Chapter 77


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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New Characters will be introduced to the story. These boys come from the story: Him

    I was glad to be home. I was glad the holidays were over. I really hate to be away from any of my family. I was not looking forward to the times ahead. The first of the trials for our Tucson group was set for eight o'clock Monday morning, Jan. 9, 2006. Peter Farley, the father of Jay and Jeff Farley, drew the first round. The man faced two hundred counts ranging from misdemeanor charges of child abuse in the beating of his sons to child rape and felony trafficking in child pornography and on up to multiple counts of repeated sexual molestation of a minor. The man was looking at a possible one thousand years in prison if convicted and sentenced separately on each count.
    Monday afternoon would be Terry Anson's first day in court. I feel like such an ass hole. All of these years I have defended that child fucking baby rapist… I wanted his ass bad. The other parents, then the four school teachers, the day care workers, and the postman were lined up. I was being sentenced to a thousand years of testimony on this case alone. Then to add to my misery I had to be in New York on March first for the first of the trials on the child slave bunch. Frank's father drew the short straw for first up in that venue. I need to find a good cloner, and fast.
    Bull and the Prosecutor's worked hard on the judge to get his schedule set. They explained that I was also the key witness in a upcoming series of Federal court trials in New York. The judge did everything in his power to be accommodating. We had seven weeks before my March madness would begin. It was fairly certain that each of the local trials would last about two weeks, at least the part where my testimony would be needed. A second judge was assigned part of the case load so that two trials would convene simultaneously. I only had to be in two courtrooms at the same time, but at least they were in the same building.

    Thirteen year old Curtis Powers moved his personal belongings into a room at the house on the evening of the second of January. School would take up on Wednesday the fourth so we wanted him in and acclimated to his new surroundings before then. His mother, Beth, would be getting married Saturday afternoon. The wedding was to be in her new husband's hometown of Las Vegas. Curtis did not want to go, he did not like the man. Beth would miss the boy, but she was in love with a man who would solve all of her problems. Her first problem spent the night sitting in my lap and crying. He loves his mother and he felt like she had deserted him. Many of the family knew how he felt. We did our utmost to make him enjoy what he had and become a part of a totally loving and forgiving family.
    I thought that I would go to the club house to see how things were going there after my long absence. Beth had left everything in great shape, I just needed to find a replacement for her. She had left a note taped to the telephone with my name in large letters. Two of my faculty sponsors had suffered tragedy during the holidays. Their sons lived across the street from each other and the whole neighborhood had been involved in a firestorm leaving the boys with nothing but the clothes on their backs.
    Jimmy and Tom were taking their sons in to live with them. Jimmy's son did not even know who his dad was. Both boys were students in Jimmy's drama class. I called Cory and told him what the note said and asked him to find the boys and if they needed clothes to bring them down to the club. I called the school office and talked with the new principal. I have known the man from my past and knew that we would be able to work together. Of course when he learned that I had boys in his school his voice cracked a bit. I would have to play that one out later.
    Ten minutes or so later four of my boys entered. Cory followed them as he dragged two little cherubs through the door. Cory grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat to see if my feet were ticklish. Cullen, Turner, Adam, and Christopher showed the two youngsters about as they looked around the room in childlike curiosity. Turner said, "Dad, this is Jimmy Walker and Gary Byrd."
    "My name is JAMES." the smaller boy demanded.
    "Oh, I'm sorry dude, I didn't know. This is my boyfriend Adam and these are our brothers, Christopher and Cullen." Turner said as he introduced the others
    "Boyfriend, as in…" ah, the shock value. The boy was wide eyed and boning up.
    I looked at the pair of cuties. I drooled and my cock twitched. Cullen slipped over and locked the front door. "They look to be a solid boy's fourteen," Cory said as he ran to the back. In a moment he returned with brand new pairs of Levi's 501s for both of them, Abercrombie and Fitch pull over shirts, in several colors for them to chose from, and two pairs of Adidas joggers.
    Cullen called from the stock room to ask them "Boxers or briefs?" Both boys blushed and quietly told him briefs. Cullen brought them each them a pair of FTLs and a pair of crew socks for each of them. He held up a pair of briefs before James. They looked around for a place to change.
    Christopher giggled, "Your dad said you were gay. We would like to see you naked. I'll show you mine." He dropped his pants and the two boys dropped their jaws. Christopher continued to show off as he skinned his mighty widget back. A drop of precum collected at the slit. James bent over to lick it off. Both boys shed their clothes in no time as all of us took time to appraise their young, cut bodies. These boys were both fine prime. I was looking at their daddies eighteen years ago. Both boys were identical to the young men I used to have sex with every weekend and many times in between.
    I told them about the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and what we stood for. I said, " Everybody is welcome here as long as they come in peace."
    "We'll let em cum in pieces if they want, a piece in his mouth, a piece in his, a piece in mine."
    "Cory, that will be enough." That boy is enough to drive a man to drink. And drink, and drink, from his long, thick fountain of youth, but only after I club him over the head a few times. He slid up to me and planted one of his asshole cleaning kisses on me. I love being rimmed, from the inside out.
    "Boys if you are ever bullied or feel threatened. if anyone makes a move on you that you don't like you can come here. We just tested you by getting you naked. You are precious and everyone of us is perving on your booty. All of us would love to suck your cocks and eat your asses out, but guys, even here you did a very dangerous thing by getting naked in front of us. You don't really know us. We could eat you alive then bury you in the desert and no one would ever know where you are. Please don't ever do this again." I looked both of the naked youngsters over. They were so hard that their little cocks were turning dark. Well, they weren't really so little. These boys were fourteen and they had the beginnings of fine man meat at already a hefty five plus inches.
    I picked up a pair of the underwear and spread them open as I knelt before James. I looked up into his hungry eyes and asked him if I could suck that sweet meat in my face. He just moved forward and shoved his cock into my mouth. I had the underwear around his ankles so I needed something in my hands. His firm cheeks fit perfectly. I held one firm globe in each hand and pulled him back and forth, letting him deep fuck my mouth. I looked up from my position of power over the boy to see him and Gary locked in a deep tongue wrestle. I let my fingers move about his anus which caused him to impale me on his mighty spear then I received a sweet and copious reward. I pulled his new underwear up. I had to tuck his, not completely wilted, boi cock away. As I touched it one final drop of the elixir of life rose to say hi to me. I licked the drop and sent it to join with its brothers in satisfying my insatiable craving for the creamy substance.
    I turned and looked up at Gary's wide and eager smile. Gary pushed James aside as he stepped up to the plate and drove his bat forward in a high scoring push. Gary is noisy when he has sex. He moaned and worked his little hips into my eagerly sucking orifice and filled my mouth in a very short time. The boy is hot and fully loaded. I had to fondle his nuggets as he kept cuming and cuming. I have no idea where he had it all stored. His balls were of a nice sweet size for a fourteen year old, but I would never have thought that he could have that much cum in them. Who am I to complain? After all that is what I was after. I could do these boys continuously for several days.
    I have a houseful of sweet and willing cocks just begging for time with me, but I get so turned on by a fourteen year old young and hung. There is something magical about that innocent and inquisitive age. They have just learned of a new use for an old toy and they want to play with it constantly. The endorphins fill their maturing brain with new highs and they can't get enough. I sat there admiring Gary's firm and flat little belly with it's bigger than life man pole sprouting from amidst a nice bush of fine young pubic hair.
    Christopher's widget came into view and it was pointed right at me. What was I to do? I had to suck him, so I did. That boy can fill a man's mouth. I love to suck his huge boi cock, although there is nothing about his cock that says boi except his extra sweet ball batter. His nectar has the youthful taste of pure boi in every molecule. The boys behind me were giggling. I turned my head to see Turner holding my coffee cup in front of Cory and Cullen as they squirted shot after shot of their extraordinary boi batter into it. Poor little Adam is new to our family and not quite sure how to take some of the antics that go on. I pulled him over and took his sweet little uncut cock to task. I have learned that Turner likes Adam's cock, dry. The boy has a five and three quarter inch thick cock, in the middle, but his cock head is barely five and a half inches. His uncut cock is tapered at the end so that he can enter a tight ass then spread the boy's world as he fills him. I have lain under Turner and watched this sex machine power fuck his lover. He was filling my mouth as his head stroked my throat, just right. He was so keyed up that he shot off before I could get my lips securely locked on him.
    Turner turned to hand me a creamy cup of coffee as his own sweet pole stood tall. I pushed his long foreskin back and pulled him into my face for his turn at getting happy. Someone took the cup of coffee so that Turner could wrap both hands around my head as be began to piston fuck me. I grabbed a globe in each hand and shoved two fingers up his ass. I stroked his prostate as his fucking got stronger and harder. Turner wilted over the top of me. With his cock locked deep in my mouth he lay his firm body over me and rubbed my back for me as he drained the last of his mighty seed into my cum hole.
    I had drained every young cock in the place so I sat back in my chair to enjoy my coffee with cream. I hate milk or cream in my coffee, but for boi milk… I will make an exception. Honestly I would rather have it directly from the fountain, but this prank was first perpetrated by Cory and it has carried forth. Even to the point of several of them leaving their youthful seed mingled together in a shallow bowl for a vegetable dip. A carrot or celery stick, or even a sprig of broccoli covered in their juices is an interesting treat.
    I am dealing with children and their childlike minds. I enjoy their mirth and adolescent humor. At least we aren't overwhelmed with fart jokes. When the mighty midget passes gas it is anything, but a joke. He could clear the stadium at the super bowl. The boys have given him an most approriate name, Mr. Phartzalot. Sometimes I think something crawled up in that boy and died. It's not like he doesn't get a fair share of daily anal cleaning. He is more of a top, but there are some of us that he will walk backwards on broken glass to get up to where his deep seated itch is located.
    Cullen took Gary and James to the soda fountain and prepared drinks for them. Cory smiled at me at got down on his knees. I stood up a bit so that he could slide my pants down to my ankles then he massaged his tonsils while he sang me a lullaby. The vibrations of his throat were better than any mechanical vibrator ever made. Cory knows how to make his daddy happy and he did his number on me, quickly. I fired my volley down his channel time after time. I was at the end of my fire power when James grabbed Gary and made him look at me.
    Cory leaned back. My cock was still up there, but falling rapidly. Four young eyes were locked on it as my boys giggled at them. I stood up so that Cory could pull my pants up and put me away. He did the kiss on the end of my cock just before the final tuck and zip. I turned to my desk and opened my laptop. I looked at our guests and began to play twenty questions with them. I wanted to know about them and of course they wanted to know about us. I explained the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß, who we were and why we came to be. They wanted to join. I told them that they didn't have to join, we are not a membership club. They only need to know that they can come to this clubhouse anytime, day or night, and find safety, a warm smile, or just a place to kick back. I gave them our hotline number of 555-IMGAY, that can be called 24-7. If they need help of any sort, except for advanced calculus or help on tomorrow's major point test. They giggled at me.
    My questions were about the material wants, desires, dreams, and a few needs. A fire destroys everything and I knew that these boys had lost their childhood memories. I wanted to give them as much as I could find out about to try and help them to not dwell on their loss, but the future. I was looking forward to doing some computer and telephone shopping to wile away my afternoon. These boys were the exact situation that I was in such need of to occupy my mind from the trials that would begin in only four more days, well three and a half, but who's counting? Someone knocked on the front door. A scurry to make sure that clothes were on as Cullen, with his extra sweet innocence unlocked the door and looked out.

    He opened the door to two of my favorite people from the dickless crowd. Jenni Walker, and Judy Byrd, my two boy guest's mothers. I took one look at Judy and saw that inner glow on her cheeks. She radiated joy and peace. I asked her how far along she was. She was surprised that I knew. I told her it was in her continence, she carried her new baby on her face at that point. She blushed as Jenni hugged her and offered her congratulations. I asked her if it was Tom's baby, Gary's dad. She told us that she and Tom had never divorced and still got together every few days, just to keep their love for one another alive. She knew her husband had a need that she could not fill, but he did have another side that I had never seen. I have heard about bi-sexual people and our club claims to be a haven for them. But to be honest, I am not aware that I have ever known such a person. Maybe I'm naïve.
    Jenni and Jimmy Walker had never lived together. He was a full blown cock sucker that had gotten Jenni pregnant after a prank by the Blues Club members.
    John had personal business that kept him away for the morning; I did not want to mess up his kitchen so I ordered out. I did let the boys set up the salad bar, that was nothing more than opening containers and stocking the line. The pizza delivery arrived for my boys' lunch. I always order lunch for them when I am going to be at the club so that we can share a little of their day. My boys were absolute gentlemen as they filled the ladies a plate and handed them a soda.
    The family sat down one evening and chose our favorite vegetables to top a pizza with. Onions, one of my favorites, but I understood the breath thing, olives, and green peppers were the items selected as not to be on a pizza. Some of the boys liked these items, but if one didn't then we discussed it. The argument was made against peppers by the mighty midget who won a resounding agreement from everyone when he told us that they gave him gas. The powers that be must protect us from that boy and anything that provokes his tiny gut to produce gas. Olives were a no go across the board. I like green olives, but black olives are not for me. Now I only hoped that twelve pizzas were going to fill the bellies of twenty seven boys from the high school plus our guests.
    The door opened. Tom Byrd and Jimmy Walker, our young guest's fathers, walked in. They hugged their sons and Tom kissed Judy. They were handed plates with salad and pizza and asked for their drink choice as my family began to filter in. We shared an enjoyable lunch before the kids had to get back up to the school. As the first group left four more from the second lunch period arrived.
    Sean came to me with one of his mile wide smiles on his face. He hugged me hard and whispered that everything was just fine now. I looked at him as I wondered what was going through his perfect little mind. He picked up the still unread newspaper on my desk and opened it out. As he laid it on my desk he pointed at the headline story with a giggle, then set down in one of the overstuffed chairs. He was so happy that I had to see what he wanted to show me. I excused myself to the others as I looked at the newspaper headline.I had to read this.

Little League Coach Charged With Sex Crime.

"Local man caught with seven naked ten year old boys performing homosexual acts. Acting on a tip from a fourteen year old boy a frantic mother called police from outside the home of Daniel Mann of 5634 E. Weiton Rd. today. The unidentified mother led police to an open window where they could observe young boys in various sex acts with each other and some being molested by Mr. Mann.
"Police kicked in the front door and arrested the twenty eight year old man in the process of sodomizing a ten year old youngster that wanted to play ball on the man's team. The boys we spoke to stated that this was an interview to see who would get open positions on the Championship Little League team that was preparing for its spring training.
"Speaking on condition of anonymity the fourteen year old brother of one of the victims told this reporter that he himself had been a victim of Mr. Mann for several years when he played on the man's team. He did not want to see his brother go through what he had suffered. He said that this team is the state's champion and all of the boys want to play on it, but Mr. Mann only allows those boys to play that play with him in private times."

    I looked at Sean who was staring at the ceiling and twiddling his thumbs. He is so fucking cute. I was surprised that so much of the graphic descriptions were printed in the paper. I was sure that this story would not be repeated in later issues to this degree. I slipped the paper into my desk drawer to save for the future.

    Jenni and Judy had things to do. They needed a home. I gave them the key to Beth's apartment upstairs. They were excited as they rushed up to check it out. I would have the painters and cleaners in there that afternoon, but they needed to see it before I put it on the market.

    The door burst open and an hysterical small blond boy rushed across the room and into my lap as he screamed and cried. I had never seen Eric act like this before. He didn't have his glasses on and his hair was down. I pushed him back and could plainly see a large red hand print on the boys left cheek.
    A large man stood in the doorway looking around. "Did that faggot run in here?" Suddenly Cory shoved the man aside and decked him with one super haymaker to the jaw. The man went down like a sack of concrete. Curtis ran past Cory and clung to my arm as he screamed in his hysteria. Curtis had Eric's glasses clutched in his hand. I took them from him and laid them on my desk then sat the boys down so that I could get up.
    The man on the floor tried to rise as Cory put his foot across the man's throat. He reached to grab Cory's foot as I reached them, I put my foot tight against the man's groin and suggested that he not move until I had some answers. I heard a woman shouting, "In there, he went in there." A police officer stepped inside and looked at the room. He told the man to stay where he was and told Cory and I to back away.
    Two more police officers arrived as everyone sat down to give their story. Judy and Jenni were back, they sat down to listen. The Junior high school had only met for a half a day. Curtis, Kenny, and Eric were on the way to the club to meet me. Kenny stopped at the Safeway to get some snacks so Curtis and Eric came on to the club. They stopped at the corner to wait for the light to change. Curtis told Eric that he loved him. The two boys wrapped their arms around each other. One of the cops murmured under his breath, "Fags." I was in his face in an instant and told him to get out of the building. I told him that this was a safe house for LGBT children and he was in violation of several state, city, and federal codes and I would have him up on charges within the hour.
    One of the other officers led the first one outside as their Sargent came up. The boys continued with their story. The man was waiting for the light to change as the boys kissed. He grabbed at Eric's pony tail and bitch slapped my son. I almost knocked him on his ass. Eric ran across the street, almost getting hit by a turning car. The man took off after Eric. Curtis picked up Eric's glasses and ran after his brother to the club.
    A lady had been waiting to turn right and witnessed the entire incident. She grabbed her cell phone and called the police. She did not complete her turn, instead she cut back into traffic to follow the man chasing the two boys. Her car was parked up on the curb out front.
    Outside two other motorists had come back to tell the police what they had seen. All of the witnesses told the same story. The doorway of the club was suddenly filled with a dark and sinister form as Captain Shawn Howard stood head and shoulders above everybody in the room. The other officers knew him, but he was a detective. Why was he here? The Sargent made a report to the Captain who kept looking at me and at the man, now handcuffed, who had assaulted Eric. Suddenly my eyes opened. I stared at Eric, who was about to get his crying under control. I turned him in my lap so that he could see the action across the room. He tensed and grabbed onto me and began to shake.
    "He has no ID on him Cap. He won't give us a name. Shall I arrest him as a John Doe?"
    "No his name is Hiederick Heintz. He lives in Warrensburg, N.Y." All eyes turned to look at me. I turned Eric around, "He is this boy's step-father."
    "I am nothing to that little faggot. He turned my only son into a faggot. I want him dead." Well Mr. Heintz just got himself charged with the country's new hate crimes law. That and his confession in front a room full of cops to attempted murder got his ass in a whole new kind of sling.

    I took Kenny's sugary snacks away from him and patted his little bottom then pointed him to the salad and cold pizza. The three boys nuked slices of the pie and filled cups of soda as Jenni and Judy carried on about how cute they were. I had one for them. "Eric, son. Turn around," he looked at me, "just as I thought. Take that bloody shirt off and wash your face and hands." I used the eyes to talk to him. He eye answered me back then removed his eye glasses and took the clip from his pony tail. He pulled his shirt over his head to reveal his super cut and muscled body to the women as he shook his hair out and let if fall down to the top of his rippled shoulders. The girls' mouths gapped open in wonderment. Eric washed himself then brought his plate of food to the end of my desk. He stood eating in full view of the two women who studied his little body. He was a world class athlete in miniature.

    Jenni and Judy loved the apartment. Red Cross® was paying for their hotel room until the end of the week. I would have the apartment painted and cleaned and I would buy furniture for it so that they could move in by Friday afternoon. The women wanted to choose the furniture. Their insurance companies would be paying for their lost possessions and they wanted to buy what they wanted for their new house, soon to be built. I made them agree to let me pay for the furniture now then when they received their checks they could reimburse me. They left, chattering to each other, to go shop for furniture.
    Captain Shawn had sat still through all of that and watched with a large smile on his face. I had asked him several times how I could help him. He had told me to just do what I do and let him watch. I let him watch. I didn't feel like telling a six foot four, two hundred and sixty pound gorilla to get down to cases or get out. Shawn looked at the three boys and back at me.
    "Hey guys, why don't you go over and pick out a movie to watch." I told them.
    "Can we play that new Xbox?"
    "Can all three of you play?" Their faces dropped. Boys, gotta love 'em. They ran to the TV and popped in a movie. In moments they were so engrossed in the action thriller that a bomb could go off and they wouldn't notice. I took a large, soft chair next to Shawn. He turned to look me in the eye.
    "We knew he was coming to kill you and the boy. We didn't know who he was. He got here faster than we had thought. I just got the word this morning and came out to warn you. You seem to have made some very powerful enemies across the country." He sat and looked at me. "I want to know just who the fuck you are, Chris. I have crossed paths with you since your little friend died when you were ten years old. You were not afraid to stand up to me then and I don't think you are going to run from this."
    I sighed as I looked across at my boys. I took my badge case out of my pocket and handed it to the man. His eyes grew large as he let out a low whistle. "Okay, I will try to explain. I am a money man. I am heavily involved in Foss International. FI has developed a computer chip that offers the best and the tightest encryption in the world today. Your department has two FI encryption units here in town." His eyes lit up because that is not common knowledge, even within the department. "Because of the chip, and what it can do, the government saw a way to spend billions of U.S. tax dollars and start up a new security branch based on this chip. My partner, Andy Foss, has full rights to the chip and only lets it out on a lend/lease basis. To protect me Andy sent me to your police academy to prepare me in case of attacks on the chip and the people behind it. I am an "agent" of Foss International, but through our connections I carry the badge of the new secret agency.
    "Because the agency has the power, via the chip, to know everything that everybody does, then this agency has unlimited power. If someone knew absolutely everything about you wouldn't you be willing to look the other way when he exceeded his authority? Our government has done that for ages by turning their heads when a president decides to wire tap ordinary citizens, without cause. They use the excuse that "This person might break the law because his great grandmother's best friend's ex-wife knew a kid down the street who's father was born in a foreign land."
    "I guess you don't know everything. You didn't know that some guy named Hassan Daschle sent a man out of the L.A. county jail with information on you. He was captured yesterday, but no one knew for sure who he had contacted. He just laughed and told the interviewers that you were a dead man by noon today."
    He had me there. I fished in my pocket for my cell phone. The battery was dead. That was stupid of me. I went to the desk for a spare battery that I keep there and saw that the message light was flashing on the desk phone. Beth set the phone to automatic answer for the holiday. Our telephone staff had the holiday off and the phones were being manned by a professional service. I don't come in enough to remember to turn everything on. I picked up the phone and canceled the forward. At once the phone rang. I slid the battery into my cell phone, it rang. The message light was flashing on it also. I grinned at the detective. My cell phone went silent then Andy's ring started. I excused myself and answered his call.
    "Where the hell are you? Are you alright? We have a code red. A death threat on you. I have a car on the way. I will be there in a few minutes."
    "Uh, Captain, you may want to hang on to your chair. All hell is coming to this location." No sooner were those words out of my mouth than we heard the sound of tires squeal to a stop out front. Two FI agents charged in the door, guns drawn. I sat down and began to chuckle.
    Harry charged in, "Why aren't you answering your phone? Where have you been all day? The Sheik has put a twenty five million dollar hit on you. We have been in panic all day."
    "I didn't have a good battery in my phone. The boys know where I am. We had lunch here today."
    "The boys aren't allowed to have their phones on at school. You have every federal agent in the county looking for you." Andy was red faced he was so mad at me. Some super cop, spy, or whatever I am. I forgot to turn my phone on. We had the intel. The agency had it. I had severed my link to the net. I looked at Andy and touched my balls. His eyes grew wide. Oops, he forgot about my homing device. I began to laugh. Andy began to laugh. We sat down and laughed until tears ran down our faces. The FI agents looked at us as if we were crazy and left us.
    Harry pulled a chair over to face us as he looked from one of us to the other. I got control of myself and took Harry's hand. "Before we left for Europe Mr. Super Sleuth here made me implant everyone of my boys and myself with a homing device." Harry grabbed his balls and smiled. He caught on to our laughter and began to laugh himself. I finished my statement for Shawn. "As big and powerful as we think we are, I guess nobody looked at the satellite data to see where I was. I have to hide three hundred feet below ground in a lead box before this thing couldn't find me." I pointed at my crotch. Realization crossed the old cop's face as a smile grew, followed by his own laughter.
    The door burst open and five totally out of breath boys rushed in. Cory ran to me and dropped to his knees, gasping for air. The rest of the boys ran in, all breathing hard from running at full speed. "Daddy, are you all right. We saw all of the FI cars." He had tears in his eyes. I pulled him to me and kissed his cheek as I told the boys that everything was okay. I had just forgotten to charge my phone battery. The boys looked at me funny, but the smell of burning cow was in the air. They gravitated toward the food that John was cooking for the after school crowd. I had not even noticed that old man John, the former owner of the restaurant that had once occupied the space now held by the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß was setting up his grill.

    Pretty Woman began to play on my cell phone. Jim turned and looked at me. I answered. It was Betty. I shook my head at Jim, but he just froze in place. I listened to Betty. Jim was studying me. He quietly came and sat down in my lap and curled up. He began to sniffle. I closed my phone and slipped it into my shirt pocket. "She went quietly early this morning. Her suffering is over, baby. She will be waiting for you in the clouds on resurrection morning. You will be with her again."
    "I know. I love her and I will miss her, but I will be all that she wanted. She loved you too, you know." Cory and Christopher came over and put their arms around him then headed to a corner where the three of them cried together. We will miss our grandma.

    My relief came in. I asked Captain Shawn, Andy and Harry to join me somewhere more private. We moved out to the small security office in back where there was supposed to be a guard on duty. Had he been at his post he could have told Andy that I was here. Andy would have some old man's balls mounted on his wall of shame later. I told the men that Jimmy's grandmother had been ill with liver cancer and that she had passed this morning, but my phones were not working for me to get the message earlier. They both looked at me. I looked at the cluttered desk.
    I cleared the security office desk off then sat my laptop down and opened it to log on to our site. I felt ridiculous for not having logged in earlier. All of the details were right there and Eric had not needed to suffer, at all. Hassan learned who I was from snitches in the county lockup in L. A. where he awaited trial for his many crimes. He met a young Muslim about to be released. He gave the man names and information to pass on to his contacts in New York. He was given a code which authorized those contacts to reward the messenger.
    The information came to the attention of Oscar, the missing former clerk from our New York attorney's office. He new my name and that I had adopted Eric. He had his people let Eric's stepfather know where he could find his stepson. Hiederick had beaten his own son whom he had determined was gay. He beat his wife for having a faggot that had perverted his son then set out to kill Eric and the faggot lover that was protecting the bastard boy. I sat back and shook my head. "Will these people never let up?" I mumbled.
    "No, they won't Chris. They serve a god who requires the death of their sons. We serve a God who sent His Son to die for us. They will never give up until we are all dead or the Lord Himself comes to put an end to it all. We both know that His day is near."
    Shawn cleared his throat. I knew at once that he was Muslim. I didn't try to apologize. He has his beliefs, I have mine. Shawn told us that the city was paying him to serve and protect. I was now protected so he would go find some other simpleton to make miserable. I scared the son of a bitch out of his socks as I grabbed him in a double hand handshake. I looked deep into his eyes and thanked him for coming to warn me. I told him that I had a very deep respect for him. I shared with him that he was the only one who would listen to me when Manny died and had he not listened his little body may not have been found for several days.

                        You may or may not read Manny's story in this venue. I don't know if I can tell it. His entire story is in my index of characters.
That index just keeps growing and growing as more boys join my family

    I gave my thanks to Andy and Harry then excused myself to finish the work that I had come in to do for the club. My first duty was to check the messages that had been taken over the holiday period. I almost wished that I hadn't. The news was very disturbing to my sensitive psyche. I learned that two boys had called the hotline Christmas week. The answering service did not have the type of operators that I had been promised. One boy had slashed his wrists while another had tried to hang himself. Both were in the hospital, still very critical. The hanging victim was in a coma and maybe brain damaged. He was twelve. The other boy was stable, but in need of counseling. I know the type of counseling that he would get and I had to intervene. His parents were very happy to have him out of their house and granted me full custodial rights with no problems. JC and Bull carried the case through the courts and young Nylan was released to me when he left the hospital in July of 2006. I will continue to watch twelve year old Orville and hold him up in prayer. I filed suit against the answering service in behalf of the two boys. I had the recordings of their calls as provided for in my contract. The service had done neither of these lads a service.

    Sometimes I laugh at Andy and his devices. He looks after the security of me and mine more than I do, if the truth be known. The security gates across the driveway of my house disappear into their hole below ground with just the push of a button from our cell phones. A push of a quick-dial key and the heavy gates open. These are not regular wrought iron gates, but are made of hardened one inch solid bar steel. Hydraulic rams push the gates down against heavy ten ton truck springs under them. If the button is not pushed again within ten seconds, the locking block is released letting the gates snap back up.
    The gates normal state is closed. Extra heavy rams have to push the gate down, so even a power failure will not grant access to the property. One fault in the system is that the second push of the button sets a mechanical cog over the end of the gate to prevent it springing back to its normal position. Sometimes the electric release can not retract these cogs and we have to manually pull a four foot long lever to release them. Heaven help the person who stands near those gates when they catapult upward. The gates are heavy enough and come up with enough force to slice into a vehicle and lift it off of the ground. The two inch, hardened steel spikes on top of the gate do a number on anyone or anything in their way. We tested it on junk cars, much to the boys' delight. Maybe overkill, but with my paranoia…nough said.
    At the front door is a key pad with a thumb reader. The insertion of the left thumb opens the door for anyone who's print is on file. The insertion of the right thumb requires the addition of a number to be punched in, setting off a ring tone throughout the house. This is helpful in alerting the inhabitants that an unknown is entering the house. Another of the precursors of strangers, hostile or otherwise is the special phone line. Each boy has a quick-dial key that he can push on his cell phone. This rings a bevy of buzzers in every part of the house. There is no phone on this line, only buzzers to alert us that someone is coming and that we need to be dressed and ready for whatever it, or they, may be.
    Buzzers were going off throughout our little habitat. With the precision that comes from constant drill the boys donned shorts and tees plus shoes and socks. We never knew what was happening other than one of our family was alerting us that a non-family member was with him. Andy explained that one of the boys could be held hostage and forced to bring his captors home. After the latest attempt on Eric we all realized how this could happen. We also knew that the system worked after the incident with Evan Anson and his grandfather.
    When the key pad is being used at the front door the tones can be heard inside the house. All of us were tense as we waited to see what would come through the door. The boys were in their positions about the house. We had a well organized drill established with which we hoped we could overpower a hostile intruder without jeopardizing the safety of a family member.

    The door opened and a tearful Kenny ran to me. A young man of about twenty had a death grip on a boy of about fourteen. The younger boy was pushed into the room and made to stand before me. In a trembling voice he checked out my feet as tears flooded his young face, "I'm sorry sir. I molested your son." I nearly lost it. I was so keyed up over every sort of possibility threatening my family and here is a kid being made to confess his crime. I looked at Kenny's huge smile and knew that this was no problem.
    I put my hand on the boy's shoulder and led him and Kenny to the sofa. I signaled Tim to get us drinks as I put the two boys to either side of me. I asked for a detailed explanation. "Kenny is so cute and I asked him to show me his dick." The boy was so embarrassed that he couldn't hardly speak, but the one with him, I assumed his big brother from his appearance, glared at the younger until he continued. "I sucked him, sir. I am sorry. He is too young and I was wrong to do that. Please don't call the police on me."
    With time I can get a complete story from a boy. Even one who is intimidated by the glaring eyes of an obviously judgmental person. The boy was on his knees with Kenny's pants pulled down. He was enjoying the youngster's super sized cock. Kenny is developing nicely as puberty completely envelops his small body. He has a very strong six inch nail that seems to be up for any situation available for it to be stimulated. I really wish that I could post more pictures in this forum. Our family album has an excellent picture of Kenny that they have entitled Kenny" target="_blank">The Fountain. Young Kenny is seen with his legs spread wide and his left hand fondling his large hangers from under his left thigh. His cock looks enormous against his tiny frame as a solid stream of thick, white boy juice shoots a good eight inches straight into the air. He does resemble a cuming fountain.
    The boy was trying to get the very last of Kenny's man child offering when his older brother pulled him away and scolded him. The boys are orphans. The brother is twenty and is doing his best at providing a home for his fifteen year old brother. He was terribly concerned when he saw his sibling molesting a very young child. Sex with a child under twelve is a serious crime for a person of any age in Arizona and the perpetrator can expect long jail times as well as lifetime probation and registry as a sex offender.
    Kenny piped up to tell the brother that he was thirteen years old and he would decide who would suck his dick and when. The brother seemed to relax. "You never seemed to worry about age when you used to suck my dick, David." The boy turned an ashen white as Tyler moved from behind him. "Ever since you learned that Cas and I are married you have been asking about Turner. You like little boys yourself, don't you?"
    The little brother next to me was on the edge of his seat. "You suck cock?" Donny was reveling with this new knowledge of his big brother.
    "I…I…ah, I was only asking to know how he was doing. I don't do that shit no more."
    "Oh puhleeze. I know four guys at the university that tell me you give the best head they have had since jr. high school. You suck cock and you love it. There are certain people that we don't like here, bigots, liars, and hypocrites. You fit two of these categories. You come clean or so help me we will out you to the entire campus during a ball game." The rest of the family was gathering about the room in the house dress, which is nothing. Clothes are made to protect us from the elements. In the house clothes prevent us from quick contact with hot bodies.
    Turner walked up to the boy, "You want to know how I am doing, faggot? I'm alive and doing f-i-i-n-n-n-e. He shook his booty at the boy."

    A flash from the past: Tyler Youngman was fourteen. He had all of these weird thoughts all of the time. He was lying on David's bed when his best friend's cock stuck out through the leg hole of his running shorts. Tyler stared at it. He wanted it so bad that he just reached over and put his mouth on it. David screamed. His mother was in the hallway. She looked into see why her son had screamed and there Tyler was with her son's cock in his mouth. She started yelling so Tyler ran away. The mother had called Tyler's house by the time he got home. A few days later his mother caught fourteen year old Tyler and fifteen year old David, naked, down, and dirty. The woman freaked. She was not happy to find him actually having sex with another boy in her own house…And with her ten year old son right in the next room… That was too much for her and she demanded that her husband back her as she threw the youngster out of her house, forever. Tyler never saw his mother again. She died, angry, miserable, and alone. It was then that Turner set out to find his big brother and bring him home. I found Turner and then together we found Tyler and brought the boy home to raise his little brother.

    The big question remained. I put a now naked Kenny in my lap. I had his legs straddle of mine and sat him facing me. I looked into his eyes as I played with the head of his rock hard cocklet. "How did you happen to be at Donny's house, little man?"
    "I, ah, er ah, I was like going pee at the park and uh, like he was there all looking at me and everything and I turned and showed him my big dick."
    "It is big and sweet looking too, but do you think that was a good idea?"
    "Well, uh he kinda just sorta stared at it and his dick was hangin outa his pants and all and it was getting all stiffy like and I just squeezed my dick and asked him if he wanted to suck it. He said he did, but we heard someone outside so we hurried and put our shit in our pants. Oops, I said shit. I'm sorry." I had to giggle, but I don't like the little ones using dirty words because they may slip up and use them at the wrong time. They haven't learned control so we all try to watch our language, all of the time.
    "We ran outside and there were two bicycle cops walking in. He ran across the park and sat down on the grass. "Almost busted, Donny told me." He told me that he lived a block away if I wanted him to suck my cock so we kinda went to his house."
    "Kinda. Like you didn't really go to his house. You know that I told you that I would spank your naked butt if you ever did that without permission. If Toby were home he would spank you too. He might spank you when he comes home from school."
    "He don't even know I'm here no more. He loves Harry so much…" A tear fell. I caught it on my finger and lifted his little chin to look at me. "You gonna spank my naked butt?" The tears were real now.
    "What do you think I should do?"
    "I broke the rules and coulda gotten hurted. I guess I'm gonna get it." He turned and lay his sweet body across my knees. I have a little experience with boys and I almost know when a boy is showing off. I let Kenny have five hard smacks from the flat of my hand right across those cute little globes that held his perfect thighs to his thin little body. He jerked with surprise then let out a bellow that would wake the dead as he began to cry like the little boy he still is in so many ways. I made him go sit in a corner and think about what could have happened to him.
    I turned to Donny. "You deserve a spanking yourself young man. Enticing children off of the playground is very wrong. I should call the police. You will spend the rest of your life paying for a few moments of fun with a little boy and forever be branded as a child molester. You have probably done this before, but this time you got caught. Going to jail now will be for all of the times that you didn't get caught." The eyes of my family were wide with fear for the kid. They didn't think that I would call the police yet I sounded so sincere.
    "Now, do you want to bare your naked ass for a leather belt spanking? The choice is yours." He looked at me then at Kenny. "Donald, at your age you have not committed a childish oversight that gets a bare handed slap on the butt from someone that loves you. You deserve a true punishment. You can take that punishment from someone who does love you or from someone who only wants to brand you for life." He looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were glistening from the fear and the build up of tears. He was scared. For the first time that day he was truly scared. He was in fear when he came through my front door, but now fear had his little heart held tight.
    "You gonna hurt me?"
    "You bet your sweet bibby. I am going to make you know and always remember what you have done today and how wrong it is." He let out a sigh and rose up to remove his clothes. Neither he nor David had on very good belts. Cory is a mind reader, he held up the belt with which we had shown Mike how much we hated what he had done. I reached for it. Donny's eyes widened.
    I turned Donny to face me. He was sweet and desirable, but he had a lesson to learn. I held him close and talked with his limp cock hanging at my eye level. "Donny, no one here has a problem with you sucking dicks. If you like boys you are okay here and safe. You are being punished for putting yourself in danger. You took, what you thought was, a seriously underage boy from a playground and molested him. That can not go unpunished. In this family what you do to one you have done to all. Everyone of us will use this belt to show you what we think of your actions with Kenny. You still have the opportunity to change your mind." There was no way in hell that I would call the police on the boy, but he didn't know that. I wanted to instill fear in him so that he would never let this thought cross his mind again.
    He was trembling and the tears flowed. He took a deep breath and turned his back to me and bent over. I offered the belt to David. He looked at it and I pushed it to him. "I love you little bro, please don't ever make me do this again." He reared back and let the belt sing through the air before it connected with bare flesh with a nerve shattering sound. Every boy in the room felt that blow and shuddered. Donny stood and took it through gritted teeth and silence. David was the one crying. He couldn't hit his brother again. I hugged him. I was proud of him. Tyler took him aside where he and Cas helped the boy get properly undressed.
    I took the belt. I didn't want to do it either, but a lesson needed to be taught. I placed my hand across the firm cheeks of the upturned boi butt. The harsh red stripe from his brother's blow was hot to the touch. I swung and hit him, once, twice, five times. I was not easy, but then again not as hard as David's blow. The youngster was howling. He steeled himself for the rest of the family to show their disdain for his actions. Mike stepped in front of Donny and turned the boys face up to look fully into his own.
    "I had every boy in this family hit me with that very belt. Each of them hit me harder than David just hit you. I deserved it, I know that. It made me a better person and let me know that they, everyone of them, love me. Because we love you we are not going to hit you today. We want you to remember that Kenny is our brother and we will make you wish that you had never laid eyes on him if you ever hurt him, or any other boy that way again. We all owe you five licks with that belt and if you ever get into this kind of trouble again we will pay our debt to you then call the police ourselves to have you locked away forever. We have learned that if it can be proven that your actions are repetitive then you can be declared unrepentant and locked away as a sexual predator for the rest of your life. Now get yourself together, let us welcome you as a new friend and one we hope will want to be friends with us for a long time. Kenny, did you have something you wanted to say?" Kenny rushed over to Donny and stood on his tip toes to kiss the boy. Donny picked him up then bent down to return a very passionate kiss.
    David had only been trying to protect his sibling while not letting the boy know that, he himself, was a pervert. The two had a lot to work out, but the family wanted them to stay and work on it with friends around them. Both young men had their eyes opened, as well as other parts if I can presume anything from the way that they walked out of the house that evening. Donny was cautioned about messing with little kids. He and Kenny have struck up a real friendship and I expect that we'll see a lot more of this boy as time goes on.

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