited Blake and the boys to come out and spend a couple of months with us when the trials are over. I really hope they cum, lots.

    Sandy was being entertained at Empire Canal by the new naked inhabitants when I returned. I found myself a perch and settled on it to watch. I felt almost like a vulture as I drooled over the hot meat that was writhing on the bed nearby. Sandy is very cute I don't suppose he would appreciate me saying that. Naked, he was even more pleasant to see. He stands a tad over five foot ten inches tall. He is smooth bodied. The boy has absolutely no muscle definition. His arms are smooth and straight with just a hint that a bicep might lurk somewhere beneath his blemish free skin.
    His chest has a natural divide, but seriously, the boy is a pillow topped mattress. He is a little tall to cuddle, but he has a most cuddle-able body. His cock is sweet and average. He has a hair length more than six inches at a modest five and five eighths thick uncut boi meat. My eight neat and sweets were torturing the youth. He was being covered in kisses and an occasional hot shot of cream from one or another of the horn devils. But nobody went near Sandy's dripping cock. It bounced about, untouched, as it poured an endless stream of pre-lube into the dark patch of closely trimmed pubic hair of the medium brown haired boy's central being. With no hair in the crown to stop it, the lube ran in a little rivulet down between his soft thighs. It was going to be fun to ride between those tender thighs. Sandy is built for comfort not for speed.
    I inquired about Paul and Tony. Ed had them in his room for the night. He had explained to the boys that Sandy was of legal age and his nephews were pure prison time for him. My boys are under age, but Ed thought that since his boys are permanent residents of Albany that should anything happen then Sandy would be the one to suffer. I will have to give my personal thanks to Ed. He is absolutely correct. I know that my boys would never allow Sandy to be hurt, but I don't know Ed's boys. They might blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time. I shuddered as I thought about them using my name in the wrong place.
    Sandy was given over to me with great ceremony. I was told that he was so hot that he was ready to burst. I looked at him and asked him why no one had touched him. His answer got him an instant hug and kiss then the treatment.
    "Sir, I am a total virgin. Before this evening I have never been closer than a foot or two from a naked boy. I have taken full advantage of the visions in the locker rooms from the days of my childhood. But I have never had a good look. I have never seen a hard cock before tonight. Nor have I ever seen anyone cum.
    "Sir, if you want me I would like to have you do me. I want to do everything. My hand and my mind can not begin to compare to what I have heard about sex with you. I want to do sex with all of these guys, but they say that you should be my first and that is what I want."
    I knocked him flat on his back. Not hard, of course. I kissed around his navel and worked my way down. I chewed at his comfort pad and cleaned all of the residue of his deluge of pre-lube from there. I let my tongue follow the path of the flow of that most delightful of body fluids as it snaked its way down the crease of his leg. I pushed his legs up toward his chest as I followed on to the very end. I let everyone know that I had reached the end of the trail, there was no more lube to be found. "But, oh, look!! I see a winky hole. I'll bet there is something good to eat in there. Sir, is your back door open for dinner yet?"
    Without awaiting a reply I let my tongue work its way across the short span. I traveled up and down the crack that the tight pink iris lay in. I made a real pest of myself as I nibbled, licked and chewed at every sensitive bit of flesh within my range of view. I pushed Sandy's thighs hard apart and let my face lock into his valley of delight. I feared that I may have my nose broken as he slammed his body toward me trying to get more of me into him.
    He was tight. I learned that he had never inserted anything into his anus. He had found pleasure in letting his finger rub around the outside, but he thought that was nasty and avoided a repeat of that action. However he found that he really felt good, clean and relaxed after a good wash in the shower. I showed him a whole new way to wash his ass.
    After what seemed to be an eternity his sphincter gave way. It was sudden and decisive, but it was open at last. I sent my tongue on a deep reconnaissance mission. It reported back that all was clear. There were no enemy and no obstructions awaiting me inside. I let my tongue widen its search area before sending a finger to probe deeper. I met a hard nut, but no resistence. Sandy gave a verbal response that assured me that entry was granted and more was welcome.
    I let my finger circle the area in an ever winding radius. When all was ready I sent in one more finger to the welcome sounds from Sandy's other end. His randy cock bounced up and down as it welcomed my finger exploration of his uncharted region. I let my eyes focus on the bouncing head with Sandy's face looming in the back ground. We both watched as a long strand of his fluid stretched down then did a double somersault through the air as his cock pulsed a mighty thrust.
    I put three quarters of my troops inside in a full frontal attack on the hard nut that lay at the base of that jumping cock. I knew that it was time for that nut to cum off of its load. I raised my body and engulfed the entire length of stiff cock completely into my mouth and let my fingers attack at full speed. Sandy humped his body with full force causing his mighty man meat to fuck back and forth in the tight suction of my mouth. In an instant the attack was over. The nut surrendered its full arsenal of boi juice and Sandy fell back in orgasmic bliss.
    I was not through with him. I worked my way up and locked my eyes on his. I let the homing device on my cock missile close in on the enraged battle field. I sent it deep inside the newly conquered territory. I was bound and determined to make this friendly territory for my family to vacation in at any time. I had to make my conquest at a very slow pace. Devirginizing is a true pleasure when done right. I thought about a night in the cool grass as I shared a joint with Toby Minor. Sandy's tightness made the entrance into Toby feel like a stroll down a wide boulevard. Sandy has the tightest ass I have ever been in. And I have been in some tight places.
    Sandy was okay with my entry from the beginning. He did everything that he should do to make our union easy. His body was soft, but his butt was hard. I am sure that a lump of coal inserted there would be made into a diamond by morning. I worked in and out, slowly. Sandy smiled and moaned approving noises. He felt no pain. As tight as he was I feared hurting him, but his words were encouraging so I continued with my duties.
    Sandy moved to me for his first boi kiss. That nearly broke my cock off at the base, but a few seconds into the kiss his colon shifted its position and surrendered to a superior force. I sped up my attack. Sandy was launched to new heights. His eyes rolled to the back of their sockets. His head fell back on his neck. His throat stiffened as his pronounced larynx emitted an animal like grumble. It was almost a cat like purr. His whole body picked up the vibration as he surrendered his all to me.
    I began to pound his ass. Sandy fell back to the bed and returned to me move for move as we fucked the way very few boys ever fuck. As good as Timmy is. As good as Cory has become, Sandy had some things to teach. Sandy belched out a load of thick cum that streaked across his body like a line of toothpaste. Less than three minutes later he let loose of another load. Thinner, but with much greater volume. His rectal muscles were in motion as they kneaded my cock shaft. The head of my cock was deep inside the intestinal cavity, but even his guts massaged me.
    I gave up a mighty load deep in the newly claimed land, then fell away in total exhaustion. Young Blain and Blair had depleted me and Sandy finished me. I was done for the night. I felt many hands as I was washed with soft warm wash cloths. I received many sweet kisses, but I was gone. I was aware of warm flesh cradled in my arms through the night, but I had no strength to move.

    That night Damien had the worst nightmare of all time. He sat up in a cold sweat and stared into my eyes in total fear. I had the bedside lamp on and was sitting against the headboard holding his shaking, sweaty body as he tried to separate his dream from reality. As his breathing normalized and his heart beat slowed I learned that his dream was the reality. I learned that another father had destroyed his son. This one had been destroyed psychologically.
    James T. Heart had a favorite line that he had beaten into his son's head all of his young life. "From the womb to the tomb life is no good. Grab what you can get and have no regrets. No one will give you anything, but what you have the balls to take and hold on to."
    I marveled at the boy cuddled against me. Having been raised with that philosophy it is amazing that Damien is the great person he is. Sure, he has his moments, but now I understood why.
    "Damien, you can give up or grow up," I told him. "You are not beaten until you think you are. You had a very rough life. The man that you had to raise you was immoral and not fit to be a father. I have told many of these boys and I will tell you. Any bastard with a working dick can be a father. It takes a man to be a dad. Your father did little more than spawn you. Let it go. He is gone. Do you wish to follow him and let him win or do you want to stand up and show him what a man is?"

    At breakfast Thursday morning Sandy told us that he was trying to get into SUNY A, the local nic for the State University of New York at Albany, west campus. He wanted to study for a BA at the prestigious School of Criminal Justice. Later he would take me to the very impressive Thomas Dewey Library at Hawley Hall to show me some of the school's history.
    Well fed once more I moved across the hall to meet with Rob and Mic. They had my report. Ed had made me a temporary office of the ante room by the front door. It had been used as a private place for guests to wait for their audience. It was had an odd shape at ten feet by twenty five feet, but it is large enough for a comfortable office. I asked Ed to have my new desk placed facing the door. The windows and the fireplace were behind me.
    I looked over their report then asked the two young attorneys to have coffee in the outer room. I asked Mitch to join me.
    "What is your name Mitch?"
    "Mitchell Carpenter." I shook my head at him. He began to shake. I moved beside him and held his hand. He looked me in the eye. He was scared. I turned my computer so that he could see the screen. He melted against me. On the screen was a picture of his father with a homemade flyer offering a reward to anyone who had seen his thirteen year old missing son.
    "That's a lie for the press," he told me. "How did you find out who I am?" I told him that I checked out everybody near me or my boys. I had told him that Sunday night over our pizza dinner, but somehow he didn't catch on. His DNA is not in the system under his name, but a young boy was raped five years earlier and Mitch's DNA was among those found on the boy's body. The rapist was caught and imprisoned. He was a homeless man that had watched the boys that slept in a vacant building downtown. No one was looking for Mitch, but his DNA was on file under a NO NAME ID.
    Mic is a master sleuth. He reads at astonishing speeds and he remembers everything he has ever seen, heard, or read. He looked at pictures of Mitch and dug until he found the missing child report. FI has ways and means. By totally legal methods, Mic got a sample of a man's DNA. It was a ninety nine percent probable match for the father of Mitch. To be certain Mic obtained a sample from a man's wife. Now we knew who Mitch is. At last he had a name. We won't tell you that name. You will discover why in just a moment.
    "He beat me and threw me out. Mom got in my face and snarled that she didn't spawn a fucking queer. She would have no part of me ever again. Both of them told me that if I ever came around them that they would kill me.
    "I was naked, bruised and bleeding from the beating my father had given me. Mom picked up the blanket that our old dog slept on. She opened the trunk of the car and threw it on the floor. Dad dropped me on top of it and shut the trunk lid. I felt the car moving then stop. Dad opened the trunk and picked me up, blanket and all. He threw me into a trash bin, Chris. I was thirteen. My father threw me away." He was shaking badly as he clung to me.
    "I hurt so bad. The trash bin was tall and I could not reach the top. I tossed the blanket at the lid side and after three or four tosses it hooked on something. I pulled on it to be sure it would not let go and used it to pull my way up so that I could get hold of the top of the bin. I was in a little niche alongside a loading dock somewhere. I used the blanket to cover the edge of the steel trash bin and worked my way down to where I could put my foot on a solid part of the side. I sat on the edge, with both feet on that metal piece on the side. I got my balance and then jumped over onto the dock.
    "It was dark out and I was scared. The blanket smelled bad and it was hung on something. I left it and ran, naked, for all I was worth. Somehow I found myself on the grounds here. I ran to the garage and found some old blankets or something and hid under a car.
    "You know how Missy found me. She had Edmund take me to his place and clean me up and give me some food. She sent her maid to me with brand new clothes. I never told anyone who I am. I don't ever want to go near those people again."
    "You have to. Don't worry, I am going to be with you." I called Rob and Mic back. We sat together as both young attorneys worked on their laptops. Rob sat back and smiled at me. I looked at his computer. We had to be in another courtroom at nine o'clock. It was located on the same floor as the trial I was now involved in. Mitch shook. I told him that the three of us would be there with him and he had nothing to fear. He did. He had to go tell Ed who he was.
    I was fairly certain that I could slip out of the Rothsfeld trial to help Mitch, but I called Tony anyway. He told me that they were ferreting out the last potential jurors and I would not even need to plan on attending. I quickly briefed him on what I had learned. I told him that I would come by to let my pretty face be seen then I would go on to tend to Mitch's business.

    I left the boys at home. Ed was afraid to go to court. Mitch is young enough that the statute of limitations had not run their course. Ed could be charged if anyone thought that he might be in the picture. Rob already had Mitch's history worked out, but we all agreed that Ed could stay home and oversee my bunch.
    Mitch looked nice dressed. He had on a three piece blue suit that fit well. I selected a simple print tie to accent his features. Tony looked at him and told me that I always found the best looking kids. We left him to go down the hall for a hearing to declare Mitch legally dead.
    Court was in session when we entered. We had timed it that way. I go for the total shock value. I got it. Mitch's mother gasped and fainted. Mitch's father turned crimson. Twelve year old Mitch had been missing for over six years. His parents sought to have him declared dead so that they could arrange their sizable estate. It seems that Mitch's father owns a lot of very high priced real estate in the area, much of it large buildings in downtown Albany.
    Rob approached the bench and introduced his evidence to establish Mitch's claim to his identity. The parent's attorney had to allow it in evidence. Mitch's mother convicted both her and her husband when she told everyone that she had no son. Her child had been a queer. "She killed him and cast him away," she told the judge. By lunch time Mitch had his name. Mitch's mother and father were under arrest for child abuse and attempted murder. Mitch became very rich an hour later when his father died of a massive coronary thrombosis. He couldn't take the strain of being in jail. Mitch's name was still on the man's will as his only heir and beneficiary.
    Mitch had lied about his age. He was now only nineteen, not twenty as Ed had told us. Mitch was afraid to tell his real age, but he thought that at thirteen he might stand a better chance of survival. He had no idea how generous Missy Hillary was going to be or how much Ed was going to love him. He grew up amongst genuine love. He will continue to live with that love for as long as he wishes.

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