Chapter sixteen


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    I used local highways to cut north to I-65 into Montgomery. I wasn't in the mood for sex, I was sad. I sat down at my computer and checked my e-mail, I was overjoyed to find three e-mails from Tim and one from Jim.
    I opened Tim's first. The boys had gotten the beatings of their lives, but they were alright. Jerry's mother had called the police in the midst of it all and Jerry was saved from the wrath of God. He was beaten so badly that he required stitches. He showed the police pictures that he and Tim had of each other from before so the police went to Tim's house. They heard the beating from outside and busted in the door to rescue the boy. He was in much better shape than Jerry. Tim's mother was sitting in the living room passed out in a drunken stupor, she was arrested also. The boys were with Tim's aunt and were going to try to live there permanently. She was a good God fearing Christian with lots of love and compassion. She was willing to take the boys in with the hope that they would see the errors of their ways and become strong leaders in the future. Of course they neither one had outed themselves to anyone.
    Little Jim's e-mail was as uplifting. The police had stopped his step mother and her husband in Mississippi. They had been returned to Alabama and were in custody there. Jim's grandmother had already been in contact with the lawyers in Jim's home town. The step mother had not gotten the house, the money, and the RV, they all belonged to Jimmy. She was to provide for him or loose control of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Everything was now in Jim's grandmother's control as she was the only living relative. She wanted to meet me and thank me for saving her grandson. I called them, Jim answered the phone. He was ecstatic to hear from me and I talked to his grandmother. She invited me to come and see the little guy anytime I wished. I told her that I might do that sometime, but for now I wanted to get away from the encroaching hurricanes. She told me that she was headed north of Atlanta the next morning to ride out the storms with her sister. I got the phone number there and promised I would call or stop by.
    I headed north and checked out Atalanta. I found a sweet fourteen year old boy that was a runaway and wanted to suck dick for food. I kept him around for a couple of days and then let him wander on. He was seeking something and he didn't know what it was and I wasn't ready to try to be his guide.
    I called Jim and talked to him for a bit, he begged me to come see him, I finally relented and looked up the address he gave me. It was a long way north of the city, almost to Marietta. I pulled up to the house as an oversexed and eager boy charged out of the front door. I hit the remote to open the side door and was swamped by hugs and boy kisses. I couldn't have been happier. I was afraid of his grandmother catching us, I got us separated and seated across from each other as his grandmother knocked on the door, I invited her in. She took the tour assisted by my new guide, Jim. She loved Traveler©, Jim told her his RV was not as grand, but it was his now and when they could go get it he wanted to travel like I did.
    Grandmother and I talked until the aunt came out to tell us she had dinner ready. Now I have eaten lots of chicken, most of it is called southern fried chicken, but what that woman cooked was so far removed from the rest as to deserve a category of its own. The thin crust was crisp and sweet, the chicken was tender and moist. I usually shy away from the drier white meat, but hers was so moist as to bring me back to the cream of the chicken.
    She served the traditional sweet peas and cole slaw with mashed potatoes that were born on a cloud and held to earth by sheer will power. They were so light and fluffy I almost expected to see an angel with a harp sitting on them. The country pan gravy was the pièce de résistance. I praised her with every bite that I put into my mouth. She told me that her secret was fresh whole cream and home churned butter. She had milk, cream, and eggs delivered every other day from a farmer that she knew quite well.
    Jim wanted to sleep in Traveler© with me. His grandmother seemed glad to permit it. Jim and I got naked. He wanted to suck first and then talk until I could fuck him. I could see the logic in that so we got in position. I don't think the boy had cum since I saw him last. He nearly drowned me with his sweet boy nectar.
    He lay on my arm as he told me all that had happened in the ten days since I last saw him. His step bitch, as he likes to call her, had been indited for child abandonment. His home state wanted her for grand theft of the RV and the house. The insurance company was after her for fraud. Her new husband was an escaped child molester wanted in Oregon for molesting twelve boys, he had managed to get away from custody during a hearing and had been on the run for five months.
    Jim had told his grandmother that he was gay. She asked him about his relationship with me and he told her he wouldn't lie to her, but he didn't want me in trouble either. She swore, on the Bible, to him that she was grateful to me and would in no way seek any type of charges against me. He told her about our trip to Orlando and how much he loved me. He told her that he wanted to live with me. She told him that the law said he couldn't until he was eighteen. He told her that back home he only had to be sixteen. She agreed that if he still wanted to live with me at sixteen she would move him home so that he could do that.
    He was a live wire with that bit of news related and was ready for me to show him what I would do to him if he lived with me. I wanted to take it slow and easy, I don't like the idea of prison anywhere, but in a strange state…I have seen the movies about the southern prisons. He didn't seem to have my reservations as he mounted me, his tight little ass was hungry for my cock and he filled it up on his own.
    I let him ride for awhile as I loved him. I really could see myself with this lad for a long time, but I just couldn't take him on, he had to get his education. I had the chance to explain that to him in his grandmother's presence the next morning. She was overjoyed to hear me tell him. She had tried to get through to him, but he couldn't or wouldn't agree with her. Hearing it from me seemed to make it sink in.
    He blew our minds with his next statement. "Well, I guess I will just have to let Bobby be my boyfriend. He wants to be, but I wanted Chris. Since you have jilted me I will go fuck Bobby and make him mine." We both sat there stunned at his openness. I learned that Bobby was his cousin that had eaten dinner with us the night before. Jim had already determined that the kid had an unfulfilled lust and had taken the boy to bed the first night they had arrived in Marietta. He didn't know how his aunt would take it, but he would cross that bridge when he got to it.

    Charley hit Florida with a vengeance. Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne were lining up at the soaked the battered edges of the state. I come from a nice dry desert. My water wings were somewhere on back order and I wasn't seeking to receive them anytime soon. I took my leave of Jim with a promise to keep in touch via e-mail and headed northward, away from the oncoming rain.
    I shut Traveler© down in Chattanooga. It was raining so hard that it was a hazard to drive. I found an old service station that had been shut down. The cover over the old pumps was tall enough for Traveler© to sit under. I pulled him under cover and shut him down for the night, I made a big mug of tomato soup and a cheese sandwich, a cold glass of milk rounded out my evening meal as I wrapped up in long fleece bath robe. Their was a damp chill everywhere, I didn't need to run the heat or the air conditioning, but I was just feeling wet. It may have just been the thought of the gallons of water pouring from the hurricane angered sky outside.
    I turned my laptop to me and surfed a bit. I got to thinking about JB's new school and how it was progressing. I ended up and JB's web-site, the kid that I had recommended to him had done a great job. Once he got out of his pimple stage he was going to make some man very happy, he was one fine fuck, but with a pizza face…I know, shallow.
    There was a lot of progress around the school I was glad that I had bought the land now. I kept it secret from JB and just did it. I knew the old queen who held the deed, he had been up my ass when I was a pretty little blonde boy with blue eyes. He was more than glad to sell to me at a slight loss, he could always use a good deduction on his takes. I made this a nice write off which really got his piss hot.
    I wanted to go on up to the Adirondacks. I had never actually been to the region, but I had many men friends that have sent me pictures of their cabins with creative invitations and a list of reasons why I should consider spending a vacation there with them. Tempting, no. Really, I liked the old geezers when I was a kid. I was on top of the world, these men would buy me things that I had never dreamed of having. Charley taught me how to use my big dick and my cute face to my good. But now I was the chicken hawk. These last few months with Turner and his brother Tyler, our tryst with Trevor and Alec. Even the last few weeks with Jim, Jerry, and Tim, and let's not forget the hour and a half with Pete, I can't go back to old men.
    I might have a fling for old times sake. JB for instance, now there is an old man that loves boys, but would never exploit one of them. He was an absolute lover and he knows how to make a boy happy. He can read a kid like an open book and zero in on that boy's secret fantasy. I was nineteen when he bedded me, but he made me the king of the hill that night. We have met up several times since then, but as equals on the same side of the fence, looking for boys to bed. My youth and good looks have always made me a perfect procurer for some of the older queens that Charley knew. The old boys had lost their magnetic appeal and it was hard for them to get a kid, but I never failed to talk a boy into their beds. Even one old queen who was seventy three, I found him a lad of fourteen. The boy rode his bike to the old man's house after school everyday just so he could service his needs for him one more time. Six months later the man was dead and the kid had to try to explain to his folks how he got named in an old man's will. Not really hard with the right wording in the instructions.

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