Chapter 185


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The young queeing joined us for a series of birthday parties in August. The entire family was joining together as honeymoon couples flew to the city of Nice, Franççais for fun in the sun with nearly eight hundred naked gay boys.
    Brad Garcia enjoyed his twentieth birthday on August thirteenth. He and Jay had spent a week in San Francisco after the weddings in California then cut their honeymoon short and returned to Tucson to take care of business at the family store owned by his father and uncle. I know my boys and I can tell when something is amiss with them. The charming duo had planned two romantic weeks in the city by the bay, but neither boy was talking. I decided to work their story out of them.
    All of the boys that have been with me for anytime know that I am on to them when I begin a stare down. When I sense a problem I lock eyes on a boy at every opportunity and watch him squirm. Brad squirmed a lot. Jay was the one that broke first when he dragged Brad to sit next to me during the gayla birthday party.
    I had noticed that Brad ducked his head and averted his eyes when Jay was near. My heart was about to tear itself from my chest as it broke over the thought of those two boys having marital problems. Brad and Jay have been together longer than any couple in my family. They joined the family as a couple and are personally responsible for several of the couples that we have in the family.
    Whatever was wrong didn't seem to be a major problem, but Brad's actions told me that he was embarrassed, or maybe hurt. I had to know what was wrong and I was pleased that Jay had broken the ice, so to speak.
    I was asked to spend the night with the birthday boy. That part I had no problem with, but somehow I felt that I was needed to work things out with the couple, not just one partner. Even twenty year old boys are still shy and difficult to garner information from. Especially when it involves affairs of the heart.
    I had a boy on each side of me as they cuddled close and held on. Jay looked contrite while Brad appeared to be shielding guilt. I never want to laugh at a boy's problem, but sometimes it is all I can do to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut.
    Jayson Adams has maintained the looks of a fourteen year old boy. His body does not reflect the musculature of a nineteen year old man. Jay had turned nineteen on the twenty fifth of July and had celebrated his birthday alone with his wife, René, and his baby daughter, Jaybee. That told me that there was a deep riff in the perfect union of two high school friends. I was almost relieved to hear what their problem was. The green eyed monster has destroyed many relationships and Jay was not about to let it destroy what he had with Brad.
    The couple was out for a moonlight stroll in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They were not being careful as they had seen what they expected to see, wide open public display of affection between same sex couples of all ages. Their activities were under the scrutiny of a fifteen year old gay curious boy that was turned on by Jay's boyish appearance.
    Thinking Jay to be a youngster, like himself, the boy kept a close vigilance on the couple. He considered that Jay was being seduced by the older man and he had it in his little heart to rescue the boy and try to become friends with him.
    The boys were lying in the grass taking in the warm breezes blowing up from the ocean when nature did a tug at Jay's bladder. With a quick kiss to his lover Jay took off for a nearby restroom. A few moments passed and Brad decided that a nature call did have a certain urgent appeal and walked over to the brick out-building. The sight that met his eyes when he entered brought out the hot Latino blood in him.
    Jay was standing in front of the young boy with his hand on the boy's shoulder as the boy knelt before him holding onto Jay's enormous meat. Brad approached and shoved the boy backwards, causing him to land on his butt on the pee soaked floor in front of the urinals. Without a word Brad turned and walked away leaving Jay staring after him.
    I could see a replay of another time that Brad's jealousy had shown itself. Jay quickly gathered himself together and took off after his husband with the facts of what Brad had seen. Jay had to get physical with Brad and received a black eye for his efforts before he made the green eyed monster retreat back inside the Brad that he loved with all of his heart and soul.
    As Jay proceeded to take care of his business the youngster had approached and told him that he did not have to give into the old man that was molesting him. With no warning the boy had quickly dropped to his knees and grabbed onto what did not belong to him. Jay put out his hand to push the boy away at the very moment that Brad entered the restroom.
    When Brad finally calmed down and heard what Jay had said to him it was too late. He had lashed out at the only person that ever loved him as he was and without condemnation or a judgmental attitude. Brad was ashamed of himself, but he could not forgive himself for jumping to an incorrect conclusion. Most of all he could not forgive himself for striking Jay.
    Love is best when the lovers are good friends. You have read it before when I have said that a friend is someone who knows all about you and likes you anyway. When one knows all about another it is certain that he knows the good and the bad. Jealousy is not entirely bad, at least in moderation. It is the manifestation of jealousy between friends and lovers that demonstrate the deepness of the commitment that one has for the other.
    Brad had let his jealousy go to a physical level, even to the point that he had struck Jay in anger. For that he refused to forgive himself. I had myself a job to do. I turned to look Brad in the eyes, "What right have you to refuse to accept Jay's forgiveness of your action? It is not for you to forgive yourself, but for those to whom you have committed a wrong to forgive you. It is therefore your duty accept or reject that forgiveness.
    "Jay knows and loves you for what and whom you are. He holds no animosity toward you for striking him. That takes a real man, Brad. You have a treasure in that boy yet you choose to keep a wall between the two of you because you struck him in a moment of rage.
    "Brad, you know how much I hate physical violence. I come down hard on anyone of the boys that strikes another. Violence always begats ill results and you are experiencing that idiom. Buddy, Jay has forgiven you. He still loves you because he realizes that you acted in haste and out of your love for him. Now reward him for his forgiveness by showing him the love that you have in your heart for him."
    With that I got up and left to find Cory to share our love together.

    Boys were running through the school in excitement when the large green helicopter belonging to the Wild Boys sat down on the soccer field on the north side of the campus. Jason Russell had convinced his partner, Gary, to come and celebrate his birthday with the family.
    The family was more than happy to have another birthday bash to cum to. August is the birth month of Al, Anwar, Arne, Art, Baris, Bert Bartholomew, Casey, Brad, Cody, Chrisy, Darryl, Freddy, James, Jay Jay, RD, Ricky, Theo, and Tim. And that did not include the boys from the four European schools that I do not have the data on at my fingertips. I do mess up on occasion as I try to remember the birth dates of the boys that live with me. A boy's birthday is a milestone in his life. Even though he will tell you that it is just another day. He likes the attention that he gets from his family and friends. It is for that reason that we always try to have a separate birthday party for each boy, even when there are two birthdays on the same day.
    Gary Russell was in luck, his was the only birthday to fall on the fifteenth of August. There is a problem with nearly eight hundred young cummers splashing their offering across the body of a birthday boy, they are liable to drown the boy. Every boy in the building wanted to give something to Gary for all of the music enjoyment that he and Jason gave him.
    Cullen, ever being the watchful diplomat, suggested that all of the boys in the band receive the man juice to show them that there are no favorites in our family. Gary looked at me with a slight sigh of relief. It is fun to lay on one's back and watch a dozen or more spouting cocks rain down upon one's body. It could be traumatizing to lay there and watch a few hundred cocks of every size and color being aimed at you. And that does not go to mention the intoxicating smell of that many boi loads.

    Cullen had an official duty to perform in his country on Monday, the eighteenth of August. Kostja has joined the family, but insists on performing his duties as the personal valet to the King. As a gentleman's gentleman, he had to go along. I had an idea about a certain young lady Walsingham. I invited Wayne to go with us 'so that he could see his mother and sister.'
    I also had an idea that by having both boys together Mrs. Walsingham might accept her late husband's young cousin as family. Mrs. Walsingham had little knowledge of the Waldhar son that stayed with his father in America. She only knew of Kostja through letters from her son Wayne. The Waldhar family is of some of the oldest blood in Munedavia and I felt that it was important for Kostja to learn first hand of his family that had returned to their homeland.
    Since serendipity seems to be my constant ally it came as no surprise when I fell over a half brother of the late Queen Anastasia Regina Muneday. Nowhere had any mention of a sibling of the bastard daughter of Cullen's grandfather ever arisen. When Ferdinand Bakos appeared on the scene he came as a complete unknown.
    Ferdinand was eleven years old when Count Corvin began to court Regina. Regina's mother had secretly married a local man, but hid the marriage from the old king in order that their daughter should receive all that was due her. Seigy arranged for the husband to have a run in with the local communist government and be executed. He then set about to soothe the man's widow and her two children.
    Regina was not the man's child, but her brother Ferdinand was. She was enthralled with the rich student that had befriended her and cared about her mother and little brother so much. Seigy had laid his plans for the young daughter of the king of the small nation to the south, but ever the optimist he garnered the devotion of the boy as well.
    When Ferdinand was fifteen he was caught by two schoolmates in a compromising situation with another school boy and Seigy knew that he could make the youngster his ally. Seigy endeared himself to his new brother-in-law when he suggested that the boy help to spirit away the schoolmate that he had been involved with sexually and the other two boys that had caught them.
    Seigy shared a small part of his pipeline for young boi flesh with Ferdinand. The boy was eager to help in the procurement of boys and the amount of money that Seigy gave him was always welcome. By the time Anna Regina's and Seigy's baby was born Ferdinand was an adult with full knowledge of the boy slave market.
    Ferdinand had left the home of his mother and set himself up in a position that allowed him to attract boys for sexual favors. He enjoyed their tight, young bodies for a season then grew tired of them. Once used up he would arrange for the boy to disappear into the underground trade that he had become increasingly involved with.
    Ferdinand didn't know Ibrahim or had he any knowledge of that man's organization. By the same token Ibrahim did not know of Ferdinand or his relationship to Seigy. Ferdinand had learned that there were many men that preferred a young boy when it could be kept a secret from the rest of his life. That knowledge kept him off of the main radar as an unknown entity in the overall slave market.
    Ferdinand was a gadget guy with a thorough knowledge of hidden cameras and recording devices. He built for himself a large library of covert videos of some very powerful and influential men and he used his information to make himself very wealthy.
    True to form, I fell across the information that led to this man's end during a casual conversation with one of the older women that live in Cullen's castle. Cullen wants to keep me as close to him as I want to be to him, but without being in his bed constantly. In order to protect the King and his image Jimmy stays home when the queeing visits his domain and I keep my place as the chief minister to the young man.
    I had been assigned magnificent quarters next to the royal chambers. My suite of rooms overlook the city below and there is a great view of the deep water harbor across the roof tops. Cullen was evoking his right as a teenager as he slept in on the day after our arrival to the castle. Even though my internal clock runs more on Tucson time I seem to arise early no matter what time zone I am in. I called for a large breakfast to be served in my room.
    The morning sunrise was coming up behind me and cast long shadows across the city and out into the harbor. Because of where I was and what I represent to the people of Munedavia I had my clothes on. I was dressed casually in soft cotton slacks and a light weight pullover sweater as I sat back on the private balcony with my feet resting on the low stone wall that formed the railing around it.
    A cursed fly buzzed about my face and flew into my nose. I had a knee jerk reaction that caused my slipper to catch on the wall and fall over the side. I heard a slight gasp of surprise and leaned over the rail to see if I had hurt anyone below with the falling shoe. I looked down into the up turned face of an older woman as she held my slipper and looked up at me.
    "I hope that my slipper did not hit you, or cause you injury, mam."
    "Oh no, your lordship. I was just sitting about in the cool morning air and it startled me when it fell before me. I will return it at once." Before I could protest she was gone from sight and did not answer my hale. A minute or two passed before I heard a quiet knock at my door and I went to answer it.
    "You needn't have bothered yourself. I can live without the shoe, but I appreciate your returning it to me."
    She did a deep curtsey and smiled at me. "You are so different than the queen's brother that used to occupy these rooms." She had my attention.
    I invited her inside and offered her a cup of coffee, or I could send for a tea service. She had never had American coffee and had long sought to taste of it. The things I take for granted. I led her to the balcony and seated her then poured her a cup of my favorite hot liquid, Folgers coffee. She enjoyed the coffee enough to sit with me and tell me a tale that left me speechless.
    Friederike is the widow of a long time minister to the throne of Munedavia. She has been granted her rooms for the rest of her life after the death of her honored husband. Her husband served the crown of Munedavia for over forty years and had lived in the castle for most of that time, Friederike knew all of the goings on in the castle and she was glad to have an interested ear to share her loneliness with.
    Friedrike only knew of the man that Ferdinand had grown up to be by the man's actions when he visited his sister at the castle. Friedrike was glad that the reign of that sovereign queen was a short one. She could see the direction that the country was taking and it was vexing her husband to death. Her husband also had a serious issue with the open homosexuality of the queen's brother.
    Ferdinand had an insatiable appetite for young boys and even took his own nephew to his rooms for sexual relations. The old woman has the ears of most old women and could hear a gnat fart in a hurricane. She heard plenty from the rooms above her own. Ferdinand and the young prince made use of every young boy in the castle and sometimes dragged in boys from the city for their deviancy. Quite often the screams that she heard from the boys suggested that the perversion going on in those rooms was not consensual, as if that mattered.
    "God will judge those two for what they did to those boys. I was glad, glad I tell you, when that evil little boy was murdered. I heard tell that his father allowed him to…It is sick, I tell you, they ate the flesh of those boys. There was nothing I could do about it because the queen protected her husband and son. And when it came to her brother no one could say anything against him."
    I sat with Friedrike until eight thirty when Cullen came bounding in full of energy. Friedrike had not realized the time and she was embarrassed to be talking to the head minister of the country. She curtsied low before the King and backed out of the room. I sat in silence, with Cullen in my lap, for a good ten minutes as I pondered what the old woman had told me.
    At ten o'clock I stood at King Cullen's side as he met with members of his cabinet and received two visiting dignitaries from other lands. I had already alerted Athos and Andy to search out any and all information on one Ferdinand Bakos. I let my blood seethe within me as I cursed myself for not knowing of the man before now. Where is he and does he have access to the King now? Is he still involved in the…what? I had no idea what he was involved in at that point, I only wanted him located.

    Seigy had gone to great lengths to protect the identity of his brother-in-law. Only a very select few knew of his relationship to the queen and most of them are now dead. The only reason that Friedrike knew who he was was because of her extendable ears and keen since of womanly curiosity. She and her husband had kept their knowledge of the matter strictly between themselves.
    It was not easy tracking Ferdinand Bakos down. He had changed his name and had moved his home to Kiev, Ukraine. I instantly thought of Ibrahim's teacher that Klementi Shablkov had told me was importing boys into that city. Athos has told me many times that I should set up shop in Interpol since I have such an uncanny way of learning about new names in the filthy business of slavery.
    It was noon Tuesday before Ferdinand was located. He was indeed in Kiev operating under the name of Wojciech Rakowicz, a Polish meat packer. A cringe went through my body when I thought of his professed profession. Having learned what I have learned about the type of person Seigy was, and it seemed that his son and brother-in-law were, I was almost afraid to learn what kind of meat Wojciech–Ferdinand packed.

    Cullen's staff is ever efficient and dutiful. When I asked that an audience be granted to the Lady Walsingham and her son and daughter a luncheon was quickly arranged. All members of the Waldhar family that could be located were also invited. I hoped for two results from the luncheon, a social setting for 'the fag on the throne' and Wayne Walsingham's beautiful younger sister.
    I also used the gathering as an opportunity to unite the descendants of Kostja's great-grandfather. My trip to Europe had been delayed by my honeymoon at Cory's cabin, but I made good on my promise to return Kostja's great-grandmother to her homeland. She spent a few days in Vienna before deciding that there was little left there for her and traveled by train to Munedavia to be with her remaining daughter and the children of her children.
    When the ninety six year old grand matriarch arrived at the luncheon she was treated as royalty. In her company was her only remaining daughter, the mother of Lord Walsingham. The Lady Walsingham was overwhelmed when she learned that her husband was the grand lady's grandson. Lord Walsingham was the son of the powerful Walsingham family that had ruled the land in the late eighteen hundreds. Wayne's mother never made the connection between her husband's mother and the Waldhar family.
    Four of the sons of the children that had returned to Munedavia accompanied their grandmother and their aunt to the castle. The staff was instructed to afford the family all of the courtesy due to the family of the former minister that had served his nation well. Lord Walsingham was a much loved person and trusted by all that knew him. His death at the hands of Seigy was a wrong that shall forever live in shame amongst them.
    Wayne and Kostja came to sit beside me as we watched the family interact with one another. The Lady Walsingham was deeply involved in conversation with her mother-in-law and her new found grandmother-in-law. Cullen was deeply involved in conversation with the sixteen year old sister of Wayne. The girl is stunning in her beauty and that fact did not escape the eye of the gay boy.
    My two companions and I watched the reaction of the others in the room and we agreed that everything looked most favorable for a courtship to evolve between the two youngsters. A marriage between the teenage beauty and Wayne's sister could be good. Wait a minute, I said that wrong. A marriage between Cullen and the teenage beauty…Oh well, what does it matter? They are both beautiful people.
    With Cullen's official duty complete the two of us headed back to France Thursday afternoon. We left Wayne and Kostja behind to visit with their families and get to know them better. I was looking forward to celebrating the eighteenth birthday of my first born, RD. As FI-2 set down at the airport in Nice I received a call from Athos. He had guests at his villa in Forét des six-fours.

    I want the boys to like each other for himself, not because of what he is or means to me. I suppose that as a father I tend to favor my sons and those boys that have been with me the longest. It may be natural, but it does not serve the boy well. Charley was very good at keeping my identity my own when he introduced me as Chris Dickson. Not 'my boyfriend' Chris Dickson. It didn't take people long to realize that Charley and I had a special relationship, but they also knew that I was my own person.
    I tend to hover around Rod and RD when we are with new people. I hope to hear acceptance of my boys from others. That in itself can cost a person a certain amount of respect were I to be discovered listening in. My fears and phobias were set to rest at RD's birthday party. All of my family accept him for himself and the students from BAW have a great deal of respect for him. I was pleased to see that his favors were sought by the students from the other schools.
    RD has a hard, tight body and a hard, tight, long, and thick dick. That fact alone gets the boy a lot of attention, even from some straight guys. I don't believe that we had any straight boys with us on our summer vacation. Even the new boys from BAW had their tonsils spread wide around more cock than they could ever imagine being in one place at one time.
    One boy was a stand out that had me discouraged. Marcus Peters has been told that he was born HIV positive and he believes himself to be gay. He feels that he is doomed to the monistic life of no sexual relationships in his future. He has been indoctrinated with the idea that even a hug or a kiss would spell doom to the other party.
    He is fourteen years old, blond haired, blue eyed, with a light dusting of freckles across his nose and cheeks. I have assured the boy that he is clean. I agree with JC that he was never HIV positive. There are no traces of any of the related or associated diseases or antigens in his body.
    According to those that will tell me such things, that's everybody in the house and school, Marcus hangs exclusively with Iggy. Iggy is another boy that had the death knell sound in his ear until it was learned that he had just let his body wear down after living on the street for several years.
    Iggy is a promiscuous slut that will take on anybody, anywhere, anytime. At least he always had the sense to demand protection, that fact probably saved his life. Marcus, on the other hand, has lived his entire life being told that he is a sicko that will kill anyone that touches him. I had hoped that being around my boys would change him.
    Rod studies me like I study the other boys. He had been watching me watch Marcus and he moved across the room to sit next to the timid boy. RD came up to me with a tight hug and a 'thank you for being so great.' I assured him that I had done nothing, this was his day and he was getting his birthday presents from all of the students.
    Rod slipped in between us and put his arm around RD. "Marcus is in love with you, you know. He has it bad, but he don't think that you will do him 'cause he's sick."
    RD looked at me, "Doesn't he know that he's not sick, dad?"
    "I have explained it to him, but he is afraid that I might be wrong. Iggy is the only one that he will have anything to do with and I understand that he does that with a raincoat." I can count on RD to take the initiative, he walked up to Marcus and grabbed the boy by the hand then led him out of the room. Neither boy was seen until breakfast the following morning.

    I had breakfast with the boys in the dining room instead of in my suite. I had it in mind to spend a few minutes with Marcus and I was glad that I did. The boy was full of enthusiasm as he kept looking at RD and told me of his night as a whole boy. I smiled at my son.

    I took a moment to talk with Tomos and Eowyn. Those two had been staying with Inspector Upbridge since the family returned to Tucson after their Easter break. Terry is living in the castle that was given to him by François. Tomos was proven to be correct in his accusations against the priest of his mother's church. The story that the boy told to me was pure fantasy directed at evoking a positive response to my taking him to America. That I was not prepared to do. However the stories of sex with the students in his charge were true.
    Eowyn is content to remain in England and he is very happy to have the opportunity to receive an education. He enthusiastically shared with me how much he likes the school at BAB. Tomos had to agree that the school is the best thing for him and that having a good friend like Eowyn makes it even better. Tomos has had little in the way of peer to peer experiences in his life. Eowyn never had a relationship, only encounters. I feel good about the two and will keep an eye on both of them for some time yet.

    I had a helicopter waiting to take me over to the villa of Athos at Toulon. The three hundred and seventy five mile trip over twisting mountain roads would only take a little over an hour by flying in a straight line. I have never flown in a helicopter over a large expanse of water and somehow our direct route seemed to unsettle me once we lost sight of land. We weren't very far offshore, less than five miles in fact, I just had a funny feeling run through my body as I wanted the safety of a pair of wings on the aircraft to glide us in in case of an emergency.
    I was tempted to kiss the ground when we landed at Forét des six-fours. I was glad that I did not show my weakness when I turned to face one of the Russian officers from ФСБ—FSB that I had met there after the attempted assassination attempt on my life at Cullen's castle. The man had come in person to apologize to me for not having located the teacher and Ferdinand Bakos. Bakos was a wild card that no one knew of and I told the officer that. He told me that he was embarrassed that his investigation had not been complete.
    Athos had a huge surprise for me. Hanging upside down in the middle of the room was Samí Oban. Samí was only a name, but a name that was as dirty as that of Seigy himself. An agent of Interpol had spotted the man as he stepped on a plane flying out of Morocco and Interpol was waiting when it landed in Brussels. Samí was in disguise when the plane landed, but he was the only man on the plane with the same physical build. He was detained and it was quickly learned that we had our man.
    I wanted to know about Mary Edwards. Samí was not in a talkative mood so I prodded him a little. He is going to be a tough one to break, but I know that Athos knows all of the tricks. Any man will eventually tell everything that he knows if patience is taken in the interrogation process.
    I told Athos that I was in no hurry to end the lives of the three men that now hung on the walls as decoration inside the old bunker. We have made many mistakes by not identifying all of the players in the slavery racket and I hoped that we might learn of even more people by keeping our guests happy. I have finally realized that there is a well organized machine in place that moves the boys about the world and sets them out to take care of the cash paying perverts.
    What a man and a boy do is between them. Except when it is forced or coerced. I do not approve of rent boys, but they have to have money to live on so I look the other way. What I object to is the boy that is pimped out to the financial gain of a third party. That goes equally for girls. No one has the right to gain profit from the sex acts of another. Especially from the young and the innocent.
    I spent a few hours in the bunker with Athos. I believe that he truly enjoys that aspect of his work. I find it sickening, but it is a means to an end. Athos has two new recruits that he was going to leave our guests with until we had all of the information that we wanted. That made me do a reality check in light of the stories of torture that is supposedly being done by my nation's information gathering entities. I am no better, in fact far worse, than they.
    I took my leave of Athos and his bunker and returned to the sedate settings of BAF. My work in Europe was finished for the time being and it was time to return the boys to their schools in preparation of a new school year. I think that next year I will need to find a different location and allow the boys from BAF to travel out of the country. The building of BAE, the school at Parga, should be completed by the spring of 2009.

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